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Christian Leaders: Know Your Responsibility!

Posted by Job on December 7, 2010

While driving around this morning, I listened to the Michael Youssef radio broadcast. It was primarily from the book of Jude, and was on the subject of how apathy on the part of Christians allow abominable heresies and sins to gain creeping acceptance first into the church and then in the culture. (Though he did not mention it explicitly, the subtext of Youssef’s presentation had to do with homosexuality.) However, something that Youssef stated as an illustrative point in his larger presentation captured my attention because it reminded me of the long string of ecclesiastical scandals that are occurring both locally and nationally.

Dr. Youssef recalled the story of the children of Israel’s first – and abortive – attempt to enter into Canaan, the land that God had promised to them. The pastor put an interesting spin on this narrative that highlighted the importance of leadership of God’s people, and the exceedingly negative consequences that are borne not only by the leaders themselves but also the flock, the ekklesia, those being led, when the leaders of God’s people fail to live up to their responsibilities. According to his exposition of events, Israel could have – and should have – marched right on in and possessed the land, but instead, according to his words “first they had a planning meeting, appointed a committee, and conducted a feasibility study.” Now I won’t get into the larger issues raised by his somewhat creative exposition, for instance whether Moses himself was at least partly to blame for this failure, or whether contemporary Christians should simply “go by faith” instead of relying on prudent human planning and such; instead I treated his remarks as being “self-contained” within the sermon with no further or wider application. But even in that limited scope of reference, one thing can be drawn from it that does have a wider application: that the twelve spies appointed by Moses (the pastor) were placed in positions of leadership (let us call them deacons) over Israel (the church).

And keep in mind, deacons and other spiritual leaders are supposed to be chosen because of their qualifications and fitness. They are supposed to have a knowledge of the word of God, faith in God, spiritual maturity, stable lives, good families, well-run households, and excellent reputations all maintained over a long period of time. Why? Because if someone is placed into spiritual leadership unqualified, that greatly increases the chance of their failure, and as the failure of the spies, or deacons, in this matter of the people of God standing at the crossroads between receiving fulfillment of the promise and reaping death because of their faithless forbearance in the desert, illustrates, the failure of such leaders has very negative consequences for the church, God’s elect.

How? Because TEN OF THE TWELVE SPIES FAILED. They rejected their knowledge of God that had been given to their people and handed down through the generations. They doubted the witness of this same God after He crushed Egypt and delivered them. They suppressed the belief in this God that gave them water and manna in the desert. They abrogated the covenant that God had made with them at Sinai, and they despised the very same God who showed them mercy and spared them at the intercession of Moses after their sin with the golden calf. These ten spies came back with a false, lying report that the promise of God was a lie, the word of God was to no effect, and that they should turn and go back from the promise of salvation and return the way that they had come back into sin lest they be destroyed by the obstacles and trials in their way! And that is the irony. Egypt and Babylon in the Bible are often used to represent sin. And the wilderness that they were wandering in? It was called the wilderness of Sin, named after the very same moon god that Muslims worship to this day. Israel appropriated the name of this false deity and made it into a generic term that applies to all acts of rebellion against God’s word, or “sin”. So, these ten deacons told Israel that the way to safety was to go back into sin! They came back with the common thinking of our time, which is to choose “the devil we know” to the unknown, to stick with the distorted sense of happiness in the past and the false sense of security in the present to pressing on to what God has promised us in the future!

So, these ten failed deacons, in a very real way, were among the first false teachers or false preachers dispensing spiritual error. Like worldly wise man in Pilgrim’s Progress, they were telling the faithful to depart from the path that God has commanded and to turn aside to another one, one that according to human thinking is preferable, more easy, more rational, more sensible. It is the path that allows us to reject the promise of a better eternity in favor of riches and other pleasures or desires now. Or maybe it is the path that encourages us to reject salvation by faith in a God that we cannot see or comprehend in favor of some system of false faith plus works that we can tangibly grasp, count and measure. Or perhaps it is a path that teaches us that we have to be part of the world so that we can influence it, change it for the better, and be more effective ministers and evangelists in it instead of accepting the consistent commandment of Scripture that we are to be holy, that is separate from the world and its evil and carnal things, as our God is holy. Or maybe it is yet another path that teaches us that the way to be holy is to be monastics and thereby reject Jesus Christ’s commandments that we are to be IN the world but not of it.

And what happened? The children of Israel LISTENED to the ten deacons. They rejected the two faithful deacons who gave the good report and urged them to believe God’s promise, to stay obedient to God’s word, and that though the way may be dangerous and difficult and require many sacrifices and much hard work, that ultimately their God would prevail on their behalf. Instead, they went after the bad deacons who gave them information that sounded logical, rational and sensible to their human thinking and conformed to their own experience of failure before sin, of failing to live up to God’s standard and pretending that there is saving virtue in compromising with “second best.” They convinced themselves that God’s way was too hard, and that God would understand. After all, “we tried.” We “gave it our best shot.” They were utterly convinced that either God would give them some sort of accommodation for their weakness, or that they would find a new, better “god” who would! And that is precisely what the false teachers and preachers are offering today: a more accommodating deity that is utterly false, the invention of man’s wicked hands and corrupt faithless hearts.

And you know the result of their listening to the ten deacons. Not only was the receipt of the promise given to God’s people delayed by 40 more years, but every single one of those people – or at least the adult people – who listened to those failed deacons perished in the desert of Sin. Realize this: in a true, explicit and real sense, not merely in a spiritualized metaphorical or allegorical one, THE PEOPLE WHO LISTENED TO THE BAD SPIRITUAL LEADERS DIED IN SIN! And as those who listened to false teachers died in sin in that time, so will happen to those who listen to false teachers today. But that is the warning to the followers. What about the responsibility of the leaders?

Now I do not wish to acquit the followers of their responsibility. They too had been handed down the oracles of God by their forefathers. They too had seen the might of God in Egypt and His provision in the desert, and they too had been made God’s covenant people at Sinai. And also, they too had heard the report of the two good spies, the two faithful deacons! So what of them? I suppose that the free will Christian will say that the assembly made a free will choice to disobey God. I suppose that the Calvinist will say that the assembly made such a choice because they did not receive the necessary faith from God that was required to obey His Word. Whichever option (or any other) that suits your theological system, it begs the question: WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED HAD THE BAD DEACONS INSTEAD BEEN GOOD SPIRITUAL LEADERS AND DELIVERED A GOOD REPORT AS DID THE OTHER TWO?

The answer: we really do not know. It is easy to presume that the children of Israel would have at least made a foray into Canaan (but even that is not definite) but who knows what would have happened when these faithless, stiff-necked people encountered the first bit of difficulty. It is possible, and indeed likely, that the national failure caused by these ten wicked leaders only delayed an inevitable later failure. (The Exodus narrative does hint at this, incidentally, as when the children of Israel first left Egypt, God was careful not to lead them into battle against other nations because He knew their hearts and didn’t want them to give up.)

But this is what we do know: if nothing more than on an external, superficial and surface level, the assembly stumbled because the failure of the ten deacons who gave the bad report. The ten deacons, appointed in their positions as they were, failed in their positions, and as a result caused people to stumble. And what does Jesus Christ say about those who cause people to stumble? “It would be better for them if a millstone were hung around their necks and they were thrown into the sea!” And keep in mind: Jesus Christ in His statement did not make any equivocations. There were no allowances for the Calvinist who says “well, that person who stumbled wasn’t predestined anyway.” There are no allowances for the Arminian who says “well, that person had a free will choice between right and wrong and chose to follow that false teacher.” Instead, regardless of the individual responsibility of the person who follows the Christian leader into error and falls, the Christian leader who fails is still responsible for his failure, and for leading others into failure!

And that should be a sobering thought, for we know the great punishments that the Bible declares for Christians who lead other Christians into error. (For those who know not of what I write, please first familiarize yourself with the dire judgments of Jesus Christ in the gospels against the Pharisees and scribes, and then please familiarize yourself with the pastoral epistles: 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus.) And because of this, Christians not yet in leadership should be careful and faithful. Do not offer yourself for positions of leadership  – or accept any leadership offer made – if you do not meet the requirements set forth in the Bible (said requirements can be found in the pastoral epistles). If you are already in a position of leadership but do not fit the requirements, resign immediately. Do not view it as a failure, but instead as a spiritual success: evidence that you love the commandments of God more than you love the power and privileges of your position. Instead of being satisfied with your rewards on earth for serving in a position for which you do not merit, you are setting your sights on your rewards in heaven for obeying God’s word, and will prosper in your way and works all the more!

And for those who are legitimately in leadership: stay vigilant. Resist temptation so that Satan will flee from you. You must both be faithful and true in exercising the duties of your leadership position so that you do not cause people to stumble AND remain vigilant so that you will continue to remain qualified to be a leader. The evil one attacks both and does not care whether he is able to undermine one or the other. By taking a discerning look at the Christian landscape today, it is self-evident that as much confusion and harm results from sound teaching and good works emanating from Christians occupying leadership positions that they are Biblically unqualified for as it does from Christians purveying false teachings. Also, it should be said that the unqualified Christian leader who initially adheres from the truth will – as a result of the combination of his lack of fitness for his office and the increased temptations that come as a result of his inhabiting the office – will at some point succumb to error.

Also, if you are a pastor or head pastor: be careful who you put into positions of leadership. Through prayer first and then with all other resources you have at your disposal, only fill offices for people that are fit for them. Also, do not hesitate to remove people from their positions once they prove unfit. Again, go back to Moses in this example. While being careful not to draw firm or deep conclusions – for instance something that would firmly or specifically accuse Moses with error in this matter when the Bible itself does not – what would have happened if Moses had appointed 12 good deacons in this matter? Or what if he had sent only the 2 good deacons and not elevated the other 10? (Yes, it is better to be “understaffed” with fit people only than it is to be “adequately staffed” with a mixture of fit and unfit church officers, as the narrative of Gideon, specifically when his tiny band defeated a large army of Midianites, demonstrates … compare Gideon’s victory in that matter to the defeat of Israel’s army due the sin of ONE MAN, Achan!) Please recall: as a result of the failure of the ten bad spies that Moses sent, that Moses had to spend 40 years in the desert with those wicked people. And as a result of the provocations of those wicked people, Moses himself sinned, and himself never entered the land of promise. Though his not being allowed to enter the Promised Land should not be viewed in the same context as those who perished in the wilderness, we can still take from the example of Moses that when Christian pastors appoint unfit people, or when they allow unfit people to remain in their positions, it is not without consequences!

Be not deceived: God holds His pastors accountable for the leadership that they provide. It is impossible for a pastor to try to distance himself from or “pass the buck” concerning an unfit leader that he either appointed or refused to remove from office: far be it from a pastor to attempt the same sort of “buck passing” that Adam attempted when confronted by God for Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden.

In conclusion, being in a position of leadership in the church is no light matter. One only needs to take a look at our Christian landscape, and then refer back to the warnings to several of the churches given by Jesus Christ in Revelation 2 and 3, to see what happens when the issue of church leadership is taken in such a trifling manner. Christian leaders – and followers – should take the corrective measures given by Jesus Christ in Revelation 2 and 3 and also given elsewhere in scripture to heart and also apply them in our own practice. In this matter, we are not to deceive ourselves in being hearers of the Word of God only and thinking that our hearing is suffice, but instead we must be doers of the Word of God, keepers of what the Word of God says. For God’s judgment begins not in the world but in the church, and in the awesome, terrible day of God’s judgment, who will be able to stand? Let us take heed of what God’s Word commands concerning what He requires of His leaders so that when the day of God’s judgment comes, we will not be found wanting with regards to this matter.

Prayer point 1:  Please pray that our pastors are called by God, that they execute their own offices and affairs wisely and Biblically, and that they appoint and retain deacons that are fit to serve.

Prayer point 2: Please pray that our brothers and sisters who receive offers to serve would pray, examine themselves according to the Bible, and only accept if they meet God’s standard. Please pray that those who are presently serving while unfit would obey God and cease serving. Please pray that those who are serving while fit will continue in their fitness and their faithful service, and that God would protect them from the snares and devices of the evil one.

Prayer point 3: Please pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ that are not leaders will – in a Godly, Biblically faithful manner – reject and refuse to follow leaders that are unfit, and pastors who knowingly appoint unfit leaders, and refuse to remove unfit leaders from their posts.

Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan


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Bill Hamon, Another Transfer of Wealth Ministry Needs Your Transfer of Wealth (To Them) To Make It Through

Posted by Job on May 20, 2009

Contributed by a supporter

However, more recently we have reached a desperate financial situation.  The ministry staff has faithfully cut and curbed costs, but even as expenses have dropped, so has our income.  Many of the leadership have put in their own money to cover payroll, but that can only be done so many times. As a ministry it has always been our policy that we don’t lay people off.  Unfortunately, recently we have had to use this option as a way to keep the ministry running.  Our staff has been resilient as we have had to lay off several employees, placing a greater work load on many that remain, as well cutting their salaries by 10%. 

Bill Hamon, Another Transfer of Wealth Ministry Needs Your Transfer of Wealth (To Them) To Make It Through

Someone kindly directed me to this from ‘Biship’ Bill Hamon’s site here, dated 11th May 2009. Bill Hamon is yet another one in the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) who blatantly cannot manifest what he preaches, just like Steve Shultz, Chuck Pierce and C Peter Wagner preach and even hold conferences on release and transfer of wealth yet cannot manifest what they preach and prophesy either. Something is seriously amiss in prophet land. Why on earth won’t the church wake up to it?

Bill Hamon says –

“Friday, February 6th I woke and felt the Lord quickened to me the story found in 2 Kings 3. In this chapter the three kings of Israel, Judah and Edom marched seven days into the desert, in a round about way, to attack Moab.  They ran out of water and none was available where they were.  Their provision for survival and continuing on was insufficient to meet their needs. They went to the prophet Elisha and he prophesied to dig long rows of ditches in the valley. The Prophet said God would fill the ditches with water.  They would not see clouds or rain, but water would come. water of provision is coming so that we may survive and be enabled to destroy our enemies and reap the spoils of victory.

I know that many people are experiencing tough financial times and others are tightening their belts in preparation for what may come. However, I strongly believe that in this time, more than ever, we must not forget the principle of sowing and reaping. [endtimespropheticwords comment – working your way to Bill Hamon of course]   Over and over scripture shows us that if we will give freely, rather than holding on, He will be more than faithful to bring the return. As a ministry we have continued to sow into other ministries even through this tough time.  I encourage you to do the same.

Over the last year Christian International has faced some of the toughest financial times since we first moved to Florida 25 years ago. In the early days our staff was accustomed to possible short pay checks or even being asked to sow their salaries.  Since we were such a close knit community we pulled together and made it through.  Praise God it has been many years since those early days!

However, more recently we have reached a desperate financial situation.  The ministry staff has faithfully cut and curbed costs, but even as expenses have dropped, so has our income.  Many of the leadership have put in their own money to cover payroll, but that can only be done so many times. As a ministry it has always been our policy that we don’t lay people off.  Unfortunately, recently we have had to use this option as a way to keep the ministry running.  Our staff has been resilient as we have had to lay off several employees, placing a greater work load on many that remain, as well cutting their salaries by 10%.  For nearly two months our staff has done what would normally take them 80 hours in 72.  Some have even chosen to sow the additional eight hours to make sure that their part of the vision was fulfilled. 

In a situation like this, it is imperative to seek the Lord for direction.  So that is exactly what the leadership gathered to do.  We talked it over, sought the Lord, revisited prophetic words and decided that God is not telling us to stop or to back down. Then we began the process of trusting Him to bring the needed provision. [endtimes: by sending out begging letters]

If you have been with our ministry for any length of time you know it is not our nature to ask for money unless it is absolutely necessary. We have a great need and I encourage you to seek the Lord as to what extra you can give at this time.  I know God will give you a hundred-fold return on your seed sown. [endtimes comment –  pimp it, Bill!  And if the seed sown really works this way, why doesn’t Bill give out to you or some other worthy project and get a hundred fold return for himself? He’d never need to ask anyone for money ever again, would he?! But he doesn’t as it doesn’t work like that!]

In 1 Corinthians 3 Paul encouraged the church at Corinth that we all play a part in accomplishing the purpose of God in the earth.  Verse 9 says, “We work together as partners who belong to God…” One plants the seed, another waters and another harvests.  I am depending on God and you to make sure we continue to progress in fulfilling our ministry together in Christ. I look forward to hearing from you soon. [endtimes – as long as a check is enclosed in the envelope – bit presumptive too isn’t it?!]

Yours in Christ,

Bishop Bill Hamon”

Maybe Bill Hamon needs to read his daughter-in-law Jane Hamon’s book ‘The Cyrus Decree’  (or talk to her more?) and then call in some of his fellow apostles and prophets in to do some effective decreeing instead of ineffective screeing? Mind you, we all know what happened when the NAR elite decree’d at Lakeland when giving Todd Bentley the apostolic handshake and ring …

“Jane Hamon…. discusses the truths and the blessings she says have come in the earth through prophetic proclamations and apostolic decrees. She discusses the ministry of the prophets and apostles in the marketplace and in the pulpit. Jane references the kingship of Cyrus as the biblical basis for these proclamations and their impact on the earth.

In order to understand why Cyrus’ call to deliver the people was so significant, it must be set in historical context. The Israelites were captive in Babylon in part because of the foolishness of Hezekiah. King Hezekiah was sick and Isaiah prophesied to him that he would die. Hezekiah petitioned God and God changed His mind and gave Hezekiah 15 more years to live. Once well, Hezekiah invited foreign visitors into his palace and bragged about all his wealth and possessions. The foreign visitors were from a little known place called Babylon. It took 100 years, but the Israelites were taken captive by these very foreigners and all they had was carried away to Babylon. But God never leaves His people without a means of deliverance and this time the deliverance would come through Cyrus.


Jane explains it this way. “Cyrus was anointed by the Lord for a season of dominion on the earth that would result in one of the greatest earthly kingdoms ever established. God’s purpose in raising Cyrus up as king was to make him an instrument the Lord could use to release Israel from Babylon and to enable them to return to their land to rebuild what the emeny had destroyed.” Jane says that Cyrus was a warrior by age 16 and that in the Church today, God is developing warriors to battle on the spiritual front. She says the trumpet is sounding and each saint is being called on to be ready for war because just like in the days of Cyrus, many, many people still live in slavery to sin and death. She says there are people to be delivered, cities to be freed, nations to be won and entire regions of the earth to be liberated by the reality of the gospel. But this current day warfare is not with guns or tanks or planes but the spiritual weapons of prayer, praise and proclamation. Jane says God is looking for those in the Body of Christ who will do as Cyrus did and be ready to take on the spirit and attitude of a warrior for these times.

Simply stated, The Cyrus Decree will release apostolic and prophetic keys to the 21st century Church to liberate captives, transfer wealth, revolutionize nations and build the Kingdom of God!  [endtimes – don’t these people listen when Jesus said my kingdom is not of this world?]

The Cyrus Decree  releases Kingdom keys to empower the individual believer to release power through prophetic proclamations, unlock your wealth and your destiny, utilize your spiritual weapons of war, bring God’s voice to the marketplace, build and restore God’s Church, legislate God’s Kingdom rule, set captives free, conquer idolatrous systems and transfer wealth for building the kingdom…”

(Source CBN here)


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I Used To Send Jesse Duplantis Money! Lots And Lots Of Money!

Posted by Job on May 18, 2009

From Youtube user wordoffaithchannel.
The Tower of Babel was never actually built!
The nature of Adam (Speaking spirit). The Youtube user’s notes: “Word Faith teachers have redefined some of the major tenets of the historic Christian Faith. Kenneth Copeland recasts Adam as the first God “manifested in the flesh.” So instead of saying that Jesus is the second Adam one could say that Adam is the first Jesus (God in human flesh). Jesse Duplantis expands on this teaching.”
You, not God, decide when to die! Youtube user’s notes: “Jesse Duplantis makes the case that since “death and life” are in the power of the tongue he then concludes that we, not God, decide when to live or die.”
Adam (not God) breathed life into animals
How Jesus defended himself

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Tony Evans Now Hanging Out With Paula White. Oh Yes, And Andrae Crouch Too!

Posted by Job on October 1, 2008

From Melvin Jones.

Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due – Or Not


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Kim Clement Prophesies That Barack Obama Will Win. Elijah’s List Prophesies That Sarah Palin’s Win. Who Is Right?

Posted by Job on September 19, 2008

Elijah’s list claiming that it is the will of God for Sarah Palin to win:

Recent Rantings from the ‘New Apostles’: The Coming Election and the Angel Named Union

Kim Clement claiming that it is God’s Will for Barack Obama to win:

False Prophet Kim Clement Says President Barack HUSSEIN Obama Will Bring Peace To Middle East

So Pentecostal Word of Faith charismatics, since these are BOTH anointed true prophets of God bringing fresh wine and new oil – or is it fresh oil and new wine – how can they both be right? Well, for one, it is obvious that NONE OF THESE PEOPLE GIVE TWO CENTS ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN OR JOE BIDEN! So maybe Barack Obama will win, ask Joe Biden to step down, and make Sarah Palin his vice president? Or maybe it is that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS, FRAUDS, AND FALSE PROPHETS THAT ARE GOING TO DO FLOATING BELLYFLOPS INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE?!?!

By the way, both of these “prophecies” seem to strongly hint that Jesus Christ will return in 2012 or thereabouts. Since these people are LIARS, then it is far more likely that Jesus Christ will come back in 2237. Even if the rapture is a correct doctrine, IF YOU FOLLOW THESE LICENTIOUS THIEVES AND LIARS YOU WILL MISS IT! We will be five years into the scenarios depicted in the “Left Behind” movies and these guys will still be making prophecies AND STILL MAKING YOU PAY THEM FOR IT!

Now there is only one theological way – and it is a false theology by the way – that these “prophets” cannot be in conflict: if you believe in the open theism heresy (or apostasy). According to open theism, God’s Will, plan, providence, etc. changes or adapts to accommodate or fit the actions of man. Applying it here, Obama WAS God’s choice to be president according to the conditions of the time, but McCain’s choosing Palin caused (forced?) an adaptation on God’s part. While it is theoretically possible to salvage the doctrine of God’s sovereignty and ultimate control over history with this doctrine in a macro level, it is impossible to maintain that God rules the life of each person with this doctrine. The general direction of a nation and world, especially in an eschatological sense? Yes. Specifics regarding an individual, or perhaps even any number of people? Impossible. But realize: this is merely taking free will Arminian decision Christianity to its logical conclusion! Once you abandon “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” to “free will” in one area, it is impossible not to do so in others. A bigger issue: open theism, especially in matters like these, does harm to the doctrine of God’s being transcendent, meaning His being totally separate from creation, especially space – time. This doctrine makes God’s actions – and therefore God Himself – much more dependent on and a function of time, inching us ever closer to pagan systems. There is also a hint of Roman Catholicism working here. Roman Catholic doctrine actually holds that Mary had the ability to decline being used in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and had she done so Jesus Christ would have never been born, and either mankind would have never been redeemed, or God would have had to come up with something else! Roman Catholics solve the implications of this by resorting to the Remonstrants’ “predestiny through foreknowledge” notion, which is that God knew in advance that Mary would consent to obeying Him, and took it into account in His plans. Again, logical conclusion of what is a Roman Catholic doctrine. The fact that “predestined foreknowledge” contradicts “open theism”? Ah, who cares. All that matters is that one has to reject Calvinism to support both, and rejecting Reformed doctrines so that man (whether individually or through institutions like the earth and government are ultimately in control on earth, making God the ruler of heaven only) is what it is all about. 

back from my digression, let me go ahead and give you the details of the Elijah List prophecies as given by PJ Miller. I am not making this stuff up. I really couldn’t if I tried. (Although some of the “special revelations” that I used to get back when I was in this movement were close …)

The arrogance and power-seeking false predictive words which come from these people is laughable. But when they start ‘prophesying’ about having authority within secular governments and nations, they shouldn’t be ignored, because the real ‘dark’ power working behind, in, or through these people is seeking to do exactly that. The words below come from dominionists and false teachers, Bob and Bonnie Jones andJeff Jansen

A few quotes and link..

From the launching pad of all that is false on the Internet, The Elijah List:

A New Apostolic Government by 2012

In the last 30 years we’ve seen a restoration of the prophetic – true prophets have been restored to the Church. But now we are about to see a restoration of the apostolic – true apostles are arising. The prophets bring the revelation and the apostles bring the application.

These apostles will be men and women like Joshua – leaders that bring the rest into the Promised Land. These apostles will not be appointed by man, but by God. In fact, many of them will look extremely different from what we would call “apostolic.” This new breed of apostolic order will not fear losing their reputation nor be concerned about what the newspapers are saying…


You can’t persecute the anointing and the glory of God or you’ll miss it. These apostles will speak to nations and cause a shift in the natural and the spiritual.Revival will break out and new regions will be changed as the Lord establishes new governmental order. This is not a man thing…this is a God thing!

We will see an entirely new apostolic government in place by 2012.

At this time, we will see the Church being put together and growing into a habitation for the Spirit of God: “…in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit” (Ephesians 2:21-22).

The Coming Election and the Angel Named Union

Right now it is extremely important to pray for the coming election. The winds of change are blowing. We must pray for this Godly Vice President. September is the month that will make the difference – this is the month it begins. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, starts the night of September 29th.

Right now God is harvesting harvesters for the great harvest. By 2012 we will see a genuine apostolic government in place. From there we will see others come alongside and do what they are called to do.

We are in the middle of one of the greatest changes in history. These next eight years will be full of joy if the Church steps into authority and God’s righteous people are elected. It’s time to begin to bless instead of curse. The mind of Christ will be released to true followers with a fresh vision, new anointing, and plenty of provision.

We are going to see Roe vs. Wade overturned. It’s time to bless the United States and not curse her. Bob Jones heard Kate Smith singing God Bless America. This is the United States of America. We are united by diversity, and the angel over this nation is named “Union” – we are united by diversity and strengthened by union.


Bonnie Jones’ Dream

In a recent dream, Bonnie Jones was visited by the Lord. In the dream, the Lord came to Bonnie and led her on a journey. The first place the Lord took Bonnie was a massive storehouse filled with organs and body parts. The Lord allowed Bonnie to put her right hand (faith) into this storehouse where she held all different types of organs and limbs. She felt He was teaching her to have the faith “of” God, not faith “in” God.

The Lord continued to escort Bonnie on the journey. The next place was on a bridge and then over railroad tracks. The bridge and the railroad tracks formed a cross, symbolizing “righteousness and justice.”

Next they went to 22nd Street. The Lord was giving her the key of David out of Isaiah 22:22, “Then I will set the key of the house of David on His shoulder, when He opens no one will shut, when He shuts no one will open.” She looked up and in the distance saw Lake Superior. The Lord is about to do something far superior to what we’ve recently witnessed.

Next she was holding a map. The instructions said, “When you come to 9th Street, take a hard right.” When they took a right on 9th Street the dream ended.

Bonnie is from Ohio, so when she woke up she knew where Lake Erie was, but not exactly where the other Great Lakes were. She decided to check the atlas and found where she was in the dream while looking at Lake Superior. She was in the extreme northern point of Wisconsin in an unincorporated village named Cornucopia – which represents an “open portal and the blessings of God.” Looking straight ahead at Lake Superior are the 22 Apostle Islands. Interestingly enough, there are 22 apostles recorded in the New Testament.

True Apostles are Being Released

What Bonnie saw in this visionary encounter with the Lord is parabolic of what God is bringing in this hour. In this season the Lord is restoring true apostles in the earth. As this apostolic government comes into view and is established, the Lord is releasing new keys – governmental keys of Kingdom authority that will be matched by no other generation.

Creative miracles, signs, and wonders will be witnessed in unparalleled ways as the Lord firmly establishes and confirms this new government. It will look nothing like what we’ve witnessed or heard of to date. There will be upheavals and shakings in the earth that will confirm what is happening in the spiritual – the natural proclaiming the spiritual.

What the Lord is about to do is far superior to anything He has done before.

Creative miracles – arms, legs, body parts, and organs will come down from Heaven. There will be no ebb – no end!

Your source is in Heaven, and this Heavenly warehouse is opening. Body parts will be issued to the Body, but there needs to be a government to do this. This will not be about a certain leader or leaders in particular, but an entire Church government and Body that will function in unity.

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 6

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Courtesy of Youtube user sermonfire

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 5

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Courtesy of Youtube user sermonfire

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 4

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Courtesy of Youtube user sermonfire

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 3

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Courtesy of Youtube user sermonfire

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 2

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Courtesy of Youtube user sermonfire

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 1

Posted by Job on September 4, 2008

Courtesy of Youtube user sermonfire

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Third Wave Pentecostalism And Why Miracles And Signs Exist

Posted by Job on August 11, 2008

I cannot say that I am surprised, because he also endorsed the Pensacola and Brownsville revivals and the Toronto Airport Christian fellowship, but Sid Roth is fully aligned with the third wave pentecostal movement in his endorsement of Todd Bentley. See this link on his website. Yep, Sid Roth is yet another one of the prosperity/Word of Faith teachers that I used to watch religiously and send money to. I continued to support Roth even after I began to turn away from the likes of the Crouch family, T. D. Jakes, etc. because I did not see where any of the discernment or apologetics ministries had addressed him. Also, I must admit that I hesitated because I personally believed in Roth’s ministry and especially his powerful testimony because it was so similar to my own! But I have to follow God rather than man, and that includes the desires of my own heart! Looking below, it appears that Roth has been supporting Bentley ever since at least 2007, because the fellow has at least 16 articles authored by Bentley on his website.

Building Dreams and Visions, Part 1 (Bentley)

Building Dreams and Visions, Part 2 (Bentley)

Discerning the Call of God, Part 1 (Bentley)

Discerning the Call of God, Part 2 (Bentley)

Encounter With Heaven Part 1

Encounter With Heaven Part 2

Encounter With Heaven Part 3

Healing and God’s Sovereignty (Bentley)

Open Heavens, Part 1 (Bentley)

Open Heavens, Part 2 (Bentley

Reigning and Resurrection, Part 1 (Bentley)

Reigning and Resurrection, Part 2 (Bentley)

Restoring the Voice of Healing (Bentley)

The Gifts of Healing and Miracles

The Spirit of Infirmity, Part 1 (Bentley)

The Spirit of Infirmity, Part 2 (Bentley)

What is the third wave? Here is a fundamental Christian viewpoint:

1. Its History

In the early 1980s the Vineyard Christian Fellowship movement began with the ministry of John Wimber in California. He believed that people would become convinced of the genuineness of Christianity by seeing miraculous signs and wonders from God more than by being convinced doctrinally. He not only practiced this belief in the church he pastored, but he also teamed up with missions professor Peter Wagner to teach and encourage its practice in the Signs and Wonders class at Fuller Seminary. Others who emphasized these signs and wonders include Christian psychologist and speaker John White, former Dallas Seminary professor Jack Deere, and Trinity Evangelical Divinity School faculty member Wayne Grudem. Support for this emphasis has also come from the ministries of such recognized Christian leaders as John Piper.

2. Distinctive Views

The movement’s supporters come from various evangelical backgrounds and do not necessarily want to be identified with traditional man-centered Pentecostal views. Some, in fact, have strong Calvinistic convictions. But all stress the presence of genuine signs and wonders from God today. Tongues-speaking is not emphasized as much as in the more traditional Pentecostal groups, but healings and especially the gift of prophecy are very prominent.

D. Other Contemporary Charismatic Emphases

Also present in more recent years are the ministries of several others who have a strongly charismatic approach and emphasis. These include those who emphasize a “health and wealth” gospel; the ministries of charismatic teachers such as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, and Kenneth Copeland; and the current ministries of Oral and Richard Roberts, John Arnott and the Toronto Blessing, Paul Cain and the Kansas City Prophets, and Rodney Howard-Browne and John Kilpatrick of the Brownsville Assembly of God Church and the Pensacola Outpouring Revival.

For more, please see George Houghton’s part 1 and part 2 on the topic of Pentecostalism in general. I am aware that some have accused me of being opposed to the supernatural, of miracles. To answer those charges, read my testimonies part 1 and part 2 of miraculous faith healing from asthma, addiction, and a lung infection that doctors could not cure, killed several other people around the same time (including the actress that played the bride in “Meet The Parents”), and had stopped my breathing (I was minutes away from dying people). Also search my archives and take notice of how LEGITIMATE faith healing, miracles, and deliverance from evil spirits is a major area of attention of mine (regrettably I have gotten away from those topics in these past months and need to get back into them). 

But I must say that I was motivated to finally deal with Sid Roth after seeing him promote a pastor who claims that during his worship services, angel feathers, gold dust, and precious jewels would appear out of thin air. The pastor was also selling a book – with companion DVD – claiming to have discovered in scripture the secret for unlocking the power of God in your life that he was using to bring forth these manifestations (it is humility). Let me first state that Christianity IS NOT a secret religion. It is based on revelation from the Bible that is freely available to all. People speaking of finding secrets and unlocking spiritual keys are actually practicing gnosticism, which is based on using gnosis (secret knowledge) to advance spiritually and attain salvation. Gnostics were syncretists who assimilated elements of virtually every religion and belief system of the time that suited them in order to create their own abominations. And no, the gnostics did not invent the notion of secret or magical spiritual keys or codes embedded in religious texts. That idea long predated them, coming from the ancient near east mystery religions and cults. Basically, gnosticism was a mixture of Christianity, Judaism, and western (especially Greek) mythology and philosophy, and who knows what else. So, the third wavers that are convinced that they are finding some new – or rediscovering some lost – way of reading the Bible and worshiping God through Jesus Christ under the Holy Spirit are actually just rehashing the same vile dark deceptions that John, Jude, Paul, etc. took up most of the New Testament contending against. So much of what we know about Christian doctrine and practice in the New Testament was not information volunteered at the author’s initiative, but rather came from an apostle writing an epistle to oppose some lie that people claiming to have secret knowledge or special revelation was passing around! 

But the primary issue that must be dealt with is the erroneous fascination of third wave pentecostals on signs and wonders: miracles and revelation. The reason is that it is BACKWARDS. This fascination is due to faithlessness by the alleged faithful. If you truly believe nothing else in the Bible but Genesis 1:1, the idea that God can work a miracle should be presupposed, basic, nothing to get excited over. Why? Because it is merely God changing something in the natural realm that He created in the first place … very often things that would change anyway without a miracle! Further, not everyone who witnesses a miracle responds with faith. Case in point: the Pharisees. Despite all that Jesus Christ did, they kept telling Him “OK, just do one more miracle or give us one more sign and THEN we will believe that you are the Messiah.” The Pharisees were simply the spiritual descendants of the children of Israel who refused to enter Canaan after seeing God work the greatest miracles that the world had ever seen to crush the greatest empire of the world AND miraculously sustain them with food and water AND the glory of God on Sinai AND the rock that followed them AND the pillar of fire by night/cloud by day that guided them. What was the problem with those Israelites? Well the least favorite book of this movement, the Book of Hebrews (which says that revelation was completed and ended with Jesus Christ in its opening verses … or maybe 1 Corinthians with its denunciations of confusion and disorder in the church are the least favorite!) it is FAITHLESSNESS. If the basis of your Christian doctrine and affiliation is miracles and signs, trust me, it is never going to be enough, because just like a glutton with a piece of pie or a fornicator and sex partners or a greedy man and dollar bills, you will never be satisfied, you will always seek JUST ONE MORE no matter how much you have already had! 

So, the FAITHFUL who know well and good that God can perform miracles on the natural order … we praise and glorify God over those things true, but those are not the things that we focus on, not the least because evil spirits can emulate those. Do not be offended! Evil spirits emulated several of the signs and wonders of YHWH in Egypt during their contest with Moses. People follow false religions for a reason! And the Bible itself says that the anti-Christ will deceive the whole world with his evil fantastic works, and that but for the grace of God even the very elect would be deceived by him also! 

So no, those who truly believe in God are not after by angel feathers, gold dust, and jewels popping up out of thin air! We are not after new visions, revelations, and secrets. Why? The reason is that those things, while impressive to behold, have no lasting value. They are not the things that the kingdom of heaven is built on. So what true believers love to see and hear about are CHANGED HEARTS as evidenced by CHANGED BEHAVIOR. Unbelievers hearing the gospel and getting saved. People confessing their sins and turning from them rather than using their works, church membership, background, or “anointing” to justify remaining in them. People overcoming the grief of losing a loved one. People forgiving those that have done them grievously wrong. The fearful becoming bold, the haters becoming lovers. THAT is what Christians should seek after and try to participate in. And those are what we Christians should be after. For it is a certainty that demons can motivate tongues and private prayer languages. That goes on in Hindu temples all the time! I have no doubt that a demon can cure – or at least temporarily alleviate – physical ailments. Were that not the case witch doctors, rootworkers, medicine men and women, etc. would go out of business tomorrow. The same with the diviners, necromancers, fortune tellers, etc. People have been seeking out mighty wonders, strange works, new revelations, etc. ever since man rejected the knowledge of God as Paul told us in Romans 1:18-32 for a reason! Not a few missionaries can relate dark spiritual happenings involving the demons that work through those false religions that would curl your hair even if you were bald! Check out “And The Word Came With Power” by missionary Jo Anne Shetler if you doubt. But an evil spirit cannot save someone’s soul or change their heart! So why put all the emphasis on the things that Satan can imitate while ignoring the things that he cannot? I don’t know about you, but while hearing testimonies about people delivered from asthma personally touch me because I was healed of the same, what I really love hearing about is testimonies of God delivering them from selfishness, hate, pride, lying, meanness, sloth, lust, and irresponsibility, for those character flaws and many more I had them, and let me tell you they were much more destructive to me and those around me than my asthma was! 

So then, why DO miracles and revelation occur? Why does God work them? Let me start with my own personal testimony and go from there: God healed my body as part of His plan to draw me to Him and save me from my sins. And that corresponds to the Biblical record. God was not some two bit Las Vegas entertainer performing tricks for the ooohs and aaahs of alcoholics, adulterers, and gamblers. Some say every miracle, every revelation, every prophecy regarded in the Bible played a part in salvation – redemption history, a rough English translation for the German term Heilsgeschichte, God’s plan to redeem mankind from His sin. Others take a broader view and say that it was part of God’s plan to reveal Himself to mankind, with the ultimate and final revelation being His Son Jesus Christ. So, God parting the Red Sea was a salvation – historic act to deliver Israel, His elect nation that He planned to use to be a light to all nations and use to incarnate Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s healing the Gentile woman’s daughter in Matthew 15:21-28 was an act of revealing both God’s love and mercy to mankind. Peter’s vision while on the tanner’s rooftop was God letting the Jews know that Jesus Christ came to bring salvation to the Gentiles as well as the Jews. You want to know about the importance of the floating axhead? Well try this link. Ultimately, God had a higher purpose for every miracle, every prophecy, every vision in the Bible. They were not done because people like to see visions. They were done to reveal Himself to sinful men living in a sinful world so that His chosen among them would turn to Him. 

The main thing to remember, third wave charismatics, is that the Bible makes it clear that everyone who works mighty works even in the Name of Jesus Christ will be saved. See Matthew 7:21-23! The Bible even makes it clear that everyone who receives a miracle in the Name of Jesus Christ will be saved! Remember the ten lepers! They all had faith to be healed by Jesus Christ. They were all healed by Jesus Christ. BUT ONLY ONE LEPER BOTHERED TO FALL AT THE FEET OF GOD AND GIVE HIM THANKS! Are you going to allege that a person who is not thankful for the work and person of Jesus Christ is going to be saved by Him? And let me tell you about the one … HE WAS A GENTILE! Let me tell you about the nine … THEY WERE JEWS! Do not misunderstand me, I am not going anti – Semite on you here. Just let me put it into the context. The Jews were in it for the miracle, the Gentile was in it for the God who worked the miracle! So, the Jews in it for the miracle in this story represent church folk who continually need to see signs and wonders to have some semblance of outward faith. In other words: THIRD WAVE CHARISMATICS AND ALL LIKE THEM WHO WILL ABANDON TWO THOUSAND YEARS OF SOUND DOCTRINE BASED ON THE BIBLE TO FOLLOW EMMA THE ANGEL AND SOME MAN WHO KICKS A STOMACH CANCER PATIENT IN THE GUT AND THE GUY DOES NOT EVEN GET HEALED! But Gentile in this story represents the person not in the church who repents and follows Jesus Christ not because they were looking for a miracle, but because they were seeking the God that works the miracle!

And guess what? At the beginning of the leper story, all ten were unsaved. Both groups were all in the same boat. But by the end of the story, only one group was saved, and the other group was unsaved. Can you guess based not on my words but on your knowledge of the Bible which group was saved and which group wasn’t? And after you do that, apply that Sunday school Bible story to your own life situation and ask yourself which group YOU are in!

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Stupid Charismatic Tricks: The Use of Hypnosis In Phony Fake Healing

Posted by Job on July 17, 2008

Of course, I am a former Pentecostal Holiness myself and count many sincere and Biblically sound charismatics as my born again brothers in the faith. As a matter of fact, this site (and my prior sites which I am going to slowly start deleting, though this will remain) were originally charismatic spiritual warfare and faith healing sites! So, sola scriptura sola fide (and the other solas) charismatics are not stupid and do not rely on tricks. But alas, this is about those OTHER charismatics. Wholesale lifted from Independent Conservative:

Hypnosis Touted as Healing

by @ 11:53 am. Filed under The Truth Shall Set you Free!

Found another good post over at Battle 4 Truth titled An Ex-Faith Healer Explains The Tricks From Lakeland(WOTM Radio). Check out the video below. (Obviously, some TRIAL VERSION of software was used to make the video D .)

An Ex-Faith Healer Explains The Tricks Used(WOTM Radio)


Now when you consider the material there along with things like the following:

You see people are being put into highly suggestive states of mind and BEING ABUSED.

If you have not already seen it, be sure to check out the documentary Mark Haville narrated: The Signs And Wonders Movement Expo$ed. The Movie That Pulpit Pimps and Word of Faith Types Never Want You to See.

And keep in mind.

Matthew 7:22-23 (New American Standard Bible)   

22 “Many will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in Your name, and in Your name cast out demons, and in Your name perform many miracles?’

23 “And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you; DEPART FROM ME, YOU WHO PRACTICE LAWLESSNESS.’

The real “miracle” you needed is to believe on the Lord Jesus, so you will receive forgiveness of your sins and eternal life. Of course God can heal someone’s body, but you have to be very careful that you’re not the equivalent of an ambulance chaser, just running after men who claim they have “healing”. When you should be happy if you believe on Jesus that your sins are forgiven, not chasing after men.

And you’ve heard it said “by His stripes/scourging we are healed”, but have you ever read Isaiah 53 in full? To understand that statement in scripture is talking about Christ’s work for our healing from sin, the gift of eternal life and new bodies to come? Not about you having guaranteed healing of every physical ailment you might experience in this life! You receive as the Lord wills, whether it be physical healing or Him allowing you to experience His grace with you having a physical ailment.

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