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Rudy Giuliani Backer Pat Robertson Has A History Of Supporting Murdering Fascists: Remember Liberia Charles Taylor?

Posted by Job on November 7, 2007

The brother at Freedom In Our Time has an excellent link that contains not only pictures of Rudolph Giuliani in women’s clothes (showing just what an abomination this fellow is) but detailing Robertson’s past dealings with Liberia’s Charles Taylor. The fellow, a Reformed Christian, makes some excellent spiritual points too. Thanks Jeri Lynn for providing the link:

As my prior post on Robertson endorsing Giuliani stated, the hands of Robertson and the GOP establishment were forced by Ron Paul raising enough money to hire a staff and buy airtime in New Hampshire and Iowa.  But why Giuliani and not Romney for Robertson? Simple: power. With his personal wealth and support from the business community, the Bush family, and certain religious conservatives, it can arguably be said that Romney does not NEED Robertson. This is not to say that Romney is a lock to win (for if he were Robertson would endorse HIM instead) but rather that there is very little that Robertson could bring to the table that Romney does not have already have, and there are few places that Robertson can take Romney that Romney cannot go on his own.

With Giuliani, however, Robertson’s huge organization can help him take South Carolina. Were that to happen, what would potentially be a long grueling race that would have the carnival sideshow distraction of Ron Paul pulling double digits in every state would be avoided. After the nomination, Robertson could help Giuliani broker terms to buy off Dobson and the rest of the religious right (another task that Romney does not need Robertson for). So where Robertson could deliver an early victory and a substantial portion of the religious right leadership to Giuliani, he cannot provide the former and is not needed for the latter with Romney.

So since Giuliani is the one that Robertson can lend the most assistance to of the two, Giuliani is also the one that Robertson will have more influence over and be able to call in more favors for later. As the religious right has convinced their followers to lower their expectations to the point where “it is all about the judges!”, Robertson will be able to identify judges that will give such Christians just enough incremental progress on abortion and a few other issues to keep them mollified while Robertson in return will be able to exert far more behind the scenes influence over the administration of socially liberal Giuliani than he was George W. Bush.

Money and power, that is what it is all about, and that is what Robertson is after, and as such he picked the fellow who would be more beholden to him.


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