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Oil Prices Being Used As Excuse To Impose Global Economic Regulation

Posted by Job on June 21, 2008

Saudi summit aims at oil prices

NEW YORK ( — Saudi Arabia this weekend will convene a special summit on oil prices that could lead to cheaper crude on the world market. But a Saudi decision to produce more crude likely won’t come without a demand: The Kingdom is expected to press the U.S. government to impose greater controls on oil trading and take steps to strengthen the dollar.

The world’s largest oil producer, stepping out of its usual role as de facto leader of OPEC, will host representatives of big oil producing nations, consumer countries and companies. The Saudis are widely believed to be concerned that escalating oil prices – crude hovered around $134 a barrel Thursday, nearly double what it cost a year ago – will cause a permanent drop in demand as consumers get more efficient or, worse, the global economy slows.

One sign of the Saudi anxiety: The country’s oil production decisions, usually left to its oil minister, appear to have been put back in the hands the Royal Family, according to Antoine Halff, deputy head of research at brokerage firm Newedge.

Fuzzy numbers

As a group, OPEC has been reluctant to raise production. Several states, enjoying the record prices, maintain there is no shortage of crude. It’s a line the Saudis also touted – until recently. Saudi Arabia now says it will pump more. The Kingdom, during a recent visit by President Bush, pledged to increase production by 300,000. Last week, they said they would boost it by another 200,000 barrels. Those numbers are not set in stone, and Sunday’s meeting may produce more details on the planned increases.

The Saudis will also seek to convince refineries and others to keep buying. Recently, refiners worldwide have cut back in light of record prices. But that has only led to a drop in crude inventories – further pushing up the price of oil. (Almost as if it was PLANNED.) To inject more oil into the market, Halff said the Saudis may use the meeting to arrange for special deals with refiners and others that could bring crude to market at below-market prices. The exact nature of the deals, he noted, will probably never be disclosed. At the very least, traders will be watching the Sunday meeting to see if those announced production increases fall closer to the 500,000 or 800,000 barrel a day mark.

Sunday showdown

The meeting holds high stakes for both Saudi Arabia and the United States. If prices don’t respond, the country’s credibility will suffer, and with it any notion that someone has control over these record oil prices. “Riyadh is seen as running out of options to regain control of the market,” said Halff. “Failure to do so, it is assumed, could cause prices to leap even higher.”

The Saudis will also expect something from consumer nations in return. The Kingdom has long held that oil markets are well supplied, and that speculative investing is the real culprit behind high prices. (What happened to the booming economies in China and India? By the way … most electricity in China is generated by coal.) To that end, the Saudis will likely seek more oversight of oil markets, and perhaps even limits on the amount of contracts speculators can hold. (This will lead to increased government regulation of mutual funds, major banks, stock and commodities trading, etc. and furthermore it will have to be regulation by unelected international nongovernmental bodies accountable to no one, instead of by the leaders of sovereign states or even of corporations. I can imagine some United Nations “oil trading oversight board” or similar. More on that later.

That’s something consuming counties may give them. Several proposals along those lines have bipartisan support in Congress. (More evidence still that both parties are working for the anti-Christ.) More difficult to deliver, and probably more important to the Saudis, is a stronger dollar. (No it isn’t. Going back to the gold standard would fix all of these problems, and also force our nation to go back to sound economic – and foreign/military – policy because we would no longer have the illusion of unlimited financial resources, pretending that, for instance, grotesque sums of money like 100 trillion dollars have any basis for existing in reality. Of course, that is precisely why it will never happen.)

Like the currencies of many countries in the Middle East, the Saudi riyal is pegged to the U.S. dollar – it rises and falls with the greenback. (Which makes me think that these guys are in on it too. Which basically is why no major political group, either in America or outside of it, has ever taken a line against the Saudi royal family despite their being extremely wealthy, powerful, corrupt, and a major exporter of terror. As a matter of fact, the only two that I can think of that has ever opposed the Saudis were Saddam Hussein and Usama bin Laden. Not only is the former dead, but he is also dead on account of what the latter did. It begs the question: what does the Saudi royal family have to gain from a global anti – Christ economic system? By the way, as the current version of events go, the reason for the FIRST Gulf War was that Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait in order to institute a puppet regime. Why? To get more votes on OPEC. Saddam wanted to reduce production to increase prices, Saudi Arabia wanted to keep production high and prices low – the position of the George H. W. Bush family which has extensive financial and political ties and interests with the Saudi regime. And why did Saddam want the price of oil to go up? Because the Iran – Iraq War left his regime bankrupt, and he feared domestic political instability because of it. And who put Saddam in power to wage war against Iran, and supplied him with arms and money only to cut off the aid when the Berlin wall fell and Iran’s backer the Soviet Union fell apart? The United States.)

But while lower interest rates – and hence a lower dollar – may be what the U.S. economy needs to snap out of its slump, they have been disastrous for the red-hot Saudi economy. Inflation in Saudi Arabia has doubled in the last year and is projected to surge even higher. (This is the first article of the many that I have read in years on the weak dollar that claims that the weak dollar was in any way a good thing for the United States economy.) “I think [Saudi Arabia] wants something from the West, particularly the U.S. … a stronger monetary policy,” Nauman Barakat, an energy trader at Macquarie Futures, wrote in a research note. (No, what America is getting from the Saudis is political and economic cover to consent for international economic regulation.)

That will be hard to get. The Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise interest rates anytime soon. And any other move by the U.S. government is likely to have little effect on the free-trading dollar. More info (This is the “more information later” section. What if the Saudis and other oil producing countries state that we need international economic regulation to guarantee stability in the currency markets … that there is never a “weak dollar” or “strong euro” because of the effect that it would have on OPEC’s oil output? Pretty soon, they would also link this monetary exchange oversight to debt relief for third world countries and the economic reform in these countries required to lift them out of poverty and attract foreign investment from – of course – globalist corporations. And since the motivating force is to control oil prices, how long would the idea develop that in order to really have an effect on oil prices, the world needs to agree to cut down on oil consumption? And that easily ties into – you guessed it – global warming regulation!


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Moshe Laurie: George Bush Sold Israel Out To Saudi Arabia Over Oil!

Posted by Job on January 16, 2008

Welcome my fellow warriors. If you have wondered why I have taken so long between these messages, I have been waiting patiently to see what the Lord would do and how he would allow the completed event that has happened – this terrible event, that is going to effect the United States absolutely negatively. We need to stand together to pray. 


Our President, a man that I had supported for many, many years and had high respect for, has
basically allowed himself and the government of the United States to abandon Israel. After the war between Israel and Lebanon, where the Lebanon terrorists kidnapped soldiers and killed them, Israel went back in and fought the first politically led war in the history of the nation. The US
President ordered a re-evaluation of the military co-operation pact between Israel and the United States. The decision was that Israel was no longer a viable military partner because of the
government that was in control in Israel.


Right after that, Israel and Jordan realized that they were basically on their own. For those of you that do not have the knowledge of this, America had been, and probably still is if they’ve not moved it away, storing large amounts of military equipment ready for combat in the Mideast. Israel and
America were part of a joint missile command for the defense of that area and Israel had been in co-operation with America on weapons platform development. But Israel is now considered a second-class citizen so the President, Condolezza Rice and other members of the government, have decided that America is going to make “new” friends.


I, along with any who have listened to his speeches, have heard President Bush publicly call Israel
aggressors and occupiers, saying that Israel must submit. The President of the United States and
his minions are forcing Israel – that is, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert –to do things that are detrimental to Israel and could cause its utter destruction if we are not careful. Now, having said that, I want to tell you that I believe this is all part of prophecy. It is not the government in general of Israel that is agreeing to this but Prime Minister Olmert, who is a total traitor. He is absolutely working against the good of the nation itself in order to retain his political position. What his motivation is
spiritually, we don’t know but I tell you, his actions are disastrous because he talks with “two faces.”


For example, the demand was made that Israel should stop expanding it’s neighborhoods in
Jerusalem – we’re not even talking about what they call the ‘held area.” Yet, the Prime Minister said, “No, I’ll stop building outside of the borders but not inside of the borders.” Then he turns around, and this is what you do not hear, and notifies the building licensing authority and the ministry of housing that all permits, even those already approved, must be sent to him for re-approval- which he will not do.  So, he is saying with one mouth that he will build and yet he has
prevented the building from taking place.  I can only tell you all, now, that we must stand in prayer and in action. We must flood the United States Government with our displeasure at the fact that the United States thinks they may dictate the safety and well being of another country.


Israel cannot survive in pre-’67 borders. It is being pushed into indefensible borders at the same time that the United States is selling out and arming its enemies. Let me give you another ‘for instance.’ This happened yesterday and the day before. Our gas prices jumped up to almost $100 a
barrel crude, based on speculation. Bush goes to Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia has OPEC announce that if necessary they will increase production. It scares the heck out of the speculators that the price of gas, at least where I am, goes down sixteen cents a gallon in one day. And I promise you that the only thing that the President could promise Saudi Arabia would be Israel and a few hundred million dollars worth of arms, including the JDAM precision guided missile (Joint Direct Attack Munitions).


For those who may not know, the JDAM missile is an active guided targeted missile which could cut the technological superiority of Israel.  Israel has 6 million and they hundreds of millions, having the
technological edge is necessary for Israel’s survival. Now the US has gotten new allies while they are abandoning Israel. I call upon all of you to show your displeasure with what is going on with the government, to speak loudly in your newspapers, e-mails, congressmen and senators. J
ust talk to everyday people that do not understand that Israel is being dictated into destruction. Again, all these events are Biblical.


This is a long but necessary missive that I am sending you.  I’ve waited all these months to see the complete picture – that President Bush has totally sold out our nation of Israel – ‘our’ being both myself as Messianic Jewish and you, all believers, Messianic believers in the Messiah and His coming. We need to stand for the right of our Lord, our Messiah and our nation. I know intercessors who, when they heard these facts, began to cry because they understood the terrible consequences of what happens when someone or nation turns their back on Israel.


The next thing we need to pray for jointly is that the damage Prime Minister Olmert of Israel can and will do be mitigated by our prayer and standing on the Word of God. While we know that this type of person needs to be in charge for the prophecies to be fulfilled, he has gotten absolutely worse and worse each and every day. As the President of the United States gives him instructions, so he goes forth and does what he’s told. I don’t’ know why this is going on except for the Scriptural intent of it.


Also, let us turn for a moment to the United States. In the US there action taking place in every state of the Union using our own laws against us to nullify and cleanse religion and allow Islam to get a
foothold. Without going into great detail on that, I want to ask you all that we join together in prayer for God’s will, His mitigating mercies and that we will expand this remnant that we are all part of. As individuals, we can join together and be the light of the Lord – not just bring the light but be the light. We will continue together to bring the light forth.


Invite your friends to join us. They can sign up also for Desk of the Rabbi at, as you all know. We are looking for a way to insure that we can continue to get the Word of God out in a greater way. Looking forward to your responses to this missive, if any. Bless you all and remember that this is the great and terrible day of the Lord – great for the believer – terrible for the unbeliever and worse for the make believer. Let us help those make believers who don’t know that they are, come into the full light of the Lord. And let us pray for the
salvation of the Muslims so they will want to stop killing.


Bless you all,


In Service to the King,

Rabbi Moshe Laurie

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