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Christians Trying To Force Public School Teacher Out Of His Job

Posted by Job on December 28, 2007

Two articles:

Teacher Draws Supporters, Protesters over Anti-Christian Comments

Christians Urged to Rally Behind Student Suing Teacher

I admit that not too long ago this would have been filed in my “Christian persecution in America” category because of the anti – Christian remarks made by the leftist high school history teacher James Corbett. But now, I think that things such as this are nonsense, just typical religious right Republican politics that has nothing to do with advancing the cause of Jesus Christ. Now as Paul demonstrated in Romans, there is nothing wrong with asserting your legal rights when it comes to A) staying alive and B) preserving your ability to preach the gospel. That is not what these people are doing. Instead, they are playing “tit for tat” nonsense games … since Christians – excuse me – people that “have Judeo – Christian values and represent a Judeo – Christian worldview” have been sued and fired for offending the sensibilities of Jews, Muslims, homosexuals, and whoever else Christians now want to get in on the act of using the power of the anti – Christ state to shut people up. What they do not realize is that even if they win, all they are doing is increasing the power of the state to frighten, coerce, intimidate, control, etc. individuals.

All nonsense like this accomplishes is to increase the climate of fear, strife, and division in this country, and to redirect the actions and emotions of Christians away from doing what Jesus Christ actually called us to do and towards nonsense instead. These 200 – 300 people that are assembling for this “prayer vigil” (since when does pressuring the state into firing someone constitute a “prayer vigil”?) should have been out helping the poor, standing up for the oppressed, or preaching the gospel somewhere, especially in some place other than high income suburban Mission Viejo California. These people think that they are so high, mighty, powerful, and intimidating because God is on their side that they can march on a high school knowing full well that the school officials are trying to protect themselves from a public relations fiasco and a civil suit that will cost them their jobs but how many of them do you believe would spend five seconds passing out gospel tracts in some Oakland, Watts, or Compton public housing project? After nightfall? Then we would really see how bold the Holy Spirit has made these people, wouldn’t we?

And if these folks want to influence the government, why not sue or march and hold prayer vigils demanding that the inner city public schools in those areas offer the same AP courses and hire the same qualified teachers as the guy that they are trying to get fired? But no, you won’t see that happening, because a lot of these good Christian folk honestly don’t want their kids to have to compete with the Oakland or south central Los Angeles kids to get into UCLA.

As far as James Corbett, of course the fellow is going to be hostile to Christianity. The fellow is unsaved. How do you expect him to act? And of course the government school system that is part and parcel of this unsaved world is going to be hostile to Christianity and try to influence people against Jesus Christ. Why do we expect any different? Government schools acting in an ungodly manner is not our problem. Our problem is CHRISTIAN schools (and charities and churches) acting ungodly. Personally, I would rather put up with a public school that I know is ungodly and expect to act ungodly than a church or Christian school run by a bunch of liars, backbiters, self – seekers, and hypocrites. What type of church do you suppose these people that are filing a lawsuit trying to get a man fired for the HORRIBLE CRIME of not respecting a religion that he does not believe in (just as these same people do not respect Islam, Hinduism, Mormonism, etc.) attend? Maybe I am guilty of prejudging, but I have my guess.

Christians, instead of trying to force the world to pretend that it loves you using the state or pressure tactics, accept that the world hates Jesus Christ and rejoice in the fact that this very same Jesus Christ has already overcome the world. The root cause of this is that Christians just like this are ignoring that the Bible teaches us to reject the world. They are following a false political ideology that teaches them to love and conform themselves to the world on the grounds that “America is a Christian nation.” They think that they are defending “our Christian culture and heritage” when in fact all they are doing is being just as worldly as that God – hating James Corbett. If they were not being worldly, then why are they trying to make the world accept and respect them? Why are they using worldly institutions and methods to achieve aims that have nothing to do with spreading the gospel and loving their neighbor? Christian leaders shouldn’t be teaching Christians to whine and use the state to fight for them when someone despises and rejects their beliefs. Instead, Christian leaders should teach Christians to turn the other cheek and be good to those that spitefully use and abuse them so that they can win them to Jesus Christ.

If I am James Corbett or even someone who prior to this incident had no strong feelings one way or the other, this spectacle would convince me that Corbett and the other God – haters are exactly right about Christians. And one last thing: the people orchestrating this whole sad episode just happen to be Southern Baptists. Wiley Drake is a former #2 guy in the Southern Baptist Convention. These people sound just like Mike Huckabee’s folks, now don’t they? This is still more proof that following these folks will lead you straight to the lake of fire.


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