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Identify The Enemy

Prayer: The Most Effective Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance Weapon And Tactic


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  1. Moira said

    Who is the DEMON that calls himself “Jesus”? What is his purpose, what does he want?

    I in no way imply our Lord Jesus Christ, but the demon who uses his name, jesus.

    • Carrie Marchel said

      I would be careful implying that is a demon at all. If you are hearing Jesus call himself by name, I would then ask yourself later if there were any negative/ demonic activities that preceded that. I say this because, demons (in general) are incapable of calling themselves Jesus, whether it be Jesus or Jesus Christ. I am interested to hear what events you have experienced. I would like you to know, that you are not alone among those who love and serve Christ, as Lord on High. This is the eventual year 2012, and Satan is among us as Legion…very different and out of character. He carries 7 and can be made to submit, so be careful if you are planning to talk to him. Ask Jesus for the exact words you need and be specific. Satan and all that come with him can still not beat our King.
      God bless you and your family

  2. Charles D. said

    Guess you had to be there???????

  3. Job said


    Any evil spirit that lies in order to prevent from being cast out.

  4. The article named “Identify the Enemy” is blank – no article. I sure would like to know what it said………

    By the way – who operates this website? There is no identification on this site.

  5. Job said


    Click on the arrow button. It plays an audio.

  6. Bruce said

    Did you have a specific scriptual reference in mind to share when you wrote this?

  7. Bruce said

    I’m throwing this one out to you, and others.
    Why are there so many christian faiths?
    Why do christians worship Sunday, rather than Friday evening to Sat sundown.
    Why do many christian faiths celebrate Easter, rather than Passover?
    Why do many christian faiths celebrate Christmas?

    Just throwing it out because the true question I believe is, Why are so different on the word of the Bible? I couldn’t find the reason why they have become so a part of our worship?


    • deb said

      .diverity equals freedom inChrist. Foundation is same. Jesus is GOD ..Ressuerection sunday. Life liberty freedom in Christ as beleivers, we celebrate life on sunday…..Easter ,done ,finished, fullfillment . 3rd day HALLELUIA HE IS RISEN FROM DEATH… Its All about his death which would mean nothing NOthing without the ressurection

    • Charlie said

      When is the passover celebrated?

  8. Bruce said

    I’m throwing this one out to you, and others.
    Why are there so many christian faiths?
    Why do christians worship Sunday, rather than Friday evening to Sat sundown.
    Why do many christian faiths celebrate Easter, rather than Passover?
    Why do many christian faiths celebrate Christmas?

    Just throwing it out because the true question I believe is, Why are so different on the word of the Bible? I couldn’t find the reason why they have become so a part of our worship?


  9. Job said


    There are many Christian denominations but there is only one body, one spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism; One God and Father of all.

    Christians worship on Sunday because it was the day that Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead, and that fact was clearly stated in the New Testament. What you are referring to is the Sabbath. The Sabbath was never set aside as a day of worship but rather as a day of rest. Further, Paul specifically stated in Romans that when a person observed the Sabbath or even whether they did so at all should not be held over a person.

    As far as Passover, that is Judaism. Christians were told by Jesus Christ to have communion in remembrance of Him as often as we choose. Communion is modeled after the Last Supper, which happened during Passover. Jesus Christ was crucified during Passover, but resurrected after Passover was done on the first day of the Feast of Weeks. Now I prefer calling it Resurrection Day rather than Easter, but celebrating the resurrection of our Lord is incontrovertibly more Christian than celebrating Jews coming out of Egypt. There is also the fact that like the Sabbath, Paul specifically stated that the Jewish holidays are not binding on Christians. Since if you are found wanting in one part of the law you are guilty of all of it, it is fair to say that anyone who marks Passover while holding it over the heads of Christians that do not had better be celebrating the other holidays on the Jewish calendar. Messianic Jews do so, I acknowledge this. But many Messianic Jews also have some need to confer a level of legitimacy on their Talmud and Rambam traditions and insist on making it a part of their Christian practice, and that is no different from Gentile Christians celebrating what were originally pagan holidays because of Roman Catholic traditions.

    Christmas is just worldliness. Most American Protestants opposed Christmas until it became less religious and more secularized, an excuse to be materialistic and get drunk at parties.

    Incidentally, on judgment day will He judge perfect behavior or hearts that sincerely believe on Him? If Christ is looking for the former, we are all damned because we are all born in Adam. If He is looking for the latter then there will be a multitude without number. The question is where is the line between a flawed but still saved person (which describes all saved people) and an apostate. I say that as God will save whom He will save (for the Hebrew Name of Christ translates to “God saves” and not “I give man the ability to save Himself if man extends to Me his human grace and the glorious gift favor of fellowshipping with Me forever!”) and He keeps all that are His, so He determines that line. Suggesting anything else is open theism, no?

    So if Christians are meant to reject Easter, Christmas, Sunday worship, etc. and such is a precondition for eternal life, then God will rescue those that He will save out of that error. You see, I have my trust in God to redeem man, not in man to redeem Himself.

    • KELLY said


      THE great liar, satan loves it when we fight he is always looking for ways to turn people from the WORD. SO FOLLOW THE SMALL STILL VOICE. PRAISE GOD, AND SHALOM!!

    • Jan said

      Jesus died on Sabbath, Friday and arose on the third day after, which is mondat. You need another excuse for church on sunday.

  10. Evangelist Bettye Cash said

    I have a friend in Houston,Texas that I met last november,2008. He is an educated Gentleman who is now studying for his Doctorate in theology. When we were communicating via email; He asked me ” why I talk about Jesus all the time.” He was trying to humiliate me regarding a lie that he pretended to no nothing about. I immediately recognized the demon in him. Yes i told him that no one could stop me from speaking about God in HIs triune Spirit. Because He is the head of my life. I rebuked him. He is angery with me. Of course I don’t care. How can I get Him to understand or get him delivered since I live in California. And He refuse to answer the phone or communicate withme? Please speak about this. Thanks in advance.

  11. yw said

    I think that people no matter what knowledge they have can be oppressed or demonized. What does systemic theology have to with salvation in ones life. 0 is the answer. Head intellectualism is not faith. Many “thought processes” from Greek are demonized connect points anyway. God revealed whom He was, He did not ask us to make up our own theology or sacred calf relationship with Him. He spelled it out who He was and how we should worship Him.

    Education is good, but if it makes a person arrogant and doubt the basic tenants Christian faith and spirit realm worldview, then we know something is wrong.

    A degree or title does not make us clean, Jesus or Yeshua does. The words we use, such as christ was also used by pagans. So it’s important to know wat Jesus people is talking about. A strongs concordance and Hebrew lexicon word study is vital in ministry study of the truth.

    I don’t outsource my understanding of scripture people. The so called church system is full of unclean doctrines, guess where they came from..demons(doctrines of demons) Obviously they love to transgress His commandments as well as over legalize them etc.

    Derek Prince was good minister. Thanks for the post.

  12. Pam said


    Incidentally, on judgment day will He judge perfect behavior or hearts that sincerely believe on Him? If Christ is looking for the former, we are all damned because we are all born in Adam. If He is looking for the latter then there will be a multitude without number. The question is where is the line between a flawed but still saved person (which describes all saved people) and an apostate.

    Read Matthew 25:31-46. Jesus does not say we will be saved only if we have “perfect” behavior, but He is clear that our behavior and our charity DOES matter. If we are to be saved, we must take seriously what our Lord and Savior reveals to us. Not “those who believe in Me will be saved”. Yes faith is necessary as Scripture mentions elsewhere, but we will also be judged by our actions.

    In Christ,

    • believer said

      It is not by our works that we are saved, but by God’s grace. I do not understand what you were saying, Not “those who believe in Me will be saved”. John 3:16 For God so loved the world, he gave His only begotten Son, that whoever BELIEVE”S IN HIM will be saved. Just not sure what you meant though 🙂

      • believer said

        Have everlasting life, pardon me, but I was trying to go with what you said. And Having everlasting life is being saved 🙂

  13. I read you thought and I impressed form your teaching I am also a Servant of our Lord Jesus Christ I want to more learn form you about Bible so please reaply me

  14. Vicki said

    Hi Pam,

    Those who are “IN Christ” will absolutely be saved, but we are not to put any confidence in the flesh whatsoever. Our behavior or good works has no bearing on this judgment you speak of, except that He will reward individually accordingly to deeds done on earth in His name. Whatever works are of the flesh will be burned up anyway and not counted. I have to remember that my righteousness is as filthy rags; it’s only *HIS* righteousness that matters! As a child of God, He has imputed His righteousness TO me at salvation, so I am secure in His love for me. Everyone who abides in Christ, walks in His truth and lives by faith…will grow in grace – and that certainly affects our behavior, doesn’t it? 🙂

    God bless you!

  15. Vicki said

    Also, THANK YOU for this Derek Prince series….I’m listening
    and being helped tremendously.

  16. Moriah Conquering Wind said

    The demon who calls himself Jesus … hooo boy that bes one massive can of worms. Yeah, they will do that, and the ones that do have a specific purpose and function in mind — to bring you under the yoke of bondage to subtle legalism masquerading as “holiness” and “obedience”, perhaps, or to weep over your soul telling you how much He (supposedly GOD) loves you but that it’s just too late, He’s sorry, you simply cannot be saved, you bes too far gone — in short and in sum, the demons that use the name of the Lord as their own intend nothing short of usurpation over your entire experience and perception of what constitutes truth, God, salvation, holiness, Christ, etc. Be grounded in 1 Corinthians 13 as a means of detecting the false — in the false light will always be great power and supposed “purity” but NO SWEET PEACE, NO GENTLE COMPASSION, NO TENDER HEARTEDNESS. Stay away from so-called “christians” who push push push for holiness, obedience, etc. but whose fruits bes rotted with a complete absence of all compassion, gentleness, tenderness, sweetness, kindness. BEWARE of the rugged individualist “pull yourself up by your own bootstraps” “snap out of it” starched shirt types; God does NOT author those attitudes REGARDLESS of what they claim. Avoid all such filth and you will avoid having these demons latch onto you and first override then shipwreck your faith experience.

    Take it from someone TO WHOM IT HAPPENED.

  17. Lionel said

    Are you able to make this available as a podcast or audio file that is downloadable?

  18. Bruce said

    Dear friends in Christ and those seeking truth.
    Is not God’s holy word sufficient for you……..
    Or are we so concerned and removed from helping the friend or stranger that we have become debased in truth and wisdom, and in God and Christ’s direction? Help each one another .Always.
    Christ, Lord & Saviour comes “Quickly”. Like the rising sun from the east or the moon and stars that were hung in the sky.
    Be thy prepared and walk in truth, and make a path for the Lord!
    Love one another always as if it were your brother or friend. And in all things Love the Almighty God always.

    Your friend in Christ.
    Leave this portal of satan, the author of lies. This place is sadly infected with those that have not contenece or truth or wisdom.
    Seek the truth which is God’s word. It is sweet and has great learning in all things.

  19. Bella said

    I would like to know if in the bible Jesus mentions something about mediums or fortune telling.
    “Specifically Jesus”.

  20. David said

    If you truly want to honor the memory of Jesus, stop the idolatrous worship of him! Turn to The One True Creator, the G-d of Abraham the G-d of Isaac and the G-d of Jacob. If you want to follow the same G-d , you don’t have to be Jewish because all men are children of Noah.

  21. The Prodigal Son said

    David… ~~~ ~~~ Excellent ! I’ve been trying to tell people about your Noahide NONSENSE… but no one seems to really get it. Where in Scripture may we find the Seven Noahide Laws ? Hmmm ? ~~~ ~~~ So Christianity is idolatry is it ? Ha ! This coming from someone who follows the commandments of men, and carries the star of your god Raiphan, which you made for yourselves (Amos 5:26)… HERE trying to teach for doctrines the commandments of men, making the commandments of God of no effect ? (Matthew 15:6, 9) ~~~ ~~~ Tell us, is it true that according to your ‘Torah’ (the Talmud) idolatry is punishable by death ? ~~~ ~~~ The God of Abraham is unknown to you… you will NEVER see the Father unless you have the Son ! You know of Jesus, but you deny Him ? Do you deny the Trinity ? Maybe you should read your own Zohar, because it says God is Three and One at the same time!… +

  22. angelpurplewings said

    Prodigal is a muslim faking it as a christian. he says dumb things. He has never read the bible. He has not read the Talmud either.

    The bible is forbidden to Muslims. they just copy and paste propaganda from their wacked websites.

    My avatar is better now. I got my wings back! 🙂

  23. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Your first Noahide law is not to blasphemy.

    Would you consider worshipping Jesus, the Son of God as blasphemy?



  24. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Now you’ve gone to far. A friend of mine gave me this challenge. Google the word ‘Talmud’ and something disgusting like ‘child molestation’.

    The Talmud is indeed a book of evil. It talks very badly about my Lord Jesus. (Is Jesus your Lord?)

    Muslims have a saying calling Muslims, Christians and Jews people of the book. They are not forbidden to read the Bible but they don’t consider it a reliable source. They feel it was corrupted over time by translations.

    As regarding Prodigal there is a lot of truth in what he says. Jewish influence is disproportionate to their numbers. Through banks, the media and business they have a lot of power. Making them responsible for every woe is a level I won’t go to yet.

    Prodigal in the same way they deny your facts your critics will minimize the great tragedy of America which is the genocide of the native inhabitants.



  25. The Prodigal Son said

    Thanks John… that is exactly what I am encouraging people to do ! Don’t take my word for it… Do some research, prove me wrong, anyone ! I defy you ! ~~~ ~~~ Or, better yet… do as ‘Angel’ suggested – go to your friendly neighbourhood synagogue and ask to examine the Talmud or the Zohar, and see how far you get ! ~~~ ~~~ Discrimination against Natives AND all non-Jews at the root is extreme racism, but for Jews it is mostly religious discrimination turned into racism against Gentiles, of which Native peoples are also…

  26. angelpurplewings said


    Nope. Prodigal is lying, and you are deceived. Do not be so gullible.

    The Muslims have their own version of the “talmud” on the internet so they can defame the Jews. This is part of a huge propaganda campaign, and you are falling for it.

    I did sit down and read enough of the Talmud, and it was a boring set of rules. See previous posts.

    There was nothing racist in it.

  27. angelpurplewings said


    Do you believe this propaganda, because you, yourself, are anti-semitic?

  28. angelpurplewings said

    Read for yourself, and do not listen to lies.

    chapter by chapter:

  29. The Prodigal Son said

    The Muslims have their own version of the Talmud on the internet ? HA ! ~~~ ~~~ There is ample documentation regarding the Soncino Talmud, and where it originated to know that Muslims had nothing to do with it ! Your hatred of Muslims is also very telling… ~~~ ~~~ Tell us ‘Purplewings’, did Muslims author the copies of the Talmud that Martin Luther excoriated ? What about the copies that the Popes had BURNED, again & again ? ~~~ ~~~ What about the 47 different Nations (before Germany) that EXPELLED all of the Jews over the centuries (because of the Talmud) ? Were Muslims behind all of those, too ? ~~~ ~~~ We (Gentiles) are smarter than you think… and your lies fall on deaf ears !

  30. angelpurplewings said


    you are a muslim….with a hate agenda

    what is wrong? you cannot persuade everyone with your lies?

    there are only 2 true versions of the talmud


    both essentially say the same thing.

  31. angelpurplewings said

    history of antisemitism in the church does not make the lies true

  32. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    You are quick to accuse me, it is satan who is known as the accuser.

    I am anti anything that is not of God and Love. I deplore violence and will not support it under any circumstances. Whether it be Isrealis dropping bombs or Palestinians lobbing missles into Israel.

    Like Prodigal Son says check it out for yourself. If you did you would see the Talmud is a horrible collection and evil.

    Adding to God’s word is a serious thing. If Jews would follow the Old Testament without the Talmud things would be much better. Of course I follow Jesus and believe in the New Testament.

    So I ask you again angelwings.I declare Jesus is Lord. Can you make that declartion as well.



  33. David L. Williams said

    So often, well meaning people come to a site and unknowingly, set out to change the thread from the original. They find a way to make the subject an unimportant rabbit trail. Such as, evolution or maybe a conspiracy theory they hope to reveal to the “unlearned.”

    This can come thru even saved, but mislead Christians. Some who have been sidetracked to make what they “know” more important than the Gospel.

    The original subject here of demonized Christians is very important to the Bride, who is to prepare herself for Jesus’ coming. It matters very little if some Jews have tainted their religion, in the overall picture. In any case, we can read in the Bible the future of Israel, and how God will not leave the Jews in their present state. DavWms

  34. The Prodigal Son said

    David… ~~~ ~~~ I, as a true Christian – seek to reprove lies and liars., and evil works… not just ignore those things and hope for the best. We, here on earth have been given FREE WILL… Our Holy Bible (mostly the New Testament) has instructed us to use our free will to do HIS WILL, which, I reiterate – is to have NO fellowship w/ the works of darkness, but to EXPOSE & REPROVE THEM ! ~~~ ~~~ This thread is on the topic of Christians and Jews… so I don’t feel that we’re too far off track… besides, as this is Job’s blog, so that is his call… not yours. ~~~ ~~~ The thread has gone in this direction because I made a REPLY to the Talmudic Jew – David’s post… something only John and I have done… even though this is a Christian blog and David came here to degrade and blaspheme our Lord, YOU had NOTHING to say to him ! ~~~ ~~~ … And F.Y.I. – present day ‘Israel’ has nothing to do w/ the Biblical Children of Israel – who were actually descedants of Jacob.

  35. David L. Williams said

    Prod., the original thread was about enemy demon identification. No, I have no power to change the direction of the thread. But my comment was true, that some who have a conspiracy theory seem to be caught up with it so much, they ignore the important things of God. I also visit other sites and have seen the same thing happen. It is almost as if the devil makes certain he is not identified by finding people to change the thread. DavWms

  36. angelpurplewings said


    I am right on target. You said this was about demon identification. You cannot tell when you are talking to one, or to someone under the influence of one? Have you ever heard of religious spirits? These are those that crucified Jesus.

    I presented the truth, and gave you all links to read for yourselves, to see what the Talmud is really about. I also stated that I have personally read parts of it, and know the comments here to be lies. But you all refused.

    Instead, I was met with the antisemitic history of the church as justification for the defamation against Jews by John, and of course, the Prodigal is so hateful, and defamatory, he cannot even contain it. You approve of their behavior? Then are you one of them, or do you REALLY recognize demons when you meet them?

    So, this is my point. None of you can identify the enemy. Religious spirits are everywhere, masquerading as Christians, to spread ill will and lies, and allow the devil to say his say. They have become your friends online, so you overlook their behavior. What do you get from associating with them?

  37. angelpurplewings said

    prodigal is not a christian. false claim. he is so obvious, i can smell the smoke, coming from his black, burnt wings.

  38. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    I am still waiting for you to proclaim ‘Jesus as Lord’. Those are the sweetest words a true Christian can hear. Why don’t you say them?

    Any way David you and Prodigal both have a point. It is true that going off on tangents distracts the intent of the thread. Sometimes these tangents get very interesting. Also Prodigal was responding to a comment on the thread and it was very specific to that comment. However Prodigal has been going on about the same subject in many different threads as well so you do have a point there.

    A general message to everyone. This is a Christian blog. Christians are united under Christ and God is Love. Those are the bare essentials. Attacks on others and belittling have no place here at all!



  39. David L. Williams said

    I agree that belittling another has no place here, and I hope none of my comments were taken that way. Prod. has been told by several that his posts contain hate. Even one who agrees with his basic tenets has tried to show his poor witness. (In the mouths of two or more witnesses….)

    I don’t think the question was pointed at me, but for the record, I do proclaim that Jesus is Lord, my Lord. I also recognize that Prod. was answering a particular question when the posts went off on a tangent. My intent was to get us back on the thread. I am in deliverance, and am concerned that new people may come in looking for help and click on this post in hopes of that help. In short order, I’m sure they would turn away when they see “Christians” bickering over subjects having nothing to do with what they came looking for.

    That causes me to think the devil has a hand in turning people in need of spiritual help away from where the help is supposed to be. It is not for me to say whether Prod. is a Christian or not. I have seen Christian leaders who have persecuted the innocent who do not go along with their program, while thinking they are doing the very will of God. They do not understand they are being led by the devil, instead. They are incapable of looking past the “good” fruit they have produced, to see the rotten fruit they leave in their wake.

    Perhaps a separate post by Job giving a place to people who want to vent their conspiracy theories, would help. DavWms

  40. The Prodigal Son said

    David L.W… ~~~ ~~~ I apologize, David… I got a little mixed up, I thought this was the post about the Dutch Jews rejecting Christ… ~~~ ~~~ BUT, that doesn’t mean that I was being controlled by the Devil ! Come on ! ~~~ ~~~ If the thread going a little sideways upsets you so much, then this will be my last post here (Unless the Talmudic Jew, David ever replies !) ~~~ ~~~ ‘Purplewings’… your obvious hatred for Muslims, and your refusal to affirm Christ as your Lord… gives us a good indication as to who you REALLY are… I emplore you to accept the Love of Truth into your heart, so that you may be set free ! ~~~ ~~~

  41. The Prodigal Son said

    One more point… the existence of the Talmud and it’s blasphemous contents is an incontravertible FACT – NOT a ‘conspiracy theory’ ! Just as all the evidence that shows that Israel perpetrated 9/11 is NOT THEORY… IT IS FACT !… And the doctrines of the Talmud explain the frame of mind of those who carried out these murderous acts !

    • Marsha Barnes said

      I am very sorry to have to let you know that all of the perpetrators in the 9/11 event were from Saudi Arabi, & Yeamen, Al Qata. Not from the Jews. We are not to judge the Jews, that is God place to do that. If you have truely read the bible, you would know that when you become a Christian, you are grafted into the family of God, the same as the Jews. All this deception is not of the Lord Jesus, it is satan with his end time attacks, trying to pull down Christians and the Jews.

      All this restment of the Jews, is just satan’s plan to destroy them, but they are still God’s Chosen People. satan thinks if he can destroy them he will rule the world over God. Please do not be decieved by this. It is told in the Old Testatment that there will be a restoration of the Jews, when their Messiah comes, which He already has come. It says they shall look upon Him who they have percied and weep. It also tells how in the 1000 year reign with Christ Jesus, that all the nations will come to the Lord in Jerusalem, to give Him Praise.

      If you want truth, go to the Bible, KJV. Yes is took thousands of year to have the bible we have today. But look at that as a miracle of God. We have His words and they are truth and light, to the pulling down of stongholds. There are many people being decieved by satan today. Most of which are not grounded in the Word of God. Yeshua, God Almighty.

      I will tell you a truth, this is the generation of Jews that will not be destroyed, and all the end time prophesies of the Bible are unfolding right before our eyes, and most are not even aware of it. We can not continue to argue, we should start growing to be more mature Christians. John 3:16,17,18 and read Mark 13: 24-31 and then verses 21,22,23. Then read John 6:41 to 51.

      The Word of Life is in the Bible, no other book contains the truth, do not be decieved.

      Sincerely in the Love of Jesus Christ,

  42. David L. Williams said

    Prod., no problem about getting a little mixed up. LOL, I did the same a little earlier on this post site myself. Peace. DavWms

  43. John Kaniecki said

    Prodigal Son,

    Hi hope you are well.

    At one time the people were sure that the world was flat!

    You do not need to leave here at all I think it would be a great loss. You could simply present your view more on target to the thread.

    I too am waiting for David to appear again. The first tenet of the Noahdite law according to David’s own link was not to blasphemy. So I ask the question again is worshipping Jesus as the Son of God blasphemy?

    David, thank you for your confession of faith. Jesus made it plain that if we deny Him he will deny us.

    I too have seen much evil in the church and the perpetrators thinking they we’re doing God’s will. It goes beyond it. The Nazis, the Japanese and the Italians Fascist all too thought they were doing noble and good work.

    The bottom line is are you with Jesus or are you not. It is black and white on a very basic level, there is no middle ground.

    As the song goes I have decided to follow Jesus. It was the best decision that I ever made in my entire life.



  44. angelpurplewings said

    david and john

    Jesus is the Lord of my life, my savior and redeemer, and King. I am his bride and he is the love of my life. I stand in awe of him every day. Each morning I spend with him, before i start my day. At bedtime, and during the night, I cannot rest until I have spoken to him in my heart. In him, I walk, and live and have my being. He is all I think about and hope for. Nothing else matters. I defend his truth, and those are close to his heart.

    prod son

    good name for you. time to return. stop the defamation against Jews. I do not hate muslims. I hate the God of the muslims who has deceived them. Allah is satan.

  45. David L. Williams said

    One problem going on here is that there are so many Davids. #;o) It gets confusing which is talking or being talked to. Sometimes even in the same paragraph. As for this David, I certainly do not consider it blasphemy to worship my Lord and Savior, Jesus. And He is the Word, the very Son of God.

    The same problem developed on another site, where 3 or 4 Davids were posting on the same thread. Even 2 with the same last name. So we tried to make sure we knew which was which in our posts. DavWms

  46. The Prodigal Son said

    John… ~~~ ~~~ Thank you, brother… I did not mean that I was going to leave Jesus Christology… just that David was right, and we are way off topic, so I wish to allow this thread to return to it’s original topic… ~~~ ~~~ Re: ‘defamation against Jews’… Can we all agree that the entire New Testament is FULL of indictments of Jews, or ‘defamation against Jews’ ? This is why Abraham Foxman of the ADL (anti-defamation league) has branded the New Testament as ‘anti-semetic’, and has called for it to be banned ! Mel Gibson’s master work – ‘The Passion (of the Christ)’ – was likewise branded as ‘anti-semetic’… they even tried to have Mel arrested as a terrorist for ‘inciting hatred against the Jews’ ! When will Christians realize that the (fake) ‘Jews’ of today follow the very same ‘traditions of men’ which Jesus Himself railed against ? Was God Himself ‘anti-semetic’ ?!?

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hello Prodigal,

      It was prophesied in the Bible that with ears they woud not hear, and with their eyes they would not see.(Jews) But they have gone threw years of punishment for this. BUT THEY ARE STILL THE CHOSEN RACE OF GOD. He is coming for them soon. Jesus did not come to condem the Jews, He came to save them, but it was a choice they had to make, He could not do it for them. They kept asking Him for a sign, He said he would not give them a sign, only that of Jonah.

      The prophet Jonah was called by God to go to Ninevah and tell them to repent or be destroyed. Book of Jonah. He did not want to go and turned to another way, by the sea. A Great fish came up and swallowed him. In the belly of the fish Jonah prayed, and 3 days later he was spit out on the beach by the fish. What Jesus was trying to tell the Jews is that He would be 3 days in the grave and then rise again. But the truth does not stop there. After Jonah got out of the fist he went to Ninevah and preached repentance to them for 40 days, and the King of Ninevah down to the subjects all repented and saved Nivevah from destruction like He did to Sodom and Gommorah. Now the truth, if the Jews had accepted Jesus after He had resurrected and walked upon the earth for 40 more days and was seen of over 500 people before He was recieved into heaven, the Kingdom of God on earth would have started right then.

      But because they did reject Him; time before enternity was put on hold for the Jews. book of Daniel 9:24 to 27 talks of the 69 weeks of years completed, one week is left to complete. The seven years of Tribulation that is coming upon the whole earth. All prophesy will be fullfiled not one thing will be left out. The last 7 years are for the Jews, and unrepented mankind, their last chance to believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Jesus Himself stood on a mountain over Jerusalem and wept, because He loved them and did not want them to miss His coming to them. But like I said, it was prophesied they would not hear or see, His coming and that has been fullfiled, but He has not totally given up on them, because He still loves them.

      If our Holy God still loves the Jews, we should not hate them. If they had accepted Jesus and the Kingdom of God started then, we would most likely not even be here. It was only their rejection of Him that He offered salvation to the
      Gentiles. So we that believed are blessed and loved, but then the Jews are still His people also.

      To hate anyone is sin. Hate is from Satan.


  47. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Paul says in Galatians that if anybody preaches another gospel let him be accursed. I readily agree this applies to muslims. It applies to the Jews as well or for that matter anyone who fails to accept Jesus as messiah.



  48. angel said

    Hi john,

    Yes, i know traditional jews are not saved. But they will be soon. This is one reason God is bringing them back to their homeland, to give them another chance to reach out and call out and believe in their messiah.

    The Jews do not preach any false gospel. They are not evangelistic in practice. they just attend to their own prayers. The talmud really does not contain the falsehoods that it is accused of. It is just a bunch of civil laws.

    However, the muslims do preach another Jesus, and do it actively. Muslims do practice evangelism, and are very aggressive about presenting a false Jesus.

    My hope is that none should perish. I hope the gospel can reach into muslim lands, as well as Israel, and change the people for the better.

  49. angel said


    you are right in the criticism. Modern Christianity is not representative of what jesus taught.

    before you throw it away in your mind, go back and read what Jesus taught….and read how the people lived in the early days…….THAT is the REAL thing……healing the sick, feeding the poor and the widow, calling people to repent of wickedness and sins, fellowship in the homes, love of brethren, sharing all things in common….etc.

  50. angel said


    googling Talmud will get you a lot of propaganda…….and defamation ……look at the links I provided, and read for yourself.

  51. Diane said

    I am a supporter of Israel in their right to exist in safety and peace, I also believe it is important to speak the truth to counter the lies spoken against the Jewish people.

    My own personal studies of the treatment of women of different cultures and backgrounds, revealed misogynistic and sexually immoral teachings in the Talmud and Islamic holy books, that I find hard to dismiss as propaganda. These women were treated as property and sexual sins were punished differently according to gender. Men wrote these highly esteemed books, that gave license to the lust of men and taught the inferiority of women.

    If you could give your opinions of whether these quotes are all false and perhaps comment on what you believe to be the belief of the writers of the Talmud on these topics. (BTW, there are esteemed christian so-called and wrongly-called ‘fathers’ with derogatory writings as well, that are a grief to God. So my concern is not limited to the Talmud, I only ask because you have stated that these quotes are false)

    -taught that our Savior practised sorcery and enticed Israel in to apostasy. Babylonian Talmud Seder Nezikin, Vol III Sanhedrin

    -taught that Adam had sex with animals before the creation of Eve
    Babylonian Talmud Seder Nashim Vol I Yebamouth


    I personally believe that the law concerning the 3yr old was put in place in case the young girl was raped- the law, as I interpret it is guaranteeing that if the young girl marries (when she is older) and her husband wants to divorce her, he still has to pay the Ketubbah, because she was still considered a virgin before marriage, even though she was raped as a child.

  52. Meeee!!!!! said

    God is good ! Amen!

  53. Aiden said

    Well, first off I would like to break down an old argument. The belief that homosexuality is a choice. Well my friends, if sexuality is a choice, then try to just stop being attracted to someone. Sexuality is as much a choice as skin color. That being, if God is benevolent and loving, why would he hate people for something they can’t control? Much like how children who aren’t baptized are instantly condemned. Let’s say a baby isn’t baptized but it’s put down that he was. That baby grows up into the most pure Christian who ever lived. This man is a widely known priest, he has lived his entire life serving God and has helped millions. Are you telling me that a kind and loving and understanding God would condemn him to hell because of his parents own mistakes?

  54. Cody E. Duncan said

    I don’t mean to sound negative and maybe I have missed it but I haven’t seen any guidance as to identifying the enemy. I once proclaimed god as my savior but I have fallen from his grace and I have little faith in him and even less in myself. I wake up and question my purpose in life, frequently debate suicide and for the most part feel worthless. I have no faith in the church and I feel filled with rage when I hear sermons. I’m angry confused and I need guidance. I’m not here for any pity party or to debate religion with anyone but I need answers because I feel my soul being eaten from the inside out and the worst part is that I can’t stop it because apart of me wants it. Lately I have become borderline obsessed with learning about demonic possession and have been learning as much as I can but again I don’t know why. If any of you can provide me with anything, even the slightest hint at which way is the right direction to go then I would greatly appreciate it.

  55. Ashley said

    My name is Ashley. I am 20 years old. I would like prayer please. i am
    a born again christian. 🙂 im sorry this is so long. I just hope that
    someone will respond?

    The teaching that was posted “When Demons Attack Your Mind” was really
    helpful. I stumbled across it by accident when looking up practical
    advice to combat lust.
    I often feel quite chaotic inside my soul. I dont feel at rest
    today. I am worried that I am nuts and hear a voice sometimes that I
    know isn’t God. I feel that it has an attraction to me. but it comes
    from my heart and sometimes I hear it especially in my times of
    temptation. I dont know if I am dillusional about this either.
    Sometimes I have thoughts that the man I am interested in at the
    moment is here with me and is in the house with me and I start to
    believe it. That hes watching me everyday. I think i need to break an
    emotional soultie with this guy because he is twisted. I wasnt always
    this way. I have been struggling with this for 3 years and until I
    became a “real” christian. I feel that sometimes these dillusions are
    that God wants me to go into the ministry of music. But I have prayed
    if GOd didnt want me to do it that I wouldnt have this feeling that I
    want to. Maybe its not a dillusion…
    I know that God has not given us a spirit of fear or chaos but a
    sound mind. My biological mom was schitzophrenic, bipolar and had
    clinical depression. I often worry that I am just like her. But i dont
    believe that mental illness is completely biological factors..
    especially not for her. I just need prayer. Some things I cannot even
    share with people at my church. I just feel so nuts. But its got to be
    God, me or the demons. i just need discernment. I dont want to feel
    chaos. I want to hear clearly God and only God. I dont even want to
    hear my own voice. I feel that the biggest doors that are open are 1.
    Lust 2. Envy 3. Pride.

    I always feel that I cannnot comprehend Gods word and many times I
    cannot concentrate enough and am too fearful to hear from Him. I am
    doubtful and fearful of hearing from God and dont want to get more
    confused. Im fearful it wont really be him and i will get more

    I got another email before from another site with these teachings and
    it said I needed forgiveness. Which I do.. Everyday. But I have been
    confessing my lust to God. I am a born again christian and I feel
    that I am starting to love God more than I ever have. I know that I am
    forgiven for my sins because of Christs death on the cross. I am
    working on overcoming Lust. Which is a major area of weakness and
    sinfulness in my life. So I am saved. I will try the tips in your
    article. 🙂

    I have had demonic manifestations in my life in the past year. Washer
    opening and stopping in front of my eyes after I had closed it.
    Something turning my door handle violently trying to get in. But those
    seemed to have stopped lately. But for the past 4 months there hasnt
    been anything like that. Just my intense lust and a strong desire for
    my one to finally come. I feel the chaos lifting as im talking. So
    maybe Im in the sin of idolatry?

  56. ThAnk you florthis amazing side im been blessed

  57. Babette said

    I was searching for information on sexual demons. I need help. Everywhere i turn, i am attacked. There are literally so few interactions with others in which I am not advanced upon bluntly, i have stopped leaving the house. Can someone help.

  58. As we are in the End Times, I ask that you and your readers give careful consideration to what I have presented in this Biblical and Historically fact filled expose’ on the Synagogue Of Satan.

    I KNOW there are JEWS in the world that are of JUDAH, but here are those that Jesus opposed.
    Here are those that are manipulating all Economic, Foreign and Domestic Policies in the political realm and the destruction of Nationalism World Wide!

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