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Murdered By False Doctrine: Girl Dies Because Parents Pray Rather Than Take Her To Hospital

Posted by Job on April 28, 2008

I am a born again Christian who has personally experienced faith healing and spiritual deliverance – meaning demons actually literally cast out of me – who is a former Pentecostal Holiness charismatic (as a matter of fact I am still investigating if any Pentecostal doctrines can be articulated and practiced within the context of Reformed theology). But people, what you will see in the link below IS NOT CHRISTIANITY BUT FALSE DOCTRINE:

You see that CNN, whom I loathe, has this listed as a crime. Despite my disdain for CNN, I must say that they have it correct: A CRIME WAS DONE TO THIS YOUNG GIRL THANKS TO FALSE RELIGION AND IT WAS A CRIME AGAINST JESUS CHRIST!

This is man – centered abomination posing as Christianity. True Christianity is God – centered where man serves God, and not the other way around. Who are we to say that God must do as we see fit in the way that see fit? Who are we to say that God must act according to our will and command? Is God our slave? Is God our trained pet? Anathema! Blasphemy? Heresy! Ichabod! God is sovereign, and we serve Him! Yet these people tried to make God their slave and the price was their little girl. These evil wicked people deprived this girl of the opportunity to serve God, and God of this girl’s service.

What makes these people believe that God cannot heal through doctors? Through medicines? That God cannot act on mankind’s behalf through general revelation and common grace? Why do these so – called Christians keep needing God to part the Red Sea over and over again before they will believe and have faith? Faith is the substance of things NOT SEEN! If there were miracles that we recognized as such all the time, we would not need faith! Or more accurately, we would not recognize them as miracles. That is precisely what happened to the children of Israel in the desert. They received manna every single day so that it became routine for them. They got it every day, so they forgot how miraculous God’s provision was for them. And because they forgot about God feeding them every day was a miracle, they forgot that God’s taking them out of Egypt was a bigger miracle. So since they forgot about the manna miracle and the Egypt miracle, they did not trust that God would deliver them into the promised land.

So it was in the time of Jesus Christ. He had spent so long performing so many miracles that had never been done before that the people had gotten bored. They had gotten used to it. So they said “Perform a miracle or give us a sign, and then we will believe that You are the Messiah!” And this is the key. They were not asking Jesus Christ to do some new thing. They would have accepted any of the old things that He had done before that they had gotten used to. Merely casting out another demon. Merely healing another leprous person. Merely raising someone else from being paralyzed, or even from the dead. What was it to them? Just another person with leprosy! Just another quadriplegic. Just another woman’s dead son. Who cares about PEOPLE and what they are going through? The important thing is you obeying our command! Don’t you people realize that what the children of Israel in the desert and the children of Israel in the time of Jesus Christ – stiff necked people – were trying to do? They were tempting the God of heaven by attempting to make Him obedient and subservient to THEM! They were trying to make God their dog! Roll over! Go fetch! Shake! Now here’s a treat for you, my confession of faith and my vain conditional service! Well, just as natural Israel was stiff – necked in the desert and in the time of Jesus Christ, spiritual Israel, the church, has been stiff – necked ever since.

And so it was with these people. Because they did not recognize that every second that God had saw fit to give their daughter on this earth was a miracle, they chose not to preserve that miracle by taking their child to the doctor for routine medical care that could have saved her life. What were they trying to prove? Their own faith? God’s existence? Would God’s healing their child THEIR WAY AT THEIR COMMAND have proven either? Did His withholding Himself from being their servant disprove it?

So now, let us pray for these poor misguided souls. Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please may Dale and Leilani Neumann believe in You as You have revealed Yourself through the Bible, and may they serve You as You desire to be served. Amen. 


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Sex Sells Especially In The Church: Tampa’s The Relevant Church Teaching People To Defile The Bedroom

Posted by Job on February 15, 2008

MyFox Tampa Bay | Pastor issues sex challenge

TAMPA A pastor has a new challenge for his parishioners. It involves sex – a subject that may be taboo in many congregations. The Relevant Church in Tampa’s Ybor City has issued a 30-day sex challenge. “It’s going to be tempting and awkward at the same time for sure,” said parishioner Brent Cayson.

Single men and women can’t have sex for 30 days, and married couples are urged to have it every day. (First of all, if single people in your church are having sex, they need to be disciplined for the sin of fornication and put out if they refuse to repent and change. See 1 Corinthians 5:1-6. Second, preachers are not supposed to dictate the sex practices of married men and women in his congregation. That is what cults such as the one run by R.G. “Brother” Stair do see link and see link.)

“If you look at studies, studies say in 30 days you can develop a habit,” said Pastor Paul Wirth.” (Another guy who puts more faith in “psychological studies” than the Bible. Instead of trying to bewitch people with psychiatry to obey rules according to the flesh – legalism – how about preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they may hear, repent of their sins, and experience rebirth so that the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit can enable them to resist sin? The latter is Godly living that God smiles upon as an acceptable sacrifice made through faith like Abel, the former is self – persecution of works that God frowns upon like Cain, see Hebrews 11:4!) It definitely caught wives in the church by surprise. “Our married people are far more fearful than our single people,” said Wirth. “Sex is about more than intercourse and that’s what we’re trying to tell people,” said church member Jarret Haas.

Wirth has found biblical references that he says suggest Jesus disapproved of pre-marital sex and promoted sex in marriage. (When? Yesterday? Last week?) So, he believes people connect to God through life-long commitment. (Jesus Christ and the gospel of Him crucified and resurrected is the only way to God. So your message of a lifelong commitment to God is either committing to a God other than the One of the Bible or is deeply flawed with doctrinal impurity.) That’s why he tells his single followers to abstain, and his married followers to indulge. Wirth is a former Baptist. He founded his non-denominational ministry three years ago. (Obviously three years before finding out what the Bible says about how to run a church. See When? Yesterday? Last week? above.) And he markets his church by tackling unusual or controversial topics. (It will get you more fame, money, and power than by giving people the gospel of Jesus Christ slain and risen, I have to admit that! But it will also take those who preach and follow it straight to gehenna, the lake of fire.)

This is an entry for A Little Leaven’s Graveyard of Relevance if there ever was one. Or then again, maybe it is an entry for their Christian Erotica section! Look people, the whole notion that the church has to become “relevant” on sexuality or anything else is just an excuse to get church people to approve of vulgarity and sin. The original “Christians need to start facing reality and talk about sex” came when God – hating groups in the late 1980s decided that they could exploit AIDS by using it to promote gay rights and sexual libertinism. Even this, however, was building on the decades – long strategy of exploiting the rising teen pregnancy – and sexually transmitted disease – rates of promoting sexual libertinism in public schools using sex education classes. So these people began demanding that churches offer sex education classes and do other things such as hand out condoms to 12 year olds as well. Of course, promoting and supporting fornication in that manner meant having to discard what the Bible said about sexual sin, first with heterosexual fornication, then with homosexuality. Then came along the notion that continuing to teach what the Bible said about sexual sin was “irrelevant” to the problems of the black community. The church had to stop preaching obedience to Jesus Christ in all matters and start promoting “safe fornication” to prevent AIDS and illegitimacy. If you recall, those were the first “faith – based programs”, politically conservative Christians. Or have you forgotten the Bill Clinton era, who co – opted the black church to push his socially liberal agenda long before John Ashcroft put the charitable choice provision in the 1996 welfare reform bill that Bill Clinton signed, the same charitable choice provision that has been expanded by President Bush and by Democratic and Republican governors all over this nation to give tax money – and along with it coercive government regulations! – to Christian organizations, most of them Roman Catholic? It will soon grow into a leviathan system that will crush Christian organizations that refuse to do business with the relationship between Vatican and state because they will not be able to compete financially with the resources of both Rome and the taxpayers. This is already happening with a lot of Christian daycares in my own state of Georgia that are having extreme difficulty competing with the lower prices and the state seal of approval offered by the state – funded daycare system (implemented by “conservative Democrat” Zell Miller and now presided over by evangelical conservative Republican Sonny Perdue) that will pave the way for the universal preschool system to be implemented either by Hillary Clinton or Barack HUSSEIN Obama (it really does not matter which).

But before the right began to use this idea to promote evangelical churches being turned into government social welfare offices, Bill Clinton was using inner city black churches for midnight basketball, and yes to pass out condoms and drug needles in pilot programs administered by the likes of David Satcher and Jocelyn Elders. See where the demand for Purpose Driven apostate churches “relevant” to the world that has rejected Jesus Christ is going to lead, people? That is why it is better to have churches that are relevant to God by teaching its people to obey the Bible.

Back to the universal preschool thing, I can predict how it is going to go. Hillary (or B. Hussein Obama) are going to promote it as a complete government entity, an extension of Head Start as part of public schools. “Conservatives” are going to demand that it be a “public – private” affair. The result will be a universal voucher system for preschools, most of whom will be run by church groups, and most of those will be Roman Catholic. That will then give the political impetus to remove the Blaine amendments enacted to protect us from merging church and state. Yes, they were enacted after large numbers of Roman Catholics moved to America, BUT THAT IS BECAUSE BEFORE THE LARGE SCALE ROMAN CATHOLIC IMMIGRATION THEY WEREN’T NEEDED BECAUSE THE OVERWHELMINGLY PROTESTANT NATION AT THE TIME HAD NO INTEREST IN MERGING CHURCH AND STATE! WHY? BECAUSE THE PEOPLE WHO FOUNDED THIS NATION IN THE FIRST PLACE WERE FLEEING PERSECUTION AT THE HANDS OF THE STATE CHURCHES! You may have heard George W. Bush, who is not a Christian, speak of “Pell grants for K – 12” in his state of the union address (the previous “school voucher” and “opportunity scholarship” language having failed). The Roman Catholics on the neoconservative blogs and websites were loving that one, as were the not a few Jews (not all of whom are conservative) who want to use taxpayer money to financially support their own day schools. Again, if you want a “relevant” church, this is what it leads to … everything else but the gospel and mission of Jesus Christ.

Update from A Little Leaven: THEY HAVE A YOUTUBE VIDEO!

Relevant Church Website

1Cor. 2:1 And I, when I came to you, brothers, did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. 2 For I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified.

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