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Bush Administration Crushes States Rights! Federalist Conservatives Where Are You?

Posted by Job on December 21, 2007

E.P.A. Says 17 States Can’t Set Emission Rules

Federalist conservatives were more than willing to back the “states rights” cause in order to defend the Jim Crow south. But when 17 states decide that it is in their own interests to regulate emissions, the George W. Bush administration tramples on the rights of states. Further, this action was taken by the E.P.A., one of the agencies most hated by conservatives on states rights and property rights grounds (as well as for raw ideological reasons). Been on the usual conservative haunts and have seen absolutely no evidence of outrage. The conservative movement is dead people, with the rights of individuals, states, and Christians having been trumped by the interests of global corporations. If you haven’t heard that before, let me be the first to tell you. And please do not commit the typical thought nullification by saying “global warming is a scam!” This isn’t about global warming, it is the scam that the conservative movement has become.


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