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Gospel Artist J. Moss Admits That Performing Carnal Sexually Suggestive Gospel Music Led To His Fall Into Adultery

Posted by Job on August 29, 2009

J. Moss is one of the many contemporary gospel artists that also includes Tonex, Deitrick and Damita Haddon, Yolanda Adams, Virtue, Trinitee-5:7 and Mary Mary that uses glamour, glitz, celebrity, their looks etc. to increase their record sales. I suppose their equivalent on the Christian/CCM arena would be Stacie Orrico, Jaci Velasquez, Kathie Lee Gifford and Amy Grant. Make no mistake: this does include promoting sensuality and sexuality. Where secular music once revitalized itself by emulating gospel music, contemporary gospel and Christian artists now do their level best to imitate secular music. Now as modern R&B music has now degenerated to the point where it is only and constantly preoccupied with casual sex and provoking puerile emotions, emulating that means not only copying the dense syrupy musical style, but even inserting the heavy breathing, moaning and groaning, oohing and aaahing, purring, seductive singing and talking, and even the known sexual catch phrases common to this musical genre. The modern trend of gospel musicians emulating R&B music by sampling (taking portions of other songs to create your own songs) only increased this, as it is now common to take R&B, rap, and disco songs that 1. are all about sex and 2. everybody is very familiar with, so it is impossible for the person listening to the gospel lyrics being sung over the original music to not associate what the original song was about, especially since – as stated earlier – the gospel song also contains the heavy breathing and other stuff like that, only amplifies what is going on. And in addition to the way the music itself SOUNDS there is often the LOOK. If the gospel or Christian artist is physically attractive, they flaunt it. Look at the album covers, videos, concert performances and it is skin tight clothes, heavy makeup, thighs, cleavage, unbuttoned shirts etc. It is no surprise that younger Christians raised in this environment or who have recently converted to it like Heidi Montag and Carrie Prejean see nothing wrong with being lingerie models and Playboy bunnies.

So, J. Moss openly acknowledges in his interview with Gospel Pundit that his falling into sexual sin was the direct result of his cultivating his sexy image to sell records.

This was simply coming off of “We Must Praise,” being a big dawg, V2 over 100,000 [units]… this was just J being “the man.” Being told he was fine every day, being told he was sexy every single day, being told that people wanted him to be their baby’s daddy… you know? EVERY DAY. You think the R&B people have it hard? The gospel people do too.

What he leaves out is that the REASON why gospel music types endure this – or at least why it is so prominent – is because they promote themselves as celebrities and flaunt their appearances. If you play with fire, don’t be surprised when you get burnt.

He goes on:

So, I began to move further and further away from Christ, and got further and further involved with those temptations. And it led to that situation. And I have to tell you– when I get up now to talk about it, a lot of people say “J, you’re talking too much, we’ve moved on, we’re good.” And I say “nah, man. There are people out here DYING from this stuff.”

Look, I have seen J. Moss on concert. The ladies like him because of the way that he sings, the way that he and his dancers dance, and the way that he plays to them, courts them, in the audience, no different from how an R&B crooner would do. Who knows how many lonely, poorly-adjusted, or immature teenage girls are affected by it. He complains about the temptation that came as the direct result of his tempting others? He is surprised that there are all these women (plus not a few homosexual men, let’s get real about it!) who are more than willing to buy what he is selling?

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death, but I gotta get up and tell people that the wages of sin almost KILLED me, in terms of suicidal thoughts. I was plotting it out, thinking it out… all kinds of depression. I was going through the scrutiny in the media, the blogosphere, everywhere… that stuff was rough!
And when we sin, we chip away at salvation. Every time, we KILL something– we kill faith, we kill credibility, we kill relationships, we kill families… every time, we kill a piece of something.”

I am not going to deal with J. Moss’ Pentecostal “lose your salvation” doctrines except to point out that I strongly believe that the Bible teaches the doctrines of the preservation and perseverance of the saints; that one cannot lose or throw away his salvation and thereby undo the work of Jesus Christ and thereby defeat God. However, those who did believe in the “lose your salvation” doctrines, the old Wesleyan Methodists and the Pentecostal Holiness group, felt that the way to lose your salvation was personal and corporate holiness, by adhering to a strict moral and religious code and by encouraging others to do the same. But Moss is part of a generation of gospel artists that have tossed that aside in favor of causing people to fall (and according to their own doctrines “lose their salvation”) by being a source of temptation. Instead of their music, their appearance and their example being something positive that strengthens and encourages Christians, it is a snare to them: both a false image of happiness that comes through fame and wealth, and also the sensual nature of the singing, music, wardrobes and dancing.

This really is the key quote:

I realized that people who are not going to Bible class, or to church on Sunday morning, will listen to me at a concert because they love me or they love my voice. So, NOW is my chance to say “you know what? Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you what’s really real. Let me stop making you feel good all the time, and let me tell you what’s real.

We are not supposed to draw people with how we look or sound. We are supposed to draw people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul the apostle by his own account was not a handsome man, was not a gifted orator, and did not have a pleasant speaking voice. But he preached Jesus Christ and you saw the result. Jesus Christ Himself, despite how He is commonly depicted in movies and artwork, was a very unassuming Man by appearance: a common laborer from the despised Nazareth (“the ghetto”) surrounded by “low class” people, acting as a religious instructor despite not having attended rabbinical school, riding on a donkey etc. Many opposed and rejected Paul on account of his hard words, and many opposed and rejected Jesus Christ because of His hard sayings, associations, and human origins, including Jesus Christ’s own brothers and sisters! Even after all that he has been through, J. Moss is still planning on using the “bait and switch” technique with carnality and human pleasure, “making people feel good” as the bait. The only difference is that he is going to put more emphasis into the “switch.”

But this is what I don’t understand: Moss was already very strong with that. You go to his concerts, you watch him on TV, watch his videos, listen to his music, and the CONTENT was already very strong … a legitimate Pentecostal message that can save. (My goal here was never to attack Pentecostalism.) And Moss is not one of the many people in his genre who affects speaking in tongues or promotes prosperity/Word of Faith. Cut away from what he is doing to enhance his personal fame and album sales that dishonors Jesus Christ, and there is a very clear, discernible and strong gospel message that promotes and glorifies Jesus Christ.

And that is what J. Moss needs to stick to. He doesn’t need the “bait and switch.” He just needs to stick to a message that he fully knows and believes: Jesus Christ and Him crucified with no bells, whistles, switches, or R&B moaning and heavy breathing. Let us all pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that J. Moss does follow that direction with his music and ministry.


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Yolanda Adams Under Investigation By IRS!

Posted by Job on March 10, 2008

Original link here. Another Chri$tian entertainment indu$try figure gets into legal trouble over money. What a surprise.

Federal government looks into gospel singer’s finances.
One of gospel music’s brightest stars is being forced to turn over financial records dating back to 2000. The IRS says Yolanda Adams missed an appointment to clear up a few money matters last month. The agency reportedly wants to collect on outstanding debt from the “Open Up My Heart” singer. The investigation reportedly was triggered when she applied for two million-dollar mortgages, according to filings in a Houston federal court. Adams was busy headlining a Caribbean gospel cruise when the filing took place last week.

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Yolanda Adams Sang Jesus Christ Hating Imagine Song In Tribute To John Lennon

Posted by Job on December 30, 2007

This is the link Yolanda Adams fans (click here)! Seriously, how do gospel artists and Christian preachers get away with this stuff? This is not about a Christian going into a secular arena and performing a secular song (which incidentally I do not oppose … despite the “legalist fundamentalist” reputation I am actually quite liberal about certain things)! But let us consider the lyrics to “Imagine.”

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky

Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Remember when Jews went ballistic over hateful racist false Christian Anne Coulter claiming that it was her dream for all Jews to convert to Christianity? Jews in their estimation took that as Coulter wanting to wipe them as a religion and people off the map, claiming that she wanted to finish the job that Hitler started. Well, that is what John Lennon’s “Imagine” was all about; trying to finish the job of Roman emperor Diocletian in killing all Christians in 303 AD. Oh yes, and the song also blames Christianity for hunger, greed, wars, oppression, division, etc.

Please recall Yolanda Adams Promotes Humanist Anti – Christ On Nickelodeon and understand my point: virtually no one is out there demanding that Christians stop buying their records, listening to them on the radio (Ms. Adams has a national gospel radio show), allowing them to sing in our churches, etc. No one claims that there should be any correlation between what these people sing or claim to believe (let alone what the Bible says) and how they actually live. Seriously, what would it take for something like that to happen, for gospel music fans and the Christian community to stop supporting these people? I would like to know what it is, because so far it appears that there really is nothing that gospel music fans  – or supporters of these preachers – will not accept.

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Judge Not Lascivious Christianity: Karrine Steffans And Darius “Eddie Winslow” McCrary On Not Defiling The Bedroom

Posted by Job on December 19, 2007

Remember this feature anyone? Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Video Vixen Karrine Steffans Worships At The Church Of Judge Not? It was about the woman who excellently represents the TD Jakes/Eddie Long/Creflo Dollar/Noel Jones/Paul Crouch/Paula White/Joel Osteen/Juanita Bynum “it is all about me!” false Christianity. It appears that this woman Karrine Steffans, she who used to prostitute the image of her body in rap and R&B videos and then prostitute her actual body itself by committing fornication with various music and sports industry figures only to then go on to declare herself the new sort of Christian that follows a false Jesus Christ who requires no repentance, holiness, or righteousness but rather writes tell all books glorifying her past sinful exploits, peddles her own flesh to the corruption of many, and then demands not to be judged … well it seems that she has herself a husband. That husband would be actor Darius McCrary, most famous for Eddie Winslow of that Family Matters (Urkel) show from the 1990s.

Now this McCrary also professes to be a Christian. He even made a Christian movie starring Tia and Tamara Mowry to that effect (in addition to his other acting choices). But of what sort? Now of course, I shall not judge this man for marrying a woman with a bad past. I myself have my own personal history of sinful wickedness. But what about marrying a woman with A BAD PRESENT AND THEN PARTICIPATING IN IT YOURSELF? Look at this woman’s website, why don’t you? She has not changed one bit. Not one bit, especially as you see how she, like gospel artist Tonex, curses less than 10 seconds into one of the videos that she has on the site. Another video, called “The Marital Bed”, is her and her “husband” lying in bed. In it McCrary also unleashes vulgar profanity. He also refuses to have his face shown, and when asks why, he speaks of “not defiling the marriage bed” and then starts making grotesque allusions to the sex acts that he and his wife performed earlier that morning and will resume later. It reminded me of how immodest and inappropriate so many members of this “Christian” celebrity culture are in presenting their wives and speaking of their marital activities.

So is this what Christianity has become? Vulgar profanity? Flesh peddling? Exhibitionism? Making a mockery of scripture? Obviously it is. Check out Rick Warren’s Lust Driven Evangelism for instance. People, stuff like this is why I BEGGED BlackCalvinist not to pull his Heresy Hunter The Phantom Teaching video. This false form of Christianity is becoming the dominant form: what everyone is seeing in stores and on TV, both secular and “Christian.” It is not enough to merely withdraw yourself from it. It is not enough merely to provide the right teaching. We also have to expose the wrong teachings and teachers and show how they damage people!

Now we know that Karrine Steffans has not changed. That does not mean that she will not change in the future. Maybe the Darius McCrary of today is not the same one that made the Something To Sing About movie (presented by Billy Graham by the way). If that is the case, then maybe he can go back to the true faith. All I know is that based on their current public face, what they are representing NOW is not real Christianity, and it is my job to tell you that.

Christians, I know that it is going to be hard, but we are just going to have to flee this Christian celebrity culture. We have to wed ourselves from it somehow. Gay Christian Movement Watch has an example of it in Patti Labelle’s black church partnership. LaBelle quite simply is a Jezebel with heretical beliefs (including her statements that it is the Christians that denounce homosexuality that are the sinners). Yet these are the places that she will visit on her “gospel tour” (secular artists frequently resort to the gospel industry when their secular careers are over like Coko of the notoriously explicit R&B group SWV, see this link of her performing at Eddie Long’s New Birth):


  • Potters House, Oct.7 Dallas, TX
  • St. Agnes, Oct. 13 Houston, TX
  • West Angeles COGIC, Oct. 27 Los Angeles, CA
  • House of Hope, Oct. 28 Chicago, IL
  • Deliverance Evangelist Church, Nov. 10 Philadelphia, PA
  • Christian Cultural Center, Nov. 17 Brooklyn, NY
  • Greater Grace, Dec. 1 Detroit, MI
  • Jerico City of Praise, Dec. 2 Landover, MD
  • New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, Dec. 6 Atlanta, GA
  • Faithful Central Bible Church (The Forum) Dec 16, Los Angeles, CA
  • The “gospel tour” of “churches” is SPONSORED BY CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES. So yes, Christianity is now a product that you can package and sell just like your body. And some other members of Christianity Showbiz Inc. that joined this woman? Mary-Mary, Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Soul Seekers, and J. Moss!

    We have to be vigilant, people, not only for ourselves but the other sheep in the flock. We may not be pastors personally directly responsible for a certain set of sheep, but as members of the Body of Christ we ALL have a communal shared responsibility for EACH OTHER: male, female, black, white, young, old, rich, poor, new and struggling in the faith, mature and strong meat eater, leader, follower, hot, cold, or lukewarm! Christians, I have to ask you one thing: who is on the Lord’s side? After that I must ask of you: what are you doing about it?

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