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Does Genesis 2:1 Refer To The Creation Of The Angels?

Posted by Job on September 29, 2010

That was my question to the most excellent Got Questions apologetics ministry. Their answer:

Trying to determine when God created the angels is somewhat tricky because anything God did “before the foundation of the world” puts the event outside of time itself. Time and space are characteristics of our world, not God’s. He is not limited by hours, days and years as we are. In fact, the Bible tells us that “with the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day” (2 Peter 3:8).
We do know that God created the angels before he created the physical universe. The book of Job describes the angels worshipping God as He was creating the world: “Where were you when I laid the earth’s foundation? Tell me, if you understand. Who marked off its dimensions? Surely you know! Who stretched a measuring line across it? On what were its footings set, or who laid its cornerstone – while the morning stars sang together and all the angels shouted for joy?” (Job 38:4-7).

If we consider the function of angels, we might conclude that God created the angels just prior to the creation of mankind because one of their duties is to be “ministering spirits sent to serve those who will inherit salvation” (Hebrews 1:14). We also know they existed prior to the Garden of Eden, because Satan, who was formerly the angel Lucifer, was already present in the Garden in his fallen state. However, because another function of angels is to worship God around His throne (Revelation 5:11-14), they may have been in existence millions of years—as we reckon time—befo re God created the world, worshipping Him and serving Him.

So, although the Bible does not specifically say when God created the angels, it was sometime before the world was created. Whether this was a day before, or billions of years before—again, as we reckon time—we cannot be sure.

Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan


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Christian Women With Weave, Was Your Hair Offered To Idols?

Posted by Job on October 14, 2009

Let us remember the verdict of the Jerusalem council of Acts 15 where the Jewish Christians decided the guidelines for sanctification and holy living for Gentile Christians. Consider this verse:

That ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication: from which if ye keep yourselves, ye shall do well. Fare ye well.”

Now consider this nugget from an article on the movie “Good Hair“:

… the movie, “Good Hair” … details the lengths to which some black women and men will go for straight hair … from a hair salon where a 6-year-old maintains a stiff upper lip as a chemical relaxer sits on her scalp, to the temples of India where the hair women sacrifice in a religious ceremony is swept up, sent to factories and exported as weave

Of course, I know the difference between eating something and putting it in your hair. I also know that Paul liberated this principle from being made into legalism in 1 Corinthians 8. However, allow me to propose this:  humans generally need to eat meat in order to be healthy. So, if there was a choice between damaging your health by doing all that one possibly can to obey Acts 15:29 and thus becoming malnourished or eating meat and being healthy, Paul said to eat meat. Also the context of 1 Corinthians 8 is that the meat that had been offered to idols was then mixed and sold with all the other meat, and it was impossible to tell which meat was which.

So while Acts 15:29 made it unlawful to KNOWINGLY eat meat offered to idols – which is practicing idolatry – UNKNOWINGLY eating meat offered to idols was not idolatry and thereby harmless. The reason is that the prohibition is not on the meat itself, which was fine, but rather the idolatry, which is sin. So this was not  a choice between being an idolater and not being an idolater. Instead, it was a choice between not APPEARING to be an idolater and being malnourished, or APPEARING to be an idolater and being healthy. Paul’s reasoning was that appearances don’t matter, only the heart does, so go ahead, buy your meat at the market with no worries as to whether it was offered to idols or not – because it was impossible to tell – and eat it.

However, where meat serves a vital human need, I would argue that hair weave does not. It is entirely cosmetic. So even though it may be lawful, is it nonetheless expedient (1 Corinthians 6:12) for a Christian woman to adorn herself with hair offered to idols? Is such a thing edifying (1 Corinthians 10:23)? Is hair offered to idols and then sold for a price an appropriate covering (1 Corinthians 11:15) for the body of a Christian woman, seeing that such a body is the temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 6:19) as opposed to a pagan temple filled with idols? And is acquiring and wearing costly weave that has been offered to idols a way of keeping 1 Timothy 2:9-10?

In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel, with shamefacedness and sobriety; not with broided hair, or gold, or pearls, or costly array; But (which becometh women professing godliness) with good works.

Now of course I am not going to claim that it is a sin for Christian women to use weave because it MIGHT contain hair offered to idols. Not only would I be guilty of violating 1 Corinthians in saying such a thing, but I would not even be able to rely on the literal interpretation of Acts 15 or Exodus 20:3-4 (the passages concerning idolatry specifically and practicing false religions – which includes participating in their rites and ceremonies – in general). Instead, I am just providing more information for Christian women (and men) to consider in our efforts to make better, more Christ-honoring decisions. After all, where does the idea to go out and put weave in your hair come from? Or the idea that we have to look a certain way come from? Generally the media, Hollywood, mass entertainment, Madison Avenue (commercials), and what have you. They sell you an image of beauty that is not real. I am not merely referring to this image because so much of it is literally fake, whether the product of airbrushing, lighting, cosmetic surgery, photo editing etc. but because it takes our minds and hearts away from the true beauty that is Jesus Christ that is revealed through us through the wonderful works of His creation (Romans 1) and causes us to exchange it for a lie, an image conceived not in God’s mind or made by God’s hands but rather created by man’s hands and conceived in his sinful, corrupt rebellious minds. And what are images conceived and made by man? Merely idols.

So the real issue is not that the hair MAY HAVE BEEN offered to some idol in some Hindu temple. The issue is that your DESIRE to use weave – wherever its origin – probably comes from looking at magazines, watching television, coming up with some false image of beauty that you desire. So, the false idol that is the problem is not in some temple in India, but rather is inside the temple of your own heart! And these false images and idols promoting a perverted, corrupted sense of beauty and attractiveness in the media have only two real purposes. The first is mammon, money. I fear continuing to sound like a leftist or socialist, but the fact is that these images are disseminated to cause you to buy the magazines that contain them, which contain still more images that cause you to want to buy the makeup, hair products, clothes etc. that make the magazine publishers a lot of money.

The second reason, make no mistake, is to challenge and attack Biblical notions of modesty, decency and sexuality. Most of the publications, TV shows, movies etc. that endlessly present these images also ceaselessly mock anything resembling notions of Biblical purity, including but not limited to marital fidelity. Even if they don’t directly attack it, they undermine it with the lie that a man and wife can sit and look at that junk 24/7 without either A) being tempted to stray (adultery) or B) fantasizing (which is also adultery Matthew 5:28), or similarly that our children can watch it without either being tempted to commit fornication or fantasizing about it. So similar to my challenge regarding tattoos, the issue is not whether weave is permissible according to scripture, but whether the motivation to get a weave is Christ-honoring in the first place.

That said, there may be many motivations for getting hair weaves that are completely legitimate, i.e. totally unrelated to wanting to look like the female vampires in these soft-core pornographic magazines and music videos. Some women may state that their husbands like the way that it looks. Others may profess that it is a look that they prefer for themselves. Others still assert that in their work environments (office or professional jobs, etc.) they must maintain a professional appearance. Again, I am in no sense asserting this to be some sort of law that has any bearing on anyone’s salvation, justification, sanctification or consecration. There are also many who may perceive me to be just totally off base, tilting at windmills and causing unnecessary division and confusion (stumblingblocks as it were) when I should focus only on Jesus Christ and Him crucified, risen, and will one day return. To such people, I apologize in advance, and please know that it is not my intent. Instead, my reason for dealing with this topic is this Biblical one: Christians, beware of and be separate from the world and things in it, whether it be its mindsets, its desires … or its idols. After all, we only have to look at the world of televangelism. Paula White, Medina Pullings, and many others are counted among those who market their own appearance, and tie it into their false health/wealth/family prosperity gospel doctrine. Jan Crouch, Juanita Bynum and Cathy DuPlantis are just among the many who proudly declare that they have had cosmetic surgery (or surgeries)! Extend it a little further and we have professed evangelical Christians Carrie Prejean’s lingerie modeling (and plastic surgery), Heidi Montag’s Playboy modeling, and Miley Cyrus pole dancing, all done for a little bit of fame and fortune that even were it to last 1000 years would be a mere flicker of an instant in the eternity that we will either spend with Jesus Christ in New Jerusalem or in the outer darkness where the worm never dies, the fire is never quenched, and there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. Again, the issue is not the weave, but the heart and where it lies.

However, for people who are considering the issues raised in this post, allow me to refer you to an expert on the topic by following the link below:

I’m a natural systah

Also, for those who may be wondering what all of this is about to begin with, please play the video below.
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Paul Washer: God The Son’s Glory Part 1

Posted by Job on September 23, 2009

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Paul Washer: God The Son’s Glory Part 2

Posted by Job on September 23, 2009

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Paul Washer: God The Son’s Glory Part 3

Posted by Job on September 23, 2009

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Paul Washer: God The Son’s Glory Part 4

Posted by Job on September 23, 2009

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The Bible And Natural Hair!

Posted by Job on September 19, 2009

Please read and consider the following.

Why I’m a natural systah

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On The Origin Of Sin And Evil

Posted by Job on August 24, 2009

It is a vexing question for Christians: the origin of evil. If God did not create evil, is not the author of evil, and does not tempt with evil, why does evil exist? Where did it come from? And why did God not prevent or destroy it? Why did man (and Satan) fall, and why did God not act to prevent it?

To begin to answer these questions, we must not start with evil and sin. Instead, we must start with holiness. Jesus Christ Himself stated that there is none holy but God in a statement recorded in each of the synoptic gospels: Matthew 19:17, Mark 10:18, and Luke 18:19. Making this statement of Jesus Christ even more unusual is the context, in which He appeared to be deflecting the statement of the rich young ruler who was assigning this attribute to Him. Jesus Christ did so not to deny His own holiness or His deity, but rather because the rich young ruler did not recognize His deity. The rich young ruler did not approach Jesus Christ with the mind and heart that Jesus Christ was the Son of God, but instead as if he were approaching just another rabbi. So, Jesus Christ told the rich young ruler not to credit any man with having a divine attribute, that is something belonging only to God. So clearly only God is holy.

What, then is holiness? Holiness for the purposes of this exercise is total separation from and lack of sin or evil. Sin and evil, therefore, is that which God is unconditionally separate from and as a result is hated and rejected by God … that which has no portion with God and God has no portion with it. Further, being sovereign, God has the sole right to determine what is sin and what isn’t, including but certainly not limited to defining by His command, including declaring sin to be the breaking of His command. Thus, it is necessary and sufficient to say that Adam fell simply by doing something that God told him not to do. God being Adam’s creator and sovereign had every right to give Adam commands and to punish Adam for not keeping them. Thus, there had to be nothing inherently wrong or evil about eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil (i.e. nothing intrinsically wrong with the tree itself that made it sinful to eat) in order for God to convict Adam of sin and thereby condemn him for eating it. Adam’s doing something that God told him not to do was enough in and of itself. And by the mere act of disobeying God, Adam demonstrated that he did not live up to God’s standard of holiness.

This should not surprise anyone. Indeed, it is inevitable. No one can live up to God’s standard of holiness but God. In order to live up to God’s standard of holiness, one has to be eternal, omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. Any entity lacking those qualities will eventually inevitably fall into corruption. This has to happen, this will happen because of the limited nature of created things. For example, consider moral agents. Even in the absence of original sin, a created moral agent will fail to always behave perfectly because of the lack of perfect knowledge – that is omniscience – required to do so. Even if this moral agent were given perfect knowledge – or at the very least the sufficient knowledge required to function in a limited arena – the moral agent would lack the perfect will or desire to use this knowledge in the right way. Not knowing the consequences of one’s actions (and by this I mean the consequences that every single action will have for all time) alone is something that prevents a limited being from being eternally holy, because to be eternally holy by definition means being free of limitation. (I am not stating that the sole cause of the lack of holiness is a lack of knowledge – which teeters on gnosticism – but a lack of knowledge can certainly cause a lack of perfection. Adam possessed all of the knowledge required not to sin, but he still sinned because he was limited in otherwise.)

Again, this is holiness and the absence from evil according to God’s perspective, not according to man’s religious, theological, or philosophical standards. Man cannot even comprehend the holiness of God, and what limited knowledge that we have of these things is due to what God has graciously revealed to us for the purpose of making Himself known to us and drawing us to Him. Thus, the only conclusion is that to create moral agents – man and angels – was to create beings would inevitably sin due to their limited nature and their ability to act on that nature in a way that would fail to live up to God’s standards.

Does this make God the creator or author of evil? God forbid. Creation was perfect and sinless when God accomplished it … God declared it to be “very good” in Genesis 1:31. The Hebrew word translated “good”, which is “towb”, does not only mean physically and structurally sound or pleasant (though this is certainly the case) but also morally or ethically good, such as that which Jesus Christ bore witness of to the rich young ruler. So by God calling creation “good”, it meant that creation possessed an original holiness or righteousness. There was not an evil thing present in creation at this time. So what of Satan? Ezekiel 28:15 tells Satan: “Thou [wast] perfect in thy ways from the day that thou wast created, till iniquity was found in thee.” Similar to “towb”, the Hebrew word “tamilyn”, translated perfect, has moral meanings i.e. sound, wholesome, unimpaired, innocent, having integrity, what is complete or entirely in accord with truth and fact. The word “tamilyn” is also translated as “perfect” when describing the ways of God in such places as Deuteronomy 32:4 and Psalm 18:30. So, iniquity was not created as part of Satan, but rather Satan, by making use of his own moral agency, generated his own iniquity.

And why did Satan use his own moral agency to fall, as well as the other angels who joined him in rebellion? The answer is in 1 Timothy 5:21, which is that Satan and his demons were not elect. Being created in a state of original innocence but unable to attain eternal absolute holiness by virtue of being so limited as a created being, Satan and his demons used their free agency to fall. The angels who did not join Satan in his rebellion were prevented by doing so not by the purity of their own moral agency, for they were subject to the same limitations as Satan. Instead, they did not join Satan only because God prevented them, because God preserved and sustained them with His power. In short, the angels did not fall because they were elect, and they did not elect themselves but rather God elected them.

So is God responsible for the sins of Adam, Satan, and all who followed them by failing to elect them? God forbid. Claiming such a thing would deny the meaning of moral agency. To use a very imperfect illustration: consider parents and their children. Consider the case of parents who do all that they possibly can for their children, including providing loving stable homes, discipline, food and shelter, education, and religious training, yet for all their efforts their children turn out rotten anyway. Are the parents to blame? Of course not. What is more, even in the case of parents who are much less responsible and honorable in the treatment of their children, it is acknowledged by society (and more important it is ackonwledged in the Bible) that the adult children of parents make their own decisions and are responsible for them. So, if parents are not held accountable for the moral decisions of their children, how much less is God responsible for the moral agency of humans and angels? Charging the sin of humans and angels to God is claiming that God was the author of evil for accomplishing creation in the first place, and therefore God was not within His rights to perform creation. Of course, that denies God’s position as sovereign. This is the common human error of allowing God a degree of relative sovereignty. This is the type of sovereignty afforded to human kings or nations, and is necessary because A) human kings and nations have limitations and B) such entities have to coexist with other kings and nations. This is not the case with God, as He has no limitations to His knowledge or power, and He is the Unique God, there are no other gods beside Him, so He does not need to coexist or share His dominion or glory with anyone.

Thus, God had the absolute right to accomplish creation, and being holy the work of His hands (which He does not despise! Job 10:3) creation was sinless and innocent in its original state, with God being solely responsible for its original innocence. The fall of moral agents into sin due to their own actions was their own responsibility, and not in any way blamed on God or chargeable to God in a way that is similar (again in a very limited and imperfect fashion) to how the waywardness of children is not blamed on their righteous parents. (As an example, consider that the prophet Samuel’s children did not walk in his path, a fact that was never blamed on Samuel by scripture. Also, even the fact that the priest Eli’s sons were wicked were not blamed on Eli. Instead, God only charged Eli for failing to attempt to restrain – that is discipline – his evil sons!) So, the issue is God’s knowing that His moral agents – if left to their own devices – would fall. However, there is a great difference between knowing that something will happen and being responsible for it happening. People who claim that God’s knowing that created moral agents would fail is the same as causing moral agents to fail are simply looking for an excuse to accuse God so that they may justify their own sins. Amazingly, certain Christians – responding to an argument that is false and dishonest on its face – attempt to claim that God did not know that His moral agents would fail and simply reacted when they did. Not only does this notion deny God’s omniscience, but it goes further, implying that God would somehow be unaware of the effects of the limitations of man and angels until He saw these limitations in action. This is the (increasingly popular) heresy of open theism.

Some argue that God’s failure to universally prevent His limited creation from corruption as He does with elect angels (and as He will with His elect humans in heaven) makes Him responsible for evil. Again, that is denial of the true meaning of responsibility and moral agency, a position taken by sinful man to justify his own evil. Proof that this position is sinful is that it was the first excuse made by Adam after the fall! When God asked Adam the reason for his sin, Adam replied in Genesis 3:12 “And the man said, The woman whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat.” In other words, Adam attempted to claim that God caused or at least tempted him to commit evil by giving him Eve, so therefore God was either responsible or shared in the responsibility by giving him Eve to begin with. God did not so much as dignify Adam’s accusation with a response, and neither should we dignify those who claim that God caused the fall of mankind and angels by not using a policy of universal election. Instead, it is well within the prerogative of a sovereign God to elect and predestine according to his own desires. Those who are not elected do not perish because of God’s being the cause of their evil state, for God made creation in a state of original innocency. Instead, those who are not elected perish because of their own sin. God does not predestine people to wrath. Quite the contrary, and against the error of double predestination advocated by Theodore Beza and similar, it is not God’s will that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9). Instead, what happens is that those whom God does not intervene on their behalf fall into sin of their own accord. As Romans 1:18-32 states, God gives such people up to their own evil, and they are without excuse. Were God to be blamed in any way for not practicing universal election, Romans 1:18-32 would be demonstrably false, and moreover God would have been compelled to respect Adam’s accusation against Him in the Garden of Eden with “You know, you are right. You will go unpunished.” God forbid that this should be so! Instead, rather than charging God with unfairness for not practicing universal election, it is totally, thoroughly the work of wholly unmerited grace from God that any part of creation is saved at all. (Please note: this is not some Pelagian denial of original sin which states that man is condemned not through Adam but instead is condemned upon the commission of the first sin. Incidentally, that is what some forms of hyper-Arminianism and hyper-Wesleyanism holds, but such positions deny the epistle to Romans and similar. Instead, this only explains why the sin of Adam was inevitable, and God’s placing Adam in a perfect environment and giving him only a single command for which he had no reason whatsoever to break is proof of this.)

An imperfect but still workable illustration of this is given by Will Metzger in his book on evangelism Tell The Truth. Suppose that a baker were to make a batch of cookies that for whatever reason were flawed: too much or too little sugar, overcooked, flawed ingredients, etc. Are you to blame for making the cookies in the first place? Of course not, it is your kitchen, you can make whatever you want in it. Are you obligated to save or use all of the cookies? Of course not, they’re your cookies. You made them with your own labor in your own kitchen with your own ingredients. The cookies have no case against you and no say concerning  their fate, and – being the only cook – no one else has any say either. You did nothing wrong in making the cookies, you do nothing wrong by discarding them on account of the cookies being flawed. But what if you decide to keep some of the cookies? If they aren’t sweet enough, you put icing on them. If they are burned, you scrape the bottom and the edges off. How many? Its your decision. Which? Again, your decision. Are you wrong or unfair for keeping only some and not sparing all? Says who? Again, you own these cookies and you get to decide that happens to them, and saving any of a batch of bad cookies shows your patience and willingness to overlook faults as a cook. (As well as being someone who REALLY likes cookies.) Again, claiming that the cook is unrighteous for baking in the first place or for saving some of the cookies but not all would be considered absurd. After all, the chef’s prerogative, right? So why do we deny this same prerogative to God? It is true, humans are more valuable than cookies. But it is equally true that God is more valuable than human chefs! Now of course this illustration is imperfect, for our sins are not due to such things as using flawed ingredients or leaving us in the oven too long; were any such thing the case it would be possible to state that God is the author of evil. Instead, this illustration only explains why God cannot be charged with evil because of performing creation and of not practicing universal election.

Thus, it was because of inherent limitations that sin was inevitable for man and angels. And it is only because of the loving grace of our Sovereign Creator God who lacks such limitations (and therefore is in a position and has the ability and prerogative to dispense such grace) that any humans and angels are spared eternal destruction. Praise and glory be to our righteous and loving God for He is worthy to be praised! Honor Him and give Him glory, for His rule is over all and shall last forever!

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What Genesis 1 Tells Christians About Evangelism

Posted by Job on November 19, 2008

Please direct your attention to the account of creation in Genesis 1. After you have done so, please notice what it says about God’s creations of living things: plants, animals and humans. Five times, in Genesis 1:11, Genesis 1:12, Genesis 1:21, Genesis 1:24, Genesis 1:25 and it is mentioned that after God created living things, He gave living things the ability to reproduce after their kind (using the King James Version manner of speaking). That means that every living thing that God made has the ability to bear fruit, to produce offspring that is similar to its parents, to replicate itself. This applies not only to the plant and animal kingdoms or to human beings in natural terms. There is a spiritual principle here too. After all, who can deny that the church is a living thing? The church is the Body of Christ. Jesus Christ is alive, not dead. Upon His resurrection, the angels at His tomb bore witness of this. They stated “why do you seek the living among the dead?” Jesus Christ before He went to the cross told this to the Saduccees who challenged Him about the resurrection: that God and the Kingdom of heaven have rule and dominion over the living, not the dead. Those in the Body of Christ will never truly die, but will have life everlasting. Meanwhile, those outside the Body of Christ will suffer not only a physical natural death, but the second death in the lake of fire. Just as the Body of Christ is most certainly alive, then its members, individual Christians, are alive too. Not only are we alive, but we are new creatures! So yes, Genesis 1:11, Genesis 1:12, Genesis 1:21, Genesis 1:24, Genesis 1:25 speaks to us. As living beings that are new creations of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ, we will also reproduce after our kind. That is, we will heed the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and bear good fruit by fulfilling the Great Commission, testifying of the Lord Jesus Christ and His great salvation to any and all that will hear, and produce disciples that will enter the Body of Christ just as we did. After all, how did you enter the Body of Christ. Perhaps your parents took you to church and you heard a sermon. Perhaps a family member or a coworker shared the gospel with you. Maybe you heard the gospel on radio or television. Or perhaps it was a stranger who took a minute of your time that changed you for an eternity, and maybe he or she even gave you a tract. No matter the method, these people were fulfilling the mandate – not option but mandate – that Jesus Christ gave His true followers to spread the gospel to any and all. And this mandate was not some new thing, but rather a restatement and application to the church what was already given in a place like Genesis 1:26-28, which told all living creation including humankind to multiply, reproduce and fill the earth. To the church in particular, Genesis 1:26-28 is tied to Matthew 28:19-20, the Great Commission! As living things, as living men, we are able to fulfill this mandate through evangelism. Even those of us who are not able to bear natural children due to God’s not willing us to bear them for one reason or another will produce much fruit for the Holy and righteous God in evangelism, and in this way fulfill the prophesy given in Isaiah 54:1. (By the way, amillennial, dominion, and official theologists please take note of Matthew 28:17-18, which states that the dominion of the earth, all things, has been given to CHRIST JESUS. So the great commission does not refer to politics, economics and culture, only evangelism.) So this is yet another way that the new covenant is a greater spiritual fulfillment of the lesser natural covenants that preceded it, and how the old covenant prophets bore witness that just such a thing would happen. So Christian, set aside all of your worldly distractions that Satan and his workers have erected before you to hinder you from accomplishing good works that glorify the Father in the Name of His Son Jesus Christ and with the empowering of the Holy Spirit, and concentrate on the task at hand, which is spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ among our family, neighbors, cities, nations, and to the ends of the earth. Heed the command of your Savior and your Lord Jesus Christ. Go and reproduce living things after your kind which God the Father will then conform into the image of His Son.

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Apologetics For Dummies

Posted by Job on September 12, 2008

How did I get here? There must be a Creator.

How did the universe get here? There must be a Creator.

Where did the Creator come from? It is unknowable. Therefore the Creator must be greater than the creation.

What does the Creator being greater than the creation means? That the creation answers to the Creator, not the other way around.

If creation answers to the Creator, what does that mean? That the Creator is completely sovereign over creation.

Can creation challenge the rule and sovereignty of the Creator? Such challenges are due to fail.

Can creation set limits, boundaries, rules, or conditions for the Creator? The Creator is under no obligation to respect them, and creation has no ability to compel the Creator to do so.

Can creation judge the Creator as being unfair? If so, that will not change the nature or behavior of the Creator in any way. Any judgment against the Creator that creation levies, creation has no enforcement power.

Why is creation orderly? It reflects the nature of the Creator that the Creator chose to reveal to creation.

How is the creation aware of the existence of the Creator? Because the Creator chose to reveal this existence.

Could the Creator have chosen to conceal existence from creation? Yes.

What does the Creator’s self – revelation mean? That the Creator’s revelation of existence was for a purpose.

What then is the duty of creation? To respond to the Creator’s revelation and to the Creator’s purpose for revelation.

Can creation set the terms for response and interaction with the Creator? No.

Can creation interpret the meaning of the Creator’s revelation and interaction? No. The Creator must supply the meaning.

Does the Creator have the right to treat creation however the Creator wants, including to destroy it? Yes.

Is the Creator unfair or unjust in exercising this right? No.

Is the Creator the sole arbiter of what constitutes fairness, justice, and righteousness? Yes.

Can creation have any true concepts of these notions apart from the Creator’s revelation? No.

Why is creation basically rational? Because of the Creator’s revelation of rationality to creation.

Why is creation basically moral? Because of the Creator’s revelation of morality to creation.

Could rationality and morality have formed by random chance? No. Randomness is inherently irrational and destructive, not rational and constructive.

If given enough time, could random events form a moral rational orderly system? In order for time to exist in the first place, something outside of, apart from, and completely transcending time would have had to have created it.

Were different parts and attributes of the Creator revealed to different cultures? This would have resulted in diverse responses to the Creator, a diversity that would have not only been an internal contradiction with and and therefore nullified creation’s orderly nature, but also would have been in contradiction with the Creator’s revealed nature. 

What are the implications of this? That the Creator made a complete and final revelation of the Creator’s existence and nature to creation.

What was the purpose of this revelation? Again, the purpose of the revelation came with or was part of the revelation of the Creator.

What was the complete and final revelation of the Creator’s existence and nature to creation? The Creator’s unique offspring, which contained all of the attributes of the Creator and existed within creation.

Does the Creator have a Name? Yes.

What does this imply? That the creator’s final revelation in the form of the offspring has a Name as well.

What is the Name of this revelation? Jesus Christ.

What message did Jesus Christ bring as the Creator’s message to creation? The gospel of Jesus Christ.

What is the duty of creation with regards to the gospel? Respond to it.

How can you, as part of creation, fulfill this duty? Click on the link below to see how.

The Three Step Salvation Plan

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Liberal Jesus Seminar Scholars: Telescopes Prove That God Does Not Exist

Posted by Job on September 11, 2008

This is how foolish a heart determined to reject God is. Excerpting the From the introduction to The Five Gospels:

The contemporary religious controversy, epitomized in the Scopes trial and the continuing clamor for creationism as a viable alternative to the theory of evolution, turns on whether the worldview reflected in the Bible can be carried forward into this scientific age and retained as an article of faith. Jesus figures prominently in this debate. The Christ of creed and dogma, who had been firmly in place in the Middle Ages, can no longer command the assent of those who have seen the heavens through Galileo’s telescope. The old deities and demons were swept from the skies by that remarkable glass. Copernicus, Kepler, and Galileo have dismantled the mythological abodes of the gods and Satan, and bequeathed us secular heavens. 

So … since demons, which are SPIRITS, cannot be seen with a telescope, that proves that they don’t exist? By the way, the Bible clearly makes numerous references to evil spirits being present on earth. When they are, does the Bible make references to being able to discern these evil spirits with the human eye? You had Satan appearing as a serpent in the Garden of Eden, some visions of evil spirits that John recorded in Revelation that probably were never meant to describe natural realities but spiritual ones, and that is it. This is actually more foolish than liberal Episcopal priest and scholar John Shelby Spong claiming that scientific and astronomical discoveries proved that the Bible narratives were false because Jesus Christ could have never ascended to heaven, because once Christ went past the clouds, He would not have been in heaven but in outer space.

It really does make me wonder whether liberal scholars interact with actual Christians when they do their “studies” and “debates”, or if they only sit amongst themselves and interact with Christian caricatures and beliefs that they assign to Christians. One would only need to read Augustine’s “City of God”, which preceded Galileo by 1100 years, to see that Christians believe in a spiritual plane and a natural one. Here, the Jesus Seminar pretends that Christians are no different from pagans and animists whose “gods” are mere personifications of natural forces and objects and actually “live” in them. The tree spirits of Celtic and other pre – Christian European lore, for instance, actually lived in trees, and the same with gnomes, elves, fairies, leprechauns, etc. Similarly, sea gods actually live in the sea (Neptune of Greek mythology) or are the sea itself (Yam of Canaanite mythology). In Greek mythology, their gods lived atop Mount Olympus. And of course there is Mormonism, whose god was a man on another planet. In those systems, the gods do not transcend nature, but are part of it. There is no true concept of natural plane versus spiritual plane, and there certainly is no concept where a spiritual God created the universe, everything in the natural plane that exists including not only space but also time, from a spiritual reality whose state of being is in no way a function of the natural reality. Meaning that were the natural reality to be wiped out tomorrow, the spiritual reality would still exist … moreover the spiritual reality of God would have still and always existed even had God never created the universe in the first place. This cosmic and metaphysical view only exists in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, which is why those are the only ones that believe in the resurrection of the dead. In the naturalist religious systems of paganism and animism that the liberal atheists are deceiving people into thinking that Christianity is just another (and by the way, evolution is nothing more than naturalist religion whose doctrines and theologies are described scientifically, and for that matter so is modern environmentalism) not only does resurrection of the dead break all the rules and is therefore inconceivable, but it serves no purpose. It cannot play a part of a redeemed or renewed creation, because there exists nothing outside of or apart from time and space to redeem or renew. Even the religions that include an underworld in their belief system, the underworld was part of the natural order. The ones that believe in reincarnation or advancing in planes or levels: more of the same. Their entire cosmic or metaphysical worldview is a closed system or locked box where nothing, whether matter or energy or anything else, can be created or destroyed because the natural order is all their is because their god or gods are INSIDE of it. And incidentally, this naturalistic – materalistic worldview includes MORMONISM as well. They teach that Jesus Christ is the product of sexual relations between God and Mary because in the system that the Jesus Seminar liberals claim as representing Christian thought, there is no other way to produce offspring. Please note that Greek and other pagan mythology also depicts gods as procreating sexually … with no spiritual reality that transcends the natural one, there is no other way. 

Really, all that is needed to show how these people are not even debating Christianity but rather a caricature, a straw man, to suit their propaganda purposes is Genesis 1:1. It has a self – existing eternal God creating the entire natural order: time, space, matter, energy, etc. For those of you who believe in the big bang theory, there you go. (The originator of the big bang theory actually withdrew it because he feared that it would be used to justify Genesis 1:1 and everything else in the Bible that followed, including his own need for a personal Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.) You can go a little bit further and see where the Bible speaks of God creating the heavens. One of the “heavens”, according to ancient Jewish cosmic thought that became early Christian thought, is in fact the outer space that Galileo, Kepler, Copernicus, saw, and the creation narrative speaks of God populating those heavens with stars and other objects. 

So armed with even this limited set of knowledge that Christians present to our 2 year old children, Christians should not worry themselves over straw man caricatures of our faith. The challenge is not on Christians to explain why we cannot see the dwellling place of God with our telescopes. The challenge is on these false scholars to explain why they claim that Christians believe such a thing. 1 Kings 8:27 “But will God indeed dwell on the earth? Behold, heaven and the highest heaven cannot contain You, how much less this house which I have built!” Whether this highest heaven is outer space or some level that is above even that, the Bible itself tells us not to look for God there, for God is not a part of creation and does not live in it. God is and represents a spiritual reality that exists independently and separately from creation. This same creation, rebellious as it may be – and these Jesus Seminar “scholars” certainly do represent this rebelliousness – does not and cannot exist independently and separately from the God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit that not only created it, but continuously sustains and governs its existence. 

As you can see, the lies of the atheists do not even meet their own standards of scholarship. God is real, and He revealed Himself through us by the orderly workings of creation (without which there would be no fields of science and mathematics, let alone the systems of reason and logic that we use in them), His inspired word to us the Bible, and ultimately His Son Jesus Christ, God in the flesh. Jesus Christ is your only path to salvation and to avoid the eternal punishment of those who reject God. In order to follow that path, click on the link below to read and listen to

The Three Step Salvation Plan

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Psalm 148:5 Where We All Came From

Posted by Job on March 31, 2008

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BIBLE MEDITATION: “Let them praise the name of the Lord: for He commanded, and they were created.” Psalm 148:5

DEVOTIONAL THOUGHT: In Genesis 1:11-12 we read, “And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so. And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.” If evolution were true, then one specie would have to evolve into another specie, and if that were true, then you would expect to find transitional forms of life. You hear talk about the missing link. May I tell you something? The whole chain is missing!

ACTION POINT: What do you believe about the origin of creation? Spend some time in God’s word today and reflect on it.   share devotional with a friend    visit

Do you know Jesus?

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New Life, A New Creation in Christ

Posted by Job on November 20, 2007

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BIBLE MEDITATION: “For with Thee is the fountain of life: in Thy light shall we see light.” Psalm 36:9

Jesus had a life that the grave could not keep. While He carried your sins to the grave and left them there, Jesus came out of that grave living, risen, and victorious! When Jesus rose, you rose with Him. Christians are not just nice people; they are new creatures. We have the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. We have come out of the grave of the old life. Our old master has no more hold on us. The old debt has no more penalty that we have to pay. When Jesus came out of that grave, we came out with Him and we have been raised to walk in newness of life.

Are you walking around in the grave clothes of your old life? Shed them, my friend! Jesus came to give you new life! Believe that you are now a new creation in Christ! visit 

Do you know Jesus?

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