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The Origins And Danger Of The Rapture Doctrine

Posted by Job on October 7, 2008

Secrets Revealed; The Mystical Rapture Cult and Its World-wide Power and Dominion


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Did The Pentecostal Prosperity Doctrine And TBN Cause The Financial Crisis?

Posted by Job on October 3, 2008

Foreward: please note that the Bible DOES NOT PROMOTE reckless financial behavior, but quite the contrary promotes hard work, frugality, and conscientiousness. Contrast the ostentatious wealth of King Solomon – who left God for syncretism – with Jesus Christ, who was born in a manger and lived the life of a pauper. And as for you prosperity preacher adherents, well, you wanted to be world changers, right? To take authority and dominion? Well, it looks like you did it. Your doctrines helped cause the international banking crisis that just may set the stage for the anti – Christ to come to power. By the way, sorry for picking on Palin, because TONS of black prosperity doctrine preachers have gotten behind Obama as well. You know, it makes for the perfect conspiracy theory.

All of these Council on Foreign Relations – backed preachers get on TV – especially if they own networks like TBN – or dominate the book publishing market (Left Behind) or even get mainstream publicity (like TD Jakes on the cover of Time Magazine – which ironically published this article ) which exploit the poor with false promises of wealth. Then have the same Council on Foreign Relations – connected politicians (Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Clinton, Gingrich at minimum) change the banking laws, requiring/forcing banks to lend to these people. And when the inevitable economic collapse occurs (which by the way was just the result of terrible economic policy dating back to at least Reagan … remember how the Democrats AND Republicans exhorted you to go buy an SUV and invest your retirement accounts in in the 1990s … and that speaks nothing of deficit spending and free trade deals with third world countries where people will gladly work for $5 a day) then use it as an excuse to practically nationalize the banking sector and promote economic globalism. If this WASN’T a conspiracy, it certainly played out like one. In any event, now you see how massively evil false doctrines are, and the prosperity doctrine is both false and evil.

Foreclosures: Did God Want You to Get That Mortgage? 

or “God caused the bank to ignore my credit score and blessed me with my first house.” 

Has the so-called Prosperity Gospel turned its followers into some of the most willing participants — and hence, victims — of the current financial crisis? That’s what a scholar of the fast-growing brand of pentecostal Christianity believes. While researching a book on black televangelism, says Jonathan Walton, a religion professor at the University of California Riverside, he realized that Prosperity’s central promise — that God would “make a way” for poor people to enjoy the better things in life — had developed an additional, toxic expression during sub-prime boom. Walton says that this encouraged congregants who got dicey mortgages to believe “God caused the bank to ignore my credit score and blessed me with my first house.” The results, he says, “were disastrous, because they pretty much turned parishioners into prey for greedy brokers.”
Others think he may be right. Says Anthea Butler, an expert in pentecostalism at the University of Rochester in New York state, “The pastor’s not gonna say ‘go down to Wachovia and get a loan’ but I have heard, ‘even if you have a poor credit rating God can still bless you — if you put some faith out there [that is, make a big donation to the church], you’ll get that house, or that car or that apartment.'” Adds J. Lee Grady, editor of the magazine Charisma, “It definitely goes on, that a preacher might say, ‘if you give this offering, God will give you a house. And if they did get the house, people did think that it was an answer to prayer, when in fact it was really bad banking policy.” If so, the situation offers a look at how an native-born faith built partially on American econoic optimism entered into a toxic symbiosis with a pathological market.

Although a type of Pentecostalism, Prosperity theology adds a distinctive layer of supernatural positive thinking. Adherents will reap rewards if they prove their faith to God by contributing heavily to their churches, remaining mentally and verbally upbeat, and concentrating on divine promises of worldly bounty supposedly strewn throughout the bible. Critics call it a thinly disguised pastor-enrichment scam. Other experts, like Walton, note that for all its faults, it can empower people who have been taught to see themselves as financially or even culturally useless to feel they are “worthy of having more and doing more and being more.” (Sure, if you forget about the Bible says that the Holy Spirit, God the Father,and Jesus Christ are supposed to comfort and reassure us. Blessed are the poor for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.) In some cases the philosophy has matured with its practitioners, encouraging good financial habits and entrepreneurship.

But Walton suggests that a decade’s worth of ever-easier credit acted like drug in Prosperity’s bloodstream. “The economic boom 90’s and financial over-extensions of the new millennium contributed to the success of the prosperity message,” he wrote recently. And not positively. “Narratives of how ‘God blessed me with my first house despite my credit’ were common. Sermons declaring ‘it’s your season to overflow’ supplanted messages of economic sobriety,” and “little attention was paid to.. the dangers of using one’s home equity as an ATM to subsidize cars, clothes and vacations.”

With the bubble burst, Walton and Butler assume that prosperity congregants have taken a disproportionate hit, and are curious as to how their churches will respond. Butler thinks that some of the flashier ministries will shrink along with their congregants’ fortunes. Says Walton, “You would think that the current economic conditions would undercut their theology.” But he predicts they will perservere, since God’s earthly largesse is just as attractive when one is behind the economic eight ball.

A recently posted testimony by a congregant at the Brownsville Assembly of God near Pensacola, Fla., seems to confirm his intuition. Brownsville is not even a classic Prosperity congregation — it relies more on the anointing of its pastors than on scriptural promises of God. But the believer’s note to his minister illustrates how magical thinking can prevail even after the mortgage blade has dropped. “Last Sunday,” it read, “You said if anyone needed a miracle to come up. So I did. I was receiving foreclosure papers, so I asked you to anoint a picture of my home and you did and your wife joined with you in prayer as I cried. I went home feeling something good was going to happen. On Friday the 5th of September I got a phone call from my mortgage company and they came up with a new payment for the next 3 months of only $200. My mortgage is usually $1020. Praise God for his Mercy & Grace.”

And pray that the credit market doesn’t tighten any further.

Some videos that speak of the error of these doctrines.

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Tim LaHaye And James Dobson Associates Bob DeMoss and Mark Whitlock: Race Baiting For McCain (And For Money) With Obama Waffles!

Posted by Job on September 17, 2008

Now PJ Miller was outraged by this. Personally, I find it funny!Barack Obama, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Values Voters, conservative, waffles, Aunt Jemima, campaign 2008, politics, presidential election

Check out THE VERY FIRST COMMENT on an LA Times weblog:

What is truly horrifying to me is that the Waffle creators, Bob DeMoss and Mark Whitlock, once worked at Focus on the Family; DeMoss:has co-authored a book with Tim LaHaye. See Whitlock’s own website:

People, if you wanted more evidence that the religious right is not led by Christians, here it is. In our current social location, there is no excuse for race baiting, especially when you consider that in our own very country, blacks and Hispanics are overrepresented in the very same evangelical, fundamentalist, and traditionalist churches that these “values voters” people are supposed to represent. If they were Christians, they would know that casting stumblingblocks that their black and Hispanic brothers and sisters (as well as the not a few Christians that converted to our religion from Islam, often at great personal cost!) is more important than some ridiculous election. That’s right, getting JOHN MCCAIN, the guy that all of these same people wanted to win LEAST less than a year ago (many actually preferred the cross dressing pro – gay pro – abortion Rudy Giuliani over McCain) into office is so important that they will do this? 

If you wanted more evidence that people like this lack the love of God in them, then here you go. This is not New England in the 1600s, when Christians like Cotton Mather were debating over the proper manner to treat their black slaves. These people know better. They just don’t care about Christians that aren’t white Republicans, which means that they themselves are just as anti – Christian as Jeremiah Wright.

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Posted by Job on June 12, 2008

Per the link below, the fellow – who actually defended Jeremiah Wright on MSNBC – has been hired to be a contributor for Fox News. Now Rupert Murdoch is a Council on Foreign Relations guy. So is Rick Warren. When Huckabee was being hammered by the anti – Christians in the right wing media for not knowing anything about foreign policy, HE HIRED A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS TO GET HIM UP TO SPEED ON THAT TOPIC! But hey, it is just me being a conspiracy – monger I guess. All of these things are just coincidences.

To learn why I call Rupert Murdoch the world’s biggest pornographer and Rick Warren his pastor, see here: 

Rick Warren Is “Pastor” To Porn King Rupert Murdoch!

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India: Thanks But No Thanks Global Warming Cult, Taking Care Of Our Poor Is More Important!

Posted by Job on June 7, 2008

Imagine if “creation care” evangelical Christians had priorities that were as biblical – taking care of and concern for the poor – AS THESE PAGAN HINDU HEATHENS IN INDIA! I suppose that I should be one of the “tolerant” Christians and feel that actually reading your Bible, understanding it, doing what it says, and allowing it to transform your thinking is too much to ask. Too hateful, too narrow minded, too intolerant, too fundamentalist. Far better to commend these people for thumping a Bible that they never read. I have to admit, after reading the writings of several sincere Christians on how global warming might be a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, I do not totally dismiss the possibility of the phenomenon. However, even were global warming an ironclad scientifically proven fact – rather than often seeming to relying on the same junk science, the complete casting aside of the scientific method, that is used to “prove” evolution – that still wouldn’t justify casting in my lot with the new world order globalists to fight it just because the leading evangelicals that JUST HAPPEN to have ties to such groups as the Center for National Policy (Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Tim LaHaye) and the Council on Foreign Relations (Rick Warren, Mike Huckabee) tell me to.

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A Better Replacement Theology For Christians And Jews

Posted by Job on April 26, 2008

In response to Soli Deo Gloria’s THE ISRAEL OF GOD: a consideration of so-called “Replacement Theology”

I think that we have to come up with a “better replacement theology” than that of the anti – Semitic Gentile church which seems to have had more sympathy for Greek paganism than for their Jewish brothers in Christ Jesus. We have to look at Body of Christ in terms of A) Old Testament Judaism and B) national Israel.

A). Christianity incontrovertibly fulfilled Old Testament Judaism. Romans and Hebrews makes that fact clear. We should point out further that the apostles – which includes Paul – never imagined themselves to having created a new religion. Instead, they considered themselves to be following Judaism as it had been fulfilled, revealed, completed, etc. in Christ. For them, there was no “Jews on one hand, the church on the other.” Quite the contrary, the church WAS the Jews, and the Jews WERE the church, and both the Jews AND the church were practicing the Judaism of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus Christ), called “the way.” Realize that in those days, Jewish Christians even continued going to the synagogues with the other Jews until the creation of the abomination rabbinic Judaism, which led to the expulsion of Jewish Christians the synagogues. So actually, there was never a “Gentile church”, but rather the Jerusalem Council of Acts 15 and the teachings of Paul in Romans and Galatians were established to create accommodations for Gentiles WITHIN JUDAISM. That is right, at that stage, Gentile Christians were considered to be practicioners of Judaism, followers of “the way”, which was considered to be a Jewish sect akin to the Essenes and the Pharisees, and the Bible records that Pharisees had Gentile adherents known as “God – fearers.”

Realizing this places some of the disputes of the New Testament concerning Gentiles into context. The Pharisees had already been allowing Gentiles to practice a limited set of their religion without having to be circumcised or follow the 613, and telling them that they would receive eternal life based on it. So, it was absolutely ridiculous for the Jewish Christians to tell Gentiles that they had to fully convert to Judaism in order to join their sect and be saved, because when they were Pharisees – which the vast majority of early Jewish Christians either were or generally followed – they did not require those things of Gentiles. Basically, all the Jerusalem council and Paul did was to tell Gentile Christians that pretty much the same regulations that Pharisees had given to their God – fearers was fine for Gentile Christians!

So initially, the Christians – both Jewish and Gentile – were considered to be followers of the Jewish sect the Nazarenes. Nazarenes were first called Christians at Antioch, and it took quite awhile for the name to spread from there. The whole notion that Christianity was a separate entity from Judaism that required Jews to leave their old religion to join a new one was a totally unscriptural development that came about when the movement was dominated by Gentiles, and more importantly after the apostles departed the scene and  their authority with it. Immediately thereafter the church started to reflect Hellenistic thought, and that includes the HUGE ANTI – SEMITISM inherent to Hellenism.

So, in religious terms, we are not Christians but Jews. If you are a Messianic Jew, you are practicing the Judaism of Peter and Paul, if you are a Gentile you are practicing the Judaism that the Jerusalem Council and the letters of Paul stated was suitable for Gentile believers. But you are still a Jew. But make no mistake, Messianic Judaism, GENTILE JUDAISM, incontrovertibly replaced Old Testament or old covenant Judaism. The best evidence of this is the fact that Old Testament Judaism is no longer being practiced. What purports to be Judaism today was the creation of a single rabbi who created what actually was a new religion in response to the destruction of the temple and nation at 70 AD. So, when the rabbinic expelled the Messianic Jews from their synagogues, it was the people that were following the new religion expelling those that insisted on remaining faithful to the old one.

And yes, the Gentile Christians slowly over time created a new religion. The takeover of Christianity within the Roman Empire by Constantine merely served to make it official, but the religion had long become syncretized with pagan philosophy, local myths and mystery religions, etc. The Gentile Christians wanted to claim a new religion while still preserving some of their prior pagan abominations and go on a completely new direction, and kicking the Messianic Jews out facilitated it. So, the origins of doctrines and practices like veneration and perpetual virginity of Mary, sainthood, praying to the dead, purgatory, etc. actually preceded Roman Catholicism. The resulting truth is that “modern Christianity” did not replace “rabbinic Judaism” because both paradoxically have nothing to do with each other while also being strangely similar. It is no accident that modern Christians and rabbinic Jews work so well together to promote common political, economic, religious, and social agendas, whether the “Christians” and “Jews” in question are liberal, secular, conservative, or pietist. “Judeo – Christianity”, then, is a combination of the false Christianity of the Hellenists and false rabbinic Judaism. In reality, there was nothing to replace because they are one and the same: both reject the true Jesus Christ. But did true, or rather apostolic, biblical Christianity replace true, Sinaitic Judaism? Of course. Although I suppose that saying that Sinai Judaism BECAME Nazarene Judaism is more accurate. So if you are a “born again Christian, what you truthfully are is either a Nazarene Jew if you are a Messianic Jew or Nazarene God – fearer if you are Gentile. And if you are “Judeo – Christian”, you are an apostate, and there will be no profit to being on the “Judeo” side or the “Christian” side on judgment day. 

B) Did the church replace national Israel, the nation and people? As far as the people go, Jesus Christ Himself stated that Jews should not think so much of themselves for being the children – meaning genetic seed – of Abraham, because God could raise up children of Abraham (and by direct inference children of God) from stones. Well, if you are Gentile God – fearing Nazarene Jew, then you are one of the stones of which Jesus Christ spoke. If you are a Messianic Jew, then you are what you were before: a member of the people of Israel. If you are a genetic descendant of Abraham that rejects Jesus Christ, then you are what Paul says you are: someone that God has not cast aside but is still involved with on account of your lineage and the covenant with Abraham, but your eyes are blinded to the truth until the fulness of the Gentiles have come in. When the fulness of the Gentiles come in, you (if it happens in this day) or your progeny (if it happens in the future) will acknowledge Jesus Christ and mourn bitterly for whom you rejected and pierced. So the benefits of being a natural child of Abraham after the flesh is having a future for your people and your city Jerusalem explicitly given in scripture, but apart from that you are no different from and no better off than a Gentile that has rejected Jesus Christ. So did the church replace Abraham’s genetic stock? No. But did they replace Abraham’s genetic stock’s role of being God’s elect people used to carry out His purposes in the world? Declaring otherwise is tantamount to denying that Jesus Christ was the Son of God who died for our sins and rose from the dead. If the church – Nazarene Jews – are not the people of God doing God’s Will, then why did Jesus Christ come? Why did He die? Why did He rise from the dead? Why is there a New Testament? Why is there a gospel? I know people have hang – ups acknowledging this for some legitimate reasons, but at some point we have to deal with the fact that the alleged Judaism being practiced by the natural seed of Abraham that has rejected Jesus Christ is not Old Testament old covenant Sinai Judaism as given to Moses, but was the creation of Yochanan ben Zakkai after the destruction of the Temple. Evangelical dispensationalists from John Hagee on down operate on the presumption that there is any difference between ben Zakkai’s religion – which wrongly and illegitimately usurped the name of Judaism – and Islam, Hinduism, Scientology, Mormonism, or anything else that was never given by God. They do so by withholding from their charges the huge differences in mindset and purpose of rabbinic Judaism and Sinai Judaism, and also the fact that where most Bible – believing Christians have always been trying to return to and recapture the early church, the overwhelming majority of rabbinic Jews despise Sinai Judaism, viewing it is backwards, barbaric, and an embarrassment. 

And please do not take the truth that God is honoring His Abrahamic covenant with Abraham’s natural descendants too far, to claim some basis of spiritual importance or significance on the part of Jews that have rejected Jesus Christ. Why? Because doing so ignores the inconvenient fact that God told Hagar that He would bless the seed of Ishmael for Abraham’s sake as well! That is right: the Ishmaelites are the natural seed of Abraham just like rabbinic Jews. This proves that possessing genetic material from Abraham does not automatically place you in covenant relationship with God as a member of God’s people fulfilling God’s purpose in this world.

So then, did the church replace national Israel? That only makes sense if you view Judaism and Christianity as two separate religions with two different bodies of people, and particularly if you draw a hard line of demarcation between yourself and old covenant Sinai Judaism. If that is your worldview, then fine, but just know that the Bible does not support it. Virtually everything in the New Testament – from Matthew to Revelation – is a restatement, clarification, or fulfillment of material previously given in the Old Testament, and this certainly includes the very Jesus Christ and church that the law, prophets, and writings spoke of. A specific example: the so – called Hall of Fame of Faith in Hebrews 11. Realize that God’s Hall of Fame CONTAINS NOT A SINGLE MEMBER OF THE NEW TESTAMENT CHURCH. So, if you are drawing that line, you are drawing a line between yourself and the universal covenant people of God that cannot be supported by scripture. What does that mean for national Israel?

I answer that question with a question: does national Israel exist truly? Some say Israel ceased to exist as a nation in 70 AD with the destruction of the second temple. I say that Israel ceased to exist as a nation in 586 AD with the destruction of the FIRST TEMPLE. Why? The key issue of sovereignty. It is stated in Exodus and reflected in scripture and in Jewish thought thereafter that Israel became a nation when God, in an act of the national salvation of His elect people, brought them out of Egypt. Even though they had huge numbers in Egypt, they were not a nation. Why? Because they were not free. They were in bondage. As such, they had no freedom to serve God as God saw fit, which at that time included creating the priesthood, the tabernacle (whose function was transferred to the temple), the sacrifices, and observances. As a matter of fact, Egypt would not so much as allow Israel to go into the wilderness to sacrifice to YHWH. Why were those things required by God of His people at that time but have not been required of God’s people since? BECAUSE THOSE THINGS PREFIGURED AND POINTED TO JESUS CHRIST, AND CHRISTIANS – again Nazarene Jews – HAVE THOSE THINGS IN HIM. So if you have Jesus Christ, then you are national Israel, a sovereign spiritual nation. But of Israel, when they were in bondage to the Babylonians, Medo – Persians, Greeks, and Romans, there were only brief periods where they were actually allowed to practice Sinai Judaism to the best of their ability. The Romans, for instance, appointed both the high priest (always Sadducees) and the secular rulers of the area (the Herods) just as Constantine and other Roman emperors would go on to appoint bishops in the Roman imperial church. 

So then, what of the recreated state of Israel in 1948 that fueled so much speculation that Jesus Christ would return “within this generation”, which caused evangelical Christians to discard the centuries of endtimes doctrines created before then in favor of things like “The Late Great Planet Earth” (whose author is currently on his fourth wife) and “Left Behind” (whose author is allied with cult leader Sun Myung Moon)? Well I am going to let you in on a little secret: this “independent free state of Israel whose re – establishment is the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy” is not sovereign. It is true that they are not practicing Sinai Judaism as well, but that is not the key fact, for there were long periods of apostasy in national Israel when they did not practice Sinai Judaism. As a matter of fact, Judges tells us that the tribe of Dan was ALWAYS apostate – which explains why it is not listed among the 144,000 in Revelation – and the 10 tribes of the northern kingdom of Ephraim – had only wicked kings and practiced idolatry and the bull worship of Jeroboam (1 Kings 12) until they were destroyed by the Assyrians. But the point is that they were free to do as they choose, and the fact that they continually chose wrong in the northern kingdom and chose wrong over half the time in the southern kingdom of Judah is a fact to ponder.

But modern Israel does not have any such right. Modern Israel is nothing more than a vassal state of the global imperialists – led by the United Nations and the United States – just as was Judaea of Rome. As such, Israel is ruled by a western parliamentary democracy – a form of government given to the world by the Greek and Roman pagans, which means that it may not even be “secular – just as are the other nations in this thing called “the west” that includes Muslim Kosovo and will soon include Muslim Turkey, what we went to war to establish another in Iraq (with the support of so many Christians who value Greco – Roman pagan governmental institutions over the gospel of Jesus Christ … how many Christians have joined in the government’s claim that “we are constructing a free democratic Iraq and that makes the war worthwhile”!), and if either Hillary Clinton, John McCain, or Barack HUSSEIN Obama become president is a form of government that will spread even further in the Muslim and third world one way or another. Please keep in mind that even the Palestinian Liberation Organization, a terrorist group started by a homosexual Muslim Yasser Arafat, has been given many millions of dollars by America and the globalists merely for making the pretense of forming itself into a Greco – Roman pagan parliamentary organization. Were Hamas, the rival of the PLO, now called the Palestinian Authority, to do the same, they would receive the same. It looks like good old Jimmy Carter, the former Southern Baptist peanut farmer from rural Georgia, has just about convinced Hamas of the benefits of going in that direction. So, were this “free sovereign Israel” to dump their Greco – Roman pagan government in favor of either a monarchy after the manner of King David or a theocracy after the Judges – Samuel period, what would the globalist rulers do? Well, as even now Israel does not even have the right to determine its own borders or even make major internal political, economic, legal, or military actions without international approval, one can guess: the globalist pharaohs would not so much as suffer them to go into the wilderness to sacrifice.

The end result is that the church could not have replaced national Israel, because a sovereign national Israel has not existed since 586 BC, which incidentally was when the ark of the covenant that represented the covenant between God and national Israel was either destroyed or lost, never to be found or replaced on this earth save how it was fulfilled in Jesus Christ. The true people of God, hence, are a diaspora. Just as there is no such thing as a Christian nation, there is no such thing as a Jewish nation in this time, whether it be of true Nazarene Judaism, or false rabbinic Judaism. Instead, we are a people with no homeland wandering, sojourning in our booths in this life waiting until the Messiah returns to restore us, to ingather us, into New Jerusalem. Ronald Reagan deceived a lot of Christians into viewing America as the new “shining city on a hill”, and Reagan was just one deceiver among many. 

Some legitimate Christian ministries out there are discussing the implications of the Feast of Booths, or the Feast of Tabernacles, to Christianity; I urge you to research them. But the covenant people of God are in the world, not of it, and awaiting the return of Jesus Christ. In that respect, we are to be no different from Joseph in Egypt, Daniel in Babylon, or the apostles wandering the highways and byways of the Roman Empire spreading the gospel. Understand that and know that we did not so much replace national Israel and Judaism, but rather that we are true diaspora Israel and true Judaism: the mystery that the prophets spoke of. But know that when the seventh angel begins to sound, this mystery of God shall be finished (Revelation 10:7)!

When shall this happen? My current theory is that one day, maybe very soon or maybe not, Israel is going to be offered true sovereignty, and take it. However, the one making that offer will be the beast, the man of sin, commonly called the anti – Christ. At that point the time of sorrows, the great tribulation, will be upon the world, and soon after Jesus Christ will return, and the church will be caught up in the air to meet Him. That will be the day that the whole world, including the remnant of the natural seed of Abraham, will acknowledge that replacement theology was true after all.  

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Tim LaHaye Book The Act Of Marriage Proven By Medical Science To Be Perverted Apostasy!

Posted by Job on April 13, 2008

Anyone read Tim LaHaye’s “The Act of Marriage”? A copy was given to me by a friend who is a big supporter of LaHaye’s “Left Behind” series. I was really looking forward to reading it,  thinking that it was going to be some highly theological and spiritual work that gave new insights on the topic of marital sexuality by comprehensively giving out all of the known relevant Bible verses on the topic, both the verses known to deal with the topic plus interpreting more in new ways. I also wanted to hear about some of LaHaye’s experience from “decades of counseling” that he gave on the topic.  Needless to say, I was disappointed, as the book turned out to be a randy raunchfest. More disturbing was how rather than providing new or innovative exegesis on scripture or even historio – cultural insights on how the time and place the Bible was written may have influenced how sexuality was viewed and depicted, especially on the very tough sections that dealt with polygamy, concubines, Jacob being forced to marry sisters, the sororate and levirate (having to marry your deceased sibling’s spouse), etc. LaHaye used the Bible quite irresponsibly. For instance, LaHaye used the verse “Adam and Eve were naked but not ashamed” in the Bible to justify the notion that Adam and Eve engaged in frequent uninhibited sexual intercourse while in the Garden of Eden. The problem with speculation like this is that while it can be a reasonable inference that they had a sexual relationship in the Garden of Eden, THE FACT THAT THEY WERE NAKED HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. I mean, goodness, what does LaHaye believe that tribal cultures, where the men and women walk around wearing far less clothes than we do, spend their time doing? The Bible only speaks of their being unashamed of being naked in reference to their having no knowledge of sin. Since the fact that being naked in front of your spouse is not a sin ANYWAY, and as a result of their SIN they were ashamed to be naked in front of not only EACH OTHER when they had been given to EACH OTHER by GOD, and also in front of the SAME GOD THAT MADE THEM NAKED, it is SUPPOSED to be a powerful illustration of the nature of sin and the effects of the fall, how original sin literally makes man lose the ability to think naturally and rationally. But no, LaHaye looks at that verse and only depicts it as a naked couple in a jungle running around engaging in wild uninhibited copulation.

That seriously flawed (to be kind) Bible interpretation sets the tone for the rest of the book. LaHaye uses it to make the same assertion in the Juanita Bynum – Bishop Thomas Weeks “marriage ministry” Teach Me How To Love You conferences and a bunch of other themes by similar (meaning charismatic) marriage ministries, which states that married couples cannot defile the bedroom with unnatural, sinful sexual activity. Now this is the very definition of what Jude 4 calls turning the grace of God into lasciviousness! A born – again couple under the marriage covenant is SUPPOSED to be empowered through the Holy Spirit and by worshiping and praising God in spirit and truth together to the point where they are able to turn aside from wickedness, to help each other resist Satan so that he will flee from them outside of AND inside of the bedroom. But LaHaye and the rest of these false preachers are telling you that the purpose of the marriage covenant and the new covenant is to sanctify sin! That the effect of being born again and married to a born again spouse is that it makes behavior that is unnatural and sinful for unsaved unsaved and unmarried people holy, acceptable, and pleasing unto God for the saved ones! So, rather than using the marriage covenant to help you resist sin, these people teach that being born again and married allows you to become a bigger sinner than before, because since you are married it is no longer sin!

Not only that, but LaHaye’s book and the “ministries” of Bynum/Weeks and the many other ministers taking part in the “sex sells especially in the church” market are now actually strongly implying that refusing to consent to the sinful sexual desires of your partner are practically legitimate grounds for divorce! LaHaye’s book in particular states “Now I know that God hates divorce BUT if you refuse to do what your spouse wants you to do and your spouse leaves you, then you bear your part of the responsibility!” And that is where LaHaye’s “decades of marital counseling” was applied to … stories of marriages that had broken up for this very reason. So, LaHaye was not using his counseling experiences to exhort people into attaining a more Godly lifestyle and a mind redeemed by the Holy Spirit, but rather exploiting the pain of the people that he had “counseled” that went on to divorce to use it to frighten men and women – mostly women! – into doing whatever was demanded of them sexually. In one particularly galling example, LaHaye mentioned a man who left his wife and married another. LaHaye states that “while I do not agree with his decision to leave his wife”, he nonetheless depicted the man as happy with his new wife and family and active in the church, while his wife was “sad and lonely.” LaHaye NEVER CALLED THE MAN AN ADULTERER LIVING IN SIN, CAUSING HIS NEW WIFE TO SIN, OR MENTIONED THAT NOT ONLY WAS THE WIFE WHO REMAINED UNMARRIED WAS FREE OF THE SIN OF ADULTERY, BUT WAS ACTUALLY FREE TO MARRY AGAIN!

Listen, what LaHaye and these false teachers claim CONTRADICT what the Bible actually says. Jesus Christ stated that PORNEA was the only acceptable grounds for divorce. Now pornea is a Greek word that is frequently translated into adultery or fornication, but the experts say that the word actually means SEXUAL IMMORALITY. LaHaye has taken Greek, so he knows this. So why does he preach contrary to what the original Bible text says and means? Forcing unnatural sex practices on your wife or husband is actually grounds for divorce, but LaHaye and these other false preachers claim that if you refuse to consent to these sinful acts, the divorce is YOUR FAULT!

Well, it just so happens that EVEN MEDICAL SCIENCE is now proving these people to be liars. This article states that there is a major increase in women getting human papillomavirus, or HPV, from being abused in the sinful practice of anal sex by men. Now hypocrites like LaHaye will get in the pulpit and rant in their hypocritical hatred against homosexuals by calling the lifestyle “unnatural.” That, people, is the definition of homophobia. Why? BECAUSE IN “THE ACT OF MARRIAGE”, LAHAYE DECLARES THE SAME BEHAVIOR OK FOR MARRIED COUPLES! That behavior – plus anything else that your “born – again spouse” demands, LaHaye states that you have to do it to maintain your marriage, and that God is pleased by your remaining in marriage. The implication is that if you DO NOT allow yourself to be abused by your spouse (or consent to abusing your spouse) in this manner – or any other of the manners that LaHaye endorses in his book and the many other false preachers endorse in their false ministries – then you will get divorced, God will be displeased, AND YOU WILL TAKE THE BLAME! PEOPLE LIKE THIS ARE ACTUALLY MAKING PEOPLE FEEL FEARFUL AND GUILTY FOR REFUSING TO SIN! THE PEOPLE THAT REFUSE TO DEFILE THE BEDROOM ARE NOW THE SINNERS!

Again, Tim LaHaye is far from the only one. These false teachings are becoming more and more common in popular Christianity, even outside of the charismatic movement (which a lot of people like to remind us was started by Charles Parham, a Ku Klux Klansman and freemason who was ultimately convicted of sodomizing teenage boys … small wonder that the credit for starting this movement was shifted from him to William Seymour, despite the fact that the doctrines were Parham’s, and Parham trained Seymour in his Bible college – forcing Seymour to listen to his lectures in an adjoining room because the Klansman did not allow integrated classrooms in his Bible college … Seymour’s willingness to be subjected to this treatment in order to learn the false “multiple stages or applications of grace earned by works and evidenced by speaking in unknown tongues” doctrine of Parham is depicted as an example of his Christian humility instead of his determination to receive false doctrines). It really does show not only the severe error and depths of depraved evil of false doctrine, but how seducingly powerful they are.

But realize this: the fact that we should not be taking advice on marital sexuality from false teachers shows that we should not accept their teachings in any other area. It just shows that if a person willingly deviates from the Bible in one area, then they are inevitably going to get other things wrong too. Yes, Tim LaHaye is part and parcel of the prosperity/Word of Faith school of Kenneth Copeland, Paul Crouch, etc. as well as a huge behind the scenes player in religious right politics through cult leader Sun Myung Moon’s Center for National Policy. So if LaHaye is so wrong on this topic that he teaches that sin is not sin if you are married, and that if you refuse to sin in your marriage that makes YOU the sinner, then how wrong is he on other topics? And if he has the potential to be so wrong on so many topics, why follow such a man? This is the problem with heeding the word of apostates.

There are plenty of good preachers out there, so there is no excuse with supporting or patronizing the ministries of people that you know are corrupt. This is yet another example – and an explicit one – of why Christians should turn aside from them. Imagine the depths of sin and depravity that one must fall into in order to advocate this LaHaye nonsense. LaHaye is advocating that in humanity’s pre – fall state in the Garden of Eden, it was acceptable to abuse your wife. That one of the regrettable consequences of the fall of man is that people no longer view it to be acceptable to abuse their spouses sexually, and that we have consciences and inhibitions that convict us and plague us with thoughts of shame that this behavior is not ok (LaHaye makes a big deal of pointing out “and they were not ashamed!”). So … is LaHaye claiming that in our perfect pre – fall state, Eve’s body would heal right up from that abuse? Or maybe the pre – fall body would not be damaged at all? What God – glorifying purpose would have been served by man abusing his wife – even with her consent – or a woman abusing her husband – even at his compulsion – in the Garden of Eden? What God – honoring purpose is accomplished by men and women abusing each other within the confines of marriage NOW? These people never deal with this, because their “ministry” is not about soli deo gloria (the glorification of God alone) but about pleasing their own sin nature: the lust of the EYES, the lust of the FLESH, and the PRIDE of life.

Now I use the term “abuse” because that is what the King James Version uses. Consider the Book of Judges: the sons of Belial ABUSED the man’s concubine all night long AND AS A RESULT OF THE ABUSE OF HER BODY FROM THE UNNATURAL SEX THE WOMAN DIED. King Saul told his armorbearer to kill him BECAUSE HE WAS AFRAID THAT THE PHILISTINES WOULD COME AND ABUSE HIM. And 1 Corinthians 6:9 states that THE ABUSERS OF THEMSELVES WITH MANKIND will not enter heaven. (Please note how the charismatic folks like LaHaye LOVE to ignore 1 Corinthians, their entire movement is based on it.) Now people often take “abusers of themselves with mankind” to be a reference to homosexuality. Fine, but the Greek work translated in 1 Corinthians 6:9 in the King James Version as “effeminate”? It means the recipient of anal sex.

Again, Tim LaHaye knows this. Just like Tim LaHaye knows that slain in the spirit violates 1 Corinthians, just as he knows that the prosperity doctrine and women preachers violate 1 and 2 Timothy. He just does not care, and he depends on YOU not caring either. So, this fellow teaches that Adam and Eve violated 1 Corinthians 6:9 before the fall, and that born again people are no longer under the cursed effects of the fall, so not only are they free to break 1 Corinthians 6:9, but if you refuse to break 1 Corinthians 6:9 and your spouse leaves you, THEN SIN RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT DEVELOPMENT IS LAID TO YOUR CHARGE!

Of course, this is just one of the perversions promoted by LaHaye in his book, just as the Christian Dr. Ruth industry advocates many others. And this should not surprise us. Consider Romans 1:18-32, the passage that should silence all people who charge God with unfairness for making acceptance of Jesus Christ a requirement for salvation (which I admit was a HUGE hangup in my own personal faith UNTIL I READ IT JUST LAST YEAR … or should I say I UNDERSTOOD the passage just last year when I had read the passage many a time previously and not comprehended it). In that passage, Paul makes a direct immediate correlation between false religion and sexual immorality. It is right there in verses 26 and 27 of this devastating discourse: “For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.” So if idolatry inevitably directly leads to sexual immorality, how much more will false doctrine do the same?

So, people, the fact that devil’s doctrines like these that lead Christians into the worst form of evil and immorality should not be a surprise. The surprise is that more people are not out there exposing and confronting this evil, and that so many alleged Christians react with hate and anger against God’s truth the few times that they are confronted with it.

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Pat Robertson’s China Bans Visitors To Olympics From Bringing Bibles!

Posted by Job on November 9, 2007

First, see the post

Pat Robertson Promoting The Chinese Government

to see why Pat Robertson endorsing pro – abortion pro – gay rights cross – dressing fascist Rudolph Giuliani is really no surprise. After that, see the video below to see why Pat Robertson’s claims that the persecution that China is placing on its citizens is overstated and misunderstood, and that the gospel is really spreading in STATE APPROVED CHURCHES THAT PREACH A NEW AGE PROSPERITY SELF ESTEEM PURPOSE DRIVEN FALSE GOSPEL THAT DOES NOT EMPHASIZE OR CENTER AROUND JESUS CHRIST!

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