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Christian Leaders: Know Your Responsibility!

Posted by Job on December 7, 2010

While driving around this morning, I listened to the Michael Youssef radio broadcast. It was primarily from the book of Jude, and was on the subject of how apathy on the part of Christians allow abominable heresies and sins to gain creeping acceptance first into the church and then in the culture. (Though he did not mention it explicitly, the subtext of Youssef’s presentation had to do with homosexuality.) However, something that Youssef stated as an illustrative point in his larger presentation captured my attention because it reminded me of the long string of ecclesiastical scandals that are occurring both locally and nationally.

Dr. Youssef recalled the story of the children of Israel’s first – and abortive – attempt to enter into Canaan, the land that God had promised to them. The pastor put an interesting spin on this narrative that highlighted the importance of leadership of God’s people, and the exceedingly negative consequences that are borne not only by the leaders themselves but also the flock, the ekklesia, those being led, when the leaders of God’s people fail to live up to their responsibilities. According to his exposition of events, Israel could have – and should have – marched right on in and possessed the land, but instead, according to his words “first they had a planning meeting, appointed a committee, and conducted a feasibility study.” Now I won’t get into the larger issues raised by his somewhat creative exposition, for instance whether Moses himself was at least partly to blame for this failure, or whether contemporary Christians should simply “go by faith” instead of relying on prudent human planning and such; instead I treated his remarks as being “self-contained” within the sermon with no further or wider application. But even in that limited scope of reference, one thing can be drawn from it that does have a wider application: that the twelve spies appointed by Moses (the pastor) were placed in positions of leadership (let us call them deacons) over Israel (the church).

And keep in mind, deacons and other spiritual leaders are supposed to be chosen because of their qualifications and fitness. They are supposed to have a knowledge of the word of God, faith in God, spiritual maturity, stable lives, good families, well-run households, and excellent reputations all maintained over a long period of time. Why? Because if someone is placed into spiritual leadership unqualified, that greatly increases the chance of their failure, and as the failure of the spies, or deacons, in this matter of the people of God standing at the crossroads between receiving fulfillment of the promise and reaping death because of their faithless forbearance in the desert, illustrates, the failure of such leaders has very negative consequences for the church, God’s elect.

How? Because TEN OF THE TWELVE SPIES FAILED. They rejected their knowledge of God that had been given to their people and handed down through the generations. They doubted the witness of this same God after He crushed Egypt and delivered them. They suppressed the belief in this God that gave them water and manna in the desert. They abrogated the covenant that God had made with them at Sinai, and they despised the very same God who showed them mercy and spared them at the intercession of Moses after their sin with the golden calf. These ten spies came back with a false, lying report that the promise of God was a lie, the word of God was to no effect, and that they should turn and go back from the promise of salvation and return the way that they had come back into sin lest they be destroyed by the obstacles and trials in their way! And that is the irony. Egypt and Babylon in the Bible are often used to represent sin. And the wilderness that they were wandering in? It was called the wilderness of Sin, named after the very same moon god that Muslims worship to this day. Israel appropriated the name of this false deity and made it into a generic term that applies to all acts of rebellion against God’s word, or “sin”. So, these ten deacons told Israel that the way to safety was to go back into sin! They came back with the common thinking of our time, which is to choose “the devil we know” to the unknown, to stick with the distorted sense of happiness in the past and the false sense of security in the present to pressing on to what God has promised us in the future!

So, these ten failed deacons, in a very real way, were among the first false teachers or false preachers dispensing spiritual error. Like worldly wise man in Pilgrim’s Progress, they were telling the faithful to depart from the path that God has commanded and to turn aside to another one, one that according to human thinking is preferable, more easy, more rational, more sensible. It is the path that allows us to reject the promise of a better eternity in favor of riches and other pleasures or desires now. Or maybe it is the path that encourages us to reject salvation by faith in a God that we cannot see or comprehend in favor of some system of false faith plus works that we can tangibly grasp, count and measure. Or perhaps it is a path that teaches us that we have to be part of the world so that we can influence it, change it for the better, and be more effective ministers and evangelists in it instead of accepting the consistent commandment of Scripture that we are to be holy, that is separate from the world and its evil and carnal things, as our God is holy. Or maybe it is yet another path that teaches us that the way to be holy is to be monastics and thereby reject Jesus Christ’s commandments that we are to be IN the world but not of it.

And what happened? The children of Israel LISTENED to the ten deacons. They rejected the two faithful deacons who gave the good report and urged them to believe God’s promise, to stay obedient to God’s word, and that though the way may be dangerous and difficult and require many sacrifices and much hard work, that ultimately their God would prevail on their behalf. Instead, they went after the bad deacons who gave them information that sounded logical, rational and sensible to their human thinking and conformed to their own experience of failure before sin, of failing to live up to God’s standard and pretending that there is saving virtue in compromising with “second best.” They convinced themselves that God’s way was too hard, and that God would understand. After all, “we tried.” We “gave it our best shot.” They were utterly convinced that either God would give them some sort of accommodation for their weakness, or that they would find a new, better “god” who would! And that is precisely what the false teachers and preachers are offering today: a more accommodating deity that is utterly false, the invention of man’s wicked hands and corrupt faithless hearts.

And you know the result of their listening to the ten deacons. Not only was the receipt of the promise given to God’s people delayed by 40 more years, but every single one of those people – or at least the adult people – who listened to those failed deacons perished in the desert of Sin. Realize this: in a true, explicit and real sense, not merely in a spiritualized metaphorical or allegorical one, THE PEOPLE WHO LISTENED TO THE BAD SPIRITUAL LEADERS DIED IN SIN! And as those who listened to false teachers died in sin in that time, so will happen to those who listen to false teachers today. But that is the warning to the followers. What about the responsibility of the leaders?

Now I do not wish to acquit the followers of their responsibility. They too had been handed down the oracles of God by their forefathers. They too had seen the might of God in Egypt and His provision in the desert, and they too had been made God’s covenant people at Sinai. And also, they too had heard the report of the two good spies, the two faithful deacons! So what of them? I suppose that the free will Christian will say that the assembly made a free will choice to disobey God. I suppose that the Calvinist will say that the assembly made such a choice because they did not receive the necessary faith from God that was required to obey His Word. Whichever option (or any other) that suits your theological system, it begs the question: WHAT WOULD HAVE HAPPENED HAD THE BAD DEACONS INSTEAD BEEN GOOD SPIRITUAL LEADERS AND DELIVERED A GOOD REPORT AS DID THE OTHER TWO?

The answer: we really do not know. It is easy to presume that the children of Israel would have at least made a foray into Canaan (but even that is not definite) but who knows what would have happened when these faithless, stiff-necked people encountered the first bit of difficulty. It is possible, and indeed likely, that the national failure caused by these ten wicked leaders only delayed an inevitable later failure. (The Exodus narrative does hint at this, incidentally, as when the children of Israel first left Egypt, God was careful not to lead them into battle against other nations because He knew their hearts and didn’t want them to give up.)

But this is what we do know: if nothing more than on an external, superficial and surface level, the assembly stumbled because the failure of the ten deacons who gave the bad report. The ten deacons, appointed in their positions as they were, failed in their positions, and as a result caused people to stumble. And what does Jesus Christ say about those who cause people to stumble? “It would be better for them if a millstone were hung around their necks and they were thrown into the sea!” And keep in mind: Jesus Christ in His statement did not make any equivocations. There were no allowances for the Calvinist who says “well, that person who stumbled wasn’t predestined anyway.” There are no allowances for the Arminian who says “well, that person had a free will choice between right and wrong and chose to follow that false teacher.” Instead, regardless of the individual responsibility of the person who follows the Christian leader into error and falls, the Christian leader who fails is still responsible for his failure, and for leading others into failure!

And that should be a sobering thought, for we know the great punishments that the Bible declares for Christians who lead other Christians into error. (For those who know not of what I write, please first familiarize yourself with the dire judgments of Jesus Christ in the gospels against the Pharisees and scribes, and then please familiarize yourself with the pastoral epistles: 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus.) And because of this, Christians not yet in leadership should be careful and faithful. Do not offer yourself for positions of leadership  – or accept any leadership offer made – if you do not meet the requirements set forth in the Bible (said requirements can be found in the pastoral epistles). If you are already in a position of leadership but do not fit the requirements, resign immediately. Do not view it as a failure, but instead as a spiritual success: evidence that you love the commandments of God more than you love the power and privileges of your position. Instead of being satisfied with your rewards on earth for serving in a position for which you do not merit, you are setting your sights on your rewards in heaven for obeying God’s word, and will prosper in your way and works all the more!

And for those who are legitimately in leadership: stay vigilant. Resist temptation so that Satan will flee from you. You must both be faithful and true in exercising the duties of your leadership position so that you do not cause people to stumble AND remain vigilant so that you will continue to remain qualified to be a leader. The evil one attacks both and does not care whether he is able to undermine one or the other. By taking a discerning look at the Christian landscape today, it is self-evident that as much confusion and harm results from sound teaching and good works emanating from Christians occupying leadership positions that they are Biblically unqualified for as it does from Christians purveying false teachings. Also, it should be said that the unqualified Christian leader who initially adheres from the truth will – as a result of the combination of his lack of fitness for his office and the increased temptations that come as a result of his inhabiting the office – will at some point succumb to error.

Also, if you are a pastor or head pastor: be careful who you put into positions of leadership. Through prayer first and then with all other resources you have at your disposal, only fill offices for people that are fit for them. Also, do not hesitate to remove people from their positions once they prove unfit. Again, go back to Moses in this example. While being careful not to draw firm or deep conclusions – for instance something that would firmly or specifically accuse Moses with error in this matter when the Bible itself does not – what would have happened if Moses had appointed 12 good deacons in this matter? Or what if he had sent only the 2 good deacons and not elevated the other 10? (Yes, it is better to be “understaffed” with fit people only than it is to be “adequately staffed” with a mixture of fit and unfit church officers, as the narrative of Gideon, specifically when his tiny band defeated a large army of Midianites, demonstrates … compare Gideon’s victory in that matter to the defeat of Israel’s army due the sin of ONE MAN, Achan!) Please recall: as a result of the failure of the ten bad spies that Moses sent, that Moses had to spend 40 years in the desert with those wicked people. And as a result of the provocations of those wicked people, Moses himself sinned, and himself never entered the land of promise. Though his not being allowed to enter the Promised Land should not be viewed in the same context as those who perished in the wilderness, we can still take from the example of Moses that when Christian pastors appoint unfit people, or when they allow unfit people to remain in their positions, it is not without consequences!

Be not deceived: God holds His pastors accountable for the leadership that they provide. It is impossible for a pastor to try to distance himself from or “pass the buck” concerning an unfit leader that he either appointed or refused to remove from office: far be it from a pastor to attempt the same sort of “buck passing” that Adam attempted when confronted by God for Adam’s sin in the Garden of Eden.

In conclusion, being in a position of leadership in the church is no light matter. One only needs to take a look at our Christian landscape, and then refer back to the warnings to several of the churches given by Jesus Christ in Revelation 2 and 3, to see what happens when the issue of church leadership is taken in such a trifling manner. Christian leaders – and followers – should take the corrective measures given by Jesus Christ in Revelation 2 and 3 and also given elsewhere in scripture to heart and also apply them in our own practice. In this matter, we are not to deceive ourselves in being hearers of the Word of God only and thinking that our hearing is suffice, but instead we must be doers of the Word of God, keepers of what the Word of God says. For God’s judgment begins not in the world but in the church, and in the awesome, terrible day of God’s judgment, who will be able to stand? Let us take heed of what God’s Word commands concerning what He requires of His leaders so that when the day of God’s judgment comes, we will not be found wanting with regards to this matter.

Prayer point 1:  Please pray that our pastors are called by God, that they execute their own offices and affairs wisely and Biblically, and that they appoint and retain deacons that are fit to serve.

Prayer point 2: Please pray that our brothers and sisters who receive offers to serve would pray, examine themselves according to the Bible, and only accept if they meet God’s standard. Please pray that those who are presently serving while unfit would obey God and cease serving. Please pray that those who are serving while fit will continue in their fitness and their faithful service, and that God would protect them from the snares and devices of the evil one.

Prayer point 3: Please pray that our brothers and sisters in Christ that are not leaders will – in a Godly, Biblically faithful manner – reject and refuse to follow leaders that are unfit, and pastors who knowingly appoint unfit leaders, and refuse to remove unfit leaders from their posts.

Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan


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I Used To Send Jesse Duplantis Money! Lots And Lots Of Money!

Posted by Job on May 18, 2009

From Youtube user wordoffaithchannel.
The Tower of Babel was never actually built!
The nature of Adam (Speaking spirit). The Youtube user’s notes: “Word Faith teachers have redefined some of the major tenets of the historic Christian Faith. Kenneth Copeland recasts Adam as the first God “manifested in the flesh.” So instead of saying that Jesus is the second Adam one could say that Adam is the first Jesus (God in human flesh). Jesse Duplantis expands on this teaching.”
You, not God, decide when to die! Youtube user’s notes: “Jesse Duplantis makes the case that since “death and life” are in the power of the tongue he then concludes that we, not God, decide when to live or die.”
Adam (not God) breathed life into animals
How Jesus defended himself

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Joe Lowery Uses HUSSEIN Obama Inaugural Prayer To Bash All White People

Posted by Job on January 21, 2009

Pastor Rick Warren’s invocation uses Jewish, Christian mix

Obama smiled as Lowery asked God to “help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around, when yellow will be mellow, when the red man can get ahead, man, and when white will embrace what is right.”

Sooo … white people are the source of all the problems? Not just some problems but all problems? And all white people, not just some white people? Some white people aren’t the source of some problems, some black people aren’t the source of some problems, some brown people aren’t the source of some problems, some yellow people aren’t the source of some problems, some red people aren’t the source of some problems, but all white people are the source of all problems, and all nonwhite people are blameless?


Simply amazing.  So what, like white people are responsible for the mess that is Africa that is killing so many black people? White people created the problems in Mexico that causes so many brown people to illegally enter this country? White people created the problems for yellow people in China and North Korea? White people are the cause of sky high alcoholism rates on Native American reservations? And the white Christians who are giving up wealth and comfort and risking their lives to work as missionaries in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and among the Native Americans aren’t embracing what is right?

This is proof that just because you have some title like “pastor” or “reverend” doesn’t make you a Christian. Look, according to the Bible that Joseph Lowery totally ignores, there are two “races.” Those in Jesus Christ that are going to heaven, and those who reject Jesus Christ that are going to spend an eternity in the lake of fire unless they repent. Which “race” you are depends on the race that you are running. If you have chosen the easy path that leads to the wide gate, then you are in and of the eternally doomed race.  If you have chosen the hard path that leads to the strait gate, the one that rejects bitterness, hatred, resentment, finger pointing, and excuse making, then you are in and of the redeemed race that is headed for an eternity with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who will wipe every tear from your eyes. If you are running the wrong race, now is the time to change lanes. Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior today.

The Three Step Salvation Plan

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The Religious Right: Pulpit Pimps Just Like Everybody Else

Posted by Job on October 12, 2008

This morning while getting ready for church, I listened to a sermon from a religious right pastor of some esteem; I will not give his name although I will say that he has passed away. The pastor’s subject was one of the favored bogeymen of the religious right: public schools. His sermon included such typical things as blaming public schools for the downfall of some Christian culture or Christian values or Christian nation that every one of these fellows claims existed at one point or another while sweeping inconvenient historical details under the rug. Yes, I said “historical”, which does not even mention doctrinal or theological problems.

Meaning that even if a person subscribed to some form of Pelagian hyper – Arminianism that would grant salvation to virtually everyone that minimally adhered to some form of superficial Christian affiliation, any honest reading of the Bible would still preclude the “Christian nation” claims. Bottom line: the whole idea of “Christian nation” only works if one believes that salvation is almost entirely based on baptism – which can happen as an infant or on a deathbed – and membership in some nationally recognized church (which again a person can be initiated into as an infant or on their deathbed).

Otherwise, what is the use for declaring a place to be “a Christian nation” unless very nearly everyone in the nation is born again and going to heaven? As a matter of fact, Jesus Christ’s preaching actually made the idea of “Christian households” very problematic, where even the idea that everyone in the same FAMILY would be saved.

Matthew 10:34-36 reads “Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword. For I am come to set a man at variance against his father, and the daughter against her mother, and the daughter in law against her mother in law. And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household. 

So we are supposed to believe in the existence of Christian nations when God in the flesh told us that Christian homes would be rare? Now I am certain that this pastor, again who has passed on, was aware of this verse and its implications. So why didn’t he preach it? One can only wonder if such a question will be asked of him on judgment day. We know what the Bible requires of pastors. 

Then this particular pastor in a sermon delivered before his passing solemnly  and ominously intoned this bit of information: “they don’t want you to know what they teach in public schools.” Which, of course, is ridiculous. Any parent that wants to know what his child is learning in public schools can A) contact the school board, B) contact the principal or any other administrator, C) go to PTA meetings, D) talk to their child’s teachers, E) go through their child’s textbook and assigments or F) TALK TO THEIR CHILD. Translation: if you don’t know what is going on in your child’s school, it is your own fault, a consequence of your own neglect. But religious right pastors and leaders don’t apply their “personal responsibility” ideology to their own people. No, all the bad parents are either black single mothers on welfare living in the inner cities, or yuppies raising their kids to be liberals.

Well, the truth is that most of the “real Americans with traditional heartland values that made this country strong” have no idea what goes on in their public schools because they are too busy pursuing their own pleasures through careers, consumerism, and leisure. And even if they do make the choice that most religious right types would applaud, which is to take their kids out of public schools and put them into private ones, well they are no more personally involved than they were when their kids were in public schools. They simply switch from letting the government schools be primarily responsible for educating, enculturating, and disciplining their kids to letting the private or religious schools do so.

A bunch of wiccans could infiltrate religious schools and most parents would be none the wiser, especially since it is so easy to mask wiccan, pagan, new age, etc. beliefs into the “Christian values and culture” nonsense that evangelicalism promotes these days in order to keep from having to talk about the cross or the cost of discipleship, which is to reject the world and be rejected by it. If wiccans haven’t done so already, it is only because they don’t want to. 

Also, this talk of “they don’t want you to know what is going on in public schools” is based on the fiction that your typical public school board member, administrator, or teacher is a Marxist subversive gay rights activist. (Of course, these people exist, but again they could work in your local Christian academy and most of you wouldn’t notice.) We found out how off base this type of thinking is a few years ago when a homeschooling advocate at the Southern Baptist Convention a few years ago tried to pass a resolution that would have called for – but not required – members of the convention to pull their kids out of public schools. Initially, it had a great deal of support. But when it became known that public education is the largest employer of members of the Southern Baptist Convention, even a significantly watered down version of the original nonbinding resolution failed

The truth is that most public school teachers are working class people with 4 year degrees from your local college who drive used cars and do most of their shopping at discount stores, and most administrators are people who started out there and worked their way up. In some areas of the country, many of them have two hour commutes (assuming that traffic is accommodating) because they can’t even afford housing in the communities that they have to teach. So the idea that these folks are ACORN, ACLU, People for the American Way, etc. radicals so bent on trying to pervert your children that they wouldn’t freely share with you what is going on in their classrooms if you were to simply take the time to go ask them … well again let us just say that I have a real problem with this now deceased preacher’s claiming that the problem is the failure of the public school system that is part of the world that has rejected Jesus Christ’s failure to teach children the gospel, or allowing the people in his church and whoever else heard his sermon to believe that there ever was a time when government schools taught children the gospel, and that if we keep praying, voting, sending these people money, etc. we can somehow go back to a time when a fallen institution that is part of a lost and dying world will teach Christian kids to respect the very same Jesus Christ that the state wrongly condemned as a criminal and hung to die on the cross despite knowing that He was innocent, and not only that but when He rose from the dead created a conspiracy to cover it up! 

It was never the job of public schools to teach children the gospel. As a matter of fact, we Christians shouldn’t want them to try, because any gospel preached by any institution that is of this world will be false. Instead, it was the job of people like this pastor to teach children to love Jesus Christ and to expect the world, including public schools, to hate, reject, and persecute them for Jesus Christ’s sake. Not only was this religious right pulpit pimp not doing this, but the truth is that he was doing precisely the opposite. Instead of spreading truth from the pulpit that challenged the people, he was teaching lies that tickled their ears and made them feel comfortable and self – righteous. Honestly, he may have even been fattening them up nice and plump for any anti – Christ that comes along and promises that his false prophet will set up a public school system that will honor and respect “Christian values” and “our culture and traditions.” We know this already because Adolph Hitler promised precisely the same thing. And yes, despite the fact that conservatives, including not a few members of the religious right, love their “Hitler was a socialist liberal!” slogans, the truth was that Hitler initially was enthusiastically embraced by German Christians because he offered them a Christ of culture, patriotism, values, and prosperity, and not of the cross. In other words, a false Christ. 

Public schools have NEVER been godly institutions. This nation has NEVER been a godly nation. The only thing on this earth that is godly is THE CHURCH. Not any individual denomination or congregation mind you, but the universal church consisting of all believers. And why is it alone godly? Because the only entity that is godly is GOD HIMSELF, and the church is part of God! The church is the Body of Christ, the church is IN CHRIST. Any notion that any other is godly, holy, righteous, etc. or even is useful or edifying or imparting truth or goodness in any way other than that which God gives to all mankind through general revelation and common grace IS A LIE. Put it this way: any idea that our institutions in the Christian west are any more Christlike than the institutions in Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim, or communist nations IS A LIE, and the people who preach them are LIARS. They cannot possibly be deceived, for the Bible plainly declares it. “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” That is really just one of many that speaks of how the world is ruled by Satan and how it rejects Jesus Christ. 

The only way that a person could believe otherwise is if they are an amillennialist who believes that Jesus Christ rules the world through the church. But even amillennialists believe that first Christians must take control over a worldly institution before it ceases being part of fallen Satanic order and starts to reflect the holiness and righteousness of Jesus Christ. Well, that causes real trouble for the religious right person. They are claiming that at one point Christians were running this nation, public schools and all, but that Satan took them over. Excuse me, but how is that possible? How can Satan defeat Jesus Christ? This is not like a worldly military battle, where enemy armies and nations will take and lose, lose and recover cities and territories over and over again. No, something that Jesus Christ conquers (whether Himself or through the church) stays conquered. Claiming that a Christian nation or institution can lapse (or truthfully relapse) into the state that our nation and our schools are in right now is akin to claiming that an individual Christian can lose his salvation! If souls owned by Jesus Christ can persevere, how can nations and institutions ruled by Jesus Christ from heaven with a rod of iron fall away, especially if Satan is bound?

Of course, it is true that things that were wicked can become even more wicked. And things that are more wicked can become less wicked. We know this from the Bible. Take Egypt. It became less wicked under the leadership of the pharoah that appointed Joseph. It became less wicked under the leadership of the pharoah that threw all the baby boys in the river. That is why we are to pray for our leaders: so they will be more like the former pharoah and less like the latter. But we Christians are to never forget that we are being ruled by pharoahs and not Jesus Christ, and that we are living in Egypt (or in booths in the wilderness), not New Jerusalem. Christians are to be ever aware of this and be prepared and equipped to operate in environment. The soul that preaches otherwise lies and unless it repents will receive the liar’s reward clearly spelled out in the book of Revelation.

I suppose that the most irksome (to me) thing about this pastor’s presentation – and that of the religious right in general – is the pretense that these liberal changes happened secretly or against our will against the popular will of the American people. A good example of the lie that this is: the TV sitcom Three’s Company. Make no mistake, it was a show absolutely dedicated to sexual perversion. All of the single characters were serial fornicators with never the slightest hint of shame or suggestion that there should be. The lead character was willing to pretend to be homosexual simply to get an affordable apartment in a good side of town

And yes, the “Jack Tripper” character was part of the longtime media attempt to soften views towards homosexuals that made the world safe for people like Ellen, Rosie, and Clay … and incidentally for professed evangelicals like Miley Cyrus able to make light of it to no ill effect whatsoever. And what was probably the most subversive part of the whole show was the idea that three fornicators could cohabitate all those years while fornicating with everyone but each other? Possible? Yes. Natural? No. 

And guess what … the show was a huge hit. For seven years. No one was outraged at the militant flagrant promotion of not only fornication but decadent promiscuity. No one was outraged at the subversive gay agenda Trojan horse. No, this “Christian nation” watched Three’s Company and every other movie and TV show that promoted violence, sexual immorality, profanities that include blasphemy, etc. usually without a peep of protest apart from some values coalition watchdog group starting a rarely successful boycott or letter writing campaign. Why? Because it was what this country wanted to see. There was no protest, no resistance, only acceptance. And you know what? That was the case with things ranging from evolution in our public schools to the Roe v. Wade decision.

Sure, some opposed it, and a few took their opposition to extreme, even criminal lengths. But our cities didn’t exactly start burning, did they? A civil war didn’t break out, did it? The states asserted their right to secede in order to continue owning human beings as property and preserve their economic system based on free labor. But if there was ever a serious movement that attempted to amend the Constitution to allow a state to secede because of the 50 million people that have been sacrificed to Molech through abortion, it is not only long dead, but moreover I missed any historical reference to it.

And that more than anything else is why the agenda of the religious right regarding public schools and everythin else is so deceptive: the idea that anything is happening other than the people getting what they want. It is based on the lie that we are a nation of good decent moral people who will ultimately earn their salvation through good works and values. If the truth were told and preached, that we are a nation of people who DESPITE their good works and values are still sinners if they do not repent they are headed for an eternity in the lake of fire. And if you are a sinner, guess what, you are going to like and want sin. You might object to SOME SINS because of your self – righteousness or self – interest, but there will be plenty of other sinful behaviors and cultural trends that you will support or not oppose. 

Again, were the truth be told, the religious right would collapse and blow away overnight. (The religious left, which operates on a totally different set of assumptions and lest we forget long predated the religious right in this nation, especially if you include the Unitarians and Quakers, and as such is a different matter.) And that is why we Christians who are after the truth must continue to speak this truth. People will still continue to believe a lie because the truth is not in them. While that is regrettable, the truth we still must promote and pursue.

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Tony Evans Now Hanging Out With Paula White. Oh Yes, And Andrae Crouch Too!

Posted by Job on October 1, 2008

From Melvin Jones.

Giving Honor Where Honor Is Due – Or Not


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Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren Calls for a Second Reformation Based On Works!

Posted by Job on September 30, 2008

Note: Rick Warren is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. His statements here are similar to what Council on Foreign Relations – affiliated T.D. Jakes said a few months ago, see TD Jakes: “saving souls can wait” on Gay Christian Movement Watch.

Megachurch Pastor Rick Warren Calls for a Second Reformation

Rick Warren, a megachurch pastor and philanthropist who is courted by political leaders worldwide, says he thinksChristianity needs a “second Reformation” that would steer the church away from divisive politics and be “about deeds, not creeds.”

Speaking today to a group of Washington Post reporters and editors, the evangelical author said he had an “epiphany” in recent years due to his wife’s battle with cancer and the success of his book, “The Purpose Driven Life,” which has sold more than 25 million copies. Humbled and scared, he said he decided to focus on helping the needy and the sick, particularly those with AIDS.

That meant advocating for a broader agenda for evangelicals beyond same-sex marriage and bioethical issues like abortion and stem cell research. That’s a shift from the e-mail Warren sent before the 2004 election to his regular distribution list of 136,000 pastors, telling them to focus on those hot-button issues, which he called “non-negotiables.”

Warren said he now regrets that e-mail — not because he’s changed his views in opposing abortion and same-sex marriage, but because he places them on a longer list of priorities.

Now, he says, he wants to promote personal responsibility and restore civility in American culture.

“I just think we’re becoming too rude,” he said. “You have no right to demonize someone just because you disagree with them.”

Changing the culture, he said, is not done only through politics but also through things like art, music and sports.

“Outside the Beltway politics is just not that important. No kid in America has a poster of a politician on their wall,” he said.

Warren, whose ministry has trained a half-million pastors, said partnerships between government and industry can’t succeed in solving social problems unless they include faith groups, with their large volunteer forces and their worldwide networks.

“People are so worried churches are going to be about conversion,” he said, “but everyone has a motive. Everyone has a world view. Christianity is a world view. . . . I don’t care why you do good as long as you do good.”

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Kim Clement Prophesies That Barack Obama Will Win. Elijah’s List Prophesies That Sarah Palin’s Win. Who Is Right?

Posted by Job on September 19, 2008

Elijah’s list claiming that it is the will of God for Sarah Palin to win:

Recent Rantings from the ‘New Apostles’: The Coming Election and the Angel Named Union

Kim Clement claiming that it is God’s Will for Barack Obama to win:

False Prophet Kim Clement Says President Barack HUSSEIN Obama Will Bring Peace To Middle East

So Pentecostal Word of Faith charismatics, since these are BOTH anointed true prophets of God bringing fresh wine and new oil – or is it fresh oil and new wine – how can they both be right? Well, for one, it is obvious that NONE OF THESE PEOPLE GIVE TWO CENTS ABOUT JOHN MCCAIN OR JOE BIDEN! So maybe Barack Obama will win, ask Joe Biden to step down, and make Sarah Palin his vice president? Or maybe it is that ALL OF THESE PEOPLE ARE LIARS, FRAUDS, AND FALSE PROPHETS THAT ARE GOING TO DO FLOATING BELLYFLOPS INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE?!?!

By the way, both of these “prophecies” seem to strongly hint that Jesus Christ will return in 2012 or thereabouts. Since these people are LIARS, then it is far more likely that Jesus Christ will come back in 2237. Even if the rapture is a correct doctrine, IF YOU FOLLOW THESE LICENTIOUS THIEVES AND LIARS YOU WILL MISS IT! We will be five years into the scenarios depicted in the “Left Behind” movies and these guys will still be making prophecies AND STILL MAKING YOU PAY THEM FOR IT!

Now there is only one theological way – and it is a false theology by the way – that these “prophets” cannot be in conflict: if you believe in the open theism heresy (or apostasy). According to open theism, God’s Will, plan, providence, etc. changes or adapts to accommodate or fit the actions of man. Applying it here, Obama WAS God’s choice to be president according to the conditions of the time, but McCain’s choosing Palin caused (forced?) an adaptation on God’s part. While it is theoretically possible to salvage the doctrine of God’s sovereignty and ultimate control over history with this doctrine in a macro level, it is impossible to maintain that God rules the life of each person with this doctrine. The general direction of a nation and world, especially in an eschatological sense? Yes. Specifics regarding an individual, or perhaps even any number of people? Impossible. But realize: this is merely taking free will Arminian decision Christianity to its logical conclusion! Once you abandon “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” to “free will” in one area, it is impossible not to do so in others. A bigger issue: open theism, especially in matters like these, does harm to the doctrine of God’s being transcendent, meaning His being totally separate from creation, especially space – time. This doctrine makes God’s actions – and therefore God Himself – much more dependent on and a function of time, inching us ever closer to pagan systems. There is also a hint of Roman Catholicism working here. Roman Catholic doctrine actually holds that Mary had the ability to decline being used in the incarnation of Jesus Christ, and had she done so Jesus Christ would have never been born, and either mankind would have never been redeemed, or God would have had to come up with something else! Roman Catholics solve the implications of this by resorting to the Remonstrants’ “predestiny through foreknowledge” notion, which is that God knew in advance that Mary would consent to obeying Him, and took it into account in His plans. Again, logical conclusion of what is a Roman Catholic doctrine. The fact that “predestined foreknowledge” contradicts “open theism”? Ah, who cares. All that matters is that one has to reject Calvinism to support both, and rejecting Reformed doctrines so that man (whether individually or through institutions like the earth and government are ultimately in control on earth, making God the ruler of heaven only) is what it is all about. 

back from my digression, let me go ahead and give you the details of the Elijah List prophecies as given by PJ Miller. I am not making this stuff up. I really couldn’t if I tried. (Although some of the “special revelations” that I used to get back when I was in this movement were close …)

The arrogance and power-seeking false predictive words which come from these people is laughable. But when they start ‘prophesying’ about having authority within secular governments and nations, they shouldn’t be ignored, because the real ‘dark’ power working behind, in, or through these people is seeking to do exactly that. The words below come from dominionists and false teachers, Bob and Bonnie Jones andJeff Jansen

A few quotes and link..

From the launching pad of all that is false on the Internet, The Elijah List:

A New Apostolic Government by 2012

In the last 30 years we’ve seen a restoration of the prophetic – true prophets have been restored to the Church. But now we are about to see a restoration of the apostolic – true apostles are arising. The prophets bring the revelation and the apostles bring the application.

These apostles will be men and women like Joshua – leaders that bring the rest into the Promised Land. These apostles will not be appointed by man, but by God. In fact, many of them will look extremely different from what we would call “apostolic.” This new breed of apostolic order will not fear losing their reputation nor be concerned about what the newspapers are saying…


You can’t persecute the anointing and the glory of God or you’ll miss it. These apostles will speak to nations and cause a shift in the natural and the spiritual.Revival will break out and new regions will be changed as the Lord establishes new governmental order. This is not a man thing…this is a God thing!

We will see an entirely new apostolic government in place by 2012.

At this time, we will see the Church being put together and growing into a habitation for the Spirit of God: “…in whom the whole building, being fitted together, is growing into a holy temple in the Lord, in whom you also are being built together into a dwelling of God in the Spirit” (Ephesians 2:21-22).

The Coming Election and the Angel Named Union

Right now it is extremely important to pray for the coming election. The winds of change are blowing. We must pray for this Godly Vice President. September is the month that will make the difference – this is the month it begins. Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, starts the night of September 29th.

Right now God is harvesting harvesters for the great harvest. By 2012 we will see a genuine apostolic government in place. From there we will see others come alongside and do what they are called to do.

We are in the middle of one of the greatest changes in history. These next eight years will be full of joy if the Church steps into authority and God’s righteous people are elected. It’s time to begin to bless instead of curse. The mind of Christ will be released to true followers with a fresh vision, new anointing, and plenty of provision.

We are going to see Roe vs. Wade overturned. It’s time to bless the United States and not curse her. Bob Jones heard Kate Smith singing God Bless America. This is the United States of America. We are united by diversity, and the angel over this nation is named “Union” – we are united by diversity and strengthened by union.


Bonnie Jones’ Dream

In a recent dream, Bonnie Jones was visited by the Lord. In the dream, the Lord came to Bonnie and led her on a journey. The first place the Lord took Bonnie was a massive storehouse filled with organs and body parts. The Lord allowed Bonnie to put her right hand (faith) into this storehouse where she held all different types of organs and limbs. She felt He was teaching her to have the faith “of” God, not faith “in” God.

The Lord continued to escort Bonnie on the journey. The next place was on a bridge and then over railroad tracks. The bridge and the railroad tracks formed a cross, symbolizing “righteousness and justice.”

Next they went to 22nd Street. The Lord was giving her the key of David out of Isaiah 22:22, “Then I will set the key of the house of David on His shoulder, when He opens no one will shut, when He shuts no one will open.” She looked up and in the distance saw Lake Superior. The Lord is about to do something far superior to what we’ve recently witnessed.

Next she was holding a map. The instructions said, “When you come to 9th Street, take a hard right.” When they took a right on 9th Street the dream ended.

Bonnie is from Ohio, so when she woke up she knew where Lake Erie was, but not exactly where the other Great Lakes were. She decided to check the atlas and found where she was in the dream while looking at Lake Superior. She was in the extreme northern point of Wisconsin in an unincorporated village named Cornucopia – which represents an “open portal and the blessings of God.” Looking straight ahead at Lake Superior are the 22 Apostle Islands. Interestingly enough, there are 22 apostles recorded in the New Testament.

True Apostles are Being Released

What Bonnie saw in this visionary encounter with the Lord is parabolic of what God is bringing in this hour. In this season the Lord is restoring true apostles in the earth. As this apostolic government comes into view and is established, the Lord is releasing new keys – governmental keys of Kingdom authority that will be matched by no other generation.

Creative miracles, signs, and wonders will be witnessed in unparalleled ways as the Lord firmly establishes and confirms this new government. It will look nothing like what we’ve witnessed or heard of to date. There will be upheavals and shakings in the earth that will confirm what is happening in the spiritual – the natural proclaiming the spiritual.

What the Lord is about to do is far superior to anything He has done before.

Creative miracles – arms, legs, body parts, and organs will come down from Heaven. There will be no ebb – no end!

Your source is in Heaven, and this Heavenly warehouse is opening. Body parts will be issued to the Body, but there needs to be a government to do this. This will not be about a certain leader or leaders in particular, but an entire Church government and Body that will function in unity.

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 6

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 5

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 4

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 3

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 2

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Touching The Not Anointed And Doing False Prophets Harm: Todd Friel False Teacher Montage Take 1

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