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Preparing For Spiritual Warfare

Prayer: The Most Effective Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance Weapon And Tactic

One of the most important passages in scripture is II Corinthians 10:3-5: For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.” Cross reference this with James 1:12-14: “Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.”

Add those two together, and the primary battlefield is your mind. Yes, Satan exists, but all Satan does is play upon what you already have in your mind, your natural desire to defy and rebel against God and to elevate and worship yourself in God’s place. All Satan does is present to you the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, and you react according to your own internal desires to pleasure yourself. The battle is not so much against Satan but your own heart: Jeremiah 17:9: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” One of the things that our deceitful heart does is tell us that things are not sins when they are, and that we are honoring God when in fact we honor ourselves. While the Holy Spirit is trying to convict us regarding our sin, our heart is trying to tell us that we are inherently good and righteous, and that we can “honor God in our own way.”

So, how do you win this battle? Read your Bible, and compare the Truth of your Bible with the lies in your mind. If you reject the lies in your mind, then Satan will have nothing to grab hold to. And that is key to becoming a spiritual warrior. It is only when you succeed in driving Satan out of your head by first becoming aware of, exposing, and opposing your own delusions and vanities that you are able to take the fight to Satan yourself.

And that is why reading your Bible is the key. Not only must you study all of the scriptures on a regular basis, but to be a spiritual warrior you need the Psalms and Proverbs. The Proverbs of wisdom help you distinguish between the foolishness of your own mind and the righteousness of God’s Spirit when you are discerning thoughts. Once you have done that, the Psalms of praise show you how to make prayers of confession to ask God to Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ for you. Proverbs: identify the imaginations. Psalms: how you should pray and ask God to cast them down.

Keep in mind: spiritual warfare is not salvation, which only happens once, or filling with the Holy Spirit, which should happen from time to time. It is a continual basis: the battle never ends, because though when you were saved your spirit was cleansed and the Holy Spirit indwells you, your flesh still exists and you still live in a sinful world. The very notion that you can be as Christ on the cross and say “It is finished” and move on to bigger and better things is in itself a vain imagination of your own inherent righteousness and a desire to reject God’s rule over your life. So are the notions that because you recently received an anointing or filling of the Holy Spirit, that you have done a lot of Bible reading lately, that you have had a revelation from God or a great blessing or miracle, or “you just feel so good inside and are so excited” that you are ready to turn on your praise music and go break down strongholds and take on prince demons. That is precisely when you are most ripe to the temptation of your own flesh, because that is when you start to become convinced of some notion of righteousness or power within yourself rather than relying on God and giving Him the praise.

You actually see prominent preachers do such a thing on television: they cavort about and carry on talking about “Oh, I feel the anointing on me this evening! The Holy Spirit is moving in this place tonight! Because of HOW I FEEL RIGHT NOW, the blind are going to see, prophecies and visions are about to come down from heaven, the lame are going to walk, and the captives are going to be set free!” And when the preacher screams that out, everyone starts thinking about what they want from God and how God has to give it to them because they are so righteous and because they are following a pastor that is so anointed so they get “slain in the spirit” in anticipation of receiving their bounty from heaven, and then they get up again in the same as they were condition as they were in before they People, of all the accounts of healings and miracles that we read about in the Bible, how much of it matches this spiritual activity that we witness.

Truthfully, very little of it does. If you read the scriptures, you will see the people whom God used to do these great healings and miracles often under extreme duress beforehand and often receiving great persecution afterwards. Jesus Christ was sent to the cross after raising Lazarus from the dead, Stephen was martyred after working miracles (Acts 6 – 7), and Paul and Silas were viciously beaten and cast into prison after casting a demon out of the slave girl (Acts 16:16-24). Whenever you do something for God it comes at a cost, so the people that you see acting in such a manner are either A) not showing you the cost or B) not paying a cost because God is not whom they serve. So, the next time that you feel that the time is ripe for you to go cast out some devil because you feel so mighty, powerful, and good inside, read Lamentations! That will remind you whom you are serving, and the cost of serving Him.

God is not an action movie, fantasy novel, or video game. He is your master, and He alone has the right to either destroy you for eternity or to permit you to worship and serve Him forever in Heaven. Spiritual warfare is a serious endeavor for the truly committed and sincere of heart only. Your goal in spiritual warfare should not be to glorify yourself, to help or free people, or to battle Satan: it should be to glorify God. If that is not your only goal, then you will be as Simon the sorcerer (Acts 8:9-24) or the seven sons of Sceva (Acts 19:13-16)! But think not that this applies to spiritual warfare alone: anything that you do it should be for the glory of God alone, and if you have any other motivation you are doing only harm to yourself and others despite your many works.

So, if you are serious about spiritual warfare, you will on a daily basis measure your mind against the Bible’s wisdom, pour your heart out to God in confession (the prophets such as Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Habbakuk also had outstanding confessional prayers), and THEN go about the business of binding, rebuking, and casting out demons. This must be done so that your mind will be made suitable to the work of God in spiritual warfare, both in discerning what God wants done AND how God wants it done. If you do not know what God wants you to do and how God wants you to do it, you will certainly fail. When coming into the Promised Land, the children of Israel had to know both that it was God’s Will for them to take Jericho, AND that it was to be done by marching around the city blowing trumpets. Why? Because this was the manner in which God wanted to be glorified, lest it be said that the children of Israel overcame Jericho because of their many numbers and with Joshua’s military strategy. (As it is, skeptics are now reduced to trying to claim that the walls of Jericho were knocked down by a timely and fortuitous earthquake.) So, before you initiate any warfare activity, cast down your imaginations that these things are being done by your own power or righteousness.


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  1. Lucky: Try reading your history. Jewish, Greek, and Roman historians have all verified that Jesus Christ existed, and that he was executed by the Romans by crucifixion on a cross, and that he had a small band of Jewish followers that spread like wildfire. And do you know anything about Jewish history and culture? Their entire culture is based on monotheism, and to this day they are convinced that their God caused the destruction of their nation because they started worshipping other gods. So, even from the perspective of someone who does not believe in God, claiming that Jesus Christ is Horus is historically and culturally foolish. Didn’t you see that attempt on the History Channel (or Discovery Channel) or whatever to prove that they found his tomb? Even if you are going to claim that sure, maybe he was a real person, but the deity stuff was borrowed from Egypt and applied to him. The problem with that is that it takes CENTURIES for that stuff to develop, where Jesus had HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF FOLLOWERS WITHIN A FEW DECADES OF HIS DEATH! Also, this calendar myth of Horus of whom you speak (yes, I went to college, and studied Horus), gods in that region would die in the fall and resurrect in the spring of each year to explain crop cycles. 1) That is NOT a part of Jewish religion or culture, which is based around one God who never dies and 2) Jesus Christ’s “death” only happened once, and 3) His “death” was only the death of his physical body … His spirit never died, so in truth He never died! You very people who claim that Christians “uneducated” are the ones who have no knowledge of Jewish history or culture. Did you know that instead of being total stories of completely made up people – which describes all other religions – the historical figures referenced in the Bible (kings, emperors, even relatively obscure people such as governors and generals) have been historically verified? Yes, archaeology has proven that Pontius Pilate existed. So, are you saying that the gospels claim that Pontius Pilate sent Horus to the cross? And again, there are the secondary sources, historians that were not only not Christians but did not think of them. Do you honestly think that the Greek, Roman, and Jewish historians were speaking of an Egyptian sun god when they were writing about historical events in their time period? Do yourself a favor: read about the NON CHRISTIAN HISTORIAN Flavius Josephus, and see how utterly foolish it is to claim that first century Jews would have been worshipping Horus.

    • For those persons that NOT a BELELIVERS’ until they find ALMIGHTY GOD they can’t belelive anything but a lie. I was taughth by the word of God that satan is the father of ALL liest! those persons are called lost souls the ones who need God the most.GODSPEED.

  2. linda said


  3. pjmiller said

    Hi healtheland…

    I read two of your posts on spiritual warfare…excellent teaching!

    Looks like you may have stirred up an unclean spirit by posting the truth.

    Some years ago i worked in a deliverance ministry…not because i believe we [the Body of Jesus Christ] should ‘have’ to have specific ‘ministries” which deal exclusively with deliverance, but because its needed; Needed because of the lack of teaching most believers today have not received, on their God given authority in Jesus’ name, or their blindness to the battle.

    I pray your posts on this topic, opens the eyes of all those who happen upon your teachings!

    God bless…

  4. Pjmiller: Thanks for the encouragement. Do you have any of your teachings and experiences on spiritual deliverance on your weblog? If so, I would like to be able to link to them!

  5. pjmiller said

    Afternoon healtheland!

    No, i haven’t put up any posts on my personal experiences when working in deliverance on my blog yet..i say yet, because im still praying about doing it. Blogging is still kind of ‘new’ to me…so im still feeling my way around.

    I have posted some things on a Christian board i help out on; Kinda easing into it. Here:

    I’m KYHunter. If you see anything there you feel might be of help, please feel free to grab it.

    Its not an easy topic to present…especially in light of not knowing the maturity of those reading, or how in depth to go, in presenting details. You understand?

    For instance: say a person [reading] has been plagued for most of their life with a spirit of fear. They read of certain deliverance sessions in which yes, the person is finally delivered by the power of God, but the ‘details’ [horrific] prior to the moment they ARE set free, can be something this spirit of fear they are in bondage to, can use to produce more fear…even terror. Ultimately taking them deeper into bondage.

    I pray that makes sense?

    Its sad, because setting people free is one reason Jesus came…AND its part of our commission as well, in following his example. But because somewhere down through the Church age, [btw, from my studying, up until around 250-300 AD it was talked about freely and openly] this particular part of our calling was hidden, or ignored, most believers today have little or no knowledge of either the spiritual battle or, their responsibility in this area.

    Frankly it gives them the heebie-jeebies. lol

    If you doubt it, take notice of how many members replied in any of the threads [at the link] which got into the subject a little deeper then normal.

    We know truth sets one free–but its knowing when to offer it and how much at a time, that has always caused me to hesitate in writing about the personal first-hand experiences, except in a limited way.

    • miguel said

      What is the real meaning of Spirituality? What is the difference between
      spirituality and morality? Do we really understand the true meaning of
      spiritualty or what we only understand is the literal meaning of the word?
      Read John 6:63 and 2 Corithian 3:6

      • Marsha Barnes said


        Read 1 Corinthians 2:6-16 Read it very closely, and Read 2 Corinthians, 3: 16-18.

        All humans are made in the image of God. Geneis 1: 27

        We humans, have a Body, a Soul and a Spirit. Now the spiritual part of us remains unfruit-ful, or what could be said dead, until we have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savoir. So you can not discern or even read the bible with understanding until your spirit has been made alive by Christ and the Holy Spirit. We are as the bible says, dead in the spirit until we have been saved. The moment your are saved, then the Lord will begin to show you things and He can even talk to you in dreams or just in your head, He becomes your consicence, making your soul aware of right and wrong. Because when we are saved we are born again in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit of God will sign us and seal us unto God at that moment. So when you accept Jesus, your spirit is made alive, and you are no longer a citizen of this world. You are of the family of God, waiting for Him like all believers from the earth. While He prepares to takes His Church the Bride of Christ. But just remember, you have to ask Him to save you, believe it with all your heart. He will not refuse anyone that ask Him for salvation. If you are a Christian, just asked to be spiritually awakened. Read Chapters 14,15 & 16 of the Book of John to find out who the Holy Spirit is and how and what He will do for you.
        Now morality, is the condition of man that we are born into, because Adam lost his immorality when He let satan decieve him. So we are all born with the sin seed to sin, and that is why we are called Mortal, so it means that in some point you will die and be separated from God, that is if you have not accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. The bible says that God has numbered our days.

        Immorality means you never die, that is what you will become after the Lord comes into your heart and prepares to come and get us. That is if you are a Christian. Read 1 Corinthians 15: 50-58
        So you see, for Christians it is just waiting and working the Lord until He comes for us. But I can tell you that will be sooner than some think.

        In Christ,
        Marsha Barnes

  6. Paul Zinter said

    I came upon your website today and saw the weatlth of materrial on a number of topics. Just wanted to say that you may enjoy a book I wrote on divine healing. Check out my name, Paul Zinter, at Amazon, for the book, “A Time to Heal.”

  7. Paul Zinter: Ah, another Zulon Press guy. Thank you for the recommendation of, and be strong in the Lord!

  8. NIECY said


  9. joeland7 said

    Fight the good fight of faith..We are soldiers in the Lord’s Army. May God bless your ministry..


  11. Shirley said

    There are different callings. There are some God chooses to have a “deliverance” ministry. Although we are all in a battle, according to Ephesians 5, there are some who He equips to stand in the gap. They suffer more, as did Paul, for the sake of the Gospel and the Kingdom. Some are under greater attacks because of the mandate on their life to usher in His Presence as their life is one of dying to self and the flesh, living close to Him in a the Holy of Holies. Its a walk of dwelling in His Presence, full of His nature and power. Its a place where angels dwell and cry holy, holy, holy….. With the passion for the lost and those heading for eternity without Him, there is a constant opposition to get you to give up. When you know who you are, because of the blood of Jesus with the authority to take His authority wherever you go (manifest His Kingdom rule over darkness), you are a constant target of principalities that are in opposition of His Kingdom over nations and in high places. He anoints you to bring beauty for ashes and set the captives free. Because Christians are working out their soul salvation, strongholds from prior to salvation can still have them bound. As Jesus was led into the wilderness and tempted by the enemy, after coming through, it was with power. When you walk in the spirit and/or His Presence, you are very sensitive to spirits that oppose Him, either on people, in a room, or in a nation. As a preacher, I’ve struggled with spirits who physically try to cover my mouth or come against my voice, try to destroy the microphone while preaching and more. I’ve seen people bound by spirits, and the Lord draws me to take authority over those spirits and draw them into His Presence. The love of God desires that His people walk in maturity and aware of the battle, no more playing. The Kingdome of God suffers violence, and the violent take it by force. Paul reported, the Holy Spirit told me to go here and that much opposition (chains) awaits me. We’ve already won, but we gotta go through, constantly taking victory for the Glory of God!

    • symon said

      I am happy to meet someone like you a kingdom woman with the heart that God wants a heart that desired more of God. I would like for you to pray for me the enemy is trying to destroying my marriage i am married to a pastor. At present we are not together. I know God as called me to be a worrior in his kingdom and so the devil has lost again i will win in Jesus name. I was married before and three months in my first marriage my husband died in a very tragetic accident. i wouled love to know you so we can pray for my husband now things are not nice now please email me. May God bless you paster Shirly

  12. QQNeo said

    Can the admin of this site delete the previous comment, the one with the video? It’s to protect you from the lies of the evil one. I found it very satanic. Thanks for your time.

  13. the grace of jesus the anointed one be with you. Heb 12:1-3 sal 23. col 2:14-16

  14. Bruce said

    God bless you.

  15. Bruce said

    I am one that once held high post and asteem, both in the work place and at church (leading worship praise,announcements, visitors).
    Then, my father was murdered (the person(s) have not been apprehended).
    I was strickened with a mutiple myeloma cancer several months later.
    I thought I had faith up to those points, yet was looking for an explaination, an answer to why.
    It has been almost 4 years since the first tragedy and have seen the closenest of death, as a family victem, and as a man close to surrender in the physical breath of life (yet there are so many with so much that have so little, and yet there are still those that have yet little, and pocess so much).
    My cancer and it’s effect on my daily life, has been the greatest thing in my spiritual life and that I have had to learn, that in all things are glorified in Christ. And if I was given a choice of physical health to that of giving up my spiritual growth, I could not take physical health.

    Time is short my friends. The world is cruel in it’s lies for things and truth. I feel that Christ is coming “Quickly”. I feel it strongly.

    Make way world, for the Son of God cometh “quickly”.

    May you all, change your life, and serve and glorify the Lord, our God, and His Son, Jesus Christ in all you do and desire.
    Your friend in Christ,

  16. Charles D. said


    The only thing you omitted was encouraging those that have been steadfast over the while. I understand what you meant, however, believers certainly do not want fellow-labors to change; but rather, as Paul encouraged, to hold fast and run the good race.


  17. Bruce said

    Thank you for that. Amen and Amen.
    When I wrote this it was at the end of the day and my strentgh,pain,etc had an effect on what I could normally articulate.
    It’s a good race and it’s a good fight.
    Thank you Jesus.

  18. Charles D. said

    I feel you Bruce. I am terribly repentful for all of the burrows in life that you have experienced. However, the fact that you can still be faithful through it all and think of others, speak volumes about your spiritual make-up.

    I haven’t done so already, but, rest assured that the Men Prayer Group at my church will keep you on the several prayerlist at my church. I would like to maintain contact with you, if for no other reason than to let the “brothers” and the “deaconess” in my church know of specific areas of prayers, although God knows all, He just gives us opportunities to measure our growth in Him.

    Be Blessed


  19. Bruce said

    Thanks you Charles for your powerful prayers and for the saints Of God both still living, and those who are yet to be born into Christ.
    I know not yet of which you repeneth, but burrows are places we hideth from God’s truth. I have been there in my life and knoweth them well.

    The greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my physical and spiritual live in Christ, has been being disabled. I thought I could still remain productive in the world (find a way to gain income or living a changed live that some how God would deliver it). What I learned was much different and so much greater than what my I had been learned in the world.
    Many people have said, Bruce you should write a book. I have read several, many books about what people have experienced and how God granted them vision to “what is hell, or what is heaven like”,or grace of the “breath of life” in being given life after tragic accidents or tragedy and being returned to life. I see many ministers, pastors, bishops, “those that tend the flock” on TV and heard on radio.

    What I have seen is Shepheards of flocks in fine linen suits, speaking of worldy things and those which are saying things that are contrary to what the Bible speaks.
    I am just a small man (lost 5 inches because of multiple myeloma and how it has “drieth my bones”).

    Yet, in my bed i have seen countless commercials and TV shows that say, this is what we must have, buy, and buy into.

    I have had to learn a hard,cruel lesson of the “world”, that being that it lies, it does not yet love you or care for you, but your Money.

    So after such trial (Lord my God give me them and let me not fail You), for my affictions are mild, I seek that the this world we live in is a lie, a descentfull lie,full of untruth and abonination unto the the Lord our God. Not, that I shall seek the world, but that I shall seek,study,obey the word of our God, everyday of my life. Lord God, grant that I shall wake each morn and call on you, that I might reach you in prayer, and that I might be Yours in everything I desire and do.

    God has said to me, Bruce you don’t need to write a book, nor any man. Read My word as spoken in the gospel, and testify to it as being a good truth to those that seek and shall follow it, they shall find truth. They that follow Me, will be know of Me in their love (and those that recieve It), and I your God shall never, ever leave or forsake thee.

    Thank you Charles and thank you all my beloved saints in Christ.
    May the Lord our God be with you in all you do & desire.

  20. Bruce said

    Please don’t come away with a wrongful mind. Some may say that I am a dying man and will do anything to try to save himself.
    I can only say this in defense:
    1. Yes, I am dying of the flesh and will probably give up the ghost before some of you.
    The only differences between me and all the me’s out there is that:
    2. I am a sinner in God’s eye’s, and I could never get into God’s grace or holy rightensess of salvation, had it not been for a guiltless man, named Jesus Christ, who by His innocent blood I have been redeeemd.He conquered death and rose again from that stingful death and came in the flesh. My Christ has always been my salvation image.
    3. Even though I was a formitable man in the “world” and a beliver and follower, and active in my church of Godly worship, I never blamed God. In fact, I was grateful that the doctors found out what the mystery illness was. The biggest blessing was in finding Dr Yousefia (a stranger)and knowledable treatment and network of doctors.
    4. When all was discovered, I left it all in Jesus’ hands. I told Him I couldn’t deal with it or understand it, but I knew He could. I said” Lord, whatever you decide to do is ok with me, and I know that good things will come from it if I only let you use me”. He sure did, and He has taken care of every need these last three years.

    Let God use you.
    Be blesed.

  21. Bruce said

    All glory goes to the Lord our God and Jesus Christ that maketh me whole.

    God bless you seekers and beliviers in the Lord God of creation and in our saviour, Jesus Christ.

    In Christ’s love,

  22. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I too suffer from disabilities, mine of a psychological nature. Fortunately for me I pop a pill one a day and that pretty much covers it. Unfortunately I had a relapse but I am nearing the end of my recovery. All of you please pray for me as I enter back into the work force looking for a job.

    I spent the first nine months of the yaear in the spare time after my regular job writing a book. It showed my how much the Lord has taken me through.

    God is good!!!



  23. Bruce said

    Dear John,

    Thank you friend. I am well. I am also blessed.
    Phil 4:11 Not that I regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content.

    I’m grateful that you will be returning to work and will keep you in my prayers John.

    Your friend in Christ,

  24. Bruce said

    Dear Friend in Christ,
    I come to you today with a heavy heart. Our new pastor has a new bible that he feels is one that is accurate and speaks to his heart. That translation being “the message bible”. I am saddened in that news.

    I also see a US presedential race that seems to be handed to B. Obamma.

    If only you out there knew how much more safe we have been with our enemy being under cover and hiding by our presence in Afghanstan and Iraq.

    I see there is a new poll about world Islam and that so-called 7% (70,000,000) are only the radical, extremist.

    I want to find a puritan 1700’s church now.

    I’m tired and in pain, yet I can still testify to the pure milk and meat of God’s Word and the precious blood of Jesus Christ, my/our redeemer.

    yfiC (your freind in Christ)

    Sadly, I see/feel a coming attack just after the new president is sworn in next Feb.08.

  25. Jenkyns said

    I have just gotten onto this website and I am just going through the notes. I would be blessed to receive any especially the updates.


  26. carter said

    I’m saved and sometimes I get discouraged about my walk with God. But I thank you for your encouraging words.

  27. stephanie said

    i’m also new to this. i need prayers i sorta feel like im at loss. i really dont know what to say. because i have so much on my mind. i’m a god fearing god loving christian also i’m just at a loss for words i geuss and that doesnt happen to often. i’m get discoureged and i feel so bad about that. i dont know how to handle certain things.

  28. vincent ciriello said

    hallo brother william, its me again vincent from stuttgart germany.lets not loose eachother,i want to thank you for the help you re giving me.
    God has given me the spiritual eyes,in our church when i see disorder like: believers that dress low cuts,or hot paints, the way they talk, or during the sundays cult,they chew gums for couple ours,saying that they have bad breath,they look like cows when they chew grass. then i ve experienced myself one sunday,a pastor was invited because our pastor was in Italy for a visit.
    so the substitute pastor all of the sudden started a deliverace in the middle of the cult. believe me people got really scared,like me. can we save this things on week days during our prayers,diliverance,interseptions.why did he do this,it wasn t his church. our sister got really scared,he touched her belly saying things. another pastor tries to emitate benny hinn.
    can you tell me whats going on with these pastors,who allows chew gums,who allows celebrate holiday not related with the Bible.who wants to tell a prophesee.
    myself,vincent ive been refused to esplode in the spirit of God.
    tell me what will jesus find when he ll come,hope should i behave ,well sometimes i ask myself ,am i on the right track? thank you for soppurting me.please answer like you alway do. with dicision,and with biblical answers. thank you brother william. hallo from stuttgart,germany

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hello Vincent,

      I am not brother Williams, but I do answer peoples questions when they have one that I can discern needs to be answered. We are mlles apart, but I will try to explain what was going on. I agree that low cuts and improper dress at church is not a good example. Most people that dress this way also have a problem with lusting spirits. What church to you go to? When you say during the cult, what do you mean by cult?

      Some ministers of the Lord are very sensitive to spiritual warfare, and see evil spirits hovering in some of the church’s today. They will try to deliver a whole congregation of people, or speak to the spirits to get out, but to do a group deliverance is hard to do with so much unbelief in the congregation. Also, don’t ever speak against God’s anointed, the bible says that will bring problems on yourself. So when this happens start praying that the Lord Jesus’s will be done, and ask Him to take care of the church.

      Vincent, I am 62 years old and my husband and I have been teaching God’s word from the Bible for 30 years now. We have taught every book in the Bible and we both have read from the beginning to end many times. The Lord has been with us and taught us so much. I will answer any question you have, and if I do not know we will find it out for you. We raised four children, all Christians and we have 10 grandchildren all saved. My oldest son is 42 and is in heating and air-conditioning. He is a shop manager for fixing semi-trailer refrigerated trailers. On Sundays he is a preacher at a truck stop ministry. My other son 41 is a state police officer in the juvenile department for our State.
      My oldest daughter is a exec. secretary for a high school, and my youngest daughter is a teacher of music. They all went to college and have a degree. We brought them up going to church and they take their families also.

      The Lord also has anointed me to service, in the spiritual warfare ministry, I have worked with Christian for 25 years to help people be set free from satan’s hold on them. We also are currently teaching the book of Revelation on Tuesday evening at our church. The gifts from the Holy Spirit that I have are one, discernment, two wisdom, three understanding of what is going on around us right now.

      Vincent, there is a move by satan to infiltrate the church’s. We are so close the the rapture by Jesus Christ that most people will be caught off guard when it happens. But we as a whole, the church, the bride of Christ should be looking for this anytime now. Matthew 24: 4 to 44, as in the days of Noah. We are at the thresh hold of the church age ending and tribulation starting. Now look at the verse 32, the fig tree represents Israel and since they have gone back and made their country again, that is a sign they are ripening or ready. This generation shall not pass away before all things in prophesy are fullfilled. We are in that generation right now, and Israel will never be destroyed again, for God will keep them safe with His power, to give them one last chance to accept their Messiah, Jesus Christ.

      We have studied prophesy for several years, so if you have any questions for me please respond. Also, I have family ties to Germany, my ancestors where some of the Kings and Queen of Germany. I am 1/4th German.


      • Austin Frans-Johnson A. said

        Dear Marsha,
        I just stumbled on this page today and I say that I’m impressed and privileged too. Ma, I have been doing a battle to set myself and my brothers free from unknown hindrances which have made life very difficult for us. I was told few days ago by a woman I feared as a very wicked person that it is a deity which our grandfather worshiped. But we are not the only grand children of this man whom we did not even know; those other grand children are doing fairly okay. Why would such a wicked deity single us out for anger? We’ve fasted and prayed as directed by men and women of God. we have laboured and get little or no benefits. Please, I would appreciate it if you would be kind enough to assist us in prayers. My name is Austin, a Nigerian. God bless you and your family.

  29. Too many wars, both of spirit and body…
    Tired of blood, sweat and tears!

    So, other than the impossible what would be your solution? And no final solution required…

    I am contented to pray for: Respect and Understanding and Peace and Love…No comma—just and and and…Amen

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hello Philip,

      I feel you need help, and I am here to help. We are can get discouraged from time to time, but what seems to be bothering you, can i help. I do know that the Lord brought you here and He has me available to be her for you if you do want to ask something. I have been in the helping ministry for 25 years. I know what wanting peace is all about. So if you would like to tell me something, go for it.


  30. mon said

    Please join with me in a prayer to my fiance so that, God can break all the curses he is carrying because of sin life he is living, he is taking alcohol and having adultery relationship. Please pray for him so that he can be saved and turn to Jesus. May Holy Spirit talk to him and change his mind by showing him true love and divine love i have for him and rescue him from the bondage which hold him in that relationship which is out of God will. May spirit of anger,adultery,drunkerdness and hatreth towards me destroyed by God.May God rescue him and allow us to get married soon, I love him so much.when Hanna was praying for a child,she promised God that she will give the child to God,i promise to God that the family which he will give me with Sad–k, we will serve God with love and commitment.May that woman holding him in the adultry relationship,leave him. May Holy Spirit talk to her and let her set him free.let that woman quit without pain in her heart,i dont want her to feel pain.On Friday that woman called me and told me if me and my fiance will get back together she will kill us.Please pray for me so that God can fight me.the name of the woman holding him is Rhoda.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      Trust in the Lord and lean on Him, casting all your cares upon Him.
      Then He will hear from Heaven and put a blessing on you.
      Please pray about whether or not this is the right man for you. Marrying a man that is unsaved, wlll not always come out the way you think he will. He may or may not become a Christian. Let the Lord lead you and make sure he is the one. Have you asked the Lord to send you the man He wants for you?

    • Marsha Barnes said

      I just read your email again and anyone that threatens your life and say they will kill you can be arrested on a felony account of premediated murder threat. Do not mess with this woman and tell the authorities she has threaten your life. Do not give her the opportunity to carry it out. I feel there is a much better man out there for you, one who knows God and Jesus are his Savior. Ask the Lord to led you to a man of intregrity and honor. Life is hard enough without starting with a problemed man.

  31. mihael said

    all I know is that I know nothing other thant what i was blessed with at burth.Mt heart was prue the it has been tainted now but I stray with sorrow and long to right my mistake in life to frree me from the lust of life ,lust of the eyes and the pride of life. He God puts us here to do his work. Let’s go to work.

  32. Reggie Jay said

    Im late by a few years but this just Blessed me

  33. Esther said

    Hello to everyone and to the author of this site. I happen to stumble upon the site and the replies to a lot of these are heart rendering to say the least. Christ never said it was gonna be easy being His follower. beloved. In fact He warned His desciples that they would suffer and die for Him much as He would suffer and die for them and all of us. Although our human mentality are conditioned to fear we have a Hope in Christ Jesus according to Psalm 91.He is our refuge, our strong and mighty tower.He is all knowing, all seeing and He is therefore rightfully so the perfect mediator between God and man our High priest.Why battle on your own when He is there?

    Take heart to those who are feeling discouraged, down and out. Do not be persueded to give up but meditate on Gods word. Invite the Holy Spirit to bring Gods word to life in your life. Medidate on His word, declare it out loud, sing praises unto Him especially when Satan speaks lies to you and the more you do it the more you will be filled with the word and the Joy of the Lord that is your strength will burst forth from you. Remember you are hidden in Christ and seated at the right hand of God. So if you are hidden in Christ you are more than an overcomer[over fear,lust, greed,
    depression,suicidal thoughts, etc] IN Christ.

    So stop believing the lies of the enemy and walk with your held high. After all you have God the Father as your Daddy, God the Son as your brother and God the Holy Spirit as your companion and friend. So what more can you ask for.

    Be blesses beloved of the Most High God.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Thank you for helping on this site, it is good to hear from other strong Christians. Your wittness will help many.

  34. Belcher said

    I learned something very important and that I should never forget. I learned that we do escape warfare by refusing to fight.

    The devil does not attack his own people or those who serve him but he is against the children of God which is you and I.

    If we decided so much in our hearts that we are going to live a righteous life in Christ, well we would have to be ready to be persecuted. 2 Timothy 3:12-Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.

    Although Jesus is also called the Prince Of Peace but he did not came to bring peace on earth but a sword-Matthew 10:34.

    I feel that as christians, we are borned in a world at war but not against flflesh and blood but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.-Ephesians 6:12.

    I am actually under demonic oppression everyday. Its terrible and how it begin is a long story. Yet, I know and bear in mind that he will never forsake me or leave me as long as I remain firm in him.-Hebrews 13:5.
    I would be gratefull for any of your prayers that one day, I will break totally the influence of the devil in the name of Christ.

    I would like to share with all of you and old song which had been helpfull to me, and when I find it hard to pray I sing it to the Lord (although I am 14 but I love old hyms).
    The tittle is ”Close To Thee

    Thou my everlasting Portion, more than friend or life to me,
    All along my pilgrim journey, Savior, let me walk with Thee.
    Close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee,
    All along my pilgrim journey, Savior, let me walk with Thee.

    Not for ease or worldly pleasure, nor for fame my prayer shall be;
    Gladly will I toil and suffer, only let me walk with Thee.
    Close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee,
    Gladly will I toil and suffer, only let me walk with Thee.

    Lead me through the vale of shadows, bear me over life’s fitful sea;
    Then the gate of life eternal may I enter, Lord, with Thee.
    Close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee, close to Thee,
    Then the gate of life eternal may I enter, Lord, with Thee.

    I hope you will understand my condition. I need fellowship and someone to study the word of God with me.

    • miguel said

      You really want to walk with our Lord. Try to read Joh 6:63 and 2nd Corithian
      3:6..or go to
      God Bless You

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Belcher,

      My husband I have been teaching for 30 years, how can we be of help to you. The Lord has led us to study every book in the Bible, and we have both read the bible from front to back many times. I love the song you put on here, it has very meaningful words. Anytime you have a question or need more information on a subject, just email us at or We are teaching the book of Revelation at our church right now for young couples. No question is dumb, just ask and we will can help or find out for you.

      I too, love old songs and sing in choir. We raised four children, they are all Christians, and we have 10 grandchildren all saved. So don’t be afraid to ask anything, we will try to be of help anytime.


  35. miguel said

    I am a member of a Pentecostal church in the Philippines for 15 years. Before
    i came to SAudi, i ask our Pastor, What is the name of the Father,
    Name of the Son and name of the Holy Spirit? As stated in Mathew 28:19-20
    and explain to
    me the trinity. He said, it will take time or years to understand it, just
    accept it and believe.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hello Miguel,

      I am Marsha Barnes, let me help you,

      The Name of God the Father, is YHWH, this is the Hebrew name, for easy saying (Yahweh )

      and the Name of the Son, is YESHUA the Hebrew name. (Enghish name is Jesus ),

      the name of the Holy Spirit or also known as Holy Ghost,
      is (RUACH HA KODSH) that is the Hebrew name for the Holy Spirit.

      Think of them like Elohiem, which is the name of God, used in Genesis, in it’s plurality, meaning more than one in the same enity. (Being)
      Another way to think of it, is 3 people living in one house, and you refer to them as the ( for an example, the Jones). You are not saying each persons name, but referring to them as one family.

      I hope this helps you, Just know that as a Christian when Jesus Christ comes for us the church, also referred as the Bride of Christ, that we will understand everything at that moment. We will come into the fullness of Knowledge.

      God Bless you,
      Marsha Barnes

  36. Logan said

    Thank you, I needed this reminder/clarification, having been stuck on ‘ME helping others’….doing everything for the glory of God is easier said than done, and to be honest I’m really struggling with understanding and bending my every motivation towards this end. Glory to God, and God alone.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi, Logan,
      I was glad to be of help. I also get so busy that I have to slow down and remember to give God all the praise and glory for His Son Jesus.

  37. lewis said

    I just stumbled across your blog…i would love to talk to you on the phone..please feel free to e mail me..i will then give you my number. Blessings lewis

  38. please help me to fight demons against my mother Mary Kweiki Addo


    dear feriand ! I am christan but no have known realy words of bibel.bibel words live life just, juses lord is your only the medicen of life any ways the best thoguts, the next i will write,

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