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Homosexual Choir Director Of Barack Obama And Oprah Winfrey Church Murdered And Gay Rights Activists Attempt To Exploit It!

Posted by Job on December 27, 2007

His name was Donald Young, and he was 47. Local black homosexual activists are noting that another gay man was killed within the past several weeks and are demanding that attention be brought to their murders, suggesting that homosexuals are being targeted in hate crimes. Of course, heterosexual black men that get murdered in Chicago and virtually everywhere else all the time have no one to advocate for justice in their cases and as a result are largely ignored. But the “homosexuals being targeted in hate crimes” angle is already breaking down. Robbery appears to the the motive in the case of Young while the mother of the other dead man, Larry Bland, states that he was likely a victim in a crime of passion. This reminds me of these same black gay rights activists claiming that the murders of four black Delaware State University students in Newark this summer was a hate crime merely because at least one of the victims was homosexual. They continued to press this angle even after it came out that the criminal in the case chose his victims at random and did not know anything about them.

While actual hate crimes against homosexuals do occur, and the Bible does declare both hatred and violence to be just as sinful as is homosexuality, these folks have no interest in punishing those that commit hate crimes against homosexuals and preventing more from occurring in the future. Instead, they are attempting to use the media and ultimately the political and legal process to push their agenda. The fact is that there is no evidence of an increase in violent crimes against homosexuals, and there certainly is no evidence that such crimes are organized in any fashion. There is no basis to claim that “black gay men are being targeted because of their lifestyle” to the media every time that a gay black man is murdered or assaulted.

Incidentally, this tactic is precisely the opposite of the general way that civil rights and other liberal leaders demand that the media treats black victims of crime. From the 1970s to the early 1980s, black leaders demanded that the media and the police show extra attention to the crime and other problems in the black neighborhoods using the logic that because of racism the lives and plight of black people were not valued and their stories were being ignored. At the time, the thought was that doing so would create public sympathy and an added incentive for the largely liberal leadership at the time to spend more on social programs.

That was then. After the “Reagan revolution”, however, black leaders saw how successfully the GOP was using race – baiting Willie Horton tactics to create or play upon mostly irrational and unfounded fears in white voters to win elections (yes, I have seen the crime statistics and they state that a white person is far more likely to be injured in a car accident than by a black criminal) so the black left demanded that the media stop covering the so – called “black on black crime” on the grounds that it was creating racist stereotypes of black men. Pretty soon, such folks actually began to claim that blacks were committing crimes because the news media portrayed them as criminals!

Well now, we have come full circle. Please realize that just as it has been fully accepted in the media and academia that homosexuality is genetic (the bothersome fact that anything resembling a “gay gene” has never been found and researchers admit, when pressed, that it never will be) it has similarly been established that AIDS is spread not primarily through sexual intercourse and drug needles but rather because of homophobia. So when it became time to finally deal with the fact that the black community has a much higher rate of AIDS infections than the white one, the accepted explanation became “the black community is SOOOO much more homophobic than the white one.” Again, not a shred of evidence, not even any of the sham opinion polls or sociological studies that purports to be a sort of evidence in these days, has been produced to demonstrate this. But since we cannot attribute AIDS to, you know, people having sex, even the fact that the AIDS plague in the black community correlates to A) the teen pregnancy and illegitimacy rates and B) the other sexually transmitted diseases is not allowed to be spoken of.

Of course, the black people that are responsible for this (nonexistent) tidal wave of homophobia in the black community are not the black homosexuals themselves, but rather the black HETEROSEXUALS that are blamed for the bigotry. (And to think that one of the main goals of the black power/civil rights movements was to prevent one group of blacks from being set against another. Ah well, as stated earlier, that was then. I bet that Andrew Sullivan, Matt Drudge, David Brock, and other such white conservative homosexuals view homosexual blacks choosing their lifestyle over their race as representing some sort of progress.) And since we are talking about VIOLENT CRIME HERE … well there you have it. The black gay rights activists are using the same Willie Horton racist stereotypes of criminally violent heterosexual black men to make their “black gays are being targeted in a wave of homophobic hate crimes” story believable despite the fact that it is clearly not true.

Ultimately, we should not be surprised. I should point out that I personally left the “conservative” camp, but the dirty little secret of the left has always been how they are willing to demagogue and demonize black males when it suits their interests. The most effective at doing it – and they are NEVER held accountable – are feminists, who have been using black males as their foils ever since Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Staton, and similar went about letting people know what an outrage it was that black males could vote but white females could not. The 19th Amendment would have passed eventually, but the race – baiting sped that process up by several decades. And of course you had Margaret Sanger, whose racist views (appreciated by none other than Adolph Hitler) and her “what if your daughter were raped by a black man?” propaganda was vital to creating the climate that led to Roe v. Wade. (Keep in mind that Ronald Reagan himself signed the nation’s most liberal abortion law as governor of California during a time when everyone was absolutely convinced that angry criminal blacks from Compton, Watts, South Central, etc. were going to take over the whole state with Tom Bradley as their leader.)

A more recent manifestation of this was the welfare reform debates of the 1980s and 1990s. Books like “The Women of Brewster Place”, “The Color Purple”, “Beloved”, “Waiting To Exhale”, etc. did not just all of a sudden become all the rage for critics and academia out of nowhere and for no reason, but rather to press the case that black women and children needed Great Society programs to protect them from black men. Ironically the latter backfired, convincing the very moderate white voters that they were trying to influence that tough on crime measures and welfare reform was the way to help black women and children! Yet they went to the well one last time in the early years of the Bush administration in their attempts to stop Wade F. Horn’s “pro – marriage initiatives” by not so subtly suggesting that the result would be the government financially pressuring women to marry black men that would beat them and molest their children.

So the black gay rights groups are merely using to their advantage what other groups have successfully used in the past. And why not? If it works, why change? It is not as if homosexuals have any vested interests in the fates of HETEROSEXUAL black males anyway.  Truthfully black homosexuals share no more of a common interests with black heterosexuals than do feminists, and there is no reason to pretend otherwise.


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