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Christians Beware Of The FBI Muslim Terrorist Arrests!

Posted by Job on October 30, 2009

A series on persecution and suffering by the Desert Pastor’s Wife got me thinking about all of these arrests of alleged terrorists by the federal government. Let me tell you something: these arrests are shams. As a matter of fact, the whole “war on terror” thing is a sham. For instance, how can we be involved in a war on terror when Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s biggest sponsors of terrorism, is a key ally and trading partner? We have a base in Saudi Arabia, and we force our servicemen stationed there to obey shari’a law. Also, how can we be in a “war on terror” when we are pressuring Israel to give up half its land to terrorists, thereby rewarding the PLO, Hamas, Hizbullah, Islamic Jihad, Iran, Syria and all those other entities for their decades of slaughtering Israelis and Americans? One does not have to be a “dispensational Christian Zionist” to recognize that madness, or to ask ourselves why a nation committed to a “war on terror” is so bent on creating a nation in such a strategically vital area that will be governed by either the P.L.O. or Hamas. And those are just a few examples.

And that brings us to these domestic “Muslim terrorist” arrests. The issue is that the people that they are arresting aren’t terrorists. Oh, of course, I am not denying that there aren’t violent Muslim terrorist sleeper cells in this country. It is that the government isn’t going after them. Instead, in order to make it LOOK like they are doing something about terrorism, they are scouring the prisons and the Internet for disaffected Muslims, sending undercover government agents to fill their heads with ideas of jihad, even supplying them with terror plots, plans, weapons and materials that these fellows would have never had the ability or initiative to come up with on their own, keep prodding and pulling them when these ne’er do wells lose interest or get cold feet, and then once these government-recruited guys take their government-provided weapons to carry out their government-provided plans, the government arrests them. And these are “investigations” that take years of planning, huge sums of money, and a boatload of manpower to carry out, all to catch people who would have never gotten anywhere near committing a terrorist act were it not for their being strung along by the government, and this does nothing but divert law enforcement (and the media and the citizenry) from real threats, which includes but is not limited to the actual trained terrorists filtering across the Mexican border. So it is not only entrapment, but politically motivated and pernicious entrapment.

The worst part is that nobody cares about our entrapping Muslims that are no threats while ignoring Muslims that are. One side, I guess you can call them conservatives, is simply glad that we are arresting Muslims. Their goal is deporting as many of the several million Muslims from this country as possible and going to war with as many of the 1 billion Muslims in the world as is necessary to preserve western civilization. So, even though they know that these arrests are sham ones that ignore actual terrorists, they figure that the media publicity generated by each arrest brings us that much closer to electing politicians willing to wage a global war against Islam. The other side is strange. Under normal circumstances, liberals would protest entrapping even people who are likely to commit crimes, but in this instance they are largely silent concerning people who lack the ability, means or motivation to become a terrorist. Perhaps their silence is due to feelings that the Obama administration’s arresting these people helps undermine the idea that Obama is a Muslim plant sent to take over our country. I do notice when I peruse the left-oriented news sites more than a little bit of “see right wingers, Obama IS dedicated to fighting the war on terror!” whenever these arrests take place. It makes one wonder:  if Obama were anything other than a Democratic president accused of being a Muslim traitor, would the left be more vocal about these “law enforcement” practices, especially those targeting (religious and racial) minorities? In any event, the result is both the right and the left being silent in the face of the pervasive misuse of government power to suit their own agendas.

An even more revealing fact is that the government is not denying that they are practicing entrapment. Now when the government does things that they shouldn’t – whether by accident or policy – they instinctively lie, obfuscate, stonewall and cover up. But in several of these cases, including this one in particular, the government all but admitted going after people not so much for their crimes as their thoughts.

Not even the prosecutors contend that Sadequee was close to committing a terrorist act or that he ever joined a terrorist organization. The trial — like that of co-defendant Syed Haris Ahmed, who was convicted in June — illustrates prosecutors are focusing on potential threats as well as real ones, lawyers said.

“The real issue in this case is where is the line between First Amendment speech, however disquieting, and real criminal activity,” said Jack Martin, who defended Ahmed and says the two cases are almost identical. “It is hard to say where that line is drawn. … There is always the issue in any conspiracy case of what is talk and what is an agreement to take action.”

U.S. Attorney David Nahmias said after Ahmed’s conviction that the case didn’t involve an imminent threat because the idea was to arrest terrorists before their attacks succeed.

“In the post-9/11 world we will not wait to disrupt terrorism-related activity until a bomb is built and ready to explode,” Nahmias said then. “The fuse that leads to an explosion of violence may be long but once it is lit — once individuals unlawfully agree to support terrorist acts at home or abroad — we will prosecute them to snuff that fuse out.”

That really is not much more than saying that this fellow was arrested for thought crimes, of having radical, violent views and inclinations. Because of the “war on terror”, it is now acceptable to bait people based solely on what they  believe – not because they pose any actual threat – and then arrest them. So what is going on here?

Realize that in this country, radical changes in government policy, including law enforcement, cannot happen quickly. (Or at least they cannot change quickly right now.) You have to spend years, decades even, laying the groundwork. So law enforcement has to be allowed to engage in a particular practice over a long period of time before it becomes accepted law enforcement procedure, and the courts similarly have to go along to establish precedents. However, the police and courts can’t do this uniformly against the general population, because A) it would cause a massive public outcry and B) the tactics would not withstand a legal challenge. Instead, the government has to use a tiny segment of the population to make certain police tactics acceptable and to establish precedents in the courts. Once that is done, they are basically free to use those tactics on the general population.

A good, recent example? Government seizure of private property. It was almost unheard of a mere few decades ago, now it is routine and goes on unchallenged. What happened? “The war on drugs.” After it became acceptable for law enforcement to routinely confiscate the private property of “suspected drug dealers” and the courts let them get away with it, now the government has wide latitude to grab or freeze land and assets. Now it is basically unconstitutional, but the crisis of drugs and drug crimes made it acceptable to set the constitution aside in order to fight the drug war, and after it was set aside with respect to suspected drug traffickers and the precedent established, it was set aside for everyone. As a result, the government can now seize or freeze mostly anyone’s property or assets at any time, and in many cases the person has no real recourse.

Now that the government has largely eliminated the existence of private property, private speech and thought are now on the agenda. We are now a few years into investigating and arresting Muslims who express hostility towards our government and its policies, and have also gotten the first batch of successful convictions. So, the “thought crime entrapment” law enforcement practices are already on their way to becoming accepted, and the successful convictions establish the precedent that despite the bill of rights,  it is acceptable to go after people solely based on their views. It will only take about a dozen or so of these convictions to be upheld on appeal for the legal and law enforcement precedents to be ironclad, and since the federal government is handling these cases from the beginning, that will make the appeals process even faster (as the cases won’t have to go from state court to federal court).

Again, once the precedents are set the targets will be no more limited to Muslims than government property and asset seizures are to drug kingpins. Instead, people with views that the government doesn’t like can easily be labeled “dangerous”, “radical”, “extremist”, “subversive”, “fundamentalist” etc. and prosecuted. How long would it take before Christians are viewed this way by the government? In order to answer that question, one only need to look at the Huffington Post’s article on the recent arrest and killing of a “suspected terrorist“:

Exactly. Anyone who thinks this behavior is limited to Muslims hasn’t looked at a newspaper lately. In our country we bend over backwards to “respect the Faith” of Evangelical Christians from the South who do precisely the same thing.

Now, if this had been a white Christian evangelist militia, would the FBI gone in, guns blazing? Have they done anything like that recently, despite the proliferation of such groups?

This guy if not identified as ” a radical black extremist Muslim” one might think he was part of the gun toting, separatist, white wing nuts who would impose a Biblical theocracy in the USA and celebrate it all at tea parties.

And those were just the comments on the first page. And this is WITHOUT the government, media and schools bombarding the nation with propaganda on how Christian ideas are evil and Christians are untrustworthy, unpatriotic, violent, a threat to national security and our freedoms etc. Personally, I don’t think that it is going to happen anytime soon. However, I am certain that it will happen. And please, no partisan/ideological nonsense. Both parties support this just like they do everything else, because both parties are part of the worldly system that rejects Jesus Christ and similarly hates the church.


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Joe Chavalia Kills Unarmed Indigent Single Mother In Her Own Bedroom! Why Was It Not Murder? BECAUSE HE WORKS FOR THE STATE!

Posted by Job on August 5, 2008

Please see link below on how the state’s power is ever increasing. And no, people, this is not about race. This is about the unchecked growth of state power and the total lack of accountability. Today, the state goes after the poor. Tomorrow, the state – and big business – will come after everybody else. Christians, what are you going to do when the anti – Christ state declares you its enemy and comes after you? Or are you so conformed to this world and its ways and so lukewarm in your witness and testimony through the life that you lead that the state will not consider you an enemy but rather a friend and hence will have no reason to come after you? 

By the way: make no mistake the state is able to get away with this only because this “drug raid” policy targets poor people. If these same tactics targeted the rich or even the upper class, such persons would not put up with it for a second. They would leave and take their ability to create wealth, businesses, and jobs (not to mention pay the taxes!) and go to some place where the possibility of a crime being committed in their home does not result in someone dead. Now be honest: if SWAT teams were busting into upscale rave parties with guns blazing or shooting embezzlers, tax cheats, and going after the MANY affluent drug users that we have in our society, you could imagine the outrage and calls for reform. How do I know this? Do any of you remember Randy Weaver? He was a fellow that decided that our government was illegitimate because it afforded equal rights to black people. There were other reasons, mind you, but make no mistake, Weaver was primarily motivated by his white separatism. Weaver also decided to acquire himself a huge stash of weapons, and to ILLEGALLY sell those weapons to his white separatist brethren. Well, it just so happened that Weaver sold a sawed off shotgun to a federal agent that he believed was a fellow traveler. What did this person want the weapon for? To kill a police officer, or maybe any black person that had the gall to be found in the area? Weaver didn’t know or care. In any event, the fellow quite predictably refused to respond to summons to court to stand trial for his crime. So, when the authorities came to arrest Weaver, a standoff and shootout ensued that resulted in the death of Weaver’s wife. 

Now this should come as no shock to anyone. Armed criminals tend to resist capture, and the result of this resistance often results in injury or death. Except that “conservatives”, the very same types of people that are now cheering the acquittal in this instance, rushed to Randy Weaver’s defense. The government action was “a setup.” The law that Weaver broke was “illegitimate because it infringes on our Second Amendment rights.” Weaver was “targeted because of his politically incorrect beliefs.” Rather than bringing it on herself for living with a criminal, Weaver’s wife – also shot while holding her child – was “murdered by the state.” Now the blogosphere did not exist back then, but talk radio and the conservative magazines ate it up and made Weaver a hero. He was feted on Capitol Hill, speaking before a congressional committee on the need of the ATF to change its tactics and be reformed as the personal star guest of the Republican Congress. He received a huge settlement from the government. And he never saw a day in jail for his original crime of trafficking in illegal weapons OR firing on the government officials that rightfully came to arrest him. 

So Weaver is a hero and victim of government aggression, while Wilson “deserved it” because of her immoral and illegal life choices. What is the difference in the eyes of a conservative? We all know: class, race, and culture. Well, it is precisely the sort of classism, racism, and cultural chauvinism that allows the power of the unjust anti – Christ state to grow by leaps and bounds. , as the very “big government watchdogs” that swung into action to defend a man who was trying to kill law enforcement officials (remember G. Gordon Liddy selling “ATF agent” crosshair targets?) fully support this action. Both Ms. Weaver and Tarika Wilson died after being shot by government agents while holding their children in their arms. The difference is that the former happened because her husband was shooting back! In the Wilson case, the only shots fired were by the state. It is also ever more ironic that so many of the very conservatives that wanted to monitor and curb state power in the Weaver instance now support the Patriot Act, FISA, and virtually everything the state claims that it needs or wants to fight the war on terror.

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Posted by Job on May 30, 2008

I want to make two things clear. 

1. I oppose illegal immigration. Why? Because it is illegal. Now if it weren’t illegal, I would still be no great fan of it, but I would not pay much attention to it because of more pressing matters i.e. abortion genocide and false Christian preachers, both of which by the way are perfectly legal. As it is, government and big business colluding to aid and abet wide scale criminality for their mutual benefit but to the detriment of citizens, workers, and consumers illustrates that the notion of “rule of law” does not exist in this country. Instead, this nation is being ruled by bandits, thugs, and criminals in three piece suits from Wall Street to Capitol Hill to the White House. 

2. After leaving behind the “Left Behind” Cyrus Scofield Roman Catholic Jesuit rapture cult, I was forced to acknowledge that the doctrine of the imminent return of Jesus Christ must be interpreted in an eschatological sense rather than a temporal one – and such would have to be the case or else the last few verses of Revelation would have been demonstrated to be false like 1900 years ago – and as a result the great tribulation could just as easily come 500 years from now as tomorrow. I have to tell you … knowing to interpret Revelation in an eschatological – while still fully literal! – sense would have saved me a lot of hours watching John Hagee during his “Jerusalem Countdown” period a few years back, and it would have also saved a lot of Christians from being taken in by things like “recently discovered Bible codes prove that Jesus Christ will return in the year 2000!” hysteria. Look, Christians have to be honest enough to acknowledge that according to the very same method of Bible interpretation methods used by the “Left Behind” crowd, the rapture should have occurred at or around 70 AD. 

With those two lengthy qualifying statements out of the way, the article Operation Return to Sender on the techniques used to find and deport illegal immigrants by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ought to really get Christians to thinking. First, you have ICE inflicting “detailing stomach-turning—and sometimes deadly—mistreatment in immigrant detention centers.” Second, “Operation Return to Sender” targets immigrants that the courts have already told to leave the country. Problem ? The government freely acknowledges “about half of the information in ICE’s “Deportable Alien Control System”—a database of immigrants to be deported—is incorrect or incomplete.” (It makes me wonder if Jeb Bush’s faulty list of people ineligible to vote because of felony convictions – a list compiled by a corporation – during the election 2000 recount fiasco was nothing but a trial run). 

Still more. “… enforcement teams carry out large-scale sweeps, raiding homes in neighborhoods with a lot of immigrants just after sunrise. Without an accurate list of which homes actually harbor undocumented immigrants, agents often rely on race to figure out who’s here legally and who isn’t. For example, in Fair Haven, Conn., several residents reported that during a raid last summer, ICE officers went door to door asking how many people were inside each house—and what race they were. In an ICE operation in Willmar, Minn., Latino residents were handcuffed and interrogated while white residents, some even in the same home, went unquestioned.” NEOCONSERVATIVES who support racial profiling have no problem with this? Fine. But in great tribulation year 5 when they will be going house to house looking for Christians instead of Mexicans, let us see how many of you will still be neoconservative. (Yes, my going from Bush Republican to basically libertarian did coincide with my leaving the rapture cult.) I should point out that going house to house looking for all the Christians to arrest has already happened to Christians in various nations at various times throughout history. After all, how do you think that governments in China, North Korea, and in various Muslim nations locate and break up these cells of illegal Christian house churches? Go to or to see what I am talking about. But so long as it is not happening IN THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW makes this tactic OK, right? 

It gets better. “By ICE’s own admission, the bureau has mistakenly detained, arrested, and even deported not only legal immigrants but also U.S. citizens. Those caught up in recent home raids include Adriana Aguilar, a citizen living in East Hampton, N.Y., who was sound asleep with her 4-year-old son when ICE officers stormed into her bedroom, pulled the covers off the bed, and shined flashlights into her face before interrogating her. In San Rafael, Calif., ICE detained 6-year-old Kebin Reyes, a citizen from birth, holding him in a locked office for 12 hours after immigration agents, pretending to be police, stormed into the apartment he shared with his father and forcibly removed him from his home.” I can see the government deciding that it is best to take children from Christian parents in operations like this, can’t you? First, consider the Mormon raid in Texas, which I threw up a post endorsing, now ruled illegal. Second, consider that being a “fundamentalist” Christian is now a factor in divorce proceedings used to determine who gets primary or sole custody of children. 

This is the best part. “The government’s guidelines for immigration enforcement prohibit these kinds of abuses. Why aren’t they being enforced? Theories abound. ICE attorneys have suggested that because most of the rules governing officer conduct were instituted before the Department of Homeland Security took over immigration enforcement, they don’t apply to ICE at all. Another explanation is that in the wake of Sept. 11, stepped-up immigration enforcement may have taken priority over careful procedures.” So, once Christians are declared to be clear and present dangers due to our divisive, dangerous, and extremist rhetoric on the Bible being infallible and the final authority and Jesus Christ being the only way to heaven (please note that evangelical favorite George W. Bush has openly rejected both, while Billy Graham openly denied the first decades ago by embracing Roman Catholicism and the original edition of “The Living Bible” that contained purposeful blatant alterations, and later denied the second as well) and the eternal lake of fire awaits all who reject either, the tactics that are now being used against Muslims and illegal immigrants will be used against Christians. “Waterboarding” and “Rendition” to Christians? Why not?

The big payoff! “Twenty-five years ago, in the case of INS v. Lopez-Mendoza, the Supreme Court declined to extend the Fourth Amendment’s guarantees to immigration proceedings. But Justice Sandra Day O’Connor recognized that if in the future there were “good reason to believe” that constitutional violations in immigration enforcement were “widespread,” the way judges handled these cases would have to change.” Vatican stooge (and illegal immigration supporter) Ronald Reagan put Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court, which is all you need to know. And how many of Reagan’s policies contributed to the problems that we have in the Middle East right now? Or didn’t you know that the Reagan administration considered Saddam Hussein an ally, providing his regime with training, weapons, and money? It certainly looks like with respect to the war on terror and illegal immigration, the government created these problems only to later claim to need draconian measures to solve them. 

Speaking of the aforementioned Florida 2000, the combination of illegal immigration, the war on terror,  the need to combat voter fraud, the need to track sex offenders, and the need to battle identity theft will result in calls for a system of electronic identification and monitoring in the near future. Will that mean that the great tribulation is upon us? No. The scenarios described in Revelation do not only apply to America, but to the entire world. Some have limited it somewhat by stating that such things as being unable to buy or sell will only apply to the portion of the world that matters in Bible prophecy and the Bible in general. Now I should point out that many other nations of the world are fully onto this agenda. The National Review claims that France has enacted stronger measures in the war on terror that America has … that they will deport a Muslim preacher for delivering a sermon that offends the government in a heartbeat. (And knowing France’s feelings towards Biblical Christians, Christians are supposed to support this WHY?) Many in Europe are also joining the anti – immigrant chorus as well. While I am very sympathetic to these people’s concerns, it bears asking why the governments that comprised the EU decided to A) promote policies that they KNEW would result in extremely low birthrates among the native population while B) having open immigration policies in the first place other than to create chaos that people would support repressive government policies to control. Please recognize that the only reason why the VERY NATIONALISTIC Europeans consented to economic integration – and the political integration that goes with it – was because the member nations had spent decades purposefully wrecking their economies. And of course, once the EU was formed, pretty much the same group of folks that had spent the last few decades wrecking economies all of a sudden returned to sound economic policy resulting in fast economic growth, making Frenchmen who wold have been aghast at being linked with Italians, Spaniards, Germans, and – gasp! – EASTERN EUROPEANS think that giving up their sovereignty, traditions, and cultures is a grand idea. How long before universal healthcare, jobs programs, endless wars, and global warming economic regulations, and $5 a gallon gas (thanks ANWR!) makes our own economy so bad that a North American Union with Mexico and Canada starts looking like a great idea? By the way … Mexico has a ton of oil that its government won’t allow anyone access to …

Actually, that last scenario is a contradiction in my endtimes scenario: if we adopt the North American Union and open the Mexican and Canadian borders, that would lessen the rationale for national ID cards by negating the illegal immigration issue. Then again, if the North American Union is ever formed, the government will have so much power that it will be able to autocratically mandate such IDs – and share the information from it with the EU and any similar body of African, Asian, and Latin American nations – and there won’t be anything that anyone will be able to do about it. 

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