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The Sin Of Uzzah: Disobedience

Posted by Job on August 24, 2009

There is an interesting tale in the Bible recounted in 2 Samuel 6: the case of Uzzah. The background: the ark of the covenant had been lost some time before in battle, and wound up in the house of this one Abinadab. King David sent his men to retrieve the ark from Abinadab and restore it back to its proper place in the tabernacle. Now as the ark represented the very presence of God and as such was holy, God gave Israel specific instructions for transporting the ark in order to prevent the holiness of God from coming into contact with sinful hands. The ark had been constructed with rings on each side so that staves – rods if you will – could be slid through them, and thus the ark could be carried without human hands being placed on them. Further, even the ones carrying the ark had to be priests that had been ritually purified. In case this seems a bit strange, please recall that these events took place before the work of Jesus Christ on the cross, before the tearing of the veil, and before sinful man could approach God directly. At this time, no payment, no atonement, no satisfaction for the wrath of God against sinful man had been made, so the punishment for approaching God in a manner not commanded by God was death. And this is what Uzzah found out.

For David did not have the priests go out and bear the ark on staves in the manner that God commanded. Instead, the ark was placed on a cart driven by oxen! I suppose the fact that it was a NEW cart was supposed to make this disobedience somehow better. Inevitably, as oxen driven carts carrying precious and holy cargo that was never supposed to be transported in such a manner tend to do, the rough ride caused the ark of the covenant to shake violently, as if it was going to overturn and fall off. Uzzah, thinking that he was acting out of respect and devotion to the ark of the covenant, reached out to steady it. When his sinful hand touched the ark of the covenant, he was slain on the spot.

It is easy for us in our human minds to sympathize with Uzzah. Wasn’t he trying to do the right thing? Wasn’t he trying to do his best? After all, it wasn’t his fault that the ark was being transported incorrectly. He was only following the commands of his king David. What was he supposed to do? Allow the ark to topple and fall over and its holy contents fall out and possibly break? What would have happened then? It is incidents like this that cause many to believe that the God of the Old Testament was different from the God of the New Testament, which was the heresy of Marcion. Or many believe that the God of the Old Testament dealt with mankind in a different manner than the God of the New Testament, which is the basis of dispensationalism theology. Or they simply feel that God was much angrier, demanding, harder to please, even arbitrary in the Old Testament, and those of us living in the age of grace have a better deal. Again, that is if you look at it from man’s perspective, sympathize with Uzzah, and place ourselves in his shoes.

While doing so is human and natural, it is not being fair to God. Instead of putting ourselves in Uzzah’s shoes, the duty of the Christian is to look at this from GOD’S perspective. David referred to this incident Perezuzzah, which means a breach was made upon Uzzah, but the true offense was made against the holy and righteous God. After all, it was Israel’s sin that caused the ark to be taken in the first place. It was still more sinful behavior that the rulers of Israel took their sweet time retrieving the ark of the covenant when they should have done so as quickly as possible. The method of transporting the ark was also in violation of God’s explicit commands, also sinful. And finally Uzzah’s grabbing the ark was sinful. How much sin, how much disobedience, how much defiance, how much evil was God supposed to endure before acting? Why do we, children of God, care more about the injury done to Uzzah, a creature, than we do to the holy character and nature of God? Why do we have this conviction that man can behave as he chooses and God has to just take it, as if He is our servant whose duty is to put up with our nonsense? Is this what we think that grace means?

The truth is that God gave a specific command: not to touch the ark of the covenant. Uzzah was aware of this command, and broke it. Why? Because of faithlessness which leads to presumption. Uzzah presumed that God would be more displeased by the ark’s falling over than He would be with Uzzah’s disobedience. In doing so, Uzzah completely misunderstood God’s nature. Uzzah either ignored or rejected what God was using the ark of the covenant to teach him. Taking care of the ark became more important than obeying the God whom the ark pointed to and represented, and by doing so Uzzah made the ark of the covenant into an idol that he worshiped in the place of God. Instead of serving the true God through faith by obeying the commandment of the Lord and not touching the ark whatever the consequences, Uzzah created his own self-styled observance, his own rules for religious worship, and thereby broke God’s commands.

What is the purpose of religion in the first place? It is to help us praise and serve God. If we pursue religion through the faith that leads to obedience, then religion is a good thing. But if the religion is practiced in the absence of obedience, then it is the religion that is being worshiped instead of God, and ultimately it is ourselves – our own values, notions, and desires – that are worshiped instead of God. Religion absent obedience to God is idolatry, because we are worshiping our own creation, the things of our own hands. That is exactly what Uzzah did when he decided that keeping the ark from falling over was more important than obeying God. It is reminiscient of the sin of Saul, who rather than waiting on Samuel to bring him the Lord’s instructions instead faithlessly and presumptuously offered a sacrifice, attempting to buy and bribe God into giving Him victory in battle, and in that way treating God as if He were one of the false pagan deities whose favors were bought with gifts, rituals and ceremonies.

Now do not be deceived: I am not saying that for Uzzah to have faith would have meant believing that the ark would not fall if he did not touch it; believing that God would have somehow supernaturally kept the ark from falling … that it would have fallen out of the cart but flew or floated on air without touching the ground, or that it would have never fallen out of the cart in the first place. That is false, outcome-based man-pleasing man-centered religious thinking. Why? Because our obedience to God is not based upon any particular outcome! That is double-dealing, working both sides, having a foot in two camps! That is not how man responds to a sovereign God! Instead, faithfulness on the part of Uzzah would have been to not touch the ark whether it would have fallen or not! Instead of trying to honor the ark by keeping it from falling, Uzzah would have honored the God whom the ark represented, the God that was greater than the ark, by doing what He says!

And what if the ark had fallen? Would it have been a terrible thing? Of course. But this is the rub: God has equipped us to deal with terrible things. God has promised to stand with us, to go out before us in battle, to never leave us or forsake us. Bad things are going to happen. Illnesses. Betrayals. Church splits. Persecution. False imprisonments. Deaths. Trials, turmoils and tribulations, wars and rumors of wars, plagues, heartaches and heartbreaks. Those things are going to happen, and God has never at any time promised us that they would not. Instead, what we are supposed to do is remain faithful. Remain obedient. We are to keep God’s commandments, see the bad things happen, and then see how God deals with it. Or more accurately, see how God uses the bad things that happen to deal with US. To mold US. To shape US. To train US. To prune, rebuke, and chastise US. To conform US into the image of His Son. Uzzah should have just let the ark of the covenant fall to the ground and then ask in prayer “What now Lord?” But he didn’t, and the reason was that he lacked the faith to come to the conclusion that no matter what happens, God can fix it. Or even better, even if God doesn’t fix it, GOD CAN STILL USE IT! Even in the most limited human thinking, Uzzah should have realized that had the ark of the covenant fallen off the cart, that would have been David’s responsibility for not ordering the priests to come carry the ark in the first place. But when he reached out and touched the ark, the responsibility went from David to himself, and he alone faced the consquences.

This is why we have to flee religious doctrines and movements that rationalize disobedience. We have to reject the excuses and the lies. We have to turn away from the compromise. We should only attach ourselves to and fellowship with Christians who are making their best efforts to obey. This is impossible you say? Of course it isn’t. After all, look at Uzzah. He wasn’t the only one near the cart. He wasn’t the only one who saw the ark shake. Yet he was the only one who touched the ark! Everyone else obeyed. Uzzah was the only one who didn’t. So, in acting out of disobedience because of his lack of faith, Uzzah presented the Lord an unacceptable sacrifice similar to that of Cain. He gave the Lord an unacceptable sacrifice that can be compared to those of Israel at the time of their apostasy when God warned through His prophets that they displeased Him and would not be accepted by Him. Why should God accept our religion done in disobedience when He has empowered us to do better? If He did not accept the disobedience of Uzzah and those like Him under the old covenant, why should He accept our religious disobedience today, where obligation and ritual and traditions matter more than loving faithful and obedient hearts?

And do not be deceived into thinking that Uzzah has no relevance to the age of grace. Evidence that it does: what Paul said concerning those who took communion unworthy. 1 Corinthians 11:28-30: “But let a man examine himself, and so let him eat of that bread, and drink of that cup. For he that eateth and drinketh unworthily, eateth and drinketh damnation to himself, not discerning the Lord’s body. For this cause many are weak and sickly among you, and many sleep.” So even now in the times of the church, the times of the Gentiles, many Christians are suffering the same punishment as Uzzah the Jew for the same reason as Uzzah the Jew: disobedience. And to those who call us who unapologetically state that the God of the New Testament and the God of the Old Testament is the same God and as such is a holy God that requires obedience names like “legalist” and have adopted a “judge not” attitude towards Christianity, and in doing so lie upon and deceive people concerning the grace of God, please pay attention to the next verse: “For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged.” The next verse still: “But when we are judged, we are chastened of the Lord, that we should not be condemned with the world.”

How many Uzzahs do we have in the church today? It would appear to be quite a few because of the culture of permissiveness that is rampant in these last and evil days. I am here today to warn you: those who partake in Uzzah’s behavior will receive Uzzah’s reward. This is not a warning to the unsaved, for the unsaved do not need to be told to obey. How can an unsaved person obey without the Holy Spirit? And if an unsaved person does somehow obey, what good will that unsaved person’s obedience be on judgment day, when he is cast into the lake of fire with all the other unsaved obedient or not? Instead, this is a warning to the born again believers. Do not use the grace of God as license to commit evil. Instead, reject the way of Uzzah and love the Lord with all your heart, soul and strength by obeying Him and keeping His commandments. Examine yourselves, Christians, as to whether there is an area in your lives where you are disobedient. I am not speaking of sin, because the New Testament makes it clear that even Christians will sin. Instead, the question to you today is whether there is some area in your life where you are persistently disobedient. It may be some habit, or it may even be the result of some doctrine. Read the warnings to the churches in Revelation 2 and 3 to see how false doctrines cause many in the church to live in disobedience. While you do so, pay attention to the context of Revelation 2:23, which reads “And I will kill her children with death; and all the churches shall know that I am he which searcheth the reins and hearts: and I will give unto every one of you according to your works.” Do not believe that simply because you are a born again Christian that what happened to Uzzah cannot happen to you if you continue in disobedience.


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Regarding Carrie Prejean, Evangelicalism And The Culture War

Posted by Job on May 12, 2009

I recall a very recent incident where I purchased my first
Christian rap CD, certain that it would provide edifying entertainment for my
very young son during our frequent automobile trips. However, when the music
began to play, my son put his hands over his ears, and began yelling for me to
turn it off, the reason being “it sounds like the devil’s music.” Now
as I was very much enjoying the CD in question, I tried to explain to the child
that it was in fact Christian music. The child replied that he would much
rather listen to one of HIS CDs. So, the Christian rap went out, and one of his
several CDs of classic hymns, Negro spirituals and similar took its place,
which included “Standing On The Promises of God.” I confess to not having
learned the lyrics to this song, but I do remember something about “standing on
the promises that cannot fail.”

And now I find myself reading Pilgrim’s Progress by John
Bunyan for the first time. I not long ago passed the section where Christian
succumbed to the temptation of one Worldly Wiseman to depart from the hard path
given to him to the Celestial City by Evangelist and instead set out for what
was promised to be the easier path over Mount Sinai to Mr. Legality and his
handsome son civility in the nice village Morality. And this reminds me of the
Carrie Prejean tempest: this where beauty pageant contestant lost the Miss
America pageant (which is owned by Donald Trump, who considers twice divorced
prosperity preacher Paula White his friend and pastor) for speaking out against
homosexual marriage.

As a result, this Miss Prejean has found herself many
supporters in the evangelical Christian community for fighting the good fight
in the culture war, having had the privilege of such experiences as being
interviewed by James Dobson, speaking at a prominent evangelical Christian
university, and being a presenter for the Dove Awards. Miss Prejean’s Christian
advocates have presented her as an example of a bold Christian woman who has
risked and suffered in warfare.

While this is certainly true, as Prejean clearly lost the
Miss America title, was very nearly stripped of the Miss California title, and
has had explicit pictures (some that she acknowledges to be real, others that
she alleges are fake) released by those seeking to force the Miss California pageant
to strip her of her crown for violating her contract, I have to ask: what battle
is it that she is fighting anyway, and is it a worthwhile one?

Again, go back to “Standing On The Promises Of God.” God’s
promises cannot fail, which means that God’s battles cannot be lost, because in
God’s battles, it is not us that are fighting, but rather God Himself that
fights for us. So as long as remain obedient and faithful to scripture and
adhere to the things that Jesus Christ commanded of us, we cannot lose. Our
success is guaranteed, predetermined, predestined.

However, when we depart from the path, leave behind the
commandments of Jesus Christ, and start seeking our own agendas, failure is
inevitable. Oh, we may win a victory or two here and there, but it is only a
temporary fleeting battle won at a huge cost – not the least a great diversion
of prayers and works by well meaning Christians – in a war that will ultimately
be lost. The person who bears witness of this best is none other than James
Dobson, the very same who interviewed Prejean. Upon retiring from his leadership
of Focus On The Family, Dobson acknowledged that he, his organization and its
fellow travelers had lost every single battle, including that against
homosexual marriage, which will become legal in many parts of the country
within a few years. And let us never forget that the great legal victory that
made homosexual marriage possible was a court decision, Lawrence versus Texas,
given to us by a Supreme Court stacked with appointees of the very conservative
Republican presidents that Dobson and his peers spent a generation getting
Christians to not only vote but contribute, volunteer, fast and pray to get
elected in the first place. What do we know from this? As Jesus Christ promised
us that so long as remain faithful to Him and do His Will that we shall not
fail, the very failure of Dobson’s efforts, shows that Dobson and those like
him were never fighting the Lord’s battle to begin with.

And consider further the supreme irony: the biggest defeats
have come from the very people aligned with Dobson! Recall that Ronald Reagan,
when given the opportunity to appoint justices that would overturn Roe v. Wade,
instead put not one but two pro – abortion judges on the court, and George H.
W. Bush, who became president due to being the vice president of Reagan thanks
in no small part to people like Dobson, appointed a third pro – abortion judge,
and yes all three of those judges cast their votes in the Lawrence versus Texas
decision to pave the way for homosexual marriage as well.

So gentle Christians, what we should learn from this is that
Jesus Christ, God’s own Word and thereby God Himself, did not come to earth as
a human to be slain on a cross to pay the debt of original sin, in order to
redeem the culture. He did not do so in order to lend political support to any specific
nation, whether the United States or Israel, or any cause. The reason is that
cultures, nations, and causes are worldly things, and the result of the death
of Jesus Christ was to create the church, which is ekklesia in Greek, and
ekklesia means “called out.” What is the church called out of? The world and
worldly things. Instead of trying to change the world in some vain, idolatrous,
blasphemous quest to transform its sin and wickedness into the image of the
holiness and righteousness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, instead of
trying to give that which is destined to die the image of that which through
the resurrection of Jesus Christ will have eternal life, the only duty that I
have seen given through Jesus Christ and His apostles and prophets to the New
Testament church is that of saving and discipling sinners. Even the good deeds
and charitable works that Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to love our
neighbors and by this way to also love Him was towards that end; acts by which
the unsaved are reached and the saved are to learn to grow in the grace and
knowledge of our only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Now let it be known that evangelical Christians are supposed
to be sola scriptura Protestants. After all, the term “evangelical” was taken
up as a self – descriptive one by the Protestant Reformers. So, I challenge any
sola scriptural Protestant to identify me the Bible verse that commands
Christians to put aside the work of evangelizing the world and discipling those
who by and according to the grace and prerogative of God the Father (those that
the Father gave to the Son) respond to the gospel and start working to give the
unregenerate masses the appearance of righteousness, a form of godliness that
denies the power thereof, show it to me and I will repent of this missive. If
no such verse exists – and I have never encountered it in the New Testament –
then those who continue with this behavior should cease to call themselves sola
scriptura, which means they should cease to call themselves Protestants, which
means that they should cease to call themselves evangelical, which means that
they should cease to call themselves Christians.

This is no mere doctrinal dispute. Again, Jesus Christ gave us in His Holy Spirit – inspired word promises that work done in His Name would
never fail. The end result of not only decades of the religious right but many
centuries of church – states and church – cultures has been nothing but massive
thoroughgoing failure. If you refuse to consider me to be one qualified to
speak to this matter, then heed Søren Kierkegaard; read his Attack Upon Christendom (that is if you can abide theistic existentialism long enough to). So by committing all of these
efforts to works, by fighting all of these battles, that we claim to be in the
Name of Jesus Christ, what witness does the church bear to the promises, the
veracity, the power, the faithfulness, the very Name of Jesus Christ by which
we are saved and are to overcome death, be resurrected from the dead, and
inherit the Celestial City when these things fail? When WE fail?

Because like Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress, we have abandoned
the path to the Celestial City and Mount Zion to the Morality Village, the
abode of Mr. Legality and Civility by way of Mount Sinai, that same is the way
of death. We have abandoned the counsel of the apostles, prophets and Jesus
Christ Himself for that of Worldly Wisemen politicians and hucksters, in
addition to not a few very sincere but ultimately misguided and sincere pastors
and theologians, which unfortunately included not a few of the very same
Reformers themselves, who were not long removed from the murderous yoke of the
Roman church – states themselves began drowning Anabaptists and burning
heretics. Indeed, John Bunyan himself spent twelve years in the dark prison of
a Christian nation, separated from his church and family, for the crime of preaching
the gospel.

Morality, legality and civility. Sound like “Christian
values”, “family values”, “American values”, “Judeo – Christian values”, “Judeo
– Christian heritage” and all the other buzzwords to you? It certainly sounds like
that to me. Well, those are legalism, an external righteousness of the
Pharisees, devoid of the religion of the heart that Jesus Christ gave us. It is
darkness devoid of the Light that came to this world that the darkness does not
comprehend. Of course, a person, a group, a movement, a nation can impose
morality, legality and civility for a period of time by expending no small
amount of energy or cost. Keep in mind however: such moral societies do not
have to be Christian … homosexuality, abortion, crime, divorce etc. are very
much kept under control in not a few Muslim societies, and such was also the
case in fascist regimes like those run by Pinochet and Franco. Also, a
democracy cannot maintain “moral societies” anywhere nearly as long as a
monarchy, totalitarian regime or dictatorship.

But it is only for a time. Remember Lot’s wife. Or better
yet remember the Holy Roman Empire! When Constantine allegedly converted (but in
truth began to exploit the faith for state power – including appropriating the
symbol of the Prince of Peace for warfare, a fact that we should think of when
so many evangelicals unconditionally support the war in Iraq as well as torture)
Eusebius and many other pastors and theologians of the time insisted that the
whole thing was the work of God, that Constantine’s making Christianity the
religion of the empire was part of God’s redemptive-historic plan for mankind,
and that through the Roman Empire the whole world would be subdued for Jesus
Christ. What happened? It failed. The Holy Roman Empire broke apart, falling to
the Muslims.

The reason why is that Jesus Christ did not come to earth,
conduct His ministry, die from the cross, and rise from the dead in order to
bring such things into existence. Those things are not wrapped up within the

promises of God, so they will fail. They are works of the flesh, not of the spirit, so they are vanity. You can fight it, you can delay it, but ultimately, as a dog returns to his vomit (Proverb 26:11) that which is sinful will return to sin. A system of laws and rituals can control an unregenerate person for a time, but that sinner will ultimately go back to sin just as
Pliable, Simple, Sloth, Presumption, Formalist, Hypocrisy, Mistrust, Timorous
and all the rest abandoned the true pilgrim Christian on the straight and
narrow path to the Celestial City. And as societies are by definition going to
contain large majorities of unsaved and in many instances shall be ruled by
them, they will go the same way.

This was the failure of the doctrine of the ecclesiola within
the ecclesia, the actual church within the political and cultural church-state
that was advanced in some form by Augustine (representing as he did Catholicism),
Calvin (representing church – state Protestantism) and various others, and it
is the same failure of the various modern dominionism movements -including but
certainly not limited to the religious right and some of the more robust forms
of premillennial dispensationalism and Christian Zionism – whose adherents
proclaim themselves to be taking (or taking back) cultures, nations and
ultimately the globe for Christ.

I am reminded of the words of the pastor character in Frank
Peretti’s novel The Visitation (not exactly Pilgrim’s Progress granted,
but a good read nonetheless!) who upon hearing an inexperienced and zealous
pastor state “we are taking this town for Christ” replied “not even Christ took
a town for Christ.” As Jesus Christ’s own nation, the Jews, rejected Him, what
more evidence is there that Jesus Christ did not die for a nation, a culture, a
political agenda, or any other worldly thing, but rather to redeem the church?
Now Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection did, against all odds, succeed. The
church was born, has existed for going on 2,000 years, and will live forever.
However, the failure of all of these movements proves that no matter the
sincerity, fervency, and honorable motives of many of the people who inspire
and are caught up in them, are sadly due to fail because they have no part in
Jesus Christ’s promises and thus will have no part in His resurrection.

I keep hearing Christians speak of how this can be changed
with a revival, and have taken it upon themselves to try to initiate one. They
recall how society was transformed in America and Britain through the Great
Awakenings, and long for another to happen. I remember the claims that great
outpouring of national unity and people returning to churches after September
11th 2001 may spark just such a revival, a return of this nation to
its “Christian values and heritage.” It was easy to suffer such fantasies when
George W. Bush was in office. Well, not only did George W. Bush prove to be
someone who does not believe that the Bible is literally true and the final
authority and also that Muslims and Christians (and presumably other religions
as well) all pray to the same god, but this nation is now saddled with a
president about whom no one can entertain such delusions. Alas, it was just
another failure by people who were never seeking the true Will of Jesus Christ
to begin with.

While Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield and the other
revivalists of these awakenings may have had some state – church or state –
culture sympathies, the reason why their revivals as well as the missionary
revival started by William Carey and Adoniram Judson and before them Zinzendorf,
Spener and the Moravians succeeded was because their aim was to preach the
gospel and save souls! Their goals were not social or political but spiritual.
That was why they could not fail. They accomplished the results that they were
seeking because the results were the Lord adding to the church such as should
be saved (Acts 2:47). And yes, that verse does say THE LORD adding to the
church, not man through his own efforts doing so. Why? Because as stated
earlier … it was the Lord’s doing, the Lord’s work, the Lord’s battle to begin
with. Do the Lord’s will, and the Lord fights for you. Do your own will, and the
Lord fights against you. Do you deny this? Well then ask King Saul. His
kingdom, his portion was taken from him and given to another because he stopped
fighting the Lord’s battle the Lord’s way and started fighting his battles his
way. Instead of establishing God’s kingdom, it became about Saul’s kingdom.
When Saul’s son asked him for what cause did he seek the life of David, who had
never done any harm to Saul, King Saul cursed his son, calling him the son of a
dog, and asked “don’t you realize that as long as David lives you will never
have MY KINGDOM?” But it was never Saul’s kingdom to give. Saul and his sons
died, God’s kingdom went to David, and through the One Jesus Christ who
descended from David, it will last forever.

So, Christian, are you laboring for Mr. Legality with
Civility in the village Morality for things that, like the Holy Roman Empire,
the Reformed church – states, and Saul’s kingdom, will not last because they
are of this world and are things that Revelation 20 and 21 states will be
destroyed with fire and replaced with a new heaven and a new earth? Or are you
going to love Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments, and thereby laboring
for things that will last forever, in the Celestial City where the rust and
moth cannot destroy?

Gentle Christian, I sincerely entreat and implore you to
turn aside from all that which is pertaining to Mr. Legality, Civility, and the
village Morality … things of Sinai that will fail. Instead, join Pilgrim on the
narrow path to the Celestial City so that your works will last forever. In
closing, let me give you some words by Russell K. Carter, circa 1886.

  1. Standing on the promises of Christ
    my King,
    Through eternal ages let His praises ring,
    Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Refrain:
    Standing, standing,
    Standing on the promises of God my Savior;
    Standing, standing,
    I’m standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises that
    cannot fail,
    When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,
    By the living Word of God I shall prevail,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises I now can
    Perfect, present cleansing in the blood for me;
    Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises of Christ
    the Lord,
    Bound to Him eternally by love’s strong cord,
    Overcoming daily with the Spirit’s sword,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises I cannot
    List’ning every moment to the Spirit’s call,
    Resting in my Savior as my all in all,
    Standing on the promises of God.
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    The Southern Baptist Convention’s Lifeway Bookstores Is Right: Gospel Today Magazine IS Promoting Women Pastors!

    Posted by Job on September 19, 2008

    Gospel Today magazine pulled from Christian bookstores’ shelves

    Now do not go overboard in your praise of Lifeway, for they also carry the heresies of not only Rick Warren, but also oneness pentecostal prosperity doctrine word of faith T.D. Jakes. But in this matter, Lifeway is 100% correct. Gospel Today made their decision easy by telegraphing the fact that they are obviously promoting being conformed to the ways of this world rather than following scripture with this quote:

    “It’s really kind of sad when you have people like [Gov.] Sarah Palin and [Sen.] Hillary Clinton providing encouragement and being role models for women around the world that we have such a divergent opinion about women who are able to be leaders in the church,” Hairston said. “I was pretty shocked.” 

    Not only is this worldliness, but it is deception and dishonesty, flat out lying with the willful intent to confuse, mislead, and deceive Christians. Hairston well knows that the Bible only withholds from women positions of leadership over men, including pastorates, in the church and in the home. Outside of the church and home, a woman can hold any position that she wants: CEO, president, lawyer, doctor, you name it. And the Bible practices what it preaches, for Lydia of Thyatira of Acts was an entrepreneur/businesswoman who opened her house to the very New Testament writer whom the Holy Spirit inspired to restrict women from pastorates, apostle Paul. Lydia is credited with founding one of the apostolic churches in her home and therefore played a key role in bringing the gospel to a new area, but she was not a pastor. If these people are willing to throw away what the Bible says on women pastors to follow Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin today, what other confusion and disobedience will they cast aside the Bible in order to follow tomorrow? Hillary Clinton’s embrace of universalism and abortion? Or what about Sarah Palin’s refusal to denounce the sin of homosexuality, claiming that she has “diversity in her family”, thereby implying that being homosexual is no different from being Native American like her own husband and children? The same Palin who can proclaim that God’s will is being advanced by our invading Iraq and her seeking federal money to build an oil pipeline in her state says that she is unqualified to discern and judge what the Bible plainly says about homosexuality? And we are still looking for the snipers that were shooting at Hillary Clinton in Bosnia, aren’t we? And these are the people that Gospel Today wants you to cast aside your Bibles for and follow? It is becoming ever easier to determine in this day and age who is loving Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments (John 14:15)  and who isn’t. In many cases all that is required is to open your eyes.

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