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Big Business Against Christianity: Hallmark Rolls Out Gay Marriage Cards

Posted by Job on August 21, 2008


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Abu Dhabi Buys Chrysler Building

Posted by Job on July 15, 2008

Make of it what you will …

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Beware Peter Popoff’s Miracle Of Manna Scam!

Posted by Job on March 5, 2008

Ebony Puritan has the details:


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Full Line Of Jesus Action Figures Available: Quarterback Jesus, Bullrider Jesus, Surfer Jesus, Biker Jesus, Skateboarder Jesus! Jesus Air Fresheners Available Too!

Posted by Job on December 29, 2007

Eric Dyson claims divine inspiration in his decision to create a line of Jesus action figures. See Fox News link below. Each figure sells for between $20 and $30 and is marketed through Christian retail stores. Dyson’s Jesus figurines, meanwhile, have created a bit of controversy, especially the one called “I Am Peace,” which shows Jesus with a combat rifle slung over his shoulder while holding a dove. Still, the company has high hopes this holiday season.And for those looking for a touch of divine spirit when they hit the highway: Jesus air fresheners. In addition to Fox News link below, Cclick here to read the Denver Post story.

Biker Jesus? Skateboarding Jesus? Toy Maker Says There’s a Market for ‘Inspired’ Action Figures

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Are You Supporting The Porn Industry When Buying Your Kids’ Christmas Gifts Christians?

Posted by Job on November 30, 2007

This is not going to be a finger pointing invective, but rather something to make you think. In one of Pastor Bill Keller’s better devotionals (and an earlier version, he explained why the bill passed by the “family values” Republican Congress that was elected with the votes of so many Christians was a total scam: that the politicians could do something of substance about Internet pornography but never would because it was a $12 billion dollar business that tons of “legitimate companies” make money off. Examples? The credit card companies and the telecommunications companies. What that amounts to is that every time you swipe your credit card or place a long distance call, you are contributing to the evil madness that ensnared Emily Sander Sure, it is indirect, but how indirect is it, REALLY? Our economy is so interconnected in terms of investment and profit that we have no idea how many levels of separation there are between a seemingly mundane commercial transaction on one hand and financing Muslim terror, the drug trade, organized crime, etc. on the other. The notorious “if you drive a gas guzzling SUV you are helping the terrorists make heroin” ad campaign of a few years back may have had less than pure intentions (especially since its creators were more interested in demonizing and antagonizing people who did not share their political beliefs rather than winning them over) but that does not make it any less true.

Now look, I am not calling for a withdrawal from the economy or anything, or trying to lay a guilt trip on people. Instead, I am asking Christians to consider the teachings of Jesus Christ as they related to money. Some preachers claim that the prosperity doctrine was part of the gospel of Jesus Christ: Such a doctrine is only the logical progression from the longstanding doctrine in western Christianity that God blesses the pious with riches. Perhaps the most famous exponent of this doctrine was Norman Vincent Peale (see this God hating atheist point out the nonsense of this and a lot of other false Christian doctrines and the mindset that they lead to). Needless to say, I disagree! Instead, Jesus Christ told us not to desire material things, the things of this world.

The reason why I am not interpreting His teachings as a call to ascetic monasticism is because Christ’s teachings are put into appropriate context by Paul, who reassured Gentile Christian converts not to persecute themselves to distraction over whether they had unknowingly eaten something that had been offered to idols in I Corinthians. A radio preacher asserted that the context was that pagan temples had a habit of increasing their profits by selling the meat left over from their rituals to market, and it was impossible to tell which meat had been offered to idols and which had not been, so that some Christians were accusing their brethren that had unknowingly bought and eaten such meat and even brought it to their weekly communion meals and thereby defiling other Christians with it of having committed some grievous sin worthy of excommunication. Some were contending that the best way to avoid these situations was to become vegetarians, others sought to take refuge in the dietary laws of the Pharisees … Paul sought to rescue these people from persecuting accusers and being Judaized by reassuring them that God knew that it had never been in their hearts to commit evil.

The same principle applies to Christian who has to participate in our economy. God knows our hearts: that we have to work to support ourselves and use the money to keep roofs over our head, clothes on our backs, food on the table, and to support the ministry of the church and help the poor. In this respect, our situation is no different from the Christians that were living in the Roman Empire where virtually every activity was correlated to worshiping one of their many pagan gods. But beyond using what God has blessed us with to take care of our basic needs, that is where the trouble lies, especially if we buy things that we do not need for status or to provide happiness for ourselves and others.

Am I saying that you should not buy Christmas gifts for your kids? (Please do not introduce the “Christmas, excuse me, Saturnalia, is a pagan deception” issue into this … I am very sympathetic to it but that is not what this discussion is about.) Of course not. And this really is not about Christmas anyway, but rather daily Christian living. Whenever you disobey Jesus Christ by making unnecessary purchases, it is not only a personal sin, but you are contributing to the system of personal, national, and global enslavement to greed and materialism that causes physical death in this life and spiritual death in the next that the Emily Sander Zoey Zane story represents. When you are buying that trinket that you don’t need or even really want … you might have to consider that the guilt – tripping bleeding heart liberals are right … think about the starving children out there. Maybe your not making that impulse vanity purchase won’t save any kids from starving to death even if you donate the money that you were going to use instead to a good Christian charity. But at least you won’t be personally supporting an inherently unjust satanic global economic system with that purchase merely because you chose to disobey Jesus Christ. Disobeying Jesus Christ is no small matter. Sin has consequences!

Again, I am not pointing the finger here. The vast majority of the things that I deal with are areas that I myself currently struggle with or struggled with in the very recent past. For instance, I waste a TON of money on buying unhealthy food for no reason other than being too lazy to cook. If anything, I am WORSE than the next guy because I know what I am doing is wrong and I know why that it is wrong. And I am not calling for some grand sweeping lifestyle change here. The truth is that often the things that call for these big dramatic changes are often just for show to impress others with your expression of piety and have nothing to do with serving Jesus Christ. Instead, this is just a little something that each Christian can personally do to reject a little bit more of the world and thereby become a little more obedient to Jesus Christ.

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Have You Bought The Jesus Thong Underwear Christmas Gift Yet?

Posted by Job on November 30, 2007

Courtesy of the folks at It can be had at And they say that the lake of fire isn’t real. Or that claiming that people are going there is “judging.” Oh, I am sorry. Wicked people aren’t going to the lake of fire. Only self – righteous judging hypocritical legalist Pharisees, right? Folks, stuff like this is only a graphic illustration of what all of these false preachers are doing to people. And how many of us are letting it happen without speaking out against the Osteens, Bynums, Jakes, Whites, McManuses, Hinns, Warrens, Crouches, Copelands, etc. because we fear being labeled “a fundamentalist” or “one who judges” more than we hate sin? Well go ahead and look at where this stuff is leading and take a long hard think about whose side you are on. We have to stand against these things, Christians, not just the images but the system of false doctrines that these images represent.


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Man Arrested And Jailed For Nonviolent Antiabortion Protest In Suburban Atlanta Georgia!

Posted by Job on November 28, 2007

Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. was charged with disorderly conduct and released after posting TWELVE HUNDRED DOLLARS ON BOND! Please note that this arrest happened in Gwinnett County, Georgia, one of the most conservative (including pro – life) congressional districts in the country. So how did this happen? Well, the Atlanta Journal – Constitution stated in an oped piece that described how the loathsome thrice divorced family values advocate Bob Barr lost a Congressional race to John Linder (Barr chose to challenge Linder rather than run in his own district because redistricting added a few thousand blacks to his district … an even more conservative Republican without Barr’s history of race – baiting ran in his place and won easily) that it was a race between the “movement conservatism” of Barr – the type that Cobb County used to represent before a large influx of black, Hispanic, and liberal white residents from Fulton and DeKalb moved into the county – and the “big business conservatism” of John Linder. Such was why the national and state Republican Party backed Linder but Charlton Heston and other true believers backed Barr (see this link from Atlanta BUSINESS Journal).

And so we have the context: big business is what rules in Gwinnett. This fellow’s pro – life display was offending Christmas shoppers on Black Friday, the most critical day of the year in retail, at the Mall of Georgia, the most critical retail establishment for the Gwinnett County economy. So the destruction of the innocent unborn, cold depraved Holocaust style murderous sacrifices to Molech, took a backseat to the almighty dollar in Gwinnett County.

Which, of course, makes Gwinnett County no different from any other place in metro Atlanta. The first thing that I noticed after moving to the Atlanta after living in rural south Georgia and only somewhat more urban north Florida is our massive concentration of strip clubs. Right in the center of the Bible Belt. Now from my time in north Florida, I know that even with the courts claiming that pornography falls under first amendment protection, a city can prevent even so much as a topless bar from opening if it wants to. So why are these establishments open even well into the religious conservative suburban landscape? Well, Atlanta’s dirty little secret is that the reason why DESPITE having to compete with places where gambling is legal like Las Vegas and Atlantic City it is still a top 5 destination for convention and business travel has nothing to do with our museums, sporting events, amusement parks, arts scene, etc. but rather our notorious strip club scene, which is rivaled only by areas that have much larger populations.

Without the convention scene the Atlanta economy would dry up and blow away overnight. That is why NONE of the local or state “family values” leaders so much as lifts a finger or utters a word against any of those establishments so long as they do not open too close to a school or church. The only exception that I am aware of was a lone city councilman who mostly unsuccessfully (though he did win a few battles) tried to organize black churches against the clubs in response to a rash of violent crimes that they brought into their communities. And yes, this fellow was defeated in his last race for political office.

So pro – lifers and other social conservatives, the reason why your agenda is going nowhere is about MONEY. Even after the Reagan Revolution and the rise of the Moral Majority, the Christian Coalition, etc. that the real leaders of the GOP has remained the same: the Wall Street Republicans, which, according to the title that Colin Powell famously gave himself, are the ROCKEFELLER Republicans. The Wall Street or main street or country club or Rockefeller or whatever you call them Republicans have ALWAYS been socially liberal. In the 50s and 60s they supported civil rights. In the 70s and 80s they supported abortion. Now they support gay marriage and illegal immigration. And how interesting that in order for the “Reagan Revolution” to succeed, he had to get none other than George H. W. Bush to be his running mate. Said Bush succeeded him as president to be followed by his son 8 years later. And if Pastor Chuck Baldwin is to be believed (read The Bush – Clinton Dynasty), Bill and Hillary Clinton are extensions of that circle. (Why, for instance, did Hillary Clinton go to New York of all places to run for Senate? She is originally from Illinois and lived most of her adult life in Arkansas. Bill Clinton set up shop there too, and even the media did not even pretend that it was to be near his wife who as senator spends most of her time in Washington anyway. Well suffice it to say that the United Nations is in New York, and the reason for that is because that is where the Rockefellers wanted it to be.)

So who are the religious right leaders that know about this situation and mislead their evangelical Christian charges to follow the Rockefeller Republican agenda? Pretty much all of them. But to single one out, why not start with the billionaire Pat Robertson? He is very close to the Bush family and has now endorsed Rudy Giuliani, who lest we forget before becoming mayor of New York and enacting a policy that grotesquely violated the civil liberties of New York’s black citizens (including but not limited to gunning them down in the streets) was the #3 figure in the Ed Meese Justice Department in the Reagan – Bush administration.

So on black Friday Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. gave the good Christians in Gwinnett County a brief view of the true identity of the god that the area first worships – mammon – and was tossed into jail for his trouble. And this goes back to the universalist rain dance that Georgia’s governor Sonny Perdue led a couple of weeks back. As stated in my comment on it Sonny Perdue: More Republican Universalism, I have not been led to pray that our drought – stricken area receive rain. Perhaps one should not make anything of that. And the same Robert Roethlisberger, Jr. that was arrested for making a pro – life demonstration at the Sonny Perdue universalism rain witch doctor seance was the one arrested for exposing the mammon idolatry of Gwinnett County, a Sonny Perdue stronghold (in more senses of the word than one). Perhaps one should not make anything of that either.

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Fundamentalist Christianity 101: Christian Should Not Work To Be Rich

Posted by Job on November 13, 2007

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