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New World Order Alert: Is The Vatican Going To Team Up With Israel Over Jerusalem?

Posted by Job on May 12, 2009

For those who are not familiar with Caroline Glick, she is very neoconservative and very Zionist. Here, she is stating that Israel should cease working with America and start pursuing a mutually beneficial relationship with Egypt (over Iran) and the Vatican (over Jerusalem). First Egypt: Iran sponsors the Muslim Brotherhood, which is a threat to Egypt’s fragile regime, which will become even more so once Egypt’s aging ruler leaves power. Egypt wishes to reduce Iran’s influence in order to make sure that the nation does not fall into the hands of jihadists. Second the Vatican: Glick asserts that the Vatican could be convinced that the only way to protect “Christian holy sites” in Israel and specifically in Jerusalem is to ensure that they remain in Jewish control and out of Muslim hands.

Now Glick has come out and stated that she opposes the establishment of a Palestinian state for at least two generations, and that during this time Israel should impose heavy measures to keep the Palestinian population subdued, and also take control of Palestinian schools and brainwash – excuse me educate – Palestinian children into hating everything Muslim and Arabic and turn them into pro – western Zionists. After this point, the Palestinians would either willingly desire to be ruled by Israel under terms that benefit Israel and stop demanding a state, or would accept a state that would be Israel’s puppet. In other words, Glick is willing to come out and publicly state what Israel’s neoconservative secular Zionists are usually unwilling to. (This is as opposed to Israel’s paleoconservative and/or religious Zionists, who openly or covertly simply wish to drive the Palestinians out of Israel.)

However, Glick is signaling that she – and the faction that she represents – may be willing to change their tune and give the Palestinians a state much sooner if the Vatican throws its considerable political muscle behind keeping all of Jerusalem in Israeli hands, and speaking out against Palestinian terrorism (which groups ranging from the secular and religious left to conservative Catholics to some Reformed Protestants are willing to pretend does not exist).

Now the majority of Palestinians and Israelis have long favored a two state solution. A dirty little secret is that elements in both the Palestinian and Israeli leadership claim to want a two state solution publicly while working to undermine it behind the scenes. If the Vatican is able to pick off the neoconservative secular Zionists like Glick, Benjamin Netanyahu, and Avidgor Lieberman, that would create a coalition with the moderate and liberal Israelis that would be big and powerful enough on the Israeli side to get it done. The only barrier, however, would be the Palestinians’ putting together a viable government that supports a two state solution and peace. We know that this isn’t Fatah/PLO, and it certainly isn’t Hamas. But it is something that bears watching.

The Vatican joining hands with neconservative Zionist Israelis is just about the last thing that I could have ever imagined happening, but it suits the interests of both sides. By supporting Israel, the Roman Catholic Church helps get past its role in the Holocaust, which badly hurts its image and ability to recruit and retain members in Europe. This will become a particular issue in the next few years when the Vatican elevates Pius XII, the pope who was in charge during the Holocaust to “sainthood.” And the Obama administration’s turning America’s interests in the Middle East away from Israel and towards Iran and Syria – and many believe that this could be a permanent change of policy that will persist no matter which party controls Washington – gives Israel no choice but to seek a new powerful ally. As the EU and Russia have been overtly anti-Israel for some time, it is basically the Vatican or nobody. 

Now as to the Christian Zionist element … I suppose that they will fall in line over this. Ever since the time of Billy Graham and particularly the rise of the religious right, evangelicals, especially dispensationalists, have not only become very friendly with the Vatican, but have actually followed its lead, sometimes knowing it but often not. Dispensationalists have taken school vouchers, faith – based programs, and other initiatives to funnel tax dollars into Roman Catholic dioceses as if it is their own agenda, and also got involved in the Terri Schiavo incident (one completely driven by the Roman Catholic governor of Florida Jeb Bush) and in the process of doing so advocated for the extrabiblical Roman Catholic traditional teachings on end of life issues. And how many Protestant evangelicals love having Scalia, Alito, Thomas and Roberts on the Supreme Court (Kennedy not so much)? And let us be honest: the neoconservative publicity machine, whether it is magazines like the Weekly Standard and the National Review and talk radio … they aren’t dominated by evangelicals. They are dominated by Roman Catholics and neoconservative Jews. Conservative Christian Zionists such as the ones who support torture patronize that media and allow their political AND RELIGIOUS views to be shaped by them. So, if the Vatican and the secular neoconservative Jews (the religious Jews by and large won’t have anything to do with Christians) begin the full court press on talk radio and on the conservative websites that keeping Jerusalem and making Israel secure so the construction of the third temple can take place is all that REALLY MATTERS, then the John Hagee/Pat Robertson contingent (and the many far more respectable and mainstream fellow travelers of this doctrine i.e. those who supported the war in Iraq) will quickly fall in line.

But again, the major shoe that needs to drop for this to actually take place is a viable and (by all appearances) pro – peace Palestinian government led by a (and this would really really help) a charismatic leader to come about. Now that may be Obama’s job: to identify and train such a leader and put him in power (as our government has been known to do in the past … America trained both Usama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein and put them in place, and did similar with the group that is now running Iran). 

Please see link to article where this gets discussed below:

Our World: Opportunity is knocking at Israel’s door


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How The Russia – Georgia War Changes The World Political Order

Posted by Job on August 22, 2008

What Israel Lost in the Georgia War

“It is important that the entire world understands that what is happening in Georgia now will affect the entire world order,” Georgian Cabinet Minister Temur Yakobashvili said last weekend. “It’s not just Georgia’s business, but the entire world’s business.” Such sentiments would have been unremarkable but for the fact that Yakobashvili was expressing himself in fluent Hebrew, telling Israeli Army Radio that “Israel should be proud of its military, which trained Georgian soldiers.”

However, the impression that Israel had helped bolster the Georgian military was one the Israeli Foreign Ministry was anxious to avoid. Last Saturday it reportedly recommended a freeze on the further supply of equipment and expertise to Georgia by Israeli defense contractors. (Israel doesn’t supply foreign militaries directly, but its private contractors must get Defense Ministry approval for such deals.) The Israelis decided to refrain from authorizing new defense contracts, although those currently in effect will be fulfilled. Israel stressed that the contracts are to provide equipment for defensive purposes. But if the Israelis were looking to downplay the significance of military ties, they weren’t helped by comments like Yakobashvili’s — or by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili’s enthusing at a press conference earlier this week that “the Israeli weapons have been very effective.”

Nor did the Russians fail to notice. “Israel armed the Georgian army,” grumbled General Anatoly Nogovitsyn, deputy chief of staff of the Russian military, at a press conference in Moscow earlier this week. An Israeli paper had, last weekend, quoted an unnamed official warning that Israel needed “to be very careful and sensitive these days. The Russians are selling many arms to Iran and Syria, and there is no need to offer them an excuse to sell even more advanced weapons.” As if on cue, on Wednesday, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad arrived in Moscow hoping to persuade Russia to sell him sophisticated air-defense systems — and reportedly offering the Russian navy the use of one of its Mediterranean ports. Late on Wednesday, the Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Russian President Dmitri Medvedev had spoken on the phone to clear the air over the Georgia conflict and Russian arms sales to Syria.

The extent of involvement in Georgia by Israeli defense contractors may be overstated, and most of the equipment used by the Georgian military comes from the U.S. and other suppliers. Still, Israeli companies had been sufficiently involved in supplying specialized equipment and advanced tactical training to the Georgian military that the connection — and Russia’s perception of it — created a ripple of anxiety in Israeli government circles. Israeli officials say that, in anticipation of a showdown between Georgia and Russia, Israel began to scale back the involvement of Israeli companies in Georgia as early as the end of 2007. Georgia’s Yakobashvili charged this week that Israel, “at Russia’s behest,” had downgraded military ties with Georgia, a decision he branded a “disgrace.”

Israel’s weapons sales, just like Russia’s, are driven by the commercial interests of domestic arms industries. Israeli military exports to Georgia are driven more by the logic of business than by a strategic choice to back Tbilisi against Moscow — indeed, the Israeli response since the outbreak of hostilities is a reminder that, on balance, even a relatively cool friendship with Russia may be more important to Israel than a close alliance with tiny Georgia. Despite Israel’s pecuniary imperative, Georgia has used these commercial military ties to press closer ties on Israel.

President Saakashvili has noted that both his minister responsible for negotiations over South Ossetia (Yakobashvili) and his Defense Minister, Davit Kezerashvili, had lived in Israel before moving to post-Soviet Georgia. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, the Georgian leader this week enthused that in Tbilisi, “both war and peace are in the hands of Israeli Jews.” Working through the Georgian Defense Ministry (and with the approval of its Israeli counterpart), Israeli companies are reported to have supplied the Georgians with pilotless drones, night-vision equipment, anti-aircraft equipment, shells, rockets and various electronic systems. Even more important than equipment may have been the advanced tactical training and consultancy provided, as private contractors, by retired top Israeli generals such as Yisrael Ziv and Gal Hirsch, the man who commanded Israeli ground forces during their disastrous foray into Lebanon in 2006. (Never one to resist an opportunity to mock his enemies, Hizballah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah quipped in a speech this week, “Gal Hirsch, who was defeated in Lebanon, went to Georgia, and they too lost because of him.”) Not necessarily: Russia applied overwhelming force against the tiny Georgian military, which, according to Israeli assessments, still managed to punch above its weight.

The Russians were piqued by Israel’s military trade with Georgia even before the latest outbreak of hostilities — Moscow expressed its annoyance over the pilotless drones supplied by an Israeli company to the Georgians, three of which were downed by Russian aircraft over South Ossetia in recent months. Obviously mindful of the need to avoid provoking Russia, Israel declared off-limits certain weapons systems the Georgians had asked for, such as Merkava tanks and advanced anti-aircraft systems. “We have turned down many requests involving arms sales to Georgia, and the ones that have been approved have been duly scrutinized,” a Defense Ministry official told the Israeli daily Yediot Ahoronot amid concerns raised over a possible fallout from the Israeli ties to the Georgian military. The extent of damage to the Israeli-Russia relationship — if indeed there is any — remains to be seen. Despite General Nogovitsyn’s comments, Israeli officials say they have received no formal complaints from Russia over ties with Georgia.

Israel’s strategic priority now is countering the threat it sees in Iran’s nuclear program, and on that front, Russian cooperation is essential. If the Israelis are to achieve their objective of forcing Iran to end uranium enrichment through diplomatic coercion, they will need Russian support for escalating U.N. sanctions — a course of action for which Russia has thus far shown little enthusiasm. And if Israel were to opt for trying to destroy Tehran’s nuclear facilities through a series of air strikes, then the presence of the sophisticated Russian S-300 missile system in Iran would considerably raise the risk to Israeli pilots. Unfortunately for Israel, however, there may be little it can do to shape Moscow’s Iran policy for the simple reason that Israel is not a major factor in Russia’s strategic outlook. Moscow’s actions on Iran are less likely to be determined by Israel supplying a few drones to Georgia than they are to be shaped, for example, by the deployment over extreme Russian objections of U.S. interceptor missiles on Polish soil.

With reporting by Aaron J. Klein / Jerusalem

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Jerusalem Situation Getting Disturbing: Jews Attack Innocent Random Arabs In Reprisal For Terror Attacks

Posted by Job on July 22, 2008

Similar to the blacks who saved Reginald Denny, these Arabs were saved by Jews. Unlike the thugs that assaulted Reginald Denny, however, the Jews then tried to attack the family that saved the Arabs. I cannot recall Jewish citizens acting with such violence against innocent civilians, especially other Jews. Hopefully this is just something that will pass, maybe when Olmert is finally forced from office. But if it does not, then this definitely represents a turn for the worse in Israel. Despite what liars like Christiane Amanpour of CNN would have you believe, attacks on Arabs – and other Jews – by Israeli citizens is extremely rare, and this represents a real escalation with disturbing implications. 

Haredim attack, wound two Arabs in Jerusalem neighborhood

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The Struggles Of Arab Christians In Jerusalem

Posted by Job on July 13, 2008

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Pella: The Place Where Christians Likely Sought Refuge During The Siege Of Jerusalem At 70 AD

Posted by Job on July 13, 2008

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Abrahamic-Faith: Jesus Christ Was Born During Feast Of Tabernacles

Posted by Job on January 18, 2008

Many state – and some emphatically – that the date of the birth of Jesus Christ is of no theological or doctrinal consequence, for if it were the Bible would have given it and told us to commemorate it. Well, does a good job of not only making the case for the time of Jesus Christ’s birth, but its meaning to Christians. The meaning to Christians is probably best expressed in Hebrews 11, with the key verses being 14-16, which reads “For they that say such things declare plainly that they seek a country. And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned. But now they desire a better country, that is, an heavenly: wherefore God is not ashamed to be called their God: for he hath prepared for them a city.”  Think, for a second how injurious that passage is to some of the doctrines of Christian Zionist dispensational pre – tribulationists like John Hagee, and consider how Jesus Christ being born during the feast of tabernacles shows how Christians should not be conformed to or otherwise try to hold onto this world but rather live our lives in preparation for and expectation of the next. The late Dr. Vernon McGee used to say of this world “You don’t polish brass on a sinking ship.” That statement puts the agendas of both the dominionist religious right (which dispensational Christian Zionism is a strange manifestation of) and the social gospel religious left into proper perspective, does it not?

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Moshe Laurie: George Bush Sold Israel Out To Saudi Arabia Over Oil!

Posted by Job on January 16, 2008

Welcome my fellow warriors. If you have wondered why I have taken so long between these messages, I have been waiting patiently to see what the Lord would do and how he would allow the completed event that has happened – this terrible event, that is going to effect the United States absolutely negatively. We need to stand together to pray. 


Our President, a man that I had supported for many, many years and had high respect for, has
basically allowed himself and the government of the United States to abandon Israel. After the war between Israel and Lebanon, where the Lebanon terrorists kidnapped soldiers and killed them, Israel went back in and fought the first politically led war in the history of the nation. The US
President ordered a re-evaluation of the military co-operation pact between Israel and the United States. The decision was that Israel was no longer a viable military partner because of the
government that was in control in Israel.


Right after that, Israel and Jordan realized that they were basically on their own. For those of you that do not have the knowledge of this, America had been, and probably still is if they’ve not moved it away, storing large amounts of military equipment ready for combat in the Mideast. Israel and
America were part of a joint missile command for the defense of that area and Israel had been in co-operation with America on weapons platform development. But Israel is now considered a second-class citizen so the President, Condolezza Rice and other members of the government, have decided that America is going to make “new” friends.


I, along with any who have listened to his speeches, have heard President Bush publicly call Israel
aggressors and occupiers, saying that Israel must submit. The President of the United States and
his minions are forcing Israel – that is, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert –to do things that are detrimental to Israel and could cause its utter destruction if we are not careful. Now, having said that, I want to tell you that I believe this is all part of prophecy. It is not the government in general of Israel that is agreeing to this but Prime Minister Olmert, who is a total traitor. He is absolutely working against the good of the nation itself in order to retain his political position. What his motivation is
spiritually, we don’t know but I tell you, his actions are disastrous because he talks with “two faces.”


For example, the demand was made that Israel should stop expanding it’s neighborhoods in
Jerusalem – we’re not even talking about what they call the ‘held area.” Yet, the Prime Minister said, “No, I’ll stop building outside of the borders but not inside of the borders.” Then he turns around, and this is what you do not hear, and notifies the building licensing authority and the ministry of housing that all permits, even those already approved, must be sent to him for re-approval- which he will not do.  So, he is saying with one mouth that he will build and yet he has
prevented the building from taking place.  I can only tell you all, now, that we must stand in prayer and in action. We must flood the United States Government with our displeasure at the fact that the United States thinks they may dictate the safety and well being of another country.


Israel cannot survive in pre-’67 borders. It is being pushed into indefensible borders at the same time that the United States is selling out and arming its enemies. Let me give you another ‘for instance.’ This happened yesterday and the day before. Our gas prices jumped up to almost $100 a
barrel crude, based on speculation. Bush goes to Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia has OPEC announce that if necessary they will increase production. It scares the heck out of the speculators that the price of gas, at least where I am, goes down sixteen cents a gallon in one day. And I promise you that the only thing that the President could promise Saudi Arabia would be Israel and a few hundred million dollars worth of arms, including the JDAM precision guided missile (Joint Direct Attack Munitions).


For those who may not know, the JDAM missile is an active guided targeted missile which could cut the technological superiority of Israel.  Israel has 6 million and they hundreds of millions, having the
technological edge is necessary for Israel’s survival. Now the US has gotten new allies while they are abandoning Israel. I call upon all of you to show your displeasure with what is going on with the government, to speak loudly in your newspapers, e-mails, congressmen and senators. J
ust talk to everyday people that do not understand that Israel is being dictated into destruction. Again, all these events are Biblical.


This is a long but necessary missive that I am sending you.  I’ve waited all these months to see the complete picture – that President Bush has totally sold out our nation of Israel – ‘our’ being both myself as Messianic Jewish and you, all believers, Messianic believers in the Messiah and His coming. We need to stand for the right of our Lord, our Messiah and our nation. I know intercessors who, when they heard these facts, began to cry because they understood the terrible consequences of what happens when someone or nation turns their back on Israel.


The next thing we need to pray for jointly is that the damage Prime Minister Olmert of Israel can and will do be mitigated by our prayer and standing on the Word of God. While we know that this type of person needs to be in charge for the prophecies to be fulfilled, he has gotten absolutely worse and worse each and every day. As the President of the United States gives him instructions, so he goes forth and does what he’s told. I don’t’ know why this is going on except for the Scriptural intent of it.


Also, let us turn for a moment to the United States. In the US there action taking place in every state of the Union using our own laws against us to nullify and cleanse religion and allow Islam to get a
foothold. Without going into great detail on that, I want to ask you all that we join together in prayer for God’s will, His mitigating mercies and that we will expand this remnant that we are all part of. As individuals, we can join together and be the light of the Lord – not just bring the light but be the light. We will continue together to bring the light forth.


Invite your friends to join us. They can sign up also for Desk of the Rabbi at, as you all know. We are looking for a way to insure that we can continue to get the Word of God out in a greater way. Looking forward to your responses to this missive, if any. Bless you all and remember that this is the great and terrible day of the Lord – great for the believer – terrible for the unbeliever and worse for the make believer. Let us help those make believers who don’t know that they are, come into the full light of the Lord. And let us pray for the
salvation of the Muslims so they will want to stop killing.


Bless you all,


In Service to the King,

Rabbi Moshe Laurie

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First Temple Wall Found In Jerusalem

Posted by Job on April 1, 2007

See link here. With each passing day, the Bible continues to be validated, and demonstrating that all who reject its literal truth, inerrancy, and final authority in all matters do so out of the hardness of their hearts!

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