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The Brain Of A Typical False Preacher!

Posted by Job on March 29, 2008

This may seem harsh, but it is utterly Biblical! I have “adapted” this from Spiritual Pathways Ministries, who used it to refer to a specific false preacher, but when you realize how the Bible describes the depravity of false preachers and their followers,  the shoe fits them all, so I am going to make them all wear it!


The specific areas in mind are:

ATTENTION SPAN: If you will notice that cranial area is small. That is the attention they pay to what the Bible actually says, and also the attention that they pay to the words and example of Christians that are actually trying to understand and obey the Bible. Another more medical term for it is lip service and false preachers have plenty of lip.

AVOID PERSONAL QUESTIONS AT ALL COST AREA: This part of the false preacher’s brain functioning is on full alert as they avoids personal questions and accountability to the Bible like the plague. Plague albeit is a good term for their peaching style.

LAME EXCUSES GLAND: This gland is in full operation daily for false preachers (and their followers) as they attempts to justify all sorts of crazy things which proves beyond a shadow of a doubt as to perverted their brain really are and what low energy flow they have. How they (and their supporters) justifies their false doctrines and evil actions  and then peddles it to the world is beyond me.

DANGEROUS PURSUITS AREA: This area of false preacher and follower – or to some vernacular favored by some the pulpit pimp and the sheeple – provides evidence for crazy behavior. The reckless abandon of common sense is evident to all who know the Bible (and even those that have some general idea of morality and propriety by way of God’s common grace) and brain surgery may allow them to lessen their reign of terror upon people.

SEX, SEX: Modern day Christians that defile themselves with the doctrines of Baal, Belial, Jezebel, etc. by following false preachers are known for their shockingly carnal mindset and actions. Is there any wonder why rates of adultery, abortion, divorce, etc. are as high among churchgoers as they are among the regular population? Further, popular preachers and Chri$tian entertainer$ are now routinely selling sexuality for fame and profit: see our series sex sells especially in the church for only part of it! Another ministry as a Christian Erotica section that talks about it even more.

I am sure you will agree that the functioning of the false preacher and false preacher disciple brain explains a lot. Whatever it lacks I’m quite sure that the Lame Excuses Gland will make up for it in abundance. I suppose I could sum up by labeling all this Cranial Crapola. All this comes about by having a reprobate mind (Romans 1:28) to do all those things that are not fitting. It should also be noted that it was God who gave them over to this reprobate mind. For the longest time the brains of – again to use the common vernacular – pulpit pimps and their sheeple have “Become futile in his thoughts and his foolish heart was darkened” Romans 1:21.

Yes, I’m afraid that false preachers and their followers do need some brain surgery to remove many unnecessary functions. I pity the poor surgeon that has to do that task.


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17 Million Oneness Pentecostals! – The Jesus Only Bunch

Posted by Job on December 18, 2007

Source: Oneness Pentecostals- The Jesus Only Bunch

The only time that we have felt under a true Satanic attack was from a Jesus Only Pentecostal. This movement was started by a man who forgot the admonition of Matthew 15:9- “IN VAIN THEY WORSHIP ME, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men”. John Scheppe noted that during a night meditation that baptism must be done in the name of Jesus Christ only and not in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, and several ministers began teaching this doctrine. What makes Scheppe any different than Joseph Smith who had several visions too that started Mormonism? The Oneness Pentecostals trace their roots back to the Azusa Street Revival where tongues got their start, and by a woman, no less.

17 million Oneness Pentecostals worldwide reject the Triune Godhead. The matter does not involve a slight deviation from the norm. What the Oneness group does is to make void the very essence of Christianity. They are under the mistaken notion of the Godhead consisting of three gods. Perhaps they’ve been listening to too many Joseph Smith lectures. When they baptize in the name of Jesus “only” they are applying heresy to the ritual. The Triune Godhead is One in essence and is wholly God. Jesus said that He and the Father are One (John 10:30). If you deny the Godhead, then you are following the commandments of men, that being John Scheppe based on one night’s meditation. If you accept that as biblical, then you ought also accept Joseph Smith’s visions as gospel. Are you up to that nonsense?

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