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Steve Munsey: Dual Covenant Theologian Heretic

Posted by Job on December 24, 2007

See this link!This guy is a kingdom guy,” said the Rev. Steve Munsey, gesturing toward Yechiel Eckstein.” Meaning kingdom of heaven of course, and Eckstein is an Orthodox rabbi, not a Messianic rabbi. Which Jesus Christ is the only way into! So add Steve Munsey to the John Hagee school of dispensational prosperity teaching liars who want to fill you full of their demons and take you to the lake of fire for eternity.

This snippet reveals why falsely teaching old covenant concepts out of context is essential to these thieves: “The door opened, and Bishop Frank Munsey walked in. He is Pastor Munsey’s father. Bishop Munsey founded the Christian Family Center 50 years ago and then passed it along to his son. Someday Pastor Munsey will turn it over to his own son, Kent, who is now the center’s youth pastor. ”We call it the Levitical order of succession,” David Jordan Allen, the associate pastor, told me.” Where in the New Testament does it say that church offices are functions of heredity? No, it says that church offices are functions of being filled with the Holy Spirit and being known for high personal character, not being drunkards or sexually immoral, having your house under subjection, AND NOT BEING A CHASER OF FILTHY LUCRE.


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