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Eradication Of Christian Culture And Religion In Kosovo

Posted by Job on February 22, 2008

Pardon me, but has anyone but me noticed that things have gotten much worse for Christians all around the world ever since George W. Bush took office? Incidentally, Muslims have been burning churches and running Christians out of the area for months. Not that the media has been reporting it by the way. Also, not only did the Bush administration immediately recognize this new Muslim state, but the Republican Congress could have prevented us from going to war against them in the first place and did not. They did a lot of grumbling and griping to score some political points as usual, but when it came down to it the only real opposition to the war on the right or the left was by Jesse Jackson. I have to admit, I supported Clinton’s war in the beginning, but stopped when Clinton chose a war strategy that would maximize innocent civilian casualties while minimizing our own, not out of actual concern for the lives of our troops but for P.R. purposes, something patently evil and immoral. But again, the GOP did nothing to prevent the immoral war or the way that it was waged. Religious right Christians, it shows you which side the Republicans are really on; they are no different from the Democrats. Link courtesy of SoldierServant.


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Bush – Clinton Council On Foreign Relations Plot To Create European Muslim State Succeeds

Posted by Job on February 18, 2008

Now Russia cannot be happy about this, especially since they have their own issues with Chechnya. Still, the US helped the Muslims attain their entire objective. They were allowed entry into the region for humanitarian reasons, and once they had settled in, they demanded their own independent Muslim state. When the Serbians defended their land, certainly they committed crimes against humanity, but the media never told why this was happening in the first place. So the Clinton administration intervened on behalf of the imperialistic Muslims in a war that Code Pink, International A.N.S.W.E.R., Nelson Mandela, Desmond Tutu, Cindy Sheehan, Nancy Pelosi, Barack HUSSEIN Obama, the Congressional Black Caucus, and the rest of the anti – war left had absolutely no problem with (EXCEPT JESSE JACKSON!) and virtually everyone seems to have forgotten ever happened.

And now, immediately after the Muslims did what they planned to do from the outset (and with our help!) in stealing a piece of that country for their own European base (the Crusades are starting up again!) George W. Bush grants them official recognition as a nation, without even consulting NATO, the EU, the U.N., or even Bush’s ally Vladimir Putin.

My bet: from here, the EU admits Kosovo. After that is done, it will be impossible to continue to deny entrance to Turkey. And what did the books of Daniel and Revelation say about the endtimes? There will be ten kingdoms! Now you should realize that both George Bush and Bill Clinton have been working to get us towards that evil time.

Here is another view:

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Bible League: Faith Works All Over The World

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

Can  anything good come from Bucaramanga?
Latin America—Tatiana’s young life was filled with abuse. She turned to alcohol to sooth her unbearable pain. Even though her little son needed so much, she had nothing to give. The cycle of neglect, it seemed,would continue into another generation. Read more.

Going the distance to give God’s Word
Africa—An African man visits family he has not seen in years, and finds that there is no church in their village. God leads him to establish a new church there and the only way he can get to the place, is to walk a decayed dirt road. Find out more

Tradition now a true relationship
A scant 8,100 or so of Serbia’s 10 million people (less than 0.1 percent of the population) are evangelical Christians. But God’s Church is growing in this country that has suffered throughwar, poverty, and more. God’s Word is transforming the lives of people like Djordje. Read more.

God’s Word brings happiness

Irina and her children endured beating after beating from her husband. God’s Word had transformed her life. She doubted it could change his. But today Irina knows that the power of God’s Word is far beyond what she ever dreamed or imagined. Her entire family now knows Jesus Christ. Read more.

Bible League staff in Peru minister to earthquake survivors
A recent earthquake in Peru devastates lives. As the painful disaster zone remains, Bible League ministry in Peru is impacting Peruvians with God’s Word—providing hope to earthquake survivors in this time of tragedy. Find out more.

Bible League impacts generations of Kaiwá people group
The long-term impact of Bible League ministry is evident by the transformed lives of the Kaiwá people. A legacy of Christ followers began when one woman came to know the love of a Savior through translating God’s Word in her heart language. Find out more.

Listen to their voices cry out in need and thanksgiving
Visit our audio library and listen to people around the world express their need for God’s Word. Select the country that you have a heart for. Tune in now

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