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Leading Charismatic J. Lee Grady Claiming That Sarah Palin Is A Prophet Chosen By God To Lead Christians Into Holy War!

Posted by Job on September 10, 2008

I know, I know, yet another political article. I promise to do better, but how can I ignore things like this? Brother PJ Miller tipped me off to this fromJ. Lee Gray, editor of the influential Charisma Magazine. Now similar to Christianity Today and Roman Catholics with evangelical Christians, Charisma Magazine should have been rejected by Pentecostals and charismatics once they started accepting oneness pentecostal anti – Trinitarian heretics among their midst. Here it is in black and white from J. Lee Grady’s pen:

2. Trinitarians must embrace our Oneness brothers. I know people in the Assemblies of God who were taught all their lives that the Jesus worshiped by Oneness Pentecostals is “another Jesus.” The Lord told us to love one another, but we have avoided this by declaring that our brothers aren’t really in the family.

So what excuse is there for calling Charisma Magazine anything but what it is, which is apostate? Even better:

It all sounds like pointless doctrinal hair-splitting to us younger types. After all, who can explain the mystery of God’s triune nature? Instead of fussing about terms or reducing the gospel to a baptismal formula, why can’t we rally around our common belief that the Father sent His Son to save the world?

Excuse me, but what vital Christian doctrine CANNOT that be said about? Creationism? It is too hard to understand. Baptism? It is too hard to obey. The incarnation? Can’t believe it. The resurrection? Can’t accept it. Salvation only through the cross? Can’t put up with it. Eternal damnation in the lake of fire for sinners? Can’t conceive it. Adulterers, liars, thieves, necromancers, occultists, homosexuals, and apostates in the pulpit? Judge not, touch not mine anointed and do my prophet no harm! Look, A FALSE GOSPEL CANNOT SAVE!

But enough of that digression. J. Lee Grady claims that Sarah Palin has the Deborah anointing. Now my position is that all of these various spirits that Pentecostals and charismatics speak of do not exist, as there is one Lord who has one spirit, the Holy Spirit. Also, the word “anointing” means “choosing”, when one is “anointed by God”, it means that a person was given a calling by God to a specific calling or ministry in service to the Lord and His people. So I would discourage Christians from going around saying that someone has “a David anointing” or “a Hezekiah anointing” or “Paul’s spirit”, but I will go ahead and say that it is a crude and possibly incorrect but still understandable way of saying that someone has the same office, calling, or task as another Christian.

On J. Lee Grady’s part, this is very problematic for two reasons. First, the Bible commands us to “lay hands quickly on no man.” That is 1 Timothy 5:22. Now the best context for this verse was the practice of the church laying hands on people when they choose officers for the church. Please recall that when Stephen the martyr and Philip, Procorus, Nicanor, Timon, Parmenas, and Nicolas were appointed as deacons in Acts 6:1-6. Verse 6 states that after the church selected them, the apostles laid hands on them after praying for them. Though laying hands on people was part of the ritual or process of actually choosing and placing people in the position of service, it became a shorthanded reference for the act of choosing and installing a person into Christian service itself. But please note Acts 6:1-6 and interpret it with 1 Timothy 5:16-25. In both cases, it is obvious that a person should not be laid hands upon, or chosen, or anointed, unless the person had demonstrated their worthiness for the position by their fruits: excellent reputations, spiritual maturity, strong knowledge of and adherence to the Word of God in the eyes of the local congregation.

Now unless Grady has some extensive past history with Sarah Palin that he for some reason chooses not to reveal in his column, he has NO BASIS for claiming under New Testament church standards that God has called this woman to leadership or anything else. If he has been in longtime Christian fellowship with Palin, he should have let us know this. Otherwise, we can presume that like 99.9% of America, he was so ignorant of this woman’s existence that he could not have picked her out of a lineup until now.

So claiming that Palin was appointed by God to anything is irresponsible, reckless, and dangerous because it causes Christians to presume that she is generally acting and leading according to God’s desires and even non – Christians that respect our faith to presume that she is basically honest and moral. Such claims also damage how Christians view church doctrines and practice. Talk like this hinders people from knowing that being called by God or even elected to service by the church MEANS SOMETHING. That there are STANDARDS that these people must adhere to in order to be eligible for their appointment (in the case of a deacon) and AFTER their appointment (in the case of church appointed deacons and God – called everything else). That people keep throwing around  “I have an anointing, he has an anointing, I feel a great anointing and move of the Holy Spirit in this place” with the same level of care and discernment as they would use to say “boy that was a mighty fine and tasty bowl of oatmeal” is a great reason why we allow anyone – especially if he is a Christian – do whatever they want with no accountability whatsoever. 

So what is Grady’s basis for alleging that Palin has a call on her life? Her politics. Her values. Her culture. Her family. Her actions as mayor and governor. And keep in mind: he knows NONE of these first hand! He only knows them by their reports from people who have a motive to portray Palin in the best possible light for worldly reasons, and of course Grady is ignoring all of  the people with opposing views of this woman’s performance and character. They’re just liberals who reject the Bible, right? Now if they were “Jesus Christ was born again in hell” Word of Faith teachers, “Jesus Christ was rich” prosperity doctrine teachers, or “God the Father suffered and died on the cross” United (oneness) Pentecostals, they’d be good credible people, right? 

This is replacing true Christianity, which is of the spirit, with a works – based religion of the flesh. Of the circumcision. And you know what? It is a very shallow one at that. Islam, Judaism, Hinduism … do you know what those religions require before a person is declared worthy, a lifetime process of rigorous spiritual, religious, and personal demands? Muslims according in particular to their belief system have no assurance of their salvation when they die (unless they perish in a holy war) no matter their dedication to Islam during their lives. But Grady – and those like him – are willing to say that just because we like what we KNOW of her church (its denomination is similar to mine), her culture (small town self – reliant Alaska outdoorsmen are more holy and sanctified than those inner city welfare mothers?), her lifestyle (a married mother of five is more holy than, you know, a married mother of two or a single mother of any amount?) and her political beliefs?

The last one is key. Because she shares my values, her daughter being pregnant out of wedlock is fine. It is covered by, you know, grace. But since Jamie Lynn Spears and her family does not share my values, it is horrible. No grace for you! And as for Obama, we can dismiss him by saying that if it was his daughter he would have forced her to have an abortion, convicting him in advance for something that he hasn’t even done yet and we have no idea whether he would! The opposite of grace for you! Never mind the fact that pro – abortion people who have unwanted pregnancies choose to have the baby all the time. Never mind the fact that pro – life people who have unwanted pregnancies have abortions all the time. (Studies assert that evangelicals have the same abortion rate as the national average, some claim that it is even higher.)

Now, THIS is where the 30 years of James Dobson Focus on the Family religious right mindset of conferring righteousness on people based on their lifestyles, cultures, affiliations, and political beliefs has gotten us. And we really are entering a sort of danger zone here. Where J. Lee Grady has generally not been one given to trying to influence politics, he goes and calls this woman God’s prophet. And Albert Mohler, usually a no – nonsense figure who also avoids religious right politics and is no supporter of Pentecostalism, has basically endorsed Palin, something that I can find no evidence whatsoever that he did for Mike Huckabee, a leader of his own denomination. If this is not Phariseeism as expressed in the political and cultural context, what is?

As I said of Grady, if Mohler has some pre – existing relationship with this woman that causes him to regard her as being worthy of his endorsement based largely on her being a Christian (or should I again say a Christian with the “right” cultural markers … where in the Bible does it say that shooting bears, eating mooseburgers, living in the frontier, and having 5 kids places you closer to the kingdom of heaven or is evidence of the inner workings of the fruits of the Holy Spirit?), then he should let us know. Otherwise, it is AT BEST reckless and irresponsible. At worst, it is showing much more respect than he ever would to even another professed Christian that came in different packaging. Would Grady and Mohler be as effusive over a Methodist from Chicago or Episcopal from Baltimore, especially if they were Democrats, even if they were right on the doctrinal issues and the political ones directly related to them (i.e. abortion and homosexuality)?You know the answer to that question and so do they. 

And that is just the first part. The second concern is not nearly as lengthy but even more important. Go back to the book of Judges, chapter 4 in particular for this “Deborah anointing” issue. What was the situation? The children of Israel were at war with an enemy that, oh well, could be compared to the Muslims of today without being too far off. What did God choose Deborah to be? His prophetess through whom He spoke His Word. Again, why did God raise up prophets and judges in those days? TO USE THEM TO LEAD ISRAEL IN BATTLE AGAINST THE ENEMY. And what happened? Though Barak was the judge and the leader of the army, THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF, he would not go into battle against the ancestors of today’s MUSLIMS, in particular THE PALESTINIANS, without God’s prophetess Deborah on the battlefield leading him. Why? Because though Barak had been called by God to lead the army, because of his weak character and faith he was unwilling to do so without a woman of stronger character and faith at his side.

So here we are in America in a war against terror against a Muslim ideology. And – if their electoral hopes and dreams are fulfilled as I think they will be – the commander in chief will be another Barak, a man who professes Christian faith (raised Episcopal but now Southern Baptist evangelical) but does not wear it on his sleeve in the appropriate manner or keep company with the right and proper powerbrokers in the evangelical world (as a matter of fact Palin is his third try at short circuit people like Dobson and also the more Baptist – oriented evangelicals for lesser known Pentecostal figures like John Hagee and Rod Parsley) and is not sufficiently socially conservative in his beliefs.

So where Barak fell short in his true faith, McCain similarly falls short in this new universalist pluralist ecumenical dual covenant (or truthfully many covenant!) works based religion that serves the aims of the religious right. Again, never forget that the preferred candidate of most of this crowd was Mormon Mitt Romney, who fit their “culture and views” requirements precisely and the fellow’s actual religious doctrines (as well as his basic honesty and integrity or more accurately his complete lack thereof) was of no consequence. (Extending this a bit, this also explains J. Lee Grady’s embrace of oneness pentecostal heretics, whose beliefs are totally wrong, but who nonetheless have been a part of the Pentecostal religious scene since 1916, are growing in prominence and influence especially in music and with famous preachers/televangelists and their many theologians in Pentecostal seminaries and Bible colleges, so they must be accepted.)

So the morally flawed less than faithful Barak – McCain needs the pure and faithful prophetess Deborah – Palin at his side to fight the Lord’s battle and win against the Philistines – Muslims. (Please note: correlating Philistines and Muslims is not so coincidental when you consider that the term Palestine, or PALESTINIAN, is what the Roman Empire came up with to denote the Philistines, and they named Israel Palestine after their ancient enemies to spite and mock the Jews.)

I suppose that in this imagination, their first Muslim conquest will be on election day against Barack HUSSEIN “McCain has not made in issue of my Muslim faith/I still remember the Muslim call to prayer at my madrassa, one of the most beautiful sounds in the world” Obama. That is fine. What then? Will the prophetess Deborah – Palin tell Barak – McCain to put every Muslim in Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Somalia, Chechnya, Turkey, Kosovo, Kenya, PALESTINE, etc. to death with the sword? Or more accurately WITH NUCLEAR WEAPONS? I don’t know Mr. Grady, that sounds more like McCain anti – Christ Palin false prophet to me! (So you folks thinking that Obama is the anti – Christ may have the right time but the wrong candidate!) Maybe your interpretation of scripture is different. Then again, it would have to be for you to claim that we are brothers with people who blatantly deny scripture by rejecting Trinity, not to mention those who preach the false prosperity and Word of Faith doctrines.

You might say that Grady did not have a militaristic – eschatological intent in calling Palin “Deborah”, that he was only looking for a woman in a leadership position. First of all, even if that were the case, the guy is still wrong. Do you know why? Because words mean things. Especially words from the Bible. We can’t just go around throwing Bible terms and references around because they sound nice, make us feel good, and help us advance or win arguments (or elections). God raised up Deborah to a specific office to perform a specific task. Claiming that a woman that is being appointed to run a college or a bank or even a church ministry is bad enough because of the context. But saying the same of a woman who actually would be the advisor to a commander in chief to a nation that is at war is making a direct parallel between McCain and Palin and the actual Barak and Deborah of the Bible that cannot be ignored!

Also, this paragraph by J. Lee Grady proves that he is not merely applying a Biblical female leadership analogy, even in poor context:

When McCain announced that he had chosen Palin as his running mate, I was reminded of the biblical story of Deborah, the Old Testament prophet who rallied God’s people to victory at a time when ancient Israel was being terrorized by foreign invaders. Deborah’s gender didn’t stop her from amassing an army; she inspired the people in a way no man could. She and her defense minister, Barak, headed to the front lines and watched God do a miracle on the battlefield. In her song in Judges 5:7, Deborah declares: “The peasantry ceased, they ceased in Israel, until I, Deborah, arose, until I arose, a mother in Israel” (NASB). Sometimes it takes a true mother to rally the troops.

Seriously, what else am I supposed to think when I read something like that? So in less than 30 years Christians have gone from cheering when Ronald Reagan largely endorsed the claims of Mormon founder Joseph Smith in declaring America to be New Jerusalem in his “we are the shining city on a hill” speech (which basically gave salvation to all who earned it by agreeing with Reagan culturally and politically, and condemned all dissenters to the lake of fire … hey didn’t Palin’s pastor do largely the same in alluding that Bush critics and Kerry voters are going to the lake of fire?) to claiming that God will use Palin to raise up his army? 

This is where the religious right and the false doctrines surrounding it is taking Christanity, people. (The religious left is no better, so don’t even try it.) If you wish to make your calling and election in Jesus Christ sure, you had best repent yourself of it and love the next world and not this one.


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Bristol Palin, Murphy Brown, And The Religious Right

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Remember Dan Quayle’s denouncing Murphy Brown for glorifying single parenthood? Contrast this with the Republican evangelical embrace of Bristol Palin. How times change. Then again, these same Republican evangelicals could have cared less that Ronald and Nancy Reagan were necromancer occultists or that George W. Bush is a universalist so maybe times haven’t changed. 

When I was a little boy attending church, one of my favorite songs was “I’m So Glad That Jesus Set Me Free.” I forget exactly how it went, but I recall portions to the effect of “Satan had me bound, but Jesus set me free” and “sin had me down but Jesus lifted me.” Of course, there were possibly HUNDREDS of variants to that song by denomination, region, tradition, etc. During the past two years, the actions of both sides of our wicked political coin in America have frequently made me smile and think “I’m So Glad That I Am Not A Religious Right Republican.” Did Jesus Christ set me free from it? You be the judge.

I honestly have to say that of all the bizarre things that I have witnessed in the not quite two years since I left the Republican Party behind for good, this Sarah Palin nonsense tops it all. The past 30 years of Republican opposition to affirmative action and identity/victim politics? GONE! The Republicans nominated a totally unqualified vice presidential candidate to pander to white women who would rather attribute Hillary Clinton’s defeat to sexism than to her own mismanaged campaign.

Even better: their past 30 years of “family and moral values?” GONE! The very same conservatives that are cheering Palin for being a role model for women were just last week demonizing career and professional women who cause irreparable harm to their children and society by putting them in daycare. And the very same moral judges who claimed that illegitimacy would be the ruin of our nation and culture are now proclaiming that the out of wedlock pregnancy of Palin’s daughter makes them like her more! It makes her more American, more identifiable with the struggles of everyday Americans! (Please note that just six months ago these same people were promoting Mitt Romney precisely BECAUSE of his perfect Mormon cult family.) 

And yes, racism is a HUGE part of this. You want to know why so many blacks won’t set foot in a white evangelical church? Evil hypocrisy like this. What black person is going to go sit in pews with a bunch of white conservative so – called Christians who hate affirmative action except when it comes to white people like not only Palin but George W. Bush, whose grades were so bad that he couldn’t get into a state university law school, yet he was able to go to Harvard and Yale because of his last name? And what black person that has spent the last 30 years hearing religious right leaders and their conservative allies blame every problem in the black community on fatherlessness because it is their “get out of jail free card” from having to deal with issues like poverty, the lack of jobs, redlining, the effects of slavery and segregation, bad schools, unfair government policies (like the Department of Agriculture policies that drove thousands of black farmers out of business) now not only shirk and shrug but cheer and applaud? We all know how Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and the rest of these people that evangelical Christians allow to advocate and represent them would act if it were Barack Hussein Obama’s daughter that was pregnant. But for Sarah Palin’s daughter, these people are demanding that “we respect her family’s privacy” and saying “they need our support and prayers.” The response from not only Dobson but even serious people like Albert Mohler, whom I respect, was “well, out of wedlock pregnancy is part of our culture now so I guess we will just have to deal with it.” Yes, these are the very same people who have for 20 years blamed every problem in the black community on our 70% illegitimacy rate and used it as an excuse for taking harsh hateful attitudes towards the poor, but when it is one of their Pentecostal social conservative political candidates, they totally change their rhetoric and attitude? So white evangelicals, if you are wanting to know why 95% of blacks won’t sit in your pews, look in the mirror and see your own racist hypocrisy. Is that unfair? Of course. But realize this: not very many black people actually KNOW that many white people personally. Blacks form their of whites largely based on what they see in the media. And if what they see in the media is a bunch of two – faced race baiting hypocritical jackals representing white evangelical Protestant Republicans who despise black inner city teen mothers on welfare but love and support themselves some Bristol Palin because her mother is a mooseburger eatin’ bear huntin’ Alaskan with traditional values? You folks know very well that if it were Obama’s daughter, not only would the public line be “this is precisely why Obama’s liberal values are wrong for our country and would harm the values of our Christian nation”, but the private line would be “see, the Obama family is just another typical black inner city bunch of ghetto (insert racial slur) … I bet his daughters will find some welfare program to get on.” (The fact that the “reformer” Palin hired lobbyists to get her tiny Alaska town MILLIONS in government subsidies … hey how’s for that western small government self – reliance?) So NOW do you understand why the black people that are going to go pull the lever for Barack Obama could care less about Jeremiah Wright when the religious right leaders are every bit as racist and their tens of millions of evangelical followers either agree with them or could care less? Quite honestly, I don’t blame black evangelicals for refusing to go to church with white evangelicals that exchange their white KKK sheets for suits (or Hawaiian T – shirts in the case of Rick Warren and similar) every Sunday.

The sad thing is that what Dan Quayle said was 100% right. And who knows, perhaps Quayle was sincere. But we now know that these so called religious right leaders as well as so many of their followers were NEVER sincere. They never cared about teen mothers or their illegitimate children. To them, it was just a political issue that they used to bash the other side. That is why these people never lifted a finger to help these people, either with their charitable good works or the tranforming power of the gospel. No, because all they cared about was having just another issue to justify being Republicans and opposing Democrats. And you see this the very instant that illegitimacy went from being a black inner city ghetto issue that they could blame on Democrats and civil rights leaders to being their own issue. Not only is the white illegitimacy rate higher today than it was in the black community when Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote “A Nation At Risk”, but I actually read a Roman Catholic Republican blogger lament that Bristol Palin’s baby wouldn’t be born before the November election so the cute little grandma grandbaby pictures can’t be used to win over more swing voters. (Again, pictures of Michelle Obama holding her illegitimate grandchild would cause these very same people to dry heave in revulsion and start demanding new rounds of welfare reform.) 

Seriously people, go and look at any of the quotes from these people like James Dobson, Pat Robertson, Tony Perkins, Gary Bauer, Rush Limbaugh, the whole lot of them, about the foolish selfish risky irresponsible choice of becoming a teen mother, and their placing a large portion of the blame on career women who did not stay at home with their kids and raise them right … feminists – excuse me feminazis – that put their own selfish ambitions over their families and harmed them as a result. Where are these people now? Calling the media sexist for saying the same thing TODAY that they were saying LAST WEEK! Are any of those people saying that they were wrong? That they were sorry? Nope. As a matter of fact, as soon as Palin is elected – and she and McCain will be – these folks will be right back to blaming the ills of our society on feminazi career women and black illegitimate welfare mothers. And the evangelical “Christians” will go right along with them. 

Why? Worldliness. 1 John 2:15, people. Look it up. Also look up Romans 12:1-2, which says not to be conformed to the ways of this world. See, both political parties are corrupt, and they alternate between competing and collaborating to elect corrupt leaders to run a corrupt government. Now there may indeed be nothing wrong with Christian involvement in politics and government in and of itself. But EVERYTHING is wrong with Christians supporting corrupt policies, leaders, and systems. Why? Because it is supporting evil. Black Democrat Christians who support Obama, for instance, are willfully supporting homosexuals, abortionist murderers, and atheists. White Republican Christians who support McCain and George Bush … well guess what they are supporting the same! McCain voted against a constitutional amendment to make homosexual marriage illegal. McCain told the San Francisco Chronicle that he opposes appealing Roe v. Wade, and you also know perfectly well that he will not sign an executive order preventing taxpayer money from being used to build new abortion clinics in black neighborhoods just as Bush didn’t, Bush’s father didn’t, and Reagan didn’t, and that McCain will put pro abortion and pro homosexual judges on the bench just like Reagan, Bush, and Bush did. Yet white evangelicals vote Republican for the same reason that black evangelicals vote Democrat: the conviction that they have to choose between the lesser of two evils, which ultimately causes them to declare the lesser evil to be GOOD! Well Isaiah 5:20 says Woe to those who call evil good, and in the original Bible language and context, pronoucing woe on someone meant pronouncing their DEATH! Since these McCain and Obama evangelicals aren’t going to keel over from strokes and heart attacks on November 4 en masse when they leave the voting booth, what kind of death do you think Isaiah 5:20 is talking about here? SPIRITUAL DEATH! And I have to tell you … the people who feigned conniptions over videos of Jeremiah Wright ranting that God would punish America for its wicked policies knowing full well that religious right preachers from Frank Schaeffer to Jerry Falwell said the same thing (remember their attributing hurricanes, September 11th, etc. to gay marriage, abortion, and the ACLU?) show themselves to be spiritually dead already because of their dishonesty and hypocrisy, which was the same crime that Jesus Christ convicted the PHARISEES of. 

And that is the amazing thing. You know, the LIBERALS have been right about the religious right all along. The same liberals in the New York Times, L.A. Times, Washington Post, Salon, The Nation, etc. who used to make my blood boil with anger and rage … they were right, and this Bristol Palin affair proved it. These folks NEVER cared about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They NEVER EVEN CARED about values and the culture. All they cared about was WINNING. Being in control. Getting OUR PEOPLE IN to run OUR COUNTRY. That is why these people have been willing to send the same bunch of criminals, adulterers, and closeted homosexuals to Washington year after year. It is CHRISTIANS who do this, and the reason is that they have their eyes and hearts in the world and off Jesus Christ. Dual covenant theologist Ann Coulter called liberals “Godless” when the truth is that the religious right is just as godless if not more so. How do I know this? BECAUSE THEY ARE A BUNCH OF DUAL COVENANT THEOLOGISTS! Excuse me, Susan Palin isn’t, because her church has ties to “Jews for Jesus.” But if this woman believes that people who criticize Bush and vote for Kerry are going to hell, and that sending our soldiers into Iraq and securing a bunch of corporate welfare for her state is doing the will of God, THEN WHICH JESUS ARE THESE JEWS FOR”? I will tell you: not my Jesus, and not the Jesus of the Bible. All these people are doing is bringing Jews out of one false religion and into another! Why? Because Jesus Christ would have never supported evil just because that evil was on the Democratic or Republican ticket!

Now I am not saying that all these people are going to the lake of fire. Nobody is perfect, there is none without sin. But some examination is in order here to see if these people are still in the faith. How many of these same evangelicals were raising money to try to defeat John McCain in his Senate primary not long ago? How many of these same evangelicals were willing to hand this nation over to the Mitt Romney Mormon cult because of his family values? How many evangelicals that are completely ignoring rumors of McCain’s marital infidelity spent years angrily denouncing the same about Bill Clinton before they even heard of Monica Lewinsky? Answer: the same number of black evangelicals who shifted Bill Clinton from being their great liberator in January 2008 to being an Arkansas Klansman in February 2008. You call yourselves Bible – believing Christians … well don’t you believe the book of James when it says that a double minded man is unstable in all his ways and let not such a man think that he will receive anything from the Lord?

So you generation of vipers, how can you avoid the wrath that is to come? Simple. REJECT WORLDLINESS. Not just in the political context. Reject it all! The world is fallen, evil, and wicked, ruled by Satan, the prince of the powers of the air. It will be destroyed by fire on the great glorious day of the Lord and replaced by a new heaven and new earth free of wickedness. So what is it going to be, evangelical, whether black or white, Democrat or Republican, McCain supporter or Obama hypocrite? Are you going to be of God and partake in the new creation? Or are you going to be of the world and get destroyed with it?

I know full well that had I not broken with the GOP the day after election day in 2006 because the Republicans lost control of Congress after 12 years having done absolutely nothing of substance on abortion, I would be supporting the Republicans in their lying hypocrisy with Palin at this very second. I would be supporting their wicked perversions and thereby being just as wicked and perverse myself, all the while declaring myself to be a born again Holy Spirit filled anointed sanctified Bible believing Christian. Why? Because of my love of the world which would cause me to reject God’s righteousness. But you know what? Jesus Christ set me free!

So I am asking, begging, pleading, PRAYING for all Christians, no matter your race or political beliefs, to do the same. Can you be a liberal and be a Christian? Sure! But you CANNOT be a person that supports EVIL and opposes THE BIBLE and be a Christian. Period. I am not talking about what you do in the ballot box. I am talking about the contents of your own heart. Is it a heart that desires to consistently represent and support God’s righteousness, or one that is filled with hypocrisy, compromise, and double standards that causes you to actually hold the Pentecostal Bristol Palin to a LOWER STANDARD than the black liberation theology Malia and Sasha Obama? (Or for blacks, holding racist Jeremiah Wright to a LOWER STANDARD than the white Southern Baptist pastor down the street?)

The sexual immorality that resulted in Bristol Palin’s pregnancy is indeed sinful and regrettable, but hypocrisy will send many more Christians to the lake of fire for eternity than fornication. Think about it, Christians, and examine yourselves to see whether you still be in the faith. This missive primarily dealt with contemporary politics, but it is applicable to all areas of life just as worldliness is.

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The Religious Right: A Roman Catholic Plot Of Pat Buchanan Hatched In 1966!

Posted by Job on May 19, 2008

Now The Silence of the Fundamentalist Lambs by Gary North, a former Reagan official, states that the religious rights true origins were much earlier by way of the Rockefeller crowd, except that the original effort was on northern liberal and moderate Protestants and Roman Catholics. They did not regard fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals as politically important because of the doctrines of such groups. North states that  the political mobilization of conservative Christians took the new world order crowd by surprise, and that they quickly needed to be co – opted before things got out of hand. This article above sheds a little light on how this happened. We already know that Rockefeller employee and freemason Billy Graham (and many similar itinerant evangelists) had spent decades laying the ecumenical groundwork between these two groups, plowing and fertilizing the soil (and you know what fertilizer is!). According to the article above, Buchanan and Nixon:

From Day One, Nixon and I talked about creating a new majority,” Buchanan told me recently, sitting in the library of his Greek-revival house in McLean, Virginia, on a secluded lane bordering the fenced grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency. “What we talked about, basically, was shearing off huge segments of F.D.R.’s New Deal coalition, which L.B.J. had held together: Northern Catholic ethnics and Southern Protestant conservatives—what we called the Daley-Rizzo Democrats in the North and, frankly, the Wallace Democrats in the South.”

Now most of that article is merely liberal ideological nonsense, but it contained that little nugget. That Buchanan later went on to oppose the Bush family and ultimately leave the Republican Party is of little consequence. Buchanan was a key force in the rise of Nixon and of Reagan after him … a movement made possible by political ecumenism. Buchanan got out because the political ecumenism movement that he started now includes support for abortion, homosexuality, illegal immigration, and of course global economic and political controls via environmentalism. These are things that the new leaders of the GOP led by such figures as John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mitt Romney, etc. – and truthfully by George H. W. Bush – have in store. It makes no matter who wins this fall. If McCain wins, they will say that it was because he moved the party to the left. If Obama wins, they will say that the party will have to move even further to the left than McCain to win. And no matter how far left the GOP goes, the religious right will follow. Most of the leaders of the religious right are bought and paid for props and plants like Pat Robertson, appearing with Al Sharpton in a global warming commercial sponsored by Al Gore, and is China’s #1 advocate in the United States, and they command a large following. And most of the rest of the followers have such a heavy investment in the religious right that they are not going to leave anytime soon, and their loyalty to George W. Bush even as he has come out and claimed that everyone worships the same god and David Kuo’s book detailing how Bush mocks Christians behind their backs demonstrates it. 

Some people are rejecting this movement only because of frustration over it not working, and not because the whole movement was theologically suspect to begin with. For instance, consider the term “Judeo – Christianity.” It cannot be supported Biblically, especially when you consider that modern Judaism is not Sinai Judaism, but the creation of the Pharisees that 1) rejected Jesus Christ, 2) hid while the Romans was destroying their nation (the creator of rabbinic Judaism, Yochanan ben Zakkai, cut a deal with the Roman generals, was allowed to take scrolls from the temple, and escape), and 3) kicked the Messianic Jews out of the synagogues by placing a curse against Christians in their liturgy. It only makes sense politically and culturally. Roman Catholics accept it only because of their opposition to Islam, and Protestant Christians only accept it because of dispensationalism (and opposition to Islam). 

It is becoming more and more apparent that the religious right is a secular movement with another agenda and another master. I am no fan of Pat Buchanan, but the fact that he himself left the religious right when he realized that he was but a pawn in a larger game speaks volumes. 

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Is Jesus Only Oneness Pentecostalism Mormonism?

Posted by Job on December 12, 2007

Go to the main website of Mormonism to their “basic beliefs” section, and EVENTUALLY you will get to

which says “God has a body that looks like yours, though His body is immortal, perfected, and has a glory beyond description“. Which is heresy, right? Well how do we know it is heresy? Because Jesus Christ said so in John 4:24:God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” The Mormons deny it in their Doctrines and Covenants: D&C 93: 33. For man is aspirit. The elements are beternal, and cspirit and element, inseparably connected, receive a fulness of joy D&C 130: 22. The aFather has a bbody of flesh and bones as tangible as man’s; the Son also; but the Holy Ghost has not a body of flesh and bones, but is a personage of cSpirit. Were it not so, the Holy Ghost could not ddwell in us. (Now you see why presidential candidate Mitt Romney refuses to expound on his beliefs.)

So what does this have to do with oneness pentecostals? Well, read this from The Resurrection Body of Christ the Lord Part I by John C. Whitcomb, Th.D. That is right, BODY. When the Word, Jesus Christ, became flesh, HE TOOK ON A BODY. And according to Dr. Whitcomb, HE STILL HAS IT! Says Dr. Whitcomb: When He ascended to heaven, He did not leave His human nature behind, for “in Him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily” (Col. 2:9). He will be God and man (two distinct natures) in one Person—forever!

So oneness people, what are your options? This does not harm the Trinitarians, for when Jesus Christ told the Samaritan woman that God is a spirit, He was speaking of the Holy Spirit and Father portions. You can, I suppose, claim that Jesus Christ was speaking of a mode of existence or a relationship. The problem is that it breaks down when Jesus Christ returned to His Father in Heaven to sit on the Father in Heaven’s right hand. When that happened, unless you have Three In One and Three Are One, then it means that the Incarnate Jesus Christ is the same false god as the Mormon god of flesh and bone. (Incidentally, please realize that Mormons themselves say no different: see here Theology: LDS god is in harmony with the Bible!)

You can say that the problem is solved because Jesus Christ returned to spirit form after ascending into Heaven. But there are problems with that.

1. The Bible does not say that He does. That one is dedicated to all the oneness people who say “the word Trinity is never used in the Bible.” I will go further, where Trinity is not mentioned but clearly depicted in the Bible, at no point does the Bible depict that Jesus Christ left His earthly body behind.

2. Paul seeing Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus. Now Paul did not see a vision. Nor did he see a theophany (what those who saw God in the Old Testament saw). No, Paul saw the resurrected Jesus Christ in bodily form.

3. All the references to Jesus Christ being seated on the right hand of the Father. You can say that it is anthropomorphic, such as the reference to God walking in the Garden of Eden (another one that the Mormons love to use to deny God being spirit). Problem: Stephen the martyr saw Jesus Christ in heaven standing before He was stoned to death!

4. Revelation, which speaks of the return of Jesus Christ. Well, when Jesus Christ returns, He will return PHYSICALLY. Acts 1:9-11And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight. And while they looked stedfastly toward heaven as he went up, behold, two men stood by them in white apparel; Which also said, Ye men of Galilee, why stand ye gazing up into heaven? this same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen Him go into heaven.” And then we go to Revelation 19:11-13 which says how this return will occur: “And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war. His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself. And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.” Excuse me, but that does not describe the return of a spirit, a vision, or a theophany WHEN HEAVEN OPENS, but OF A BODY. How is this going to happen? Is Christ going to become incarnate again? Reincarnation? Well, you can believe that if you choose. But the Bible does not say so!

Please read the entire “Resurrection Body of Jesus Christ” series below.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, and Part 10.

Equal time: the case has been made by a Trinitarian whose views I greatly respect that John 17:5 and Revelation 1:14-15 denies Jesus Christ having His resurrected body. I say that Zechariah 12:10 deals with Revelation 1:14-15 by virtue of being a prophecy of Jesus Christ’s return: “And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn.”

Again, yet another reason why Trinity matters: it separates Christianity from the false religions.

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Can One Reject Jesus Christ And Still Be Saved?

Posted by Job on November 15, 2007

Can you reject faith in Jesus Christ and still get to Heaven? I’m 49 years
old, the same age as Donny Osmond. He is actually 2 months older than I am.
I grew up enjoying the music of the Osmond’s, the Donny and Marie Show, and
saw them perform live numerous times over the years. You would be hard
pressed to find a more wholesome, All-American family (unless it is the
family of Mitt Romney) even though they have all experienced the ups and
downs of life everyone faces along this journey. They have always openly
talked about “God” and their “faith,” so it is very difficult to understand
how such wonderful people could ever end up in a horrible place like hell, a
place of eternal punishment. Most certainly if there was ever a family that
would be all reunited one day in Heaven it is the Osmonds, unless you
believe the Bible!

I am dealing with this issue today since I was alarmed at the number of
emails I received last week when the patriarch of the Osmond family, George
Osmond, died. Donny said that his Mom and Dad were “having a great reunion”
and that because of his family’s faith, he knows that “they will all be
together again”. I stated that George Osmond and his wife were having a
reunion, in hell, since he had chosen to reject the Truth and follow the
lies of Joseph Smith and the Mormon cult. George Osmond made the choice to
reject the Jesus of the Bible for the jesus of the Mormon cult, and
according to the Bible, he died in his sins and is forever in separated from
God in hell.

Some people were upset that I dared to declare this man was in hell. Many
who emailed claimed to be Bible-believing Christians and told me that God
would understand if George Osmond was following the false teachings of the
Mormon cult. They said “he was a good man who had a good heart.” PEOPLE
CAN UNDERSTAND WHY I DO IT! You have too many gutless pastors in cold
churches dispensing cheap grace and this damnable lie from hell that leads
people to believe everyone will make it to Heaven if they try hard enough,
since a loving God truly wouldn’t send anyone to hell. THAT IS NOT WHAT THE

Let me clarify two critical points. First, God has never sent anyone to
hell. Hell was created for satan and the fallen angels who followed him,
not for man. Man was NEVER intended to end up in this place of eternal
BECAUSE THEY CHOOSE TO GO THERE! The second is if in the last moment of
George Osmond’s life before he took his last breath he could have renounced
the lies of the Mormon cult and embraced faith in the Jesus of the Bible and
been saved. The Bible talks about the hearts of men who have rejected the
Truth being so hard, that even in the face of God’s wrath they shook their
fist at Him and cursed Him. While theologically possible, George Osmond was
a temple Mormon who had spent his life believing, living, and teaching the
lies of Smith. No doubt upon his death he was expecting to be exalted to
god-status and inherit his own planet. Sadly, he learned the truth and
instead of women waiting to have sex with him, was satan welcoming him to
the eternal flames of hell!

Jesus said He was the ONLY way to the Father. John 3:16 says that
“whosoever believeth in Him,” meaning Jesus, will not what, PERISH, but
have everlasting life. The Lord warned, “And fear not them which kill the
body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able
to destroy both soul and body in hell.” Paul spoke over and over of the
false shepherds and prophets, of following “a different Gospel.” Why? You
can’t simply reject the Truth of God’s Word and choose to believe in a false
gospel, do your best to live what the world considers a good life as you
follow those false beliefs, die, and expect to be in Heaven. Why? SIN MY
FRIEND! The Bible proclaims that there is NONE GOOD, NO NOT ONE and that
ALL have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory. It is our sin that
separates us from a Holy and Righteous God!

Every family has an Uncle Joe or Aunt Judy who are “good people.” They don’t
go to church, they don’t read the Bible, and they really don’t want to hear
that “Jesus stuff.” However, they don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs, they pay
their taxes, they don’t kick their dog, and they give money every year to
Jerry’s kids. They also help their neighbor or whoever is in need, don’t
hurt anybody, and are the kindest, sweetest people you will ever meet. Yet,
the Bible says that if they die without accepting Christ, they will spend
eternity in hell! Why? THEIR SIN! Man sees the outside, God sees their

However, God loved his fallen creation so much that He made a way for man to
be reconciled back into an everlasting relationship with His Creator. That
is why He sent Jesus to die as the one-time perfect sacrifice for the sins
of all mankind. The Bible proclaims that there is only one name by which
men are saved, the name of Jesus. It was Jesus and nobody else who died for
your sins and that is why it is faith in Jesus and nobody else who can save
your wretched soul. There is no other way for man to be reconciled back to
God but through faith in Jesus Christ. You can’t buy your way back to God.
There is no amount of good works you can ever do to get back to God. You
can’t follow the false beliefs of the cults and false religions who have
rejected the Truth and get to God. The ONLY way back to God is by putting
your faith and trust in the Jesus Christ of the Bible. It is only faith in
Jesus Christ that washes away our sins to allow us to be eternally with God
our Creator.

I love you and care about you so much. Is it cold hearted and insensitive
to declare George Osmond is forever in hell? Maybe. The Truth often is
hard for most to handle. How cold is it for the Osmonds to be on Oprah
lying to people about their father being in Heaven and leading people to
think that you can believe whatever fantasies you want and try to live a
good life by the world’s standards and end up in Heaven? That is OK, I’ll
take the heat for being what some think is cold and callous in order to save
even one soul from the flames of hell. Satan is a very real enemy and he
will do whatever it takes to lead men’s souls to hell. He counts on those
who know the Truth to be too afraid to speak up and uses people like the
Osmond Family to carry a message to the masses that is helping to lead the
souls of unsuspecting men to eternal punishment.

People accuse me daily of hating Mitt Romney. I don’t even know Mitt
Romney. I hate the fact he lies to people about his beliefs and deceives
people into thinking he is a Christian when he is not. I hate the fact that
if he gets elected President, his influence will lead a huge number of
people to seek out the Mormon cult, get lost in their false beliefs, and die
and go to hell. I DO hate satan and the fact ever day he is successful in
helping people choose to spend all eternity in the eternal punishment of
hell when God clearly states it is His desire for all to come to repentant
and that none be lost. While others are busy playing games of power and
influence and money, I am staying focused on battling with satan for the
eternal souls of men. Nothing else matters to me.

Do you want to know how far from God and His Truth we have come as a nation
and people? Ask 10 people randomly at church next Sunday if you can reject
faith in Jesus Christ and still somehow make it to Heaven? Even from those
who are in church and should at least know the basic truths of the Bible,
you will get 50% who tell you yes. This is the result of weak pastors,
people being Biblically illiterate, Christian leaders focused on earthly
power and treasures rather than the souls of men, the bold lies of the world
being told long enough and loud enough that the masses accept the lie for
the truth, and a very real enemy of our soul who is working hard 24/7 to
lead men to hell.

PLANS OF SALVATION!!! If you have never given your heart and life to Jesus
by faith and the Holy Spirit is speaking to you today, pray, ask God to open
your heart to the Truth and watch this video clip. Please share it with
everyone you know who is not saved.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

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Bob Jones Dances With The Devil

Posted by Job on November 10, 2007

See link below from SoldierServant’s weblog.

Bob Jones Dances With The Devil by Chuck Baldwin

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The Real Truth About Seeker Sensitive Churches (And The Osmond Family)

Posted by Job on November 8, 2007

*My note: good to see Bill Keller, who is extremely reticent to criticize Christian ministers on anything other than sex or financial scandals, go after Rick Warren.

(Ephesians 5:23, Colossians 1:18)

***THE COLD HARD REALITY OF WHAT THIS IS ALL ABOUT! YOU EITHER BELIEVE THE BIBLE OR YOU DON’T! George Osmond, father of Donnie and Marie Osmond and patriarch to the family’s singing group The Osmond Brothers, died Tuesday.
He was 90. Donnie said he bet his Mom and Dad were “having a great reunion”
and that because of his family’s faith, he knows that “they will all be together again”. Sadly, George Osmond and his wife are having a reunion, in hell. As someone who grew up loving the Osmonds music , sadly that is the same place Donnie, Marie, the rest of their family will be having their reunion unless they turn from the lies of the Mormon cult and to faith in the Jesus of the Bible. Many will be upset I had the audacity to say this,
but IT IS THE TRUTH! THIS IS NOT A GAME! THIS IS ABOUT THE ETERNAL SOULS OF MEN! The Bible clearly states that those who die without Jesus will be
forever lost and separated from God their Creator. As a temple Mormon, George Osmond believed upon death he would become the god of his own planet, but at the moment he took his last breath he sadly found out Joey Smith was a false prophet, he had bought into a lie from satan, and instead of a planet full of women waiting to have sex with him, all he will have for eternity is the punishment of hell. Pray for the Osmond family during this time of loss, and that they will turn from the lies of the satanic cult they
are part of before they too die and end up in the same hell their parents
will occupy for all eternity!

***BILL KELLER ON FOX NEWS NEIL CAVUTO PROGRAM! Tuesday, I was on FOX News with Neil Cavuto discussing China banning Bibles during the upcoming
Olympics. This will be the subject of a Devotional early next week. To
view the clip, go to:

***SALON.COM FEATURE ARTICLE: Yesterday, the popular liberal website did a feature article on my contention that Mitt Romney becoming
President will lead many souls to hell. They actually flew a reporter to my
office and we spent several hours discussing this issue. Here is a link to
that feature article:

***JUDAS UPDATE: Well, the latest “Judas” to sell out the Christian faith
and show a greater concern for political power than the souls of men by
endorsing satanic cult member Mitt Romney is Paul M. Weyrich Weyrich is the
founding president of the Heritage Foundation and a cofounder of the Moral
Majority and the man who many consider to be the father of the modern
religious conservative movement. In response to the growing backlash
against Romney, a wide variety of religious and political leaders, including
Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention and Romney supporters like
Rep. Tom Feeney of Florida, have publicly advised Romney not to discuss
theology on the campaign trail. How nice. Romney now has supposed Christian
leaders advising him how to fool Christians into voting for him. *BREAKING
NEWS!!! Pat Robertson has endorsed avowed baby killer and supporter of gay
rights Rudy Giuliani. Yet another Christian leader who is obviously more
concerned with being close to the temporal power of man than standing for
God’s Word!

The real truth about “seeker” churches. This is an issue I have dealt with
numerous times over the years, but in light of a comprehensive new report
that has just came out and the questions I get daily about “seeker”
churches, let me address it in greater detail today. I was fortunate to
have started my public ministry in 1992 in the great city of Chicago. Of
course, the Chicago suburban Barrington is the home of the first high
profile “seeker” church, Willow Creek. So I was in Chicago as Willow Creek
was starting out and actually spoke at a few of their functions in the early
90s. If you study the history of Willow Creek, it is a marvelous sovereign
move of God that was started in a movie theater and was geared to people who
didn’t attend church. It became a huge success due to the fact they were
reaching people the traditional church wasn’t, and bringing a relevant
message to people’s lives, another huge problem with many of the mainstream
denominational churches.

Let me say right up front, Willow Creek in suburban Chicago and Saddleback
in Orange County California are both amazing, sovereign moves of God’s Holy
Spirit that have impacted millions of lives and brought tens of thousands,
even hundreds of thousands of souls to faith in Jesus Christ. Pastor Bill
Hybels of Willow Creek and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback are men who God
gave a great vision to, they obediently followed that vision, and the hand
of God has moved over their work and used them to reach millions of souls
who most likely would have never been reached. The fruit, the souls and
transformed lives, are the living testimonies of their ministry and the
great legacy they will leave when their work is complete and God calls them

As I have stated in the past, here are the three problems with these
“seeker” churches. The first is you can’t package, market, and sell a
sovereign move of God. God’s work is not a McDonalds hamburger franchise.
It simply doesn’t work that way. What God sovereignly does in one case,
doesn’t mean it will happen that way in another. As a matter of fact, just
plan on the fact it WON’T! What Willow Creek and Saddleback do in their
respective churches works because of the fact they are both such precious
and unique works of God’s Holy Spirit. Where they have both failed
miserably, is in trying to package, market, and sell “how to do church” to
other pastors and churches.

A pastor who has to try and copy someone else’s vision is lazy and has
failed God and those they serve! There is nothing wrong with learning from
other men and women of God, gaining wisdom and insight from others more
experienced who have successfully been shepherding God’s people, but to try
and duplicate another work of God is simply foolish. Each man has to invest
the time with the Lord and recieve his own vision. The reality is, the vast
majority of these churches that have tried to copy Willow Creek or
Saddleback have failed miserably. Some actually were successful in
attracting more people, but because you can’t duplicate the vision, the man
God called to receive and fulfill that vision, or all of the unique dynamics
of each situation, the increase in numbers never translated into spiritual

Listen to me carefully. The way the world keeps score is NOT the way God
keeps score! The world says a successful church has thousands of people,
takes in millions of dollars, and has state of the art facilities. The
world measures success by numbers, dollars, and real estate. God isn’t
impressed with how many people show up for service, but how many people are
sold out for Him! God isn’t impressed with how much money you raise, but
how many lives you are impacting with the money you raise. God isn’t
impressed with the buildings you build, but the lives you build. As we will
see later, a huge problem with the whole “seeker” church movement is that
its goal and emphasis is on sheer numbers, and not building solid men and
women of God.

The second problem with the “seeker” churches is that they do all of this
work to attract a large group of non-churched people, have this great
service, but never present the Gospel or give people a chance to get saved.
I know the comeback, that work is done in small groups. But many people
never go to the small groups. There is never a good excuse to have a group
of people in a Christian service of any kind and not give them the chance to
make a commitment of their heart and life to Jesus Christ. This might be
the only time they are ever in such a setting. This might be the one time
in their life their heart is open to hear the Truth about their eternal
soul. To fail to share the Gospel and extend an invitation for people to
accept Christ into their heart and life by faith makes all of the time and
effort to get them there in first place a wasted opportunity.

The third problem with the “seeker” churches is their premeditated and
designed plan to strip their church all of Christian identification. No
cross, no mention of church in their name, just a very non-descript building
that nobody would ever think was a church. I get the whole mindset that it
makes it more comfortable for people who are opposed to church and to the
things of God and makes it more inviting and less threatening to them. I’m
sorry, but you can’t trick people into following the Lord. You can’t play
the old bait and switch game with them. In this world we live in where the
government and culture is working non-stop to take God and Christianity out
of the public square, the one place we are allowed to proclaim Christ and
proudly display the cross and other symbols of our faith is AT OUR CHURCHES!
Now we have our own churches who purposely refuse to identify themselves as
a Christian church so they won’t “offend” someone.

My friend, I get the whole blueprint of easing a person into the faith, not
wanting them to run away before they hear the message, being aware of their
hang-ups and trying to work around them. But at some point, a person has to
hear they are a sinner, that they will die, and without Jesus they will end
one message, the Gospel. The church’s job is to evangelize, which is what
these “seeker” churches attempt to do, but it is also to help the saints
grow in their faith and equip them for service, and to provide a fellowship
for Believers to find the strength, comfort, prayers, and support of other
Believers as they go along life’s journey.

I love you and care about you so much. Over the years, I have watched over
2 dozen websites I know of try and duplicate with Liveprayer does on the
Internet, and all of them failed. I have been offered over $100,000 on
several occasions to “consult” with other websites and help them have the
same success in reaching people for Christ as Liveprayer has had for over 8
years now. A year ago, I was presented an opportunity by a man to make $1
million guaranteed, by offering Liveprayer franchises. These copycat
websites failed, I turned down the consulting offers and the franchise offer
because you can’t package, market, and sell a sovereign move of God. Nobody
knows as well as I do that Liveprayer is just that, a precious move of the
Holy Spirit that could never be duplicated.

Willow Creek just released the results of a multi-year study on the
effectiveness of their programs and philosophy of ministry. The study’s
findings are in a new book titled, ” Reveal: Where Are You?,” co-authored by
Cally Parkinson and Greg Hawkins, executive pastor of Willow Creek Community
Church. Hybels himself called the findings “earth shaking,” “ground
breaking” and “mind blowing.” The report reveals that most of what they
have been doing for these many years and what they have taught millions of
others to do is not producing solid disciples of Jesus Christ. Numbers yes,
but not disciples.

Hybels states, “Some of the stuff that we have put millions of dollars into
thinking it would really help our people grow and develop spiritually, when
the data actually came back it wasn’t helping people that much. Other things
that we didn’t put that much money into and didn’t put much staff against is
stuff our people are crying out for. We made a mistake. What we should have
done when people crossed the line of faith and become Christians, we should
have started telling people and teaching people that they have to take
responsibility to become ‘self feeders.’ We should have gotten people,
taught people, how to read their Bible between services, how to do the
spiritual practices much more aggressively on their own.”

The bottom line to these “seeker” churches is this. Willow Creek and
Saddleback are both incredible sovereign moves of God. They are great
visions given to great men of God who faithfully followed those visions and
have impacted millions of lives because of their faithfulness. The mistake
they have both made is in the packaging, marketing, and selling of their
vision to other pastors and churches. Even in their own churches it appears
that there are some serious issues in translating the vast numbers into men
and women of God who are growing in their faith and living surrendered
lives. So it is no wonder why these others churches who have tried to copy
and duplicate what they’ve done have failed.

There are no new ways to “do church.” There is no new way to bring people
to faith in Jesus Christ. There are TONS of ways to reach people, and we
need inspired men and women of God who seek Him for the vision in how to
reach the lost. But once you reach them, there is only one message they
need and that is the fact Jesus loves them, He died for their sins, and that
without a relationship with Christ they will die one day and spend eternity
in hell. That was the message of Jesus, it was the message of Paul, it has
been the message of all the great men and women of God thougout these last
2000 years, and will continue to be the only message that can transform the
hearts and lives of men until Christ returns and this world as we know it
comes to an end.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
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