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How To Be Poor

Posted by Job on November 21, 2009

If you spend your life helping others, chances are you will be poor. If you spend your life helping yourself, chances are you will be rich. That is why Jesus Christ said BLESSED ARE THE POOR!


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India: Thanks But No Thanks Global Warming Cult, Taking Care Of Our Poor Is More Important!

Posted by Job on June 7, 2008

Imagine if “creation care” evangelical Christians had priorities that were as biblical – taking care of and concern for the poor – AS THESE PAGAN HINDU HEATHENS IN INDIA! I suppose that I should be one of the “tolerant” Christians and feel that actually reading your Bible, understanding it, doing what it says, and allowing it to transform your thinking is too much to ask. Too hateful, too narrow minded, too intolerant, too fundamentalist. Far better to commend these people for thumping a Bible that they never read. I have to admit, after reading the writings of several sincere Christians on how global warming might be a fulfillment of Bible prophecy, I do not totally dismiss the possibility of the phenomenon. However, even were global warming an ironclad scientifically proven fact – rather than often seeming to relying on the same junk science, the complete casting aside of the scientific method, that is used to “prove” evolution – that still wouldn’t justify casting in my lot with the new world order globalists to fight it just because the leading evangelicals that JUST HAPPEN to have ties to such groups as the Center for National Policy (Pat Robertson, Paul Crouch, Tim LaHaye) and the Council on Foreign Relations (Rick Warren, Mike Huckabee) tell me to.

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More Prosecutorial Misconduct Discovered But Since The Wrongly Convicted Are Black And Poor And Not Duke Lacrosse Players No One Cares!

Posted by Job on March 10, 2008

Where is Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, the National Review, the Weekly Standard, the outraged bloggers, etc. over THIS CASE? (Update: See ABC News link here.)Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, Cal Thomas, where are you? Woe to the people that prefer the rich and powerful over the poor and powerless …

When Levon Brooks goes to court later this month, it will bring an end to a treacherous chapter in his life fueled by a rush to judgment, shoddy investigative work and the state of Mississippi’s over-reliance on a shaky “expert” witness. Convicted in 1992 of raping and murdering a 3-year-old girl, Brooks, was sentenced to life in prison, mainly on the strength of testimony by Dr. Michael West, a dental expert who swore that bite marks all over the girl’s body were caused by caused by the defendant. Three years later, West testified that another Black man, Kennedy Brewer, was responsible for inflicting the same bizarre wounds on another slain 3-year-old Mississippi girl, sending Brewer to prison for life. Ten years later, both men have been released from prison after a third man confessed to both killings; DNA evidence connected the confessor to the crimes. Turns out that West isn’t much of an expert after all, and literally hundreds of his analyses used to convict defendants are being called into question. Forensic experts now say that the wounds on the victim in the Brewer case “were not human bites at all but were likely were caused by crawfish and insects nibbling on the corpse, decomposition, and rough handling when the body was pulled from the pond where it was found,” The Associated Press reports. West also muffed up the Brooks case, identifying scrapes as bites, Brooks’ lawyers say.

Some are even saying that West’s missteps were no accident. “You have people who engaged in misconduct and manufactured evidence and we’ve proved it,” Peter Neufeld, co-director of the Innocence Project, told the AP. His project has led to the exoneration of more than 200 inmates nationwide and assembled the expert panel that examined the Brewer case. “These two cases are going to be an eye-opener for the people of Mississippi about some of the problems they have in criminal justice and how easy it will be to make it right,” Neufeld added. Brewer, 36, was released on bail last year, a few years after DNA tests excluded him as the rapist; he was exonerated by a judge on Feb. 15, AP reported.

Prosecutors are expected to drop the case against Brooks, 48, today. He now lives with his 83-year-old mother. West, a 55-year-old in private practice, did not return numerous calls from AP’s reporters to his Hattiesburg office. “I ain’t worried about the past. I’m thinking about the future,” Brewer said. But he offered some advice to prosecutors: “They need to get the truth before they lock up the wrong somebody. It doesn’t feel good to be called a rapist and murderer.” In recent weeks, Justin Albert Johnson, 51, was arrested and charged in one of the murders. He later confessed to both killings after detectives told him that his semen tied him to the Brewer case.

Now the prosecutor who went after the Duke lacrosse players found himself charged with crimes, and lots of folks demanded that the guy spend years in jail. But is anyone demanding that these prosecutors go to jail? That Dr. Michael West go to jail? Or that there even be an investigation? Or that reforms and procedural changes be put in place? Nope! The outrage over the Duke lacrosse players was 100% because they were rich, and also because it gave every racist crank a chance to spew their venom. None of these people could care less about the injustice that goes on in our criminal injustice system routinely. Why? Because only born – again believers in Jesus Christ actually care about ALL injustice NO MATTER WHO IT HAPPENS TO!
The Three Step Salvation Plan

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John MacArthur: Abusing The Poor

Posted by Job on March 2, 2008

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John MacArthur On Abusing The Poor

Posted by Job on February 24, 2008

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Gospel For Asia: The Dream That Led To The Slum

Posted by Job on December 22, 2007

Do you remember how, in the Bible, the Lord showed Joseph his future through a dream? In that dream, God vividly illustrated to Joseph how he would one day rule over his brothers. Well, one Gospel for Asia native missionary received His calling to go serve in the Asian slums through a dream as well. To read more about his sacrificial ministry, click here.

God is working mightily to touch the lives of those who are trapped in the slums. Please pray with me for the native missionaries who are bringing the hope of Christ to these needy people.

Yours for the unreached,

K.P. Yohannan

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Gospel For Asia: India Dalit Children Beaten Mother Burned

Posted by Job on November 18, 2007

How would you feel if someone beat your children for innocently playing? Several Dalit families in Bihar, India, experienced this agony recently when a group of upper-caste farmers became angry with the children for playing near a temple. Learn more about this sad story of hatred against Dalits here.

Atrocities against Dalits continue to happen throughout the state of Bihar. Thankfully, the Lord has called several Gospel for Asia missionaries to take His Good News and encouragement to these downtrodden people.

A group of about 10 infuriated, upper-caste farmers beat up some Dalit children who were playing on the premises of a local temple in Bihar, India, on September 1. The farmers then chased the children home and argued with their mothers about the incident. As the disagreement escalated, the farmers threw a pot of scalding food onto one of the mothers.

According to news reports, the upper-caste farmers were upset because they felt the Dalits did not have the right to be near the temple where they worshipped. “They told us how dare we enter the temple, this is our temple, you have no right to offer prayers here,” said one victim, Rukmini Devi.

Following the incident, police arrested one of the farmers and are continuing to search for five others. They also filed paperwork with the court system and assured local news sources that the law would take its course.

Although Bihar has made some strides to create equality among its people, many atrocities against Dalits continue. This recent event only highlights the ongoing need for Dalits to be valued and respected in their society.

<!–Although Bihar has made some strides to create equality among its people, many atrocities against Dalits continue.–>Gospel for Asia missionaries serving in Bihar have a special burden to reach the Dalits in their state with Christ’s love, and show them the true importance they have in the kingdom of God. The missionaries request prayer for the violence against Dalits to cease and for many to come to know Jesus through these difficult times.

Floods have swept over the homes of many people in Bihar this year.

Bihar is home to thousands of low-caste people like the Dalit children who were beaten. Learn more about this state.

Dalit News Reaching The Dalits Facts About Dalits The Caste System Dalit Videos Dalit Photos Donate to Dalit Outreach Sign Up for Dalit News

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Martin Lee Anderson: The State Gets Away With Murdering The Poor Again!

Posted by Job on October 13, 2007

“You kill a dog, you go to jail,” said Gina Jones’ lawyer, Benjamin Crump, outside court. “You kill a little black boy and nothing happens.” An obvious reference to the Michael Vick case. I have been saying this for months by the way. Two Teenage Black Males Get TEN YEARS IN PRISON FOR KILLING PUPPY! Well, see the story here:

Some more excerpts: “The defendants faced up to 30 years in prison had they been convicted of aggravated manslaughter of a child. The jury also decided against convicting them of lesser charges, including child neglect and culpable negligence.” Clear message: the state has the right to murder people without accountability.

Officials from the Department of Justice in Washington and U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Florida announced they were reviewing the state’s prosecution. Defense attorneys, however, said they considered a federal civil-rights case to be unlikely.” The people that are making this an anti – Christ totalitarian regime through fraud, corruption, incompetence, the denial of due process and justice, and the suppression of civil rights, the invasion of privacy (not to mention Iraq), and occasional torture do not care about this boy’s civil rights? Shocking.

The all-white jury was escorted away from the courthouse and did not comment.” Oh gee. I wonder why. When a person does the right thing and stands up for justice and the Bible, they have nothing to be ashamed of. But when they knowingly do evil, they have to run and hide.

The conservative Florida Panhandle county is surrounded by military bases and residents are known for their respect for law and order.” What they want is not law and order, which requires JUSTICE. What they want is fascism. Under fascism, the state is never held accountable and can do as it pleases. These people have been brought by an anti – Christ “conservative” ideological system that causes them to support state injustice so long as it is aimed at the other guy. But all that is being done is laying the groundwork for the anti – Christ system to oppress more and more people. Conservative Florida panhandle hypocrite that hates justice, what are you going to do when the anti – Christ comes for you? Since you are acting like this now, you will certainly bow to his image and take his mark.

This is the best part. They claim that the boy died of “natural causes.” The defense said Anderson’s death was unavoidable because he had undiagnosed sickle cell trait, a usually harmless blood disorder that can hinder blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen during physical stress.

Of course, the medical examiner who works for the state, was in on the fraud. An initial autopsy by Dr. Charles Siebert, the medical examiner for Bay County, found Anderson died of natural causes from sickle cell trait. But get this: A second autopsy was ordered and another doctor concluded that the guards suffocated Anderson through their repeated use of ammonia capsules and by covering his mouth.

The rest of the story: Prosecutors said the eight defendants neglected the boy’s medical needs after he collapsed while running laps. They said the defendants suffocated Anderson by covering his mouth and forcing him to inhale ammonia.

Now the guards defend themselves by making the usual “it is SOOO hard to work in an environment where there are all these dangerous criminals” that the “pro – law enforcement” types believe every single time. Except in this case, it was SIX GUARDS AGAINST A FOURTEEN YEAR OLD BOY WITH SICKLE CELL DISEASE! Oh yes, and what grotesque crimes did this dangerous criminal commit? “He was brought there for violating probation for stealing his grandmother’s car and trespassing at a school.” So the state of Florida sent a 14 year old boy to a state internment camp where officers of the state punched and kicked him for thirty minutes and then suffocated him for trespassing and joyriding! People, where is the outrage? If you are not outraged over this, then you are on your way to an eternity in the lake of fire because just like that jury you do not have the love of God in you! Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!

But wait, there is still more. Do you realize that ADMITTING THEIR GUILT WAS PART OF THE DEFENSE’S STRATEGY? “The defense said Anderson’s death was unavoidable because he had undiagnosed sickle cell trait, a usually harmless blood disorder that can hinder blood cells’ ability to carry oxygen during physical stress.” You mean the stress that comes from being punched and kicked for 30 minutes and then forced to inhale ammonia? Of course, the “conservative Christian” jury in this case simply decided that they had no interest in cause and effect. All they are interested in is protecting the anti – Christ state because they have been raised to believe in an unconditionally support the very same anti – Christ state because they falsely believe that this state will protect them. Ever since slavery and Reconstruction, these folks have been CONVINCED that the state needs to protect them from blacks like Martin Lee Anderson. That built and built upon itself (even though the state was the primary incubator of criminal behavior amongst the black underclass by virtue of its welfare policies that punished people for getting married, getting an education and a job, etc.) until we came to “the war on drugs” which gave the state unprecedented authority to deprive a person of his property, liberty, and life without due process or accountability. The next stage was using the threat of Muslim terrorism (which only happened because the state made NO EFFORT to keep people WITH KNOWN RADICAL BACKGROUNDS from entering this country, training to carry out their missions, or receiving financial support, and this was not only regarding 9/11 but the first time that the Muslim Brotherhood tried to take out the World Trade Center ten years earlier) to place in the Patriot Act, warrantless surveillance, suspension of habeus corpus, etc. And now, rather than simply close off the border (which Israel has proven works quite well), they are moving to a national ID system. It has bipartisan support: the right claims that we need it to track illegal immigrants, the left claims that it is needed to guarantee voting rights.

Cannot you people see what is going on? Now do not mistake this as a missive in support of the simplistic purposefully distorted endtimes Christianity as represented by “Left Behind” and the many similar fictional works. Rather, this is about what the Bible actually does say: the state is evil, and unless you are in Jesus Christ you will support the evil of the state. This evil is going to continue to build and build until the day that a global persecution of the church by all of the governments of the world will commence, and it will last seven years. People that are consenting to such evil as this do nothing but help us get to that terrible time faster.

And I close with one final question: where were the people that engineered that massive demonstration in support of the Jena 6 thugs that beat a boy senseless (a far worse crime than the ones committed by Martin Lee Anderson) in this case?

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