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Disney To Promote Environmentalism Gaia Religion To Our Children In A Huge Way!

Posted by Job on April 23, 2008

The drive to the global religion – and economy and politics based on it – continues. See link below.

Disney to make environmental films

Look, Satan is using all resources at his disposal: media, entertainment, the education system, the courts, false churches, “modern medicine“, etc. to lure, entice, corrupt, and pervert children. So what excuse to Christians have for not evangelizing children? It needs to be done, people! Charles Spurgeon stated that a child can accept the gospel and be born again in Jesus Christ as young as five years old! Satan, obviously, starts seducing kids even earlier!

Click Here For Videos To Help You Learn How To Evangelize A Child


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Neuroiconoclasticskeptisiser Alert: Disney Film The Golden Compass Promoting Atheism

Posted by Job on November 27, 2007

“Yet when I preach the gospel, I cannot boast, for I am compelled to preach.
Woe to me if I do not preach the gospel!” 1 Corinthians 9:16

The assault on the Christian faith continues in earnest, while some are
fighting back! There is a new movie hitting theaters worldwide the first
week of December to cash in on the Christmas season. This is a wonderful
movie geared to teach children there is no God and to indoctrinate them from
their earliest years to become atheists. The movie called “The Golden
Compass” is a movie adaptation of a book series by the atheist and a bold
and brazen hater of the Christian faith, Philip Pullman. The Golden Compass
is the first in a fantasy trilogy of books entitled “His Darkest Materials.”
Pullman’s books are designed to spread his atheistic beliefs to children,
and the hero of his story acutally kills “god.”

The movie version of Pullman’s book intentionally left out the Godless
themes. Many feel this was not only done to make the movie more accepted by
a mainstream audience, but in an attempt to create a hype around Pullman’s
books which are clearly written to teach children the Christian faith is a
myth, there is no God, and the church is an organization that tortures and
kills children. There is no doubt that if the movie does well at the box
office, sales of his books will sky rocket. For a complete review of this
movie and book series written by my dear friend Dr. Ted Baehr for
WorldNetDaily, go to:

I am sharing this with you today for several reasons. First of course, is
to warn parents to keep their children away from both the movie and the
books. Second though, is to make the case again that in this dark, fallen,
and increasingly Godless world, Christians better start speaking up, better
start competing for the hearts, minds, and SOULS of men since that is the
real battle! While most Christians are too busy with their lives to care
about the world around them, tools of satan like Pullman are busy spreading
their gospel of death and destruction, and without conscience purposely
targeting children.

They understand the better percentage of 2 full generations have never been
to church, so they have virtually no resistance in lying to children there
is no God, Christians are weak and pathetic, and the church is only about
money and power. JK Rowling already proved how easy it is to reach children
with her “stories” glorifying witchcraft, wizardry, and sorcery, while
parents were either too busy to care what their children were reading or
actually helped in making her garbage available to them. Why would a parent
who has a weak belief in God or none at all, rejects the Bible as Truth,
doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus, and never goes to church, care if
their children were reading books that promoted atheism?

On the positive side of the movie theater aisle is the movie “Bella.” Bella
is a small, independently produced film that won the People’s Choice award
at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival. It isn’t riddled with sex and violence,
but is a wonderful story of life. It is about a young woman who finds
herself pregnant, contemplates having an abortion, but decides to KEEP THE
BABY! It is a movie where God is a prominent thread throughout and takes a
clear stand that life is precious. This is a movie families SHOULD see with
their children, since it gives you great opportunities as you eat pizza or
ice cream afterwards, to reinforce the powerful lessons of life this movie

So my friend, the battle wages on. That shrinking minority of people who
love Jesus will stay away from “The Golden Compass,” while the masses flock
to it and then to the books. This movie and the books will only reinforce
in the minds of those who are growing up void of God that there is no such
being, that Christians are mentally unstable people who hate everyone, that
the Bible is a book of fictional stories, and believing in Jesus is no
different than believing in Santa Claus! This is the growing mindset of the
masses my friend, and now God-haters like Pullman are helping to
indoctrinate and reinforce these ideas in the impressionable minds of

What can you do? KEEP SPEAKING OUT WHEN YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY! Don’t back down at work, at school, in the gym, in the grocery store line. Rise
up and take your stand for Christ and His Truth. Why are those who follow
satan fearless and bold and never hesitate to state what THEY believe, while
followers of Christ are afraid and timid and will hold their tongue instead

I love you and care about you so much. A newspaper reporter recently wrote,
“Bill Keller says what many feel and would like to say, but simply don’t
have the nerve to or the platform.” I agree with that. I understand
everyone is not called to the marketplace to battle with men like Howard
Stern, the homosexual activists, those who promote the false religion of
Islam, those who aggressively promote atheism, members of the cults like
the Mormons, the JW’s, the Scientologists, the Masons, Kabbala, and others.
We all have our calling. God has called me to the front lines to battle
these tools of satan with His Truth and the eternal hope we have in a
personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Listen, I could have easily built a huge Christian organization over these
past years. I could have a staff of hundreds, a new glass building, a new
Gulfstream, mansions, new luxury cars. All I had to do was play the same
politically correct game everyone else is playing, target my message to
those who I know will agree with it, don’t offend people by warning them
they will die and go to hell without Jesus, compromise the absolutes of the
Bible when it makes good business sense, and play the political games to be
in the right circles. Trust me my friend, I could easily do ALL of that and
build a nice personal empire. BUT I AM NOT HERE TO BUILD MY KINGDOM, BUT

John the Baptist preached in the wilderness, I preach out of the back of a
used car lot. I am shunned by the religious establishment of the day
because I refuse to play their games. Those who have become “leaders” by
virtue of their building big organizations simply dismiss me as some fringe
loudmouth in Florida who doesn’t get it. No, I do get it. I don’t get
these “men of God” whose motivation is the mammon and temporary pleasures
and power of this world rather than the souls of men. But that is OK since
when I take my last breath, it won’t be any of those men who I will stand
before, it will be God Himself! When I lay my head down for the few hours
of sleep I get each night, it is God who I have to be at peace with.

I challenge you today. For those who love the Lord and have committed your
life to Him, GET BUSY SERVING HIM! Now more than ever God needs His
children busy about His business. I know we have all been called to serve
Him in different ways. Some God has blessed with great positions in the
business community, others with lots of resources. I can only ask you to
pray about helping me. I am willing to put my life literally on the line
for the Gospel, to take His Truth to the heart of where satan operates in
the secular TV arena as well as aggressively and interactively on the
Internet. I have nothing but my faith. My wife and I live month to month
by the grace of God. I am only able to bring God’s message of hope and
everlasting life through Jesus because of the prayers and sacrifice of so
many friends like yourself. So while you pray about how you can serve the
Lord each day, also pray about how you can help me as we take our bold and
visible stand for Christ in the marketplace each day. Together, we have, we
are, and we will continue, to make an impact for Christ!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY? The fact is you will die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

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Time To Get Out The Rat Poison And Kill Mickey Mouse

Posted by Job on November 6, 2007

I’m not sure if there was ever a Devotional that made me as sad to write as
this one, but it is time to get out the rat poison and get rid of Mickey
Mouse. I was a child in the ’60s and grew up with Mickey, Donald Duck, and
Goofy. Every Sunday night on TV I watched Walt Disney’s Wide World of
Entertainment. The great movies I grew up watching were the Disney classics.
To this day, I vividly remember in 1974 going on what would be my first of
many trips to Disneyworld in the Orlando area. It is one of those magical
places that is exciting if you are 5 or 50! That is why it is so difficult
for me to tell you today that it is time to get rid of Mickey Mouse!

The Disney empire, founded by Walt Disney, sadly went corporate many years
ago. While they have tried to maintain and promote that “family friendly”
image that made Disney such a treasured name, they have not been able to
hide the fact that over the years they have traded in that image and the
good name of Disney for profits. In addition to Walt Disney Pictures, they
also own Touchstone Pictures, Miramax Films, Buena Vista Home Entertainment,
and others. It is under these other names that they produce and profit off
of motion pictures promoting sex, violence, torture, and whatever depravity
you can name. No matter how they try to hide it, these are Disney owned

Of course, Disney also owns ABC Television. Despite that fact, they have not
been shy in producing garbage like Desperate Housewives and other
programming to capitalize on the moral decay of our society. ABC also owns
The View which used to employ Rosie O’Donnell. Wonder how long Walt would
have put up with her anti-Christian, anti-government, pro homosexual views
on life? My guess is she would have been yanked off the set in the middle of
the program the first time she launched into one of her outrageous tirades
that have become her trademark. Disney also owns cable television, radio,
and publishing properties that continuously put out content that is anything
but “family friendly.”

Of course, the centerpiece of the Disney corporate empire are the theme
parks. In addition to Disneyland in the Los Angeles area and Disneyworld in
the Orlando area, you also have Disney theme parks in Tokyo, Paris, and Hong
Kong. Over the years, I have taken the folks at Disney to task for their
support of “Gay Days” at their parks. While they initially tried to distance
themselves from these gatherings of people who have chosen to commit the sin
of homosexuality, they now openly and without shame help to promote and
support these special days when they welcome with open arms men and women
who have chosen to engage in this unnatural and deviant form of sexual

The final straw came for me a few months ago when Disney announced they will
now welcome same-sex couples to get married at their Disney theme parks. It
has long been a special package Disney has offered to people wanting to get
married at the Disney parks. Thousands and thousands of weddings have taken
place at Disney parks over the years. Until a few weeks ago, they had a
policy that only allowed marriages with a legal marriage license. In an
Associated Press article by Gary Gentile, Disney Parks and Resorts spokesman
Donn Walker said this change is in line with Disney’s long-standing policy
of welcoming every guest to the inclusive environments at the company’s
theme parks. “We want everyone who comes to celebrate a special occasion at
Disney to feel welcome and respected,” Walker told the AP.

Now I am certain many people reading this are thinking, with all the
problems in my life, in the world, who cares if gay people get married at
Disney? Fair question. Here is why we not only should care, but MUST care!
In the wake of the Imus fiasco earlier this year, one thing stood out to me
crystal clear that I shared with you when I dealt with that whole issue. We
of the reason is that we have chosen to take ourselves out of the public
arena and retreat to the safety of the Christian trough years ago. The few
who did stay to try and bring Truth to the world were marginalized,
stereotyped, mocked, and ignored. The other part of that reason is that we
are so fractured, we don’t speak with one voice but many, thus there is no
clear and concise message.

The fact is we have the numbers, we have the ability to not only be heard
but institute change. We have the ability to make a difference on the key
social issues of our day. But there are only a few who are willing to stand
up and be heard without compromising the Truth of God’s Word. Sadly, none of
these people have the ability to bring Christians across all of the barriers
we have erected to divide ourselves from each other making it is easy to
dismiss those few as “nutcases,” “whackos,” and “extremists.” So it has been
easier for most to simply retreat to the safety and profitability of the
Christian trough, focus on those who are friendly to them and their message,
those who will financially support them, and not care about even trying to
bring the Body together or reach out to the lost and hurting. To them, those
goals are a waste of time, energy and not worth the “investment.”

I love you and care about you so much. I am NOT telling you to quit watching
ABC, or going to watch movies put out by Disney movie studios, or to stop
taking your kids to Disney theme parks. That is a principled choice YOU need
to make. I am telling you that the Mickey Mouse of 2007 is NOT the Mickey
Mouse created by Walt Disney. The current Mickey Mouse has sold his soul to
satan for money. While he still wants to be seen as the friend of the
family, the fact is he has no conscience and will do whatever it takes to
add a few cents to the bottom line of the Disney balance sheets. While we
used to think of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, it won’t be long before we
see Mickey Mouse with Mark Mouse!!!

Sadly, because so many men and women of God have also sold out for the
bottom line, there is no real voice to lead the Christian community. Due to
the fact everyone relies on people to give them money, they are more
interested in focusing their time and effort on those who will support them
than working to reach across the man-made walls we have built that divide
us. They don’t preach a pure message of Truth and hope since they have to
focus each message on how to raise money. Thus, we are divided into our
little fiefdoms, with no real voice, even though the numbers are there to
make an incredible impact on this nation and world if we could come together
as one.

Now maybe you can better understand my heart and vision. That is why I am
feverishly working on not only getting the Liveprayer TV program back on a
national platform, but supported by corporate dollars so that I have no
concerns other than to bring God’s Truth and the hope and love of Jesus
Christ to the lost and hurting and being a non-threatening conduit for all
Believers to have their voice heard. I should be able to sit down with the
folks at Disney and let them know that if they allow same sex marriages to
occur at their parks, they can forget any support from the Christian
community. Let them make a business decision. We should be able to wield
that type of influence in all areas of our culture as well as politically.
We have the numbers, we simply don’t have the voice and unity.

I will be praying for you. Praying that you will seek the Lord whether your
family needs to continue to support Disney with your dollars. I will also
ask you to be praying as God continues to open the right doors to bring the
right people into the life of this ministry as we seek to establish
Liveprayer as a place all Believers can look to to bring the Truth of God’s
Word into the marketplace and take a stand for righteousness in the
marketplace. *If charlatans like Jackson and Sharpton can invoke their will
on society, if a group of people who choose to engage in sex God calls a sin
and an abomination can invoke their will on society, it is time that the
people of God who stand on His Truth and righteousness to invoke GOD’S WILL
on society!!!

Mickey Mouse has sold his soul, he is not the Mickey Mouse Walt Disney
created those many years ago. It is time for him to go!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

If I can help you in any way you can contact me through my personal email at:

die one day.  At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

***I am excited to let you know that the Liveprayer Daily Devotional is now
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Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling, 1-727-342-5673
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So Are You Going To Take Your Kids To See The Ten Commandments?

Posted by Job on October 16, 2007

Original link here.

Disney Bans God From “The Ten Commandments” Movie Ads

We were stunned when we learned that Radio Disney has required that the words “chosen by God” be removed from advertising it airs to promote the new Promenade Pictures film, The Ten Commandments. The ads originally stated that Moses was “chosen by God.” An email from Radio Disney to a media buyer about requiring the censorship is posted online at, along with an audio of the original ad and the censored ad.

On its website, Radio Disney promotes other movies with references to mythical gods, Tiki gods, Navaho gods and animal gods. Radio Disney claims to be the “ultimate music environment for kids and families.” Their actions offends families who believe that Moses was chosen by the God of the Bible.

Read our News Release for details about this great movie and for more information on Promenade Pictures and its leadership team, Frank Yablans and Cindy Bond. We had the pleasure of meeting Cindy Bond at a church showing on Saturday and were impressed by her sincere commitment to bringing positive Biblically-based films to Hollywood.

Frank Yablans, CEO of Promenade Pictures, reported to Liberty Counsel, “We were told to delete the reference that Moses was ‘Chosen by God.’ Who does Disney Radio think chose Moses – Tinkerbell?”

The Ten Commandments will start showing in theaters nationwide on October 19. It has already been previewed on Daystar satellite television network and in more than 70 churches. The previews start with Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mathew D. Staver appearing in a 3-minute video explaining the importance of the Ten Commandments. We encourage you to show your support for the Ten Commandments by going to see it as soon as it comes to your community.

Liberty Counsel is launching a petition drive to ask Radio Disney to stop its ridiculous censorship of the word “God.” Be sure to check our website at sometime tomorrow for details! Pass this email to your entire address book.

Watch Liberty Counsel’s 3-minute video on the importance of the Ten Commandments. (Download the free QuickTime player for Windows or Mac, at and watch the video).

Watch the movie trailer.

Listen to the original movie ad that Promenade Pictures wanted to air on Radio Disney.

Listen to the movie ad that Radio Disney agreed to play because it censored “chosen by God” and replaced it with “from Promenade Pictures.”

See the email from Disney

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