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That every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father!

Prayer Requests And Praise Reports

If you have an issue, let the brethren in Christ know and pray about it so that you may be healed (James 5:16). If you have a story of what Jesus Christ has done in your life, overcome the enemy with the blood of the Lamb and the power of your testimony (Revelation 12:11)!


803 Responses to “Prayer Requests And Praise Reports”

  1. victoria meadows said

    me & my husband r both attacked in our sleep. first its me then its him. totally paralized sometimes hard 2 breathe. he intices them which i told him it was the dumbest thind 2 do. our dog even acknowledges it is there. my husband seen it said it had green eyes. only thing ive seen is a hand coming over the side of my bed @ me .looked like a human hand but very far from it. all i know to is pray like ive never prayed before. sometimes it works sometimes it dosent. do you have any suggestions

    • maxine said

      we are all sent hear for only one soul to aouther . Jesus is Love . just cover your self with the Blood. and ask for giveness . of our sins because we dont kown we all atre siners and Jesus just love and forgive others and keep the bood each day and every day is sunday. beacuse he lives. and holds all in his hands. be Bless in the Lord King Jesus Name . Amen

      • Marlene said

        Hi, for any demonic ativity in the home. You should get Water and salt in a bowl, bless it. stir it 7 times like the Angel that troubled the water. Anoint yourselves, bed, floors wals, corners closets, attic, basement, every window, doors. outside the whole land and home. Pray the Blood of Jesus over your doorpost. Call for Angels with swords of fire dipped in the Blood of JESUS. station them on every corner and the roof, around your home. especially in your bedroom. Then boldly proclaim: satan, you are hereby evicted from these premises. You do not pay rent so get out in Jesus name amen. Go directly to God to meet with your destiny. Michael come and escort any demons out in chains in Jesus name amen.

        • What I Do Is Plead The Blood Of Jesus In
          Our Home Around Everything In The House
          And On Us First Before I Demand The
          Demond Too Go And Leave Us Alone, In
          Jesus Name, I Been Bothered By Some Demon Spirits,, But Keep Me In Prayer We
          Still Are Having Problems In Our Home,,
          We Are Dealing With Negative Energy In
          The Group Home Where I Live At, One Of
          Our House Resident He Never Smiles , He
          Is In Lot Of Negative, Energy,, He Steals
          Our Belongings, He Also Talks Of The Wall
          It Drives Me,, Insane, He Repeats Himself,
          Over And Over, Again. So Keep Us In
          Prayer.Please Thanks I Know He Has A
          Demon,, So Keep Him In Prayer His Name
          Is Gary William Weisner, He Does Not
          Belive In God Pray That God Saves Him
          Please Keep Me In Prayer For Depression
          And Suicide, Thanks Marlea Wienandt

    • Josie said

      Hi Victoria!
      I’ve similar situation like you had. Demon attack in my mind and when i sleep and nightmare are everyday and wake up screaming and then i found out he was sleeping beside me and walking beside my bed everyday and all the plug are out before i sleep if not, he is annoy me badly. Sometime without the plug the tv was on. Do you have like my situation?? When i watch tv, he was sitting beside me and I heard the breathing sound next to me and changes channel all the times. I command by in the name of Jesus of course but I am scared in my heart so he can feel it so he laugh at me. Everyday are sleepless night for me and I don’t know how am i gonna get rib of that ghost. I don’t think, he isn’t ghost. Demon 4 sure. He has touch mybody so many times and I can’t take it anymore. I think, i am worse than you’ve, Victoria. Sometime i saw them sat in my counch, not only one. A few i had @home. I asked God to help me for many time. He did helped me but not good enough. I need to go back to Church if not Devil so over me. I miss God very much and I’d goin back as soon as possible. Lastnight, i hav terrible dream and they are everywhere in my home and now i realize i must find a Church and go back if not I’d be so dead. Sometime, i’m very scared when i sleep so then i cried and wish to be morning quicker. I’ve lost all my friends and boyfriends and family because of ghosts. They are following wherever i go and friends are though i’m freak and creepy so they left to be friends with me so now i’ve only left God. God is mylover and bestfriend and father and I love him so much and I’d do anything for him except that i’ve been bad girl but i hope he would forgive me. Please anybody can help me…

      • Sharon said

        Dear One,

        Please know our Heavenly Father created you for His good pleasure. So great a love for you has He that He gave the life of His only begotten Son, Jesus, placing His life over your life on the cross at Calvary, cleansing you by the washing of His blood.

        The very moment you believe Jesus is who He said He is, “the only begotten son of God”, and did what He said He would,”came to seek and save the lost”, died on the cross and rose again, alive, you are saved.

        He will do what He said He will do, “give the Holy Spirit”, never to leave or forsake you”,sealing you for eternity, you are His, saved.

        Then cast your cares upon Him for He cares for you. You are His to care for. He desires to take care of you. He will take care of you.

        Talk with Him, in prayer; listening, read your Bible.
        Find a truth believing faith filled church and go.

        Minister to Him, giving thanks, praise; express your love. He will make His love known to you and minister through you.

        Fix your mind on Him and His eternal desires. Purpose to know Him, His effectual power at work in you will overcome that which troubles you.

        In His all consuming love, prayerfully,

        • Joshua said

          Sister Sharon,

          Although this post is for another but I want to say thank you because what you wrote has blessed me by encouraging me.

          The Lord does care for His children absolutely. May the Lord bless you and keep you Sharon.


      • Sharon said

        Dear Josie,

        It is my hope you are experiencing the love and peace of our Heavenly Father and Jesus our Lord.

        An article that might be helpful, “A Cry For Unity-From Within” can be accessed via website,


      • jth91960 said


        I find that these two prayers can be very good against the battle with Satan. I still slip with my faults, but these prayers have made it where I can face Satan and fight him without being scared of losing! Here are the two web sites, and This last prayer is very scary, so do not let Satan or your mind make you afarid, it is a demon that is creaing the fear.


        I will remember you when I pray for God to help people expell their demons.

      • jilly said

        listen I cnt say this enough you have all authority over everything and everyone when walking in spirit of jesus Christ our god u need to stand in name of Christ and demand this spirit to be gone //it has no room in your home heart souls mind or home !! your a child of Chirst!!!! please do not watch tv before bed this prolly isn’t helping any many things can come through electronic devices// keep gods armor on xxoxo jilly

    • Jessi said

      “You must rid your house of all profanity as I lead you, and denounce all forms of wichcraft and use of the oiji board..Burn all objects that sett up against my purity.” this is what I got from te Holy Spirit. I would suggest your husband needs deliverence from a mocking spirit..He needs to submit to God first though and I think tere is a spirit of offence and dumbness.

      • pattie said

        Dear Jessie

        I just saw this email from March 5th and I think it went to the wrong Person?

        I surely don’t know what you mean by all profanity?

        If the spirit as with anything leads me to get rid of anything out of my home I do and will.

        I have thrown some things away having bad feelings about them but not knowing why in the past 2 months?

        Is that what you are speaking of?

        What do I own that is profane to the Lord?

        I am very much bothered by this email and don’t wish to have issues with the Lord.

        I maybe wrong but I don’t think this email if for me?

        I say this because I don’t have a Oiji in my home?

        If there is one in my house it would be without my knowledge.

        I don’t think that is possible because I was involved in packing all of our belonging.

        I am not holding on to God with one hand and the world with the other.

        I haven’t ever been involved in practicing witchcraft?

        I did have my fortune read it was over 20 plus years ago. I wasn’t told anything that ever came true. I was young and stupid and didn’t realize how it hurt the Lord. My Mom heard about it, I went with a sister and she gave it to us. I repented many times for it, but I have to let it go. God did, he is faithful to forgive when we admit our faults and are sincere, right?

        Burn all objects that set up against purity?

        I don’t have anything to hide. I don’t know what you are talking about, so I think this is an email for someone else. Did I get this by mistake?

        Would you please let me know if this was intended for me?

      • Anonymous said

        This is a big emergency. Please pray for god to forgive everyone and everything I want god to forgive forever when I want him to forgive them. These demons that are possessing me are very cruel and sadistic. They keep oppressing me/controlling me severely. Please pray to God and tell him that I beg that he removes all demons that have/are possessing and oppressing me out of my body and life and make me immune to demonic attacks. Please pray to god that all the demons that I met minds are erased about everything they know about me. Lastly, please make it impossible for all those demons that have oppressed and possessed me to hurt anyone and everything again. Please ask him to do this immediately.

    • Russell said

      I’m “sensing” the presence of some paranoid schizophrenics here….

      • Rudy said

        Modern psychiatry is a lot of nonsense. Nonetheless, disease exists, but do not discount demon activity. I assure you, demons are very real. It is a science. Here watch the Nephilim video on my you tube channel, also, the demon video. You’ll have to find the additional parts on your own. But above all, follow Christ.

        Also, here are some “armor of God” mp3’s.

        Dude (as they say) learn from me. I will tell you things that will blow your mind. Jesus is real, and so are his enemies.

        [audio src="" /]

        [audio src="" /]

        [audio src="" /]

        [audio src="" /]

    • blake said

      please pray for me. i have a demon of homosexuality tempting me. i recently started haging these desires and i do not want them! i know it is completely ungodly, and i still think it is disgusting. i try try to rebuke this demon but it isnt working. please help.

      • Angela, moving from woundedness into God's grace said

        James 5:16 says “Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.”

        Sounds like you are on the right path. Some strongholds are healed miraculously, MOST take time and dedication/daily re-dedication on our parts. But God ALWAYS hears your prayers and HE HAS A F-U-T-U-R-E plan for you. Be persistant in your prayer and WORSHIP….

        Psalm 68:19
        Praise be to the Lord, to God our Savior, who daily bears our burdens.

        MAy GOd bless you and lift your burden.

      • jilly said

        dear blake any negative thought or which is wrong thought is not of god and must be immediately rebuked //the closer we get to god of course the more were going to get these attacks// your walking with god you know this is wrong// you know what to do with it already and you have the armor to use in this matter // do not give in to adverseries again nothing has that authority over you when your walking with Christ in jesus name I pray amen xox jilly p.s keep up the good work !!! do not let go, keep drawing god closer

    • Marsha said

      The spirit that is bothering you is a perverse spirit, you will need to employ the Lord Jesus in prayer and ask Him to assist you in this matter.
      It can be done like this, “In the name of Jesus, you perverse spirit get out of me and go walk the dry places.” You see at the name of Jesus, all demons have to obey. If you perform it this way it should work, if you are a Christain. If you do this and do not have results, seek help now, from the spiritual deliverance ministries.
      TELL them to leave your mind and body in power, using the Lord Jesus name.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Victoria,

      Now while I have never heard of the salt water anointings, I will not say it does not work. But I can tell you what the Lord had me use for the last 25 years in spiritual deliverance ministry. Victoria if you have children, take them somewhere else while you follow the directions I am about to give you, take them somewhere safe away from your house. Young children are very suspectable to spirits and you do not want to scare them as you do this, sometimes they will actually see them, so get the kids somewhere else. When it is over you will see a change in them also, when they come home.

      Now this is totally an act of Faith, faith that the Lord will go before you, and believe with all your heart.

      Get some regular cooking oil, take it from room to room and anoint the doors and windows with just a drop from your finger, leaving one door open so when you cast them out they will leave at once. Now make sure you have at least 2 or more strong Christians with you as you start, have them pray and follow you. The Lord says where there are two or more gathered in my Name, He will be present there with you. Now get your Bible if you have one and open it, and hold it in your hands open as you go through your house after anointing everything, ( the oil represents the Holy Spirit ) and command don’t just tell, command all evil spirits, or enities, or demons, or imps, or poltergist, to leave your home, because you are Consecrateing your Home to the Lord Jesus. You see the Word of God in your hands is like a two-edged sword. A two-edged sword cuts going and coming and it is strong in the pulling down of Strong Holds.

      It is power and might of the Lord. After you do this go shut the door you opened and anoint it again. Now go through your home and look for pictures, decorations, books, DVD of horror movies or of demonic shows, anything that might represent a pagan god, or demons, like Samuri warriors from Japan, bad games ouja, tarot cards, or anything in the way of devination, or other things in that order. Take down any Zodiac things and throw them away. Purge your home of sinful things. We are our own worst enemnies when we let these things enter our home. Even things like frogs, snakes, all these represent pagan god or Egypt. Also go through your childrens rooms and see what might be there.

      So if your truly want your house cleaned up, do just how I told you to.
      Then go get your children and bring them back and pray over them and ask the Lord to Bless and keep them.

      Then pray for God’s blessings and protections from evil, ask Him to sent His Holy Warring Angels from heaven to protect your home inside and out. Ask the Lord to fight the spiritual war for you, He will.


      • Marsha Barnes said


        Also tell these things when you are casting them out to go and never come back. Then get your husband to repent, you never intice spirits or you will end up fighting to keep them out of you. You see they enter people to live out their evil way in you and controll you when you are weak. This comes out with fear, or uncontrolled tempers, or cursings. Then you will need to seek deliverance ministries for help. If this has occurred, repent ask God’s forgiveness and get to church a good Jesus Preaching church. One that believes in the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, known as the Trinity.


    • rebecca said

      Dearest Victoria..My heart aches for your situation..I just had to write back..I had a situation a few years ago when a hellhound crawled on top of me in the night..I am a devoted christian….when it happened…at first i was more shocked ..almost amazed when I saw this thing on me…then I remembered verses from the bible…Do not be afraid for I am always with you…so I said out Loud…Jesus…Jesus …help me…Go away all darkness and evil….I am not afraid…I am not afraid…Jehovah…Jehovah help me Jehovah…the demons hate the word Jehovah…and the demon left me…just went away…I then got my home smudged by a good friend of mine…ask around for someone to do this for you…its a type of smoke that is put all around your home..also…you need to watch daily mass..just type daily mass and watch a new episode everyday on St Basils Cathedral…make your own communion ..bread and small cup of wine..when the father says Jesus took the wine and the bread and the bell rings…take them and ask God in your mind to fill you with his love and forgive you of your sins…the demons will not try to attack you if you have the body and blood of Jesus in you..You must do this everyday…anoint holy water over the doors of all your rooms in a sign of a cross and ask Jesus and all his good angels to protect you everynight and ask God to put a bloodline around your home protecting you always….Do good..don’t swear, follow the commandments..Ask God to forgive you of your sins…God bless you….my prayers are with you….Rebecca

    • jilly said

      i struggled with that issue for 20 years not one church or anywhere I had searched could help or understand tthis struggle of the spirit// thi sis spiritual warfare and their fighting for your soul// you must stand in your weakest moment and with them there and say aloud (you have no room or place in my home heart souls or mind I am a child of jesus Christ he is my lord my kind my saviour my salvation// you will see them flee they will nnever ccome back //full submission to Christ is allot full forgiveness to anyone that had hurt any of you // saying sorry to the father for any of your sins (ones you don’t remember too he will bring them forward for you one at time // never let go of gods hands and final line to you nothi ng or no one has any authority over any of you when your under christs wings u do not need to smudge your home but every time you enter tto say peace and blessings to this home in the name off jesus Christ as every time we leave 7 more come in // road to Christianity isn’t easy if any generational curses or witch craft in that family please rebuke that and give it to the lord you are both called and the batlle is starting this is however I know it doesn’t feel it is a great honor to be chosen welcome to the flock and never forget the name of jesus Christ jilly xoxoxox

  2. Charles D. said

    What are you talking about? And is this a praise report or prayer request?

  3. mindy said

    Help I’m fallin and I can’t get up. I have been carrying the load trying to be a ‘restorer’ for so many and it has taken alot to break me. These winds keep blowing from every direction. It’s about my family, my home, my church, I have been praying for God to send me help because I don’t want to fall but it seems I can’t find relief. The enemy desires to sift me as wheat and this is no joke.
    I’ve seen demonic people, even sorcerers, challenge my spirit because there
    is division in my home. I have seen people’s flesh lead them to turn against me in nearly every situation. Look, I was already drowning in a spirit of heaviness, in prayer, now th very ones I have forgiven the most and preferred above me
    that never showed me mercy stabbed me in my back again. Every thing is vanity around here. I know the whole town will rejoice if I fall.

    • jth91960 said


      I find that these two prayers can be very good against the battle with Satan. I still slip with my faults, but these prayers have made it where I can face Satan and fight him without being scared of losing! Here are the two web sites, and This last prayer is very scary, so do not let Satan or your mind make you afarid, it is a demon that is creaing the fear.


      I will remember you when I pray for God to help people expell their demons

      • Jessi said

        God works out all these things for His glory..Leave them at the foot of the cross..Humble yourself before Him..To humble means to lay all the things you are carring at His feet and submit into is wil. Pray that He be glorrified and know that He will never leave you or forsake you! If God be for you who can be against you?..Spend more time praising Him and not so much time fighting..I sence that you are fighting and not trusting the fact that Jesus already won the battle..Take things day by day and walk it out..He is in controll! He will send His angels concerning you lest you dash your foot against a stone and His favor surrounds you as a shield! Proclaim His victory! He holds the world in His hands..and we cant..when we try we get frustrated,,,the enemy wants you to be frustrated with God..donnt fall into the are safe and amid all these circumstances He will vindicate His children..Just praise Him..He has heard your prayers! Hallelujah!

    • jilly said

      your negative thinking isn’t of god and a must to be rebuked smudging however is not in the bible and is of a different and native belief// the oil to use if blessing you home in the blood of christ is olive oil (myrr and fankensence) u can use all of these together or any of them alone the frankensence is lovely a (grated drop) into foil and lit, will fill the home, make sure to anoint this oil in blood of jesus Christ first and yourself to be fully submitted to christ (baptism in adulthood helps allot ) yes two or more help as he is amidst us //forgive as you want to be forgiven //some of us not by choice live more in spirit then in flesh and if anyone hates us were to rejoice they hated christ first !! do not listen to any negative input of any of the flesh try to listen to god only and always xoxoxo jilly p.s the closer we get the more attacked we will be this is spirituall warfare and again nothing or no one has any authority over us when walking with our lord jesus Christ

  4. Job said


    Jesus Christ did not call you to be a restorer, for Jesus Christ fulfilled, completed, and restored all things. Jesus Christ only told you to spread and live His gospel with your words and deeds according to the Bible. It appears that you are succumbing to a spirit of false burden and need to loose yourself from it in the Name of Jesus Christ!

  5. Morris said

    Pls pray for Ms Mamta for her deliverance and protection.She is getting forcebly married to a person whom she doesnt want to.She is a believer and that man is also a believer.He is not even got engaged to her yet but has beaten her very badly at the commercial area.She does not want to marry him.But due to family preassures and you know in India women have no voice weather a non christian or a believer.She is very sad discouraged. So pls pray for her way out of this situation ,Problem before 28th of this month.

  6. mindy said

    I pray that God will bless you and your ministry in the name of Jesus and I thank God for your prayers. God has moved on my behalf and opened the eyes of my understanding,[ like only he could do] I am amazed at how marvelously perfect he is.
    My need was approval from ministers of God.

  7. Please pray for the Lord’s Divine and Glorious Healing Power in my life. Also for a dear sister in the Lord as she undergoes chemotherapy for breast cancer. She recently had a breast removed and does not have insurance Thank You So Very Much! Marianne,Missionary

  8. Ulrich said

    Prayer request:
    My Name is Ulrich – staying at Munich, germany. I believe in Jesus since 15 years now – and now I am so ashamed to confess that I am watching these porn sites more and more online and I don´t know how to get delivered from this. I could cry and wheep about this. So I ask you please to agree with me in prayer that Jesus Christ just helps me to get delivered. I realize that this disturbes my inner man, my heart, my mind – it opens doors for demons – and prevents that I was able to marry (as I believe) – It´s so cruel – and I realize how weak and sinful I am.

    • Jessi said

      First you should know that if you are putting your full trust in Jesus that He is your Lord and savior, you are not considered a are completely forgiven..Satan is a lier and will try to make you tink that sin and its consecuences are greater than what Jesus did on the cross. He has given you victory! You must submit to God. Make the decision to believe the truth. You have the power of the Holy Spirit and in Him you can do all things..You have a free will, and God knows your heart. Praise Him!…Do not allow satan to lie to you…God is the restorer of allll things! And nothing is impossible with Him! He desires for you to be set free and He did not die in vain..Who the Son setts free is free indeed! Submit to God…then you can resisit the devil and he will flee from you..God is Soveriegn..He wants to use this situation to strengthen you, and build your character. If you have been praying for Him to make you more like Jesus! Now is the perfect time! You are more than an overcomer! There is no shame in Christ! One of the bible verses that helps me is the one that says If you sow into the flesh from the flesh you will reap destruction, but if you sow into the Spirit from Him you will recieve eternal life! You have the choice and the power of the Holy Spirit..the same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead! Be encouraged and make straight paths for your feet! Pray for a freind that you can be acountable to..God bless you in this our weakness He is strengthened..I pray that God gets sooo much glory from this struggle! and He will! Praise Jesus!

    • jilly said

      nothing or no one has any authority over your heart souls or mind when your walking with jesus Christ ?/ that is free will and spiritual interference please stay focused on Christ and draw him closer xoxo jilly

  9. Debra Huhn said

    Prayer request:
    My husband and I are pastors in Pittsburgh. We want the fire and glory anointing on our lives. We are coming to Lakeland the last week of May. Change us Jesus to the very core of our being. Take us out of the box forever. We are believing the Lord for our city to be engulfed in a tsunami of God’s glory. Also that Jesus would bring our son into his destiny and heal him. Lord baptize my son and daughter in the Holy Ghost and fire. Open our eyes to SEE what the Father is doing. We ask for the Lord’s plan to impact the marketplace for the kingdom of God.

  10. Benita said

    I am a Mennonite woman, widowed who dresses in traditional clothing. The other day out of the blue a Childrens Services worker came to my door and informed me that a call was made that he felt was suspect and done out of malicious intent, but of course he had to investigate, someone had called and said I was not supervising my children. I am at home all the time and I homeschool, I dont watch televsion, I am engaged to be married and I have been remodeling my home, so this was not the best time to be investigated. I ask for prayer that everything will turn out ok and that i will not have to deal with these people any further as I am ready to finalize the adoption of the last two children,and I feel that maybe I am being persecuted because of the way I dress. I do not have any answers other than my children are special needs and at times can be very ADHD to the max.
    I find it strange that since there was a raid on the Mormons in Texas, a week later the Cult compound was raided in Raton New mexico, and now out of the blue I am getting a visit with the Childrens Services. I humbly ask for a prayer of protection and a hedge around us as a family. I sincerly believe that we are in the end times and those of us who have chosen a more conservative way of faith will be persecuted. Thanks for any prayers , Blessings , Benita

  11. timoffill said

    pray hard for me almost lost everything but istill have faith. in god.

  12. tinyDanza said

    I have problem with husband, not have love for Jesus anymore. When have bed love i must think Jesus love and why Jesus love for me. I feel Jesus inside of me. Please pray for husband.

  13. Joe said

    I would like to Praise the Lord for the woman he has put in my life, She was worth the wait in every aspect. I waited 2 lonely years for her, but she finally arrived through God’s grace.
    Praise the Lord forever and ever – I could not have asked for anything or anyone better.

    • Jessi said

      soo sweet ! I pray all heavanly blessins upon both of you! Tha your realtionship will be pure and an amaising exaplme of the Glory of God! That you will be covered withprotection from Him on all sides..for discernment in all areas and a Spirit of wisdom and understanding! Amen!

  14. Web Site; is a Gospel Tract in 50 Languages for Evangelism to Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs for Jesus Christ. Thank you. James and Hamsa Sasse.

  15. peter wambugu said

    Dear true and powerful woman of God,
    Praise the Lord,
    Iam just trusting God as per the following bible verses james 5:12-16, Deut.28:12, john 15:7, mathew 18:19-20, mathew 21:22.I was due for promotion in 1988, but it was taken by somebody through magic powers. please pray for Gods divine favours today in Jesus name.pray that, i get promoted to grade H M 4 back dated as per my prayer request.My promotion has been prayed by many pastors but with no succeeding. I have faith this time with pastor, my prayer will go through today, in Jesus name.pastor, i have seen you performing signs and wonders, using the power of holy spiri. please pray that , the holy spirit to give you, the same power to my promotion.The bosses are Abdallah mwaruwa, Vicent wa- kayanda, Salim chigabwe, Bursar.when my pray goes through, i shall support the work of the Lord.Please break all the curses from me peter wambugu and mrs. Ann wambugu today in jesus name eg. generation curses, curses of poverty, sickness curses, dominic curses, struggling curses, financially, debts curses, pree mature curses.pray that my faithful God, to heal me the folowing diseases diabetes, spinal problems and pains of the entire body and restore my health as per the following bible verses jeremiah 30:17, exdus 23:25, . Sorry for the embrassement coursed by your husband to you.God bless you all. peter wambugu-0729855592

  16. melissa said

    (As the Holy Spirit leads)
    For family and friends: boldness, confidence, truth, counsel and the people to direct. Close necessary doors, open doors miracles, move God’s hand, faithfulness to provide what is needed. Lord stay by side, his light and flame burns. Holy mighty angels, hedge protection dwell in mind and heart , peace, rest, multiple blessings, bread, unity, encouragement, friendship, love, envelop in His arms, His will be done. Almighty and powerful God would remove scales and for the veil to be lifted. Holy spirits counsel, clear leading, guidance, spiritual connection, miracles, Faith, obedience(gen-rev), wisdom, discernment, strength, hope, endurance, perseverance, safety, help, provision, righteousness(ps 121, 7:11; 11:7; 112:3; 71:19, 23, 91; 92; 121; 127; 142, mt 6:31-33, 9:38, rom 3:10-13; 1:32; 7:5; 8:4, deut 6:17, judges 6:10;10:1, 1 kgs 2:28, lev 25:18-21, 1 sam 20:1-19, job 5:18, Acts 5:12-17; 12:5, 12; 16:25-26, eph 3:16, phil 2:25-30; 4:13 , col 4:9-12, 1:11; 16:17, num, neh 5:8, gen 5;17; 24-25, jer 29:11, job 5:18, jm 1:19-20; 5:17-18, acts 4:29-30; 5:12-17; 13:2-3, jn 2:1-12; 6:35, 7:8; 15:12, 1 & 2 & 3 Jn, heb, rom, 1 cor 13; 16:7, gal 5:1; 5:23, 2 cor 1:12; 3:14-18; 5:7, 1 tim 4:1, 2 tim 4:5rev 3:8) as we are going through a season of trials, tribulations, storms, injustices

  17. john said


    Holy spirits clear leading, guidance, unity, spiritual connection, miracles(jn 2:1-12, num, acts 12:5, 12; 16:25-26), Faith(heb 3), obedience(gen-rev), wisdom(2 cor 1:12), discernment(heb 2:12; 5:14), strength(phil 4:13), endurance(col 1:11, eph 3:16), safety(ps 91), help(mt 9:38, acts 13:2-3

  18. Steve said

    I request that you pray for repentance for yourselves. I would understand if you were advocating your religion by sincerely trying to love your neighbor and help them. But from what I have seen so far, you employ tactics that I don’t think can be considered Christ-like. I will pray for you.

  19. Daniel said

    Pray for my wife Rhonda to repent of her lies, dishonesty, and
    Adulteries, and for her to Repent and recieve Salvation, and for her
    to return to her marriage vows she made with I, Daniel ; and to
    Honor and keep them. And for our marriage to be healed and restored today!!!

    • jilly said

      dear Daniel remember it is the spirit that’s controlling her please walk in full forgiveness as your expecting to be forgiven love the person you may hate the sin pray for her and love her and yes will pray for the siprit of evil to be gone from within your home heart souls minds in name if jesus Christ amen xoxo jilly

  20. Edward Harris said

    I’m praying that get a good job to support my family. And that I learing how treat my daughter mother.

  21. Cy said


    I prayed for you today. I have been told by other Believers from Europe who have been in Germany or other parts of Europe that porn has highly saturated the culture there
    and many Believers struggle with it; you are not alone. The worst thing you can do is to
    hide your weakness out of shame; be selective but find other Believers to share this
    weakness/bondage with. No one has the right to judge you, not when you acknowledge your
    sin and struggle. God created our sexuality for good, but satan has exploited it for evil.
    If you lose a battle one day remember it will be an ongoing war and no war is ever won

  22. Cy said


    Just remember, by law they cannot take your children without absolute proof; even if they do
    you will get them back; if they give back the children of cult members like Mormons (who allow their daughters to be raped by older men under the guise of “marriage”) then how much moreso
    you should fight.

    Prayer for Benita:


  23. Cy said

    Victoria Meadows,
    Sounds to me like your husband is deeply and dangerously involved in the occult and needs to repent; he has opened wide the door to satan and apparently is not a (true) Believer or he would not be playing games by “enticing” them as you say; he needs salvation. As for you, are you or are you not a true Believer in Jesus Christ? If so, maybe it is time to issue your ungodly husband an ultimatum. Remember King Saul, who’s dabbling in witchcraft got his entire family killed (even godly & beloved Jonathan).

    In the meantime, loudly command the demonic spirits to LEAVE, IN THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! It is not enough to simply say, “in the name of Jesus”, for there are many “Jesus'”.
    The Lord warned there would be many FALSE CHRISTS: New agers have THEIR (false) Jesus, Catholics have their’s, Mormons have theirs. And you can find many plain old men named “Jesus” down in Mexico, lol. Unless you and/or your husband are actively giving them ground they MUST leave under the authority of the name above all names, THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

    • jilly said

      my dear there is only one jesus Christ//king of kings// lord of lords our father // others are juust fakers and proclaimer know who your submitting too :/…. xoxo jilly

  24. Cy said

    P.S. “ENTICING” a demonic spirit is the sin of witchcraft; there is no difference.

    And witchcraft is as the sin of rebellion. Speaking to, seeking supernatural information, or conversing with any spirit that is NOT of GOD is a very serious sin; the only time you are to speak directly to a demonic entity is when you COMMAND it to LEAVE, be bound, (OR SHUT UP) in the name of THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS. Anything else is occultism, a.k.a witchcraft.

  25. Victoria Meadows:
    As long as your husband continues to play and entice devils he is playing with fire. Your prayers work but because he continues to allow the devil in his house there is nothing you can do, you both must be in agreement. Its like a saved wife and an unsaved husband. The one will cause the other great harm by living worldly; ie. sex outside marrige can lead to sickness for the wife. So playin with devils give them permission to come into your house even though you don’t want them there. It can lead to demonic possession and he may already show signs of this, with racings thoughts, dreams, aches and pains in his body and anger. A strong desire to do things that aren’t Godly, viewing porn, drinking more then he use and blacking out when he becomes anger, while not remembering anything. He must repent, except Jesus as Lord and stand upon the Word of God. Then and only then are the powers of darkness subject to the two ofyou.

  26. Ulrich

    When I was young my father had a lot of poro books around the house. I would get them out eveytime he left home and look at them. Soon I got so consumed with the pictures that it is all I thought about day and night. I will tell you what broke this habit. One night several devils appeared in my room. They stood at the edge of my bed sissing like serpents saying he’s ours. Without knowing it I had opened myself up to the world of darkness. I shouted Lord Jesus and they went away.
    To this day everytime a crazy porn though comes into my mind I run shouting Jesus because I know hom serious this is. If we go into the devils yard we will have a demonic encounter. Ask God to forgive you and tell him you don’t want the devil to have you. Then pray for His strength. Your part in the battle for you mind is to run away from these thoughts and renew the mind daily with the Word of God. The blood took care of the rest.

  27. Jacqui said

    Please pray for restoration of my marriage. Husband abandoned me and children and is now seeing another woman. Would like for him to repent and come back to the Lord as he was a youth minister at our church. I would also like prayer to break the spirit of anger and unforgiveness in my heart.

    thank you.

    • Jessi said

      I pray that Your will bedone in this marriage Lord on earth as it is in heaven! I pray for conviction and repentance and healing of hearts for all involved Lord! I pray for strength to arise,and hope as well..Thankyou Father..amen

  28. What does one do in a marrage when it’s by witchcraft, what I mean is that my wife told me that if ididn’t marry her, god will punish me, i have be punished for believing it and marrying her. i don’t love her, and I never did, only as a person in the lord, ii try not to be cold or harsh at time,but it’s because i came into the true knowledge of God,wich I didn’t know at the time, it’s been 13 years and I can’t find myself to love her ao fall in love with her. I even ask God to deliver me from this torment day after day. I even fill guilty when she wants to be with me, It feels like I’m fornicating, it really does, who ever heard of ask God for forgiveness after being alone with his wife. i don’t believe in divorce either, so i’m stuck in a marrage with no love in it at all, and we have the 2 daughters together who I train personally in the Lord, she hardly takes time with them in spiritual matters in the living word, even when I ask, she talks back or complains. I have lost the true love of my life and I’m paying the price for it, but what’s important now is for the training of the word for my daughters and to fulfill my assignment and calling in life in the the mist of this unloveable marrage, I know you never heard of this one, so what’s the answer from the word, I don’t want personal opinions, the truth from the Holy Spirit, I ask him many time what to do with no answer, so I’ll have to stick it out,what a pitty, I don’t wish this on no one ever, they should be with who ever God has for them.

  29. IFEANYI said


  30. Diana said

    Please pray for my husband Tom . A growth is suspected on one of his heart vavles. Please pray that this turns out to be nothing and als o that here is ntohing going on in the rest of his body so that he can remain healthy. We have two boys who need their dad very much.
    I ask you to pray in the name of Jesus Christ that he will be healed.


  31. John Kaniecki said


    After a long search I believe I have found a full time job. I am grateful for God’s blessings.



  32. C said

    I forwarded this site a question on yesterday. I have not received a reply. What does it mean when a pastor speaks improperly or inappropriate from the pulpit? If a pastor even jokingly says something does it make it right? If they say, “You will be addicted if you come 3 times or more, and that it is better than cocaine!” What does this all mean?

    • Cy said

      C, it is not quite clear what you are asking, so i think that may be why you did not get a reply. Was this just a one time incident you are referring to? I would not be too concerned with trivial matters. What is most important is whether the pastor and leadership of your church have the core doctrines of the faith correct, and that they are not promoting or following after heresy. And how they are running the church, whether true worship is taking place or is it just entertainment, etc. And then their personal walk.

    • jilly said

      that too me sounds a little strange almost curse like that isn’t a church id be all over getting back into lol may the lord jesus Christ lead you to a proper church xoxo jilly

  33. John Kaniecki said


    Unfortunately after reviewing my driving record I was not elligable to get the job. Please pray I can find some full time work.



  34. John Kaniecki

    Have you considered ministry full time? Once I said yes Lord, let me live out my days serving you. everything opened up to me. Ministry is often where God wants to use us but it is the last thing we think about. God bless.

  35. Job said

    Reverend Patrick Williams:

    Are you offering John, who is a seminary graduate, a job 🙂 ?

  36. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    No I’m not a semnary graduate I only took a few courses.

    I am putting on my socks in preperation for an interview. I feel good about this one!

    Say your prayers.



  37. C,

    What does it mean when a pastor speaks improperly or inappropriate from the pulpit? If a pastor even jokingly says something does it make it right? If they say, “You will be addicted if you come 3 times or more, and that it is better than cocaine!” What does this all mean?

    It means you need to get away from the man who speaks inappropriately.

    The Lord allowed you to see the leaven, get out.

    Galatians 5:9 (New American Standard Bible)

    9 A little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough.

    If you ignore the little leaven, you’ll find yourself eating a whole lump of leaven before you know it.

  38. I pray God will bless you with the desire of your heart.

  39. John Kaniecki said


    I got hired today to sell cars!

    The interview went so well they hired me on the spot.

    Praise God.



  40. Lemi said

    My son is been attacked by demons.Doctors do not understant why he is mentally ill.I t is over nine years now with his mental illness.I am praying evryday for him but he is getting worse.
    His name is Nkosinathi

    Please tell me what to do and pray for me.

    2784 221 1344


    There are some thing that we can only control through prayer and fasting. Some healings can only be gained through fasting and prayer.


    This scripture, ST MATTHEW 17:21, along with ST MARK 9:29 have been either deleted or drastically changed (depending on what bible you read) to eliminate fasting from the text. This is a significant oversight because, it is the only way that strong demonic influences can be overcome.

    I hope this helps. Start fasting 2 hours a day, lets say from 8-10 AM, then increase 30 minutes to an hour slowly over several weeks. No you do not have to fast for weeks, but fast as long as the Holy Spirit leads you too. Pray over your son daily believing God for deliverance. The powers of darkness are shaken when the man of God places his flesh under submission to the Father. There are several types of fasts. The Daniel fast is the one I do most. No meat, only water, fruits, nuts. Then eat moderately at dinner.
    There are other fasts also, study them before partaking. God bless.

  42. Candice said

    Im goining to Europe for 3 mos ..Please pray for Traveling mercy and protection while Im down there

  43. Christina Miller said

    My husband and I are Both Minsters praying to have children. we have been married six years and have een praying. We live in Liberia West Africa. Please pray with us

  44. Sally said

    I greet you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I have been having a serious problem and i would like you to pray for me. I have been having problems with all the jobs that i have been having in my life.Anytime i get i job i get fired after about one year. Now i am trying to get a job but it is not forthcoming. I send my CV to companies everyother day but unfortunately nothing is happening. I work very hard and when i am about to get a promotion someone comes up and messes it up.I am very straight forward. Apparently people who dont work hard and are not straight forward end up geting the promotions and the jobs. Please pray for me. I believe God has a right time for everything and He knows why all these are happening.

    Thanks and God Bless.

    • Cy said

      Hi Sally, i prayed for you today.

    • jilly said

      this job needs to come from Christ and not by the flesh if we try to do things on our own will we will stumble if we take tham too and through the ord asking him for guidance we will be sure were directed to proper work for ourselves as Christ will never steer us wrong praying for you for work in name of jesus Christ amen xoxo jilly

  45. samuel said

    dear in christ

    greetings in the name of jesus. plz pray for me
    (1) pray that every spiritual obstacles in my spiritual life and have good intimacy with jesus.
    (2)pray that jesus will anoint me with his fire baptizm
    (3)pray for me that my “teeth gum infection to be healed.

    thank u

    • Cy said

      Hi Samuel, I prayed for you today also. Please take good care of your teeth and gums, that is half the battle.

  46. samuel said

    dear in christ

    greetings in the name of jesus. plz pray for me
    (1) pray that every spiritual obstacles in my spiritual life will be removed and have good intimacy with jesus.
    (2)pray that jesus will anoint me with his fire baptizm
    (3)pray for me that my “teeth gum infection to be healed.
    (4)pray for me that God will use me in His ministry to bless many.

    thank u

  47. rae-keba said

    God is awesome!!! In Oct 2006 God lead me to drive from Milwaukee, WI. to Arizona with my two teenage daughters. I wasn’t totally sure about doing this, but it’s been in me to move there for few years prior to this. So the night before we drove down I was facing all type of fears so I read Hebrews 11 and I was convicted and my faith was restored.(“Faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen.” So we drove down to Arizona with just $250 dollars in my pocket and a truck that if it wasnt’ covered by the Blood of Christ would not have made it. Well, by the time we got outside of Texas I was out of money and had a half of tank of gas. So I pulled into a police station and they gave us money for gas and food which got us to New Mexico. From there we had another police station and a kind man from a shelter that gave us money to push on to Winslow, Arizona. When we got there I was on empty and with no food. Now like I said before GOD IS AWESOME!!! Ok, so now I’m on a empty tank, physically, mentally, and spiritually exhuasted at this point. The police station there could give us food but not money for gas cuz they hadn’t set up the program yet to give out those vouchers yet. So they called the Chief of Police and he met me around the corner at the gas station and filled up my tank and gave me forty dollars. God is so good. It still amazes me how He uses others to bless you in your time of need. Well, this got us into Phoenix, Arizona. We were blessed with a family shelter to stay in when we got there that night. Now, I had a week to find a place to move into cuz my rent assistance voucher was going to run out. To which, I found a place in a matter of days and was moved in within two weeks from arriving in Phoenix. Of course, we had no furniture but God blessed us with people from a church that furnished our home and also gave us money. Plus, for Christmas a business adopted us and spent over $400 dollars on us buying clothes and such. The blessing just rained down us so quickly that I barely had time to pray for what we needed…lol. God is great. Cuz I did have the faith of a mustard seed at that time and God moved mountains for us. Let me say that, we have been blessed since moving down here. I know God has me down for a reason and I’m just excited that He wants to use ME!!!!

    • Cy said

      Wow, that is amazing. I am from Wisconsin and i have never heard of police departments going to those lengths to help people before. I hope you have a wonderful life down in Arizona. You most likely will not miss the Wisconsin winters much.

    • Jessi said

      I love this testimony! He is soooo faithful!

  48. Lackelo said

    1. Pray that God will provide me a good paying job at African Bible College.
    3. Pray that God will provide me with a God fearing husband from UK.
    3. Pray that God will provide me college fees for my children to study in UK.
    4. Pray that God will provide me with resources to build a family house.
    5. Pray that Khumbo Nyemba will be a God fearing girl.

  49. Hi Samuel, Did you know if you already believe on the Lord Jesus, that you’ve already been baptized in/by the Holy Spirit?

    Hi Lackelo, who is Khumbo Nyemba?

  50. John Kaniecki said


    Please continue to pray for my brother in law Jim.

    He’s doing better.



  51. Katarina said


    That THE ALMIGHTY GOD TOUCH AND SHAKE, MOVE Nebojsa, change his arrogance, that he make and FIND HIS WAY TO ME and CALL ME!



    That HE CALLS ME TO SOME CONCERT, coming on the next Thursday – 24th of July– Also that we plan a holiday (in August) together


    For my friend MARINA

    A PRAYER FOR GOD’S PLANNED MAN OF HIS IN HER LIFE ASAP – she was waiting long enough!!!

    THAT GOD REALLY BLESS HER AND HER FAMILY IN WORK AND FINANCIES, specially sister Silvana (Jana) and her family –

    that this time her husband’s family help them about DEBT FOR ELECTRICITY AND THAT SHE FINDS A GOOD JOB.

    Thank you very much.


    Katarina from Belgrade

    • Cy said


      It sounds like Nebojsa’s most important need is to know Christ or to know Him better. Until he does, you should probably hold off marrying him, from the sound of things. If you know the scriptures better than he does, then you absolutely should NOT marry him.

      I prayed for Marina to get a good job, etc.

  52. Devon said

    Pray for me brethren with this ongoing begetting sin of Pornography in my life for many years….I goes weeks without any falling and then boom…I fall into looking at this filth…I told my wife years ago so none of this is hidden…i want it exposed by the light…

    I HATE by besitting sin…please pray for me and any wisdom you may have to impart, lay it on the line!



    • Cy said

      Hi Devon, God bless you. You are half way there, just by exposing it, not hiding it. I think few sins are overcome immediately or overnight. I prayed for you this day, that you will become strong in the power of His might and overcome this besetting sin. if you fall down, just get back up.

    • jilly said

      dear devon this is one of mans greatest falls and weaknesses when you go to sin I finds it helped the men to see the women front of then with horns know who they work for and who is watching you as were never alone pleases break this sin of lust in the name of jesus Christ amen xoxo jilly

  53. Sandra Z said

    Please pray for my son, my daughter just called me and she is missing almost 1,000 dollars from her room she works part-time and goes to college, I really believe it was him. also for wisdom for both of them and for her school she cannot transfer form college because she is not able to pass her math class.
    Requesting prayer for my children, Sandra Raquel H. & Elias Rodriguez Jr, that they will follow, obey God forever & to be filled & guided by the Holy Spirit, that they will receive a revelation from God and who he is and his love for them & reverence his presence and worship him & spend time with him & his word, & revelation why they have been called, & filled with love & forgiveness towards me & each other, also help with their school work, math for both & especially for my son to try hard at school & take it serious , to do his school work & homework & all his assignments to turn in & to behave at school, & protection. My daughter is also dating now, may the Lord be with her. May God change me as a mother if I am doing something wrong to correct me, show me what to do. Salvation for Baltazar Villela, & Maria his mom, she is mean to me, don’t even acknowledge me &and also their family. That God will change any areas in my life that need to be change & as a mother.

    Requesting prayer for my work: favor & that God will shut the mouth of satan and his devils; I have some employees, M. I. and clients, Mari A. & others who can’t wait to make my life a living hell & to get me in trouble, complaint to my bosses in Central offices out of the local office, prayer for Cora Gonzalez for salvation & conviction of her behavior towards others.

    Prayer for all my family, my dad, Porfirio Zapata, mom, Esther, brothers and sisters, prayer for my brother Wilfredo who is going through a hard time in life & also presently dating a young lady, prayer for her too; and for my sister Evelyn who I heard is in rehabilitation or was for drugs. Forgiveness & love in my entire family.

    Prayer for my friend Lenore Garcia and her family and marriage, her son Adasha is presently on drugs, he needs deliverance. For my church, New hope Fellowship & my pastor.

    Prayer for my finances to fix my home, I need the floors, all cabinets & other repairs done, I am a single mother of two. For protection & favor at work, I am being attack at work & have been attack many times, I enjoy my job & need to work to support my family, I give my tithes & offering faithfully. Direction for my life, I want to get married, I am dating Baltazar Villela & I want to get married, he goes to the catholic church, may the Lord’s will be done in all my life & all areas.

    Prayer for salvation for Teresa Aguirre & family, all those I work with, Santino Garcia & family; Sam Holguin & his family. Prayer for salvation for all my co-workers & their families & for the youth in this county & all around the world and children.

  54. John Kaniecki said

    I sold my first car today.



  55. John

    God is good, isn’t He? I tahnk God you’re thanking Him for the small things, way to go.

  56. Debbie said

    I have very much need of a prayer request…for my sister ,her husband, and here two youngest sons. I don’t really know what to ask for other than prayer and help for them. I love her so much but there is something very wrong in there house hold! I have not been to my sister house in sometime now due to I can not handle going in to her house. They never clean.. And I mean never clean. They have a dog in there house and where it goes that is where it stays. If the kid drops something on the floor that is where it stays. You can not walk in there house due to all the stuff over floor that has been there for the last few years that have paled up every where. There is a smell I just can not explain, they have stop going to church, they are in debit so bad it just is not funny any more. I have prayed and prayed for years for this to get better. To turn around for the glory of God. But some how it has gotten worse. I have found out that this as rolled over on my parents. My dad has co-signed for there house and both of their vehicles. For some reason be unknow to me they just do not pay their notes. They just keep telling my parent they dont have any money. But my brother-in-law has a very good job making 19.00 an hour. I just do not understand. Now let me say right now I’m not any better than them or anyone else. I have my on problem as for as with my money and paying my bills. No matter how hard I work it seam not to matter I just can’t make the amount to pay my debit off or just pay my month bills. So I can understand some in that area. But I just don’t understand unclean. Her two boys does not mind her at all. They say she is sick. I still have to keep my home clean myself clean and work and pay my bills. Haaaaaaaaaaaaa! Please help them, all of us. My parents are just beside themselves because everyone is coming down on them to pay all of these bills that are due and they just do not have the money. Please, Please understand I do not thing of myself any better I just know my mom raised up all three the same and it was not to be like that. I’m telling you that it is so bad if anyone ever came into their house they would take the kids and them and condemn the house. Please I need someone to pray with us and for them to have their life saved by the hand of God almighty, and set free once and for all. What do we do is there something I need to know about this type of living. It’s like unclean, lazy, no hope, no direction for ether of them. Oh God in Jesus Name, Please help my sister and her family the kid needs you so bad for the oldest really tries me a lot. It’s like he is saying in his acting I’m going to take over her if you like it or not. Now this is in my house hold. The last time they came to my house I could not stand the things that they where doing and something just came over me. I said very loudly in the name of Jesus Christ…stop right now and get our of my house. They just stopped and turned and looked at me and laughed I said in the name of Jesus, I bleed the blood of Jesus over the house and my family and you have to do as the Lord says but not by my power but His now get out now. They ran out and it surprised me as much as it surprised them. I went out and they where crying and hollering at the mother to take them home. I set them down and told them how much I love them and when they where at my house they where not going to tire it up and they where going to go by my rules in my home. For in my house we serve the Lord almighty.

    Please pray for Belinda, Randy , Zach, Josh -Page for we love them so much and I need help.

  57. Debbie said

    Pleas pray and stand in agree with me that my son Michael will get the Job in taxes that he is asking for and when he gets it, He will have favor with his boss in the job. He just got Saved, Married and now his first child is on the way. The baby is due around the first of September. Michael’s wife is in Oklahoma where their home is and he is in South Carolina working as a wilder. He has been gone for three months from his wife and all his family. Michael’s is having a very hard time being away from his new wife and very up set that he will not be able to take two week of with her and the baby when it’s time due he has to work. He can’t leave the job and just go home they will not have any income to live on.

    He is so home sick it is not funny any more Lord please help Michael deal with the blessing you have given him with this job, give him peace in his hart so that he can work and not get hurt. Open the door for the job in taxes for him Lord sooner then he things and allow two week pay time off with his wife and their new baby when the time comes. Father in Jesus name please put a God hedge of protection around Michael, Bobbie Joe his family Lord, Father in Jesus name I rebuke this spirit of depression, poverty, I bleed the blood of Jesus over my son Michael and his hole family. In Jesus name Michael is to be free of depression and poverty, and be bless with the peace of God in his mind, is heart, and his spirit walking in faith in Jesus Christ. Amen

  58. Daniel said

    Pray for my ex-wife Rhonda to repent of her lies, dishonesty, and
    Adulteries, and for her to Repent and recieve Salvation, and for her
    to return to her marriage vows she made with I, Daniel ; and to
    Honor and keep them. And for our marriage to be healed and restored Today!!!

    • Jessi said

      I pray that you can have forgiveness in your heart as well. I pray that God will continue to convict all of us for our sins and that we have the discernment and desire to follow the prompting of the Holy Spirit to repent! I pray for true repentance that changes our hearts and truly conforms us into the image of Jesus.I pray Gods love and goodness consumes you and brings healing and peace into your life. I pray God demolishes all pride and leads you to be and desire to be the mighty man of God He says you are!Amen.

  59. Ana Peariso said

    I pray that Lord will take care of all our debts, so we can pay everything with out having to file banckruptcy and also the he will sell our 2 houses so we can get back on track and buy a house to live, in the name of Jesus I pray

  60. Michael C. said

    Please pray for my healing. I retired from law enforcement in April because of health reasons. I am very sick on a daily basis so sick that I rarely leave my house anymore. Heart problems, diabetes, intestinal problems, prostrate problems and so on. I am very sad all the time and grieve that I can not work like I used to. If the LORD does not want to heal me then I simply ask Him to take me home.

    • Cy said

      Oh Michael, I can totally relate to you. I suffer from terrible health conditions too that keep me either bedridden or housebound most of the time. Sometimes i get very angry at God, and have often prayed to be either be healed or die too, just like you.

      I know you are probably on many medications but consider looking into the herb Saw Pawmetto for your prostate condition; it is very helpful for the prostate. Just ask your doctor first, to avoid any possible drug interactions, etc.

      I prayed for you tonight. My heart goes out to you. Please keep us posted on how your are doing.

  61. thomas owens said

    Hi,my name is Thomas and I have request,I have been struggling with a spirit fear(dread,terrified,frightened),depression,and axiety my whole life I am withdrawn and have few friends,I have been saved since May 1997 I have also been baptized in the spirit by laying on of hands since 2005,I have been to counceling,and nothing tends to work.I have the feelings of hopeless and despair and am about to give up,it is such an empty feeling and I just feel like I am all alone.every time I think I am going to be free fron this something seems to be an obstacle that sets me back,I feel my situation to be hopeless and believe my problems are deeper and hidden from me,I need guidance.prayer,I need hope in my life again.

    • Cy said

      Thomas, are you sure you know what spirit you have been baptized in? Cuz God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of love and power and a sound mind, as the scripture says.

      I used to suffer from all those things too. God revealed to me that a lot of my depression was just repressed anger. Could that be the case with you? Once i started faithfully obeying the word in Matthew 17 about how if your brother offends you go to him and tell him his fault…etc…then i began having less and less depression because i wasnt stuffing my anger. And i learned to speak the truth in love. Breaking free from depression, etc can take quite a bit of time because part of it is a learned habit of thinking and a learned way of responding to things that has to be broken.

      When you feel afraid try turning on some gospel hymns/worship and praise music. I prayed tonight that God would deliver you from a spirit of fear, etc.

    • jilly said

      dear you are the one that’s going to have to stand up to this spirit in the name of Christ // through Christ you have the power to handle these things and through him no one or nothing has any authority on you// this is spiritual warfare you must demand them to leave your home heart soul mind and home in name of Christ you are a child of Christ they are testing you and fighting you here the closer we get the more intense these fights will be remember through Christ you have the power to make them cower here xoxo jilly p.s remember who is the boss

  62. stifina said

    Please pray for favor in my wife our children, families and in my life God bless you all.

  63. thomas owens

    I too suffer from depression Thomas. I will tell you what I do when I get like that. I pick up my bible and find someone to witness to. Many time i’ve felt depressed I would find someone who was worse off then I, this took the focus off me and then I knew God was truly blessing me.

  64. Michael C.

    Just as I told Thomas. Find someone to witnesss too, someone worse then you. Don’t talk your problems with them only seek to pull them up, and you will find that if you handle God’s business, He will handle your’s. I left the military due to bad knee’s, depression and a host of other problems. Yet when I am around people who sleep on the streets, who have no food, I feel a sense that this is what i’m called to do. Ask God to show you how to be an affective minister of His word, then present it to those who are hurting even more then you. Remember, it’s never about you. The anointing on you is for others, and God will send someone along for you in due season.

  65. David L. Williams said

    Thomas Owen….One thing I found in my walk with Jesus is that he will take you inside yourself so you can discover the hidden reasons for depression, panic attacks, and etc; He caused memories from my childhood to come up by making a similar circumstance come up in my adult life. I had to watch closely to see that the trials I was going thru matched closely a childhood trauma. When bad things happened to kids, it was then our whole life, and how we reacted to discipline, for example, determined our whole life outlook.

    Having no wisdom as kids, we were vulnerable to take advice from outside sources without even knowing it. Demons have still small voices, just as God does. These come as thoughts from the spirit world. Demons talked to us in the first person, as if what they were sending us was our own thoughts.

    They began by making us think we were unloved. After all, if our parents loved us, we would get our own way. Once self-pity and bitterness were installed in us, (among others) they set out to get us to make vows. The vows would be something like, “When I grow up, nobody will control me.” You can add many other such vows of vengeance that they worked to install in us.

    By the next day, it is likely we forgot even making that vow. But it put a goal in us to someday accomplish it. That is a slight but constant pressure that we become accustomed to. We might even call it a burden that needs lifting off us.

    In any case, we will sense that we have not accomplished something we should have. (See that this is what most ‘mid-life’ crisis is about.) This pressure can cause us to have panic attacks and not know why. Or we can sense that we have not attained expectations, and not know that can cause depression.

    Childhood vows carry a lot of power and can affect our personality from a hidden place in our soul……DavWms

  66. jacob perkins said

    please pray for me. im being sexually harassed by some kind of demon at night while im asleep.some times i wake up and i cant move.

    • Cy said

      This cannot happen to a person who is walking in obedience to the Lord. Identify what it is that has allowed this door to the demonic to enter into your life. A sexual sin, perhaps? Involvement in the occult? Identify it. When in doubt, throw it out.

    • jilly said

      that is succubus sent for the sin of lust and sexual sin stand in the name of jeus Christ they have no authority in your home heart soul soul mind no one or nothing does when your walking with jesus Christ// ask for repentance (say your sorry to your father in jesus almighty nname I pray amen

  67. cleambra moon said

    This is for my husband Kevin D. Sr. He has committed adultry and is now asking for a divorce. I know he’s being attacked in mind because he is a very intelligent person who normally thinks rationally. But since this has happened he has not been himself. Please pray for him in whatever way you know how to bring him back to GOD and back to our marriage. He is saved.

    • jilly said

      yes he is being attacked // no one but god knows if he is saved // hate the sin love the person // take this to god 🙂 and believe and let him guide your way xoxo jilly p.s if god closes a door in your life its for reason I do believe he will always tend to his flock

  68. Jacob perkins

    I want to ask this question first. Are you a Christian? Secondly, if you are a Christian are you continuing to engage in some of the same sexual activity you were doing before coming to the Lord.

    By this I mean, are you living with your girlfriend and having a sexual relationship with her? Are you peeping in on porn on the internet, nude magazines and a list of other things that give the enemy permission to attack you. You will not hear this at a seeker friendly church.
    If the answer is yes to any of the above you must repent and seek the Lords face. Ask God for His divine protection and get into the word of God. Allow it to come into every area of your walk so that your armor will remain intact. If you do not, you can expect this to contine. The enemy is looking for a foothold in your life, don’t give him one.
    Many of our sexual problems began when we were children, exposed to some kind of sexual sin, or maybe even viewing it and becoming amazed by it.

    What we call emotional/psychological problems are really spiritual ones; that non organic problems really stem from a troubled soul, not from some damaged self which psychotherapists claim to fix…The church needs to take the role of spiritual, godly men and women far more seriously. They have a lot more power to deeply affect the souls of other people.

  69. Daniel said

    Pray for my ex-wife Rhonda to repent of her lies, dishonesty, and
    Adulteries, and for her to Repent and recieve Salvation, and for her
    to return to her marriage vows she made with I, Daniel ; and to
    Honor and keep them. And for our marriage to be healed and restored Today!!!

  70. Theresa said

    Prayer request

    Hello everyone I and my mother are being attacked by demons. My mother has surcome to them because. She is totally being controlled by them. The woman next door,her daughter and granddaughter is a practicing witches who invited the evil in simply because she is jealous of us. She is also a part of a cult and more and more members of it are moving in to our building so that they can take total control of us. I recognized the signs of the demon possesion in my mother and now they are trying to get the demon to possess my mind but it is not working and that is making the cult members angry and the demon and spirit that has entered my body. I need help to get them out I believe god is my lord and savior but I do not belong to a church and I have never been baptized. I do not feel that I am able to cast them out on my own nor would I attempt to try from fear of what they or the cult members might do. I can’t call a priest because I am not a member of any church. The members of the cult are putting drugs in the water supply and some sort of powdery substance in the vents that make you sleep. The demon that has possessed my mother is constantly trying to start fights so that demon that is in me can take control and to keep control of my mother. I am trying to move away from these people and then try to help mother from where I move to. But in the meanwhile they are trying desperately to get whatever they implanted into my body out (if had to guess it probably a half demon baby). I know this sounds insane but beleive me my mind is intact and I do noy have any kind of mental illness but the are trying every tactic to make it appear that I do. I too live in milwaukee, Wisconsin and it is a growing problem there is some group out there doing this with the leader as my neighbor Credella Hopkins but the this operation is big because it is not just in WI it is some group out of Illinois I don’t know the groups name but it is big and involve all walks of life. Police department, Frodert Hospital, housing authority. They have members working in public safety, popeyes and cousins resturants, walgreens and Pick N save and Lena’s food stores. I don’t know what to do I feel the organzation is too big for me to battle on my own. Please all the people on this site and get all of your friends and love ones to pray, pray and pray some more for us my mom (Evelyn) and I (Theresa)that these demons leave us especially my mom and that this cult leave us alone what ever their agenda may be. A word of advice do not move to any of the Housing authority properties here in milwaukee or you could become their next target (victim). It is were the majority of their victims are and you can tell they have done this before because they are to well organized. They use sleep depervation tactics, drug dowsing agents and arguments. Once again thanks and don’t forget to pray.

    • Cy said

      Teresa, your problem is you fear man more than God. Fear the Lord, obey HIM.

      • RUDY said

        Sounds like you need to put your faith in Jesus and his father, stop the going to the church, and find yourself some “real” Christians to fellowship with. Stop thinking in terms demons, but your faith in God, and ask “him” for deliverance.

        Severe all ties with those who do not 100% follow God in faith.

        About promotions, sorry, God is about your soul. I personally think, it is an offense to God to ask him for material prosperity. Seek the kingdom of God, and all else will follow.

        Jesus Bless You.

    • jilly said

      rebuke any generational curses//clear your home of anything of the evil/ books, chimes, anything withcraft // submit to Christ !!! stp sitting on the fence evil is fighting for your soul tel it in your weakest moment it has no room in your heart soul body or mind or home in name of jesus Christ who is your saviour and salvation you r a child of Christ!!! and truly anointing your home in blood of jesus and do not stop sounds like your mother can use the anointing too //finidng a good church and full emersion baptism to be filled with the holy spirit in name of jesus Christ all will help hun I hope through Christ my words will help you as they had helped me //read your bible get nto the word and do not stop ty xoxo jilly

  71. Theresa said

    Hello, Again

    They are also using tape recording devices to tape my outrage at what they are doing to me and my mom to make it appear that I am the one doing something wrong.

    • jilly said

      there is also righteous rage hun // you need to find another believer in the name of Christ and remember nothing has any authority over you sounds you need to get out of this horrify experience do not let the flesh lead you down a faulse road that will not gift you that ticket of eternal life through jesus Christ we are saved I personally have seen Christ and know he is alive and well do not giv up on your kind your god your saviour sounds like their leading you down a very horrifying bad path I will pray that this cursing and terrible stuff to be stopped in name of Christ two or more stand in agreement amen xoxox jillyy

  72. Jane Holt said

    Wow – there are so many needs. And God is able and willing to intervene in every situation and bring the change that is needed for each person and their loved ones. Just ask Him! He loves you so much.
    I just came on to praise and thank God for His mighty blessings on me and thank Him so much that He saved me so many years ago out of a life of sin and misery and gave me His joy. I have a hope now that the world does not have. I have a God who will never leave me or forsake me and who’s ears are open to my cries. My family has problems – I have problems sometimes, too – but I know that when we pray and put everyting into God’s hands and obey Him in all our ways, He comes on the scene and sends help. He even sends miracles. His love is unfailing and constant.
    I WOULD LIKE TO ADDRESS THERESA: You really do sound crazy and tormented. I was just like you before Jesus came and took away the heaviness and demonic torment off me. I didn’t know about demon power. I didn’t even know if God was real. But I got so miserable that I cried out, “If there is a God. If You are real. If everything in the Bible is true, then forgive all my sins and take all these burdens from me. I can’t live with them any longer.” (In my heart, I was willing to live any way God wanted me to and to give up all the so-called pleasures of sin – I was addicted to alcohol and thinking of suicide.) When I knelt alone in my kitchen and prayed this prayer, I felt God’s mighty power and love come upon me and take away all the bad stuff off me and from inside me. I felt cleaned out – and I felt an actual weight lift off my back. It was just gone and I was free – and then the joy of the Lord begin to fill me up inside. I was changed instantly. I threw away all my alcohol and other sinful things – cigarettes, for one – and never wanted them again. I was free of them. I started going to church and telling people what happened to me. I was so happy every day – and some of my friends and family also came to know Jesus because of what happened to me. They saw the change. THERESA, THIS SAME THING CAN HAPPEN TO YOU. Just call on Jesus. He will hear you, and He will help you. Then, live right and go to church and stay walking with God and don’t ever go back to your old ways. I send you this Word from Scripture: FOR WHOSOEVER SHALL CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD SHALL BE SAVED. May the God who helped me in my misery also come to your aid and help in your time of trouble. Ps.46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.” He is good!

    • peggy rickard said

      Jane Holt–your testimony is thrilling. We need to read more of that for those of us who belong to Jesus and havent got total victory. Do this some more for us. We desperately need it.

  73. Theresa said

    Jane I am not crazy This woman is running a cult and I refuse to join all I came her to ask was that the people pray for my mother to have the strength to leave the cult. and pray that I will not continue to be a victim of this cult. I have been praying everyday that these two things will happen but my prayers alone are not working. so that is why I came so that maybe if a group of people are praying it might wake her up let her see that the cult life is no way to live. If you are praying for us thanks.

  74. Jane Holt said

    Theresa, I didn’t say you are crazy. I said you sound crazy and tormented. You said that you have a demon in you that you can’t cast out – that these people are putting drugs in the water and the air vents – that they are trying to take control of you and have implanted something into you that if you had to guess you would say it is a half-demon baby. Then you said that you know it sounds insane. So, I agree. It sounds insane.
    Personally, I don’t think they would waste their drugs on you. Aren’t drugs pretty expensive? Do they have that much money? So, I don’t think you have to worry about the water and the air. It’s safe, I think. But, why don’t you go to church? That would be the best thing you could do in your situation….if it’s an understanding church that is strong in God. Did you read what happened to me when I knelt down in my house and simply prayed to God all alone? I was tormented, like you are now – and I wanted peace, no matter what it cost me. If you sincerely want God’s peace and are ready to follow Him, He will do the same thing for you. Love in Jesus, Jane

  75. Theresa said

    Thanks, Jane

    I have looked around into joining a church but it’s so hard to find a church that teaches the word of God in this area. As I mentioned before I will be moving soon, closer to family and I will be joining the church my mother grew up in. If it’s not a demon baby then it is a malevonant spirit or a demon projecting it’s thoughts to make me think there is something moving around in my stomach.

    • jilly said

      Theresa do ot believe lies from averseries all children are created by god and born as humans into carnality but all children are under gods convenant till certain ages//stay with god (jesus Christ and guide your child right with god amen // yes a good church is important I recommend pentacostal xoxo jilly

  76. Theresa

    Hi. I have been through this more then once. First my two oldest sons endured the same torment, then my wife. They saw demons around every corner and everyone was after them. Each of them saw people put things in their food and could tell you what they believed people were saying about them in other rooms in the house.
    They heard strange sounds coming from rooms and everyone was a witch. Even I was considered a witch if I didn’t agree with what they were saying. If I didn’t agree, it was because someone put a spell on me and was controlling my thinking. Each of them swore they were being followed and each believed the local church was full of cult members.
    I will be as straight forward as I can.
    It is the enemy attempting to take control of your mind. He will tell you that you have a devil in you and that someone put a spell on you and he came in. He will tell you it was in the drink you got from work, or your mom did it.
    This attack is very common amongst people God is drawing either to salvation or a work in ministry, and is mean’t to draw you away from people and the call of God. Once isolated (like you are) he will bare down on your every thought to bring you to the point of sucide.
    When you pray he bare down even more telling you God didn’t hear your prayer, but that is a lie.
    My son also lives in Milwaukee and it was there he began to hear voices so I don’t doubt there are spirits at work. Each city in America has a chief devil over it, that causes certain things to manifest.

    You said:

    they are trying desperately to get whatever they implanted into my body out (if had to guess it probably a half demon baby).

    First question; are you pregnant? If you are the devil wants the childs life. If not, you are experiencing mental torment. Of the causes mentioned in Scripture of God, the world, the flesh, the devil Christians seem to focus on one and ignore the other. Some groups have made an industry of casting out imaginary demons, while accommodating the flesh and embracing the world. Other groups deny any real influence of demons.
    We must dwell in the full revelation of God, and not believe that every problem is due to the devil, and agree with God that demons are real forces to be dealt with.
    Theresa, satan’s power is predicated on human belief in lies, but the Truth will set us free indeed. The devil can not creat a half demon baby in you, but he can cause to believe he can, if you allow your mind to go there and believe the lie. Notice I said,” if you allow.” This is because he can’t impose his will over yours, and this is why scripture tells us to resist the devil and he will flee.
    Once my wife and children began to pray understanding what the enemy was attempting to do to their minds, his power was broken by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    I like the way Jane explained it. She was right on the money, but you have a responsability to do your part, pray, stand and believe God. Realize it is the enemy and pray against his efforts. Seek comfort in the presence of God on your knee’s and praise God for His son, who delivered us from bondage over 2000 years ago. It is the devil who does not want you to know what God did through the blood of His son!!!! Replace your thought with the word o0f God. Quote scripture and say them aloud each time the enemy show up. The devil hates that you quote scripture but hates it even more when you live according to what you’re speaking. God bless!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Theresa said

    Hi, Reverend

    No not pregnant. Still a virgin. I have not lost my faith in God (nothing can do that) or people. Just a few that live in this building. I would never take my own life because I know God put me here because he wanted me here. And I know that he has a purpose for me exactly what that is I haven’t figured that out yet. But I enjoy life and I want to experience all that offers including old age. I have not heard any demonic voices. Only human voices. There is one constant thing that doesn’t make since and that is that the floor has been vibrating nonstop for 6 months. I only know a little about spirit and that is that they are air and they communicate through vibration. The spirit that is at work on my mother wanted me take medication and the self proclaimed 5th generational witch is always shouting out take the medicine. What medicine? If I don’t need medication why take it. I asked her one day what medication do you want me to take she replied any tylenol any medicine just take it. I said no I don’t even take asprin when I get a headache or cough syrup when I get a cold. She said you won’t take it because you like pain and torture. But that’s not why I don’t take them it is because I don’t like things that would put my mind into an altered state of reality or any thing that could potentially wreck havoc on my body(temple that God gave me). Anyway that’s when her daughter said she won’t take it. we’ll have to do this another way. Shortly after that’s when I started noticing that after taking a couple of drinks of water that I would fall asleep for 30-45 minutes. It doesn’t matter what time of day It is same thing always after drinking it I would fall asleep. I thought I was living a righteous life. I have never drank, smoked or taken drugs. I don’t go out to clubs. Not that there’s anything wrong with going to clubs and drinking as long as don’t over indulge. I have a degree and was planning to go back to school to get a degree in something else to change careers, but nothing in the ministry. If it wasn’t witchcraft or practices in the occult that brought on this attack what was it? This has been going on for 6 months. And why us?

  78. If it wasn’t witchcraft or practices in the occult that brought on this attack what was it? This has been going on for 6 months. And why us?

    It doesn’t take witchcraft to bring on anything. The mere fact that Jesus is Lord of your life is more then enough reason for the enemy to come after you.
    I have seen the floor shake, beds move and heard knocks at the door. One morning my wife and I were in bed talking when the utility room door slammed shut. There was no wind, fan or anything else that could have done this. Yet afterward there was a strange sense in the room. We commanded it tpo leave in Jesus name and went on with our day.
    We should not get so focused on what the devil is doing that we forget God is greater. Give Him glory and shut the devil’s mouth.

  79. Cyrus Stepney said

    Please pray for my wife to bare-fruitfulness

    Please pray for me to get a good job.


  80. John Kaniecki said


    Please pray for me. I lost my job as a car salesman. I do well with people I just don’t like selling cars to them. Also pray that God will make me strong to do the things I need to do.



  81. Job said

    Father God in the Name of Jesus Christ, please comfort and strengthen brother John Kaniecki in his time of struggle and need. Please Lord inform him and his family of the path that you have charted for them in their lives and make them discerning, submissive, and obedient so that they might follow. In the Name of Jesus Christ, amen.

  82. Rene said

    I’m not a Christian but have been considering becoming one again. I have dreams at night about the devil, demons and visions of Hell. To be honest, I didn’t want to think that God would ever really create a place like Hell. I always thought that if God existed then he would be understanding and loving and not hurt people by sending them to be tormented over and over. However, my dreams are haunting me. I cannot escape them. I remember every detail of my dreams and it makes me cry uncontrollably sometimes. I feel as if the Bible was written by man and there are things in there that don’t make sense to me and are contradictory. On the other hand I do believe that Jesus did exist and his life had a great spiritual significance. If you have the time please pray for me so that the confusion and dreams will not haunt me any longer. Pray that Jesus, God or even my guardian angel will help guide me to my spiritual path. Right now I’m lost and I want so badly to be found.

  83. Rene
    You said:
    To be honest, I didn’t want to think that God would ever really create a place like Hell.

    It was not created for man. It was made for the rebellious devil and his followers. But man must make a choice. He must choose whether to abide in Gods’s word, recieve His son as the lord of your life and walk therein,(according to the guidelines lay down by the Holy Spirit through holy men) or the outcome is to be seperated from God in this place.

    You said:
    I have dreams at night about the devil, demons and visions of Hell. To be honest, I didn’t want to think that God would ever really create a place like Hell.

    These dreams come for two reasons. One is because you are not born again. Born again is accepting Jesus as the Lord of your life and repenting (turning away) from your sins, and therefore you have no way to stop the enemy from enter into you at night when you sleep.
    Secondly, God is drawing you from the world of sin to become one of His,but you don’t know how. When God begins drawing the enemy can see the activity going on in the spirit realm and he often attemts to stop it. All you need to do is call out to God and say Lord I repent of my sins. Jesus I give my life to you. When you say it mean it. Then comes the walk. This is where Christians literally walk step by step as the bible calls tells us to.

  84. michele said

    family needs favor of God for finance, housing, and employment. need favor of God to come in for them. need healing, and peace please keep them in your prayers. thank you

    I know that their are people who will be blessed because of the state of the world, they will buy houses, and cares, and get college funding to go to school. that people will have no money and all of their bills will get payed. I know that The Lord will be taking care of us all. we just have to look to him and not man. God is a keeper

    need prayer for the world, people are suffering all over.

  85. Danny and Rhonny said

    Pray for my ex-wife Rhonda to repent of her lies, dishonesty, and
    Adulteries, and for her to Repent and recieve Salvation, and for her
    to return to her marriage vows she made with I, Daniel ; and to
    Honor and keep them. And for our marriage to be restored and healed!!!

  86. Please Pray for America.

  87. John Kaniecki said


    I started a new job yesterday. I will be helping a truck driver at UPS.

    Praise the Almighty God.



  88. Sharon said

    Please pray for me and my children we all need to be delivered from the demon of gluttony/overeating, we are in need of losing weight, eating healthy, and getting rid of this compulsion to eat when we are nervous, upset, feel like losers, working on jobs where people dislike and abuse you, please pray much for us, we overeat, we feed a demon that we need out of us, please pray we are set free and that God feed us His Word and Truth to fulfill us in Jesus Name, Amen

    • Jessi said

      I also have been dealindg with this and praise God I am seeing victory! God is so good! Bind and break all generational curses. I love the verse in the bible that says when we sow into the flesh we reap destruction form the flesh, but when we sow into the Spirit we reap etearnal life! Satan wants to destroy us and make our bodies full of sickness, but gloy to God Jesus has given us tohe resurection power to overcome! You are more than an overcomer in Him..We need to submit to God and not allow th lie that says we are falures to controll us..I suggest two books..The search for significance first and the one I am reading now is Never give up my Joyce Meyer! It is sooo good! You are not stuck! You are more than a conquerer! Amen!

  89. Sharon said

    Rhonda & Daniel it will be hard because on your part Daniel you will have to trust her again and she will have to earn that trust, but give it to God there is nothing He can’t do. Pray against the spirit of adultery, lust, plead the blood of Jesus against those demons, anoint each other and pray together every day, it will take God to fix your marriage, pray every day 2-3 times a day and as God leads you pray, pray alone, but do pray together, talk alot, go on dates together, find out why she cheated, sometimes as women we don’t tell what we want

  90. raul valdez jr said

    pray that i follow God all my life and do His will so that i may be in His Kingdom one day please?

    • Jessi said

      If you believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior then you are already a citizen of Heaven! It is by grace that you are saved through faith and that not of yourself lest any man shal boast! If you have put your full trust in Jesus..that His blood has covered all of your sins like He said and did! Ten prais God you are written in the book of life..Satan is a lier and will try to make you think otherwise,,,but get into the bible and pray for God to lead you..I pray Father that you will surround him with people that love you and know You. I pray that You will lead him into a church that will norish him in all truths! amen! amen means so be it! It will be done!

  91. LS said

    Divine Protection from Slander.

  92. Devon said

    Brethren, regardless of how some of us feel about Obama becoming President, we are commanded to pray for our leaders!

    Lord, protect and bless President Elect Obama and his family…and Lord, if they do not know you, please save them…..Give President Elect Obama wisdom and humility and a seeking heart for you O Lord!!

    In Jesus Name

    • Jessi said

      amen…we should not speak negitively over the authority God has placed! We only curse ourselves!I bind every word curse spoken against our president, and pray that he be lead by the power and love of the Holy Spirit! We need to remember that we do not belong to this world that we are just passing thru and satan is the prince in this world, so we have to use the authority God has given us to pray His will be done! And it willlll! amen

      • peggy rickard said

        I have read and heard it said we are not to pray for America or Obama because God let us have the president we deserve. It is our punishment. That God said do not pray for this country because her cup is overflowing.

  93. Renee Callicott said

    Amen to that Devon! I’m in agreement with you. The Holy Spirit confirmed that this morning and you can’t argue with God.

    God Bless

  94. Michelle Bowie said

    I have been sick for years. YHWH has allowed this to force me to quit work and study. He has led me on a pth of knowledge and has given me a message for others. When I discovered what the message was, my family started to be attacked both physically and spiritually in many ways. My son and I prayed and the attacks stopped. Now I am very ill and may die unless a doctor can help me. I believe this is another attack yet, I feel so disconnected form my Father in Heaven. I am struggling with letting go and yet being angry because I know YHWH did not give me this message to keep for myself and I have a job to do for Him. I am His servant! Yet I am so sick. Please pray for me to be healed from this sickness I have. Please pray for my son to get well and be strong. Please pray for my husband to grow in the Spirit. Please help us. I have prayed for many years about my illness which has gotten worse. This prayer goes unanswered and I go back and forth with knowing it is His will and feeling abandoned.

  95. Nitin Oberoi said

    Pls help me & pls pray for me actually i m suffering from mental problem without any reason i m feeling depression.i m not feeling happiness.everytime depression & vomiting problem.daily facing new new problems also.

    pls pray for me otherwise i will die.

    Nitin Oberoi
    from India

  96. Dayana said


    My name is Dayana.
    “I received an IMMENSE interior vision of God The Father in 1998.“


    I Dayana, give true witness in the presence of GOD, The Lord Jesus Christ, in all humility.
    “May my witness be for the GLORY OF GOD.“

    It was a 1 to 2 minute vision in 1998, who changed the course of my life.
    with the love of God, Dayana

  97. Dayana said

    This message is addressed to Theresa, and to others in her situation. I read several of your postings.

    Theresa, you must “plead daily“ with “FAITH“ for the “PRECIOUS BLOOD OF JESUS- CHRIST“ to cover you!
    The power lies in the BLOOD OF JESUS- CHRIST, To set you FREE.

    I also recommend, “PSALM 91“ from the bible, recited daily, it is a “powerful prayer of GOD`S protection“
    I recited it daily, and i have experienced 3 times, angel protection, in times of need, in times, were also the devil wanted to hurt me, at night.

    And try being positive, you will see things for the better! “Don`t let the enemy scare you. Because he uses FEAR, as a means to control you, and your mind.“

    Consecrate your boby, soul, and mind to JESUS CHRIST.

    I will pray for you, if you try my advice, that i have mentionned above, you will see that TRUST IN GOD, and a prayer life, you then have nothing to worry. Place everything in GOD`S HANDS!
    with the love of God, Dayana

    • peggy rickard said

      Dayana–i am and have been a believer for years. I still dont have the peace that I desire. Some of us have had family curses passed down thru the generations that we dont understand but know it wreaks havoc. My children are of Native American and Scottish Irish descent. Both of these cultures have been a magnet for the attacks of the supernatural kind. I do spiritual warfare-I plead the blood and the attacks are relentless. I went thru mental and spiritual torture by the hand of someone who was supposed to love me. I thought I deserved it because I fell into sin and I believed God was letting me be punished. I married out of the will of God and my children and I suffered horrendous abuse from the hands of a man that said he was the mouthpiece of God and God was speaking punishment to us for our transgressions. By the way this man has never stopped drinking and doing drugs and doing mental and spiritual torture. I have 8 children and all have some typed of problem from this. I have a daughter who was abused horribly and she still suffers . I fight the battle everyday and at times wake up with terror. It is a combination of terror-grief-sorrow-and regret. No one understands the horrible sensation from these attacks. It brings you to your knees. Do you understand what I am dealing with? Everytime peace reigns for a day or 2 this person isnt happey and does something to stir up strife. Why would a man NOT want his wife and children to have love-peace-fellowship and good feelings? He picks out a person at a time to be ON HIS SIDE. Then next someone else. It is so evil and cruel. All I ask for is that Jesus restore me and my children with LOVE. There isnt anything to restore in this marriage as it was a nightmare from the beginning. We are not living together but seperate since july of 2007. I want my children to be sure of salvation. I want them to see Jesus as ABBA father as the DADDY they never had. I see God as my husbandman and DADDY. My girl who was abused lives in another state and recently started having seizures. She was in hospital recently with 2 grandmals. Her child ran away. PLEASE give me some insight in this. I will never return to this husband as his intimate wife. It wont happen. I made mistakes by listening to Christians tell me that I cant divorce. That I had to return to him time and again despite the horrible abuse. I wont return again. I try to be on friendly terms. I forgive him but will not be with him again because he is not any different. I dont know how to pray for this. My life has been this way from birth and I went from the frying pan into the fire. Whats been done cant be undone but I know God is powrful. I just need to know how to get my children free.

  98. Dayana said

    This message is addressed to Rene, and to others in her situation! …IMPORTANT…






    Rene, i read your posting when you mentioned that you have dreams of hell, and the devil.
    Well let me tell you the truth, this is just more than just torments in your dreams!

    “IT is reflecting something in your life, that needs: A CHANGE, THAT IS CRYING WARNING“




    Or others who experienced THOSE SAME TYPE OF DREAMS.





    I will pray for you Rene, please choose “LIFE“ not condemation, and ETERNAL PAIN IN THE FIRES OF HELL.


    with the love of God, Dayana

  99. Dayana said

    When i praise and worship GOD.I just love listening to this beautiful, heavenly music.
    Like no other!







    …blessings… WITH THE LOVE OF God, Dayana

  100. David L. Williams said

    NITIN OBEROI, I read your post and hope I can help you. You note that you do not understand why you feel depressed and unhappy. The Lord took me thru some trials a long time ago and showed me one of the main reasons for depression. He showed me this in a way I could understand how important it is to let the Holy Spirit bring up childhood memories to us.

    Nitin, as young ones without wisdom, we lived for happiness in every moment, but life did not go that way, did it? We had parents and authorities that ruled us. When things did not go our way, we at the very minimum complained…and we may have even vowed that some day, we would make things go the way we wanted, when we had no one ruling over us.

    Even tho we forgot making those vows by the next day, they put an expectation in us about the future. Don’t take this lightly. Our words, even when we are little, have much power.

    So when you grow up and find yourself having to still do things you’d rather not, it prods that expectation in us that wants to be in charge. We don’t realize that expectation remains in our subconscious, and it has come to the realization the vow has not come true. That brings a subconscious disappointment, thus depression without knowing why.

    In my case, I saw that the Holy Spirit was putting me in situations that would remind me of my childhood traumas, and I would remember those vows I’d made. Then I could renounce those vows and the power they had over my soul. I could repent upon the Truth setting me free, just as the Bible said He would….Love, DavWms

  101. rainy day said

    I need prayer… My husband is into pornography. Today I found out that he was watching something on the internet… I was going to confont him, but now I am so tired of doing so…I do not even know the words to say how I feel. I really love my husband.. but yet I am beginning to have stong hate feeling towards him. I know that Yahweh is love.. So I really do not hate him, yet I sometimes feel like it. We just got rid of all the movies in our home that is not lifting up the name of Yahweh and I felt like my whole house was clean.. I know that demons were attached to those videos…for a mommet there I really felt like we were on the better side… I felt like ok, this is a new start… We have done this kind of house cleaning before and I felt the same way….. But, now that we are not buying those videos anymore, I believe that he is going to the internet for his habits. If this piece of equiment will cause all of this, why keep it I said to myself? I am so, so very hurt… I now want to call one of his friends so that we all can pray for my husband bondage. I am afraid that if I call his friend that he will find out.. I do not know how he will react… By the way.. Both of us are christains… I want to get help, but he does not belive in chiristain counseling… I do believe that he can be healed by other friends and family who will pray for him..I have never done this before… but It seems like it is the right thing to do…I do not want him or myself to be embarassed…Maybe I have to give up this embarassrment… I am willing to.. I do not want to leave him but, what am I to do…. I do not know how to handle this anymore…. I need help.

  102. Peggy said

    Please pray for me for a new job. I resigned and gave 4 weeks notice as a department head after being bullied for over 2 and a half years. I have 2 kids in college and their next semester I had enough money saved to pay for them. My husband is angry and upset with me for quitting and I need a miracle to have a new job.Please pray for me and also that I will not have to suffer any more of abuse from him or fellow coworkers.
    Thank you.
    Your sister in Christ,

  103. Nemy Basilio said

    NEMY BASILIO – please pray for me to pass the board exam for nurse on Nov.29-30, 2008 and pray for good health.

  104. Toni & Aida Basilio and Family said

    ANTONIO & AIDA BASILIO & FAMILY – please continue to pray to draw our hearts closer to God and pray that the Lord will fulfill his plan to our family; pray for harmonious/good relationship in our family, guidance, hedge of protection, good health, wisdom & knowledge, joy, peace of mind.

  105. Eddie & Annette said

    EDDIE & ANNETTE CRUZ – please pray to deepen our prayer life, and to fulfill his plan to us; pray for guidance, hedge protection, good health, wisdom & knowledge and financial blessings.

  106. David Chiodo said

    Two whom it may concern:
    I’ve been dealing with curses and demonic attacks now for well over a decade. At first I thought it was a run of bad luck at first, but came to the realisation that it was being perpetrated against me i.e. my electronic equipment was being tampered with, valueables disappearing, clothing being ripped, stained or also disappearing, bedsheets being torn, car breaking down, feeling of complete vatigue, problems at work, working very hard with little or no payoff, being followed and photographed by unknown individuals, patches in walls and stains in carpets appearing from one day to the next, ables to see strange script or Arabic type written language in the texture of paint on walls, unpainted drywalls and in the “cottage cheese” coating on my ceilings and also incorporated in the stains in the carpets, “orbs” flying through the air going every which way on my infrared security camera monitor and now recently with the unexepected death of my beloved dog, Kodi. Over the past 10 years I’ve been studying this experience and at first I thought It was all a government experiment of mind control, but I knew there was more to it then that. Just recently, I discovered some evidence that definitively pointed to one person who called themselves “friend” as the main person who has been casting these curses and demonic attacks at me and I have gotten the needed prayers to protect myself. But do I need to protect the spirit of my passed on dog, Kodi? Is she being tormented, non stop, by demons? I need to know if there is a prayer to protect the spirits of our dearly departed if they were under demonic attack when they passed on.

    • Jessi said

      I would suggest getting into a bible believing church and having a good support system.. God has told me you havnt recieved the total filling of the Holy Spirit..If you read the bible at penticost the Holy Spirit was poured out in full and is your s to reieve if you have asked Jesus to be your savior and Believed in His testimony. I believe that animals are a creation of God to glorify Him and are a good gift from Him to show His glory..In the book of revelation it talks about how every cearture will worship the Lord and sing praises to Him!..I pray that the God of all peace and goodness will flood your heart with all wisdom and understanding. I pray that a migty move of Your love Father will go through and demolish alll demonic strongholds. I pray You wil give he discernment and freedom and the change of heart to truly believe that she has the mind Of You christ and show her to cast down every vain imagination tat sets itself up against your truth..amen..Thankyou Father for answering my prayer….remember that satan always trys to make himself look bigger than God…he is a lyar..Really get to know God ask Him to lead you into a bible study…the word of God is our sward! In the spiritual realm and Gods Word never ever returns to Him void!

  107. Jodi said

    Please agree in prayer for peace in my home and deliverance for my husband. He has been abusive for years and the abuse has included him forcing himself on me several times. Sometimes I would hear demonic thoughts/ voices threatening to hurt me right before he would hurt me. I would want to command the spirits to leave “in the name of Jesus” but most of the time I would freeze up and not be able to do much of anything or say anything once things got to a certain point. My husband says it is like something comes over him…and at other times he does not remember anything. He is born-again and so am I so I don’t think this is demonic possession but oppression.

    Also, there is a lady who follows us to whatever church we go to (she finds out and then shows up there) and spreads malicious lies about us to the pastoral staff. She is so convincing because she believes her own lies. I am praying for her deliverance and that she will get a life of her own and leave us alone. Please agree in prayer for this as well, if you will?

    Thanks, and God bless.


    • Jessi said

      You need a deliverance and you have authority over satan..he is trying to thwart the amaising plans God has for you and he only can if you let him..Jesus is lord..get into the word and take a stand. Fear is a Spirit that attacks your feelings! Do not allow your feelings to control the way you respond to fear…it is a lie that you freeze up…you have Jesus alive in you..I know God is going to use you for amaising things!wowowowowow…He is going to teach you so much for this and one day you will thank Him for this expierience…Just seek His face..become intaite with the Lord and take your focus off of the problem…I have been tru a simmalar expierience and I am free! Know that God is on your side! Be encouraged and respond the this problem by driving in deeper twith Him!

  108. David Chiodo

    Beloved you are being tormented by devils. My first question is are you a Christian? I don’t mean do you believe in God and His Son Jesus. I mean do you believe and live accordingly. Putting God first in all things. Rejecting all of the things of this world for His name sake.
    The reason I ask this is because you said,

    “Over the past 10 years I’ve been studying this experience and at first I thought It was all a government experiment of mind control, but I knew there was more to it then that.

    Beloved as a Christian we should be able to discern whether it is of God or not. The Holy Ghost will let you know whether you are walking right or not.
    Orbs, witchcraft, strange writings on the wall, things moving within our house are because at some point in your life you gave the devil permission, and if you have not confessed the Lord Jesus and believed in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, the devil already has permission because you are not born again.
    You see the devil legally has permission simply because you are not saved. All of these strange thing are meant to draw you away from the truth, by keeping you bogged down. The truth being Jesus and the blood he shed, and his defeat over the enemy. Pray and ask Jesus to be Lord of your life, and then totally submit to His will and way. Then you will have power to command these things to stop in the name of Jesus.

    you said: I need to know if there is a prayer to protect the spirits of our dearly departed if they were under demonic attack when they passed on.

    Sir this is not biblical. This ressembles ancestor worship practiced by many in the Asian culture and may be the reason you are experiencing these strange things in your home. You must deny all religions and practices, forsaking all for Jesus or the devil will continue to blind you by introducing different teachings and religion as the way to get rid him. He does not mind telling you to try this religion or that one, nor does he mind you calling out to Jesus, as long as you are not serving the one true God. This is the difference between thousands who call themselves Christians and those who yruly are Christians. One serves the master daily, the other doesn’t. One talks the talk, the other walks the walk. Only when walking right before the Lord do we have fellowship with him and are given authroity over these things in the name of Jesus.
    So the first thing you need to do is make him Lord of your life.

  109. Jodi Says;

    He has been abusive for years and the abuse has included him forcing himself on me several times.

    Abruse opens the door to the enemy. The devil’s permission came from his angry and abuse. This most likely started at a young age and continues till today, and will not stop until he learns to love the Lord more then himself. You see angry, abuse and hatred are problems with the flesh; the soulishness of man. It has all of the traits of the demon possessed.

    You said: My husband says it is like something comes over him…and at other times he does not remember anything. He is born-again and so am I so I don’t think this is demonic possession but oppression.

    His anger gave the devil permission to control his flesh and at times move against his mind. The two of you need to go on a fast together. From morning 8am. till noon with liquids only. Pray before beginning and as often as you can during. You may eat something like peanuts in between. Then for lunch eat fruit. While doing this avoid television, reading books, music other then gospel, or something that feeds the spirit, like preaching. For dinner eat light, soup maybe.
    After doing this for a week or so he should notice the Holy Spirit begininng to gain control because he is yielding to him. The way it has always been is either the devil controls or God, but we chose.

    You said: Also, there is a lady who follows us to whatever church we go to (she finds out and then shows up there) and spreads malicious lies about us to the pastoral staff. She is so convincing because she believes her own lies.

    This is very common for true believers. Nearly everyone here has had some kind experience with familiar spirits. They followed Paul proclaiming these men are servants of the Most High, so they will follow you too.
    Stay focused on the Lord and He will take care of her. You do what you have to, to maintain your relationship with the Father and God will deal with her as you pray for her. I hope this helps. I’m sure there are many others here who can give you some good advice. With Love.

  110. Beth Banchero said

    Please…I want to know whether or not Simcha is a Christian.
    Does he have a personal relationship with Christ; has he accepted the powerful work of our Savior who died for us, so that we might live?

    Those who are unstable in their faith need to know. He is a role model for people who have had one foot in relying on their own intelligence and one foot in faith; trusting God’s word without scientific proof, the Truth about Jesus Christ the King, The Messiah.

  111. Sarah said

    Prayer Request:
    My father-in-law has been struggling with Bi-Polar disorder for at least 20 years. His cycles are in 5 year periods. Right now he’s really struggling. I know it’s demonic and so does my husband. Right now my father-in-law believes he is led by God to be the savior of the world. He has lost his job, built a bunker and is expecting the end of the world. We live far and have not seen him since he’s started this episode. He needs prayer for a deliverance from the demons that are lying to him and claiming God’s name. Right now he’s in search for people who believe what he believes and wants to join him in what he calls a “war for god.” I believe he’s in search of other demons. Please pray for deliverance.

  112. sarahmrd said

    Plese pray for my family to be united in the love of Christ.

  113. Jane Holt said

    To ALL on this site: I hope you will join me in this prayer for our families and our Nation for this New Year of 2009:
    “May the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob bless us and our families with His richest blessings as we endeavor to have no other gods before Him and to love our God with all our souls and our minds and our strength…and our neighbors as ourselves.
    May God have mercy upon us and upon our Nation and its Leaders. May the God of all the Earth give guidance to all our Leaders that they will serve in their positions honorably and uprightly. May they have wisdom and guidance from Almighty God. Let their minds and spirits be open to righteousness and closed to evil. May every corrupt way be made known and nothing that would disturb the peace of our Nation be hidden.
    Send Your Light, O God, into the FBI, the CIA and the Homeland Security Agency and all law enforcement agencies in our Nation and uncover all plots against us. Send them Intelligence in supernatural ways and move on the hearts of those involved to open their mouths in confession. Let our enemies fall before us. Let the Angels of the Lord patrol our borders and give us Your divine protection, we pray.
    May we continue to stand with Israel, and we pray for the peace of Jeruselem. May Your covenant with Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and with King David be evident to the world. May Israel know her Messiah!
    Lord, we bow down and mourn for the sins of our Nation. Send, O Lord God our Righteousness, a rain of Holy Spirit conviction for sin across the United States of America. Help us in Your goodness to turn from our sins. Dispel the darkness over this Nation and cause us to walk in Your Light. Save us, O God! Have mercy, we pray, and save us. In the Name of Jesus, our Saviour. Amen and Amen.

  114. David L. Williams said

    Amen to Jane’s prayer.

  115. vinnie said

    do not fall in the trap of the evil, we can t say my church is better then your church.
    or my pastor has more power then yours.. don t let others lay hands on you unless
    you know the person. instead worring about casting devils, try to live like our
    jesus lived, let your spiritual eyes discern the good and the bad.
    when from your mouth comes out words of God, and your soul lives in the darkness ,we have a problem. donate your life to God,and we ll see his glory.

    live with a passion of christ and do the things that He tels you to do.

    we don t live all in Christ. whatch your finance,give it to the poor.the treasures are full, and the people are lost. Ill pray for the people who are lost in Christ
    please jesus take care of them. bless them, wash them with your blood.. thank you my Jesus. danke, thank you. grazie. amen

  116. Anga Bahadur Rokaya said

    Dear Pastor
    Greetings from Nepal

    I would like to very much thanks in the name of our almighty Lord Jesus,because He gave me opportunity learn about this ministry and share my prayer request our prayer partner who beloved the Jesus and do the remote area ministry.
    I am from remote area of Nepal and i have been doing the church ministry of nepal.
    Please prayer for the Nepal

    Thank you
    In His service

  117. Marta said

    hi I have a few comments to speak about,I am not sure if this is a gift or a talent,I hear spirits talk withing themselves I do not yield to the things they say although I am a strong christian woman thanks to Christ and His word and love for me and all of us,I do need some insight about this I would like to know what do you think of this and please email me back at

  118. Robert said

    I am from Mauritius, a tiny spot situated in the Indian Ocean. People in my country speak about America as if it were Heaven, where people are rich and happy, the american dream is a popular pharse.The world is copying American’s ways of life.

    But to my surprise when I go through different forums on the net, I realize that America is not the heaven on earth, So much sufferings, so much betrayals, so manyevils andsocial problems.

    Mauritius is renown in Europe as a tourist destination :the paradise of the Indian Ocean. Our country is not heaven on earth either. I have to come to the conclusion that America and Mauritius have a common problem : SIN.

    We profess to be born again christians but we are not livng according to the scriptures. We have returned to our old habits, we are sitting in the company of mockers, walking in the counsel of the wicked, feasting at the table of the enemies of the cross, making friends and becoming intimates of wicked people of the evil world. However Jesus says:whoever becomes friend of the evil world makes himself enemy of the living and true God.

    We have to choose : the world with its gifts and pleasures or JESUS. God has created us with a free will, we have to choose :Heaven or Hell.The clever choses Eternal Life which is found in JESUS only.
    God bless America, God Bless Mauritius.

  119. ken said

    I am going through a very difficult time in my life at present. It is affecting my whole family. My sisters are trying to sell the family home where I live with my family for over 22 years.I can’t go anywhere else because it is my home and I have can’t afford anywhere else. At present it is in the courts. Please pray that we can resolve this matter without going to court.Also there is somthing very important that i do not want the courts to find out.Please pray that God can do a miracle and resolve this serious matter. I have depression and many other medical conditions. I know my God can do miracles. I am begging please pray for me and my family to take me out of this dark hour of my life. Also please pray that we can stay in the house.I am really in fear and the joy has gone from me.I can’t sleep and worry 24/7 please ,please pray for this matter. My God is the God of Grace and mercy.
    God bless you.

  120. chris said

    I’m asking the saints to remember me in prayer, that I have a closer walk with the Lord, for my eyes to be opened, and my ears to hear, and for me to please Him, Thank You, God Bless, Chris

  121. peggy rickard said

    Please pray with me and for me that Jesse will keep me from falling again? I did spiritual warfare again today to get deliverence-vicoty and blessing from Jesus. Its just me and my 12 year old son Jesse. I am 52 and lived on a native rez 30 years. My 8 children and me lived a horrible existence with abuse of all types. I tried so hard to live right and kept falling. My estranged husband did some horrible things and my first child I had before We met. He sexually assaulted her. The years went by and I finally left 2 years ago. Jesse is the only one with me. I hurt so much and I go days at a time being oppressed and grieving. Pray Jesus will give a sure word. My life cant be at a stand still any more. I want and need a sure word to me. He needs to heal me and deliver and me and re-unite my children with me and Jesse. I want and I need the joy of the Lord and peace. I want to sleep and rest and stop grieving. Pray that He will give me a word through a Godly person or in a dream and I will know its from him to me. I need time to have the attacks cease in order to get my breath and have joy and victory. HELP by intercedeing for me and Jesse and those 7 other children.

  122. rachelle and her family said

    pray for my family please because when i was pregnant i found that i am hiv posotive but i know jesus can do everything doctors can’t do . my husband and i are positive and we have one daughter a gift from god all her exams are negative she will be tested again in may i know jesus wil make negative as well because we are praying every day for our healing . i know one day like today we will stand in a church to have a good testemony that we are healing from our mighty god.(we won’t give up upon him and won’t be discourage)

  123. francois said

    hi my name is francois.iam requesting prayer against spiritual warefare in my mind.i know what god has planned and instore for me.iam a born again christian for about 4 years now.hav been backsliding.came back to god in jesus name.i know he loves me and forgave me.the demon of lust
    try to lie cheat and steal from me.i want to follow my saviour.just need all of your prayers reading this mail.iam in this world but not from this world and jesus came to set us free and i want to be free from this srongholds.i want to spread my wings and fly like an eagle in jesus mind feels like its controlling me…..dirty thoughts and the thoughts get so bad that it want to go into action.i want to be released.


  124. Please pray for the Persecuted Church
    and for the Personhood Bill that protects the unborn at conception. Pray for this country, the United States
    of America.

    I covet your prayers for my family.
    Thank you.

  125. Sherry Lee said

    Peggy Rickard,
    I read your prayer request. I do not have a word for you from God. As In Thus Saith The Lord.

    But I can encourage you in the Lord. Be Strong In the power Of His Might! Put on the Whole Armor Of God that You will be able to stand against these attacks upon you. Put on your helment of salvation to protect your mind from the enemy attacks. God will restore you and your family. In some cases He works overnight….
    However, most times He brings about restoration one very small thing at a time. Some are very, very small and simple. Watch for them. And praise Him for the very, very small and simple.

    I pray peace to your mind and body. I pray strength into your very being In Christ Jesus. The joy of the Lord is your strength. I know it is hard to be joyful in times of dispare but take joy in Jesus Christ that He died for you and at the cross He defeated the enemy. Sing praises to Him in your mind or aloud. He is worthy to be praised.

    WE must be like the guys in the firey furnace Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego. MY GOD IS WELL ABLE TO DELIVER, BUT IF HE DOES NOT I WILL WORSHIP HIM ANYWAY! For He is God!

    I know what I am talking about. Right now I am knee–deep in battle myself. Count it all joy. I know it is hard but it is to be counted as joy to suffer like Jesus. You will come out of the furnace! No burns! Not even smelling like smoke! God heard your prayer. He knows all about your situation. Have faith, trust Him! He has not forsaken you, nor forgot you. You are the Apple of His eye! He loves you with a everlasting love. His banner over you is love! Trust Him, He is the Faithful One, The Risen Lamb Of God!
    Be Blessed,
    Sherry Lee

  126. peggy rickard

    The word is forgiveness. It all begins and ends there. I have read your post and understand your pain. Yet the word of God commands forgiveness. Healing, peace and deliverance begin there.
    Then you can begin to seek God concerning the repair of your family.

    You said:

    I need time to have the attacks cease in order to get my breath and have joy and victory.

    Beloved God gets his glory when you endure and overcome. Your victory is proof He is with you and is alive and working in your life. Thousands of us endure these hardships to the point of death.
    But I remind you of this. When Jesus was in the garden praying “Father if it were possible, let this cup pass, nevertheless, not my will, but thy will.” He was not trying to side step the cross, he even said “for this reason I was born.” He was asking the Father to not let the pressing upon him stop him from making it to the cross. The pressing was so that it could have caused a heart attack right there where he knelt and prayed.
    Each of us has a daily pressing. And from this we are made to shine. So endure in the name of Jesus and do as he did. Amen.

    • Peggy Rickard said

      I just want to thank you and also Sherrie for replying. I really want to have that peace. You mentioned forgivness-I do know I need to forgive. I am hopeful that my God will touch the lives of my 8 children and 5 grands. I have never felt worthy of God’s love and I know in my mind that no one is worthy. I have high hopes that Jesus will have complete mercy on my family. I have an estranged husband that needs to be saved. I dont know if its Gods will that we will re-unite but I dont feel much for him. Too many things going on it makes my head spin. Thanks to both of you.

  127. francois

    You are dealing with the greatest battle a man or woman faces. The battle between the soul and the spirit. The soul pulls toward the things of this world, while the spirit seeks the things of God. The soul must be brought under subjection. How?
    Renew the mind daily through the study and application of the Word of God. It is not enough to read the bible, one must do what is written there.
    These thoughts will never stop. Every man has thoughts of sex, and wild night out on the town. God placed in man a sexual desire that went out of control when he fell in the garden. But Jesus gave you what you need to have victory over it. The word. Once applied and walking in it, you should have such a love for God that you will simply say no when these thoughts come. I have said no everyday of my walk. No to lust, when a see a shapily young lady. No to drugs when I have a hard day. No to a strong drink when the taste comes up in my mouth. The flesh would have me say yes, but the spirit says no.
    One less thing. Our soul will either witness for us or against us when we stand before God. It will either say you resisted, or you gave in when it attempted to get control. God bless.

  128. Crisann said

    I am from India, Bombay. Crisann is my daugher of age 2 years old. She get fiets/ convulsions during the full moon days & no moon days due to which her physical developement is weak & frail. she is not still speaking, not holding her neck not sitting or standing. Her brains have effected because of the fiets & her eyes have become squint. She cannot understand or learn anything due to clogged senses. A lot or medication is being done right from the begining. Jesus is the Doctor & Healer, Please please pray for her good health of physical body & soul. Praise the Lord.

  129. Crisann

    Jesus said this kind cometh out by prayer and fasting. God has given you authroity over this but many Christians don’t know they have it. Still, we must be in position.
    Begin fasting and praying.
    Jesus was able to command sickness and devils to leave because he was always in touch with God and walking in the spirit.
    We must do likewise by bringing our sin nature under subjection before we can command them to leave.
    A dear preacher told a devil to leave and it said no. You’re to full, it said. So he began fasting for a week. Then he returned, commanded it to leave and the devil left with no problem.

  130. Cy said

    Desperately need sleep. Something medically wrong with me that i cannot sleep any night of the week. Sleeping pills stopped working (they had been a last resort). Frequent chronic back pain also, but can’t sleep even when it’s absent. Body is shutting down due to exhaustion. Have had extreme insomnia for 10+ years and trouble sleeping for over 16. Circadian ryhthm is all messed up and it is not unsual for me to go weeks on no sleep or as little as 3 hours in an entire week. Have been unable to work and no one to support me. Doctors have been no help. My condition is beginning to seem a lot like Fatal Insomnia or Sporadic Fatal Insomnia, only I have been suffering this a lot longer than that is known for.

  131. fernando said

    Please pray for the Lord’s Divine my life is a mess someone send lots of demons in to my life i lose my job lose my friends ….etc at the moment i dont have money my mother and my father is the one that is give-me food please pray for my life to be better please

  132. JERRY said


    • David L. Williams said

      Jerry, know you are not alone in this. If you go to the thread titled, “Demon of the Day, Incubus and Succubus” you will find others with the same problem. We have been praying for others there, and we will be glad to do the same for you. Our posts are near the end of the thread. DavWms

    • Cy said

      Jerry, dont be hurt or offended by this but I have to wonder if you are truly saved if you say you were “saved” way back in 1974 but still have demons and STILL struggle with porn and homosexuality here in 2009. I mean, wow, that is 35 years! There was obviously no real repentance and repentance is the sign of true salvation. Just because you had some emotional experience at some weirdo’s false revival doesnt mean anything. I urge you to check out They have some short but excellant videos by preachers there, about how to know if you are truly saved, and there is also one on homosexuality.

      Please don’t be hurt, I’m speaking softly, gently, not critically or judgementally. And there is GREAT hope for you if you find out that all these problems can be eliminated if you get saved and were just under a false assurance all this time. Check the website out. It’s real good stuff.

    • jburger said

      never ‘at the end’ when one Trusts truly in The LORD, and follows His Word, if need be repents, but allows Him to Transform! praise God PLGB Amen!

  133. Yvonne said

    God loves you all, embrace that love as it is yours given freely to all who believe.
    I thank you My LORD Jesus Christ for leading my way
    I ask that you please help all who need you in their lives
    and to guide all who have found your bright light to help
    those lost to be illuminated with your love and forgiveness
    I love and thank you My Loving Saviour Jesus Christ

  134. peggy rickard said

    My son Jesse had another seizure last frisay and then at school today. I and Jesse need so much help from Jesus. I am asking him to help quiet mine and Jesses world in order to hear Jesus voice. We both have nervous disorders and restlessness. I know Jesus can speak to us in dreams-by a special word from a child of his-through an email. I know Jesus can send angels to minister to me and Jesse. I want my Saviour to speak to me in that still quiet voice or through the mail. It is a restlessness of not knowing where to call home. We want and need those 6 children who were so close to us. An aatack of the enemy came against us and nearly destroyed us untill Jesus said enough. I hope some special sister or brother in Jesus will say to us : God told me to say this for you and Jesse. I know he has someone out there some where who will intercede and give us comfort.We so much also need a Native American Christian to connect with us. We are a Native family and I know a clean pure wholly NA servant that God has him or her or both to reach to Jesse and me-PRAY DEAR FAMILY of GOd- that he will fill that void in our heart. We are you SISTER and BROTHER IN JESUS-PEGGY and JESSE

  135. John Kaniecki said

    I’d like to thank God for a new job.



  136. Raquel Mendoza said

    If you can pray and come into agreement with me for my mom because she has cancer in the neck going up to the throat if you can pray for her healing and for my strength. Thank You

  137. Jaisimman Sambasivam said

    Please pray that I be delivered from witchcraft attacks launched by an evil socerer named Elaivani Ramasamy @ Raman and her sister Revathy Ramasamy@ Raman who known to engage in black magic, witchcraft and voodoo practices in Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.
    They try inflict physical pain, damage to my internal organs by by using gaseous demonic spirit that is present in body that acts to harm resist ousting. I praying the Lord Jesus Christ will answer by prayer and deliver from malefic act of this evil sorcerers.

    • Remember, greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world. Devils attack and deceive to gain ground. Don’t let them have it. All the witchcraft in the world is no match for a born again, bought with the blood saint. This is all you need to do. Just say no, in Jesus name. Sound simple because it is. I’ve been where you are and that was all I had to do, and that is all the bible tells us to do, because we don’t fight in a battle that is already won, we stand.

  138. Seth said

    I typed up a very important private prayer request in a Word document, and I was going to ask several prayer chains to pray that it would be answered, without showing them the request, but a part of it has gotten lost! I was very careful with my wording; God still knows what I typed, and I haven’t finished it yet. Please pray that God will answer this prayer request, and pray for guidance in finishing it, and pray that God will fully answer the rest of it.

    • Seth. Time is short. The enemy of very busy today and he has stepped up his attack against the saints hoping to wear them down. Look at your problem and face it asking God to help you. Chain letters are really a lack of faith. Sure there are times we need others to pray for us, but most of all we need the master’s touch. Seek him with everything with you. Fast if you must. Whatever it takes to remain in relationship with God, you must be willing to do.

  139. Debbie said

    Please pray for salvation for Manuel and that God would lead him to a healthy church. Thankyou.

  140. peggy rickard said

    Thank you for praying and for answering me. I will do my best with the Lord’s help to do what is right. I do however need a healing. I went to the hospital 3 days ag with high fever and tonsilitus and strep. They put me on I.V. for a while and a double shot of penicilin and I still have a huge neck from infection. Fever is still high and I can only lay on the couch. I need a healing. Praise the Lord–Peggy–also Jesse needs to be delivered from seizures that came on suddenly.

  141. Yvonne said

    God loves us all so much he gave his son to us so that we may have eternal life through Jesus Christ Our Saviour.
    That love is great and can heal and comfort us no matter what we are going through at this moment and he will help you.

    Please close your eyes with me and ask him to come into your life, ask him to wash you clean of all your sins, ask him for his sweet forgiveness and then ask him to help you,ask for guidance on what to do in your situation and ask him to help you to become the person he wants you to be, to glorify his name in all you do and in all you speak, showing others the power of his glory and love for you and them,have faith that he will hear you,believe in him as he believes in each and everyone of you.

    I love you all and have said aloud each one of your names as I went through the posts and read your needs out to God, I prayed for each one of you to have comfort and to feel his love most powerful, as I did this I saw sparrows and doves flying above me and I feel that it is a special meaning to one or more of you here… please know that love is all around you all you have to do is believe in Jesus name

  142. jerome pierce said

    HI! My name is Jerome Pierce a born again Christian of 20 plus years now but I’m going thru living hell & losing my mind because of the Satan & demons or evil spirits that are coming at me every day of my life I’m homeless, hopeless no job, separated from my wife for over 5 yrs now Linda don’t want me back unless I’d get a good paying job. I’d e-mail people they tell me to hang on have faith in Jesus & GOD but its hard to hold on to this insane way that I’m living for over 5 years now today. I’m moving again for seems like 6 or 7 times relocating from city to city every other month state to state across country & that is insane to kept moving from town to town. I’d now living in long beach California but I’ll be relocating to San Diego California by this Sunday morning may 10 coming I’d praying for my spirit & cause I’m tired mentally & spiritually need people that will take this message as calling out foe help for my mind & soul & spirit my cell phone id you want to call me is 310-279-8943 & e-mail is Thanks bro Jerome

    • Jerome. The enemy attacks the mind wtih flashes of thought, pictures that are ungodly and wearing away at the mind, which produce a lack of sleep and energy.
      Why is he doing this? He wants permission to have you. When you give in to these evil thoughts you’re saying okay, you have me.
      Every battle we face is in the mind yet so many Christians don’t understand this is where we fight.
      He takes away your job, your wife, your children all to drive you to the end, and then you are of no use to the Father. Begin to serve God where you are. If you are on the street, Take your bible open it and began talking to others about the Lord. Beloved, we don’t fight the same way the world fights. We fight by doing the will of God even when we been kicked down. This I know to be true. If you take care of God’s business, he’ll take care of your business.

  143. JoAnn said

    Please pray that God will remove the Jezebel spirit from church and home. Her name is Judy,

  144. Renee Callicott said


    I went through the same things you are experiencing. My past sin led me into that bondage. It was horrible! I was in this bondage for five years. I am now free and am closer to God than I never thought imaginable. I did a lot of praying and rebuking the devil and I had a lot of people praying for me. For so long I didn’t feel God’s presence very strong. All I seemed to do was fight Satan, but I persevered. I still don’t understand why I had to go through that horrible torment and I wish I could explain it to you. Make sure your heart is right and seek God earnestly, he will deliver you. Satan has already lost the war and he will ultimately lose this battle, just trust in God and he will deliver you. He really is all powerful. I’ll be praying for you and I suggest you try fasting and praying. God honors that. Remember how you deal with this tribulation will determine how long you stay in it so try to be as holy as possible. And for goodness sakes don’t get angry with God, it’s not his fault! I’ll be praying for you.

    Your sister in Christ,


  145. Brad and Gina said

    My wife of 15 years and I are both christians. We have 5 children all ours together.
    She has filed for divorce on the grounds of a breakdown of our marriage. I do not want a divorce. She is upset and I am going along with it to protect myself. I would like counseling with her. She received counsel from a lead astray pastor and his wife to go ahead with the divorce. They have not coiunseled her to try to work it out. I don’t believe this is in God’s will. I would like the lord to speak to me and my wife and that me and her only receive counsel from Him. Thanks you for praying for this.

  146. Jessica said

    hello, i think the spirit of gluttony is cheating me.. i eat and eat every day.. since 2 weeks i gained so much weight and i dont know what to do, how to pray. i had communion by myself and proclaimed the power of the cross.. i believe that im healed and free through the blood of jesus christ.. but i cant come out of this..what can i do? please pray for me..

  147. Elin said

    Hello, i do not know if i im possesed or have evil spirits around me. But i have bin very down, i tack medecine and go to a psyciatist for my fobieas. I have Asperger’s Disorder, ADHD and Deep Depression, and Fobia for decises. It started around 4-5 years ago. I was very intressted in the dark arts, i did not practis it but i read a lot about it, and 2 years ago i did my first ritual to the darknes, it vas also my last, that one realy sceard me, but after that i have only ben more sic, depresst and dont know hove to find god. I ned a prayer ore somthing, so that i can find god…

    • Have you accepted Jesus as your Lord? Not just with words, but a heart changing, acceptance that changed the way you live. You own words show you need to repent of the sin you have committed. One act, ritual or act as you call it, opened you up to the realm of darkness. Now you feel like you are loosing your mind. Depression, ADHD and fobias; all acts of the soul, where you are in torment. My friend turn to God. Speak aloud rejecting the devil, and the sin you have allowed in your life, then continue to resist. Ask the Father to cleanse you of this, so you can serve him. It may seem like nothing is happening, but that is all a lie. Walk in God’s healing even when you don’t feel like it, because the feeling (soulishness) are what the devil uses to deceive us, keeping us trapped.

  148. Diane said

    you said you believe your free, then turned around and said you cant come out of this. I don’t believe you have a spirit of gluttony, but I believe you have what a lot of people struggle with, and that’s a love for food. Keep praying, but add to your prayers more physical exercise, fresh air, and a healthier diet. Pray about your reasons for turning to food, giving every unpleasant circumstance to Jesus, allowing the Holy Spirit to be your healing balm (this is something we’ll always have to do :)). Find hobbies that honor God to keep you busy and your mind off of food. Don’t listen to the enemies lies, it is never to late to start. With God all things are possible!

  149. Diane said

    Elin, have you called on Jesus for help? Jesus is above all principalities and can calm your fears. As you begin to trust Him with each concern you will find His freedom and peace. It may happen immediately or it may take years depending on our trust in each situation, but He is faithful to all who call upon Him.

  150. Please pray for myself Ethelyn ,and my two sons Demetrius, and Davids financial situation, homeless situation, Employment situations, safety and our salvation and lives.It seems someone or something are triying to keep us down and out. Please pray for our legal problems as well .Thanks Ethelyn

  151. Devon said

    Dear Brethren, please pray for me and my family…my Daddy passed into the arms of our Precious Savior today and we rejoice for how good God is….but of course we that remain are in sorrow for this brief parting!!

    I’m so thankful to Jesus Christ….I had prayed for 18 years for Dad and he came to the Lord late in his life….I treasure Matthew 20 and the Parable of the Vineyard Owner…Dad came late to the Lord but nonetheless recieved his Heavenly reward like all other believers!

    Bless you all Brethren and continue praying for your loved ones!!

    Devon in Alberta

  152. Diane said

    may God’s peace and rich blessings be upon your family. My father also gave his life to the Lord late in life, and at this time, we don’t know how much longer we’ll have him physically here with us. God bless you

  153. Devon said

    Bless you Sister…I pray the Savior’s comfort for you and your family….Oh Death where is your victory, Oh Grave, where is your sting….


  154. John Kaniecki said


    You are in our prayers.



  155. Devon said

    Thank you Brother John….I don’t know why Jesus is good to me and my family but he is and I remain forever thankful for rescuing me and my Daddy…


  156. Paula said

    I am asking for prayers for my best friend Elaine Shand. She was diagnosed two years ago with breast cancer, but with medication, chemotherapy and radiation we thought that she was healed, however it has returned in a very aggresive way. I am asking everyone within the reach of this mail to pray for her healing and that the lLord will console her as she goes through this terrible time.
    I am also asking for prayers for my mother Albertha Williams who has dementia, i am claiming a reversal of this disease and that her children will be once again able to communicate with her.

  157. Diana said

    I am asking for your prayers in the things I consider spiritual warfare my husband and I both are experiencing together, for about 6 months with now being of the worst I have yet to note. I have recently turned my life back over to the Lord again. I’ve been a christian since 12 yrs old when I was saved and am 36 now. My husband is also but has only been saved through prayer with his grandmother as witness in leading him. He has not been baptized but wants to be and although I have recently been to church again for the first time in years, he has not gone yet with me and I then, quit, no excuses made here. Then we came to the notion that we need the Lord in our lives, it is obvious he is working in them but we must begin our steps in doing our parts first. We also just recently had our first child whom we consider the greatest blessing ever. My husband does, without fail, read the word of God every night before bed (I have lacked discipline in this area). I realize the power of evil that exists when one is moving closer to the Lord and when 2 people are taking a stand together uniting their home with the armor of God. I also know how evil likes to present itself in subtle ways initially and soon enough, if the subtle is not enough, more extreme the ways are of which you begin to notice. This is where we are and I am not overcome with it mentally but would like for those who read this to pray for us in casting out Satan and all of his that he employees. I have rebuked him as my husband has, in Jesus name. I have confessed to the Lord, that I have sinned prayed that each of my sins be forgiven and so I may have slate clean and be cleansed by His Spirit. I have prayed that I am giving all of my burdens to Him, they are his to do with as he sees fit, that His will for my life is what I want and to let me stand strong and have ears in which to listen to his guidance and direction. I have done all of this and more and so has my husband and I’m not sure that anything is going away. What does this mean? It lurks within our home, outside it and makes itself an ever present stain that our eyes have no choice in to see or not. It’s a visual type presence that at first I was frightened by until I began to realize what it truly was and it surely makes you realize what forces that good and evil have, their power, and all of which happens around you and you never actually “SEE” the force at work only it’s evidence it leaves for you. By this I mean, we were looking at pics we took of our son and noticed something strange, and before we could blink a second time, it was being seen through not just the one picture but every picture we own, in albums, hanging on our walls, it was holographic type in nature but not as if computer generated or drawn, as if it was there truly, and images were initially small like facial and after a week of this torment, we now try to not even look at them, but how? See, now they are bigger, having almost, some, taken new stance in photo or become more pronounced unable to miss. They are present in photos taken 20 years ago or even at someone else’s house, no matter, every time, without difficulty in finding, they are there and demonic some in how they look. Mean creatures or skull like, just Evil. This is Satan, correct? On top of this text tends to sometimes spell out in the photos through use of whatever in the photo, (trees, water, clouds) And it seems we are both experiencing the exact same even looking at the walls in our home and notice texture having looked pronounce and to spell in bubble like letters and always the same letters…seems as though it may attempt to spell Jesus (not to made out super clear) then possibly Lives or Saves (not clear still) and there has been the phrase EVIL GAMES, EVIL, and SATIN made to read very clear. What in the world is this? Is this extreme? I think too extreme and there is slightly more but I’m going to stop at that and allow you to take this in and I will just pray myself, that I have not embarrassed myself and that people do not think I am CRAZY, it’s truly for real and while I can imagine how it sounds…please know this. You never know where Evil is lurking and you could be who he chooses next if you consider me to be anything but truthful. I am a strong christian and I believe spiritual warfare is amongst us and evil does absolutely whatever, by whatever means in order to lure and uses what might spark the lure to come his way and sometimes, it never seems it could be such a thing and you can’t be swayed but you can be and way before you realize what is happening. I would like my sense of what I considered normal back and for this awful thing to be gone from our home and to be able to photograph my son without my eyes roaming over it to make sure I don’t see what is evil and shown itself to me before. Showing in my sons photoss!!!! This is Satin and no other!! Please pray for Jeff/Diana and son and I thank you. Any responses to relate to me and this exp. would be helpful or scripture or thoughts and opininons I welcome.

  158. Beloved where evil abounds, grace doth that much more abound.
    Where you find darkness you will shatter it with the light of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
    The two of you are at war, and the enemy knew your life would come to this at an early age, hence, the photos with evil seen in the them years ago. He lurks and seeks to stop a decision to serve the Lord God. And he does this in just the way you a mentioning.

    First do not focus on what the enemy does, but what God is doing in your life. This is a trick of his, to get attention, making your serve to God useless.

    Secondly, there are things that you and your husband must do, and past articles tapes, books, records, sexual items, lustful pictures and things like old swords, wind chimes, horseshoes over the door, asian idols, to include sword, knives etc. Some items the enemy has permission to attach himself to, thereby giving him premission to be in your home, even after you command him to leave. You unwilling may be letting him in.


    There are physical, soulish, and spiritual “feelings. Evil spirits can inject feelings into either of these departments. Their aim is to move the man by “feelings” to substitute these for the action of his mind, so that the believer is governed by the deceiving spirits through his feelings. Also to substitute feelings for the conscience in its recognition of right and wrong. If believers “feel” they can do a thing, they do it, without asking whether it be right or wrong, if it is not visibly sinful. For victory over the deceitful enemy, it is essential that the children of God cease to be guided by “feelings” in their actions.

    Again: If believers in any course of action “feel relief,” they think that sense of relief is a sign that they have been doing God’s will. But a man gets rest when his work is done, not only in the spiritual, but in ordinary life. A “sense of relief” in any line of action, is no criterion that it is in the will of God. The action must be judged by itself, and not merely by its effects upon the doer of it. For instance, a believer says he “felt happy” after doing such and such a thing, and that it was “a proof that he was doing the will of God”; but peace and rest and relief are no proof at all of being in God’s will. Believers also think that if they do some action that the devil wants them to do, they will “feel condemned” at once, but they overlook the fact that Satan can give pleasant feelings.

    There are innumerable variations of feelings caused by evil spirits, from countless attacks, and countless false suggestions, which call forth all the spiritual discernment of the believer, and his understanding of spiritual things, to recognize them.


    The devil as a Tempter very quickly becomes the Accuser, even if he does not succeed in getting the man to yield to his temptations. As we have seen, deceiving spirits can cause apparent “sin” to be manifested to the consciousness of a believer, and then lash and accuse the man for their own workings. They counterfeit some sin, which may be called with sadness, “my besetting sin,” in the believer’s life; and as long as it is believed to be sin from the evil nature, no “confessing” or seeking victory over it, will cause it to pass away. They can also hide behind real sin.

    A sense of guiltlessness does not necessarily lead to absolute happiness, for even with the peace of conscious innocence there may be suffering, and the suffering have its source in some sin which is not known. Walking by known light, and measuring his guiltlessness by his knowledge of known sin, is very dangerous to him who desires a fathomless peace, for it leads only to superficial rest, which may be disturbed at any moment by the attacks of the Accuser, who directs his darts to a joint in the armour of peace, hidden from the believer’s view.

    For obtaining victory over the Deceiver’s accusing spirits, spiritual believers should, therefore, understand clearly whether any consciousness of sin, is the result of real transgression, or is caused by evil spirits.If the believer accepts the consciousness of sin, as from himself, when it is not, he at once leaves his position of death to sin, and reckons himself alive to it. This explains why many who have truly known victory over sin by the “reckon” of Romans 6: 11, surrender their basis, and lose the position of victory; because the Accuser has counterfeited some manifestation of “self” or “sin,” and then accused the man of it, with the taunt that ” Romans 6 does not work,” and by this device made him surrender his basis of victory, causing him to fall into confusion, and condemnation, as into a pit of miry clay and darkness.


    On the other hand, if the believer in the slightest degree is tempted to treat sin lightly, or attribute it to evil spirits when it is from himself, he is equally on false ground, and lays himself open to the old fallen nature regaining mastery over him with redoubled force. The warfare against Satan must be accompanied with a vigorous, unflinching warfare against sin. Any known sin must not be tolerated for a moment. Whether it be from the fallen nature, or from evil spirits forcing it into the man, it MUST BE CAST OFF AND PUT AWAY; on the basis of Rom. 6: 6 and 12.

    Two misconceptions which give great advantage to the watching enemy are the thoughts in many believers’ minds, that if a Christian commits sin he will at once (1) know it himself, or (2) that God will tell him. They, therefore, expect God to tell them when they are right or wrong, instead of seeking light and knowledge according to John 3: 21.

    Believers seeking victory over all the deceptions of the enemy, must take an active part in dealing with sin. Based upon a wrong conception of “death” they may have thought that God would remove sin out of their lives for them, with the result that they have failed to actively co-work with Him in dealing with evil, within and in their environment, in others and in the world.

  159. Matt said

    Blessings, can you keep alive in your prayers Matt,s 09 prayer Journal 3 prayer Journal 3, In Jesus Christ Name Amen,Thanks

  160. Edna said

    Please agree with me in prayer for my fiancee’ whom is requesting a bid on his job to work from 3pm – 11:30pm we are trying to plan our marriage, but the Post Office is trying to make him quit before he retires next year he is now working from 5pm – 1:30am in the morning, and it is hard for him to receive the proper rest he needs to function he is tired all the time, and this job is wearing him down. We plan to get married between this year and before the end of next year. I have just started working two weeks and would like to purchase a Honda Pilot 2009 car for transportation I have been paying hacks and other people for the last two years for where I had to go I’m a faithful tithe and offer payer from my first fruits. I have been faithfuldevoted, and loyal to God and plan to continue to stay that way for the rest of my life. We both love each other very much and want to spend the rest of our life together. He is 52 years old and I’m 55 years old this year. Please agree that God bless us with favr with everything we touch and set out to do. His son is on PCP please agree with us that God will deliever him from this drug and rebelling against his dad. My fiancee’ has been an unconditional dad to Jeffrey Jr.

    God bless you all

  161. Edna said

    Please take my last name out.

  162. John said

    I am a sinner that feels lost! From the day I was born I feel God has placed his hand against me. I was given up for adoption and not adopted till I was 5, (sometimes I wished I had been aborted). Now he has punished my son for all my sins of the past which is not fair to him! I rather God send me to hell and let my son live normal. Sometimes I think God is a MF because he just screws me, that is why I have even shot at churchs sometimes. I pray hard to stop the adultery I am committing but I seem to get no help, does Jesus even listen? I am lost and very depressed, it seems God, Jesus, and the holy Spirit does not care. I do not know if a demon is within me because I was so lost one time I offered my soul to the devil but Satan seemed to refuse it also. I feel like I am in Limbo and praying does not help! I need help before I find a gun or car accident to be very attractive!

    • John said

      Pray for me that I can find Jesus and God: and that I learn how to pray and not just kill time. Pray for my son (David) to get better and become functional so he can survive in the world before the Liberals want to kill him, all the sick, and old people. Pray for my wife and I that we learn how to pray together to help be a good Christian family!

    • Denise Hill said

      Dear John,
      My husband read your prayer request to me and I felt moved to answer you. We both were deeply moved by your angst, and want you to know that we have begun to pray for you. But instead of just saying we’ll pray, I want to share some things that I pray will encourage your heart.

      Because our battle is not with flesh and blood, it sounds to be like something has been operating in your life to tell you that you’re not worth it. But God says exactly the opposite and although you don’t feel it or see it, it remains truth because God cannot lie. Dear Lord, you have said in your Word that You redeem our souls when we put our trust in You (Psalm 34:22). I pray that John would have faith in you to redeem his soul from negative emotions. May he never be controlled by depression, anger, anxiety, jealousy, hopelessness, fear, or suicidal thoughts. Specifically I pray about his feeling that You have placed Your hand against him. Deliver John from this and all other controlling emotions (Psalm 40:17). I know that only You can deliver and heal, so please use other Godly people in John’s live s instruments of healing and restoration. Free him to share his deepest feelings with others who can help. Liberate him to cry when he needs to and not bottle his emotions inside. At the same time, give him the gift of laughter and ability to find humour even in serious situations. Teach John to take his eyes off circumstances and trust in You, regardless of how he is feeling. Give him patience to possess his soul and the ability to take charge of it (Luke 21:19). Anoint him with the “oil of joy” (Isa. 61:3), refresh him with Your Spirit and set him free from negative emotions this day.

      John, may you come to know how precious you are to God, and that the spirit of adoption will rise up in you and you will say “Abba Father!”

      There are some things only God can do, but as for the adultery, that is up to you to flee from sin. God won’t do that for you. Repent before it’s too late please my dear brother.

      Jesus came into the world to bring deliverance to the captives, to loose those who are bound by Satan, to set at liberty all those who are bruised, to restore sight to the blind, to destroy the works of the devil, and to peach the acceptable year of the Lord. May the blood of Jesus and the work on Calvary bring liberty to all those areas of bondage, and may they be broken in His powerful name today….and forevermore. Amen

  163. sarah said

    Father, I ask that You start to reveal to me more and more the sins that separate me from you through, weakness, through my own deliberate fault and ask for Your forgiveness. Help me to grow more and more into the likeness of Christ and to trust You in all things.

    As we meet together tomorrow I ask that You give me patience, love, protection, understanding and forgiveness and that Your will be done.amen

  164. Peggy Rickard said

    I hope that soon things will be clearer for me concerning my Savior and living right. I want to know his heart on a decision. I do know that relatioships were left in the terrible situation I left them in and now my children are wanting me to come back to them. I have to know what God’s heart is on this and very quickly. To be fair-I have about a week to let the people envolved know what I should do. My 13 year old son doesnt know what he wants.Is God a God of reconciliation? We have been seperated from the rest of the kids for 3 years. I know hard times are coming for quickly. Would it be better to have financial help from the older brothers? So many questions-so many answers needed.

  165. Jack said

    I really need prayer i just cannot get to God anymore. I am pretty scared, because when i pray i do not think God hears me anymore. I do not have love for anyone anymore and cannot feel basic emotions. I am very depressed and spends most of my time sleeping. I have a hard time concentrating and even holding a conversation with someone. Please pray that i will be forgiven and GOd will be merciful to me. I am scared that i have no more chance and I am a reprobate. Please anybody that can help!!!

    • (You said): I really need prayer i just cannot get to God anymore.

      Beloved God has not gone anywhere, He is right there next to you.

      (Your comment): I am pretty scared, because when i pray i do not think God hears me anymore.

      There are times when we go through a season where it feels like God is not there. It is during these times we must remember serving God is not about a feeling. If we wait to feel good about serving the Lord then we will never serve Him because we will never feel good enough to serve.

      (You also said): do not have love for anyone anymore and cannot feel basic emotions. I am very depressed and spends most of my time sleeping.

      You are unde attack by a silent enemy who is stealing your joy and attempting to crush your relationship with God by using your feelings against you.

      The next statement shows satan at work: I have a hard time concentrating and even holding a conversation with someone.

      To detect the working of evil spirits upon the mind, you may notice sudden “flashes,” “suggestions,” or apparent “thoughts” arise, not in sequence, or in orderly connection with the work he has in hand, then the enemy may be counterfeiting the operation of the person’s own mind, and trying to insert his suggestions into it (your mind) as if they were the outcome of the your own thinking; for when you are in the process of thinking, the lying spirits seek to inject some thought, suggestion or (feelings) the first into the mind, and the last into the spirit.

      The Deceiver has two ways of putting thoughts into the mind:

      (1) By direct communication to the mind, and (2) indirect, by attacks on the spirit, causing undesirable feelings there, such as impatience through the attacks, which produce impatient thoughts in the mind, followed by impatient words.

      The believer has a sense of being hindered persistently by some unseen obstacle, for the evil spirit beings suggest a certain action to him, and then when he attempts it, he is hindered, causing in him a sense of irritation for which he cannot account. Nothing he does seems to “go right,” and his life seems made up of “pin-prick” troubles, too much for him to bear, causing a sense of moroseness and discontent which grows upon him in spite of himself.


      Herein lies the real cause of depression as experienced by many believers, apart from purely physical conditions. The victim of depression has admitted thoughts suggested by the deceiving spirits, until the mind is unable to shake them off, or else the enemy has obtained such a footing, that he holds the mental faculties in a grip, so that they cannot act. He feels as though they were in a vice, or weighted with some heavy pressure which obscures all light of truth, and prevents him grasping the facts around him, or using his reason at all. The malignant powers of darkness ofttimes succeed in keeping those who have given them opportunity to get them into their grip under the most harassing clouds and shadows. They rejoice over their own wicked deeds, and love to bind their victims, and keep them in bondage.

      This is truly the “oppression” of the enemy (Ps. 42: 9), and is the outcome of the earlier stages of the attacks of deceiving spirits upon the mind, which could have been quenched had they been dealt with at the beginning.

      That the enemy takes advantage of any mental feebleness, or overstrain, or disease, is, of course, to be recognized; but in persons of normal health, with no disease of the mind, inherited or induced, much of the “depression” may be attributed to the inroads of the enemy, through ground given(you giving in to him by your own will) unconsciously at some previous time.

      Stay on your knee’s in prayer. Ask God to remove the cloud of darkness around you. Repent for not noticing what the enemy was doing a taking step to cause it to stop. Then walk in the word even if you don’t feel like it.

      • peggy rickard said

        Rev Williams–what is it when I wake up in terror? What is it when several times a day I get a flash of thought that is a terrible feeling. It is all in one a combination of fear-grief-sowwow- regret. I pray aginst it all the time. It isnt as bad as it was but is still there. A psychiatrist diagnosed me with Post Traumatic Stress Disrder and Pani attack. Said I probably had it all my life and that My domestic violence cause it to come out all at once. I know it is spiritual.

        • Peggy

          Sudden flashes of thought, or suggestions that come to mind, mostly not in sequence, or without order, occur when the enemy may be counterfeiting the operation of your own mind, and trying to insert his suggestions into it as if they were the outcome of your own thinking; for when you thinking, or sleeping the evil spirits seek to inject some thought, suggestion or feeling, (the key word is feelings) first into the mind, and the last into the spirit, are busy robbing you of peace of mind in Christ Jesus.

          I grew up an abused child. And have also been diagnosed with PTSD from my military years. I dealt with it through forgiveness. I forgave others, and I forgave myself as God forgave me for the thoughts I allowed to enter into my mind unchecked.

          Beyond this the danger is when the believer becomes ensnared by the working of his own mind. That is the mind embracing the evil spirit’s pictures or visions, which he thinks come from his own thoughts. They are very refined suggestions which have no appearance of being supernatural, or even distinct from the person at all.

          By communication to the mind the devil causes undesirable feelings.
          Through these activities he steals your rest. Many have been through what you are enduring. They began suffering confusion, difficulty sleeping, panic attack, feelings of perplexity, all emanating directly, maliciously, and deliberately from evil spirits. This could also be apart of what you sense coupled with PTSD. The devil takes what is already there and magnifies it, for he can creat nothing, but uses what is before him.

          Feelings of anxiety and depression seem to be the main tool he uses upon the senses.

          One of the things that will began to comes to the forefront is their need to continually think about the enemies attackes against them.

          This is not possession but oppression. There are many different forms of oppression, mind and body are the main two.

          Remember you have authority over the poers of darkness. Many times it takes more than a simple prayer from you in faith, but often times it takes several people at once under the power of the Holy Spirit to see results. You can command evil spirits to leave but the ground that was given and allowed them to bring a charge against you must be dealt with.

          Truth is often the weapon of authority when lies are brought against you, and you are under attack for an unknown reason. Often a believer has know idea when, what or why he has been allowed to go through such trumoil. But we must remember, if the devil will attack God hinself, tempting him with all manner of sin, for no reason other than to ensnare, which by the way is good reason for his purposes, he will do you likewise. Jesus spoke the truth of the word of God, a powerful weapon indeed. The truth of God, spoken with the authority of the knowledge of the word, that is the truth, will set the soul free.

          Before speaking the truth of the word of God, do not be ashame to bare all your sins one to another that that enemy will have no advantage over you, and that others may pray for you. God bless.

  166. leigh allen said

    first I like to say that my email may not be working.

    My pray request is for my knees more for the right knee. Went to the doctor & X ray my knee found very little cushion between the bones. Of course he say to get a knee replacement. But I like to trust in our savior & try to rebuild the cushion. I need his guides
    in doing the right thing. I know within my soul and heart that Yahsusa can heal me in a blink of an eye, but it his well not mine.
    I have faith to believe in a healing.
    Next pray for me at work that the bosses will let my go to the Feast of Tabernacles.

  167. Joe Cox said

    Please have your congregation or prayer team pray that
    Christ Will Purify Carey’s Heart.And Open Her Eyes
    onceagain. So that she can forgive. So that she can return
    to Christ Jesus.She has turned her back on God.
    She is a Christian. But marring a bartender.
    Please also pray for the salvation of Mandy And Lory.
    God Bless

    • Sounds like Carey is in her flesh.

      Now the works of the flesh are manifest, which are these; Adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lasciviousness, Idolatry, witchcraft, hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies, Envyings, murders, drunkenness, revellings, and such like: of the which I tell you before, as I have also told you in time past, that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God. (Gal. 5:16-21, KJV).

      Continue to lift her up before the Lord. Do not beat her over the head about what she is doing, but continue to show the love of Jesus.
      Unless the Holy Spirit illummines a person’s mind to see the truth as truth, unless he bends their proud will to submit to the authroity of Jesus Christ, no words of ours will penetrate.
      The whole person must be converted, the mind, the will and emotions. If only the mind is converted and not the will, they are not a Christian. So our prayer is that every area of her life be converted, mind, body and spirit, that her eyes will be open to the truth of God’s word. Amen!

  168. kate sims` said

    Please pray for joe, sam, and baby who were evicted. they have no food money, and no one knows where they are now. Please pray the LORD protect them from sickness, harm, and trouble and as the HOLY SPIRIT leads!!
    Thank you all mighty prayer warriors and GOD Bless you all!!

  169. LYNDA said

    Please pray for me, my mom and friend name Eddie. My friend Eddie has an addicton to pain medication. When he does’nt get my pills he is very mean and selfish. He knows the Lord but is straddling both sides of the fence. I pray that God will touch his heart, soul and break the yoke of addiction. I pray of being a good steward financially. I’m living from paycheck to paycheck not having enough to pay rent and bills. I truly need God to restore harmony at home, health, financially.

  170. Ruby Anna Santos said

    Please pray for me. I am confused I need advice from someone in Christ. I have a partner and we have been living together for the last 6 years, we are not yet married, I know I am putting God’s name in shame on what Im doing, this October after many years of not going to church I suddenly found myself longing for the Lord. So I told my partner we should get married because it is a sin for both of us to live together outside marriage. He agreed with it we plan to do it on December. Problem is he is not a christian, he told me I should not force him to turn his back to his catholic christian faith, and besides we always fight, making me sin because of hate and bad words. we have a 2 year old son. Should I marry him or leave him to spare myself from the hardships of living with him.

    Please help me

    In Christ Jesus
    Ruby Anna Santos

    • What does the Holy Spirit in you say? He’s began to deal with you and you long for God. So what is The Holy Ghost saying deep within your heart?
      Anyone here could say something concern being not uneually yoke with unbelievers, or living in sexual sin. But since God’s drawing you, what does He say? That is what matters.

      You said: Problem is he is not a christian, he told me I should not force him to turn his back to his catholic christian faith.

      We are to be led by God in all matters. And he guides us through His word. What does the bible say?
      Next! Don’t expect God to lead you in the specific until you fulfill the general. In other words, don’t ask God to answer whether you should be in a marriage with this man, or not, until you have moved from sinning with him. Until you began to walk within His will for your life, that is His purpose for you and I.

    • Sharon said

      Dear Ruby,

      Remember, eternity. Jesus will His way; your best interest is what is in His heart, including your son, and your son’s father. He came to seek and to save the lost; bind the broken hearted, to set the captives free. He will. Ask. When we choose His way, everybody wins; including the entire body of Christ.

      Hear your words from your note:

      – I am confused
      – living together, not married
      – putting God’s name in shame
      – a sin to live together outside marriage
      – he is not a Christian
      – we always fight
      – spare myself hardship of living with him

      Already you are preparing to make a change. The Word says in godly counsel there is success. Dear One, please seek godly counsel while praying Holy Spirit guide you into all truth. I pray He strengthen you. Let our Heavenly Father, in Jesus love you into a family.

  171. Terrie said

    I continually get attacked by confusion and can’t make any decisions and go through with them . I can’t decide about a career path and the Devil interferes constantly. Also pray for Mentors. I am all alone and have no family to confide in. Thoughts constantly bombard my mind. I can’t focus half the time

    • Oh yeah! This sounds familiar. I have seen countless saints going through the same things you are. I have also been through this myself.
      The enemy is making a effort to wear you down, thereby making your faith and walk void.

      Please read: To detect the working of evil spirits upon the mind, you may notice sudden “flashes,” “suggestions,” or apparent “thoughts” arise, not in sequence, or in orderly connection with the work he has in hand, then the enemy may be counterfeiting the operation of the person’s own mind, and trying to insert his suggestions into it (your mind) as if they were the outcome of the your own thinking; for when you are in the process of thinking, the lying spirits seek to inject some thought, suggestion or (feelings) the first into the mind, and the last into the spirit.

      Stay in the word, stay in prayer and fellowship with the saints. Don’t neglect to share what you are going through. The enemy loves silence; that way he can go unoticed. Confess your faults one to another and have the brethen pray with you. The devil hates this. Renew your mind by replacing the enemies thoughts with the word of God. Meditate on the word, letting it soak deep into your mind and spirit. This will help your thinking and focus.

    • Sharon said

      Dear Terrie,

      Please take time to assess how your body’s needs are being met. Are you drinking plenty of water? Are you eating balanced nutrition spaced throughout the day that benefits your body’s needs? Are you hormonally in balance? Are you regularly exercising at least minimally? Are you getting enough sleep? If you are noticing thinking patterns, try to journal what might be triggering the patterns; what is occurring at the time (I am guessing you are a young woman. If so, take into consideration your monthly cycle.)

      In Jesus and the mighty power of His name, ask the Living Spirit of God to guide you into all truth. He is the way the truth and the life. His banner over you is love. Get in the word. It is nourishment to your soul. Find the scriptures that pertain to the disciplines of the mind. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. Speak His word, i.e., “But now I have the mind of Christ”. You will find yourself becoming a doer of the word and not a hearer only. Oh yes, He is going to burst His blessings upon you. He has triumphed over this. This is going to pass, in Jesus mighty name!

  172. Ruby Anna Santos said

    To Rev Patrick Williams and Sharon,

    thank you very much for answering my concerns, Im just so confused, I understood what you said, How can I truly know what the Holy ghost is saying to me? Sorry to have so many questions but Im just starting to know the real God. This is my decision, I want us (me and my partner) to separate our lives and Ill just let God decide if we are meant to be or not. Please guide me I just want to obey what God wants me to do. Please guide me…thank you very much

    Ruby Anna Santos

    • Sharon said

      Confusion. God is not the author of confusion. May I offer the thought that instead of you being confused you could be finding yourself really seeking the heart of God on the matter, trying to gain knowledge and understanding.

      Take the keys of the kingdom. Say, in Jesus name, I bind the strongman of confusion and every principality and power that sets itself up against the will of God in Christ Jesus for my life. Freed there from, I loose the anointing of Jesus and ask Holy Spirit, fill me with the revelation of truth, the wisdom of God, and knowledge with understanding.

      (John 1:1) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. In scripture, Jesus is referred to as the Living Word. (John 14:26) But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.

      The Holy Spirit will sound like Jesus, the Living Word. You will be able to align the counsel of the Holy Spirit with scripture.

      Obedience to the spirit is often contrary to the flesh. Experiencing struggle and a measure of suffering for a season can be expected. I pray your decisions will be saturated by the love of God, in Christ Jesus our Lord.

      You are dearly loved.

      • Ruby Anna Santos said

        thank you so much for your reply…God Bless you, I really want to walk in God’s way, Im praying more now than I used to and attending the church every Sunday last week I even attended the midweek service, but lately I feel that Im always sick eventhough Im not, there are also times that I cant sleep on a Saturday night , making it hard for me to get up for the Sunday worship,my back is always aching, I feel the enemy is working against me so I cannot go to church or even read the Bible, but thanks to God that he is giving me the strength to go on even I feel sick and hear His word. How can I overcome this? Thanks for being patient.

        In christ

    • Inner peace. I Holy Spirit will give you inner peace that you don’t understand. If there is a question or check in your spirit, it is the spirit saying no. However if there is peace, and it is in line with the word of God, then move forward with what the Lord is doing with you.

  173. Sharon said

    Dearest Ruby,

    It thrills my heart to hear of your steadfast love and pursuit of our Lord. You ask Him and anticipate expectantly for His response, manifest healing.

    2Peter 2:24, He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed. Amen!

    Sister in Jesus, because I so value the reverends responses, I am going to defer any further communication to him. In Jesus love-Sharon

    • Ruby Anna Santos said

      please pray for me…
      tonight, me and my partner fought again im so angry with him because he uttered bad words i cant accept, he is causing me so much pain, he uttered it over over again and i lost control over my anger i uttered it back to him, i dont want to hate him but im hating him so much now, i even cursed him over my anger, please pray for me,


  174. Of course this is how things work in the spiritual realm. You seek God, He shows himself, you believe and move to serve Him, the enemy desires to hinder you, he causes those close to you to push your buttons, the devil won’t stop until you say something or do something that you know is wrong. Then, all of a sudden you feel guilt. I devil says, see, you’re not a Christian. You ask God to forgive you and you start agian. Then oh no! Here it comes again.

    It will continue until you learn and grow spiritually. Then you will be able to say I see you, and I’m not going that way, so don’t beat yourself up.
    Get up and leave the room. Find a place where it will be just you and God. If he comes outside, say, Hey, pray with me. I need you to take the lead and be the man God wants you to be. If he doesn’t come outside, go to him and ask him to pray anyhow. He’ll thank you for years later. Don’t be afraid to do this.

    • Ruby Anna Santos said

      dear reverend,

      i did what u said last night, I asked him to pray with me but he said he already prayed and he is too sleepy to pray, I apologize to him last night eventhough he was the one who initiated the fight, Thank God I can still remember that no matter what I should be humble and love your enemies. Yes, you are absolutely right I really felt guilty after the things I said, I felt ashamed of myself to God. What really hurt me is my partner said in a very sarcastic way that ” you read the bible yet your attitude is like that”, I felt how can he see that God is so loving if he cant see the change in me. How can he believe in what Im saying about the gift of salvation from Jesus if he cant see that I walk in God’s way, Oh Jesus help me!!! I just want to leave and find peace, Please pray for me, I already told him I cannot go on living with him and he agreed we must go on separate ways to heal ourselves on our hatred with each other. Please pray for me. I love him I dont want him live a lie of his catholic faith but I felt I should seek God first and rearrange my life. I asked him to join me to pray and read the Bible on thursday night, I want to share something about the word of God before I leave him, Oh God let your will be done in my life not mine, I submit all of my problems to you. In Jesus name. Amen.

      In Christ,

      • I don’t want to teach and bible lesson but here goes..

        When the scarificial system was done away with and Jesus completed all there was to bring us back into fellowship with the Father,we became believer-priests of the Most high. There was no need for any more blood offering to come from man for Christ is the fulfillment of the old system.

        We believers are to live holy in our marriage relationship; being the husband of one wife and the wife of one man. If you are not marry you are to committ your all to the lord as a single believer, however you are in a relationship and not married. Your focus should be on God and not the man you may intend to marry or want to marry if he will get right.
        If and when you decide to marry, your marriage is to be lived in such a way that it brings honor to God.
        There is no honor in dating, desiring a man who is not living according to the word or hoping he will someday come around to be a truly born again believer.
        Under the old system the priest was not permitted to interrupt his ministry before God even to attend a funeral. This may sound heartless or harsh, but it must be remembered that the priest was totally separated to the things of God by the anointing.
        In the bible someone asked if he could leave to bury their father, and Jesus replied, Follow me, and let the dead bury the dead, Mt 8:21-22.
        There are times when commitment to the Lord trascends even our family resonsibilities and relationship. Many sanits of God have experienced this by leaving relatives and friends to serve the Lord in another state or country.
        Next as believer priests of God we must pray God’s will. Our prayers should always be offered in the divine will of God, by the authority of Jesus name. If not our prayers are hindered, because we are out of fellowship with him, harbor an unforgiving spirit against a brother, or pray selfishly.
        So again I must ask, what does God want you to do? You are not married to this man yet all of your time is spent trying to get him to act right. Beloved, work on your relationship with God, come out from the world for Chrsit’s sake. Amen.
        Put Jesus first and all else should’nt even make the list.
        Do what you have to to stay in fellowship with God, even to the point being alone.

        • Ruby Anna Santos said

          thank you reverend and I am truly enlightened with what you said…God Bless you and may I find strength to fulfill God’s will in my life but I put my faith in Him that he will always guide me to follow His will.

          In Christ

  175. Robert said

    Our heaveny father I come to you to ask for the help to you know only
    you can give. Save our marriage and restore our family so that it may
    honor and praise you holly name. For you join Katherine and Robert
    Terwilliger together for a higher calling than to have them divorce and
    dishonor the vows made to you and before you. Father take from them the
    pain and anger in their heart and turn what the satan meant for evil
    and return it back for the Good. Restore the family for both of them
    and for their children Sean, Ricky and Piper and the love they all have
    and had for each other. Let not the love you gave them be taken by lies
    and let not the words of God be treated in this way. Lord help
    Katherine and Robert be in your love and return to each other. Lord,
    Cast out anyone else who is trying to step in to hurt this family.

  176. Breakthrugal said

    Please pray for my fiance Laverne, he has a sudden attack recently. He could not sleep well for days, is restless, has racing thoughts and loss lots of weight. Now he is so very deeply oppressed that he withdraws from me and church. When I saw him a few days ago, there is such a spirit of heaviness on him.

    I also need advice on how I could help him.


    • His mind is under attack. You and he need to pray together taking authority over the spirit of heaviness that is attempting to have authority over him.
      One of the symptoms of a demonic attack is our thoughts.

      Please read: To detect the working of evil spirits upon the mind, you may notice sudden “flashes,” “suggestions,” or apparent “thoughts” arise, not in sequence, or in orderly connection with the work he has in hand, then the enemy may be counterfeiting the operation of the person’s own mind, and trying to insert his suggestions into it (your mind) as if they were the outcome of the your own thinking; for when you are in the process of thinking, the lying spirits seek to inject some thought, suggestion or (feelings) the first into the mind, and the last into the spirit.
      This has an effect on the body which begans to make us feel heavy and sad.
      This does not mean he has a devil. It means his mind is being attacked by an enemy who does not want you to know it is him doing this, but brings many different reasons why it is something else.

  177. Michelle Andrews said

    The WORD states that thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.I thank God daily for his deliverance and comfort. Please pray our strength and for a mighty breakthrough in each area of our lives. I declare we are BLESSED, HEALED and DELIVERED and being in all that IN FILLED with the HOLY SPIRIT and FIRE in the name of JESUS to BE USED for HIS glory and that others will be truly FRRED through HIS work being ACCOMPLISHED through us.I also am asking God to cancel even the veri images that my daughter is being assaulted with and that she will be effectual in praying for other children who have been attacked by satan in the capacity in the name of Jesus. I pray that God will empower us the more and that we will never ever be the same and used mightly by God. I pray that God’s Original plans and purposes will be accomplished and now every blessing will be doubled and begin to mulitiply in Jesus holy name.

    • Michelle Andrews said

      I also am asking God to cancel even the veri images that my daughter is being assaulted with and that she will be effectual in praying for other children who have been attacked by satan in the capacity in the name of Jesus.

      One of the marks of a demonic attack is the mind coming under attack. There is alot of this taking place today. Even on the board many are having to battle against this.
      In these last days the enemy has come after the minds of our children in he is attempting to wear down the saints. I have posted this before but hope you will read it.

      To detect the working of evil spirits upon the mind, you may notice sudden “flashes,” “suggestions,” or apparent “thoughts” arise, not in sequence, or in orderly connection with the work he has in hand, then the enemy may be counterfeiting the operation of the person’s own mind, and trying to insert his suggestions into it (your mind) as if they were the outcome of the your own thinking; for when you are in the process of thinking, the lying spirits seek to inject some thought, suggestion or (feelings) the first into the mind, and the last into the spirit.
      This has an effect on the body which begans to make us feel heavy and sad.

      What you must do is take authority in the name of Jesus over the spirit that is acting out and command it to leave your childs mind. None of this I claim and I call stuff. They will only refuse to leave because that is not what is found written in the word of God.

      Romans 4:17 reads (As it is written, I have made thee a father of many nations,) before him whom he believed, even God, who quickeneth the dead, and calleth those things which be not as though they were.

      The word of faith crowd has twisted this verse to say man has the same creative abilities God has, which is not true and the devil won’t move if verses are used improperly.

      There are some Christians who do not believe this can happen because they are born again, and they believe God would never suffer them to go through. This is not true.
      Several weeks ago I prayed for a young man whose mind was under attack. Flashing thoughts, evil thoughts of murder, sex, and drugs; he had begun to act out. I said “In the name of Jesus I take authority over every foul and unclean spirit present within the sound of my voice.” The devil began to grawl. I asked “How many are in there.” The devil spoke, replying “Five.”
      The young man is a Christian, the devil can not enter into the spirit man where the Holy Ghost dwells. Therefore he attackes the areas that God does not dwell in, the mind and the body. And even then we must give him permission by the things we do or don’t do, such as lack of prayer life, fellowship and studying the word, which makes us weak.
      I’m not saying that she has a devil, I’m saying she may be oppressed by one, which is a bearing upon the mind and body. Hope this help. Remember take authority in the name of Jesus only.

      • Antonio said

        Dear Rev. Pat,
        I’m a believer and sometimes I get confused about the whole, “taking authority thing”. By God’s grace, I figured out a long time ago God allows us to go through some really heavy trials and burdens. And my will isn’t always aligned with His will. So when people start telling me to “take authority” and to rebuke this and rebuke that, I don’t know what to think. You mentioned how Word of Faith Ministries (amongst others) have distorted the Word in this respect. I agree.
        But then I read of the people who were healed or people they knew were healed because their faith had made them well. The example being the woman with the issue of blood and the centurions servant. The woman pushed through a thick mass of people even though she was very sick and weak. The centurion told Jesus not to even bother coming to his house. Although he was, obviously, sincere with the Lord, he almost seemed matter of fact about it. I supposed that’s how we should be when our faith is strong. That’s confidence in the person of Christ our Savior. I know He lowered himself into a human body, died, rose again and I still struggle with my faith.
        I know the Lord has drawn me to Him using innumerable trials I’ve had in the last six or seven years. He’s used these trials to get me closer to him. So I keep thinking…if I don’t have these trials God can’t get my attention. So I think that’s maybe why he will not heal me at times. Perhaps he wants my faith to grow through all these trials.
        Two friends of mine tell me to just keep standing on the word. I know that God will keep me in perfect peace when my mind is on Him. But I’m a little confused. Some want me to rebuked the devil, others say name it a claim it and then others say your faith has made you well. Reverand Pat, do you
        understand my feelings on this?

  178. Roy said

    Please pray with me that God will work on our behalf and secure this home of ours in our family,and not let it be forclosed on us.We are going through a morgage modification but there dragging there feet on this,this has been going on for about 6 months now.Also for my ministry to grow and I would like to get a web site up and running.
    My son and I need employment also,my wife works and the bills are paid,thank God.Its just this morgage company is realy giving us a hard time.
    Thank you,and God Bless you all.

    Yours in Christ,Roy

  179. Gade said


    My boyfriend walked out on me six months ago.I have never recovered.I have prayed,fasted and asked fellow christians to pray for and with me.We are still in prayers.Please also pray for me.

    I really still love him and i am unable to let go.He has moved on,he has another girlfriend.

    I still have faith that God will work out something eventually.
    Please pray for me.May God richly bless you.

    • Dear Gade

      You made a mistake many of us humans make. You allow something, or should I say someone, to have the area of your heart that belongs to God. That deep area in your heart where God wants to come in and dwell, is suppose to be off limits to any and everyone accept God, but it is now filled with your own desire.
      Once this area is occupied with another, and sexual sin takes root, it takes the power of the Holy Spirit to cut off the root (soul tie) that is attempting to grow, replacing the relationship you should have had with Christ.

      Definition of a soul tie: A soul tie is the joining or knitting together of the bonds of a relationship. Godly soul ties occur when like-minded believers are together in the Lord: friends, marriage partners, believers to pastors, etc.

      Relationships that lack God-centeredness can result in ungodly soul ties between friends, parents and children, siblings, marriage partners, former romantic or sexual partners,domineering authorities, etc. An unhealthy attachment with another can bring about a psychiccontrol that can adversely affect the life, e.g. a mother who refuses to relinquish her hold on her children (tied to her apron strings), a person who refuses to release to the Lord the memory of an old romantic flame (withdrawing into nostalgia in times of loneliness), a person who holds a grudge or a judgment against another, someone who uses spiritual forces to control others (witchcraft).

      The key to breaking a soul tie is two fold

      A) first pray. A prayer first comes through the spirit is anchored in the soul and made manifest by the word which are spoken. A life of prayer is a life of freedom, a person given to prayer will be a person freed from soul ties.

      B) Forgive, forgiveness in its truest sense is a ruling spirit of the soul which has the power to eliminate unholy soul ties at the very moment the pattern is set into action. The fight with soul ties is over once we truly forgive.

  180. chris said

    I believe I’m a Christian but I let a demon into my life…a succubus…who attacks me daily, invading various parts of my body at various times of the day and night, tormenting me and causing pain (especially if I study the Bible, praise God, etc.). Could this be God’s discipline or should one always attempt to get deliverance from it? Are there bible verses which could clarify this? And most importantly, I need prayer and intercession? Is there anyone out there to help? I want this thing to depart and to live in fellowship and love with God and other believers but this filthy thing stands in the way. I would love to have it depart and to caste out these things from others and free them as well. Will someone please pray for me?

    • Chris

      Could this be God’s discipline or should one always attempt to get deliverance from it?

      Jesus came that we might have life. What you are explaining is the enemy attacking your body and soul, attempting to wear you down. God is not in what is happening to you, it is the devil attacking you for one reason or the other.

      When we do unclean things or even think unclean thoughts, (I’m not saying this is what you are doing, but may have done before coming to Christ) we open the door for Satan to get an advantage over us. If you are born again, there may be an area of your life that has not been dealt with as yet. Something that you did as a child or young teen that you really don’t see anything wrong with, so you never did seek forgiveness.

      Millions of Christians deal with, and are concerned with the state of lustful wickedness that their mind has gone to. The smallest amounts of unclean wicked thinking is unacceptable. The smallest amount of unclean actions are unacceptable. Fornication, pornography, movies, secular tv(or any kind of romance) books, lasciviousness, filthy communications, filthy friends, all leave doors open for the devil to invade your life. Each of these break the protective hedge of a Christian.

      Lets look at the bible for proof:

      Matthew 16:23 But he turned, and said unto Peter, Get thee behind me, Satan: thou art an offence unto me: for thou savourest not the things that be of God, but those that be of men.

      Peter was a man who loved Jesus and walked with Him. You received the revelation of Jesus being the Christ, ye he was over taken in his thought by satan unaware.
      It only takes a second for us to move from our walk.

      Whether the incubus,succubus spirit is living in you or oppressing you from without is not a major factor in how to go about deliverance. The process is still the same, although it may be a bit more violent and long for someone that has many of these spirits and or for someone that has them living inside.

      The casting out or sending away of these spirits will do nothing to tear down the strongholds that they have successfully built in your life. After casting out,binding, rebuking, renouncing, sending away the spirits, do the same to all their offspring and seeds.

      These devils want to fill you with fear which will pervert your faith. They want to impregnate (fill) you with lust which will cause you to desire evil things to satisfy and fulfill your soul. They want to possess you with different spirits of perversion, especially those of a sexual nature.

      You must renounce not only the incubus and succubus spirits that have entered into your life, but you must renounce their works. You need to verbally destroy and renounce and murder everything that they have conceived within you and caused you to give birth to. If you fail to do this they will always have access to you.

      Depending on your level of bondage and what you are involved in sexually, this may take some time and effort, but while you are in the process of deliverance from all spirits of sexual perversion, if you do have an encounter with a succubus spirit – IMMEDIATELY CAST DOWN WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO DO.

      Don’t let the attack carry on without challenging them in Jesus name. When an attack begins, say verbally and out loud something like, “I know what you are and what you are here for and I renounce you in Jesus name! My body does not belong to you it is the temple of the Holy Spirit and I command you to leave me right now in Jesus name! I do not receive your seed into me and will not give birth to your offspring of evil!” As long as you don’t have any obvious open doors in your life, this will usually immediately subside any assault that takes place while you are awake. This includes those incredibly overwhelming sexual urges that come over you and cause you to have spontaneous orgasms or commit an act of perversion such as masturbation, pornography, or fornication.

      You must close the door to all sin, ie, watching pornography, horror films, listening to sex filled secular music, watching soap operas, reading horoscopes, etc… Demons don’t like to be challenged when they are seeking rest. You offer no challenge to them if you live a willfully carnal and sinful lifestyle, you become a place of rest for them.

      For those attacks that occur while you are sleeping, renounce these spirits before you lay down and purpose in your subconcious mind to wake up if you start to have a sex dream or nightmare. When you wake up, cast it oof in the name of Jesus and curse it at the root.

      Do not repeat what you have dreamed about to anyone or rehearse the dream in your mind, unless you are in a counseling situation. Speaking it out gives birth to it. Cast down the very thought of it from your concious and subconcious mind.

      7It is very, very important that you concecrate yourself. Every spirit must be cast out of your life and every door closed as much as you are capable of doing. That means that you do not willfully involve yourself in anything at all that is sinful or ungodly. When you do fall or make a mistake you must repent and get up quickly. Not that you will be perfect, no one is, but every sinful and carnal area of your life must be challenged to the max. This is especially true when you are in the midst of a deliverance process. That means that you should fast and pray, but also that you need to omit every evil influence from your life people, places, things, habits and especially the media.

  181. AUDREY said

    Please pray for me I backslided and I am not happy I want back the Lord but I am going through so much, it would mean a great deal to me if your prayer group would just pray for me. I am also requesting prayer for my unsaved family and friends as well.
    I have very bad credit and a car that I can hardly pay for whatever you can think about is going wrong it is…………I still pray to the Lord and ask him to bless me and take me back to where I was ten years ago most of all I just want back the Lord, I told him I am willing to deal with the consequences of my flesh if he just take me back 100% fold……….I bless his name and worship him with all that I am.
    Thank you so much

    • Diane said

      Hi I know what you mean and you are not alone I understand that is a struggle with our fleash but sweet thing about God he is there waiting and he is always waiting on us to come to him. But when we leave him we tend to take the wrong path in our thoughts that God will not forgive and place you back where you belong without lost time. I had to remind myself of that. Now if you would just forgive yourself it would be a start in the right direction of allowing God to do the work in you Amen.. Believe me commit yourself and you will see that whatever you are facing God will handle.

    • The moment you asked, God did. The problem now is moving on from where you are. This is where the enemy is very sly. He plants feelings that your asking wasn’t enough. Oh my.
      I was once where you are. Taking steps is very hard because it seems like there is a weight holding you down, keeping you from moving forward. Thoughts rush into your mind, what if? Did God really forgive me? I looked for something supernatural and there was nothing, the reason, because it is all about faith.
      The faith to take a step even when you don’t feel like moving. The faith to pray when you are in a weakened state. The faith to trust God and move forward regardless. My have it was so hard. For days I thought what am I doing? This won’t work. I sit silent, my mind racing. But deep in my heart the Holy Spirit was saying get up. Move your feet. I sat a little longer. For days the Holy Spirit kept telling me to move but I let everything distract me, until I knew that if I didn’t get up, I would die right there, Spiritually that is.
      It was just a matter of getting up. Taking my bible and reading, praying and studying until it ran out of my ears. As I did this, the word became alive in me again. I continued until the word ran out of my ears, and I found how much I missed God, who I had walked away from. You see, God never left me. I left him. I left him when I lacked a pray life. I walked away when He was saying pray, and I said later. Just get up, and go do again.
      Once you take that step, just continue to add one each day, sometimes two, or three. Then all of a sudden you are where you were suppose to be again. You will find how much you love him again when the word fills your heart every waking moment of the day, and it will make you weep for not doing, when you should have.

  182. Diane said

    Hi, After reading the spiritual warfare my eyes open I am convience that God is healing my mind right now. I asking that you would pray that my delieverance from self is done in a fast way because I have work to do and I dont want self to get in the way and I am getting in the way. My bible study with god is poor and the knowledge of him is not enought and I feel i am running out of time. I bless you now lord for the eye awaking and I acknowledge you now for your sweet pressurance working over my life right now.

    • Hi Diane

      Amen sister. Father God I ask that you touch every area of her life. Show yourself mighty to her, that her mind will be set free to serve you. Let the word of God be fresh and anew to her each day. Let her spirit crave your Holy word, for her steps are ordered by you Lord.

  183. Tamar said

    Pray,that I will be successful in accomplishing the task that has been assigned me and that I might bring, much glory to my L-rd and savior, Yeshua. I don’t want to fail the test and succumb to the dark forces that wage against me as I heed my Masters call. Pray that I will stand firm, and that discernment and wisdom will direct me as I strive to correctly use the armor of my warfare. May I die daily to self and live victory for the purpose of Yeshua.Praise honor and glory to the L-rd of L-rd’s of King of Kings. He is indeed worthy of praise.

    • Amen. It is done because you believe.

      Tamr wrote: I don’t want to fail the test and succumb to the dark forces that wage against me as I heed my Masters call.

      This is one of the greatest test we will ever face. It is where the enemy attempts to place thoughts of failing and reject in the mind of God’s saints. That ole what if? But know this. God does not gage whether you pass or fail but whether you overcome.

      The message that John gave to each of the churches in Revelation focus on one phrase-He That Overcometh.

      Ephesus: He That Overcometh I will give to eat of the tree of life, which is in the mist of the paradise of God

      Smyrna: He That Overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death

      Pergamos: He That Overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden mana, and will give him a white stone(judged not guilty), and in the stone a new name written (adoption), which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

      Thyatira: He That Overcometh and keepeth my works unto the end, to him will I give power over the nations:

      Sardis: He That Overcometh the same shall be clothed in white raiment; and I will not blot out his name out of the book of life, but I will confess his name before my Father, and before His angels.

      Philadelphia: He That Overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.

      Laodiceans: He That Overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame and set down with my Father in his throne.

      What is it that we overcome? SIN. By the blood of the lamb and the word of their testimony. The word of God, which we believed and testified, even unto death.

  184. Dear man/women of God, please pray with me in Jesus name,let the holy spirit lead you ,i need God’s mercy /answer in Jesus name. i need my work back 7months suffer as a man with family,no money ,food ,work because of witchcraft please break this evil curse in Jesus name. O’lord i need you to pray with me because my boss Jimmy Jamies Kwenani have resign and i need my work back because Masule find nothing in Jesus name.Let margertha booi my step mother who are a witchdoctor and brother in law Henry Bampton forget about me in Jesus name.thank you God bless you

    • Father bless this man with a job that pays more than enough. Break the spirit of witchcraft over his life. God watch over and protect his family and cause the forces of darkness to flee before him in Jesus name.

      josef johannes claasen

      You must sperate yourself from those who do evil (step-mother). Believers must be willing to set aside all things for Christ, to include family members. You must take care of God’s business, in doing so, God will take care of your business.

      You have had seven months to stay on your knee’s before God. You’ve had seven months to study the word and let it invade every area of your being. Have you done so? Or have you focused on what is around you. View this as a chance to draw closer to the Lord. You stand without excuses, you have time. Then will God restore you to your rightful place, after He is made first in your life.

  185. tamara said

    I, ask for all they prayes the good lord see’s fit for me, he is in my heart though i seem to be @ battel with many demonic forces i feel they seen me as easy pray, i have had alot of hurt and heart ach in my life time and i held on to it to long, my emotions and anger made me weak allowing these things to take advantage. I have been of sound mind all of my life so, I know what im up agenst i have no dought the things i have exsperanced dont just happen and i dont beleave in gost @ first i thought there was something medicaly wrong with me thought i had a brain tummer or i had lost my mind , Then i realized what made it active ! my emotions anger, fear, hurt, regret, Ill give an example: there was a lot going on i was trying to forgive some one for hurting me in the past thought i had , then i was over welmed with anger as i layed on my sofa in the dark the past over flowed it was as if i was reliving it allover times ten then i heard this deep voice say ” I have u know” it was standing over me though i couled see it. Then it let out the most evil deep ,wicked laugh i have ever hrd in my life i bolted from my home . i prayed for many hours in my car i dident know what else to do , then the next day i cleansed my home . but the next night scared to death and agien i found my self on the sofa un able to sleep this thing pulled my pillow out from under my head it went flying to the floor i left agien , i cleansed my house everyday for a week so far its been okay i gess , I still dont feel safe in my home, but i know that it wasent attached to my house it was after me, I try realy hard to not let the past inter into my thoughts these days I have recently devoted my heart and life to god only he can undo the bondage that has collected please pray for me

  186. Natasha said

    I have sinned against God and now am a born again Christian. I was involved with a young man who has involvement with multiple demonic spirits. He told me that an aunt of his was possessed by a demonic sprit and his brother may be an amatfradic. His mother is of the Christian faith. I confronted her with the concern of witchcraft being upon me when she was assisting me in getting baptized and she told me in the church that witchcraft does not exist, then she latter said don’t get involved with it because it’s addicting and that I was Bipolar. Her statement is contrary to what the bible teaches regarding witchcraft. The preacher at 38th St Church of Christ in San Diego, CA told me I was experiencing people who were able get in my mind and to just lean on GOD. I don’t know what to make of all this or the people in which I was involved. I truly believe they are responsible for bringing these demonds on me. I was told it is because of their jealousy of me.

    • you wrote: I was involved with a young man who has involvement with multiple demonic spirits. He told me that an aunt of his was possessed by a demonic sprit and his brother may be an amatfradic.

      The key word is was involved. If you are still in a relationship move on from it. You are married to Christ and equally yoked.

      You wrote: His mother is of the Christian faith. I confronted her with the concern of witchcraft being upon me when she was assisting me in getting baptized and she told me in the church that witchcraft does not exist, then she latter said don’t get involved with it because it’s addicting

      One of the things that satan is doing in these last days is what he has always done, attack the mind. But he knows his time is short so it has escalated. He is attacking the minds of the young at an alarming rate; greater then he did a decade ago. Witchcraft is real, but he is causing many of Gods’ children to be consumed with thinking about it everyday. So much so they are becoming ineffective.

      Remember this: Ecclesiastes 10:1 Dead flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth a stinking savour.

      Dead flies are demons. Just like in times of old flies got into the annointing oil because there was a sweet smell drawing them, so the annointing on the life of believers draws devils. They can smell God preparing you for use. They come to hinder the work God wants to do in your life and they will use anyone, mostly those close to you. They do this by causing you to think about them more than you think about God. Its an old trick that works. So stay in prayer and continue in the things of God, with only Him to lean on, for He is your rock, and no other. Make a copy of this and read it whenever you need to. God wants to use you, don’t be hindered.

  187. Crystal Willis said

    Please pray for my 9 yr old grandson I am raising. Behavior is terrible at school. Can be bad at home also. I think he has a demon. I need help.
    I am praying over him and reading the word (mostly Psalm 91). Last night he kept saying his stomach hurt and the demons were there when I read. Please do not put my name on internet as I live in a small town. But you may email me. Thank you

  188. Do you understand you have authority in Jesus name.

    When you stand before him, take his hand and say the following:

    “In the name of Jesus I take authority over every foul and unclean spirit within the sound of my voice. I command you to mainfest.” If the devil is there he will show ( rolling eyes back in his head, chuckling,grunting) because you showed the authority you have. Then he may command him to leave,come out in Jeus name.”

    Sometimes they will act silent, and the person you are speaking to will feel like he is about to vomit. You must watch their expression because they will cause the body to react.

    He may lean forward and complain about his stomach hurting even more. This is to cause you to stop, because no one wants to cause their child pain.
    They may even say “Oh I feel better. They are gone.” But you must have discernment, “If they are gone, why are you telling me they are gone?

    Vomiting, passing out, even screaming are signs the enemy is moving a reacting to the authority you have been given by Jesus over him. I don’t want to write alot about devils, because it can hinder the anointing on you, so stand firm on the word, and the authority God has given you.

  189. paul said

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. We need God’s help urgently. Please intercede for us that God will send us money soonest possible to settle house rent and utilities bills which are already overdue. I’ve just given out some flyers yesterday. Please pray that God will touch the hearts of all who read to send their children to us for tuition. My wife and I are self-employed home tutors who are reaching out to lazy and problematic children and teenagers using Biblical ways and leading them to Christ. Pray that God protects us from the evil one and wicked people and that God sends us more new students soonest possible so that we can meet all our needs. Thank you. God bless you.

  190. emmenual said

    please pray for me i am strugling with sin in my life. i need to be set free, i am tempted and times i fail. please pray for me .

    • The struggle inside us Romans 7:14-25

      Paul describes the struggle: I do not understand what I do. For what I want to do, I do not do, but what I hate I do.

      He wants to do good, but he ends up doing bad, and he struggles to know why. He has a converted mind that wants to do good, but a body that does bad. Why? Because there is another power working within him. The old man (member)of him never left, but is there and must be brought under subjection. This can only be done by allowing the spiritual side of you to reign by the power of the blood.

      He then writes: And if I do what I do not want to do, I agree that the law is good. As it is, it is no longer I myself who do it, but it is sin living in me.

      Paul blames sin, he does not blame himself, and that is why he can say that there is no condemnation for people in Christ Romans 8:1. Whatever bad they do is blamed on the sin within them, not on the new creature they are in Christ.

      There is a war going on within every Christian. This war is larger than any war that has ever taken place on earth. It kills dreams and robs hope. It is the flesh. The soulish part of man. It is where sin comes alive in our thoughts, and when it is allowed to remain (in our heart), without us casting it down, then we begin to act it out.

      Paul explains the the two parts of himself as the old person, in sin, and the new person in Christ.

      The new person is enslaved to Christ, but the sinful nature is still enslaved to sin, and they are both active. Being freed from sin and enslaved to righteousness is not automatic it involves a struggle.

      Gal. 5:17 describes the same Christian struggle: For the sinful nature desires what is contrary to the Spirit, and the Spirit what is contrary to the sinful nature. They are in conflict with each other, so that you are not to do whatever you want.

      Paul writes verse 18-I know that good itself does not dwell in me, that is, in my sinful nature.

      He is talking about the flesh, the sinful nature, not his new nature in Christ. All the good in Paul’s life comes from Christ living in him. Notice the difference. Christ in Him is his hope, not his own. The good comes from the new nature, the bad comes from the old, and the Christian life involves fighting against the old.

      For I have the desire to do what is good, but I cannot carry it out. For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do this I keep on doing.

      He wants to do good, but he sometimes sins. The sin within him is hijacking the law, making him do things he wouldn’t otherwise do.

      Now if I do what I do not want to do, it is no longer I who do it, but it is sin living in me that does it.

      Paul blames sin, not himself. What he said in verse 14, that he was a slave to sin, as it only appears to be. The reality, is that all my sins are blamed on this hostile power within me, and all the good is produced by Christ. It is not me, but my old sinful nature that is still enslaved to sin.

      Paul summarizes it in Rom. 7:21: So I find this law at work: Although I want to do good, evil is right there with me. For in my inner being I delight in God’s law; but I see another law at work in me, waging war against the law of my mind and making me a prisoner of the law of sin at work within me.

      So there is a struggle. His mind wars against his body, which has been overtaken by sin. Although Paul wants to do good, the evil within him causes him to do things that he hates. He wants deliverance from this; Romans 8:23, waiting for the redemption of his body, the resurrection and the ultimate victory over his sinful nature.

      What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? How will I escape the sinful nature that fights within me? Paul knows where his deliverance will come from: Thanks be to God, who delivers me through Jesus Christ our Lord! Paul, even as he writes, is in the process of being delivered. It’s a struggle that will last his entire life, but the victory will happen.

      Paul concludes this chapter with a summary: So then, I myself in my mind am a slave to God’s law, but in my sinful nature a slave to the law of sin. Even after he talks about the deliverance being given to him by Christ, Paul says there is a struggle between mind and body. He is enslaved to God’s law, the law of Christ, but he sometimes falls short. He’s got a new mind, but an old body, and he looks forward to all things being made new!
      When we will be change at Christ’s appearing. Amen.

  191. pattie said

    Please pray for me, I am a Christian but am experiencing things that should not be.

    I am being cut in the middle of the night. My hair is being cut and is even colored. Parts of my body and the way they look have changed. My hands and fingers have been changed. My fingers have a problem fitting my rings. My shoes are the same thing?
    These are weird things. I feel like even at times I think I dont want to know. I want to know what this is, If your not sinning them should forces of demonics be coming at you?

    If it is some form of witchcraft, then I know God is the away. He is might at pulling down all strongholds.

    I have fasted, I pray, my church prays and fast? It seems you have ministry working in this field. If so please have someone email me. If I am the problem I want to know.

    Before these things happen my nose turns cold like stone, I have sores on my head. My hair doesnt look like mine. Well sometimes it does. I do get relieve but I am not fully overcoming the issues. One side of my head is curly and the other side is straight.

    Not cutting my hair but have a whole section inchs shorter than the other?
    My hair was about 6 or 8 inchs longer but it all seems to be broken off or something? I know God is the way maker and all things are possible with him. He is the overcome of the enemy not us but his precious blood.

    I want to be careful what I say I am not trying to give help to the enemy. The Bible says the power is in the tongue. I love the Lord and he loves me. Maybe repeating this thing has caused the issues, I dont know. I know the Lord heals and has held me every time.

    My feet were the same size, one is now an inch bigger than the other. Two toes on each foot are bound and arent for sure mine in appearance. The others appear to be mine but are flat and the bindings seem to be gone? It is as if my bindings were let go. I have tried doing your program for casting out demons tonight, but something isnt right.

    I am still seeing like smoke or cobwebs or something in front of my eyes?

    I dont know anything about witchcraft. I told my ministers wife that I think it is witchcraft and that I even thought I knew who was doing it. She told me it wasn’t right to have these thoughts but know one in our church has ever experienced what is happening to me. It also happened to my Dad (who was minister) and to my Mom. The were Gods’ saints. They didn’t know what was happening to them they were getting old and ask the Lord to take them home.

    So I dont think this thing would happen to the 3 of us except that it be something not normal?

    I had told my Mom I thought it was witchcraft and that I was being attacked and she said it is just the enemy. I agree it is the enemy, what ever evil is done comes I think from our enemy.

    I keep feeling that I am being cursed or put under spells. Or Maybe the devil is lying to me. I dont know if you think someone can cast spells does it mean that they then can curse you. Is there away for me to know if this is witchcraft? I ask the holy ghost but I dont trust myself to know for certain if I am discerning the right thing?

    I have believed it true because it is in the Bible. Many people say Jesus nailed all the curses to the cross when he died. This doesnt seem logical to me because that would mean that everyone would be saved even without believing which is a requirement to be saved? Also witchcraft is mentioned in Revelations and the Bible says craft shall prosper in the endtime.

    I go to church and God takes away whatever the problems are that seem to have been sent. But for some reason after a short period of hours or days things are back.

    Some times when I pray I get thick white mucus coming out. It smells right now. I think it is a new demon.

    At first I was anxious and angry. These things enter my dog and she comes for prayer and I pray for her and the Lord takes it away. I am at peace most of the time up am fed up with my body being used. I wondered when it says to forgive people there trust passes is this what it means for trust passing against you by trying to steal your life or life source or energy?

    I pray and rebuke the deomons, but I go to sleep and they seem to enter in. So I think I rebuke them and they leave out but then they come back? or Is a whole new batch sent?

    It works but they aren’t gone today, I feel someone is sending them. I feel God is trying to tell me; what is going on but the enemy obviously doesn’t want me to know.

    I don’t believe I am sinning, and therefore don’t know why I would have demons or why demons would be hanging out in my home? Cutting me with razor blades, cutting my hair, causing my hair to break and all of my muscles and the muscles of my husband seem to be leaving. I now am praying about this so the muscles will return.

    There is one of two women who seem to have been around at the beginning of every attack or body changes. As a matter of fact, the one women will say oh I love your arms they are so thin. Next thing you know my arms are fat and my muscles are gone. She has said oh the bottom of you feet are so smooth, I need those or I want mine to be like that?

    I saw this one women walking up and down in my house saying things. Then we found blood on a wall by where she had been and in the carpet. It was like she gave the demons a pen or something to stay in.

    When I moved one time she had been in our home on a Saturday night. We had been packing, she stopped by. My Brother had been over and my husband and I. Know one else had been in our home. I couldn’t go to church that morning, I felt sick, my husband. I went down stairs and on top of our boxes was dirt sprinkled over them.

    She was at the new house when we were moving in, I found her footsteps with dirt on a white carpet and blood scrawled across that carpet.

    I thought at first well she must have gotten her thongs in the dirt. But it wasn’t muddy out, so how would dirt stick to the bottom of plastic thongs? I did have some house plants. So I am thinking did she cut herself?

    But she kept coming over and again another blood thing happened? Different room. I saw her walking between my furniture and she gave me a specific placement for how she thought my furniture should be. So I did it but at Christmas I changed it the way I like it and shampooed the carpet and found blood on the wallbase on the bottom again and on the carpet. We also found dead bugs all the time. At the beginning 3 years ago, we had flies all of the time. I told someone who knew her and the flyies were gone then we got gnatts, then moths (and all this time I am praying to the Lord and the Lord would finally her my plea and things of that form of insect would be gone).

    The Lord told me what to do to clean up the dirt and the blood. I dont want to be imaging thinks of a vein imagination but if they are happening then or they vein or is thinking and believing the cause? But then I say what about my parents they never said it was witchcraft? Maybe that is the holy spirit telling me, this is discernment of spirit.

    I dont want to give the enemy a foot hold in my life. I was backsliden for years but I take my faith in the Lord serious and I believe I am right before the Lord. Although I did at first thinking of these two women experience a form of anger and wanting to tell them about what I felt about it. But God let me that was unGodly. When I told the one lady who had been saved about it. She has been around the whole 3 years except the past month since I moved.

    She obviously knows my whole family, or I wouldn’t have said she spoke with my Brother.

    It would also seem that after coming home from church on Sunday and leaving the demonics behind in prayer service that on Monday if she couldnt get me my Brother said she would call and nag him on the phone till he called and it wasnt about anything wanting to know we were ok? I didnt feel that was her purpose in the calls. I thing she would put the things on my Brother to transfer to me when he spoke to me by phone or in person? Another time she called on the phone saying her son was in trouble (the Lord was rebuking the enemy by my church’s and my prayers and I knew it) would I pray for him. I felt spiritually that something was wrong with the phone call but I prayed for the young man anyway. I felt I was being used but I don’t know the purpose for certain. The next day when I ask her about it, it was as if it was a sham or a scam?

    Can anyone who has discernment of spirit and anyone who knows about these types of activities or maybe I should say craft can you email me with help, Please in the name of Jesus.

    Am I crazy or letting the devil get the better of me? I hope not.

    Being cut isn’t vain imagination. Aging over night, when you dont drink or smoke isnt normal either. The word says the children of God will not wither their leaves shall always be green.

    I had feelings about the one lady, who I thought had something to do with what happened to my Mother. Her and her husband ever time they saw my Mom they took tons of photos of my Mom?

    Seeing this same women at my grand-daughters Christmas recital, she looked like a different person. Her nose was gone, she looked like she had a tent for a nose? Matter in fact there whole family did but my son-in-law.

    My Mom when she died had like no nose bone in her nose? It was bizzare! She also had rhuemtoid arthritis. The man I am talking about, his Mother had it. He saw my Mom, of course my Mother never believed him to be a man of God. She would say examine the tree and the fruit. He lives with a women and there are other things that are against the word of God. In these cases I think we are ok to judge the issues, because it isnt the man but the understanding of what is happening and what to trust and not to trust.

    When we saw this women at Christmas, her hsuband said I don’t think Pattie looks too bad? I was better, I had showed my wounds and issues to my son and he was in shock. The attacks stopped and the wounds healed while he was home. The demons seemed to be gone from our home.

    I “think” my daughters family by marriage even tried putting curses on my husband and the last time we saw them. This is a very difficult thing to say, but I need help to know if I am discerning from the Lord or if my mind has gone into the control of the enemy?

    The daughter said crazy sentences that the words didn’t belong together. Her Grandma told my Mom before they both died, that this man who we later found out that he claims to be a prophet of God. If I understand right, you tell him what you are sick from or what you want and he claims to beable to give it to you.

    I am sorry that sounds like God, not a man? The grandma said this man also said these kinds of crazy prayers and that she knew he was doing something wrong but didn’t know what it was. This man put a so called blessing on my daughter, she was expecting a baby. She believed him and ask for a boy baby? (All of this was without me knowing. I lectured my daughter later but she is in her 30s and she is an adult and she is accountable before the Lord for her decisions as we all)

    I was very upset when I found out. Well now it will be 4 years ago March 7th. I remember well because it was my birthday she found out the baby had no top to the head and was dying the doctors had to take the baby. She did however a year later conceive a baby boy.

    I don’t think satan can create children there is but one creator.

    Then the Sunday to celebrate Christmas came, while at church someone or a spirit was in our house and the tree skirt had 3 rings of blood drawn around it and the skirt was wrapped around the tree. The dog was hiding in the bathroom and the door to the bathroom was closed.

    My husband and I didn’t know what to do, finally days later I felt to go burn the items after seeking God about the issue. There weren’t any presents of activities while my son was home but when he left it started back up.

    After that we were coming home and I got out of the car to go into the house, I hit my knee on the door was doubled over in pain and was crying. Going up stairs to look at my knee I saw blood coming from me. When I examined I had been gouged out a section about 2 or more inchs in length. It was bad. Someone or something was quite angry. If I didnt have the spirit of God I would have fainted a long time ago. But the Father I guess lends me his spirit and his love, his protection and his lifting up and coming out. I know whatever it is, will be in the end suffering for a good purpose according to the will of God. The word says what the enemy intended for evil God intended for good.

    But I feel I am suppose to come out, leaving behind milk, is what I feel In my spirit that I am hearing. I think I am annointed or called to a calling to help people overcome these types of demonic attacks from the enemy. But I have to say is this imagination, because of the prophetic message given to me?

    But some how that doesn’t make sense because what more is there than God. People aren’t to be lifted up, it is the Father who received the honor and glory of Jesus Christ. He paid the price for our healing and freedom from bondage.

    The enemy is angry about this email, he dropped a spider on me. This happened a few months ago while in prayer.

    The other night while in prayer to the Lord. I ask him to take away something. I see in my field of vision. It looks like a spider, spider web and a bird and there has been something else like a black spot. It always seems to be in the left eye the black spot.

    My husband and I bath and the water turns black or dark grey and that is if I bathe once in a day or 3 times. My husbands water looks like it has sand in it.

    I pray to the Lord when I take a bath and have quiet time with the Lord often. The other night I ask the Lord to remove these objects I am seeing, a big black bug with yellow and orange body and face feel in the tub. It cause me to open my eyes during prayer, I felt it or something. I now realize with the distractions I forgot to thank the Father and just did. These things use to be little gnatts, but I put annointing oil on my eyes and forehead and the next time I saw the annoint oil container was filled with gnatts or little bugs. So you see the Lord works and it doesn’t end. To me it is like with Pharoah?

    I can tell you this if I didnt love the Lord and know he loves me, I would have fainted or lost my mind but I haven’t I am still here, praise God. I have been pushed down by this thing, wounded, had my physical features changed but I know because of God I am coming out.

    Is it possible that it isn’t a demon but a witch. I know the word says that we war not against flesh and blood but against principalities in high places. But I dont know what that means. Do witchs fly on their broom and produce their circles or whatever and are they the ones wreiking havic on my life.

    The one lady who was at our home when the blood and dirt showed up every time, last year danced around twirling and putting her hands up over head like she was dropping something on her head. I noticed that my hair brushes are always full of fluff. When I bath this fluff is always in the drains and close to clogging them up.

    We painted the deck of our last house. She told us the color it had to be. I had a bad feeling and annointed the steps of the deck and the deck boards. Her boyfreind was sceduled to help my husband Paint the deck. She called him after he got to our house, he came from work and she told him to leave. He didnt come back for a couple of days, she painted the first 2 steps of the deck going down and then disappeared, again no one could find her for a while.( To tell you how bad things have been, this is the 4th home we have been in, in 14 months. ) One evening sitting on our deck after it was painted and a candle was lit she disappeared. Don’t get me wrong the candle was ours, but after it was lit she disappeared.

    My husband later about 45 min. to an hour found her in the bottom floor of our house, sitting alone on the downstairs furniture. I was trying to get her to go to church with us the next day, she acted like she was considering it. Then when she left and I ask her again she laughed at me.

    Is it that Satan takes evil spirits that want to work for him and they become witchs and warlocks and they do their acting out by commanding these demons on what to do? I dont know please help me.

    I felt one time that the Lord wanted me to speak with the inlaw of my daughter and told that women she said dont reprove me I got to go and hung up?

    I worry about the things that I think, if it isnt spiritual discernment, I am worried it means that the devil is able to enter my body and to do things to my brain.

    I don’t feel my brain has been destroyed but I do feel that the enemy if he could would love to. But I believe the Lord has protected the rest of me but what I am to see or experience for purpose. I don’t know if this makes since, but maybe you do?

    I worry the most about my thoughts because of Revelation, where it says there will be those who give heed to seducing spirits in the end, and at the Judgement bar they say but Lord we cast out demons in your name and he say depart from me I never knew you.

    I don’t want to be deceived.

    The women with the dirt and blood on the carpeting and wallbase board, told me at Christmas that I was going to carry the illness of everyone being healed in my ministry and so I was going to feel their suffering and pain and it would show on me. I am sorry but that stirred my blood and made it boil so to speak. That to me was blasphem. Only one paid the price for the healing of any man by the hand of God and his name if Jesus Christ. I told her there was only one who paid that price and there is not ever going to be another.
    Always before an attack, I have spoken with by phone or seen someone from that group. It has caused division between me and my daughter.

    One time my daughter told me they had a blessing with this man and he used my husbands name in the blessing. She said the person getting the blessing was bleeding rectal and that in the blessing the one calling himself a prophet used my husbands name. Well not telling my husband and my husband being quiet with things. He did start bleeding but the Lord healed it.

    I moved trying to get away from this issue. Never even told my family, my baby brother came to see me after I called him 2 weeks later. When I told him not to share with anyone that we moved. He said this women told him we had moved?
    Maybe she felt that, this women use to be in church and was filled with the Holy ghost. So I want to watch before God what I say.

    I was told by an evangelist known to my family and church for years, a message sent by God. He brought me to the front of the church. He knew my husband and I were under attack, (I suppose the Lord showed him, I dont think it was my pastor or his wife, not that she knew anyway). He knew we were losing our home and many other divistating issues going on with the attack. He said god had us on an Ark, in Ark of safety and that he was taking care of us, that the end result would be my development as a tool that God would use, and when he needed me he would take me out of his toolbox. I took it that the tool was being used for people who are suffering the same things I am suffering now.

    Does this make since to you ?

    I told the one women who (She is the one who was in the house every time the dirt and blood showed up on the carpet and baseboard.) about this church service because she had been saved and was in the same church family.

    I have really been beat down by the enemy. He has stolen about everything materially, money, home, business and a strained relationship with my daughter, but I still have the things of God and they are the thing of value to me these days. Everything I ever had or my husband and I ever had came by the hand of God. He and heaven are my concern today.

    It is difficult to be broke and not have enough to pay your bills or to put into the house of God, but the Lord has provided. The word says you have never seen the righteous forsaken nor their seed begging for bread. I know the Lord is with me, he promised never to leave me nor forsake me.

    So please pray for me and any who are able to enlighten me regarding the things discussed herein, I welcome your input as blessings from the Lord.

    God bless Sister Pattie

    • Rudy said

      Pattie I am praying for you. Be strong:


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  192. Cheryl said

    Please pray for the salvation and deliverance of my son Justin.

  193. Rudy said

    An abused child

    I need prayer and advice. My father abused me physically and emotionally until the age 0f 18, when I left home. Since then he has supposedly become a devout Christian. the abuse affected my entire life, and even destroyed my marriage and relations to others, including my mother whom I love, for I cannot visit her because his presence is hard for me to bear.

    It may be hard for the non-abused to understand the feeling of being offended. It is an all consuming feeling that involves a sense of overwhelming guilt and shame.

    Thus I am 48 and feel like a fool. I feel guilty, as if everything is my fault. The victim has become the guilty. I feel cursed.

    So here is my question. Must I forgive this man to his face, or can I forgive him to God? Also, the bible says to honor your parents, but how does one honor this?

    Again, the guilt. So my mother grieves because she loves her son as i do her, but I cannot bring myself to visit her much because he sits there and talks to me as if nothing ever happened. Once I brought it up, and he completely dismissed it saying he has been the greatest father.

    This adds additional damage since it is like pouring gasoline on my fire.

    My siblings do not understand because they were very little while I bore the abuses. I even remember him abusing me from the earliest days, even my early childhood. It is a pain so consuming, it product is hatred. I have at least come to subdue the hatred. Help me with my confusion.

    Help me deal with honoring the commandments whithin context of this .

  194. I too was an abused child. I can understand have you feel because the abuse of a father cuts deep. Like you I didn’t go home to see my parents for years. They were in North Carolina and I was in Texas. When I did go home and my mother had the chance to meet my children they were all in their mid-teens.
    One thing that you must do is forgive. Not the movie idea of forgive where everything is preaches and they cry on each others shoulder, but true forgiveness.

    So here is my question. Must I forgive this man to his face, or can I forgive him to God?

    Rudy-True forgiveness begans with an attitude. You have made an effort to talk to your dad, now let him know that it is in God’s hand and that you pray he asks God to forgive his sins.

    I remember talking to my dad three months before he died. I told him how I really hated how he treated me growing up. I told him that I don’t think about him and could care less about him, but I was concerned for his soul. He became angry. And said ” You can’t talk to me like that. I’m a child of God. “I told him “so I’m I. And that doesn’t change the fact that he beat me and hurt me whenever he wanted.” He denied everything. He said ” it was hard back then. But I managed to do my best. I didn’t drink around you or anything. I’ve never had a beer in my life.” Now you know. I can take alot of things, but I don’t like a bold face liar. Before I knew I said “stop lying. I was the one who cleaned up your beer cans.” I told him how I felt about him and that I pray he asks God to forgive him. But I had no love in me for him. I was born again and could love a stranger but not him. Strange isn’t it?
    This was because of my heart. You know, deep within I didn’t want to forgive him. I wanted to hold on to the past. I wanted to hurt him as much as he hurt me. It would have made my day to just see him rolling around on the ground striken with something, anything. But the word of God kept coming up in my spirit. I kept hearing forgive. Just as I forgave you. I thought “No Lord. You don’t understand.”
    But God has His way of getting to the point. He said “Yes. I do. I said Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
    I began to see God as my Father. Somehow He had placed this deep within me over time. It didn’t happen overnight. Forgiveness is just like love. Love is not a feeling but requires action. Without action it is useless. Love and forgiveness go hand in hand; Jesus setting the example. For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten son. Now that’s love.

    Love is patient, love is kind.
    It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
    It is not rude, it is not self-seeking.
    It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
    Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.
    It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.
    I Corinthians 13:4-8

    God was truly my Father and the earthly man from who I came was not a father, nor a dad, but a means to bring me into this world.

    I began to realize that he was going about his day without so much as a thought of what he’d done, while I was walking around each day carrying trash. He was free and I was a slave to the past. It was then I made up my mind to live free of the past, just as Christ forgave me I forgave also and moved on.
    I forgave him. It was not a warm fuzzy feeling. It is a change that takes place deep within. It is you saying yes though you don’t feel like saying yes.

    • Rudy said

      Thanks Rev. That helps. I just feel torn up inside. It’s like my soul is crying all the time. Consequently, I feel tired. I mean really tired, as in “no energy.”

      I will let him know that i have handed it to God, and that i have forgiven him for his tress passes against me.

      That man really killed my soul. I feel blind from crying, but not physical tears;soul tears.

      Thanks Rev.

  195. This is a weight. The bible tells us “let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which doth so easily beset us, and let us run with patience the race that is set before us.”

    The weight of sin holds down. When our soul leaves our body to go home to the Lord, the weight of sin is what keeps those who are unrepentant from the Lord. It is by Christs blood that it is removed, unless we turn it over to him we will not see Him. It will pull a person downward into hell, because it is attached to the unrepentant.

    This weight robs us of energy. It steals our joy and makes us dwell on the past. There is a battle going on in your mind. A Spiritual war is won (or lost) on the battlefield of your mind. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5 says, “For although we are walking in the flesh, we do not wage war in a fleshly way, 4 since the weapons of our warfare are not fleshly, but are powerful through God for the demolition of strongholds. We demolish arguments and every high-minded thing that is raised up against the knowledge of God, taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ.”

    Recognize the voice of your enemy. Satan is a liar and a deceiver. His primary tactic is to attack your mind. He cannot read your mind, but he can influence it. He is a master observer of human nature. He knows what to say and how to accuse and condemn. Recognize his condemning voice by recognizing this scheme.

    The Devil is the father of lies and his power is in the lie. He holding power over you because you are holding on to past hurts. Release this weight off of you because you are a new creature, old things have passed away, behold ALL THINGS ARE NEW. If you expose the lie, you will break the power of it.

    You must recognize truth and lies.
    After recognizing the lies, bring each thought under subjection, in other words make your thoughts obey.

  196. Rudy said

    Totally true. as a matter of fact, I have been telling this to people for some time. I had an encounter with a demon. The demon projected images into my mind by placing a tentacle upon my forehead. They are not as smart as they think they are, but they intelligent and manipulative.

    During one of many seances of my youth, I witnessed the mind control force field that is emanated. We are talking mind control. Some conspiracy theorists claim the military has similar technology in the form of HARRP.

    It is a way of projecting energy in the form of mind frequencies. It does other things as well. Television is a form of mind control. get on the Christ channel to override demonic and human forms of mind control. By the way, HARRP is said to account for the projection of Holographs. this may be a way the demons project ghosts and what not. They simply identify a point and project a very sophisticated holograph. But we’re talking very advanced technology.


    That’s my job, to expose the human-demon technology. They have other things as well.

  197. Michelle said

    Hi I’d like to request a prayer, my boyfriend is captured in a depression and in a deep place of pain. His history is so unfair and he can’t let go. His mother and his x are destroying his life. Please pray for him and please help me to cope. Please help. The mother and x is trying to attack me also through demons and evil spirits in the presents they give me. Please I need advice

    • Rudy said

      I just prayed, and I asked God to send some angels there to help clean the place out. The rest is up to you. Both of you must accept Jesus. Tell, your boyfriend I too have suffered unfairness.

      His Strength in My Weakness

      “He said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. ” 2 Corinthians 12:9-10

  198. Rudy said

    Some here may disagree with my plan, but I speak from experience. First, you need to close as many portals as possible else what is the point. The reason you are vulnerable is because you live in sin. You will continue to experience stuff and worse. So, if you have any sin portals, close them. Use the 10 commandments as a guide.

    Then, start praying to Jesus together that he may remove and shield you and your home from demonic influences. Sounds like you have a whole tribe of demons there.

    You need to stop associating with the enemy completely, so move or cut any ties including telephone to do so. Get restraints if necessary.

    The hexes will not work at all unless you allow them to, by not having faith and prayer. My specialty is demons.

    Here is a cool video to get you motivated. Again, your boyfriend’s depression is a portal. Cut it out, and start praising God in Jesus name.

    Demons run at the name of Yeshua.

    Watch the video and do as they do.

  199. Mitch said

    I have been under attack for about a 4 months now. it started with a shoulder dislocation and then it happened two more times but when the put it in the last time i kept slipping in and out of chonchness i just had surgery on the month ago but now i have just stopped caring about school work.

    please pray for me and God bless

  200. pattie said


    I read your specialty is demons. I don’t know if you read my prayer request but I am dealing something I don’t understand. Please read my prayer request and comment back to me please. Anyone else who is understands how to deal with demons and the things I am dealing with please email me back.

    I had several ministers from this sight, my minister and wife and two deliverance ministers. The last one help me immensely and all of a sudden a backlash came and I don’t get what I am dealing with or how to respond.

    Tonight my toenails on my toes appeared to be separating off of my feet and the foot depth appears to be half the depth. I am not afraid because If I die I am not living in in. I love the Lord and was told about two years ago that I was being called as a tool for the Lord. So how do I handle this. What type of attack am I dealing with and how do you suggest I pray.

    Praying to the Lord and just asking him to take care of it doesn’t seem to be enough. What am I able to do and how do I pray to overcome.

    God bless you, Thank You
    Please email me back Pattie FArm

    • Devils are attempting to gain ground into your mind. They must be cast off and out in the name of Jesus. You must have someone who is a true, (notice I said true) Christian take authority over the devils in the name of Jesus and command them to leave.

      God does not interfere with the natural operations of the faculties. A sudden stoppage of thought, or sequence in the action of the mind, in thought or memory, as well as acute loss of the use of either, may indicate the interference of evil spirits. The spirits of evil, in possession of some faculty of the mind, can either hold it, or suddenly release it for action this holding or releasing power explaining much that is unaccountable in suddenness of action. “I can” one moment, then “I cannot” the next. The believer, however, may be unable to act, because of the interruption, or interference of the enemy, but he really has the ability for action, if the faculties were free.

      The Deceiver has two ways of putting thoughts into the mind: (1) By direct communication to the mind, and (2) indirect, by attacks on the spirit, causing undesirable feelings there, such as impatience through the attacks, which produce impatient thoughts in the mind, followed by impatient words. The believer has a sense of being hindered persistently by some unseen obstacle, for the evil spirit beings suggest a certain action to him, and then when he attempts it, he is hindered, causing in him a sense of irritation for which he cannot account. Nothing he does seems to go right, and his life seems made up of troubles, too much for him to bear, causing a sense of discontent which grows upon him.

      Feverish activity which accomplishes nothing is manifested occasionally, or else perpetual occupation which gives no moment of rest; difficulty with work in the day time; dreams at night, with no sense of rest or leisure at any time; suffering, confusion, difficulty of action, embarrassment, perplexity, all emanating directly, maliciously, and deliberately from evil spirits, unrecognized by the man.

      Believers whose circumstances, and environment, should give them every cause for a glad and quiet mind, are harassed with terrible anxiety, and they are rarely free from troubled thoughts. The mind over-estimates everything, because the imagination and mental faculties are in bondage; ant-hills appear as mountains to them. Everything is exaggerated, so that they shrink from seeing others, as conversation is terribly difficult. They imagine they are only thinking in an ordinary sense, but it is not I “thinking” when a thing grips the mind, but when the mind grips the thing. Their “thinking” goes beyond the line of pure mental action.

  201. Rudy said

    I really do not understand. Are you experiencing this in the mind or in the world of common reality?

    You wrote:”Tonight my toenails on my toes appeared to be separating off of my feet and the foot depth appears to be half the depth. I am not afraid because If I die I am not living in in.”

    Is this the result of a chronic condition? What do you mean by “foot depth”? In any case, I would seek medical attention and pray to Christ on it.

    • pattie said

      Dear Rudy,

      Yes these things have happened physically and emotionally from the physical. I have had my hair cut and died while I sleep on a regular basis. Half of my hair is missing. Yesterday was my toe separating from the nail bed at the back of the nail.

      The washing machine went crazy this week and was pooring water out of it after turning it off and the faucets also. I had to rebuke it and God stopped it, the next level it ran down the walls on the ceilings. Water was coming out of light fixtures, the next day God had dried it up so that there was not a mark or any damage. Sunday a week ago went to get ready for church and my clothes rack was pulled off the wall. That is the third one within about 2 months.

      I have awakened in the middle of the night from pain I guess, put my hand on the area and it is covered in blood. I hit my knee on the door entrance coming into the house. On my way up stairs to look at, I felt something running running down my stomack and I had been
      googed. Blood was pouring out of the area and it was a long mark, wide in one part with part of the flesh missing.

      Is this something the Lord would permit the enemy to do to me in sifting? Do we know how long test or trials should go on? Is 3 years to long. These issues and abuses seem at times to be worse now in the form.

      Is this demonic? Well of course it has to be some form of demonic activity, because God is only good and merciful. I dont think he would leave the children who are unsaved to suffer so, so should I beleive that he will give me this type of brutal suffering for 3 years?

      Listen there isnt anyone who is perfect but I dont think I am doing things to deserve this but maybe I am wrong.

      For example I worked 2 days this week and besides that I worked 3 other days the whole year. I bought myself some face cream. Would that be considered to be a sin? The devil if he could, wants to make it in my mind that drawing breath is unfare of me.

      I am suffering bizarre things I don’t understand. I am in prayer to the Lord am Sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost. My whole day today, now being after 8:00pm is given to the Lord and understanding these issues. I don’t want to fail. If there is something wrong about me I want to know.

      What would cause this type of demonic attack and what do I do. I am praying and asking others of faith to pray with me. Some times I am feeling that I am wrong to pray again because I have prayed before. The Lord answers and everything is gone and something comes along and it starts all over again. So if all of my hair is back, it gradually starts disappearing again. Yesterday before going to work I noticed the hair color was different than the day before.

      I say it isn’t my imagination because one of the women of our church I went to dinner with for my birthday said my hair seemed like it was back last week. When I inquired why, I dont know what our exact words were but she basically said it looked long or longer and was full again. Which was true God had changed it back last week then on Wed. in my sleep this happened again.

      There is more Rudy but I hope this is enough for understanding. Let me know if you have any problems with my email. God bless


      • Rudy said

        Hmm. It sounds like you need psychological help from a professional for deep seated emotional problems. It may appear to be demonic, but not necessarily. Could be you are suffering some kind of breakdown.

        My advice, get a support network of some friends and confide in them that you need their help. if all fails, go see a psychological counselor.

        Now, if you are catholic, that might be a problem right there also. catholicism, in my opinion, is a sure fire demon magnet.

        • jth91960 said


          We all should watch our comments about each others religion. I am Catholic and still feel we are all Christians, and we need to work together to defeat Satan. When you make comments about the other Christian religions you are falling in Satan’s Trap of divide and conquer. Our biggest problem besides Satan now is a Government that wants to be God and will try to divide all religions to become more powerful than what we believe in. Satan is well and alive in Washington D.C.

          • I agree there is a way to say things without creating offense, however, Catholics have already been deceived. To pray to anyone except God is to serve other gods. It would be no different then bowing to the devil, for he too is a created being.

            The worship of images, idols and religious relics is a heathen custom clearly forbidden in the Word of God. (But many of you don’t read the word yourself-no offense)For some three centuries after Christ, the early Christians chose martyrdom rather than participate in idolatry, but when Christianity became the state religion under Constantine, all this began to change. The heathen temples became Christian churches, the pagan idols were given the names of Saints and were soon being venerated. The pagan worship of the mother goddess, which had originated in Babylon and spread to pagan Rome as the cult of Cybele, now evolved into the worship of the Virgin Mary as Queen of Heaven. It was in the very city of Ephesus, infamous for its worship of the goddess Diana, that a Church Council in 431 A.D. declared Mary to be “Mother of God”. As the idolatrous practices spread and increased throughout, they received official legality in 788 A.D. at the Second Council of Nicea.

            So I do agree with Rudy in this respect. If she is Catholic there is no word in her to root and ground her in truth, because she has believed in a lie, this makes her open to the enemies devices.

            The truth is often hard to accept, but it is the truth.

            You wrote: When you make comments about the other Christian religions you are falling in Satan’s Trap of divide and conquer.

            The trap is to slience the truth from being told. We can not unite with false religions for this is to be unequally yoked. Satans trap is to have us believe we can all serve God the way we want, doing what we thinks pleases God. But there is only one way, in spirit and in truth.

      • Rudy said

        Pattie, I am praying for you right now. I ask God to send some Angels to clear out all darkness as far as possible. Please do same for me. Let us pray for everyone.

  202. Renita said

    I really need prayer for all strongholds in my life to be broken. I suspect that these are what is causing a block to me getting my job back.

    • Rudy said

      God is not in the employment business. I think you’d better go and discover god with a new perspective. If I were god, you’d get double your trouble for asking this kind of thing.

      I think you are confused or plain ignorant.

      It baffles my mind when i meet people like this. Ask God for enlightenment or good health.

      Asking for a job is like asking God for a color TV, or a vacation.

      Good luck!

    • Renita

      Hi Renita. I would like to ask you a simple question. What are the strongholds in your life? You know what they are, because you said “I suspect that these are what is causing a block to me getting my job back.”

      God wants us to live holy Before Him. Strongholds are hindrances to our walk. They are set up in the mind many times by conditions we experienced when we were young or something that took place and shaped our thinking. This opens access of deceiving spirits of the mind, especially before the believer realizes the need of a renewed mind.

      Thoughts lodged in your subconscious, perhaps years before; mental conceptions admitted without examination; floating ideas which have drifted into the ground of the mind, the believer does not knows where they came from.

      The Scriptural ground for obtaining deliverance of strongholds is the truth concerning Christ’s full victory at Calvary, through which believer CAN BE DELIVERED FROM THE POWER OF BOTH SIN AND SATAN, but in actual fact the victory won at Calvary can only be applied if you conform to God’s Divine laws.

      Do not think God will answer your prayers unless you are walking within His will. That should be first and fore most in your life. Then all these things shall be added, and not before.
      Seek God and His power to deliver you from whatever strongholds there maybe in your life. Your relationship with Him is what matters most.

    • pattie said

      Dear Renita,

      I am suffering but I still know that God almighty is on the thrown. My suffering shall end, if I just hold out and endure. When we are tested and given test, or trials of affliction he said in Ephesians 3:13 Wherefore I desire that ye faint not at my tribulations for you, which is your glory.

      His Love and mercy endures forever, see Psalms 136:3 and 136:26. The Lord is no respecter of persons. He is the same yesterday; today and forever he is for everyone. Why? Because he so loved all of us that he gave his only begotten son that we may be saved.

      The Lord is not full of himself or arrogant. He is not man that he should boast or lie. His promises are for everyone. He is the great I am. He has so many titles and positions but he has one name it is Jesus Christ.

      He is the Hightower of your strength if you call upon him, trust and believe in him. He is your shepherd who makes you not to want, he is your gardener who weeds everything out he didn’t plant, but you have to call upon him.

      So if you were saved, repent and get back into church. He is faithful to forgive. The word says where sin abounds Grace abounds more abundantly.

      If you aren’t saved, let me point you to two of the most important life changing scriptures in the Bible:

      Acts 2:38 Says; And Peter said to them, Repent, and be baptised, each one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ, for remission of sins, and ye will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
      Mark16:17 Says; And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;

      Look for these things in the church you join and God will work out your plan of salvation with you. Read the word regular and pray to the savior continually. If you keep him in your mind and always at the forefront of your thoughts the enemy will rebuked.

      You may see many people with jobs supporting the church and you because of being a new comer have no job to start. That is ok. Share the word and bare fruit with those who are willing to listen. Corinthians 12:5 And there are differences of administrations, but the same Lord.

      He is a Loving God he, cares about everything that happens to you. He is with you 24 hours a day, even when you don’t serve him. He is not in closet but he sees and hears everything. In the Old Testament, in Psalms 2:3-4 it says there were those who would say; Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us. He that sits in the heavens shall laugh. The LORD shall have them in derision.

      He at this time is permitting his children to suffer and to be tested. The whole body of Christ is moaning and groaning so to speak. This is a great dress rehearsal for the final days of tribulation. So if you are saved and being buffeted by the enemy innocently, he said we are to take it and endure. He told Paul that his grace was sufficient. He is the one who gives you endurance and grace when the enemy is buffeting you.

      But fainting not look at James 5:11 it says Behold, we count them happy which endure. Ye have heard of the patience of Job, and have seen the end of the Lord; that the Lord is very pitiful, and of tender mercy.

      The Bible says in these days, many will fall away (from the faith) after serving God maybe for life, maybe for a few years. So when you hear a saved one speak negative, and he or she claim to be saved. I can only say we are all human and the Bible teaches us that we all have fallen short of the glory of God.

      We are commanded to pray for one another. I can also say that the posting of words is never the same as speaking with someone in person. I ask that you remember for the sake of our Lord and savior that No man is perfect. There was only one his name is Jesus Christ.

      Remember he is the one who saves, he is the one who is your lifter upper, and he makes you able to overcome all things. He breaks off yokes that are heavy, his burdens are light and his yoke is easy.

      Don’t be offended and forgive with your heart, any who offend that they not be held accountable for your blood. Every man is just that, man. Everyone is being tested at this time the earth is in travail. Why? Because the Lord is coming back to earth again, soon.

      When you become saved, after receiving Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, and have been baptized in his name and able to call him Father. Remember there will be Christians, you saw in your walk who may get down. Remember to help strengthen them, as God strengthens you now.

      Jesus told Peter that the devil our enemy wanted to sift him. He told him when he had overcome to strengthen his brothers. God is love and we are reminded daily in the New Testament by the life that Jesus Christ served upon the earth

      He is calling you to a greater place, the opportunity of your life. His offering is for you to be a Citizen of Heaven to walk on streets of Gold, where when you go you won’t need a job any longer. Everything will be free, there will be no sorrow or sadness and will be gladness. These are promises, our God, Lord and savior keeps every word of the book never failing. The Journey with him is one you don’t want to miss.

      When you are sanctified and filled with the Holy Ghost remember you will be of Royal blood. That means you will become a priest daughter of the Lord. That salvation carries a very big responsibility. When you stumble because you are flesh. Remember you have an advocate with the Father and he forgives us when we repent. He is faithful to forgive our trespasses. If you have any anger in your heart you can’t get over ask the Lord to help you along the way. His love will wipe out sadness, sorrow, anger and tears. He is the answer to everything including your job. It says in the 23 Psalms. The Lord is my shepherd I shall not want. He means every word.

      God bless you, the Lord loves you. He wants a family and he wants your love and affection. Remember when you pray to praise him, thank him for all he has done for you. If you keep him first in your life, One day I hope to see you there; when he says enter in my good and faithful servant.


  203. Brandon said

    PLEASE pray warfare prayers for Brandon, as he is under heavy spiritual attack. There is an “ex” who is trying to make his life a living hell; along with his family. She, who claims to be a christian, is plotting revenge for the past 9 mths & it is ongoing. Please break these strongholds that she has, as she seems to be working with satan. We’ve prayed, but nothing seems to stop, I need peace before I “snap” & go beserk. Everyone has a breaking point & she’s pushing it to the limit. I don’t know what to do anymore!!! Please email me back please!

    • Rudy said

      Don’t do anything. Let god take care of it, but pray. If your prayer is sincere and in faith, God should respond.

      • Agreed. Remain steadfast in your walk. The bible says ““Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). God’s people are commanded to -be still. The imperative gives a solemn duty to those in a covenant relationship with God; Israel in the Old Testament, but today, it is given to Christians-Galatians 3:26-29

        What does it mean when God’s own are commanded to be still?

        The word translated -be still- comes from the Hebrew term (raphah). It means to slack, or to let drop, or in some instances, to be weak.

        God wants you to put your hands down and stop trying; let Him fix it. Sadly, there are those who are far from still; they do all the work. They believe that by lifting up their hands and by working, they can solve their own problems. They can do it all on their own, without any divine dependence.

        Don’t flinch. Stand still. Know that he is God. Know it spiritually, and emotionally. He is your God.

  204. Rudy said

    Everybody pray for me. Sex issues.

    I need prayer just like the next guy.

    • I think most of us do or came out of those kinds of issues. They are hard when the flesh is on the rise, but God is faithful, as we walk with Him.

      “Lord strengthen Rudy in the name of Jesus. Grant Rudy peace in the midst of her being, where only you dwell. Fill her with your divine presence and wrap your holy train about her. Fill her temple with your glory Father, for she is a vessel you desire to use.”

    • pattie said


      I have and will continue to pray for you. However I know you will over come soon.

      I think God was giving you a spirit check. You are of the Royal Priest hood, which means we will be tested for sure.

      The Lord told Peter before going to the cross that he would be tested. He said Satan wanted to sift him, and the Lord told him; I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not: and when thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren.

      These are definitely the days of testing. I think the Lord was reminding you to strengthen your brother; it is honor and glory to our Lord from your service in the priesthood.

      When you see the enemy coming on you, from all of the evil coming across in the electronic system. Stop and pray, break the attack immediately. If that doesn’t do it. Count on God to provide Brothers and Sisters in the priesthood to rise up to pick up your responsibility temporarily until you are strengthened from the attack.

      Then enemy comes at us when we are tired. But I also know when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Lord he raises a standard.

      We are flesh and blood. May God weed out your garden and wash away the enemies sin from your repentance and cover you with his blood. I believe by the time you read this the healing of Jesus will already be done.

      Because we know what he has done for one he will do for all, in the name of Jesus Christ, Father we love you and thank you for touching Rudy.

      We thank you that both Rudy and Rev Patrick spend endless hours trying to fill gaps that must seem like endless hours. But you know Father I myself being your child have heard encouraging words off of this site.

      I thank you Lord, that in a time of inability to understand we are able to come together with other believers and lift one another up for your honor and glory.

      Because you are in us and give us love, we are favored because we are yours. A peculiar people, a nation, a royal priesthood. We thank you for the words you plant in our heart, knowing the New validates the Old of the Bible, Jesus who we call upon came to fulfill.

      We are given words for encouragement. As in Hebrews 11:31-33 where it says; And what shall I more say? For the time would fail me to tell of Gideon, and of Barak, and of Samson, and of Jephthae; of David also, and Samuel, and of the prophets: Who through faith subdued kingdoms, wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions. Quenched the violence of fire, escaped the edge of the sword, out of weakness were made strong, waxed valiant in fight, turned to flight the armies of the aliens. Women received their dead raised to life again: and others were tortured, not accepting deliverance; that they might obtain a better resurrection:

      We pray Lord that you will strengthen yours Lord, because they are tired and the enemy is coming at them. Raise the standard Lord as you do and give them your greater might that they go on to help with words of encouragement for salvations sake in Jesus Name.

      Sister pattie

      • Rudy said

        Sister Pattie, thank you for the kind words, but i am a wretched sinner in search of sanctification. Perhaps you know something i do not know. I was wondering why you would refer to someone as pathetic as me as a member of the Royal Priest hood?

        • pattie said

          Dear Sister,

          I can tell already by the tone of your email, that the one we love has touched your very soul.

          Gods’ children are struggling. In this end time the word says the world will be a shaking. It is shaking. The body of Christ is moaning and groaning in labor pains. The enemy is upon every one and we are being sifted, tested put thru tribulations as I have never seen in my 59 years.

          But the great news is we are brought to the remembrance of the One who took the stripes for our sins and died that the captive be set free. For all who are in Christ are at Liberty, Praise God. The enemy maybe tormenting, but he cannot hold on to Gods children because we are Liberty. So remember who you are, remember your service to God and his love for you. I believe there are Two things no man can do; Out give God and out love him!! Praise the Lord, Amen.

          The days of travail don’t last forever. The end is entering in if we faint not. Hold on to the unchanging hand of the Lord. He never fails he delivers every promise. He is putting you in the fire, turning it up as hot as he can and the 14 K gold shall be 18 K and the 18 k shall be 24 K. Praise God he loves us, he wants to say the words we want to hear, more then we want to hear them. I just want to hear those sweet and loving words from him; enter in my good and faithful servant.

          This week we enter into a days of celebration for his great price. The ONE who never sinned, loves everyone, and forgave or forgives everyone and everything. He gave the precious gift we could not earn. That blood cleanses, washes, makes whole and makes us love everybody. He makes us all new creatures in him, and when his blood touched our heart, our minds are made new and we are given a perfect peace that cast out all fears.

          My tears flowed down my face writing this to you. Be well, be loved by the one who loves you. He is our High-tower, our strength in weakness, our anchor in a storm, he is the rock our house was setup upon, he made us lively stones and when necessary he is our High priest and we have an advocate with him. No man, nor the enemy can snatch you out of his hands. He will never leave us nor forsakes us, when we go into the fire the flames will not touch us and when we come out we don’t even smell of smoke. We are so precious to him, that he calls us his own!

          Let the Lord bless you and keep you, it is his desire and your hope in salvation.

          • Rudy said

            Wow Sister, thank you for that. God bless you too. I know we will one day talk to each other in bodies of light.

            By the way, the enemy is watching. In fact it was here just a while ago, my dog sensed it. I told it to go away in the name of Christ, and it has. They have some kind of projection device, but enough of that. Let us focus on Jesus. But to all reading this, be aware, the enemy is all around us. That is why we must shield our selves with Christ. We must put on the whole armor of God. The following is a gift to all who seek God.

            A channel with a good message:



            • Rudy said

              You will hear a bunch of audio. that is because all links are playing. stop them all, then listen at leisure.

              ARMOR OF GOD

              [audio src="" /]

              [audio src="" /]

              [audio src="" /]

              [audio src="" /]

            • Rudy said

              ARMOR OF GOD

              All will play at once. Please stop each one, then listen at leisure.

              [audio src="" /]

              [audio src="" /]

              [audio src="" /]

              [audio src="" /]

  205. Rudy said

    Everyone prepare. Things are going to get ugly in the U.S.

    Personally, I think going out to more rural areas will help. Congested cities will be death traps.

    Here is an email I sent friends. according to much research, the global elite plan to destroy the U.S. economy in order to bring the U.S. in line with their New World Order agenda. This includes Martial Law, and a plague designed by the CDC.

    However, it is strongly suspected that militia and Gov. clashes will be the catalyst. we may see global war during the midst of the chaos including war with Iran/Israel, European troops, and possible Russian involvement including troops coming here to maintain order:

    It is may go down like this. Militia activity sparks all out revolution.

    Never mind attack on Iraq and WW3, martial law and the plague.

    Ex soldier speaks: Please Please Please listen to this.
    Without Rule of Law | Survival in WROL situations
    What is a Bug out Bag to you?

    The city or the hills?

    The importance of demeanor and posture in

    War’s in WROL.

    How to talk to your neighbor’s

    When to hit that big red button?

    Priority’s of work in WROL part 1.

    Priority’s of work in WROL part 2.

    Russians may come to help maintain civil order:

  206. Rudy said

    FOR EVERYONE: THE ARMOR OF GOD FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE ( everything may play at the same time, so you’ll have to stop them all, and play individually.

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

  207. Rudy said

    The ARMOR OF GOD FOR SPIRITUAL WARFARE / Everything may start playing at once. Please stop each one, then play at leisure.

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

  208. Linda Carpenter said

    I keep having this reocurring dream and I dont know why I am having it. I always wake up right after it happens. My subconscious is yelling out curses to the Lord. It is always the “G.D.” word. I am a born again spirit filled christian. I love the Lord with all my heart and dont why this is happening. If you could pray for me I would appreciate it. I am very upset about this dream.


    Linda Carpenter

    • Rudy said

      Linda Carpenter. Rejoice! Satan is attacking for a reason. The powers of the air are very upset that you love God. They are fooling you. Listen, you are not the only one that this happens to. It happens to me as well, but I understand the “wiles” of the devil.

      See, one thing most people do not understand is that the Satanic forces utilize mind control “transmissions.”

      The other day, I was texting my brother, and suddenly, a thought voice that was not my own ( I known my own mind voice), said “FN idiot.”

      I know to distrust certain thoughts as not being my own. Take courage. Do not be fooled. As soldiers of Christ we must learn how the enemy operates. You are distressed because you do not understand that demons control “the air.” Just like radios transmit signals, Satan is the biggest network on earth. It is all around us.

      Here, listen to these, pray to Christ for deliverance. Also, if you are a Catholic, stop!Close any demon portals, like resentments, adulteries, tarot cards, whatever.

      Read the words of Christ and follow him. Christians must understand, we are embarking on a very troublesome path. It is not going to be easy because Satan has our number. So put on the full armor of God:

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      I am a self proclaimed demon expert. Much like a bug exterminator, only for demons. Also, if there are any demon infested people in your life, stop the association.

  209. Lily said

    Hi everyone
    I have been having terrible demonic thoughts and pictures in my head, I’m afraid but at the same time willing to fight to cast them out. Please pray for me. Does anyone know of a prayer in the Bible or a Bible passage I can go to when this happens to me so I can pray? I’m having very strange thoughts, feelings and pictures in my head. It also seems like they are speaking to me in my head to frighten me. I woke up in the middle of the night and this started….just very strange stuff

    • RUDY said

      This is my specialty. i am a certified demonic expellation instructor. i know I sound funny , but bear with me.

      In order for me to help, I will need a few questions asked:
      1.Are you or any of your family Catholic?
      2. Does anyone in your family contact the spirit world or divinate, or do drugs?
      3. Is there any abuse or confusion in your home?
      4.Is it possible you fell under a curse. That is, does anyone near you practice the occult arts?
      6. Do you worship any strange idols like saints, statues, and otherwise?
      7. Is anyone obsessed with anything in your home, prn, prostitutes, tarot card, Ouija boards, etc.

      Sorry. This is my questionnaire.

      I’ll give you a diagnosis and recommendation.

      In the meantime, do this:

      When you have some free time, in privacy, pray the following prayer:

      Dear lord, God almighty, in Jesus name I pray.
      I know that all things are under your authority, whether demonic or otherwise.
      Therefore, in the name of Jesus Christ I rebuke any dark forces that may be in my home, or upon anyone in my household, even upon myself. Be gone, in the name of the almighty son of the living God, Jesus Christ.

      You are under the authority of God, therefore leave my home, leave me, and be as far from me as night is from day. Be gone, and bother me no more.
      May the name of Jesus and his blood wash this home of “all’ iniquity.

      Amen. Praise be to God in the highest, in Jesus name I pray.

      They will run for cover, but they can come back, so we need to regroup. Get back to me.

      I’ll pray for you.

      P.S. We live in a demonic bnation called the United States. Do not feel like you are going crazy. Satan is using his technology to transmit or bombard humanity with filth and murder.

      It’s the American way.

      But be of good hope. God is with you, and so am I.

      Peace be with you sweetheart.

      I love you, and so does Jesus.

      • RUDY said

        I am praying that God send a host of angels to cleanse your home out. They are there by now. Believe. They are there guarding your home.

        Peace be upon you.

    • RUDY said

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      [audio src="" /]

      I am a self proclaimed demon expert. Much like a bug exterminator, only for demons. Also, if there are any demon infested people in your life, stop the association.

  210. JOHN KANIECKI said


    Hope you are all well.

    I am asking for prayers for myself and my family as my mother has passed away.

    Thank you.



    • RUDY said

      Lord of heaven, in the name of Jesus Christ I ask that you send peace and understanding to JOHN KANIECKI and his family, and that you place the spirit of peace upon all of those that acknowledge your divine name, that you consolidate the body of Christ wherever they may be found in the earth. Blessed be your name and this Sabbath.

    • Dear John,

      Really sorry to hear about your mother…

      I have you in my thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

      May God have mercy on her eternal soul, and may He also grant you the strength you need to be there for your family – and to maintain…

      Joshua †

    • Devon in Canada. said

      That’s very sad John….I lost my Dad exactly 11 months ago so I know what you are going through…do you know if your Mother was right with our Savior?

      Regardless…you and your loved ones are in my prayers.


  211. Have mercy, O Lord, if it is possible, on the soul of Thy servant John’s dear mother, departed to eternal life in separation from Thy Holy Orthodox Church!

    Unsearchable are Thy judgments. May Thy holy will be done!

    †IC XC†
    †NI KA†

  212. RUDY said

  213. Pattie Farm said

    This is a praise report and a prayer request!

    Number one I want to praise the Lord for sparing our life this past Thursday am, as our home burned to the ground and everything we owned went up with.

    Praise God he spared our lives. We lost our dog but we were saved as our home burned to the ground in about 2-3 hours. Someone had forgotten to turn on the water main when the subdivision was built 3 years ago and they couldn’t get water to put out the fire. The alarm in 2 of the 3 floors failed to come on.

    The enemy maybe wanted our lives but the Father, my Lord and savior came in and raised the standard. We thank you Jesus, who is greater, who can measure or surpass your love? There is none, we thank you with every part of our being.

    We lost our Golden Moi, I miss her so much. But I am sure when the Lord marks the sparrows, he marks all of his creatures and one day I will see her again.

    Please remember us in prayer. We don’t know what we will do but surely the Lord does.

    Sister Pattie

  214. Blessings, can you keep alive in your prayers ,to our Heavenly Father Matt,s 2010 prayer Journal,that Miraculous things will occur, In Jesus Christ Name Amen!Thanks

  215. For years my wife and I have reached out our hands to help thousands of God’s people. We often put ourselves aside for the Kingdom of Heaven sake with no regrets.
    Several weeks ago we desired to have the family fast for our loved ones who are lost. A couple of family members decides they too would join us in fasting and prayer. Well, things began to happen.
    My Father-in-law became very ill. Not that he was in the best of health. Next, my wife was fired from her job. “No big deal” I thought. I didn’t want her working there to begin with. The next day, the phone rang and my brother-in-law was arrested for no reason. Now that was not hard to believe, but he is not saved, yet wanted to fast and seek the Lord with us.
    My wife’s uncle who is a minister was fsating also. Suddenly the phone rang. The report is he was shot in the forehead by his neighbor. He returned fire and the neighbor died while he is in a coma.

    This scripture came to mind, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

    There are thousands of men and women who have literally explained these verses by saying they apply only to unseen demonic spiritual forces and powers alone, and not evil human forces and powers. WRONG!

    Satan has human agents here on this earth and he always will.
    So not only are we against the Devil himself, but we are now against principalities and powers. Wow, and it doesn’t end there. We’ve also got rulers of the darkness of this world to contend with. Lastly, we have spiritual wickedness in high places. So who or what are these things we’re up against? You are wrestling against your own leaders, the very people you elect into office. You are wrestling against your unsaved neighbor. You are fighting against devils who don’t want you to pray in Jesus name, because prayer is power, and the prayers of the righteous are heard by God.
    Please pray for my family.

    • RUDY said

      This should be Demonology 101. Let me explain how this happens.

      Yes, I am a demonologist by my own regard.

      This is how it works. The demons are indeed in heavenly places, but of course they have agents. They have all kinds of agents. They have shadown men, sleep paralysis hags, alien looking beings, angels, you name it.

      But, they also utilize humans. A good example is the “seance.” during one of many seances I had observed, I noticed that there would be a powerful force field emitted. This force field affected the brains of the participants by controlling their brains.Thus , they fell into a trance and spoke in whatever language the demons chose.

      By the same token, some humans are agents of God also. I remember once, I had been working in a hospital, and there were some wicked nurses there. These, I suspect, would allow people to die. Once, they conspired against me for no apparent reason. There they were talking trash, and I was beginning to get very angry inside. Michael, a Black man with very bad teeth, who in all respects was the most servile, humble, and dedicated helper of the sick I have ever seen, appeared behind me.

      He tapped me on the shoulder,”hold you peace brother, for it is not they that speak, but what is behind them,” and he walked out.

      It was as if he had a communication with God. As if he was just playing the part of a human, but that is my conjecture.

      in any case the bible says that the Devil prowls around like a raging lion seeking whom he may devour.

      People, get with the program. We are to be as wise as serpents, and as innocent as doves.

      That means, keep your eyes open. You see something coming, assume it could be Satan.

      Satan is pissed, but he is not invincible. He has many powers, especially of incantation and magic, incredible stuff, but he employs common tactics.

      For example, they often peer through my mirrors in my house. They are not permitted to mess with me because i follow Jesus, but that does not mean they cannot pass by and see what you are up to.

      IT tells you right in the bible that he is “around,” as in “everywhere.”

      If anyone wants to join my prayer Jesus fellowship, let me know. I don’t want any fruit cakes. If you are humble and seek to know God, you can hang with us.

      Watch this on my you tube channel. In fact, watch everything. You might also want to watch “nephilim Rising” also:

      Awesome testimony reverend. Peace of the almighty be with you. Another thing.

      Think of God as an administrator. He is central command. He sends, and they go, he calls, and they come.

      Jesus Bless you ,and pray for me. I need a lot of prayer also.

      The front line is “everywhere.”

      • Pattie said

        Dear Rudy,

        I would like to know about your prayer team? When you meet, is it through skype and if there is a focus.

        I have a calling on my life and the evil one would like to take out Gods children as you know. We also know we live under the protection of the Lord.

        I know I am going to have a ministry and am not sure where it is going to be. I feel I am moving to another area and I am waiting on him for final instructions.

        My hone burned down about 3 weeks ago and praise god our lives were spared but we lost everything else. But all that we had came from him and I know he will restore and we will be rebuilt. We cant give up on the Lord my husband is being baptized this weekend. MY baby sister and her husband returned to the Lord after we almost lost our lives. That alone makes the pain of the other with the price for the prize, praise God.

        We currently are located in Missouri today.

        God bless you and your annointing.

        Sister Pattie Farm

  216. RUDY said

    The Catholic church is a serious problem. This demonic entity goes around very politely dishonoring God, and thereby, misrepresenting him.

    Stinking Pope, he was a Nazi too, not surprised.



  218. beni said

    I was just wondering.My pastors wife saids that you can put any item that you wish in your home,Like staints statues,unicons,etc.Someone in bible study said his wife became sick so they asked a healer to come over and he said it was the stautes making her ill get rid of them? Now i dont believe in idols in my home nor candles(strange fire)and i rebuke demons,and cover all things i buy with the blood of jesus?I totaly disagree with what she saids and there was no correction from the pastor,I`m I wrong are I`m I missing something.Because,demons can follow you.attach to things etc.I`ve had a demon get into my car while driving from a graveyard.Who cause havoc in my home until i was told to pray and seal the demon back in his coffin never to be released again.I`m I missing It are what?

  219. keijo said

    Pray for me and my difficoult fight AGAINST MY ENEMIES THAT SURVIVE AND be free from pain and and win worry and hate,in Jesus name,thanks and bless and hope,keijo sweden

  220. RUDY said

    I have a new YOU TUBE channel:

  221. alice mwangi said

    i have an attack as i have nothing i do which joy in my life everything including myself is a stress. I have a son who started running away from my house and become a street by since year 2008 until todate as am writting to you he is away for three weeks no where to be found along Nairobi town. Am so frustrated my husband just left like that and i become mother of two. my job is full of stress i never get promotion or rise. my family all has stepped aside as am single. my life ever smell odour nothing sweet. my money never stay with me i have tried to serve God but in the church am ever undermined though my i cover a great area in the church but never be recognised.i understand in me there is a very high grade of demon attack but no one to help me as the people i minister with they alway after my body where once i refuce am thrown down to become useless. Please help me out

  222. ALICE MWANGI said

    Dear Brethren

    i had a problem with my son who has been running away from my house and become a street boy but after three weeks i found him in slum. i have managed to take him to a boarding scholl away from me. i have seen God working day bye day. actually a m alady who have never sung a good song in my life instead i always reglet why i was born. Am a single mother of two my husband left me am always isolated and hated i never see growing or promortion in my life. There is a demon which always attack me that whenever i meet a servant of God in the church they want to sin with me and later take away my little coin i have they they will refund back once they find i cannot sleap with them they refuse with money. I have been alwys wishing to have a relation partner but never happen because of these ties of bishops. I request you to keep on praying deliverance for me. I had a discerning spirit which was completely brocken by prayers of people that i would not progress but always crying i pray that God would lift me up from this hopeless life to a cheerful and joyous life

    God Bless

  223. RUDY said

    New You tube channel. I use to be superphantasm. I’ll do a video soon on demon expellation. A good book to read on this is The Book of Enoch.

    Basically if you have anything of the following, you pretty much are inviting trouble:

    1. Are Catholic
    2. Believe in “all paths lead to God.”
    3. Like fooling around with the occult,tarot cards, etc.
    4. Have friends that are or do the above.
    5. Don’t believe in God.
    6. Have demonic looking objects or things associated with it.
    7. Are a medium or know one.
    8. Are into porn, drugs, or doing evil
    9. Live in a place associated with the above.

    As a believer in Jesus, you have authority over these entities, but they will come around if they can.

    I’ll be doing a video on this subject soon, couple of days and give you a link to it.

    So, there you have it, no special powers required but faith in Jesus and his father, and commitment to God.

    Don’t commit to God , and they’ll be back. They mean harm.

    To get them out, stop doing sin , ask for forgiveness from God in the name of his son (the resurrected Jesus), and repent of all sins. Now ask that God drive out all forces of darkness from about you in the name of Yaweh and Yeshua, otherwise known as God the father and Jesus.
    And give glory to God because he is worthy of praise. HE created everything and has not allowed us to see hell as yet. So pray, fast, whatever, but stop sinning whatever the cost.

    I’ll be back.

  224. Katheryn said

    Please would you pray for me? I have to bring forth testimony of our LORD Jesus Christ and I need prayers that our LORD Yeshua will lead me to those of His choosing.

    God Bless You



    Please join me in prayer concerning a piece of land I want to buy for School for bringing up true christian children for the LORD Jesus Christ. The land will cost N6000000. (Six million Nigerian Naira).I have no money at present ,but believing the LORD for His provision before then. The land should be paid for by 9th of August 2010 or it will be sold to another person. The name of the School as I was commanded by the LORD JEHOVAH YAHWEH in 2004 was “Ed-Peniels Christian Schools(Joshua 22:34;GEN.32:30)” in a place called Ado in Nassarawa State, Nigeria.
    ENGR (DEACON) Ishaku A. Yerima

  226. Rudy said

    Prayer done.

    Here is a paste of an important message:

    We must definitely be praising God. Else, you just do not want to see what is out there in the spiritual dimension. I did. I saw the damned alien demon. They are out there, and they are real.

    All that crap in the movies is them preparing people for “The New Age.”

    Guess what? Aliens do exist. Only one problem. They are not what they seem. They are the demons. So true that they transform into angels of light. After all, they are angels, fallen ones.

    If you go to You Tube, you can listen to the book of Enoch. Here, I leave it to you to find the missing chapters. By the way, that is my channel. There is the need to mortify sin, and there is a good Audio Book at Learoutloud called, “The Mortification of Sin.” But first, an analogy, and the book of Enoch follows :

    Get out of your pathetic comfort zones. Hell is coming. It is not easy to be a saint…

    I assure you, hell will be filled to bursting with Americans. That much I know.

  227. Judges 13:18 said

    By Jesus Christ and One crucified please click these websites to help
    Donate a Bible for free just by clicking the button daily
    Sign the petitions to end abortion and protect Christian freedoms
    Sign the petition to free one of the nations leading Christian
    scientists and the other websites are full of science that proves the
    this last ones… Be very careful, but these are true things (watch all twelve)
    The Lord bless and keep you always
    the Lord let His face shine upon you and be merciful towards you
    the Lord look upon you kindly and give you peace
    the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you always

    If you want to pray for the church, we always need your help too…

  228. Katy Clarke said

    I’m posting this long description of my own demonic problems, because i think my own prayers have not much effective power, for the type of deliverance I require, after non stop claiming victory desprately. I still believe theres going to be a day when, i dont feel spirits around me, just the presense of holy God for evermore! I’ve asked alot of deliverance ministries for prayer. Sorry to say ALOT of them do not think in this modern era, that demons would effect me so badly, because i’ve had a lot of problems with familiar spirits (its best for me not to explain in this message, in what ways I feel attacked) but its occured since I was quite young, but I’ve always had a faith in God and prayed for protection.

    I think i opened the door alot for demons attacking my thoughts and body when I started to listen to blasphemous songs (mostly rock) when i was struggling with life issues. The church i had gone to all my life before 13, put down my bad dreams and fear of beyond to, a mental disorder, family and close friends thought the same thing. i thought i was rejected by jesus and his followers, i know that christians are usually helpful to those in distress, although in my experiences so far, most have just not responded, to my request for them to pray over me, not sure why they are so scared of the subject, but I’m putting this in this detailed reply; so you dont think i have not, tried to look for answers before.

    I wont go into details about what i’m going through but deliverance has never really started for me, even though i feel I’m living as close to, what the bible preaches all christians to do. i think no one who has prayed for me in church, believes demons exist in the world or in terms of an entity that is territorial. ive tried a few churches in my area, pentecostal and other main christian types of churches and don’t understand all of their statements of belief, like the cross has defeated every fallen angel and now everyone is free.

    I know after reading other’s posts that alot of people believe demons can manifest in christians if they listen to, watch worldly activities because certain types of media can attract demons. Please pray for me to be delivered, i’m 19 and not really sure where to turn to, about these problems because people tell me my story about most of my problems being caused by sensitivity to negative spiritual entities, is just my way of explaining that my antisocialneess is not a mental illness but a curse, everyone believes apart from me that I have nuerological problems, who I’ve told in confidence.

    If you understand what I mean, I acknowledge that this is such a complicated issue, I neeed some advice but i know its easy to just think that I’m not living in reality thinking that God would subject me to this from before adolscense but to be honest i’m not offended by people thinking this is a joke, im just fed up and thought maybe someone might relate? Anyway, I’l stick with God whatever may be.

    • Gary Flynn said


      Although your post appears somewhat unclear as to what you are experiencing specifically, I can tell you that I am familiar with others who have received great freedom from demonic manefestations having resulted from multiple childhood traumas, including, but not litimted to various sexual perversions and distortions early in their lives.

      True biblically based deliverence ministries understand these issues clearly and thoroughly, without venturing into the sometimes murky dogmatic areas of belief and scripture tossed back and forth between various churches, denominations etc. (If you are the one suffering the oppression, the last thing you want to hear is “It’s all in Jesus, He’s got ya covered”. There is something real going on and something real has to be done to combat it.)

      There are many worthy respondents, ministries and contacts noted on the many pages of the various posts on this site…there is also a ministry in Niagara Falls area Canada:,
      Sword of The Spirit Church (Buffalo NY).
      Both solid scriputally grounded and directed by solid people.
      There is also Revelation of Truth Ministries (London Canada.

      God bless you….


      • Katy Clarke said

        Firstly thought it’s best to type that; When I posted that message, I didn’t mean to offend anyone who has always believes that God heals us when we pray in faith. They might have presumed that I’m criticizing the way people have dealt with me in church, after I’ve asked for guidance on this demonic occurance around me.

        I didn’t specify what is the problem I have spiritually. Basically what happens is, I hear demons telling me I should do bad things and sometimes they tell me what is happening in the situation I’m in, (commenting on areas of my life through projecting their oppinions in my mind, before my mind has the chance to think about more important things goin on) it really HAPPENS and It is possible for demons, to oppress even after I’be been praying from within.

        Alot of people have said it IS a mental condition, just hallucinating but, It is a voice I hear answer me back. I know its kinda hard to believe that I can hear it, and noone else can. But I know now, there are deliverence ministries which have more understanding on spiritual issues. Thanks for your suggestions Gary, I hope to find a good deliverance ministry somewhat closer to central England, as at the moment, it would be easier to get to where it takes place, if you know what I mean!

        Hadn’t found a lot of belief that God can make the problem go in the past as people have thought i’m just blaspheming when I’ve said, in confidence, that these projections are of an evil interferance. Some people have said that my problem can be cured (the truth) by God, so ofcourse, people have prayed for me, over it. Things havn’t always got much better afterwards, but I’ll try more, do what you put in your reply. I’l search for appropiate help and seek God’s healing power.

        Thanks for your encouragement, It’s good that you’ve witnessed the deliverance of people who have had those problems and they can then be happy with their circumstances. To be honest, I WAS starting to think and ASSUME that, its all a trial that is mine to deal with.

        God’s will has to be done, I now know!!

  229. buttskunk said

    A Call to Intercessory Prayer.

    I feel that The Lord has put it on my heart to pray over the issue of gay marriage. As you may know Elana Kagan is now a Justice on the Supreme Court. While Dean of the Harvard Law School she supported a Radically Pro-Homosexual, Pro-Transsexual Record, that now has a great potential of swaying the other Justices to adopt her views.

    As Christians we need to come together as one body of believers and commit to intercessory prayer that God will change the hearts and minds of everyone involved in the issue of gay marriage, starting with Elana Kagan and all who will become involved in this issue, pray for protection over the Supreme Court.

    According to the Bible, marriage is ordained by God to be between a man and a woman (Genesis 2:21-24; Matthew 19:4-6). Gay marriage/same-sex marriage is a perversion of the institution of marriage and an offense to the God who created marriage. As Christians, we are not to condone or ignore sin. Rather, we are to share the love of God and the forgiveness of sins that is available to all, including homosexuals, through Jesus Christ. We are to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15) and contend for truth with “gentleness and respect” (1 Peter 3:15).

    I know there are a lot of problems right now with the economy, lost jobs etc, there is a sense of uncertainty and confusion, this is the kind of environment the enemy thrives in and does his best work, but it can be stopped by faith and prayer. The Church has a lot on it’s plate right now, consider this a great opportunity to pray for the lost, put aside the lifestyle choice and consider the person who is lost in sin, remember Jesus saved us from our sin.

    Encourage your Church members to set aside a time before, during or after service to pray over this potentially dangerous issue, if you attend a home Church, do the same and remember with God and Christ all things are possible.

  230. eyeinhim10 said


  231. eyeinhim10 said

    Hi, I need prayer. I need deliverance from masterbation I have been doing it for a week straight almost every night. I am believing God to increase my discernment and expose the enemy in my life. for the past two months I have been commiting fornication with a married man that says he is in the process of divorce. I was in a vulnerable state and accepted the lies of the enemy and set aside my cross. I am praying for God’s power throught the HOLY SPIRIT to give me the stregnth to overcome this sins. I am an overcomer in Jesus.I need my flesh to die and Christ to live. I can’t do it alone…help!!Jesus Somehow I found my self here today STANDING IN THE NEED OF PRAYER!

    • There is no easy way, yet it is easy because of the blood. Committ to fasting and you will see most of the fleshly desires end.
      Masterbation requires the person to think in their mind some sort of image in order to be aroused and climax. This image is often of someone else, and a sex act. You must change the thoughts coming into your mind. We are to guard what is coming into our thoughts. The battle ground for the devil is in our thoughts.

      “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;
      2 Corinthians 10:5

      Just because thoughts come into your mind, does not mean they are your thoughts, or always from the Lord. The devil drop thoughts into our mind to hold us captive.
      It is those thoughts that the Lord wants us to bring under subjection..
      It is these thoughts that tempt us and if we allow them to go unchecked they will stay in our mind and we will think about them, and even act them out.
      If we bring our thoughts captive by renewing our minds with the Word of God, which brings us back to serving God instead of our flesh.

  232. Rudy said

    New place to participate as well:

  233. Veronica Fehlberg said

    I have always been able to see/sense demons. As a child I used to sing hymns to keep them at bay. But as I became older and my innocecne became tatinted; I stopped seeing them. All my life I thought my vision was a curse rather than a blessing. However, this past week I started preparing myself spiritually to see them again. Perhaps, this curse is actually a gift? How am I supposed to fight my enemy if I cannot see them. But perhaps I let them enter my life through open rebellion to authority (my parents, people of authority and even God to an extent) and Satanic death metal. Perhaps my questioning mind is my most dangerous weapon; capable of ensuring my salvation as welll as my damnation. Maybe my major struggle in life will be controlling my mind and teaching it to succumb to the greater power.
    Now on Tuesday I was descending a staircase where the main demon seems to dwell and he grabbed my left ankle. I was frozen like ice! Never in my life have I encountered a demon powerful enough to touch me. What does this mean? They sense me getting closer to God so they are sending in Special Operations demons? Or does it mean I am still on the fence; am I a pawn in some massive chess game between GOOD and evil? Are they playing for my soul? Is it my soul that is on the line here? How do I keep them from watching me? How do I keep them from attacking me? How do I sleep at night?
    I have brought Christ back into my life and that seems to help them keep their distance. But I can still sense them lurking in the shadows. Are they waiting for me to mess up? Just one mistake and they can regain control over me? While I am on the front grounds should I stop drining all together? Even the occasional glass of wine? How do I keep them away while I prepare myself to confront them?

    • John said

      These are the prayers that I have been using to fight my demons within me! The demons come attack me in waves, but when they do come they try to hit hard because I am moving closer to Jesus and God everyday!

      Pray to the Holy Spirit

      O Holy Spirit, wondrous light, given to us by God to help us in our journey to get to heaven, and be with the saints praising God forever. I need your guidance 24/7 because I am a weak human in faith whom Satan can control sometimes. Help me not have lapses where evil controls me, but be my light 24/7 so evil cannot penetrate your protection of my mind, body, and soul. Help my faith be strong and my love for God be the reason that I exist. With your help Satan will lose control of me and I will have life with the holy Trinity after my death. Please have all demons within my body expelled and bound to hell so that I can love the Holy Trinity with all my heart and soul. Amen.

      Prayer for Strength
      O Lord Jesus Christ, out of love you died and rose for me and gave me the Holy Spirit. In His light and through the prayers of your Holy Mother, I ask you to proclaim the Gospel of Your love in my heart and in my life today. I renounce any attachment to sin, and I rebuke in Your Name every spirit of evil and disorder. Let your risen glory shine all through me that I may love and adore you with my whole being. Shine in my body, my brain and nervous system, my chemistry, every tissue and organ. Shine in my mind and will and all their powers; in my psyche, my unconscious, my
      sexuality and all my energies, so that I may love and work, pray, play and sleep in your holiness. Shine in my heart and spirit. Put to death my egotism. Cast out my fear and every sinful habit. Enlighten me wholly and transform all my relationships. Fully restore your image in me so that I no longer live, but you live in me. Root me and center me in the Father’s love. Consecrate me to His praise and to the wholehearted love of all my brothers and sisters; and order all my days and deeds in your peace. For you are my Life, my Hope, my Joy and my Healing. Amen.

      Prayer for Strength in Weakness
      Lord Jesus Christ, King of kings, you have power over life and death. You know even things that are uncertain and obscure, and our very thoughts and feelings are not hidden from you. Cleanse me from my secret faults, and what I have done wrong and you saw. You know how weak I am, both in soul and in body. Give me strength, O Lord, in my frailty and sustain me in my sufferings. Grant me a prudent judgment dear Lord, and let me always be mindful of your blessings. Let me retain until the end of my life your grace that has protected me till now.

    • Veronica

      You wrote: All my life I thought my vision was a curse rather than a blessing. However, this past week I started preparing myself spiritually to see them again.

      You must not prepare to do anything with demons. To see them, touch them or sense them. If you play their game, (which is what you are preparing to do) You will open yourself up to a demonic attachment. Not possession if you are born again, but a thorn in the flesh, IE. (They will attach to your mind or body).

      You wrote: How am I supposed to fight my enemy if I cannot see them.

      This is a carnal question that comes about when we view fighting the enemy with our own methods. Our weapons are not carnal but spiritual. They are prayer, faith and steadfastness. Our weapons are pull down strongholds, through prayer. You fight by faith, not seeing, and this is the greatest faith of all. For with sight the enemy plays on the mind of a believer to tricks he or she into believing what they see, instead of standing firm on the word of God.

      You wrote: Perhaps my questioning mind is my most dangerous weapon; capable of ensuring my salvation as welll as my damnation.

      Your mind is reasoning because the thoughts you are receiving are intended to draw you away from truth. Your questioning mind is allowing the enemy to enter and make suggestions that sound reasonable, but are all geared toward him controlling your life. You are on dangerous ground if you do not simply stand in faith and walk accordingly. Therein lies the hard part. “It seems so simple, surely there is something more I must be doing.” When we ask this question it is because we are not ready to committ to the finished work of Christ, or we don’t understand it.

      you wrote: Maybe my major struggle in life will be controlling my mind and teaching it to succumb to the greater power.

      You can not control your mind. Thoughts will come that are not yours and they will never, ever stop. This is the job of the enemy and he does it well. They are intended to wear you down, creating a crack in the armor of faith. But we as believers are held accountable for cast them off in the name of Jesus. Next you can not teach or train your mind. Again you are thinking carnal. You must trun to the Holy Spirit, and then co-operate with Him in bring your mind under submission to Christ. If you do it by yourself, the devil will feed you a lie, saying “Look what i did. It worked. I can control my thoughts and emotions.” All the while he has gained control of you and you didn’t know it. Again your thinking must be changed from “self centered” to “Christ centered.”

      You wrote: Now on Tuesday I was descending a staircase where the main demon seems to dwell and he grabbed my left ankle. I was frozen like ice! Never in my life have I encountered a demon powerful enough to touch me. What does this mean? They sense me getting closer to God so they are sending in Special Operations demons? Or does it mean I am still on the fence;

      It means they are becoming more bold because you are fighting with your flesh, and their plan for you is working. You are not fighting the good fight of faith but are reasoning within yourself and coming up with answers; Answers that are demonic in nature.

      You wrote:”am I a pawn in some massive chess game between GOOD and evil?”

      There is a war going on and in the middle of the battle is man. He must chose which he will serve. The God who is God, or the little god of this world. God or Satan, and lately, according to many Word of Faith teachers, self ( because you are a little god). We are all apart of the chess game, and it is a life changing game that plays for keeps. At stake is your soul, if you chose to serve Satan, it will be seperation from God.

      You wrote: How do I keep them from watching me?

      You can’t. The enemy studies each of us, looking for our weakness. Any weakness.

      You wrote: How do I keep them from attacking me? How do I sleep at night?

      Walking in faith and not by sight is the answer. When you trust Christ completely you will expect the enemy to attack, and when he does, you will simply yield everything to Christ Jesus our Lord.

      You wrote:I have brought Christ back into my life and that seems to help them keep their distance. But I can still sense them lurking in the shadows.

      We all do. This is nothing new. But focusing on them robs God of His glory, and causes you to set up an idol in your heart. It robs God of the time you could be spending with Him. AND THIS IS HIS PLAN FOR YOU. YOU ARE PLAYING RIGHT INTO HIS HAND.

  234. Stephanie said

    Please pray for my Son Christopher, who just turned 20. He is ill with the schizophrenia and delusions. pray for his healing from this so that he may serve God!
    Thank you

  235. Wandile jabe said

    I am wandile born again christian in east london, i’m requesting a prayer from you brother and sisters in christ, i engaged a mother of my son, now we were in preparation for our wedding in december, but what i found out now is that she is having an affair at her work, i still love her, but she does not have fellings on me, i want her back, pray for reconciliation, she has to be restored to me, its been a month now we dont phone each other, i need her, i see her as my future wife, pray for me.

    • Wandile jabe

      You must seek the Lord’s will for yourself. I understand you were engaged to her, but it showes that she has moved on. Praying prayers to try and influence another person behavior is witchcraft. God has made each of us free will creatures, and will not impose His will over ours, neither should we as Christians seek to influence through prayer. We pray the will of God, which is that you serve Him, and ask that He will reveal to you how to handle a woman who is not your wife.

      If you have engaged in sexual acts with her then you will have to deal with soul ties. These ties must be broken in the name of Jesus. They must be cut off, and never allow to spring again. If not your mind will remain on her and you will not walk according to the will of the Father, for someone else will be taking the area of your heart that belongs to God.

  236. Ashley said

    I was in a relationship with this guy: Christopher Lancelot Wilson His mother is into witchcraft and apparently they go to church. She sacrificed his soul unto idols and she invoke spirtits to break us up and now he is living with someone else. The prayer request is for God to break the powers of witchcraft and evil diabolical powers over his life and for him to be lead by God. his life was so messed up. he drinks and indulges in sexual perversions. At times he mistreats people and used them. I pray God moves miraculously in his life and he is brought back to full repentence. The situation is in with the other woman is aloso influenced by witchcraft. I sincerly am belivin God for his salvation and stability in the Lord before its to late.

  237. I have had mental illness since 2006 on and off recently about in May got a job and in September got sick with the same ailment. I have lost my job due to my illness and and very depressed. Please stand with me in the gap for my total healing and job restoration. I know my God is able. Thanks, God Bless. Larry 25 yrs old.

  238. believer said

    Hello, please stand with me and pray for deliverance from a spirit that attacks only me in my house.I need prayer so that I am victorious in my upcoming endeavors, also.I am now convinced that I need a group prayer intervention, because of the recent severity and regularity of these attacks/occurances.I have tried to deal with this alone, but I am asking the body of Christ to stand with me and pray for vindication and the removal of this negative force from me.I am scratched (I have been mysteriously scratched for years now)and physically squeezed in my sleep.I want to be set free from this torture and I believe in God’s healing power;he can do anything.Thank you.Yours in Christ Jesus, Believer.

    • lm said

      Hi, I am responding to this post with a new screen name, because I recently saw someone else use the name”Believer” on several other recent post.I didn’t want to be a confusion, so I changed it. I am happy to say the Lord has helped me with this request.He is a deliverer and I would like to say thank you for those prayers…”the prayers of the righteous availeth much”. This is a time for constant prayer, the recent world events has stirred the true believers into pray and watch.Be blessed and thank you again.

  239. kimberley said

    i have been struggling with a mind controling demon for about a month now and need some serious help it wants me to denounce the holy ghost i almost said it twice and i cant and wont go to hell i need help i dont know how to fight it anymore io am so scarred i can barely worship i have to be praying all the time now like crazy it shoots all over in my mind and all across my heart PLEASE HELP PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • First of all relax. Understand this please!!!!! If a devil has control of your mind and causes you to say something that you would not normally say; “who or what was it that did it? ” It was not you. Therefore you need to understand we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against the unseen spirit world that is designed to draw us away from God.

      Many Christians face the same problem everyday, believing that they have blasphemed the Holy Ghost. The mire fact that you have a holy conviction concerning this matter is standing proof that you have not done so. Those who do such normally do it willfully, or out of igorance.

      What you are going through is what is called the good fight of faith. Remember the scripture Mar 4:15 And these are they by the way side, where the word is sown; but when they have heard, Satan cometh immediately, and taketh away the word that was sown in their hearts.

      Jesus informs us that the soil is the heart of people. This would be their spirit. Jesus also says that Satan is the enemy that is trying to steal the words of God from your heart. This verse says that Satan comes immediately to steals it.

      Matt 13:19 When any one heareth the word of the kingdom, and understandeth it not, then cometh the wicked one, and catcheth away that which was sown in his heart. This is he which received seed by the way side.

      This information does not contradict the account written down by Mark, it only helps us to see what God is talking about more clearly. What happens when you listen to anyone speak at a lecture or in a class room at school? You can ignore it, you can hear it only, or you can hear it and understand it. Hearing anything valuable to know and not understanding any of it does you little to no good. In other words you derive no benefit of knowing the information.

      Your enemy and mine is trying to steal the word out of your heart causing you to focus on yourself, instead of trusting God. The words he manipulates you into saying are not your words, but his. Be of comfort and know God understands it is not you, and resist the devil with all you hav, while standing in faith.

  240. Wandile jabe said

    My prayer request is the restoration of the love and peace between my fiancer lelethu myathaza and i’m wandile jabe, since we were separated because of her dishonesty but we are back now, but still things are not working right, because she is not giving all her self to full commitment of this relationship, i love her despite of anything she has put me through, i am asking God to cleanse her and me in Jesus Christ, i still see as my future wife, i’m praying for our love life, please engage with me in this prayer brothers and sisters.

  241. j said

    I have believed in God my whole life, but have not always walked the good walk. I have tried maybe four or five times in my life to really get serious with Jesus. My Father ( who is not alive,I never knew him.)and my mother where both ministers. So I know what I should do. I’m just scared! I know Jesus is bigger than all the demons in the world and He has proven this to me a thousand times over. I’m not claiming this fear I just need your prayer. I have had spiritual attacks my whole life or for as long as I can remember. I used to have dreams when I was a child that the devil was having sex with me. I was tormented all through my childhood. So needless to say I became sexually active at a very young age. I have had addiction issues from the age thirteen. I just recently decided that I am done playing this dumb game with this world. I gave my life to Christ. And the tormenting has already begun. last night I was sleeping It’s always kind of a fog between being asleep and being awake It he whatever you want to call it was standing on my bed holding on to my right foot behind him was a light almost like a man but a very small one.I couldn’t move could’t say anything.I know crying out for Jesus makes them go away if you have repented of your sins.Its the time between being able to get the Name of Jesus out of your mouth, that I cant handle! this is not the worst one to ever happen to me I just don’t think it would be appropriate to post the others. I just wanted to see if you had any thoughts to the whole holding my foot thing. I have been doing alot of cleaning of the mind and my soul and a lot of repentance so I think that is why It couldn’t or didn’t do any thing else but hold my foot and dig his nails in. Any way my eye hurt Its three in the morning I am avoiding sleep. I just need prayer! If any one would pray that I don’t give up and run back to where they don’t bother me. like I have done every time I have tried to live for Christ. last time it was every night of demons sewing my mouth shut and stuff like that for three months, I gave up and started the numbin prosses. gets worse every time you give up the sin that is. NOt giving up this time.. I LOve Jesus and I know that He loves me! Please pray for streingth dont know what going on took me two hours to write this note. please pray!

    • J

      Annoint your house in the name of Jesus. Throw out everything and anything from books to dvd’s that have killing, sex, murder, witchcraft, even wind chimes.
      As you anoint your house pray aloud “I command all devils to leave now in the name of Jesus. This house has been set apart for the Lord.”

      Several years ago I went to a womans house to do exactly this and devils left at the command of Jesus. A friend of mine did likewisse and the devil was so bold as to open the window, and shut it in the presence of several people.

      When I asked if she’d ever been involved in witchcraft or any other sins like that she said no. Years later I found out that as a child she could astro project into her mothers house a thousand miles away. She would even call her mom ahd tell her what she talked about and to whom she had a discussion.
      FYI, These devils often attack the children of ministers. I have not been spared; my own children suffering greatly.
      Once you anoint your house you must not willfully sin therein. If you should happen to transgress, quickly seek God’s forgiveness.

  242. charlene said

    Im struggle with demons in my husband while he is in the shower they come and get in me or touch me while im lying down? What can I do about it? And when we get into a urgument they lash out on me and tell me things like Im all you got you need me! I tell them I’m here because Jesus have me here. What should I do when I try to get away from them they fellow me I don’t like urging with them because when I do I curse back at them and I no when I do that I’m cursing my life and my kids life. I want to leave but I don’t think God wants me to Im confused can demons say Jesus is there Lord and Savior cause my husband says it all the time? He seems like he is this man that walks up right before the people put when were alone he distance himself from me he only use me as a trophy wife! I no Jesus can do anything please pray for me and my husband AL.

    • There are many Christians who walk according to the flesh. It seems his walk is based on what he sees and not a true heartfelt love for God. True love would cause him to love and cherish you, and to lead his household in the way of God, not just words, but action.

      Next you are dealing with a common type of distraction. Spirit that like to touch. They have premission to be there. That is simple enough. When the head of the house does not stand in his place, they have every right to be there. Even in scripture we see Eve’s eyes were not opened until man eat of the fruit. Why? Because God had given man dominion.

      They will use the person close to you to fulfill their agenda; hindering your walk. I would never tell a person to leave anyone. I believe God hates divorce. But I also believe that you must have peace of Mind and your walk with God must come before your relationship. If your walk is being compromised, and you are being hindered, you have to decide who is more important.

      Matt 19:29 And every one that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my name’s sake, shall receive an hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting life.

      When these things (husband, wife, children, wealth) stand in competition with Christ, the believer must always to be ready to part with these things for his sake. All things are to be relinquished rather than giving up on Jesus.

      I pray that God will open your husbands eyes to walk in the spirit, thereby not fulfilling the desires of the flesh.

  243. uche said

    My prayer request is for GOD to first forgive me for all my sins and have mercy upon me. i’ve been looking for The job for 10 months but to no avail. Please pray with me for this job i applied in a hospital, two job openings for GOD favor to shine upon me for this last jobs. I thank GOD for answering this prayer in JESUS name. AMEN!!!

  244. JOE said

    Watch my videos:

  245. Rudy said

    To remove demons, go to my uploads section, after watching the themed video. Then look at “How To Pass From Curse To Blessing. You will have to seqrch for the parts:

  246. peggy rickard said

    I need for God to touch my life in such a way that he will give me understanding. I fight a spiritual battle everyday. I lay in bed not being able to sleep. The old panic comes back. There is someone in the family who has such hate and getting even that he isnt happy unless he is able to cause stife in the rest of us. I cant live my life like this any more. Jesus needs to touch this and address it. Sometimes a person has so much hate that it is greater than the desire for peace. I want me and my children to know peace again and the joy of sharing and warmth. We have to be set from this NOW because we have lost years and time that could be spent showing the love of GOD with each other. I cant go on NOT sleeping and feeling edgy.

  247. Seth said

    I’ve just written up an unspoken prayer request on 3 sheets of paper, that covers many things in my life, including major transitions. Please pray that God will fully, powerfully answer everything I ask for on those prayer requests, according to His will.

  248. Rudy said

  249. Libby said

    Please pray that I will be set free from this poverty curse, and for my healing. I have done all I can all my life to do what is right, and to follow God. I keep getting attacked and beat down.
    My teeth are falling out due to gum disease, I have a hernia and a fractured right wrist. I have hypothyroidism, and 2 disintegrated discs in my lower back. I can never save money up, I need a car badly. Everytime I get $100 saved up, something happens and I have to spend it. Like a bill will be more than usual, or I’ll need shoes or something to make me have to spend it.
    I live alone with my cat. I try to go to church, but nobody wants to give me a ride. I just don’t know what to do or where to turn. My ex husband ruined my name and credit, and left me with nothing.

  250. s said

    I just want to give praise and thanks to our Most High God and creator, the great I AM through his son Jesus Christ who sits at his right hand in Heaven. He is indeed the way the truth and the light. Over the past few weeks there have been a few changes at work that I’ve had to adjust to. Most recently though, we were told that my supervisor would be transferred. This made me a little anxious because I have such a good raport with her and she has always been very pleasant and respectful of those she works with. It pained me to know that we would no longer work together. Moreover, we had no idea who would be replacing her. Immediately upon hearing the news I found a quite place sought my Lord and Saviour to tell him of my concerns. Things have been so peaceful in the office and I couldn’t bear to have that changed. But my Jesus heard my prayer and delivered. Late last week one of the nices persons I know, whom I had worked with in the past showed and informed us she was sent to fill in. I was so overjoyed. I couldn’t ask for a better replacement. And, I just want to glorify my great Jehovah God for hearing my prayer and for providing so perfectly for me. Hosanna in the highest! In the name of Jesus Christ, through whom all things are possible. Amen.

  251. i feel troubled said

    my authority has been restored and is being used for good and for the glory of God. Amen

  252. i feel troubled said

    I am taking back what the devil has stolen and I received it seven-fold, in the name of Jesus it is so. Amen.

  253. Hello! I am new to CEF, and I’m speaking to a church this Sunday about Good News Clubs. Is there any possible way you could email to me a downloadable version of the promo video you posted on youtube? It’s the one that is only 2 and 1/2 minutes; it features Warren, Josh, and Joni. I am amazed we don’t have this at the office, and I really need it. I’m planning to purchase one from the honme office if I can get them to call me back. Can you help me? I am somewhat desperate.

    Thank you,

  254. Truthseeker LL said

    I thank God for His Mercy & Forgiveness, and am sorry for putting up certain information/postings and my name. I am praying and asking that the people who have control over this website to completely remove my name, that they will find this and contact me at the email address, to erase all the information that I put up and am very sorry for.

    I ask in The name of my Lord & Savior Jesus Christ.

  255. lynn shupe said

    I believe I may have a demon thats controlling my life. And I want to be set free forever and prepare to go to heaven.
    pray for me that I will be saved and then taken to heaven, and that all demons will lose their control over my mind/body/and soul.

  256. Joe said

    The false Messiah will be Jesus.

    The true messiah is YAHUSHUA and YAHUWAH is his name.

    • Joe why would you write such-(The false Messiah will be Jesus.)

      You watched a video and concluded Jesus is false. Considered this. Anything that distract you from your walk with God is not of God. Whether it is a minister, a person who made a video, a woman’s beauty or an angel. There is alot of false information out there that sounds good, but when weighted against the Word and tried by the Spirit are found to be caused by seducing spirits who teach doctrines of devils.

      Consider this also, and ask yourself you are numbered amongst these:

      “And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved.”

      Because they received not the love of the truth, They prefer this system of error and delusion to the simple and pure gospel, by which they might have been saved.

      Have you considered those who teach these things. “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”1 John 2:19

      They went from the church as teachers of religion ministering, though their apostasy showed they were never God’s child. They had once been in the church,but were not saved, only appearing to be so.

      Have you considered God’s name YHVH

      Yood = י = Hand/ Hey = ה = Reveal/ Vav = ו = Nail /Hey = ה = Reveal.

      Now who is that was revealed in the flesh as the lamb of God perfectly fit as an offering for the sins of man?

      The New Testament was not written in Hebrew but rather in Greek and translated into English. Jesus-meaning Iesous in Greek or Jesus in English. His name originally in Hebrew is Joshua and means Yahweh saves.

      I can only tell you this, I have encountered devils who were inhabiting men and refused to leave until the name of Jesus and the authority of His blood were used. They heeded every commandment given in that name.

      So I see it like this “That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth.” Philippians 2:10

  257. Joe said

    I think you people are all suffering from a great delusion. You do not even know the one you claim to worship. For one thing, his name is not Jesus, Lord, or God.

    You say, “but we are not under the law.”

    That is why you will be damned.

    Because you do not seek the truth, as the scripture says.

    Here is truth, search diligently, the end is near.

    • Though you say we are damned, and suffering from delusion, I will not say a word of offense against you. I pray God bless you in your search. And yes, the end is near.

      I will contiune to worship God (YHVW) in the name of His Son Jesus. You do what you do, and in the end we will see who makes it in and who does not. God bless.

  258. dan foley said

    Hello. Can I get your help please. How are you this evening. I wanted to ask you a question about a lingering negative spirit or many who won’t leave me alone. They claim to be dam-eon dept and they say everything backwards. meaning they say what they don’t mean. I remind them of mark 5:37… It seems to want to adopt all of the personalities that are in my life. For instance. It knows i like this girl Brittany and it does everything in its power to ruin it. I uses my parents my family and everyone it thinks will harm me. It wont let me go to school. It claims to send and receive meaning it thinks a message in its head and it sends it to a certain party and they may respond. It is constant and It won’t stop bugging me and it talks incessantly. It seems at times that it can manipulate my environment and make the door seem like it is opening and the windows and such. It is almost like some technology because it does the same thing every time. It makes me do something in my bedroom and then verbally and visually exploits me until i break down. It claims it is bringing my girlfriend into the room and up to my back door to see my negative behavior to judge me. It uses speech from the internet and from her emails that it knows I may correlate it to his scheme to second guess her.

    What is your suggestion. It seems to involve everyone in my family and manipulates what I see on the internet. It has some scheme called send and receive that it can post sexually suggestive pictures and videos on the internet inter mixed with ones that are already on ther. They use my girlfriend to break me down and have me think she is doing sexually suggestive acts with spiritual people or people that they cover up and I can’t see. I am so tired of this behavior. When they think i like something or am going to get ahead they sabatage me at every stage.

    Can you please give me some advice and pray for my situation?

  259. Joe said

    Sin is transgression of the law. I want just one of you to tell me, when is the Sabbath. Do tell?

    Or answer this? What is the name of the most high, or that of his son, if thou canst tell?

    The feel good churchianity is about to go through the ringer.

    Because they had no love of the truth that they may be saved, they will get a strong delusion, and be damned. Hello? Damned! These are not my words. These are his words. If you are attending a church, or listening to some pastor, run like hell out the door.

    Instead of smart comments and pride, we should be asking what we can do to please him.

    Yahushua himself said not to call him Rabbi, yet most Christians are doing anything but the will of the most high.

    If you think you will escape the coming wrath because “he knows my heart,” think again.

    Keep going to church, keep celebrating pagan holidays, and keep disobeying his commands, and you will find out the hard way.

    His name is not Geeeeeeee-zuz, or Lord, or any of the other crap that is used to blaspheme.

    Yes, there will be a rapture, the rapture of the wicked.

    When they asked him, where are they going, he said “wherever the carcass is, there will the eagles gather.”

    Finally, the wicked are about to begin being removed.

    Hunker down, it is sooo near.

    Let him that hath an ear listen.

  260. Joe said

    What is a reverend if I may humbly ask?

    watch this video people. It is waky waky time:

    How demons operate:


  261. peggy said

    Pray for my spiritual safety and that of my children and grand children. I still have brief attacks of fear in my sleep. I want and need to know WHO it is doing this demonic attack–probably more than one. God needs to move for me in some other areas. He has the power to reveal to me what and where. I so have to hear his voice and know answers to some things.

  262. john kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well. Leviticus 25:4 “But in the seventh year shall be a Sabbath of rest, a Sabbath for the Lord…..”

    Hebrews 4:10-11″For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath cesed from his own works, as God did from his. Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.”

    See in Leviticus the Sabbath is an entire year. It is also on other days beside the seventh day. To directly to answer your question the Sabbath is ‘tomorrow’. However I do not wish to discuss that matter with you as it appears your fundamentals are flawed. I suggest you read the book of Galatians as a start and then I would gladly discuss any matter of your concern.


    John Kaniecki

  263. Joe said

    You will be singing that tune on a lake of fire very shortly. You and the rest of the wicked. Repent, and turn to YAHUWAH. I am not here to debate. I am simply reminding you. We will see how your analysis is met before a consuming fire.

    • John Kaniecki said


      Hope you are well. Looking at scripture is not debating. Looking at scripture is seeing what God’s will is. If you have not the desire to do so I suggest you make that plain. Then my responsibility will be lifted.

      Why a person who professes to believe in the Word of God refuses to look at it is another matter.


      John Kaniecki

  264. Pattie Farm said


    Are you saying you don’t believe in the translation of the Torah and are you only an old Testament believer? Are you Jewish or are you practicing a Jewish inheritence?

    You seem to be filled with symptoms of one who is angry or hurt.

    If you are a Gentile and if you are a Jew you must come to the cross. That means the Lord of Lords and King of Kings who is coming back for the bride is Jesus Christ. The word says we are commanded to do all that we do in his name and none other is recognized.

    I mean no harm to you but blessings to you by setting your mind to open to see the fullness of the Godhead gospel.

    I have read all of the comments on the site, I want to say they have said things to you out of love, they are able to do so because their master is Jesus Christ. He is your Lord and savior. Learning from someone and research helps us all.

    Don’t be angry let them explain to you the difference between the names you are saying and the name of the living lamb of God who is Jesus Christ. He was there in the beginning and he will be there in the end. Do you know how many names our God has?

    I think if you start there you will find the names you are saying. They are the ones at the beginning of the Torah and before God gave the world himself in the form of man going to the cross to die for you and me all of us.

    He loved us so much and wanted a family and exchanged a part of who he was for your freedom. He gave away to set us free, not to put us in or under boundage. Satan accuses Gods children day and night according to the word.

    I pray that God will open your mind to see how big he is and who we are to call upon to have prayer answered. Be blessed and enlightened in his word, as we find him we walk some times in dark places but the light of the savior brings us to him if we keep love in our hearts . As you know it is the greatest commandment, and if you haven’t met him you are in for a lifting up of your spirit to a place you can’t go without him but with him you can do all.

    May God bless you as he leads you to him, because he loves Joe.


  265. Devon said

    An AMAZING PRAISE REPORT…Folks…this is like a inspirational movie I’m talking about…

    So in 1958, my mother and father had to put their first born son up for adoption…they were young and had no money and no support from their families so they couldn’t keep him…they named him Malcolm….

    So over the years, we had tried to find him but the Laws up here in Canada were such that it wasn’t easy…but a few years ago, the Albertan Govt. made it easier to find lost adopted ones…

    So me and my mom commenced in November 2010 to track Malcolm down…..

    A few days ago we got a letter from the Govt. giving us his REAL NAME…which is Gregg Neden…

    Well we googled him and found his name and phone number here in Calgary, Alberta, Canada…

    And incredibly we contacted him!!!!! Wow….nearly 53 years after the fact we find our lost long older Brother…..AND he was so happy….you always get worried that he might be angry but not Gregg…he was escatic as we were….

    Incredible…..and we met with him and my other brother (my mom is in Arizona right now and she will meet him later)…we had a wonderful time…




    We not only find our older full blood brother…BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY…HE IS A BROTHER IN CHRIST…INCREDIBLE…


    Shocking and beautiful…and he sure looks like one of our Uncles and my Late Father…

    Our Savior is so amazing and so good…..

    I am sitting here taking it all in and I am stunned..

    Blessings to all


    • John Kaniecki said


      Hi hope you are well.

      That is a very nice story. You are blessed!!


      John Kaniecki

      • Devon said

        Thank you both John and Pattie…amazing…I know we prayed for him all these years and the Lord heard those prayers…not only do we find him, but he is saved!!

  266. Pattie Farm said


    God bless you. When we are his and obedient to him, he never forgets us. Sometimes we don’t understand the places he takes us.

    Be blessed by all of his love.


  267. Joe said

    This is how the despicable United States will be humbled: Major Earthquake/s followed by nuclear assault and clean-up, followed by a demonic invasion, and “THE NEW AGE.”

    I hope you all are obeying him.

    Hell is on the way:

  268. robert ball said

    Please Dear Lord forgive me of my sins, and I thank you for all the blessings you have given me, Please intercede for me and my family, that our financial problems will be resolved. Right now I am in the middle of a very complicated workman’s compensation case and things do not look good. Even though I was injured on the job, they claim it was pre-existing, and my attorney is having a tough time with the defense attorney and the judge. If this comes thru, we will be able to pay down most of our debts, so I ask God with a heavy heart to grant my request.
    I know with God anything is possible, I ask this thru your son Jesus.

  269. Greg said

    Please pray for me to get free from depression and demonic harrassment. I’ve been struggling for a while now. The enemy has been relentless and for a long time, I didn’t realize what was going on, so I ended up playing along (get upset and cry, etc) and made matter worse.

  270. pattie said

    Dear Greg and Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

    I have been up under wickedness of the enemy as have so many.

    The goodness is Greg and everyone who is like us believers in him!!
    Praise God the King of Kings and Lord of Lords is coming back to earth again.

    The word says if he could he would wear the saints out in the end. Remember you are attacked because you are Gods’.

    The word of Revelation says the Saints overcame him by there testimony. Praise Gods name and his word, read it to him or speak his words continually.

    We study the Bible and his word on a site called Heaven Waits, we are now studying about the Four Horsemen. The Green horseman
    is the last one and a green ghost horse was seen on a news clip.

    Trying studying the word with all of who go there and join in with response to Marianne who put some really interesting things together that are current and tie back to the word.

    Lift up your head you belong to God so the enemy is attacking.
    He was standing at the edge of Charles Spurgeon (I think) bed and was shaking it. He woke up and said who is it and looked and it was satan. He said something like oh its only you and he went back to sleep.

    The Four Carpenters brought peace to the earth and the four Horseman have taken the peace read about the fourth seal.
    Play praise music and tune him out!! Revelations also they over came him also by pleading the blood. When it comes tell him what the word says as Jesus our Savior did. When you pray, pray to yourself in you closet and plead the blood of Jesus and stand strong your Father goes before you in all things and he shall never leave you nor for sake you.

    Be blessed because you are a child of the most high God.

    Also you must have something to do for Gods Kingdom or the enemy
    wouldn’t be pressing in on you. Don’t forget to pray and seek the Lord daily.

    Be blessed Sister Pattie

  271. zachariah said

    hi, ive never talked to anyone about my problems before but im so tired of living life like this,i need some help, ive been struggling with spirits or demons for a long time, i dont know what to do anymore, and i always question whether i have a purpose here and if im truly useless. every time i get close to god i feel like im slowly falling away and questioning him. i dont want to have to force myself anymore, i dont know why im like this, but i keep hearing of this demon called leviathan, can i have some prayers or something i can use or anything please.

  272. Pattie Farm said


    I just received your email. Well I am here to tell you those who are being attacked belong to the most high.

    Don’t give up the one who walks about seeking whom he may devour
    is roaring out his last whimpers.

    Praise God shout sing until you feel the presence of the Father.
    Remember you can not open his door without using the name of Jesus Christ. Use his name and get access, as know,know one can come and sup but he use the name above all names. If you are going to repent or to worship and using his name you can not be denied.

    Know that we are living in the last days.

    The word says When the enemy comes in like a flood (and we call upon God in the name of the Lord) he will raise a standard.

    Do as Jesus did when satan came to temp him, as this is what he is doing to you. Remind him that every knee shall bow, and that he is rebuked in the name of Jesus Christ by the most high and only God and that every knee must bow to that name.

    Don’t be afraid if you are baptized in his name you are covered by the blood. If you aren’t baptized, refer to Acts 2:38 of a King James Bible. Taking the name of Jesus christ as your Lord and Savior the Bride Groom you are protect through the blood. If you are plead the blood against him to the Father in Heaven.

    If you aren’t Baptized, then until you are you are open to the enemy. But if you cry out to the Father in the name of Jesus and make a commitment to do so he will give you protection. In the mean time what I would do is baptize myself in my bathtub or have another believer to do so in your tub.

    This will give you an opportunity to get to a church where you can be baptized by an ordained Minister. I believe the Lord will cover you with that, as being baptized is showing our faith in Jesus and what he did for us as sinners.

    Be sure to first repent of all of your sins. If you were baptized and back slid, Jesus is there waiting with open arms, cry out to him. Only these two names other then the Hebrew names for God should ever be used by you.

    If you have come back already to the Lord and the attacks are occurring, as much as we hate it, it is an outward sign that the
    enemy acknowledges that you are Gods’. So hating it or not it is a means of an outward appearance that you are in the right direction.

    Praying does two things, it can draw demons to you and when you don’t pray it can bring evil upon you. Demons are assigned some how it seems in this last age as watchers. So until God
    removes him off of you with prayer you will hate the attacks but by the hand of God you will overcome the attacks.

    Be vigilent and patient, speak with the Lord to your LOve for him. Seek the tongues of the Holy ghost. They then privately
    tell God why or what is confronting us and he will give you what you need. These tongues fill the cup of your body with overcoming living waters.

    Press on in the race for Heaven and don’t let the fallen one cause you to fail.

    If you need someone to pray with you, email me your address and I will be glad to pray with you. If you need a site to go to regularly where the word of God and the times we are living in are studied relative to the prophetic word I will also be happy to pass it on to you;

    Pray in no name but he name of Jesus Christ as it is the name that opens the door and keeps the enemy from being able to touch you.

    Remember all who love God and called according to his purpose will be tried and tempted with trials of tribulations. You can read this in the Apostles writing in the New Testament.

    Reading the word every day and helping others to prepare and to get to Heaven is important to God.

    Other then that if you are already doing all of the other things praying at the 3rd and 4th watch helps but not everyone can do that because of the way they work.

    Also being a child of God gives you the authority to rebuke the Devil by the hand of God. That means say as the Ark Angel Michael did, saying something like this;”The Lord God rebuke you Satan”. This doesn’t make it personal upon you.

    May God bless you and bring you to the place of safety and may you continue to seek him with all of your heart.

    Sister Pattie

  273. Pattie Farm said

    Dear Zachariah,

    I received an email from you today but it is dated the 10th and today is the 14th and on top of that I don’t see the email here on the site.

    What city and state do you live in? I would like to get you a church that knows the word and would help you.

    I can’t just leave you with an email, it isn’t going to get your Christian walk where it needs to be, continually growing and walking in love. You need God and Gods children support.

    You must recognize you are living in the last days and the roaring lion of evil is walking about seeking whom he may devour. God hasn’t let him devour you, right.

    Listen I feel impressed to say to you that maybe you have some calling on your life? If that is so the enemy might be attacking because you aren’t full feeling that purpose for your
    life. Do you feel God has given you something special to do in your life or has anyone told you this?

    Listen I don’t know what religion you are, not that religion is
    the thing it is faith that gets us through. Jesus said after you repent seek the Holy Ghost and then take up your cross and follow him.

    I can assure you why would the demons be after you but that you have value to the kingdom of God. They would have it that we all burn in hell with them, but that is not going to happen.

    God is on his way back, we are living in the last days.

    In the mean time please pray the 23rd Psalms and the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray to learn how to pray to the Father: Matthew 6:9.

    Have you repented and or do you know how to repent. Praying is just like having a conversation. The Lord doesn’t need flowering words, he needs a heart that has a desire to seek after salvation.

    The word says we are to circumsise the heart, cut off the old man, destroying him as dead and let the new man dwell within.

    By the way if you are having problems with sin that you don’t want to be your sin but the enemy carries you away in the moment; don’t think all is loss.

    A man who repents and turns to God has an advocate, go and repent for the failure and ask Got to put within you a means
    not to commit the sin again. The devil is going to come after you with temptation of the sins we all loved, called the besetting sins.

    The Father said his grace is sufficent to forgive us these sins. Read the new testament. If you have no bible at home go on line to;

    The word says his grace is sufficient for thee; for strength is made perfect in weakness.

    Remember if you pray in the name of Jesus Christ he will always meet you there in your need. If something is happening right now and you have not time to pray; just call on the name by saying “Jesus help me”.

    With repented hearts we are as small children again.

    If you have a repeat sin that the demons are using to cause you
    to fail and them to attach, you must ask Jesus in prayer to help you to overcome. Let him know that you hate this thing and you want to be free of it.

    Know that you should talk to God as your Father, he is the only Father. The man who gave birth to you is your Dad and is met to be respected and loved but the Father in Heaven who created all things reserves that name for himself.

    No man enter into prayer with God but by the name Jesus Christ, but if you go in his name and you ask in his name after repentance the Lord will answer.

    The word says do all things that you do in the name of Jesus Christ if you want it done, also ask in faith believing knowing that the Lord our God is a loving God and that he wants his children to be as happy as your parents wanted you to be in your life but more.

    Remember should the enemy show up; pray and say out loud; “no weapon formed against me shall prosper of any kind”. If you have repented then expect good results from your prayers.

    If the enemy continues to come tell him the words Jesus Christ told him; “For it is written, (as) I live, saith the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.

    Remember no weapon performed against you shall prosper of any kind and also know that God knows every trick of Satan he has nothing new. God sees all and knows all. Set your heart on him and Heaven and the Lord is always going to rescue you.

    Pray to him daily, better two times aday and keep him in your heart and mind always. Shun evil speaking and the watching of evil on the TV or at the movies. If you have board games or any thing that isn’t Godly get rid of it or you are going to be on your own until you clean it up.

    The angels nor God, nor the saviour dwells in a dirty vessel. Clean the vessel inside and out. Purge wrong thinking and doing.

    A prayer won’t take you to Heaven unless it is the prayer of faith for salvation with repentance

    Think when ever you are going to do anything, “What would Jesus like to do”. He is with you whereever you go. If you do wrong you can plan on him leaving, the Holy Ghost which is sent when you seek salvation after repentance can’t dwell in a dirty place.

    Your thoughts are known, the enemy can’t read your thoughts but if you are thinking evil thoughts he might be able to.

    The reason we know this is because God told us when we pray to confess not wanting satan to hear of a bird who could carry it somewhere pray in your secret place.

    The enemy stands around the thrown day and night accusing Gods children.

    Your closet is from a circumsized heart those private prayer are heard as well as the open oral ones. The Jewish people used under the old covenant the prayer shawl.

    So if your friends invite your to do something and they aren’t the things that God would want to do. Stop yourself and don’t go.

    Please write back, be blessed until I hear from you again.

    I have prayed for you and know that these words are going to help you, they come with the love of Jesus Christ.

    Be strong in his might and write me back.

    A child of the most high, in the name of Jesus Christ Pattie

  274. keijo said

    I am so many time in troubel fo rmy enemies and those resistance forces who are against me and my the fight falce doctrine to get hellp in the Lord so pray for me to win,thnaks and bless,keijo sweden

  275. DREW said


  276. Pattie Farm said


    I have prayed for you, may God let his blessing flow to you. When you speak of false religions, I don’t understand. It is not a religion it is faith. We come to God by faith, the way which is Jesus Christ.

    Don’t fight religion it is systems of men. Faith is of Jesus and it is not for any to boast for the credit of the free gift given goes to none but him.

    Remember pray to God in the name of Jesus and the spiritual warfare will be easier, Put on the whole armor of God and remember his basic promise/blessings given to us under both the prayer in Psalms that David wrote “The Lord is my Shepherd and in the New Testament Jesus gave us “Our Father”. Time is coming to the end of days and the marriage supper is being prepared. Pray and walk out the days, I have prayed for you and I know God breaks the yoke of our enemies off our necks as he has his yoke upon us and we are at liberty in him.

    These are basics but also in them when you go under them you have all protection of God. Hope this treads down the enemy who is under your feet by the promises of our Lord and savior. He is not a man that he should lie, we both know we count on his word and his blessings. So use the sword of the spirit.

  277. Joshua said

    I need help……I ask that you will pray for me and all that is under demonic opression. I don`t have much time to explain every single thing. I have believed and accepted CHRIST…..and i know God had already given me the right to expel these demons from my self in the name of CHRIST. But I don`t understand why am I still hesitating to expel them even though there is no one around me. SOme times I suddenly feel weak when I am just about to expel them
    or I fell too lazy…….its wierd.

    Yes I want to be set free I want to serve God I want to be able to love God with all my heart soul and mind but under these demons…… I could not.

    Please pray for me I ask…..that would be the most I could expect. I am also praying. Pray that fear or demons or anything else will not stop me from coming back to God with a complete heart. Prayer is one of the most effective weapon against the evil one. Sometimes I am just concern……will I ever be ready when HE comes……..because ONLY HALF of those who say that they are christians…… WILL BE SAVED on that day.(the parable of the ten virgins….remember. See that they all look alike but only five were ready.

    But whatever God`s will is……….let it be done. Don`t just only pray for others when you yourself are perishing…… thats something I learned before. Don`t forget about yourself, your family, your relatives. I want to ask if there is any one of you who can truly say….’I will surely be saved’. I want to be trully ready when that day to comes.LUKE 21:36=Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and pray that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man

  278. Joe said

    Time to awaken from the delusion of American Bible Babble from Babylon.

    There is a huge difference between the “bible,” and Habraic roots Scriptures.

    Calling him “Lord,and God,” is tantamount to sin, for he has a name, and he wants the awakened ones to use it.

    New You tube channel. Drop your silly American egos, and watch these videos:

  279. Pattie Farm said


    I wish you know harm but I remind you of what God says in Revelations about those who think they are Jews and are not.

    You know the word teaches us that God is not the author of confusion?

    Also are you aware that God has been answering the prayers of English speaking people for many years. Are you having a vain imagination? God loves us he made the way for England and for the USA, they are from the Lion of Juda which is Israel signifying our
    Lord and savior.

    You should pray and give some thoughts to what you say. Every language has a different word for the same meanings. God is creator of all things he knows the language of the English and every other speaking language including the tongues.

  280. Pattie Farm said


    I prayed that God help you with the demonic oppression. I know what you are going through I was there once upon a time myself. You are in a faith walk.

    Just walk in faith and know when you pray that if you open the door to the Father by the name Father and you execute the prayer in the name of Jesus Christ your prayers are going to be heard.

    Talk to him as a friend and know that the enemy will bring vain
    imaginations to try to trick you and deceive you if he could. But the word says the saints who are believers over came him by the
    their testimony. Testify to the goodness of Jesus that he has reached down to safe you. If no one is around you testify in your own home when the enemy comes with these attacks.

    Ask God if there is anything else you should be doing. If you have turned from all wrong, he is with you and goes before you in all things. If you are having a problem giving up something ask him for help, he will help you. He is your strong tower and might. Remember all of the things that God Put in the word to let us know that as believer he does for us every day and thank him for it, praise him and sing to him and the enemy will leave.

    We are as you said it seems in the last days. You want to be the wise with a mind made up and ready to go. Don’t let the enemy make you lazy, if he could steal your salvation and love for the Lord he would. Don’t give it to him, pray at least 3 times a day and study the word every day.

    If you feel you need support to study and stay focused and you are
    not in a Bible Study group at a church or another group I suggest you go to a site called “Heaven Awaits”. Marianne is the owner and she loves the Lord and there are many things being studied all the time and these things and time together help people to stay focused on the Lord and not the world. You can read everyones inputs and write your own to whatever is being studied. There are
    about 7 items going right now I think.

    Be blessed and thank the one who loves you,

    • Joshua said

      Thank you, Pattie for the reply. Especially for reminding me about what I have known and the things stated here.
      Thanks for the web site also.
      and God bless you

  281. Pattie Farmq said

    Urgent need for congressmen letters to stop President Obama from dividing of the land.

    Please get the word out for everyone in the USA that is a Christian and against dividing the land that God gave to Israel; that sending a letter by Monday to their congressmen may save out lifes. The Father said he is for whom ever is for Israel and he who is against he is against them.

    A sample of a congressman letter we are sending is attached below my name. In the name of Jesus Christ do the right thing for Gods’ family. Israel is the apple of his eye and we are the vine graphed into the tree of them.

    Pattie Farm
    God bless you
    Urgent – Open letter to Obama and Congress regarding Israel

    Dear Congressmen _________;

    God is watching and I pray that you have roots and know the Bible since we have people who don’t know about our Country and “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

    If you involve yourself in dividing the land that God gave to Israel and don’t stand against those who don’t know God you will bring a sorrow upon our country and our families. Please pray and do what you were put in congress to do, serve our people and our roots.

    We are a nation of God-fearing people and it was why our country was always blessed. The killing of innocent people and acting like God doesn’t care about the laws being invoked is wrong. All leaders according to the word of God will stand before a judgment bar and give count. His coming is soon, don’t get caught up with non-believers and loose your soul.

    With the 13 murderous revolutions occurring across the Arab/Muslim world -beautifully labeled the “Arab Spring,” – President Obama has the audacity to divert attention from the bloodletting, to focus on restarting the Israeli/Palestinian supposed peace process.

    President Obama, the big lie is over! Israel is not the cause of Mid-East violence and instability -as now witnessed by the bloodlust by the Arab leaders on their own people! And by the people to each other! -Such as the murder of the Coptic Christians and mass rapes by Arab militaries.

    Now, with the whole Arab world exploding in violence you want Israel to give land to Hamas and Fatah? -Two internationally recognized terrorist organizations? Too cut up Jerusalem? Do you really have the hubris to accept the responsibility of defying God and the Bible that Israel is the God given land of the Jews? As you’re planning to give away Jerusalem, the heart of Israel, do you not find it “coincidental” that the Heartland of America is flooding, being submerged in a giant Mikva (cleansing and purification?)

    When Israel went into Jenin to uproot the terrorists, they went house to house to minimize civilian casualties -losing 17 men when they could’ve just carpet bombed the place – then they set up checkpoints to stop infiltration. Disgracefully, the U.N. condemned Israel. The U.S. abstained, condemning Israel with their silence. Later, when we went into Iraq, we had to go house to house and our soldiers had to set up checkpoints, at the horrendous cost of many American lives.

    When the anti-Semite Jimmy Carter called the 330-mile wall that Israel built to keep the suicide bombers out an “Apartheid Wall,” (that reduced suicide bombings by 99%) the U.S. remained silent. By “coincidence” the United States now has to build a 3,300-foot wall across its southern border.

    This Friday you are meeting with Netanyahu to share your new “ideas” for mid-east peace. Keep in mind that every Empire that has turned on THE NATION ISRAEL has gone by the wayside – crumbled into the trash-bin of history. Babylon, Assyria, Persia, Egypt, Greece, Rome, Spain, British, Third Reich, The U.S.S.R. and others.

    This Friday, the United States prays you choose wisely. Urgent – Open letter to Obama and Congress regarding Israel

    • Job said

      It is not President Obama who is dividing the land. It is the United Nations. There are at least 70 years of globalist mandates concerning this issue, going back to the 1940s, and many say that it goes back more than 100 years. The United States is merely being the frontman on this issue, attempting to enforce a long line of U.N. resolutions. Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George W. Bush did the same. Ronald Reagan simply avoided the issue because of Cold War politics: Israel was on our side, the PLO was supported by the Soviet Union (as was Iran and Syria).

      Whoever replaces Obama in the White House (whether that happens in 2008 or 2012) will continue to work on a Palestinian state, and had McCain (or Romney or whoever) “beaten” (or been chosen in place of!) Obama in 2008 would have done the same. I got a curiosity for you. Suppose Romney wins the election in 2012, and Obama goes on to become a leading international figure involved in African and Middle Eastern affairs like Jimmy Carter. A Mormon will be the most powerful man in this country, and a “Muslim” will be the most powerful man in the world. Think about it …

      • Devon said

        Job, you don’t really believe that Obama is a muslim do you??? In reality, he is secular…that is his abiding belief system….

  282. Pattie Farm said

    Well Job

    I am a child of God and he didn’t give me a spirit of fear. I don’t have to hear a man say one day he is a Christian and then when he is in front of a Muslim group that he is a Muslim. This type of a person speaks out of both sides of his mouth.

    A man who believes knows God has control of all things, not some. Jesus has been
    Going through the land with measuring rod. He knows who is of the crooked road, who believe, who are for the things he is for and who is cold and who is lukewarm and who has itching ears and can’t stand the word.

    Koolaid and the mark of the beast. Why? Because it is easy and they want easy and being drunk at night, living in whoredom and doing the things God cannot stand. I have no desire to be associated with people of that type. I could care less what people who are going to hell have to say they will all have their part in the lake of fire if they don’t change their ways. It doesn’t matter if it is one of my children a parent or a sibling I am not going to hell for others. The rules are the same for everyone. God is a basic kind of God do as I say not as you want if you want to go to Heaven. How much more direct must he be. No one will stand before him and lie. He knows mans inner most thoughts, wake-up.

    I am born again, I don’t have to judge him or anyone. Vengeances is mine, saith the Lord. He also said Israel is the apple of his eye and who ever is against her he is against and who ever is for her he is for. If you are against Israel then you bring the wrath of God upon yourself but don’t bring it upon believers. If you think God doesn’t know how to
    Correct be careful what you wish or think.

    I did not vote him in and I have not disrespected him but he has disrespected my nation and my God. He said we are not a God fearing country. God told me in a dream, remember “In God we Trust”.

    Some people are empty headed and dimwitted do you thing God is going to let these people walk on him. He is the almighty. His coming is soon and if you are not ready you should prepare yourself.

    As I said Judas sold Jesus for 30 pieces of silver what is the rate of the President of the free world? Don’t mess with my God, or my nation. If you are not an American you are more then likely not a Christian but yet you all go to sights that are Christian. If you are
    Looking for salvation the Father is loving but he has requirements like everyone else and it isn’t defending wickedness. Read Revelations and you will have a better understanding.

    I would like to believe if we hope not to be attacked that we straighten up and throw the people without faith out of office and don’t put any more in. However some have been raised in violence and have not good sense.

    If you were a believer you wouldn’t be agreeing with having non believers to direct your
    Family and your affairs. Put your information down and I will be glad to pray that God
    bring you to salvation but don’t try to correct me on a Christian website with the thoughts of Satan, Jesus told Peter get the behind me Satan.

  283. Pattie Farm said


    Let me explain it this way, read the word. It is the only sound truth, trust not a mans word unless it bear with heavens word.

    I John 4:3 And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of
    God: and this is that (sprit) of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.

    II John 1:7 For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.

    I John 2:22 Who is the liar? It is the man who denies that Jesus is the Christ. Such a man is the antichrist he denies the Father and the Son.

    I John 2:23 Whosoever denieth the son, the same hath not the Father: (but) he that acknowledgeth the Son hath the Father also.

    I John 5:7-8 For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 8.) And there are three that bear witness in earth, the spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.

    Can it be made any simpler. One who speaks out of both sides of his mouth is as the Antichrist? Yes or no

    Yes I believe what I wrote they are the words God gave me to live by, straight out of the Bible not a politians mouth of guile. God is not a man that he should lie or speak out of both sides of his mouth.

    Only part of the post appeared on my mail so I can’t respond to anything else. so I still don’t know if you are saved if you are not, i pray that he will save you and speak to your soul before it is to late. The world will start putting out the mark when they crash our currency soon. Please wake up the Antichrist is on the scene read the words above.

  284. Joe said

    You people belong to something I all “caucasianity,” but whether that or Christianity, both are of the devil. Your nation was murderous and corrupt to the core since it spawned of Satan. From your murders and genocide of the natives, to the Blacks, most recently demonizing Hispanics, millions of which are not even Mexican, and have been Americans “forever,” to your support for murder inc., pharmaceutical and medical killing of millions, and AL-CIA-DA. You are what the scripture refers to as “THE LAWLESS ONES. You have your reward. Do not believe by any stretch of the imagination that the judgement that is coming to the U.S. will not be “terrifying.” The one you blaspheme with your Satanic English words, calling him “BAAL (LORD),” is not happy.:

    Yes, there will be a rapture. a rapture of the unlawful and wicked Americans:

    How many times does it say…

    They take one piece of a sentence, “out of context,: and run with it, the hybrids leading the way with huge grins, despite the following:

    The Prophets and Writings-

    1.) Is.2 [The Torah will be taught in the Millennial Kingdom]

    2.) Is.8:20 [Those who are against the Torah have no light in them]

    3.) Is.42:4 [The coastlands will wait for YHWH’s Torah]

    4.) Is.42:21 [YHWH will exalt the Torah and make it honorable]

    5.) Is.51:7 [The Torah mentioned to be on people’s hearts before Jer.31:33]

    6.) Jer.31:33 [The Torah will be on our hearts during the Millennial Kingdom]

    7.) Micah 4:2 [Nations will come to learn the Torah in the Millennial Kingdom]

    8.) Zech.14:16-19 [The Feast of Tabernacles will be kept in the Millennial Kingdom (Lev.23)]

    9.) Lam 2:9 [Jeremiah lamented that the Torah is no more. Why lament if it will be done away with?]

    10.) Psalm 119 [David exalted the Torah]
    -The Gospels-


    11.) Matt.4:4-10 [Yeshua used the Torah to rebuke the adversary (Deut 8:3; 6:16; 6:13)]

    12.) Matt.5:17-19 [Those who teach against Torah will be least in the Kingdom of Heaven]

    13.) Matt.7:12 [The Golden Rule (Midrash on Torah)]

    14.) Matt.9:20 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]

    15.) Matt.11:13 [Yeshua used the Torah & the Prophets to prove John the Baptist valid]

    16.) Matt.12:5 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]

    17.) Matt.14:36 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]

    18.) Matt.22:36-40 [Yeshua taught the greatest commandments from the Torah USING the Torah]

    19.) Matt.23:23 [Yeshua emphasized the weightier matters of the Torah USING the Torah]


    20.) Mark 3:4 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]

    21.) Mark 6:18 [John the Baptist used Torah to rebuke Herod (Lev.20:21)]

    22.) Mark 6:56 [Yeshua wore Tzitziot (Num.15:38)]

    23.) Mark 10:5-12 [Yeshua taught on divorce using the creation account]


    24.) Luke 2:21 [Yeshua circumcised on the eighth day (Lev.12:2-3)]

    25.) Luke 2:22-39 [Yeshua was presented before YHWH as the first born (Ex.34:19)]

    26.) Luke 2:24 [An offering was made for Yeshua being the first born (Lev.12:6)]

    27.) Luke 4:16 [Yeshua’s custom was to attend Synagogue on the Sabbath day not Sunday]

    28.) Luke 6:3-9 [Yeshua is Master of the Sabbath]

    29.) Luke 10:26-28 [Yeshua encouraged Torah observance by elevating the weightier commandments]

    30.) Luke 10:30-37 [Yeshua gave a parable of the good Samaritan/love your neighbor]

    31.) Luke 14:5 [Yeshua preserved life on the Sabbath]

    32.) Luke 16:16 [Yeshua used Torah and the Prophets to prove John the Baptist is valid]

    33.) Luke 16:17 [It is easier for heaven & earth to pass away than for Torah to do so]

    34.) Luke 24:44 [Suffering Servant Prophecy fulfilled]


    35.) John 1:17 [Through the Torah, Messiah’s Grace was manifested] *

    36.) John 1:45 [Phillip used the Torah & the Prophets to convince Nathaniel about Yeshua being Messiah]

    37.) John 5:8 [Yeshua healed a lame man on the Sabbath]

    38.) John 7:19 [Yeshua used the Torah to defend Himself]

    39.) John 7:22-23 [Yeshua interpreted the Sabbath]

    40.) John 7:24 [Yeshua taught to judge righteously (Lev.19:15)]

    41.) John 7:49 [Yeshua said those who do not know Torah are accursed]

    42.) John 7:51 [Nicodemus used the Torah to prove Yeshua innocent]

    43.) John 8:5-12 [Yeshua won the challenge concerning the woman in “adultery” (Lev.20:10)]


    44.) Acts 2 [The disciples celebrated Shavuot (Pentecost)]

    45.) Acts 6:13 [False witnesses accused the disciples of teaching against the Torah]

    46.) Acts 13:14 [Paul went to Synagogue on Sabbath]

    47.) Acts 13:15 [Paul attended Synagogue on Sabbath]

    48.) Acts 13:39 [Paul taught the Torah and the Prophets in Synagogue]

    49.) Acts 13:42 [Gentiles wanted to hear more about Torah and Messiah next Sabbath]

    50.) Acts 13:44 [Almost the whole city came the next Sabbath and wanted to learn]

    51.) Acts 13:46 [Paul and Barnabas decided to teach Torah/Prophets to the Gentiles (Is.49:6)]

    52.) Acts 13:48 [Gentiles were filled with gladness because they get to learn about Yeshua & Torah]

    53.) Acts 13:49 [Torah and the Prophets were spread throughout all the region of Antioch]

    54.) Acts 15:21 [Moses was taught in all the cities in Synagogues on the Sabbath Day]

    55.) Acts 15:28-29 [New gentile converts were to keep the kosher laws of Torah before learning the rest of it]
    [Foods offered to idols/eating blood/eating things strangled/sexual immorality] [(Ex.20:3/Lev.7:26;17:12; 22:8/Deut.14:21)]

    56.) Acts 16:13 [Prayer was customarily made on the Sabbath Day]

    57.) Acts 17:2-4 [Paul taught Yeshua and Torah for THREE Sabbaths not three Sundays!]

    58.) Acts 18:4 [Paul persuaded Jews and Greeks about Yeshua EVERY Sabbath!]

    59.) Acts 18:13 [False witness accused Paul of teaching against Torah]

    60.) Acts 21:20 [New converts were ZEALOUS for the Torah!]

    61.) Acts 21:24 [Paul showed that he keeps the Torah]

    62.) Acts 21:28 [More false accusations saying that Paul taught against the Torah]

    63.) Acts 22:12 [Paul used the Torah to say Ananias was a devout man]

    64.) Acts 23:3 [Paul used the Torah to defend his position]

    65.) Acts 23:4 [Paul quoted the Torah (Ex.22:28)]

    66.) Acts 24:14 [Paul believed all things in the Torah and the Prophets]

    67.) Acts 28:23 [Paul taught people the Torah and the Prophets]


    68.) Rom.2:13 [Those who do the Torah and not just hear it are considered justified]

    69.) Rom.3:31 [Faith does not make void Torah]

    70.) Rom.6:15 [Grace is not permission to sin]

    71.) Rom.7:2 [Paul taught the laws of marriage & divorce (Deut.24)]

    72.) Rom.7:7 [The Torah is not sin]

    73.) Rom.7:12 [The Torah is holy, just, and good]

    74.) Rom.7:26 [The Torah is good]

    75.) Rom.7:22 [Paul delighted in the Torah of YHWH]

    76.) Rom.13:18 [Love fulfills the Torah]

    77.) Rom.13:10 [Love fulfills the Torah]

    1 Corinthians:

    78.) 1Cor.1:18 [Paul quoted Isaiah 29:14 for his doctrine]

    79.) 1Cor.1:31 [Paul quoted Jeremiah 9:24]

    80.) 1Cor.2:9 [Paul quoted Isaiah 64:4]

    81.) 1Cor.2:16 [Paul quoted Isaiah 40:13]

    82.) 1Cor.3:19 [Paul quoted Job 5:13]

    83.) 1Cor.3:20 [Paul quoted Psalm 94:11]

    84.) 1Cor.5:1 [Paul used Torah to rebuke sin (Lev.20:11)

    85.) 1Cor.5:6-8 [Paul encouraged believers to keep Passover (Lev.23)]

    86.) 1Cor.5:9-11 [Paul taught to not be yoked with the sexually immoral (Lev.20)]

    87.) 1Cor.5:12-13 [Paul quoted Deut.17:7; 19:19; 22:21; 24:7]

    88.) 1Cor.6:9-10 [Paul listed immoral actions defined by Torah (Lev.20)]

    89.) 1Cor.6:16 [Paul quotes Gen.2:24]

    90.) 1Cor.7:10-11 [Paul taught on marriage and divorce (Deut.24)]

    91.) 1Cor.7:19 [Paul taught that keeping the Torah is more important than IMMEDIATE circumcision]*

    92.) 1Cor.7:39 [Paul taught the laws of marriage and re-marriage]

    93.) 1Cor.9:9-12 [Paul did a midrash on Deut.25:4]

    94.) 1Cor.9:21 [Paul kept YHWH’s Torah when ministering to those who didn’t have the Torah]

    95.) 1Cor.10:1-22 [Paul did a midrash on Ex.32:6]

    96.) 1Cor.10:26 [Paul quoted Psalm 24:1]

    97.) 1Cor.14:21 [Paul quoted Isaiah 28:11-12]

    98.) 1Cor.15:27 [Paul quoted Psalm 8:6]

    99.) 1Cor.15:32 [Paul quoted Isaiah 22:13]

    100.) 1Cor.15:45 [Paul quoted Gen.2:7]

    101.) 1Cor.15:54 [Paul quoted Isaiah 25:8]

    102.) 1Cor.15:55 [Paul quoted Hosea 13:14]

    2 Corinthians:

    103.) 2Cor.3:12-17 [Paul did a midrash on the veil of Moses (Ex.34:33-35)]

    104.) 2Cor.4:13 [Paul quoted Psalm 116:10]

    105.) 2Cor.6:2 [Paul quoted Isaiah 49:8]

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    108.) 2Cor.6:18 [Paul quoted 2 Samuel 7:14]

    109.) 2Cor.8:15 [Paul quoted Ex.16:18]

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    111.) 2Cor.10:17 [Paul quoted Jeremiah 9:24]

    112.) 2Cor.13:1 [Paul quotes Deut.19:15]


    113.) Gal.3:6 [Paul quoted Gen.15:6]

    114.) Gal.3:8 [Paul quoted Gen.12:3; 18:18; 22:18; 26:4; 28:14]

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    116.) Gal.3:11 [Paul quoted Habakkuk 2:4]

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    121.) Gal.4:30 [Paul quoted Gen.21:10]

    122.) Gal.5:14 [Paul quoted Lev.19:18]


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    127.) Eph.6:2 [Paul quoted Deut.5:16]


    128.) Philipp.2:17 [Paul related himself to a drink offering (Lev.23:13)]

    1 Thessalonians:

    129.) 1Thess.4:2 [Paul taught to walk in the Commandments of YHWH]

    130.) 1Thess.4:3 [Paul taught to avoid sexual immorality (Lev.20)]

    131.) 1Thess.5:1-11 [Paul taught that those who don’t know the Feast Days are in darkness/blind]

    2 Thessalonians:

    132.) 2Thess.1:8 [Paul quoted Isaiah 24:23]

    1 Timothy:

    133.) 1Tim.1:8 [Paul taught that the Torah is good if one uses it right]

    134.) 1Tim.5:18 [Paul quoted Deut.25:4]

    135.) 1Tim.5:19 [Paul taught the concept of two witnesses (Deut.19:15)]

    2 Timothy:

    136.) 2Tim.3:15 [Paul said Timothy had known the “Holy Scriptures” (Torah/Prophets) since his youth]

    137.) 2Tim.3:16 [Paul referred to the Torah/Prophets when he said “Scripture”, “Doctrine” & “Instruction”]

    138.) 2Tim.4:6 [Paul related himself as a drink offering (Lev.23:13)]


    139.) Titus 2:9 [Paul taught obedience to the Torah concerning bondservants & masters (Deut.15:12-18)]

    140.) Titus 2:14 [Paul taught that Yeshua died so we will have zeal for good works (Torah)]


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    183.) Jam.4:6 [James quoted Prov.3:34]

    184.) Jam.4:12 [James taught YHWH is our Lawgiver. Why need a Lawgiver it the Law is done away with?]

    1 Peter:

    185.) 1Pet.1:16 [Peter quoted Lev.11:44-45; 19:2; 20:7]

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    2 Peter:

    196.) 2Pet.2:22 [Peter quoted Prov.26:11]

    1 John:

    197.) 1Jo.2:3-5 [We are YHWH’s children if we keep His commandments]

    198.) 1Jo.2:6 [We are to walk as Yeshua Messiah walked (Torah)]

    199.) 1Jo.3:4 [Sin is violating the Torah]

    200.) 1Jo.3:22 [We are to do YHWH’s commandments and do things that are pleasing to Him]

    201.) 1Jo.3:23 [To believe in Yeshua as Messiah is a Torah based faith]

    202.) 1Jo.3:24 [Those who keep YHWH’s commandments abide in Him, and He in them]

    203.) 1Jo.5:2 [We are YHWH’s children if we keep His commandments]

    204.) 1Jo.53 [It is the love of YHWH to keep His commandments and they aren’t a burden]

    2 John:

    205.) 2Jo.1:6 [It is love to walk in His commandments]

    206.) 2Jo.1:9 [Violators of Torah do not abide in the teaching of Yeshua which is to follow Torah]
    [Those who abide in the teaching of Messiah has both YHWH and Yeshua]

    207.) 2Jo.1:10 [John said to have nothing to do with those who teach against the teaching of Messiah]


    208.) Jude 1:12 [“love feasts” were the Feast Days (Lev.23)]


    209.) Rev.1:6 [The Torah comes forth from Yeshua’s mouth]

    210.) Rev.12:17 [The adversary is enraged mainly with those who keep Torah & believe in Yeshua]

    211.) Rev.14:12 [Those who endure are they that keep the Torah and believe in Yeshua]

    212.) Rev.19:15 [Yeshua judges and strikes the nations with the Torah (Word of YHWH/His Sword)]

    213.) Rev.22:14 [Those who keep the Torah will have the right to eat from the tree of life & enter Jerusalem]

    • Devon said

      And you sound like a racist hate filled bitter individual….I am guessing you are a Black ‘Hebrew’ right????

      Reading too much Howard Zinn also….lol….

  285. Pattie Farm said


    If you believe Torah and are a child of God you believe his words. Why do you always attack about what does not concern you. I don’t understand your issue but I feel sorry for you as I know there is something not right or you wouldn’t be attacking.

    Do you hate Gods’ Jewish children? Then why do you read the Torah, it is the covenant of the Jews. You can’t be a Jew because a Jew has responsibility rested upon their shoulders to help bring faith to the Gentiles. They would never be wicked or speak evil to any. They are gracious and kind people, have friends who are Jews, matter in fact my best friend is a Jew. The Jews were also charged with resting the government of the world upon their shoulders, they don’t speak as you do.

    I have the Holy Ghost and God dwells in me but I don’t call myself a Jew as I was raised under the new covenant. That means I am graphed into the tree, I am of the vine. Why because i am of Jesus Christ. God said he hates those who call themselves Jews and are not.

    I communicate with many Rabbis’ and have no idea what you are trying to say. Pray before you attack other people because Jesus Christ is the savior and he brought love and deliverance. I don’t believe it is Godly to argue.

    I didn’t attack you but if you took it that way I am sorry that you take it that way. For that I repent. But regarding the word of the KJV Bible and the Torah and other Jewish books i.e. Midrash etc. according to Hebrew scholars they speak comparably. So what is your point? They agree they say the same thing. I think you don’t know that God is bringing the Jews and the Christians together we are one family. We are not in division, so I still am not sure of what faith or nationality you are based on your statements but you seem angry.

    There are going to be many things that are going to happen to different parts of this world before Gods’ coming and there will not be a pre-tribulation.

    Gods’ children will have to go through the wrath of satan, which is already a foot, and only after 3 1/2 years after the signing of that treaty will God take his children home, as we are not met to suffer the wrath of God.

    I hope God helps you with your anger because if you are a believer and shooting other believers and you don’t know me. How do you reject my words, they are not mine but Gods. What are you thinking?

    I won’t apologize for the word of God but if I offended you then I repent for that, but I am dumb founded to figure that out. But Jesus said turn the other cheek so I give you my other cheek pray that the Lord bless you. Don’t blasphemy Lord by saying what you said calling him Baal. The bible says touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm, so what do you think the almighty thinks of you speaking evil of a name called the most high. Read up on how many names God has, and how may spirits he has. Do you think
    he speaks one language or is he universal in all that he created?

    Remember nothing is hidden from God.

  286. Joe said

    Come out of her my people:

    If you do not recognize law, but adhere to lies, and the teachings of fools, even your prayers are an abomination. HE will say to you in that day, depart from me, you who work “lawlessness.”

    And do not say “he knows my heart,” for the heart is wiocked above all things. Who can know it. And which of you are seeking to keep his moadim? I would venture to say “none.”

    And why is this? Because there is no light in you.

    If you do not recognize the Torah, you may be following the Messiah, the anti-messiah.

    Therefore, stop your empty babblings and reading English Bibles that distort the word. And no, I am not Black, for the scriptures forbid me to lie. But, you…you refuse to seek Yahuah, but feel good listening to the babble…

    This is what you must do. Read the following entirely, and get you a set of “THE SCRIPTURES,” by the Institute for Scripture Research.”

    No, I do not read your ramblings, …

    “Until heaven and earth pass away, not one jot or one title shall pass from the Torah…”

    “For not the hearers of the Trah, but the doers of the Torah, will be made righteous.”

    If I knew how to unsubscribe I would. I am working on it. You have been warned. How can a filthy nation as the U.S. escape damnation?

  287. Pattie Farm said


    Sometimes people are troubled with issues. Some fly under the radar hoping to dislodge the children of God from the truth.

    We are to know about this type of issue including the ones who are sick. I have been under attack by a demon before and we all act differently. Pray for Joe that God will deal with his anger as Jesus brought us the spirit of love and if he is in us his love flows from us.

    The Bible says kind words turn away wrath.

    Be blessed Devon and know in these days we need to work hard to stay connected to God and to get people saved for the kingdom of Heaven.

  288. Pattie Farm said


    I finally received your other post, and here is my response.

    Regarding the USA, it may not be your cup of tea but it is my homeland. It is the place where God put me. We have flaws but this nation has for ever given aid to the whole world.

    The roots of my nation are “IN GOD WE TRUST”.

    I do think we have a person who is behaving as if he is a god of force. Do you think the American people want our nation to force anything on anyone. God doesn’t force him self on anyone and neither should we. But when the down trodden nations would come we always went. Our nation went from being the 5th wealthiest nation in 2010 down to the 9th wealthiest nation in 2011. That wasn’t because of internal conflicts at home but the world asking for help.

    The American people are sick of our money going to wars we don’t think we should be in. The current President said he would get the nation out of the war and bring our troops home but instead we are in more. However he can’t go to war on his own so their must be things we are not told. Every nation will give answer for what they did according to the word. I don’t think the current group of people will be reelected but I have no control over it.

    The one who thinks he is the god of force hopefully will soon be replaced unless the new world order rolls out and tries to steam roll over the USA.

    I take pride in nothing but God and my hope of going to Heaven and that my name is written in the lambs book of life, that is what the Lord said we can have pride in.

    If you are in need of prayer and are being afflicted by the raging enemy of all who love God, please let me know as I will be glad to help pray for you. The word says 1 put 1000 to flight and 2 put 10000 to flight.

    I have been in the need of needing others to help pray for me as the attacks of the enemy are brutal right now. The roaring lion has been attacking Gods’ children right and left.

    8 years ago my spouse had 6 bipass surgery, 3 months later he had a stroke, a year later God had brought him back from being blind, paralyzed and unable to see, speak, eat and walk. The Drs. call him a miracle.

    I know what God can do and how much the enemy hates his children and how much at times they suffer. Three years ago due to economics we lost our business, then we lost our home, then we got a new home and those who we bought from lost everything and so all over again we lost a home to live in and our investment.

    We got another home last year and in April it burned to the ground. The county we live in was doing an expansion and forgot to turn the water on so the fire department couldn’t put the fire out.

    We lost everything, a feeling that we would ever belong anywhere again. Our friends and family start to look at you and wonder how you could be so messed up that so many bad things happen to you. all at the same time we were being attacked by demons cutting us and harassing us, but God never turned loose of us, he had his eye on us as we are worth more then the sparrow. He test and corrects those that he loves. He speaks of one in the bible that was cut all over their body and head but had no oil. Well I had oil and my cup was full but I had to go through the fire of Gods furnace that I may shine as the best gold that he has. He loves me and he doesn’t turn loose of me. It is know different than the children who wondered in the wilderness. But praise God he only chastises those that he loves.

    But the Bible says it rains on the just and the unjust.

    So a year later after coming out of the fire that god went through with us, sending an Angel to get us out. He gave us new furniture, clothes and put us back on our feet and we are going again.

    But not to complain 2 weeks ago my husband had a massive asthma attack, in the middle of the night had a massive heart attack and stopped breathing, in the hospital got pneumonia, then had heart surgery and they nicked a vein and in the middle of the night at the hospital he lost 5 pints of blood and then had another surgery to correct. Guess what God touched him again, he is almost new again. You can’t take the children of the only God down. He is never late he is always on time.

    The Bible says when the storm comes, not if it comes. Everyone gets test and trials and some time they seem like they are insurmountable and again I say God is never late he is always on time.

    He comes and binds up our wounds and he heals us, not partially but completely. I would be know wherewere it not for him, as Job says the Lord giveth and he taketh away. Everything belongs to him if we trust and have faith in him. Without it and him how will we enter in.

    Material things I have not but God I have, he is the glue of my soul.

    So I hope that whatever the mystery is about you, that my words will speak to your heart and bring healing to your thinking. God loves all of us, he goes before us in all things. He went through the fire with my husband and I.
    About Two weeks before the fire, I ask God why if we all have Angels doesn’t my Angel and my husbands Angels help us?

    A man showed up from no where to help me down the steps. My husband went out from the fire a different door, and I exited from the front. This man was at the bottom of the front door steps, he ask where was my Husband and what about Moi, and I said my husband was out but Moi my dog ran under the bed and I heard a voice say if I didn’t go now we wouldn’t make it. So I started leaving as I knew the voice was the Lord, all the way to the door I was calling and telling my dog to come follow me that God said we would die if we didn’t go. She did not she died in the fire, she was 8 years old and like a child to us. Well he had to have been an Angel, he had no car and no one in the neighborhood ever saw the man and they all said he was an Angel. So we have help but we have to take the hand of God by knowing with faith that he will never leave us nor forsake us and anything in our minds or hearts telling us different is a lying demon.

    They are actually vain imaginations, I have looked at some of your work, Joe but know that if we have hate of any type god can not abide. He gives us talent like you have but you must have love to overcome.

    I believe what God is saying is that the enemy if he could would plant many vain imaginations in people believing we can walk on people, take their nations, take whatever we want without a concern for the truth of God.

    When we are told by a spirit to do something that is contrary to the word of God and it involves us being set up with importance and attacking other people it is the enemy trying to attack you. God said he cometh but to steal kill and destroy. He wants to steal your joy. My guess is your joy is God, he is mine. If I lost him today I would be lost.

    The Americans who are Christians and even many who are not are good people, if you encountered some who were bad there is bad and good in all of the flesh God permitted to be upon the earth. Please don’t judge a whole race of people for the actions of the oppressors. When you say the word says to come out of her it is speaking of a false church.
    When it talks of her, she is Israel the first temple church and then the false she the harlot of revelations that will ride upon the kings spoken of in Revelations as the new world order.

    The New World Order will as soon as the peace treaty goes forth between Israel and muslim palestine; they will crash the American economy and our dollar nor any other global currency will be worth anything. Again not my words Gods advance warning in the word.

    Many nations have already stolen the money of its people by stealing homes with loans that were set to fail to steal the wealth off the backs of the poor and middle class of America.

    Once they crash they crash the monetary systems of the world. They will go forward with the mark of the beast, AND if anyone take it they can not enter the kingdom of God.
    Many people will die during this time period and we have 3 1/2 years to go through the tribulation after the signing according to the word then the saints, the bride of Christ will go home and the marriage supper will take place while God pours out his wrath upon those who remain upon the earth.

    So we have alot coming let us not as children of God turn against one another but keep our eyes open about those who believe not; either praying always for their salvation and also for watching against the evil one. But the word says the clue is he who is of anti-christ does not believe in the Father, Son or Holy Ghost.

    You must measure by the fact of Love if God is in you then Love abides, if God is in you then Peace abides, God is not the author of confusion but the deliverer out of all sorrow he always makes away if we stay in faith.

    We are weak but he is strong. Be blessed cry out to God in Love and ask him to fill that spot that has unsettled issues in it with love and to scoop out all harmful issues the enemy wants to plant.

    I am sure things will work out for the word says everything works to the good of he who loves the Lord.

    Be blessed, I am glad I got to add this. I couldn’t leave things as they were but my husband needed me and I was trying to get the letters to congress for Israel.

    You won’t say what nation you are from all I know is you don’t like Americans nor do you like the Jewish people but you bring up “Torah”? It makes no sense to me.

    Do you think the things you have done it make you a forceful person. I ask people who come to the site to write to their congress to support the state of Israel. According to the word, she is the Lioness and the nations of England and the USA are her Pups.

    So if you are at odds with any of those three you are at odds with God, yes or no?

  289. Patti,

    Hi hope you are well. Regarding the United States and England as being in prophecy I would like to see your scriptures in this regards. If these two countries are present I think they would be more represented by either Tyre or Bablyon.

    Regarding Israel they neither follow the Torah nor can they trace their blood line back to the people who inhabited the land. The Talmud which many Jews follow is a diabolical book.

    Look at one simple example. Psalm 15 Lord, who shall abide in they tabernacle? who shall dwell in thy holy hill? .. He that putteth not out his money to usury.

    So God condemns usury something Jews are very much involved with.

    Galatians tells us Satan comes as an angel of light.


    John Kaniecki

  290. Pattie Farm said


    We are great, thank you for asking. God is good all of the time. I hope all is well for you.

    God establishes things by 2 or 3. Are you familiar with the scripture of the Lioness that gave birth to two whelps?
    The first whelp went up and down to catch pray but the second was more able than the first.

    I believe that is referencing Israel, she is the Lioness, the two whelps are England and the USA. Did Israel, England and USA conquer?

    I don’t know what Gods’ thought are when he tells you to pray or stand on the wall for someone. Surly you know from
    Job that God doesn’t like being questioned? He is the almighty and I am the servant.

    Some times I ask him things and he doesn’t say anymore other times he give me help in my understanding but he does not want us to be lazy as the word is the two edge sword to support us during times of attack.

    I may have sinned and fallen short but the glory of God and his word are pristine. God is not a man that he should lie and the end is near.

    I just know he told me to stand on the wall for Israel and later he added first England and then later again USA. He would wake me up like clockwork to make my prayers and mount the wall. He recently stopped the waking visit.

    However I am still doing everything I can to support Israel.

    She is the apple of Gods’ eye. Anyone who knows Bible knows this. God said who ever is for here he is for and who ever is against her he is against. If you are a parent you understand this, I can be upset with my children but am I going to permit you to chastise them? God chastizes those that he loves but is he going to let other rip you apart absolutely not. He is “I AM”, he answers to none. He has never sinned and is without guile or any evil.

    God said vengence is his not ours. He is the one to pour out the wrath and it is coming in Revelations times mentioned.

    Many people out of jealousy speak evil of Israel, Why?
    They work hard, how often do you ever hear of a Jew doing
    evil? They are to help carry the government and were to help setup religion for the Gentiles.

    Six million of them died in the Holocaust, it lasted 3 1/2 years the same period of time the Gentiles will endure, not the Jewish people they already paid. God is no respecter of persons. Whatever he has done for one he will do for another.

    I think you are familiar with the word of God as you have come to this site for a long time, right?

    God establishes things by twos’; He also said they will become his children and he their God and he will forgive their sins. Can it be more simple than that?

    People who are Jealous over the Jews because God keeps covenant, they should not be. The Gentiles who are saved and filled with the holy ghost have the same rights to the blessings of Abraham through our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.

    We are graphed in the tree via the vine who is the vine?
    Jesus Christ. Who are the branches of the tree? The tribes of Israel.

    Also about England and America, studies have already been done but the word also validates the facts of the Bible.

    God told Abraham that his descendants would be as many as the stars of heaven and as many as the innumerable grains of sand.

    Blood studies show that the cherokee indians who are the only blue eyed indians are the roots of Jewish people. There practices for faith were almost the same as those of the temple including sacrifices. Blood studies are being done that prove that many of the people in both the nation of England and the USA are the Jewish roots but the peoples families are from other countries? This happened during the diaspora.

    Can you love Jesus and not love the Jews?

    Were there not many Jews saved in the beginnings in the roots of our Christian faith?

    Does God break covenant? Does any word of the Bible lie?

    Jacob had to grandsons’ they took place in the inheritance, one is Ephraim the other is Manasseh. Read the blessing on the two and you will know who England and which is the USA.
    Those scriptures support the word of the two whelps.

    These facts have also been proven by some Rabbis’ through studies and in some cases taking blood test on Americans who are of English, Swedish, Irish and even Cherokee Indian descendants.

    The other thing about entering Heaven can you hate the Jews or any man and enter the Kingdom of God? Of course not and you know.

    Israel was promised 70 years, she on May 10th entered the 63 rd year. The tribulation will be 7 years. Math say 7 plus 63 equals=70. Now the 7 years are going to be cut short, is that far every one or only for the saints? We know it is for the Saints and the Jews as the saints are not met for the wrath of God and the Jews already had there testing of 3 1/2 years with the German Babylonians and the catholic church at the Holocaust? yes or no

    Even with all that was done to get Congress to stand for Israel, if it is Gods’ appointed time then the treaty will be signed by force or what ever God brings into being the means. God is in charge not us, we are his children. September 2011 will tell?

    Benjamin Netanyahu was open to giving up something,but not negotiating with terrorist nor giving up to the pre67 boarders.

    I think the deal may happen, but only God knows for certain. He is the only one who knows the hour or the day but we are to watch. Are we in the labor pains. God said he will hide Israel away at the time of Jacobs trouble.

    I believe the USA economy and the global economy are gong to collapse real soon, based on word and knowledge.

    Many people want to call the nation of the USA Babylon. We are not a country with its own religion. The Harlot rides upon the ecomomic system. Where is the economic system and who is the wealthiest nation in the world who is the hammer?

    The USA in 2010 was the 5th wealthiest nation, in 2011 we became the 9th wealthiest but we no longer have money.

    Read Daniel again and see if it doesn’t tell you some other things about the false church and from that you will be lead to who is the hammer of the new world order. The Pope in 2005 (I think that is the year-you can look it up) told the people about the new world order. Find out who controls the banks?

    I hope our nation is not babylon or tyre, I see why so many draw that conclusion, my baby Brother has thought the same thing. I don’t think so because God told me in a dream, “IN GoD WE TRUST”. I believe our nation is going to be hit hard with war or attack but I think a part of us will stand.
    Personally I feel like we shouldn’t have people who don’t believe in God in office.
    The Harlot is a false church? How can that be the USA. The USA is the 9th wealthiest country in the world. I think we could be brought into the Global system, I hope not but one horn is left to go in under the whore of Babylon.

    God told his children to come out of her. She is an extremely large church and she is going to be burned and then set up her seat in the temple mount.

    This religion worships idols and is of many tongues and nations. Jeremiah 50:2-3-4-5
    “Announce and proclaim among the nations, lift up a banner and proclaim it; keep nothing back, but say, ‘Babylon will be captured; Bel will be put to shame, Marduk filled with
    terror. Her images will be put to shame and her idols filled with terror.’

    3.)A nation from the north will attack her and lay waste her land. No one will live in it; both men and animals will flee away.

    4.)”In those days, at that time,” declares the LORD, “the people of Israel and the people of Judah together will go in tears to seek the LORD their God.

    5′)They will ask the way to Zion and turn their faces toward it. They will come and bind themselves to the LORD in an everlasting covenant that will not be forgotten.

    When it comes to condemning other people and speaking evil of them, is that ok with God? The bible says be angry and sin not. We aren’t suppose to speak evil of anyone are we? God will judge he is the judge. Is a good christian suppose to judge people? Does the word of Psalms says we stand in the way of the heathen?

    Is that or is that not what satan does and then he tries to get us to do the same thing. Doesn’t stand around the thrown all day long speaking evil of Gods children?

    Yes you better believe he comes as the angel of light. He also cometh to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came to give life more abundantly, set the captive free and to heal our wounds and most of important of all I peter 2:24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, so that we might die to sins and live for righteousness; by his wounds you have been healed.

    Can’t get much better then that, so if the angel of light shows up send him packing. He usually comes with a bunch of vain imaginations and he make it look like we have the right to think his way. Thinking wickedly is death, the bible says wages of sin is death.

    The devil is trying to send people to hell thinking against the Jews or anyone else.

    Hope this tells you where I am coming from, be blessed in Jesus Christ who loves you. God promised to never leave us nor forsake us he wants all of us to go to Heaven we have to get our act together with right thinking. Right?

  291. Patti,

    I am glad you are well.

    If Harold Camping taught us something perhaps it is we should be humble in our assumptions about prophecy.

    I can see the United States as Babylon or Tyre. Revelation 18 for Babylon and Isaiah 23 for Tyre. Both places talk about the economics.

    I believe it was the first George Bush who first publically used the phrase New World Order. In a world politically, militarily and economically already dominated by Europeans and their colonies, (such as USA, Canda, New Zealand, Australia, etc) what more could they want?

    I have heard of the thoughts the USA and England are the lost tribes of Israel. I think Herbert W Armstrong was one individual who taught that. Yet in all honesty I see no Biblical jsutification for it.

    Concerning Isreal see Hebrews 11:39-40. In God giving His faithful children heaven, he has more than fufilled the Earthly promise for Isreal. It is like somebody promising you one hundred dollars and giving you one million. They have fufilled what they promised.

    There are many prophecies yet to be fufilled such as beating swords to plowshare and spears to pruning hooks in a time where nobody studies war no more, Micah 4:3.

    I think it is a good thing to be aware what is going on in the world. However we must not loose the focus that our primary job here on Earth is to win souls for Christ. Declaring things to be certain when they are not is dangerous. Look at Manifest Destiny where the United States declared it a mandate from God to commite genocide of the Native Americans and to steal their land. Even Hitler’s 1000 year third reich came from the Bible in particular the 1000 years from the book of Revelation.

    I think God will make things plain soon enough. There are so many ideas out there that it is hard to sort it out. Yet just like Harold Camping the false prophets will be exposed and the truth will shine through.

    I wish you well and I would encourage you to study your Bible more and to tell those of the great Love that God our Father has shown through his only son Jesus.

    I would agree that the Catholic Church would fill the role of the Whore of Babylon though. It has many wicked deeds to it’s credit and in all honesty some good ones. But the Catholic Church will not admit it’s mistakes or sins and the Pope still arrogantly claims he can speak on behalf of God.


    John Kaniecki