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Four Year Old Girl Tells Police My Whole Family Is Dead

Posted by Job on August 29, 2009

Please pray for this little girl. Here is a quote: “an officer grabbed the child and whisked her away from the site where police say Richard Ringold, 44, shot five people, killing four, including the girl’s mother and sister.”
This is yet another in a string of horrific crimes that has been plaguing the metropolitan area that I live in for the past several months. The area that I call home and am raising my family is rapidly spiraling out of control. Amazingly, the local media is trying their best to talk about it as little as possible. They report the individual crimes, which are increasing in both number and gruesome nature, but do not dare try to put the facts together, because the facts lead to a society descending into chaos, rebellion, pride, selfishness and arrogance. They refuse to do this because doing so would lead to people asking questions of whether what is being taught in schools, shown on television and books, what is broadcast over the radio, the content on the Internet etc. is responsible for this. Studies have proven that the proliferation of pornography and occult content in particular greatly increase violence in a culture, yet not only are these studies ignored, but the people who produce them are vilified in a most demonic nature. Christians spent decades warning and predicting that these cultural trends would lead to increased violence, and when their predictions – indeed prophecies based on the truth of the Word of God – came true, the prophets and their message are ignored. There isn’t a single person in the media who will admit that the Christians who warned against these trends decades ago were proven right, and that is why no effort is being made by the media to correlate or analyze these horrific crimes and the complete disdain for the value of innocent human life.

People have rejected even the sense of law, order, self-respect and mutual benefit that God graciously gave to the world through general revelation, the sort which resulted in such things like the code of Hammurabi and pax Romana that were attempts to restrain base human wickedness. And yes, this is what once called itself a Christian nation, and though we came far short of what Jesus Christ actually taught (as evidenced by slavery, genocidal treatment of Native Americans, segregation, exploitation of the poor and immigrants etc.) now the primary problem is that people who call themselves Christians are not sharing the gospel in places that badly need it. I am not talking about this “engaging the culture” or “taking back the culture” campaigns, which are really just attempts to impose a form of godliness onto people. Instead, I am talking about going door to door, inviting people to church, and sharing the gospel with them. However, this is no surprise as fewer churches, even evangelical churches, regularly share the gospel of Jesus Christ from their pulpits. And while I am not a social gospel person, I am convinced that true preaching leads to true conduct. True preaching would convict and inspire born again Christians to do things like help the poor and homeless, become foster parents and child mentors, and other things that are regrettably often more associated with “bleeding heart liberals” than Bible – believing Christians who take the “faith without works is dead” exhortations of James 2 just as seriously as they do the Bible’s condemnation of homosexuality and abortion.

What are we going to do? Are we going to just watch these things spiral out of control, saying “this is the type of judgment that this wicked nation that elected Barack Obama deserves” (or if your politics are more liberal saying “this is the type of judgment that comes on a nation that invaded Iraq and killed all those innocent people for no reason”) and sit back waiting for the rapture? Or are we going to meet the challenges created by this disintegrating culture with prayer and evangelism? By visiting prisons, helping widows and orphans, volunteering at soup kitchens, opening up our wallets and hearts even in these bad economic times (or especially in these bad economic times) and giving up our two mites (Mark 12:41-44) or our little handful of meal and cruse of oil (1 Kings 17:11-14)?

I am a person who believes in spiritual warfare and deliverance, and it is time to put on the whole armor of God, Ephesians 6:10-20. Do not limit that passage and concept to casting out devils, prayer warfare and other topics, though those are certainly valid. Instead, in order to rise up to the challenge of these evil times so that not we but or Lord and Savior Jesus Christ may be glorified, we have to consciously, willingly, joyfully combat this evil with the whole counsel of God, “from Genesis to maps” as the old time fundamentalists used to say. Right preaching, right worship, right living, and right service are mandated by every believer in this wicked time. We have to live the gospel, we have to proclaim the gospel to all men. Now is not the time to worry about people laughing at us. How can we worry about people laughing at us, turning their backs on us, and rejecting us when we have an entire family – save one grievously wounded little girl – killed by a sinner with a shotgun? Don’t talk to me about gun control, about how the easy access to firearms caused this tragedy and how we need to limit their proliferation and access. Instead, the problem here is GOSPEL CONTROL, where Christians have limited the proliferation and access to the GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST by neglecting to preach it to all men and neglecting to live it. Problems like these are due to our putting our light under a bushel so that no one can see it. They are due to our salt losing its savor, so it is now useless, fit for nothing other than being cast out and trod upon. One day, we are all going to stand before Jesus Christ in judgment. When Jesus Christ asks “where were you when all this evil was happening around you”, what will your response be, Christian?

4-year-old: ‘My whole family is dead’


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Had The Barbie Bandits Been Black Males Would They Have Gotten Probation For Stealing $11,000?!?!

Posted by Job on March 25, 2008

See link to story. Granted, it was their first offense and did not involve a weapon. But regarding the cases of Heather Lyn Johnston and Ashley Nicole Miller, two strippers turned bank robbers from suburban Atlanta, Georgia getting such light sentences (one received probation because she turned state’s evidence, the other tried to beat the charge and only received 2 years) would their sentences have been so lenient had they been inner city black males as opposed to suburban blonde white females? I would like to hear from some of the conservative law and order tough on crime types that claim “there is no such thing as institutional racism” answer this!

Even better: the “pastor” of the criminal that received no jail time, Danny Rager of Woodland Hills Assembly of God Church in Lawrenceville, testified on her behalf. Suburban charismatic theologians help me out here: where does the Bible say that a person ought to be able to steal $11,000 and get off with no jail time, especially when you know full well that had it been a black male member of one of your inner city Church of God In Christ brethren, he would have gotten five years?

We have to blame the prosecution and the judge in this instance. The prosecutors, including Bonnie Derrer, only asked that they receive three years. As for the judge Mary Staley, wow. And even the originator of the plot Benny Allen III only received five years despite having a prior drug conviction! People, things like this puts cases like the black fellow in California that received a life sentence for stealing a slice of pizza because “it was his third strike” into context. And please realize that suburban Atlanta is supposed to be a much more conservative “tough on crime” area than is California. More and more, it looks like “tough on crime” is actually “tough on certain criminals.”

Yes, I am aware of the statistics that state that black males commit a heavily disproportionate percentage of crimes, especially as compared to white females. But judges are still supposed to judge FAIRLY, not only because the Bible says to do so, but so that the population at large will be able to support and trust law enforcement and criminal justice. The population must respect law enforcement and criminal justice in order for us to have the orderly, civil society that God commands. We have seen what has happened to large portions of our nation – again including the core urban areas and many of our public schools – where people have lost respect for the civil authorities. The result: crimes go unpunished, criminals become emboldened, and the innocent suffer, especially women and children. Cases like these are precisely the ones that the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons can point to in their “No justice no peace!” rallies designed to get people to stop cooperating with the police. They are not the only ones: popular music, movies, and radical university professors do the same. Well Bonnie Derrer and Mary Staley, you just provided more fodder for the next person that wants to get out on the streets with their “unequal justice!” protest signs.

So when you have people before you with absolutely no economic need whatsoever making a planned premeditated attempt to steal such a large amount of money, you have to get the same sentence as would one that “based on statistics fits the profile of a menace to society.”

Now I could be way off base. Maybe inner city black males that make off with $11,000 DO routinely get probation in conservative law and order jurisdictions. If I am wrong, someone let me know. But somehow, I doubt it.

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Man Arrested And Jailed For Nonviolent Antiabortion Protest In Suburban Atlanta Georgia!

Posted by Job on November 28, 2007

Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. was charged with disorderly conduct and released after posting TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ON BOND! Please note that this arrest happened in Gwinnett County, Georgia, one of the most conservative (including pro – life) congressional districts in the country. So how did this happen? Well, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution stated in an oped piece that described how the loathsome thrice divorced family values advocate Bob Barr lost a Congressional race to John Linder (Barr chose to challenge Linder rather than run in his own district because redistricting added a few thousand blacks to his district … an even more conservative Republican without Barr’s history of race – baiting ran in his place and won easily) that it was a race between the “movement conservatism” of Barr – the type that Cobb County used to represent before a large influx of black, Hispanic, and liberal white residents from Fulton and DeKalb moved into the county – and the “big business conservatism” of John Linder. Such was why the national and state Republican Party backed Linder but Charlton Heston and other true believers backed Barr (see this link from Atlanta BUSINESS Journal).

And so we have the context: big business is what rules in Gwinnett. This fellow’s pro – life display was offending Christmas shoppers on Black Friday, the most critical day of the year in retail, at the Mall of Georgia, the most critical retail establishment for the Gwinnett County economy. So the destruction of the innocent unborn, cold depraved Holocaust style murderous sacrifices to Molech, took a backseat to the almighty dollar in Gwinnett County.

Which, of course, makes Gwinnett County no different from any other place in metro Atlanta. The first thing that I noticed after moving to the Atlanta after living in rural south Georgia and only somewhat more urban north Florida is our massive concentration of strip clubs. Right in the center of the Bible Belt. Now from my time in north Florida, I know that even with the courts claiming that pornography falls under first amendment protection, a city can prevent even so much as a topless bar from opening if it wants to. So why are these establishments open even well into the religious conservative suburban landscape? Well, Atlanta’s dirty little secret is that the reason why DESPITE having to compete with places where gambling is legal like Las Vegas and Atlantic City it is still a top 5 destination for convention and business travel has nothing to do with our museums, sporting events, amusement parks, arts scene, etc. but rather our notorious strip club scene, which is rivaled only by areas that have much larger populations.

Without the convention scene the Atlanta economy would dry up and blow away overnight. That is why NONE of the local or state “family values” leaders so much as lifts a finger or utters a word against any of those establishments so long as they do not open too close to a school or church. The only exception that I am aware of was a lone city councilman who mostly unsuccessfully (though he did win a few battles) tried to organize black churches against the clubs in response to a rash of violent crimes that they brought into their communities. And yes, this fellow was defeated in his last race for political office.

So pro – lifers and other social conservatives, the reason why your agenda is going nowhere is about MONEY. Even after the Reagan Revolution and the rise of the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, etc. that the real leaders of the GOP has remained the same: the Wall Street Republicans, which, according to the title that Colin Powell famously gave himself, are the ROCKEFELLER Republicans. The Wall Street or main street or country club or Rockefeller or whatever you call them Republicans have ALWAYS been socially liberal. In the 50s and 60s they supported civil rights. In the 70s and 80s they supported abortion. Now they support gay marriage and illegal immigration. And how interesting that in order for the “Reagan Revolution” to succeed, he had to get none other than George H. W. Bush to be his running mate. Said Bush succeeded him as president to be followed by his son 8 years later. And if Pastor Chuck Baldwin is to be believed (read The Bush – Clinton Dynasty), Bill and Hillary Clinton are extensions of that circle. (Why, for instance, did Hillary Clinton go to New York of all places to run for Senate? She is originally from Illinois and lived most of her adult life in Arkansas. Bill Clinton set up shop there too, and even the media did not even pretend that it was to be near his wife who as senator spends most of her time in Washington anyway. Well suffice it to say that the United Nations is in New York, and the reason for that is because that is where the Rockefellers wanted it to be.)

So who are the religious right leaders that know about this situation and mislead their evangelical Christian charges to follow the Rockefeller Republican agenda? Pretty much all of them. But to single one out, why not start with the billionaire Pat Robertson? He is very close to the Bush family and has now endorsed Rudy Giuliani, who lest we forget before becoming mayor of New York and enacting a policy that grotesquely violated the civil liberties of New York’s black citizens (including but not limited to gunning them down in the streets) was the #3 figure in the Ed Meese Justice Department in the Reagan – Bush administration.

So on black Friday Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. gave the good Christians in Gwinnett County a brief view of the true identity of the god that the area first worships – mammon – and was tossed into jail for his trouble. And this goes back to the universalist rain dance that Georgia’s governor Sonny Perdue led a couple of weeks back. As stated in my comment on it Sonny Perdue: More Republican Universalism, I have not been led to pray that our drought – stricken area receive rain. Perhaps one should not make anything of that. And the same Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. that was arrested for making a pro – life demonstration at the Sonny Perdue universalism rain witch doctor seance was the one arrested for exposing the mammon idolatry of Gwinnett County, a Sonny Perdue stronghold (in more senses of the word than one). Perhaps one should not make anything of that either.

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