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When Demons Attack Your Mind

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  1. ladynada said

    Excellent Holy spirit inspired teaching, thank you.

    I must add, that not only demons but also:

    our own carnal mind within us, which is not the same as our own mind, attacks us with lies.

    and the atmosphere around us is filled with a fog of unbelief (from other people)

    only the Holy Spirit can assist us to battle these three sources of attacks on our minds, with lies


    • i love christ,i even love when i hear his name bieng praised,but i must confess i cant seem to stop masturbating,and sincierly appart of the fact that i dont want to go to hell,i want to serve the lord with purity and love,that is from my heart,masturbation is no form of purity,poeple of the kingdom of God all i need is assistance,and a constant one for that matter,dont let CHRIST loose me,help me and christ,and he will su rely repay you,my number is 70320787 if youl need any postal code its that of cameroon,thank you guys for atlist reading

      • tomilynn palmer said

        i was one then one day in the bathroom i remembered jesus coulld see everything so i quit watching tv and listening to secular music and when that horrible feeling come instead of masterbating i would remember God sees everything i would start prayin even though i did not know how or if my mind would say he dont hear you my heart said he did and ive been free a year and a half tomilynn palmer

        • oj said

          You need to fight temptation using the word of God like when you feel prideful you can say God resist the proud but give grace to the humble,for sexual immorality say a verse like the

          I corinthians 6:9.Jesus also used the word of God when he was tempted.The word of God has power

      • deborah said

        Listen to Derek Prince on demons there are a lot of teachings on demons by Derek but he deals with this problem, it is probably a spirit if you cant stop, you need deliverance he says as others i have heard say the fingers go stiff and you have to shake the thing out. you will get it on you tube as i recently heard something and it included masturbation..

      • lee said

        Hi friend i too was doing this its a spirit that is allowing you to do this you have speak to it and say spirit of preverse go in jesus name believe by faith your words from your mouth and it will go st john 17 believe god through there own words
        i suffer for 20 years with this same problem until one day i spoke the words and that day no more of this problem its a demon spirit

      • linnet said

        I am grateful for you and your confession. The bible tells us to confess our sins one to another. Keep praying and fighting it in the name of Jesus.

        • Jonathon said

          These are good advice that have been given. Don’t forget the Holy Spirit. We can do nothing holy without him. We are supposed to know him personally and ask God to fill us with his holy spirit daily.

          • I have neuropathy I was healed Sunday after church by an amazing man named rich I met god an experienced his power and love first hand he’s so loving I’m blessed to have him and rich in my life very thankful to be alive in Jesus name.

      • Lesa higgin botham said

        This is a really hard topic, The reason I do not masterbate , is because when I do I have to go to very extreme fantasies to achieve climax, I know these fantasies are wrong, and when I fantasize I am defiling My mind. I know that to commit the act of murder is the same as to contemplate the act of murder. Therefor, it is wrong for me to masterbate and think about the sin to achieve climax. Bottom line is I just fight the urge. And you know what it really sucks.!!!!! But at least I feel like one area in my life I have control of!!!!!

      • Kelley said

        Nowhere in the Bible does it say master nation is a sin. Focusing on something sinful and watching porn is a different thing but physical release is not a sin. A Christian Ministries major at my small Christian college gave a sermon on it once that it was a sin and I thought he looked like an idiot for doing so. That is an incorrect teaching and does not come from Gods word.

      • matthew said

        Brother, i know how you feel, i have been at it also for 5 years and i hate myself for doing it, i keep struggling but i know that God is merciful and he will help me and you also through the power of the Holy Spirit. You cannot stop it on your own, i tried and i failed myself, take it to the Holy Spirit and he will give you the power to overcome… Peace be with you brother in Christ.

      • Armando said

        Brother I think you giving too much credit to this. I doubt there are many men and especially boys who don;t masturbate. Its just something that men do. I think there are a few exceptions and as one gets older and our hormones change the impulse is more manageable. Christ paid a huge price so that you wouldn’t go around with this kind of a chain. No one has the right to condemn you….not even you. My advice is to keep focusing your attention on God and claim his forgievness. Quit being so hard on yourself. I think that once you cut yourself some slack, accept his forgiveness….this will resolve itself. Masturbating is natural…but when you learn to soar in the spirit the spirit overcomes the natural. I learned that Once I let go and quit worrying about my actions being sinful and accepted Gods amazing love…unconditional love. My actions changed without any effort on my part because his spirit took over., Try it brother quit worrying and trust him….you;ll see. He never fails

      • Hetor said

        You just need to be strong and say No. We are all sinner but we have to stop and learn how to.stop sinning. Ask your self is it better masturbating or the kingdom of God. And always always try and stop looking at girls in a bad way and don’t let nasty come to your mind. You can close them doors that are not good. Like I said always think about his kingdom what is better.?? Don’t let the enemy tell you what it wants to do you tell it no I’m not like that For the word says be Holy for I am holy says the Lord.

        • Modesta said

          The word of God in the book of James 1:14 But every man is tempted,when he is drawn away of his own lust,and enticed.15 then when lust hath concieved,it bringeth forth sin:and sin,when it is finished, bringeth forth death. The book of Genesis says that sin awaits at the door.
          So what we have to learn is not to intertain the thought in any way or form.
          Luke 10:19 says Jesus gave us power to tread on serpents,scorpions and all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall hurt us. We use our authority in Jesus Name to come against the spirit of lust. And everything under the power of that spirit which controls it. Plead the blood of Jesus the blood of Jesus is powerful .
          Ask God to help you overcome that area. We have to learn to hate sin. See it the way God sees it. Remember how much Jesus had to go through to set us free. He who the son sets free is free indeed believe you are set free declare it done every time it comes to your thought mind. His word is spirit and it is life.sharper than any two-edged sword. Amen keep your mind on the word of the lord. Carry a small new testament bible with you at all times.

      • Vincent said

        Masturbation is a form of idolatry and lust of the eyes. Read this book maximized manhood it helped me greatly. Also stay in your word and in prayer. Be blessed!

      • pastor james peter said

        Cry to the lord God use Mathew 26:42 as a weapon fight the battle in your mind by saying “you demons that are soiling my mind I strike thee with the fire of God burn to ashes in jesus mighty namei liberate my mind and cover it with the precious Blood of the LORD Jesus Christ in Jesus name amen” read Luke 10:19 mathew 17:20-21

    • John said

      I feel your pain. i once had the same problem. I could’nt stop, no matter how hard i tried i kept on tripping up and not just Masterbating. What we are forgetting is we gave our life,our spirit, our soul everything we have we gave to our lord. The holy spirit guides us, it teaches us, helps us love,understand,forgive,opens our eyes to the truth and many more wonderful things. Its the flesh that is weak, if you try and stop your self you will fall. Its gods way of saying if you think you can stop it be my guest, what you got to remember is the devil is much stronger than us,but he is weak against our lord and heavenly father. Prey to our father and ask him that you are weak that you would like to stop what ever it is that you are doing wrong. I stopped with out even thinking about it, it had stopped and thank our lord. if you lust over someone else when you masterbate then thats wrong other wise its normal. I wanted it to stop all together. If you feel that you are being tempted by a evil spirit from the god of this world say these words the blood of our lamb and the word of their testimony and i am with our lord jesus christ who defeated satan god of this world and i ask my lord please protect me from this temptation for i am weak. Remember we are family we will all prey for you, GOD BLESS YOU

    • SUGEE said

      1) Do not feel depressed over this situation GOD Loves you; if you do feel such with negativity you may gradually be in distance with The LORD. what satan wants is to separate you from The Father b’cos of the sin factor.
      2) Your age has not mentioned therefore if u are in the right age of getting married find a partner before finding a partner tell this to your Shepherd (Spiritual Father)
      3) Keep declaring GOD’s promises over your life remember always it is not what we do but HE did which makes us righteous & qualify us to go to heaven.
      ~JESUS CHRIST will never leave u HE will be with You~

  2. […] Please read this excellent blog entry: When A Demon Attacks Your Mind […]

    • Carolyn said

      I would be pleased to. I feel that it would enhance my journey. I have been dealing with Demonic Attacks since I was 4 years old. I am 36 years old now. I have a lot under my belt. However, not the answers I am looking for.

      • lee said

        hello carolyn my name is lee are you a christian please let me know

      • maria a. a. said

        I am crying now as I read this. I would like to embrace you and comfort you but have faith that God sends us the Comforter. There are times when we are unconscious of the spiritual forces that are the currents that move us through this river of life. Here are a few things that have kept me going. Keep reading the word of god. Pray. Love never fails, that means don’t give up. Turn your mind to good things, anything that is admirable, lovely, good. It seems that when we consistently turn to good we may have moments of facing hard obstacles. Please dear heart, do not forget that god loves you. If you are having trouble in faith, pray for more faith, or ask for help. Continually turn to doing good. I will pray for you. May God the Father Bless you, May you have deliverance through Lord Jesus Christ, May your the path of your life be cleared so that the power of the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth may clear the Obstacles in your way Towards that love that sustains us and Brings us to a knowledge of The power of the spirit from which all good things come. May god’s holy angels bring healing into your life and show you how to do this. I send you my love and I too have been undergoing torment from spirits. Use God’s word in approaching the things in your life. The word says do not listen to the doctrines of demons, resist the devil and he shall flee, cut off all sin in your life, examine your heart and mind and through all the powers god gives us like the power of discernment and accurate knowledge of the word of God. Just keep on turning Dear One toward all that is Good and Away from all that is bad. I have always had faith that God will Give you what you need and never let you down. He is Love. And anywhere that there is love. He is there. 🙂 XOXO

      • Hou Cher said

        Hi Carolyn,
        If you are seeking deliverance from demonic attacks and deamons you have to go through steps,the first of them is to give your life to Christ as Your Lord and God and you have to confess your sins.Go to a proper Evangelical Christian church and meet the prayer team and the ministries including the priest or vicar .they pray on you,you will confess sins,cut ties and pull down strong holds and bond ages.never think of doing that without accepting Christ as The Lord of your life.
        Explain to them,and don’t worry nobody will judge you,everybody in the deliverance ministry are there to build the body of Christ and to serve our Lord and God.
        Repentance is essential.As for stronghold and bondages the church can explain that to you or if you need any further information on the topic please do contact me.
        Certain demons operate in one’s person’s life either through a life of sin,or ancestral curses,sins and idolatry or ungodly activities,and few are transferred to a child while in the womb.
        There are books that can definitely help you,and here is a list:
        “Steps to Freedom in Christ” by Anderson Neil,”Victory over Darkness” by the same author,”The Bondage Breaker” and “Pulling Down strongholds” by Derek Prince,
        Try to join a ” freedom in Christ”course arranged by the church,so you will be free and learn how to keep free.if not get these books as well as the list below they are worth every penny.”Purging your House,Pruning your Family Tree” by Perry Stone,
        And to know how your enemy (the demons and Satan) operate,it is worth reading the book of Derek Prince “They Shall Expel Demons”.
        These unclean spirits are not limited to sexual perversion,they include spirits of fear,of shyness,of lies,of criticism,of gossip,of sexual perversion,of backwardness,of delay and list goes on and on.
        The Almighty God did not give us a spirit of fear and shyness,but He gave us a spirit of power and love.
        Read your Bible and pray,try to close doors infront of sin and God will bless you,and heal you and restore you .sometimes stubborn demons will only leave through fasting and prayer,others leave through the help of church ministries.
        Check as well the website of ,watch the videos and check their blog they are men and women of God,and God Bless you.
        I hope that will be of help.

  3. If interested send me a Email about the bumper
    stickers that I stock

    The Corner Stone
    Yeshua HaMashiach

    I do respect the Heavenly Father and I do not
    have the authority to translate His only begotten Son’s name Yeshua HaMashiach do you??/

    • shawn said

      With all due respect, as I respect your wish to be as honorable to the Lord Jesus Christ; the name you refer to, “Yeshua HaMashiach” is the name in Hebrew that we refer in English to, “Jesus Christ”.

      Just like the name Jesus, the name “God” has different translations as well.

      What it all boils down to is:

      As long as we’re all speaking of the same entity, the same person, the same Holy Spirit; it does not matter what we call him!!!
      The fact remains:
      he died on the cross after being beaten, whipped, stuck with a crown of thorns, and nailed to the cross in redempion for our sins. That alone is, “Christianity” and “Christianity” can be translated to being “Christ Like”.
      Who wouldn’t want to follow the footsteps of our Holy Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?
      I choose Christianity, thanks.


      Best Regards!,

      • Ted said

        The greko latan names such as Jesus?iesous, and Lord/Baal, and God/Gawd, are in fact pagan just as the greko roman latin customs and traditions have demonically slithered into modern” Christianty”. It should be noted this person is correct. The advise is well thought out and I believe Tov in other respect’s please do not be hindered by my note but rejoice in knowing that this will help in the program you are putting forth. Shalom/peace in the Name YHWH.

    • Ellier said

      Don’t you mean Yeshua ben Yousef?

  4. Carl Habibuw: Jesus Christ is a transliteration, not a translation. I have not seen where we are to only use the Hebrew Name of Jesus Christ in the Bible. Further, even Yeshua is a transliteration of the vowel – less Hebrew language, and furthermore that transliteration cannot be agreed upon (I have seen Yeshua, Yehoshua, Y’shua, etc). What matters is knowing that the Name means “God saves and delivers” and calling upon that Name for that purpose to fulfill the prophecy of Joel 2:32a “And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call on the name of the LORD shall be delivered”. But yes, I do try to use the Hebrew Name for Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit when I remember to. What I am REALLY seeking is the Hebrew Name for God the Father. It is commonly called YHVH, YHWH, Yahweh, and Jehovah (all of whom come from the same Hebrew word which I am correct means I AM, the self – existing One), but I am virtually certain that those refer to the One In Three and Three In One Tri – Une Godhead as opposed to the Person of the Trinity God the Father. I do plan to study Hebrew soon and see, but so far no one has been able to answer that question for me. Even when Jesus Christ cried on the cross Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani, that can be taken as a reference to Elohim, which is plural, and refers to all Three Persons of the Triune Godhead for that reason. Then again, as Christ did not say Elohim but Eli, perhaps that is my answer.

    • No need to know the heavenly Father name, because Yeshua said;I am the way the truth, and the
      the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me John14:6, and even Abraham knowing the True God
      rejoyced to see Yeshua’s day: and he saw it, and was glad.John 8:56.He completed His mission(NT)
      by that Hebrew name Deuteronomy 18:18,19,He conquered the last enemy(dead) 1Chorintians 15:26,
      He proved Himself to be the God. He is the same ONE read Matthew 4:7 and ask your self who
      is being tempted in this scripture Yeshua identified who He is. This is why YHVH did not make
      Himself known by that name Exodus 6:3.and foreknew that He will come and save His own people
      Isaiah 35:4,and Revelation 1:8, Revelation 4:8.Our God is omnipresent,We cannot discredit
      Yeshua’s name.Simeon said in Luke 2:30 For mine eyes have seen thy Yeshu’ah(salvation)
      Our return(when we die) will be unto Adonai Hosea 6:1,2.Absent from the body,present with the Lord
      2Chorintians 5:8.Our God is not the God of the dead,but of the living Matthew22:32
      Just sharing

      • fidele said

        dear br every child must know his/her fathers name for we have our earthly fathers name and generation after generation that name continues but when we are born of god the father we get the fathers(god name) name on us and thats why jesus said in jhon 5 that i have come in my fathers name and he declared the fathers name and so also every born again child must know his fathers name in spirit for that shows genuine relationship with the heavenly father not like cain who did not know his father s name for he was a bastard for he did not allow god the father to chastise him see book of hebrews and also in 2 thessonalians chap 1 :7,8,9 it says the lord jesus shall come with flaming fire and take vengence on those who do not know god and obey not the gospel of lord jesus christ the name of god is important for in rev 14:1 to 6 the 144000 did have the fathers name on their fore head and they were virgins for they were not defiled with other women.god bless you in knowing the name of the father and the son and holy spirit which is one name amen.the apostles knew this name and hence they baptised in one name until at nicea council this wonderfull glorious mighty name was done away for mere titles to the name which is the only name which saves us see acts 4:12.

    • Frank Boles said

      Im happy i found this site and read the things in it, and i know for a fact that they are absolutely true. There really is a Spiritual warfare going on all around us. Im a saved Christian myself, but havent been living the way I was supposed to. A couple months ago, im not sure what made me decide, but i came to the decision to get my life right and to change everything i was doing. I still have a lot of trouble about it, but that very night i made that decision, i got off the couch to go to bed and my legs just turned to jello. in an instant, my entire eye sight changed physically, i could not explain it. i was sober and did nothing for any strange experience to happen, but i blew it off and went to bed. I was awoken late that night somehow and my entire bedroom was filled with what i later figured out were demons, i could see them very clearly, probably at least 50 of them, at least one in bed with me, puffs of smoke circling around me in the air, small fast flashing lights, like big fire flies almost, other black balls, most kinda small, but one big one about the size of a beach ball. I watched the biggest one slowly move across two walls, crossed my headboard then right above my head just stopped and camed towards me until i finally had the energy to jump out of bed right before it touched me. Of course i thought i was dreaming, but i stayed up all night watching these things, i even picked up my phone to light the room to see them even better. I also heard a couple voices coming from my living room talking back and forth to eachother that i could not understand, until the female voice called my name loudly, in a taunting voice, and i know that nobody was out there. There was a strong strong feeling in my room that ive never felt before, like a very strong static electric feeling that just made every hair stand up, you couldnt mistake it, it was strong. I guess the only reason im saying this is for someone to help me understand more, like the other things ive read on this site already have. I stayed awake all night and told myself i wasnt getting out of bed until daylight. To make a long story short, when i left the house that day, when i walked out of the front door and in the driveway, I turned around and saw a black figure standing there inside looking out at me leaving. That night i came back and was watching tv and i heard a knock on my window, I blew it off, then again and a yell i couldnt understand. Then saw two full bodied figures already inside walking towards me quickly. I saw them clear as day, like a glowing bluish gray color and they walked right inside me and instantly my head started turning numb and my mind was going quickly because i showed so much fear and weakness. i called my mother and she told me to command them out in the name of Christ. And i believe in the power of Jesus with all my heart, even moreso now. They growled at me many times and they were walking through my yard and coming through every door and window and chasing me, but every time I commanded them out of my body i felt them leave and watched them getting away from me, but more kept coming. I felt them leaving out of my finger tips, out of my toes, and felt one open my mouth of wide and left from the bottom of my stomach to my throat then felt like three gusts of wind leaving my mouth. I just want anyone who happens to read this to know that the power of Christ is real and that demons cannot stand up against it, they cannot. Throughout about 3 days time, there were hundreds that i watched come and have to leave. The power of Christ is far too powerful

      • Helen said

        wow! I just found this site tonight and have really enjoyed it.I truely belive you.God gave you awake up call for sure.I believe that when he allowes us to experience these things it is to help others.You are going to be a mighty warrior for God.May God bless you and your mama.

      • Marsha Barnes said

        Seek help with deliverance ministries to come to you house and cleanse it from evil. Also, dedicate you home to the Lord Jesus. Take a Bible that is opened and walk through you home, Saying, ” In the Name of Jesus the Son of the Almighty God, you can not stay here, get out and go walk the dry places and do not return. Make sure you say this with authority, command them strong. Then take regular cooking oil and anoint with your finger tip above the doors and windows of your home. Tell the Lord that you are giving Him control over the forces of evil and send His holy angels to do spiritual warfare for you. The open bible is sharper than any two edged sword, to cut going and coming. The oil respresents the Holy Spirit.
        Sincerely, Marsha Pray that the blood of Jesus will surround you home also.

      • Christy Sawin said

        Frank, I just stumbled across this site and read your post. I just want to say that I believe your testimony and have experienced similar and even more terrifying experiences for months. I have pictures that would change any unbeliever’s mind. Once God calls us or we decide to ‘right’ our lives we are marked by Satan’s kingdom. I have been engaged in spiritual warfare for months with no end in site. I believe God is calling many people at this time and opening their eyes to the demonic realm. Keep walking with God and continue in prayer. I will pray for you.

        Ephesians 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you will be able to stand firm against the schemes of the devil. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. 13Therefore, take up the full armor of God, so that you will be able to resist in the evil day, and having done everything, to stand firm.…

  5. Charles Darwin said

    I find it hilarious that otherwise rational people find that shouting to the wind (prayer) will solve any of your problems. The willful blindness to the truth that we are evolved creatures, very close in DNA to chimpanzees, leads to the creation of numerous religions and religious wars. I suggest you have your flock read “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. The people who wrote the Bibles were inspired, and some of the passages are noble (having to do with morals and ethics) but religious fanaticism (my religion is true, but all of you are going to Hell) is a curse on mankind.

    Have a great day!

    • shawn said

      Wow, you are a very sad, sad, and very lost soul indeed.

      I pray that God Almighty will come into your life in one way or another, as he has in mine.

      Just a quick note:

      If we “evolved from monkeys” as you say… than monkeys would still be evolving.
      Don’t attempt to insult others in this manner, you only make yourself look like an ignorant fool.
      Following a theory based on a resemblance to DNA (97% I believe), that we evolved from monkeys out of a jungle with absolutely no beginning of a half-way “civilized life” is like saying the Whale evolved from the fish.

      Use your brain, think that this life, this planet, this solar system, this entire universe came from SOMETHING, and SOMETHING is ALWAYS created by SOMETHING.
      Thinking that things just sort of happend on a whim is a constant carosel ride. You’re only going into a constant circle with immature thoughts.

      I feel sorry for you.
      You need to find God before it’s too late.
      I am not here to judge you, as there is only one judge; but you judging others, saying they’re going to Hell makes you out to be some higher power, a judge of us?
      You say that because of what you believe, we’re already doomed to Hell?
      Sorry to burst your bubble, but even Einstein had belief in a much higher power, the more he studied; and I do believe he was quite a bit more intelligent in a sense than your Charles Darwin. Einstein may have not understood how tying a shoe could be so simple, but he did understand that there IS a higher power, and that, that higher power is the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end! That higher power is pure! Monkeys are not (by the way, AIDS comes from monkeys and chimps, two different species of primates that are not evolving! why don’t we ALL have AIDS, or some sort of virus such as??)!!!

      Thank you for your curiousity, since you had read much of this, and continue to read everything that I am typing.


      • Rudy said

        Monkeys seem very similar to men, just look here:

        Shawn, seriously men are just glorified apes.

        • the absurdity of believing that *simple chemicals could somehow *evolve* the ability to *live/respirate* is beyond all measure by itself, but *THEN IT HAS TO BE CAPABLE OF REPRODUCTION* THIS REQUIRES *ORGANS* EVEN ON AT A SIMPLE CELLULAR LEVEL.

          any atheist who hasn’t read “wonder of the world: a journey from modern science to the mind of God.” by roy abraham varghese will learn by the last page of the book that they have been wasting time & energy saluting charles darwin as they’re Messiah – & that’s putting it in the most friendly terms i can muster.

          “You have in your book deployed abundant evidence indicating that it is likely to be a very long time before such naturalistic [atheistic] explanations [for the origin of life and reproduction] are developed, if indeed there ever could be. . .I intend to reread The Wonder of the World at leisure. I was hugely impressed and substantially challenged by it.”
          —antony flew, the world’s best-known atheist and a critic of theism for more than 50 years

          • Rudy said

            Well, again, science is like Capitalism, eventually it will run out of juice. Yes, they have discovered some mysteries of the natural world, but what is not emphasized is “how little” they know.

            Just the other day, scientist were saying that perhaps upwards of “90 percent” of the stuff of the universe does not even pertain to the table of the elements. Do the math.

            And not for nothing, but I had a spiritual entity land in my home, coming through the ceiling. And later, two other entities appeared to my wife and brother-in-law in the same home. Can science explain that? Of course not. And people will say, “what the…”?


            By the way, those were demons, but the one demon impersonated an angel, not your traditional angel, but a holy entity.

            If devils are so magnificent, how much more is God?

            God is so far and away removed from human understanding, it is not even funny.

            Hail God! Hail Christ!

            Let us not put God in a cookie cutter. He’s much bigger than all that.

            • anomalous said

              Right on, Rudy.

            • Ocean said

              God bless you, Rudy.

              If we understood everything, life would be boring.

              On the things we don’t understand, we could either turn blue trying to prove that God does not exist; or be humble and just have faith in God and just allow Him to fill our lives with pleasant surprises.

              I opt for the latter.

              • Sean said

                Speaking of the power and how big God is I believe he showed me how big he is and let me tell you his power alone is bigger than all of outer space by far.

      • Ocean said

        I join you in praying for people who, because of pride, they are or tend to play blind to the TRUTH. For years, they are too busy disproving the existence of God, and yet they still haven’t come up with the answer to “How and where did everything start and who started it?”

        Yes, even Einstein acknowledged that he didn’t know everything by believing in The One who does. I wish non-believers could one day also feel God’s love and the joy and peace that faith in Him could put in their hearts.

      • Ocean said

        …where did Darwin say the first ape came from?…and where did that thing where the first ape came from come from? …and where did…………..

      • I feel weirdresponding to something thatwas written two years ago but Shawn, you missed the point that Darwin was trying to make. He didn’t say Christians are going to He’ll because of their beliefs. He was saying that some Christians believe that( believe as I believe or you’re

        going to he’ll) just wanted to say that.

    • Mark H. said

      I suggest that you do your ‘homework’ on Richard Dawkins. Dawkins himself is a biologist – not a scientist. You need to look very closely at the empirical science that strongly points at a creator. Suggest you read the book by Antony Flew who was at one time the leading proponet of Atheism for more than 50 years who after doing much research found overwhelming evidence for a creator god and is now a deist. He explains in his book that Dawkins is grossly misleading people. There may be ‘NO’ God is your life – but there is indeed a creator God – and He is the God of the Judeo Christian faith.

    • Ocean said

      I will pray for your salvation. By the way, shouting to the wind is not the only means of praying.

      • cynthia said

        hello everyone,

        I really liked the aritcle and also all of your responces. the only thing I have to say is we are told to love our enemies no matter what. for this reason is clear that our fight is not aginist mankind but aginist satan and his workmen. so please keep in mind that the warfare is spiritual and not physical. therefore it is important that we love the human and hate the evil there of. meaning we seperate the human from the actions. using the two toghther is satan’s way of deception to cause division between God’s creation. Yes i’m talking to myself also. And I would also like to add that we know the word’s written in the bible are true because I don’t care what goes on in the world, what people go through in their life and it dosen’t matter when, you can always go and find that it has already happened in the bible. It was made to be written so that from generation to generation our father in heaven wants to let us know constantly that what he did back then he can and he will continue to it over and over again showing his undying love for his creation and also about the whole how did we get here thing well it’s written down already it’s the only it can be explained just like the things that happened in life are explained already. The whole argument over how we got is just a distraction to get our minds off of loving each other as it is written in the tool that helps us move forward in life. you know the tool that I call “HOW TO USE THE CONQUERING POWER OF GOD’S TRUE LOVE” the BIBLE. open it up and you will read that these conversations have already been discussed long before our great great great and so on were born. it never changes although man want to change it. which was already advised not to do in the book of revelations. you know the NKJV, KNIV, and so on. well love you all and remember that man is not prefet but GOD’s true love is. PLEASE take note to read and study the new testment. keep it simple/ keep it JESUS.

    • joshua said

      For your information [i am seriously not lying to you],darwins theory of evolutionary has recently been proven WRONG. According to the discovery that has been made few years ago, every creatures DNA on earth is special and different from another AND THEY DO NOT CHANGE OR EVOLVE. Example the DNA of a monkey 2000 years ago is still exactly the same as it is now.
      If you dont believe this FACT the go discover it yourself:)

    • Leah Dixon said

      I learned what a farce the Darwin Theory was 35 years ago while in Paramedic School. I became so fascinated with the human body. The organ systems, vascular systems, reproduction, the ability to clot blood so all your blood doesn’t run out from a small wound, the skin that protects the whole thing. The perfect harmony is awe inspiring and magnafacent If your ever in question, google how the heart/lung/vascular systems all work in sync, 60-100 beats/min 24hrs/day 365 days/yr, from birth until you die. You will learn the reality of the Grand Design by our Lord and it was not just chance or a big bang. AND DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE BRAIN.

    • Theophilus said

      I am certain that I am called to speak on this post and give an answer, even though others may have said some important things already. Where should I begin? Let us consider a few things in answer to Darwin, and I am addressing this to both believers and non-believers. I will attempt to be brief–somewhat at any rate.

      First, contrary to popular opinion, the purpose of science is never to tell us the answer to the question “Why?” That’s the job of religion and myth. Science can only ever tell us “how.” The moment we use science to explain “why” we’ve made of it a religion, and a very poor religion at that. You may think me a fool, but tell me why the sky is blue. Now, before you answer, I didn’t say, “Tell me how light waves behave,” or, “Tell me how light interacts with molecules.” Neither have I asked what makes the atmosphere appear blue, nor did I ask what it is that enables our eyes to perceive the sun’s light as it travels through the sky so that our brains may translate it into that which we know as the color blue. I said, “Tell me why.” Science can never answer that question, and the moment we seek to make it do so we’ve created a religion for ourselves. No my friend, the purpose of religion and myth is to tell us “why.” We must acknowledge this fact if we are indeed the rational beings we think ourselves to be.

      Second, if we were just “shouting to the wind” and expecting something to change, then we would be irrational indeed; however, I would argue that most of us are not just “shouting to the wind.” No, I think you would be hard pressed to find many religions that involved simply shouting to the wind with the intent of creating change. Moreover, assuming you addressed this specifically to Christians, it would be irrational to claim a belief in something and then act contrary to that belief. You likely believe that morning will come tomorrow as it always has and will plan accordingly. We believe that God answers our prayers and, like you, act in accordance with this belief. You may think the two are extremely dissimilar examples, but if the believer has experienced answer to prayer as certainly as you have experienced the dawning of the day, would the believer not be irrational to fail to act in accordance with such beliefs? Yet, conceding the fact that you do not believe in God, I will acknowledge and rebut your statement by pointing out that some scientists appear to believe that talking to a plant actually has unseen but measurable benefits for both the speaker and the plant. How then can you be uncertain that shouting to the wind has no benefit, for the speaker if nothing else–and to nearby plants at the very least?

      Third, you speak of all Christians as though we were ignorant and resistant to Truth (yes, I believe in an absolute Truth with a capital “T”). You don’t know with an assured certainty that evolution occurs in the manner required to create a man from a single-celled organism. Even if we knew for a fact that this theory was True, and I have my doubts, how do we get from science telling us how the overall process might look to science telling us that it occurred without an initiating event or First Cause? Again, if we say that science has explained why man exists, we make of science a religion and Darwin one of its early prophets. We name ourselves collectively after Christ. You have named yourself after one of the secular world’s messiahs. But, even if we were to disregard everything I just said, let me add something more to it. We all know that the Catholic church (and likely many poor “scientists” of the day) once insisted that the Earth was flat–primarily due to a poor interpretation of Scripture. What if we have it wrong with our understanding of the translation of the Genesis account? How does that change anything? Consider this: science tells us the series of steps that must occur for a human being to transform from a fertilized egg to a fetus to a baby, but it doesn’t tell us anything about why this occurs–though one day it may be that men think they know. We still wouldn’t know anything about “why,” only about “how.” Yet, for all that we know of the stages of human life prior to birth, which no solid Christian would question as being within God’s domain, we don’t ever stop to think that because human beings come into existence through a series of divinely inspired and guided steps that God must somehow not have a hand in the process. Now, let us apply this same process to evolution. What if man did evolve from a single cell organism? What would that prove? Please, hear me out. We might think that would “prove” the Bible false, but how would it? How could it? So what if God took a series of steps to bring about the creature called man–which the Bible says only that God formed him from the earth, essentially. How would this be any less True if God used a series of steps to make it happen? Does God need to “poof” something into existence for Him to be God: all-powerful and all-knowing–Sovereign over all things?

      Fourth, you admit that those who wrote the Bible were “inspired.” We Christians do not claim anything more–at least not mainstream Christians. What do I mean? The word “inspired” literally means or suggests “filled with a spirit.” The only difference between your account and ours is that you probably would think of “spirit” or “emotion,” whereas we should be thinking, “Spirit,” as in “Spirit of God.” So, again, it comes down to faith: our belief vs. your lack thereof. We do not see this as an issue (for us).

      Fifth, you speak of religious fanaticism as being bad, but you equate it with an attitude suggesting “my religion is true, but all of you are going to Hell.” These are two separate issues, even though you seriously blur the distinction. You say it’s a curse upon humanity, and I think many would agree that the general idea of religious fanaticism is exactly that–including many Christians. However, the problem here is that you must be addressing one of the Abrahamic faiths, given your reference to Hell, and specifically, Christianity, since that is the focus of this blog. Believing one’s religion is True is not religious fanaticism. Fanaticism, regardless of the image of the terrorist that will spring instantly to mind for many who read this, could be described as a practice of behavior that is characterized by obsession, zeal, or extreme devotion. The connotation of the term in our global culture of English speakers suggests a person who is crazy, deranged, uncritical, and/or blindly devoted–usually in a religious context. Considering the lax approach most Christians take to their religion in America–and by most I’m comparing the statistics of those who claim to be Christian against those who actually are actively involved in a community of believers, I should hardly think that fanaticism is one of the most characteristic words used to describe these people. However, supposing this to be the case, if most Christians did devote themselves with obsessive zeal to living out the commands of Jesus, how would that be a curse upon the Earth? Love your neighbor. Love your enemies. Do unto others. Give to the poor.

      Hmm… The facts don’t add up to your opinions about Christianity I’m afraid. Perhaps you should reconsider your beliefs.

    • Truthfreedom said

      Your lack of intelligence is obvious. We mock only what we don’t understand. When we lack the desire to really hear the other argument, we are further disgracing our intellect. Also, perhaps you evolved from a monkey, but I know I didn’t!

    • sam said

      if you think you came from monkeys than you must think your ugly. God not ugly I believe I was created in his image not monkeys

  6. Subject: RE: let us really pray not gossip about this!

    Prayer Warriors,

    Let’s pray — the spirit of domestic violence we rebuke you right
    now — I don’t live in this household but I know the enemy tactics in
    this arena — the prince of the air is having a party — but this is
    not over, Satan.

    We are praying for all couples that this spirit be destroyed…we are
    called to be use as balm to help restore our brothers and sisters this
    doesn’t release any responsibility from the guilty party(ies) but all
    parties involved need our prayers so that deliverance will be complete.
    I speak peace to the mind of all who handle this case.

    I pray in Jesus’ name give both people husband and wife peace — we
    speak peace to the mind…and in the midst of this assault in the public
    place…turn it around that we as the church— will lift up these
    people and other who are hurting constantly in prayer they need our help
    not our hurting criticism.

    If you never been in this predicament being saved and missing the mark
    in a public forum it is not a nice place to be. Let us be prayerful not
    critical…regardless what we think…this couple need our prayers…

    If you are guilty of not handling this correctly, repent and use this
    letter to minister to this couple and other like them.


    —–Original Message—–
    Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2007 22:31

    Subject: let pray

    ATLANTA (FOX 5) — Atlanta police said Wednesday that well-known
    television minister, Juanita Bynum, became the victim of domestic abuse
    after her husband savagely beat her in a hotel parking lot Tuesday

    A relative of Reverend Bynum told FOX 5 News that the Reverend Bynum and
    her husband, Bishop Thomas Weeks, are in the middle of a separation.

    The relative said the two agreed to meet Tuesday night in the dining
    room of the Renaissance Hotel near Hartsfield-Jackson airport.

    The meeting reportedly did not go well and ended with Bishop Weeks
    leaving abruptly. The relative said Reverend Bynum followed him to the
    parking lot where the two exchanged words.

    According to an Atlanta Police Department report, that’s when Weeks
    allegedly attacked her. In a statement to police, Reverend Bynum said
    her husband, Thomas Weeks, “choked her, pushed her down, kicked her and
    stomped her in the Renaissance parking lot.”

    Ronald Campbell of the APD said a bellhop at the hotel saw the attack,
    intervened and stopped it.

    Officer Campbell said Reverend Bynum suffered multiple bruises and
    swelling and required hospitalization.

    Reverend Bynum is being kept at an undisclosed location.

    Police are searching for Thomas Weeks.


  7. Lisa said

    Thank you so much for this information. I have been struggling with my mind being very busy. My daughter was in a car accident 3+ years ago and is now paralyzed (quad)and I have been under tremendous stress for sometime now. To add to that stress my mother whom has always been mellow dramatic has been trying to add more stress into my life with her situations (she always is arguing with her daughters including myself and she trys to put one sibling against another). Well, before my daughters accident I always would just ignore her but since I’ve been under so much stress the mean things she says and does upsets me and makes me angry causing my mind to start wandering and I loose focus. I need help in this area, so I thank you for this article and plan to become a regular vistor to this site.

  8. Lisa: You are welcome! Now what is very important is that you get yourself some prayer counseling. This group is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and can be contacted at
    U.S. and Canada
    24-hours a day


  9. Jennie said

    I thank God for this. For the last 3 1/2 years I have been suffering from severe demonic attacks, specifically mental torments that have left me paralyzed in many ways. I recently left my job in April because the attacks were so intense and subsequently inhabited me from functioning on my job with my fullest potential. I literally reached a point of frustration as I tried to go to various churches that seemed to be deliverance oriented in nature; I’ve fasted, sowed financial seeds as I was instructed and prayer; and it seems like everything (my mind especially) just got worse. I made the decision to rest, and to study day by day, in addition to incorporating exercise in my routine (and some may not agree )but also taking a break from church activities. I still love God, (although my relationship is not as strong as before)-but no matter what comes my way I am determined to win. It is my prayer that God will shed light and truth as to how people are to go about being delivered from cases such as these. Thanks again for the practical advice. God Bless..

  10. Dennis Thompson said

    I have the mind of Christ and satan has no authority over it. I am in complete control of my decision making whether good or bad. Paul said to strive to enter the peace of the Gospel.
    It goes a long way if you just know who Jesus is. No where in the scriptures after Christ arose from the dead did a born again believer in Christ ever be delivered from a demon. The Gospel is a finished work.There werent Christians before Christ rose from the dead, only Jewish people in a relationship with God.

  11. MsCj said

    Dear Sisters and brothers of healthland:
    may God continue to guard your ministry and ordr your footsteps as you continue to “waLk by FAITH” and not by “SIGHT”. I commend you all on the wonderful SPIRITUAL work you did, do and are doing – in the Mighty name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    I am a born agioan believr, and I live my life style in the WORD (Jesus) I too, have been given a couple of ministries by nt Daddy in Heaven, and I tell you, as a single woman of God? And ministering to people that DESIRE to KNOW GOD and HIS precious son, Jesus Christ? (and those that need that extra knowledge of comparsion from what they already know?) It’s a wonderful life! I would NOT trade places with DARKNESS for nothing else in the world!
    I thank you for releasing the TRUTH on this website. I thank you Holy Spirit for speaking thru the men and women of God responsible for this web-site.
    Yes, keep doing what you are doing, and as I continue to EXPLORE and READ the wonderful spiriual information that you put out for the WHOKE WORLD TO KNOW??? Which is God the FATHER in Heaven, His precious son, Jesus Christ and the wonderful works of the powerful Holy Spirit! Yes, I stand behind this truth. You have given us (the the power of the Holy Spirit) so much knowledge at a point of a mouse. God is wonderful. He said that Knowledge will be EVERYWHERE! At our disposal. All we have to do is SEEK HIM, and WE WILL FIND that HE has ALWAYS BEEN– RIGHT There! Amen?
    I prayer daily that God protect me with HIS covering — “the Holy Spirit” thru the name of Jesus Christ. And because of my FAITH? I know he is doing JUST THAT– “EVEN NOW”.

    I love you all.
    God bless~

  12. MsCj said

    Oops! I;m sorry. I spelled your name wrong in the reply I just sent:

    I meant to say:
    Deazr Sisters and brothers of HealtheLand…

  13. MsCj said

    Dear Sisters and brothers of healtheland:
    May God continue to guard your ministry and order your footsteps as you continue to “waLk by FAITH” and not by “SIGHT”. I commend you all on the wonderful SPIRITUAL work you did, do and are doing – in the Mighty name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    I am a born again believer, and I live my life style in the WORD which is(Jesus). I too, have been given a couple of ministries by my “Daddy” in Heaven and I tell you, as a single woman of God? Ministering to people that DESIRE to KNOW GOD and HIS precious son, Jesus Christ (and those that need that extra knowledge of comparsion from what they already know) is a wonderful chrisitan life! I would NOT trade places with DARKNESS for nothing else in the world! Because I love the LIGHT!
    I thank you for releasing the TRUTH on this website. I thank you Holy Spirit for speaking thru the men and women of God of Healtheland that is responsible for speaking your TRUTH on this web-site.
    Yes, keep doing what you are doing, and as I continue to EXPLORE and READ the wonderful spiritual information you kindly put at our fingertips for the WHOlE WORLD TO KNOW — Which is God the FATHER in Heaven, His precious son, Jesus Christ and the wonderful works of the powerful Holy Spirit! Yes, I stand behind this truth — God’s truth. By the power fo the Holy Spirit, you have given us so much knowledge to KNOW at a point and click of a mouse. Oh! God is wonderful. He said that Knowledge will be EVERYWHERE! At our disposal. All we have to do is SEEK HIM, and WE WILL FIND that HE has ALWAYS BEEN– RIGHT There! Amen?
    I prayer daily that God protect me, and all those walking in HIS GRACE and obedience. May HIS covering of the “Holy Spirit” continue to watch over us and keep us in much STRENGTH, thru the name of Jesus Christ. And because of the FAITH that I have in Jesus? I know he is doing JUST THAT– “EVEN NOW”.

    I love you all.
    God bless~

    I had to re-read and edit this since I made so many typ-o’s in the frist reply.

  14. MsCj said

    Dear Sisters and brothers of healtheland:
    May God continue to guard your ministry and order your footsteps as you continue to “waLk by FAITH” and not by “SIGHT”. I commend you all on the wonderful SPIRITUAL work you did, do and are doing – in the Mighty name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
    I am a born again believer, and I live my life style in the WORD which is(Jesus). I too, have been given a couple of ministries by my “Daddy” in Heaven and I tell you, as a single woman of God? Ministering to people that DESIRE to KNOW GOD and HIS precious son, Jesus Christ (and those that need that extra knowledge of comparsion from what they already know) is a wonderful chrisitan life! I would NOT trade places with DARKNESS for nothing else in the world! Because I love the LIGHT!
    I thank you for releasing the TRUTH on this website. I thank you Holy Spirit for speaking thru the men and women of God of Healtheland that is responsible for speaking your TRUTH on this web-site.
    Yes, keep doing what you are doing, and as I continue to EXPLORE and READ the wonderful spiritual information you kindly put at our fingertips for the WHOlE WORLD TO KNOW — Which is God the FATHER in Heaven, His precious son, Jesus Christ and the wonderful works of the powerful Holy Spirit! Yes, I stand behind this truth — God’s truth. By the power fo the Holy Spirit, you have given us so much knowledge to KNOW at a point and click of a mouse. Oh! God is wonderful. He said that Knowledge will be EVERYWHERE! At our disposal. All we have to do is SEEK HIM, and WE WILL FIND that HE has ALWAYS BEEN– RIGHT There! Amen?
    I prayer daily that God protect me, and all those walking in HIS GRACE and obedience. May HIS covering of the “Holy Spirit” continue to watch over us and keep us in much STRENGTH, thru the name of Jesus Christ. And because of the FAITH that I have in Jesus? I know he is doing JUST THAT– “EVEN NOW”.

    I love you all.
    God bless~

    I had to re-read and edit this since I made so many typ-o’s in the frist reply.

  15. Elliot said

    excellent reading as i have experienced encounters w/ demons during my short febble life.

    chk out for many more helpful readings.

  16. Around the month of April something very serious happened to me. It was between 5 and 6 a.m. I was taking a shower, to get ready for school. Then, a blasphemous thought entered my mind. I felt disgusted and terrified. I started to shake and shiver out of fear. I felt hopeless. After I turned the water off and got out of the shower. I went to my mom and told her that I did not feel good and that I did not want to go to school (I did not tell her about what had happened to me). She was suprised. She let me stay home. I went back to my room. I tried to rest, but I felt so lonely and scared. That day I did not eat and I prayed to God crying, “I would never do that to you!” (something along those desperate lines). I was plagued with guilt for months. I wondered if God still loved me. Then one sunday after the church was over and everyone would hug eachother a woman stopped me and told me that I am special in God’s eyes and that he loves me. I felt so happy. She also prophesied about the temptation that would arrive in my life. What an amazing thing, to know that God loves me! If I had truly known about attacks on the mind things would have been different.

    • Tammy said

      Jonathan, I think I know exactly what you went through, I’m going through the same thing. I need to talk to you, so whnenver you see this message please email me. Thanks

    • kelvin said

      I’ve had this same experience . I use to see 4 demons all the time, I feel this numbing feeling over my body then i am held down Ive been choked before. Sometimes i see them when i open my eyes after the attack. I think they come while you’r sleeping because your mind is open.This has happened all my life and i always wondered why. I wasnt religious and trying to fight them on my own, at this time i was confuse and almost running mad. not until a friend of my Johnson pen told me about a prophet who helped him in the same problem too. i email the prophet and i told him my problem and i did what he asked of me,he teach me the understanding of this demons and how to fight them with your holy bible,

      wanna give prophet michael a big appreciation for bringing back peace and joy to me, if not for you i woundn’t have be able to give my testimony today….

      I have promise to link all human that’s undergoing this situation to prophet michael, because i know how it is hurt….

      that’s the e-mail of the prophet, give him a try and share your testimony with alot of joy…

      Good Luck pals……..
      God bless you

  17. Jonathan De Leon: Is Jesus Christ your personal savior?

  18. Jesus Christ is my personal savior.

  19. I realize now that I was created to serve God, not myself. I live for The name of Jesus, Son of the Most High God, Yahweh.

  20. in the name of Jesus said

    I thank God for the article.

    I wanted to say that if you have trouble with sexual sins get some help if you can from someone you trust.

    That’s for anyone who may have.

    Also, I have learned that pride has been affecting my life along with the mental problems.

    These things I have found in my study of my bible.

    I have a bible that has a concordances that has different life issues points you to scriptures that will help you to pray.

    Most of all, this article has been helpful but praying about everything that’s in your life to Jesus helps brings things to pass.

    It’s something you have to have faith to endure as you decide to continue with Jesus because the enemy doesn’t want you to do good at all.

    I hope this helps.

    God Bless!!

  21. #20: All thanks and praise goes to God in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit!

  22. Sylvia, Ghana said

    Dear brethren,

    What a relief to read and learn about people who yearn to live for Christ!! Whenever we desire to live totally for the Lord, the enemy fights us. The greatest battlefield for every believer is the mind. Sometimes, we fight, quarrel, insult, destroy with our minds, incredible!! But the scripture says, in II Corinthians 10:3-5, “For though we walk in the flesh we do not war after the flesh for the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.), Casting down imaginations, and everyhigh thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity evry though to the obedience of Christ”. No matter how difficult it is, we must always make a conscious effort to submit our minds and bodies to the obedience of Christ.

    God bless you all.

  23. Hope this Gospel Letter will bless you.

    Perfect Peace

    Always refuse to think on things that are contrary to the Word of God. We can contribute many of our troubles to the way that we think, sometimes our minds get so carried away in all manner of thoughts, and we find ourselves thinking on things which can be quite disturbing. For when this happens we must resist by “Casting down all imaginations and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ,” as it is written in,
    {2 Corinthians 10 v 5}.

    If we replace our thoughts with the name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus, you will find that by speaking His name and blood over your thoughts that you will experience great refreshing times from the Lord, as He clears your mind. Always try to think on good things, do not listen to things on the television, or read papers and books which will cause you to loose your peace which is in Christ Jesus. Another great way of keeping your mind at peace is to forget those bad things that have happened to you in the past,
    and exchanging them for the good promises that God has for you in the future. Paul said “But this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before”.

    Finally Saints what ever thing that is true, honest, just, pure, lovely and good , think on these things “And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus”,
    {Philippians 4 v 7}. I do hope that this letter will bring peace to your minds, for it is written, in Isaiah 26 v 3, “Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is staid on thee.” JESUS.

  24. I been having alot of mind attacks with cursing towards God it comes to my mind suddenly I keep casting it down with Jesus’s name and that he saves me he saves me now that helps
    it seems as the closer I try to get to know the Lord in Bible reading and study this happens
    I am a believer in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour I will not give up and will keep trying with his help to renew my mind thru him.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you,

    • Tammy said

      Wow, I’m blwn away by how many people have been going through this, I just knew that it couldn’t be me alone. email me @ Lets support each other.

      • Truthfreedom said

        All believers/followers of Jesus Christ have experienced some form of spiritual warfare. The enemy seeks to destroy. I think new believers are especially prone to the enemy’s tactics of deception and lies. satan is the father of all lies. But, the good news is that, Jesus already won the battle when he died on the cross. A couple of scriptures came to mind that have helped me are James 4:7 “submit yourselves to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you.”
        2 Thessalonians 3:2 “And pray that we may be delivered from wicked and evil men, for not everyone has faith. But, The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen and protect you from the evil one.”
        Psalm 91 is great for spiritual warfare (it’s too lengthy to type).
        Above all friends, the greatest deterrents against the devil is reading and studying scripture, praying, and getting firmly planted in a bible believing church, and maturing in our spiritual faith.
        When I was a new Christian, and I was facing a lot of spiritual attacks, one of my friends told me, “sometimes I just give Satan the bird (finger)”. It may seem elementary, but it did work!
        God bless you all in your spiritual journeys.
        In Christ

    • Luna said

      I had a lot of problems with negative thoughts. I would find myself thinking things like, “Why would God love someone like me?” I was not a “bad person” at all; I consistently tried to follow God’s word. One day, a very good friend of mine got me a wonderful book that has changed my life. It is called “Battlefield of the Mind” by Joyce Meyer. This book taught me that it was Satan using my thoughts to discourage me from following God. It also teaches how to defend your mind against such thoughts. I highly recommend reading it.

  25. Dear Gail. You are on the right path. The greatest battle we face as Christians is the battlefield of the mind.
    Every born again, and I mean born again believer has faced this. Don’t think you are alone.
    One can detect evil spirits attempting to gain a foothold in the mind by the following:
    The enemy will send flashes of thought, which you as a believer would not normally think. These thoughts are mean’t to be suggestive. They do not appear any any sequence or order but seem to come whenever you pray, read the bible or meditate on the word of God.
    Secondly, these spirits try to appear as if they are your own thoughts. They will make you feel as if you have an inability to listen or reason with your renewed mind. This is done by causing you to feel absent minded or preoccupied. You will hear voices within your mind that sounds like your voice saying, “I’m tired. I don’t feel like fighting. Just let me take a break for awhile. This is too much.”
    The danger is when you, I, or any believer becomes ensnared by believing the flashing voices, thoughts or visions the enemy is attempting to plant. If we give in, he then quickly moves in to bind us, because we’ve then given him permission to be there.
    It is written we must cast down these thoughts no matters how subtle they may appear.
    What he is trying to do is get you to give him permission to be in your mind. This comes by attempting to wear you down to the point that you simply except the fact that he is going to be there. After this you stop casting down evil, and finally he begans to opress you.
    As you continue to fight, you will notice you have suddenly grown spiritually. The Holy Spirit will make you aware of your surrounding, showing you when it is the enemies voices whispering in your ear.
    The answer to all of this is simple. Jesus died for your sins. The battle is already won. Know that you are a child of God or the enemy would not be attacking you. And this is something to smile about. Cast down evil thoughts by replacing it with the word of God and prayer. These are the most powerful weapons you have faith, love and prayer.
    Now! Everything I wrote is what you do everyday! Smile.

  26. gina said

    Awesome teachings that I will use.

  27. Charles D. said

    BTW: and before you attribute my bluntness to my profession; I absolutely love my work. I rule!!!

  28. cristian said

    jesusalen is the new city and the last prophesy of redemption as it was written in revelation.

  29. Charles D. said

    Think you have it a lil backwards.

  30. Israel said

    When demons attack your mind resist the attack by submitting your mind to the Word of God. That is, take your Bible (the spiritual sword)and begin to faithfully speak the Word into the air thus doing battle in spirit and in truth! If you do not have the Bible readily available mentally walk into your heart and meet with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to comfort your soul, help your heart and lead your spirit into recalling Scriptural truth that you can bring to mind, convict to and sow into the air. Know that the Holy Spirit that is “in” you is greater than the spirit (Satan and his angels) that is in the world.
    These spirits that are in the air are no match for the Spirit that is in your heart. Let them know this truth and that you are a new creation In Christ in Christ-mindedness of mind.

  31. Lee said

    In regards to the mind battling. I too have had some extreme mind battles. Alot of mental pressure on the mind. Confused, disoriented, constant war within 24/7. Some times it got so bad all I could do is hold my head and cry. Intense! However because I knew of no one else who experienced this, nor experienced it before I did not know what to do then. Now I do. Fast, Pray, and study the Word of God.I have foumd that simply casting the thought aside was just not enough. To all who are having mental struggles know that the root of your answer is in prayer & fasting to uproot – but mostly in the Word of God. The enemy has a foothold in some area of your soul – probably thru some hurtful past experience – and while we are to ‘forget’ some things must be addressed and some must be cast out. The answer is in the Word of God because the Word will begin to work at healing & filling the void/cracks in your soul. For the ‘Word of God is true, converting the soul’. As we read, study and meditate the Word we gradually bring healing to the soul, or another translation says that we ‘renew the mind’ which is the seat of the soul. We do warfare to expel or displace the demons, but unless repair is done to the damaged areas they will come back, and often times it is seven times worse. Know that you are not alone – others are going thru it – so there is nothing wrong with you. Know that God is with you. Alot of time the enemy can see where God is taking us even before we do – hence alot of the attacks, but as long you continue steadfast in the above mentioned disciplines – IT HAS TO BREAK – Its just a matter of time.

  32. Amen Lee. You got it! Fasting and prayer does it.
    They won’t stop but they are no match for the power of the Most High God.
    I can tell you about many things inline with demonic attackes. I’ve had them manifest in my room ,as so many Christians have.
    None of us are alone. If you are going through you can rest assured thousands are going through in the same way. We fight the good fight. God bless.

  33. MARIA said


    • Adam said


      this is the first time i have been on this site. It is some what relieving to discover that others are going through the same type of demonic attacks i have had for 5 years.

      Rest assured, if i were to confess my though life through attack, you would feel like a saint. Please believe me when i tell you that the Lord sees it all, and in no way has He abandoned you. He knows the culprit; and he knows you love Him – otherwise this would not bother you!

      I feel inadequate to guide you, but i know with all my heart that the Lord is ever present, and i know that in real terms you are only a paper bag width from total freedom. I mean a freedom so great it will take some getting used to.

      remember, darkness ALWAYS oversteps the mark!

      It has to so it can operate, it just relies on fear to cover its tracks. Do not be afraid to let go of fear. I promise you that there is nothing that needs handling with your own mental capacity.

      Read His Word, and do not be afraid to say you Love the Lord to His beautiful face. The Lord is not against you. He wants to hear you Love Him. Listen, by faith i am asking the Lord now to heal you for life. Let Him Love You!

      You are worth it!

    • Loshnie said

      I am on this site for the first time, please be strong, when you feel you are down to nothing remember that our lord is up to something. Read your bible, ask the lord to guide you through his word. Everytime you have these’s thoughts going through your mind, just remember how the lord died for for you and I, how he shed his blood and sacrifised his body. Nothing is more powerful that the sacrifice of JESUS in the cross.

      Please pray daily and fast, the lord will answer you, but most of all you will be a stronger person and you will be a blessing to others once you have overcomed your battles.

  34. Marianne said


    read the bible – psalms and the gospels, Paul’s writings too.

    get near other believers – in person, not just here.

    try to get out each day and let nature remind you of God and his creation.

    you will be ok. just do not spend so much time isolated and alone……pray, God will hear you


  35. Tally Eddings said

    Christ IN me, the hope of glory. (Col 21:7) In prayer, petitioning Yahwey for my own life circumstances, HE told me through His Holy Spirit in my mind, “I have given you My Son. That is all I intend to do and it is sufficient so quit with all these ‘HELP ME’ prayers”. Then Yahshua told me through His Holy Spirit, I said, “It is FINISHED”, meaning HE, too, had done all HE is going to do, having completed His Mission on Earth. Now, what happens to me is entirely up to the choices “I” alone make. If I walk in the Word (Spirit), my steps are directed. If I walk in the Flesh, I will fall. Yahwey will Bless us when we direct our prayers to Him FOR OTHERS as Job did. HE knows our needs and meets them through the Mind of Christ (Wisdom) IN us, we who are Saved and Born Again, NEW MEN IN CHRIST. Will Satan attack us? YES. But putting on the full armor of God and leaning on Him, NOT our own Understanding, we defeat Satan when he tempts us in our minds.

  36. Maria. Who do you hang out with? Is there someone at work you talk to or who you allow in your house that you really don’t know? Second, are you senseing darkness in this person but really want to help them? If you are, leave them alone.
    Has someone given you a gift that is usual or may have demonic attachments. ie, crystal balls, wind chism, japanese swords and dragons, african art or someone at work or in the hood who are practicing their religion and it is other then christianty?
    Get to a spirit filled church where the pastor is aware of these types of things. Do not stop until you find one. Then fast and pray and stay away from T.V. programs that gloryify satan and devils.

    • Truthfreedom said

      I agree! I’m deeply concerned about Maria and her thoughts regarding the origin of them. I am not a pastor, but I do know that we have to be very careful in deciphering for ourselves what is the Word of God (truth) vs. the voice of the enemy. Because, even the demons believe!
      Please get into a bible preaching church and start studying scripture. Talk to a pastor and other Christians who are firmly planted in the true word of God. There are all sorts and forms of false doctrine out there these days and all sorts of false teachings. Do not attempt to sort this out on your own. Satan is crafty. I will pray for you!

  37. Also movies that are x rated will break the covering over your home and the enemy then has premission to have your mind. So is it if you are sleeping around.

  38. Used to be Maria said


    I see that it has been a few weeks since you posted your message, so I don’t know the impact this will have, but I felt the LORD was leading me to post this in response to you.

    When I was 6 years old, I heard the voice of God very clearly calling me to follow Him,and I accepted the call. I was very blessed to have parents who followed Him earnestly and grounded me firmly in the Word.

    When I was 16, my parents began to succumb to a root of bitterness they had hung on to from their past and it opened the door for the enemy to attack them. Their selfishness and unforgiving has led them into a spiral that has resulted in alcoholism, adultery, and other addictions, sorceries, and deceptions. The actions of my parents created a wound in the life of myself and my 5 younger siblings that opened the door to those same lingering spirits.

    I battled and lost with sexual sin, drug addictions, suicidal thoughts, depression, rage, and many other evils. Thankfully, however, the Word of God does not return void, and through a series of events, He opened my eyes to see that my unforgiveness and anger toward my parents and their apparent betrayal of the faith they had sewn in our lives – was the root of the demonic attack I was barraged with.

    Minister Williams has asked some very discerning questions of you that have no doubt caused you to feel a little freaked out. I know, because I remember. When I felt lonely or had been through a recent hurtful event, men seemed to swarm around me. I used to joke that they could “smell vulnerability” – now I know it is no joke. It is a serious and strategic spiritual attack directed at the very part of you that is made in the image of your Creator and that has the potential to glorify Him most – your desire to be loved.

    It is not only men that prey either. This is not an attack on males, especially lost men. They are not the enemy – Satan is. Other women, who are likely also under the same spiritual influence, will edge you along into situations that continue to give the devil a foothold.

    Also, the other God-given characteristic – to nurture, is distorted by the enemy thru use of our fallen nature, our pride, to make us want to “save” someone who we sense is hurting or in darkness. The enemy often deceives us even to the point of believing that we were “meant to be” in an inappropriate relationship with someone to “lead them to Christ.” I believe this is the other thing Mr. Williams is referring to. Know this – this could be a life and death matter for you – Jesus Saves NOT you! And you cannot lead any individual to Christ through disobedience to His Word. His word says, “What does light have to do with darkness.”

    Seek God’s will through His word, and find a church that teaches the Bible first and foremost. Get grounded in it by reading it and memorizing as much as you can. Most of all – ask Him to show you the cause of your bondage and the freedom from it, and be willing to let Him take you through the process, maintaining hope that He will do it, because He has already promised you He would. I remember the night I called out to God, and repented and asked one request – that even if I could not see the change in a day that in a year I could look back and see what He had done in my life. I remember that year later too, and the journey He took me on, to open my eyes. Incidentally, that was 5 years ago now, and in that time, He has not only called me back into line with His will and freedom from those demons but all 5 of my siblings are walking closely with Him in freedom as well.

    Hang on to hope. The enemy is attacks each of us, because any one of us who chooses to take up our cross and follow Him in OBEDIENCE to His Word, will also storm the gates of hell and be used in setting captives free!

  39. Jen Jo Aston said

    I am looking for any imput regarding my son. When he was 8 I did hear demons tell me that they were going to take my son. This was for several days and only when I was in the shower. I do not have any mental or physical ailments. I researched and supposedly said the right words to send them away to where they belong. and I thought that life went on fine. He is now 25 and is being hospitalized….because he thinks that the the Holy Spirit and The Father are telling him what to do and say..I personally do believe that it is Demon possession. He is asking for our parish priest to visit. He told us that we were to tell our priest that HE (our son) IS AN ORDINATED PRIEST IN THE SPIRIT WORLD. The priest will know what that means. Does anyone have a clue? Our son has been a great blessing to us and has never been in any trouble. He was raised Catholic and attends mass. Any imput would be so appreciated….thanks you

  40. Marianne said

    First of all, if he is no trouble, why is he in the hospital? Through the ages, God has, at times, spoken to people, so your son’s claim is not so unbelievable. Make sure he is not having a real experience before making a final judgment. Your priest son can talk to him too. I think your son needs to talk out what his impressions are. If they are way off, then consider it some sort of oppression by a spirit. If he makes sense, and can somehow validate his impression, then reconsider the hospital stay.

    Also, psych wards are bad places to be. It will hurt him more to be there than to be at home with family. The staff there will not do anything except send you a bill.


  41. I have to ask is your son a born again Christian? Not according to the catholic definition of born again but according to God. Has he made Jesus the Lord of his life?
    I ask this because you mentioned he said, quote: priest in the spirit world. This has nothing to do with God and can elude to the demonic. God’s calling into ministries is very direct and a person will know without a doubt what it means, he will not need a priest or anyone else to tell him its meaning.
    Many times the enemy will make things seem as if they are coming from God but they are actually spirits of error, mean’t to cause confusion.
    I don’t think he possessed. This term means total possessed of devils, however I do believe he is being buffeted by evil lying spirits. I believe they are whispering words that sound Godly but aren’t, hence he used the term spirit world.
    Find a God fearing church that preaches the bible. Read it for yourself and stop listening believing the priest can forgive sin. This was done by Jesus at the cross and you have know need for anyone to seek forgiveness for you, you go straight to God for yourself.
    As a mother who is a God fearing woman you have to pray for your child and ask God to deliver him in the name of Jesus. Place your hand on him and say it aloud, believing the Father will move on your behalf.
    It is important you understand that we are priest of the most High God and given authority over all the powers of darkness. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
    Find out if he has been engaging in activity that is not inline with the Word of God. Drugs, drinking and even sex outside of marriage. X rated movies, porn mags etc. If so he must ask God to forgive him and turn from it. All of these things open up the human spirit to demonic oppression.
    May God bless and keep you.

  42. Maria said

    People’s minds are being bombarded by TV, internet, music, and video games.
    The object is to control to the point that one is out of control. If a person has a problem even reading this long article, then it is a sign of mind control on you. Good advice, and thank you!

  43. Masego said

    Thanks be to God, I have been having mind attacks for the past month and a half.
    In the beginning I became totally confused, felt alone and depressed. I started praying out loud and learning who I was in Christ. This has helped me a lot. The attacks change as I win a certain area of my thought life. My key verses are 1John5:18, Ephesians 6 adn 2corintians 10.
    Please pray for me, these attacks started after I got baptized in february.
    Thank you

  44. Decisions for Christ often lead to attacks of the mind. The enemy attacks the flesh to draw a person back into past sins,and he uses the mind to do it.
    There will be times when you will be totally confused about yourself and your christian walk. It is then you must stop to realize you are a child of the Most High or he would not bother you. Jesus said if the world hates me, it will hate you also.
    Mind attacks are very common and will not stop. Every believer will, and has experienced them. But renew the mind daily because the only time we as Christians are told to fight is when it is a battle of the mind, attempting to steal our faith. Everything else has been subdued, but we must keep this part of us under subjection by the power of the blood.

  45. Marianne said

    God bless you Masego. You are in my prayers. Surround yourself with believers who will pray with you in person, also.


  46. Job said

    Minister Patrick Williams:

    Glad to see you back brother! If you could do me a favor, could you check out the from time to time? Thanks!

  47. Israel said

    My fellow brothers and sisters “In Christ” always walk by faith in spirit and in truth because God is Spirit. For the living Word of God reveals that “the just shall live by faith.” However, Satan and his followers would have us walk by sight in the flesh and the lie so that we may miss Abba Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Let not your mind be “distracted” from Christ but rather let it be “contracted” to Him. For He is faithful. Pray, pray, and pray some more! Fasting too! It is very helpful! So, fast! Christ family, the battle for our minds (“in our minds”)is eternally real and spiritually ceaseless (especially, for the TRUE follower of Christ). So, YES PRAY! YES FAST! But MOST importantly scrutinize the living Word of God, DAILY! YES! DAILY! Study it everyday. You will know how to pray and fast in accordance to the Word of God, not the will of self, i.e., “carnal-self.” Our prayers, as Christians, must be Holy Spirt led and directed. For He is the COUNSELOR of the mind and the HELPER of the heart. Brothers and sisters, In Christ, God’s will for us (true believers)is MENTAL TRANFORMATION by means of His WORD written to us and found in the pages of the Holy Bible!!!

    The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ (King of kings), and the love of God (Abba, Father), and the communion of the Holy Ghost be with you all.

    IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Amen. Amen.

    The Bible makes it very clear that we are to send the angels out to fight for us, for they have much more power than us mere mortals. For all the problems that we face are orchestrated by the evil unseen principalities and powers, which seeks constantly to destroy us.
    The Lord said to me, “ that one of His angels has enough power to deal with all my troubles,” and yet He assures me that He has multitudes ready to swing into action on our behalf, when we give the command for them to fight. Have you commanded them today to fight for you?
    The Lord recently has spoken to me, and said, “Where my angels are, there is my presence.” He said angels must fight the powers of darkness, man cannot defeat such powers, angels will rescue you from all evil.
    Never ask an angel for help ,never pray to them, never seek to converse with them, unless they speak to you a message that has been given to them by our Lord. Angels are servants of God and His children. God has provided strength for us by these angelic beings.
    When Christ was on this earth in His human form He needed strength, just like we do today, and God sent one of His angels to strengthen Him. So that He could obtain salvation for us.
    When you need strength, then command angels to bring you strength from your heavenly Father, in fact you can command angels to bring anything that you have asked your Father for. For example, health, wealth, deliverance, peace, etc.
    Now, some people are very confused about pictures or statues of angels, thinking that it is forbidden in the Bible to look upon such things, but in fact what the Bible says is that we must not bow down and worship images. For these visual aids actually help us to see that there is more to this world than the physical realm.
    Bible tells us that our warfare is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. So, we must use the angelic powers from God, to deal with these unseen powers by commanding angels.

    I hope that you use these spiritual warfare secrets that the Lord has shown me. Once you begin to enter this realm of believing there is no going back, you must send angels out every day, to fight the evil spirits of infirmities, which is sickness and disease, the spirit of uncleanliness, which is the evil lusts, in mind and deed.
    The spirit of poverty, which are evil attacks on your finances, and anything else that you could possibly think of where you need help.
    Most important of all, every day we must repent, and live in the victory, that Christ Jesus has saved us.

    • SAM said

      “When you need strength, then command angels to bring you strength from your heavenly Father”

      Why ask angels?
      “…since we have a great high priest who has gone through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess. For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who has been tempted in every way, just as we are—yet was without sin. Let us then approach the throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need.” Heb. 4:14-16

      There is one Mediator between God and man.

  49. Job said


    What purpose would viewing the image of an angel serve? Particularly since it is impossible to accurately represent a spirit being – which angels are – with symbols, paintings, pictures, figurines, icons, statues, etc? Regarding angels, it is best that we are merely mindful of their existence. With spiritual warfare and everything else, our eyes should be kept trained on Jesus Christ … a narrow focus for single eyes and minds.

  50. Hi Job, To answer your question it is quite simple, the Lord has given us a great gift of imagination, and when that imagination is used to serve Him, it can be used to glorify Him. But angels are surely not a figment of our imaginations, for many people who have gone before us, who have described in detail these magnificent creations of God.The Bible itself speaks of angel wings and glowing garments, it doesn’t take much more inspiration to paint God’s angels, so that people would be encouraged, and built up in their faith.The physical world that we see, but with our minds eye sometimes we can see into the spiritual realm. God bless Billy.

  51. As Job has said, they are there but we must remain focused on Jesus, who did not call on angel, though he said he could. He is our example. He didn’t so we shouldn’t. When he was tempted of the devil, afterward he was hungry. Jesus didn’t tell them to come here. They were all about him and at the appointed time rendered strength to him.
    This has been a proper teaching in these last days were ministers tell saints to send your angels to bring my money, my health, my propserity and to fight my battles. But the only time we as Christians are told to fight is when it comes to faith, this is where Paul said he fought a good fight. The remainer of our battle is standing, praying etc. As saints we are aware of angels and their purpose but we pray and seek the giver, God not the creature neither do we command them. They minister to us, the saints of God without our input, for they do as the Father tells them.
    The bible clearly tells us the in the last days men would give heed to seducing spirits and doctirnes of devils. Today this false teaching has come about to draw us into calling upon the creature and not the creator, because we are little gods with the same creative powers as God, therefore we command angels. Some of the big time ministers on television preach this mess, following the patterns of others, because it is suppose to be something new God wants to bring into the earth. But God said, “I am the Lord God, I changeth not.” We must go to the root of where it came from, and not do as others, or preach what others preach for we are the true saints of the Most High, and will serve Him only.
    May God Bless and keep you.


    I see that you need a Gospel Letter.


    “But blessed are your eyes for they see; and your ears for they hear.” {Matthew 13v16}.

    Jesus spoke these words to His disciples and to all who would follow Him. Now many people today in the world find it very hard to understand and to accept God’s Word, some try to change it by bringing out different translations, but I believe that they who do such things are standing on very dangerous ground. For I am reminded of God’s Word, “For I testify unto everyman that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book: And if any man shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part out of the book of life, and out of the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” {Revelation 22 v 18 & 19}.

    Yes indeed, blessed are our eyes, and our ears as Jesus said, now there are things in the scriptures which are hard to understand, but we must remember we are not always ready to receive such knowledge. The Word of God needs to mature in us, and then it will be ripe enough for us to eat, so the things you do not understand, really do not matter at all. For soon all things will be revealed to us.

    The Holy Ghost is in the process of making the mysteries of His Word known to you and me, for they have been hid from the past ages and generations, but are now made visible to God’s children in these last days. I believe that we will be amazed at the things that our Lord will show us in the ages to come, for we know that His knowledge is infinite, and we also know the greatest mystery of all, “which is Christ in you the hope of glory.” {Colossians 1 v 27}. May the Lord reveal more of His mysteries in Christ to us all, as we study His eternal and glorious Word.

    Jesus said, “I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now. Howbeit when He, the Spirit of truth, is come, He will guide you into all truth: For He shall not speak of Himself but whatsoever He shall hear, that shall He speak: And He will show you things to come.” {St John 16 v 12 & 13}.

    • Truthfreedom said

      I strongly urge you to take heart to what Reverend Patrick is trying to warn you about. If you love Jesus, please be open to the possibility of your own demonic attacks. No one among us is immune to this. In the last days, which I believe we are in, we will see an ever increasing threat from the enemy to deceive and steal souls. We all gave to guard against these attacks . Jesus calls us to test all spirits to discern whether or not they are false and not from God. Anything that distracts us from the teachings of scripture or against what Jesus said or did, is dangerous ground to be treading on. I’m not a biblical scholar, but I’ve read the entire Bible several times in various versions (NIV, ESV, ASV, etc.) and I have never read anything nor have been taught that we should or need to command our own angels. Anyone, who is an accredited theologian, pastor, been to seminary, help me out on this!

  53. Well Billy:

    I see you need a letter also. For you are on deadly ground indeed. You have bought into new age teaching that has been fostered by a clever enemy.

    14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

    15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works

    His mysteries were made known in Christ Jesus. There is no need to seek any other for the Holy Spirit will give according to the will of the Father.

    You wrote:

    “But blessed are your eyes for they see; and your ears for they hear.” {Matthew 13v16}.

    Be bless eyes and ears are spiritual, eyes and ear open to the things of the Spirit. Yes, we are to receive from God but we must also allow the Holy Spirit to agree with our spirit what is of God and what isn’t. Hence all the confusion in the church today.
    I watched a service where men and women rolled around on the floor like dogs barking. Where is God in this? There are churches that allow demonic manifestions because they do not allow the Holy Ghost and sound biblical teaching to lead within the service and because they don’t want to upset the church mebers who are seek high plains and dimensions. Ministers are actually encouraging them to seek higher plains, which will often lead to demonic encounters. I hear it in 80% of the churches I’ve attended. But Jesus said:

    Do Not be Deceived
    What was the first warning sign Jesus described?

    “Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately, saying, ‘Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?’ And Jesus answered and said to them: ‘Take heed that no one deceives you'” (Matthew 24:3-4).
    Jesus begins with a sobering warning: Do not allow yourself to be deceived! Many people are familiar with Jesus Christ’s Olivet Prophecy. They are aware of the events and conditions He described. Yet many don’t realize they have missed the first warning sign Jesus Christ gave. They have fallen prey to religious deception!

    Will religious deception be widespread?

    “For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many” (verse 5).

    “Then many false prophets will rise up and deceive many” (verse 11).

    “For false christs and false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (verse 24).

    Note the words Jesus used: “. . . Many will come . . . and will deceive many . . . Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many.” The Greek word polus, translated “many,” means “many, much, great” (Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary of Old and New Testament Words, 1985, “Many”). This deception is clearly massive and widespread.

    Read the words of Jesus Christ and the apostles when they warned of a great religious movement—invoking Christ’s name—that would lead most of the world astray. Tragically, most have ignored the warnings Jesus Himself gave.

    Who is involved in this deception?

    “For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ” (2 Corinthians 11:13).

    Within only a few years after Jesus Christ’s death, people began to distort and misrepresent His message. When two decades had barely passed, the apostle Paul warned congregations about “false apostles,” telling them that he had already suffered at the hands of “false brethren” (2 Corinthians 11:13,26). These deceivers came in Christ’s name, but they led many astray with their distorted message.

    Who is the real mastermind behind this worldwide deception?

    “. . . Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works” (2 Corinthians 11:14-15).

    What is the approach of this religious deception?

    “But I fear, lest somehow, as the serpent deceived Eve by his craftiness, so your minds may be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ. For if he who comes preaches another Jesus not whom we have not preached, or if you receive a different spirit which you have not received, or a different gospel which you have not accepted—you may well put up with it!” (2 Corinthians 11:3-4).

    “I marvel that you are turning away so soon from Him who called you in the grace of Christ, to a different gospel, which is not another; but there are some who trouble you and want to pervert the gospel of Christ” (Galatians 1:6-7).

    Jesus Christ predicted that some would take His name and claim to represent Him—but those same people would be deceivers. They would claim to be Christian but would bring a different message and a counterfeit Christianity. A new age gospel of wealth, destiny, your God given greatness. All of which leads to selfishness which opens a door for the enemy. Jesus said deny ones self.

    In Paul’s day this movement was well under way. Some were already preaching “another Jesus” and “a different gospel.” Most churches in our time focus on a gospel about Christ while ignoring the focus of His teaching. Obscuring His intended message, they preach a gospel that is different from “the gospel of the kingdom of God” Jesus taught (Mark 1:14).

    In spite of this deception, will the true gospel—the gospel of the Kingdom of God—also be proclaimed before Jesus Christ’s return?

    “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14).

    I how wonder if you are one of them?

  54. Tony Manos said

    “A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. (JN 13:34)

    Jesus Said: “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another.” (JN 13:35)

    “But love your enemies, and do good, and lend, expecting nothing in return; and your reward in heaven will be great, and you will be sons of the Most High; for He Himself is kind to ungrateful and evil men.” ( Luke 6:35)

    We are the body of Christ and His the commission He left (with His 1st coming) with us was to go out and spread the Gospel which is God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son so that we may have eternal life. He came and died for us while we were yet sinners. His 1st coming was to save the sick and dying and His 2nd coming will be to judge all mankind. So for now let’s get busy sharing His sweet Gospel of Truth and Life with all. Judgement is not until His 2nd coming.



  55. Dear Patrick, I am sorry to hear that you have passed judgement upon me. You may not agree withwhat I say, but I recall that the true followers of Jesus were not very popular either with the so-called church leaders of that time. As for your remark about the so-called charismatic churches who have people barking like dogs, I too distance myself from them. I do not seek to exploit God’s people for financial gain, for the Lord is my provider. I seek only to encourage the body of Christ, and that only when the Lord tells me to. I do not judge you, and I will not call you names, or argue scriptures with you, for there is no profit in it. I have finished writing on this subject for now, Billy.

  56. I forgot to say the following. Angels are there and we know they are. We simply see them as God providing divine protection and thank him for His grace. The angel in mirely doing what he has been assigned to do. We do not talk to them or pray to them.

    Have I seen them? Yes! Do I have stories of their presence? Yes! Several months ago two of them were in front of my car traveling north. I picked up the phone and called my wife and told her they were moving along in front of my vehicle. Then one looked back and smiled, only to pick up speed and move out of sight ahead of my car. Five minutes later I approached a bad accident where people were hurt and others were getting out of their cars to render assistance. I thought to myself that could have been me, but for the grace of God.

    I have looked up while praying and one was standing in front of me. He stood about 15 feet tall. There is no need to give him any attention and I will not make a idol of them in my heart. Have you?

    • leona said

      u r right we all have angels to help us who believe that Jesus is the king of all king and the father IAM he is the same today yesterday and forever I call on my angels all the time and they help me because u can command the angles to help u because that the only way they can help u you have to ask in the name of king Jesus.

  57. I’m sorry you feel I have passed judgement. If you will recall I said I wonder. That in itself is not judgement but is of the spirit. We all must be open to the spirit, which causes us to seek God for questions unanswered. My posts make no mention of name calling of you, only a question mark. May God bless and keep you. May He pour out His blessing upon you.

  58. Tony Manos

    True love is caring for others and not wanting to see them in sin. The enemy has sown false ideals of what true love is. It is not a feeling but a word of action. It requires one to stand in the gap when it is not proper. Jesus was the greatest show of love. Todays most Christians believe we should be silent and simply pray for others. That is not love but a lack thereof. For true love warn, chastises, and corrects just as the Father chastises, warning and corrects those hHe loves.

    GAL 2:11 “When Peter came to Antioch, I opposed him to his face, because he was clearly in the wrong.
    12 Before certain men came from James, he used to eat with the Gentiles. But when they arrived, he began to draw back and separate himself from the Gentiles because he was afraid of those who belonged to the circumcision group.

    Paul did this out of love. Yet we today are so spirtual we miss the point. It is loving him to correct in the spirit of love and hooliness, not name calling, but pointing out the error of their way just as Jesus pointed out the error of the Pharisees and scribes.

    God bless you.

    • True love and caring for one another is difficult to do in today’s culture. But, I am grateful I have pastors and Christian friends who care more about my salvation and tell me the truth even if it’s something I don’t want to hear, than they do about whether or not it will offend me or hurt my feelings. Defending scripture and the Sovereignty of God in today’s world is not easy and thank the good Lord that there are Christian Apologists and other leaders who are willing to withstand heavy and sometimes deathly persecution for the sake of the Gospel!

  59. Tony Manos said

    Reverend Patrick Williams


    Thank you for the kind and constructive words. I agree with you. We as Christians are to be faith in action. Unfortunately, many of us sit around idly waiting for someone else to fix the problem. We are called to action by God through His Holy Spirit in the Name of His Righteous Son, Jesus. This can be done in love, gentleness and patience.

    “Rejoice! again I will say it, rejoice, let your GENTLENESS be known to ALL MEN the LORD is at hand.” Phil 4:4-5

    Acts 15 shows the way how Church leaders were to resolve issues within the Church. Some will say that Peter was the main leader; however, it is clear that James made a judgement call on an issue and it was agrred upon by Paul & Peter in the form of a council with respect and love.

    Peace be with you my brother in Christ,

  60. A True Pagan Converting said

    How disappointing.

    A lifetime as a true pagan who denied God vehemently, a sudden hearing of the word, a discernment, and a battle I still face. I have gone from denying to seeking. In so doing, I am learning to allow the Holy Spirit to waylay my well developed cynicism so I can hear the word, dubious though I may be.

    Somehow, through my seeking, I came here.

    So many inspired messages here, and yet…Reverend Patrick Williams and Evangelist Billy Bolitho, YOU deceive. If not others, than certainly yourselves. Both of you are guilty of pride and have lost your obedience.

    BE OF HUMILITY: for I, a true pagan, have just pointed this out to you.

    You are a mockery of yourselves.

    I am not of the faith, but I seek the word. I have repented my sins, and I have let go of my pride. Can you not do the same?

    Do you love and forgive falsely? Do you share in The Word, or do you use it to manipulate the will of others? Do you correct one another as an act of pride, or do you have enough regard in your own teachings, to minister with love?? Answer honestly through prayer, and tell me whose work is being done in these posts.

    He who tells the tale of the angels in front of his car.. you are justifying yourself…an act of pride. He who sees persecution in The Word, and who does not humble himself before it… you do the same!

    Perhaps in its own way, the Holy Spirit has taught me something in my disgust over this tit for tat: To rebuke.

    That would be a first for me.

    Perhaps I am better prepared to accept Christ than I first thought. For that I must thank you. I know how NOT to serve the Lord. You behave as spoiled children, ignoring the voice of God, and instead, throwing apples at one another from the tree of knowledge. You do not know their influence, and you do not care. They are not fruit of the vine to you: they are weapons.

    I will move on from here with a quiet prayer for you both, and for the people who needed ministering, whom you have ignored, whilst you partook of this prideful act of self indulgence.

    May you hear yourselves through the discernment of which you preach, and may you repent yourselves before God for your steps off the path.

    Your protestations of me, should you have any, are pointless. Look inward, Fools!

    • I would like to pose this simple question to you, if you saw someone in a burning building and knew they were going to die if you didn’t intervene in some way, they would surely die, would you do it? Or, perhaps it’s easier to judge the fire fighter for not “doing his job”?
      Good Medical Doctors don’t not tell you have a serious life threatening illness for fear that you will think of them as prideful or arrogant. They tell you because that’s the oath they took, and it’s their job! It’s the same way with Pastors who truly want to she’ll save souls. Spiritual illness is a real fact. Sometimes the truth hurts us. But, if we would stop taking everything so personally maybe people would see the True Word of God more easily. If we’ve committed one sin, it says we’ve committed them all in Gods eyes. Reverend Patrick is saying all of this stuff out of love for The Lord Jesus Christ. Why do you feel that is disobedient and unloving?

  61. Job said

    A True Pagan Converting:

    This verse applies to you. Matthew 7:3-5 “Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.

    Sir, this applies to you because you, as a new convert that is still unsure of your faith, are not in a position to be accusing people that have been serving the Lord for decades. Patrick Williams and Billy Bolitho are not perfect, but who is? Certainly not you? They are having a disagreement amongst themselves, but over legitimate very serious issues of doctrine, and it is a very appropriate discussion for them to have. Even if one of them is completely wrong and the other completely right, or even if both are completely wrong, for a born again Christian to be wrong on any one matter is a speck. A dust particle. But for someone to be still working out their salvation, that is a log. You are better off than someone who is still rejecting the truth, I will grant you that. But it appears that you still have a distance to travel, that you are lacking something.

    Converting Pagan, the primary need that you have right now is to move into being a CONVERTED PAGAN. You need to fully commit yourself to Jesus Christ and receive Holy Spirit assurance of your salvation. You need to get yourself over the threshold where there is no turning back. So instead of trying to rebuke and chastise these two ministers of the gospel, you should be asking them to counsel and help you, to give you advice on what you need to do or believe in order to secure your salvation! On judgment day, a Christian can overcome having been wrong from time to time. But on judgment day, a person cannot overcome being someone who is “still converting” and still trying to make a commitment. Whatever problem that Williams and Bolitho have between each other, it will get worked out by and by, so pay no heed to it. But the problem that you have is immeasurably bigger, and the most important thing in your life right now should be getting it solved as quickly as possible.

    Go ahead and take care of it now. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan immediately, and if you have any questions, I can be reached Or better yet, you can click on the names of Evangelist Bolitho or Minister Williams, for they are ordained ministers where I am yet a layman.

  62. A True Pagan Converting said

    Dear Job:
    I have posted my reply to you in the public area because you posted there as well. Otherwise, I would continue our conversation via e mail.

    I appreciate your direct e mail and you may comment all you like, but the posting I made was not dedicated to you or your rather interesting views on newly converting souls. It posed direct questions to men who should know better than to bring forth such a petty posturing match.

    Whether you like it or not, kind sir, your “men of faith” have been called to task for failing to lead by example. As a former pagan who is converting, which is for some reason something you seem to consider an inferiority to your “confirmed” status, I only bothered to point out that it is exactly that kind of behaviour..including the mention you made of me as inferior in some way, that keeps people from the faith, and discourages them from further discourse with someone they might have otherwise learned from.

    As men of faith for many years, one would have assumed these men would have held their tongues against one another for the benefit of those who came seeking truth.

    Does not scripture teach us this?

    The questions I asked were simple: when you partake of these innuendos and arguments, who do you serve?

    That you feel the need to answer on their behalf is telling, particularly if you feel the need to denigrate one who, despite great odds against it, has heard the word and who is being obedient in HER seeking. My primary need, by your interpretation, is to be converted. My primary need, by way of The Word have rec’d, is to seek knowledge, to DISCERN, and rebuke false prophets.

    I hold a doctorate, I am a mother of three, and I own three businesses. I can tell the difference between educated discourse and a p***ing match. And I do not agree. This disagreement was not they amongst themselves, as it could have been easily done in private message as you have done with me. It was posted with ego and a hint of slander. Not as educated discourse, but as condescension and vitriol. Everything in which the Church is reputed among pagans to be well heeled.

    In short, all I asked them to do is practice what they preach. If, in fact, all Christians are called to bring the good word in whatever way they can, this is not a very tall order.

    Look for truth. Am I so unkind? I could have passed this by without comment, and never given you the benefit of insight into where the church and its people sometimes fail the very souls they claim to hope will come to God. If I still did the work of The Dark One, I would have engendered, rather than rebuked it.

    Thank you for your links to information on conversion. I will certainly visit them and take the time to read through everything as objectively as I can, praying that the Holy Spirit will guide me.

    The problem I have is not immeasurably bigger than that of ministers leading badly. I am following the word of the Lord. Tell me, where is there a problem? I am discerning. How is this an issue? The Holy Spirit works in its own time, and under its own conditions. I am called to faith. I am heeding that call. I shall not tempt God with a need to hurry any more than I would tempt myself by failing to obey.

    You are not to judge me, either, dear Job. For heaven does rejoice at coming of every soul to God. I will continue to follow my directive, and in the meantime, perhaps you would like to send me the good word, instead of placing yourself, or others, above a soul that has battled evil most directly, and now seeks truth. You do not know in which place this mustard seed was sown… so kindly, do not underestimate the strength of my enlightenment or resolve to further truth.

    I see in your communication that part of you wants to reach out, and the other to defend the actions of pastors behaving badly. Which one of you wishes to continue to share the word with me? If it is the former, I will happily hear your testimony and listen to your thoughts on Christ. You may e mail me here any time. Judging from your mail you are a Godly and passionate person. I’d love to hear from you.

    If it is the latter, I cannot continue.


    • Jon said

      Pagan converting…..I think what I “hear” as I read your response to Job was a quest for genuine relationship or authentic relationship with Christ. The one that the NT describes but many of us struggle to find/walk out today for various reasons.
      I agree with your perception, though perhaps just a tad bit idealistic, but correct nonetheless.

      As a quick encouragement in your journey, allow me to give you probably one of the most significant “revelations” that I have received over the years as it relates to the ever important pursuit of authentic relationship with Christ. Ready……..Though God is many things, Father, Jesus, The Holy Spirit, Our Savior, Our Healer, Awesome, Majestic, Ruler of Heavens & Earth, All Powerful, All Mighty, All Knowing, Hates Evil, Punishes the Wicked, etc. one of the most important revelations that we can come to terms with that will radically alter the way we relate to Him (not necessarily understand Him) is this……

      Above all, He is my friend (and when I think about what real friendship means, the specific characteristics of a true friend, they are always there for you, they listen, they challenge, they hold accountable without judging you, they enjoy your company, they enjoy being with you, they never turn on you, they won’t fail you…This is who He is.

      When that single truth begin to work its way down into my inner most parts (where ever they may be!) I found myself letting of striving to become and just started to be – not because of anything I had or have, but because of what He has already done. Everything that I need to live in Him and with Him He has already done the work. I just need to trust, accept, and walk with my Friend.

      I encourage you to go from truth seeker, to truth believer…if you haven’t already.
      Don’t let the buttheads defocus you for there are many of us…and sometimes, even I are one! lol….


  63. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I must say that pride and insulting comments have always been a turn off to me. Regardless we are all entitle to our points of view. It does not take a well seasoned reader of the Word of God to know this.

    Look at the building blocks of a Christian.
    Goodness, knowledge, self control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and finally love.

    Note that the base is goodness and comes before knowledge. If we cannot be civil with one another our foundation is not there.



  64. Job said

    John Kaniecki:

    Please know that I do not disagree with you. However, there was a point that I was trying to get across to A True Pagan Converting.

    A True Pagan Converting:

    Since you have invited me graciously, I will continue this conversation with you via email.

  65. A True Pagan Converting said

    Thank you Job. I should welcome your comments and suggestions in good spirit. Don’t be disheartened if I don’t answer right away.. (read: three kids, three businesses…=busy!)

    And thank you for making some valid points, John.

  66. Rex said

    Since I accepted Jesus Christ last year, I know Satan i attacking me. Maybe for some coupple of reasons, I dedicated a website to Jesus (, I tattooed Jesus in my arm, I preach the gospel to everyone (they think Im crazy thats other story) Anxiety came to my life, I was fired at work, I had to leave the music (I was in a rock band) , I lost my new car, my money, everything. Even is just material things, I lost part of my materials that I used to be a “normal” person. I know, I know is a demon attack, when Im sleeping I have some kind of “sleeep paralysis”, anxiety got worst. I dare Satan thats why I believe he is attacking, but in the name of Jesus Christ everything is getting normal again, about my health, material things are cming slowly. But I will never denied my father, Jesus, I got saved a lot of times and I know I will be resurrected by the Lord

  67. A True Pagan Converting

    We can all disagree in a spirit of love. Love is not a feel, but respect in Christ Jesus. Love is sharing the word with others. Love is telling others where they may be wrong according to the word. To not love is to keep silent. To allow the sinner and men (even ministers) who aren’t living according to the word to continue on, only to struggle in their walk. Love is not hateful talk or reveiling. Continue in your new walk and you will learn this in the coming years. There are many denomnations and many beliefs, but we all have a common thread sown into the fabric of our walk; its called the blood of Jesus. On this we all agree. Both Evg. Billy and myself. What may appear as an arguement to you isn’t, it is only an opinion shared between to men who striving to reach out to the lost.
    The day will come when you will tell someone about your faith and they will believe differently. You will share what you believe and they will disagree. Does that mean there is hate between the two of you? No! You love them and go on in your walk.

    John Kaninecki wrote:
    Goodness, knowledge, self control, perseverance, godliness, brotherly kindness and finally love.

    We share our beliefs in goodness. We share knowledge in a spirit of love not profanity or loud boastful words. We must be self controlled when sharing Christ always willing to share what the Holy Ghost has put in our heart, not using the world method of force but, love.
    We persevere in our Christian walk and the way we share it, which is in godliness. Finally brethen with love and kindness.

    May God bless and keep you. May He pour out His blessings upon you.

  68. I am facing something strange. I have seen the Lord God answer prayer and have seem Him do some wonderful things. Yet I continue to come across men and women who’s mind are bound by the flesh. I’ve listened to many say I have devils and my mind is in tortment when in fact it is their unwillingness to submit to God. On one hand they cry out to God for help, asking for prayer, then go back to do those things that open up the door for devils to torment their mind.
    No matter how I pray for them they can’t seem to break free of the struggle in their mind, which if left in control has the same character of a devil. It seems they have no will to fight the fight of faith and with their running back and forth between God and the world it is a waste, until their minds are made up to allow God in and submit to Him. Is this what everyone else is facing? I’m sure I am not alone.

    • maria a. a. said

      Maybe they need to fast, read the word, and pray, then ask everyone around them to pray for them, stop sinning, change the music they listen to to scripture song or praise worship music. Or any music that does not encourage sin. Don’t give up, when thoughts of doubt come in, keep going. Just have them start on something, if that doesn’t work, try something else. Pray for the things like love and hope or joy that you lack so that you may do the things you need to.

  69. cristian said


  70. Conflicted said

    This article is a great find!

    I am in the midst of an incredible battle for my mind. I am sometimes woken up in the middle of the night with thoughts of suicide amongst other things. It is obviously an attack from some or other demon.

    The problem is I have lost my will to fight it, and it has now left me in a constant state of depression. It is relentless in bringing me down. I have limited my intake of TV, etc. but that has not helped. I have changed my church, but that has not helped either. I am spending more and more time praying to God, but that is not yielding relief yet. The attacks only get worse. I feel sometimes that God has left me.

    I am surrounded by a wonderful and supporting family and friends who pray for me, yet I cannot break free from this stranglehold. Luckily, I still have a glimmer of hope, and would like to encourage others in a similar state to keep fighting… We will have victory!

    Hopefully I can post a success story here one day!

    • larry said

      its been 7 years of being attacked i ve given up so many times but something rises up and gives me hope its got to be the lord. i believe fasting and prayer is the way i had relief once after it came back hard iknow i need to do it again the hardest part is you you feel alone like your not saved or done something wrong i ve read some pastors writings that the can t attack believers when they have christ i felt like i wasnt saved then the spirit brought to my mind eph 6 put on the full armor of god satan roams around seeking to devoar paul wasnt telling none believers jesus said this kind only comes out by fasting and praying so i must i dont want to give these bastard spirits the satifaction of suicide knowing now im not the only believer in battle brings hope god bless may i finally know how power full the spirit is that is with in me is the very spirit of GOD!!!

  71. Brenda said

    I am amazed at this site. I have recently been made aware of demon activity around me and could find no one to turn to. Thank God He directed me to His word. I too was having thoughts of ending it all amoung other self defeating thoughts. I actually have recordings of demons telling me they want me dead. However, they actually did me a favor. I am learning to ‘Kingdom Walk” rather than dwell on these evil apirits. I had to start closing doors and praying as never before for protection for my family and loved ones as well as for myself. God is faithful and He is answering my prayers, Not as I expect because His way’s aren’t ours. If you feel you aren’t being heard and you know that you are saved, ask God to increase your faith. I lived in terror for awhile but now I am just making myself aware of my thought life and praying intensly. The Word tells us that God has not given us the spirit of fear. He has my attention and I will continue to counter petition satan. He has no power over us as long as we are obedient to God and come to real repentance as soon as we are made aware of our sins. That is a daily duty. There is so much I would love to share with you all. Let us all keep each other in prayer. God calls us to love our brothers and sisters in Christ. Whether we hear the demons or see them or not, they are there. Be thankful that God has made you aware. Give your life to Christ if you haven’t. Rededicate your life if you must, but get in His word and have faith in what God say’s because satan if a decieving liar. If you weren’t a threat to him then he would leave you alone. Go forward and live for Christ by allowing Him to live through you. You will find pure joy. I know I have. Love in Him, Brenda

  72. ray stone said

    A great book to read on this subject is A Step Into Deliverance by Toni Pugh. It’s a riveting autobiography about one pastor’s call into the deliverance ministry. A real page-turner!

  73. cristian said


  74. Linda said

    I “found” this website and read everything in my search to help my daugher who is being attacked by demonic spirits. First they slammed her pet bird to the floor. They they began poking her, pinching her, shoving and tripping her. Now they are saying things in her mind such as “you are not saved” and “he will not help you” and “we will never leave.”

    We know the scriptures. We’ve prayed and done everything we know. Her pastor has come to her house and prayed. “It” won’t leave her alone!

    Please help those like us out here who are in this battle! Please leave information to help us! Please don’t argue amongst yourself. Help others, if you know how!

    Thanks to all.

    • maria a. a. said

      Fast when you pray, have other’s in your neighborhood pray for you, do not give up, be of good cheer.

  75. David L. Williams said

    Linda, we have been talking about this very subject for a while, and there are some ladies finding how to battle this. It is under the title, “Demon of the day, Incubus and Succubus.” I don’t know why that title disappears from the lineup. It only shows when someone posts anew on it, but then goes away when the subject moves down the list.

    I am going to go there to that site and post so you can see it for a day or two. If you want to keep in touch on that site, you may want to put that page in you favs….God bless your walk with Him…DavWms

  76. A.Mar said

    This web site is cool. Thank you for having such a great website. God is sending blessings to my life and i am very thankful. This does not mean that i have not been attacked by inpure and unholy thoughts. I hate many of these wicked thoughts, but through the constant reading and application of the word into my life, i have been able to give all control to Jesus and less control and influence from satanic spirits. I will just have to say that obedience to Gods word does alot. Praying and fasting is something we should be doing constantly. We should always wear our armor. Have the Bible with us wherever we go and gain more souls for Jehovas Kingdom.

  77. Linda said

    Thank you David. I’ll search for those posts. “It” has become more powerful and hateful. Leaving out details, my daughter was just admitted into the psyche ward at the hospital today. She’s totally possessed and talks to it all day. It hissed at me when I arrived at the hospital. It said “there is no God.” Her eyes are glossy and shaking. We don’t know what to do other than let psychiatrists examine her tomorrow. Please pray for her, everyone who reads this. She is an innocent victim. She is a devout Christian. We have no explanations — and it begs the question: Why has God allowed this?

  78. Hi Linda

    I will pray for your daughter as will others. I know you said she is a Christian, and I don’t question that, but devils are legalistic. They will envade any body that has given it permission. Simply looking at Porn gives it permission to engage and attack the human mind. Search her room. Look for anything that is not Godly. Old rings, wind chimes, (especially bamboo ones) they draw devils centered around the Asian culture. Books on humanism, porn dvd’s, bongs, and some, so called Christian music. The loud sounds of what we call Christian rock music, were used by some tribes in African to draw spirits. In Haiti witch doctors use this alot. I have seen people wind up in this condition from watching horror movies and especially books by new age authors that teach on self healing; healing the mind and spirit. These are demonic traps.
    These must be found and dealt with. Your prayer should be centered around repenance along with her prayer. Pray taking authority over the devil in Jesus name. Have her to tell the devil she’s closing the door that was opened giving him permission. Have her to take back any permission
    (through prayer) given.
    There are times the enemy will seek to hinder her speech, and you must take authority over it to release her vocal cords so she will be able to cry out to God. Let us know how things went with your search? Hope this helps.

    • maria a. a. said

      Please remember the scriptures about David and how we are encouraged to praise and praise god with musical instuments, Don’t forget the scripture that whatever is lovely, excellent, admirable, think on these to turn your mind from devils. Chimes are not evil.

  79. Linda said

    Thank you for the prayers. I have horrible news. First, my daughter is 41, married and not living at home. She is a lady–no porn, drugs, rock music, etc.

    Yesterday, her husband took her to the hospital and she was admitted to the psyche ward. The demon was talking to her and telling her to do things, wrong things. She began talking to it. She had a glassy look in her eyes, and her eyes were shaking from side to side.

    A psychiatrist put her on 2 drugs, and she is groggy and still talking to “it”. We don’t know what to do.

    Her pastor has been to the house twice, and prayed. Her friends and I have been there, prayed, put up crosses and blessed the house.

    Today she told me that it won’t leave, and it told her it was god. In a strange voice, she said to me “God and the devil are one. They are the same. He gives and takes away. He blesses and kills. See? God and the devil are one.”

    I am so frightened! I truly believe that this sudden onslaught of demonic activity, and then possession, was what the Bible talks about (the apostles were always casting out demons). But now I’m wondering if schizophrenia can manifest itself like a demonic possession, or if the opposite is possible–that demons can make doctors think you have schizophrenia?

  80. Linda said

    Question for all to answer:

    If a person loves God, reads the Bible and believes, leads a good life yet is tormented by demons,

    WHY does God allow this to happen?

    We, as Christians, must have consensus on this issue. There must be an answer!

  81. David L. Williams said

    Linda, I am so sorry this has come about. To us, it seems so unfair that God wouold allow such to come to His children. This subject is not new to me, and has been going around in my mind a long time. I can only say the reason this is allowed, is what God told His people in the Old Testament, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

    I hate to point fingers, but I cannot avoid accusing our pastors for not only not teaching on this subject, but also refusing to be open to the truths of this subject. The information is in the Bible, but it is ignored almost en masse. They look for only “blessing” info in the Bible, in fear of making some leave the churches should they dare speak truth about evil spirits.

    I would not have learned of this to the extent I have, had not my church been teaching what they were learning about demons. We cast them out of many….until they changed their position on it, and began letting that fade. I saw the pastors there were being affected by other ministries who were gossiping about us and our teaching, eventually turning us to “safer” messages.

    The devil won that battle and so now many suffer because there is no one to help them. I suspect this has happened to about every church that has discovered truth about demons. When they do, a special “dark power fallen angel” is assigned to make sure they fail in the long run. To be sure, it is a difficult battle to fight thru to victory in this….but sooner or later, some church must fight it out to the end. …DavWms

  82. Linda

    But now I’m wondering if schizophrenia can manifest itself like a demonic possession, or if the opposite is possible–that demons can make doctors think you have schizophrenia?

    It is a demon manifesting as a mental disorder, not the other way around. They manifest as cancer, mental disorders, many sicknesses. They are so well hidden that many Christian and doctor are fool into believe the person the devil is attaching itself to, is sick.

    You mentioned that the pastor has been to the house and prayed and her friends came and put up crosses blessing the house. Linda this will not cause a devil to leave. You must tell the devil to leave in the name of Jesus. You must take authority over it speaking to it with the authority and power God has given every believer. Your Pastor knows this.

    Has he been to the hospital to see her? Has he spoke out with the authority God has given? Too many times modern pastors are just like brother David Williams said. They believe they are real, but have not been taught how to deal with them.
    A devil knows who you are, but he wants to know if you know who you are. He will tell you no, I’m not leaving. I’ve been here a long time. But one touch from God and he must flee.

    Do not be afraid to stand next to her, hold her hand and say in the name of Jesus I take authority over every foul and unclean spirit. I command you in the Name of Jesus to loose your hold on her. Jesus died that we might be free and you heve no right to torment this child of God. I command you in Jesus name to come out and not enter into her again. You see it is in the name of Jesus demons must obey, not your own name or way of thinking.

    Please make a copy of the following and study it.


    The needed degree of ground given to an evil spirit in order to possess, cannot be clearly defined, but that there is (1) sin without evil spirit possession; (2) sin which opens the door to possession; and (3) sin which is unmistakably the result of Satanic possession (John 13: 2) is beyond question. If the man, be he unbeliever or believer, sins so as to admit an evil spirit, the ground given may be deepened without measure. (1) the ground given admits the demon, (2) the “manifestation” of the evil spirit takes place, (3) then the misinterpretation of the manifestation again gives further ground, because he believes, and admits still more of the lies of the evil one.

    It is possible, also, for deception and possession to come about, and pass away without the man being conscious of either. He may yield to sin which gives access to an evil spirit, and then take the position of death (Rom. 6: 6, 11) to the sin or its ground, when, unconsciously to himself, the possession passes away.

    Multitudes of believers are “possessed” in various degrees but do not know it, as they attribute the “manifestations” to “natural” causes, or to “self” or “sin,” and they put them down to these causes because they do not appear to bear the characteristics of demoniacal possession.

    There is also a degree of deception by deceiving spirits, in connection with counterfeits of God and Divine things, which leads on to possession; and this too, depends upon the extent of the counterfeits which have been accepted by the believer. Through “possession” by accepting the counterfeit of the workings of the Holy Spirit, believers can, unknowingly, be brought to (1) put their trust in evil spirits, (2) rely on them, (3) surrender to them, (4) be guided by them, (5) pray to them,note 2 (6) listen to them, (7) obey them, (8) receive messages from them, (9) receive Scripture texts from them, (10) help them in their desires and working, (11) stand by them, and (12) work for them; believing they are in these attitudes towards God, and doing these things for God.note 3

    In some cases, the counterfeit manifestations have been accepted with such reckless abandonment, that deception has quickly developed into possession in a most acute, yet subtle, and highly refined form; giving no apparent trace of the presence of evil, yet the peculiar double personality, characteristic of fully developed “demon possession,” is easily recognizable to trained spiritual discernment; although it may be hidden under the of the most beautiful “angel of light” manifestation, with all the fascinating attraction of “glory light” upon the face, exquisite music in song, and a powerful effect in speech.

    The dual personality of fully developed demon possession is generally only recognized when it takes the form of objectionable manifestations; such as when a distinct other-intelligence obscures the personality of the possessed one, and speaks through the vocal organs, in a distinctly separate or altered voice, expressing thoughts or words unintended, or only partially volitioned by the subject; the victim is compelled to act in ways contrary to his natural character, and the body is manipulated by a foreign power, and nerves and muscles are twisted in contortions, and convulsions, such as are described in the Scripture records (Luke 9: 39). A characteristic of the dual-personality of demon-possession also is that the manifestations are usually periodical, and the victim is comparatively natural, and normal, between what are described as “attacks,” but which are really periods of manifestations of the intruding power.


    Evidences are now available, proving that this dual-personality of possession in its fullest degree, has taken place in believers who are not disobedient to light, or yielding to any known sin; but who have become possessed through deception in their abandonment to supernatural power, which they believed to be of God; such cases having all the symptoms and manifestations described in the gospel records. The demon answering questions in his own voice, and speaking words of blasphemy against God through the person, whilst he is, in spirit, in peace and fellowship with God; thus evidencing (1) the Holy Spirit to be in the spirit, and (2) the demon, or demons, in the body, using the tongue, and throwing the body about at their will.note 6

    This same “dual-personality,” under entirely different manifestations , is easily recognizable by any who have the “discerning of spirits.” At times the environment of the subject is more favourable than others for the spirit manifestations, and then they can be detected in both beautiful and objectionable forms.

    The fact of the demon possession of Christians destroys the theory that only people in “heathen countries,” or persons deep in sin, can be “possessed” by evil spirits. This unexamined, unproved theory in the minds of believers, serves the devil well as a cover for his workings to gain possession of the minds and bodies, of Christians in the present time. But the veil is being stripped off the eyes of the children of God by the hard path of experience; and the knowledge is dawning upon the awakened section of the Church that a believer baptized in the Holy Ghost, and indwelt by God in the inner shrine of the spirit can be deceived into admitting evil spirits into his being; and be possessed, in varying degrees, by demons, even whilst in the centre he is a sanctuary of the Spirit of God; God working in, and through his spirit, and the evil spirits in, or through, mind, or body, or both.

    From such possessed believers there can proceed, at intervals, streams from the two sources of power; one from the Spirit of God in the centre, and the other from an evil spirit in the outer man; and with the two parallel results to those who come in contact with the two streams of power. In preaching, all the truth spoken by such a believer may be of God, and according to the Scriptures, correct and full of light–the spirit of the man right–whilst evil spirits working in mind or body, make use of the cover of the truth to insert their manifestations, so as to find acceptance with both speaker and hearers. That is to say, there may pour through a believer at one moment, a stream of truth from the Word, giving light and love and blessing to receptive ones among the listeners; and the next moment, a foreign spirit, hidden in mind or body, may send forth a streamlet through the soulish or physical part of the man, producing corresponding effects in soul or body among the listeners, who respond in their soulish or physical part to the Satanic stream, either by emotional or physical manifestations, or in nervous or muscular actions. One or the other of the “streams” of power from the Holy Spirit in his spirit, or from the deceiving spirit in mind or body, may predominate at different times, thus making the same man appear dual in character, with short intervals, at different periods of time. “See how he speaks! How he seeks to glorify God! How sane and reasonable he is! What a passion he has for souls!” may be said with truth of a worker, until some moments later some peculiar change is seen in him, and in the meeting. A strange element comes in, possibly only recognizable to some with keen spiritual vision, or else plainly obvious to all. Perhaps the speaker begins to pray quietly, and calmly, with a pure spirit, but suddenly the voice is raised, it sounds “hollow,” or has a metallic tone; the tension of the meeting increases; an overwhelming, overmastering “power” falls upon it; and no one thinks of “resisting” what appears to be such a “manifestation of God!”

    The majority of those present may have no idea of the mixture which has crept in. Some fall upon the ground unable to bear the strained emotion, or effect upon the mind; and some are thrown down by some supernatural power; others cry out in ecstasy; the speaker leaves the platform, passes by a young man, who becomes conscious of a feeling of intoxication upon him, which does not leave his senses for some time. Others laugh with the exuberance of the intoxicating joy. Some have had real spiritual help and blessing through the Word of God being expounded ere this climax came, and during the pure outflow of the Holy Spirit; consequently they accept these strange workings as from God, because in the first stage of the meeting, their needs have been truly met by Him; and they cannot discern the two separate “manifestations” coming through the same channel! If they doubt the latter part of the meeting, they fear they are untrue to their inner conviction that the earlier part was “of God.” Others are conscious that the “manifestations” are contrary to their spiritual vision, and judgment; but on account of the blessing of the earlier part they stifle their doubts, and say “We cannot understand the ‘physical’ manifestations, but we must not expect to understand all that God does. We only know that the wonderful outpouring of truth and love and light at the beginning of the meeting was from God, and met our need. No one can mistake the sincerity, the pure motive of the speaker . . therefore, although I cannot understand, or say I ‘like’ the physical manifestations, yet–it must be all of God . . ”

    Briefly put, this is a glimpse into the mixed “manifestations” which have come upon the Church of God, since the Revival in Wales; for, almost without exception, in every land where revival has since broken forth, within a very brief period of time the counterfeit stream has mingled with the true; and almost without exception, true and false have been accepted together, because of the workers being ignorant of the possibility of concurrent streams; or else have been rejected together by those who could not detect the one from the other; or it has been believed that there was no “true” at all, because the majority of believers fail to understand that there can be mixed workings of the (1) Divine and Satanic, (2) Divine and human, (3) Satanic and human, (4) soul and spirit, (5) soul and body, (6) body and spirit; the three latter in the way of feelings and consciousness, and the three former in the way of source and power.

    There must be more than one quantity to make a mixture; at least two. The devil mixes his lies with the truth, for he must use a truth to carry his lies. The believer must therefore discriminate, and judge all things. He must be able to see so much to be impure, and so much that he can accept. Satan is a “mixer.” If in anything he finds ninety-nine percent pure, he tries to insert one percent of his poisonous stream, and this grows, if undetected, until the proportions are reversed. Where there is mixture acknowledged to be in meetings where supernatural manifestations take place, if believers are unable to discriminate, they should keep away from these “mixtures” until they are able to discern.

    In accepting the counterfeits of Satan, the believer thinks, and believes, he is complying with Divine conditions in order to ascend to a higher life; whereas he complies with conditions for Satanic workings in his life, and thereby descends into a pit of deception and suffering, with his spirit and motive pure.

    How evil spirits gain access to the believer, is the next question we need to consider; and here we give in column form, six concise lists of (1) how they deceive; (2) the ground given for deception; (3) where they enter; (4) the excuses the spirit makes to hide the ground, and keep the believer in ignorance of his presence and the ground he holds; (5) the effect on the man thus deceived; and (6) the symptoms of the possession.

    Taking the columns one by one we shall see how subtly the evil spirit works, first to deceive, and then to gain access to the mind or body, or both, of the believer. One principle governs the working of God, and the working of Satan in seeking access to a man. In the creation of a human being with a free will, God, Who is Sovereign Lord of the Universe, and of all angelic powers, has limited Himself in that He does not violate man’s freedom in obtaining his allegiance; neither can Satan’s evil spirits enter, and obtain possession of any part of the man apart from his consent, given either consciously, or unconsciously. Just as a man “wills” a good thing, and God makes it fact, so when the man “wills” an evil thing, evil spirits make it fact. Both God and Satan need the will of man for working in man.

    In the unregenerate man the will is enslaved to Satan, but in the man who has been regenerated, and delivered from the power of sin, the will is liberated to choose the things of God. In one who has thus been brought into fellowship with God, Satan can only gain ground by stratagem, or, in Bible terms, by “wiles”; for he knows he will never get from a believer deliberate consent to the entry, and control of evil spirits. The Deceiver can only hope to obtain that consent by guile: i.e., by feigning to be God Himself, or a messenger from Him. He knows, too, that such a believer is determined to obey God at all costs, and covets the knowledge of God above all else on earth. There is, therefore, no other way to deceive this one, but by counterfeiting God Himself, His presence and His workings; and under pretence of being God, to obtain the co-operation of the man’s will in accepting further deceptions; so as eventually to lead to “possession” of some part of the believer’s mind or body, and thus injure or hinder his usefulness to God, as well as that of others who will be affected by him.

  83. Linda said

    Thank you, Father Williams. You write very well, and I understand most of what you have written.

    The Deceiver did use guile to convince my daughter that he was God. She now thinks God is talking to her. No matter what I say to her, or pray over her, this continues and is getting worse.

    Now a doctor has drugged her with anti-psychotic drugs, believing the voices will stop with the “correct” dosage. She is tired and mumbles, but is still hearing “the voice of God”. This doctor told us that she will have to be on these drugs for the rest of her life, or it will come back.

    This is no way to live. Why doesn’t God rescue her? Please pray for God’s intervention here! My prayers go unanswered so far.

    As soon as I can get her released, I will take her to a different doctor and try to get her off these drugs. For now, I take solice that our Father in heaven really loves her and cares about her. He will not let Satan have her. She is a beautiful person with a good heart. I ask all who read this post to please stop and pray for her deliverance.

  84. Norks said

    When it will be continued?

  85. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Some people suffer from chemical imbalances. I suffer from manic depression. I tried twice to stop taking my medicine. I believed without a shadow of a doubt that God would heal me. I believed if I stepped out in faith then God would heal me. Both times I wound up in the the psychiatric ward. To dismiss what is happening to your daughter as being a demon just isn’t correct. My illness was brought on by abuse and such.

    Anyway I would advise you not to try to get her off the medicine immediately. The best thing would be to get her on a good medicine. Medicines have progressed a long way and she can live a relatively normal life.

    As far as scripture goes I would remind you that Paul had his thorn in the flesh.

    Regarding why this is happening the Bible teaches that suffering will produce fruit. I am a better person for having gone through what I have gone through. I learned humility and I was introduced to a world I would have never known.

    As far as God talking to me I still hear His voice. As far as what he says I don’t tell anyone because the time is not right. Whether this is from my illness, a delusion, a demon, or God Himself time will only tell. Yet I know this for certain that it is impossible for God to lie. Thus if your daughter was being spoken to by God, God would never contradict his written Word.

    If you like to contact me contact Job and he can give you my email. Some medicines like thorzine and haldol are very bad. They may be necessary in a hospital but your daughter should be taken off these as soon as possible.

    The best thing you could do is to visit her. Listen to her and try to have compassion and love. Understand that there is something as a chemical imbalance. I have both personal experience in this matter and I have intimate knowledge of dozens of people with all sorts of psychiatric problems.

    Now if your daughter is schizophrenic that is another matter alltogether.

    Let me emphasize and warn you the biggest mistake you can make is to take your daughter off the medicine.

    I will be praying for you.



  86. David L. Williams said

    I agree that some of the modern drugs help a lot in SOME cases. I am in the deliverance ministry and have seen both extremes of help and harm from the drugs. But one thing is certain, something happened earlier to Linda’s daughter that allowed demons to enter. From that stronghold, they manipulate to ruin the life of the host. And unfortunately, often there is an unbalance of brain chemicals or an injury that opens the door to entry. Demons have NO mercy, and will try to enter by any means.

    Many ways of entry for demons occur in childhood. Physical and/or sexual abuse are common for that. And even if a child perceives he is being abused, (when he isn’t) that also welcomes demons to enter. Most demons prefer to remain silent once in, only demonstrating when anger or self pity, for example, arise. From that hidden place within, they work to make certain one never fully lives the Christian life that Jesus offers.

    Unfortunately, our churches do not either learn nor teach about the real wiles of the devil. They fear both that people will leave their church, or that the preacher’s peers will diss them. In this, the devil is winning and the churches remain blind, leading the blind. This goes back to that OT verse where God says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.”

    Linda, trust in God to finish the work He began in your daughter. He will hear the cry of her mother. Many of us have gone thru extreme trials, only to find afterwards that our faith gets us thru, and we find ourselves much wiser. God is interested in giving people a testimony of His goodness, and sometimes it comes after a hard trial. Jesus told us the Kingdom must be won by violence on our part. This is spiritual warfare, and war is violent. God bless you. Love, DavWms

  87. Hi John, Dave and everyone. I think it is important to note there was no past history of any mental disorder. Schizoprenia normally manifest before the age of 20.

    On more then one occassion I’ve seen devils refuse to leave. In nearly every case the devil refused because the man of God had not fasted, and Jesus said this kind cometh out by prayer and fasting. You thoughts?

  88. Diane said

    David and John,

    I have a friend who used to hear voices and was on strong syche drugs to control it. She was very suicidal and unstable. After talking to me over a period of a few weeks about this, she asked if she could spend the night at my house (she was too frightened at her house), after talking to my husband and children, we decided that that would be ok. The person who dropped her off at my house was some type of doctor (cant remember)and friend of hers. Her friend and I disagreed about the advantages of these drugs (he was for them, and felt the drugs controlled the voices), and I stated my concerns and beliefs that the drugs exacerbate the real problem. I believe the sexual abuse, sinful lifestyle, the need for forgiveness and the need to forgive was at the root of my friends battle.

    Praying forgiveness for the people who had wronged her was one of the most difficult things for her, as well as, repenting for grievious sins, she considered unimportant.

    Her devotion to Christ, praying for her enemies, forgiving herself and others, and getting completely off drugs, completely healed her.

    For 2 years, the voices completely stopped, and she was helping others in their faith. Until her husband got sick and died. She became angry with God (her husband drank/bad kidneys) angry with other christians, sinful thoughts about God and others became a stronghold again.


    Another christian friend would not pray about problems with her husband and daughter, but would instead respond vindictively. She became angry with my suggestions to pray, but then would call a week or so later in a worse situation. She started listening to Joyce Myers and others talk about anti depressants being ok as long as you dont stay on them too long. We talked about speaking the truth in love, trusting God and forgiveness, but she continued justifying sinful behaviour on her part, while being unforgiving of others.

    She began compounding her problems with prescription meds, and started hearing voices, and her situation became increasing worse.

    I only state this testimony with a strong caution towards the use of ANY syche drugs for treatment of demonic activity.

  89. Diane said

    Im sorry, I meant to say I strongly caution against the use of ANY syche drugs for the treatment of sinful and demonic activity.

  90. David L. Williams said

    I agree that caution is necessary before taking these drugs. But like I said, I’ve seen both extremes of using them, and not using them. I know a young (adopted)girl who at 8 yrs old and having been sexually abused, was listening to the voices in her head and acting out what they told her to do. Her school grades were bad, even tho she was quite smart. In a few years time, she was given one of those drugs because the schools could no longer put up with her actions.

    She did suffer drowsiness somewhat, but she could not hear the voices any longer, and her grades and school charactor went to the top of her classes …DavWms. After a couple of years on the drugs, her mom could no longer afford them, and we watched to see what would happen. She no longer heard the voices. She is now 16 and a wonderful loving girl.

    Yes, during that time she did get the love she had missed before, and I’m sure that had much to do with her recovery. I am her “adopted” grandfather and now she knows there are men in this world she can trust.

  91. David L. Williams said

    Sorry, I signed my name in the wrong place above. But I want to mention another reason some cannot be delivered of demons. Some get accustomed to “benefits” the demons give them. Not all who have sexual demons dislike what is going on in them completely. I have met several who do not want that to stop. Know here that I am NOT suggesting that all who experience incubus want it to continue. Most do not!

    Another case we could not deliver was a gal whom the demons helped her look smart. They would give her answers for school tests and she rose high in grades. After, she married a pastor, and enjoyed the praise she got from people in their church who observed how smart she was. She only came for deliverance because she was not happy with the side effects the demons were causing in her home. Items flying across the room, banging on the walls, and such.

    When we made the main demon manifest, it told us how he got in. When we brot her back to herself, we told her what it had said. She got angry with us, as she did not want to be seen as stupid, and did not want this demon gone. Stalemate. …DavWms

  92. Diane said

    Congratulations on being a grandfather, adopted ones are just as great 🙂 and a good male role model. I guess Im one of the ones that are very suspicious though I would never be condemning of someone who believed in their use, I would just strongly caution against it.

    For both of my friends, as long as they would come to Jesus with their burdens and grievances, they were fine. We actually would enjoy our prayer meetings together, because the love of God would fill our hearts with strength and their unsurmountable problems became surmountable. But unfortunately, as the trials and tribulations of life continued, they became weary, as we all do, but they began to falsely accuse God and others.

    Inspite of that horrible detour, I believe God’s great mercy is still upon them, drawing them back to the truth.

  93. David L. Williams said

    Yes, Diane, I have seen many who had a great love affair with God, then something comes and destroys their faith. They then go back into the world and find themselves in a wilderness experience. I know some about this, having been sent into 2 seven year wildernesses in my earlier Christian life.

    I found that God knew of a shortcoming in the person, and sent the devil to goad them one way or another, which results in a wilderness. I suspect that the rage already present in the girls you speak of is what He is after. The wilderness is an awful dry place, with everything they try failing to satisfy. In time, they begin to see the truth about themselves and turn back to God…but they are also delivered of the rage demons.

    Wildernesses are meant for good, even if much evil occurs in them. God is not only delivering them, but is also giving them a testimony of His wonderful faithfulness that He will never leave nor forsake them. Then they will be good witnesses for Him. Keep praying for them and trusting that God knows what He is doing in their lives.

    You can read the book of Job and see that God sent the devil to even the most righteous man on earth. God knew Job had self-righteousness and self-pity. Note that after his wilderness experience, Job was delivered of both, and had a testimony worthy of including in the Bible…. Love, Dave

  94. prodical daughter said

    I am 27 years old and I have been attacked for years. It started with dreams then images, and now it has become physical. My bed shakes, the facets run, the tv turns off and on and I am attacked often fighting for my life. It has gotten so bad that I have thoughts of killing myself because I no longer want to live like is. I want to believe that God is there but it feels like he had abandoned me. Tonight as I walked to my car each street light went out as I walked by. What does he want from me. I feel so alone.

    • Lara said

      Dear Prodigal Daughter,
      I’ll pray for you.
      For God so loved the world he gave His only begotten son to save us.

      A scripture that helps me is:
      you are so loved even the hairs on your head are numbered.
      May the grace of Jesus Christ be with you.


  95. David L. Williams said

    Don’t give up, Prodigal Dtr. That will not end up well, and is just what the enemy wants. Read all the posts about fighting demons on this site. You will find that some are winning against just what you speak of.

    Demons love to harrass you and do things that others just will not believe, to further separate and discourage you. Know that some of us out here in the world know just what is happening and we believe you.

    God is indeed there, and wants you to learn how to win a victory over the dark spirits. Some of this will be lonely, because the churches refuse to get into such warfare themselves, thus they help the demons. But if you set out to win with Jesus as your guide, you will win and end up with a wonderful testimony that would shame many Bible teachers. Love, DavWms

  96. prodical daughter wrote:

    My bed shakes, the facets run, the tv turns off and on and I am attacked often fighting for my life. It has gotten so bad that I have thoughts of killing myself because I no longer want to live like is. I want to believe that God is there but it feels like he had abandoned me. Tonight as I walked to my car each street light went out as I walked by. What does he want from me. I feel so alone.

    I have seen this before. My aunt was a root worker, and the beds in her house would move from one wall to another. One night the bedroom door opened and a man came into the room but he never left. He went into the closet, I was awake all night so I know what you are going through.
    You are in the midst of a spiritual battle where the enemy wants you to give up your walk and your life. By giving up your walk he will have permission to move into you, and of course by taking your life you lose your soul. This is the battle we all face. You are not alone, its simply some attacks are more subtle then others, but all have the same effect; to destroy you and your walk. Each night and day cover yourself with prayer. Get some anointing oil: oil that has been prayed over by you or other believers. Anoint your head as you lay down (for dreams) and awake each morning, while giving yourself totally to God. The oil is a symbol of you being set apart by God for service, and many devils hate to see God’s people do this, and yes it was done in the bible. Anoint your room, pillow, walls of the house while commanding the spirits to leave. One of the first things the devil will do is try to introduce fear to stop you from doing this, but be sure to give all to God and continue on anyhow. As you anoint your house and yourself ask God for his divine protection against the enemy, then take no thought of what the enemy may try to bring into your mind in the way of you faults, things you’ve done in the past, how it won’t work and you belong to me. All is a lie! Because you’ve been set apart for the Lord’s work. Amen!!!!!!!!!
    Write back soon. Many here can help with prayer because we the body of Christ support each other in love.

  97. Prodical daughter, sorry for another post but please read carefully. If you have any windchimes, books on witchcraft; to include horror movies, sex CD’s and tapes get rid of them. If you have engaged in or know someone who has come within your home with tarrot cards, palm reading,
    dungeons and dragons, world of warcraft or homosexual activity and anything that may have been given to you that was explained away as a good luck charm, get it out of your house before anointing it in prayer. Devils attach themselves to dark objects and as long as it remains in the house the devil has permission to stay and harrass you. Think back over all that has happened to see when it began. It could be you will find the date and what happened to get this started. But most of all I must ask if you are a believer. Not one who has prayed the sinners prayer only, but walks the walk and Jesus is the Lord of your life. If not, its time to get started, you got work to do.

  98. miracle said

    I have to post my story here. It will try to be as brief as possible. I thought i was a christian because I called my self a christian and prayed once in a while. I did accept Christ as savior years ago, but now clearly see I had fallen into a backsliden state. Over the years my strongholds were “not” being mean, unmerciful, and unforgiving so much, but rather a buildup of sexual sin over the years. Pornographic magazines and porn websites, (I would ask for forgiveness, but would not really repent, or turn back to these things in times of loneliness and depression), go out to a bar or nightclub and fornicate (one night stands a few times a year), once again confessing but not turning away. Of course i would feel terrible and ugly spiritually inside (especially just after the acts) while doing these things, but would make excuses, stay clean for a while, but then turn back to them. Eventually, after many years of dragging one foot in the “World”, and one foot “In the church”, I even began to fearfully question my salvation and tell myself, when Im ready… I’ll turn back to God someday. You see… God tried to get me to turn away from these things through pain, poverty, loneliness, failed relationships, failed career changes, and feeling empty inside, but instead of Godly sorrow, i turned to selfish Worldly sorrow which got me nowhere. He was being patient I now realize more than ever.

    About four years ago it started as getting only “4 or 5 hours” of sleep each night on average for about a year. My health deteriorated a bit, but i still turned to worldly lustful acts, and getting smashed drund a few nights a week, to find relief (still confessing, but not repenting) thinking everything would be ok. Once again, I was wrong.

    After the second year, i was turning into a grump. Always tired, and feeling physically awful. A doctor prescribes me sleep aids, and over the counter remedies as well which worked for about a week, then didnt work at all (Im talking narcotics here). This problem turned into one where I was only sleeping a few hours each night for weeks on end. I tried meditation tapes, prayer, nothing seemed to help. I lost my job, too sick to continue. Then finally the most horrifying thing of all time happened. I cant empasize that enough (multiply the most terrifying horror movie times 10,000) I didn’t sleep AT ALL for days, then i knew i was in trouble and began to repent (THIS TIME FOR REAL) throwing out all dirty magazines and tapes, from my house and any other unholy thing i could find into the trash. Because of what was happening to me I thought it was too late. I thought i was rejected by God forever. I felt the presence of evil and demons during this time. I had nightmares so terrifying I cant describe them in words (if i happened to fall asleep for 30 minutes/no relief though). I WAS TOO TERRIFIED TO SLEEP!!!! THINKING ETERNAL DEATH WAS IMMINENT. I began to hear blasphemies of the Holy Spirit over an over non stop for days (just as audibly as i someone were speaking to me, and perversions (audible and visions) so hard core I cannot describe them here. I felt as if i were perhaps one of the most unholy people who had ever walked the face of the earth. In a panic, As i was trying to pray and repent in this panic (hours on end), I felt some sick presence actually enter my mind. Like my mind was warped. I was scared and terrified to such an ultimate state, that i thought I would just drop dead at any moment. But NO. I lived ON (Praise be to GOD !) Today…I now believe i fell into a period of Judgment for taking the holy grace of Jesus Christ for granted and went through a mighty trial.

    If you think your being attacked by demons and devils and have no hope READ ON!!!!!

    At this point I thought i was finished, and left my house and my roommates, not telling anyone (they just thought i was the insomniac roommate when never socialized and never left his room), and left for the woods (forest) on the edge of town to tell God i was sorry and to just lay down and die. When i was in the woods, I found a pile of broken glass (bottles, jars etc) and cut myself up pretty bad (to the bone, yes to the bone – both mid arms and forearm). I was bleeding to death and had severed a few major veins in my arms and was covered in blood from head to toe, nearly missing my arteries by well, a miracle. Anyways, I tried to cut another vein but it became as hard as steel, like a cord and i couldnt do it, I was too weak to cut it so i gave up. I was lost alot of blood in those woods for three days too terrified to come out. During those three days, while crawing, and eating grass and licking dew on the morning leaves for survival. I also saw demons by day and by night, surrounding tormenting me, laughing at me, mocking me mimicking my own torment screams of crying out in hell where it would be too late. What i realize now is that they were trying to get me too stay in those woods. Im not going to go into detail about what they looked like. But horror movie images of them are close enough.

    How did i survive this? I told God.. I just wanted to lay down and die. I then heard a voice that told me to leave the woods. I wanted to disobey but i couldnt. It was a powerful voice and i crawled out of there and some folks saw me and called an ambulance.
    Just before I crawled out.. I heard a battle in the heavens, and trumpets I kid you not. Just before the ambulance picked me up, I heard another voice shouting and cursing me with a great rage.

    While in transport to the hospital I tried to tell the medical team what i was going through (honestly), and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital for 30 days, and put on meds in there. When i was in the hospital, i heard other people effected by evil spirits, scratching on my bed.. i was a nightmare beyond description. I just played it cool in there, and eventually started to pray again, tell God I was sorry and to ask for another chance at life. I wasn’t crazy… or possessed i believe, but just supper oppressed spiritually at the time.

    After i got out of the hospital, i started to read my bible and pray more. I tossed out the meds after i got home, because i felt it was the right thing to do (for me). I began to sleep naturally as well. But the real (at least it seemed so) healing didn’t begin until i went to a Christian Healing Room and was anointed with oil and prayed over. This was about a year later. Many other unexplained events happened (some good, some bad) (I could write a novel). But for this first time in a long time, I was beginning to see answers to my prayers. (This is Good!).

    This is now almost 4 years later, and to be honest… I feel pretty good. I have held three contract jobs since then, and achieved a few continuing education credentials as well. Thanks be to God.

    You see…. I believe that if we stray too far off the path for too long, awful things may happen to us, judgement etc… so as to correct us.

    As far as the blasphemous thoughts and visions… over the months and years… these things began to go away. Yes… drift away.

    The mistake i made was stopping prayer at the height of my trial before i ran into the woods, didnt continue to read the bible (feeling too wretched to open it), NOT calling a friend, neighbor or family member, bringing me to a Healing Room, Good Chruch, or to the Hospital first. Whichever… You see? The devil is a liar and will tell you 10,000+ over and over again… that its your mind that is cursing God… Even though it is not. If its not really what your will is, how can you be doing it? I’m posting this, because if I would have seen a post like this during my trial i might not have done so much harm to myself and maybe would have found the strength to get help sooner.

    I’m convinced that I’m a work in progress… God has told me He still loves me, But that he really wanted me to repents of certain things! That i a deep pit for myself, but that He threw me a rope, brought me up to safe dry land, and blessed me with all that i need.

    Dear Heavenly Father… I pray that if anyone read these words that i speak from my heart, that the power of your presence through your Holy Spirit will save them, and deliver them from the hands of the enemy. IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST ALMIGHTY, FATHER GOD CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH, KING OF KINGS, LORD OF LORDS, THE ONE TRUE GOD, THE ALPHA AND THE OMEGA, THE LAMB WHO WAS SLAIN AND ROSE AGAIN TO EVERLASTING LIFE, THE DELIVERER OF LOST SOULS, THE LIVING WATER AND THE BREAD OF LIFE, WE OPEN OUR HEART TO YOU FOR DELIVERANCE AND TO REVEAL THE THINGS THAT HOLD US BACK FROM A CLOSER RELATIONSHIP WITH YOU, OUR BELOVED CREATOR, OUR HOLY FATHER. WE ASK FOR DELIVERANCE AND MERCY IN THE BLESSED NAME OF CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD AND SAVOR. AMEN. (also begin to confess every single sin you can possbily think of right now, talk to Him with your heart, you can do it).

    Remember.. if we do not praise him. The rocks will cry out!!!!

    I also found many articles on the topic of blasphemy here. Here there are many stories of Gods great mercy and deliverance, even those who had believed they committed an unpardonable sin.

    In other words if you being attacked by the enemy… You need to realize that God want to you RUN to him for deliverace. He is waiting to help and heal you from all your sorrows.

    And if your a backslider? Repent backslider, your in pain right now because you need to make a decision. Heres a good article i found on backsliding. (make sure to read all the way to the end, for the solution)

    And remember God also says:

    I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.

    Seek HIM first. Call upon the name of the Lord, and though shall be saved.

  99. miracle said

    Sorry for the typos in my previous post.

  100. TDaves said

    I have witnessed things of this nature as a young girl and as well as an adult. I have seen enough of this to know that deliverance is possible. The power of God is too strong for it not to be. What you can do is fast and pray for your daughter. Go in the word , find a verse and stand on it. There could be unconfessed things such as unforgiveness etc. Pray that God will let her free of believeing the lie of the demon that claims to talk to her, because believing that lie could hold her as well. We have dominion over these things and not the other way around. A book that may help you understand this is Watchman Nee, I believe that it is The Spiritual Man. He discusses demons of the mind etc. Also setting the atmosphere is helpful, music is helpful. And like Rev Willimas said only a true- bible believing, Holy Ghost filled Christian can pray this one out and believe you me demons know the difference, ask the Sons of Sciva.

  101. BEN said

    I do not want to be a drag,but have seen a couple of times,that the scripture james 4 verse 7 are quoted “resist the devil and he will flee from you”,but it really says,is 1)submit yourselve therefore to God.2)resist the devil 3)and he will flee from you.
    If you do not do the first “can

  102. BEN said

    Sorry,I pressed a wrong button,I continue “can I say,step?,the devil will not flee from you,as he does not see God in you.He actually flees from God.That is why you have to submit,to place yourselve under a higher authority or power ,God Himself and then the devil runs.Please do not take me up wrong,maybe you see it as pettiness,but to me it will always be Him.Shalom

  103. miracle said

    My chains started to break free when i stopped caring about worldly rock n roll parties, disrespecting others if they didn’t treat me a certain way, ghost and ufo info sites, stopped trying to meet women for mainly physical reasons, and stopped dreaming about material possessions all the time (with great excess). Im really trying to be a better person now. And only with Jesus Christ can that be achieved for a lasting purpose.

  104. JESUSALEN said


  105. JESUSALEN said


  106. JESUSALEN said


  107. Mark said

    My wife believes i have had many affairs. She is very hurt by this. She has had very vivid dreams also. Her parents divorced when she was 10. We have been married 9 years and have 3 kids. She has had a few affairs last year. I believe they are revenge for my affairs which are only present in her mind. she keeps on saying i have hurt her and i am going to suffer.

    How can she be delivered? I forgive her but now we are separated 4000km and she has the kids. The kids are like zombies entertained by the tv or internet. She has lost it.

    I am desperate to get them back.

    We actually have seen the spirit several times. How can she be delivered for a spirit she does not admit influences her?

  108. angryxtian said

    Wow this is so goo I feel if demons are attacking so many minds casing a fog of unbelive as you say in your web blog sermon post.

  109. David L. Williams said

    Mark, this is a tough one. First, she must want to be delivered and healed of emotional hurts from her childhood. There are some charletons supposedly doing deliverance that should be avoided, and few churches even know that demonization is real. I pray that God will set up a Divine appointment for you to come in contact with people who know how to help in deliverance. Even if she never seeks deliverance, you should find out all you can about demonization, and ignore that the churches for the most part, want no part of this. God bless you, Mark…. DavWms

  110. As it goes saying “An Idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. To fight this battle out, we need the help of the Holy Spirit to inspire and guide us along our journey of life. The best and the most sweetest way to be filled with the Holy Spirit is to have a great devotion to Virgin Mary and by reciting the Holy Rosary. Her mission on earth, entrusted by Jesus Christ himself at the foot of the cross was to help her children to be born again in the Holy Spirit. This is a literal meaning when Jesus said at the foot of the cross to Mary “Woman, this is your son” and to His favorite disciple, John “John, this is your mother”.

  111. David L. Williams said

    Sharon, show us in the Bible we are to have devotion to Mary, Jesus’ mother. I’m sorry you haven’t seen this man’s tradition already. That and many other traditions were brought in by the Catholic Church way back when only they had the Word to read, and it was not available to the public. They added to the Word in many ways, and have had to live with many seeing their wrongs ever since.

    I don’t say this in meanness, but it is important to show the truth where error springs up. The early Catholic Church had much evil in it, with popes fighting for power, even resorting to murder to be the leaders. They were not true Christians, but only put on a show that people were too naive to see thru. Those same people were the ones who instilled the Mary worship in order to make their religion more palitable.

    Let’s take one simple thing they did, that people have long felt was straight from God. Many Catholics continue to eat fish on Fridays, a decree from Rome. Do you know why? Some of their biggest contributors were fishermen, and when people began to be able to raise other forms of meat in mass quantities, the fishermen were going broke. Thus the decree was made to save them from going broke. Nothing Godly in it at all. Go back thru history and you will find many of these supposedly words from God that are merely men’s traditions.

    You were right above about the need to be filled with the Holy Spirit, but you need to know what His purpose is. It is to bring all truth. But if you add worshiping Mary to that truth, you have corrupted the truth. Sharon, please study the Word for yourself with the Holy Spirit’s aid and find truths. I’m sure there are many Catholics who are actually saved, but when they face judgment, they will find many rewards burned as worthless because of their other wrong beliefs… DavWms

    • catholics do not worship mary jesus said son behold your mother mother behold your son st gabrial said to mary all generations shall call you blessed she is also the woman in rev ch 12 the woman clothed withe the sun etc

  112. Israel said

    My brothers and sisters IN CHRIST,
    Happy is the man/woman that FINDS WISDOM, and GETS UNDERSTANDING…Proverbs 3:13.
    Is any among you afflicted? Let him/her PRAY. Is any merry? Let him/her sing psalms…James 5:13. For I determined not to know anything among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified…1 Corinthians 2:2. Christians! Trust in the LORD with ALL YOUR HEART and lean not on your own understanding…Proverbs 3:5. Be sober, be vigilant because your adversary Satan, the devil, as a roaring lion, W A L K S about, seeking whom he may devour…1 Peter 5:8. NOW the Holy Spirit speaks expressively, that in these latter times, some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…1 Timothy 4:1. Christians! PUT ON THE WHOLE ARMOR OF GOD, THAT YOU MAYBE ABLE TO STAND AGAINST THE WILES OF THE DEVIL…Ephesians 6:11.

    The GRACE of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with you all. AMEN…Revelation 22:21.


  113. Jonathan De Leon said

    Hey job and whoever is reading this comment please pray for my mind. I have been having premarital and sometimes even incestous sexual thoughts. In my past I did a lot of evil things watching pornography, manipulation, masturbation with evil thoughts, molestation, tempted to bestiality, and a whole slew of disgusting evil that has corrupted my mind. And now that God has been transforming me I fell last night by maasturbating with an evil pre-marital sexual thought. Everyone please pray for me.

  114. Ramos said

    I lived in Indonesia, Jakarta and I read about this article and have resemblence with my condition right now. I’m a protestant not a good one and I lived in suburban area and country with different culture and mysticism. Since year 2000 I diagnosed with scizophrenia until now and one of theirs symptoms are hearing voices (you can googling this madness from the internet). In years gone by I try different medicine and I experiencing different condition. And in the last couple of month was hard, I lose my job, I have “differences” with my relatives and after or/and before I lose my job I’m looking for different answer with my conditions, I search & looking in internet about mysticism surrounding me. And during so I found some evidence about so called my clinical and mentally condition that fits with me and it gives me an awareness to my or what I believe in this world and I’m lucky enough born from christian family and try to back from “my roots” (thats what I called). Is there anyone in here can help me with prayer or guidances for me because I can’t go through with this alone and I try find help from families, friends, church and even I have this thought about end my life and I think the problem is with me and my neighborhood because this is all begin with my family and “other families” in my area and I keep hearing voices since then and even right now when I write this message. I know who’s voices is and what kind mystic that they use. Thanks and God Bless.

    • Dan said


      I feel for you I understand what you are going throw. I have OCD and I can tell you right now it will tear you apart. The demons out there will go after you even harder when you have a mental problem. I will pray for you and if you want to you can e-mail me at any time hope to here form you Daniel

  115. JL said

    “And once you are fully aware that a voice or image inside your head is NOT from God and NOT from you, then the only other option is demons.”

    Are you possessed by demons perhaps? Because to write something like the above sentence is depraved. Why don’t you study mental illness, like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder for starters, before writing such garbage? People who are mentally ill are not possessed by demons, they have a chemical imbalance in their brain and need MEDICATION, not exorcism. It’s stuff like this that gives Christians a bad name and worse, gives people who might be ill bad advice.

  116. David L. Williams said

    JL, on the other hand, it is important to know what the Bible says about demons. You say we should be concerned at what others think about Christians? Unfortunately, the churches are exactly concerned about that, and do not teach deeply on the subject as a result. That is why you do not know truth about evil spirits, and you would rather take the world’s approach to the subject, instead.

    Some of us have seen both sides to this and speak out, but we are drowned out by people who are unwilling themselves to investigate BOTH sides. If you did look into it fairly, you would find that demons look for ways to inhabit humans. They have no mercy on people with mental problems, and add to the symptoms expressed.

    Are you aware Jesus commanded us to cast demons out of people? Have you ever faced demons in an exhorcist encounter? If you had, you would have no trouble believing the opposite of your above words. DavWms

  117. melinda said

    I just have a question to the person who posted this. i know about demonic influences and the mind being attacked, as of right now, i know my own mind is under attack, however, telling a person to work less is not the answer, that is unless YOU are going to support them financially. one of the reasons my mind is under attack is because i DONT have a job, and because of that, my mind isnt being occupied like it should, its being occupied with all the problems going on in my life, joblessness, illness, stress, etc, so please stop feeding people that garbage, the only way to deal with demonic attacks is through the word of God, and struggling financially, and physically makes it very difficult to do that. and to add on, sleeping more, thats laziness, when in situations as i just explained, people sleep too much, and God said not to do that. dont know where it is in the bible, but its there

  118. Eo`in said

    Tank-you a demon has been in my head since April!

  119. JL wrote

    Why don’t you study mental illness, like schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder for starters, before writing such garbage? People who are mentally ill are not possessed by demons, they have a chemical imbalance in their brain and need MEDICATION, not exorcism. It’s stuff like this that gives Christians a bad name and worse, gives people who might be ill bad advice.

    The Devil takes what is already there and magnifies the imbalance. There have been hundreds of doctors who have called for pastors when they realized they were dealing with something spiritual. See the following:

    Symptoms of the presence of evil spirits in a man.

    Attitude of “infallibility.”

    Antagonism to truth about evil spirits.


    Inability to reason or listen to other’s words.

    “Flashes” of memory.

    Loss of memory.

    Suspicious spirit.

    Abnormal talkativeness or reserve.

    The body often times becomes open to the evil spirits’ use of eyes, head, vocal organs, tongue, jaws, muscles, hand, feet manifested in uncontrollable movements.


    The excuses used by evil spirits to cover ground.
    The demon attempts to cover his tracks, otherwise if you knew he were there you would seek to have him cast out. He does this by giving excuses such as:

    It is “Divine.”

    It is “sin.”

    It is “disease.”

    It is “physical.”

    It is “natural.”

    It is “temperament.”

    It is “heredity.”

    It is my “fatigue.”

    It is only my “imagination.”

    It is “spiritual.”

    It is a “vision from God.”

    It is divine “revelation.”

    The final outcome is the believer becomes and has:

    General weakness.

    Mental and bodily lethargy.

    Nerve irritation shown in impatient restlessness.



    Loss of decisive power of choice.

    Spirit of division.

    Prejudices without reason.

    Marred judgment.

    Exaggerated view of self, painful or pleasing.

    Lack of moral vision and judicial balance.

    Unholy laughter.

    Excessive disposition to weep.

    Depression and oppression

    Please JL, if you have not done spirital battle or don’t understand these things, do not give advice to someone who is seeking spiritual help in this area, you are harming more than helping.
    I am saying this out of concern for God’ people, and not pointing the finger but giving sound advice.

    • Rudy said

      Rev Patrick Williams , you make no sense at all. Read my comments on psychiatry.

      Let the man do God’s work. Take your psychiatric drugs if you need to, but let the rest of us trust in God.

  120. god is god said

    actually god never SAID, your religion in based on faith, ergo, your faith is put under the assumption that this is what god said.

  121. Black_Halo said

    The word of God can be dangerous, especially in the hands of man or women.

    • joshua said

      I don`t think God`s word is dangerous. But I think what you meant is that the word of God is always misused by many men and women.

  122. Lanee' said

    I just wanted to say that I was searching for some info on stuff like this because I have going through some things where I didn’t know what was going on with my mind because I know that I love the Lord and then all of a sudden things started popping up in my mind that weren’t like me and I thought to myself about what it could be and then I was wondering if it could be demons trying to blind me and keep me from growing and I told the Lord that know matter how nasty things get that I would keep running this race and fighting and I am not giving up and I am glad I found this site. You do not know how much you have helped me and feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders right now. I feel so much lighter.

  123. Breakthrugal said

    Hi All,

    This is an urgent prayer request : My fiance’s mind is being attacked! He has racing thoughts, could not sleep for days. He also lose lots of weight. His history : he has been hurt in his previous marriage. Now he suddenly withdraws from me and church and stay in the house like a hermit.

    Please help me pray for Laverne.

    I also want to know how I can pray for him.


  124. Rudy said

    Please pray for me. I am oppressed by evil. My name is Rudy. I own a dog and a parrot. I have fallen into sin and fear. Please pray that I am delivered from this torment. I feel very weak.

    Thank you for the inspiring words found here. God bless us all.

    • I’m I seeing things or are you the same Rudy? One minute you are praying for people and the next crying out for help because you are oppressed. Something is wrong here.

      • Rudy said

        I can pray for others if I want to, Jesus says so.

        Just because I need help doesn’t mean I can’t help others.

        Be of help to others instead of challenging people.

        You sound like ” He helped others, but he can’t help himself.”

        Man you really need help Rev. I’ll pray for you to.

  125. Rudy said

    Demons do exist. If you only knew. There are entire communities communicating with unearthly entities. I myself performed a ritual and had one come to me in real time. It even attacked my wife and friend. This is serious biz. To the academics I say, ” There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”

    What is nonsense is psychiatry. I know, I am a psychiatric nurse. The doctors themselves admit, they do not understand the disorders or the meds.

    I wish I could tell you what I know, but why give Satan any credit.

    I thank and honor the author. HEAVEN BLESS YOU>

    Ignore the nay sayers.

    • Josh said

      Rudy, you said that demons do not exist….are you really sure about that.

      Rudy, please go back to the God`s word……..or probably you don`t believe in Christ or what he did. Rudy please go read the bible again or rather, read it carefully.

      In Mark 1:21-26…Jesus Christ expelled an evil spirit from a man possessed by an evil spirit.

      In Luke 4:31-37…..(the same thing like in Mark)

      Don`t be offended by what I stated it is written in the scriptures that Jesus Christ expelled demons/evil spirits.
      …….Please think about what you just said…..Demons do exist……is that according to the scriptures. I don`t think so.

      • Josh said

        Rudy I am soooooooooooooooo sorry!!!! . I don`t mean what I said….. EVERYBODY I APPOLOGISE. I am feeling quite emmbarresed now. I thought I read…….Demons do NOT exist. But after I post my comment above… know I can`t remove it.AGAIN I SAY… I AM VERY SORRY RUDY….I should read more carefully next time. Can some body please My text above so I don`t feel really bad…….PLEASE! Please forgive me Rudy….. I feel quite bad about this. I hope this will never ever happen again.


  126. Samantha said

    I’m 14 and I don’t believe in God.
    However I do believe in what some people call ‘demons’ or ‘ghosts’ but I prefer the term ‘spirit’.

    Anyway, I keep hearing strange noises in my house.
    There have been a variety of different noises, including something that sounds kind of like a river, another one like a man coughing very quietly to himself, but the most frequent, a loud crash and whenever I go to the place it seems to have come from it’s completely normal.
    The most disturbing thing is that no one else can hear these noises.

    I also get very cold at random moments, but they don’t seem to clash with the noises.

    Also, once, when I was lay in bed, I heard a loud breathing in my ear. It was like it was right next to my ear, but I couldn’t feel anything. But it didn’t seem frightening, I started trying to talk to it quietly and it sounded like it was trying to say something back but I couldn’t make anything out.

    Anyway, if you could give me some advice or show me some links that would help me identify it and know if it’s a problem, because I’m quite happy to leave it alone if it’s not evil or anything.

    Thanks 🙂 Sam xx

    • Rudy said

      Maybe you should start believing. I’ll tell you why. Demons are part of a level of life that do not adhere to the rules of common reality. They are more visible to children and animals, perhaps due to the relative purity of the mind.

      These “demons” are only subject to the invocation of Christ. They possess power to create illusions, convincing ones. Everything from predicting the future to hurting enemies, but there is a price. These demons “feed” off human suffering and fear. Fear is their food.

      Those who are particularly courageous will confront these with “no fear.”

      They hate it when you recite scripture from memory, especially anti-demonic scripture.

      Also, be aware that they are great liars and are currently orchestrating a world-wide
      “New Spirituality” campaign in tandem with soon to be revealed miraculous technologies.

      There may be negative energies where you live, disputes, past tragedies, or simply an inter generational curse.

      Do not give it power by being curious about it. It is totally beyond human understanding. Studying it as I have can make you sick.

      Just pray to Christ. Christ is a channel. tune in to Christ. Resist the devil and it will flee.

      They are consciousness parasites, they mean harm.

    • Victor said

      Hey From my experience I tell u that there is such a thing like demons and devil and all other bad things
      I know it’s hard to believe in something u can’t see but what I went trough I know it’s real
      I wouldn’t believe either until that experience honestly.

      I guess that’s up to u if u want to believe or not.

  127. Rudy wrote:
    They are consciousness parasites, they mean harm.

    They are more then that beloved. They are fallen beings, who seek a body. Any body that sins or a person who is not born again. When Christians fall into sin they too can have the enemy attack their minds and invade the their bodies creating what appears to be mental illness and all sort of sickness. Not everyone is possessed, many have disorders that are real.

    King James Bible reads;

    When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out.
    And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.
    Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

    When we look to the bible about what these spirits are we first find that they are unclean. Foul spirits.

    Secondly, we see that they are restless. They seek a place to rest, that being the human body. They can find know rest in any other way until they possess a human, and in some cases an animal.

    Third,he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out. They can reason. The have super intellgence. So this is not your mind playing tricks on you. This is real. They can out think us and are stronger. They use illusions to trick us into doing their will. They plant thoughts and suggestions that we are okay without Christ, and that God is not real, all in an effort to draw us away from God thereby giving them grounds for possession.

    Fourth, And when he cometh, he findeth it swept and garnished.

    Anyone that has not excepted Jesus as Lord and Christ indwells his inner spirit is open to them. For the inner man (spirit of man) without Christ is empty. So he has premission to attack and attach himself to the person, body, soul or spirit causing depression and oppression. Once in inside a persons judgment becomes marred. The person begans to have a general weakness. Now that the spirit has entered in he can rest, but he causes the victim to be restless. It may cause the human body to began dwelling on past hurts, some real some aren’t, and cause excessive weeping.

    Fifth, Then goeth he, and taketh to him seven other spirits more wicked than himself; and they enter in, and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.

    This is the state of many persons in mental institutions. Though many people do have disorders, and I stress not everyone has a evil spirits, there are equally as many that have spiritually issues and it can only be dealt with in the name of Jesus.
    A week ago I prayed for a young man. I commanded the devils to manifest in the name of Jesus. Then I asked how many of you are in his body. The devil growled like a dog, then said “five.” It is only in the name of Jesus that they are subject. And it is in his name I commanded them to leave, and they left.

    • Rudy said

      Good job rev.

      • In no way did I mean to insult you in any way. I was truly wondering if you need help or prayer or whatever I could do. But as always things get twisted until ironed out. I do admire your desire to pray for others even when needing help. In many cases when a person takes their eyes off themselves and helps others, God moves in a heals their problems. I have seen this over and over again, that as we help others God takes care of our needs. May God bless you.

  128. Haavard said

    Hi, i am struggling with porn addiction, and masturbation. It all started when i saw American Pie: Naken Mile. Where a guy was masturbating. So i tried and it felt so good. Than my friend introduced me to a porn site. Than I combined them both.

    Now I have gotten a Hyperactive bladder, which in times when the toilet is in use, I have to make myself get an erection, cause then I don’t fell the urge to pee.

    Now enough INFO, I just can’t seem to stop. I am grown up in a missionary home, my parent’s know more about the spiritual world then pretty much any1 in the town. And I know more about the spiritual world then any1 at my age in my area. I know how the demons work, but still they affect me. I have to admitt I don’t use enough time with God. I know it all has relation. The bladder cmoing after i opened up to the demons- My family also has a curse but that curse isn’t pointed agains’t me, but my brother. Because he is the First born male. My grandpa, uncle, cousin and my great-grandfather are all dead and they are all the first born male. My brother was unnaffected for most of his life until the age of 18. now he is laying in his bed with tons of infections in his body. The local hospital don’t want to help. And believe he has a mental illness. He can’t have light, sound or any outer interference of any sort- He is as good as dead. But we have broken the curse in the name of jesus. And trust me, we know how to do it.

    I just can’t stop, I can go for around 3 days without doing it, and start feeling “I’m gonna make it this time” then it happens again. Please help me.

  129. Haavard said

    Oh, i forgot to tell you one thing. My father is a worship leader. Our family are getting attacks over and over again. Because my father is doing god’s will. Everything just goes again’st us. The healtcare system, doctors, church. to be more precice, Fourscare church. THey dont like the fact that we, working in YWAM, work witha ll kinds of church movements, and going to catch the fire and leif hetland conferances and working with tham. And I start to feel guilt for my brother getting sick. I think its my fault becuase of my sinning. But I know it has nothing to do with it. I just fell that god is telling me to go in to him and just pray for a miracle. But the problem is that I can’t go in to him.

  130. Rudy said

    Sounds like you need to talk, so that is why you left the paragraph open ended. Why not just spit it out? what is your problem.

    Hey, I got problems also, but one Christian said to me that i should know that God will forgive me. I got a problem with lust. That is right. I lust like hell, cannot help it. I just adore the female, but I do fight. I do not feel happy about it. God knows we got some issues. IT is all about the fight.

    Sure, there will always be some loser to try and bring us down. Just remember, God loves you, and he will never let you down.

    God does what he wants, no matter what. IF he wants to forgive you, he will. Even so, come lord Jesus.

    As for the demons, they are everywhere.

    They are done. Stop letting them tell you stories. They are finished.

    Pray for me that i may stop lusting after women like a pig in heat.

    Excuse the humor.

  131. Rudy said

    Me again. Man, you have a problem that many men have. you need to realize that you are not alone.

    Stop beating yourself up about it and talk to God.

    He knows we are stuck here in a world of diversion. HEy even the angels were tempted. How much more simple men as we.

    The important thing is your heart.

    God knows I lust because my hormones are nonstop. I am “all man.” That is right. But I also know that it is not right for me to constantly lust after women. So what do I do?

    I fight. Yes, it is all about the fight. Consider it a test. You are gona fall, but you get up again.

    Never let the devil think you gave up.

    Just ask for forgiveness if you have to ask a million times.

    God loves you. To hell with Satan and his gang.

  132. Sam said

    Hi everyone,

    Well, I have a serious problem that I have been facing for the past 3 or 4 months. Approximately 4 months ago, I decided to strengthen my faith in Christ and took more interest in learning about Jesus and the great work he’s done in my life. In the year 2007 I decided to get baptized and devote my life to him, prior to me accepting the Lord,I was the worst it could get, the bottom of the pit, I was a thieve, I lied, i did drugs and was constantly drunk, gave my parents hell and the list goes on. You see, Im only 23 years old,and I went to church with my parents for 14 years but always ran away and went to the nursery.

    My problem now is that every since I have taken this leap in my faith, and have decided to HAVE A STRONGER relationship with Chris, I have been constantly attacked by demons. Now here’s the kick, it only happens when I’m at my father house. You see, I was living with my fiance who is not a believer in Christ and only got attacked once there, and everyone at my fathers house except my grandmother in a follower of Christ. It just does not make any sense to me that they only attack me there and not at a home where I live with a Muslim. The attacks only happen at night when I am alone and everyone else is sleeping.

    Saying that, when I get attacked, I banish the demons in the name and power of Christ, but they always come back and they come back even stronger.

    Someone once told me that there is a scripture in the Bible that said something like, unless its the head of the household banishing them, the demons will come back 7 times as strong.

    I had told my dad to go in every room and banish the demons in the name and power of Christ, but he is still yet to do so.

    if anyone that reads this knows where that verse is please let me know, I would very much like to research it, and I’ll also take some advice too.

    Thank you for reading,

    God bless,


  133. Rudy said

    My two cents being highly experienced in the area of demonology.

    If members of the family are Catholics, they may make themselves and those around them vulnerable. Not just any ol so called Christian can repel the forces of darkness.

    For example, I myself and myfamily were haunted for many years. Once my family got out of Catholicism,and moved to a purer, more textual form of Christianity, that is faith in Christ, all the evil dissolved.

    Also, I have been covered by my family’s faith from attack. Recently i opened a demon portal and they all came in, even attacked family members. But I got on my knees and repented for experimentation in sorcery, and it all went away. They lingered for awhile and scared the crap out of me for about 3 weeks.

    You need to remove all demonic objects from around you. And if there is anyone that is not with Christ around you, you need to avoid them if there is no other way.

    Either you are whithin the circle of God or you are not. I sin like mad, but because I am compelled. I get on my knees and repent, asking that God make me stronger, and that someday i may be given the power to not sin, in christ’s name.

    Uttering words is meaningless unless there is some commitment to Christ and God.

    Go here and look up the free mp3 sermons called: Pancho Juarez
    Life Is A Battlefield #1: Bootcamp

  134. fantastic writing. knowing the ten commandments *in the context of the sermon on the mount* is one of the most important steps a Christian can take in his walk with Jesus Christ.

    this has literally transformed my life, my heart, & my actions.

    for example, in the sermon on the mount Jesus Christ equated looking & lusting with adultery, & unjustified anger with murder.

    folks, that is raising the bar so high that i feel miserable with guilt for the life i have led.

    accepting God’s gift of Salvation does washe away our sins! but we must strive to sanctify ourselves, *repenting* from these sins – avoiding them.

    if you don’t know the ten commandments in the context of the sermon on the mount, how can you know for sure when you are sinning out of ignorance?

    & since every time we sin it *grieves* the Holy Spirit, how can we expect the Holy Spirit to work through us as it *can & will,* as it did in the days of the apostles, as we read about in the book of acts?

    if you watch t.v. or media, at least make a point out of identifying each occurence in which the ten commandments & the advice of Jesus Christ on sermon on the mount are defied.

    the media is actively & intentionally saturating society in such spiritual wickedness that sin is rendered forgotten, rolling the red carpet to the rise of the dynasty of antichrist.

    ah, but who is “antichrist?” the false prophet of revelations will be one, *but certainly not the only antichrist*!

    1Jn 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are *there many antichrists*; whereby we know that it is the last time.

    1Jn 2:22 Who is a liar but *he that denieth that Jesus is **the Christ**? *He is antichrist*, that denieth *the Father and *the Son*.

    1Jn 4:
    1 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world. 2 Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: 3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    2Jn 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

    • Rudy said

      Very cool comment. You know, I just want to throw this out there. Remember that “the whole world” is under a form of “Satanic mind control.” What else is the media, but a form of hypnosis that feeds us notions of who we are, and what we ought to believe.”
      Do not be mistaken, the media lies about “everything.” It is the power of the “air,”
      bombarding you constantly with filth, greed, and hate.

      Therefore, knowing that we are the light of a corrupted and deceived world, let us shake off the dust of shame and guilt, turn from evil, and re-join the battle at hand, that if Christ arrives on our watch, we may be found resisting the deceiver of the entire earth.

      It is all about the bloodlines of Satan, but Satan’s time is so short. He must perform some kind of miracle soon, so be on guard, that you do not fall for his great lies.

      By the way, just to show you some of the deception, I urge you all to watch the following two videos (free) on google. If you go to google, you will notice a “video” option:



  135. Natasha said

    In need of prayer

  136. Anonymous said

    I’m sorry but the author of this article has it all wrong. This is not consistent with Scripture. I suggest that you read the Book of James. James 1:5-8 is very clear about this. You are basically saying that WE should control our OWN minds. We are creatures of the world. James is saying that if your faith is divided, it is unstable. You are to SUBMIT control of your mind to God. Pray that His Holy Spirit takes control of your mind. James is saying that if you do not FULLY submit your will or control of your mind, that you will absolutely fall. If it is divided between faith in God and faith in yourself, it is not faith in God. James says that to trust God, is to fully submit your will to His.

    I appreciate the intention pf this blog, to preach the Gospel, but friend, I’m afraid after reading some of these articles, that you are preaching false doctrine. I strongly encourage you to dig deeper into the Word.

  137. Rudy said

    Please pray for me, my name is Rudy. I live in fear due to previous demonic attacks. These even attacked my family. Now my family shuns me due to fear. they say it is my fault,I was messing around with demonic stuff.

    It was an accident. I was trying to do divination, but it was an accident.

    anyway, I am not currently haunted, but I am disturbed by the events.

    Please pray for me.

  138. Rudy, remember this. Perfect love casts out fear. You must be so into Jesus that he is all that matters. You mind must not allow anything else to enter in. Fear has torment, but love sets us free.

  139. Rudy said

    Thank you. I love Jesus, but I find it hard to entertain enough about Jesus. I mean, I know the entire New Testament. I get bored. for example, I am trying to read the Old Testament, but i find it so painfully boring that it takes me forever.

    I need more material on Jesus to read.

    Yes, I know it is a weakness to fear, but I cannot help it. Actually, what I fear (irrational as it may seem), is a sneak appearance by these things. They really don’t appear to me because i tend to respond with anger rather than terror.

    I guess that is what happens when you’ve been afraid for so long. You start to hate them. One night i got up in the dark, and “I said go ahead, try to scare me now you bastards.”

    And I went to bed in a kind of indignation.

    I think your prayers help a lot.

    Fear is like an itch you can’t scratch.

    It’s like sleeping with one eye open. I sleep with a medieval sword and a dog at my foot, ready for battle.

    But sleep is difficult. sometimes I just sleep in the day, but it makes the days go by too fast.

    It’s like I am afraid to relax lest they should catch me off guard.

    But I am trying.

    Your prayers are welcome. Send the comforter, I need him bad.

  140. The bible becomes boring for us when we don’t look at cause and effect, dialogue, means, conditional clauses. I want to try something. Let study this scripture together, tell me what you see.

    Now [the disciples] had forgotten to take bread, neither had they in the ship with them more than one loaf.

    Mar 8:15 And he charged them, saying, Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees, and [of] the leaven of Herod.

    Mar 8:16 And they reasoned among themselves, saying, [It is] because we have no bread.

    Mar 8:17 And when Jesus knew [it], he saith unto them, Why reason ye, because ye have no bread? perceive ye not yet, neither understand? have ye your heart yet hardened?

    Mar 8:18 Having eyes, see ye not? and having ears, hear ye not? and do ye not remember?

    Mar 8:19 When I brake the five loaves among five thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up? They say unto him, Twelve.

    Mar 8:20 And when the seven among four thousand, how many baskets full of fragments took ye up? And they said, Seven.

    Mar 8:21 And he said unto them, How is it that ye do not understand?

    Mar 8:22 And he cometh to Bethsaida; and they bring a blind man unto him, and besought him to touch him.

    Mar 8:23 And he took the blind man by the hand, and led him out of the town; and when he had spit on his eyes, and put his hands upon him, he asked him if he saw ought.

    Mar 8:24 And he looked up, and said, I see men as trees, walking.

    Mar 8:25 After that he put [his] hands again upon his eyes, and made him look up: and he was restored, and saw every man clearly.

    Mar 8:26 And he sent him away to his house, saying, Neither go into the town, nor tell [it] to any in the town.

    Mar 8:27 And Jesus went out, and his disciples, into the towns of Caesarea Philippi: and by the way he asked his disciples, saying unto them, Whom do men say that I am?

    Mar 8:28 And they answered, John the Baptist: but some [say], Elias; and others, One of the prophets.

    Mar 8:29 And he saith unto them, But whom say ye that I am? And Peter answereth and saith unto him, Thou art the Christ.

    Mar 8:30 And he charged them that they should tell no man of him.

  141. Confused said

    2 days ago, while working late alone in my office, i suddenly developed this fear that someone/something is around me but i dismissed it thinking that it was my mind playing tricks on me. As the fear grew, i started to sing and pray that it will go away but it didn’t. Instead my body became more and more chilled and my heart was beating very fast. I continued with my prayer and as i pray, i pledged my loyalty to Christ and commanded the “thing” to go away as i will never ever aligned myself with the evil one. Slowly with that continuous prayer, the fear subsided.

    I told a Christian colleague of mine about the incident but she just dismissed it saying it was all in my mind. Therefore i am now very confused and am trying to find out whether the incident was an actual spiritual attack or am i going cuckoo!

    I am also thinking that the evil spirit finds it easier to attack me because i have not been closed to God lately and have been slacking.

    • Rudy said

      You pretty much are stating that you have been calling demonic forces because of your slacking. I do have a little pride in knowing how these evil critters work. however, in your case one cannot be sure, could be your own guilt.

      Trust me, if the demons want you to see them they will show right up in your face. If you know you have been slacking and you have these fears, the fear itself will call them. They love fear, it is their food or energy source. So, where there is fear , there is a likelihood of attraction to these things.

      Pray to Jesus, he will forgive you, but it is not a license to sin.

      Again, demons love fear, and they are quite comfortable showing up in plain view.

  142. Yes it was a demonic attack. You must cover yourself with the word of God and walk upright. Draw close to God a stay there. We do not know at what point the enemy has permission to enter into the mind or body of a Christian, but we do know that what we do, or don’t do, gives them pernission. The spirit is off limits because it is the home of the Holy Spirit but the body can still be a home for them, and they will cause you to feel like you’ve lost it. They will invade the body and cause sickness and mental disorders. Stay with the Lord.

  143. AMANDA said


    • Rudy said

      No Amanda, It is just a tactic of Satan. He does this to me too. Just focus on Jesus. Jesus knows about your battle. Pray to Jesus to deliver you, and he will. Be patient.

      Also, study the “armor of God.”

      Listen to these sermons. This is a real fight:

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      I will pray for you.

      • Rudy is so right. He does it to all of us. You are not alone sister. Just knowing this as the truth has you going in the right direction. When we share this with others, we pull the sheet off what the enemy is doing and he has no where to hide.

    • Rudy said

      Listen to these:

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

  144. Rudy said

    Let me share something that just came to me. As you know, I wrestled a demon. The important thing to remember is that God is in control. No,no,no, not in some wishy washy way. He is literally in control. He will allow demons to do what they do under certain circumstances, his rules. That is why I will sleep in confidence, knowing full well, no loser demon is going to be allowed upon me because I have prayed to God, confessed my sins to him, and requested protection.

    Hahahahaha, I got God power. it feels good.

    Some videos for you guys. I suggest you look for “all” this guys vids:

    Pray for me.

  145. Rudy said

    Can we earn our salvation? No
    let me repeat, one more time: “We cannot earn our salvation.” It is the gift of God to the faithful in him. Period! I wish someone had told me that earlier. Hahaha. I was on the works treadmill. This is not to say we should willfully sin. We are to persevere. If we fall, God is faithful and merciful to forgive us if we confess to him.

    This is an SDA pastor, but just listen to the message:

    • mike said

      It is harder for a rich man to enter heaven. In other words yes you can earn or deserve salvation. In perfect “love” not just giving all your money away can you get into heaven. We are called to be perfect or make ourselves perfect. Yes the bible does say become perfect like your heavenly father is perfect. Small sins seemingly almost venial sins will keep you out of heaven. There is a way that seems right but ends in death. “you rejoice in those false twisted scripture lines because in them you have riches on earth with hope.”

      • mike said

        Get off the treadmill and start running to god. I’d rather give all my excess food to starving people than waste it on running nowhere.

  146. Rudy said

    Rudy’s youtube channel. Here you can see the first part of some incredible videos. I recommend the “nephilim” one, on my channel. save to favorites:

    P.S. the one with the eye is a great music video about God.

  147. RUDY said

  148. Marie said

    I had been fighting demons for many years. As was stated Satan will take away everything you have! That happened, w hile I was being faithful, going to church, saying my prayers etc. I still and always have love for Our Lord Jesus Christ , but I have looked at faith with a different perspective. I have become interested in the merkaba and other spiritual paths. I do believe that Our Lord would approve and would befriend the likes of Buddha. There are many comparisons. Not that I have become a Buddhist; I couldn’t do that being raised as a Roman Catholic and now that I know Christ. But there are many dimensions to this universe and I am open now to all of them . They are not evil. What was evil was taking everything literally and not expanding one’s own mind. If I believe Christ came here that is all that matters.

    • What you are dabbling with is calling Universalism. It says all world religions can be a vaild avenue to salvation, and that exclusivism is wrong. The belief is that all religions are equally true. We should put all of them in one pot and have a religious stew.

      You wrote: I do believe that Our Lord would approve and would befriend the likes of Buddha.

      Jesus taught that salvation is not by works but by believing in Him. Jesus did not simply claim to be a way to the Father, but he claimed to be (the )way. Where does He say this?
      John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

      The definite article preceding each noun emphasizes uniqueness. Notice the second part of His statement.
      “No man” is able to come to the Father except through Him.

      You wrote: But there are many dimensions to this universe and I am open now to all of them . They are not evil. What was evil was taking everything literally and not expanding one’s own mind.

      Therein is the lie the enemy has been feeding mankind from the very beginning. Truth of every kind makes free, while ignorance binds up, because it gives ground to Satan. You have bought into the enemies lies and you are joining with him willfully. How?

      Man’s ignorance is a primary and essential condition for deception by evil spirits. The ignorance of the people of God concerning the powers of darkness, has made it easy for the devil to carry out his work as deceiver. Your statement showes you have been decieved into believing a lie, and do it with gladness.

      The devil’s purpose is to keep the world in ignorance of himself, his ways, and his colleagues, and the Church is taking sides with him when siding with ignorance about him.

      Beloved “Deception” has to do with the mind, and it means a wrong thought admitted to the mind, under the deception that it is truth.

      Question? Have you ever wondered why the mark of the beast is in two locations on the body (the hand and the forehead). One has to do with what we do, and the other with what we think and believe. And most Christians have bought into a lie just like the one you’ve bought into. The only difference is their lie we designed by the enemy to suit their personality. Just as yours was designed by satan to suit you.

    • Rudy said

      Sorry, no Buddha.
      Watch my demon video:

      Many of the so-called “conspiracy theorists” believe the demons are the same as the aliens.

      They are correct. It’s just that in ancient times, they did not have the word “alien.”

      You can listen to two versions of the Book of enoch on my channel, and you can watch the demon video.

      No I don’t chew tabbacca or eat apple pie. No, I do not watch football or America’s idol. No burgers for me, and I am not a flag waver. If anything I’d burn the damned thing.

      Follow Yeshua, only way.

  149. amanda said

    ok the reason I am reading this is because for a long time i have struggled with my mind..scattered thoughts, demonic thoughts and I am a christian. I battle it constantly, it almost never ceases. And last night I couldnt fall asleep and i knew it was the demons that were keeping me up. So I started saying the name of Jesus over and over again..but in my head. I didnt speak it out loud. But as I was saying the name of jesus(with authority) in my head my body was overtaken by chills and i was frozen, couldnt move and i couldnt speak, my mouth was stammering but couldnt say anything..i tried to speak in tongues but nothing was coming out. I wanted to reach over to call someone but I couldnt move or say anything. Freaked me I was wondering if demons can hear your thoughts..because this all happened because i started saying JESUS and rebuking demons “in my mind” never spoke it out loud. ……?? I need to knowww!!

    • Ina said

      Amanda, NO they cannot read your mind.They cannot hear your thoughts. If Only you spoke out loud, then they would have fled because they could not stand to even hear the name of Jesus !They know what happened at the cross ! No demon will be able to stand in the midst of calling His Name. Call a friend over and pray in your room and annoint your room.
      Sorry for my english, I am dutch. BUT I love JESUS CHRIST♥

    • Jen said

      They CAN read our thoughts. But not our heart. Anything is possible right? (not everything though.) I’m sure of it. Maybe not every thought is heard but most is. People say that they can’t do this and can’t do that, but they CAN. U_U T_T Like when I get bad thoughts, I kept on saying in my mind “No more bad thoughts!!” and it would still continue but other times it would stop. And then come back. I even thought a lot of bad thoughts when I was really angry and later sometime I would feel guilty, and I cry. It was the devil bringing a freaking guilt trip on me. And so I confessed it to God twice and I’m sure He could hear me.

      Also, I prayed inside my head “In the Name of Jesus Christ, GET out of my head!!” DX< and so they stop.

  150. Betty said

    I’m only 14 and know so much about Christianity, and even spread the word of GOD, but I don’t know if I can carry on following, any advice?

  151. RUDY said

    I made a new You Tube channel. There you will find a video I made concerning demons, and some of my experiences.

  152. Carl Habibuw speaks truth. It is critical what we call our mashiyach. This is the time of the end and ‘The Way’ is being made straight for his second coming as promised. His name is Yahushua. That is the name that the Yehudim (Jews), Romans, Greeks and everyone else in his day called him as did our father in shamayim. It didn’t matter what language they spoke. Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Yahushua ha mashiyach is adonai. That is the name that makes demons tremble with fear. Yahushua is Yahushua in all tongues and no man ever had the authority to translate, transliterate or change it. Yahuweh commanded us to call his son by this name in Matit’yah 1:21 (Matthew) and wicked men under the power of ha sa’tan changed it to confuse his followers. That is literally the last name on earth that the forces of darkness wants us uttering. The truth is finally coming out as promised. Visit this link for the specifics.

    He who has an ear let him hear these words of truth. The LYYHT is shining.

    • Rudy said

      We must definitely be praising God. Else, you just do not want to see what is out there in the spiritual dimension. I did. I saw the damned alien demon. They are out there, and they are real.

      All that crap in the movies is them preparing people for “The New Age.”

      Guess what? Aliens do exist. Only one problem. They are not what they seem. They are the demons. So true that they transform into angels of light. After all, they are angels, fallen ones.

      If you go to You Tube, you can listen to the book of Enoch. Here, I leave it to you to find the missing chapters. By the way, that is my channel. There is the need to mortify sin, and there is a good Audio Book at Learoutloud called, “The Mortification of Sin.” But first, an analogy, and the book of Enoch follows :

      Get out of your pathetic comfort zones. Hell is coming. It is not easy to be a saint…

      I assure you, hell will be filled to bursting with Americans. That much I know.

  153. Rudy said

    We must definitely be praising God. Else, you just do not want to see what is out there in the spiritual dimension. I did. I saw the damned alien demon. They are out there, and they are real.

    All that crap in the movies is them preparing people for “The New Age.”

    Guess what? Aliens do exist. Only one problem. They are not what they seem. They are the demons. So true that they transform into angels of light. After all, they are angels, fallen ones.

    If you go to You Tube, you can listen to the book of Enoch. Here, I leave it to you to find the missing chapters. By the way, that is my channel. There is the need to mortify sin, and there is a good Audio Book at Learoutloud called, “The Mortification of Sin.” But first, an analogy, and the book of Enoch follows :

    Get out of your pathetic comfort zones. Hell is coming. It is not easy to be a saint…

    I assure you, hell will be filled to bursting with Americans. That much I know.

  154. Sherry said

    My daughter (33yr) has fallen in love with a demon. The demon controls her. She has given up her 3 children and anything positve she has had in her life. She received deliverance and has received spiritual counseling but is refusing all of it now. She has ended up in a Crisis hospital five times since Oct. She believes her demon is good to her. She continues to party, due drugs, and will not acccept help. She says she does not want the demon to leave her. We pray daily for her as does many other friends. The last time she took too many drugs and her kidneys failed. We petioned to have her put away for 60-90 days but we dont know if it will help. This has not happened yet. She is in FL and we are in PA. We have been back in fourth to take care of her since Oct At one time she wanted help but now she is happy with her demon. She says he tells her good things like Dont do drugs ect. We dont know what to do at this time. Please help.

    • Sherry:

      In twent years of deliverance I have seen this more then once. Devils are legalists. What you do gives them premission to gain ground and to remain. Calling it out in the name of Jesus would not help if she wants it to be in her life.

      The primary cause of deception and possession can be summed in the following; she is not a believer, and inactivity of the mind.

      Every person that i’ve seen delivered by the hand of God had sat around doing nothing, or day dreaming. Then one day thoughts began to appear, and these thoughts sounded like God. Many of the thoughts even appeared to steer in a positive direction, in order to gain trust.

      One young man did nothing but play video games until his mind was consumed. This is a true saying, an idle mind…..

      Prayer is the key that is most needed here. Pray that God will open her eyes to the deception taking place, that she may see behind the veil the enemy is hiding behind. Once he is exposed he will attempt to hold the ground he has gained in the mind, so pray for this area to be free to receive the light of God’s word.

      Prayer for Deliverance of Mental Torments


    • mike said

      Most people have demons in them. Even if you were to rip the sky from its place to prove God exists she will still not believe. Just live by example. It might not even be her demon it might just be yours. A hospital will not help anyone. Remember the bible says condemn and be condemned. I fear and know the more you push this on her the more it will hurt attack and upset you.

  155. Rudy said

    New Christian forum developed. your participation is welcome. Please check out the bible study area:

  156. Zachary Lailey said

    I have homosexual thoughts that I know are not of God. I went to this campground meeting place and a woman called Jane Lauder gave to me a message. They are from I beleived in the Lord for healing and i came unto the Lord. I am confused. I need demonic deliverance. I went to this place and i had an experience i believe very fully in from the Lord. For i quit smoking and was told not to drink of wine, by a friend. Now this woman she putteth her hand and taketh it and she said the same message to me two years in a row. The first message she gave to me an exceprt i give to you now. “Let’s pray for that (excemia) I believe God will take that off your legs, your legs are wonderful legs cause he gave em to you, you need those legs and uh you know that God, has, great great things for you. Lord i ask you today to dry up this excema, whatever the cause of it, Lord we command it to leave off his body and on his body, that all of it just dry up and be gone and Lord uh, you said your name was zachary (yeah) ugh you went to Zachary’s House I’m asking you to go to Zachary’s house and reveal yourself to him. Now this year i went to the same lady and i believe that she i prayed to God to use her unto me and i prayed unto God for healing through her becasue i beleived of the experience of last year and what she said to me. Now i dont have the exact words of this year but last year on audio tape i heard the words power and demonstration and this year again power and demonstration. I asketh of the Lord if this is from him and this one woman i said i didnt beleive in the prosperity gospel and she said no, no, i would cast the demons out of you but i wont. She said also that i have to find a church and get under the guise of one (which i havnt and she said and his gave me fear and made me to cry very much saying i will go before the judgement seat of Christ Jesus and he will deny me if i dont follow what Jane Lauder had told me. I didnt know how God was going to do it. Their was no mercy in her voice. I need demonic deliverance in Christ Jesus This i knoweth of . I had this guise of peace on me and everything was a haze, decisions were very hard for me to make, i cried very much at any song or the Lord, i felt that i couldnt even hear the word of Lord through Jane Lauder. The truth i have faith to do Gods will but i am still binded by demons and i know that Jesus Christ is the living God and that angels and demons exist and that night in Copetown Ontario there was real miracles. Now are these a deception becuase when i read the words of your ministry all of a sudden this shadow of peace and hurt from what this lady told me Marilyn in the name of the woman whom told me these things. But i know very little of spiritual warfare and i made a choice for God to beleive in him and follow him, all efforts though. She said the thoughts i have are demonic. I said to her she has no mercy and somehow the voice of what she said has now made me silent for two days. i seeketh the Lord and the last couple of days i read alot of the bible. I beleivith in him and in is will and i beleive that Jane Lauder is true, but this Marilyn woman i dont know and they pray at the church tithe 10% have to tithe and i am like we tithe out of our hearts unto the Lord which he hath done.I said that i dont have to be in a church of four corners she says you have to go to a church and their was sometime of power in her words i beleived it was God and said to the Lord i will do thy will and i cried and i felt fear of hell. This is of the Lord i think. Please help. Was this woman and what she said of the Lord and she said the same thing as last year and i beleiveth it to be of the Lord, or is it demonic influence. A door that i have open up ignorant. I know i would be rejected by my own family. I will trust in the Lord to lead thy way. But i dont know what to do or say. Please i have seen demons in the past and i have opened my heart up in many different ways. They say to follow the teachings of kenneth copeland and unless i was afraid to be decieved i was. Oh how i am disillusioned by the system. this marilyn woman said there was some time of spiritual power behind her voice. i listened to byzantanian chants to calmeth my heart down in the Lord and i cried very hard and simple tasks were hard to do. I am very stressed. So i beleive that Jane Lauder preached the truth but I forgive marliyn for what she said is it my fault i need to get under a pastor and i dont knoweth which one. I shall not smoke in the Lord but this teaching against drinking wine by a friend insinuating she had a dream that if you drink wine it is sin and evil i have opened many doors and am weak but in Christ i shall have strength. Peace and Freedom in Christ. Please HELP LORD GOD THROUGH THIS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i beleive in Angels and in Demons. This Jane Lauder said that Jesus was in front of this one person. So is it mind delusion or truth. Please answer as the Lord Leads. I went to a church and i knew it was dead spiritually i said unto the travelling pastor. This church is dead. I was tired of the gossip from my grandmother. Oh look here is this person and oh look these are these people and there was no passion in the worship of the Lord, there was no focal point in him. I am saved by the blood of Christ. now I go by faith ??? by feeling ?? a strong desire in the Lord to doeth these things. I crieth out to GOd TRUTH!!!!!!!! Now this woman said the same thing tiwce and i beleive that in the Lord i shall have peace. i thinketh my life to change but when i saw your ministrythis strong feeling was gone. Please help!!! Marilyn said to go to Joy of hope ministris. I beleiveth what the Lord hath told me through the Jane Lauder. i have watched movies and i know that some of the movies were entry points for demons i beleive this. My mind giveth me strong doubt and the demons perplexeth me to strong doubt but in the Lord i shall be delivered from demons and last night i felt a strong desire and need to get rid of them and what this marilyn person said drove my mind for a loop and i cried and cried and felt great fear. I need to be in the Lord and findeth a church right??? i know ishould look for one and get connected with one i just want to know that it is the right one. When i was in this period of heightened spirituality everyone said i have changed and i am still in it. Therefore, i greive what Marilyn told me but i know i need deliverance from demons i really dont know Now today becasue i know i need to find a church and go to one i needeth help!!!!!!!!!!!! I know i shall evangelize for the LORD. LORD HELP ME!!!!!!! DELIVER ME FROM DEMONS WHOM OTHER PEOPLE THINK ARE NOT WHEN THEY ARE!!

    • Gary Flynn said


      EagleWorlwideMinistries operates in the prophetic and healing ministry arena. There is nothing ungodly about the ministry…but you need a safe, stable church congegation to calm your soul and receive ministry counsel to address the matters you spoke of….Usally, when you find yourself ‘under attack’ so to speak, it is because the demonic forces see that you are getting close to God and will try eveything in the book to distract you. Although it doesn’t sound comforting, thats actually a good sign!… means you are close to a breakthrough in your life, and God will use you for amazing things as you press through.

      It appears you were/are in the Hamilton Ontario region.

      You need a solid church that understands these things.

      Goggle: Joy of Life Church, St. Catharines Ontario; Sword of the Spirit Church, Buffalo, NY; or Revelation of Truth Ministries, London, Ontario. All are solid grounded Spirit Filled Churches and Ministries that know and deal with these types of issues.

      I know them personally. They are godly people and can help you.

      Bless you for writing, God hears you too.!


  157. Rudy said

    Search for all the parts of the following video, then visit the forum:

  158. Jeanie said

    I am a Christian who is dedicated to being a tool for God in these end times. Last month my church had a all night prayer and fasting. Afterward i have been under physical symptoms of every type of illness. I have had my heart feel like i was having a heart attack. stomache pains joint pain and thoughts that i am dying. I know i have a mission on this earth and i know By the stripes of Jesus i am healed. These are attacks on my weak spot. i have always in the past been concerned about dying before my children are grown. I have cast out and loosed the assignment the spirits have over me in Jesus name and it has happened less with milder symptoms but I have to admit im so tired of fighting over and over. We are having another prayer session newyears and all i can think of is what am i going to go through this time?

  159. believer said

    I don’t know what to do. I just typed in demons attacking the mind and found this. My mind is troubled with crazy thoughts. I read the bible. I take communion almost on a daily basis. I talk to friends. I even get on my knees and pray. I got on my knees last night seriously crying to God to help me. I try to cast the demons out in Christ’s Name. I am ok for a little while, but then it comes back. Out of nowhere. It has taken control over me physically. I can’t eat. My dreams are disturbed. I know it’s just in my head these thoughts, but they truly bother me. Sometime’s I’ll think of something, and I’ll say where did that just come from, and then I dwell on it. Then pictures come in my mind. Sometime’s I wonder if God is listening to me. I pray about everything. For everyone. I even pray before I eat or drink. I thank Him. I pray before I eat meat, that the animals did not suffer before they were killed. I pray for every creature God has made. What am I doing wrong? It scares me. It scares me to the point of wanting to end my life sometime’s cause even though I pray and feel better for a little while, it comes back. Or I feel depressed and I think it’s other things, but in all actuality I am not even thinking of those things but it feels like I am cause my body feels sick. I have read many time’s, even in the bible, that you have to cast out demons in Christ’s Name, and that they aren’t supposed to return. Then why do they? Can someone help me?

    • Jeanie said

      God doesnt give you a spirit of fear but of power love and a sound mind. you have to fight back with the word of god. That is your sword. Greater is he that is in you than he that is in the world! No weapon formed against you can prosper. You know that God is stronger then the devil right? well that means you are stronger then him because he dwells within YOU! when you feel these things and think these things you need to keep your mind on him get in the bible and speak his word beause the word of God has power. I will pray for you that will dwell in the fortress of the lord. he is your rock and your comforter. I know you feel helpless but remember who is inside you! Christ! stay encouraged! Your sister in Christ.

      • believer said

        Hi Jeanie. I would like to thank you kindly. I do believe, but I don’t know what is wrong with me sometime’s. I also suffer from depression, and bi-polar. I have lots of anxiety as well. I keep believing God will help me, but I keep wondering why it is taking so long. Sometimes I get scared when I read the bible, cause it talks about God not hearing us or turning from us at times, and sometime’s I feel that way, so it makes me feel like He’s not listening. I so desperately want Him to hear me and want Him to love me. Noone is perfect. How come, when I cast the demons away in Jesus’ Name, why are they returning? I have even used Holy water. I feel like I pray wrong, and that I don’t believe right. But as long as you believe in and pray to God, that’s all that matters. I’m just scared He has turned from me, but I don’t want to believe it 😦

        • believer said

          I also fear that I may not always have a bible at hand when I might need one the most. It’s also hard for me to remember things in detail. So even if I read the bible and try to memorise, it doesn’t help. But I cry out to The Lord…

    • Believer said: “I have read many time’s, even in the bible, that you have to cast out demons in Christ’s Name, and that they aren’t supposed to return. Then why do they? Can someone help me?”

      It is not in you it is attempting to oppress you. When confronted with this you do not need to cast out anything. This is a great misconception. Began by fasting a praying for a few hours a day. Then increase it as you feel lead by the Holy Spirit.

      Is not this the fast that I have chosen? to loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke? Isaiah 58:3

      The yoke is oppression of the enemy attacking the mind, the home, family etc.

      See the result of your fast: Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the LORD shall be thy rereward. Isaiah 58:8

      God bless!!

      • believer said

        Thank you Rev Patrick for your response. I do pray. Constantly. And sometime’s it helps, but then comes back and is very disturbing to me. I mean I can be doing anything, and a thought will come to my mind, and then it’s like where did that come from, and then my mind dwells on it. Then I pray and it helps for a while. But things come up again. It’s like never ending. Then I get anxiety and feel sick physically so I can’t eat. God knows what’s in my heart, and I know what’s in my heart, it’s what’s in my head that bothers me. I get on my knees and pray. I speak out loud against the devil. I pray that Jesus enters into my mind and body and soul, but it’s like a circle, it just keeps going around and around.

        • Jeanie said

          You dont have to remember large amounts of scripture but as you speak it you will start remembering it. The lord doesnt give you a spirit of fear but of POWER LOVE and a SOUND MIND! He gave you those things. Keep your mind on him if you start feeling fearful or start thinking certain thoughts speak out loud NO!! My Lord did not give me a spirit of fear!! BUT Power love and a sound mind. I cast you out spirit of fear and loose the assignment you have over me and i bind Power love and a sound mind on me in Jesus name. God is my rock and my fortress. he Protects me and I thank you for your protection. Psalms 23 is a very good psalms to meditate on. Isaiah has No weapon formed against me shall prosper. Read the new ment meditate on it. There is power in the word i know because ive had to battle myself. My body was hit hard but i fought back with the word and clung to my god. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but he delivers us from them all!!

          • believer said

            Thank you again Jeanie, you are very kind.. God bless you..

            • Jeanie said

              God Loves you soooo much believer. we are brother and sisters in christ we are here to help each other, sharpen each other and lift each other in prayer so that we can do what God needs us to do which is spread the good news Of God redeeming grace that Christ died for us so we could be forever forgiven and be redeemed back to God. We are free! Satan wants us so distracted all we can do is be focused on our own fear and pain. We are already victorious and He doesnt want us to know it. I will continue to lift you up in prayer and thank god for your victory because you are already victorious you just are walking it out.

              • believer said

                Thank you again. I just went through a dramatic experience tonight. Now not only is it affecting my mind but my body. I don’t know what to do. I bought some Christian cd’s today, which helped me last time. But then I went back and downloaded some other Christian music. But I was so distraught that I did it because I wanted to listen to it and wanted to die! I actually cut myself up with razor blades tonight. I cry out to God, and I don’t know what else to do. Thoughts in my head are things I would never ever do, and it’s not that I think I will, it’s that I am just scared, why are they in my mind. I tried therapy, but that only seemed to bring up past things that have now affected me as well. It’s so scary to think of those things. Sometime’s I try to think of why people would do such things. I try not to judge but to put myself in their shoes, and then it consumes my mind. Making me think, oh God, could I ever do such horrible things. And then I start thinking, well what makes other people do them. And then I get even more scared. I wake up feeling the same every day. I feel like I am at the end here. The torment. And then I think it’s just a trial I am going through. But I wouldn’t wish this on my worse enemy. People tell me not to worry cause they no me better than that. But then I just think that it’s an excuse from them. I feel like I am a horrible person and I’ve never done anything that is in my mind. Sometimes I would just rather die then think of messed up things. I was out today and gave a woman half of a hero I had. I offered it to her. Then she asked me if I had a dollar, and I gave her 5. Someone else asked me for a dollar and I gave him 2. I am a caring and giving person, and I know that. I love helping people who are less fortunate. These are not of satan, but I do them for God! So I don’t understand. I don’t do it for anything in return. Cause if these people are in need to ask me, I already know they have nothing to give in return that I could be doing it for. I also have horrible dreams. And then I wake up affected by them. And before I go to sleep I pray and ask God to take control over my dreams. I ask Jesus to help me dream of Him, and then I end up having horrible dreams. One time I had a dream years ago, and in my dream it was that I couldn’t wake up unless I called on Jesus, so I did. it scared me. So it made me feel like I was not believing, so I went to a pastor, and he asked me, who did you pray to, I said Jesus, and he said, well you wouldn’t be praying to Jesus if you didn’t believe. It scared me. It seems the more I pray and the more I ask God for help, the worse I get. I keep thanking God, and telling Him that I still praise Him and will worship Him even through this drastic time in my life. But I don’t know why I get so consumed by it all. It’s all different things. My cousin wanted to pick me up tonight, from the street, but I told him I didn’t want to be here anymore, that I couldn’t deal with myself. And then he asked me if I wanted to go to talk to a pastor tomorrow. So I decided to try that. We will see what happens. I am always worried about what man will think of me, and how badly they will judge me, not for anything I do, but just for my mind. And then I think, it’s God who I should be worried about, not man. And I know God knows my heart. I can’t hide it from Him. I even told Jesus today that I would have rather taken His place. When he was beaten. I can deal with physical pain, but not this kind. I keep thinking there has got to be a reason for this, but then I think, what kind of reason would I have messed up thoughts. What good could possibly come from that? I am trying so hard not to give up. it just seems worse and worse. 😦

                • joshua said

                  Your story,
                  ached my heart,as it reminded me of the past that I have been through. Believer,I want you to know that many face the same things you stated but in a different way,I also I used to be as nearly as desperate as you were before,I know, it feels more than horrible. I couldn`t use any words to describe what you have been through. Believer, I cried out to God to save me at such desperate time I was in before.I just wanted to get out of that LIVING nightmare that I have been through. To be honest with you I never received the freedom imediatelly. Believer, if you feel like cring out to God, don`t hesitate to do so. It eases the pain a lot but not completely. Any way I am free from what I`ve been through and I pray that you`ll be free to.Don`t lose hope Believer as I didn`t(well I nearly did). Keep praying that God will show you what`s happening in your life. And put your full trust in Him alone as only He can save you.

        • joshua said

          May the peace of Christ be with you all.In Matthew 12.44-45 it said that an evil spirit will return to its house it left.=’When it arrives ,it finds the house UNOCCUPIED ,swept clean and put in order.45;then it goes AND TAKES WITH IT SEVEN OTHER SPIRITS MORE WICKED THAN ITSELF ,and they go in and live there. And the final condition of the man is worse than the first.That is how is how it will be with THIS wicked generation.
          Somehow I feel that we have be at watch everyday, the devil will always try to find a way to gain entry into our lives. But by the Spirit of God who strengths us, and if we decide to submit our selves to Christ, the devil cannot gain entry to our lives.TO Believer; I also face the same thing as you did(everyday),I myself could not explain why also. But whatever you do, never surrender to the devil,…..JOHN 10:10=THE DEVIL CAME ONLY TO STEAL KILL and DESTROY ,I came that they may have LIFE and have it TO THE FULL. TO Believer, again; I believe that the devil sees a great potential within you to serve Christ, and he`s hell bent in destroying your faith so as mine and many other brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us pray that we maybe able to ready for the day of redemption and that we may be able to stand before the Son of man.

  160. Rudy said

    Wake up into reality:

    • believer said

      Hmmm, wow, unless I was mistaken, and forgive me if I am, but Rudy, did I not read that you had a demon possession at one time? And all you say to me is Wake up into reality. It seemed like you needed a little help at some point, is that what someone told you? You reply NOTHING about God, but Wake up to reality. well, guess all I can do is say thanks for responding…

  161. Ok, is this like for real?? o_O and um, i dont understand two parts. How come yoga and meditation has to do with demons attacking our thoughts and stuff? i dont get it >.<

    • Each posture is a position of prayer to a Hindu god. So when we empty our minds and meditate, we must understand many anicent spirits are attached to these positions of prayer and they feed off our worship (posturing) which is worship. God tells us:

      Exodus 20:3 Thou shalt have no other gods before me.

      Remember there is no middle ground, you are either serving God or the devil.

      When we partake in things that are clearly unbiblical we open our mind and bodies for the enemy to attack. Satan is always looking for a body because and considers any body he enters to be his property.

      Matthew 12: When an evil spirit comes out of a man, it goes through arid places seeking rest and does not find it.

      The only time they can rest is when they find a body, and they trick men into opening himself up so that they can invade.

      “Then it says, ‘I will return to the house I left.”

      As you can see form the above verse thay can reason and think. They plan their attack and seek ways to enter the human body and mind.

      “When it arrives, it finds the house unoccupied, swept clean and put in order.”

      The body he finds is not occupied by the Spirit of God so entering in becomes quite easy. The human body it finds is empty, the mind is empty, he is bowing and praying to false gods. This gives them permission they need, having been persuaded by lying spirits that what they are doing is good for them, and is nothing more than relaxation.
      The Bible tells us clearly the devil is a liar, and he is called the father of lies.

      “Then it goes and takes with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself, and they go in and live there.”

      He brings with him seven other spirits still worse than himself, and returning to his former habitation. they do this because the person did not fill the spiritual void in his life with the Holy Spirit, by receiving Jesus Christ as Lord of His life by faith.

      “And the final condition of that man is worse than the first. That is how it will be with this wicked generation.”

      The last state of that man is worse than the first. He is filled with iniquity. His thoughts become increasingly evil. He can not control is actions and often drifts into a daydream like state with flashes of thoughts.

      So shall it be also unto this wicked generation – And so it is with men today, growing worse and worse, having abandoned the influence of the Holy Spirit for the god of this world. Now we see certain destruction coming to a world where men reject God.

      Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

      All dwelling within men who reject God. But we know what the end will be. WE know that the day will come when Christ will put an end to the powers that be, setting up His kingdom.

      Even so Lord, come quickly!!!!

  162. Ohh ok then. I understand that now 😀 that makes a whole bunch of sense ^^ man, i wish i could try to get my mom to not meditate, since she’s a Thai Buhhdist, and i dont know how else to explain to her. i tried to witness, she respected that, but she doesnt seem to want to accept Jesus. and well, what about yoga?? o.O

    I’ve tried yoga before back when I was in high school last year in 2010, in gym, and nothing bad seem to happen then. O.O i dont get why it’s bad and has to do with Satan and the demons.

  163. what about yoga? -_-

    • bill roberts said

      I found the yoga does not work. well I was bending over a demon managed to enter my soul and i had to get someone to beat it out of me well i was tied down.

  164. We must shun the very presence of evil. Anything that has ties to the eastern religions where devils are worshipped whether through postures or outright bowing before them. Nothing changes simply becuse we say there is nothing wrong with it. The enemy loves to convince us he is not real and that all is harmless when it creaess a path to possession because we did not obey God’s commandment to worship no god before Him.

    Yoga means “union with god or to yoke. We must not join with other gods as Christians by taking varies postures. We join with God through by receiving His Precious Holy Spirit in the name of His Son Jesus.
    Anything else is a Satan trap built on achieving union with an unknown supreme spirit that we believe to be god through meditation, prescribed postures, controlled breathing, etc.”

  165. whitam said

    Hi, and thanks for your postings online. I do need assistance in prayer. My thoughts do not violate the ten commandments, but they are nasty repulsive images of maggots, bugs, and clusters of color distortions (especially black and white). It started out with images, but now I have developed a phobia. I was thinking these were my thoughts, how do I handle them. Let me know. God bless. I tried to send an email to the email that was given and it was not delivrable. Is there a new email?

    • Jack Ortiz said

      The best way to rid yourself of the affliction is to embrace it. If you want to overcome your fear of maggots and bugs then the best way to deal with it is to go out and surround yourself with these objects/creatures that create your phobia. It will work itself out my child. BELIEVE IN JESUS!

  166. jeanie said

    You fight thoughts with the word of god spoken out loud. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. The lord did not give me a spirit of fear but of love power and sound mind. The word is your sword. Use it! Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the lord delivers you from them allll!

  167. bill roberts said

    I have found that the best way to fight off evil spirits is some kind of blunt object. I had a demon enter my brothers soul last week and despite the constent praying and spraying of holy water he would not cease his demonic gestures. a baseball bat with a few rusty nails to his side seemed to cure him however. He is recovering well and is going to church regularly to ensure demonic forces don’t take him over again.

    • Job said

      Are you being facetious?

    • Josh said

      Bill Robert …,did you made that up? I hope not.

      Your statement seems quite true but I think its impossible for a demon to be expelled just by blunt object itself. I think it was his constant praying that did the major role in expelling the demon. But you have to be sure if there was really a demon demonizing your brother in the first place.

  168. Vanessa said

    Thanks for this article. I would like help with this issue.

  169. Antonio said

    I would like to get in touch with the author of this article, When Demons Attack your Mind. Can anyone help me? I really need help and prayer with my mind.
    Or I would like fellowship with Christians who have really been through the valley of the shadow of death and have come out the other end. I’d like to hear from people who have been there. Sorry to all the “Hollywood” christians. I love you all but if you haven’t been there, we don’t really have too much to share. I would like to hear from people who have seen the deliverance of His hand.

  170. God Hears all! said

    Please guys understand that when you are fixating on the negative aspects all the time you alway total dominance over your situation!
    It is simply by faith and believing Yahuwah Elohim will bring you through your situation! Without faith it is over before it has started!
    Abide in the shadow of the almighty seek him dwell in his word not on the enemy!
    You really don’t understand the Almighty God you serve! He is the one that judges your eternity and whether you will burn or live! No demon!

    I know how hard it is and at one point i was going through attack with thoughts, words & scary imagination occurring!
    I was healed from this and was told this was a form of Witchcraft attack! (Jelousy goes along way) I was told to always give thanks to God in rememberance but like us humans do we go back to the world and don’t look back! Few years later its the same situation but worse! Along with anxiety and depression! Everyday i would battle with panic and worry of thoughts and every thought would manifest into worser depending on my reaction! I felt like i was robbed of my joy and happiness! Because no matter what i always felt down!
    I watched my family laughing and living life while i was in torment on the inside! I actually felt worthless and sorry for myself!
    I fasted & prayed & gradually starting feeling better! I still get these things but not as much! I just laugh at the thoughts & the enemy & cast them out! These thoughts have weight of emotions when you fear them you put yourself in a depressive state and you can’t have peace!
    Claim your peace joy and love back!

    When your mind is under attack concentrate on God & he’s everlasting kingdom! See yourself seated with him and Yahshua on the throne with your enemies way beneath you! Meditate hard! If you can’t see yourself moving mountains then your problems still occur! Read the bible! Listen to Gospel music! Faith comes by hearing and it will drive out fear! fear always brings you to your past & the reminiscent of your attack! Do not dwell on them unless you want to live in the place the enemy has for you ? do not entertain any of those thoughts because it is not your portion! Words is power speak to your problem!

    Problems are living things amongst other living things! Fear, Worry, doubt etc Call them out and abort them in the name of Yahshua the true and kodesh!

    Life was never meant to be easy! I thank God and give him praise in any situation i go through and believe me i’ve been through a lot and still am going through things! Your problems are small! Your eternity is the big one believe me!

    I see my situation as a calling to get closer to my eternal father because i wasn’t acknowledging him before! Knowing him but just not bothering!
    Like as if i can live without him! Big mistake! demons have legal ground to attack you if your not walking with the lord! Now he has my full attention!

    We aren’t meant to do things alone and by our own understanding! Many wealthy people live a great life for themselves then find themselves going to a dark place on there deathbed! Know your situation is a calling! While there is Life there is hope! God does renew minds but not for you to just run away into the world again! Walk with him all the way!

    And remember Demons have no real power! They are full of deceit & sneaky stealth attacks!
    Would you call that style of fighting something of power ?

    Know that you have a mouth that carries power! Pray unto Jesus Christ!

  171. Lc said

    Hi, thankful for coming across this site and for all the loving brothers and sisters in Christ sharing and helping one another in and through Christ Jesus. I’m a bible believing, born again through Jesus Christ, Christian but am struggling with discernment in some areas. Why do I sometimes feel ill when I think and/or attempt to share something spiritual of Christ with others (with both saved and unsaved)? I pray in Jesus Name asking God to let me know with certainty if He wants me to share whatever it may be at the time … and if so, with what words, and with whom … or if I’m to remain silent about it because of reasons He knows that I don’t. Often I am not sure if I’m hearing God’s voice on the matter, my own voice, or a demonic voice when it comes to sharing about something spiritually “heavy” with another … and I sometimes get an ill feeling when I attempt to share … even with Christians. Is this God saying don’t share this (at this time or maybe not at all … maybe it’s not the right timing for this person .. or I’m off on something, etc.) or is this a demon saying don’t share this (because they don’t want God’s Love and Truth going forward)?

    • Okelani said

      that ill feeling is most likely a demon telling you not to share but i could be wrong i get these ill feelings some when i am doing something that will show demons exist and they do things to scare you or attack you its all there way not to let there existence be known it is a very delicate subject when speaking to others so you have to make sure to yourself that you are comfortable with crossing that threshold hold once you have figured that part out the rest will come to you

  172. Okelani said

    your e mail dose not work and i wanted to send some info

  173. terri said

    Yes, I am going through a spritual battle. in my mind by the enemy:voice of the enemy try to put foul thoughts into my mind and try to make me curse also, people say they hear it and they be angry at me and they do not want to bother with me moreover, they hear other voices from me. This wash going on for a very long time for 15 years. I am saved accepting the lord Jesus christ as my lord and savior and accepting and living as christ want us to live in holiness, unblamable, without blemish and wrinkle. I go to church and pray to god for deliverance. I do read the bible keeping and standing on god word. Can you tell me what bible verse to this that will paralize the enemy for good.This has been effecting my life where as I can not stay on a job long because say they can hear voice from me cursing them and what I was doing and people it is telling on her or they say it is reading her. PLEASE HELP!

  174. Elrich said

    I almost struggled al my life,once thngs get good the devil jst made his way.upto nw the comunity is monotoring me for my fantasies and thoughts and its been the worst part of my life,feel ashamed…thnx to your article,i knw the truth and the truth wil set me free from the devil

  175. Michael berman said

    Hello I have a problem i dont really don’t have and accept so if u could send your answere to my email address ok so my names Michael I’m in 7 th grade my life I barely passing I go to school try to make loyal friends but I’ll skip to the point I have problems with anger and my thinking I read what u said and I need some help so yea but this is about demon possession so starting with anger so I have anger issues I get so angry yesterday after I ran a mile with my grandma I was breathing hard but she said one little bad thing to me so I start flipping out saying I want to kill her and all that I even say that stuff to my mom wen she gets me angry BUT THAT’S JUST NOT ME my sister said there’s a demon inside me One day my sister got me real angry so I almost killed her but she stoped but I wanna no is that me or a demon so next MY THINKING I’m a wierd kid I see something and and I alwas think of something bad for example if I see a girl I like or something and I allwas think of something that I fear happening to her and I also thought my sister I thought of somone shooting her and ALOT OF BAD THINGS so that’s not all I have other wierd thinkings to like the other day I was thinking about if I wanted to work for the devil or be in heaven I thought it was hard idk there was just something inside me saying serve him sell your soul and work with him but that’s not me and sometimes I would think of saying bad stuff to the lord but I don’t want to I was really sad I got so crazy that I looked up how to sell Ur soul to the devil or can u work for him and like but he’ll looked like and Wat heaven looked like I was going through something scary but I don’t want that stuff inside me AND I thought I had a choice between going to he’ll insted of heaven I NO I’M CRAZY I NEED HELP but I’m not like straight jacket crazy LAST THING idk if this has to do with anything but I hAve lots of health problems I have something In my shoulder that will not let me go to sleep and a nee problem and other things but the thing y I got scared they never went away idk if that has to do but yea so end I NEED YOUR HELP I NEED TO NO IM ONLY TWELTH I WANT A GOOD LIFE SO PLEASE SEND THE ANSWER I’F I DO HAVE A DEMON INSIDE ME AND TELL ME Y I HAVE IT AND HOW TO GET RID PF IT PLEASE JUST SEND IT BELOW OR EMAIL

    • Michael berman said

      And also I literally asked Jesus for forgiveness and help so yea PLEASE TELL ME

      • Elder J said

        Hello Michael,

        I’ve read your post, you have some deep rooted issues going on, but it is nothing that God cannot handle. You said you prayed to Jesus for forgiveness…but before doing that did you profess and confess Him as Lord and Saviour according to Romans ch 10 versus 9 & 10? We have to confess verbally and believe in our hearts that God rose Jesus from the dead, He said if we do this we are saved. The next thing you should do is take the King James Version of the bible and get somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and read it like it’s the only book on earth, you need to read and read and read until you can’t stand it, you will have to use all your willpower and make yourself read the bible until you don’t feel like reading and then you need to read some more. When I was a teenager I had problems of all kinds…demons attacking me, my brain hurting, migraine headaches etc. etc. I begin to read the bible every chance I got, and my mind begin to change. I got up to 5 hours of non stop reading the bible on Saturdays and it made a complete difference in my life, also get to a church that has the power of God in it, I mean where you can actually “feel” His power. Reject all impluses that are not holy or from God. Find other teens that “want to” live right and do the right thing and hang around them, you will begin to pick up their good habits. You are in a battle for your soul and mind…you must win! Do not give up, and do not give in to the forces of evil. Begin to learn about spiritual warfare…A couple of books for you to read after you get strong in the Word of God are: This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti, The Believers Guide to Spiritual Warfare by Thomas White, The Battle for the Mind by Joyce Meyer and How to Survive an Attack by Roberts Liardon.

        Elder J

        • Antonio said

          Elder J. Thank you brother for writing to young man. What you said is good. He needs the basics first. His environment needs to be a spiritually health one before all else. But I will add some other stuff to what you said.

    • Antonio said

      Michael, young brother. The advice that Elder J. gave you is the best advice. Keep your environment with Christian things. First, read that Bible as E.J. said. Wash your mind in it. We know you have homework and other things to do but do as much Bible reading as possible.Michael you have faith, now build it. Even if it little by little. I would recommend starting in Ephesians 1:1. It tells you WHO you are in Christ our LORD and YOUR Lord. It tells us what He has done for you along with the entire church that He is the King of. Then read Psalm 23. And read other Psalms. You have a computer so I want to you read Bible promises. Google “Bible Promises” and see what you get. Here is just one to start with. Isaiah 54:17. Every time you feel something coming on read this verse, or carry it in your pocket and read it if something bad happens. Or if you start to think you are evil read that verse or print out Ephesians and carry that with you and read it until you run out of time before you do something else. God is on your side. He is jealous to have you. He wont let you down. You are his property, not the devils. You are not a bad person. That’s the Devil trying to trick you by just lying to you. He’s teasing you and attacking you. You know how bullies pick on other kids in the playground. They tell them they’re are ugly and stupid. Then that poor little kid feels badly about himself because others lied to him. And he gets angry. If he is told that enough and doesn’t have any help then the kid starts to believe it and feel strange and think he is a bad and stupid kid and he’ll feels depressed. You are a good kid. If you were 10 feet tall what would you say to stick up for the little kid. You would yell at the bully and say, “hey, leave him alone or you’ll have to deal with me”. Then you’d tell the little kid, “hey it’s okay, I’m with you now. Your not stupid!!! Let’s hang out and be friends.” Well then, you should say the same thing to yourself and THAT IS WHAT JESUS CHRIST IS SAYING TO YOU. He said it to you when He allowed people to spit in his face, beat him in his face and body, whip him, call Him names, and then crucify Him on a cross. He said to us I suffered the evil of Satan and this evil world and evil people for you. You are my kid and you don’t have to. The Devil is a lier from the beginning and he’s lying to you. That is how he tricks people. But Jesus Christ didn’t stay on the cross. But Jesus our savior didn’t stay in the tomb after they put Him in it. No he didn’t. He rose up from the grave to show all the world and the forces of evil you can’t kill him. He is the ultimate warrior. He is the ultimate force of the universe. Nothing can overcome the power and love He has given his children. If someone tries to steal something from you, think of how angry you get. Well, think of how God will be if the devil tries to steal you from Him. Think!! You are His child. You are in His mighty hand. What do think he will do to Satan. But the thing is Jesus already did this to the devil. He beat him and he won you and he won all of us. He snatch us all from the lies of the devil. Don’t eat the apple Satan is trying to hand off to you and then tell you to be on his evil and dark team. Don’t buy into that. Jesus has CHOSE YOU.Read it in Epesians 1:11. You are chosen in his plan. The Devil doesn’t want that so he keeps up the pressure by lying to you every day. He’s trying to pry you out of the hand of God with his tricks Stop him by using the Word of God!!!! Do it right now. REad that Ephesians and take it with you every where you go. Make sure it’s always in your pocket. Part of the reason you get angry is because your are frustrated. Because you are trying to fight this and no one is telling you you are not bad. Then you get angry and act out. YOU ARE CORRECT. YOU ARE NOT, LET ME REPEAT, YOU ARE NOT A BAD KID. JESUS TOLD YOU SO IN HIS WORD. Repeat that to the Devil every time you hear that lie from him. YOU ARE THE PROPERTY OF GOD. What do you think God is telling you and the whole world. HE’S SAYING, ” MY SON DIED FOR MICHAEL. MY SON PAID WITH HIS LIFE AND HIS BLOOD. MICHAEL BERMAN BELONGS TO ME ! Your homework now is to look up Bible promises and get back to me. You are the chosen of God and Jesus. Don’t let that bully, the Devil, cheat you. David, before he killed Goliath, said “who is this uncircumsized Philistine that hear dears defy the armies of God”. Then he put a rock in his head and cut it off. That’s what your mission is. Goliath was talking trash to all the soldiers of God. David talked back and used God to kill him. So talk back to the bully and go and let what Jesus did on the cross do it for you. You just have to wash your mind in Gods word. Go now and do it!!
      Love to your my brother and child of God,

      • gary said


        That exhortation should be a mandatory placard on every schoolers list of compulsory reading, and cast in bronze on bolted to the school entry …..everywhere!

        • Antonio said

          Brother, thank you for your kind words. I was very, very, down this weekend, beginning Friday afternoon. I was ever so low. Ongoing health issues and struggles of life were on me again. Thankfully for me I got on the phone, during my work break and had a couple of brothers and they prayed. One gave me a talking to, the same talk he always gives me:”brother”, he says “you got to prayer the word constantly and pray for others”. Then another brother who was there with him, who is normally not ever there, got on the phone and really laid it on thick with the Word. They both encouraged me greatly. Shortly after that, a freak accident happened at work, I had nothing to do with it, it just happened. I could have been seriously injured! It was Satan trying to counter punch the word given to me by loving and faithful brothers. I got away with a bump, a bruise and a small scrape. They started to take me to the hospital because they wanted to take precautions but but the swelling stayed to a minimum and nothing was broken. PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME. PRAISE HIS PRECIOUS BLOOD, GRACE, MERCY, FAITHFULNESS, LOVE, KINDNESS, GOODNESS, PATIENCE. PRAISE HIM!!
          Also the ailment that I had people on this website and here in town praying about has gotten better. Again we say, PRAISE HIS HOLY NAME!!! Since then brother Gary, I was able to write that note to that young brother. I was very down as a child and I had no encouragement from others. So I got mad for what that kid is going through and I wanted to talk back to the darkness just as David talked back to that heathen Goliath. He said “who is this guy that he’s talking trash to us”. David then he talked back to the giant. But what he spoke weren’t his words. He remembered and recited back to him the facts of God, who he is and what he does for his children. Then he RAN towards the giant with the confidence of God. How many people who run toward a giant who has a sword and a spear?? David probably had steam coming out of his ears. He was probably thinking, “dude, you got a hammer coming down on you that you can’t even imagine!!”
          Can you feel that? Lets pray that we get that kind of faith. God isn’t partial, He wants to gift his children. Let’s pray for such a great gift to know Him to the extent that we are confident enough to run towards a giant and let the hammer of God fall upon the forces that try to intimidate us. I still have big mountains in front of me, don’t get me wrong. I”m no super Christian by any means!! But I have to step it up or else. Look at the times. Read the news.
          Lets take some time, even if only briefly, to pray for the hurting on this site and others like it, if the Lord moves us to. Let’s pray that in these evil times, we may see Gods face and remember the mighty deeds He has done by the works of His hand and The Word, Our Jesus. Let’s pray brother. I get so down, bro’ and I don’t want to get down. Let’s pray for the people on this site and speak the Word and encourage them.

  176. Fred Wilson said

    Fantastic study on The Mind of Jesus. Deeper understanding in having complete control of your thought process.

  177. monique rushing said

    As i attempt to email you this comment evil spirits try and stop me. I feel like i am under mental attack because of things such as constant mood swings, lack of focus/concentration and unexplained fatigue. I often find myself saying and thinking inappropriately and acting inappropriately. I pray but sometimes don’t feel like even doing that when i know that’s the solution. I do have a relationship with God the creator of heaven and earth. Father to Jesus, Michael and Gabriel. Need outside prayer from other believers of the true God Almighty. AMEN

    • Antonio said

      Monique, how long has this been happening to you? Is it only when you communicate with others or have you had these symptoms for a long time. The problems you are having can be a number of things. But I’m curious how long it’s been going on and if it’s only when you communicate with others be they Christian or not. Also do you isolate yourself a lot. What I mean is are you a bit of a loner?

  178. Jst prai 4 me,i dt lik evil to overtake me i all i do.

    • Antonio said

      Adiza, I’m praying for you. Do you have other Christian friends or a Christian Church you can fellowship with? I’m also asking this question of others? Isaiah 54:17

  179. Dylan said

    Ive had thoughts on my mind that I have accepted the Mark of the Beast!!!! I’m having blasphenous thohhts. Please help me! Can this mark be taken today? Help!!!!

    • Nathan said

      No I don’t think any of us could have the mark yet – the Bible clearly states that we won’t be able to buy or sell without the mark. At this point we can buy and sell as long as we have money, and money has been around since the days of the Old Testament.

      As for blasphemous thoughts, I am considering the amount of people (youtube, forums, blogs, etc) that are feeling the closeness of the Rapture and Great Tribulation may be correct – and if so, if we are close, the devil and his minions would be severely ramping up their attacks.

      I have been having non-stop bad dreams, anger issues, frustration, impatience, foul language, more judgmental, more critical, etc, etc – but we have to expect that. Just because we are born-again and saved by the Grace of Jesus does not mean we are immune from attacks.

      Non-Christians are already under the influence of the devil – it’s us born-again Christians that will be attacked the most – if the devil were to war with non-Christians then he would run the risk of more people turning to Jesus for help.

      Being saved under Grace we are to EXPECT to sin and fall short of the glory of God – we were born in sin and will die in sin – becoming sinless is impossible until we have our new bodies and are living with Jesus in the New Heavens and New Earth. What we have to do is continually ask Jesus for protection and to lead us away from temptation – we can continually ask for forgiveness, but we were forgiven for all sins once accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior – He is our perfect sacrifice for all our sins, once-and-for-all.

      We should aim NOT to willfully sin – but when we do sin we should repent (change our ways) and ask Jesus for the strength, courage and motivation to change for the better. If we just ask for forgiveness then the devil will continually tempt us – but if we ask Jesus to lead us away from temptation and help us, then the devil will give up a bit and find another route – which isn’t so much a bad thing as we find out one-by-one all our sins (through chastisement) and ask acknowledge them and ask Jesus for the help to overcome them – we CANNOT do this on our own, if we could we would not need Jesus.

      Lastly, if any have investigated the New World Order (which I suggest NOT to invest much time into as it’s one gigantic rabbit hole of deceit and treachery) then many would come to realize that the NWO are also waiting for an opportune time to take over – I’m guessing they are waiting for the born-again Christians and the Restrainer (Holy Ghost) to leave and allow them to take full reign for the Tribulation period. The amount of alien-mumbo-jumbo (possibly will be blamed for the Rapture), plus the amount of worldly tension (Middle East, African Christian killings, Occupy protests, environmentalism, equality (homos), etc) – we see, we seem to be right on the tipping point. In the last 50-70 years technology has boomed whilst morals have declined – it’s spiritual WW3 and without Jesus in our hearts we are just cannon-fodder.

      Pray a little for yourselves and a LOT for the world – if we can convert just one satanist, like Marylin Manson, then he could possibly help convert hundreds of thousands of his lost fans!

      Be vigilant!

      • Nathan said

        I should also state, and should have in the beginning, it’s not a bad thing to ask for forgiveness for our sins – I worded most of that incorrectly – we ask for forgiveness, for example for anger, and then work on it and ask Jesus for the strength to overcome it – but if we continually become angry and continually ask for forgiveness without repenting (changing our ways) then we are just chasing our tails – sin-forgive-sin-forgive-sin-forgive-etc.

        We would sin, ask for forgiveness, change our ways, and not be surprised when we do occasionally sin again – but not let that take over and allow us to think we haven’t gotten any head-way – everyone falls, nobody is perfect – but NEVER-EVER let the FAITH in Jesus die out – He will allow certain things into our lives to try and show us where we need Him more – like the evil spirit God gave to King Saul – all Saul had to do was admit he was wrong, worship the Lord properly, ask for forgiveness for his sins (instead of blaming others all the time) and he may have been set free – but Saul was so full of pride as to blame everyone and anything for his own errors instead of just admitting it was his own carnal flesh that was to blame.

        We attract what we dwell on, and what we dwell on we become (quote from somewhere I forgots:)

        I hope that makes sense, I wanted to get that in quickly.

      • gary said

        Thanks Nathan for the excellent and most comprehensive and summary. I have for almost one week steady delving into so many reports and comments about Rapture and NWO activities , forthcoming incredible natural disasters, UFO aliens coming to take people, etc. it. has become blazingly clear as the Scriptures indicate that the deception will be so great that it could almost fool the believers….the answer to the real truth is Humility (Repent), Pray everyday, and Seek the Lord .
        After a particular long 3hour session researching all these matters I said a private prayer asking for clarity and revelation of whom what to believe….and your post suddenly downloaded to my email account on my phone.
        So, if you are serious, Jesus will answer.
        Be vigilant folks , there is much coming in 2012….let’s pray we are worthy to get the
        first trip out of the Chaos.!


        • Nathan said

          No worries mate:) I want to write more but I am deadly-afraid of writing the wrong thing and leading people astray.

          I got some more internet credit and this youtube video I will link to was one of the first I watched and may greatly relate to what some are going through. I will also add some other links to some youtube users I consider helpful, but ONLY Jesus has the answers through His Word, so discernment is needed when watching and listening to ANYONE of the flesh – including me.

          The helpful video:

          Some helpful users: jebling4 , jesusmybeauty , 311REVELATION , bear049 , neartochrist2 , eternalrhythmflow .

          And some that are helpful but require major discernment: thejonathankleck , gorilla199 .

          Jonathan Kleck has some extraordinary revelations, especially about scary hidden images within such things as a picture of Mary and Egyptian art and especially within American Currency – yet he had a false prediction about the Hoover Dam being blown up – those videos are still worth watching for the amazing hidden meanings in the currency though. Now he is talking about an alien invasion – which is why I suggest major discernment. He exposes a lot, yet any prophecies should be taken up with the Lord only and NOT believed purely on what Kleck says.

          Here is a website also with heaps and heaps of verse-by-verse lessons in mp3 format to go along with Bible study at home, they help a lot:

          And lastly, a small webpage on Grace vs. Law to help many people get started in a quick study on our saved under Grace as this becomes a very debated topic among ourselves – sometimes more-so than pre-mid-post trib rapture (Rapture will be good, but either way if we don’t go before tribulation we should NEVER lose faith in Jesus)

          I hope those links work for everyone and I hope many get help from them – the internet is huge which makes it difficult to find decent lessons and help.

  180. K.Aravinth Timothy said

    K.Aravinth Timothy, I am reading your letters, it is very, very useful to control my mind thank you Jesus Christ and you.

  181. gary said


    You don’t have to be a Super Christian…..few of us are…you can not have stumbled around in the dark more than me….!….but what you do have is the gift of exhortation and encouragement…..that along can saVe thousands….so start your own blog…it is free, you have the gift of writing, and young people are so desparate for you’d message they are committing suicides for lack of hope…Go do it….that alone will get you so absorbed in the life if serving others , you will miraculously realise you are not even down any more….

    This is a good site to discover the hurting….start here.

    I know all this because I have a wife who has experienced all of these torments as a child and only now just coming out of it…..
    Thank God for this site…

    Be blessed.

    • Antonio said

      Gary, thank you so much for your encouragement and kind words. I love to encourage others. It’s because what I say to them is what I wish someone had said to me.
      I don’t know about starting my own blog. The reason is I’m not computer savvy (that’s s-a-v-v-y. It looks like a w in there instead of two v’s) person. And I’ve got so many projects around this house that it’s beginning to look trashy. No, it’s looked trashy for some time. I’m am going to do what you suggested and start here, on this site. If the Lord doesn’t return this year, I will seriously look into your suggestion. I can’t think of anything more rewarding. It’s not that I don’t want a blog to help others, it’s just that I would not have the foggiest idea of how to begin. I love the idea. And I’m flattered, in a humble Christian way I hope, that you would suggest that to me.
      The boy I wrote to probably has explosive potential to benefit the body of Christ. That’s why he’s being attacked so much. The enemy knows the kids a dynamo. I hope to hear back from him and I would love to encourage him more.
      Thank you for praising the few writing skills I have. I’m not terribly well educated in the English department. I wish I had better grammar skills, etc. But I enjoy it and hope to improve.
      I had lots to do today and I was in a big hurry and you saw that I got some spelling wrong and perhaps you had to read it slower to figure out what I was saying. Either way, you got the gist. I hate to see people down on themselves. I mean I hate it! When people start talking that way, I get fired up. I’ve been so down and struggle ,still, so much that I don’t want others to suffer the same way. And, it’s not the proud that are self conscious and suffering, it’s usually the humble. I love to stick up for the little guy. As long as God gives me the courage, I always will do my best to do so. I’m a huge chicken on my own. But sometimes the gloves have to come off.
      I hope that young man writes back to me. I don’t want him alone in this. I want him to lace on a pair of stomping boots that have “Giant” and “Killer” printed on each toe. Something tells me it could be just so, that this kid could be a big asset to himself and others.
      Otherwise brother, I’ll bid you good night. You don’t know how much good you did me by your words. Just having someone notice me really made me feel good. And your gift of encouragement to me gives me that much more for that young brother who is struggling so much. See what you did?
      When we see a brother or sister in a fight with another and they’re in pain, then it gets “personal” for us. I truly feel if that kid is loosing then I’m loosing. Like I said, this is personal. You see, I was that kid, I am that kid and I don’t want to loose anymore.
      Thanks again,

  182. Guest said

    You are right about demons attacking one’s mind. When I was a teen. Demons would attack my mind constantly. They almost drove me crazy. They’d give me horrible nightmares, that would make me hallucinate in the middle of the night. They started when I was 13. I thought there was a spider on my nightstand. I begged for my mother to kill it. But she ignored me and just chalked it up to sleep walking. Once I dreamed there were spiders crawling all over my face. I woke up, and I could still see the spiders. So, I ran out into the middle of the hallway and started screaming. My dad ran in and basically told me to get a grip. Though he was basically insensitive. Something about his voice must have scared those demons because I never had a bug dream after that. And I can really relate to the demon of memory. This summer, the memory of an individual that I had not spoken to in years began to enter my thoughts. I had strong feelings for him and had basically forgotten he’d ever existed, until one day all the feelings I had for him 15 years ago resurfaced. To my disappointment I found out he was basically married with a child. Now I can’t get him off my mind. And I know that God hates adulteress thoughts.

  183. Guest said

    Excuse me 12 years ago

  184. Peter chuks said

    What a wonderful & inspiring write-up! I’m indeed truely blessed by what i’ve read&i pray dat jehovah God’ll give us more grace to follow HIM in truth&also in sincerity.. Tnks once again..

  185. Nathan said

    Hello again, I just need to fix up something I may have been wrong about:
    1. The youtube links I posted, and
    2. The Rapture, and
    3. The Mark of the Beast.

    Firstly, the youtube links may be helpful to some, but I have personally moved away from listening to most, if not all, youtube videos – the people are nice and all, but may have also fallen for the same deceptions that I have – so to trust them over the Bible would be foolish, unfortunately – especially, at this time, Kleck, as most of what he says kept me in ‘conspiracy mode’ and less in ‘bible study’ mode – plus most of what he says cannot be completely supported by scripture – such as his alien theories. Not that he may be totally wrong, but it’s just hard to back it up ourselves.

    The link to the mp3 sermons still holds tight, though. They are a great load of help as they go verse-by-verse, but some investigation into the preacher is necessary before listening to them. People such as Bill Gallatin and Pancho Juarez I have listened to and have been very helpful, but others such as Chuck Misler and Greg Laurie have suspicious backgrounds – I won’t say anything, but research into them is required before listening to them – they did help me at first, but if a false doctrine slips in it can be very hard to let go – which brings me to…

    Secondly, the ‘Rapture’. I do want to believe in the Rapture, but I have done a LOAD of research and it keeps coming back as a Jesuit ploy via the Vatican (and NWO) and the evidence points to it being a sham. Briefly: Reformation in 16th century named the Roman Catholic Church as ‘little horn’ (Dan7), the ‘mouth’ (Rev13), and the ‘harlot’ (Rev17). Roman Catholic Church needed a ‘new prophecy’ to take the heat away from them, Pope Leo authorized three Jesuit priests (Francisco Ribera, Luis de Alcazar, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine) to invent the ‘new prophecy’.

    Ribera came up with futurism, the rapture doctrine in 1585 and published ‘In Sacrum Beati Ionnis Apostoli & Evangelistate Apocoalypsin Commntari’.

    Later, another Jesuit, Emmanuel Lacunza built upon Ribera’s work and penned a book (The Coming of Messiah in Glory and Majesty’ under a fake Jewish name, Juan Josaphat ben Ezra, to fool Protestants into accepting his book (approx 1812). Reverend Edward Irving contended it was the work of a converted Jew and embraced the pre-trib rapture line-of-thought,

    Later, Samuel Roffey Maitland republished it in 1826, 29, 30. John Nelson Darby picked it up, along with the same ‘prophecy’ envisioned via the occultist Margaret McDonald (visited her with Irving) and along with Lacunza/Irving’s work he then pushed the pre-trib rapture as well.

    Cyrus Ingerson Scofield incorporated Darby’s teachings into the ‘Scofield Reference Bible’. Three million copies published in first 50 years, carried rapture theory into the heart of evangelism and now many modern Baptists rely heavily on Scofield’s work.

    Scofield and Darby influenced Dwight Lyman Moody, who was influential in the early Pentecoastal movement – Assemblies of God are largest Pentecoastal movement in the world and in 1914 they ordered their Sunday School and study materials from the Moody Press – Assemblies believe what Moody Bible Institute taught which included the rapture theory.

    That all comes from my notes – but you can easily research this through Google or whatnot – this also brings me into my next point, which I do not have any notes as of yet:

    Thirdly/Lastly: I am starting to believe the ‘Mark of the Beast’ is – of all things – Sunday Worship. The Sabbath is the SEVENTH DAY, but the Roman Catholic Vatican CHANGED God’s Laws and times and made Sabbath the SUNday, the SUN worship of ancient pagans – apparently this was done in the past to appease Christians and pagans into the same religion (I guess this is why Roman Catholicism is called a whore – because she sleeps with other, pagan, doctrines).

    Since I don’t have many notes on this, I will incorporate some scripture:

    “And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made.” Genesis 2:2 (KJV)

    “Six days thou shalt work, but on the seventh day thou shalt rest: in earing time and in harvest thou shalt rest.” Exodus 34:21 (KJV)

    And Roman Catholics changing God’s Law (Commandment 4, Sabbath plus Commandment 2, Idolatry) and Times (Sabbath = SUNday rather than Saturday):

    “And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. ” Daniel 7:25 (KJV)

    Roman Catholic 10 Commandments:

    The King James Version states the the Mark will be **IN** your hand and forehead – not ‘on’, as almost every-single other Bible version states. Being IN could mean what you physically do or your actions (right hand) and what you think (forehead).

    But changing it to ‘on’, now everyone is looking and expecting the Mark to be an RFID chip or bar-code tattoo some type of implant – whilst everyone is looking for something physical to denote the Mark, they may miss the spiritual side of it – such as OBEYING man-made doctrine and ‘laws’ rather than God’s Law, especially Sunday worship and Idol worship.

    If you look up ‘Blue Laws’ there are laws that can be, and possibly will be, enforced at some time – the main being the Sunday Law where nobody is allowed to buy, sell or work.

    But yeah, I just thought I’d share that with everyone in case I have led anyone down the wrong path – but even this: Research and study the Bible (preferably the King James as the rest change and delete wayyy too many verses, look it up) and find the answer yourself – but if we are waiting for a rapture that never happens then we may not be prepared to handle tribulation spiritually – and run the risk of ‘giving up’ on Jesus.

    One thought, I just saw that Hollywood TRASH movie ‘Skyline’ the other night – IF, and a big IF, the New World Order have the technology to fake an alien invasion and possibly ‘alien rapture’ many people, then all of us left may be fooled into thinking we are ‘left behind’ – but, as I stated earlier, the whole ‘rapture’ idea may have been from the devil all along – in his thousands of years compared to our single lifetimes, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s been setting up the chessboard since Jesus on the cross, ready to suck as many of us into the Second Death as possible.

    Anyway, take what you like from that – but research, study and IGNORE what man says unless you can back it up with scripture – as for the rapture: was Job raptured from his tribulation? was Daniel raptured from the lion’s den? Were the Israelites raptured from Egypt BEFORE the ten plagues of wrath (Exodus 7:18-12:30)? Was Jesus or the Apostles raptured? Was Paul raptured from his tribulations (2 Corinthians 11:23-27)?

    “And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.” Hebrews 9:27-28 (KJV)

  186. gary said


    Holy Cow.

    I don’t know what your other posts say , but you , are although correct at getting washed away in UTube Theology, are on a mixed path of truths and error within the body of most of what you have written. The fact that you are taking the high standard of admitting to making retractions of a previous position shows just how precarious the entire subject of sorting out theology becomes. We all can be wrong…..even those writing about those who thing they are wrong.!….so who is deceiving whom? Satan most probably.

    You seem to be well knowelledged about the history of the Bible, but have left behind the whole simplicity of knowing the loving God. He is not that complicated.

    The Bible says quite clearly that He is not the author of confusion. Your analysis and interpretations lead only in that direction….especially for any one new to the purposes and ways of His redemption toward lost people.

    Stop dissecting the Bible verse by verse, book by book, author by author, teacher by teacher, faith by faith. You will be forever b confounded trying to fabricate the perfect truths. The devil is a doubter, and the author of it.

    All of this is confusion and distortion is from the devil himself.

    Realize this…..all of the servants of God in the Old Testament , folks like David for instance, never had a Bible in their hand. Because it was not produced. And did not have commentaries to read or study . Because they were not born yet.
    And yet we know God accepted them, and even know they are in Heaven.
    Point being. Accept the simplicity of knowing God as a little child awaiting good guidance from his or her father. If you ask in humility, He will lead you to the truth, and it comes in peace and a calm knowingness.

    I believe that many whom we may believe are on a jet plane to Heaven , are in fact on a bullet train to the Pit….and God will know how to deal with them . Your job is to pray that God directs you to the right terminal, and pray that no one switches your boarding pass before you reach the gate.

    He says. If you truly seek Me, Repent with humility (which means, bow your head and admit that even with Goggle at your fingertips ‘ I Know Nothing ‘ ) , I can and will be found, and I will not lead you astray, and in fact will direct you in to all truth……All this other stuff, once you are fully grounded, while great for intellectual debates , only causes distortions, deception, division , and for some …death.

    Remember , He said.: Accept Me as though a child. A child doesn’t know theology.



    • Nathan said

      Yeah, I’m trying to ween off theology – and history (as history is written by the ‘winners’, apparently) – and just gonna stick directly to the Bible, rather than what my ‘itching ears’ hears from all the internet teachers:)

      I have another email that just arrived with a person giving lots of convincing reasons the rapture is true – but instead of getting bogged down I’m just gonna **prepare for the worst, hope for the best** spiritually.

      Verses can be twisted to suit anyone’s beliefs, making it really hard to distinguish what’s true and what’s made up in the end – but I guess the devil has had a LONG time to plot and plan on how to mess us up.

      I got through watching a bunch of ‘Discover Prophecy’ and some ‘Amazing Facts’ videos and never-ever knew until the end that they were Seventh Day Adventist videos – I have nothing against them but upon researching them and Ellen G White, well, it doesn’t look like they like to stick to fact – especially their crazy ‘Clear Word Bible’ which changes verses like crazy.

      SO, I’m going to deprogram and wash my brain a bit and burn down my wood, hay and stubble from Jesus’ foundation and start rebuilding with gold, silver and precious stones (1 Corinthians 3:12).

      And I’ll mainly stick with “…Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” (Luke 10:27)

      You are definitely right when you say Jesus is not the author of confusion, so whilst reading the Bible if I get stuck – I’ll just ask Him to help, rather than all these massive commentaries, internet, etc.

      Prophecy was my major interest, but since man has a thousand-and-one explanations I think I’ll stick completely to Jesus’ teachings and ask Him to show me the answers to prophecy – If it’s His will. The last thing I want is to go all David Koresh and have a Waco on my hands!! 🙂

      I now think too much theology equals…

      “Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools, And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.” (Romans 1:21-23)

      Lastly, I was worried for a while that I needed to study so I wasn’t fooled by any New World Order fake Messiah, like Maitreya or Zarathustra or those ‘Galactic Federation’ bozos or such – but I just remembered that God was not sending the delusion to us believers, He is sending great delusion to the unrepentant unbelievers – So I’ll trust in Jesus rather than my own ‘protective measures’.

      Like you said, and I agree, ‘I know Nothing’… and that nothing can become quite confusing if left up to corruptible man, rather than incorruptible God:)

  187. yemi said

    god is our father the only father we can trust and we love him for letting us be alive to day # franmmeily and cookie

  188. yemi said

    huhu god rules

  189. Nathan,

    Brilliant reply. You are a man after God’s own heart.

    Nathan in 1991 or at the first Gulf War with Studs going into Israel I was convinced by sings and events and prophetic teaching this was it….Jesus will be here any minute….and it consumed how I lived.

    Well as we can see , we are 20 years on, we are still here, and the noose is getting tighter. He is still coming , and with the gross things going on almost everyday , it is only Mercy that hopes for a few more souls to avoid the coming Wrath. Having said that….it is God who controls Time….he could stretch his clock out another 20 years of progressive misery if he chooses,..just like since 1991.

    I personally believe that the Bible is purposefully ambiguous about the Second coming because for one, it prevents pride from building up to the one who thinks he has it all figured out….and secondly, and probably more emphatic….is that Jesus himself said not even He, the Son of God, knows. So unless we try to elevate ourselves to the level of God…?..well we all know where that led for another so called smart angel!!

    So, observe, study, ponder, read, write an opinion.n or so. Something are obviously wrong and if is helpful to steer people away from disasters as Paul taught in Galatians. You ate an intelligent voice, and many can ve helped by your insight and wide comments…..just let them know that God isn’t that complicated….else we are all lost.

    Cheers, and bless your efforts.


    Check out too.

  190. iwannabefree said

    I could use many prayers right now as I’m unsure what exactly I’m fighting…

    • Iwannabefree….please explain?

    • Antonio said

      Dear Iwannabefree,
      there have been times, even recently that I didn’t know what I was battling. Pray for understanding and wisdom of God’s word. Ask God to lead you even though you don’t know what the phantoms are that you are fighting. Sometimes the Devil tries to get us/me busy trying to figure out what is going on. This, for me at least, has caused me to focus on the problem and not God. The Bible says,

      Isaiah 26:3 King James Version (KJV)
      3Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on thee: because he trusteth in thee.

      Stay in the Word get together with Christians friends. If you don’t have fellowship, your in line for a rough ride.
      I have many struggles and this is the only way to go. Pray for others and that helps too. Sometimes reading these responses will help you learn things and ideas you may not have had.

  191. Lordleadme said

    Reading this has truly been a blessing. This really spoke to me. It’s like whoever wrote this knew exactly what I have been going through/experiencing recently. May God bless you and I pray that you continue to carry out Gods will on earth. Amen

  192. lou said

    Hey thanx you for your instructions.I am Gavin a hard time getting rid of a voice that is saying bad cusswords towards God.its making me feel like I’m the one saying it.when I love God with all my heart.anymore advicce on how to handle it?

  193. maria said

    I need prayer for myself for i have gone astray and my life is so sinful. Im worried my 11,5,and 3 yr olds are lost do to my neglegance in the teaching of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I need to regain control of my mind body and remove the chain thats dragging me to hell.

    • maria said

      I also need prayer for my babies. That they are protected from all evil and that they learn about God and His Word so that they are not subject to satans lies and deciet. Thank you for having faith and doing the works of the Lord.

  194. Maria

    The Bible teaches that what God is most attracted to in the whole entire world is that of the contrite and repentant heart of the lost , or even those who have gone astray , and have come to their senses.

    He will meet you at the very place where you kneel.

    He will hear your prayer and can and will restore everything you Belivers you have lost.

    He will give you a hope and a future.

    He will give you the security that you can Spend eternity in Heaven with your children….and you can have 1 million years with each one….then do it over again and again….for Eternity….
    Now, with an ending like that at your fingertips….can you see why Satan would want to prevent anyone from knowing about it ??

    Your prayer has been heard. Read daily and be renewed….everything will change.

  195. Welcome Helen.

    You are correct…the days unfortunately will get darker….but sites like this help see the darkness for what it really is….and provide a light to show people the way through.

  196. mervyn said

    a demon is controling my mind need a prayer please

  197. Maria said: I need to regain control of my mind body and remove the chain thats dragging me to hell.

    I love the way Paul summed it up saying “but I see in my members another law waging war against the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin that dwells in my members.”

    Beloved there is not one of us who has not faced the battle between the soul and spirit. Like Paul I too have asked “Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?” His aswer: “I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serve the law of God; but with the flesh the law of sin.”

    With the mind – With the understanding, the conscience, the purposes, or intentions of the soul. This is a characteristic of the renewed nature. Through Christ i renew my mind daily. What a blessing to be at peace knowing regardless of what happens your name is written in the Lamb’s book of life. In this you can be sure.

  198. Ydrianne said

    Finally found something to stop this thank you for posting this and I would like to talk and chat about this to someone god bless.

  199. Helen said

    I totally agree.This web site has really helped me alot.I love to hear how God shows up in peoples lives and takes controll and the key word is they allow God to do it.Be blessed.

  200. Helen said

    maria,the thing is.we all can pray for you but your the one that has to make the choice which one you want top serve.That is one thing we can’t do for you.You will stand before God and answer for what you do.No one will be standing in your place.Make the right choice.Your the one doing the sining and your the only one that can stop it. be blessed

  201. Jonathan said

    Hi, I’m 16 years old. I’m worried I’ve commited the unpardonable sin.

    I’m worried, because I’ve had unwanted, uncontrollable blasphemous thoughts coming up against The Holy Spirit. Horrible thoughts against the Holy Spirit. It’s like I’ve had doubts about him being good.

    I know he’s good. I’ve been having to confess stuff like

    “Holy Spirit is God”, “God is spirit”, “Holy spirit is a Clean spirit”, “God is light, in him is no darkness”. Over and over. To prevent it.

    I’m afraid I might have quenched, grieved or even blasphemed the Holy Spirit. I’ve been depressed due to this. I’ve been seeking a relationship with The Holy Spirit a lot, and praying a lot.

    My faith is not so stable now, because of this.

    My dad says it’s because I have Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

    • Your have not comitted the unpardonable sin. I think everyone here has experienced blasphemous thoughts at sometime in our walk. These thoughts are evil spirits working upon the mind.

      If your mind has sudden flashes or suggestions, that apparent to be thoughts, with no sequence, or in any orderly connection, then the enemy may be counterfeiting the operation of a person’s mind, and trying to insert his suggestions into it as if they were the outcome of the man’s own thinking; for when he is in the process of thinking, the lying spirits seek to inject some thought, suggestion or feeling; the first into the mind, and the last into the spirit.

      The danger at this point is for the believer to be ensnared by the simultaneous working of his own mind, and the presentation to the mind of the evil spirit’s words or visions, which he thinks come from him.
      Tel are basically to ways he does this. By direct communication to the mind, and indirectly, by attacks on the spirit, causing undesirable feelings there, such as what you are going through.

      So what do you do now? Evil spirits can inject into our feelings. Their aim is to cause man to be moved by these feelings. You should resist each and every thought, replacing it with the Word of God and joy knowing God has saved you, and rejoice that your name is written on high. You should rejoice in this daily, as you renew your mind daily, even if you do not feeling a change, this should be done because now you aware of what is taking place. Do not dwell on what he is doing, but on what God is doing. Remember feelings are what the enemy plays upon, therefore (faith) and (not feelings) is the way to victory.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      Hi, you are not being a blashemer, yet. Your are be attacked by what is called the firey darts of satan.

      Let me explain. Look up in the New Testatment, Esphesians 6:10 and read to verse 20. Look very close a verse 16, those thoughts you are having are the firey darts of satan. To put it in simple terms, you can just be sitting somewhere or watching tv or just thinking about something, and all of a sudden these evil thoughts come to your mind. You think where did that come from. That is exactly what is called a firey dart interjected into your mind by satan’s evil spirits. So to fight them off just say “I rebuke you satan, go in the name of Jesus and walk the dry places and do not return”. If you act on what they are saying, you have allowed them to enter you to oppress you. If this has happen it is sin, just get real and confess it before God, look up 1st John, 1:9 I will explain the other verses for you also.

      Verse 11, Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. ( This means to read the word of God, the bible to build you up in His most holy faith, so you can fight off evil.)

      Verse 12, For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wicknesss in the heavenly places. ( 1st part, we are not fighting flesh and blood, that means we are not fighting with men, but with satan’s followers) but against Principalities (the area controled by the prince of this world satan and his demons), against powers,(this is a “false temporary power” given by satan to his legions of demons, poltergist, imps, and fallen angels.) (satan only has little power to buffet you, and tell you through a lieing demon you are condemed), against rulers of darkness of this age, ( the same things as before, satan and all his evil followers that will be here until the church age ends), against spiritual hosts of wickness in heavenly places,( they do not reside in the relm that we can see. They are in the spiritual world, and we can not always see them, but they are there.)

      Verse 13, Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. ( Take up reading the word of God, because satan and his followers can not enter of interfer with you and stand on the Word of God, do not let them tempt you, rebuke them in the Name of Jesus) Say, I rebuke thee in the name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

      Verse 14, Stand therefore having girded your waist with truth, having put on the breastplate of righteousness. ( Stand in truth, do not lie about anything, that gives place for evil to enter, put on the word of God, in right standing with God is righteousness.)

      Verse 15, and having shod your feet with preparation of the gospel, of peace. (make it a choice to read the word and stand and believe on what it says, and do it in peace, do not make it worrisome.)

      Verse 16, above all, taking the shield of faith, with which you will be able to quench all the firey darts of the wicked one.
      ( Standing in the Faith of God and Jesus, and the Holy Spirit, and be ready to fight them off by rebuking them as soon as they attack.)

      Verse 17, And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God.( Believe in the salvation that Jesus has given you, and be ready to speak the word of the Lord to them.)

      Verse 18, praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, being watchful to this end with all perserverance and supplication for all the saints. ( saying your prayers on a regular basis, giving thanks to our Lord and Saviour, supplication means to implore, stand on the word, asking the Holy Spirit to guide and keep you. Perserverance means, be persistant in spite of attacks or obstacles, so be persistant do not waver to one side or the other, stand on what you know is right.)

      Verse 19, & 20 Paul is saying he is always ready to stand for the cause of Christ, and spread the gospel of the Lord. ( This is what the Lord commissioned for us to do also.

      Matthew 28: 18 to 20. Look this up for a start on your reading the bible, set a time each day to do this. Read the New Testatment first, and read one chapter starting with Genesis one, each day. The Old Testatment will let you know how God deals with His people.

      Also read New Testatment on what the holy spirit is all about. The book of John chapters 14,15,and 16.

      I hope this helps you, please let me know if I can be of anymore help. But do not give over to these attacks from the evil one.

      In the Love of Christ,

      • I had to print this one out and magnetize it to our fridge!

        Good Word Marsha…This reads like a billy club to the devils head.



        • Marsha Barnes said

          Hi Gary,

          Thank you, I was led by the Lord to give that out, so people will know it is a daily fight, we just need to be ready to stand for all things that are right. When I go into great length to explain, it is the Lord that is leading me to do this. I am always looking for information from Him to give out that can be of help.

          In the Love of Christ,

    • Marsha Barnes said


      Go to the expelling demons, I have written many things there will help you also.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Jonathan,

      I want to tell you just what the Holy Spirit will do for you, pay close attention and then ask the Lord to forgive you for being angry at the Holy Spirit. Know this also, grieving the Holy Spirit is when He has given us a good idea to do, but we don’t do it. That is what the Holy Spirit grieves about, our disobediance to His guideing.

      So I will not tell you just what He can do for you, if you will allow him to. You might write these down to keep close and when you need Him look up the scripture that you need and pray about it.

      The Holy Spirit is what gives Life, John 6: 6

      The Holy Spirit is formed by YHWH (the Lord) Zechariah 12: 1

      The Holy Spirit enlightens. Proverbs 20: 27

      The Holy Spirit is Life Romans 8: 10,11

      The Holy Spirit is strength. Romans 8:13

      The Holy Spirit is our guide. Romans 8: 14, Isaiah 30: 21
      We are adopted by the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:15 ( A natural child can be disowned, but an Adopted child is permanent and can not even by law be un-Adopted. )

      The Holy Spirit encourages. Romans 8: 16,17

      The Holy Spirit comforts. John 14: 16,17,18

      The Holy Spirit teaches. John 14: 26

      The Holy Spirit testifies of Jesus Christ. John 15: 26

      The Holy Spirit guides us. John 16: 13

      The Holy Spirit glorifies Yeshua (Jesus) and gives Him indentification. John 16: 14

      Isaiah 48: 21 ” And they did not thirst when He led them through the desert,
      He caused the waters to flow form the rock for them:
      He also split the rock, and the waters gushed out.

      The Rock, speaks of Messiah translated (EBEN) means rock. Turn it around and you have (NEBE) which means prophesy. Water speaks and symbolizes the Holy Spirit. In the Word of God, you will never be thristy.

      Please look these up and know that the Lord sent the Holy Spirit to comfort and guide us through this life, if we will only listen to His call, He will led us in the right paths.
      It is that little voice in your mind, that will tell you what is right and what is wrong.

      God Bless you Jonathan,
      Marsha Barnes

  202. gary said

    You are absolutely fine.

    The Holy Spirit in you guides and leads you to even chat on anointed forums such as this. He is a deposit in your soul as a guarantee if your purchase exactly like getting a record of deposit from the bank on a sheet of paper. You don’t physically see the money but you know you have the rights to it.

    The confusion is the lie.

    Obsessive Compulsive is a lie too. It is the irrational thought pattern of constantly double and triple thinking yourself about the very thing you know that you know. Here is what to do. Attack the very first negative thought or impulse with a big NO.!
    I absolutely know that His Love is unmoveable. I am standing on His Word that nothing can remove me from the Love of God. I know He loves me and the Bible tells me so. It is settled.

    Then walk away from the thought and go about your daily business.

    When it comes up again, say the same thing.

    Very soon , the devil will know he had been found out and move on.

    I know. I used to live in that OC world.


  203. MichEllE said

    I can’t agree with you!!

  204. Helen said

    so free my mind it’s tearing me apart.i humbly cry from the depths of my heart i humbly cry.

    • It is in the battlefield of the mind that we fight. “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war according to the flesh.” Christian are locked in an intense war, not with external forces. We forget that much of our battle is within our own mind and thoughts. The first key to victory is understanding this battle is not of the flesh or carnal.
      The mind encompasses our thoughts (imagination, reasoning, and intellect), as well as our emotions and will. In these aspects lie the very heart of an individual. By our thoughts and feelings we determine our will and purpose for our lives. As Christians, we seek to live by the truth and power of God because they are our assurance of God’s promised victory in each and every situation in life, and we are not ignorant of the reality of evil, and the destruction that surrounds our world on a daily basis. It is in this process that we will encounter a very real spiritual struggle in our thoughts, emotions and will, because the adversary knows that these areas are directly related to the power of our faith, and means to receiving the promises of God. The adversary’s goal is to weaken the faith of every Christian.

      In order to begin breaking down these strongholds, we need to immerse ourselves in the Word. The Word begins to contradict the arguments of the world, the flesh and the Devil and we believe and act on the Word, then the strongholds will fall. Do not allow the world to rebuild and reinforce the strongholds faster than the Word can break them down. Come out from the world and worldly thinking. Limit the access of the world into your mind and soak in the Word of God and you will begin to find victory in areas you never thought possible.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Helen read what I just told Jonathan to read. It will help you also..

  205. Seth said

    I thank u you do much I’m just saved on may 10 and I am 19 and i am a guy and I truly believe in god came in the form of a man and dieing for my sins that I have done and will do. And this little voice in the back of my head kept questioning wheather or not god was real. And you have explained to me that even though I’m saved. And it doesn’t mean demons can’t try to take control of my mind and try to make me rebuke god. I was so worried that I was not actually saved but you have helped me to learn how to make the demons leave me without using repitition. I have been looking things up and reading my bible and my has not been able to concentrate completely when I read it and I thought it was my ADHD that I have bug when I started having some little voice in the back of my head tell me god may not be real I new something was wrong. I was raised catholic and we were taught what you said that some christian churches say that when you except Jusus as your savior that nothing will happen anymore. I believed them to until 3 years ago I went to a southern babtist church and they explained to me that most of what the catholic church taught me was wrong. And I will pray for them. My paster told me today that the demons would try to turn me from my faith I mean I almost became atheist 4 months ago because I fell into the wrong croud and did drugs. But the church opened there arms to me when I returned and I am thankful they did because if they didnt who knows where I would be. But today I went up to my paster and told him I was ready to except Jesus as my savior and that I will repent of my sins and do better for the world. He said my life will be better but there will be trials because demons will try to bring me back back to the evil I used to do. I knew something was wrong when this voice in the back of my head started saying these things. But I got nervous and I know you not suppost to fear demons cause they then get power over you but I just wanted to make sure that it was them and not me. I am thankful you put this up. I’m being baptist soon and I know that all the babtismal represents the life death and resurrection of our savior jesus Christ. Thank you again for reassuring me. I have done what you said to do 5 or 6 time with different words bug I still follow the rules and they are just barely subsiding but it’s getting better. Thanks again. Oh and if you could if anyone has an answer please comment I don’t know what to do to answer this question? I like this girl but she’s not saved but I believe with enough praying and telling her how happy I am will make her wang to be saved. What should I do? Leave her and pray she finds god or stay for a while and see if I can get her to admit that god came as a man and died for our sins. Sorry if things aren’t spelled right but that how my phone works if I write something it uses auto spell. But if you could please let know something soon I have looked it up and nothing has come up. I’d appreciate it.? If you can thanks if you cant that’s ok to. Some words might not come out right big if you actually read this entire comment you’ll see I know what is true and what is fake.

  206. Michael Kayode said

    Please pray for me over demonic mind control perpetrated through the air and supported with tecnological ideas and evil monitoring.

    Please pray for me over demonic mind attack/control supported by technological ideas and backed up with evil monitoring

  207. Rose said

    Could you pray with me for my Self my husband David and four children god knows who we are , pray for deliverance in our minds and thought life , if two or three come together their he is , a rope is better then a strand thanks may god bless and keep you safe until he comes amen

  208. Elisabeth said

    Thank you very much for posting this message on here! It is of great help, inspiration, motivation, and of awe at the mercy of our Lord and King Jesus Christ! Amen! My prayer is that all that read from this website will be touched by the Holy Spirit and that He may guide us all in all of our spiritual needs and will teach us how to fight the good fight and never give in to that liar, the devil.
    Once again, I am very happy that this website exists, it is very helpful and useful! May God bless all who have been involved in the making of this site! And may He guide, and draw us near to Him. In Jesus’ precious name I pray, AMEN!

  209. Cassandra said

    hi im cassy im getting voices that tell me to gove my soul to the devil when i know very well not to do that or i will burn for eternity but i do need a lot of prayer and thank you so much

  210. Michelle Moore said

    I was needing to contact you personally. The email you gave is not responding it sends it back to me.

  211. Leon said

    I have been experienceing spiral war fare for 12 years i have been smothered and even raped by a demonic force i did not always know that this was real and even happening to other ppl. When i did come to that realisation i did exactly Wut it said not to in the above text after years of enduring physical pain rite before falling asleep i embraced the demons as it was less painfull than struggling to wake up i told myself i was not afraid and more powerful than them i believe i have encountered 13 different demons and in the end embraced them all last year i totally let Jesus Christ into my life and have only had to deal with a simliar situation after i watched one attack my girlfriend as i lay beside her in bed i realized Wut was going on and demanded the demon to leave her and come into me have i seriously messed up

  212. Heshbon said

    This blog was posted by a Christian reaching out to those experiencing spiritual warfare of any kind and how to defeat anything that is not of God by rebuking in the name of Jesus Christ. We know the enemy attacks in many ways through several demonic ways. He is the god of lies any confusion comes from satan. Us, Christian believers are aware that the enemy tries to make his ways normal to blend in as if he doesn’t exist nor his demons so we can be caught offguard and attacked. As this blogger posted this for us who are truly here to inquire and grow stronger as prayer warriors resisting satan there are some of you manipulated by satan to reply to this blog which doesn’t pertain to you and your opinions. If you are a non-believer then follow the so called golden rule in all your interactions etc. You don’t have to believe it’s a free will from God to do right or wrong as a test in this world, but you certainly know what is to be good and respectful of others and/or places as well as to be bad and disrespect others and/or places. If you have nothing good to say then just don’t say anything and if your opinions have nothing to do with blog then keep away. To everyone else, Christians, realize that they are going against these concerns being from the enemy trying to convince us or others not strong in faith to think it’s all a myth so the enemy can deceive them and continue attacking them. Don’t waste your time replying to their comments because they simply don’t even care and they probably don’t even realize what is going on with them from such force manipulating them to also try to get the best of us. We are sons and daughters of Our Beautiful God Jehova who loves us so much that He sent His Son Jesus Christ so that we may be saved and delivered from all that won’t have a place in the kingdom come that will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven!
    Matthew 6:9-13 “This is how you should pray: Our Father in heaven, let your name be kept holy. Let your kingdom come. Let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us your daily bread today. Forgive us as we forgive others. Don’t allow us to be tempted. Instead, rescue us from the evil one.” In Jesus Christ name we pray for all of Your creation! Amen! Brothers and sisters don’t let anyone nor anyone steal your joy! Walk by faith and not by sight! Pray for the spirit of discernment so you may be able to distinguish good from evil in anyone, in anything and anywhere. When you feel like replying to someone’s comment on here or anywhere that has in anyway offended you and is triggering you to react on your emotions…think quickly WWJD?! you will rebuke the enemy who is behind this and then pray for whoever satan is using to steal our joy and get the best of us. Whoever had cruel intentions to instigate a debate to be malicious and confuse anyone on here will be very disappointed in not conquering their mission that is impossible when God is with us, if He is for us then who can be against us?! Amen!

    “Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.” Proverbs 3:5

    “The grass withereth, the flower fadeth: but the word of our God shall stand for ever,” Isaiah 40:8

    God bless all of you who shared your testimonials, experiences, knowledge and wisdom from God in order to bring comfort, healing, deliverance, knowledge of God’s word by intercessing through prayer! in Jesus Christ name! Amen!


  213. Felicia C. said

    I just want to say thank you. This information has been very helpful to me. Please keep me in your prayers.

  214. od said

    I want to thank all of you on here.Alot of people don’t understand spiritual warfare.It is very real.I have just came back to God not to long ago.I walked with him for along time and then after my divorce I didn’t think I could come back.I was asham and to think I hurt the only man that truely loves me.That was alot to take in.Then after I lost my earthly daddy,God begun to deal with me ALOT.He is taking me thru a very big storm in my life right now and he showed me in the spirit that he had my right hand walkin me thru it.He is teaching me about our christian conduct.He is taking me in areas I have never been before.He is teaching me to acknowledge him in all things big and small.He is teaching me that it doesn’t matter Who or what people say about or to me but it’s how I respond to it and to them.He is teaching me to feast on the word of GOD.He is teaching me to pray the word of GOD.AND HE IS TEACHING ME THAT I DON’T HAVE TO BEG.ALL WE HAVE TO DO IS ASK,BELIEVE AND RECIEVE. There is a special love that Jesus and GOD is unconditional.Thank all of you on here and God bless

  215. I am struggling in my mind. Not just my heart, but my spirit, itself is broken. You know, like the bible says about that, it drieth the bones. I feel as if I am drying up from the inside out and have never experienced so much brokeness. I counsel and read and pray and talk, but to no avail. Other than hearing, “whatsoever a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” If that is the case, then why do we need God? I am a believer, don’t get me wrong. I now what my Father has done many things in my life, but why am I more disallusioned than ever before? I can’t deny Him, but I need deeper answers than someone telling me what I am doing WRONG, or what I am NOT doing, or what I NEED to do. I find these answers condeming or guilt ridden or burdensome. When people talk of TRUSTING God, do we really do that? When you ask a friend to watch your children or a loved one, do we worry about it after the arrangements have been made? No. Why? Because we TRUST that friend TOTALLY and COMPLETEY. We do not worry and fret. We go about our business TRUSTING that our friend will do what they say they will. Why can’t we trust God in the same way? Seriously. How many of us can truthfully not be anxious about what life holds for us? Why can’t we lie down at night and rest assured, just like a happily married couple that love and trust in each other do. Knowing that each is there for the other. Shouldn’t we be able to do that with God? If we have such POWER in our thoughts and all emotions and reactions come from there, why not just shift gears and make ourselves happy and confident? Doesn’t it sound easy? I believe in our Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I am just searching for deeper answers. I wish He would just make things clear to me. I know He can

    • oj said

      Just quote the Word of God when you feel down,remember that we are in a super per national battle,And Satan is looking for who to devour,you need to run your race to the end

  216. I also needed to know how it is that someone can compliment you a thousand times and yet, one negative comment is believed above the thousand. I am familiar with how God feels about us as his children and many scriptures that elaborate about his love. I have repeated those statements from God when I have been attacked by negative thoughts. Ordered the evil ones to go back where they came from in Jesus’ name. Called them lies and replaced it with truth. Why is it, I question God’s love for me anyway? I would never question my mothers’ love, my husbands’ love, my trusted friends love. Why don’t I believe and feel and KNOW my Father’s love in the same way? As I talked about above, why don’t we trust and believe God’s love for us like we do with the ones we love on earth? Why do I reflect my own low self esteem and totally believe I’m not good enough? How can I change a lifetime of believing a lie? I would welcome any comments. I certainly cannot be alone in the way I feel. Although it sure feels that way….thank you for listening….

    • Antonio said

      Hello Deborah,
      for some strange reason I recieved over sixty comments/notices from this website today when I usually get just a few per week, or so. Your comment was the last one in, so it was at the top of all the others and the only one I didn’t erase automatically. The reason I still question God is because of my own persistent self doubt and low self esteem. I was born with it and I’m 52 years old and I haven’t seen much improvement. I know it’s still going to be the same old me when I wake up again tomorrow. So, in a way it all gets reflected back on how I feel about God. I doubt myself so I and I doubt my world, if you will, so I doubt God. I struggle with depression and the world isn’t always such a rosy place to me. That’s my whole outlook on life, gloomy, usually and doubtful. So, it logically follows that I doubt and my faith is a struggle at times. It doesn’t make you any less of a Christian. It’s just part of where we are. People on a path of discovering who God is and how he wants to be in our lives. I hope you follow.
      My name is Antonio.

  217. I used the analogy of never questioning MY husbands love, but I am not married. Otherwise, I would also be discussing these subjects with him. I am interested to know how many other people have contemplated the things I’ve talked about and what other trains of thought are out there. After all, we’re all here to help one another, aren’t we? And this is the first time I have ever posted anything like this…okay, no more comments from me for a while…take care..

  218. kirema joseph imanyara said

    Thank for your messages that has given a jungled and confused soul a new meaning to life .Also the messages has equipped me on how to prepare and face the devil when it strikes. In few words I request for prayers for devil keeps on attacking me occassionally especially at or am asleep .At some I opts trans-nighting praying for fear of encountering the devil during sleep.Thanks.

  219. mike said

    Yeah they tried to trick me into thinking the thoughts were mine. So typical of demon attacks. The more I prayed the more they attacked and fled. I need to get back into the church. Church is depressing, most people in church are not saved and so far from the truth. Because of this it’s difficult to not cry in church. I feel like I failed God for keeping quiet, yet my voice is small on the Internet. I need to be in public, yet I fear people, even church leaders for they all sent me to death in America. Thanks be to god for saving me from them. It took years at times to escape them. So many demons makes me feel forsaken, yet I know my heart is with God’s will and that alone comforts me. Don’t walk with God run to him. You cover more ground in life running.

  220. dawn ray said

    Thank you. This info. May just be saving me and my 14 year old daughter. Gob bless you.

  221. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi to all, a new excellant book out to read. ( The HARBINGER, The ancient Mystery that holds the Secret of America’s Future ) by JONATHAN CAHN printed in 2011. Published by Frontline, Charisma Media/Charisma House Book Group. to order.

    Sincerely, Marsha

  222. Thanks for your boldness, few are willing to do that these days.

  223. gary said

    Thanks Marsha.

  224. Bob said

    It is so sad how many Christians are like sheep, always blindly follow whatever Israel wants, PLEASE No war with Iran and losing more American lives, your fight is yours!! NOT the USA’s fight!
    While Israel is killing Christians in Palistine and won’t even aknowlegde the Armenian Halocaust(the first christian nation) because they want to be the ONLY victims, American Christians do NOTHING for their brotherhood, SAD TIMES

    Close to 5,000 of our American boys lost their lives along with two and half trillion spent to protect ..Israel from “WEAPONS OF MASS-DESTRUCTION, remember? Now Iran is a threat to Zionist Israel and they want us to do their fighting!! NO to WAR for ISRAEL against IRAN!.

  225. Blessings
    Please let me know where you have continued writing on this subject.
    I believe that through you the Holy Ghost want to teach me deeper in this subject.
    Vanto Vanto

  226. Jesus love me said

    This site is such a blessing, thank you.

  227. philip christopher said

    can demons attack or get into the minds of gods anointed people?????

  228. Liliya said

    Iv always loved God and i still do but i have problems in my head like i sometimes feel like i don’t love Him or something than i pray and beg God to free me from ths and alotta times i have a feeling like i rejected the love of God and i get really depressed and i cry alot its like im devided in two one side is bad and the other side is good i was really scared i love God i really do but alotta times i have a feeling like i dont its like its coming from my heart or something i get really depressed and cry alot i wanna have a great relationship with God like i used to and i always ask Him for forgiveness. when it goes away that bad feeling i feel happy and i praise God but it comes back and one time i had a feeling or a thoght im not sure what it was it was like i was against God or something i got really scared asked for forgiveness becouse i want to be with God always im just so tired of it i wanna be free and love and serve God.

  229. vickie said

    thank God i found this site. my son is under demonic attack now i have a way to help him see that and in jesus name fight it. thankyou.

  230. Jonathan said

    Thanks for sharing this. It is great advice and if everyone would practice this, I believe the world would be a better place and people would be much happier. It isn’t easy, but it gets easier the more you practice, just like anything else. We are like antennas, but we have lost touch with just how much we can actually sense. If we get away from the chaos of society and take the time to hunk and reflect on peace and quiet, we begin to realize just how sensitive we are and how there are many outside influences vying for a spot in our mind. Control of this is key, and sorting God’s will from the rest can empower you to live the way he wants you to and have the biggest positive impact on the world around you. I haven’t thought this way in years, but I know it to be true, because the best time in my life is when I practiced this same kind of discipline in my life.


    The exposition is very revealing and instructing,may the good Lord continue to strenghten all of you in and out of season in Jesus’ name.

  232. NNatalie and Peter Capaldi said

    My son and i are born again christians that have been hurt by Pastors and churches all over Melbourne Vic as they didnt want to make time such as 2hours one day a weeknight to go thru the bible with us but didnt want to make time and also our family picks on our weight everytime we were visiting them and we also forgave them in spirit but wont go and visit them and my son then rang them and told them to stay away from us as what they did to us so we left it in God’s hands but now my son and I have no christian friends, and other friends to taslk to us and we are so isolated in our house that we have lived for 8yrs and are in distress and cant pray to God like we used to and we need alot of Phyclogical help as we are going insane. What do we do? We are out of patience and are in alot of distress. Plz donbt mention churches to us as we will refuse as all the churches wanted from us is our money and wouldnt help us spiritually with our lives and in the word of God. Then these pastors have the guts to go out in the streets of Australia/Melbourne and preach the Gospel when they dont put it into practice themselves and we are not judging them but telling u the truth about them as we see it in their false fruits.
    ps: My son and I had prayers for this situation and all we want from you people is what we need to do physically in getting a Christian or do u know of a born again christian leader in our city or can make phone calls in finding a suitable Tutor in the word of God for us plz. That is all we are asking u plz help us find a good Rabbi that can help us thru the entire bible as we dont understand the scriptures even with the Holy Spirit as we both tried. Please please my broters and sisters help us with this pledge. Thank u kindly your brother Peter and Natalie Capaldi. I am 52 and my son Peter is 27 and are both on the Dissability and Carers Pension.

  233. Shahara said

    I’m new to this whole spiritual warfare. God has opened my eyes and has given me spiritual insight on many things around me, however there’s this one attack that happens ALOT with many new people I encounter. Ive come to realize its the same demon but new people. But what happens is pains would come out of nowhere and when I look God would show me who sent the attack, I just need clearity as to what exactly that demon is. Its crazy because even as im writing this to you a boy pulled up two chairs away from me and began to send attacks(im in my school library). But after pleading the blood and saying scripures under my breathe he left. So I know what to do when the attacks come, but I need clearity as to what exactly it is. This happens to me often and im begining to think its because i havent called the spirit out. I hope you can inform me.

  234. Shahara said

    Any one?

  235. john young said

    I’m contemplating suicide I can’t seem to get past this bombardment of flesh, demonic influence, and mistakes I have made through my life. I’m unhappy with my life in general. I feel I crossed a boundary somewhere. I’m tired no longer find joy in anything. I stay couped up in the house for the most part. Playing Video games, but I do read the word a lot I studie Chuck Missler , Doug Hamp , L.A Marzullli . But lately I’m not able to sleep I pray and no responses from the Lord. Just torment I’m not perfect I fall in to a fleshy mind a lot lust of women, thoughts of the past, and suicide I feel like the father a has given up on me. Maybe you can help I believe the time is close for the great deception. My hope rests in the Lord GOD I feel like I’m going insane. people seem strange I can’t look people in the face. I’m reaching out for some help. I pray the Lord comes quickly. Thank you I hope the Lord can help through you.

    • Jen said

      God has never left you, and He’ll never leave you. He said so in the Bible. He still loves you no matter what you do, no matter what you say, think, feel and no matter who you are. 🙂 You have to be patient and have faith. Keep praying. Also, I don’t think those people you mentioned are in the real Bible. Also, did you accept Jesus as your savior? Please hang in there.

      I would sometimes feel like committing suicide for reasons, especially being depressed. But I know that it is them that are trying to make me choose to kill myself and give up on life. But I won’t listen and I won’t do it. Especially since I think about the consequences for that. O.O it’s scary, and something I will regret if I ever do it.

      Anyway, if you haven’t confessed your sins, admitting your guilty, do go, and ask for forgiveness from Him, in Jesus’ name. 😀 I highly recommend it. Please don’t be deceived by the devil and his demons, okay? I’ll make sure I do the same. I’m praying for you and other people.

      If you’re still having these problems, that is. But I’ll still pray for you and others. ^_^ God bless you. ❤

  236. Andrew Joe Taylor Sr. said

    Any elder’s out there close to Jesus Christ please pray for me to be healed from these demons and the devil from controlling me and for my future with my family children and the father the son and the Holy Ghost I am in deep need for grandpa’s and Grandma’s to pray for me because my trust lays with you guys cause I’ve lost almost all my grand parents and I really feel lonely without grand parent guidance and pray for satan to stop controlling me and to stop him and the 50 demans from saying that they are Jesus Christ and they are god for they are piecing me together back words and I really need my life puzzled back together through our brother Jesus Christ and our father god I love god more than my family because without him I would have never had them and please pray for me to stop sinning thank you brothers and sisters love Andrew Joe Taylor Sr.

  237. I can say that this is a very thorough investigation of the scripture, except that you fail to note about those who call themselves Jews which is found in Revelations 2, Yahweh is not pleased with them and if this is the case that he would say such of them then this would lead one to believe also that they are not who they say; hence, occupation does not equal chosen.

    We look further, then, at the picture of a people exiled …Deuteronomy 28, gives a description of those in exile in another nation, also how they got there, and why they are thus so. I encourage you to read further on this. Dig deeper, because there is more here than meets the eye.

    Thanks for sharing,



  239. Live in the Name Of Jesus!

  240. Hi! It is great to think, talk and be happy that we are saved and happily confined in our lords protection .I love this site and we’ll share more.

  241. brent m said

    Need serious help-too weak and delirious to do myself bad

  242. jonathan ehis said

    please educate me on how to take control of a corrupt mind? Thanks God bless you.

  243. Ricky said

    Hello there. I’m wondering if you would be interested in doing a website link exchange? I notice your blog: and my blog are based mostly around the same subject. I’d love to switch links
    or possibly guest author a write-up for you. Here is my personal
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    contact me if you’re even slightly interested. Thank you.

  244. Lisa James said

    Am lisa James by name from USA, I want to use this great miss to thank this great spell caster for what
    he has done in my life DR. AJAYI, I was having misunderstanding with my husband for over three years now… But the day I met this great spell caster i express my self to him he now gave me he has done in my life DR. AJAYI, I was having misunderstanding with my husband for over three years now… But the day I met this great spell caster i express my self to him he now gave me he has done in my life DR. AJAYI, I was having misunderstanding with my husband for over three years now… But the day I met this great spell caster i express my self to him he now gave me he has done in my life DR. AJAYI, I was having misunderstanding with my husband for over three years now… But the day I met this great spell caster i express my self to him he now gave me some
    instructions of what to do and I did them all, about two days later my so called husband came to beg me that I should forgive him, now both of us are
    happy now living as on

  245. Sandy said

    I have severe anxiety and I hear whispers sometimes. I have had awful dreams of me becoming possesed and i am really scared and need some prayers , thank you

  246. Jack said

    This is not about masturbating or anything to do with things physical. It has to do with a Mental confrontation between Christ and Satan. I battle with these forces continually all the time. Tonight has become especially hard because Satan is rearing his head trying to Take control. This is not acceptable. I pray to our Lord Jesus Christ to Get Satan hence from me and in tonight’s case it seems especially hard because it has not only mental but also physical. I have challenged a face off between the two forces ( good & evil) to see who will win. I am tired of the continuous battle when I have no input to the outcome. I don’t know why that I have become a mediator for this confrontation, but it exist. I have physical proof of the fact that the two forces are trying to take control. I know that the Lord Jesus Christ is the winner and that I have the promise that Satan spends eternity in the lake of Fire.I also stand on the promise that I will spend eternity in heaven because Christ died on the cross for my sins. My Question is why is this battle between the two forces being waged within my mind and acted out in a physical way tonight. Pray for me for tonight is the coupe-d-argue.

  247. jamie said

    the peace of the risen jesus be upon you amen..i used to mastubate..but glory to God i have been set free..right now my grief is that pornographic thoughts jump into my mind…its so distressful…they are like enticement to go back to my former lyf but i will hold on to christ..there is a battle goin for my soul but i hope Gods light breaks through

  248. Anyonymous :( said

    I Don’t Know If I Came To The Right Website, But Im 12. Im Hearing Voices In My Head, Hallucinating, And Having Really Evil Dreams. I Used To Always Draw A Pentagram On My Arm When I Was Younger, But At That Time, I Didn’t Know What A Pentagram Was. The Dreams, Though, I’ve Always Been Having Since I Was Younger. Another Thing, Im Seeing Shadows, And Not From Light Or Anything. Like, Really Creepy Shadows. For A While Now, There Have Been Times When I Don’t Feel Like Myself. And I Think I Might Have Written A Curse, Something About The Illuminati. If Anyone Has Answers, Or Explanations Or Something, Contact Me. My Text Number 8622486195. Thanks!!

  249. carlos s.rincon said

    Carlos,s.I love Christ and I like to hear his word but I must confess I cant seem stop masturbating.and I also can’t quit drinking beer I only drink like on the weekends..and sometimes i watch pornographic photos.please help I don’t want to go to hell.I know my lord is watching me and I still do me lord.

  250. Nicholas said

    My name is Nicholas Vinodh,I am from Malaysia.I am a roman Catholic,before this i was a christian who do my prayers seldomly and i was just an ordinary christian.Just starting from two months back i was so interested to know my religion and to know my god and lord jesus christ.The last thing i did is i watched D.G.S Dhinakaran’s testimony from india in the youtube.I was amazed with his testimony and wanted to have jesus in my life and wanted to see him.As being more interested to know my religion and get to know jesus more,so I started to use the word “lord jesus christ i want to see you and hear your voice” every time i kneel and pray.I keep thinking jesus in my mind.Suddenly in some time i am experiencing some sexual visual that disgracing our lord jesus christ and also who ever i think of and see in front of me.When i think about the holy spirit,the pornography image appeared in my mind again.I don’t know why it is happening to me,i can’t control it,the visuals keep popping in my mind.I felt depressed because of this,whenever the visual popping in my mind i would kneel down and pray and ask for forgiveness.I am confused is it really i am the one who thinking like this? I am not that type of person.I don’t see pornography but why i am experiencing this kind of thing. I feel like i have done a big sin against the Kingdom Of God.Now i am really worried that god has forgive me or not.I can’t be happy even just for a minute. I am still begging to god to forgive me and telling him it is happening beyond my control.Does this act bring me to hell? I am looking forward for your reply.

  251. Ali said

    it is important to maintain focus on Gods word as this keeps us from making mistakes

  252. Josef said

    I want to share with you about demons
    who attack your mind after you have chosen Jesus it didnt took long time for me to be attacked by demons showing their evil faces for me
    it is not one time I been attacked it is multiple and my protectin is my lords name Jesus christ
    I repeat in differnt prayers when they try to scare me and they always dissepear because they have to obey him I know there are several of people who has been attacked and now to how the dmons oftenshow them self as
    Alien face kind for the most and sometimes other figuers of evil faces
    is there anyone who can replay to me
    who has benn attacked?

  253. kelvin said

    I’ve had this same experience . I use to see 4 demons all the time, I feel this numbing feeling over my body then i am held down Ive been choked before. Sometimes i see them when i open my eyes after the attack. I think they come while you’r sleeping because your mind is open.This has happened all my life and i always wondered why. I wasnt religious and trying to fight them on my own, at this time i was confuse and almost running mad. not until a friend of my Johnson pen told me about a prophet who helped him in the same problem too. i email the prophet and i told him my problem and i did what he asked of me,he teach me the understanding of this demons and how to fight them with your holy bible,

    wanna give prophet michael a big appreciation for bringing back peace and joy to me, if not for you i woundn’t have be able to give my testimony today….

    I have promise to link all human that’s undergoing this situation to prophet michael, because i know how it is hurt….

    that’s the e-mail of the prophet, give him a try and share your testimony with alot of joy…

    Good Luck pals……..
    God bless you

  254. Jared said

    about 3 weeks ago I smoked some dro, wasn’t synthetic, other people did it and it wasnt effecting them a week later, when I did it there were voices in my head telling me too sell my soul, they were just messing with me that whole night, then a few days later there still messing with me and told me it was god, told me lies about the word of god and all kinds of lies, this thing would never mention jesus either,it’s crazy, and My friend hit me upand said something told him too talk too me, like a weird feeling, maybe the Holy Spirit, I told him what this evil spirit possing as god told me and he said it wasn’t god and that I need too pray too jesus too save me and come into my heart, so I did, and then this thing tried too say jesus can’t save you and it’s too late, but all demons do is lie so I didn’t beleive, just kept having faith in jesus, and soon I wasn’t scared of the voices in my head no more, they knew jesus won that lil spiritual battle and messed with me for a few more days, eventually went away, this wasnt a bad trip, why would it mess with me a week later??? It was jus normal dro too and a week later voices in my head still talking too me, this thing told me fame would come at 27 and I would die at 87, when I thought it was god it tricked me into selling my soul, it said if you trust me you will sell your soul too satin, but Im good now, I kept praying too Jesus Christ to save me, I kept telling it in my head “in the name of Jesus Christ go away” sooner or later I wasn’t scared of it no more, if felt this weird chill in my body(probly the Holy Spirit) and i kept saying “my faith in jesus is to strong, go away” I’m gonna start making better choices now, I’m done with drugs and partying, it’s not the way of life, the way of life is through jesus, he said himself “I am the way, the truth, and the life” this evil spirit could of made me do anything when I thought it was god… It could of told me to kill someone and I would have did it, make sure you test them spirits to see if its really what it says it is, this evil spirit eventually went away, my faith in Jesus Christ overcomes it, that’s just proof that jesus is real, he is my lord and savior, something he did 2000 years ago still saved me today! My soul could of been damned in hell if it wasnt for him

    • Shane said

      THE ABSOLUTE TRUTH AND OUTRIGHT ANSWER IS; Pray, Rebuke in Name of Jesus Christ, “Pray Strong, Pray Long”.. Ask the (15) Arch Angels to Help Guode and Protect your Head, Heart, Body, Mind, Soul and Spirit…GOD BLESS!!!

  255. serge said

    Hey i have a voice in my head saying i cursed the holy spirit when i pray .i used be a meth user .its killing me please help what should ido

  256. Jen said

    Hey, thanks! This should help! I’m getting tired of being attacked. Especially getting bad thoughts that I’m not trying to think.

    • Shane said

      I get, Same Exsct thing!!! CHASTISE SATAN, LUCIFER, BEELZEBUB, DEVIL & Rebuke thrse Murdering, Lying Cowardly demons, I give It Right Back, I Personally think, more ya fret, more they do it!!! “Pray Strong, Pray Long”, Sometimes till physical exhaustion… Praise-Almighty God-Yahweh

  257. Amanda Smith said

    In thename of Jesus christ

  258. saravanan.c said

    Please stop mind control,thought reading, gang stocking,all govt intelligense plan,all private intelligence plan,all enemies plan,all traumas,all tracing plans,air,water,land ,fire via unwanted bacteria virus plan ,rnm plan ,nana tna plan…extra….please destroy..thank you father if jesus.

  259. James said

    I’m 18 about to be 19 in few weeks …the thought of suicide is clouding my head!!!! …pls Dnt judge me or tell me things that will make me fell like I wanna kill myself even more

  260. akinda said

    I woke up out my sleep touchin my forhead chest n arms saying in the lords name jesus christ i pray.. I dont remember my dream but alot a fear n n feel scared.. I remember waking up feeling like it was a black shadow at my feet .. I’m scared n i think its demons after me..

  261. Martin said

    I get voices in my head blasphemy god and st Michael any time I try to pray any wun get this always at night I can’t sleep and just at random. Times ??

  262. I want this demon to leave my house,it comes like is it owns the place,I need your help right now!!!!!!!

  263. Calvin said

    What’s some way’s to cast down thoughts and are we permitted the freedom to ask without continued wore I get tired I will fallow you’re wisdom if I can understand.

  264. James Dunlap said

    I am tormented daily by sexual thoughts about anything I look at I need prayer please

  265. i love jesus christ n he lov me vry much n il serrve fo ta people..

  266. Stephanie said

    We’re do I find help? I have been under atack for years. I pray and pray. They last night one took ahold my child and I brought her into my arms and it claimed me to and we were paralyzed in fear like a drowning wave of cold water. My husband shook us out of its grasp. This is not the first thing or the last. Please any help or where to go or do to stop this! Email,

  267. Michael said

    I believe Jesus Christ Is Lord But why is this demonic like stuff happening to me?
    It feels like no one wants to help and they just dismiss it as a severe mental illness.

  268. I need help! I love God and I am 8 weeks pregnant with a man that listens to this demonic band. I know I made a mistake by dating and having sex with someone like him but now I don’t know what to do. I think abortion is wrong but am considering having one b/c I don’t want someone like him to father my child. What should I do???

    • Natalie said

      Dear Marie just Repent to Jesus as he will forgive your sins & in my opinion DON’T abort your child, but you can raise your child as a Christian & then dedicate him or her to the Lord after he or she is born as Jesus will bless you believe me.Your sins have been forgiven cause you are a child of God. After your repentance Jesus will look after your child in your womb & will protect it as well as yourself & don’t be ashamed of this as every child that is conceived is a blessing from God.

      Also tell the father of your unborn child about Jesus in bringing him to Repentance just like you have, & if he isn’t interested, tell him you will raise this child with the help of Jesus but he has the right to see his child Marie as he is also the father to this child. I will pray for you Marie as well as for the father of your child for his Salvation in the hope of him Repenting to Christ. After all Marie, don’t you want the father of your child saved? Read these bible verses I sent you & get in the Word of God and I know God is with you Marie as he won’t leave you or forsake you. I am your sister in Christ from Australia & I love you & your unborn child. Please don’t abort your child as you will regret it believe me. I know you will raise it & with the help of God as well as your family you will be blessed sister & my BIG CONGRATULATIONS Sister in Christ and please let me know when you are due to have your child. I have put some bible verses for you to read about your unborn child sister!!
      God bless you abundantly from your sister in Christ from Australia Natalie XOXOXO
      King James Version (KJV)
      I was cast upon thee from the womb: thou art my God from my mother’s belly.
      King James Version (KJV)
      I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.
      King James Version (KJV)
      Open thy mouth for the dumb in the cause of all such as are appointed to destruction.
      King James Version (KJV)
      Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son/daughter of her womb? yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.
      King James Version (KJV)
      Before I formed thee in the belly I knew thee; and before thou camest forth out of the womb I sanctified thee, and I ordained thee a prophet unto the nations.

    • Shane said

      Let GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY… HE REIGNS, BOTH HEAVEN AND EARTH!!!!!!!(7).. Praise-AlmightyGod-Yahweh

  269. Natalie said

    I am born again & I’m struggling with swearing. And it’s not like me to swear but I can’t stop. What do I do now as I’m really worried about this even though I repent to God about it I still keep swearing.

  270. Osita said

    I osita thanking the lord god almighty for given us christ jesus as our lord and personer savour i osita as for me and my family we wil obey christ our lord i belive in jesus is my lord and savour forever and ever amen heaven me and my family come holy spirit to be our comforter les run this race with fail and work our salvation with fear and trianblin amen,

  271. Shane said

    I try and Attack Satan and Lucifer, Almost Everyday now and Defend, AlmightyGod online. Therefore, He they Attack my Thoughts, used to Bother me, now, I REBUKE SATAN IN JESUS’S Holy nsme and Laugh!!!!!!!(7)

  272. tony moore said

    I myself been having a masturbating problem for more than 10 years and I know its sin…because this is what happened to me like 4 years ago I was on the internet looking at porn and you know how on to internet different site pop up without a person knowing it…yes this is what happened to me I was look for a good adult site of my preference and out of the blue this site poped up without me wanting it to so looked look I was already in the mood of ejaculating suddenly I in my heart felt like this girl was under age I couldn’t really tell so I went on and ejaculated and from then on ive been hearing unseen voices condemning me saying I blaphamy the Holy Spirit and telling me all sorts of condemning things im still struggling bet trying to hold on in Jesus name please help me if possible with real advice…email is….my phone number is 347 600 7573…please help in Jesus name…

  273. Elias said

    I want get this sermon and get myself restoref

  274. Elias said

    I really love my God lord Jesus want step forward incompliance with his word but I do still have sexual desire and I cannot get my self delivered of the depression which I have encountered seven years ago.

  275. norman said

    god is good all the time

  276. Dann said

    I need my heavenly to be mentally strong against attacks of the mind by demons. Help dear heavenly father on what prayer to say or what chapter in the bible i can read against demonic mental attacks and physical. All plots, shemes,traps that are set to hurt and harm us.

  277. Marjorie said

    Hello My is Marjorie please pray for my final exam next week October 12 and 14. Please pray for guidance and success. Please pray for father he lost his job. Please pray for the demon to stop attacking my mind, soul and body. The devil try to destroy me and my family.

  278. Chiquita Mosley said

    The demons voice are bothering me and hurting me as well. Can you tell were to go to live and get help.9045767214

  279. Anon said

    Being attacked this way. its hard to sleep its hard to function.

  280. shinua morris said

    ben what’s up brother my name is prophet Shinua Morris you have to pray hard brother I’ve been down that road and so many other sinful roads God knows I have repented but you must pray hard pray three times a day for three weeks confessing all your sins to god surrender your heart spirit and soul in the name of jesus feel the urge stop doing a number of things you must pray hard so god can know you mean the prayer deliver yourself to God the first part of baptism then do the water confess your sins and cast out demons in jesus name your almighty father will save you close all of your demonic you holes and in the name of Jesus ask the heavenly father to open your heveanly realm so you may receive the father the son and the holy ghost in jesus name amen love you brother

  281. Sylvia said

    We are fearfully and wonderfully made.

  282. Matt said

    I need help I’m being totally controlled by demons and evil spirits that make me do thinks I don’t want to do along with addiction they tell me I’m going to die and its OK and within the law can someone please help me with out being locked up again

  283. Mike Whipple said

    Help please if you feel inspired. Mike here. I usually don’t ask for things I am one who responds to help. But after my partner was attacked spiritually for two years then died being attacked and all I got was a laugh, I now am under the same attack. So is my family member here and all three cats like all three corgi dogs died with my partner. Apparently on my own. (I’m stronger than one thinks). It’s this vibration (an undulation), sexual in nature. Had a Cathlolic Priest (retired) with son who came by at a friends request. He was thrown from my bed two times. I about jumped through my skin. He insisted he was fine, son and he said demonic influence is here. How may we help you. That was four years ago. It’s back (after hiatus since partner died.) please I need help there are thousands, of them. They jump into legs hands and feet. (Feels like burning bee stings and little faces developed wherever done. Then I feel pressure and stinging in hands scalp toes. Like where all have grouped inside my body. As I type here they go again

  284. Hatelife said

    Lately have been getting tormented with unwanted Visions. And thoughts or whatever they are. I can’t even read my Bible anymore it’s just too much

  285. Steve diehl said

    God will pull us thru this,, hostile fire,, their will be victory,,,, today. Thank you ,,

  286. Steve diehl said

    God will pull us thru this,, hostile fire,, their will be victory,,,, today. Thank you ,,
    On we go as warriors,,, marching as to war,,knowing that it is a win win,, yes.

  287. Anon said

    I’m Being Mentally Tormented by Something I keep being Shown Some blasphemous Visions of Yeshua. One of him eating his Own flesh Or having sex. These thoughts are of the Hollywood actors who have played the role of Yeshua.

    I don’t know why I’m being mentally attacked this way but sometimes I get to where I want to not read the Word just to make them Go away

  288. Denise said

    Everytime I talk to God(all the time I don’t think I ever let him rest😀 (but now I’m studing his words) as soon as I’m done my mind attacks me in the worst way its I have to literally put a choke hold on the filth that’s fighting to come out. I feel so horrible if I did believe in the exorcist I have the staring lead(n I absolutely do noti don’t think I’ll ever be free to really get to know god bcuz of it

  289. Michelle said

    I’m hearing demons voices .im a new believer a Christian my saver I pray for my kids and myself to have peace thank you

  290. Michael Whipple said

    My name is Michael, i too go through something similar. Clear your plate first. There is a prayer you should have by now asking for nothing to disturb you while studying. What you are going through is likely something is trying to claim you as theirs. Your telling ut No!!!!! Should help dont speak in ways that sounds like begging, (ive been there), but declair victory over it and praise like a cheer leader that a hail Mary was just won on your behalf

  291. Alex said

    I see demons everyday sticking there tongues out and scratching me everyday i just became born again Christian i want to fight back I see fasting is very powerful if any body can help me pls do

  292. Michael Whipple said

    Hi, Mike here. I too am going through similar feats. I read in the Bible, that god respects fasting, but in the age of Christ having fulfilled all obligations its now a matter of personL choice and is confined to what benefit the believer him or herself woul decide they get out of it. It makes you no closer or distant from God. Christ is sufficient in all things, thefefore God sees us as also having sufficiency in all things because his law sets it up to where God has spoken and into his Son is all authority over all things. Remember, God is the governor of all things under rule and law. Without that there would be no stars in the sky or life on earth. Christs place is therefore the other side of that coin. He is the human spiritual side of God thus completing the powers route, God takes a breath and speaks and everything comes into existance, that passes to Christ, and now that you believe it is passed to you. Fasting is simply like working out, its great for you but it no longer is a requirement. You have the same power over demons but have one thing they dont have…..permission to use God’s authority. Christ took care of it all. Keep thanking God and Christ. Look at trees and other life like birds people, you get my meaning. Then look again and see the miracles in each leaf colors textures ect. As you do that the demons get sick of it and move on. Remember, if they are bothering you imagine how close in the room God’s presence is, Christ’s hand and arm around you healing and sharing strength. They are chasing you because you have something they cant have. Sounds to me like we are doing something good. They must bow!!!!!! To your order when in the name of Jesus it spoken by God so its an order from him from Christ now through the Holy Spirit to you.

  293. Michael Whipple said

    The only thing i can say and i want you to know how much i care after reading your blogs attached, is that to this day i have not found any reference to that. But then again, even if so, didnt Christ die to pay for all!!!! Our sind, in fact how about that he did it to cover all our sins past, present and future, in addition God knows it all before you were born. I doubt very much he sits in Heaven peaking through curtains to see who masterbates. I would have concerns about that. I do know that in His Word, he does say, Christ died for All Our Sins, and your beluef covers all your ancesters all the way back to Adam and Eve and all the way foreward to the last person in tour ancestry. He also says, when you ask for any forgiveness, to him its done, Christ covered it, admitting it is for your consience (freedome from GUILT) “There is therefore no Condemnation to them who are in Christ.” So rebuke the human desire to judge even yourself. Its counter productive to moving foreward. His Word also says , when you confess it, its no linger in his mind, its as though you had never done it (which matches up with Christ died to pay for all your sins). There are two personalities happening here, theres the human (carnal in mind), and there’s the Spirit. They are very different from one another. The spirit is not there to judge you, the spirit is there to guide you. The Holy spirit in you help to guide, to ask God for you when you are hurt or mad or in a bad mood. It translates for you and presents it in a more spiritual way. He is there for you, just talk to him.

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