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From Billy Graham’s Christianity Today: Eschatological ECOLOGY

Posted by Job on July 21, 2008

Maybe these folks REALLY liked Wall – E and Hellboy 2. Here is David Neff’s


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The Evil of Christianity Today: Catholics Can Be Protestants Too!

Posted by Job on May 23, 2008

The link below claims that, well, you know, the need for the Reformation is like so over because the Reformation took place a long time ago and in Europe, so, like, let’s undo it! Typical Christianity Today! And typical modern evangelicalism.

“So many seem to think that the essence of being Protestant is to conscientiously object to what is or was Roman Catholic. A little history and a little linguistic research shows Protestant to be a much more positive word, referring to what the original Protestants stood for rather than what they stood against.” (My note: Protestant was a very positive word that meant for God and against apostate heresy. Not that Billy Graham freemason ecumenical evangelicalism will ever admit it.)

Then the fellow goes through a brief, selective, distorted historical exercise to make it seem as if “Protestant” was a positive political term. At no point does he mention what the Reformers actually said about the idolatrous and heretical doctrines and practices of the Roman Catholic Church, and how the Roman Catholic Church responded. I wonder if Neff regards the Roman Catholic Church’s excommunication of Martin Luther “positive.” Oh, I am sorry, it is the people who actually worship Jesus Christ rather than praying to Mary and actually believe in Jesus Christ who have to paint the shame over their beliefs under the veneer of “positive”, not the Roman Catholics. 

“Poor, misunderstood protest has had a history something like that of another word—apology. That word has gone from its positive, head-held-high sense of “a formal justification or defense” (as in “the essay was an apology for capitalism”) to something tinged with shame and remorse (“a statement of regret or request for pardon”).”  Looks like Neff is APOLOGIZING IN THE NEW SENSE OF THE WORD RATHER THAN THE OLD for the Reformation happening in the first place. The Roman Catholic Church to this day claims that Luther’s legitimate grievances were minor, could have and should have been addressed by petitioning the church which would have listened to him by and by, and that Luther’s primary problem was that he lacked faith in the church’s ability to reform itself. It honestly appears as if Neff agrees.

We need to recover the positive sense of protestant. It denotes things that we stand for: the authority of Scripture, salvation by grace through faith in Christ alone.” Excuse me, Neff, but Roman Catholics claim to believe in those two things as well, just as Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses do by the way. So you are giving just an incomplete, corrupted, distorted depiction of two of the five solas of the reformation that Roman Catholics can also claim to agree to, just as in his lying claim that he was a Trinitarian T.D. Jakes tried to pass off a modalist statement that all but the hardcore oneness pentecostals would agree to for Trinity, as if he is hoping that at some point Christians of both camps will give up their distinct language that divides the doctrines and mutually agree on heresy. And oh yes, Neff, in addition to the two solas that you purposely stated in a fashion that virtually any Roman Catholic can accept, what about the other three solas that they cannot that you left out? Well, here is the answer.

“It’s a matter of principle. And because it is about standing for truth, Catholics can be protestants too.” See, the problem is that in these little ecumenical meetings between Roman Catholics and Protestants, Catholics are ever so subtly but increasingly objecting to the terminology, just as in similar interfaith meetings between Jews and Christians, Jews over time increasingly object to references to the deity of Jesus Christ and the gospels. Just as the Christians who have been involved in these interfaith meetings with Jews have over time submitted themselves to the anti – Christ spirit and ultimately wound up denying the truth of the gospels, the prophecies, and Jesus Christ, Protestants have decided to take the line that Roman Catholicism is simply just another denomination. 

In effect, they are saying that the Reformation never should have happened, but since it did, well, we have all these Christian denominations that exist and are doing a mighty good job and people are culturally and historically attached to them, so why not just let things be? In exchange for being left alone, doctrines and practices that effectively remove all distinctions between the two groups are promoted to the point where such “Protestants” are basically Roman Catholics operating without the pope. Which means that it is then no big deal to go from being a Roman Catholic without a pope to being a Roman Catholic with a pope. That really, honestly is where the trails from the emergent churches and the works – centered purpose driven churches lead: to Rome. 

Positively Protestant

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