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How Grace Deals With Sin By Dr. Iain Campbell

Posted by Job on January 1, 2011

Original sermon here.

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No Backdoor To Salvation: Jesus Christ Is The Only Way!

Posted by Job on January 23, 2008

From “The Thanksgiving of Solomon” by Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Men down through the ages have had their viewpoints, and they always pass away. But this viewpoint is the one that shall abide. God says, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” He says to you and me as individuals today we have come short of His glory and we’re sinners. He hasn’t any back door. He hasn’t any side entrance. God has only one way by which He’s being approached, and that’s a mercy seat that He established by the death of His Son upon the cross. That makes it
possible for lost sinners to find mercy with God.

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On Willful Sin and The Certain Fearful Looking for of Judgment

Posted by Job on November 20, 2007

From Theology.Wordpress.Com

Willful Sin and The Certain Fearful Looking for of Judgment

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From The Mission Field In India: God Frees Man From Guilt

Posted by Job on March 7, 2007

Can you imagine how it would feel to think you had AIDS? Puneet felt this way as he sat hopelessly in shock when his friends told him that a woman he recently slept with suffered from AIDS. His alcohol addiction, smoking and sexual promiscuity had finally spiraled completely out of control. But through God’s grace and mercy, Puneet turned from his awful lifestyle and became free from his shame, worry and guilt. Read his story below: Puneet sat hopelessly in shock when his friends told him that a woman he recently slept with suffered from AIDS. The alcohol addiction, smoking and sexual promiscuity had finally spiraled completely out of his control. This lowest point in Puneet’s life was the result of several years of living in sin. His parents raised him in a Hindu home in Andhra Pradesh, and at a very young age he began associating with a bad group of friends. Gradually, Puneet fell into many of their habits. Though many people tried to correct his destructive behavior, he refused to change his lifestyle. Now, his life was totally shattered. Not only was he filled with fear and pain, but his friends distanced themselves from him, assuming that he had also become an AIDS victim. Scared and alone, Puneet was haunted day and night with the idea that he had the terminal illness. He even considered taking his own life when the guilt weighed heavily on his heart. At last, Puneet could not handle the agony of not knowing whether he really had the disease, and he went to the hospital for testing. To his surprise, the results came back negative, and Puneet felt happiness and relief from his stress. After some time passed, Puneet’s parents found a wife for him. However, by the time of his marriage, doubt about the original test, fear and guilt had crept back into his life. He was so worried about the possibility that he had AIDS, Puneet even kept himself physically from his new bride. During this time, Puneet met Peter, a Gospel for Asia native missionary who was doing outreach in his village. For the first time, Puneet heard of Jesus’ amazing grace and gift of salvation. Hearing of Christ’s power and love encouraged Puneet, and he decided to go for one more medical check-up. In his heart, Puneet thought if his tests for AIDS came back negative, he would know that Christ was real and follow Him forever. The Lord heard Puneet’s silent prayer, and his test results came back negative once again. Puneet immediately received Christ as his Savior as a result of his answered prayer. His entire family trusted in the Lord and now regularly attends worship at Pastor Peter’s church. Puneet is living a life of freedom from the guilt that held him in bondage for so long. He faithfully serves the Lord with his whole life. Pray that Puneet and his family will continue to grow in Christ. Also pray for Pastor Peter as the Lord uses him to reach the people of Andhra Pradesh.

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London Minister Forgives Man Who Murdered Daughter (Racism/Black History Month)

Posted by Job on February 16, 2007

Read this heartbreaking story here. It is a powerful tale of the capacity of people who are totally committed to Yeshua HaMashiach to forgive. However, if you look deeper into the story, it reminds me of something that I said on Angry Black Woman’s entry on Barack Obama’s black empowerment church. Of course, the subject was racism, and despite the desire of a great many people to deny it, racism is a real issue. I believe that it is a demon that is often found with demons of hate, pride, and fear, and that rather than denying it because of some chauvinistic political and personal belief (which also involves demons) Christians need to overcome it with the love of Jesus Christ and the Blood of Jesus Christ and the power of the testimony through charity, prayer, spiritual warfare, and good works. The reason that I gave was not so much because of the current plight of the victims of racism – however severe that plight might be – but for the fact that all people who hold racism in their hearts and thereby fail to love their neighbor as themselves as a result – the second of the great commandments given by Yeshua HaMashiach when he was being tested by the Sadducees who denied resurrection, then they will be judged by a righteous God for it. Will it be a case of the goats being placed on one side and sheep on another? Will it be the case of “many being called but few chosen”? Will it be a case of “people who have healed, cast out devils, and done great works in the name of Yeshua HaMashiach being told to ‘depart from me worker of iniquity, I never knew thee” because their garments are defiled with the stain of racism?

You might ask what this story has to do with racism since the perperators and victims are all of the same race (indeed, all African immigrants)? Well, here you have a man whose daughter was murdered by the same group of criminals who also murdered a woman at her own baby’s christening while she was holding her baby in her arms being concerned not with his own sense of rage, anger, hate, resentment, loss, loneliness, and grief, but with the eternal soul of the victim! He speaks of the horrible conditions of poverty and family dysfunction that this fellow lived through. He knows that if this fellow dies without repenting and being saved through Yeshua HaMashiach’s Blood, he will spend eternity in the lake of fire, an unspeakably grotesque fate that was never intended for any man but rather for Satan and his demons. So if a man can look at his own great loss not in the context of his loss but rather in the context of a far greater loss of the unsaved person, how much more can we, the vast majority of whom have suffered far less as the result of racism (in this present day anyway) have the same concern for thsoe who discriminate against us?

I did a series of “why I hate black history month” a couple of days ago, and a fellow named AuLThaT rightfully upbraided and rebuked my un – Christian attitude and comments. So, I say we should spend what is left of this Black History Month by going into fervent prayer and spiritual warfare against this sin and demon of racism, and for spiritual deliverance of those people who are bound by these sins and demons, AND are too prideful to admit it. We must also pray for the people who, as a result of having experienced racism and are angry, bitter, resentful, spiteful, and hateful as a result. That is one of the worst things about sin; it causes sin in others! When a man molests his daughter, for instance, sexual demons enter into her that almost always result in serious problems that afflict her all her life until she goes through spiritual deliverance, part of which has to be her admitting what her father did to her and forgiving him for it. So, these people angry over racism must admit that they have been personally wounded by the people, forgive them for it, and also seek spiritual deliverance and cleansing by the application of the Blood of Jesus Christ.

I am not making a plea for these secular things like “tolerance”, “diversity”, ”multiculturalism”, “race relations”, “racial reconciliation”, or “racial empowerment.” As said on Angry Black Woman’s blog, I am not AGAINST those things, but rather they must take a back seat to a person’s spiritual purity, because the most important thing in all our lives is passing God’s Judgment. Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added to it! So, for both the racists and the victims of racism, let us pray for their salvation and their deliverance, for the commiters of this sin their ability to renounce their pride and confess, and for their victims the ability to renounce their anger and forgive. In the name of Yeshua HaMashiach, amen.

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