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TD Jakes And Andrew Merritt Linked To Homosexual Church Movement!

Posted by Job on October 3, 2007

TD Jakes, Andrew Merritt linked to gay church movement

Since a lot of you appear to be looking at this post without clicking on the link, I will give you the excerpt that ties TD Jakes to the organized sodomite movement.

“We want to first take note of Bishop Robert M. Taylor, a member of The Fellowship’s Ecclesiastical Board and partially responsible for the organization’s ”spiritual direction and formation.” Taylor had founded and pastored Fellowship Tabernacle in Philadelphia, a “gay-friendly” church since 1979. But in 2004, Taylor exited Fellowship Tabernacle abruptly and preceded to set up the International Covenant Ministries Fellowship (ICMF), a small conglomerate of churches sprinkled across the country with headquarters in Statesville, NC. He attributed the sudden change to divine instruction from God to turn over the church to his “spiritual sons and daughters” because God said to establish churches abroad. But three years after leaving Philadelphia, Taylor presides only over a few churches mainly on the US east coast. We were told that Taylor allegedly left due to some type of criminal sexual activity which occured under his watch.

Taylor triples as a bishop in the Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies, headquartered in Columbus, OH. That’s the same denomination where Dallas luminary Bishop T.D. Jakes and Detroit pastor Andrew Merritt of Straight Gate Church preside as two of the top three church bishops. Taylor is a member of the “National Executive Board of Senior Bishops.” Watch Taylor and Jakes in this video of the HGAAA 2006 convention.”

So, you TD Jakes defenders, where are you now? Come defend THIS! The article above clearly states that these homosexuals are connected to Jakes’ oneness denomination. Claiming that Jakes – and his denomination – does not know about the background and views of one of the leading bishops is not credible. Neither is denying that TBN and the many other Christian broadcasting concerns do not know, or that a great many of the other pastors and Christian leaders that have worked with this fellow in the past do not know. Then again, it has been common knowledge that Jakes denies Trinity ever since at least 1998, so if they don’t care about the Holy Trinity (meaning that they don’t care about God) then why should they care about the mere sin of homosexuality?


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