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United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Being Used To Attack Christian Homeschoolers In Botswana, Africa

Posted by Job on September 8, 2010

UN Treaty Used to Threaten Homeschool Families
Contact: Ian Slatter, Home School Legal Defense Association, 540-338-8663

PURCELLVILLE, Va., Sept. 7 /Christian Newswire/ — This week the fate of four homeschooling families will be decided in Botswana. The families, adherents to the Seventh Day Adventist Church, have been ordered by a judge to send their children to public school.

Despite the judges’ findings indicating that the children were cared for and that the parents took steps to provide for the education of their children, they still need to go to public school because Botswana has acceded to the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The legal standard under the UNCRC is the “best interests of the child.” In other words, the state has the authority to determine how children should be raised and educated.

“HSLDA has warned about the danger of the UNCRC to homeschooling families. It gives almost unlimited powers to judges to decide how children should be raised,” said Mike Donnelly, Director of International Relations for HSLDA. “We are asking our 85,000 member families to contact the Botswana Embassy and Office of the President of Botswana to protect these families’ basic rights to decide what is best for their children,” he added.

The Botswana families are determined to continue homeschooling. “I must obey God. The schools here are corrupt and teach my children things that go against our faith and our values. I cannot allow them to go to these schools,” said Mr. Modimoothata, a retired technician and father of four teenagers. His wife Margaret is a senior project manager for Botswana railways.

“We find the behavior of the Botswana police and courts outrageous and hope that more responsible leadership will be applied to remedy this situation without undue trauma to these children,” said Leendert Van Oostrum, Director of The Pestalozzi Trust, a South Africa-based homeschooling legal defense organization that is representing the families.

For more information, read the HSLDA article ”

Homeschoolers Interrogated by Secret Police, Face Imprisonment

Follow The Three Step Salvation Plan


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Kenya: Bishop Joseph Segel of the Redeemed Church, Ongata Rongai Shot Dead in Night Raid at Church

Posted by Job on July 6, 2010

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Zondervan Publishing Hippo Bible Commentary Series Authored by Africans

Posted by Job on October 15, 2009

See link below.

New Commentary Series – by Africans

Also note this comment:

It is worth noting that the book is published in Africa by Hippo Press – a consortiu of African evangelical publishers that have combined under the facilitation of Langham Literature – one of the ministries of Langham Partnership International which in the USA is known as John Stott Ministries. This book is part of the fulfilment of the dream of John Stott himself to encourage indigenous scholars ans writers in the majority world countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America. It is exciting to see this vision bearing fruit. Sam Ngewa is also one of the editors of the Africa Bible Commentary – which has sold over 80,000 in English in Afria, and is available also in French, Portuguese, and Swahili, with translations in Hausa, Amharic and Malagasi on the way. This too is entirely written by African evangelical scholars, some of whom got their doctorates through Langham – JSM. Check out the stories at

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Islam: The Original Actual And ONLY Slave Religion For Black People

Posted by Job on January 27, 2009

The Hidden Black Iraq

They Have Extreme: On MLK Day/Obama Eve, Blacks in Iraq Persecuted Same as Blacks in Entire Muslim World

The second link in particular has this comment:

Hello Debbie and All

Here are just 2 quotes from one of islams important books…

Tabari II:11 “Shem, the son of Noah was the father of the Arabs, the Persians, and the Greeks; Ham was the father of the Black Africans; and Japheth was the father of the Turks and of Gog and Magog who were cousins of the Turks.” Then after being told that “Noah slept with his genitals exposed,” “Noah prayed that the prophets and apostles would be descended from Shem and kings would be from Japheth. He prayed that the African’s color would change so that their descendants would be slaves to the Arabs and Turks.” 

Tabari II:21 “Ham [Africans] begat all those who are black and curly-haired, while Japheth [Turks] begat all those who are full-faced with small eyes, and Shem [Arabs] begat everyone who is handsome of face with beautiful hair. Noah prayed that the hair of Ham’s descendants would not grow beyond their ears, and that whenever his descendants met the children of Shem, the latter would enslave them.” 

I found this at Prophet of Doom by Craig Winn

There are many more such verses

Posted by: INFINITE [TypeKey Profile Page] at January 19, 2009 11:02 AM

Fascinating that so few people speak of this.

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Endtimes Alert: Google Backs Cheap Web Access for Africa! Jesus Christ Might Return More Quickly Than I Thought …

Posted by Job on September 9, 2008

Please note that Al Gore, the same person that the new world order globalists have given riches and acclaim (Nobel Prize, Academy Award) to promote global political and economic centralisation under the Gaia religion of environmentalism (meaning that the “creation – care evangelicals” are actually practicing a syncretism!) is heavily involved with Google. Now I had taken a big step back in recent months on the attention that I used to pay to trying to correlate current events to eschatology (a big focus of mine when I first started this site) because of my opinion that the global political, economic, social, etc. situation was not yet in place to allow the anti – Christ to rule the whole world. That is still not the case, but it is clear that the forces of anti – Christ are working fast towards that goal! Case in point: the article below. 

Google backs cheap Web access for Africa

This reminds me of a letter that an African sent in to the late J. Vernon McGee’s Through The Bible ministry. It appears that this fellow had listened to McGee’s broadcast, and believed, and BASED SOLELY ON THE BROADCASTS AND A FEW FREE MINISTRY MATERIALS THAT THROUGH THE BIBLE SENT HIM THROUGH THE MAIL THE FELLOW WAS ABLE TO START A CHURCH! In any event, the pastor stated that having his church listen to the broadcast was very helpful to his ministry, BECAUSE THEY BELIEVED THAT EVERYTHING THAT WAS SAID ON THE RADIO HAD TO BE TRUE! It appears that in developing parts of the world, they have not formed the filters and skepticism that we westerners have towards the mass media.

There is another issue: we do know all the filth that comes over the Internet. I do not think that I need to recount it here. Can you imagine the spiritual result of the lid being opened and all that junk being poured into their cultures; what it will do to their minds and their families? That is why we must pray for these people! Also, Christians that have been tarrying about starting their Internet ministries, even if it is a weblog or website that you update once a week or month with a video of a pastor that you support or maybe things like songs and devotionals, now is the time to start. We really have to create as much Christian content as we can to counter the junk that is out there. Sign up for a WordPress blog here. Sign up for a Google blog here.

Quoting the project:

O3b networks said in a statement the satellites would be constructed by Thales Alenia Space and should be operational by the end of 2010.

The company’s founder, Greg Wyler, told Reuters coverage would reach from Spain to South Africa, include most of South America, large parts of Asia and all South Pacific Islands.

Even though the headline only states Africa, this means basically the entire third world. So, the infrastructure for the anti – Christ system to theoretically take over will be in place by 2010. A lot of stuff still has to happen then, because we still have the five huge religions (Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism) plus a bunch of smaller animist, spiritist, and pagan systems. I honestly think that the religion hurdle will be bigger than the technology hurdle. But based on scripture, we all know that it is going to fall!

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Roman Catholic Leaders Complicit In Rwanda Massacre? Why Weren’t We Told This Before?

Posted by Job on March 15, 2008

ARUSHA, Tanzania – A Rwandan priest has been jailed for life after a U.N. tribunal extended his sentence for ordering militiamen to burn and bulldoze a church with 1,500 people inside. The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda’s ruling came after Roman
Catholic priest Athanase Seromba appealed his 2006 conviction, a statement posted on the body’s Web site late Wednesday said. He was originally sentenced to 15 years in prison.

The tribunal is trying the alleged masterminds of the 1994 Rwandan genocide in which more than 500,000 minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus were killed by Hutu extremists over a 100-day period. The tribunal said it convicted Seromba for “his role in the destruction of the church in Nyange Parish, and the consequent death of approximately 1,500 Tutsi refugees sheltering inside.”

Seromba was convicted of leading a militia that attacked the people and poured fuel through the roof of the church, while police threw grenades inside. After failing to kill everybody inside the church, Seromba ordered it to be demolished, the tribunal found.

Thousands of Rwandans have turned away from Catholicism, angered and saddened by the complicity of church officials in the genocide. Priests, nuns and followers were implicated in the killings and some churches were sites of notorious massacres.

The Rwanda war crimes tribunal has delivered 32 judgments, including five acquittals, since the U.N. Security Council established it in November 1994. There are 27 trials under way.

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Bible League: Jesus Christ Changing Lives In India, Kenya, Colombia, Middle East

Posted by Job on March 5, 2008

They could ALL receive Bibles

They could ALL receive Bibles
India–Like many preachers in India, Nikhil had no formal training—he simply felt called to lead a congregation. But once he realized there was so much to learn, he turned to a Bible League-trained Christian who was offering Bible studies. Read more

Taking a stand for the Gospel

Taking a stand for the Gospel
Middle East–Aaqib refused to give up when he encountered difficulties in establishing a church. Because of his faith, more Christians are now sharing the Gospel in an area where Islam dominates. This church and others like it are beacons for Christ amid strife and violence. Read more

Breadth of mercy

Breadth of mercy
Colombia–Envigado, Colombia is home to more than 175,000 people. Surrounded by lush green hills and winding roads, walks on dirt paths and through the mountains are inevitably routes taken daily. One Colombian man shares his story of a winding path that led him into the arms of a loving Savior. Read more

God's Word continues to go forth in Kenya

God’s Word continues to go forth in Kenya
Despite deadly riots and widespread violence in Nairobi, as well as in Kenya’s eastern and western provinces, Bible League staff members are continuing ministry. While three ministry areas have been completely shut down, Bible League staff members are pressing their
way through the tense spiritual environment. Read more.

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Kenyans Turn to God for End to Violence

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

Press Release: Pray for Kenya!!!

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Bible League: Faith Works All Over The World

Posted by Job on January 9, 2008

Can  anything good come from Bucaramanga?
Latin America—Tatiana’s young life was filled with abuse. She turned to alcohol to sooth her unbearable pain. Even though her little son needed so much, she had nothing to give. The cycle of neglect, it seemed,would continue into another generation. Read more.

Going the distance to give God’s Word
Africa—An African man visits family he has not seen in years, and finds that there is no church in their village. God leads him to establish a new church there and the only way he can get to the place, is to walk a decayed dirt road. Find out more

Tradition now a true relationship
A scant 8,100 or so of Serbia’s 10 million people (less than 0.1 percent of the population) are evangelical Christians. But God’s Church is growing in this country that has suffered throughwar, poverty, and more. God’s Word is transforming the lives of people like Djordje. Read more.

God’s Word brings happiness

Irina and her children endured beating after beating from her husband. God’s Word had transformed her life. She doubted it could change his. But today Irina knows that the power of God’s Word is far beyond what she ever dreamed or imagined. Her entire family now knows Jesus Christ. Read more.

Bible League staff in Peru minister to earthquake survivors
A recent earthquake in Peru devastates lives. As the painful disaster zone remains, Bible League ministry in Peru is impacting Peruvians with God’s Word—providing hope to earthquake survivors in this time of tragedy. Find out more.

Bible League impacts generations of Kaiwá people group
The long-term impact of Bible League ministry is evident by the transformed lives of the Kaiwá people. A legacy of Christ followers began when one woman came to know the love of a Savior through translating God’s Word in her heart language. Find out more.

Listen to their voices cry out in need and thanksgiving
Visit our audio library and listen to people around the world express their need for God’s Word. Select the country that you have a heart for. Tune in now

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Corrupt False Preachers On The Rise In Kenya: Bibles Needed To Combat This

Posted by Job on November 8, 2007

CHICAGO—Religious groups in Kenya line up by the thousands to seek legal recognition as churches. But as the number of corrupt African preachers increases, Christian leaders are warning the public of those using the Gospel for personal financial gains.

“Groups masquerading as churches thrive in Kenya,” said Dr. Mwaya Kitavi, Bible League’s associate director of Africa ministry, “and the need for Bible-based churches is as great as ever. Many Kenyans are unable to distinguish genuine religious organizations from ‘big business’ under the guise of evangelism.”

For some, establishing a church in Kenya means cashing in on freely flowing money, and many take advantage of the unsuspecting public. But in the midst of this deceptive arena, Bible League remains a constant source of spreading God’s Word throughout Kenya.

“Bible League’s ministry in Kenya began more than 20 years ago, and continues to flourish,” added Kitavi. “By coming alongside Kenyan churches, and equipping their leaders with Scriptures and training, we see first-hand the love of Jesus shining through. This is what Kenya really needs—churches founded on biblical truths and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Jackson Muia, a Christian in the Makueni South region of Kenya, envisioned launching a church. Following his Bible League training and Bible provision, churches mushroomed in every village of this region. The power of the Gospel transformed the community. “People have joined the church in big numbers and left behind their pagan ways of life,” said Muia. Muia is one of many Kenyans with a passion for the lost and a heart for their people.

More than 85,000 Kenyans—last year alone—completed Bible studies through Bible League ministry. Christians grounded in God’s Word are determined to unravel Kenya’s hovering blanket of deception.

Donate Now!

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Rick Warren Turning Africa Into New World Order Slave State!

Posted by Job on November 1, 2007

Rick Warren Is Not Evangelizing Africa In The Way You Might Think

African, Australian, and The Netherland Testimonies AGAINST Rick Warren

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