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Breaking Christian News Is A Broken Source For True Christianity By Promoting Todd Bentley!

Posted by Job on June 9, 2008

This really does break my heart. One of my main sources for relevant Christian news is I say “relevant” because a lot of what they provide is either hard to find “beneath the headlines” types of stories, or things directly related to areas like faith healings, testimonies, Christian persecution, Bible prophecy, and opposition to abortion and gay rights. Along with Worthy News, their story selection and news perspective seemed to reflect the very mindset that I was trying to promote on this website, and for that reason content from Breaking Christian News was regularly featured and promoted on this site. Now, however, I am going to be forced to view the people, content, and worldview of Breaking Christian News differently. Why? Because they are fervent supporters of the evil of Todd Bentley. See below.

“I say, you have nothing to lose but your sickness. If the doctors can’t help you, why wouldn’t you give God a chance?”

FOUNDING EDITOR’S NOTE: I debated whether or not to even link to this MSNBC story. It was well done, but the secular media feels, as is normal, the obligation to post both pro and con arguments toward this revival or any news story, honestly. One can’t blame that approach as they are not there to “fan the flames” for the Church . . . at least not yet. So in order for them to be considered “news,” they have to find someone on most stories who say “My take on this is that it isn’t good.” (words to that effect). So it is with mixed feelings (mostly good) that I post this story. The summary was well written by our own Teresa Neumann with Breaking Christian News. As many of you link to the story from MSNBC, I would encourage the reader to remember what Jesus’ response was when His strange healings were happening and John the Baptist was stuck in prison. “Are you the ONE?” He was asked, “or should we look for another?” Jesus’ response was simple and direct: “. . . So He replied to the messengers, ‘Go back and report to John what you have seen and heard: The blind receive sight, the lame walk, those who have leprosy are cured, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, and the good news is preached to the poor.'” Luke 7:21-22 (NIV) – Steve Shultz, BCN.

(Lakeland, Florida)—MSNBC has published yet another report on the Lakeland Revival, or the “Florida Outpouring,” which began on April 2 with healing meetings conducted by evangelist Todd Bentley at Ignited Church in Lakeland, Florida. 

The report explains how the meetings have “outgrown four venues, including a local convention center that seats roughly 7,000. Now,” the report states, “they meet under an air-conditioned tent that can accommodate 10,000 on the grounds of the local airport. Organizers estimate that more than 140,000 people from at least 40 nations have attended meetings here.” 

The article, coming from a secular outlet, explains to readers their interpretation of some of the charismatic manifestations that go in the meetings, such as people being “slain in the Spirit” when they are prayed for. The article also predictably interviews critics of the revival to which Bentley responds, “I don’t have time to debate whether revival is happening or not. I don’t have time to nitpick the reasons why God might not be moving.”(Photo: Courtesy Loren Brown)

On a positive note, people who have been healed through the Lakeland Revival were cited. Examples include a man who testified to being healed of multiple forms of cancer by watching the meetings on the Internet at home and plans to have his oncologist document his healing, and a wheel-bound Arkansas woman healed from injuries sustained in an accident three years ago.

Bentley’s method of receiving donations caught the reporter’s attention as well, with it being noted that his meetings are free of charge and that other than the typical passing of white offering buckets each night four hours into the service, they have only asked for money once.
Fresh Fire spokeswoman Lynne Breidenbach says the offerings have covered their enormous operating costs and have not contributed to a significant infusion of cash for Bentley or his ministry. Bentley himself is quoted as saying he “welcomes media attention and scrutiny because the ‘outpouring’ is a work of God and he has ‘nothing to hide.'”

The prologue to this story by the founding editor of Breaking Christian News is amazing. They actually considered not running the story because MSNBC’s actually allowing someone to voice concerns that what is going on there may not be biblical offended them! And when you consider that Jesus Christ and His apostles took on and OVERCAME all challengers instead of trying to silence people and cover them up, you see precisely how far from the Bible these people are! But I am telling you, this is why these people do not want to see challenges to Bentley. As you can see below, these folks have ample reason to try to shield this fellow from Biblical scrutiny. But we all know that things that are done in secret will come out into the light. People, you can do all you want to try to protect Bentley now, but the truth is going to come out and be dealt with on judgment day. That is what you ought to be concerned with. Why? Read Revelation 2 and 3 people! Judgment starts with the church! So, you people that are twisting yourselves into pretzels defending abominations, have you given any thought to when the day of the Lord comes, what is going to happen to you for not only supporting but failing to speak out against this?



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