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Endtimes Alert: Google Backs Cheap Web Access for Africa! Jesus Christ Might Return More Quickly Than I Thought …

Posted by Job on September 9, 2008

Please note that Al Gore, the same person that the new world order globalists have given riches and acclaim (Nobel Prize, Academy Award) to promote global political and economic centralisation under the Gaia religion of environmentalism (meaning that the “creation – care evangelicals” are actually practicing a syncretism!) is heavily involved with Google. Now I had taken a big step back in recent months on the attention that I used to pay to trying to correlate current events to eschatology (a big focus of mine when I first started this site) because of my opinion that the global political, economic, social, etc. situation was not yet in place to allow the anti – Christ to rule the whole world. That is still not the case, but it is clear that the forces of anti – Christ are working fast towards that goal! Case in point: the article below. 

Google backs cheap Web access for Africa

This reminds me of a letter that an African sent in to the late J. Vernon McGee’s Through The Bible ministry. It appears that this fellow had listened to McGee’s broadcast, and believed, and BASED SOLELY ON THE BROADCASTS AND A FEW FREE MINISTRY MATERIALS THAT THROUGH THE BIBLE SENT HIM THROUGH THE MAIL THE FELLOW WAS ABLE TO START A CHURCH! In any event, the pastor stated that having his church listen to the broadcast was very helpful to his ministry, BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THAT EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID ON THE RADIO HAD TO BE TRUE! It appears that in developing parts of the world, they have not formed the filters and skepticism that we westerners have towards the mass media.

There is another issue: we do know all the filth that comes over the Internet. I do not think that I need to recount it here. Can you imagine the spiritual result of the lid being opened and all that junk being poured into their cultures; what it will do to their minds and their families? That is why we must pray for these people! Also, Christians that have been tarrying about starting their Internet ministries, even if it is a weblog or website that you update once a week or month with a video of a pastor that you support or maybe things like songs and devotionals, now is the time to start. We really have to create as much Christian content as we can to counter the junk that is out there. Sign up for a WordPress blog here. Sign up for a Google blog here.

Quoting the project:

O3b networks said in a statement the satellites would be constructed by Thales Alenia Space and should be operational by the end of 2010.

The company’s founder, Greg Wyler, told Reuters coverage would reach from Spain to South Africa, include most of South America, large parts of Asia and all South Pacific Islands.

Even though the headline only states Africa, this means basically the entire third world. So, the infrastructure for the anti – Christ system to theoretically take over will be in place by 2010. A lot of stuff still has to happen then, because we still have the five huge religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism) plus a bunch of smaller animist, spiritist, and pagan systems. I honestly think that the religion hurdle will be bigger than the technology hurdle. But based on scripture, we all know that it is going to fall!


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The Religious Right: A Roman Catholic Plot Of Pat Buchanan Hatched In 1966!

Posted by Job on May 19, 2008

Now The Silence of the Fundamentalist Lambs by Gary North, a former Reagan official, states that the religious rights true origins were much earlier by way of the Rockefeller crowd, except that the original effort was on northern liberal and moderate Protestants and Roman Catholics. They did not regard fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals as politically important because of the doctrines of such groups. North states that  the political mobilization of conservative Christians took the new world order crowd by surprise, and that they quickly needed to be co – opted before things got out of hand. This article above sheds a little light on how this happened. We already know that Rockefeller employee and freemason Billy Graham (and many similar itinerant evangelists) had spent decades laying the ecumenical groundwork between these two groups, plowing and fertilizing the soil (and you know what fertilizer is!). According to the article above, Buchanan and Nixon:

From Day One, Nixon and I talked about creating a new majority,” Buchanan told me recently, sitting in the library of his Greek-revival house in McLean, Virginia, on a secluded lane bordering the fenced grounds of the Central Intelligence Agency. “What we talked about, basically, was shearing off huge segments of F.D.R.’s New Deal coalition, which L.B.J. had held together: Northern Catholic ethnics and Southern Protestant conservatives—what we called the Daley-Rizzo Democrats in the North and, frankly, the Wallace Democrats in the South.”

Now most of that article is merely liberal ideological nonsense, but it contained that little nugget. That Buchanan later went on to oppose the Bush family and ultimately leave the Republican Party is of little consequence. Buchanan was a key force in the rise of Nixon and of Reagan after him … a movement made possible by political ecumenism. Buchanan got out because the political ecumenism movement that he started now includes support for abortion, homosexuality, illegal immigration, and of course global economic and political controls via environmentalism. These are things that the new leaders of the GOP led by such figures as John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mitt Romney, etc. – and truthfully by George H. W. Bush – have in store. It makes no matter who wins this fall. If McCain wins, they will say that it was because he moved the party to the left. If Obama wins, they will say that the party will have to move even further to the left than McCain to win. And no matter how far left the GOP goes, the religious right will follow. Most of the leaders of the religious right are bought and paid for props and plants like Pat Robertson, appearing with Al Sharpton in a global warming commercial sponsored by Al Gore, and is China’s #1 advocate in the United States, and they command a large following. And most of the rest of the followers have such a heavy investment in the religious right that they are not going to leave anytime soon, and their loyalty to George W. Bush even as he has come out and claimed that everyone worships the same god and David Kuo’s book detailing how Bush mocks Christians behind their backs demonstrates it. 

Some people are rejecting this movement only because of frustration over it not working, and not because the whole movement was theologically suspect to begin with. For instance, consider the term “Judeo – Christianity.” It cannot be supported Biblically, especially when you consider that modern Judaism is not Sinai Judaism, but the creation of the Pharisees that 1) rejected Jesus Christ, 2) hid while the Romans was destroying their nation (the creator of rabbinic Judaism, Yochanan ben Zakkai, cut a deal with the Roman generals, was allowed to take scrolls from the temple, and escape), and 3) kicked the Messianic Jews out of the synagogues by placing a curse against Christians in their liturgy. It only makes sense politically and culturally. Roman Catholics accept it only because of their opposition to Islam, and Protestant Christians only accept it because of dispensationalism (and opposition to Islam). 

It is becoming more and more apparent that the religious right is a secular movement with another agenda and another master. I am no fan of Pat Buchanan, but the fact that he himself left the religious right when he realized that he was but a pawn in a larger game speaks volumes. 

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National Religious Broadcasters Using Oneness Modalist Heretic TD Jakes To Get Out The Vote

Posted by Job on May 12, 2008

Driving to work this morning viewing the effects of the terrible thunderstorms that spared my neighborhood but hard hit the one right next to mine, I was listening to Christian radio. Out of the blue comes TD Jakes’ booming voice. In it, he first speaks of how much he loves America and so forth. I immediately thought of Jakes doing this to exploit anger over Barack Hussein Obama, Michelle Obama, and Jeremiah Wright’s considerably less than jingoistic statements and actions. Then he went into his exhortation spiel for people to register and get out to vote. 

First, I see Lifeway Bookstores, owned by the Southern Baptist Convention, selling TD Jakes’ doctrinal error (oneness pentecostalism and the Word of Faith/prosperity doctrine are but a few of his MANY problems) and now the National Religious Broadcasters are using this guy. I had been using the NRB as a sort of a refuge from the blatant charismania that you will find on The Word Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Daystar, etc. So I just ignored the heavy Pat Robertson presence on the channel, as well as their “white Europeans are the descendants of the children of Israel … the Danube River is so named because of the tribe of Dan” show that comes on early in the morning. I also ignored their embrace of the Ellen White Seventh Day Adventist cult. So I suppose that I cannot cast NRB aside on Jakes’ account, since the ones that I just named are hardly better – if anything some might be worse – or else I would be reacting out of a personal dislike for Jakes rather than on principle. (On the other hand, Slice of Laodicea has criticized NRB, albeit for different reasons, such as this post stating that not one red cent of NRB’s $5 BILLION IN ASSETS is being used to defend the faith from Oprah Winfrey.)

Incidentally, speaking of TD Jakes and PR spots, he has another one out (I did not catch the sponsor!) promoting single sex education, saying that “boys need their own schools so that they will be able to, you know, romp and stuff (his choice of words not mine!) and that boys learn differently from girls and needed their own classrooms in order to be accommodated. So … it looks like Jakes is not that far removed from Jeremiah Wright’s separatist doctrines after all? 

I have to be honest, back when I was part of the religious right and allowing my worldview to be shaped by the Washington Times and the National Review, I was in full agreement. But now … I just recall reading about this inner city public school that went all male. Sure, the discipline problems decreased and the test scores went up. But when they interviewed the boys that attended the school, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WANTED THEM TO BRING THE GIRLS BACK! Why? Because, er … BOYS LIKE GIRLS! Or at least they are supposed to anyway. Perhaps now that T.D. Jakes is on board with the new world order’s gay rights agenda (and yes this is relevant … perhaps due to his son) he thinks it is OK. To me, the whole single sex education thing … who wants it? Certainly not the kids. Not the administrators or teachers. Parents go for it only because they are desperate for any hook or angle to improve the failing school systems that the government is ruining on purpose. Not even the old fashioned religious sorts – of which I am one – think that it is a good idea anymore, where you were supposed to keep boys and girls separate in their little boarding or finishing schools (where they were supposed to look OH SO CUTE in their little uniforms I guess) UNTIL GRADUATION DAY WHEN YOU MARRY THEM OFF.

Sorry people, but society has changed. Not all of the changes have been for the good, but methinks that one of the most important things for a boy to learn from school is how to treat a lady and how to behave yourself in their presence. For some of us guys, those things do not come naturally, and you only learn them through trial and error. Especially error. (If you don’t learn to handle competition and rejection in junior high and high school, how on earth are you supposed to handle being turned down for jobs, promotions, college choices, etc. later in life?) So … HOW ON EARTH ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO LEARN THOSE THINGS IF THERE ARE NO GIRLS AROUND TO LEARN THEM FROM? 

Like I said, TD Jakes may have his own reasons for wanting to turn your local public school into Morehouse College or similar, and whatever they are I oppose them 100%. All the more reason why the Southern Baptist Convention should not be selling this guy’s books and NRB shouldn’t be using him for their get out the vote campaign. But I suppose that this oneness anti – Trinitarian heretic is just too good at making money and moving public opinion for these people to pass up. That is, unless they are actually along with Jakes, on his side. After all, the Southern Baptists refuse to do anything about the likes of New Age heretic Erwin McManus and Council on Foreign Relations worker Rick Warren (and Richard Land too?), and as stated earlier, Al Sharpton Al Gore global warming propagandist partner Pat Robertson is a major partner with the NRB. 

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The Pat Robertson – Al Sharpton Global Warming Commercial!

Posted by Job on April 22, 2008

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Al Sharpton And Pat Robertson To Appear Together In Global Warming Ad For Al Gore

Posted by Job on March 31, 2008

People, if I TRIED to make up things pertaining to the current wicked state of the world – with people calling themselves Christians contributing to a heavy part of it – I would not be able to come up with anything like this. The nugget describing the various people (including Nancy Pelosi and Newt Gingrich) in this $300 million dollar ad campaign that they honestly claim is “being largely funded with profits from the movie An Inconvenient Truth” (which only made $15 million in the U.S. … even “Fahrenheit 9/11”, the highest grossing documentary ever barely made $100 million in the US!). Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, religious right and religious left all sitting in a tree … the article below proves that all of these people, who are heavily involved with the Council on Foreign Relations and other similar organizations, are on the same side. Now we know that John McCain, who has been promoting this agenda for some time now in return for his shot at going from being a back bench senator to someone that people have actually heard of, has joined up with these people. And we also know Barack Obama’s connections to them, and those of his wife. Hillary Clinton? Married to Bill, so enough said!

Gore: I am no ‘Boss Tweed’

People, the end is near. Jesus Christ is coming back soon, and only those that are born again will be ready to meet Him. Are you one of those ready to meet the Lord? If not, please follow The Three Step Salvation Plan right now!

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Al Gore: The Nobel Peace Prize Is Now Officially Worthless

Posted by Job on October 12, 2007

See link: Al Gore Wins The Nobel Peace Prize

Do not conclude that my position that Al Gore’s winning the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on global warming officially exposes the award as worthless to be motivated by any personal feelings on the issue of global warming itself that I may possess. (I have been sympathetic towards LEGITIMATE environmental causes ever since seeing what Union Carbide did to the people of Bhopal, India in the 1980s.) Instead, I was under the impression that the Nobel Peace Prize generally goes to someone that spends many years working to prevent wars – and the conditions that cause them – while enduring a great personal cost. At the very least, the Prize can go to someone that achieved a monumental breakthrough in that area (i.e. by signing or brokering a peace treaty).

But here you have Al Gore getting the award for traipsing about giving lectures and producing a documentary about global warming over the past six years. And that is presuming that it was even that long:if I recall, Gore did not start his global warming campaign the first year or two after leaving the vice presidency, but rather was a college professor at Columbia, Fisk, and various other universities. Further, any global warming activism that he engaged in was during his time off from amassing a personal fortune of $100 million!

And this is the best part. When Gore was vice president and could have actually done something to affect climate change policy (if not legislatively then definitely by speaking out on the issue at home and abroad) Gore – and the Clintons – did nothing. For eight years. The only thing that the Clinton – Gore administration did about climate change was sign a Kyoto treaty that Clinton knew had no chance of passing the Senate (it was rejected 99 – 0 and was never mentioned again during his administration) and also knowing full well that the nations that signed onto it had no intention of ever implementing it.

The media and the left only began to press the global warming issue AFTER Clinton – and Gore – left office. It was surreal to witness Tom Daschle and all the other senators that voted against the treaty (which, again, would have been all of them since it failed on a 99 – 0 vote!) excoriate George W. Bush for walking away from Kyoto on the grounds that it was unworkable when A) they themselves voted against it because it was unworkable and B) NONE of the countries that actually did sign the treaty ever even made the effort to comply with it because it was unworkable.

But while Clinton – Gore were in office and had eight long years to work to convince the nation and world of the threat of global warming, not only did they never so much as make a major speech on the issue, but it was during their administration that the sport utility vehicle craze started. Remember? It appears that we have conveniently forgotten that where SUVs became the symbol of “red state evil” in 2000 (remember the Arianna Huffington ad campaign that claimed that SUV drivers were supporting the terrorists?) Clinton was praised for being a moderate Democrat that earned the support of SUV – driving “soccer moms” just 4 years prior when he was re – elected on a “socially conservative” platform of school uniforms and whatever in 1996. The left was so in love with Clinton’s successfully courting those very same suburban SUV drivers that were later depicted as white flight racists destroying the environment with their gas guzzlers that “The West Wing” even put a Republican advisor in the Josiah Bartlett administration. Oh how quickly we forget when we desperately want to.

So whatever you think of the global warming issue, please realize that Albert Gore Jr. received the Nobel Peace prize for his advocacy in that area despite avoiding it like the plague during the very time in his life that he actually had the ability and potential to do something about it. The truth is that George W. Bush has done many times for more the global warming issue than Al Gore ever did simply by being someone for the left to  unite against on the issue. Folks that had virtually no interest in global warming the entire time that Al Gore was their vice president all of a sudden made it the most pressing issue in the history of the human race when Bush got into office. Again, those Hollywood types that gave us “The Day After Tomorrow” and similar … well let us just say that they were making “Independence Day” and “Godzilla” while their guy Clinton was in the White House.

MAYBE Al Gore would have deserved the Nobel Peace Prize had he put out “An Inconvenient Truth” while he was still vice president. But we all know why he didn’t: it would have ruined any chance that he would have had at becoming President. Of course, the Nobel Prize committee knows this. Yet they give the award to a guy who when he could have really made a difference kept quiet because he didn’t want to suffer the negative consequences associated with taking a real stand.

So even if the global warming issue has anything to do at all with peace (if you have a case for why it does please make it) Gore is precisely the opposite of what a person that wins the Nobel Peace prize is supposed to be! To the people that are claiming that his Nobel Prize should launch Gore’s presidential bid: so you WANT someone who kept his mouth shut when it mattered most because he was too selfish and unprincipled to threaten his own personal ambitions in the past and only began to take a stand when he had nothing to lose to represent you in the future? Well, go ahead. Good luck with that. The truth is that this only exposes how the Nobel committee is a fraud, and so is everyone else that is celebrating Gore’s accomplishment.

So why are so many people are buying into the media hype instead of asking these sorts of questions? Then again, people believed that Saddam Hussein, the guy that America trained and put in power to fight a war against the Iranian government that we also put in power, was behind September 11th, so there goes your answer.

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