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So The Troop Surge Worked? How About A Christian Missionary Surge Then?

Posted by Job on February 16, 2008

According to the opinions of many regarding the Iraq Conflict, the troop surge has been a success. I will not dispute them. After all, critics of the way that George W. Bush and Donald Rumsfeld were handling the war stated that we needed more troops from the outset. When they did so, neoconservative defenders of the Bush administration stated that such critics – which included not only liberal Democrats but plenty of conservatives including John McCain and John McTiernan (author of “The Hunt for Red October”) – did not know anything about military strategy, were harming the war effort, were trying to undermine and embarrass Bush and Rumsfeld, and even was driven by a desire for the increased casualties that would result from exposing all those extra troops to unnecessary harm could then be used to turn public opinion against the war. And yes, the troop surge never took place and Rumsfeld never resigned until after the very people that had been calling for both from the outset took control of Congress in 2006. So the war supporters that can explain why we invaded Iraq in the first place or why we remained there after the public premise for our invasion was rendered moot, please consider these facts when you evaluate both the success of the surge and the person that ordered it.

Now as for the curiosity that the most ardent supporters of George Bush and his Iraq War policy (meaning that they both defended Bush when he was insisting against the advice of military experts that no surge was necessary and now insist that he deserves full credit for the surge that he unwillingly acquiesced to out of political necessity) are theologically conservative Christians: what are we to make of them? I am sorry, but I have not seen any command or precedent in favor of lending organized political support to state warfare policy in the New Testament. However, one thing that I have seen many such explicit commands and precedents in the New Testament for is the Great Commission. The New Testament directly repeatedly tells us that our primary responsibility is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to every nation, people, tribe, etc. on the planet. Yet nearly 2000 years after that commission was given, there is an estimated 2 – 3 billion unreached people, a population several times greater than that of the entire world at the time that the Great Commission was given by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So, should there not be a missionary surge to accompany this troop surge, both of men going into the field and the support that we give them in terms of prayer and finances? (Now when I stated “men”, it was not merely in keeping with my practice of favoring chauvinistic language. Rather, it was in recognition of the fact that TWO THIRDS OF MISSIONARIES ARE FEMALE!) Certainly there is, and I would hope that the Christians that have been so faithful in their support of the troop surge in Iraq would be the very ones to lead the way with their prayers, sacrificial giving, and also their own sons and daughters. Allow me to recommend my favorite missionary ministry, Gospel For Asia at for starters.


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