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Can’t Nobody Tell It – Lamar Campbell

Posted by Job on January 4, 2010

I admit it: I have a weakness for this song.


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Gospel Artist J. Moss Admits That Performing Carnal Sexually Suggestive Gospel Music Led To His Fall Into Adultery

Posted by Job on August 29, 2009

J. Moss is one of the many contemporary gospel artists that also includes Tonex, Deitrick and Damita Haddon, Yolanda Adams, Virtue, Trinitee-5:7 and Mary Mary that uses glamour, glitz, celebrity, their looks etc. to increase their record sales. I suppose their equivalent on the Christian/CCM arena would be Stacie Orrico, Jaci Velasquez, Kathie Lee Gifford and Amy Grant. Make no mistake: this does include promoting sensuality and sexuality. Where secular music once revitalized itself by emulating gospel music, contemporary gospel and Christian artists now do their level best to imitate secular music. Now as modern R&B music has now degenerated to the point where it is only and constantly preoccupied with casual sex and provoking puerile emotions, emulating that means not only copying the dense syrupy musical style, but even inserting the heavy breathing, moaning and groaning, oohing and aaahing, purring, seductive singing and talking, and even the known sexual catch phrases common to this musical genre. The modern trend of gospel musicians emulating R&B music by sampling (taking portions of other songs to create your own songs) only increased this, as it is now common to take R&B, rap, and disco songs that 1. are all about sex and 2. everybody is very familiar with, so it is impossible for the person listening to the gospel lyrics being sung over the original music to not associate what the original song was about, especially since – as stated earlier – the gospel song also contains the heavy breathing and other stuff like that, only amplifies what is going on. And in addition to the way the music itself SOUNDS there is often the LOOK. If the gospel or Christian artist is physically attractive, they flaunt it. Look at the album covers, videos, concert performances and it is skin tight clothes, heavy makeup, thighs, cleavage, unbuttoned shirts etc. It is no surprise that younger Christians raised in this environment or who have recently converted to it like Heidi Montag and Carrie Prejean see nothing wrong with being lingerie models and Playboy bunnies.

So, J. Moss openly acknowledges in his interview with Gospel Pundit that his falling into sexual sin was the direct result of his cultivating his sexy image to sell records.

This was simply coming off of “We Must Praise,” being a big dawg, V2 over 100,000 [units]… this was just J being “the man.” Being told he was fine every day, being told he was sexy every single day, being told that people wanted him to be their baby’s daddy… you know? EVERY DAY. You think the R&B people have it hard? The gospel people do too.

What he leaves out is that the REASON why gospel music types endure this – or at least why it is so prominent – is because they promote themselves as celebrities and flaunt their appearances. If you play with fire, don’t be surprised when you get burnt.

He goes on:

So, I began to move further and further away from Christ, and got further and further involved with those temptations. And it led to that situation. And I have to tell you– when I get up now to talk about it, a lot of people say “J, you’re talking too much, we’ve moved on, we’re good.” And I say “nah, man. There are people out here DYING from this stuff.”

Look, I have seen J. Moss on concert. The ladies like him because of the way that he sings, the way that he and his dancers dance, and the way that he plays to them, courts them, in the audience, no different from how an R&B crooner would do. Who knows how many lonely, poorly-adjusted, or immature teenage girls are affected by it. He complains about the temptation that came as the direct result of his tempting others? He is surprised that there are all these women (plus not a few homosexual men, let’s get real about it!) who are more than willing to buy what he is selling?

The Bible says that the wages of sin is death, but I gotta get up and tell people that the wages of sin almost KILLED me, in terms of suicidal thoughts. I was plotting it out, thinking it out… all kinds of depression. I was going through the scrutiny in the media, the blogosphere, everywhere… that stuff was rough!
And when we sin, we chip away at salvation. Every time, we KILL something– we kill faith, we kill credibility, we kill relationships, we kill families… every time, we kill a piece of something.”

I am not going to deal with J. Moss’ Pentecostal “lose your salvation” doctrines except to point out that I strongly believe that the Bible teaches the doctrines of the preservation and perseverance of the saints; that one cannot lose or throw away his salvation and thereby undo the work of Jesus Christ and thereby defeat God. However, those who did believe in the “lose your salvation” doctrines, the old Wesleyan Methodists and the Pentecostal Holiness group, felt that the way to lose your salvation was personal and corporate holiness, by adhering to a strict moral and religious code and by encouraging others to do the same. But Moss is part of a generation of gospel artists that have tossed that aside in favor of causing people to fall (and according to their own doctrines “lose their salvation”) by being a source of temptation. Instead of their music, their appearance and their example being something positive that strengthens and encourages Christians, it is a snare to them: both a false image of happiness that comes through fame and wealth, and also the sensual nature of the singing, music, wardrobes and dancing.

This really is the key quote:

I realized that people who are not going to Bible class, or to church on Sunday morning, will listen to me at a concert because they love me or they love my voice. So, NOW is my chance to say “you know what? Now that I’ve got your attention, let me tell you what’s really real. Let me stop making you feel good all the time, and let me tell you what’s real.

We are not supposed to draw people with how we look or sound. We are supposed to draw people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Paul the apostle by his own account was not a handsome man, was not a gifted orator, and did not have a pleasant speaking voice. But he preached Jesus Christ and you saw the result. Jesus Christ Himself, despite how He is commonly depicted in movies and artwork, was a very unassuming Man by appearance: a common laborer from the despised Nazareth (“the ghetto”) surrounded by “low class” people, acting as a religious instructor despite not having attended rabbinical school, riding on a donkey etc. Many opposed and rejected Paul on account of his hard words, and many opposed and rejected Jesus Christ because of His hard sayings, associations, and human origins, including Jesus Christ’s own brothers and sisters! Even after all that he has been through, J. Moss is still planning on using the “bait and switch” technique with carnality and human pleasure, “making people feel good” as the bait. The only difference is that he is going to put more emphasis into the “switch.”

But this is what I don’t understand: Moss was already very strong with that. You go to his concerts, you watch him on TV, watch his videos, listen to his music, and the CONTENT was already very strong … a legitimate Pentecostal message that can save. (My goal here was never to attack Pentecostalism.) And Moss is not one of the many people in his genre who affects speaking in tongues or promotes prosperity/Word of Faith. Cut away from what he is doing to enhance his personal fame and album sales that dishonors Jesus Christ, and there is a very clear, discernible and strong gospel message that promotes and glorifies Jesus Christ.

And that is what J. Moss needs to stick to. He doesn’t need the “bait and switch.” He just needs to stick to a message that he fully knows and believes: Jesus Christ and Him crucified with no bells, whistles, switches, or R&B moaning and heavy breathing. Let us all pray in the Name of Jesus Christ that J. Moss does follow that direction with his music and ministry.

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Gospel Artist J. Moss Fathers Child Out Of Wedlock And Tries To Get Mother To Have Abortion

Posted by Job on August 28, 2009

At this rate I am going to have to throw all my gospel CDs away. Courtesy of Gay Christian Movement Watch.

Hey J. Moss

Hey J. Moss Part 2

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Does Most Modern Gospel And Christian Music Worship God?

Posted by Job on December 26, 2008

Listening to Christmas carols this year on contemporary Christian radio, I made note of the fact of how the vast majority of the songs, especially the older or traditional ones, were actually about Jesus Christ. A quick inventory of the older Christian songs and hymns that I ran through my mind turned up the same thing: most – though not all – of them were in praise of God, His actions, and His attributes.

Not so with modern Christian music. It appears that easily more than half of the modern Christian and gospel songs is not music about God but rather music about Christians.  Often it centers around what Christians (and often the artists themselves) think, what they do, how they live. This is not to say that modern Christians do not deal with the worship and praise of God or the mighty acts of God. But the rub is that the songs are about how God is blessing them and how praising God makes them feel. Instead of “Praise God for He is wonderful, righteous, and holy” it is “praise God for giving me increase.” Instead of “worship God” it is “worshiping God makes me feel so good” or “praising God gives me the strength to make it through the day.” 

I have to say that there is a particular artist who is very popular in both gospel and contemporary music right now (a rarity) who refers to himself as a psalmist. To me, it is very strange, because if you actually read the Psalms, the heavily dominant material is clearly describing God and/or worshiping and praising God merely for being God. Even the references to God’s blessings, the effects that worship has on the believer, or the life of the believer are generally clearly subservient to and a function of God and His attributes. Yet this modern psalmist makes songs that are almost entirely about receiving things from God and his personal Christian life. 

Does anyone else agree that this is generally the case? Or is it simply my lack of exposure to both modern gospel and Christian music and such music in times past? However, if my observation is correct, is this shift from “singing about God” and “praising/worshiping God” in Christian and gospel music to “singing about Christians (especially if the Christian is me)” and “praising and worshiping God is wonderful because of how it makes me feel” and from “God is righteous, holy, powerful, and wonderful” to “God is good because of what He has done for me” a cause of current trends in gospel music or is it a reflection of it?

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Gospel Music? Yes? No?

Posted by Job on November 14, 2008

Which two of these four videos best represents gospel music?

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My Favorite Rap Song Ever

Posted by Job on October 14, 2008

No question. From this post!

Apparently the Way of the Master likes them too!

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Gospel Music? Yes? No? Take 3

Posted by Job on October 11, 2008

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Gospel Music? Yes? No? Take 2

Posted by Job on October 10, 2008

With the first video I say no because I disagree with the doctrines expressed in the music. I much prefer the second video. What say you?

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Christian Music and the Price of Intellectual Property: Has Praise And Worship Music in Church Become a Cain Sacrifice to God?

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

Please click on link read it on Brother Kenneth’s site:

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Tonex Claims That Michael Jackson And Benny Hinn Have The Same Anointing

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

I mentioned this earlier in On Needing That Anointing Christianity but I decided to give it its own post for the benefit of the Tonex fans that feel the need to come to this site and defend the fellow from time to time in the hopes that they will realize that their loyalty to this fellow is misplaced. Incidentally, please know that Tonex, after retiring from gospel music because he wasn’t making enough money in it (like the pope’s admitting that he entered the priesthood because he wanted a nice car Tonex freely admitted this on one of his many websites that he keeps creating and deleting), found employment with Michael Jackson as a music producer. That, er, MIGHT EXPLAIN Tonex’s endorsement of the Jehovah’s Witness homosexual child molester Jackson as possessing the gifts of the Holy Spirit and using them to edify and minister to people (as opposed to corrupting small boys).

You know, when I owned Tonex’s Out Tha Box concert DVD (which I finally located a few days ago after MONTHS of not being able to find it, and then immediately threw it out with the trash), one of my favorite tracks on it was “Pole Position”, where he gave a brilliantly crafted and delivered piece of oratory (seriously, the fellow is extremely talented!) exhorting the prosperity/Word of Faith doctrine on how if one continued to tithe and give offerings year after year even through times of great financial distress, eventually God would remember and bless you. He used an analogy with the popular Monopoly board game (I am not making this up!) stating that if you just kept rolling the dice, rolling the dice by being faithful in the prosperity/Word of Faith apostolic doctrines, and eventually you would hit Boardwalk, your big payday.

But alas, it appears from Tonex’s own life that said doctrines have a price, the least of which is having to go on a Christian television show and promote not only Benny Hinn (and please recall that Tonex was also an associate of Eddie Long, calling him a “spiritual father” … funny how these Roman Catholic references keep slipping into this Pentecostal madness) but a known homosexual pedophile. That is the truly sad thing: EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT MICHAEL JACKSON IS A HOMOSEXUAL PEDOPHILE, AND YET IT IS PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE FOR A PASTOR AND GOSPEL ARTIST TO WORK WITH HIM! Of course, to be fair, Tonex is not the only one. Lots of gospel artists, including Andrae Crouch, used to work with Michael Jackson back in the day. The allegations concerning this fellow were not public then, but what did the “industry insiders” know? Then again, did Andrae Crouch work with Michael Jackson (among others including “impregnate a white woman and leave for the next one Quincy Jones”) before, after, or during the time that Donnie McClurkin was sleeping with the men in his choir? Donnie McClurkin says that he is delivered from homosexuality, but that does not prevent him from pastoring and founding churches after fathering a child out of wedlock and never marrying the mother. 

My goodness. At some point someone is going to come out and reveal what a cesspool some quarters of the gospel industry is. Then again, Kirk Franklin already did over ten years ago, and it had absolutely no effect whatsoever. The people are deceived because, quite simply, they choose to be. Which means that they are not being deceived at all. And that is why we MUST continue to pray for them, that they would be delivered not so much from the enemy, but from their own rebellious wicked hearts. I should know, for many sincere Christians, from family members to co – workers, tried to warn me about a lot of these people – including Tonex – for quite awhile before I was willing to let them go. So if God did it for me, He can do it for someone else! That is why we should never cease to pray for the people trapped in their own prisons of selfish rebellion.

By the way, how did it come to be that the black gospel industry became dominated by the charismatic/Pentecostal/COGIC/prosperity/Word of Faith types to begin with? Incidentally, a similar trend is happening with Christian rock and Christian contemporary music, as more and more of its artists are coming from the praise and worship teams of megachurches. But as for black gospel (yes I know that this includes acts like Martha Munizzi, Vicki Yohe, and JoAnn Rosario that are not black, I just refuse to say “urban” or similar) I am told that it is due to the “gospel music workshop” scene for which we have COGIC’s JAMES CLEVELAND to thank for – and please recall that this very scene was very important to launching the career of one Tonex – but I am hoping that someone in the know might be able to tell me.

In any event, yet another video showing the depths to which Tonex has sunk (he has rather savvily had his “The Naked Truth” – related videos that are basically profane megalomaniac rants  – including what some allege are self referential allusions to homosexuality – removed from YouTube it appears).

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Gay Disco Singer Sylvester Was Member Of Walter Hawkins’ Church?

Posted by Job on December 30, 2007
It should be no secret that renowned disco superstar Sylvester James, known for recording some of disco’s biggest hits including “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real)” and “Dance Disco Heat”, willingly donated charities to the Love Center Church of Oakland, Ca.; pastored by gospel legend Walter Hawkins. Using only his first name as his official stage name, Sylvester stormed audiences and critics with his bold courage to dress as a drag queen and was one of the latter recording pop artists to confess to their homosexual lifestyle. Yet Hawkins and Love Center decided to love the faithful church member and even embraced one of his musical projects, “Call Me”, in 1984. Sylvester constantly confessed his love for “church music” – especially since his religious roots were in the Pentecostal/Holiness church (Palm Lane Church of God In Christ). He explicitly thanks God in almost every album’s liner notes, even quoting scripture (Psalms 117) on his last record. Sadly, Sylvester died at the age of forty-one of AIDS complications; while a memorial service took place at Love Center Church in memory of the music legend.

Interesting that Yvette Flunder, one of the leading voices among those that claim that the church should accept homosexuality, claiming that the doctrine is not based on the Bible but rather out of the desire of men to oppress women (?), was an associate pastor, administrator, and lead singer at Walter Hawkins’ church. She calls gay rights activists “prophets.” Instead of asking her “don’t you people know that you are sinning against God and will burn in the lake of fire for eternity?” GospelCity askedWhat difficulties do the members of the gay and lesbian community have being acknowledged by the faith community?”

One more thing: any more Madea/Tyler Perry fans out there? Even with the recent Tyler Perry phenomenon, the character of Ms. Mabel “Madea” Simmons, played by Perry himself, is under investigation under several critical sources. A man dressed as a woman…it’s something we see alot of in comedic environments. Rickey Smiley has done it. Flip Wilson has done it. Martin Lawrence did it. But gay circles claim the character of “Madea” was heavily ripped-off from Ms. Sophia McIntosh, a popular drag queen from Atlanta and that Perry drew strong inspiration from her many nights while performing regularly in gay clubs.

Oh yes, the article from the link above originally appeared in Prayze Hymn Online, a gospel music venture that obviously rejects the Biblical truth that homosexuality is a sin.

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Yolanda Adams Sang Jesus Christ Hating Imagine Song In Tribute To John Lennon

Posted by Job on December 30, 2007

This is the link Yolanda Adams fans (click here)! Seriously, how do gospel artists and Christian preachers get away with this stuff? This is not about a Christian going into a secular arena and performing a secular song (which incidentally I do not oppose … despite the “legalist fundamentalist” reputation I am actually quite liberal about certain things)! But let us consider the lyrics to “Imagine.”

Imagine there’s no Heaven
It’s easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky

Imagine all the people
Living for today

Imagine there’s no countries
It isn’t hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too

Imagine all the people
Living life in peace

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
A brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world

You may say that I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you’ll join us
And the world will live as one

Remember when Jews went ballistic over hateful racist false Christian Anne Coulter claiming that it was her dream for all Jews to convert to Christianity? Jews in their estimation took that as Coulter wanting to wipe them as a religion and people off the map, claiming that she wanted to finish the job that Hitler started. Well, that is what John Lennon’s “Imagine” was all about; trying to finish the job of Roman emperor Diocletian in killing all Christians in 303 AD. Oh yes, and the song also blames Christianity for hunger, greed, wars, oppression, division, etc.

Please recall Yolanda Adams Promotes Humanist Anti – Christ On Nickelodeon and understand my point: virtually no one is out there demanding that Christians stop buying their records, listening to them on the radio (Ms. Adams has a national gospel radio show), allowing them to sing in our churches, etc. No one claims that there should be any correlation between what these people sing or claim to believe (let alone what the Bible says) and how they actually live. Seriously, what would it take for something like that to happen, for gospel music fans and the Christian community to stop supporting these people? I would like to know what it is, because so far it appears that there really is nothing that gospel music fans  – or supporters of these preachers – will not accept.

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Donnie McClurkin Supports Faux Christian Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

Posted by Job on October 23, 2007

Obama takes heat for link to McClurkin

Oh yeah, proof that Barack HUSSEIN Obama’s Christianity is fake? “Obama belongs to the United Church of Christ, which supports gay marriage.” Need I say more? I am certain that the brothers at Gay Christian Movement Watch have a file on UCC already!

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