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Joe Chavalia Kills Unarmed Indigent Single Mother In Her Own Bedroom! Why Was It Not Murder? BECAUSE HE WORKS FOR THE STATE!

Posted by Job on August 5, 2008

Please see link below on how the state’s power is ever increasing. And no, people, this is not about race. This is about the unchecked growth of state power and the total lack of accountability. Today, the state goes after the poor. Tomorrow, the state – and big business – will come after everybody else. Christians, what are you going to do when the anti – Christ state declares you its enemy and comes after you? Or are you so conformed to this world and its ways and so lukewarm in your witness and testimony through the life that you lead that the state will not consider you an enemy but rather a friend and hence will have no reason to come after you? 

By the way: make no mistake the state is able to get away with this only because this “drug raid” policy targets poor people. If these same tactics targeted the rich or even the upper class, such persons would not put up with it for a second. They would leave and take their ability to create wealth, businesses, and jobs (not to mention pay the taxes!) and go to some place where the possibility of a crime being committed in their home does not result in someone dead. Now be honest: if SWAT teams were busting into upscale rave parties with guns blazing or shooting embezzlers, tax cheats, and going after the MANY affluent drug users that we have in our society, you could imagine the outrage and calls for reform. How do I know this? Do any of you remember Randy Weaver? He was a fellow that decided that our government was illegitimate because it afforded equal rights to black people. There were other reasons, mind you, but make no mistake, Weaver was primarily motivated by his white separatism. Weaver also decided to acquire himself a huge stash of weapons, and to ILLEGALLY sell those weapons to his white separatist brethren. Well, it just so happened that Weaver sold a sawed off shotgun to a federal agent that he believed was a fellow traveler. What did this person want the weapon for? To kill a police officer, or maybe any black person that had the gall to be found in the area? Weaver didn’t know or care. In any event, the fellow quite predictably refused to respond to summons to court to stand trial for his crime. So, when the authorities came to arrest Weaver, a standoff and shootout ensued that resulted in the death of Weaver’s wife. 

Now this should come as no shock to anyone. Armed criminals tend to resist capture, and the result of this resistance often results in injury or death. Except that “conservatives”, the very same types of people that are now cheering the acquittal in this instance, rushed to Randy Weaver’s defense. The government action was “a setup.” The law that Weaver broke was “illegitimate because it infringes on our Second Amendment rights.” Weaver was “targeted because of his politically incorrect beliefs.” Rather than bringing it on herself for living with a criminal, Weaver’s wife – also shot while holding her child – was “murdered by the state.” Now the blogosphere did not exist back then, but talk radio and the conservative magazines ate it up and made Weaver a hero. He was feted on Capitol Hill, speaking before a congressional committee on the need of the ATF to change its tactics and be reformed as the personal star guest of the Republican Congress. He received a huge settlement from the government. And he never saw a day in jail for his original crime of trafficking in illegal weapons OR firing on the government officials that rightfully came to arrest him. 

So Weaver is a hero and victim of government aggression, while Wilson “deserved it” because of her immoral and illegal life choices. What is the difference in the eyes of a conservative? We all know: class, race, and culture. Well, it is precisely the sort of classism, racism, and cultural chauvinism that allows the power of the unjust anti – Christ state to grow by leaps and bounds. , as the very “big government watchdogs” that swung into action to defend a man who was trying to kill law enforcement officials (remember G. Gordon Liddy selling “ATF agent” crosshair targets?) fully support this action. Both Ms. Weaver and Tarika Wilson died after being shot by government agents while holding their children in their arms. The difference is that the former happened because her husband was shooting back! In the Wilson case, the only shots fired were by the state. It is also ever more ironic that so many of the very conservatives that wanted to monitor and curb state power in the Weaver instance now support the Patriot Act, FISA, and virtually everything the state claims that it needs or wants to fight the war on terror.


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Gun Control Disarmed Murdered Washington Redskin Sean Taylor

Posted by Job on January 14, 2008

ESPN and the other liberals in the media tried to claim that Taylor contributed to his own death rather than tell the truth: the man was unable to defend himself from armed home invaders. Original link:

Gun Control Disarmed Murdered Redskin Sean Taylor

By Larry Pratt

There are some lessons that we should learn from the murder of the Washington Redskins football star, Sean Taylor.

Taylor was gunned down in his Miami house. It did not have to be.

Taylor, by submitting to a bad law, brought a knife to a gun fight. To be precise, Taylor was trying to defend himself, his fiancé and their child with a machete. Why would he have not had a gun?

Simple. Taylor had been disarmed by a corrupt prosecutor and federal gun laws.

In 2005, Taylor and some friends pursued some men they believed had shot up his all-terrain vehicle. After it was all over, the crooks were never sought, much less prosecuted by the authorities, but Taylor was accused of pummeling one of the suspects and possessing a gun during the episode.

Taylor was charged by Miami-Dade prosecutor, Michael Grieco, with three aggravated assault charges and a misdemeanor battery charge. Taylor faced 46 years in jail. Grieco subsequently resigned when it became apparent that the charges were not brought from the pursuit of justice, but were brought to promote Grieco’s moonlighting business as a nightclub disc jockey.

Oh, by the way, the “witnesses” in the case have criminal records.

As a result of the plea deal that was worked out — the government had to save face once it was clear that the justice system had been prostituted by Grieco — Taylor was unable to own a gun. He was subject to 18 months of probation (no jail time) which sounds like a good deal after having faced potentially 46 years in jail. As it turns out, that deal made him defenseless.

Even though his probation ended early, that did not mean that Taylor could legally own a gun. Indeed, even though the system was working to expunge his record, he still might not ever have been able to own a gun. Why?

Taylor was disarmed for life because he pleaded guilty to a crime that could have carried a jail sentence of over 365 days. That put his name into NICS (or the National Instant Criminal Background Check System). Even if Taylor had lived long enough to see his name expunged by local authorities — thus, removing the stigma that comes with having a criminal record — his name would likely have already been thrown into the federal NICS system. As a matter of course, states frequently fail to send expungements (from the local authorities) to NICS, meaning that Taylor would probably have been prevented from buying a gun, expungement or no.

So Taylor’s other option would have been to appeal directly to the feds and have the FBI clear his name under a federal statute known as the McClure-Volkmer law. However, for over a decade, this option has been put into limbo by Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who got language inserted into the FBI budget preventing them from spending any money to relieve law-abiding citizens from unfair gun bans.

In other words, Sean Taylor could have been banned for life from buying a gun.

This is one of the reasons that Gun Owners of America has opposed the Instant Background Check from the very moment that the National Rifle Association thought it up and began promoting it back in the 1980s.

Gun control did not keep Taylor’s murderers from getting a gun. But it sure kept Taylor disarmed — and dead.

One good thing has emerged from this needless tragedy. Teammate Chris Samuels has made a potentially life-saving decision. Samuels told Sports Illustrated: “I was always scared of guns growing up. But this situation has told me I need one. I’d rather be prepared than to be like Sean was and not have a gun in his house when he really needed it.”

Larry Pratt is Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, A National gun lobby with over 300,000 members located at 8001 Forbes Place, Springfield, VA 22151, (703) 321-8585.

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