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Anti – Christ Hillary Clinton Supporters Attacking Pastor That Gave Sermon On Adultery Paul Fryman

Posted by Job on May 22, 2008

I made some guesses in While Campaigning in Kentucky Hillary Clinton Hears Sermon On Infidelity regarding her visit to a Kentucky United Methodist Church that turned out to be incorrect. Reasoned Audacity has a better picture in this post. Some excerpts (and I hope that they do not mind!):

He has been the subject of abuse because his sermon was on adultery. He has received hate mail and all sorts of attacks – including accusations of being a pedophile and needing therapy, etc. He has chosen (wisely) not to react or respond at all. Paul is a humble, guileless servant of Christ. The more I hear about this fellow the more I like him! I tell you this … Paul Fryman DOES NOT fit the profile of the typical religious right pastor. The typical religious right pastor rails against the sins of liberals while ignoring the sins of conservatives. The typical religious right pastor rails against the sins of famous liberals BEHIND THE BACKS OF SAID LIBERALS while cowardly clamming up and making nice and friendly while in the presence of said liberal. In other words, most religious right pastors are nothing like the Old Testament prophets or John the Baptist. In other words, had Paul Fryman been a typical religious right pastor, he would have had Hillary Clinton stand up, thank her for visiting his church – and bringing it tons of free publicity – and mentioned that HER PASTOR is NOTHING LIKE that AWFUL Jeremiah Wright! And were he a religious right pastor he CERTAINLY would have held 100 news conferences talking about all the horrible persecution that he has received, and would have enlisted the aid of the various Jay Sekulow – type “Christian defense foundations” to manage his public relations operation – excuse me – serve as his advocate and defense (a role that incidentally SHOULD be played by Jesus Christ). 

The service and Paul have been distorted unbelievably.

Here are some facts, in case someone asks you:

· Hillary’s people called Paul and told him she would be in his church, it was not a request.

· He told her people that they were in a series of sermons and that the morning sermon would be on adultery from the Sermon on The Mount, making sure she knew what she would hear, the bulletins were already printed.

I stated that this was possibly a case of poor vetting. This was worse. Either the right hand – the advance team planning, scheduling and coordinating the events – did not know what the left hand – the one responsible for making the final decision and getting the candidate to the event – was doing, or these people felt that the church would alter their plans to accommodate the candidate. Now the former, a lack of communication between Clinton’s team, is inexcusable. The latter is much less so, because let us face it, churches have a habit of completely ignoring the book of James and doing everything that they can to accommodate the powerful. If the last 99 churches she has been to stooped down and kissed her ring (and that of George W. Bush and Barack HUSSEIN Obama and so on) why should number 100 be different?

As bad as Hillary Clinton is, it appears that the press is worse. 

· Paul’s sermon was 12 minutes (not the hour-long that was in the press – that was the length of the whole service)

· Paul acknowledged the presidential candidate’s presence in the service (some reports said that she was ignored and unwelcomed).

· Reporters sat in the service with their laptops – did not participate in the service respectfully.

Read where CNN gets it wrong. This is not news.

But what is news is that CNN can’t spell. Nancy writes into CNN,

May 18th, 2008 5:15 pm ETJust a note – please check the spelling on the word “alter,” which I belive [sic] should be “altar”. Or at least that’s how it’s spelled at my church. See, all democrats are not Godless heathens.


Nancy must be pro-life.


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