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The Mormon False God Is From The Planet Kolob!

Posted by Job on December 20, 2007

Actually, there is debate in Mormonism on the true nature of Kolob. Some say that it is a planet, some say that it is a star. Others say that the Mormon god is from there, others say that it is the closest star to his place of residence (this tends to mean that the Mormon god is not a transcendent one like the God of the Bible that the heavens cannot contain, but rather one that is part of nature and creation like the polytheistic and pantheistic gods). Seriously, why are Christians obliged to show tolerance and respect to these people’s beliefs in any way, shape, or form? I can understand why those who hate Christians demand that we must respect Mormon beliefs in a way that they themselves would NEVER respect Christianity. But what of CHRISTIANS that claim that we should respect their beliefs or that their beliefs have anything in common with ours? I will tell you: those Christians are not looking at doctrine but rather the externals. Well even though the book of James and the gospels say that Christians will be known by our externals, Christianity is a spiritual religion where everything begins with and proceeds with faith God as He revealed Himself in the Bible.

The more I read stuff like this, the more I understand why this Mitt Romney/Mike Huckabee campaign is actually very useful. A great many Roman Catholics really dislike not only Huckabee but also his supporters. Do not get me wrong, while I certainly strongly disagree with both Romney and Huckabee supporters, I merely hold them to be mistaken (as I was for supporting George W. Bush and his brother Jeb from 1998 to 2006). It is clear that the Catholic antipathy is religion – based. Evangelicals are the only major group of Christendom that still strongly adheres to sola scriptura and sola fide. Mormons and let us face it all but the most conservative mainline Protestants reject both in favor of works and their own traditions and sacraments.

So to Roman Catholics like Bob Novak – who has yet another hit piece on Huckabee and by extension his evangelical supporters today hypocritically bashing Huckabee for not opposing the rise of liberal evangelicalism when it was his own Roman Catholicism that invented liberal Christianity and won’t kick out a priest for being an atheist Marxist child molester homosexual so long as he doesn’t get married – they honestly find Mormonism more agreeable to their mindset than evangelicalism. The fact that Mormons reject the deity of Jesus Christ – and in truth God the Father – for a polytheistic system is not as important to them as the evangelical conviction that we can do just fine with the Bible and with faith. We do not claim salvation or justification by works. We do not claim that God’s grace is imparted through sacraments that are only legitimate if conferred by a church official (who again may be an atheist Marxist child molester homosexual so long as he is not married). Perhaps most importantly, we do not claim to be led primarily by a single figure that is God’s representative on earth, some vicario Jesu Christi or vicario deo figure or similar, but we believe in the priesthood of believers based on 1 Peter 2:5-9 (see this excellent document on that topic

So apparently, this Mike Huckabee campaign is precisely the cover that frustrated Catholics have needed all these years to air their grievances against Protestants, something that they otherwise would not be able to do, especially in the context of religious right politics. I am wondering if this is not going to spill over from politics into the realm of religion and culture as well. Of course, seeing how a great many evangelicals are now urging Christians to drop our insistence on sola fide and sola scriptura and want us to simply surrender our Biblical faith for one that is not (see ) and pretty much have been since the days of Billy Graham, you have to wonder precisely what grounds the battle will be fought on. My prediction is grounds that are highly favorable to the Roman Catholics.

Religious right Christians, this is to let you know: the GOP’s establishments’ rejection of Huckabee has NOTHING to do with his not being electable (as if Rudy Giuliani is), his ethics problems (again, see Rudy Giuliani) or his economic liberalism (again, Giuliani, Romney, and McCain are really no better, it is just that only the positive portions of their economic records are being reported where only the negative ones of Huckabee are). It is all about Roman Catholics disliking the evangelical faith, and that is precisely why they are trying to play this “either support Romney or be a bigot” nonsense.

The question is: how many evangelicals are going to play along instead of  standing up to attacks on their faith? From what we have seen so far, plenty. We know that Huckabee is not going to do a thing about it because he wants Roman Catholics  to vote for him. We have also seen plenty of prominent evangelicals endorse Romney because they are so deathly afraid of being publicly counted as bigots. Again, this is not to say that evangelicals should endorse and support Huckabee, whose support of Kenneth Copeland and John Hagee are just as bad as endorsing Romney. If anything, it is worse, because at least people who endorse Romney can claim to be compartmentalizing between sacred and secular, but by defending Copeland from that Chuck Grassley probe  and preaching at John Hagee’ s church, Huckabee cannot even claim that! Still,  Roman Catholics probably are unaware of (or more likely completely apathetic concerning) the theological problems with Huckabee, Hagee, Copeland, Rick Warren, etc. so it is useful to keep an eye on this situation as it relates to Roman Catholics’ hatred of sola fide and sola scriptura.


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Reformed Christianity: Faith Alone

Posted by Job on November 25, 2007

R. C. Sproul Series.

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You Should Preach Like a Dying Man To Dying Men!

Posted by Job on November 20, 2007


Preach like a dying man to dying men

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On The Old Churches And Why Protestants Are Still Right

Posted by Job on November 20, 2007

From ChristianTheology.Wordpress.Com:

On the old churches and why Protestants are still right

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Where Bobby Jindal And Many Charismatics Are Wrong

Posted by Job on October 30, 2007

Religious right types are embracing Bobby Jindal unconditionally. In doing so, they completely ignore the fact that Jindal’s Roman Catholic views as represented A) by the Catholic Church’s own teachings and B) Jindal’s own writings are made fair game by Jindal’s own campaign that sold his religious beliefs as an asset. The actual reason why so many of these folks are feigning such outrage is that they do not want Roman Catholicism’s true teachings concerning Protestantism – and Jindal’s writings represent only a mild version of them – to be commonly known. Again, Jindal has a right to his faith. But Jindal’s making his faith virtually part of his platform makes examining it appropriate. So, from this link:

(1) SCRIPTURE AND TRADITION: Is sola scriptura (the Bible alone) a sufficient basis for the modern Christian to understand God’s will?

The Bible does not contain either the claim that it is comprehensive or a listing of its contents, but does describe how it should be used. Scripture and Tradition, not the Bible alone, transmit God’s revelation.

It is fitting that Jindal and his Catholic brethren would reject that notion, because the Bible itself disagrees! Acts 20:27 says “For I have not shunned to declare unto you all the counsel of God.” Counsel means revelation, and that statement means that the complete, final revelation of God to man was given to the church during the apostolic era. And of course we have the famous 2 Timothy 3:16-17, which says “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works.” That means that scripture contains all that is necessary and sufficient for eternal salvation, holiness, good works, and to live a lifestyle that is pleasing to the Lord.

So then, are the traditions and teachings of man inherently wrong or evil? No they are not. Quite the contrary, such things may aid in understanding the meaning and intent of the scriptures more perfectly, instruct people on a practical living faith, or help the gospel spread to diverse places and cultures. The caveat is that they cannot contradict that which is given in scripture. Against that both Matthew 15:9 and Mark 7:7 warn: “But in vain they do worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.”

So, you have Catholics on one hand with their unmarried priesthood, doctrines concerning Mary and the pope, veneration of human beings, works doctrines, and iconography. On the other hand, you have charismatics with their prosperity/Word of Faith doctrines, their “willingness to negotiate” on Trinity and other important doctrines, the claims of many that salvation or baptism of the Holy Spirit must be “proven” by unknown tongues, and their embrace of female church officers (pastors, elders, bishops, and deacons). And yes, both movements have their “mystical” elements where people claim to receive prophecies, dreams, visions, etc. that add to or contradict canonical scripture.

It is no surprise that so many people have decided that the Bible is not good enough for them and as such they have to go seeking after other doctrines and revelations. Life is hard and uncertain, filled with the heartaches and heartbreaks of outrageous fortune. The road is narrow, winding, and tough that not only oftentimes we cannot see the end, but we fear that when we get there we will suffer even worse! So it is not unusual that we would seek to put our trust in an institution that claims to be able to forgive our sins or a human that claims to have the answer.

But those things are not faith. Rather, they are substitutes for it. For all of the charismatics that need prophesying and miracles to validate their experience, have we forgotten that Israel went for hundreds of years at times without a prophet, and that when the Word of the Lord did come often it was not to a great many people or to a person of high office but to lone itinerant people who only received a few such revelations during their entire lives (with the vast majority of them working no miracles)? Yet many of them remained faithful. For the Catholics that put their trust in an institutional church, have we forgotten that the Jews lost their temple, king, sovereign nation, and priesthood in 586 BC? Yet many of them remained faithful. What about the first century Jewish Christians that had to witness the destruction of the temple, being driven out of the synagogues and from their own people? Yet many of them remained faithful.
Make no mistake, it is the sola scriptura sola fide solus christus soli deo gloria sola gratia Christians that are the remnant, the descendants of those that have remained faithful throughout the ages; the perseverance of the saints.

Thus, it is incumbent upon Christians not to be deceived, and not to allow contemporary political alliances to cause us to paper over the real differences for the sake of expediency. William Donohue would rather not have you thinking about this, because he wants you to support his political candidates, judicial nominees, and faith – based legislative and executive agenda without asking questions. Despite his partisan Republican culture war pot – clanging, he also does not want you to know that both parties are generally consenting to the “big ticket items” of his agenda. He is not the only one: there are power brokers in the charismatic movement as well, most notably Pat Robertson – he of the frequent prophecies and revelations on the 700 Club – who really would rather you not know a lot of the things that he is REALLY doing. It is incumbent upon sola Christians to keep our eyes open and on our Bibles, and to turn aside from institutions and religious leaders that tell us to deny, deny, or remain ignorant of what is written therein.

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Posted by Job on May 23, 2007

As a free – willer, I have my disagreements with the Calvinists at Pulpit (not that the pastors, scholars, and theologians over there are even aware of the existence – let alone have any reason to show regard for the opinions – of one such as myself), but the great Bible – based work that they do over there often makes me regret some of my more unfortunate diatribes like this one: Ah, live and learn. In any event, in response to a challenge from a representative of the people who pray to Mary and maintain that the pope replaces Jesus Christ in the Trinity on earth (Catholics), they produced this excellent historical defense of sola fide and sola scriptura. And what, pray tell are sola fide and sola scriptura along with sola gratia, solus Christus (or sola Christo), and soli Deo gloria? Simply put, those are what makes on a Christian (as opposed to a cultist, heretic, or apostate). Now while Christians will and do have disagreements among themselves on other issues – as I do with Calvinists, rapture deniers, tithers, and various others – the point is these are honest disputes over reasonable varying interpretations of scripture and the doctrines and traditions that emanate from them that imperfect men living in different places, times, cultures, and conditions are invariably going to have. So, it is man setting himself against man, and while that is in some ways regrettable (but in other ways I propose are actually helpful and even necessary, which is why I regret my earlier anti – Calvin diatribes) it is not tragic. But if you are against the solas, then that IS tragic, because you are setting yourself against the Bible and the God who gave it to us. So please, read this excellent defense of sola fide and sola scriptura, and then (for those that are unaware of the solas, which regrettably includes quite a few people and is a reason for all of these false doctrines and movements in the church) read this excellent document on all five What really bothered me is that finding a suitable link that explained all five solas was much more difficult than it should have been. What a commentary on the state of modern Christianity.

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