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United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Being Used To Attack Christian Homeschoolers In Botswana, Africa

Posted by Job on September 8, 2010

UN Treaty Used to Threaten Homeschool Families
Contact: Ian Slatter, Home School Legal Defense Association, 540-338-8663

PURCELLVILLE, Va., Sept. 7 /Christian Newswire/ — This week the fate of four homeschooling families will be decided in Botswana. The families, adherents to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, have been ordered by a judge to send their children to public school.

Despite the judges’ findings indicating that the children were cared for and that the parents took steps to provide for the education of their children, they still need to go to public school because Botswana has acceded to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The legal standard under the UNCRC is the “best interests of the child.” In other words, the state has the authority to determine how children should be raised and educated.

“HSLDA has warned about the danger of the UNCRC to homeschooling families. It gives almost unlimited powers to judges to decide how children should be raised,” said Mike Donnelly, Director of International Relations for HSLDA. “We are asking our 85,000 member families to contact the Botswana Embassy and Office of the President of Botswana to protect these families’ basic rights to decide what is best for their children,” he added.

The Botswana families are determined to continue homeschooling. “I must obey God. The schools here are corrupt and teach my children things that go against our faith and our values. I cannot allow them to go to these schools,” said Mr. Modimoothata, a retired technician and father of four teenagers. His wife Margaret is a senior project manager for Botswana railways.

“We find the behavior of the Botswana police and courts outrageous and hope that more responsible leadership will be applied to remedy this situation without undue trauma to these children,” said Leendert Van Oostrum, Director of The Pestalozzi Trust, a South Africa-based homeschooling legal defense organization that is representing the families.

For more information, read the HSLDA article ”

Homeschoolers Interrogated by Secret Police, Face Imprisonment

Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan


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Meet Barack HUSSEIN Obamas’ Pentecostal Enablers: Joshua DuBois, Eugene Rivers And Leah Daughtry

Posted by Job on August 2, 2009

(To be fair, Eugene Rivers works both sides of the aise)

WASHINGTON – From a sparsely adorned office building a stone’s throw from the White House, Joshua DuBois carefully navigates the delicate line between church and state.

Each morning, he sends a devotional message to President Obama’s BlackBerry. He appears before religious and community groups to explain his role as director of the White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships and, in turn, relays their concerns to administration officials. In the course of any given day, he’ll receive as many as 750 emails from religious leaders, reporters, and government officials.

But in all the political juggling, the 26-year-old preacher’s kid remains a person of faith who quotes from favorite hymns – “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing” is one. The Bible, too, serves as inspiration.

“I’m often inspired by the grass-roots nature of Acts and the early church,” he said recently in an interview, “and what they were able to build from virtually nothing.”

A distinct contrast

To some extent, DuBois is doing just that with the faith-based office, which Obama inherited from former President George W. Bush, but revamped in a bid to expand its focus, depoliticize the grant-making process, and tamp down church-state concerns.

DuBois, a veteran of Obama’s Senate office who oversaw religious outreach for his presidential campaign, is a distinct contrast from the Republican appointees who preceded him, including the policy wonk John DiIulio, who opened the office in 2001, or Jim Towey, a former lawyer for Mother Teresa, or the cerebral Jay Hein.

Raised in the African Methodist Episcopal Church by his mother and stepfather, a minister in Nashville, Tenn., DuBois became an associate pastor of Calvary Praise and Worship Center, a small, African-American Pentecostal church in Cambridge, Mass., while an undergraduate at Boston University.

“I am very clear about the fact that I am a committed Christian and my faith is important to me; it’s a central part of my life,” he said. “At the same time, I am now in a role in this office … to reach out to Americans of all different religious backgrounds and folks who don’t adhere to a particular religion.”

In Washington, DuBois attends a nondenominational church that worships in a rented movie theater. He still maintains ties to the Cambridge church and to Boston, where he worked with the National TenPoint Leadership Foundation, which encouraged black churches to aid at-risk, inner-city youth.

“Josh was very serious and very smart and was very concerned … as an undergraduate in trying to connect faith to issues of public policy,” said Eugene Rivers, a co-founder of the foundation and a prominent black Pentecostal leader.

In a May interview with radio host Krista Tippett in St. Paul, Minn., DuBois talked about his awakening in 1999 when New York police officers were acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed African immigrant Amadou Diallo.

“It shook in me a sense that I needed to connect to something larger, to understand all the nuances in the world, both in terms of politics and also in terms of religion,” he told Tippett’s “Speaking of Faith” program.

“So that’s when I found my church and my faith and also started my political path as well.”

That political path is taking shape as his office helps craft Obama’s key speeches on religion – Catholicism at the University of Notre Dame, Islam at Cairo University, for example. His office also works with various federal agencies on issues ranging from disaster preparation to the upcoming 2010 census.

Though he doesn’t dwell on his relative youth, he said he realizes the weighty responsibilities given to someone who hasn’t even reached 30 yet. “I think one of the most important things is to know what you don’t know,” he said.

In his talks to various religious groups, DuBois outlines the office’s four-point focus on economic recovery, abortion reduction, responsible fatherhood, and interfaith relations. He’s met with evangelicals, Jews, Hindus, and Sikhs, as well as secularists who think his office shouldn’t exist.

Religious leaders, including members of the office’s advisory council, say DuBois, like the president, is a good listener who seeks to find common ground among disparate viewpoints.

Leah Daughtry, a Pentecostal minister who until recently was the chief of staff at the Democratic National Committee, sees DuBois’ Pentecostal background informing his work.

“The kind of work that he’s doing in reaching out to people across political spectrums, across ideological perspectives, across theological perspectives, really can only be done if you’re Spirit-led,” she said. “Because it’s the same spirit of Christ that sought to reach beyond the confines of his own people.”

While DuBois’ day job is heading up the faith-based office, he also carries another title: special assistant to the president, which includes the daily presidential meditations as well as helping the first family find a church home in Washington.

Some people who have known DuBois say his workload can cause him to be disorganized and unresponsive, although they declined to have their names attached publicly to their criticisms. For his part, DuBois says he’s doing the best he can.

“We’re a federal entity that’s coordinating 11 offices with pretty key priorities. … I try to be as responsive as I can, along with my staff and others here at the White House. But there are always going to be some challenges in that regard.”

Daughtry joked that DuBois – who finds time to be a Big Brother to a Boston teenager and keep up a five-year relationship with his girlfriend – has made a bargain of sorts with God to manage his busy schedule.

“He’s attached to that cell phone like it’s another appendage,” she said. “I’m convinced he’s got some deal with God to give him a couple of extra hours a day.”

(The seeds of this “many paths to heaven” religious inclusivism/pluralism are being sown into Pentecostalism through politics in this generation just as Billy Graham did the same among Baptists and evangelicals in the prior one, and as it was done in other movements i.e. the mainline denominations earlier in the last century. We Christians must watch and pray. By the way, we Reformed Christians shouldn’t be so quick to point fingers, as the Reformed/Calvinist state churches practically invented inclusivism, unitarianism, universalism and other forms of theological liberalism, and liberal Episcopals, Presbyterians etc. have long been religious pluralists. The Pentecostals are just following the older and more established Christian movements down the path which may lead to one world religion and one world government.)

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Regarding Carrie Prejean, Evangelicalism And The Culture War

Posted by Job on May 12, 2009

I recall a very recent incident where I purchased my first
Christian rap CD, certain that it would provide edifying entertainment for my
very young son during our frequent automobile trips. However, when the music
began to play, my son put his hands over his ears, and began yelling for me to
turn it off, the reason being “it sounds like the devil’s music.” Now
as I was very much enjoying the CD in question, I tried to explain to the child
that it was in fact Christian music. The child replied that he would much
rather listen to one of HIS CDs. So, the Christian rap went out, and one of his
several CDs of classic hymns, Negro spirituals and similar took its place,
which included “Standing On The Promises of God.” I confess to not having
learned the lyrics to this song, but I do remember something about “standing on
the promises that cannot fail.”

And now I find myself reading Pilgrim’s Progress by John
Bunyan for the first time. I not long ago passed the section where Christian
succumbed to the temptation of one Worldly Wiseman to depart from the hard path
given to him to the Celestial City by Evangelist and instead set out for what
was promised to be the easier path over Mount Sinai to Mr. Legality and his
handsome son civility in the nice village Morality. And this reminds me of the
Carrie Prejean tempest: this where beauty pageant contestant lost the Miss
America pageant (which is owned by Donald Trump, who considers twice divorced
prosperity preacher Paula White his friend and pastor) for speaking out against
homosexual marriage.

As a result, this Miss Prejean has found herself many
supporters in the evangelical Christian community for fighting the good fight
in the culture war, having had the privilege of such experiences as being
interviewed by James Dobson, speaking at a prominent evangelical Christian
university, and being a presenter for the Dove Awards. Miss Prejean’s Christian
advocates have presented her as an example of a bold Christian woman who has
risked and suffered in warfare.

While this is certainly true, as Prejean clearly lost the
Miss America title, was very nearly stripped of the Miss California title, and
has had explicit pictures (some that she acknowledges to be real, others that
she alleges are fake) released by those seeking to force the Miss California pageant
to strip her of her crown for violating her contract, I have to ask: what battle
is it that she is fighting anyway, and is it a worthwhile one?

Again, go back to “Standing On The Promises Of God.” God’s
promises cannot fail, which means that God’s battles cannot be lost, because in
God’s battles, it is not us that are fighting, but rather God Himself that
fights for us. So as long as remain obedient and faithful to scripture and
adhere to the things that Jesus Christ commanded of us, we cannot lose. Our
success is guaranteed, predetermined, predestined.

However, when we depart from the path, leave behind the
commandments of Jesus Christ, and start seeking our own agendas, failure is
inevitable. Oh, we may win a victory or two here and there, but it is only a
temporary fleeting battle won at a huge cost – not the least a great diversion
of prayers and works by well meaning Christians – in a war that will ultimately
be lost. The person who bears witness of this best is none other than James
Dobson, the very same who interviewed Prejean. Upon retiring from his leadership
of Focus On The Family, Dobson acknowledged that he, his organization and its
fellow travelers had lost every single battle, including that against
homosexual marriage, which will become legal in many parts of the country
within a few years. And let us never forget that the great legal victory that
made homosexual marriage possible was a court decision, Lawrence versus Texas,
given to us by a Supreme Court stacked with appointees of the very conservative
Republican presidents that Dobson and his peers spent a generation getting
Christians to not only vote but contribute, volunteer, fast and pray to get
elected in the first place. What do we know from this? As Jesus Christ promised
us that so long as remain faithful to Him and do His Will that we shall not
fail, the very failure of Dobson’s efforts, shows that Dobson and those like
him were never fighting the Lord’s battle to begin with.

And consider further the supreme irony: the biggest defeats
have come from the very people aligned with Dobson! Recall that Ronald Reagan,
when given the opportunity to appoint justices that would overturn Roe v. Wade,
instead put not one but two pro – abortion judges on the court, and George H.
W. Bush, who became president due to being the vice president of Reagan thanks
in no small part to people like Dobson, appointed a third pro – abortion judge,
and yes all three of those judges cast their votes in the Lawrence versus Texas
decision to pave the way for homosexual marriage as well.

So gentle Christians, what we should learn from this is that
Jesus Christ, God’s own Word and thereby God Himself, did not come to earth as
a human to be slain on a cross to pay the debt of original sin, in order to
redeem the culture. He did not do so in order to lend political support to any specific
nation, whether the United States or Israel, or any cause. The reason is that
cultures, nations, and causes are worldly things, and the result of the death
of Jesus Christ was to create the church, which is ekklesia in Greek, and
ekklesia means “called out.” What is the church called out of? The world and
worldly things. Instead of trying to change the world in some vain, idolatrous,
blasphemous quest to transform its sin and wickedness into the image of the
holiness and righteousness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, instead of
trying to give that which is destined to die the image of that which through
the resurrection of Jesus Christ will have eternal life, the only duty that I
have seen given through Jesus Christ and His apostles and prophets to the New
Testament church is that of saving and discipling sinners. Even the good deeds
and charitable works that Jesus Christ commanded His disciples to love our
neighbors and by this way to also love Him was towards that end; acts by which
the unsaved are reached and the saved are to learn to grow in the grace and
knowledge of our only Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Now let it be known that evangelical Christians are supposed
to be sola scriptura Protestants. After all, the term “evangelical” was taken
up as a self – descriptive one by the Protestant Reformers. So, I challenge any
sola scriptural Protestant to identify me the Bible verse that commands
Christians to put aside the work of evangelizing the world and discipling those
who by and according to the grace and prerogative of God the Father (those that
the Father gave to the Son) respond to the gospel and start working to give the
unregenerate masses the appearance of righteousness, a form of godliness that
denies the power thereof, show it to me and I will repent of this missive. If
no such verse exists – and I have never encountered it in the New Testament –
then those who continue with this behavior should cease to call themselves sola
scriptura, which means they should cease to call themselves Protestants, which
means that they should cease to call themselves evangelical, which means that
they should cease to call themselves Christians.

This is no mere doctrinal dispute. Again, Jesus Christ gave us in His Holy Spirit – inspired word promises that work done in His Name would
never fail. The end result of not only decades of the religious right but many
centuries of church – states and church – cultures has been nothing but massive
thoroughgoing failure. If you refuse to consider me to be one qualified to
speak to this matter, then heed Søren Kierkegaard; read his Attack Upon Christendom (that is if you can abide theistic existentialism long enough to). So by committing all of these
efforts to works, by fighting all of these battles, that we claim to be in the
Name of Jesus Christ, what witness does the church bear to the promises, the
veracity, the power, the faithfulness, the very Name of Jesus Christ by which
we are saved and are to overcome death, be resurrected from the dead, and
inherit the Celestial City when these things fail? When WE fail?

Because like Christian in Pilgrim’s Progress, we have abandoned
the path to the Celestial City and Mount Zion to the Morality Village, the
abode of Mr. Legality and Civility by way of Mount Sinai, that same is the way
of death. We have abandoned the counsel of the apostles, prophets and Jesus
Christ Himself for that of Worldly Wisemen politicians and hucksters, in
addition to not a few very sincere but ultimately misguided and sincere pastors
and theologians, which unfortunately included not a few of the very same
Reformers themselves, who were not long removed from the murderous yoke of the
Roman church – states themselves began drowning Anabaptists and burning
heretics. Indeed, John Bunyan himself spent twelve years in the dark prison of
a Christian nation, separated from his church and family, for the crime of preaching
the gospel.

Morality, legality and civility. Sound like “Christian
values”, “family values”, “American values”, “Judeo – Christian values”, “Judeo
– Christian heritage” and all the other buzzwords to you? It certainly sounds like
that to me. Well, those are legalism, an external righteousness of the
Pharisees, devoid of the religion of the heart that Jesus Christ gave us. It is
darkness devoid of the Light that came to this world that the darkness does not
comprehend. Of course, a person, a group, a movement, a nation can impose
morality, legality and civility for a period of time by expending no small
amount of energy or cost. Keep in mind however: such moral societies do not
have to be Christian … homosexuality, abortion, crime, divorce etc. are very
much kept under control in not a few Muslim societies, and such was also the
case in fascist regimes like those run by Pinochet and Franco. Also, a
democracy cannot maintain “moral societies” anywhere nearly as long as a
monarchy, totalitarian regime or dictatorship.

But it is only for a time. Remember Lot’s wife. Or better
yet remember the Holy Roman Empire! When Constantine allegedly converted (but in
truth began to exploit the faith for state power – including appropriating the
symbol of the Prince of Peace for warfare, a fact that we should think of when
so many evangelicals unconditionally support the war in Iraq as well as torture)
Eusebius and many other pastors and theologians of the time insisted that the
whole thing was the work of God, that Constantine’s making Christianity the
religion of the empire was part of God’s redemptive-historic plan for mankind,
and that through the Roman Empire the whole world would be subdued for Jesus
Christ. What happened? It failed. The Holy Roman Empire broke apart, falling to
the Muslims.

The reason why is that Jesus Christ did not come to earth,
conduct His ministry, die from the cross, and rise from the dead in order to
bring such things into existence. Those things are not wrapped up within the

promises of God, so they will fail. They are works of the flesh, not of the spirit, so they are vanity. You can fight it, you can delay it, but ultimately, as a dog returns to his vomit (Proverb 26:11) that which is sinful will return to sin. A system of laws and rituals can control an unregenerate person for a time, but that sinner will ultimately go back to sin just as
Pliable, Simple, Sloth, Presumption, Formalist, Hypocrisy, Mistrust, Timorous
and all the rest abandoned the true pilgrim Christian on the straight and
narrow path to the Celestial City. And as societies are by definition going to
contain large majorities of unsaved and in many instances shall be ruled by
them, they will go the same way.

This was the failure of the doctrine of the ecclesiola within
the ecclesia, the actual church within the political and cultural church-state
that was advanced in some form by Augustine (representing as he did Catholicism),
Calvin (representing church – state Protestantism) and various others, and it
is the same failure of the various modern dominionism movements -including but
certainly not limited to the religious right and some of the more robust forms
of premillennial dispensationalism and Christian Zionism – whose adherents
proclaim themselves to be taking (or taking back) cultures, nations and
ultimately the globe for Christ.

I am reminded of the words of the pastor character in Frank
Peretti’s novel The Visitation (not exactly Pilgrim’s Progress granted,
but a good read nonetheless!) who upon hearing an inexperienced and zealous
pastor state “we are taking this town for Christ” replied “not even Christ took
a town for Christ.” As Jesus Christ’s own nation, the Jews, rejected Him, what
more evidence is there that Jesus Christ did not die for a nation, a culture, a
political agenda, or any other worldly thing, but rather to redeem the church?
Now Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection did, against all odds, succeed. The
church was born, has existed for going on 2,000 years, and will live forever.
However, the failure of all of these movements proves that no matter the
sincerity, fervency, and honorable motives of many of the people who inspire
and are caught up in them, are sadly due to fail because they have no part in
Jesus Christ’s promises and thus will have no part in His resurrection.

I keep hearing Christians speak of how this can be changed
with a revival, and have taken it upon themselves to try to initiate one. They
recall how society was transformed in America and Britain through the Great
Awakenings, and long for another to happen. I remember the claims that great
outpouring of national unity and people returning to churches after September
11th 2001 may spark just such a revival, a return of this nation to
its “Christian values and heritage.” It was easy to suffer such fantasies when
George W. Bush was in office. Well, not only did George W. Bush prove to be
someone who does not believe that the Bible is literally true and the final
authority and also that Muslims and Christians (and presumably other religions
as well) all pray to the same god, but this nation is now saddled with a
president about whom no one can entertain such delusions. Alas, it was just
another failure by people who were never seeking the true Will of Jesus Christ
to begin with.

While Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield and the other
revivalists of these awakenings may have had some state – church or state –
culture sympathies, the reason why their revivals as well as the missionary
revival started by William Carey and Adoniram Judson and before them Zinzendorf,
Spener and the Moravians succeeded was because their aim was to preach the
gospel and save souls! Their goals were not social or political but spiritual.
That was why they could not fail. They accomplished the results that they were
seeking because the results were the Lord adding to the church such as should
be saved (Acts 2:47). And yes, that verse does say THE LORD adding to the
church, not man through his own efforts doing so. Why? Because as stated
earlier … it was the Lord’s doing, the Lord’s work, the Lord’s battle to begin
with. Do the Lord’s will, and the Lord fights for you. Do your own will, and the
Lord fights against you. Do you deny this? Well then ask King Saul. His
kingdom, his portion was taken from him and given to another because he stopped
fighting the Lord’s battle the Lord’s way and started fighting his battles his
way. Instead of establishing God’s kingdom, it became about Saul’s kingdom.
When Saul’s son asked him for what cause did he seek the life of David, who had
never done any harm to Saul, King Saul cursed his son, calling him the son of a
dog, and asked “don’t you realize that as long as David lives you will never
have MY KINGDOM?” But it was never Saul’s kingdom to give. Saul and his sons
died, God’s kingdom went to David, and through the One Jesus Christ who
descended from David, it will last forever.

So, Christian, are you laboring for Mr. Legality with
Civility in the village Morality for things that, like the Holy Roman Empire,
the Reformed church – states, and Saul’s kingdom, will not last because they
are of this world and are things that Revelation 20 and 21 states will be
destroyed with fire and replaced with a new heaven and a new earth? Or are you
going to love Jesus Christ by keeping His commandments, and thereby laboring
for things that will last forever, in the Celestial City where the rust and
moth cannot destroy?

Gentle Christian, I sincerely entreat and implore you to
turn aside from all that which is pertaining to Mr. Legality, Civility, and the
village Morality … things of Sinai that will fail. Instead, join Pilgrim on the
narrow path to the Celestial City so that your works will last forever. In
closing, let me give you some words by Russell K. Carter, circa 1886.

  1. Standing on the promises of Christ
    my King,
    Through eternal ages let His praises ring,
    Glory in the highest, I will shout and sing,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Refrain:
    Standing, standing,
    Standing on the promises of God my Savior;
    Standing, standing,
    I’m standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises that
    cannot fail,
    When the howling storms of doubt and fear assail,
    By the living Word of God I shall prevail,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises I now can
    Perfect, present cleansing in the blood for me;
    Standing in the liberty where Christ makes free,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises of Christ
    the Lord,
    Bound to Him eternally by love’s strong cord,
    Overcoming daily with the Spirit’s sword,
    Standing on the promises of God.
  • Standing on the promises I cannot
    List’ning every moment to the Spirit’s call,
    Resting in my Savior as my all in all,
    Standing on the promises of God.
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    Contrasts Between Islam And Christianity

    Posted by Job on February 16, 2009

    Please click on link to access document.

    Islam 101: Contrasts Between Islam and Christianity by Dr. Gene Gurganus

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    Considering Church And State Again

    Posted by Job on November 4, 2008

    To be fair, the notion of division between church and state is a relatively recent one, basically coming out of the Enlightenment. Prior to that, it was inevitable that the two be joined and the magistrates serve as officers and enforcers of a particular official religion. However, we should realize that the reason for this was generally not religious doctrine per se, but rather that government was an extremely primitive entity until very recently in human history. So, perhaps the main reason that there was no separation between church and state is because without the church there would have been no state. The desire to worship a common religion was very likely the first impetus for advanced human organization, and the desire to worship the same religion of whoever a community desired to exalt as a king, a chief, a wise man or seer etc. even more so. So perhaps Biblical and historical events could be interpreted in that light.

    Since political and military power (or aspirations to them) might have been seen as inherently coupled with religious power, then it was likely inevitable that the Sadducees, Sanhedrin regarded this great miracle working prophet who would not restrain HIs followers from referring to Him as King, Messiah and Son of God as one having designs on their positions. And Jesus Christ denounced the Jewish and Roman leaders as corrupt and illegitimate. In the eyes of the Jewish leaders, Jesus Christ’s followers would have first exterminated THEM and then would have organized a futile insurrection against Rome that would have resulted in the whole nation being destroyed. 

    Keep in mind: Jesus Christ was innocent, blameless of the charges of wanting to overthrow either the Jewish religious (and secular) leaders or Roman rule. He repeatedly, specifically denied that it was His desire to do such and rebuffed offers to become a civil ruler or even a religious ruler, even to be make King by force. That is right, Jesus Christ rejected being a religious ruler. (Evidence of this: where religious bodies are always obsessed with increasing their numbers even to the point where initiates are brought in by infant baptism or conquest by the sword, Jesus Christ actually drove off false followers!) Which is appropriate, because, as I stated, being a religious ruler would have also meant being a state ruler or having significant state influence at the time. And had Jesus Christ accepted being the sort of Messiah that many Jews were expecting, He would have exerted considerable authority (or possibly entirely controlled) religious life as well as political life. So consider: religions and religious institutions are things of this world.

    If you deny this, look at so many of the religious bodies today of the various different faiths, especially state religions. Or look at the words of Jesus Christ towards the religious leaders of His day. Or the words of His brother James on the difference between true religion and worldly false religion. True Christianity is about a relationship with a Person, and it is spiritual.  So Jesus Christ not only rejected both civil leadership, but leadership an official worldly religious capacity that would have basically made Him a regulator of men’s behavior rather than a ruler of men’s hearts. Jesus Christ came to set up a spiritual kingdom. So why was He delivered up by the Jews to the Romans and executed? Because they did not believe Him.

    Despite His telling the Jews time and time again that He had no designs on political or religious office, that indeed doing so would run contrary to His mission from God (and please keep in mind that Satan tempted Him to take precisely such worldly authority in the desert!) they did not believe Him, either through ignorance or hard heartedness. Even His own apostles and closest disciples did not believe or understand Him AFTER He resurrected! Right at His ascending to heaven in the early verses of Acts 1, we see the disciples demanding that Jesus Christ become their earthly king – priest, and when those ideas (dreams) were finally shattered with His returning to heaven, they had no idea what was in store.

    It was only after the Holy Spirit came that they understood Jesus Christ’s many statements that He was a spiritual ruler, not a political ruler or even the holder of an earthly religious office. He was not seeking to be Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate, Caesar or even David because He was already greater than they, and indeed they were all His servants performing His purposes … even the wicked Caiaphas and Herod and the spineless Pilate fulfilled prophecies that helped build the case for Jesus Christ being Messiah and the Son of God for His followers.

    So why would Jesus Christ want to come down and try to seek equality with men that were LESSER than Him by taking one of their LESSER offices? Even better, why would Jesus Christ have defiled His HOLY spiritual office with a common, vulgar earthly one? That would have violated the very typology of “pure/impure holy/unholy” sacrificial system that God gave the Jews to point to and reveal the purpose and nature of Jesus Christ to begin with. Now it must be recognized: the church is the Body of Christ. So if Jesus Christ, being the head, did not aspire to any civil rule or power, then how can the church? Should not the Body follow the Head to which it is joined? Is not the Head the master of the Body?

    Now it appears that the early church, the apostolic church, recognized this. Interpretations of the Bible throughout the ages from conservative, liberal, evangelical, fundamentalist, Marxist, feminist, liberation, etc. theologians have claimed otherwise, but in truth the New Testament according to its original context, the intended meaning of its original writers to the original hearers, had the purpose of governing, instructing and edifying the church (plus enlarging the church by winning new converts). It had no purposes for civil or even earthly religious guidance or instruction. (When I say earthly religious, I mean more or less for institutions beyond and apart from the local church and itinerant evangelist/missionaries.)

    What of the Old Testament, which did give governing instructions to political, social, cultural, institutional religious, economic etc. Sinai Israel? Please recall that not only the Old Testament pointed to and was fulfilled in Jesus Christ, but Sinai Israel pointed to and was fulfilled in the mystery that is the church. In both instances, you had an earthly temporary reality that pointed to and was fulfilled in a spiritual eternal reality. So rather than try to use the Old Testament to govern a sinful world and unregenerate men, it should be viewed by the church, interpreted through the filter of the New Testament, to see what it means for us. (I realize that modern evangelical scholarship, as a result of their many interactions with Roman Catholics, non – Messianic Jews, and theological liberals, reject this view, and are as quick to denounce “reading New Testament doctrines into Old Testament texts” as are atheists and non – Messianic Jews, if not quicker. Small wonder, then that Messianic Jews, whose entire orthodoxy and orthopraxy are based on doing precisely that and are loathed by liberals and non – Messianic Jews, are held at arms length by “respectable” evangelical scholars.)

    I should point out that from following the Old Testament, the great apostasy, scattering, AND PERIOD OF SEVERE PERSECUTION that Old Testament and intertestamental Israel went through would definitely seem to be a picture of the church’s future. It is rather amazing how one can compare the warnings of Revelation 2 and 3 to conditions and events in Israel during the time of the prophets. But sadly, after apostolic times, like so many other things, Christians quickly forgot that Jesus Christ rejected earthly leadership of religious bureaucracies and states in favor of a spiritual kingdom. They first began to work to make Christianity respectable to the very world that rejected and crucified Jesus Christ using apologetics and theological speculation. It began innocently enough, rebutting such lies that the Lord’s Supper consisted of human sacrifices followed by orgies (lies that existed, incidentally, only because of the absurd practice of not allowing curious onlookers – including potential converts – to view the Lord’s Supper observances, a prohibition that cannot be supported scripturally) but quickly it reached such nonsense as trying to convince the polytheists that Christianity was just as cultured and intellectual as their vile pagan abominations.

    Even today, apologetics is wielded by many not so much for evangelistic and edifying purposes as it is for defending the continued existence and legitimacy of “a Christian worldview” or “a Christian culture” as a viable, respectable alternative to secularism. In other words, claiming that for sinners and their sinful societies Christian worldliness is superior to or at least as tolerable as worldliness without allegedly Christian pretensions. Which, of course, is a clear rejection of what Jesus Christ and the rest of biblical revelation clearly states as its divine spiritual purpose, which was to wholly extricate sinners from their sinful cultures. Just as the Levites were the firstborn of Israel and were given no inheritance, meaning that they had no stake in this world but were set aside by God, Christians are to be the same. 

    So the merging of Christianity and the prevailing worldly attitudes that regarded church and state (or to be more accurate RELIGION and state) to be one and the same and rejecting the spirituality of Christianity in favor of myths, fables, supersitions, and strange practices continued largely unabated until when Constantine declared Christianity the state religion with himself as the pontifix maximus, most Christians saw absolutely no conflict. Quite the contrary, the decided minority who did the same as their true Master Jesus Christ and refused to mix spirit with state and religion soon found themselves branded as heretics. Just as Israel wanted to follow the practices of the heathen nations surrounding them by demanding civil leadership from a king, Christians wanted to follow the worldly practice of replacing a spiritual relationship with a person to the very same mixture of state and religious bureaucracies and rituals that practically every other idolatrous pagan abomination before it.

    Rather than being called out, separate, distinct, and holy with no stake in this world, these Christians claimed that not only being like all the other religions in the world but being bigger, badder, better, richer, more learned, more cultured, and more powerful than everyone else and thus able to impose their will on everyone else with commerce and sword proved that it was God’s Will. Reading this back into the Old Testament, Israel never had to run the Baal, Molech, and Ashtoreth worshipers out of Canaan. Instead, all Israel had to do was become BETTER at worshiping Baal, Molech, and Ashtoreth than the Canaanites were, and in this way prove that Yahweh was more powerful than Baal, Molech, and Ashtoreth.

    And incidentally, Israel did just this. Please recall the last of the kings of Israel and Judah … their wickedness was so great that it exceeded even the wickedness of the Canaanites that God told Israel to wipe and drive out. As Israel did before them, the Christians who insisted that Constantinism was God’s Will did also. It would be great to claim that the Protestant Reformation undid this. However, it is not so. The first generation of what is officially called the Reformation continued to hold onto what Jesus Christ rejected by erecting bureaucratic church bodies and either ruling or attempting to influence the state through them. It was only later waves that rejected the imperial religious model and state control.

    Yet many of them remained convinced that it was a major job of the church to improve sinful society rather than to redeem men from it, what is often called by fundamentalists “polishing doorknobs and swabbing the decks on a sinking ship” when the effort should be to use the gospel as life rafts to save who they can (or from a double predestination perspective whom God will) before the ship and the hard hearted on it perish.  So what of the poor souls on the sinking ship and the ship itself? The Bible makes it clear: God provides for the ship and the people who will never get off it (as even free will Christians must acknowledge that many have died and will die without ever even hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ) through common grace.

    And yes, Christians can, should, and do participate in common grace. But the ship and the people on it are this world and of it and will be destroyed. The church is on the ship, but not of it. Its job is not to seek to be the ship’s master, to claim the ship or even some of it for the church, or to claim some of the church or the church itself for the ship, but rather to prepare itself to be taken off the ship while seeking others that will be rescued with us. That is completely at odds with the notion of state church Christianity or cultural Christianity, because either (or both) will be primarily preoccupied with trying to steer, beautify, and even SAVE the sinking ship because it is invested in it.

    A state church is at least partially invested in the culture. A cultural church is at least partially invested in the culture. And churches that are merely religious reflections of the prevailing politics and culture (and we can tell that so many are simply based on how so many governed … you have your church monarchies, church democracies, church republics with democratically elected representatives, and even communist, socialist, or anarchist churches) are literally run by the ship (being plugged into the worldly governance structures as they are  and hence having the same captain) and are careening towards its fate. 

    Keep in mind: Jesus Christ told the faithless Jews of His time (and the Christians of all time, especially the tribulation church) that He was rejected because He came in the Name of God. Now as God is a spirit, Jesus Christ, coming in the Name of God, had to renounce the civil kingdom and religious rule that the people were demanding in favor of a spiritual kingdom. Jesus Christ stated that someone who comes in his own name, someone who would fulfill their expectations of being a civil and religious ruler, that is who they would accept. In that time, the Jews followed Simon bar Kochba and other false messiahs to claimed to be civil and religious rulers to disastrous results: the temple was destroyed, Jerusalem was totally laid waste, and the Jews were scattered and barred from entering.

    But to the church, the warning was more dire. The man who comes in his own name that the church will accept in the place of Jesus Christ’s spiritual kingdom because they want a worldly civil, political, religous, economic etc. kingdom will most definitely be the man of sin, the anti – Christ. He will represent civil power, the false prophet will represent religious power, and they will demand and receive the allegiance of all Christians that have no use for spiritual things, people that possess a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. Whether the anti – Christ is revealed at around 11:45 PM tonight when the TV networks declare the winner of the presidential election or is revealed 300 years from now is to you of little consequence, because the truth is that if you are denying the true spiritual reign of Jesus Christ in favor of a political, cultural, or religious alternative, you are worshiping the spirit of anti – Christ already.

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    The Religious Right: Not God’s Servant!

    Posted by Job on October 28, 2008

    I read media reports about this story of the fearmongering that religious right activists are engaging in to get John McCain and Sarah Palin in the White House, but was hindered from immediately addressing it. It is just as well, because PJ Miller did a better job discussing it than I could have. So, let me just add to her post with another angle … actually a political one.

    Bible readers have been shocked by the great praise that the book of Isaiah heaps on King Darius of the Medo – Persians, calling him God’s servant. Why? Because this Darius was a pagan who never seems to have converted! This should not surprise especially in light of Romans 13. In that passage, the Bible refers to civil government as a gift from God used to do good and restrain evil. In short, civil government is God’s servant through common grace, not special grace, and therefore wise honest effective rulers serve God despite their lack of covenant relationship with Him. So the Bible has record of people in addition to Darius like Egypt’s pharoah, Nebuchadnezzar and Xerxes who whether they ultimately converted or not were God’s servants because they ruled wisely, often by virtue of appointing people like Joseph, Daniel and Mordecai as their chief advisors and administrators.

    But make no mistake, to be God’s servant in a civil magistrate position, you have to be a wise, competent, effective and honest ruler. Otherwise, even if you are a Christian, you are not God’s servant in this role. You may be legitimately born again and going to heaven, but if you take on a leadership role that you were not meant for and lack the skills and gifts for, or if you are less than hardworking or principled in this capacity, though you may be God’s servant in the church, you are not in the state. Martin Luther for his part recognized this when he made the statement that he would rather be ruled by a wise Muslim than a foolish Christian. The context of this statement is even more amazing when you consider what Muslims had done to so many Christians in Luther’s time and in times recently prior, a history that Luther was well aware of.

    So in this utterly Biblical and very practical context, the Christian right is not acting as God’s servant. First of all, by trying to frighten people into voting for John McCain, they are spreading fear, discord, confusion, and yes bigotry into the country. That means that even if they succeed, McCain will have a much tougher time actually governing this place. And if they fail, then wow these folks have all but stated that they have license to completely reject Obama’s authority and spend the next four years as political (and religious) subversives.

    Second, who are their efforts in support of? John McCain. Is there any evidence at all that McCain will be an effective, honest, fair, just and wise ruler? If so, present it. The truth is that nothing in this fellow’s background indicates it, and everything indicates otherwise. We know that in 1998 John McCain basically rejected the political philosophies and alliances that he had spent his first 16 years in Congress cultivating. We know that in 2008, John McCain then repudiated the what he had spent from 1998 to 2008 advocating. And we also know that the John McCain of October is advocating things completely different from the John McCain of February, and that is different still from the John McCain of July. Translation: John McCain either has no philosophical and ideological convictions or he is willing to discard or lie about them in order to gain power. Also, again, John McCain has been in Congress since 1982. In all that time, he has only passed one major piece of legislation: campaign finance reform. The guy is a back bencher, relegated to the minor Commerce Committee (not to be confused with the actually important banking and finance) and even there did nothing that anyone can recognize but gain a network of cronies that he would later exploit for fundraising purposes. He has not only never been a leader in the Senate, he has never even been a team player. That is why his claim to fame was his being a “maverick”, or in other words undermining his colleagues for the past 10 years.

    So basically, Christians are resorting to these tactics to elect a man that they know has nothing to show for his long political career, has no loyalties to anyone other than himself, no convictions other than his own personal advancement, has no leadership skills, and no cooperative or collaborative skills. Again, this is something that McCain has repeatedly demonstrated over the past 26 years. So this is the guy that they are willing to spread fear, hate, and division to get into office? The proper Biblical stance towards this election should be to support NEITHER McCain NOR Obama and pray for EITHER should they be elected. Yet the next religious right leader that you hear say such a thing would be the first. (Ironically the pastor of Sarah Palin’s former church put out a statement saying that he planned to do precisely that.)

    It is no surprise if they are. After all, these are the guys that got George W. Bush elected and re – elected, and before him did the same for George H. W. Bush and Ronald Reagan twice. And never forget that the first candidate of the religious right, though not organized as it is today, was none other than Jimmy Carter. And this is not even considering all of the incompetent corrupt immoral people that these folks have fought to get elected to Congress and in our governorships. Take a look at what has gone on since the rise of the religious right in 1980 and especially since their uprisings in 1994, 2000 and 2004. Has Roe versus Wade been overturned? Not a chance and not even close. Has gay rights including gay marriage been successfully opposed? Please. Have our public schools started challenging evolution and environmentalism? No. Are our government policies more pro – family? Not unless homosexuals cohabitating and adopting children counts. This country is more socially and culturally liberal in almost every single area since the rise of the religious right, and what is more the religious right and the churches that are part of it have conformed itself to that liberalism rather than separating itself from it and opposing it.

    And that is just things that are superficially related to religion. Have any of the religious right candidates delivered peace either abroad or on our streets? No. Have they brought us economic prosperity? Forget it! Despite conservative rhetoric otherwise, the terms of Reagan, Bush, and Bush II were marked by increased street crime, failed wars and military operations, and disastrous economic policies that include a grotesque national debt, two major banking collapses (one for each Bush) and an obscene level of fraud, corruption and waste from the $400 dollar hammers and toilet seats that government contractors billed us for under Reagan to the outright brazen theft in Iraq and New Orleans.

    It is not just the performance, it is also the philosophy. Neoconservatism is not biblical, plain and simple. It exalts the powerful, justifies the unjust, and demonizes the poor, the oppressed, and the innocent victims. Even apart from the Bible, it is just plain bad government policy. Using a Bible example that does not directly relate to doctrine or practice, I recall the wisdom of King Hezekiah who built cisterns and aqueducts so that Jerusalem would have a water supply during the inevitable Assyrian siege. Can you imagine the neoconservatives – again which includes the religious right – doing such a thing? Nope, they would have just cut taxes and given corporate welfare to the olive oil companies and spear manufacturers. (By the way, speaking of which, please note the religious right worship of our military industrial complex and contrast it with God’s command to biblical Israel not to own chariots. Religious right types that claim that America or “the west” is somehow now God’s covenant people need to explain their insistence that America continue its buildup of conventional, nuclear, biological and chemical weapons and use said arsenal to compel the rest of the world to do what we want.)

    Neoconservatives would never admit it, but things like our railroads, interstate highway system, our public school system and state universities, Hoover Dam, the REA which brought electricity to rural America and other programs which brought power to the western interior, the Manhattan Project, the national laboratories that gave us modern electronics, fabrics, the Internet etc. were all the direct result of government. Private industry developed some of those things, but their primary function was to market and use what the government did, what the taxpayers paid for. Now can you honestly imagine this current crop of neoconservatives supporting sending power lines into Appalachia or the Mississippi Delta or building Hoover Dam, or building the Panama Canal? Please. Those fellows would claim that if the private sector had no interest in it, then it isn’t worth doing. Of course, that seems to be their same attitude towards our crumbling infrastructure like New Orleans’ levees and the collapsing bridges also.

    Do not get me wrong. I do not worship the state, nor do I demonize commerce. I take the Biblical view of recognizing that each has its proper role in society according to common grace. Neoconservatism rejects the Biblical view in favor of worshiping private enterprise as the source and standard by which all good things flow and are measured and by demonizing even the possibility of effective civil leadership. Their only program is to cut taxes and then to make up the revenue shortfall by doing things like selling off control of our interstate highways or our ports (again both built with taxpayer money!) to foreign companies and governments!

    Again, do not take me for an Obama supporter or adherent to his flavor of Marxism. (Although opponents of Marxism who still support John McCain despite his not only voting for the bailout but being one of the people who led the fight to pass it through the U.S. Senate should explain themselves, again starting with the religious right.) So no, the religious left is not God’s servant either! It is merely particularly galling that the very people who claim to base their political activism to fidelity to sound doctrine and practice based on a literal interpretation of the Bible could be so fundamentally off. Were these fellows running Old Testament Israel in the time of David and Solomon, they would have never built the temple because it would have meant raising taxes. (For that matter, they would have never built the tabernacle either.) Were these fellows running Egypt in Joseph’s time, they would have never consented to setting aside the grain, because it would have represented government seizing private property, and the whole nation would have died. (Please note: this is very similar to how neoconservatives actually defend deficit spending and never even talk about the national debt … again not that the left cares about the national debt either but why should we expect them to since they make no pretense of heeding Biblical inerrancy?)

    The religious right shows its departure from scripture by backing not only leaders that they well know will never be wise civil magistrates (foolish whether they be Christians or Turks, and please recall that universalist Skulls and Bones occultist George H. W. Bush and necromancer Ronald Reagan cannot be referred to as Christians in any sense) but a political ideology that is in itself a rejection of the knowledge of God and a high thing that exalts itself against God! All you have to do is listen to these people rant on their talk shows or from their pulpits. You will come away hating impoverished children and widows and being convinced that the life of an Iraqi is so not worth giving 5 seconds of attention to that nearly a million civilian casualties are worth our going to war to give them a political and economic system that they didn’t ask for and that everyone knows will never work (yes, the puppet regime that we are installing in Iraq is destined to fail and everyone knows it)!

    And what is the justification for casting in your lot with this apostate movement? It isn’t abortion. The religious right should have known not to trust the GOP the second that Ronald Reagan appointed Sandra Day O’Connor. Reagan had never cared one whit about women’s rights in his long political career, but he puts a woman whose views on abortion are no different from Barack Obama’s because it was SOOO important to have a female Supreme Court judge? Also, it isn’t as if there weren’t TONS of female pro – life judges, legal activists, and legal scholars. Reagan could have nominated a Phyllis Schafly and not skipped a beat! Why didn’t he? Because Reagan was pro – abortion just like George H. W. Bush is pro – abortion and George W. Bush is pro – abortion. The only difference is that where the Bushes have repeatedly publicly stated that they support Roe v. Wade, Reagan lied about it. But check his record going back to California; it speaks otherwise.

    So if it isn’t abortion or any of those other social issues (again, please note how our nation and culture have moved so far to the left legally on those social issues despite – or maybe because of? – our courts stacked with Nixon, Reagan, Bush, and Bush appointees including the Reagan and Nixon judges that give the radical social left victory after victory in California!) then what is it about? Again, it is obviously not about honest, wise, fair leadership, and it is certainly not about preserving a nation founded on Christian principles. No, it is about power, and so long as they get their people running this nation, they could care less what their people do to it and to its people (or for that matter to other nations and people). This is precisely the opposite of what the Bible calls for, and the best evidence that the religious right is not God’s servant and therefore no different from the religious left at all. Both are two sides of the same anti – Christ coin.

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    Charles Spurgeon Sermon On Politicians

    Posted by Job on October 18, 2008

    Courtesy of sfpulpit.

    Charles Spurgeon on Politicians (click here)

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    Don’t be Deceived by Political Christianity!

    Posted by Job on October 15, 2008

    Don’t be Deceived by Political Christianity


    What does Babylon the Great represent? It is a symbol that stands for all the ungodly religious-political-social-economic systems that humans have created. As John might put it in his letters, Babylon is simply “the world” (1 John 2:15). The world system depicted under this symbol would be that one that does not reflect God’s nature of love, and which in turn enslaves mankind.

    Another worthwhile message/warning posted today by Pastor Kato Mivule of Uganda at Yesu Mulungi:

    Christian Response to Secular Government

    Kato Mivule…Oct 13 2008

    It is election time in the USA and Christians are not mandated to vote or not to vote in the Bible, at least by New Testament Teachings. So, the choice to vote and not to vote is left up to the conscience and judgment of a believer.

    However, the New Testament is very clear when it comes to what a Christian’s Responses should be when governed by any secular government. We are not to engage in any type of armed rebellion or incitements just because you disagree with the Ruling Authorities…

    A lot of Christian Blogs and websites in America are so scared that Barrack Obama will become the next President of the US that they are busy sending out emails and articles that are nothing but HATE, REBELLION, and FEAR MONGERING that somehow Arab Moslems are going to overrun the US Whitehouse and install Communism.

    Many Christians, especially in the “Christian Remnant Movement” are caught up in these Hate Mongering Christian Religious Right sites that they are preparing themselves for Rebellion and in some cases joining ‘Christian Vigilante Militia’ groups so as to ‘Retake America Back’ in case Obama wins the Election…

    However, I WARN YOU to WATCH OUT and don’t be deceived into joining such foolish blood thirsty hate groups.  Regardless of who wins the November Elections, the Sky will not fall… Regardless of if McCain wins or Obama wins, the Bible is clear as to what our mandate to government should be as Christians.

    Personally, I don’t agree with the Policies of GW Bush but he is still the President of the USA and the Bible commands us that we give him due honor…

    America’s Religious Right Evangelicals are deceived and their Trust is now in Hate, Rebellion, and the Gun… Don’t follow such men, they are heading to HELL. They hide behind Pro Life, Anti Abortion, Anti Gay, Pro Marriage but are not, they are simply using Christianity as a cover for EVIL… Brethren WATCH OUT and don’t be DECEIVED by POLITICAL CHRISTIANITY!

    This is what the New Testament teaches our response should be to Secular Government….

    Romans 13:1-8
    (1)  Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.
    (2)  Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.
    (3)  For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same:
    (4)  For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.
    (5)  Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake.
    (6)  For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing.
    (7)  Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honor to whom honor.
    (8)  Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.

    1 Peter 2:13-18
    (13)  Submit yourselves to every ordinance of man for the Lord’s sake: whether it be to the king, as supreme;
    (14)  Or unto governors, as unto them that are sent by him for the punishment of evildoers, and for the praise of them that do well.
    (15)  For so is the will of God, that with well doing ye may put to silence the ignorance of foolish men:
    (16)  As free, and not using your liberty for a cloak of maliciousness, but as the servants of God.
    (17)  Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honor the king.
    (18)  Servants, be subject to your masters with all fear; not only to the good and gentle, but also to the froward.

    Titus 3:1-2
    (1)  Put them in mind to be subject to principalities and powers, to obey magistrates, to be ready to every good work,
    (2)  To speak evil of no man, to be no brawlers, but gentle, showing all meekness unto all men.

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    The Bailout May Result In The Government Obtaining Church Mortgages

    Posted by Job on October 6, 2008

    After the Bailout, Government-Owned Churches?

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    Pulpit Freedom Sunday Is A Stench In The Nostrils Of God

    Posted by Job on October 2, 2008

    Romans 13:1-8 “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God. Whosoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation. For rulers are not a terror to good works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the power? do that which is good, and thou shalt have praise of the same: For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil. 5Wherefore ye must needs be subject, not only for wrath, but also for conscience sake. For for this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministers, attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues: tribute to whom tribute is due; custom to whom custom; fear to whom fear; honour to whom honour. Owe no man any thing, but to love one another: for he that loveth another hath fulfilled the law.” Now read how people below plan to commit a high handed premediated sin against the Bible. Keep in mind: they are not sinning against man by doing this, but against the Word of the living God!

    Pulpit Freedom Sunday

    Participating pastors will exercise First Amendment right to speak on positions of electoral candidates Sept. 28 Thursday, September 25, 2008, 8:05 AM (MST) | ADF Media Relations | 480-444-0020

    SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — Pastors participating in the Alliance Defense Fund’s “Pulpit Freedom Sunday” will preach from their pulpits Sept. 28 about the moral qualifications of candidates seeking political office.  The pastors will exercise their First Amendment right to preach on the subject, despite federal tax regulations that prohibit intervening or participating in a political campaign.

    “Pastors have a right to speak about Biblical truths from the pulpit without fear of punishment.  No one should be able to use the government to intimidate pastors into giving up their constitutional rights,” said ADF Senior Legal Counsel Erik Stanley.  “If you have a concern about pastors speaking about electoral candidates from the pulpit, ask yourself this:  should the church decide that question, or should the IRS?”

    Pulpit Freedom Sunday is an event associated with the ADF Pulpit Initiative (, a legal effort designed to secure the First Amendment rights of pastors in the pulpit.  A document explaining what the Pulpit Initiative is and is not is available at “ADF is not trying to get politics into the pulpit.  Churches can decide for themselves that they either do or don’t want their pastors to speak about electoral candidates.  The point of the Pulpit Initiative is very simple:  the IRS should not be the one making the decision by threatening to revoke a church’s tax-exempt status.  We need to get the government out of the pulpit,” said Stanley. Stanley explained that, contrary to the misunderstandings of many, tax-exempt status is not a “gift” or “subsidy” bestowed by the government.

    “Churches were completely free to preach about candidates from the day that the Constitution was ratified in 1788 until 1954.  That’s when the unconstitutional rule known as the ‘Johnson Amendment’ was enacted,” explained Stanley.  “Churches are exempt from taxation under the principle that there is no surer way to destroy religion than to begin taxing it.  As the U.S. Supreme Court has noted, the power to tax involves the power to destroy.  The real effect of the Johnson Amendment is that pastors are muzzled for fear of investigation by the IRS.” After Sept. 28, ADF plans to provide via news release a list of pastors who participated in Pulpit Freedom Sunday.

    ADF is a legal alliance of Christian attorneys and like-minded organizations defending the right of people to freely live out their faith. Launched in 1994, ADF employs a unique combination of strategy, training, funding, and litigation to protect and preserve religious liberty, the sanctity of life, marriage, and the family. (Please note that this statement mentions Jesus Christ in no way, shape, or form.)

    How do we live out Romans 13:1-8 in a lost and dying world? Simple: by not acting like the lost and dying. Jesus Christ said that we must fulfill all righteousness. So, one of the reasons why Christ did not follow the false teachers and political revolutionaries by refusing to pay taxes was because had He done so, He would have been, well, indistinguishable from false teachers and political revolutionaries.

    The political revolutionaries stated not to pay taxes because they felt that it was God’s Will for them to be sovereign, free from Roman rule, and that paying taxes was submission to a wicked order that would be overthrown when the Messiah came to defeat Rome and take the throne of David. These people ignored that Israel lost its sovereignty when they the Sinai covenant, the result of which was the northern kingdom being wiped off the map and Judah going into captivity. The Messiah was not coming to restore the broken covenant, but to bring a new covenant. So, at best the political revolutionaries were being presumptuous in acting as if God needed their help by way of subversive behavior. At worst, they were pretending as if the Sinai covenant had never been broken, and the words of Jeremiah, Hosea, and Ezekiel had never been given by God. (Keep in mind, it was the Hellenistic Sadducees who denied the validity of the prophetic books, and they supported the Romans!)

    As for the religious leaders, they may have had superficially religious reasons for claiming that taxes should not be paid to Caesar (i.e. idolatry), the truth was that their actual motivations were that they agreed with the political objectives of the subversives. So then just as now, you had false teachers at best claiming that secular aims were spiritual, and at worst calling sin righteousness. Jesus Christ rejected both groups (which in truth were really only one) by stating that it was OK to give back to Caesar what was Caesar’s anyway. The things of this world are ruled by the prince of this world (Satan) but the gospel and the kingdom are not of this world and cannot be given or taken by this world or those of it.

    Now John Calvin did do the work of a theologian (that is, in Bible speak, a doctor of the law, or that is one who creates doctrines for Christians to live by) and state that it is OK to defy the law if it forces a Christian to sin. That is consistent with Biblical example, particularly how the apostles refused to stop preaching the gospel when the Sanhedrin told them to cease in Acts. (Please realize that the Roman empire gave local nations and tribes some degree of autonomy, so the Sanhedrin was the legitimate authority in this matter!) But a law against getting in the pulpit and telling your congregations that their key to justification and sanctification is voting for John McCain, Barack Obama, Chuck Baldwin, Bob Barr, or Cynthia McKinney (Republican, Democrat, Constitution, Libertarian, and Green Party candidates for president) or even for one of your own deacons for dog catcher does not hinder the gospel of Jesus Christ in any way, shape, or form. Were it the case, then in monarchies and other situations where rulers are not democratically elected, there would be no way to spread the gospel at all, and that was certainly the case in the Roman Empire, which was not only a monarchy, but in the time of the early church most Christians weren’t even citizens! 

    This is the best part: these pastors aren’t even invoking their right or duty to break these statutes as coming to them from God either by special revelation via the Bible or even universal revelation and common grace through natural law. Instead, they are claiming that their right to use their pulpit to promote a bunch of lying thieving adulterous new world order occultist viper crooks into office comes from the state: the first amendment. Now from the example of Paul in Acts fully exploiting his legal rights as a Roman citizen to spread the gospel, on the surface this would seem to be OK. But look closer and you will see that A) Paul invoked his Roman rights TO SPREAD THE GOSPEL, not to put more evil people in office and B) if the state has the right to give you free speech, then that same state has the right to narrow or clarify that right. 

    The state is not forcing you to kill your child, like China’s forced abortion policy. The state is not imprisoning you for preaching the gospel, like China is. (And by the way: the very same George W. Bush that so many of these people voted for LAST TIME worked very hard to get China into the WTO and most favored trade nation status!) The state is merely telling you that you cannot abuse your spiritual authority by telling your congregation to go out and vote for someone fully controlled by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, you name it. In this instance, the righteousness of the STATE actually exceeds the righteousness of the CHURCH who not only seeks to break the law, but is deceiving their adherents into thinking that by voting for wicked men that they can advance the kingdom of heaven! 

    The worst part is that there is no need whatsoever to do this. Americans United for the Separation of Church and State would LOVE to go after pastors for their political activism. But pastors have studied the law and found a way to legally separate their actions as private citizens from those as pastors. So, when a pastor would endorse candidates for office, the pastor does so not from their position as pastor of a particular congregation or leader in a denomination but as individuals, and they make it clear that their positions and activities were their own apart from their employers (churches or denominations). Now you may disagree with this SCRIPTURALLY, but the fact is that pastors has the same LEGAL right to do whatever they please when not on the job as does any doctor, lawyer, engineer, schoolteacher, janitor, construction worker, etc. Now your workplace can certainly fire you, but the state can’t touch you. 

    So if a pastor is certain that the kingdom of heaven will be advanced by endorsing the candidacy of his dogcatcher, well then they have a very effective and legal model available for them. But instead of following the accommodations that do exist for them in the law, these people in their pride and hardened hearts have decided to be rebels against the living God and His Word. People, see how the mixing of religion and politics leads people into apostasy? This, my good Christians, proves that the Bible is true. For politics is of the world. The Bible states that you should not mix things that are common with those that are holy. Take a look at the Old Testament sacrificial system, and God spent thousands of years teaching His people with the Sinai religion that principle: certain altars and certain religious implements such as things used in sacrifices and religious ceremonies were either holy or most holy, and those things could not be defiled by unclean people or things. So why are these people trying to defile the gospel of Jesus Christ by A) electioneering for wickedness and B) engaging in and encouraging illegal behavior? The answer is that they love the world and the things in it. Well, to them this verse applies: 1 John 2:15 – “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him.”

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    New World Order Billy Graham Cronies Telling White Evangelicals To Vote For Barack HUSSEIN Obama!

    Posted by Job on June 9, 2008

    Obama Could Win 40 Percent of Evangelical Vote, Says Expert

    A well-connected authority in the evangelical world said in an interview this week that Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama could get up to 40 percent of the evangelical vote. The fascination with the charismatic Illinois senator combined with evangelicals’ effort to not be seen as an appendage of the Republican Party could swing evangelical voters in Obama’s favor, predicted Mark DeMoss – a prominent public relations executive whose clients include Focus on the Family, Franklin Graham, and Campus Crusade for Christ – to (Can we no longer pretend to ignore the clear influence of the new world order types: Council on Foreign Relations, Rockefellers, Bilderbergs, Rothschilds, freemasons, etc. on this crowd? The PR man for Franklin Graham is basically making it OK for evangelicals to vote for Obama, just as Franklin Graham’s father is responsible for the evangelical – Roman Catholic alliance?)

    “I will not be surprised if he gets one third of the evangelical vote,” DeMoss said in the interview. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it was 40 percent.” For comparison, the public relations guru pointed out that one-third of white evangelicals had voted for former president Bill Clinton in his 1996 re-election bid during the “height of [the] Monica Lewinsky mess.” (Keep in mind: BILLY GRAHAM WAS A HUGE SUPPORTER OF BILL CLINTON!)

    “That’s a statistic I didn’t believe at first but I double and triple checked it,” he said, “I would not be surprised if that many or more voted for Barack Obama in this election.” In terms of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, DeMoss spoke about the lack of enthusiasm within the evangelical circle for the candidate. He said that for months now he hasn’t received an e-mail, letter, or phone call from fellow evangelicals urging that they unite behind McCain and “put aside whatever differences we have.”

    “It’s just very quiet. It could mean there’s a real sense of apathy or it could mean they’re waiting for the general election to begin,” he said. “But it’s a surprise, given the way e-mail networks work now.” On McCain’s part, he hasn’t done much to reach out to DeMoss either. DeMoss said he has received one phone call from a McCain staffer about a month ago asking if he would like to help campaign for McCain. But the evangelical leader, who had enthusiastically campaigned for former presidential candidate Mitt Romney, turned down the invitation. (So … Billy and Franklin Graham supported Mormon Mitt Romney. Check, and got it.)

    “I told him that I’m a conservative first and a Republican second,” he said. “I was inclined to vote for Senator McCain but not to get involved beyond that.” (And you are a Christian … where? And … Obama is a conservative or a Republican … where? Seriously, people, if I wanted to make this stuff up I couldn’t).

    DeMoss briefly mentioned the 2000 incident when McCain lashed out at his former boss, Jerry Falwell, and Pat Robertson. He later commented that McCain’s recent rejection of the endorsements of Pastors John Hagee and Rod Parsley was a “mistake.” (So … rejecting the support of blaspheming demonic heretics is a mistake?) Although the two pastors have some controversial views on theology, both, in terms of values, support what many evangelicals hold dear, DeMoss contends. (Which is precisely why movements centered around “values” instead of Jesus Christ TAKES PEOPLE TO THE LAKE OF FIRE FOR ETERNITY.)

    “Here were two conservative religious pastors who were probably out on a limb supporting him,” he said. (What, so they didn’t PRAY and CONSULT THEIR BIBLES before acting? You mean they acted outside of God’s Will? Shocking. Who would have figured it! Then again, that isn’t quite what you said, now is it?) “And he responds to criticism over comments they made and rejects them. That was a slap in the face to evangelicals who are already somewhat suspect of Senator McCain.”

    But whatever happens in this election, one thing DeMoss wants to make clear is evangelicals are not “absolutely Republican.” “Polls don’t show that to be true,” he said. (Whatever happens in this election, it is clear that a lot of evangelicals are not following Jesus Christ and comprehending and obeying the Bible, and, well, the polls prove it. And hey, so does the fact that so many evangelicals are following people like you and your bosses!)

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    Black Ministers Watching Their Words on Barack HUSSEIN Obama

    Posted by Job on June 9, 2008

    Black Ministers Watching their Words on Obama

    HAMPTON, Va. (AP) – An island in a sea of pastel suits, alligator shoes and elaborate pocket squares, the Rev. Jeffrey Bryan stood out at a meeting of black ministers for his simple fashion choice: Denim shorts and a black T-shirt emblazoned with the face of presumed Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama. He’s posted campaign signs and even has snapshots of himself with Obama, who once made a stop at his Newark, N.J., church.

    But that’s as far as he’ll go to show his support — there will be no sermons peppered with “Obama in ’08.”

    “It’s a historical time for black people, we cannot ignore what’s going on,” said the pastor, who was nonetheless resolute that “you can’t tell people who to vote for.”

    In the black community, the pulpit has long played a powerful role in shaping voting decisions. But the role of the church in politics has been under increased scrutiny since uproars involving prominent pastors.

    Now, as the nation stands closer than ever to electing its first nonwhite president, pastors face a delicate balancing act: Maintaining the church’s historical status as a bridge between blacks and politics, while being careful not to overstep their bounds — even at a time when their considerable sway with black voters could help shape history.

    At an annual minister’s conference in Hampton this week, a gathering of roughly 7,500 pastors, faith leaders agreed they would continue pushing for Obama, personally supporting the candidate whenever they can.

    But they were unanimous in saying they would steer very clear of anything that could be construed as endorsement and were careful to frame plans for support as a private choice.

    The Rev. William B. Moore, a Philadelphia pastor, said he’s helped organize voter drives in his congregation, given money to the campaign and posted an Obama ’08 sign.

    But he didn’t plan much else.

    “The black church has, over the years, made that distinction between church and state and God and state. I think the media has made it more than it really is,” he said, later adding, “We know how to walk that line.”

    The Hampton Ministers’ Conference, which began in 1914, gathers church leaders to discuss issues of faith and relate them to daily life. As Obama claimed the delegates necessary to secure the Democratic presidential nomination before a crowd of cheering thousands in St. Paul, Minn., on Tuesday, the energy rippled through the conference. Just a year earlier, the Illinois senator used the conference to challenge the Bush administration for failing to diffuse a “quiet riot” of discontent brewing in black America.

    By midweek, pastors openly supported Obama’s historic candidacy — but chose their words carefully. Many said they personally endorsed him, but stopped short of saying more.

    Robert Franklin, head of Atlanta’s Morehouse College, urged pastors to seize the spirit of the day — one of interracial cooperation — in a speech Tuesday.

    “That’s part of the attraction of Sen. Obama,” he said afterward. “He gets that.”

    Later in the week, Franklin warned churches against endorsing a candidate. Federal tax rules bar nonprofits from engaging in partisan activity.

    His comments reflect a changing landscape in which churches, long an unchallenged force in politics, have come under increased scrutiny.

    This election year has seen an effort by the IRS and church-state separation watchdog groups to significantly step up their monitoring of churches and other nonprofits. Obama’s own denomination, the United Church of Christ, was investigated and quickly cleared by the IRS for hosting the candidate at the religious group’s national meeting last year.

    Meanwhile, pastors’ sermons are being posted on YouTube and analyzed for any clue to the values of the candidate.

    Obama distanced himself from his former pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, after video snippets of Wright’s sermons were broadcast and the clergyman made contentious public appearances. Obama recently left the Chicago congregation where he had been a member for over 20 years.

    John McCain, the certain Republican presidential nominee, has had his own pastor troubles. He accepted, and then spurned, prominent Texas preacher John Hagee’s endorsement and later rejected Ohio Pentecostal pastor Rod Parsley’s endorsement because of their controversial remarks.

    Some pastors at the Hampton conference wouldn’t talk publicly about politics, fearful of hurting their church.

    One reverend who didn’t want to be identified told an Associated Press reporter he believed some churches might increase security and monitor for recording devices during Sunday morning services.

    Some criticized media coverage they say focused on black ministers doing something white ministers have done for years.

    Michael Battle, president of the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, pointed to ministers like Moral Majority founder Jerry Falwell and Christian Coalition founder Pat Robertson.

    “For a long time those preachers have been very,very engaged in this effort to get people to register and to vote for the candidate of their choice — so it is not new to the black church, nor is it new to the white church, to encourage participation in the democracy,” Battle said.

    Hampton University Ministers Conference

    (Photo: AP Images / Gary C. Knapp)
    Bishop Charles Blake, center, the presiding bishop over the 6-million member Church of God in Christ and the pastor of the West Angeles Church of God in Christ located in Los Angeles, Ca., joins hands in prayer with Dr. Dwight Riddick, right, the senior pastor at Gethsemane Baptist Church in Newport News, Va., and Dr. William Curtis, left, the President of the Hampton University Ministers Conference and the senior pastor at the Mt. Ararat Baptist Church in Pittsburgh, Pa., before he, Blake, delivers the evening worship service during the second day of the 94th Annual Hampton University Ministers Conference at on Tuesday, June 3, 2008. The conference will continue thru June 6.

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    Oklahoma Politician Sally Kern Warring Against The Homosexual Agenda

    Posted by Job on March 22, 2008

    By Pastor Bill Keller.

    (Ephesians 2:10; Acts 4:12)

    “The homosexual agenda is destroying this nation, OK, it’s just a fact,”
    Oklahoma State Rep. Sally Kern said recently to a gathering of fellow
    Republicans outside the Capitol. “Studies show no society that has totally
    embraced homosexuality has lasted, you know, more than a few decades. So
    it’s the death knell in this country. I honestly think it’s the biggest
    threat that our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam, which I
    think is a big threat,” she said. AMEN! I agree with Rep. Kern 100%!

    Kern, a former school teacher whose husband is a Baptist pastor, has been
    lambasted for her “bigoted, hate-filled, intolerant” comments by the press
    and general public, not to mention the Democratic Governor of Oklahoma as
    well as lesbian talk show host and homosexual activist Ellen DeGeneres.
    What have I told you for years now? If you tell the lie long enough and
    loud enough, people will accept it to be the truth. Never has that been
    more evident than in the relentless campaign by the homosexual community to
    make their choice of deviant sexual relations acceptable and mainstream.

    The war to keep the sin of homosexuality from becoming accepted and
    condoned, even celebrated, has been lost! So you still think this is a
    Christian nation? Over the past 40 years prayer and Bible teaching have been
    taken out of the public schools, we legally slaughter over 4,000 innocent
    babies a day, gambling and pornography are now socially acceptable,
    profanity is no longer considered bad language, Jesus, the Bible, and the
    Christian faith are openly mocked while the cults and false religions of the
    world are now revered and protected, we have changed God’s definition of
    what marriage and the family is, places that call themselves churches and
    men and women who call themselves pastors don’t even believe the Bible and
    operate in complete rebellion to God’s Word, and the sin of homosexuality is
    now considered an acceptable mainstream lifestyle choice.

    Hello! Christians! Think it is time we wake up???

    How could all of this have happened in such a short period of time? Simple.
    Men and women who God called to lead his church and people have failed to do
    so. Many of them deny the inspiration, inerrancy, and Truth of the Bible and
    have led people to accept and condone what God clearly calls sin. Others
    have chosen to preach a gospel of motivation and prosperity that tickles the
    ears of the masses and garners them huge followings of people who don’t want
    to hear about sin and sacrifice, only how to be successful and rich by this
    world’s standards.

    I watched Joel Osteen hawk his new book that gives people 7 keys to be
    successful. Funny, not one of the 7 has a thing to do with Scripture or the
    real success of a person, only temporal earthly success you would hear about
    in a Tony Robbins meeting. How a pastor can sit on nationwide TV for an hour
    and never ONCE utter the name of Jesus is actually a pretty amazing feat.
    Sadly, because of his worldly success, you now have other “pastors” who go
    on national TV and call themselves “life coaches” and other names, never
    once mentioning the Bible or the name of Jesus or the fact that Christ is
    man’s only hope now and for all eternity.

    Still others have gravitated to a social gospel, seeking to solve the
    problems of this fallen world like hunger and sickness and poverty, without
    ever mentioning the greatest need a person has, to have a relationship with
    Jesus since that “offends” people. These are noble causes but wasn’t it
    Jesus who said “the poor you will always have with you.” That doesn’t mean
    we don’t reach out to the poor and the sick, but the greatest need a man has
    isn’t food and medicine, it is to know Jesus as their Savior. Too many who
    are navigating the waters of the social gospel, have had to compromise the
    absolutes of the Bible and create unholy alliances in order to do the work
    they are doing.

    Never before has our silence and failure to lead been as evident as in the
    war we have lost regarding making the sin of homosexuality an acceptable
    mainstream lifestyle choice. Don’t believe me? Dear Abby is now on board
    stating that it is OK to be gay ( ).
    You say big deal, who cares what Dear Abby says? It is just another example
    of a long standing cultural icon who has reinforced that this choice of
    sexual activity is acceptable and even desirable!

    In case you missed it, Harry Potter author JK Rowling revealed that her
    character Albus Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts school for wizards in
    training, is gay! She said her announcement was meant to help people become
    more tolerant of gay people. So now the Potter books are not only helping to
    educate children on how witchcraft, wizardry, and sorcery are acceptable,
    but so is the choice by men to have sex with other men and women to have sex
    with other women. All that is left is for Rowling to announce Hermione had
    sex with Harry, got pregnant and had an abortion!

    Need more? How about the new ad campaign in Italy (
    ) to help spread the lie that people are born gay. If you need to
    be outraged today, check out this poster of a newborn baby with a wristband
    that says HOMOSEXUAL to drive home the myth that people are born gay,
    instead of telling the truth that taking your pants off to have sex is a

    How did we get to this place as a nation? Men and women God called to lead
    who led the church into their own little subculture, apart from mainstream
    society. We retreated behind the four walls of the church into the comfort
    and prosperity of the “Christian trough,” something satan was only too eager
    to let us do since it removed the “salt” and “light” from the marketplace
    and left it to his wolves to ravage.

    Now when we step out of our comfortable little subculture back into the real
    world, we are faced with babies being slaughtered, men marrying men and
    women marrying women, porn and gambling everywhere you turn, filthy language
    accepted as normal conversation, all of the media vehicles being used to
    carry Satan’s lies to the masses to insure their souls will end up in hell,
    and parades to celebrate a sin like homosexuality!!!

    I love you and care about you so much. The sad fact is, we can’t turn back
    the hands of time. Things are never going to be the way they used to be.
    Those days are gone and over. However, in the wake of this gross and
    unbridled sin are the destroyed lives of real people who bought the sweet
    lies of sin and are now paying the price for their rebellion to God. This is
    a new opportunity for the church and for God’s people to be the true hope
    and answer for those who are still breathing, whose lives have been
    devastated by sin, and who yearn for the peace and joy that can only come
    from having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

    A byproduct of all this sin is the coming wrath of God and great persecution
    on the church and God’s people. This is the time when all of the ways we
    have figured out to divide ourselves will no longer be important, when those
    who serve the Lord for mammon will fall away since it will no longer be
    profitable, and those who aren’t serious about their faith will run from it.
    Left will be a faithful remnant whose citizenship is not of this world and
    whose goals are not earthly but Heavenly. It is this faithful group who will
    help bring in a great harvest of souls as the final moments of human history

    My prayer for you today is that you become more bold in your witness for
    Christ. Don’t emulate some of these so-called leaders who have been
    programmed by their business handlers to never even utter the name of Jesus
    so people aren’t offended and book sales aren’t hurt. It is at the name of
    JESUS that every knee shall bow and every tongue confess Him Lord! The Bible
    proclaims that there is only ONE NAME by which men are saved, the name of
    JESUS! If we are ashamed of Jesus, He will be ashamed of us.

    Take your stand for Jesus my friend, just like Oklahoma State Rep. Sally
    Kern has. In a nation and world that has rejected our Lord and His Truth,
    now more than ever He needs each one of his true followers to stand for Him.
    Yes, this nation is no longer a Christian nation, and yes the war to stop
    the sin of homosexuality from becoming mainstream has been lost, but when
    this world as we know it comes to an end, sin will be defeated and the TRUTH
    will prevail!

    In His love and service,
    Your friend and brother in Christ,
    Bill Keller

    ***ARE YOU 100% CERTAIN WHERE YOU WILL SPEND ETERNITY? The fact is you will
    die one day. At that moment, you will either spend eternity with the Lord or
    be cast into everlasting darkness forever separated from God your creator.
    To know for certain you will be forever with Jesus, go to:

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    available via AUDIO each day. Simply go to
    Also, you can now listen to the Daily Devotional by phone by calling 1-727-342-5673

    (C) Copyright 2008, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

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