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30 Years Of The Religious Right AND THE NATION IS MORE LIBERAL!

Posted by Job on September 17, 2008

Of course, rather than fighting this liberal trend, the religious right is merely conforming to it, and its acceptance of McCain – Palin proves it. In the 1980s the religious right demanded leaders that were explicitly fighting for Christianity and against not only such things as abortion and gay rights, but were demanding a rollback of such secular and atheist measures as the ban on prayer in schools and religious symbols in public places. (Of course, there has NEVER been a ban on holding religious OBSERVANCES, you know, CHURCH, in any public places other than public schools – and even there they can take place so long as they are student initiated and led –  but when have these people EVER shown a desire to take the gospel outside their suburban megachurches to the streets?) Now, not only are they backing McCain, who despises religious and social conservatism, but their embrace of Palin is based almost completely on her having the appropriate cultural identifiers (5 kids, from the rural west, being a hunter) than anything that she has actually done or said that she wants to do in order to promote Christianity and social conservatism in government. As a matter of fact, evangelicals are falling over themselves to deny that Palin tried to ban books from the public library, knowing full well that trying to ban books, art, music, etc. was a huge front in the culture wars of the 1980s. Why did the religious right give up the censorship battle? It wasn’t because they changed hearts. It wasn’t because they reread the Bible, Christian history books, and theology books and discovered that they were wrong. No, they gave up that battle – and so many others – because THEY LOST. Political expediency over religious doctrine and spiritual principle? 

You can tell that the religious right has been a massive failure simply by their declaring Sarah Palin to be their next Ronald Reagan just because she is from Alaska, is an NRA member, and chose not to have an abortion. More evidence that as the nation moves further away from the Bible, the religious right is moving with it.

The link below states:

We have documented a similar, if less drastic, shift in public views of morality. Just three years ago, a majority of those we surveyed said that “there are absolute standards of right and wrong that apply to everyone in almost every situation.” Today, however, respondents by a narrow margin say they believe that “everyone has to decide for themselves what is right and wrong in particular situations.” 

I readily grant you that such is the only thing in that article that speaks of something having remotely to do with Christianity … the rest is on issues involving the role of government, foreign policy, etc. But so what? Hasn’t the religious right been telling us that the strait gate to heaven is that of supply side economics, free market capitalism, less government, a strong military and aggressive foreign policy, etc.? The religious right made neoconservatism part and parcel of its agenda. Therefore, a rejection of neoconservatism is every bit a rejection of the religious right as is moral relativism. Then again, McCain – Palin shows just how New Agey relativistic the religious right has gotten along with everyone else, especially when you consider that McCain’s “bounce” began with his being embraced by Rick Warren and Saddleback “Church.”

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The Media Is FALSELY CLAIMING That Most Black Churches Support Jeremiah Wright And Black Liberation Theology!

Posted by Job on May 2, 2008

How many black followers of Martin Luther King, Jr. would have done so had they known that Martin Luther King rejected the deity of Jesus Christ? The media made sure that King’s black Christian followers did not know the fellow’s true theological – let alone political – beliefs, for they knew that had they done so, a huge percentage of King’s followers would have abandoned him and the civil rights movement in general. Please recall: despite the heavy attention given them by the media and the historical romanticism of them, Malcolm X’s Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers had a combined membership of less than a million. The reason is that even though the dire conditions in the black community made a large percentage of blacks receptive to political and economic radicalism, both the Nation of Islam and the Black Panthers suffered greatly in their efforts to recruit blacks because of their requirement that blacks overtly reject Jesus Christ. But these same blacks, however, were more than willing to follow a political movement disguised with the exterior trappings of orthodox Christianity, and the media was more than willing to keep the ruse going, just as they are more than willing to allow white evangelicals to be deceived by the religious right. How many white evangelicals know that George W. Bush lost a Texas Congressional race to a pro – life Democrat solely because of his stand on abortion? To the extent that the media even reported that race, they simply repeated the Bush line that he lost the race because he was branded as a Yankee carpetbagging interloper.

So now, the media is reporting that most black preachers either preach or support on some level Jeremiah Wright’s heretical abomination theology. Just as in the white community, you have black churches that are theologically conservative, theologically liberal, and theologically moderate. You also have churches that are not so much theological as they are traditional, and others that attempt to be modernistic. Now while there are few black churches that would legitimately qualify as fundamentalist, the percentage of liberal churches is far higher in the white community. As a matter of fact, were it not for denominations like the National Baptist Convention and the Progressive Baptist Convention getting involved with civil rights leaders and Democratic politics, and for some of the other black denominations hiring black preachers educated at the far more liberal white seminaries from similar denominations (i.e. African Methodist Episcopal churches hiring black graduates of very liberal United Methodist seminaries) there would be far fewer black liberal churches. Now I will grant you that in My Main Concern With Barack HUSSEIN Obama: His Victory Would Make Liberation Theology Seem Rick Warren Purpose Driven! I stated that a Barack Obama victory would result in wide acceptance of black liberation theology in the black community, meaning that other races would adopt some form of it as well, and how it would over time moderate and homogenize into a religio – political doctrine acceptable to the wide masses. Consider that Mormonism in its current form is very different – and hence much more acceptable to the mainstream – than what Joseph Smith founded. And while I am not making spiritual comparisons to charismatic Christianity – many of its adherents do actually believe in the Jesus Christ of the Bible and are born again – and either liberation theology and Mormonism, the fact remains that the modern dominant forms of it that you will see practiced in the Assemblies of God and Churches of God in Christ (the non televangelist charismatic Christianity) is far removed from the doctrines and practice of Charles Parham and Azusa Street, and for practical purposes are almost indistinguishable from many Baptist churches.

But the point is that the media is lying to make it appear as if there are this great number of blacks that preach black liberation theology NOW, sit in their churches and rant against white people, and espouse Marxism and Afrocentrism NOW, when no such thing is the case. The media is also contributing to this by not telling black people the full extent of the belief system of Afrocentrism and black liberation theology (just as they never told black people that Martin Luther King, Jr. did not believe in the deity, virgin birth, or resurrection of Jesus Christ, a fact that probably less than 1% of the black community knows). They just see a black preacher on TV attacking poverty, racism, George Bush, and the war. The blacks attacking the media for being hypocrites for focusing on Obama’s relationship with Wright while not attacking John McCain’s ties with John Hagee have no idea that THEY ARE FAR FAR CLOSER TO HAGEE THEOLOGICALLY THAN THEY ARE TO WRIGHT.

Wright himself contributes to this. When the National Press Club asked Wright if salvation was available only through Jesus Christ, Wright merely responded “did not Jesus Christ say that He had other sheep?” Now not only does the vast majority of black Baptists, Methodists, charismatics, etc. utterly reject pluralism and universalism – and most further have no idea of the question to or response concerning Wright since it was not widely reported – but Wright purposefully chose to omit the fact that liberation theology (and liberal theology in general) espouses a completely different notion of salvation and condemnation than is found in the Bible: liberal theologies DO NOT BELIEVE IN A LITERAL HEAVEN OR LAKE OF FIRE. Wright did not say that because he knew the headlines would have been “OBAMA PASTOR DOES NOT BELIEVE IN HEAVEN OR HELL!” and a good percentage of the Christian black support for Obama would evaporate. (Does Hillary Clinton’s liberal Methodism believe in heaven and hell? The media will never report that either!)

Link to New York Times Story

Link To MSNBC Story

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