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Sherri Shepherd: In Need Of Our Prayers

Posted by Job on July 22, 2008

Of course, none of us are perfect and we all need prayers. Still, it would be great if after all this woman has been through were she to discover sound doctrine.

 Candid View: Sherri Shepherd Talks Religion, Abortion & Weight Loss

‘The View’ host Sherri Shepherd covers the latest issue of ‘Precious Times’ magazine.

In an eight-page feature story in the Christian women’s lifestyle publication, the 41-year-old comedienne shares candid revelations about her faith, including her conversion from being a Jehovah’s Witness to Christianity.

“Before I converted to Christianity, I was a Jehovah’s Witness. In 1993, my mother was dying from diabetic complications. My sister was heavy into drugs, and we would have to go and get her from crack houses. I was in a very physically abusive relationship. I was sleeping with a lot of guys and had more abortions than I would like to count. I had very low self-esteem and just wanted to die. I felt if someone killed me, it wouldn’t even make a difference. But God showed me that it would make a difference,” she told the glossy.

The Chicago-native, who is currently embroiled in a divorce and custody battle with her husband Jeffrey Tarpley, (incidentally, according to the words of Jesus Christ in Matthew, Ms. Shepherd is blameless in this divorce and it is lawful for her to put her husband away in this matter) also confessed that it is hard being taken to task about her faith on the live ABC talk show.

“Oh sometimes I say, ‘Lord, Juanita Bynum or Joyce Myers would be so good at this table. (At using a large mainstream platform to spread their false doctrines?They could lay hands on Barbara Walters and get her saved,'” she declared. (We need to pray that Sherri Shepherd  the celebrity entertainment Christianity and the false Word of Faith/prosperity doctrines that Bynum and Myers represent. Also, Bynum and Myers have three divorces between them, not to mention many credible allegations of financial impropriety, so their ability to help someone else is highly questionable. Even were that not the case, this idea that we have these spiritual supermen with so much more “anointing” than everybody else that they can just work a miracle by speaking and laying hands on someone to “get them saved” is absurd. First off, God determines who gets saved. Second, the Bible makes it clear that salvation comes by virtue of hearing and believing the gospel preached to them, not by some spiritual superhero bewitching people with his “anointing.” If all it takes is some spiritual Spider – Man, Wonder Woman, Superfriends, X – Men, etc. to just display some of their Holy Spirit super powers to get someone saved, then do people even need to repent of their sins and accept Jesus Christ as Lord? If so, why, when it is clearly the magic of the spiritual superhero that they are responding to instead of the Holy Spirit and God’s Son?)

“I ask the Lord, ‘Why am I here?’ I have to trust God when He says, ‘Because I said so.'” The former ‘Less Than Perfect’ star, fresh off a hosting stint at the ‘Daytime Emmy Awards,’ has lost more than 30 pounds after being diagnosed as a diabetic.

“One day on ‘The View’ I noticed that we had a lot of big girls in the audience,” she recalled. “I told them to stick around because we were going to have a large woman fashion show. They looked at me and said, ‘Sherri, you are not a big girl.’ I was so embarrassed. However, a lot of women look at me and say I give them hope. I really want them to be healthy. We carry sixty extra pounds on our joints when we’re overweight. Some things are just not okay.”

In addition to hosting ‘The View,’ Shepherd will voice two characters in ‘Madagascar’s’ sequel, ‘Madagascar: The Crate Escape.’ She also appears in Lee Daniels’ forthcoming film, ‘Push,’ which stars Mo’Nique, Lenny Kravitz and Paula Patton.

For more information on ‘Precious Times,’ visit


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Protestant Churches Following After Catholic Confession Booth Abomination

Posted by Job on September 24, 2007

Now look, I take a hard line against Catholicism for pure orthodoxy’s sake, but I honestly believe that there are not a few righteous Catholics that will be saved, most prominently because I am not willing to condemn virtually every Christian that ever lived from Constantine to Luther to the lake of fire. But if you are a Protestant? Come on, you know this nonsense is wrong. “O foolish Galatians, who hath bewitched you, that ye should not obey the truth, before whose eyes Jesus Christ hath been evidently set forth, crucified among you?” Well go ahead and apply Galatians 3:1 to yourself. Jesus Christ is our only mediator, our only high priest, and our only atonement for all sins past present and future! Stop betraying the true gospel of Jesus Christ by doing this stuff, ok? Every Protestant (and Catholic for that manner) ought to read Hebrews (and then read it again because I admit, it is a dense difficult read especially for King James Version partisans like myself) so you can come out of this madness.

I blame this on New Age witch Oprah Winfrey and this talk show culture that she represents. We see how people commit all sorts of sins and crimes, but they go on Oprah or Barbara Walters or some other forum, talk about it, get to cry on their shoulder and everything is OK. Except that it isn’t REALLY about being really sorry, repenting, and seeking true forgiveness from God or man. It is really just exhibitionism. Where a person with character will guard their privacy and be discreet, vain vulgar people get a perverse thrill out of exposing themselves for pleasure. And quite frankly, it is about seeking attention.

And the church has long been following after this mess. Watch any of the Christian TV networks, and they have these talk shows, modeled after the secular programs, where all sorts of freaks and creeps, from regular folk seeking the limelight to has – been celebrities that will say or do anything just to get on TV for just five or ten more minutes, will give away all of their secrets. And why do they do it? To help someone else? No. To honor God? No. To win people for Christ? Well a Christian TV network where 99% of the viewers are already professing Christian is a great way to do that, isn’t it? The Christian network puts the show on to attract voyeur-viewers, which in turn translates into big financial donations.

Yes, even a lot of the Christian shows that technically aren’t talk or interview shows often have the “psychologist interview couch” interludes: Joyce Meyer and Paula White are great examples. And the person airing their dirty laundry gets their self – pleasing catharsis moment of emptying their emotions so that they can feel all warm and good and clean inside until it is time for them to burden someone else with their problems. The reason why we seek out others to do this is because we have no interest in real change. We have no interest in real holiness. We have no interest in being saved. For if we did, we would run to Christ and be made pleasing to God. As it is, all we want is entertainment: to entertain and to be entertained. We don’t want to please God, we want to please ourselves. So we run to the confessional. And since Oprah Winfrey or the talk show on your favorite Christian network only has so much room, now we are bringing this evil into the church.

Pigs In The Parlor by Frank and Ida Mae Hammond has his section written by Ida Mae Hammond which claims that people that have this compulsive need or desire to confess their sins almost certainly have powerful demons acting in their lives. Looking at the wretchedness of our popular Christian culture, I do not doubt it. You know what, as much as I go after Catholicism, insofar as this issue, they are actually better than us. Why? Because at least Catholics do this because it is an integral part of their religious belief and practice. They are trying to please God and get to heaven, and for them confession is a painful heartrending experience that they honestly feel that they must do. But you Protestants doing this stuff? You are just looking for a good time! That is why it will be more tolerable for the Catholic on the day of judgment than for you.

From‘s excellent site:

Confessing to ’sins’ is booming in America

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