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The Strange Religious Direction That Quantum Physics Is Taking

Posted by Job on October 15, 2009

From the Huffington Post:

And in the modern world, with the strange and inexplicable discoveries of quantum physics, scientific treatises on the nature of reality sound remarkably like ancient mystical writings. The more we learn about the shocking contradictions and improbable mechanics of the subatomic world, the more it appears that the universe is less like Isaac Newton’s giant clock and more like one giant dream, imagined from within an implicate order that transcends human reason. Such a vision would be familiar to the Sufis of Islam, along with their counterparts among Buddhist masters, Kabbalists and Christian mystics like Meister Eckhart.

So, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, and “Christian” mystics all agree on this stuff. Fascinating. In addition, the “dreamtime” religious myths of Australian aborigines can be compared to this also. (Incidentally, Kabbalist means Jewish, as Kabbalism is part and parcel to the accepted Jewish religion. Kabbalism is in no way pseudo-Jewish cultism. Instead, esoteric knowledge and magic are all over Judaism, and is the acknowledged but seldom spoken of underpinnings of the Talmud and other rabbinic Jewish books. Kabbalah, which at best is a syncretism between some elements of the Hebrew religion and the Babylonian pagan mystery religions and is more likely the Babylonian mystery religion in Jewish guise, can be considered “higher Judaism.” Jews are encouraged to master the Talmud and the other books first, and the brightest and most devoted then go on to study Kabbalah. From a Jewish website: Kabbalah is also part of the Oral law. It is the traditional mystical understanding of the Torah. Kabbalah stresses the reasons and understanding of the commandments, and the cause of events described in the Torah. Kabbalah includes the understanding of the spiritual spheres in creation, and the rules and ways by which G-d administers the existence of the universe. More information that “Christian Zionist” preachers and leaders never tell the laymen, though they certainly know about it. So, we should not be surprised that Kabbalists and Muslims agree on this topic, because it is “knowledge” that not only spiritually but also quite literally has the same origin.)

This also seems to correlate to the religious worldview pushed by people such as Dan Brown and George Lucas (theosophy and New Age sorts), where knowledge (or more accurately consciousness), matter and energy themselves are worshiped as god. Reminds me of a couple of articles I read (see below). One world religion anybody? The interesting thing is that this religio-scientific worldview very much accommodates evolution, the big bang theory and similar. As a matter of fact, the article points out that believers in this worldview include Francis Collins, the current director of the National Institutes of Health (Barack Hussein Obama appointee). Despite his belief in and advocacy for evolution, Collins is considered to be an evangelical Christian (and is indeed embraced as one by evangelicals desperate to see one of their own ranks represented in mainstream culture, especially in the elite academic, scientific and government arenas, and Collins represents all three), and is working to get evangelical Christians to abandon their opposition to evolution. I should point out that in this Francis is far from alone, as not a few Anglican evangelical theologians, including Alister McGrath, have been trying to get evangelicals to submit to evolution for decades. And incidentally, you should know that the Roman Catholic Church, with its long history of mysticism, is slowly accommodating evolution as well. Again, one world religion maybe, perhaps?


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To Indiana Jones And Star Wars Fans: Writer George Lucas Is A Theosophy Occultist

Posted by Job on May 24, 2008

Why did I watch the new Indiana Jones movie to begin with? Long story, but let me summarize: many months stretching into a few years going through an incredible effort to live holy by rejecting entertainment that did not conform to a Christian worldview – which inevitably lead to patronizing only “Christian” entertainment – left me JUST A LITTLE BIT BITTER when I discovered the decidedly non Christian views, lifestyles, and decisions made by many (as in JUST ABOUT ALL!) of the popular creators and distributors of said “Christian” entertainment that I was patronizing. So, the other day I turned to the wife and made comments to the effect of “Hey, let’s check out the new Indiana Jones movie, how bad could it be? Lucas and Spielberg are not the ones harming Christians by spreading false doctrines with products that they pretend were created to honor Jesus Christ.” So … let us say that in less than two years I went from thinking that keeping the TV on televangelists 24 by 7 would make me more holy and sanctified to thinking that there was nothing that Lucas and Spielberg could throw at me that was more spiritually harmful than what was being produced by Paul Crouch, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, Joyce Meyer, Fred Price, etc. 

Now let me say that it was not very long into the movie that I remembered why I had shunned popular movies to begin with. (My reason for renouncing television was due to the drastic decline in the quality of writing since the 1980s TV that I grew up on … movies suffer from the same incidentally.) I will not “review” the film other than to say that the general consensus of it by critics is correct, but let me just say that its ending – which I will not reveal for the benefit of those who will see it – got me to thinking about George Lucas’ religious beliefs. Claiming that Lucas has none is incredible (by that I mean the original meaning of the word – not credible or discredited – as opposed to how the term is now employed) after watching a movie whose only purpose was proselytization: to promote the religion and resulting worldview of Lucas. Seriously, there is no other reason why the movie exists. Yes, the movie does tie up some loose ends of the entire series.

However, an integral part of the “tying up” was using the fourth movie to connect the previous three in a tight little religious circle. How? Raiders of the Lost Ark = Judaism. Temple of Doom = Hinduism (sort of). The Last Crusade = Christianity. The Crystal Skull = New Age/the oddly similar religions of many third world tribal religions. Further, this current movie presses the case that all of these religions – and all religions in general – have the same origin, which is actually George Lucas’ religion. Now, I have always felt that it was a VERY GOOD THING for the religious landscape of America that the last two movies of the gnostic/Marxist “The Matrix” series were so terrible, otherwise more people than those like gospel artist Tonex would have taken its political – religious ideology seriously. Similarly, I am extremely glad that “The Crystal Skull” communicates Lucas’ beliefs rather poorly, and moreover is a very flawed vehicle for doing so. Still, even though very few people if any will be won over to Lucas’ views by this movie, it motivated me to do a bit of research into precisely what it is that Lucas believes. I found the answer rather quickly which is a good thing as the consensus of opinion in a variety of sources both religious and secular greatly increases the likelihood that it is true.

So, the belief system that Lucas adheres to is most likely theosophy or something similar. Below is one of the better links that I found – a Christian one related to the Star Wars series – on what Lucas believes and how he uses his film projects to promote it, followed by one that ties theosophy to the modern New Age movement. And as to whether my practice of generally trying to avoid secular entertainment for one reason or another related to Christianity … I am just going to say that CHRISTIANS WHOSE DOCTRINES STRONGLY RESEMBLE THEOSOPHY AND EVERYTHING ELSE FALSE EVIL AND WICKED ARE A FAR BIGGER PROBLEM and if you start by unconditionally rejecting them first as the Bible explicitly incontrovertibly tells you to, then wherever you end up will be fine.

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