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How Could Sarah Palin Have Attended An Evangelical Church All Those Years Without Being Able To Say That Homosexuality Is A Sin?

Posted by Job on September 17, 2008

Remember the religious right and conservatives in general proclaiming “How could Barack Obama have spent all those years in Jeremiah Wright’s church without hearing anything racist or anti – American?” Well evangelicals, right back at you! Second … Palin is a member of “the church of judge not.” By the way, Palin calls homosexuality “diversity.” As a black man, let me say that a person’s decision to abuse and defile himself and another person with unnatural sex acts IS NOT DIVERSITY. Is claiming that being homosexual and being black are basically the same part the new GOP strategy to increase their share of the nowhite vote? But that is just part of it.

Please recall my great disappointment in serious Christian leaders like Albert Mohler rushing to endorse a woman that they knew nothing about! This is the issue. Had Palin been a leader in the religious right and social conservative movement she would have been well known to Christian political circles. Had she, say, tried to outlaw abortion on the state level to challenge Roe v. Wade (as John Ashcroft attempted to do in the 1990s and Republicans in Idaho did in 2006), attempted to pass a law opposing gay marriage (as several states have done) or tried to post the Ten Commandments on state buildings (a la Alabama state judge Roy Moore) these folks would have already known about this woman and had a very positive opinion of her based on it. This is not to say that had Palin embarked on these political crusades that she would have been doing the right thing Biblically. Rather, I am merely stating that her doing so would have justified the religious right’s support of this woman in the political context (if not quite justifying Al Mohler’s support of her for more theological reasons or J. Lee Grady calling her God’s prophet with the Deborah anointing). 

As it is, Palin was none of these things. Instead, she was endorsed and is being promoted by not only the religious right but people like Mohler, Grady, etc. because she is from Alaska (as opposed to one of the dirty places with all the liberals and minorities on welfare), she hunts (as opposed to, you know, windsurfing like Harvard elites or playing basketball with inner city welfare minorities or whatever it is those people do with each other in those dirty places), and has five children (because, you know, having trouble conceiving or being married to a man with fertility problems before fasting and praying and finally being blessed with ONE CHILD that you desperately love and make sacrifices for in order to raise him in the faith sounds like something those dirty people from dirty places like Abraham and Sarah or Hannah and Elkanah in Canaan/Israel!) and chose not to abort her child (which, you know, so doesn’t count when any one of the millions of those dirty people from those dirty places made the exact same decision). 

But say this person were a born again Christian from one of those dirty places like inner city Miami or Detroit who was childless (because scripture says some women will be barren) or single (because scripture says that God will not suffer all to get married) or even had received an abortion (before getting born again and becoming a new creation) but ran a hospice for those dirty people like AIDS victims or a youth center to try and keep some of these young dirty males off the streets and from being locked up and the key from being thrown away with these three strikes laws before entering politics and proving herself over a long period of time of being a wise, capable, effective, and honest public servant (the sort of leader that the Bible praises i.e. Cyrus the Mede, the pharoah in the time of Joseph, etc). Would there be this level of excitement? Of course not. She would received nothing but faint, backhanded, feigned “praise” and there would be grumbling that McCain proved his liberal stripes after all.

The religious right types do not support Palin because of Jesus Christ. They support Palin because in their eyes, her background and lifestyle makes her the ideal HUMAN woman! It is HUMAN worship, idolatry, no different from how artists in times past would sculpt and paint images of gods and goddesses from Nordic and Greek mythology to represent their ideal of humanity. She is nothing more than a symbol, an object, to them. In other words, an idol that represents not the gospel of Jesus Christ, but their ideal of human virtue. A single woman born to a family on public assistance, got pregnant at age 16 and took advantage of Ronald Reagan’s most liberal abortion laws in the nation to kill her child, but then gave her life to Jesus Christ, began an outreach ministry to help the dirty people, and went from that background into public service where she served with competence and justice as the Bible requires? Well hey, such a woman would receive some praise from the right I guess. They might even send her as a delegate to the Republican National Convention! (Assuming that she is a Republican to begin with, and that she doesn’t spent any of her time doing what the Bible says by using her position to advocate for, you know, dirty people like widows, orphans, the poor, etc. Of course, the religious right believes in fresh oil, fresh fire, and new revelation where the the contents of the Bible have been replaced by the anointed prophets of neoconservatism.) But this frenzied feverish reaction? Of course not! Because while such a woman may be born again, loving Jesus Christ, and advancing the kingdom of heaven, she simply isn’t cut out to be a religious right idol of cultural virtue and family values. Why? BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T FIT THE PROFILE! (By the way, any of you remember Joe Biden saying that Barack Obama was “clean”? As opposed to what? DIRTY?)

So it is left to people like IndependentConservative, people who actually are thinking about Jesus Christ, to expose the facade for all who are willing to face the truth because their trust is not in the things of this world but rather in Jesus Christ and His rule to come. Sadly, most seem to want to be deceived because their heart is in this world. Now do not mistake me. In criticizing Palin, it is not because I am seeking some notion of perfection according to my own eyes. No, all I want is a decent, honest, capable, qualified person. Neither Obama, Biden, McCain, or Palin fits the bill. We see this in the case of Palin, who was a member for years at a Pentecostal church that runs a “be saved from homosexuality” conference (and yes, Palin is now subtly distancing herself from that church) and is now a member at an evangelical Bible church, tapdance around the issue of homosexuality. The people who asked “how could Barack Obama have sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for all those years without knowing Wright’s Marxist views” need to ask “how could Sarah Palin have sat in Wasilla Assembly of God Church all those years without being able to boldly, directly, and unconditionally claim that homosexuality is sinful, unnatural, and an abomination to God and that people who practice it need salvation and deliverance through Jesus Christ? Look at the video below and consider the answer. Look at the video and see why Christians must flee idolatry. 

By the way: do I need to say that Adolph Hitler took the statues of Nordic gods that represented ideal humanity, placed them in churches, and used them to come up with this neo – Pagan religion based on the worship and promotion of the ideal man? Well, keep following your Alaskan bear shooting mooseburger eating beauty queen with 5 kids because of WHAT SHE REPRESENTS rather than WHO SHE IS and see if that path takes you to the strait gate or the wide gate.


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Leading Corporate Diversity Firms Says Companies HAVE To Start Firing Christians!

Posted by Job on July 5, 2008

Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

Incidentally, I did not go hunting for this link. It was actually an advertisement that came up while I was reading my email!

This question is in response to a heated debate stirred by Asking the White Guys: Don’t Try This at Home, a blog entry by DiversityInc Partner and Cofounder Luke Visconti.


While I want to agree with you that a company shouldn’t have to allow employees to express (or live out) any and all values, I do think it’s a problematic position.  Since it is the law that companies may not discriminate based on race (among other things), then wouldn’t this essentially mean that you should be unemployable if you hold racist views? And if it becomes illegal to discriminate against homosexuals, then, if personal beliefs are grounds for firing, wouldn’t that make many evangelical Christians unemployable as well? While I don’t personally feel that people should discriminate in hiring based on either race or sexual orientation, to then say that other employees should be fired if they hold personal beliefs that discriminate against one of these groups does seem to be less than open-minded. It’s just closed-minded in a different way. Obviously if people can’t get along in the workplace, then someone has to be fired. But if they can function appropriately at work, then I’m uncomfortable with the idea that they should be let go based on private values. I‘d prefer to live in a country where nobody was racist or homophobic, but who gets to make the list of values which someone can be fired for not holding? Who gets to decide what diverse beliefs are healthy to have in the mix and which should be banned? While on any given example I’m sympathetic (yes, it probably creates a hostile work environment for your coworker to, on personal time, post a YouTube video bashing Jews, and so perhaps a company should consider letting them go) but the ramifications as they play out are very definitely complicated if you genuinely value diversity and freedom of speech. 


This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. Tolerating bigots doesn’t just create a hostile work environment; it creates a hostile customer environment also.

When assessing workplace behavior, however, it’s important to separate normal human behavior from bigotry. We are psychologically predisposed to trust people who look like ourselves. That’s because we are tribal animals and our dominant sense is vision. (Discredited Freudianism and Darwinism strikes again! Why do people hold onto discredited theories? Because even something discredited is better for them than the Biblical worldview that they hate!)

This is why the core of successful diversity management is breaking down those walls with training, mentoring and communications. Education, however, must be backed up by accountability because good intentions or serendipity will not overcome tribalism. (This fellow supports anti – Christ brainwashing techniques, as well as using fear and economic pressure techniques.)

Treating people equitably by race/culture, gender, orientation, disability, age, religion, etc., is a value, just like adhering to accounting principles or the law. (Mistreating homosexuals is a sin according to the Bible, a failure to love your neighbor as you do yourself. But this person is not talking about mistreating homosexuals, but rather feeling that homosexuality is a sin!)

It is up to the leadership of the company to establish the values of the firm. (And they will be getting advice from guys like you precisely because they want to avoid expensive and embarrassing lawsuits.) To be clear: Not only does the employer “get to decide” (what behavior is acceptable), it is corporate leadership’s absolute responsibility to decide. This is essential; a lack of values (and/or communicated values) destroys shareholder value.

Poor values lead to poor ethical practices. The subprime fiasco we’re going through now is a direct result of sloppy ethics. At the heart of this crisis are hundreds of thousands of financially illiterate or less-literate people who were victims of predatory and unscrupulous mortgage brokers. A lack of regulation–and most importantly, a market for the resulting unethical mortgage paper–created this mess. It is important to note that Blacks and Latinos were disproportionately sold unethically inappropriate mortgages, and this was widely reported (by us and others) as it happened. (Note the ever popular linking homosexuality to being black lie.)

On the other hand, the best example of clearly stated values and behavior guidelines is Johnson & Johnson’s credo. It easily fits on one page of paper and can be used as a concise decision-making matrix. To understand how this works in action, read about how they handled the 1982 Tylenol incident, (which is easily the best example of corporate crisis handling that I know of).

Unfortunately, people often get unfocused when it comes to values in how we treat other people. This shouldn’t be the case. If a company’s leadership decides that diversity management is instrumental for their company, they must be as efficient in rooting out people who won’t adhere to this policy as they would be about dismissing people who don’t care to follow proper accounting procedure or the law. (And after companies start rooting out and firing Christians, the government will start rooting out and jailing them. It is all about having good values. Ah, a victory of a civil rights movement led by communists, Marxists, atheists, subversives, and false preachers.)

To use your example, in my opinion, a person who posts a hate video on YouTube should be fired on the spot. (So were this fellow ever to find MY Youtube account … and of course stuff like this will intimidate Christians from sharing the true gospel on the Internet or anything else. But hey, persecution always separates the true Christians from the false ones, the offenders from the pretenders. But of course, the person who puts an “I hate white people” or “I hate Christians” tape on Youtube would never be fired, and this guy would defend it!) Because we have constitutional freedom of speech, they cannot be arrested. (Not yet anyway. But you are working on that right now! Your own diversity program is based on what has become standard on most university campuses since the 1980s, the notion that “offensive speech” is not constitutionally protected; it is the equivalent of yelling “fire” in a crowded theater. And yes, Opus Dei Clarence Thomas led the Supreme Court into endorsing this notion by making cross – burning a federal crime. Of course, Thomas would LOVE to declare anyone who speaks against his Roman Catholic Church a federal criminal. I wonder if Thomas knows – or cares – that the people who put him on the bench to make that decision knowing that folks would accept from a conservative black man what they would never accept from a liberal black man or a white person of any race will be used in a much broader fashion than he desires? Incidentally, Clarence Thomas ALWAYS rules against free speech!) However, a person who obliviously expresses a stereotype (i.e. “Gay people are disproportionately wealthy”) is demonstrating that they need training. (Never mind the statistics that do in fact show that homosexuals are disproportionately wealthy and well educated.) Since we all come to the table with misconceptions, the company is obligated to train employees if they want to achieve a work environment where good people treat each other (and customers) with a sense of equity. (Will your training program go after people who believe that anyone who rejects evolution should be locked up, a position by Charles Dawkins? Or that Christianity is dangerous and should be outlawed? Of course not.)

Don’t worry about the haters who are fired; they’ll find someplace to work. (Not if everyone reads and applies your column!) Most companies have no effective diversity management and don’t recognize the damage that can be done by a cadre of bigots.

The DiversityInc Top 50 Companies for Diversity® list is a list of companies that have superior clarity on this particular value (treating human beings with equity). I think it’s important to understand that those companies will be better employers and suppliers. Clarity on values is a cornerstone of sustainable business.

More Ask the White Guy >>

This is just more evidence that religious right Christians that have been duped into putting their trust in democracy and capitalism are fattening frogs for the anti – Christ snake. It is true that while this nonsense was hatched on our liberal universities, corporations that the religious right has been telling Christians is their rock and their strength and their refuge in a time of trouble are adopting it. Why? Not because “it is good for business” – although they would do so if it was! – but because corporations are of the world and reflect the same fallen mind state as universities, liberal political groups, and anything else. This whole flag waving capitalism thumping religious right agenda is all about fooling and duping Christians into sanctifying the secular, and taking the worldly for being holy. When big business, the military, the state, and even many churches start training their eyes on Christians, it will be the religious right (and the religious left) that helped make it popular.

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Still Support Harry Potter Christians? Does It Still Have “Good Christian Values”?

Posted by Job on October 28, 2007

Stuff like THIS is why so many of us BEGGED the administrator of Slice of Laodicea to get it back online after a satanic attack took it down. Before I provide the link, three points.

1. The only reason why Christians ever supported this abomination to begin with was because it was successful. Had the series been only a subculture thing instead of perhaps the biggest popular nonfiction literature in history, Christians would have never joined themselves to this sin. It is still more proof that so many Christians deep in their heart have not rejected the very same world that killed our Jesus Christ and separate ourselves from its evil as the Bible consistently tells us to, but instead conversely crave to be a part of it and to be accepted by it, and are willing to compromise the HOLINESS and UNIQUENESS of the gospel of Yeshua HaMashiach to do it. A great many of them even insist that it is impossible to be an effective witness to the lost without it. A Little Leaven has this often hilarious little feature calls The Graveyard of “Relevance” that helps make this point.

2. Why are you surprised at J.K. Rowling making Dumbledore homosexual? Not only is Rowling a liberal Christian (Church of Scotland which apparently no longer excommunicates people, no surprise there because virtually no one else does either) who worships at the church of tolerance, multiculturalism, political correctness, and diversity, but HOMOSEXUALITY HAS LONG BEEN ASSOCIATED WITH WITCHCRAFT, PAGANISM, THE OCCULT, IDOLATRY, ETC. They go hand in hand, and they always have. That is why whenever the children of Israel started going after idolatry in the Old Testament, sodomite activity greatly increased, remember? That was why when a righteous king took over after a period of apostasy, it was said that he took down the groves and high places AND removed the sodomites from the land (1 Kings 15:12). In more contemporary times, one of the primary reasons why feminists have been promoting witchcraft, the occult, and paganism (and working hard to introduce them into Christianity) has been the fact that homosexuality is an integral part of those traditions. Indeed, feminists have been promoting the notion that women should abandon Christianity for witchcraft because the former discriminates against homosexuality and the latter worships it!

All of these things are well known to the very Christians that have been defending Harry Potter all these years, and their willingness to stick their heads in the sand over this issue is proof that they are teetering on the edge of apostasy. But hey, when you are looking for redemptive messages in abominations like Pulp Fiction and Sin City (both of which openly mocked Christianity) as leading Harry Potter proponent Christianity Today does because “Christians have to stay relevant to popular culture in order to be able to project our values into that culture”, then oh well …

3. What is the big deal about homosexuality anyway? Why is it that homosexuality makes Harry Potter so bad? Stuff like this is what makes so many of us Christians a bunch of flaming (yes the pun was intended!) hypocrites. All homosexuality consists of is who you get into bed with, or in the case of Larry Craig solicit in a public bathroom. It is no different than adultery, fornication, watching those soap operas, or looking at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. Removing it from the realm of sexual sin, it is no different than lying, gossiping, cheating on your taxes, or routinely brazenly flouting the speed limit laws because you refuse to get out of bed early enough to get to work on time without needlessly recklessly endangering your life and property and those of others. It is all SIN, people. So the fact that so many Christians were willing to look past the fact that Harry Potter was the #2 promoter of witchcraft in Christian mainstream culture of all time (good old WALT DISNEY was #1, yet Christians did not care and considered it to be “traditional American family values” until they started having “Gay Days” at their theme parks!) but are now willing to drop the series over a single homosexual character shows how carnal their minds are. Bottom line: most Christians would much rather deal with coming home and finding their son playing with a ouija board than in bed with the quarterback on the football team. Despite the fact that both are clearly the same in God’s eyes, Christians are more concerned with what they want rather than what God wants, and how much more they will be made laughingstocks before their friends (some of whom are not even saved!) if the latter gets out rather than the former. It is all about being a man – pleasing Christian rather than a God – pleasing one.

Now I have heard about some of the things in the Harry Potter series, and how it is far worse than any of the witchcraft/fantasy children’s problems in the past. There was never any excuse for any Christian that takes the Bible seriously for accepting this mess in the past. It is sad that it took mere homosexuality to make that fact clear. But going back to point #2, you folks KNEW what was in Rowling’s books. You KNEW the character and mindset of this woman. So you should have KNOWN that she vigorously supported the sin of homosexuality and the gay agenda, and at some point was going to start advocating it along with other abominations. But rather than standing for the truth from the outset, you gave this woman the very endorsement and acceptance that the homosexual community has been seeking from the Christian community all this time. And that is why I disagree with one of the points of their commentary: ” I personally think that one of the reasons she did it was to keep Christianity from staking even the tiniest claim on Harry Potter . . . ever. ” No, Slice of Laodicea, it was precisely the opposite. Rowling did it precisely so that the sin of homosexuality would be accepted by mainstream Christianity, and that those of us that still call homosexuality sin would be further marginalized. All of you Christians that have defended or even refused to take a hard line against homosexuality all these years helped her. So how does that make you feel? I ask you that because your own feelings instead of what God wanted and demanded of you were all that you cared about to begin with! Hopefully you can see that now.

Update: apparently Ms. Rowling is a member of a secret society: check out the ring that she wore to her book signing: Did Christianity Today know that? Of course they did. I would not be surprised to find out that they are members too.

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The Multiculturalism Tolerance Diversity Movement Is Greco – Roman Paganism

Posted by Job on September 23, 2007

All right you folks that equate the beast (or anti – Christ) of Revelation to Roman Catholicism, here is red meat for you. From “An Introduction To The New Testament” by D. Carson and Douglas Moo (Zondervan) page 34: “In one sense, the Roman world of the first three centuries of the Christian era was highly pluralistic. To keep the peace, the Romans made it a capital offense to desecrate a temple – any temple. But the plurality of religions and worldviews was monolithic in at least one regard: these diverse religions agreed that there was no one way to God. On this there was strong agreement, for it was an axiom of Greek culture that the cosmos was total (including the gods), perfect, and changeless. Its harmony was endlessly repeated. Human error could be corrected by education. In consequence, most Greeks thought that Christianity was notoriously bigoted and narrow. Thus, the pagan Celsus insisted on the equal validity of diverse ancient customs and beliefs, over against Origen’s insistence on the unique superiority of Christianity.”

So there you have a line of study and thought here regarding to the endtimes. If the beast is the leader of the reborn Roman Empire, then the false prophet will be the high priest of pagan universalism and humanism that dominated in that time. And this shows how dangerous these modern trends are in the church: philosophy and psychology chief among them. Even the notion that man could “educate” the sin of racism out of his soul (see Jena Louisiana: The Black Christian Perspective) or that such a thing could happen as a result of continuing societal evolution or improvement comes from this, as do notions of how improving society with “the social gospel” will facilitate the return of Jesus Christ. Even such naturalistic pseudoscience fictions like evolution come from this mindset. (And if you have read the mythologies of the Semitic and other near east cultures, you will see the stamp of evolution all over it, especially how all of these beings just appeared out of the primordial waters!)

I could be off base. Or this could be merely part of a larger system. Or, like communism, it could be just an evil that will be replaced with a larger evil later on? Still, it really does bear comment and study. If nothing else, it is proof that we all need salvation through Christ and to adhere to a fundamental literal true Christian faith where everything is subject to and ruled by the authority of scripture. All of these ancient heresies: modalism, gnosticism, montanism, etc. If you have not followed The Three Step Salvation Plan, please do so now. If you have, it is time for you to stand up for what it means with no compromise.

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