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Judge Not Lascivious Christianity: Professed Christian Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney’s Sister) Is Pregnant And So Is Fantasia Barrino

Posted by Job on December 20, 2007

The Fantasia Barrino information here and the Jamie Lynn Spears stuff here. No, this will not be yet another screed against how liberal amoral Hollywood is destroying the moral fiber of America. Why when the church is playing that role?

That is true: the Spears and Barrino are professing Christians, as is Barrino’s American Idol contestant Jennifer Hudson (whom I dealt with here for her refusal to oppose the homosexual agenda not out of her desire to avoid being the sort of hateful gay – basher that harms efforts to evangelize homosexuals, because doing so would have hurt her career). As a matter of fact Spears met the 19 year old father of her child, whom she has been cohabiting with, at church. So, for that matter, are Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, whose father (who can be counted on to make completely inappropriate comments about his daughters’ bodies) is a former minister.

The Destiny’s Child crew, Beyonce Knowles (whose sister Solange also had a child out of wedlock, though she did marry the father soon after) and similar, are also professed Christians. They even place gospel tracts on their albums and make references to being Christian in their secular songs (i.e. Survivor). Michelle Williams released a gospel album, showing only SLIGHTLY less skin in the videos for that album than the stripper attire that Destiny’s Child normally cavorts in. (After it did not sell, she released a secular album and bitterly denounced Christians for judging her.) And this actually is not as recent as it appears. Mary J. Blige, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, Al Green, and Sam Cooke can all be counted among those with gospel or church roots, Franklin (daughter of prominent pastor C. L. Franklin) particularly.

I will not rehash their histories, which are either well known or can be easily discovered with minimal research, and is really not the point as much as it is an indication of a larger issue. That is, how can the church claim to be under attack by the world if this is how people representing the church act? The Spears and the Simpsons are all Southern Baptists. As a matter of fact, all of them – Barrino, Blige, Knowles/Williams/Rowland, Green, Cooke, etc. – are Baptists or from a similar evangelical denomination. And yes, all of them at one time or another have traded on their Christian roots and backgrounds to A) garner the financial support of Christians and B) improve their images even as they are selling vulgarity and sexuality just like any heavy metal group that incorporates devil worship and the occult in their act.

It is generally acknowledged, for instance, that a few decades back black popular music was commercially stagnant and in danger of dying out. What did they do? Recruit black singers from the church, and also existing black talent started emulating them. Except that the styles, rhythms, and raw emotions once used to glorify Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit were now used primarily to glorify predatory and exploitative sexual behavior. White rock and roll acts i.e. the Rolling Stones, Jerry Lee Lewis (Jimmy Swaggart’s cousin), and Credence Clearwater REVIVAL began getting in on the act as well, adding drugs and violence to the mix. Again, this has been going on quite awhile. And not to pick on merely black music, we cannot forget how Johnny Cash would sing “I shot a man in Vegas just to watch him die” one night and “Just A Closer Walk With Thee” the next, let alone the life that Cash lived. Cash once reportedly asked Billy Graham about his brand of Christianity; Graham basically absolved him and allowed him to sing at his evangelistic meetings.

So when you look at what is going on not only with professing Christians in secular entertainment (and politics!) but even the actual Christian industry itself, we can no longer claim that Christianity is being corrupted by the world. Instead, we have to consider the real possibility that carnal Christianity is one of the influences that CORRUPTS the world, and a major one at that! It appears that Christians that have been all too busy fighting the culture and values wars against feminism, multiculturalism, political correctness, humanism, secularism, liberalism, etc. have been fighting the wrong battle. Such “culture critics” really do need to start working on pulling the beams out of Christendom’s eyes instead of worrying about the motes of the world. Phil Vischer, the creator of the popular Christian children’s series VeggieTales (and one of the few that actually makes references to God and the Bible), said it best in response to James Dobson’s campaign against Spongebob Squarepants (which Dobson quickly aborted in the face of public pressure because he needs a respectable mainstream public persona in order to retain his political influence and business empire): “Christians need to stop acting so shocked when the world acts like the world. Instead Christians need to shock the world by acting like Christians.”

Are you shocking the world by acting like a Christian, by loving Jesus Christ by keeping His Commandments? Or are you among those professed Christians that is perverting the world and leading it astray? You do not have to be someone with a huge presence in the public eye in order to have a negative effect. If anything, you, the individual Christian, are more important than Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears. You are even more important than the pro – abortion pro – rich pro – state universalist Skull and Bones occultist President Bush. No matter what those people choose to do and expose it for the world to see, we only know them based on how we perceive them through the media. It is not personal, only an image. But the people that are in your family, the people in your church, the people in your social or civic organizations, the people on your workplace or at your school, your neighbors, even folks you meet randomly on the street once and only briefly … it is those people who encounter the real you, and it is the real you that will have a lasting impact on them for good or for evil.

So what will that impact be? A corrupting impact or an uplifting one? Will it be the impact of someone that conforms to the world and loves its ways? Or the impact of a person that routinely studies a Bible, prays, and honestly tries to live according to your understanding of it? Will it be someone that is meek, merciful, peaceful, not self – seeking, and forgiving? Someone that loves all righteousness but hates all evil? Someone that is not partial to the wealthy or powerful but instead has his mind on the weak and voiceless? Someone that is willing to sacrifice and finish last on earth in return for your treasure in heaven?

Of course, I am of the firm belief that the body of Christ should speak out against and remove from fellowship such poseurs as these. But that is only a small part of the battle. The real battle is for each individual Christian to reject judge not lascivious carnal false Christianity within their own hearts and lives and start being what God called us to be in the Bible.


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12 Year Old Model Maddison Gabriel: The Sexualization Of Young Girls Continues!

Posted by Job on September 19, 2007

Now do not be deceived, the media is fully in on and complicit regarding this. Why? Because the girl has been modeling sexually provocative clothes intended for grown women since she was 12, but they choose to make it publicly known only after she turns 13. Seriously folks, they just keep making them younger and younger. They claim that she has “the looks to model provocative clothing”, but there is only one small picture of her, a cropped image in a swimsuit top, that exposes it as a lie. She is a little girl with the body of a little girl. Do you need any more evidence that the entire aim of the “entertainment industry” is to remove natural affection from people? The goal: create a society where grown men and women have no interest in each other because what they really want is a little boy or girl. Since that is illegal and socially unacceptable (at present time; it may change), the only outlet for their perversion will be that of homosexuality. It started in modeling with the Ralph Lauren “kiddie porn” campaign in the early 90s featuring Kate Moss, and then went into music with Aaliyah, Ashanti, Destiny’s Child (the ones that were allowed to remain in the group anyway) and then onto Spears.

It is shocking how quickly things change. Now of course, it was still sinful lust and abomination, but go back to the “sex symbols” in acting, modeling, and music as recently as the late 80s and early 90s and compare it to now. As a matter of fact, we can even compare apples with apples after a fashion: Britney Spears against Mariah Carey. When Carey came out in 1990 she was 17, looked that age if not older, and did not begin selling her body until she was well into her 20s. Spears meanwhile came out in 1999 at age 15, looked 12, and was child prostituting herself from the beginning. Where Spears’ act would have garnered little interest in Carey’s time because back then the stars were Paula Abdul, Madonna, Janet Jackson, En Vogue, Jennifer Lopez, etc. (and these were not the “adult contemporary/soul/R&B” acts for mature music fans like Celine Dion or Anita Baker but the dance pop/hip-hop music aimed at kids) NINE YEARS LATER Spears comes along and dwarfs all those. If that regression happened in nine years with most of it BEFORE INTERNET PORNOGRAPHY (which really did not start becoming a large industry or cultural influence until the late 90s) imagine where we will be NINE YEARS FROM NOW?

For more on this topic, please see Sexualization Harms Young Girls , Demon Of The Day: Effeminate Men And Masculine Women, and Vanessa Hudgens: Still Sacrificing Our Little Girls. This Vanessa Hudgens thing is another example of how wicked this society has become so quickly. This 18 year girl obviously took and released nude pictures of herself on the Internet because she knew that the Internet pornography phenomenon would significantly advance her career: see Insiders Say Vanessa Hudgens Photos Will Make Her Millions. (Also, from seeing this girl’s face in pictures taken of her before this incident such as this one from CNN and elsewhere in the media, there is obviously something emotionally wrong with this young woman, and the desire for attention was clearly a secondary motive, if not a primary one. Of course, sexually exploiting young women desperate for attention is pretty much the way Hollywood works: consider the huge number of “Hollywood sex symbols” that were already victims of rape and child molestation before they sought fame … little do they know that they are being used to create more and more rape and child molestation victims with their Hollywood work.) Now please realize that JUST A FEW YEARS AGO it would have been completely unacceptable in mainstream American culture for nude pictures of an 18 year old girl that looks even younger to be made such public sport of, but now she is consistently one of the top Internet search subjects, AND NO ONE IN THE MEDIA IS EVEN TALKING ABOUT HER AGE!

And yes, having just looked at Technorati, Maddison Gabriel is a top topic well. As a matter of fact, at present, Hudgens is #4, Gabriel is #5, and Spears is #6. (The news isn’t all bad; is #2!) This is proof of the total sinful, wicked, depravity of man. Do not put your trust in any notions of your inherent goodness, especially if it is rooted in your having been brought up in “western Christian culture”. Did you not see how quickly “Christian” America has gone, from fully clothed Mariah Carey singing about relationships to half naked Britney Spears singing about sex in 9 years? (Please do not confuse me as promoting Mariah Carey in any way … though I do acknowledge her immense talent I have never been a fan of her music; I was just using her to make a point.) America and the west have rejected God. In their arrogance, they have decided that they do not need God. So they will receive the judgment that the Bible speaks of. But for you, it is not too late. You can be saved, cleansed, and redeemed! Please do so right now. Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!

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