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Chri$tian Capitali$m Strikes Again: Publisher Uses Angelina Jolie Photo to Market Bible

Posted by Job on October 8, 2008

In this photo provided by Illuminated World, the cover of “Bible Illuminated The Book: New Testament” is shown. (AP Photo/Illuminated World)

New Bibles alter form _ not word _ to draw readers


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Posted by Job on March 3, 2008

(Deuteronomy 13:5; Isaiah 9:15)



“Dear Mr.  Keller, I am responding to your recent comments on the Fox News Network
regarding your opinion that Oprah is the “most dangerous woman in the
world.”  I am a “Course in Miracles” student for some time now, a student of
the “We are All One” philosophy.  I was born and raised a Christian, but
have in the past several years found much strength and faith in the belief
that we are all from the same God.  I am puzzled regarding your comments,
since I am of the belief that one need not be a Christian to get to heaven.
It appears that your strong public opinions create more divisiveness on this
troubled planet at a time when we need to become more united…that is all
humanity, everywhere, united in LOVE with the same God.  I have found in my
exploration of spirituality that I have gained much more peace than I ever
found in my Christian based religion.”

Oprah is selling “spiritual crack” and leading millions of souls to hell!
After finding great success pushing the New Age agenda over the years on her
TV program, New Age witch Oprah Winfrey is now clearly committing her vast
resources to lead millions of unsuspecting souls to hell selling them the
“spiritual crack” of the day, New Age teachings.  Just like crack, these
false teachings make people feel good for a moment but lead them on a path
of destruction.

Earlier this year, Oprah began teaching a year-long course on her XM
Satellite radio channel, “A Course in Miracles.”  A Course in Miracles is
allegedly “new revelation” from “Jesus” to help humanity work through these troubled times.
This “Jesus”-who bears no doctrinal resemblance to the Bible’s Jesus Christ-began delivering his channeled teachings in 1965 to a Columbia University Professor of Medical Psychology by the name of Helen Schucman. (My note: this is eerily similar to Frank Peretti’s character Juleen Langstrat of “This Present Darkness.)

Her latest venture in New Age teachings will be a 10 week seminar over the
Internet beginning tonight when Oprah and best selling New Age author
Eckhart Tolle will be teaching from his new book, “A New Earth, Awakening
Your Life’s Purpose.”  Over 1 million people have already signed up for this
10 week web cast that will lead them away from Biblical Truth and faith in
Jesus Christ through Tolle’s perverted spiritual teachings.
 I have told you
for years this is the most dangerous woman on earth, and she is clearly now
being used as a tool of satan to lead millions of souls to hell with these
false teachings she is promoting, while making millions of dollars doing it!

For the nearly 9 years Liveprayer has been around, I have continually
exposed this New Age false-hope merchant and warned people of how dangerous
she is. If Oprah Winfrey was simply another Hollywood entertainer I could
care less about her. What makes her so dangerous is that while her program
normally deals with the same subject matter the raunchy Jerry Springer
program does, Oprah also deals with the very real day-to-day issues of life
and uses her nationally-syndicated television program to tell people how to
live. The authority she speaks from? Herself, OPRAH WINFREY!

We are living in a time where the better percentage of two full generations
don’t go to church. People still hit those difficult places in life and at
those moments they are looking for help and for hope. Sadly, the Christian
leaders of our day have abandoned the marketplace and secular television for
the safety and prosperity of the “Christian trough.” In so doing, they have
left the lost and hurting masses looking for a savior, someone to come along
and help them through the difficult moments of life, tell them how to live,
and give them hope. To fill this void in people’s spiritual lives, along
comes Oprah!

People defend her by saying she is not a theologian or a preacher, she is a
talk-show host and entertainer. I agree. However, that is not how she
portrays herself or positions herself. She has eagerly cashed in to the tune
of over $1 BILLION DOLLARS on being the spiritual guru to over 49 million
people a week! The authority she speaks from is what she has determined
truth to be, her views on right and wrong, her values and morals, as opposed
to the only Truth and authority there is…God’s Word!

Lest you think I have overstated my case and have been wrong all these
years, please take a moment to read some quotes from a recent article in the
USA Today on “the Divine Miss Winfrey.”

“Over the past year, Winfrey, 52, has emerged as a spiritual leader for the
new millennium, a moral voice of authority for the nation.”

“With her television pulpit and the sheer power of her persona, she has
encouraged and steered audiences (mostly women) in all matters, from
genocide in Rwanda to suburban spouse swapping to finding the absolute best
T-shirt and oatmeal cookie.”

” ‘She’s a really hip and materialistic Mother Teresa,’ says Kathryn Lofton,
a professor at Reed College in Portland, Ore., who has written two papers
analyzing the religious aspects of Winfrey. ‘Oprah has emerged as a symbolic
figurehead of spirituality.’ ”

” ‘She’s a moral monitor, using herself as the template against which she
measures the decency of a nation,’ Lofton says.”

“With 49 million viewers each week in the USA and more in the 122 other
countries to which the show is distributed, Winfrey reaches more people in a
TV day than most preachers can hope to reach in a lifetime of sermons.”

“In a November poll conducted at, a site that looks at how
religions and spirituality intersect with popular culture, 33% of 6,600
respondents said Winfrey has had “a more profound impact” on their spiritual
lives than their clergypersons.”

“Winfrey called her talk show her ‘ministry.’ ”

“Marcia Nelson says that it’s not going too far to call her a spiritual
leader. ‘I’ve said to a number of people – she’s today’s Billy Graham.’ ”

” ‘Our culture is changing,’ he says, ‘as churches are in decline and the
bulk of a new generation is growing up outside of religion.’ Instead,
they’re turning to the Church of Oprah.” (Note: an episode of the TV Show Futurama predicted that Oprahism would replace Christianity.)

” ‘People who have no religion relate to her,’ Nelson says.”

It is clearly established that Oprah Wiinfrey views herself as some sort of
spiritual leader, and based on the 49 million viewers of her TV program, you
can laugh at that notion but can’t ignore the fact she has an incredible
amount of influence over tens of millions of lives. Let me be clear. The
danger of Oprah Winfrey is that like any cult leader, her version of the
truth and her final authority are not from God but from herself! It has been
clearly documented from transcripts that Oprah Winfrey may use the name of
“God,” and very rarely “Jesus,” and use many “Christian” expressions, but so
does the Mormon cult! While she was raised in the Baptist church, she has
been a long-time member (though rarely attends) of a very liberal church in
Chicago that mixes Christian faith with New Age spirituality, that also
happens to be the church of B. Hussein Obama.

Because she has never been married, choosing instead of live for decades
outside the bonds of God’s Holy Institution with a man who is not her
husband, Oprah has a jaundiced view on this most sacred bond between a man
and woman. (In truth, Oprah Winfrey is a radical feminist that views marriage as oppressive to women, and hints at such from time to time on her show, especially during a particularly grotesque episode where she distorted the words of her mother by claiming that she wanted her daughter to get married and go through a lifestyle of sexual submissiveness to her husband, which incidentally was not what the woman was actually saying it and Oprah knew it; Oprah just chose to humiliate this woman on national TV merely because the woman wanted her promiscuous daughter to get married and restrict her sexual behavior to marriage. So Winfrey is actually worse than Keller is depicting here. I still remember the episode where Winfrey attempted to similarly humiliate Kirk Franklin and his wife – who never should have went on her show in the first place – but Franklin was smart enough not to give her an opening.) Oprah embraces the New Age philosophy that there are “many roads that lead to God,” a lie from the pits of hell itself. On her program she promotes and endorses cults like Scientology, Kaballah, those who speak to the dead, psychics, and people of ANY “spirituality.” There is only ONE GOD, the God of the Bible, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and to promote the false gods of this world makes Oprah an enemy of God!

As for the social issues, Oprah condones and supports those who choose to
engage in the sin of homosexuality. Oprah is on the record supporting a
“woman’s right to choose,” code for slaughtering innocent babies. While she
gives lip service to being pro-family, Oprah’s definition of the family is
whatever men want it to be, not what God says it is! Again, the truth Oprah
espouses comes from her own imagination, not from the only authority and
source of Truth there is, the Bible. By going against God’s Word on the key
social issues of our day makes Oprah an enemy of God.

I could go on, but there is no reason to. Simply denying the Bible as the
only Truth there is, God as the one and only God there is, and faith in
Jesus Chris as the one and ONLY WAY to be saved, makes this woman dangerous
and a false prophet in every sense of the word. What makes a person a false
prophet is that they lead you AWAY from God, Biblical Truth and Jesus
Christ. Sadly, those who follow this false prophet, this merchant of false
hope, put their eternal souls in peril. That is why I have warned people for
years about her and will continue to.

I love you and care about you so much. I know all the Oprah disciples who
spend hundreds of dollars to go hear her preach the “gospel of Oprah” at her
seminars, buy her books and magazine, watch her faithfully every day, hang
on her every word, will run to her defense by pointing out all the good she
does. I don’t doubt for a second that Oprah uses some of her billions to
help others. That is not the issue. The Mormon cult feeds the hungry,
clothes the naked, and visits the prisoners, yet they are still lost and
going to hell for rejecting Jesus Christ. The Mafia gives millions to
worthwhile causes that help those in need, but that doesn’t make them good
people. God’s Word teaches you can’t buy your way into heaven!

So what is the answer to Rev. Oprah? She is locked in. One of the most
powerful women in the entertainment business. She is not going away and now
that she is at least being honest about her “spiritual guru” status, will
become even bolder in trying to position herself as the spiritual leader of
the nation. By the way, this is EXACTLY how the anti-Christ will rise to
power and the one-world religion will come to be. A charismatic figure who
can control the masses and fill their spiritual needs by feeding them a
perverse theology that makes them feel good for the moment.

The answer is to take on Oprah just like Elijah took on the prophets of
Baal, head-on! In the end, the TRUTH will always win out over the lie. False
hope will always give way to true hope. The false prophet will always be
exposed when confronted by a true prophet of God. I have told you many times
that what we are dealing with is a battle for the souls of men. This is why
I am so passionate about the Liveprayer television program being on
worldwide. It will be a beacon of light in the darkness of this world for
Biblical Truth and lead people to the only answer there is..Jesus Christ!

The reality is, for nearly 5 years now, night after night I have done on the
Liveprayer television program what Oprah does on her program. Deal with the
pressing issues of the day, reach out to people who are hurting, and give
them answers for their life. The difference? I let them know that I can’t
help them and I am not their answer, Jesus is! I deal with the issues of the
day not from a worldly perspective but a Biblical one! The answers for the
hurting I share are not from my imagination but from God’s Word! The truth I
share is not my truth, it is God’s Truth! The hope I give people is not a
false hope, but the ONLY hope there is…JESUS CHRIST!

(Sadly, many high profile Christians will go on Oprah’s program and rather
than confront her and challenge the false theology she espouses, say nothing
so they can sell whatever book they are pushing. David had no fear in taking
on Goliath on his own turf. David was a shepherd, not a great man of war
like Goliath. I have no fear in taking on Oprah on her own turf. I am an
evangelist, not a great television and entertainment celebrity like Oprah.
David didn’t need the fancy armor of Saul, only a few pebbles. I don’t need
fancy buildings and studios, only a few pebbles and that is why I am asking
you at this time to help me. Supply me with the pebbles I need and our God
will do the rest!)

The world has always had false prophets, merchants of false hope. Oprah, her
creation “Dr. Phil,” Montel, and B. HUssein Obama, are simply some of the
more notable ones of our day. I expose them for who they are, talk about
them, because they are leading people AWAY from the only Truth there is and
AWAY from the only hope there is. Pray for Oprah today. The fact is, Oprah
could become a powerful woman of God if she would humble herself before the
Almighty, get on her knees and confess Jesus Christ as Lord, and stop
preaching the gospel of Oprah but the Gospel of Jesus Christ, stop selling
people “spiritual crack,” but give them the Truth of God’s Word!!!

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

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(C) Copyright 2008, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

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Keep Your Eyes On Jesus Christ And Not On Man! Do Not Put The Pastor Up On A Pedestal!

Posted by Job on March 2, 2008

John 13:15, Hebrews 12:2, 1 Peter 2:21

Keeping your eyes on Jesus and not a man (or woman). Today is a very
difficult Devotional for me to write since part of me is outraged by the
private conduct of some of those who have accepted the responsibility of
spiritual leadership, and the other part has great compassion and empathy
with these people who have to be going through so much turmoil and heartache
on a human level. The fiery evangelist in me wants to lambaste them for the
damage they are doing to the cause of Christ and to the lives of many who
follow them, yet the minister in me wants to love them, comfort them, and
help them heal. So after much prayer over this message, today I am going to
do both!

Throughout the history of the church, God has soverignly raised up men and
women for a season to guide and lead His people just like He did throughout
the Old and New Testaments. These were men and women who faithfully served
the Lord, that He allowed to rise to a place of prominence for a season to
bring His Truth and hope to the people of their day. No doubt through the
years some have “manufactured” their rise through the use of man-made
schemes, devices, and resources.

Simon the magician in the Book of Acts comes to mind as someone who sought
to buy the power of God on the open market. You have always had the false
prophets who duped people and led them astray, but they are always exposed
by the Truth of God’s Word. The fact is you can’t buy a sovereign move of
God, you can’t manufacture a sovereign move of God, you can’t duplicate a
sovereign move of God, and you can’t fake a sovereign move of God. When God
soveignly raises a man or woman up, there is an unmistakable power,
presence, and anointing that is obvious, even to someone who rejects God and
His Truth.

The problem we have in the year 2008 is that with the incredible amount of
media that exists, with a church that is for the most part Biblically
illiterate and operates with little spiritual discernment, and a hero
worship mindset most people have, it creates an environment ripe for men and
women to rise up and take positions of spiritual leadership through human
efforts instead of being Divinely appointed.

I know some well known TV preachers who will NEVER preach on sin or
sacrifice. I know some well known TV preachers who have preached the same
message for 20 years. I know some well known TV preachers who end EVERY
message with a reason your are supposed to send them money. They are so
clever they can preach on the verse, “Jesus wept,” and make you believe
Jesus was weeping because you didn’t help them buy a new Gulfstream!!!

Also, in the past 20 years you have had the rise of the non-denominational
church on the Christian landscape. Trust me, with most of the old mainline
denominations either turning away from the Truth of God’s Word and embracing
sins like homosexuality and abortion or simply being “dead,” there was a
need for a new breed of church and pastor who weren’t interested in
denominational politics.

The problem that became evident very quickly is that these churches had
little or no accountability They were run like dictatorships or fiefdoms
with the pastor being a ruling monarch. Over and over scandals involving sex
and money have been seen in many of these non-denominational churches, and
the biggest contributing factor has been little to no accountability!

So is it any wonder why in the past few months, two of the biggest
superstars of Christian TV who generate tens of millions of dollars a year
are both in divorce court? One is from the Tampa area and has been in the
news for years due to the lavish lifestyle she and her husband led, and now
again once their divorce was publicly announced.

The other who lives outside of Atlanta had the unmitigated gall to broadcast
her wedding on TBN just 3 years ago, a wedding that reportedly cost well
over $1 million dollars. She begs people to send her money, and then spends
that money, not on saving souls but on some fairy tale wedding! She was in
the news recently after getting into a literal physical fight with her
estranged husband in the parking lot of a hotel in Atlanta.

These are two women who millions of people are being fed by every day!
Sadly, neither has announced they would be stepping down, taking time off,
or going through a time of healing or restoration. Neither one has slowed
down or missed a beat. If you saw them in person or on TV recently, you
would never know their personal lives were in shambles. They are both still
preaching, primarily to women, on how to have blessed and successful lives
and marriages.

Again, they have ZERO accountability and answer to nobody. Most disturbing
is the fact that despite their very public divorces, the Christian TV
networks and stations they air on, aren’t taking their programs off the air.
After all, these two women are both huge cash cows for these networks and
stations, not to mention they are also big money raisers during their many
telethons throughout the year. I hate to admit it but the non-believing
world is right about this one, it is simply a big business!

The minister in me hurts for both of these women because I deal with women
and men daily who are going through the pain of divorce and know the
incredible hurt and pain it brings to a person’s life. I’ve been friends
with the woman from Tampa and her husband for 13 years. The woman from
Georgia grew up on the south side of Chicago and comes from a family of
preachers. I knew her brother early in my ministry 16 years ago.

So I have a great deal of empathy for both of these women and their husbands
on a personal level. I can only pray that God will put the right people in
their lives to minister to them and help guide them thru this time of
personal tragedy. Both of these women and their husbands need to step down
for a season, take some time off and get their spiritual and personal lives
in order. You can’t lead others when your life is a mess!

My word for you today is simply this, KEEP YOUR EYES ON JESUS. One of the
major complaints of nonbelievers is that Christians are hypocrites. Those
who don’t even know the great stories of the Bible, can tell you in great
detail the stories of Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, and the preacher down the
street who ran off with his secretary. It is one of the most common
objections of an unbeliever, that he would be a Christian, but those who
claim to be Christians don’t act like Christians.

I am sure there were many in the first days of the church who said, “I would
be a Christian, but look at what Peter did. This man who claimed to be a
follower of Jesus denied him. Not once, but THREE times!!” It is a valid
point. The fact is, however, a Christian is nothing more than a sinner who
is saved by grace. Even though we are saved, we are still frail,
prone-to-sin creatures living in a sin-filled environment. That in no way
excuses our sin, but it is the reality we live in.

The quickest way to fall away from your faith is to put too much emphasis on
a man or woman of God. God uses human instruments to plant the seeds of
salvation. He uses human instruments to disciple us in our new-found faith.
He uses human instruments to impact our spiritual lives. In a society that
is prone to idolize others, such as entertainers, athletes, and successful
people, we take that into our Christian lives as well.

We place our spiritual leaders on pedestals. We normally only see them when
they are “on”, when they are doing what God has called them to do. Because
of that, we almost tend to forget they are humans, men and women who walk in
the same frail clay bodies as we do, prone to the same weaknesses we are.
Since we rarely see these spiritual leaders other than the times they are
doing the Lord’s work, we lose sight that it is only a part of their life.
They have lives outside of their work for the Lord. THEY ARE ONLY AS CLOSE

Because they are in the spotlight, when they fail, when they sin, it is
often made known to the public. Our first reaction is “how can that be
possible?” Nobody is immune to sin. No matter who you are, your life flows
from your personal relationship with Christ. A minister, a priest, a
spiritual leader is only as close to God as his or her daily walk. Like
anyone, if they neglect their daily time with the Lord, they get farther
away from God. It is only possible to minister to others from your own
personal walk with Christ. As you neglect that daily time with the Lord, you
start to be disconnected. You may have some spiritual gasoline left in your
tank, but eventually you will use that up.

Those spiritual leaders who fail, fail because they have neglected their
time with God. Someone who is in the Lord’s work has to guard more than
anyone else against neglecting their daily time with Christ. There is a very
real enemy who is out to kill, steal, and destroy. The enemy is very wise in
the art of warfare. Why waste time working on taking out people one by one,
when if you can take out a leader you can wipe out many people at once. The
enemy knows that to take down a Jim Bakker or the pastor of a local church,
he can take out many people at one time.

I love you and care about you so much. The key point I want you to
understand today is that you must keep focused on THE man, and not A man.
Christ was the only one who did it perfect. My personal philosophy is to
take the spiritual wisdom from other men and women of God, but never idolize
them, never expect them to be more than the man or woman of flesh and blood
they are, but realize that God has touched them in a special way and given
them something that can benefit our spiritual lives. I have always called it
my spiritual filter.

Being in full-time ministry for the last 18 years, having been in over 500
churches of every type of denomination, having spoken at hundreds of
conventions, being involved for many years in the TV world, I have had a
unique opportunity to see an incredible number of God’s choicest servants of
our day. The list is a who’s who of spiritual giants. However, no matter who
the person is, I always do two things. I always line up what they said with
the Word of God. That is number one. I don’t care who it is. If it is not in
line with the Word of God, it is not something I want.

Second, I always look at the man or woman of God as an instrument God is
using. I never expect them to be supernatural or anything other than a
vessel God is using to bring spiritual truths into my life. The only person
I ever idolized, or tried to pattern my life after, was the life of Christ.
I have always taken what I can from men and women of God and tried to use
that to help me in my quest to be more like Christ each and every day.

Today’s word is an important reminder to never get so focused on a man or
woman of flesh and blood, that you let it get in the way of your own
personal walk with Christ. God has placed men and women of God in our lives
to help teach us and show us the truths of His Word. However, no matter how
close to the Lord they may be, the only one we should ever try to pattern
our lives after is Jesus Christ, because He is the only one who lived this
life without sin. He is our example and the one each one of us should strive
to be like.

Take time today to pray for those God has placed in spiritual leadership
over you, your pastor or priest. Pray for those that God brings into your
life to share the truths of His Word and to help you grow spiritually. But
never lose sight that they are mere mortals, men and women of flesh and
blood like you. Never let your eyes focus so much on A man that you lose
sight of THE man. After all, no man could die for your sins. It was THE man
who loved you so much that He willingly bled and died so that you might have
everlasting life. Keep your eyes focused on HIM.

In His love and service,
Your friend and brother in Christ,
Bill Keller

(C) Copyright 2008, Bill Keller Ministries. All rights reserved.

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