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Uganda’s Anglicans to boycott Anglican Meeting

Posted by Job on February 14, 2008

Uganda’s Anglicans to boycott Lambeth

The Anglican Church of Uganda has announced it will not be joining
the Lambeth Conference when it takes place in Canterbury this July,
citing anguish over the liberal direction of the Episcopal Church in
the US. The Ugandan Church joins Nigeria and Rwanda in boycotting the
conference, which brings together senior Anglican clergy every ten
years to discuss key issues affecting the worldwide Anglican Communion.

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, the Most Rev Henry Orombi,
pointed to the US Church’s decision to consecrate the openly homosexual
Gene Robinson as Bishop of New Hampshire in 2003. His consecration, Archbishop Orombi said, was in “flagrant disregard” of Resolution 1.10 passed at Lambeth in 1998, which rejected “homosexual practice as incompatible with Scripture”. (Interesting that even the conservatives are appealing to human authority rather than God’s by noting that the gay rights activists are merely breaking church rules rather than simply stating that they are violating and have no regard for the inspired infallible final and completely authoritative Word of God, the Bible. This demonstrates how being in communion with heretics can only result in having some of the stink of their trash rubbing off on you.)

Bishop Robinson’s consecration had, he continued, “divided the Anglican Communion in a profound way”. Archbishop Orombi went on to express anger at the US Episcopal
Church for continuing to bless same-sex unions, despite such blessings
being rejected by bishops at Lambeth 1998.

In December 2006, the House of Bishops of the Church of Uganda
endorsed a statement from the Council of Anglican Provinces of Africa
entitled The Road to Lambeth, which called for a solution to be found
to the crisis over the US Episcopal Church’s active endorsement of
homosexuality before the next Lambeth Conference.

“Since this crisis has not yet been resolved, the bishops of the
Church of Uganda have resolved that they will not be participating in
the Lambeth Conference,” said Archbishop Orombi, adding that the
Provincial Assembly Standing Committee had strongly endorsed the

He added that the decision to stay away from Lambeth had been made
to protest invitations from the Archbishop of Canterbury to US
Episcopal bishops “whose stand and unrepentant actions created the
current crisis of identity and authority in the Anglican Communion”.

Archbishop Orombi indicated that he would be attending the Global
Anglican Future Conference of orthodox Anglican bishops, clergy and
laity in Jerusalem in June.

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