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Fathers Who Shoot Straight

Posted by Job on October 12, 2014


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How To Cultivate Contentment In The Home

Posted by Job on October 12, 2014

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Adrian Rogers: Marriage Is A Gift From Heaven

Posted by Job on October 12, 2014

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Covenant: What is Christian Marriage? by Dr. R.C. Sproul

Posted by Job on December 26, 2011
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Genesis 4:16-24 Is Clear Evidence That The Culture Is Not Worth Fighting For

Posted by Job on December 25, 2010

In Bible-based Christianity today, there are two major camps. The largest camp by far is evangelical Christianity, and then there is fundamentalist Christianity. In terms of doctrine, it is fair to say that Bible-based evangelicals and Bible-based fundamentalists are indistinguishable. Instead, the core difference between is their approach to “the world”, or the larger culture. Fundamentalists believe in remaining separate from the larger culture however and whenever possible. Evangelicals believe in fully engaging the larger culture however and whenever possible. Evangelicals fear what happens to the larger culture when the influence of the church is removed. Fundamentalists fear what happens to the church when the influence of the culture is present.

Both groups have a large body of Bible verses on their side. For instance, in the Old Testament, fundamentalists point to how Israel was called to be separate from the other nations, and how they fell into apostasy when they refused to do so and wound up adopting the evil practices and false religions of the pagans. Evangelicals mention how Israel was called to be a light to the other nations (and some even claim that Israel erred in failing to try to convert the other nations) and of course speak of how the priests and prophets were integral to Israel’s government and culture. In the New Testament, evangelicals speak of the mandate to be salt and light to the nations, and of Jesus Christ’s prayer that the church not be taken out of the world. Fundamentalists counter with the Biblical admonitions of how we should not love the world or be conformed to it.

It comes down to fundamentalists and evangelicals’ having different views on how to interpret and live out the “in the world but not of it” not only for the individual Christian’s daily life, but for the mission of the church in the world as a whole. Is our role of the church to preserve itself as Christ’s spotless bride (and to ward against apostasy) or to restrain evil in – and possibly even help reform – the world?

Now the New Testament appears to provide more evidence to the evangelicals, if one uses the number of Bible verses as a gauge. However, when one understands that many of the Bible verses that appear to endorse “taking on the culture” were actually in the context of liberating Christians from dead Jewish practices (i.e. the words of Jesus Christ to the Pharisees and the writings of Paul to Gentiles), and still more were meant to warn Christians against becoming monastics (which was a common practice of both certain Jewish sects and of zealous Gentile pagans). Also, consider the judgments of Jesus Christ of the church in Revelation 2 and 3 – and especially to the Laodicean church – was over their failure to keep themselves pure, and not over their failure to take on, influence and change the world.

Now the evangelical arguments for engaging the culture are many, and most of them are supported with very sound theological foundations that have excellent Biblical support. The problem is that the witness of both the Bible and of church history is consistent: whenever the church takes on the culture, the culture wins. And whenever the church engages the culture, the result is never the culture becoming more like the church, but the church becoming more like the culture. It has been this way ever since Lot pitched his tent towards Sodom (and the disastrous consequences that resulted).

The reason is that when we take on the culture, we move outside of what we are called to do. We go from God’s mission, God’s mandate, God’s territory and into our own. So, we do not have God’s resources at our disposal for the “culture-changing” mission. Instead, we have our own resources. Now these resources may be considerable, especially in wealthy, powerful cultures where a large percentage of the population adheres to or respects some of Christianity. For instance, lots of money can be raised, lots of manpower can be marshaled, and things ranging from moving oratorical skills, inspiring artistic talents, and cunning organizational or strategic abilities can be dedicated.

And it is because of all this great human ability united towards a common purpose, it is possible to win a few battles. And when those battles are won, it does honestly appear as if God is on their side, especially if one’s approach to Christianity is numbers-driven, results-driven, outcome-driven etc. … anything that allows you to evaluate your success based on something that comes to fruition relatively quickly and is easy to measure.

But the truth is that it is all illusory. Gains made are turned back; battles may be won but the war is lost. The reason: Christians are not the only ones with great human abilities at their disposal. Non-Christians have the same. Not only that, they have superior numbers and resources, plus the god of this world, Satan, on their side.

With these “facts on the ground”, to employ a military term, the only way for a Christian to be able to claim victory in culture wars is to become so compromised and worldly, to become so dispirited by a series of defeats, surrenders and capitulations that a lesser defeat seems like a victory. It is like a sports team who goes winless for 10 straight years, then posts a season where they win a single game (or maybe 2), lose the rest, and celebrate it as progress. Or the situation of a school where 95% of its students are performing under grade level, and when “only” 75% of the students are performing under grade level, the principal and teachers are rewarded with promotions and bonuses, and a party is thrown for the parents. Or when a military goes into war with great aspirations i.e. to force a complete surrender and a peace treaty according to the terms of the invading army, but instead finds itself beaten, driven back and humbled, and winds up having to “declare victory” based on a much more modest set of “goals” that do not come close to justifying the invasion in the first place, and withdrawing while leaving the enemy regime and military in an even stronger position than they were before. So, evangelical theology – doctrine and practice – must contort itself in ways to contrive failures as successes so that both past endeavors that did fail and future efforts that will fail can be justified.

Now this should not be viewed in terms of fundamentalists’ possessing any sort of virtue for refusing to involve themselves in this folly. Quite the contrary, fundamentalists have a different set of problems of their own. Instead, all virtue and wisdom – all credit – belongs to the God who inspired the very Bible that is to be our guide on this matter and all others. And it is to this Bible that we can turn to for clear evidence that the church is not to fight for the culture, because the culture is not worth fighting for.

The Bible text in question: Genesis 4:16-24. Why? Because this text deals with man’s increasing in number and a culture forming as a result. It is true: God did create and give to mankind certain foundations or building blocks of culture. For instance, God created the institutions of marriage and family by joining together Adam and Eve and telling them to procreate. God also created occupations (work or labor) by making Adam the keeper of the garden of Eden, and by commanding Adam to till the ground to support himself and his family after the fall. So, it is safe to proceed from there with the position that marriage, family and labor were given by God to man through special, divine revelation and that they therefore are to be promoted and nurtured by the church among Christians in order to have marriages, families and labor that glorifies God. (Working to somehow sanctify the marriage/family/work habits of non-Christians is not part of our Biblical mandate.)

But in Genesis 4:16-24, we see other cultural developments taking place wholly outside of God’s involvement. We know this because this passage deals with the lineage of Cain, who was driven from God’s presence for murdering righteous Abel, and not with the Godly line of Seth. Now the Bible doesn’t deal much with Cain’s seed (or with people outside of God’s covenant in general except when they interact with or take actions that effect God’s covenant people) so we can take the position that this information was included for a reason, so that we can draw lessons from it. And what do we learn?

First, we learn that Cain built a city. So, civilization, or a more advanced and orderly structured human society, was a development that came from human invention and not as a result of divine command or revelation. Second, we learn that one of Cain’s progeny, Lamech, corrupted the institution of marriage by taking two wives. Further, this same Lamech created the beginnings of false religion by making authoritative claims – based on himself as the sole authority and source of power – and compelling other humans to hear and heed his claims. Also, Lamech’s claims – that if Cain would be avenged sevenfold, that he would be avenged seventy sevenfold – were designed specifically to emulate, challenge, magnify himself against, and rise above God’s power and revelation. This has been the purpose and goal of all false religions and ideologies ever since. Further, Lamech’s involving his wives in his religious pronouncements gave an organization to it, so Lamech then was not the originator of some self-styled individualized spirituality system internal to himself, but false organized religion observed and shared by other people.

Then there was Lamech’s own children. One began the practice of living in tents and also of cattle ranching, which was higher, more advanced and organized socioeconomic based lifestyle, a key cultural component of civilized societies. Another, Jubal, created music, and another still, Tubalcain, created metallurgy. Both of these are vital to both the arts and commerce, and necessary elements to the formation of higher culture and of civilization.

Add it all up, and you have cities, God-dishonoring marriages (marriage quickly became merely arrangements for economic and tribal purposes), false religion, advanced economics (and a lifestyle centered around it), the creative arts and advancing technology. What do you have? Civilization. Culture. And with all the norms, morals and values that go with it. Again, while God did give basic, lower forms or building blocks of culture as part of divine command and revelation, the higher forms, the cultural advancements, came from the line of Cain. They did not come from the Godly line of Seth, or of any of God’s covenant people.

Now this does not mean that culture is wholly, inherently evil. Quite the contrary, the Bible is filled with examples of God using culture and guiding or establishing cultural norms when dealing with His covenant people, including the fact that God organized Old Testament Israel along tribal lines. And Jesus Christ Himself was born in a Jewish culture that He loved, adhered to and respected. It is clear from Romans 13 and other places that Christians are not to be anarchists, subversives or other elements that debase and marginalize culture, because God uses some elements of culture to restrain evil. Amazingly, this actually does include false religion: consider that murder, adultery, theft etc. are considered sinful by Islam. These things are evidence of common grace, of God’s general revelation to all people. We have a merciful God who causes it to rain for the just and the unjust so that both can have water to drink and food to eat, and for that we rejoice!

However, the unjust are the unjust still. The Biblical record is clear: culture  – or at least higher culture beyond marriage, family and work – was an innovation of the seed of Cain acting apart from God’s special revelation or direct command. And Revelation tells us that Babylon, the result of Cain’s work (human civilization), will be judged for its wickedness, which include acts defiance against God and of persecution of God’s people throughout all of human history beginning with Cain’s murder of righteous Abel.

So, human culture is not to be engaged and reformed by the church. Instead, human culture’s fate is to be judged and destroyed by God, and replaced by New Jerusalem. New Jerusalem is not a human city built by fallen human efforts (which describes Cain’s city and all since) but a city built by God.  A city or civilization built by humans will have a fallen human culture that is not worth fighting for. But New Jerusalem will have a redeemed Godly culture that we will not have to fight for, and that is what the church should set its eyes in anticipation for. Instead of loving and fighting for that which is corrupt, fallen and will be destroyed (this world), we should love and fight for that which is redeemed and will last forever (the world to come).

Christians have no part in Cain’s city, and should not even desire or aspire to, for the very idea of being a stakeholder in something that is wicked and will be destroyed is folly. It is worse than buying stock in a company that you know will go bankrupt and be shut down. It is worse because the money that you invest in that stock is temporary, but investing your heart and labor into Babylon will have eternal consequences. That is why instead of loving and laboring for what man has built, Christians should instead labor for and love what GOD is building.

Before you ask about Old Jerusalem – which is of special interests to dispensational Christians and many others – realize that while that city was given an exalted status in the Bible for old covenant Jews, please realize that Jerusalem was not built by Israelites. Instead, the first reference to Jerusalem in the Bible has the city being ruled by a wicked pagan king, and associated with the Jebusites. Similar is true of Bethlehem: it was not built by Israelites, but was a pre-existing village built by pagans that Israel assumed control of. Please note that God did not have Israel build a new nation from scratch, but rather had them take possession of a nation that already had cities, villages, economic infrastructure etc. in place.

From this, we can deduce that God wanted to build His own permanent city for His own people, and that Jerusalem and Israel were to be the temporary schoolmasters. And we see evidence of this even in the Old Testament scriptures from Old Testament Israel, as even with them, the emphasis began to shift from Old Testament Israel and its physical temple to the eschatological Zion. Let us recall that in Acts, Stephen bore witness of the fact that with the passion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, this shift had in fact taken place. The result: Stephen became the first Christian martyr, murdered by Jews in love with the temple built by human hands (including the very evil Herod!) and the physical city built by pagans.

Make no mistake, Stephen, who rejected the world, was martyred at the hands of those who were unwilling to separate from the culture, from the world. In this manner, Christians are to be as Stephen, and not as those who stoned him.

Please keep in mind: all those born again in Christ Jesus will have their portion in New Jerusalem. Those who do not will spend eternity with the lost in the lake of fire. If you are not born again in Christ Jesus, you will have no part in New Jerusalem. To be in Christ Jesus and have a part in New Jerusalem:

Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan Today!

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How The Teachings Of Jesus Christ Destroy The Prosperity Doctrine

Posted by Job on September 20, 2010

This is frustrating, but I can’t get the link to play in this post. So please listen to it here instead.

How the teachings of Jesus Christ render the prosperity doctrine as nothing but heresy. From Covenant Theological Seminary.

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A Question For Christians: Should Battered Wives Leave Their Husbands?

Posted by Job on November 21, 2009

I would like to hear a scriptural response on this topic. It can also be expanded to include wives whose husbands are abusing their children. I wish for it to cover two areas.

1. Remaining with the abusive husband versus separation.

2. Permanent separation versus temporary conditional separation.

3. Separation versus seeking a legal divorce.

Of course, according to scripture a wife is free to divorce a husband who sexually abuses his children according to the specific explicit statement of Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:9 (“fornication” in the King James Version should instead be translated as “sexual immorality). I would also assert that a woman is free to divorce a husband who rapes her according to the same specific statement. However, I am unaware of a specific explicit statement on the matter of divorce in the case of physical violence. I would like for anyone who can make a sound Biblical case on the matter that divorce is acceptable for wives who are being physically abused to make it.

I also have the opinion that separation is a completely different matter from divorce, and that a husband or wife can separate if there is a compelling reason (i.e. not being done capriciously or as a manipulation tactic), and that abuse of any sort towards a spouse or child is obviously a compelling reason, as is (for example) addiction to drugs or alcohol.

This is a very difficult topic, so I would like to hear Biblical opinions on the issue. Thank you.

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Voddie Baucham: The Permanence View of Marriage

Posted by Job on November 20, 2009

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Christian Men Being The Head Means Listening To Your Wife

Posted by Job on July 7, 2009

First for those who haven’t, I encourage you to listen to Paul Washer: Biblical Headship as it is a great and challenging teaching.

Second, I want to point out something to help Christian men who are trying to work through being Godly husbands and the heads of the marriage and the family. Many men have a problem with the authority that comes with being the head, but this is primarily due to having a corrupt view of what authority, or headship means. Because of our exposure to fallen sinful worldly culture, we see authority in the terms negatively described by Jesus Christ in Matthew 20:25 and Mark 10:42, where the Gentile rulers “lord it over” their subjects, meaning that they exercised their authority in a manner that does not reflect God’s plan or nature. It can be said that Gentile – or sinful and fallen – lordship is authority exercised for the sole benefit of the people in power and not for mutual benefit or the common good. The person under authority exists only to fulfill the whims and prerogatives of the person in power, and as such the person under authority has no rights, a status lower than that of a slave under the Jewish law. Sadly, this is precisely the status that women have had in marriage in many times and cultures throughout history.

However, let us revisit what Jesus Christ said about authority illegitimately exercised in Matthew 20:25-28.

But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Ye know that the princes of the Gentiles exercise dominion over them, and they that are great exercise authority upon them. But it shall not be so among you: but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your minister; And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many.

To this let us add that just as the man is the head of the marriage and the household, Jesus Christ is the head of the church. (1 Corinthians 11:3, Ephesians 5:23). Also, the husband is to love His wife as Christ loved the church. (Ephesians 5:25) Therefore the authority that man exercises over his wife should be described by Matthew 20:25-28, not the sinful ways of the world that Romans 12:1-2 tells us to renew our minds from by being transformed by the Word of God.

An example of this: husbands should listen to their wives and be responsive to their input. A lot of men mistake “being the head” and “being in authority” with being an autocrat. The truth is that human authority as described in Biblical terms does not mean knowing everything and refusing to listen. Instead, authority, headship consists of being the one who makes the final ruling and being accountable for it. Refusing to listen to the opinions of the wife, who is his help-meet and his equal and is made in the image of God, indwelt with the Holy Spirit and is a recipient and beneficiary of the Holy Spirit’s ministry, gifts and fruits, is not a legitimate Biblical exercise of the authority given to a husband. Instead, it is sinful foolishness.

Consider the example of kings in Old Testament Israel. Of course, the king was the human sovereign ruler of the land, free to do as he pleased. But there were also prophets and also the priests. Now it was the prophets who received the Word from God directly. Further, the priests also knew God’s Word from their study of the law and scriptures. Consider the case of a king who simply did everything that the legitimate prophets and Godly priests told him to do. Would that have made him a puppet ruler, a weak king? Of course not. We know this from 2 Kings 22 (and also 2 Chronicles 34), as this was precisely the case of King Josiah, who took the throne at the age of 8, did exactly what Hilkiah, Huldah and the other priests and prophets told him to do, and was regarded as a great and wise king for doing so.

It is not solely because listening to God (as in the case of Josiah) is wisdom, though it clearly is. Rather, it is that even though one in authority is following the advice of others, the decisions are still his. Because consider this: the prophets had the ability to hear from God, the priests knew and had the ability to interpret and apply scripture. That was their office and their job. But the prophets and priests did not have the power or authority to make decisions. They could only give advice. It was the prerogative of the king, based on the virtue of his office and the power and authority vested in it, to make the decision. The exercise of authority is not in the origination of an idea or opinion, it is in making the decision. So just as a prophet or priest was not a threat to the authority or headship of a king, a wife who is wise, Godly talented and capable is no threat to the authority of a husband. The husband is still free to use his authority to make his own decision. The only question is whether the husband will make his decision wisely. If the husband defers to his wife on a matter where she exhibits more knowledge, more experience, more maturity, or has a Word from the Lord, he is exercising his God given authority wisely and thereby pleasing God. But if he for whatever reason forbears, then He is misusing his God given authority is thereby sinning against God.

After all, what is decision-making authority? According to the Bible, accountability for the decision is almost as important as the decision itself. Consider the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. Adam’s decision, his exercise of authority was passive, but God was active in holding Adam fully accountable, and refused to allow God to shift the blame to Eve or to Himself (as Adam, in a scurrilous manner that revealed his sin nature, attempted to do both). Again, remember what Jesus Christ said: Biblical leadership is not a lordship role but a servant role. The man in his headship is a servant, and the way that he serves is by being accountable before God for his house. This is not the way that it is in the sinful world where truthfully there is no practical accountability for the ruler before anyone. The ruler does as he pleases with no consequences.

That is not the way that anyone in Biblical authority, whether it be a husband or a pastor (and yes church pastors are to be male only) should be. Instead of thinking about “the benefits of being in charge”, the minds given Biblical headship should be renewed with the idea “service through accountability.” This means that before God, whether the decision that I made was the result of an idea that came from me or my wife (or another) the biblical head (in a marriage the husband) takes full responsibility for the decision and its consequences. The person who has this mentality, of course, will be more than glad to take any good idea wherever he can get it with no concerns about ego or “being my own man” or “doing it my way” because such a person is going to be primarily concerned with avoiding the negative consequences of bad decisions before God. Such a person will not be motivated by fear, mind you, but wisdom, and what is the beginning of wisdom but the fear of God (Proverb 15:33, Proverb 1:7, Proverb 9:10, Psalm 111:10)? The hard headed stiff necked male who insists on being his own man and doing it his way is merely someone who is not accountable for the consequences of his bad decisions. He might think that he is accountable, but truthfully it is only in an earthly sense. In a spiritual sense before God, such a man is merely writing checks that his heart cannot cash!

The wise Biblical head knows that all good things, including good ideas, come from God (James 1:17 and also see James 3:17). So if an idea comes to him from his wife and he acts on it and it succeeds, the man in his authority gives the credit first to God for giving the idea to his wife and then his wife for having the wisdom to share the idea with him. And if the husband himself is the origin of the idea, the man in authority gives the credit first to God for the idea, second to God for prospering the idea and leaves it right there.

And if the idea is from the husband and it fails? The husband takes the blame acting outside of God’s will and accepts the consequences before God and in his marriage. If the idea is from the wife and fails? The same. In either case, the husband is the one who makes the final decision. That is what being in authority given by God means. God gets all the credit and glory for things that succeed. The person in authority – the husband in a marriage – gets the responsibility for not fervently effectively seeking God and then obeying Him in the case of failure.

So how can the husband, the pastor, or any other man in spiritual authority get glory? Well that is the rub, and the very meaning of Biblical servant authority. In sinful pagan lordship authority, the purpose of being in power is getting glory and other human benefits, the likes of which James 3:15 calls earthly, sensual, devilish. But in Biblical servant authority, the purpose of said authority is giving God the glory and getting God the glory! That is the beginning, the ending and the sum total of man’s duty. In contrast with, say, the word-faith movement and with dominionism theology where the purpose of man’s dominion is to empower, enrich and glorify himself, the true purpose of the Biblical dominion given to man was to use this dominion obey and glorify God. Consider, for instance, that no less than Jesus Christ, Himself being fully God and by Him were all things made, used His dominion over creation to glorify God the Father! So how much more should us as mere men, husbands, use our authority over our wives and children (not to mention the stewardship over our possessions) to do the same? And yes, the same is true of pastors as well.

So how does man benefit from his servant authority?

1) Obedience to God is benefit enough. Fearing God and keeping  His commands are the whole duty of man (Ecclesiastes 12:13). Any other attitude is not of God, but of fallen rebellion against God similar to that of Satan who desiring to receive the glory and praise of God decided that he could be like the most high. In that day was iniquity found in him and there was no place for him in heaven any more. 2) Your reward will come in heaven. Your servant authority on earth is a spiritual thing, and by sowing it in this life, you will reap a bountiful harvest for eternity in the world to come. This is in contrast with the sinful lordship authority where the harvest is not only meager but does not go from this world to the next, and is instead consumed like straw in a fire. 3) I am not an adherent of the prosperity doctrine, but there is ample New Testament new covenant scriptural support for the idea that the man who behaves this way will receive the benefits of grace and blessings by the sovereign God upon his house and marriage as a reward for his obedience. How is this not the prosperity doctrine? Because God will determine the manner of the grace and blessings! It will be prosperity, but prosperity according to God’s eyes and not man’s.

So Christian men, do not fear, do not forbear, do not halt or falter. Go forth and fulfill the charge that you have been given to keep concerning your Biblical headship. It will not be easy, but be encouraged: you have none other than Jesus Christ present with you in the form of His emissary the Paraclete (the Holy Spirit) to guide and carry you along the way. May the blessings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ be with you always. Praise be to the one and only true God whose Son is Jesus Christ. Enter into His courts with thanksgiving and praise for He is worthy. Our God is holy and righteous, and His love, power and grace endure from everlasting to everlasting! Amen and amen!

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Posted by Job on June 12, 2008

Per the link below, the fellow – who actually defended Jeremiah Wright on MSNBC – has been hired to be a contributor for Fox News. Now Rupert Murdoch is a Council on Foreign Relations guy. So is Rick Warren. When Huckabee was being hammered by the anti – Christians in the right wing media for not knowing anything about foreign policy, HE HIRED A MEMBER OF THE COUNCIL ON FOREIGN RELATIONS TO GET HIM UP TO SPEED ON THAT TOPIC! But hey, it is just me being a conspiracy – monger I guess. All of these things are just coincidences.

To learn why I call Rupert Murdoch the world’s biggest pornographer and Rick Warren his pastor, see here: 

Rick Warren Is “Pastor” To Porn King Rupert Murdoch!

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Sign Of The Anti – Christ Times: Divorce Celebration Parties!

Posted by Job on March 18, 2008

Matthew 19:5-9 “And said, For this cause shall a man leave father and mother, and shall cleave to his wife: and they twain shall be one flesh? Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. They say unto him, Why did Moses then command to give a writing of divorcement, and to put her away? He saith unto them, Moses because of the hardness of your hearts suffered you to put away your wives: but from the beginning it was not so. And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.”

Matthew 24:37-39 “But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be. For as in the days that were before the flood they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, until the day that Noe entered into the ark, And knew not until the flood came, and took them all away; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”

Divorce ceremonies for healing … maybe a toaster –

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Adrian Rogers: Celebrate The Difference In Marriage

Posted by Job on February 5, 2008

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Pat Robertson’s China Bans Visitors To Olympics From Bringing Bibles!

Posted by Job on November 9, 2007

First, see the post

Pat Robertson Promoting The Chinese Government

to see why Pat Robertson endorsing pro – abortion pro – gay rights cross – dressing fascist Rudolph Giuliani is really no surprise. After that, see the video below to see why Pat Robertson’s claims that the persecution that China is placing on its citizens is overstated and misunderstood, and that the gospel is really spreading in STATE APPROVED CHURCHES THAT PREACH A NEW AGE PROSPERITY SELF ESTEEM PURPOSE DRIVEN FALSE GOSPEL THAT DOES NOT EMPHASIZE OR CENTER AROUND JESUS CHRIST!

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