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Posted by Job on May 30, 2008

I want to make two things clear. 

1. I oppose illegal immigration. Why? Because it is illegal. Now if it weren’t illegal, I would still be no great fan of it, but I would not pay much attention to it because of more pressing matters i.e. abortion genocide and false Christian preachers, both of which by the way are perfectly legal. As it is, government and big business colluding to aid and abet wide scale criminality for their mutual benefit but to the detriment of citizens, workers, and consumers illustrates that the notion of “rule of law” does not exist in this country. Instead, this nation is being ruled by bandits, thugs, and criminals in three piece suits from Wall Street to Capitol Hill to the White House. 

2. After leaving behind the “Left Behind” Cyrus Scofield Roman Catholic Jesuit rapture cult, I was forced to acknowledge that the doctrine of the imminent return of Jesus Christ must be interpreted in an eschatological sense rather than a temporal one – and such would have to be the case or else the last few verses of Revelation would have been demonstrated to be false like 1900 years ago – and as a result the great tribulation could just as easily come 500 years from now as tomorrow. I have to tell you … knowing to interpret Revelation in an eschatological – while still fully literal! – sense would have saved me a lot of hours watching John Hagee during his “Jerusalem Countdown” period a few years back, and it would have also saved a lot of Christians from being taken in by things like “recently discovered Bible codes prove that Jesus Christ will return in the year 2000!” hysteria. Look, Christians have to be honest enough to acknowledge that according to the very same method of Bible interpretation methods used by the “Left Behind” crowd, the rapture should have occurred at or around 70 AD. 

With those two lengthy qualifying statements out of the way, the article Operation Return to Sender on the techniques used to find and deport illegal immigrants by the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement ought to really get Christians to thinking. First, you have ICE inflicting “detailing stomach-turning—and sometimes deadly—mistreatment in immigrant detention centers.” Second, “Operation Return to Sender” targets immigrants that the courts have already told to leave the country. Problem ? The government freely acknowledges “about half of the information in ICE’s “Deportable Alien Control System”—a database of immigrants to be deported—is incorrect or incomplete.” (It makes me wonder if Jeb Bush’s faulty list of people ineligible to vote because of felony convictions – a list compiled by a corporation – during the election 2000 recount fiasco was nothing but a trial run). 

Still more. “… enforcement teams carry out large-scale sweeps, raiding homes in neighborhoods with a lot of immigrants just after sunrise. Without an accurate list of which homes actually harbor undocumented immigrants, agents often rely on race to figure out who’s here legally and who isn’t. For example, in Fair Haven, Conn., several residents reported that during a raid last summer, ICE officers went door to door asking how many people were inside each house—and what race they were. In an ICE operation in Willmar, Minn., Latino residents were handcuffed and interrogated while white residents, some even in the same home, went unquestioned.” NEOCONSERVATIVES who support racial profiling have no problem with this? Fine. But in great tribulation year 5 when they will be going house to house looking for Christians instead of Mexicans, let us see how many of you will still be neoconservative. (Yes, my going from Bush Republican to basically libertarian did coincide with my leaving the rapture cult.) I should point out that going house to house looking for all the Christians to arrest has already happened to Christians in various nations at various times throughout history. After all, how do you think that governments in China, North Korea, and in various Muslim nations locate and break up these cells of illegal Christian house churches? Go to or to see what I am talking about. But so long as it is not happening IN THIS COUNTRY RIGHT NOW makes this tactic OK, right? 

It gets better. “By ICE’s own admission, the bureau has mistakenly detained, arrested, and even deported not only legal immigrants but also U.S. citizens. Those caught up in recent home raids include Adriana Aguilar, a citizen living in East Hampton, N.Y., who was sound asleep with her 4-year-old son when ICE officers stormed into her bedroom, pulled the covers off the bed, and shined flashlights into her face before interrogating her. In San Rafael, Calif., ICE detained 6-year-old Kebin Reyes, a citizen from birth, holding him in a locked office for 12 hours after immigration agents, pretending to be police, stormed into the apartment he shared with his father and forcibly removed him from his home.” I can see the government deciding that it is best to take children from Christian parents in operations like this, can’t you? First, consider the Mormon raid in Texas, which I threw up a post endorsing, now ruled illegal. Second, consider that being a “fundamentalist” Christian is now a factor in divorce proceedings used to determine who gets primary or sole custody of children. 

This is the best part. “The government’s guidelines for immigration enforcement prohibit these kinds of abuses. Why aren’t they being enforced? Theories abound. ICE attorneys have suggested that because most of the rules governing officer conduct were instituted before the Department of Homeland Security took over immigration enforcement, they don’t apply to ICE at all. Another explanation is that in the wake of Sept. 11, stepped-up immigration enforcement may have taken priority over careful procedures.” So, once Christians are declared to be clear and present dangers due to our divisive, dangerous, and extremist rhetoric on the Bible being infallible and the final authority and Jesus Christ being the only way to heaven (please note that evangelical favorite George W. Bush has openly rejected both, while Billy Graham openly denied the first decades ago by embracing Roman Catholicism and the original edition of “The Living Bible” that contained purposeful blatant alterations, and later denied the second as well) and the eternal lake of fire awaits all who reject either, the tactics that are now being used against Muslims and illegal immigrants will be used against Christians. “Waterboarding” and “Rendition” to Christians? Why not?

The big payoff! “Twenty-five years ago, in the case of INS v. Lopez-Mendoza, the Supreme Court declined to extend the Fourth Amendment’s guarantees to immigration proceedings. But Justice Sandra Day O’Connor recognized that if in the future there were “good reason to believe” that constitutional violations in immigration enforcement were “widespread,” the way judges handled these cases would have to change.” Vatican stooge (and illegal immigration supporter) Ronald Reagan put Sandra Day O’Connor on the Supreme Court, which is all you need to know. And how many of Reagan’s policies contributed to the problems that we have in the Middle East right now? Or didn’t you know that the Reagan administration considered Saddam Hussein an ally, providing his regime with training, weapons, and money? It certainly looks like with respect to the war on terror and illegal immigration, the government created these problems only to later claim to need draconian measures to solve them. 

Speaking of the aforementioned Florida 2000, the combination of illegal immigration, the war on terror,  the need to combat voter fraud, the need to track sex offenders, and the need to battle identity theft will result in calls for a system of electronic identification and monitoring in the near future. Will that mean that the great tribulation is upon us? No. The scenarios described in Revelation do not only apply to America, but to the entire world. Some have limited it somewhat by stating that such things as being unable to buy or sell will only apply to the portion of the world that matters in Bible prophecy and the Bible in general. Now I should point out that many other nations of the world are fully onto this agenda. The National Review claims that France has enacted stronger measures in the war on terror that America has … that they will deport a Muslim preacher for delivering a sermon that offends the government in a heartbeat. (And knowing France’s feelings towards Biblical Christians, Christians are supposed to support this WHY?) Many in Europe are also joining the anti – immigrant chorus as well. While I am very sympathetic to these people’s concerns, it bears asking why the governments that comprised the EU decided to A) promote policies that they KNEW would result in extremely low birthrates among the native population while B) having open immigration policies in the first place other than to create chaos that people would support repressive government policies to control. Please recognize that the only reason why the VERY NATIONALISTIC Europeans consented to economic integration – and the political integration that goes with it – was because the member nations had spent decades purposefully wrecking their economies. And of course, once the EU was formed, pretty much the same group of folks that had spent the last few decades wrecking economies all of a sudden returned to sound economic policy resulting in fast economic growth, making Frenchmen who wold have been aghast at being linked with Italians, Spaniards, Germans, and – gasp! – EASTERN EUROPEANS think that giving up their sovereignty, traditions, and cultures is a grand idea. How long before universal healthcare, jobs programs, endless wars, and global warming economic regulations, and $5 a gallon gas (thanks ANWR!) makes our own economy so bad that a North American Union with Mexico and Canada starts looking like a great idea? By the way … Mexico has a ton of oil that its government won’t allow anyone access to …

Actually, that last scenario is a contradiction in my endtimes scenario: if we adopt the North American Union and open the Mexican and Canadian borders, that would lessen the rationale for national ID cards by negating the illegal immigration issue. Then again, if the North American Union is ever formed, the government will have so much power that it will be able to autocratically mandate such IDs – and share the information from it with the EU and any similar body of African, Asian, and Latin American nations – and there won’t be anything that anyone will be able to do about it. 


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Fascism Alert: Arizona Senate Bill 1108 Bans Dissent From American Values From The Classroom!

Posted by Job on April 21, 2008

Now do not mistake me for a supporter of La Raza or illegal immigration, but “American values” seems to be an open – ended term, don’t you think? See link below!

Telling quote: “Biggs, however, conceded the language of what would be prohibited is “somewhat vague” and probably needs work. Rep. David Schapira, D-Tempe, said it is more than vague. He questioned, for example, what it means to “overtly encourage dissent” from he values of American democracy and Western civilization.” Never forget that ACTUAL BIBLICAL CHRISTIANITY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH AMERICAN DEMOCRACY AND WESTERN CIVILIZATION. The religious right tricks you into thinking otherwise, by claiming that discussing the anti – Biblical events of our past amounts to “anti – American political correctness”, and then blaming modern things that political conservatives are allowed to be upset about on “liberal elites”, not the America that produces, supports, and more often than not makes money off it. Why? Because they want to do their best to convince you that “the real America” is spiritually and politically New Israel. Even if they do not call it that, such is what they want to transform America to be. It is amazing … all of the columns the past few days that talked about how we need to bring America’s politics and values in line with that of the Roman Catholic Church! And what is amazing is how there are so many Protestants that are consenting to this notion. It is purely spiritual, though many try to describe it in secular terms to make it palatable to the irreligious, that the state is this moral and pure thing that we must be indoctrinated into loving unconditionally. Why? So that people who agree to it will worship it in the place of Jesus Christ, and even be willing to aid and abet the hunting down and murdering people who wish to worship Christ first. To read more about this issue (and again keep in mind that I am NOT a supporter of La Raza) please go to

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Ex – Roman Catholic Tom Tancredo Tells Pope To Stop Inviting Illegal Immigrants To America So They Can Fill Empty Catholic Pews!

Posted by Job on April 20, 2008

And as you may guess, the Roman Catholic disinformation front the National Review criticizes Tancredo for it … read here.

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(Illegal) Immigrants Keeping Roman Catholic Church From Losing Its American “Market Share”

Posted by Job on April 11, 2008

Save the ILLEGAL portion of the title, it was Reuters’ words, not mine … “and immigration is keeping the church from losing its “market share” in the highly competitive field of faith in America.”  I have to tell you … Ronald Reagan in the 1980s did two things for the Vatican (among many others) that would have been impossible for a liberal Democrat to do. He established official diplomatic relations with the Vatican, and approved a “guest worker program” for illegal Hispanic immigrants. Were it not for illegal immigration, the religious landscape of America would look quite different from how it does now! I honestly do recall that conservatives attempted to justify Reagan’s blind eye to illegal immigration by claiming that Hispanics, being hard working family oriented Roman Catholics and all, would “naturally” align with Republicans, who would then use them to offset the Democratic Party’s advantage with blacks. When you look at how formerly solid Republican states like Arizona, California, Illinois, and New Jersey have gone Democratic since thanks to the huge influx of Hispanic voters, and more areas that were at least swing states are now even more solidly Democratic for the same cause … well there is a reason why Reagan has to serve as a mythic legend in right wing circles instead of an actual human being, because regarding him as a mere mortal would mean at some point being forced to examine his actual record, and not just on immigration but also judicial appointments, abortion and other religious right issues, terrorism and the Middle East, taxes and spending, etc. The amazing thing is that even a lot of theologically conservative pastors that were driven from the Republican Party and the religious right by George W. Bush, Newt Gingrich, and similar still keep the Reagan myth going, claiming that “the party has lost its way and betrayed ‘the Reagan revolution.'” I guess a lot of us still need on our myths! Well let me tell those people something:

1. Reagan put two pro – abortion judges on the Supreme Court, and at least one of those (O’Connor) when he had a solid pro – life majority in the Senate. Reagan got away with this by claiming that he just had to have the first female justice on the Supreme Court, as if feminism and civil rights were oh so important to the fellow that gave a bunch of racists like Ed Meese and Pat Buchanan prominent posts in his administration. Oh yes, in addition to abortion, O’Connor went on to make a ton of other decisions to further the globalist agenda.

2. “Reaganomics”, the ridiculous idea that it was OK to run huge deficits so long as the economy was growing, and that indeed deficit spending would stimulate economic growth, greatly accelerated our already developing economic problems as well as helped create a culture of irresponsibility and criminality in government and Wall Street, setting the stage for the destruction of our economy so that we would need to turn to the global political and financial interests – including China – to stay afloat. Reagan did trim the fat around the edges of some social welfare spending, but accomplished absolutely no real or lasting victory for smaller government or lower spending.

3. Ever hear of our “enemies” Usama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein? Under the Reagan administration, both were our allies that we supplied with plenty of training and weapons. We should have taken care of both fellows after the Soviets were driven back from Afghanistan (assuming that keeping the Soviets out of Afghanistan was ever a prevailing interest in the first place, but then again Reagan did inherit that strategy from JIMMY CARTER), but we didn’t. The great “friend of Israel and terrorism fighter” Reagan left a huge mess in the Middle East. All of his strategies and policies failed or backfired, and he lost virtually every military confrontation in the region, unless you are willing to settle for killing the infant child of the ruler of Libya in an airstrike as a victory (it was illegal to kill Qaddafi himself, so since we knew from intelligence which side of the house Qaddafi slept on and his child slept on, and about the time that Qaddafi tended to go to bed, we bombed the bedroom of an infant child because THAT was “legal”).

4. And yes, conservatives, Ronald Reagan would have supported the “comprehensive illegal immigration reform bill with amnesty/path to citizenship” also. And yes, Reagan would have refused to build the border fence just as George W. Bush CRIMINALLY has.

But go on below to read the article below, which contains just a little of the true legacy of “the gipper”, the fellow whom the right would have you believe teamed up with Margaret Thatcher and POPE JOHN PAUL to defeat the awesome power of the Soviet Union’s command economy.

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More Reasons To Beware Of Mike Huckabee

Posted by Job on December 11, 2007

See link:

More Reasons To Beware Of Mike Huckabee

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