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What If Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Paula White, Benny Hinn, Kenneth Copeland, And T.D. Jakes Were RACIST?

Posted by Job on April 10, 2008

And Pat Robertson, Robert Schuller, Oral Roberts, the Crouch family, Juanita Bynum, Creflo Dollar, Eddie Long, and whoever else you wanted to name? Take Paula White in particular, who has (or until very recently HAD) a predominantly black church in Tampa, Florida and has the #1 rated show on Black Entertainment Television. Suppose this women were to start preaching that I.Q. tests have proven blacks to be genetically less intelligent than whites (after a manner of “The Bell Curve”) and that black culture is inferior (after Dinesh D’Souza’s “The End of Racism). Suppose that she were to say that she supports the Confederate flag, that her ancestors were slaveowners and that she was proud of that fact, and that the nation was better off from segregation because it protected whites – especially women like her – from black crime, the inevitable product of lowered black IQ and of inferior black culture. And that our low IQs and inferior cultures are due to our being the cursed descendants of Ham/Canaan, and that America had tried to remove the effects of the curse with slavery, generous welfare and social spending, affirmative action, etc. but it is just impossible for man to undo what God has declared. And so on. Would her black parishioners leave (not to mention a good percentage of the white ones)? Would she remain on TBN and the other Christian broadcasting networks, to speak nothing of BET?

Of course not. So then, why are these same people so forgiving when it comes to pastors that commit adultery (and this includes GETTING DIVORCED AND REMARRYING, READ Matthew 19:9), who steal, cheat, lie, preach false doctrines, and violate so many other things that the Bible plainly says (including that women cannot preach!) on a regular basis? It is simple: worldliness. The world has declared racism to be one of the greatest and most unforgivable evils of human history. So the person that commits racism is not to be tolerated in any context. But disobey the Bible? Who cares! That person is still called by God and has a powerful ministry and anointing! Consider their fruits, all the people that they have gotten saved and their works of charity! Instead of tearing them down, causing division, and making the church look bad, pray and ask that God restore them! Touch not mine anointed and do my prophet no harm! And pull the beam out of your own eye before you pluck the mote out of Brother (or Sister) Pulpit Pimp, thus saith the sheeple! (I hate both terms, but that is what they are.)

Are you aware that one of the books in the Bible is named after a slave owner? Philemon is the name. Yet if a pastor owned slaves in this day and time, virtually no one would sit in his church. Yet at any given time you can find any number of convicted felons, sex perverts, and blaspheming heretics running their synagogues of Satan any which way they choose, and instead of saying “hey, this wickedness is just what the Bible warns against in Revelation 2 and 3 and in other places”, folks are much faster to “prophesy” against the people that actually care about what the Bible says. Well, if the followers of these preachers don’t care if their pastors obey the Bible, how on earth can they criticize the unsaved for not doing so? On what basis will the unsaved be condemned? You say “Well, the Bible says that believing in Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven.” You mean, the same Bible that you IGNORE when it says that Christianity is not for getting rich, and that we are to prefer the poor over the rich instead of the other way around? The same Bible that you IGNORE when it reveals the reality of Trinity? The same Bible that you IGNORE when it says that not everyone will speak in tongues, that “sign gifts” are not to be used as evidence of salvation, and that “slain in the spirit” is confusion to be banned from the church? Or that we are not to follow or fellowship with those who reject sound doctrine? And so on? If you are not going to judge YOURSELF by what the Bible says regarding those things, how can you use that same Bible to hold someone’s not accepting Jesus Christ over their heads?

For instance, Carlton Pearson’s congregation up and left when the fellow started advocating universalism. But what about all of the other false doctrines that this fellow from the Oral Roberts school of Word of Faith/prosperity/confusion was espousing? I suppose that is where such Christians draw the line. The notion that you can get to heaven without believing in Jesus Christ offends them, because they still want to be better than everybody else. They still want to be special. They want to be able to claim to be a peculiar people, blessed and highly favored, anointed, a royal priesthood, and all of those things for themselves, but not give them away to anybody else. But this is the issue: THEY DO NOT WANT TO OBEY THE BIBLE IN ORDER TO BE AND RECEIVE THOSE THINGS. So, these same people who beg for tolerance and forgiveness on behalf of their pastors and themselves for claiming to believe in Jesus Christ while not obeying Him are denying that same tolerance and forgiveness to everyone else. Ones such as those, people, are the real hypocrites, and the Bible itself says that people like that will be judged most harshly of all.

So if hearing that Eddie Long, Creflo Dollar, John Hagee, and Jamal – Harrison Bryant are no better than Ku Klux Klansmen offends you, well I am sorry, but it is still true. The folks who followed the Ku Klux Klan will get the same reward as the people who follow these false preachers on judgment day, and unless you turn aside from these wicked men and women and start seeking after God’s righteousness, all of you spiritual Klansmen will spend an eternity in the lake of fire together! Do not let the standards of the world determine what is acceptable for your pastor, for your church, or for you. Instead, allow the Bible to determine it. Rest assured, there is no excuse for not doing your level best to submit yourself to the standard of the Bible, or for following pastors and fellowshipping with others that refuse to.

Those who hear the shepherd (Jesus Christ) and follow His voice (the Bible) will be saved. All else are not His sheep will perish. But for a lot of you, it would be so much better were some tape of your favorite Pulpit Pimp railing against blacks (or whites), Jews, Asians, etc. were to be found to prove that these people were never called by God and are not following Him, since hearing these people all but come out and deny Jesus Christ with their very lips is not sufficient. Oh but that it were that simple, but it appears that for a lot of you it is precisely that sort of thing that it will take, because for you the Bible itself is just not good enough. The Three Step Salvation Plan


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The Connection Between James Cleveland And Bobby Jones

Posted by Job on December 29, 2007

From the brother at Gay Christian Movement Watch:

We Don’t Want Another James Cleveland (Regarding Bobby Jones)

Gospel’s Dr. Bobby Jones appearing in gay movie

This is what Bobby Jones said in this newspaper article:

Bobby Jones of the popular TV show “Bobby Jones Gospel,” is one of the few in the industry to say he does not believe that homosexuality is entirely behavioral.

“I’m too intelligent for that. I do listen to what experts in the fields of human sexuality have to say about people and what happens to them when they reach puberty, the changes that happen in adolescence. You know, the talk shows have done a lot to educate me, too,” he said. So the leading gospel music industry figure today rejects what the Bible teaches in favor of Oprah Winfrey. Typical BET/The Word Network Christianity that helps make stars out of people like TD Jakes, Paula White, etc. Speaking of “The Word Network”, they gave a three week special on heretic and gay rights leader Carlton Pearson. The host, an independent gospel artist named Lexi (who from time to time mocks the Holy Spirit of God by pretending to be shouting and slain in the spirit for comic relief) agreed with everything that Pearson said, at one point even helping him by volunteering “You were hurt in the church because church people are so mean.”

Now the gospel artists that participate in all of these Bobby Jones and James Cleveland retreats and know all about this subculture but refuse to talk about it … what say you about them, Christians? Oh, but they certainly make great music, don’t they? One of the worst things about Youtube banning brother Ephesians511 is that he had a ton of videos exposing the gospel music industry.

Now these same sorts of spiritually corrupting things may be the case with the Christian (white) music scene, even if it is not homosexuality the a huge problem is that an increasing number of contemporary Christian and Christian rock bands come from megachurch culture Christianity and sing the same message as those churches preach (see if you can spot any difference between Israel Houghton’s music and Joel Osteen’s preaching; I dare say that if Houghton sang about the true message of the cross of Jesus Christ he would NOT be Osteen’s praise and worship leader).

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Scandal At Oral Roberts University What A Surprise!

Posted by Job on October 6, 2007

The Bible says “by their fruits you shall know them.” I am generally hesitant of doing such things because I am not certain of the line between evaluating people by their works and being a Pharisee. But people, Oral Roberts University has produced some of the best known purveyors of false doctrine and practice in Christendom: Kenneth Copeland, Jesse DuPlantis, Creflo Dollar, Carlton Pearson, Ted Haggard, etc. (It appears that Kathie Lee Gifford went there too). By the same token, it has produced a lot of legitimate lovers of Jesus Christ, including a former childhood friend of mine who is now working as a missionary in Asia. So at present, my attitude towards the institution is that I would not send my kid there (especially for anything related to their theology or seminary programs) but I am not praying for the institution to be shut down either.

In any event, the charges against Richard and Lindsay Roberts are typical: misuse of private funds, illegal involvement in political campaigns, cronyism, inappropriate relationships with someone other than your spouse, etc. The worst part is not the charges against Richard and Lindsay Roberts themselves, but how so many university and ministry employees were willingly involved. Like the Monica Goodling case shows, the easiest way to get people to break the law for you is to be their preacher! Instead of the church having higher standards than the world, we are often so brazen in our corruption and incompetence because “it is for the Lord.” I keep saying it: these preachers that run these little rackets are just small time crooks who would never be able to get as rich, famous, or powerful in the secular arena. These folks wouldn’t last a second in Hollywood, on Wall Street, or even in Washington D.C. because they aren’t smart or talented enough to. But in order to rip off millions from Christians, you don’t have to be.

The worst part is that the Roberts are acting like this with Oral Roberts University struggling to stay open. They have had to close their law, medical, and engineering schools because of financial problems, their enrollment is not as high as it was in their heyday, and yes their academic reputation could be better. Now not only is it appalling that their many wealthy megapreacher graduates haven’t stepped up and dedicated some of the money that they cravenly waste on their mansions, jewels, and private jets to give Christians somewhere else to go to get a competitive college education than these anti – Christ liberal institutions (and as I alluded to earlier, ORU does manage to turn out a some legitimate workers for Christ), but the article quotes the person that brought the lawsuit as specifically stating that his main motivation for bringing the suit was that the university would not survive unless changes were made, including in leadership.

But John Hagee, a board member, is promising a full and complete investigation. As much as I would love to make sarcastic sport of his promises, the truth is that for all of the doctrinal and political issues that I have with Hagee, he has never been associated with anything illegal or improper in terms of finances or administrative ethics (no, making every member of your family a highly paid employee of your ministry is not illegal). Still, you have to wonder about whether the megapreacher culture itself of which Hagee is a part of breeds this type of behavior, and as such his capacity to be part of the solution is fatally hindered.

Perhaps hiring strong highly qualified and honest Christians that are not part of their little circle to run this school will be what it takes to save it. After all, they can’t expect to trade on Oral Roberts’ name for more than a decade or two anyway. Where Roberts used to be the #1 name in his field for quite awhile, it is questionable whether people under 30, who do not remember the 70s “Sunday morning local TV” scene dominated by guys like Roberts and Swaggart or even the decadent 80s cable scene that followed, and took a huge hit with the string of scandals and that devastating Nightline expose in the late 80s and early 90s. Most of the young evangelicals are much more familiar with the Crouch TBN and Robertson CBN empires that survived (though not without scandals of their own, especially in the case of the Crouches) the bloodbath. Richard Roberts is still on TV, sure, but is not a major player on that scene, and the fact is that ten years from now it is questionable how many people will have heard of the place, let alone be able to come up with a reason why they should go there.

But really, this is no laughing matter. When you read about the spending habits of Lindsay Roberts in the story above and her running up cell phone bills talking to young males, it is obvious that she is not happy, and that her beaming supportive wife persona on the TV show with Richard is just a facade. To me, it looks like a woman that is hurting in a major way, and is trying to cover it up with money and the attention of young men. Since Richard’s behavior is little better (they have had their home remodeled 11 times in 14 years) we can presume that he is hurting too. These people really do need the love of Jesus Christ in their lives to change and heal them, to take away the pain and the hurt. We need to pray for these people that they get it, and the same goes for the other wayward Christian preachers whose misdeeds this weblog has been publicizing. Of course, some of these people have gone too far in their rebellion against and rejection of Jesus Christ and become reprobates, and the Bible says not to pray for such as those (quite the contrary we should pray AGAINST such as those that they be exposed for what they are and removed from their positions that they use to harm and mislead people and hinder the spread and work of the gospel) but some of these people may yet have hope. That is why we should hold them publicly accountable on one hand and pray for them if the Holy Spirit leads us to on the other.

But for you folks who continue to defend what these false preachers are doing … maybe something like this will force you to acknowledge that their behavior has consequences. Oral Roberts University may well close because of this behavior. Kids were unable to attend ORU because these people were giving scholarship money away to the children of their friends. Some ORU employees have already lost their jobs due to their cronyism, and if the university folds lots more people – including Christian professors that the liberal God hating colleges would be loathe to hire to be so much as a janitor – will be harmed. People do not write their checks to these preachers to fund illegal and unethical activities or to buy houses and furs … they do it to spread the gospel, help the poor, and provide educational opportunities. You folks had better quit pretending that their activities do not have consequences when you defend them, because God is watching.

It will probably take 10 years for ORU to gain the endowment and academic reputation that it needs to survive longterm. Thanks to Richard and Lindsay Roberts and the people on their “board of regents” that have allowed this incompetence and quite possibly illegal and unethical activity to go on without accountability or oversight, the clock is ticking, and precious time is being lost as we speak.

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