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Expelling Demons

Prayer: The Most Effective Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance Weapon And Tactic


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  1. Attention Space Craft

    Thru Vision
    Fleet Of Starships Moving In This Direction As You’re Looking At This Post
    As I Saw It From My View ———>>>
    Well I Drew The Vision Out As Given But Don’t Have Means To Release Yet Other Than Description Which Is Hard Considering What Was Shown

    Multiples Messages Given That Date Within Them Later Prophet Asked- What Then Father Of The Image You Showed In The Vision

    God Spoke
    It Is Among You Now

    Details Of Space Craft Following
    Prophet> I Need To Ask You Will You Please Elaborate In Anywaya On What You Showed Thru Vision Of The Spacecraft And Give More To What You Stated- Anything At All Lord- Anything

    I Am Spoke
    The Devices Of The Enemy Are Many Alien Craft Have Invaded- They Seek Refuge Disguised To Ensnare- Devices Used Prolong Misery And Defeat- Tell Them To Beware Deceptive Practices- To Ignore What Is Not Understood Enhances The Enemies Oppourtunity To Destroy- Captives Are Sought To Invade From Within- Expose The Enemy Among You My Children He Seeks To Destroy Your Will To Obey My Directives- Proceed To Reveal The Enemy Among You

    I Am Spoke
    My Daugther

    Prophet> Yes Father

    I Am Spoke
    The Alien Presence Is Identified- Cumnning- Seeks To Manipulate- Control Is Desire Tell Them The Enemy Is Among Them To Destroy The Work Of My Son- Choose To Stand Against His Evil Intention

    Prophet> Father You Have Identified Thes Spacecraft As Being Of The Enemy -will You Tell The People Where Thes Spacecraft Have Travelled From Or Anything That Reveals Why Spacecraft Have Been Used To Travel- Anything That Will Reveal The Spacecraft Themselves Lord- Anything?

    I Am Spoke
    My Daugther

    Prophet> Yes Father

    I Am Spoke
    The Images You Have Seen Provide Description Of Means Of Travel From Distances Beyond The Realm Of Dimension Exposed- The Enemy Travels Great Distances To Provoke- I Will Reveal More As You Endeavor- To Conceal Their Presence They Cloak Themselves And Appear As Needed To Invade- Corruption Is A Tool Used To Manipulate Tell Them To Beware Deceit Is Among Them Rampant To Divert Away From Victory- Providing News From Heaven The Governor

    • Marsha Barnes said

      I hope you are not getting envolved with this. They are demonic in nature, not of God.

    • gary r said


      • Cure said

        There is no such thing as a “salvation” or a “savior”. there is no god and no deamons. you live your life and you make the best of it. My religion is this: “If i do bad, i feel bad. If i do good, i feel good.” PLAIN & SIMPLE 🙂

  2. I have mind attacks which happen often when bad thoughts pop in my mind saying @#$% to God and when I try to pray keep getting confused mixed up thoughts also I have sexual thoughts that come to my mind

    I cannot control these attacks I been to the doctors he has me on medicine for anixity and also belong to church and a bible study I have spoken to my Pastor she prays for healing over me
    Nothing is working yet

    I continue to pray for God’s healing and control over me

    ALso when I call out to my Lord Jesus-Jesus saves me !!!
    it helps me

    Any help would be greatly appreicated


    • Sara said

      Hey, I’m Sara. I read your message from 2007. I was wondering how you’re doing so far.

      • Gail
        My name is Jason and I to have experienced this and alot of people that we have delivered from this it wont go away until it is cast out God loves you and this entity hates the name of Jesus and the Blood of Jesus so write me on my e-mail if you like to get ahold of us we do this all the time you will be free at last ………………in Christ Jason

        • Gary Flynn said


          advise on the matter of ‘Fasting and prayer’…as my wife has been battling these demonic attach issues for 4 years, is seeking deliverence counseling, with some improvement and success…yet I have been told there is a type of demon that can only be removed by prayer and fasting….I was given a (Word of knowledge?)…21 days.

          Who is the person that takes this on….the victim? the husband? the prayer group?

          What gets fasted? food? for 21 days?



          • truth seekin db said

            While demonic attacks can be real, they are much rarer than we think, and of a completely different nature than we think. Some (not all!) churches have constructed this cartoony fantasy world of demons all around us. Traveling charlatans are conducting hundreds of phony exorcisms all the time, leading unsuspecting masses to believe their tricks (which are largely psychological, any hypnotist can do). All this leads people to be intensely afraid of demonic attack, but that fear is irrational, based on man-made fantasies and misunderstandings of what the spiritual world really is. Regarding real demons, we have already been delivered from them by Christ. Regarding fantasy demons (the much more common type), a difficult event may bring an onset of intense fear of demons which we then interpret as there actually BEING A DEMON WITH US! There’s not. It’s a viscious cycle, more fear creates more “attacks” creates more fear, and so on. Eventually we must either break the cycle of fear or it will drive us bonkers. So many people in this forum have been unable to find a spiritual solution to their problem. This is because they’ve likely misidentified the problem, and are subsequently looking in the wrong place for the solution. The solution is likely the same solution needed for a child afraid of the boogie-man, truth-grounded knowledge that he isn’t actually there. I speak from experience, I used to be deathly afraid of demonic attack and would chant the name of Jesus at night to “ward them off.” Now I’ve found a blessed peace, not that Jesus wards off the demon, but that Jesus assures me there is no demon there in the first place, regardless of what pastors or anyone else tells me. When the fear comes (and it rarely does any more), I simply remind myself that the fear is irrational and there is nothing there, and poof! the fear and the “demon” is gone.

            Regarding cuss-words in ones head, this is oh so common. Everyone gets random thoughts that don’t jive. Ever been working in a kitchen with a knife and though “what if I stabbed the person next to me?” Ever held a baby and thought “what if I dropped it?” Everyone has random strange thoughts! I don’t think you’re the least bit abnormal. The thoughts are silly quirks of our silly brains and certainly shouldn’t be regarded as anything more. Laughing at my brain, disregarding the thought as ridiculous and moving on in grounded truth is better than letting the thought consume me with fear and guilt. I’ve been there too, and it sucks.

            • Theresa said

              Thank you so much for this post. I have a horrible habit of negative thinking cycling, and it feels like it wears at my spirit and keeps me from living an independent life away from my fears. I also tend to hold myself responsible for other’s emotions, but as you said, recognizing that some of these thoughts are irrational puts my mind at ease!! I can relate to gail because I would have these strange thoughts. praying for clarity, using resources to get out of negative thinking and remembering good qualities about myself help me from getting down. thanks.

              • Marsha Barnes said

                Hi Treresa,

                You might consider this. Some of the terrible thoughts that come into your mind are what may be considered as what is called the firey darts of satan. Read Esph. 6:10-19 in the New Testatment. When these things come it is like something just popped into your head and it is a bad thought. That is exactly what is called a firey dart. satan buffets Christian that way to try and pull us down into depression. But we do not have to to except this. When this happens, just rebuke it in the name of Jesus, and do it boldly. You will find if you do this just as soon as it comes, and you don’t have to say it out loud, just rebuke in boldly in your mind. The more you stop it as it enters, satan’s spirits will let you alone, knowing it is not going to do them any good to stay.

                You might think about this, satan doesn’t buffett the lost so much, but he is always trying to accuse us before God say see, I made them do it. So be strong in the Lord and do not give place to the evil out there.

                The Lord has had me working in deliverance ministry for over 25 years to help people that did not fight back and allowed evil thought to produce sin. That is when the evil spirit has enter someone and lives out it’s emotions through them. That is what they do, because being out of someones body they can not exercise their will. That is the battle we are in since the beginning. So do not give place or dwell on those thoughts or let them produce something in you, or they will have a hold, and with that they will try to get spirits to move in to join them.

                It sounds scarey, but “The Lord did not give us a spirit of fear, but that of peace and a sound mind.” Fear also is from satan’s evil spirits and just rebuke it in the Name of Jesus also.

                Think on your blessings and give the Lord praise for your health, home, and all He has given you. Stay close to God’s people and keep in the fellowship of going to Church and satan will flee from you, know since you have the knowledge to defeat Him.

                Marsha Barnes.

              • Marsha Barnes said

                Remember Theresa,
                You are on the winning side. So hang in there and fight for the right to serve to Lord with gladness.


            • lena said

              ‘So many people in this forum have been unable to find a spiritual solution to their problem. This is because they’ve likely misidentified the problem, and are subsequently looking in the wrong place for the solution. The solution is likely the same solution needed for a child afraid of the boogie-man, truth-grounded knowledge that he isn’t actually there. I speak from experience, I used to be deathly afraid of demonic attack and would chant the name of Jesus at night to “ward them off.” Now I’ve found a blessed peace, not that Jesus wards off the demon, but that Jesus assures me there is no demon there in the first place, regardless of what pastors or anyone else tells me. When the fear comes (and it rarely does any more), I simply remind myself that the fear is irrational and there is nothing there, and poof! the fear and the “demon” is gone.’

              just wanted to tell you that demons are very real,they can interdimensionaly move. they aren’t with me or anyone,and i aint scared of them, i know much now about them now-they give stuff away with each interaction, ive not just been alone experiencing them too,we are mainly sorted nowfrom spiritual attack cos we know how to handle them, they are a joke,tricksters,but they also allow you to see that good and purity and the divine exist in duality.when you loose yourself they come..ive seen them and communicated with them as clear as day,and know many friends and of many others who have too.they are very real and have an agenda.

            • Marsha Barnes said

              Truth Seekin DB,

              You might deal with the evil spirit that is talking to you, that lieing spirit, it is a bad one. You have let the father of lies convince you he doesn’t buffet poeple. But your forgetting the battle is on for the souls of men. I have worked in the deliverance ministry for several years now. Most of the people that call me for help are Christians, that have dropped their guard and allowed deep seeded spirits to get a strong hold. Don’t say the battle is not going on, it will not stop until the Lord comes back. You wound not be so confient you had seen the things I have.

              Marsha Barnes,

            • gary r said


              • Cure said

                There isn’t a “God” (YHWH)… There is only humans and animals. No one is your savior… If you decide to die, you will die. No one will save you except the people around you. Remember to live your life to the fullest and never give in. that is our religion

            • Scott said

              There ARE demons all around us, i sure don not want them to be but it is true. The Word Of God is the ONLY way to fight them, This is BIBLICAL, do not take the psychologist/phychiatrist type answer….it is is your head though..thats the battlefield where the enemy(SATAN/demons) fight us, through manipulation, confusion, doubt… darkness is upon us everyone needs to realize

          • Marsha said

            Gary Flynn,
            You need to ask the Lord Jesus for his help. All demonic attacks come from satan. You will have to use the most powerful name in Heaven and Earth to fight this. At the name of Jesus, all demons have to obey and get out. So when your wife ask for help, In the name of Jesus tell the demonic spirits to leave, and do it with aurthority, then tell them to go walk the dry places. Fasting for a couple of days may be all you need to do. But do not starve yourself. Some demonic spirits take fasting to get them out. But first pray and ask the Lord how many days, He will tell you. Then do not do this by yourself, get help of strong Christian’s that have worked in this before and are presently working in spiritual deliverance. Where ever two or more are gathered in His name, He will assist and be there with you. Fight back this is an attack to try and ruin your marriage and you have to employ the Lord to help you with this.

            • Hi Marsha,

              I just discovered your reply to this old inquiry! I was linking this site to my blog site.

              I restarted the fast effort again on Sunday a.m. and will endeavor to accomplish the entire 21 day fast for some serious breakthough. I was given this directive about a year and one half ago after a deliverance ministry session by the counsellors on behalf of my wife. So,,…two days in, fairing pretty good without going overboard: Juice, water, some fruits, little grain once per 24hrs.


        • Dear Jason.
          I have a harmful witch pursuing for no reasons. I get treated from holes in aura and such. I pray so much,i wear myself out. He has a siren music all day. I get so angry now. It’s been ten years. This time he attacked me while i was taking care of my husband with cancer, He has passed away now two months. He starting to attack me again. Can you help?
          Joanne My email is Thank you

          • Marsha said

            Are you a Christian? If you are the Name of Jesus is you only defense. In the name of Jesus, tell whatever it bothering you to leave your body, and go walk the dry places. Do it with power and continue to so it. “in Jesus name I command you to get out my body and mind, and go walk the dry places. Tell the evil spirit to leave and leave now in Jesus name.”
            After this get close to God’s people, go to church and go to a church that teaches God the father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, also known as the trinity. You have to deal with this in power.
            Sincerely, Marsha

            • t said

              I know from experience that, through the power of prayer, you empower the Lord more, to do his job, you make it easier for him, you must indeed pray without ceasing, and command, in the name of the Lord the these demons depart from you, let them know that your GOD is in Heaven and that HE is stronger than them, picture your savior, do not be distracted, focus on him and HE will fight the battle for you, HE WILL DEFEAT THE DEMONS that are trying to harass you and scare you. KEEP YOUR FAITH, PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and Give The ONLY LOVING GOD your FAITH and your STRENGTH!
              Believe me or not, I know!

              • Marsha Barnes said

                Hi T,



                • Cure said

                  There is no god (YHWH). No “savior”. no one that gives us strength… There is only you and me. there is only the people of Earth…
                  My religion is this: “If I do good, I feel good. If i do bad, I feel bad.” Simple and easy.
                  No one created earth, there was only a big explotion and made small pieces of stone and dirt spread across the universe which created “Earth”…

        • Ken Lee said

          hey jason my name is ken i would like to get in contact with your group on the same matter

          thanks for your reply

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Those thoughts are what is explained in the bible as the firey darts of the devil. You can be just doing about anything and those thougts will arise. You know it is not of yourself. So here is the solution. The minute you think this, Rebuke it in the Name of Jesus. You will find that they will stop coming so often. Our power here on earth comes from the Lord. So just rebuke it like Jesus did in the new testament and see how quick they leave.

  3. JOY to the World! said

    Dear Gail; The Word says that we must first bind the strong man. This is what the Lord has taught me about this. First you say this out loud. In the Name of Jesus confussion I bind you in chains and cast you into the abbyss, you have no home here. Then you must do the same to the thoughts, don”t give them any place in your mind. Give NO place to the devil! You may have to do this many times as the longer this has been going on the better you are at hearing. Anything we do a lot is practise and we get good at it weather it is good or bad. You must also replace those bad thoughts with the Word of God. We will be who we practise to be. We must be like Jesus. The enemy recognises the Holy Spirit of God in you. Also you must have that Spirit spoken of in the book of Acts 2nd chapter. This is the way the people of that day spoke and acted when the Holy Ghost came in to them. It is still the same today. Also I want to tell you that in the day that we are living in you must bind the evil spirits and you MUST cast them into the abbyss. The Lord spoke to me specificately about the importance of this. The abbyss is the sides of the pit that goes into Hell. A bound demon cannot come back out if you will put it where he belongs. Now I want to tell you about the medication. The word tells us that one of the biggest problems we would face would be pharmacia. or prescription drugs. The type of drugs that are given for depression or hyper activity, bi-polar and many other problems are open doors to demonic activity. I know you probably don”t want to hear this , however the Word is true. The Word Commands that we are to study the word of God to show ourselves approved unto God, not man. When we study we gather information about the subjects we are reading about. There are a lots of evidence in other books about the history of the Bible. Don”t subject yourself to opinion of people. You cannot count on just going to church. You must have a relationship with Jesus where He gets to talk more than you and you get to listen to the awesome voice of the Most High. There is no greater pleasure than to hear Him say I love you and you are My friend. I pray that this will help you. When the victory comes I hope you will post a shout on this site as I would love to rejoice with you. God bless you in love, Joye

    • You are right the strong man must be bound and put not in the obyss but under the feet of Jesus. Father said sit at my right hand till i make your enemies your foot stool. Jason Schmidt North Webster Indiana 574 377 7103 call 24 hours 7 days a week

      • gi said

        good advice.
        Gail definitely needs deliverance… she needs someone around who has some kind of understanding (very rare nowadays)
        I hope she calls you!

        • Marsha Barnes said

          Gail has an demon spirit of anti-christ. Not that she is the anti-christ, it is the infuenceing spirit that is try to speak agiainst all she knows is right about God. I have been given the gift of discernment and have worked in Spiritual Deliverance for 25 years. She also has the spirit of unbelief buffeting her. So we really do need to pray for her that she seeks help.
          Marsha Barnes

    • Lee said

      Message for JOY to the World! I would like to talk to you. You know what you are talking about. Is there a way I can contact you regarding a spiritual battle I am facing? Thanks

  4. I have a demon that molests me sexually, almost constantly and the molestation is not pleasurable. It rapes the uretha of bladder. I think I may have 7-8 (?) demons. I am vibrated, grabbed,helt back,weighed down grabbed by the spine when I lean over and walk about. Someone told me that they heard these demons MOCKING at a failed deliverance service. I have stopped all sexual sin over ten yrs. ago, still the demons stay and oppose the Name and Blood. When the deliverance fails, and it has so far for 15 yrs, the Minister will no longer have anything to do with me. Won’t answer phone or e-mails. I am a Christian. Does anyone have any idea waht is holding the demons in? I use tobacco orally (non-smoker) I know it is a stronghold. I also have a spirit of grief and anxiety. Any suggestions for me? I am desperate!!!!!I need help and can not do self-deliverance so far. I will be thankful if you can explain anything to me. I opened the doors to others spirits too. I am in HELL!

    • Sara said

      Are you still battling with the dark side?

    • gi said

      ASK HIM what it is that’s going on…BE QUIET before the LORD!
      Honesty is the best policy.
      You definitely need to get rid of these demons. Get angry and quote the WORD.
      ALSO: GET OUT OF THE CHURCH! Stay home and seek the LORD. Find someone who is a simple believer in the Word of GOD and have them pray with you. There are so many demons in the church!!!!!!! Be warned!

      • God Warrior(Wolf of holy) said

        Yes, you are right that there are demons in the church for people open the door for demons. Yet, You must also remember that there are just some people who are just evil and pretend to serve Our Lord and Master. You must also watch out for them for they are also like demons in human form. The world it self is tearing itself apart just as it is written. We do not know how long we must wait, but all I know is that we have to keep our faith strong no matter how many demons or evil people come to us.

  5. I have demons that I need help in expelling. Too lengthy to go into but they mock at deliverance session.No one has been able to help me. but my faith is in the blood and victory of the cross.Does anyone have a comment? I need to write further.

    • suzhouchen said

      I know a pastor who can help you. If you are still experiencing this manifestations of the demonic, let me know at I know a pastor who has the annointing to help you.

    • I can 574 377 7103 call anytime

      • Vanessa said

        I need help expelling demons. I hear stuff all the time. It seems like it is coming from me. Things that would not say while I am awoke and alert. Now I really become very tired as I am reading the word.

        I am having similar attacks like Gail, it like something(s) spirits try and come at me while I am at church or in large crowds. Then I feel like something hits me while I am sleep or I might be shaken awake.

        Has anyone experience this… I have been very confused especially about the dreams that I have. I dream all the time.

        I’ve had 2 people tell me witchcraft.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      Seek help soon and look in the phone book for Deliverance Ministries. You will need help from strong Christians that work for the Lord. Make sure they are speaking for the Lord Jesus Christ and not themselves.’
      The Lord lead me to this and I have worked in this ministry for serveral years. You have seasual demons attacking you. “The spirit of lust, and proversions. These can be hard to overcome by yourself, seek help soon. But in the mean time, Ask the Lord to place a hedge of Thorns around you, and plead that the Blood of Jesus surrounds you. If you want more help here I will try to help you, but please seek knowledgable Spirit filled Christians that have been anointed by the Holy Spirit to help you.

  6. what is meant by moderation?

  7. Danelle,
    I would like to help you if I can, but the real help will come from the Lord, and from Jesus our Savior.
    Why do you focus on the cross? The Lord finished his work once and for all. He is no longer on that cross. I know that I will probably get hammered by someone for saying that, but just hear me out…
    Jesus came, lived a sinless life, gave his all for us, suffered on a cross, died and three days later was raised from the dead through the power of the Holy Spirit. You know this right? So why focus on something that was made of wood? Was there any power in the wood, or did all the power dwell in the one who gave his life? The cross did not die for your sins, and no matter how well meaning the image is, you must focus on your redeemer, not on the wood, the nails, the spear that pierced his side or those who nailed him to the cross. All the power, glory and honor belongs to Jesus! Not to the cross! The cross was a fact, but so was the tomb he was buried in. I would like you to have a proper place to put your focus, or else it will be false worship. You can not look to the cross, you must look to Jesus and his blood shed for you. First you must remove all improper views of our Lord so that you can worship him in Spirit and in Truth.
    Next, it is truth that when Jesus died on the cross, he stripped Satan of his power, nailing it to the cross and made a public spectacle of him. (I am paraphrasing). Again, Jesus did it. Your love, adoration and faith must be built upon the truth. Tobacco is not listed in the bible as a sin, but because it is a grey area, if you believe it is a sin, then it is a sin to you. (Others may not agree with me on this either)
    Next, you do not need others to deliver you, Jesus will do that. Do not be quick to allow others to “lay hands” on you, because you do not know what they may have influencing them.
    Now on to my story…
    Twenty years ago, I became a believer, and for the first six months of my new life in the Lord, I was so deeply amazed with all scripture. I ate it up. During that time, I was married to an abusive man who claimed himself to be a “back sliden” christian who married me because I was not saved. He had deep conflicts within himself and claimed he was visited by demons. We were only married one year when I accepted the Lord, and I hid it from him because he was becoming increasingly violent towards me. But one day, as he was beating me, I just stood up and looked at him, and as he looked into my eyes, he said…You’re born again! And with that, he ran out of the house, and abandoned my infant daughter and I, draining our bank account and leaving us with nothing. But he left something behind…he left something spiritual, that stayed in my apartment. I could feel it. So I started to obsess over it. But the Lord was there too. I will give you an example… When my daughter was about eight months old, she used to love to cruise around in her walker. I had this large radio on top of the fridge…the cord was plugged in, and hanging down just low enough for my daughter to grab it. She was in her walker directly under the cord, and with a yank, pulled the radio off the top of the fridge! She was looking up at it and it was literally three inches from her face, when all of the sudden, a huge noise came from the radio as it was being smacked away from my daughters face…I did not do it. I watched as that radio, which was also plugged in, fly across the room with force, yanking the plug out of the wall and smashing into the wall across the kitchen. She was untouched, and not even phased by the event.
    That is just one example. So I became even more obsessed, and the more I concentrated on it, the more it happened. It had gotten to the point, where I was attacked in the middle of the night, because I would wake up and be sunken into my bed, with what felt like 200 pounds on my chest. I could not open my mouth either. All I could do was pray to the Lord, in Jesus name. Then it would leave. But it would return. And I became even more obsessed. A year after I was saved, I was raped in my apartment by someone I was aquainted with. I did not know him well. I was a peaceful pro-life protester by this point and would often get arrested with my dad. At a demonstration just a few months before I was raped, a woman started shouting at me that if I were raped I would get an abortion! Boy, her words came to mind after I was raped. But I choose to carry the baby to term, and six months into the pregnacy three things happened to me. First, I sought a way to stop obsessing. I prayed and the Lord answered that prayer when I went to the book store and bought a book called “Satan is No Myth” by J. Oswald Saunders. After reading that book, I never obessed again. I fell on my face before the Lord and I asked him to forgive me for my obsession with things that were not of Him and asked him to touch me instead. As I was on my face, I felt this warm hand on my back, and I froze. It was a feeling I had never felt before. His hand then felt as though it had just gone straight through my skin and into my heart, and I felt peace and a love that I had never felt before. From that point on, I never had another attack from the enemy, nor did I pay attention to them when I could feel they were present. It was during that time that I decided to keep the baby inside of me. Three months later, I gave birth to a ten pound baby girl, who I appropriately named Hannah, which in hebrew means grace.
    The second thing that happened, was at the hour of night that I always seemed to get spiritually attacked, the light on my nightstand would go on instead, and a scripture chapter and verse would enter my mind, so I would get up and go and find out what the chapter and verse said. When Hannah was born, the light no longer went on, and I no longer got up in the middle of the night…except to feed her! (I never told my children about this, and when my first daughter was pregnant, she started waking up to the light going on and the radio coming on…this scared her, and I told her, “the Lord is trying to tell you something, go open your bible and you will see.” So she did, and sure enough, she opened to a random chapter, but it spoke directly to her with encouragement and love, and she began to cry. This happened to her through out her whole pregnancy, and it stopped after my grand-daughter was born.
    The third thing that happened to me, was that I discovered through that time that He had all the answers, all the deliverance and all the strength that I would ever need. I began to allow him to teach me, and when I would get home on a Friday night service, from listening to my rabbi’s message (messianic), I would ask the Lord to show me even more than what I had learned that day, and true to form, He would.
    If you seek Him with all your heart, and understand that he is far more powerful then any “spirit” you may encounter, you will begin to rest in Him. When we do not understand something, we can become afraid. Give it to Jesus, and focus on him. When I say focus on Jesus, I do not mean just going through the scriptures and learning about him. That is like going through love letters. The relationship with him, combines his love letters to you, with experiencing the Lover of your soul. You have said that you stopped all sexual sin ten years ago, and if you have repented, then he has forgotten it, and so should you.
    I will be praying for you Danelle. I hope that I have made a little sense, if not…sorry.
    May you be blessed with the richness of his love that can build and strengthen your faith, bringing you into his rest, and delighting over you with his love song to you, and you alone.

    • Jason said

      1 Corinthians 1:18- For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. “IT” is the power of God. I’m not mad or anything..I just wanted to point out that the word proclaims it to be the power of God.

      So if we are not to look to the cross, then the word of God is a lie????

      • Derek said

        “IT” is the “message of the cross” not the cross itself. The message of salvation is the power of God. The forgivness of sin is the power of God. Using the cross to symbolize Jesus violates one of the Ten Commandments. “Thou shall make no carved image”

        • Marsha Barnes said

          You are right about this. Christ is risen, the cross is just a picture of the finished work He did for us. It is Christ Jesus who has the real power for us here on earth, and more specifically at the Name of Jesus Christ all spirits have to go, and they will have no choice when we mean for them to get out. The Lord anointed and has shown me the gifts I have. I have worked in deliverance for several years now and the only thing the demons will obey is when you use the Name of Jesus with power and authority.


    • Sara said

      I’m sure the L-rd loves that you not only observe His sabbath, but you also believe in His Son. So many people either believe in Jesus and observe Sunday as a holy day or, like some Jews, observe the sabbath yet don’t believe in Jesus. I think that’s why the L-rd truly protects you. You follow His TRUE teachings:)

    • Linda said


      please pray for me, am too sick to go into it all, 25 years of demons attacking me and bringing terrible disease and sickness, am fighting fo life. Please contact me.


      • louese joy said

        Blessings Linda,
        I’m believeing that you recieved my reply to your cry for help yesterday! I mentioned yesterday that the roots to your situation must be revealed plus there are lots of open doors that need to be dealt with before we can permantly close them hench your miracles.
        Also your constant affermations keep them there & pain is a demon!!!! Need to also know who you are in Jesus Christ your identy knowing of the power of the authority you have given to you by Jesus. We have the power to heal the sick, cast out demons, rise the dead, free from sins slavery, redeemed by the blood of Jesus, you are the righteousness in Chrsit Jesus, that you are a demon defeater, that you Linda are a witness for Jesus on this earth, as Jesus is yours before our Father in Heaven, your the repairer of the breach, Linda you are Satan’s worse nightmare, your blessed with power, love, & a sound mind, you are the dauther of the God most high who will never leave nor forsake you. Now that’s just a tiny bit of who you are Linda. Jesus is waiting for you, Linda to do action now, it you tme to taking the the steps required. It’s help your calling out for. I’m here to guide you to your miracle. Also, Linda, please know that NO demon can withstand the blood the force of the blood of blood of Jesus nor have any authoity or power to form a weapon against His blood!! We over come by the blood of the Lamb & the word of our testamony. We abide in Jesus, our high tower of Defence. Jesus is our rearguard(Ish. 58:8)We walk with & in Jesus & NO weapon of Satan’s can separate Jesus & us, you Linda. Nothing can break through the blood of Jesus. EVER!!!!!!!! Now also when we do not have right personal relationship with our Savior Jesus Christ & know of His charactors then that also creats open doors of attachs. The blood is our declaration activator always. So when we are not waking in all the fullness that’s been given us then we allow things to be taken from us in your case your well being. So it’s really up to us to protect ourselves & all we own & how to do according to GOD’S word & He is showing us that our words are damaging us or blessing us! Plus what we allow. It’s all up to us to seek out all the ways of how Jesus has shown in His word to achieve our victories. We have two daily prayer teams protecting the houses of light & the witches, the temples of seth, all our cults, satinist & so many more & that they have or are trying to issued against us we are on top of it we have victories every calls, thank you Jesus.Zach:3:15 is extremely powerfull. Linda these are 12 tools to defeating the adversity,1) sing2)dance3)shout4)listen to praise & worship music5)praise & thank God6)scrpture(to be read out load7)prayer partners8)support of church congregation9)the Holy Spirit10)wisdom11)declaration of redemption in Jesus’ blood(because our Father loves us)12)laughter. In my Pastors book, Why Doesn’t God Heal Me, there are 205+ hindrances to recieveing our healings.
        Linda I’m praying that my letter is ministring to your body & soul. That I’ve ralated to you the message Jesus has directed me to convey to you personally. You are welcome to calling me at=
        780-688-2336. Now this is alot of information & Praise His Holiness for teaching us so we can reach out to teach others, Amen!! Also seek out more information on our web/radio sites at: freedomchurchofgod. It would be my honor to help you get your miracle now. It is all up to you?
        In Yashua’s Name
        Louese Joy

    • Luke 10:19 Tells us we have all the authority over the enemy and we should not rejoice that these spirits submit to us but our names are in the book of life
      Jason Schmidt 574 377 7103

  8. Vicki Simmons said

    Dear Friends –

    I want to introduce you to an anointed Restoration/Deliverance Minister out of Austin, Texas. Her name is Sheila Ramsey and she works out of her home providing counseling and deliverance with a team of highly trained and Spirit-led brothers and sisters in the Lord. I won’t go to extensive conversation here but will refer you to her Shoutlife page at Once you go to this page scroll down to the bottom for the testimony of Karen Mayer Cunningham. Just click on Karen’s picture and it will take you to her website. Karen’s son James was Autistic and went through the ministry and is a healthy and vibrant 12 year old today. He is also extremely intelligent and very funny. This wonderful young man was almost destroyed by demons but God in his great goodness and mercy, led Karen to this ministry several years ago where James was delivered from the demonic. Sheila has the Gift of Discernment and Word of Knowledge Prophetic which enables her to get at the root of the problem. While Sheila has been in the ministry for 35 years, James was the first Autistic child that she and her team worked with and they were led by the Holy Spirit through the entire process…yes, many times, depending on the severity, it is a process. Since that time, they have worked successfully with 9 autistic children and countless other adults entrapped by the enemy and his lies. I became acquainted with this ministry in March 2005 and have seen their fruit first-hand….it is an awesome thing to see lives completely restored and set free in the name of our wonderful Lord, Jesus.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      The Lord lead me into the deliverance ministries and I have worked in it for over 25 years. I work from my home to go their home. Many have call me to come and consecrate their homes to the Lord. I also have a very strong Christian team that goes with me and helps. Because where ever two or more are gather in my name I will be in the mist of them. The words of the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a ministry I truly believe you have to be called for it. I have been a Christian since I was 8 years old. But it was in my 30’s that He opened my eyes to this, and with a firm hand trained me and put me to work for Him. It was something that was not even accepted in my Baptist Church, but I did not let that stop me. Now I am 62 years old and still in the work, and the Lord has moved through my church and I have taught spiritual warfare as a class to mixed ages of the church. Now they help and pray for me as my team is called upon to go minister. At first I told the Lord this was not what I wanted to do. But He taught me obedience, He brought them to my door unannouced, and I took them in and helped them with the Lord’s help.
      That is how you know you have been called for the ministry of deliverance.

  9. Leo said


    Are you anywhere near Southern California? Help is near

    Victory is so close.

    All fallen spirits are subject unto us by HIS authority given to us.
    God Bless

  10. Lafe said

    The above article is fine…on some points but understand that
    no where do you find in the Word of God that the expelling of demons was a “process” and no where do you find the Lord or anyone else going through those “steps” as given by Mr. Prince. That is manmade and “man added” to the gospel.
    I would not follow those steps. We have enough of an example in the Word of God as demonstrated by Jesus and the apostles as to
    how to expel demons. Process!? Come on. Get real.

  11. Lafe:

    Perhaps you are correct. I do admit that many others have raised these same objections both on this weblog and in other places. However, such objectors to date have not been able to provide information that is more helpful or practical.

    Perhaps you can succeed where they failed. If you are in possession of more Biblical process for spiritual deliverance, one based on both Bible doctrine and personal experience in deliverance, or are aware of some others and can personally testify to its effectiveness by either your experience or personal witness, please return and provide it to me. I will be glad to remove the teachings of Frank Hammond and Derek Prince from my weblog in favor of a more Biblically based method.

    Otherwise, I will have to continue to feature the works of Hammond and Prince, for it was using their methodologies that I myself was delivered from many evil spirits over the course of many months. I hold the opinion that if it worked for me, helped free me from sinful behavior and brought me closer to Christ Jesus, then there is no evil in it and furthermore that it can work for any other Christian that God chooses to help and be glorified by virtue of that method. But I am always desiring to move from spiritual milk to meat in what I practice and seek to cause others to practice, so if you have the milk please share it.

    Get real? Were personally being delivered from evil spirits not my own real experience, this weblog would be one of the many Christian ones that never deal with the subject, even in abstraction. Or more likely, I would be so vexed and oppressed with evil spirits that I would not have the desire to even maintain a weblog to glorify Christ Jesus in the first place. That is why despite the many valid objections to the teachings of Prince, Hammond, and similar, their teachings remain until someone is able to provide something better.

    • Healtheland…

      This is the rarest of Web sites dealing with this subject matter. I know that is an old comment above (2007)….and I have experienced similar successes on my own through the ‘process’ of discovering just how deep some of these demonic issues can go. We have heard of many whom are delivered from one thing or another in a miraculous one time healing session, and there are others, for unknown reasons at this point, that have just as valid a ‘healing’ through a process of time…

      I agree….short of Christ returning and laying hands on the afflicted for an instaneous miracle, I will accept the hands-on process of any bonafide, Deliverance Ministry Jesus Christ anointed Saint. If a ‘process’ actually works….what matter is it, if not precisely scripted in Scripture. To that end, Jesus grew up from a baby to a man in the Bible. We know that little of what he did, is precisely scripted until about age 30, but certainly there was a physical human process of growing up. But we do have the end result of that process.

  12. Eden Hadassah said

    J. Oswald Saunders has an excellent and balanced teaching on not only the subject of Satan and Demons, but also movements and “demonology.”

    J. O. Sanders offers this interesting description of the counterfiet nature of Satan:

    Satan has his own trinity–the devil, the beast, and the false prophet (Revelation 16:13).
    He has his own church, “a synagogue of Satan” (Revelation 2:9).
    He has his own ministers, “ministers of Satan” (2 Corinthians 11:4-5).
    He has formulated his own system of theology “doctrines of demons” (1 Timothy 4:1).
    He has established his own sacrificial system; “The Gentiles…sacrifice to demons” (1 Corinthians 10:20).
    He has his own communion service, “the cup of demons…and the table of demons” (1 Corinthians 10:21).
    His ministers proclaim his own gospel, “a gospel contrary to that which we have preached to you” (Galatians 1:7-8).
    He has his own throne (Revelation 13:2) and his own worshipers (Revelation 13:4).

    So he has developed a thorough imitation of Christianity, viewed as a system of religion.

    In his role as the imitator of God, he inspires false christs, self-constituted messiahs (Matthew 24:4-5).
    He employs false teachers who are specialists in his “theology,” to bring in “destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them” (2 Peter 2:1). They are adept at mixing truth and error in such proportions as to make error palatable. They carry on their teaching surreptitiously and often anonymously.
    He sends out false prophets. “And many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many” (Matthew 24:11).
    He introduces false brethren into the church, who “had sneaked in to spy out our liberty…in order to bring us into bondage” (Galatians 2:4).
    He sponsors false apostles who imitate the true (2 Corinthians 11:13).

    J.O. Sanders, Satan is No Myth, Moody, 1975, pp. 35-36.


    J. O. Sanders offers this summary of the strategies of Satan:

    Strategies of Satan with unbelievers:

    1) blinding the minds of the unregenerate (2 Cor. 4:4).
    2) snatching away the good seed of the word (Matthew 13:19).
    3) lulling the unbeliever into a false sense of security (Luke 11:21).
    4) laying snares for the unwary (2 Timothy 2:25-26).
    5) masquerading as an angel of light (2 Cor 11:13-14).
    6) deceiving those whose minds are not subject to the Word of truth (Rev 12:9).
    7) mixing truth with error (Matthew 13:25-8).

    Strategies of Satan with believers:

    1) annihilate the church or neutralize its witness from within (Acts 5:1-6).
    2) virulent persecution from without.
    3) smother its witness by according it great popularity.
    4) disturb the unity of the church by creating discord and division
    5) subversion of the church through apostasy and heresy (2 Peter 2:1-2).

    J.O. Sanders, Satan is No Myth, Moody, 1975, p. 72ff.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      Try to find the book “Released to Reign” by Charles Trombley. It will tell you exactly how we come the attacks of satan. It was written several years ago, so you may have to go to a book store and order it.
      It will open your eye as to who you are in Christ.

  13. I am in agreement with Healtheland. But I will also add the following. This kind cometh out by prayer and fasting. If the minister is not one who fasts the devil will often refuse to leave, not because of the name of Jesus or the blood, but because the person speaking the word has failed to maintain his walk.
    As ministers, we all must stay in position at all times. We must fast and pray when no one else is willing to. Jesus removed himself each morning to spend time with God, and often fasted, so his body was continually under subjection. We must do likewise or when we call on the masters name devils won’t move because we have failed to stay connected. Consider fasting from 8 til noon daily.
    In 1989 my wife and I were call to a ladies house in El Paso Texas. She was seeing a wolf run up and down her hallway. And when it finished running, the door bell would ring. This happened every day. When she’d open the door, it was always a young girl with blond hair and blue eyes asking the same question each time, “can I come in?”
    When we arrived at her house we asked her some questions. Do you deal with the occult? Tarot cards, etc. She said no!
    When I stood to go into her bedroom, I could hear the devils breathing. Each room I went into, it would run into another. The fear was so thick it was like wearing a steel ball and chain around my legs. Finally I reached the last room, and as I had said before, In the name of Jesus, and His shed blood, leave this house. Sudden I felt a wind pass me and exist through the door, which was shut.
    This is but one of many encounters I have had over twenty years, but I have learned that fasting is still for today. Later we found that the lady had done transcendental traveling through mediation.

  14. Has anyone read Derrick Princes book blessing and curses. He went into detail concerning much of the problems we face today.

  15. Kate said

    The devil is scapegoat for weak people who have to have someone to blame for their mistakes. Jesus thought the way to cure illnesses was to cast out demons. In that age of ignorance and superstition, people thought sickness was due to demon possession. How would any of you feel is your loved one was sick and someone suggested they were demon filled? Why do any of you go to the doctor? Doesn’t your bible tell you is any of you are sick you are to go to the elders and have them annoint you with oil and pray the prayer of faith and YOU WILL BE HEALED?! If christians don’t do what the bible says and they obviously don’t believe it either, why try to convert the world? Let a christian get sick and they will run to the doctor just as fast as anyone.

    I suggest standing up like men. Stop bowing and groveling at the imagined feet of a myth. The devil is not after you. You are not important enough for him to worry about if he was real.

    I bet some of you still believe the earth is the center of the universe, that it is flat with four corners and the sun revolves around it.

    • hisdaughter said

      You sound like one of his demons!! You speak on his behalf. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus Christ who defeated you when he shed his holy blood on the cross. You have no power here!

      • Martha said

        Dear Hisdaughter, I just felt moved by that still small voice in my heart to comment on your response to Kate. When we reprimand another person, we should correct in a loving, non-judgmental way, or we are sinning as well. Yes, what Kate said contained offensive comments. However, I am guessing that there is a strong possibility that she wouldn’t be on this site if she weren’t contemplating her own spirituality, no? So we must not place stumbling blocks in front of others, but rather thank her for joining the thread, and respond to her in a positive way so that she will feel a sense of love and kindness coming from you, a representative, a servant of the Lord. I can sense some anger from Kate, and we do not know the source of that anger…perhaps resentment of some kind? Perhaps she, or a loved one is sick, and needs healing yet has not received it. I apologize for correcting you publicly, but I know of no other way to convey my feelings towards your response. Another possibility, if you feel not to respond in the way I suggested, would be to ignore negative comments, and pray that she finds the Lord in her life. If I were questioning my faith, or faith in general, I would avoid any religion that made me feel isolated, insulted, or worthless…wouldn’t anybody? It is very important as His servants that we carefully deal with others. We never know what will happen with the seeds, pearls of His wisdom, when we offer them to others, but can only pray and ask the Lord that those seeds take root, and grow strong and healthy. To pray that they accept what Jesus taught, and of the sacrifices He made for us, when He took the punishment for us in His brutal death on the cross. I realize that we are all trying as the Lord’s children to serve Him, but sometimes we can stand in our own way, preventing the Holy Spirit from opening a person’s eyes, because we are thinking with our human brain…our own emotions. So rather than accuse or chastise, please Bless those who persecute you, and move on. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to comment on your thread, and for considering my thoughts. May the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ continue to fill your heart, and may you be overjoyed by the many blessings He has, and will continue to bestow on you. Fondly, Martha

        • Thats greatly put Marsha…and so true to the spirit of the Gospel.

          If we end up sounding like the very demons we hate…where is the obvious victory in that.

          It is true that we sometimes feel smugly justified in those type of rebuke responses…but what they (Hisdaughter) forget, is that the person posting, is really another hurting or damaged soul deceived by Satan (who knows, she could be a rape victim)….and often times their outrageous and obvious demonic inspired comments or tirades are the very evidence of that bondage….and yet they don’t even realize they are in it until God illuminates the error of their ways.

          There is no better example of this than the story of Paul. Who, as that firebranding Christian hater Saul, could in this life quite easily be renamed a ‘Kate’. Kate, lets pray, will have her Damascus Road experience and come back to revisit this site real soon! …And she’ll search out the forgiveness of ‘Hisdaughter’.

          I have discovered that the difference between not knowing God, and really knowing God….is a about a millisecond. That is why so many misunderstand the long-suffering Mercy nature of God. Anyone can go from an unbelieving hell bound sinner to a Spirt-filled eternally justified soul in 1/64th of a second, or less than the twinkling of an eye…and so God says to the world: Just give Me another second….I know of this one soul named ‘Kate’.

          • Marsha Barnes said

            The Lord lead me into spiritual deliverance many years ago. I have such a gift of discernment that sometimes I can actually feel and know by the Lord what it is that is buffetting people. But it is the Lord helping me, and showing me His plan for me to follow.
            I give Him all the glory, He deserves it.

  16. It is very interesting to read what people who really do not study the bible have to say. Your understanding is limited concerning the word of God. Jesus did not think everyone had a devil.
    But the enemy is real. He desires to get people, much like yourself to believe he is not. You don’t believe the devil is real so you don’t see a need to repent. For what? You’re just as good as a Christian! I’m a good person.
    But if you’ve ever lie, then you, I or anyone else is a lair. If you, I or any else has ever stolen, then we are a thief. But you can’t see this because the enemy has seperated you from the flock.
    Many people say, Christians make me sick thinking they’re better then me. The devil his already fooled you into believing this is what you hear and see Christians saying, and doing. But we know we need help. We minister, speak and tell others to help them understand they can’t do it by themselves. Jesus took care of this.
    Many people had sicknesses that were healed by His anointed power. Some, however did have devils that actually mimmicked diseases. Many people with mental illness have problems with the brain, whereas others have problems that are spiritual.
    Many of our modern day doctors have come to understand the need for spiritual healing before the body can be healed.
    I don’t see a single Christian trying to save the world alone, and every Christian here knows they can do nothing without God. We have been commissioned to open our mouth’s and proclaim; letting God sort out who is who, by drawing men to him by His Spirit.
    However your choice is just as important. It is the enemy who sees this drawing and rushes to stop it by blinding mans eyes with theroies and false religions. Or by getting men to call out to the right God, the wrong way, (That being with your own knowledge of God.) Does this sound like you!
    God commands we seek others, telling them about His love. It is not because we want to. We have already excepted His love and know where we are going, but we are commanded to share the message with others, else they die and taste hell. We get sick like everyone else. We get cold, hungry, and feel alone many times. The enemy bares down on us to stop us from telling people like yourself about God.
    Do you think the devil is going to come out and tell you, “hay! Here I am. I was trying to hide!”
    We are not trying to make you believe, or force God down anyones throat. We no that everyone is not going to believe but we share the message out of love anyhow.
    We see our family members dying, many being unrepentant, and just like you we are saddenned by their choice of not receiving God’s love. Open your eye’s. He’s already got you and you didn’t know it!!!! Smile. Now you stand before God without an excuse!

    • Linda said



      please pray for me, am too sick to go into it all, 25 years of demons attacking me and bringing terrible disease and sickness, am fighting for life. I have also writen to Eden, and hope both or one of you will contact me. It’s a horror story, am just too exhausted with disease to write all. I would like to write it all but can’t. I agree with you and Eden when i read your comments.

      • louese joy said



        I’m not one that’s on the computer much & for this reason your call for help, Jesus lead me to your plea for help! He’s so Amazing!!!!!!!
        There are afew questions to ask you to consider, that I feel will be benifical.
        1) What is your ancestoial history?
        2) What was your up bring like?
        3) What about cures of witchcraft/your own words spoken/or who was in your life that spoke sickness into being? Words are very powerfull to bless or curse. There is help from our ministry to help!
        For this is our mandate we specialise in. Our pastors
        are highly gifted as are others at our church/with visions to see the root of your situation. I believe that you are totally set free, because I’ve been a member for 10 years & I know what I’m conveying to you Linda. Your situation is not of a phyical nature.
        Prayer for the root cause is what’s needed. If you are ready to know this truth & recieve your miracle than you may contact me at: 1 780 688-2336, I’ll be able to futher help you.
        Satan is defeated in your life/ your suffering are now considered ended in Jesus Name, Amen!!!!!
        Linda I’m awaiting to hearing from you real soon.
        In the Mighty Name of Yashua

    • Paul said

      AH YES JUST SMILE, YOU KNOW BEYOND A SHADOW OF A DOUBT THAT ALL OF US “UNREGENERATES” ARE GOING TO BURN IN HELL eh ?? Just like the bumper sticker i saw : Stop drop & roll does not work in HELL. Ah yes the sentiment just warms the cockles of my heart!!!!IF you only knew the division that your “LOVING” religion has caused in my family you just might second guess yourself. I am sure ALL of your doctrines are right on the money are`nt they? You could spend your entire life reading theology & still be thoroughly confused!!! Don`t B.S. yourself buddy!!

  17. Eden Hadassah said

    I personally don’t care for Derrick Prince, but I do like what J. Oswald Saunders has to say. He has a book called “Satan is no Myth,” along with others. The other book that I enjoyed of his was “Spiritual Leadership.”

  18. Kate said


    I am sure you believe everything you say and you are being kind, however, you are the one who is deceived. I live in the south in the midst of the bible thumpers. I know how they are, I was raised to be one. I tried all my life to make sense of nonsense and justify the hideous acts of a god that would make a devil look like a saint. How many times does satan appear in the entire OT? He isn’t mentioned more than a half dozen times. Sheol in the OT does not mean hell, it means the grave. The OT also says that the dead know nothing and will not live again. There was no hell until the NT. Also, if the serpent in the garden was satan and god cursed him to crawl on his belly and eat dust the rest of his days, why isn’t he crawling on his belly when he appears before god along with the rest of the ‘sons of god’ and says he has been walking unpon the earth? Snakes may crawl but they do not eat dust.

    God punishes the entire world for what two people did?!!!! Do you punish your kids for what one does? Would you punish your grandkids for what your kids did? Even the common man and courts know better than that. What kind of warped hateful judgement is that? If your kids did wrong by you, would you throw them into an eternal fire to suffer forever and then laugh at them? Hell, no if you have one cell of decency. You would put your arms around them and tell them you love them. You would never hold a grudge against them.

    If humans can love like that, how much more should a god be able to love? How would you explain a god that commands the rape of little girls? If our soldiers do such as that in war, we would be horrified. We would demand justice for those children, yet no one flinches when Yahweh, the god of fornication and debauchery, takes delight in savage sexual attacks on innocent children. Any person who can’t see something very wrong with that needs to read the bible again. I have read it many times and it gets more revolting with each reading.

    You call yourself a minister and you appear to be very ignorant of what your own bible teaches. If I was a praying person, I would be the one praying for you. You most likely make your living off of a congregation of deceived people and have never worked for a living.

    You open your eyes!

    • Marsha Barnes said


      If you had truly read all the bible, especially the New Testatment, you would find where Jesus did give unto all Christians the power from the Father, called the Holy Spirit, also known as the power of God. He did give believer that power to fight demons and evil spirits. Eph. 6:10-19, Mark 16: 15-20, Matthew 18: 18-20, John 14: 1,6, 11-14, John 15:7,8, Colossians 1:13, Luke 10:19, Luke 10: 1-19 Authority given to believers
      Esphesians 1:11-14 and Romans 8: 16,17
      Just a few, do you want more?


  19. Kate said

    Expelling demons…lol excuse me but this would be a great condition for the drug companies to jump on with a cure. They could call it Demon Expectorant….just a spoonful once a day and you will cough those nasty little demons right up.

    If there was such a huge need for demon casting in the bible, what happened? Is the church ashamed of this little doctrine and that is why it is no longer in vogue? I guess now days when people get all prettied up in their sunday best and drive to church in their expensive cars it just isn’t kosher to thrash around and talk like Darth Vader while the good old preacher yells and commands devils to come forth.

    • K. said

      (My apologies to everyone else)…..God has a sense of humor!!….A picture jumped into my mind of mixing Holy Water with Robitussin.(Cough Syrup with expectorant) First laugh I had all day. Thank you Kate!!!

  20. Thank you for your kind response. Smile. I was raised in North Carolina. And I too have heard it all. God does not preform hideous acts. Everything He does is good.
    I will answer your questions as they are so simple. The only problem is you are viewing everything through the eyes of someone who appears to be upset with God. Ask God to help you and show himself that you may have understanding.
    Grave mentioned as sheoul is only the beginning of a persons journey when he departs this world. The grave is the place we all will go to; that is our bodies. From there the soul that has not received Christ as Lord is held in a spiritual, grave. Much like emprisonment. He is very much aware of his surroundings but can not leave this place. There he will remain until God judges the souls that have rejected Him.
    Jesus said we should fear God, who can cast both soul and body into hells fire.
    Satan appeared as an angel of light to Adam and Eve. The serpent did not appear threathening, but was something the two were accustom to seeing in the garden. Wow! You didn’t see any of this because you don’t have the Spirit of God in you. He is the one who teaches all men the word of God. Without it we are carnal minded. Unable to see spiritual things. Ever learning but never changing. You trust in your senses, your mind and reasoning, and not in the Spirit of God whom you appear to have rejected.
    When Satan appeared before God with the sons of God (angels), he had to appear with the likeness he has. You see, he can’t appear like an angel of light or some harmless creature when coming before the creator. All knowing God, who created him knows who he is and what he looks like. He would be wasting his time.
    So why was the serpent punished with eat the dust of the ground.? This term means to crawl upon the ground. It does not mean to literally eat. It means to be close enough to the ground that it would be able to smell and taste the dust with its tongue, which it uses to filter the air and for sensing prey. Stop looking through your eyes and ask God to help you to see His spiritual side, that you may believe.
    Adam and Eve’s punishment was for their sin. Why would God punish man today? When they sinned, it infected their offspring. Just like a sickness passed on from one generation to the next. God warded man about this sickness, telling his not to eat of the fruit.
    God also taught them how they could be forgiven by instituting the sin offering. God took an animal, and made skins for them to wear, and showed them how they could be forgiven.
    So even though they sinned, God forgave them when they offered up the blood. God required a life to take their place; an animal.
    This is why Jesus was born into the world. To offer up his life as a blood offering. So God is not mad at the world nor man. He loves man. But will not allow man to come before him with sin in him. We get rid of sin by simply receiving the offering of Christs body, which he made to the Lord God. This does not sound like a God who hates and wants to punish, but His love for man caused Him to allow His son to die. Now thats love!
    I grew up in proverty on the edge of a corner field. The house I lived in had four rooms. Six children slept in one bed and there was no ceiling so the cold air came straight through.
    My father beat me so very bad. I hated life and asked God why He did this to me?
    Why would He let me grow up with a father like that who beat me, and starved me. My only meal was when I went to school. This is no lie. I don’t have a reason too lie. I was angry at God. He did this to me.
    Then He showed up one day and revealed himself to me. He showed me it wasn’t Him who did this. But sin in man. Sin in and upon a man caused this. My father didn’t have to do these things. My father could have come to the Lord and allowed him to change the hate in his heart, but he didn’t. So, without focusing on the physical but the spiritual, God showed me that sin and hate in the heart cause war, proverty, hate, abortion sexual molestation and anything that is not of God.
    And who feeds this? Not God! But an unseen spirit being who is determined to bring pain to man, who replaced him as the leaders of worship and praise. He lost his job and anointing, so he hates man. I am very aware of what the bible reads. I have an education and I’m a bible school graudate, but most of all I live it, or I would not be a Christian. The title without living the life, would make me a lair.

  21. Kate said

    Patrick, I have much to say, but it will be sometime tomorrow before I can reply. I want plenty of time to do justice to you and your post. I insulted you on this site and this is where I will apologize. You are one of the sincere people. Even though we are on opposite sides, I think in our own ways we both love truth. Kate

  22. Eden Hadassah said

    I love your heart. My mother was an unfit mother. Everything started out ok, but then she became cruel to my dad, pushing him away. When I was two, he left and went back east. From there my mother got into drugs, and married a most cruel man. He beat my mother daily and would put me in front of her to shield her from his blows. I was beaten often, and things were done to me that I won’t go into detail about. My dad would send money and gifts to me, but I never would recieve them. She would sell the things he sent to me and buy drugs. We lived in the slums of California, and my dad took my sister and I away from that life when I was nine. I have been with him ever since. I have not seen my mother in thirty years, although I get reports every now and again about her. She is still a junky and prostitute, and has never seen her grand children or her great grand child. Someday I hope to see her again. I didn’t have the greatest life either. As a child, I didn’t ask God why he let my mother let her husband hurt me. Mine was a world of just me and him. I have a sister and my brother was born through the marriage of my stepfather. She would bring home half eatin single meal, and put it on the table, and tell me that my sister and brother are younger, so they should eat first. I usually didn’t get any. I didn’t have the pleasure of going to school all the time, because I was unpresentable when I showed up. Lice, no shoes on my feet, and clothes that were dirty and too tight. Yet some how I passed through the system all the way to the third grade, when my dad took me. He got tudors for me, and helped me to catch up. (didn’t help my spelling ability! lol) Back to the story…so I would be hungry, but not too far from the apartment we lived in there was a fig grove. I didn’t know what they were at the time, but they were these purple fruits, with a pink inside that was so sweet and filling, and that is what I would eat every day until they were all harvested. I think figs will always be my favorate fruits, because everytime I eat them, I think about how delicious they were and how beautiful the grove was. When I wasn’t at home alone with my sister and brother (I had to care for them), we were at my grandmother’s house. I loved her so much. She would feed me and bathe me and my siblings and actually talk to us. Her gentleness and love always comforted us. She taught me about God and about loving others. I was heart broken when I didn’t see her anymore. My dad won custody of us, and while he was a great dad, I was forced to endure the cruelty of his mother, my other grandmother. It got reversed. The woman taunted me from the time I was nine until she died a few years ago. It is so strange how life turns out. But in all of it, I didn’t question the goodness of God. My grandmother taught me the love of our God, of his goodness and mercy. But Yeshua, I didn’t know. I hated every bible thumping preacher that would come and ask if I was born again. They weren’t interested in knowing me, or in my life. They would just talk at me. I rejected the thought of what they thought was God. They would tell me that I would go to heaven if I just said that I believed in Jesus. All my life I believed in God, and I would pray often, “show me heaven”, and what it is like there. One night,when I was eleven, I had a dream I was there, by this tree, and this river flowed under the tree. I was standing on a big rock, looking at all the fruit on the tree, and the sparkling water that would go under the tree. The tree was very large, and it had grown roots on both sides of the river, so it looked like it just floated on the water…then I was looking at my body sleeping and my dog who at the time used to hog the bed, I got scared and I woke up. Maybe he showed me heaven. If he did, then these preachers never saw what I saw as a child. But then at nineteen, after my daughter was born, God spoke to me, and told me of His Son, Jesus the Messiah. It wasn’t in some church, or a turn or burn sermon, but he came to me, and he spoke to me. From that time on, I have known his Son, Yeshua/Jesus and I walk with him daily. He is my friend and my constant companion. He has shown me his love and his mercy. His Spirit moves through me, and allows me to see things as he sees them. He has given me a great love for his creation, and I stand in awe of all that he has created. There truly is none greater than He. My Beautiful Lord, who is worthy of all my praise.

  23. Kate said

    Minister Patrick, please accept my apology for the rude and unkind comments. That was very wrong of me and I deeply regret it. I can see you are a very kind and sincere man. You have a very good spirit. I was not raised in such a horrible environment, but I worked in a school for several years and came to know many children who have similar stories. I also worked for 10 years in a medical office and I saw more abused children than my heart could stand. Seeing children like that and hearing these stories is one reason I cannot accept the OT god. If there were no other reasons (but there are many) to reject him, those verses where it is written he commanded the enslavement, murder and rape of children will forever be enough reason for me. There surely has to be a Creator of this vast universe but I will never believe he is the author of the bible. I am enclosing an article I have had on my computer for awhile and really don’t remember where I found it, but it is very good. I agree 100% with what it says. Please take the time when you can and read it.


    Monotheism’s dirty little secret is that it didn’t appear suddenly out of thin air, the illumination of some theological prodigy like a Noah, Abraham or Moses. It wasn’t a thunderbolt revelation from on high, nor was it the original belief system passed on from Adam and Eve, preserved down through the ages by a faithful few.

    Monotheism (a belief in one God) gradually evolved out of polytheism (a belief in many gods) through a process called henotheism (the elevation of one tribal god out of an existing pantheon of gods). Although much of the evidence has been covered over by the sands of time and by careful editing of the scriptures, there are still indications that Judeo-Christian-Islamic monotheism, the dominant form on the planet, actually evolved from Canaanite mythology.

    Ironically, one of the verses used to prop up a belief in the trinity (a very un-monotheistic concept) is the first clue to solving this mystery. Genesis 1:26 says “Then God said, “Let Us make man in our image”. I remember being confused about why God was talking to himself and wondered why he referred to himself in the plural. “Why the trinity of course!” My pastor explained that there were different names for God – sometimes he was called Yahweh or Jehovah and at other times he was called El or Elohim and that although Elohim was the plural form of El, for some inexplicable reason it never connotated more than one god (but hinted at the trinity). That’s just the way it was.

    What my pastor never bothered to tell me was that in Canaanite mythology the chief god was named El. This El happened to have seventy sons called the Elohim, a virtual pantheon of gods which included figures such as Baal, Dagon and Ashtoreth, as well as their royal consorts like Astarte – all well known figures from the Old Testament. What a coincidence!

    One of the Elohim was Yah (in some versions he was known as Yam), the god of the sea and arch-enemy of Baal the sky and storm god who supplied the rain. Alas we will never know for sure if it was Yah who developed into the biblical Yahweh, but according to the bible Yahweh did receive Israel as an inheritance from his father El.

    “When the Most High (El-Elyon) gave the nations their inheritance, when he divided all mankind, he set up boundaries for the peoples according to the number of the sons of Israel (Elohim- sons of El). For the LORD’s (Yahweh’s) portion is his people, Jacob his allotted inheritance”. – Deuteronomy 32:8-9

    Don’t you just love how the bible translators rendered Elohim as “sons of Israel”. Nice cover-up! The verse actually refers to the tradition that each of the Elohim were placed in charge of a different nation. Israel belonged to Yahweh, who became their chief god out of the pantheon (henotheism). Over time the cult of Yahweh gained political power and began to ban the worship of other gods. A lot of the stories in the Old Testament can be seen as the struggle between Yahweh’s followers and those of his rival Elohim. As the old gods disappeared or were subsumed into Yahweh the concept of monotheism was born, the old gods rendered into false idols of wood or stone.

    The old gods of the Canaanite pantheon are dead and gone, but the echoes of their existence still linger in the pages of the bible. Even the infamous Ten Commandments contain the mysterious decree of “Thou shalt have no other gods before me”. A ridiculous command if monotheism is true. What other gods are there?

  24. Kate:
    I couldn’t be angry at anything you’ve said. God has changed my heart, and I love instead of hate. This is what I feel for you and others, whether you’re a born again Christian or not. The fact that you are here means you are seeking answers. Smile.
    He gives us His heart. And we reflect who He is. The pain we see in this world is the result of hearts that have not been changed.
    I see some great hurt and compassion in you. You have a love for those who’ve been hurt and abrused. Thats a good thing.
    This same love you can have for Jesus, you need only ask Him to show you how to serve, and reveal who He is to you. Then you will know if He is the God of the bible. It’s that simple. No magic formual, no tricks. I had to do it too. So did everyone here.
    I remember when I was 14. My father asked me to come outside and help him work on the roof.
    It was about ten degrees outside and I had just stepped out of the shower. I told my sister to tell dad I would be right out. A person can died if he or she does not put on clothing in that type of weather.
    When I got outside my father was missing. I began look around for him. Suddenly the door opened and I could see he had a pistol in his hand.
    I ran and hid. He looked for me for some time, thinking I had disrespected him by not coming when he called. It took years for me to forgive him.
    God’s love erased all of the hate, and brought me into a relationship with him. He is my real father. The man that birth me was a donor. This change was not done with counseling, but by God’s Spirit. I asked him to help me, and He did.

  25. Eden:

    You’ve been through alot. God has done a great work in your life. I thought for years I was the only one going through this kind of hurt. I didn’t know there were others enduring even greater hardships then myself, until I was in my late teens.
    But isn’t God good. We would not be here if it weren’t for the grace of God.
    My grandmother use to walk about a mile to bring us the scrapes she was going to give to her hogs. Some of it was weeks old, but when you stomach is empty, you eat and think nothing of it. I know you understand where I’m coming from.
    Nevertheless, I thank God for the hard times, it caused me to cry out to Him for help, and He reached down and took my hand.

  26. Kate said

    Thanks Patrick. I am going to open a yahoo360 page and will let you know the link when I get it ready. This is not the place for me. I know now I made a huge mistake coming here. If the day ever comes when all of us can sit and talk, no matter what we believe, that may be the start of what the Creator really wants from us. Maybe if we could do that and put together all we know, we might come closer to the whole truth. When I read stories of your life and the life Eden had, it just tears me up. I never knew just how many of those things were real until I saw them for myself. It changed me forever. We don’t have to agree on everything to love one another. We are all human. I will send you a link soon. Thank you for being so kind.

  27. Lee said

    It seems somewhat that this site is used alot for persons to post their own selfish opinions as opposed to what the bible says. Posts that are obviously written in anger should be scrutinized and removed. They only do more damage than good. Whatever cannot be posted in love and respect for others opinion should not be allowed to stay on this site. No one person is an authority on any subject matter. As a new comer it is a big turnoff. I commend Patrick for not retaliating to certain remarks in a rude way…way to go!. For the sake of the life & integrity of this site, and for the glory of God – please consider either removing or ignoring those who do not flow in the spirit of this project.

  28. Charles D. said


    Have you ever considered starting your own site. Maybe then you could sensor however you wanted. You would attract only those willing to march lock-step with your beliefs, but, you would have what you’re advocating.


  29. CAROL IKHINE said


    • Marsha Barnes said

      I am here to help, just what is going through your mind? I have the gift of discernment, wisdoms and understanding. Do you want my help?
      I am 62 years old and have worked in Deliverance Ministries for 30 years. Now do you really want help? Or have you recieved help already?

    • Marsha Barnes said

      I have now prayed about your special needs. Call upon Jesus, ask Him to deliver you from the spirit of anti-christ, and the spirit of sucide, and from the spirit apollyon. Do it with authority, command them and name of Jesus, to leave your body and go walk the dry places, or send them to the depths of the sea, and tell them not to return. But whatever you do first call upon the holy angels of God Almighty to come down and protect you from all the wealms of the devil. It is a choice, to get them to leave and do it with the Name of Jesus.
      Let me know how things turn out.

  30. Devon said

    Lord Jesus, please help our friend Carol Ikhine in whatever she needs to be free!!!

  31. Carol
    The demons are attacking you to draw you away from people and God. They hate the fact that you turned to Jesus and want you back. They do this by attacking your mind and making you want to avoid people so they can get you by yourself and make you want to take your life because nothing is going right and you feel you’d be better off bead. But this is a lie.
    The next thing they do is seperate you from those who come help you the most, other christians. Find a spirit filled church. By that I mean that believes in the blood of Jesus and accept the word and power of God. Stay away from weak churches that only preach on blessings. Afer 20 years in ministry I have never seen anyone delivered through wealth and blessings.
    Ask the pasteor or minister, who should be one who has bealdt with deliverance, and have them lay hands on you in the name of Jesus.
    In a lot cases, deliverance comes through the laying on of hands.

  32. Don’t believe thedevil when they say it won’t work. Its to simple. But thats the beauty of God, the simple things confound the wise.
    You can email my wife and I for prayer at

  33. Job said

    Minister Patrick Williams:

    Thank you sir.

  34. Terry said

    My heart weeps for people like Kate. I’ve been tormented most my life by demons. It started when I was a small child. My Mom’s side of the family are Mormons, and my dad’s family are “counterfeit Christians”. When I was a child, I witnessed my mom moving things with her mind. She,as a teen-ager, played with widgi boards, and told me many stories of evil spirits, doing all sorts of unnatural acts. Some time, when I was in grade school, I would go into the bathroom at home, and the door would start shaking and the door knob would turn. I could hear my mom and dad through the walls. They were in the living room, which was in the other part of the house. I would start praying for Jesus to help me. The demonic activity would stop. I also had angels around me. I know this because I seen, spoke and touched one. This angel manifested itself as my mother. It wasn’t my mother. I felt safe when she was their, until I looked at her and could tell it wasn’t my mother. Anyway, I went to the mormon church until I was in my early 20’s. I always felt their was something wrong in that church. I dont have the time to explain that now. Anyway, many years later, when I lost my job, and everything seemed to come to an end. I just had bought a new home, my wife just had our baby, and here I was losing my job. I was brought to my knees, weeping and praying to God. I asked God to help me, for no one else would. I repented for a few hours or so. While I was trying to go to sleep, I heard the worst foul language I’ve ever heard, and the anger of this demon was heard. This demon came out of me. I seen it. It looked like a black cloud of smoke leaving my chest. God delivered me from this demon, which I had known as me. I had the foulest mouth and feelings of hate and revenge. God had delivered me from me. My life changed then and it will never be the same. I started going to a non-denominational church, and because Jesus saved me, the demons came to torment. I had a problem with fear, because of all the things that happened to me as a child. This opened the door to the demons, because fear is a lack of faith. I once was laying on the couch, and I was trying to go to sleep. I then felt a breath on my ear, and a voice said “I’m going to make sure you die”. I quickly turned over and looked at it as it ran around the corner. I scared it, because it didnt know I was aware of it’s presence. Instead of standing up and casting it away in the name of Jesus Christ, I quickly fell to my knees, and asked Jesus to save me. This did work, but I was fearful, for I never had a demon speak to me before that time. I have seen a lot. I wish God would reveal the spirit world to all, but he doesn’t. By the way, I do not drink, smoke, or partake of any medications. I do take allergy meds. God does deliver. He doesnt need anyone to work through, but he delivers people in public for his glory. May all the glory go to God, who saved us from our flesh. I assure everyone that reads this, that demons are real. They do affect your life. God has protection around us all, or we’d all be dead. God does let certain things happen to us, and only he knows why. His will is perfect and his timing is perfect. Don’t be as the Israelites, and forget the miracles that happen every day. God bless you all.

    • Mr Ghostbuster said

      It is nice that you want to cast out demons so what is realy needed.
      1 the gift of decerment. It is a gift not something you work for
      2 Remember you in war we all ar at war
      3 God to do it threw us.

      Now demonology is a minstry that if your not called and anoted by God don’t go I am a demonologist

  35. mindy said

    I’ve seen babes in Christ that tasted mercy in the mist of calamity as they repented and cried out to the Lord Jesus. Sometimes they don’t press in to the word but build a belief system on thier experience, and go against sound doctrine in ignorance. I would like to encourage every one to read the bible and study it for yourselves.
    But without faith it is impossible to please God, and it is impossible to please God in the flesh. So, what is hindering our faith against these issues of these reoccurring demons? Jesus has given us the power and authority
    even to cast out devils, even some with fasting and prayer. But I have found my biggest setback was lack of faith.
    I was fighting condemnation because my child was rebellious and I felt like I was a bad mother, especially when he got me upset. The more I would press in the more bad his attacks would become. I had to come against a spirit in him. But, my friends before this the Lord gave me a revelation about returning to my first love and doing my first works over. My first works were done by faith, and under grace. Praise God I have been around the world in spiritual battles and I I have found myself back here nestled under the arms of my first love, able to sit under his wings of grace under every circumstance. That’s faith! There is a rest! Recieve his word, believe he loves you, believe when you ask for forgiveness that you are forgiven. Know that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him! Jesus came to set captivity captive! He never said no.
    I never read anything in the Bible against going to the doctor, and yes I will go to the doctor but yes I have recieved several miracles of healings. God healed a hole in my eardrum, and I’ve got witnesses to all of these things. God has healed my back problems, all at once in a prayer service. God has healed my daughter’s eyes from a condition the doctor said was permenant and uncurable. God healed my son many times. I’ve seen God heal many times.
    But I’ve never seen God condemn anyone for going to the doctor.
    Every english word in the bible means something different in greek, that is why it was translated.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi, you are right, the Lord said, “My people perish for the lack of Knowledge”. We are not to be puffed up though, since we have knowledge, we need to be merciful and ready to wittness to unbelievers. Not everyone will be on the same plain of learning that some of us are, but that is why we are here, to bring them up to speed. But it is not us, it is the Lord that teaches through us.

  36. mindy said


    The serpent represented Satan but the dust of the earth represented human beings because we were formed
    out of the dust and we will return to dust. That is why Satan entices us to sin, he feeds off of our sin.
    I tell you the truth it almost seems as though these spirits will come at you as something small but once you begin giving in to them, the urges and desire, the pull grows stronger. That’s what will happen when you feed something though, it will become a strong hold. If you start telling little white lies, you’ll began getting tempted to tell greater lies and if you give into it ect.. The same thing with lust, it starts off with a couple dirty thoughts
    but when you don’t cast down those vain imaginations it becomes greater, it may lead to porn or adultery. People we really have to guard our spirits. Love yall!

  37. Brian said

    well..i just wanted to say that my church expels demons and it looks kinda simple all you have to do is have faith and believe in god..then just expel the demon in his name and the person will manifest then he or she will be delivered from the demon -Brian 14 years old- =D

    • joshua said

      Ya, but be reminded that is not the end. That person has to maintain his or her deliverence.In Matthew 12.44-45 it said that an evil spirit will return to its house it left.’When it arrives ,it finds the house UNOCCUPIED ,swept clean and put in order.45;then it goes AND TAKES WITH IT SEVEN OTHER SPIRITS MORE WICKED THAN ITSELF ,and they go in and live there. And the final condition of the man is worse than the first.That is how is how it will be with THIS wicked generation.
      Dont get me wrong,i m just saying that we should always be at watch.This applies to all of us.

      • Marsha Barnes said

        That right, those that have been delivered need to fill their minds with the word of God, and ask for the spirit of peace, and understanding to fill the void.


  38. Vicki said

    What is wrong with Derek Prince’s teachings on deliverance? I’ve been listening
    to his radio podcasts all afternoon, and it seemed much more balanced & biblical than
    what I’ve heard so far. The only thing that surprised me is that he believes that unless we’ve
    been water baptized, the unclean spirits still have access to us (or something to that effect). That concerns me, because I was only sprinkled in the RC church as a child, and was told later that it wasn’t necessary to be baptized again. What is your take on that?


  39. John Kaniecki said


    Hi hope you are well.

    Examine Romans 6. Baptism is a burial thus one must get immersed in water. After you look at this scripture I wil show your others pertainin to baptism.

    I would urge you to get baptized by immersion.



  40. Ivan said


    The Holy Spirit put it on my heart to fast about three years ago shortly sfter being baptized for the forgiveness of my sins. Since than eventually I started to realize (the more I fasted)that I had a grand amount of powerfull rage inside of me that appeared sub-human (demonic). Shortly afterwards at the peak of my fast my eyes flipped over in the mirror and I saw another pair of eyes (a demon). Shortly afterwards I got ready for bed and the Holy Ghost started praying inside me to my ammazment and I started crying out of nowhere. After that I felt the demon leave my body and a barrage of other demons came into the room and started attacking my mind with fearful images. I prayed the whole night until the sun came up and they left me alone. The whole experience was amazing. We truely do not battle with flesh and blood but with evil in the heavenly realms. After that my eyes were opened and I could start seeing demons in other peoples eyes and ghosts. Then I realized one of my gifts is discerning of spirits. I saw a grinning demon in a woman at my church with seizures and I also saw 7 demons in a crippled woman. All of this was so shocking I can’t even put all of it into words. Unfortunatly I told my parents about it and they had people from a mental hospital arrest me and put me into the nut house where I got to preach the gospel and play ping pong everyday. They forced me to take medication and they eventually let me out after realizing I wasn’t insane. Now I will keep what the Spirit shows me to myself and people at church I can trust. Because of my own sin I am now re-possessed at the moment and dealing with it. The devil mainly assaults me with temptations of rage/sexual thoughts/temptations to drink too much. The Lord has put it on my heart to fast again and I am on my third day of it. The combination of fasting/praying/faith/being righteous/obeying the word will help you get where you need to be although every persons experience is different. Fasting can suck at first if your new to it but after doing it for a while you can become more tuned into the Spirit. I have fasted for the last three days and I am not hungry at all because God is stilling my appetite. Consuming healthy liquids can help with this. Organic milk/juice/water can help with this. Man does not live on bread alone!!! If you think I’m making all this up for kicks re=read the gospels and you’ll find a part where Jesus’ disciples couldn’t cast out demons because of lack of faith & (that particular demon could only be cast out by prayer and fasting). May the Lord be with you all so you can fight the good fight. Beware who you talk to about this or you may get thrown in a mental hospital. They will never have enough medication for me to make me change my mind about what I saw in the past and what I’ll see in the future. The devil is real and so is God. Keep fighting brothers and sisters. Remember that Jesus is stronger than all demons combined and then some so keep the faith. If we suffer with him were gonna reign with him. Nothing has seized you except that which is common to man.


    • Gary Flynn said


      Thanks for the insight on fasting….In faith, I am pursuing fasting on behalf of my wifes condition of multiple torments.\\


    • Marsha Barnes said


      1 Corinthians 10:13 this is the scripture you quoted and one of the first I memorized. Now read 1 John 15-17 & 1 John 5::4,5
      Also read 1 Peter 5: 6,7,8 Now read Epshsians 6:10-19 and Hebrews 12: 1,2

      Resist satan, he will flee from you.

  41. Max said


    If you are saved there is absolutely no way you can be possessed by a demon. Demons bring
    ideas into your mind while you are awake or while you are dreaming but THEY CAN’T MOLEST
    YOUR BODY SEXUALLY, you have created the idea of this happening to you when it really has
    not because you are actually believing those ideas coming into your mind from them.

    ideas by learning over time to NOT ARGUE within yourself AT ALL with these accusatory
    and tormenting thoughts and ideas. SILENCE YOUR MIND and REFUSE to accept these lies anymore
    as being true, because THEY ARE NOT TRUE, such things are NOT happening to, but you can create
    things in your own mind yourself if you delude yourself deep enough.


    Another thing is when you have a dream in your mind you feel, smell, see, hear but THEY
    ARE ALL CREATED BY YOU IN YOUR MIND, they are not actually happening to you. You can feel
    s_xual things in dreams happening to you, that does NOT mean they are actually occurring in reality.
    Learn over time to distinguish what is real and what is created in your own mind out of fears and
    giving heed to the tormenting thoughts and ideas of demons who are just liars who like
    to bother you if you give them space in your thoughts. BUT YOU HAVE POWER OVER YOUR OWN


    I also have an idea that you are probably reading, watching or listening to other worldly
    outlets which are bringing back these kinds of ideas into your mind, get rid of those things
    as well.

    Proper nutrition can also help your mind.

    I am not even getting into the concept if you are taking any kind of mind altering drugs, hopefully
    you are not on any type of psycotic drugs as such things will deepen yourself into being able
    to be deluded as anyone who is put on certain types of mind altering drugs is more open to
    going along with something “suggested” to them then people who are not intoxicated.

    Stay away from Pentecostal churches and all those sorts of new age types of delusionary
    gospels and those who believe in such twisted viewpoints of Biblical interpretation
    or they may actually be used to keep you in believing these delusions. Find a solid Bible
    based church like a freewill baptist church or otherwise and make friends with the pastor
    and people there you can trust who can be there for you when you feel afraid and need
    someone to comfort you through the tormentive process.

    Remember if you are a true believer what you said was a deception sugggested to you
    by someone or in your thoughts, you do NOT need to accept it as true even if you experienced
    something in a dream or a daydream that you felt in your body. Your mind creates all kinds
    of things in dreams or semi dream states which are not real, and if you combine believing those
    fake dream experiences were real and add to that false doctrines of how you see the experiences,
    then you will continue to allow yourself to be deluded in these lies further.



  42. Ivan

    Because of my own sin I am now re-possessed at the moment and dealing with it.

    You are not repossessed. You are being opressed. The enemy is making you think he dwells in you but he actually has a foothold in the mind which is where we fight the fight of faith.
    Do not listen to him. It all a trick o keep you from moving forward. All that is needed is to ask God for giveness and move forward trusting Hikm, the bible saids resist him a he (will) flee. The word (will) is a guaratee may to the believer.

    God bless.

    P.S. Max is right. You are to oppose the devil and his thoughts brings every thought under subjection to the Holy Spirit’s leading.

  43. forgive my spelling please.

  44. David L. Williams said

    I too believed that a demon and the Holy Spirit could not inhabit a born again Christian….until God showed me my calling. I now see that the churches have missed the truth for ages, and even help the devil in his deceptive wiles. One taught as I had been originally can easily doubt and make fun of those who have experienced casting out demons. Such as telling us we see demons behind every bush, etc;

    The church I attended when God showed me my calling was active in casting out demons, and God put me in the deliverance ministry there. But as time went on, this church was being harrassed by other churches and radio ministries for our teachings. But this church had a revival going on while teaching about demons, and stood fast….for a while.

    When another pastor took over, he began backing off the teachings, due to the outside pressure. The church went into immediate decline. Where before, it was hard to find a seat in the nearly 3,000 seat sanctuary, it dropped to a few hundred attending. Where before, people came from all over the world to attend spiritual warfare conferences, overflowing the sanctuary into other rooms with TVs, now few come from even close by to the milque-toast conferences.

    Our experiences on the deliverance teams showed us that even Christians, ones who were faithful in all their ways, often had demons. If those doubters had been present during those sessions, they would never have spoken a word against demons in Christians. …DavWms

  45. Oppression often appears the same as total possession. The enemy has made a home in a part of the body or soul (or mind)not spirit, of a man or woman who willfully, or unwillfully have given over to lust, sexual sin, drugs etc. The enemy in not in the spirit man where the Holy Spirit comes to dwell when we receive Jesus, but attached to the soulish parts and casting him out is the same as casting him out of someone who has never acceptance the Holy Spirit. He will still say he has premission to be there because the Christian may have fallen into deep unrepentant sin, yet the Holy Spirit still is within. Our sins gives him premission.
    This is why some can be such loving Christians and God still use them mighty, yet there is a evil presence pulling at them from within that must be dwelt with.

  46. David L. Williams said

    Perhaps a couple of examples of Christians who came for help for long ongoing problems would be helpful here. One was an elderly widow, a wonderful pillar for Christ in our church. She had even once been on this same deliverance ministry team. We asked her what the problem was, and she explained she had an inordinate fear at home alone at night. She knew this fear was not proper, and wanted rid of it. Know that when we did deliverance, the Holy Spirit atmosphere was felt.

    As she finished explaining her fear, she slid off her chair onto the floor. There, she slithered around, hissing like a snake. We quickly cast that demon out of her, and she was amazed. She said, “I have cast many demons out of others, and now I find I had one too.” But that was a simple and almost harmless case, which the next example was not.

    We had a spiritual warfare conference, and the invitation was out for ministry to people who had long ongoing problems in their walk with Jesus. A pastor’s wife from an out of state Spirit-filled church asked for help to stop the weird supernatural things going on in her home. As she explained the problem, she mentioned she also often gets horrible headaches, and she had one now.

    I asked her if the headaches ever moved from place to place in her head. She said they did. (Moving pain is a manifestation, and we never went after demons unless they manifested first.) I told her to tell us if it moved during our session. Shortly after, she told us it moved, and I ordered the demon to manifest. It did, and her face contorted and her voice took on a hateful tone.

    Knowing the demon had to answer the truth to our questions in the Presence of the Holy Spirit, I asked the demon’s name. It said, “Deceit!” I asked it how it got in. It told us he convinced her to cheat on a test in grammar school, and she did. It then told her he would always help her look smart. He obviously knew her inferior feelings about knowledge. She agreed to this, and lived with that voice giving her answers ever since, even after she got saved and Spirit-filled.

    We brought the lady back to herself and told her what the demon had told us. She agreed it was accurate. We told her she didn’t need the demon to help her look smart, that she was already smart. She disagreed, and we called the demon forth again and tried to cast it out. No success, as she wanted it there. She told us she needed to look smart for all the congregation at her church.

    This went on for a long time, back and forth between her and the demon. We called in our ministry leader, who also could not cast the demon out. He told us that if she did not want it out, we could not cast it out. We gave up. (Yes, I know there must be a way to get around that, but to this day, I have not found it.)

    Like I said in the previous post, if the non-believers about demons in Christians saw what we saw in MANY cases, they would have no doubt that these were Spirit-filled people with demons in them, too. …DavWms

    • Marsha Barnes said

      I know this is an older note, so hope you see this.
      When I was working with a dear friend to call out her demons, It said to us there, I do not want to come out of her, she wants me to stay. She had two or three bad ones.
      Well I had two powerful Christian’s with me and one of them grabbed her face and said,” You lieing demon, come out in the name of Jesus, you have no power over her, she is child of God and you can not stay, leave, and leave now in the most powerful name in heaven and earth Jesus Christ, you have no choice come out. She was in like a trance and she sudden bolt forward shook violently for a minute or so. Then she exhaled very large and it came out. WE bound it in the Name of Jesus and told it to go to the dry places and not return.. Then we loosed the Holy Spirit to come and minister to her. She blinked her eyes several times and looked at us and said what happened. We told her and she just cried, and said that she felt like something had been taken of her chest. Well it had been.
      But I know how those evil spirits will lie to you, you just have to be ready to call it out. They will tell you, that you do not have the authority, but we do, so don’t let that one bother you,. just go after it.


  47. Everything thing you stated is corrected. and I thank God for you. I’m mirely saying demons attach themselves to the soul releam when a person becomes a believer. He has no access to the spirit of that person.

    You said:

    I asked her if the headaches ever moved from place to place in her head. She said they did. (Moving pain is a manifestation, and we never went after demons unless they manifested first.)

    Notice the pain moves around within the realm body and soul, not spirit because this is the Holy Spirit abode.

    I thank God for you and encourage you to continue in God’s will.

  48. David L. Williams said

    Yes, Patrick, I agree that our spirit is safe thanx to Jesus’ sacrifice. I picture our soul like a round hollow ball in our lower chest. Inside it are 3 smaller balls. One is our emotions, another is our mind, (intellect) and the 3rd is our will, which puts the decisions of the other two to work. In the mix between them is our spirit, which was designed to bring wisdom.

    I look at demonization like this: When we believe (agree with) the Gospel, Jesus’ Spirit enters us. Likewise, when we believe (agree with) a demon, he enters us.

    Most of that happens when we are kids, and have no wisdom. We forget how traumatic our childhood hurts were. Back then when we did not get our way, we brooded about it. This was the opportunity for demons to grab onto.

    Most seem unaware that demons have still small voices, just as God does. Still small voices usually come as thoughts, and our own mind forms them into words. So we think those were our own thoughts. Demons were glad to tell us kids how unworthy we were, to put feelings of rejection in us. Once that was established, they sought to remedy that hurt by giving any of many ways to combat the pain. Anger, jealousy, self-pity, and on and on.

    This formed our personality as we learned to avoid feelings of shame for how bad we think we are. Later, we don’t even know we agreed with demons with those traits for names, and let them in. They stay hidden for the most part, only manifesting when stress allows them to. And we don’t know our traits are from demons. We call it the “flesh.”

    When we get Spirit-filled, we have the opportunity to let God expose these demon traits and replace them with wisdom. But most don’t know that is the purpose, and instead play with their giftings. I think the Bride of Christ will figure this out before the end, and the devil’s lies to Eve in the Garden will rebound on him.

    nuff for now. DavWms

  49. Amen. Its good to have conversation with you concerning the truth. God bless.

  50. David L. Williams said

    It’s my pleasure, Patrick. It is almost impossible to find others to discuss this subject with. Thank God for this forum and its moderators.

    Love, DavWms

  51. Kyle said

    How about real demons. If you have a good two hours watch ALL the vids and begin to recognize that the end time deception is bigger than you think.


  52. Kyle said

    The other site has each set of clips kind of all over the place. This site actually puts them in order. Also, remember to watch ALL of the videos before you start calling me a kook.


  53. Kyle

    No one will call you a kook thats knows these are spirits causing great signs and wonders (ufo’s). In 1990 I studied this with other ministers and we discussed fallen angels and their relationship to the gaints and demons today. This was also a belief of the earth church but was silented under the Catholic church.
    Due partly to their teaching on sex. They frowned on this teaching because how can we they tell men to not have sex when angels fell doing the same.
    You are right on target.

  54. David L. Williams said

    Thanx, Kyle. I don’t have DSL yet, so I cannot watch the videos. But Chuck Missler is a local Bible teacher here in S. Calif., and I get to hear much of his teachings on the radio.

    When Jesus told us there would be signs in the end of days,He mentioned one of them would be signs in the skys. UFOs are signs in the skys.


  55. Kyle said

    Dave, Rev Pat,

    Thanks guys. I really appreciate your responses. Often times it is hard to bring this issue up because many people for some reason just don’t want to go there. This really baffles me because it would seem that Christians would really want to think about just WHAT deception could be SO great to deceive the people to such an extent that they would universally coalesce around a single individual (Antichrist). In fact, the startling truth behind the UFOs is quite eye opening. The first thing that is quite telling is the fact that the Alien Grays always leave the victims messages such as, “we are your progenitors” and “We are here to save mankind”. Also, crop circles oftentimes contain occult symbols. Another thing is that mediums and psychics often describe meeting these Grays while in their trances. Lastly, it is well established that people who have been tormented by these things and who were Christians when they rebuked them in the mighty name of Jesus they fled. In short, after much study on the matter I have come to two conclusions.

    A: These are demonic entities which appear as Aliens to fit our current culture. In other words, in previous times say 1800s and earlier prior to our technology boom demons would appear as pixies, elves, and gnomes which were common folklore during that day. Likewise they would appear as dragons and beasts prior to that time during the middle ages because of the cultural norms during that day. In essence demons merely manifest themselves relative to the culture and time all with the intent of deception.

    B: These Aliens (Demons) are waiting for the ideal moment in history when the world is in utter chaos up to and including a nuclear exchange and a global depression where by they appear at just the right time to save us from ourselves thus the “great deception”. They in essence would refute all religious dominance, make mankind feel part of something bigger, and would bring the world in a common agreement.


    P.S. Dave find someone with DSL or higher and watch these vids. A real eye opener.

  56. Kyle said

    Dave, Rev Pat,

    Let me give you my own testimony. I grew up Roman Catholic. During my time as a child I really wanted to have a personal relationship with “God” if you will. I knew nothing about him other than what I was taught in the Catholic Church which was limited and often times errant. However, by God’s grace as a teenager I started a job at a fast food joint. It just so happened that a bunch of guys from a Baptist college worked there also during their semester break. I can remember these guys talking about Christ and God and the bible. I was interested because as I stated earlier I really wanted a relationship with God. Needless to say as time went on they went their way back to college and I too went on to work somewhere else. A few years had passed and now I was 19 years old. I was still unsaved but nonetheless my desire to know God was still there. Then IT happened. On one occasion I was driving from my job across an arterial highway which connected one town to another. after crossing the bridge I suddenly felt an IMMENSE feeling of sadness where I began to cry. I felt ashamed and filthy. I started to repent of my sins and ask Jesus to save me. Soon after that I felt a sudden rush enter my body. I could literally feel the whole weight of the world come off my shoulders. I felt truly free. I was forgiven and I knew it. I was born again. The event was so monumental I had to pull off the side of the road just to take it all in. I pulled over, got out of my car, and I fully realized what happened. I was a new creature. I was saved, sanctified and filled. Since then I have NEVER felt anything as intense as the moment I was first saved.

    But now to the topic at hand.

    I didn’t tell anyone at first, I was just relishing in the moment. I can remember going to bed that night praising God for what he had done. However, satan didn’t like the idea. On that night after I was first saved I can remember my body being in a frozen like state yet I was cognitive of my surroundings (don’t confuse this with common sleep paralysis it was not – read on) I suddenly felt as if my body was being lifted off my bed and I was surrounded by what seemed to be hundreds of voices speaking unintelligibly. I knew it was demonic. However, I immediately rebuked them in the name of Jesus multiple times and I could feel my body lower back down and the voices disappeared. This happened for three consecutive nights in total. Since then I have never had that happen again. I can truly attest to demonic “oppression”.

    In some ways this mimics the Alien abductions. People are usually paralyzed yet cognitive. They also are lifted up albeit to a mothership. They also are telepathically spoke to by these beings. Now don’t get me wrong I didn’t see greys nor was I taken somewhere else. However, the parallel between demonic oppression and an Alien abduction were similar.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      My name is Marsha Barnes, go down and read some the information I have left for people. Are you a Christian?
      If I can be of help let me know. I have work for Deliverance Ministry for 30 years.
      Marsha Barnes

  57. Kyle

    Awesome. Thanks!

  58. David L. Williams said

    Kyle, that was interesting, thank you. I knew a gal who had a nite time visitation from “aliens.” That included a saucer shaped ship landing near her home, and the aliens came in and walked around her paralyzed body, making comments about her. Knowing her, I have no reason to doubt her experience.

    Back around 1950, we looked up at the contrail behind a B-36 flying over. Small white discs kept darting in and out of the contrail, stopping and going suddenly as if playing.

    My personal experiences with demons came mostly in helping others get delivered from them. My older brother, who delved into the mystic as a child lost friends later in life because the friends saw a demon visibly manifest around him.

    There is a lot more to be learned about the spiritual world, and I don’t want my eyes to be closed to learning truths. DavWms

  59. Kyle

    They are one in the same but satan tries to give them different meanings. He is a master at turning truth into lies.
    All of the strange sightings, alein visits, crop circles are meant to draw men away from God, by using man’s desire to gain knowledge, (knowing good and evil) which fell on him at the fall in the garden. With this knowledge came a strong desire to fill the spiritual void in his life.
    So now man is always been drawn to spiritual things, so he will go to examine and find himself in trouble..

  60. Arthur said

    The teachings of Derek Prince and others is both troubling and deceptive. I can find no Scriptural support for the claim that Christians can “have” demons and therefore need to have the “expelled.” I have read many books on the subject and find that usually the Bible is being ripped out of context. Scripture taken out of context does not lead to God’s truth, and too many in the “deliverance” ministry seem to forget this.

  61. Vanessa F. said

    I think one of the ways to talk to people who don’t believe in GOD, is to talk to them on a science level, did you not know that it is one of man’s proven theories of law, The law of conservation of energy states that, Matter is never destroyed, it can only change it’s form, So when you die you don’t really die, you just die in this form, but you-like matter, you is a form of matter, with your molecules packed really tightly together, You do matter? and like other animals, and creatures, who are also matter,packed tightly together, and whose bodies have a certain defined way of being organized and systemized. So do us human, we rarely walk around on all fours like lions, or tigers, and if we did we would be considered abnormal, compared to the normally defined human. So again, being a science major and also being a christian first has opened up my understanding alot of things, like how demons could exist. I had a car accident last year, before I crashed, a demon flew in front of me, I was startled and then somehow knew some impending danger was about to occur even though I did’nt see it, I knew from the presence of this almost half dead looking creature that flew in front of me, that someone actually did perform some kind of black magic, which involved me seeing it before I crashed. Anyway, GOD saved my life and I enjoy walking closely with him every day,I also see everything alot differently than I did before my car accident so again, My Lord,worked things out for my good, because I am called according to his purpose and because he has wrote his laws upon my heart like he promised and I love him, as a result. It’s all his fault I love him, so much. I’ve also learned to give him all the Glory.

  62. vinnie said

    (8oct. 2008 im a son oF GOD, i can t believe how GOD IS showing his GLORY on me.
    when i pray for certain people, for instance ministers of GOD: the holy spirit showed
    me .a pastor was sitting at the chair,i was behind of him,when i ve touched his back,
    he didn t turn around and look who i was,but a the face of an horrible demon looked
    at me,at first i was afraid then i thought, it s not my problem. the pastor of our church, through the holy spirit i saw that he was in the air and one arm from above
    was pulling him toward the sky and the other arm from underneath was pulling toward
    the ground. today we visited a brother from another church, so we prayed,i saw a pitbull on his back with a big collar, the dog was very aggressive. i wunder what is goin on lately,the more i reach for GOD the more i see demons around me. i m not afraid, because im protected from jahveh, alleluja. please explain to me GOD BLESS YUO

  63. It is called discernment. The gift of discerning spirits is the ability to determine whether or not a message, person, or event is truly from God. Be careful and draw close to God because the enemy will seek to counterfeit this gift. If he does you will find yourself focusing more on the gift then the giver of the gift.

    A special warning to you: You must have strong knowledge of the Scriptures to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit. Other spirits can attempt to counterfeit the Holy Spirit–Be sure you are not fooled. A counterfeit spirit will strongly force a statement. It will not have any regard for the laws in the Bible. It does not mention Jesus Christ.

    The Gifts of the Holy Spirit should be used in the body of the church. The gifts are to make the church stronger by direct communication through the Holy Spirit. Another word of warning: Many of the gifts of the Holy Spirit can counterfeited by spiritualism. The gift of prophecy and tongues and interpretation of tongues is very different than a channeling experience of a spiritualist. Be sure you are solidly grounded to a church with experienced spiritual leaders. All gifts must be measured for validity by the Bible.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Reverend Patrick Williams,

      Hi, I am Marsha Barnes, and I have known the gifts that the Lord gave me, that of discernment, wisdom and understanding. The Lord lead me to the Deliverance Ministries several years ago. Yes, Christians can have demons in them that they have opened the door to by watching evil movies and reading demonic books. The ministry that the Lord has had me doing has mainly been with Christians being oppressed by evil spirits. I do know this, Chrisitian’s can not be possed, but they can be oppressed. I work with a team of very strong Christian’s that have been trained in spiritual warfare in a class I taught at our church. Now don’t be amazed, but I attend a Southern Baptist Church. My pastor knows how the Lord uses my husband and I and prays for us when we are going out to do the Lord work to set people free.
      My husband has been teaching for 29 years in this church and I was inrolled in Sunday School when I was 1 month old here in this same church. I am now 62 and accepted Jesus Christ as my Savior when I was only 8 years old. Our church is over 125 years old now. My grandparent attended here and my parents. I have two children that are still here also. My oldest Son Preaches at a Truck Stop Trialer off the Interstate on Sunday mornings. When he was called to preach the Lord told me also. I was putting on makeup and my son was ironing his shirt for Sunday. The Lord spoke and told me that ” I am calling your son and my son to be my preacher” and I was stricten and said Lord what did you says. He said it again, I am calling your son and my son to be my preacher. I walked into the kitchen where he was ironing, and said, Son the Lord just told me something, what are you thinking about. He said, mom what did He tell you? I said, no you tell me what He is telling you. My son said mom just tell me. So I did and as I told him. he started to cry and said yes mom that is what He is telling me. He surrended to the ministry, and told our pastor that is was like a burning in his bone to tell the people about Jesus. Reverend, I felt so blessed, because the Lord told me and confirmed it for me.

      Marsha Barnes

      • Elder J said

        Wow, that’s a powerful testimony Marsha,…I would like you to contact me about some things
        I am presently facing, it may be more than I can handle or maybe I’m not understanding some things correctly.
        reach me at:

        Elder J

        • Marsha Barnes said

          Hi Elder J,

          How can I be of help, I am here to serve the Lord Jesus Christ and help his people with the knowledge He has given me.


  64. vinnie said

    thank you,waiting

  65. vinnie said

    hi, it s me vinnie.
    thank you for the answer, i ll stay cloSE TO GOD:
    in march 30,2008. i had a spettacular vision.
    in my sleep ,i had a vision, it was like a movie screen, .
    the vision was a real vision,i was on a mountain without green no trees just a big gigantic rock by the color o terracotta,the underground was lighted with a spiritual light, the vision was in a perfect color.
    i was in the middle of the mountain watching the big rocks from the peack rolling down,
    and before the gigantic rock passed my face transformed itself in a pillar,the caracteristicks of the pillars they were quare,with rounded edges.
    ones the first pillar had furrowed the ground, other pillars came along forming
    a first row of 30 pillars .suddenly the whole field was occupied from the gigantic pillars, each of them had a design in the middle of it.the last pillar stopped in front of my face , they were 10 feet tall ive looked at it and suddenly got in line with the others . afterward, the debrises from the pillars were falling down in a black see, just like abiss. this is not a film,it s my dream, in fact in the church
    they looked at me with envy, .. when i woke up in the next day i was so happy that OOUR GOD CHOOSED ME FOR THIS VISIONN ALLELUJA: THANK YUO:

  66. D. Williams said

    Hi Vinnie

    I’d just like to say the following. When man to given dreams and visions the following must be considered.
    A dream needs interpation. This gift is given by the Holy Ghost. Joseph was given this ability, but many don’t have it. A vision however does not need it, because God will show the person He is dealing with what the meaning is.

    Question: When you awake did you know the meaning? Was it in your heart already what God was saying to you? If the answer is yes then you do not, and must not seek out others to confirm what He has placed in you. Doing so will give the enemy room to steer you off course.
    I pray you will be open to what God has shown you. God bless.

  67. vinnie said

    thank you for the great answer.
    is it ok if i can keep in contact with you.

  68. Kevin said

    I’ve just spent hours wading through all of this, including watching that bizarre video. I don’t doubt anyone’s sincerity but for me it just shows the terrible dangers associated with the doctrine of Sola Scriptura.
    Surely, it must be obvious to any rational being that any attempt to make a personal investigation of Scripture is just that – Personal. We all bring to the task our own unique set of prejudices, social conditioning, hopes and fears and instead of the Truth end up with distortion, as light passing through a fractured prism.
    Why else are there over 33,000 different denominations, all claiming their own unique interpretation of the Word of God as the Truth? God is Absolute, he is not Relative.

  69. vinnie said

    hallo my name is vincent from stuttgart germany. im a cristian.
    do not fall in the trap of the evil, we can t say my church is better then your church.
    or my pastor has more power then yours.. don t let others lay hands on you unless
    you know the person. instead worring about casting devils, try to live like our
    jesus lived, let your spiritual eyes discern the good and the bad.
    when from your mouth comes out words of God, and your soul lives in the darkness ,we have a problem. donate your life to God,and we ll see his glory.

    live with a passion of christ and do the things that He tels you to do.

    we don t live all in Christ. whatch your finance,give it to the poor.the treasures are full, and the people are lost. Ill pray for the people who are lost in Christ
    please jesus take care of them. bless them, wash them with your blood.. thank you my Jesus. danke, thank you. grazie. amen

  70. BEN said

    I am from South Africa.45 years aof age and came to the Lord at a school leavers camp back in 1981.At that camp i became born again.My parents told me recently,and i did not knew it then,that on my return from the camp,when i enterd the backdoor of the house my mother said she looked at me,and she saw that i was different.She also told me that she went to my dad and told him that i found the Lord.My dad also told me just recently that when i came out the house,i came to sit next to him without talking to him,but he said he became aware of something , he cannot put a name to it,but he sensed in his spirit the presence of something,but he did not know what,he felt weak and as he want to cry.I now know that it was the presence of God’s spirit in me,that he as a non believer “sensed”.shortly after that say six months,i began backsliding as my church did not teach on the holy spirit and was not pentecostal.I backslided for 22 years and there was not a thing i did not try.About six years ago i came back to the Lord.He accepted me back.that is grace and love as filthy as i was he welcomed me and cleansed me by his holy spirit and the blood of Jesus.I had three habits that still hold me back,smoking,agressiveness,and some private morning at 1/2 past 1 i left a friend in christs house and on my way back to my house ,i asked God to deliver me from smoking.I had a hard time stopping but would always go back to the shop and buy loose cigarettes.i threw my cigarettes out the window of the car and told God that i give it to Him as a sacrifice.I now know that God does not take such sacrifices,but,God saw my heart and my intention is to have a closer walk with Him and to get rid of sin.Immediately i felt a scratching irritating in my throat and i started couching.Confulsions started in my stomach and a pressure was building up in my head.My eyes started watering very badly and i cough badly.Mukus and slime started filling up in my mouth and i pulled the vechile on the side of the road and spitted out the stuff.This happened a couple of times and it went on for about twenty minutes.Eventually it stopped and I was exhausted,my throat was sore and my stomach muscles was very sore.I wiped the tears from my eyes and said.God,what happened now?and the holy spirit said to me,You asked God to deliver you from smoking and He did.IT is now 5-6 years and i cannot stand the smell of cigarettes.It is an spirit of addiction and it controls your life and tell you when to smoke and not to smoke.
    You become grumpy if you cannot smoke.I have been smoking for 22 years and my lungs was also cleansed.I am healhthy and fit.I still can testify about a lot of things but will take up too much space.shalom.Praise God who is able to be in control of everysituation possible and always victorious.Remenber,it is all about your heart for God.God wants your heart and he wants to 100%lives in it by his Holy Spirit.A heart of flesh he gives you and then come to live in it.Glory to Him,my FATHER!!!!

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Ben, you were not only delivered from satan’s hold on you, you were vomiting out the demons that had a strong hold on you at the time. Praise God, you found obediance and continue to serve the Lord. I have seen this first hand when working with people, God is the amazing healer and please stay with and around God’s people. God Bless you Ben,

  71. BEN said

    I forgot to mention,my whole family are saved,parents,brothers,wife,kids,etc,etc,as promised by God.

  72. The Prodigal Son said

    Dear Kate, ~~~ For one who proffesses to hate God… you sure spend a lot of time here ! ~~~~~ Anyhow, re: your posting to Patrick of the article you had on your computer, spinning a tale of how the Bible grew out of heathen Canaanite beleifs… is totally ridiculous ! Let me get this straight – according to that article (& apparently you too) if the ancient Canaanites used the word God(s) AND the Old Testament also uses the word God(s), then therefore there is no God ? ~~~ First, the word we (english speaking) use as ‘God’ in the Holy Bible – is from the Hebrew ‘Elohim’. The word Elohim is in fact the plural form of the word ‘Eloah’ (found in Deuteronomy 32:15-17 and Habakkuk 3:3, etc)… but the singular form appears in the O.T. only 250 times… while the plural Elohim is used over 2,500 times… (signifying Tri-unity).

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Prodigal’s Son,

      My name is Marsha, on the name Elohim, yes it is a plural word. It stands for the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, known as the Trinity.


  73. The Prodigal Son said

    … (Kate)… So you see – even IF the Canaanites used the same word… the word means God ! Just because they used the word God doesn’t mean it was the same God. Even the Luciferians (freemasons) and Satanists use the word God ! Oh, yes ! (look at a U.S. 1 dollar bill !) ~~~ I’ll answer your last question – “What other Gods are there ?” – by directly quoting scripture… (if you really have read the Bible more than once… maybe you’re reading too fast ?)

  74. The Prodigal Son said

    … “… But even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled to those who are perishing, whose minds the god of this age has blinded, who do not beleive, lest the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine on them.”… ~~~ Please notice the lower case ‘g’ in the first mention of this mystery ‘god’. (remember, Jesus’ Kingdom is not here – YET !) ~~~ Hope this helps you to realize the promise in John 8:32 because right now I fear you are perishing…

    • Josh said

      …..? .Do you know what is God`s Kingdom like?
      Can you please explain what do you think it is….I don`t mean to insult you but rather I want to know what makes you think that way.But first what do you think the Kingdom of God is?{in your opinion}

  75. PT said

    i used to not believe this, or rather i believed it but didn’t think it was a major problem but i now “see” otherwise. i suffer from depression, it’s probably not demonic, it’s probably chemical. however, we know that the devil will attack us in our weak places. here’s an example. if you hate alcohol, like me, i could probably never be an alcoholic. the stuff just tastes so vile, it always has. if i drink beer, i’ll throw up and not get drunk. the couple times i got drunk off hard alcohol, well, it was very tasty mixed drinks anyways, and my “drunkenness” which supposedly is a light headed euphoric time, not for me! i was so physically ill during the time i was drunk. being drunk was like being on a tilt a whirl — oh, thanks to inner ear issues, i HATE going on carnival rides and rollercoasters, i can barely tolerate the merry go round. and then i puked for three days, was deeply depressed, was horribly dehydrated, and it took me a full week to recover from being drunk. so, the devil will probably not tempt me with alcohol. fatty, salty, sugary, process foods — that’s another matter. i’m tempted by those. i want to be healthy and in shape. and then i get depressed and want to throw it all away and i go and sabotage myself — i defile this temple of the holy spirit not with alcohol but with potato chips and chocolate and candy and sodas. i have friends who just don’t “get” sugar and binge eating. they honestly don’t understand the concept of binge eating.

    oh, i’m wordy by the way.

    my point is, i knew previously that satan will trick and tempt and lie to us. some things are easier for some people and some things are easier for others. i can’t be around smokers, i will get violently ill. so i don’t think i’m going to have a problem with smoking either.

    but my therapist, a wonderful godly man, i started going to after it became obvious that no antidepressant would ever cure my depression. some people i know that these antidepressants are miracles. they work for these people without horrible side effects, and they can function. most of my friends and colleages, and even my doctors, now believe and see the evidence that antidepressants aren’t miracle drugs. they don’t work nearly as often as the pharmco rackets say. big pharm can do much good, but it can do much evil — like addicting a whole generation of americans to pills they don’t really need. and the withdrawal effects of antidepressants can literally cause you to kill yourself. i got off them, and while i still am depressed, i don’t consider that i suffer from depression anymore. maybe i do.

    i’m getting to my point about evil spirits…

    but i learned that the only way to “get over” grief is to grieve. it’s ok to cry yourself to sleep for five years if you’re in your 40s and were sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically abused your whole childhood and you destroyed your good productive years running from a monster you could never get away from, no matter how many legal or illegal drugs you tried, no matter how much sex you had, no matter how many friendships, relationships you chased, and even no matter how much you prayed. sometimes, you can only just lay down and cry. i have discovered that grieving, heaving so hard you think you can’t breathe because of your grief, rage, anger, hurt — that’s actually a prayer. there are prayers that we say that we don’t have words for. people with much more limited vocabularies than me say much more profound prayers than i ever could. we pray with our spirit, and usually though not always, those prayers can be expressed in words. but i have found that often, even human words can’t say our prayers. i think there is the verse about the holy spirit interceding for us in groans. hey, if the holy spirit groans without words, then how can i even come up with words sufficient enough to explain to sovereign god the unexplainable!!!!

    so my therapist taught me that you are going to have to cry, and hurt, and let christ go through this with you. christ can and will lift you out of it. but often christ will rather go through it with us, to bear our pain with us, to let us know that this life really does hurt and it really is hard, and he didn’t have it that easy either, and he was abandoned, violated, murdered, so he really honestly knows how we feel, and maybe he would rather hug us and hold our hand and cry with us than just snap his fingers and magically make everything better. christ wants ****relationships**** with us. not this detached magic santa claus relationship.

    now i am to the part about demons. as i was going off the antidepressants, i had real live hallucinations. i was still cognizant that these were hallucinations. i’ve never really had them before. but i could see and hear these “things” and i knew in my “good” brain that they were just withdrawal effects just like the vomiting and headaches and rebound depression. i have the blues from a bad day, they belong to ME, see. and i also have depression, those tears belong to the monster depression. and i also had rebound depression, which was not mine nor my depressions, it was just a bad reaction to going off antidepressants. it was like me being so physically ill from being drunk that time. it took longer than a week — it took six months to get past all that. now, i am able to have a bad day, and it’s not depression, but a bad day. i can be hurt at being betrayed or lied to — and it’s hurt not depression. i can be angry because i have made a mistake and messed up my life — and that’s not depression. i can also have joy and peace and not be terrified because what if i am bipolar and this is a manic episode? i can have good days and bad days, and even can have boring normal days when not much happens and i just go to work and walk briskly and eat and read the bible without all these revelations, just a nice boring calm everyday day.

    on to demons…

    while i was having those withdrawal hallucinations, i also was having ‘other’ hallucinations. i heard and felt and smelled and saw shapes in the hallway of my entry. i had just started going to counseling. my counsellor from testing me and giving me all these questionnaires, he felt that perhaps i had the gift to discern spirits. now, he changed the wording! i had always thought i had a gift of a discerning spirit, as if i could tell if someone was lying or telling the truth. sometimes i can. i can see patterns that others can’t. i can deduce and come to conclusions and it’s very mathematical acutally. i don’t know how to explain it, but i can see spiritual, emotional, and mental things but using a mathematical framework. i just see these patterns. that’s all great actually and i have finally learned that it is a gift and god doesn’t give us gifts for us to waste and not use.

    but what the counsellor said was i seemed to have the gift of discerning spirits — i could sense other spirits, non human entities. this place i moved into, i knew in my heart it was where i should be. i am only alive this far along in my life because at certain seemingly minor junctures in my life, i would sense that i should go this way or that. i never put it all together but the LORD leads us, and he has led me without me knowing it. in fact, it’s usually better for me if i don’t know it at the time because then i won’t mess up a blessing he is trying to give me. i can really sabotage things well, that’s another one of my talents.

    but i was seeing things, and i knew when i was hallucinating, and i knew when i wasn’t. i finally told the counsellor that i’ve had these ‘feelings’ all my life at various points. i have seen and felt demonic and good forces. this sounds so corny coming from me, i would call you a crazy jesus freak if you told me what i’m about to say, but this one grocery chain, i always do better if i go to this one location than the other location. i can “discern” spiritual places. it often has to do with springs of water. i have this odd ability (this is humor) to always get good parking. i also have this odd ability (not humor) to be able to find springs. in the woods i can go one way or the other, when hiking. i usually go the way and find a spring. my pop moved out into the country and for some reason, the most peaceful place on his property, i found out was right by a spring. and it’s a big un too, feeds into a river. it’s so peaceful.

    so back to discerning spirits. i can discern spirits. i can tell if there is an evil sprit there sometimes. often times. i can be driving and get this huge impenetrable black mountain of dread telling me to take this other way home. we all get these sometimes, but i seem to get them more often.

    so while i knew this place i am living was for now where i should be (many times, god puts you where you should be now. but where he puts you now, it will save your life right now, but it’s not where you will end up. at some point, often it will later become the one place you should not be). so i moved in and these beings were touching me, i was afraid to opoen my eyes. i could hear them. they were congregating in the entry hall. they would run into my room and accuse me and even touch me. and they knew i was scared so they tried to scare me.

    it took a week but after i told my counsellor, he said, get your bible and put it out on your nightstand. and i unpacked my bible and did so. he said, get where you can turn your night light on and read your bible whenever they do that. and read it out loud — they HATE to hear the gospel. and also, go and pray them out of the house. go through every room, every doorway, and evict them from every room, at every doorway, and get up to the front door, and pray them out the door. i did so, and one night, i turned on the light and opened my eyes because christ was my savior and the worst they could do was the best that could ever happen — they could kill me and then i’m in heaven and they no longer have this soul to taunt and tease and terrify. so i opened my eyes, i actually saw shadows and shapes. and i knew this was not the antidepressant withdrawal shapes i saw and heard. this was something not in my own head, it was out there in the hallway. i cannot tell you how i know the difference, but i just did know the difference. the hallucinations were coming from inside my broken and ill mind. the visions were coming from the hallway, from outside me, towards me. i got up and got my bible and walked right towards them, prayed them out of my bedroom, and prayed them out the front door. i said, whoever is in here i belong to jesus christ. you can tell me i am a sinner and am going to hell, and i can tell you that yes i am a sinner but i believe in christ, i believe he rose from the dead, and i testify that christ rose from the dead, and that anybody in this house that disagrees must leave and not come back.

    it took a week or so, but they left.

    i have discovered that a saved person can (it’s not uncommon) be afflicted by demonic forces. they aren’t possessing you but they sure are smacking you around. for me it feels like they bite me and won’t let go, like a pit bull. it drags me down and makes me feel spiritually heavy. it’s hard to shake them off and it takes lots of practice and trying not to get into trouble. staying out of places i should stay out of. and listening to god. some days, it’s god’s will for me to do nothing other than get out of the house and go to the beautiful urban park and walk down the sunny trails or ride my bike. a few times, i’ve been told (strongly felt) to not go there. there have been times in my life i have taken a different route home and somebody had been murdered or beaten right where i would have been driving.

    i thought my old pentecostal great grandmother was crazy. well, she was kind of nutty — we’re all nuts, we’re not boring to say the least. but she prayed out evil spirits, and she prayed away her headaches! i get these migranes, and aspirin won’t work, tylenol won’t work, even prescribed narcotics won’t work sometimes. and i can pray them out and in 30 seconds they are gone. WOW. i never believed that. well i did believe it. i do not put a single thing past god. if god can create this universe, if christ can raise from the dead, i mean, if something can come from nothing, and if life can come from death, then what’s one guy’s migrane? it is uncanny and amazing and almost unbelievable.

    so i have started looking at life from a slightly different perspective. i used to think that if i tripped and fell on my face, it was just an accident. or god’s sense of humor — because hey, i’m not graceful and i can’t ever just fall down, it is always this giant, slow-motion sprawl that rivals anything charlie chaplin or the three stooges or bugs bunny could ever do. but i have started realizing that sometimes, not every time, only rarely, but on rare occasions, a demonic force will trip me. literally, and metaphorically.

    demons are out there. god is real, christ is real (and risen by the way, which is a great weapon for us, to explain how christ rose from the dead, explain it out into the thin air, and the beings in thin air will get disgusted and leave!), and also sadly, satan is real and his demons are real.

    i do no suggest going up against them yourself. only do it clothed in god’s armor. the best way is to read the bible OUT LOUD so they can hear you. find the most uncomfortable bible verses (to them) especially about jesus raising from the dead, and verses about how christ is god, and the divinity of christ, and the sovereignty of god. also, verses telling explicitly how and in what ways god is utterly, completely good, his mercy towards us sinners, that really makes them uncomfortable. they know we are sinners and can point it out to you much better than you could. but they don’t do it for the same reason the holy spirit points out your sin. the holy spirit points out your sin to get you to clean it out of your life, he does it out of love for you, so you are clean — you know how icky you feel if you don’t have a bath for a week! the demons, they do it to accuse you and bring you down. they may speak the truth even — sometimes the truth is worse than the lie. but they do not have good intentions for you. they tell you the truth that you did this or that, because you are going to hell — that’s what they tell you. they tell you to just give up and give in. you’re going to hell anyways so why try. sure you’re going to burn forever, so you might as well have things your own way for just this one little blip in eternity.

    the holy spirit is the other way around. he says, hey, you shouldn’t be doing this. you should repent and let me clean you and fix you back up. don’t you know you are the vessel for me to live in and abide in? don’t you know you are created to reflect god’s glory? hey, come and let’s work through this, and let me help you clean up and get a little bit more pure — small steps, we can do it all, but it’s going to take some time, and it might hurt a bit, and it might hurt a lot. but we will get there. trust me, i am the holy spirit of god — i will not let you down, i will not leave you, i will heal you and fix you. all you have to do is take that one tiny step. all you have to do is to entertain that slightest thought that maybe god is worthy of your trust, come on, just give me one thing to work with, let me prove it to you again and again how much i loveyou, how beloved you are, how special you are. don’t you know that you have the ability to reflect god’s glory? don’t you know that one of these days after you leave this earth you will be able to withstand god’s light pouring through you?

    that’s the holy spirit, and he wants those demons to get off your back (literally) so he can work on turning a clay pot into a golden palace fit for the king of the entire creation and universe to come live in forever.

    that’s what we ought to try for — our god, our holy spirit, our beloved christ who saves us — they deserve more than some dirty place in the corner to come and dwell. they deserve the most splendid palace. that’s what’s going on with you here. you are going to be a palace, not a shack. and trust me, it’s going to be painful in this life. all that renovation and building and hammering and nailing and refinement by fire — god is worthy of only the finest gold, and the finest gold only comes about from being refined in the fire over and over. so let’s get rid of those demons and get on with the business of palace building.

    hey — there was a reason christ was a carpenter by trade while on this earth!!!!! and you are that reason!!!!

  76. Rob said

    This was some interesting reading, and the topic of demonic influence is something that you don’t often hear much of spoken from the pulpit, yet this is something that all believers must be aware of and on guard against. I’ve recently read some of Wayne Grudem’s comments on this topic, and it was a good reminder to me personally that our battle is not a physical one but spiritual.

  77. The correct question is where do demons get their power from?

    Read the article on our site next week in our next newsletter.

    Yours in Grace

  78. Dorian Saunders said

    The Lord Jesus Christ is the head of ALL principality and power. (Colossians 2:10)

  79. jaredstein said

    “The demon of smoking addiction comes out with a cough or gasp.”


  80. monica said


    • Marsha Barnes said

      First Monica are you a Christian? If so, they have no power over you, so rebuke the spirit of fear and tell him to go walk the dry places.

      That is how satan works, through fear. so don’t fear him if you are a Christian.

      You are a child of God, now look up Ephesians 6: 10-20, It tells of the whole armor of God. Pick up your bible and read it, Trust the Lord Jesus Christ and don’t let fear come over you.

      It is the oldest trick satan uses to scare people with. Now pray and plead the “blood of Jesus to be around you for protection” He will protect you. “Rebuke them in the Name of Jesus Christ.”

      Then read the bible on a regular basis, and the Lord will bless and keep you from all harm.
      Sincerely in the Love of Christ Jesus,
      Marsha Barnes



    • Josh said

      Wayne Hilliard,
      Do be sure of what you said,….I am not clear of what are you trying to say. Adam and Eve sinned, seperated us from God and bringing death to all humanity. The only way back to God is through the death and RESURECTION OF Jesus CHRIST.
      You said that Satan is Christ… what does that suppose to mean.Yes, I do know is that the cross is NOT to be worshiped and focused on but not Satan is Christ.
      Is that what you mean?

    • Marsha Barnes said

      I feel you have been deceived. Read the whole Holy Bible before you start trying to infuence people for satan.


    • Marsha Barnes said


      Get the Bible, read in the New Testatment, Revelation Chapter 20:1-15, satan has already been judged, he is just trying to take more with him.
      The Bible says to resist the devil and he will flee from you. satan is here for this alone, to kill, steal and destroy.
      Rebuke him in the name of Jesus, he has to go.



  82. Suliman Cassimjee said

    With respects,
    Suliman Cassimjee.

  83. something has been happening to me lately that I do not understand. Gradualy my powers of empathy have become much stronger over the last month until now I can actually feel anothers life force from some distance. A friend called in histerics last night saying her boyfriend was being chased by demons. I took her to get him and even before we were in within eye reach my hands started to feel the energy. By the time he got into my truck my hand was throbbing with power through the wrist.
    It took several hours to calm the man. While we spoke I prayed to god for the words to say that would let him drop his guard to me and while we were talking some deomons confronted us. Upon instinct and hopefully good heavenly advice I used an aspect of my newfound ability to “suck up and contain” the entity. Also on instict I dug a hole and using a piece of wood attemted to bind the entity into said wood and buried it reversing the mental process I used to absorb it if that makes sence.
    I thought I had helped the man and that was it. I was hoping because the power of the entity I had caught was overwhelming. Without my continued pray to the lord our father for strength,wisdom,clarity, and protection from evil I have no doubt that entity would have ravaged my soul.
    A little later my entire body went numb with an energy as I stood next to this young man. We made eye contact and I didnt even have to raise my hand to sence a more powerful entity in our presence. It had been hiding, listening to our conversation and watching my actions. Almost mocking me it appeared onto my new friends arm with an evil smirk. I begged him to let go of it and let me take it but he refused claiming it was his battle and his strength. I figured that was the entity distorting his thoughts. When he went to bed I stood at the wall that seperated us and concentrated on the image of the entity and proceeded to draw it in to me but in the process I drew in other things that have been harrassing me as well.
    I had absorbed so much I couldn’t even close my hand and faces began appearing everywhere on my arms with a very large angry one directly on the center of my palm. This was the largest, most powerful evil entity I had ever felt and it almost floored me. I jumped in my truck and went to the river where I tried to expel it like I had done before but it took and hour and a half of fighting it and praying for my soul to our good lord before I was able to accomplish it.
    The problem for me is not the fact that these things have started to happen to me, I’ve known god wanted something from me when he wouldn’t let me kill myself by making every bullet I pointed at my head missfire. My problem is control. I feel like a child with a machine gun right now and I have no idea how to close the door that has been opened so things can’t sneak in which I am noticing is happening regularily. I am running out of wood that I can touch to imprison these things.
    I need a teacher, someone who can work with me hands on and explain what is happening to me. I know whatever faith issues I had at one point in time are completely gone and my faith is the strongest it has ever been. I continue to pray for guidance and I do not feel alone in this matter I just need some details that can’t be communicated by way of empathic feelings.
    More things have happened, satan has actually shown himself to me in a fire I was taking pics of and I have several that erased any question of doubt and immediately caused me to drop to my knees and pray for forgiveness of my sins and protectio9n from evil. I feel the battle for my soul being fought around me constantly. We are in the apex of the transition and I am hoping someone out there can help me hone my ability and fill in the gaps only years of research can accomplish as I do not feel we have years left for me to learn these things on my own.
    I am giving confession tomorow for the first time in over a decade and possibly getting baptised again. I still have a few entities inside of me that I need to get rid of and I am hoping these actions will help concrete my soul from penetration.
    If you read this and you cannot help all I ask is that you pray for all of us to have continued strength and wisdom in the upcoming years. Things are about to get worse in a hurry and the time for preperation is upon us.
    Take care and may God be with you everystep of the way as he has shown me he is with me.

    • Gary Flynn said


      Read back through this sites postings (near the top) above and there are qualified ministers/ministries who specifically deal in these matters, links, numbers etc to contact them.

      If you live near Niagara Falls Canada/U.S., there are special ministries on both sides of the border that agressively address these demonic issues.


    • Tesh said

      Hi Larry, I have had similar experiences at night, strong presence overpowering me and what it feels like is that I am fighting for my soul. It was many years ago, and since then I haven’t experienced them so close – but I can now identify them from afar, and also help people who are blinded in rage and violence. During my hardest times, I heard a small voice say to me ‘say I rebuke you in the name of the Lord’ …so in the middle of my fighting, I said it.” I rebuke you in the name of the Lord” then nothing happened…but the quiet voice said ” you cant just say it, you have to believe it’ .. so I said it with all I had, and everything vanished. From that time on, I could then sense it arriving at my house, and I would mentally pick up a fighting stick and say “Right!! I’m going to fight you” …then it would back off from the house.
      This happened about a year or two after my baptism, when I was living alone. I was reading the bible alot, studying it.
      Larry, its a strange thing – this soul grabbing business, and many many people believe it had to do with my spiritual growth (or lack of) – perhaps they are right. Nevertheless, there are also many many people who struggle with ‘demon visits’ – not realising they are demons I guess. I saw many things as a child, and even after ridding them in the name of the Lord, experienced a deceiving spirit present itself as a little boy growing bigger and bigger (I was ignoring it…)until it was a raging power that would flee from me I remember seeing the spirit run from me and the other person shake with fear – and I would insist ” Do not fear it, it feeds off fear”…and after a week or two, it jumped into that person who was extremely fearful of it. This caused many problems in that person, including a delving into black magic, trying to manipulate the minds of people and grandular ideas such as a multi function polis etc… the poor person took years to recover…and unfortunately I was not there to see the outcome or help with it. (that person is fine now). I believed the word of Christ, and sought his wisdom through the gospels and beyond. I believe He has made me fearless, and that is why they do not come anymore. I used to think that I wanted to expell demons from people, but now I realise that through those experiences, my gift is to help bring awareness to those who are held captive by their own darkness, I can sense energies, and work with them. Peace and blessings upon you – seek peace through trusting in Yahshua.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hello Tesh and Larry,

      We are in the battle for all souls. It is our responisiblity to reach the Lost for Christmas, Mattehew 28:. Evil is real, and the Lord Jesus Christ is much, much more powerful. When you were experience these surges of power, if you are a Christian, that is the power of the Holy Spirit coming over to protect you and keep you from harm, it is not your chemical reactions. Read the book of John in the new testament, look up chapter 14,15, and 16, it will tell you who the Holy Spirit is and how Christ prayed and ask Him to come and dwell with each and every Christian at the point of their conversion to Lord Jesus Christ. It is something that if you do not know what is happening seek help from those of God that do know. Look for local Deliverance Ministries for help, they are trained of God for these kinds of events. You can sometimes find them in the yellow pages or just ask someone from an Evangelical Church, like Penecostal churches, although their are many others in many churches, I am Southern Baptist. We are in the last day here on earth and satan has stepped up his assualts, to kill, steal and destroy all who he can, because he knows his time is short and judgement is coming soon.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      Never, Never ask an enity to come into you. You are just opening the door to satan. Now here is the only way to cast them out. “IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, I COMMAND YOU TO COME OUT AND GO WALK THE DRY PLACES, AND TO NOT RETURN” Now know this, Jesus Christ is our great high priest and only in His name can you command demons to come out. But which demons are they? What goes through your mind, hate, lies, death, deceiving. If you do not know, ask the Holy Spirit of God to let you know. But stop trying to mess with this when you don’t know how, Seek help.

  84. Christina said

    I am intruiged by all I have read so far and will continue to review people’s comments with the aim to learn and hopefully be of help where possible. I pray God helps us all with whatever troubles we may be experiencing out of His abundant grace through His son Jesus. I believe that by His grace, all issues, no matter how intimidating, can be dealt with but I maybe have to put in some effort in fully understanding the problem and the details of what exactly I have to do to solve the problem.

    On this note I will seriously appreciate some help: I am beginning to suspect that some members of my family are suffering under the pressure of demonic influences. I am currently fasting and praying for their deliverance (as already done several times in the past) and, as direct confrontation seems impossible, will seriously appreciate any prayers or comments that may help with things.

    I pray God blesses you all abundantly and hope that in return I can be of service in some way.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      You can start with intercessory prayer for your loved one’s. Ask in the Name of Jesus that He sends the Holy Spirit to convict them of their sins. Then ask the Lord to deliever them of the spirits of unbelieveth, and from the lieing spirits. Ask the Lord to place a hedge of thorns around them for protection from the evil spirits. Then add them to your prayer groups, and continue to pray for them. They may come to you at sometime and be ready to lead them to the Lord.
      Sincerely, But trust Him to do a good work and pray.

  85. Free Speech said

    Silly metals, beads, or mystical rocks are not going get rid of demons. If anything, it may make things worse. That’s what the demon liars and demon movie makers would have you believe. It is by prayer, fasting, being in the WORD of God, while having Jesus Christ (The Living WORD of God) as your LORD and Saviour, and by praising, and magnifying the LORD Jesus using the mighty, HOLY NAME of Jesus Christ!!! That is how to rid someone of a demon! Then, it is up to the previously possessed individual to keep their Temple (Body) clean with the water of the WORD. How do I know this, from Jesus himself in the Bible, the Word of God.

  86. Free Speech said

    Never attempt to rid someone possessed of a demon by yourself. Involve as many true believers as you can, especially those who have experience in the Deliverance Ministry. A true believer is someone who believes that Jesus Christ is LORD (of their life), that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, or WORD of God, who humbled himself and who came to Earth in the flesh – totally showing the Way of God the Father (for they: God the Father and His WORD are One), and are someone who believes in their heart that God has raised Jesus Christ from the dead.

  87. AJ said

    There are few things that will hurt or expell demons. Good energy is the only thing that will hurt demons. Good energy is found in sage leaves, love, and sometimes in the air outside your house. My advice is to really clean and airout your house. Second, you should not smoke or allow someone to smoke in your house. Third, you shouldn’t buy food from Aldes or Walmart, their energy content stinks and you should eat more fruits and vegetables. Fourth, you should use sage in your food. Fifth, you should exercise daily. Clean your house more often, because bacteria produces negative energy. Lastly, you should pray with love in your heart.

    You should avoid: Hate, Fear, and Pain these are the sources of negative energy demons live off of. If you feel someone you know is always starting or instigating fights, you should avoid them.

    • New age methods are witchcraft working through the use of charmes, leaves and positive energy are anti-God. It has gotten so bad that much of it is in the Church. Dr Choi even admits his method of positive thinking, positve speaking and visisonalizing found with the word of faith movement are methods practiced by Korean shamans and they work, which he says is why he used them in Church. Witches have always used these three methods as the base to their belief.

      It amazes me how many New Agers come here look to inject their beliefs not fullu understanding they are being used of the devil. The power of God is avaible to every Christian who believes and walks right before the Lord. Anything else is a lie from hell.

      • Marsha Barnes said

        Rev Patrick,

        You are so right on this. I read a book called “The Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow” , it was written by Constance Combey in 1983. If you can still find it read it. You may have to oder it. I read this book on the New Age Movement, back in 1983 when it first came out. It was written by Constance, and she is a lawyer not a prophet or anything. But she unveils the new age movement in detail and tell how they are planning to defeat Christians. I started telling everyone then and they just looked at me like I didn’t know what I was talking about. But here it is today and coming to pass exactly as she said it would.
        Did you know we have now 70 members in Congress that are carrying a communist card in their pockets. I have their names if you are interested. Now just 30 years ago, communist would have been sought out and arrested and had to stand trial. We now have them in our government and Congress. The House and Senate, and President. I have thoughts, that all liberal may be carrying one of those cards today.
        Look how they are trying to bring down our government in chaos on the streets now. That is just the way she said it would happen, they try to come to power through chaos. They create it to distract our attention while they work behind the scenes. They are teaching it in our public schools,. their plan was to take anything about Christianity out of our schools and govenment. Brain washing our children in public schools. I am so glad my grandchildren are either home schooled or go to Christian schools now. I am so upset that we Christians are not standing up to try to defeat it. satan running rampat through our schools, and they wonder why we have all the shootings. There is no moral teaching in the public schools now and a lot of the teachers are new agers.
        This is a subject everyone should be looking into, before satan takes over America. They are agents of the anti-christ, and so many Holly Wood people are caught up in it now, we need to stand up and do more than just pray. Stand up for the Lord Jesus Christ. Now I know this is all predicted, but do we just stand by and let it go?
        Marsha Barnes

  88. joshua said

    Demon spirits can invade and dwell in human bodies. It is their objective to do so. By indwelling a person they obtain a greater advantage in controlling that person than when they are working from outside.When demons indwell a person that person is said to ‘have’ evil spirits, to be ‘with’ evil spirits, or to be ‘possessed’ with demons.[see Mark 9;17, Luke 4:33, Mark 1:23;5:2, Matthew 4:24]. The word translated ‘possessed’ by King James version. Many Greek authorities say this is not an accurate translation.The greek word says ‘daimonizomai’.[F.Y.I.the new testament was originally written in Greek].It should be translated ‘demonized’ or ‘HAVE demons’ instead of demon possessed.[as a greek scholar, I agree with this] Much misunderstanding has resulted from the use of the word ‘POSSESSED’. This word suggests TOTAL OWNERSHIP.In this sense, a christian could never be ‘demon possessed’. He could not be owned by demons because he is owned by Christ.

    The christians should always consider indwelling demons as unnecessary and undesirable trespassers. A trespasser is one who unlawfully and stealthily encroaches upon territory of another. Trespassers can continue their unlawfully practices until they are confronted and challenged on the basis of one’s legal rights. Jesus has purchased the believer with His own blood and has made him a steward over his own life. The devil has no legal right to him; it is up to him to defend his rights. No demon can remain when the christian SERIOUSLY desires him to go.’Resist the devil and he will flee from you’.James 4:7.
    Demons consider the body of the person indwelt to be their ‘house’:

    I want to make this clear I’m not saying that all of this deliverence from demons are fake. Yes they are real, its just that when there is a demon indwelling a BELIEVER its not that the believer is CALLED to be demon possessed but rather DEMONIZED-being disturbed and stopped by demons so that the believer is unable to serve christ effectifly.

    There is a big difference between ‘DEMON POSSESSED’ and ‘DEMONIZED’

    As been said before, if you say that a person is demon possessed, meaning that the person BELONGS to demons. So that probally explains why there are so many misunderstandings. Demon possessed isn’t the right word to be used on a believer but rather demonized. Only a non-believer would be demon possessed.

    GOD BLESS. And thank you allowing me to post what I have to say.

    • Josh said

      [why are there no response yet?]

      • Joshua said: Demon spirits can invade and dwell in human bodies. It is their objective to do so. By indwelling a person they obtain a greater advantage in controlling that person than when they are working from outside.

        When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Matthew 12:43

        Truthfully devils can not rest unless they have a body. Once they enter in, the host can not rest.

        Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out. Matthew 12:45

        Next they consider our bodies their property.

        • Josh said

          Thank you Minister Patrick Williams for responding. Yes I have read that verse before, but for your information, I have not expelled them out of me yet.But I want to, God had shown me the way but I don`t understand why do I delay expelling them every time. When these demons are expelled, I know I`ll have to immediately let Christ occupy me….[Matthew 12:44……when it arrives, it finds the house UNOCCUPIED, swept clean and put in order. I believe that one common mistake most of us would make after expelling the demons, we forgot to submit to Christ once again that he may dwell in us. John 14:23=`If anyone loves me, he will obey my teaching.My father will love him, and WE WILL COME TO HIM AND MAKE OUR HOME WITH HIM. Minister Patrick Williams,if Christ is living in us,….I don`t think the devil will consider our bodies their property. I mean we belong to Christ already. But I know that the demons will continue to gain entry into us once again…. therefore we should all put on the full armor of God so we may be able to take our stand against the devil`s schemes. Another careless thing most people do is that when they have been set free, they seem to act as if the demons will never come back…..I made that mistake before, I felt so joyfull, so happy, so greatfull to be free at last from the spirit of depression I once had that I totally forgot to stand firm and let the Holy Spirit have control over me by submitting to Him…..and thats how the evil spirit and returned to me…..with 7 of its brothers more wicked than itself. I took this lesson from Galatians 5…Stand firm then and do not let yourselves be burdened again by the yoke of slavery. See, Paul told the Galatians to STAND FIRM. The demons may always come back and try to gain entry into us but they will not be able to if we submit to Christ and resist the Devil every time they attack. But now I just longing to be free again that I may be usefull to my God. If the demons can simply just enter into our lives whenever they want, won`t God be quite unfair towards us.

  89. Josh said

    By the way I have some problems concerning my spiritual journey. I would really appreciate if there is someone who can REALLY help me.
    Yes I had accepted Christ as my personal savier few years ago. As I
    flash back through out those years, God had lead me step by step in my journey with him, and I had received deliverence from my depression that I suffered for years. From that day, then I learnt
    how it truly felt to be free to praise and love God. There was a deep inner sense joy and peace which surpassed all human understanding about it. That peace and joy was more than just the most amazing feeling I had ever had in my entire life, its was something that I don’t think anyone in this world would be able to
    describe. Few days latter, God let me to experience this condition
    called by some people ‘seeming separation’ or ‘spiritual dryness.
    Here’s how it feels like to describe it to you, “You wake up one
    morning and all your spiritual feelings that you used to have are suddenly gone.You pray, but nothing happens. You rebuke the devil,
    but it doesn’t change anything. You go through spiritual exercise
    …… have your friends pray for you … confess every
    sin you had done, then went around asking forgiveness of everyone
    you know. You fast……still nothing, completely nothing at all
    You begin to wonder how long this spiritual gloom might last, days ? weeks? months? years? Will it ever end?…….it feels like you have been isolated from God. And neither prayers nor spiritual exercise did anything. In utter desperation, you cry out, What’s wrong with me?! I wonder have any one of you felt that before. Well if there is, there is nothing wrong with you.

    This is a normal part of the testing and maturing of your friendship with God. Well only if I had realized that earlier, I
    probably wouldn’t be at this situation I’m in now. I was kinda freaked out spiritually, when i faced this, because I totally did
    not understand what this ‘spiritual dryness’ was when I faced it.
    during those times I felt totally lost spiritually. I did not know what I should do back then. Some how I wondered of away from God, not understanding what I was facing. I wandered back to my old ways. Then, when I came to realize what it was I tried coming back to God , to my faith. But some how I could not. I was not able to feel that peace nor joy that I used to feel. I tried reading the bible in hope of finding answers, but I could not focus. There are to many distractions in my mind, that I believed were to be caused by demons. I tried to seek deliverence from God alone. But I was never fully delivered. I have never told anyone about this till now. But I have not given up, I’m still trying to find a way. If there is anyone who really understand what I’ve been through, could you please give me some advise. I need help.

    • Duns said


      What you describe sounds like a spiritual odyssey. And since you ask for advice, I will not hesitate to direct you to something that might be of help. I strongly recommend Paul Whitcomb’s CONFESSION OF A ROMAN CATHOLIC

      Published in the late 1950s, and having a title that sounds somewhat misleading, Whitecomb’s work is NOT a transcript of a Roman Catholic confessing his sins in the Sacrament of Penance. Nor is it a critique on a particular church or religious denomination. It is simply a graphic recounting of a rather extraordinary spiritual odyssey, which had its finale in the Catholic Church. This is simply a testimonial of one man’s faith, an intimate glimpse of one man’s soul. To get the most out of the author’s narrative, please view it as an individual religious experience confided privately, person to person. Only then will one more fully recognize the sincerity and good will that inspired it, and more fully appreciate the unreserved frankness of its presentation.

      Through upbringing, exposure to anti-catholic literature, and the secular media, most non-catholics have been led to believe untruths about the Catholic Church. Hence the strong prejudices against the Roman Church. But If one is prepared to put aside any and all prejudices, even if temporarily, delve into Confessions of a Roman Catholic AND cooperate with the promptings of Divine grace which will most certainly follow thereafter, then it can be said that they have finally found that precious treasure for which they will give up everything.

      Of course, one may also freely choose to turn away after reading this book, and continue with their life totally unchanged. But, at the very least, a troubled conscience is guaranteed which, if one’s heart is not hardened, for example, as a result of grave sin, can lead them to seriously question their current beliefs. It will be a sort of awakening.

      I encourage everybody to read this book with an open mind.

      In Christ

  90. joshua said

    HEY,brothers and sisters in Christ,peace of christ be with you.
    If any of you are having doubts about creation.[lets just say that, maybe some of you are still wondering if darwin`s theory of evolutionary is true].
    I can tell you that his theory was wrong the whole time.

    Scientific Facts Proving Charles Darwin’s
    Theory of Evolution is Wrong, False, and Impossible
    The Theory of Evolution is not a scientific law or a law of biology. A scientific law must be 100% correct. Failure to meet only one challenge proves the law is wrong.
    The Theory of Evolution will never become a law of science because it is wrought with errors. This is why it is called a theory, instead of a law.
    The process of natural selection is not an evolutionary process. The DNA in plants and animals allows selective breeding to achieve desired results. Dogs are a good example of selective breeding. The DNA in all dogs has many recessive traits. A desired trait can be produced in dogs by selecting dogs with a particular trait to produce offspring with that trait. This specialized selective breeding can continue for generation after generation until a breed of dog is developed. This is the same as the “survival of the fittest” theory of the evolutionists. Many different types of dogs can be developed this way, but they can never develop a cat by selectively breeding dogs. Natural selection can never extend outside of the DNA limit. DNA cannot be changed into a new species by natural selection. The same process of selective breeding is done with flowers, fruits, and vegetables. New variations of the species are possible, but a new species has never been developed by science. In fact, the most modern laboratories are unable to produce a left-hand protein as found in humans and animals. Evolutionist fail to admit that no species has ever been proven to have evolved in any way. Evolution is simply pie-in-the-sky conjecture without scientific proof.

    If natural selection were true, Eskimos would have fur to keep warm, but they don’t. They are just as hairless as everyone else. If natural selection were true, humans in the tropics would have silver, reflective skin to help them keep cool, but they don’t. They have black skin, just the opposite of what the theory of natural selection would predict. If natural selection were true humans at northern latitudes would have black skin, but they have white skin instead, except the Eskimos who have skin that is halfway between white and black. The people from Russia and the Nordic countries have white skin, blood hair and blue eyes. This is the opposite of what one would predict if natural selection controlled skin color. Many evolutionists argue that melanin is a natural sunscreen that evolved in a greater amount to protect dark-skinned people who live near the Equator. They simply ignore the fact that dark-skinned Eskimos live north of the Arctic Circle. Melanin in the skin is not a sound argument in favor of evolution. Dark-skinned people have always lived near the Equator, not white-skinned people, even though the dark skin is more uncomfortable in the hot, sunny climate. Black skin absorbs the heat from the sun’s rays more than white skin. Humans show no sign of natural selection based on the environment. The theory of natural selection is wrong because it cannot create something in the DNA that wasn’t there in the beginning.

    Animals like bears, tigers, lions, and zebras living near the equator have heavy fur while humans living north of the Artic Circle have bare skin. A leopard from the jungle near the equator has fur like the snow leopard of the Himalayas. The snow leopard grows thicker hair but the jungle leopard would also if moved to a cold climate. Horses and dogs grow a heavy winter coat in colder climates. Natural selection isn’t working as falsely claimed by Charles Darwin.

    The cheetah in Africa is an example of an animal in the cat family with very limited variety in the DNA. Each cheetah looks like an identical twin. The cheetah DNA is so identical that the skin from one cheetah can be grafted into another cheetah without any rejection by the body.

    The following proofs will show that evolution is not a scientific fact. The reverse will be proven. Evolution is scientifically impossible. Evolution is simply a theory that was developed one hundred forty years ago by Charles Darwin, before science had the evidence available to prove the theory false. His famous book, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, has a title that is now known to be scientifically false. New species cannot evolve by natural selection. Modern scientific discoveries are proving evolution to be impossible. No new scientific discoveries have been found to prove the Theory of Evolution.

    Life did not start with a bolt of lightning striking a pond of water as claimed by evolutionists. That is pure childish fantasy. Evolution is simply a myth.

    Children believe the Theory of Evolution because they have been brainwashed by the education system. Kids are taught that life can evolve given enough time. This is a false statement without any scientific support. They are taught that if given enough time, a monkey at a typewriter could punch keys at random and eventually type President Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. This is nonsense. These government-educated kids actually believe this nonsense. Just ask one of them. Time does not make impossible things possible. As an example, a computer was programmed in an attempt to arrive at the simple 26-letter alphabet. After 35,000,000,000,000 (35 trillion) attempts it has only arrived at 14 letters correctly. What are the odds that a simple single cell organism could evolve given the complexity of more than 60,000 proteins of 100 different configurations all in the correct places? Never in eternity! Time does not make impossible things possible. Don’t believe that nonsense.

    Supporters propound upon the Theory of Evolution as if it has scientific support, which it does not. Evolutionists switch tactics when they are pressed against the wall with solid scientific proofs against the Theory of Evolution, as presented below. They back off stating that evolution is “only a theory.” Using this flip-flop approach they try to have it both ways. They claim scientific support when none exists, and they claim it is “only a theory” when their beliefs are proven to be outlandish, impossible conclusions that violate scientific truths. Evolutionists simply ignore reality, slink into denial, and walk away when presented with the scientific facts listed below. The human mind has a very detrimental character weakness. Humans would rather believe an error for the rest of their lives than admit they had been wrong.

    People who believe in evolution have been brainwashed. Their main problem is not the arguments for and against evolution and creation. Their problem is they can’t bring themselves to reject evolution, because they have already rejected God. Humans have a big mental fault. They are not able to admit they were wrong. Therefore, they are trapped in their previous decision to reject God.

    By the way, not being able to correct false thinking is another blow against evolution. The theory of natural selection should conclude that humans should be able to easily correct false thinking, because it is the most beneficial approach, but they can’t. People who have already rejected God cannot reprogram themselves. They are hopelessly lost forever — doomed with a programmed brain that cannot be formatted like a computer hard drive and reprogrammed again. This is why the debate between evolution and creation is hopelessly deadlocked.

    The educational system teaches children not to think. Any student who uses logic and solid scientific evidence to question the Theory of Evolution is ridiculed and insulted into submission. The students who submit become non thinking robots who dare not question the dogma presented.

    A forth-grade elementary school class was observed at the park playing a three-legged race game, where adjacent legs of the two kids were placed into a bag. The kids must cooperate with each step in order to run. The kids thought it was great fun. The teacher told them they were being trained to cooperate. Actually, it was brainwashing kids into conforming to a system in which they are not allowed to have individual thoughts or opinions. They must become a “team player” and submit to peer pressure. Communist countries have used this same brainwashing technique for decades. The brainwashing of school children continues by teaching them there is no absolute right or wrong, and the teacher is absolutely positive about it. Whatever the children think is right for them is OK. That is of course until they question evolution. They are then told they are wrong. This brainwashing results in children who are unable to think logically, scientifically, and accurately.

    Children are taught to “question reality.” This brainwashing technique really means to doubt obvious scientific truth. The children are being taught to doubt reality that they see around them but accept unscientific nonsense like evolution and the Big Bang Theory. Brainwashed children and adults believe these lies instead of accepting the scientific truth before them. Remember, humans can be easily brainwashed to believe lies like the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory.

    Brainwashing, Psychiatry, Psychology, Psychotic, Sociology, Sociopath, Schizophrenia, Anorexia, Bulimia, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive, Paranoia, Phobia, Addiction, and Other Mental and Personality Disorders.

    The educational system on the university level in all English-speaking countries brings brainwashing to perfection. Many generations have lived and died having been brainwashed into believing that extraterrestrial life forms must have evolved and must exist somewhere. They search in vain for life elsewhere in the solar system and universe. They research in vain trying to prove the Theory of Evolutionary. They get Ph. Ds., become professors, and teach the next generation the same unproven and impossible ideas. The brainwashed individual rarely understands his own condition, and no means exist for his reprogramming. They read scientific facts presented here, but the brainwashed brain is in lockdown mode, unable to replace nonsense with true scientific facts. They feel this strange mental state of confusion where the brain simply locks up, and the eyes gloss over out of focus as they stare at nothing. That is why they call it brainwashing.

    I actually got this from a website:

    • David Baker said

      Hi Joshua,

      You may want to investigate some of the website’s claims, because they don’t represent the stance of many important Christian apologists.

      My thoughts:

      The Big Bang theory is actually a dream come true to Christian apologists, and a dilemma for atheists. Christians have believed all along that science would eventually point straight to God, and now science has indeed pointed to an unexplainable moment of creation, the “Big Bang.” Most Christian apologists are excited about the Big Bang theory as science pointing to God. The Big Bang poses a problem for atheists, who are scrambling to try to explain the Big Bang without the use of God, coming up with strange explanations like multiverse theory.

      Regarding evolution, many Christian apologists (GK Chesterton, Dinesh D’Souza, William Lane Craig to name a few) do believe some aspects of evolution, believing that evolution is a God-guided process. Science and Christianity are not enemies on opposite teams. They should complement each other as seekers of the truth. Science is the study of what God has created, and God’s creation is unfathomably intricate. There’s going to be weird scientific findings, because God is that awesome.

      Have you heard of the Theory of Gravity? We all know gravity exists, but scientists are not yet sure why. To say “gravity is simply a theory, a myth” is missing the point. The fact that gravity happens is not a theory; the theory is WHY gravity happens. The same may apply to evolution. Evolutionary findings continue to be documented in thousands of scientific journal entries. We know evolution happens to some extent, we just aren’t sure why. God?

      We should question evolutionary claims, because undoubtedly there’s a lot a pseudo-science who’s main goal is to prove religion wrong. Also, we should question what any ol’ professing Christian tells us, because there’s undoubtedly a lot of pseudo-Christianity who’s main intention is to prove science wrong. Why the two became enemies, I don’t know. Science and Christianity are not opponents, but rather pseudo-science and pseudo-Christianity are opponents, and barriers to the honest pursuit of truth.

      Science should never be claiming to be a moral and spiritual authority. Also, the Bible never claims to be a science book. It is a dangerous when people start confusing the two subjects, making spiritual claims based on science and scientific claims based on spirituality. The Bible can tell us who God is and how to have a relationship with Him, but the Bible does not claim to tell us why Cheetahs all have near-identical DNA. Science may provide insight to the Cheetah question, but can say nothing about a relationship with the God responsible for whatever truth science finds.

      • joshua said

        Yes,I do agree with you David Baker.In fact I really do because I also had that thinking that you stated. I believe that science was always on God`s side FROM THE BEGINNING UNTIL NOW.I also believe that God made the universe, using science because He was the one who caused the existence of science.Well, I fell it was merely impossible that science was always in existence. But there are so many things that we probably never know.
        But I believe that when the whole truth about science is known, it will be shown that science was always on God`s side. What I mean is that, probably most of all the theories that man made could have been wrong.Besides,through the recent study of DNA, somehow caused Darwin`s theory of evolutionary to die of immediately…..but only God knows the true answer if Darwin`s theory was true, and was involved in creation. But I can really see that as scientist are getting closer to the truth about science, the more science points out to God. But of course science will,and should have nothing to do with our relationship with God….for we are living by faith and not sight.

        • joshua said

          I forgot one more thing;the reason I still post that article. I have very strong feeling that Darwin`s theory is not right(or never part of true science). Well through the recent study of DNA itself has proven that every DNA is different and they DO NOT EVOLVE. At this statement Darwin`s theory died of immediately,well thats ACCORDING TO SCIENCE. Somehow Darwin probably made up some thing that seems very relevant itself. What I mean is that, Darwin`s theory was probably never part of true science, it was just a theory that has never been proven right until now, besides even the DNA OF science says its wrong. I am sure that you all know that God made man from dust. Darwin said that we evolve from other creatures. If I am not wrong, before DNA was discovered, Darwin`s theory of evolutionary already existed. And now DNA says that its not actually true.

        • Marsha Barnes said

          Darwins theory? What is a theory? Darwin when he wrote about evolution laughed, he said I will put this out there and see how many will believe it. He also told his friend laughingly, I think I can fool the whole world with this one. Now I do not give any credious to Darwin, after all is was just his thought up to fool everyone theory.
          I truly believe that God created everything and He did not need science. Man only down fall is getting away from the Created of all God.

  91. joshua said

    ……God is amazing somehow. We probably would never truly understand His ways of doing things.Besides God probably made science and use it for creation…..If not then I wonder how did he made the universe itself so beautiful and amazingly mysterious.

  92. Joshua said

    I have read two books concerning demons and what they do. But one question still remains, that is where do demons came from. Some suggested they are fallen angles.
    But I thought fallen angles are fallen angles. Does anyone have an idea about this?
    Well it does not actually concerns me but I was wondering.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      My name is Marsha Barnes, I have been a Christian since I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savoir at the age of 8 years old. The Lord used me to teach young girls the bible at age 32, and then He had me teach adults the bible at age 36-40. It was when I was in my early 30’s that He revealed my gifts he had given me, that of discernment of evil spirits and He led me into the spiritual deliverance ministries, He also gave the gift to teach His word, and the wisdom to interpt it.
      I am 62 now and the Lord has lead me all my life, and taught me that in His name every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and our great high Priest.
      Now I will tell you where demons come from. If you have a bible look up Isaiah in the Old Testament Chapter 14 verse 12 to verse 20. When satan was cast down for high treason, he brought 1/3 of the fallen angels with him. He was made the lord of the earth when Adam sinned. satan has evil spirits, and deamons that enter people and live out their lives in them if they are not cast out. He has organization, and other key spirits like poltertgist, and imps. Satan was sent to do this, kill steal and destroy all he could.
      When Adam fell for the temptation, he lost the Keys of death and hell and satan took them. That is why as the keeper of the garden God immediately knew, and confronted Adam. God cast Adam out and Eve and barred the garden gate with an arch Angel so they could no longer enter. At the same time He cursed satan and told him he would crawl on his belly the rest of his life. But still satan had his legion of fallen angels. Now in the New Testament you will read where Jesus had power over these evil spirits, and if you watch when they reconized Him and said, Jesus Son of the Most High what are you here for? He gave them no mention, He just cast them out. In one event He cast over 300 where in a man,and out and they asked to enter a herd of swine and He allowed it. The swine ran over a steep cliff into the water and died.
      Now listen, when you recieve Christ you also at that time recieve the Holy Spirit that joins with your spirit. The Holy Spirit seals you until the day of redemption. But the Holy Spirit does much more than that. Read the book of John, Chapter 14,15 and 16. You will find out who the Holy Spirit is. Now When Jesus Christ was put to death, satan that entered men to do that, and by doing this satan committed high treason, and Jesus took back the Keys of Death and Hell. All who believe in Jesus and that He died for us and arose the third day, will be saved. Christ right after arising from the dead took His blood to heaven and sprinkled it on the mercy seat for our sins. That is for everyone that believes. John 3:16, For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall be saved.
      Yes there is evil in this world, and we all have to make the choice. My husband and I are now teaching a mixed age group the Book of Revelation. That is the book Jesus told the disciple John to write, it is the last book that tells us what will happen to unrepented men in the 7 year tribulation that will soon be coming to earth. How do I know this, look at the world condition.
      The book says, when you see all the countries around Israel against them and wanting to destroy them, look up for your redemption draweth nigh. (soon) The bible also tells us that when you see the prune tree in boom, (that is a picture of Israel becoming a nation again, it has been since 1968) that generation will not pass away until all the prophesy of the book of Revelation is full filled. A generation to God can be 40, 60, 80. Do the math from 1968. Satan will be defeated.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      You have to believe and ask Jesus to deliver you from the power of satan. Do it just like this, ” In the Name of Jesus, I command you demons to leave me and go walk the dry places.” They have to go in the name of Jesus. Then fill up your life by reading the book of life, the Holy Bible. Get the New King James verison of the Bible, it will be eaiser for you to read it.
      Sincerely, Marsha Barnes

  93. anybody said

    Go to and get a copy of the chaplet/novena or anywhere else it is freely available.

    Get two others to pray with you and start with:”O Blood and Water,which gushed forth from the heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us….(ENTER YOUR PLEA HERE)….,I trust in You”

    Where I have put enter your plea here at that point make your request after… “fount of mercy for us” ..and before… “I trust in You”…Do NOT actually say enter your plea here if you know what I mean.

    Pray always at 3 pm in the afternoon no matter what timezone you are in which is irrelevant but so others are also praying in unison throughout the day.

    If you have dabbled in demonic or occult practices and used forms of ritual in doing so then you must give such spiritual presence no place in your vessel and starve it of what it is after.

    Beware that the expulsion of such a presence requires constant vigilance and effort daily through abstaining from defilement or temptation and occupying your mind with healthy pursuits and interests.

    Stay away from fortune tellers,horoscopes,celebrity news nonsense,x-factor,big brother,porn,tabloid games etc and use your intuition when deciding what makes your condition return and cut this practices from your daily life.

    Try to stay away completely from what agitates,tempts,provokes anger etc and know that if you were on the way to destruction you wouldnt even have taken the time to worry about these things.

    It is the saviour that is telling you to address these things and keep yourself in check but remember he suffers with you and walks with always but we cause him great distress and worry when he fall away and are a cause of constant concern for him.

    Peace be upon you.

  94. Elder J said

    Greetings to All,

    I’ve been in the Faith for about 18 years now, and have seen things from one end of the spectrum to the other. There are many interesting stories that have been posted here. Make no doubt about it, spiritual warfare is very real and a very serious subject. First off let me say that I don’t believe in being conventional (there is not always one way to handle an issue), but I do hold the King James Version of the bible as the Authority concerning spiritual matters. I do not claim to know everything, as a matter of fact I consider myself a scholar when it comes to learning about spiritual matters. I believe a person must NEVER stop learning. I constantly seek ways to improve my walk with the Lord Jesus Christ and I consistently seek understanding of the spirit realm and giftings of the Holy Spirit. I have come across numerous teachings on spiritual warfare and demons, and I have experienced demonic warfare first hand, if I can be of any assistance to anyone please don’t hesistate to contact me. Have a blessed 2012.

    Elder J

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hello Elder J,

      The Lord has used me in spiritual warfare now for over 30 years. I trust the Lord for all the victories over satan. I have seen many, many people set free from satan.
      I can tell you that in recent years, especially in the last year, the Lord led more black sliden Christian to me for help. Also Christians that have opened the door to satan through movies, books, games etc. They do not understand that they themselves are opening the doors for these free loader spirits to enter in to live out their expression through people..

      A Christian can not be obsessed, but they can be oppressed by evil. Deliverance ministeries are not for the weak. The Lord leads me sometimes to fast before and I never go alone. I have a group of trained believers that go with me. By two or more the Lord will be with you, but he has been with me also when I was alone. I can tell you it is not like you see on tv with catholic priest, this is not exercism, that is done for people that are without Christ and the Holy Spirit in them.

      The Lord has not lead me to the lost obsessed yet. But I will go where ever He does take me. He has me so far working to set people that are Christian that are being oppressed free. I do iknow this, there is no other name in heaven and earth but the Name of Jesus that can set people free. He lead me to search the scriptures for this. I have studied the bible and every book of the Bible for years, but 3 years ago, the holy spirit told me to just pick up the bible and read from front to back. I am now on my 5th time going through it. It has truly been a blessing for me, and teaching me even more about His will and ways of life.
      You can never get enough of the Lord’s word, you can studies a life time. My husband of 37 years and I study in the mornings when we first get up. He has taught the bible now for 29 years, and read it through each year for 29 years.
      We study together and the Lord has revealed so much to us. We normaly study for 2-5 hours a day. We are retired now and it works well for us. We have been very blessed.

  95. Please tell me what this mmeans please. ..I lije to read alo about demons,im alwayshe internate reading@looking up things about dem that bad or what??? I M veey interested about demons just reading like i said..pliz answer quick

  96. gary said


    Do not admire anything to do with demons. Pursue your your understanding first with the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ , first and foremost. Find grounded Christian Belivers and a sound bible believing Holy Spirit filled church to get fed.

    The more you know and absorb about Christ the more you will understand about demons.

  97. Marsha Barnes said

    Look in the Holy Bible and look up Ephesian 6:10-20. When it is telling the verse 12 that we don’t wrestle against flesh and blood, (that is to say that we are not fighting man, that is devil and his evil spirituals, that tell us to do bad and sin, that little voice in your head.) but against the rulers of the darkness of the age, against spiritual host of wickness in the heavenly. The devil or satan has spirits that control men in governments, and over state governments, in local govenments and in some churches too. I have to worked with people that had bad spirits in them and In the Name of Jesus call them out. The Lord has given me the gift of discernment, I can tell when evil spirits are in people. The largest of all that of unbelief in God. Like some of the liberals
    believe. They do not want to be accountable to anything or anyone, the lie of self deception.
    I can tell when the devil spirits is in peoples. Many people have come to me asking for help against the evil one and for Jesus to set them free in Deliverance meetings. I have seen the devil talking, at me from people, and I have seen people throwup the evil spirits that were in them in the Name Of Jesus. There is a battle for peoples souls and Jesus is the only answer.
    Believe me, God is real, Jesus is real, Holy Spirit is real and still helping people. I am worker for Jesus and He has not failed
    me yet, and will never fail me, He is truth and light.
    Evil if real and his evil spirits are real and you better find Jesus before it is to late. Jesus is the only answer. Now Look at verse 11. Put on the whole armor of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    It is a battle you have to chose, the truth of Jesus the only begotten Son of God who will save us and we will dwell with Him in heaven, or the devil and spend enernity in hell. All evil spirits comes from satan, also known as the devil.
    That is the most important chose,you will make in life. Believe it is not what you see on television.

  98. PLease tell me what is happenin to me,my mind got me thinkin evil bad things for example, before i say it GOD FORGIVE ME FOR THESE STINKING BAD THINKING…BUT DA OTHER DAYI Was thinking in my mind that i would like to be A DEMON TO HAVE POWER!!!! I THEN SAID TO MYSELLF…DEAR GOD WERE DID THAT CAME FROM I DONT WANT TO BE THAT.i no that is not goddly things…i pray alot..i am catholic. Is it because i see alot of demonic movies@cause i read about them alot?? I LOVE TO WATCH@REad about demons…its my hobbie i tried other things but it dont amuse me. EVERY NIGHT I THINK THAT SOMEONE IS Watching me@i get scared,mostly at 3:00am… Please HELP

  99. Marsha Barnes said

    Hello Julie,
    You need to immediately stop watching those kind of shows and reading those kind of books. They open the door for evil spirits to enter your mind and control your thinking. Julie this is not something to mess with, it is how they enter and as free loaders live in you and try to control your thoughts and mind. Now start with this and believe me it will help you. Get a Holy Bible, not the Catholic bible. Get the new verison of the King James so it will be easier to read. Start reading the New Testament, and learn how Jesus commanded evil spirits to leave people. Now know this, you can only demand them to leave when you have accepted Jesus Christ as Savoir. You might say how. It is eaiser than you know, pray and ask Jesus to forgive your sins, and ask Him to save you, tell Him that you believe He lived, died, and rose again, and ask Him to save you. It is simple to the wise, and life to all who believe. When you accept Him believe it, and tell those evil spirit free loaders that are in you now to leave in the NAME of Jesus leave now. They have to go, they can not stay when in Jesus’s name you tell them to leave. Then get just regular cooking oil and anoint every window, door, and in the Name of Jesus command, not ask, command them to leave.
    I will help all I can, but what you allow into your mind will control you if you don’t get control of it now.
    In the Love of Christ Jesus,

  100. pattiefarm said


    You can make God drop the hedge as you are openly admiting about sort of worshipping demons. You are spending your pleasure time worshiping them. If you say you are catholic and yet you don’t know that even the priest in many cases will not perform casting them out.

    I think you have opened a door as no one is dumb enough to think they can handle demons, as we are told by God not to think such.
    Jesus was tempted by satan. Not that he had an issue in going through as a man but did you read how he answered him? He was made the strongest angel in the kingdom, his followers are other demons. They are watchers.

    My guess is you are not however truly convinced because if you were they most likely would not bother you. Jesus is trying to more than likely wake you up to stop you from going to hell.

    You should change your attitude we are living in the last days and soon the mark of the beast will go forth and many of the saints will be over come by him. This is spoken of in Revelations.

    I don’t mean to be point blank but you need to grow up and get another hobby, speak to your church about these feelings that someone will pray with you.

    I pray that God will protect you and bring you out unharmed.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      Hi I am Marsha. Now listen, If you are a Christian, you will not go through the tribulation. Jesus will rapture or another way to say it, catch us away into the clouds to meet Him in the air. This will happen faster than you can blink. The tribulation is for unrepented mankind, and mostly the last chance for the Jews to believe in Jesus Christ. The church is the bride of Christ. He will not put His bride, through the wrath to come on the whole earth. I can give you several scriptures to prove this if you want them. The saints talked about in the book of Revelation are tribulation saints, those are the people that believe after the rapture of the church. Julie, I have studied along with my husband and we both teach at our church, and we have studied the prophecies and scriptures for 29 years. Look at I Corinthians 15: 50-58. That is the church he is talking to, Paul the apostle. Now look up I Thessalonians 4:13-17. That also is the rapture of the church. Paul is not preaching to the unrepented Jews, he was talking to the new churches of Jesus Christ! The second coming of Jesus Christ will come at the end of the 7 year tribulation, when Christ returns and steps down on the mount of Olives and it splits in two and opens up. That is when Christ will return with the saints of the church and defeat the anti-christ and the false prophet, and the beast. Look up 2 Thessalonians 2:8,9 Paul is talking about the second coming here. He will cast the false prophet into the lake of fire along with the beast, and put satan in bondage for a little season. Revelation 20:1-3
      Then what is called “The Millennium Reign” will start the 1000 year reign of Christ here on earth, setting up His kingdom, and guess what? We will be here helping Him, that will be the first time in history, that immortals will be with mortals here on earth setting up Christ Kingdom.
      We Christian are the mystery that is talked about in the bible. We will not go through the tribulation, we have already believed in the Son of God, Jesus Christ. We Christian have faced all kinds of tribulations just to be able to worship Jesus. But we will not face His wrath that is to come on the whole earth. We will meet Jesus in the air and go to heaven with Him to be judged at the beam seat of Christ. Not for punishment, but our works will be judged as wood,. hay or stubble. That is when our rewards will be given. While tribulation is going on down here on the earth, we will be in heaven preparing to return with Christ to defeat the evil one here on earth.
      If you have any questions, ask.
      Marsha Barnes

  101. gary said


    You ate playing with fire.
    Your first line of defence is to get quietly on your knees and seek Gods face, repenting for every sin known and unknown in your life. If you are sincere He will show up by sending a true born again Believer who lives and operates by the Holy Spirit. That person will show up like a miracle and lead you out of the darkness.

    If it feels like a war ….it is….Satan is only after those he doesn’t own yet.

    Christ Jesus is all powerful. The Catholic faith carries many ritualistic procedures that cloud the simplicity of knowing God personally who resides within your spirit…..the devil knows this because he was the original infiltration agent that destroyed and continues to destroy and confuse people through churches.

    3am is significant….Satan hates 3 because it represents the Trinity, and it is a mockery of Jesus death on the cross when he was crucified, and actually died at 3 pm in the afternoon on a Friday.

    Get your hands on a New Living Translation Life Application Study Bible where you can read and understand the Word in plain English, and read the study notes that have been developed by biblical scholars with more credentials than you can obtain in a lifetime. No need to reinvent the wheel….start driving.


  102. gary said

    Good sound words Marsha. All true . And for those like yourself who are sensitive spiritually, you can see only more darkness ahead.

    Keep up with your work, You are an asset to the Kingdom.


  103. gary said


    Brilliant.!! Brilliant!! and Brilliant!!


  104. gary said


    Do you mean 1948….the nation, or …..1967, Jerusalem?

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,
      Israel starting to go their country that God it them, when 1948, but it was not nation til 1968 after the 7day war. So when they got courntry nation it was 1968.

  105. gary said


    So true about movies….even the seemingly mild movies with many of the so called stars,…when you read about who and what things they are affiliated with, you find out there are demonic activities and roots to their secular success. We are ever so subtly encouraged to praise and idiolize them for their work….and thereafter mimic.

    My little daughter started hearing the hypnotic sounds performed Lady Gaga recently, and when I checked her out online she literally goes into a trance and serves Satan!….and she is not alone…Katy Perry for instance actually said ….I sold my soul to Satan.

    So, I agree it is tremendously dangerous spiritually for those who are not recognizing the times.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      You have to controlled what your little girl watch. Satan will try to enter people young, and it may be what they watch or what music they are watching. We have to be parents, and make rules, they will not like it, but in the long run they will respect and love you for it. I had a very strict father, but I loved him dearly. Children will watch what you are doing and think it is ok. We have to be the parents and not children, honor, integrity, honest and true. They will find Jesus if that is what you are liviing and looking for. Young children can sense bad and evil very easy, it is your job to correct them and lead them the right way with Jesus.

      I am talking from experience, I raised four children, and now have 10 grandchildren. I am glad to say they have all accepted Jesus for their Savior. Don’t think is was easy either, my two sons were from my first marriage of 7 years of beating. I had to divorce him and take my children from that example. I found a Godly man and we have been married for 37 years. Now he was divorced also and had a daughter who was age was right between my sons. Then 6 years later my new husband and I had a daughter. So we raised his’s, her’s and ours. This is not easy, but we kept our eyes on Jesus and told our children that we were just one family. To this day we are still all very close and have famliy together for cook out and for holidays.

      During all this we were lead by God in the Spiritual Warfare Ministries, and my husband has taught a class for couples for 29 year and read the bible every year for 29 years. He is retired National Guard, and retired Civil Service after 29 year and 10 months in the miltary, and 27 Civil Service. He was a jet engine special teacher, for 130 airplant, and worked everyday for the miltary in a civil service job. I worked 23 years, different jobs. A store manager, and for clinic for medical.
      All our chlidren went to college. The oldest son got a degree, for Air Conditioning and Heating, and is a supervsior for large trailer refrigeration company. My younger son is a police officer for the state with a degree from college, and went to two wars. He was in the 82nd Air Miltary and serve in Afganistan, and Iraq. My oldest daughter works as an secretary for a large school and has a college degree. My youngest daughter is a band teacher at a Christian school.
      I give the Glory to God for all this, we could have not done it by ourselves.

      But we had rules for our children and they were corrected when needed, because we loved them enough to show them the right way.
      Stand strong and trust the Lord for all your blessing and protect your children.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      PS. We took all them to church every Sunday and they all still go to church. My oldest son Ministers for Truck Stop Church every Sunday.

  106. My name is chena… Wat do u call this, i b havin VERY BAD THINGS COMIN IN MY BRAIN…LIKE I B WANTIN TOO B A DEMON.. GOD PLEASE FORGIVE ME FOR SAYIN THIS””BUT y i am so obsess with.reading about them@watchin demonic movies….i dont want to b a demon nor think bad i just have that as a hobbie..IS THAT HARMFUL..WILL GOD B MAD AT ME…I MEAN IM JUST READIN ABOUT THEM….BUT THE OTHER PART CAN IT B THAT DA DEMONS R MAKIN ME THINK BOUT WANTIN TO B LIKE THEM…PLUZ HELP..

  107. Wat is the chapters@verses the demons dont like to hear???

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Chena read this, the book of Mark Chapter 5: verse 1-20 this tells how Jesus dealt with demons. Jesus never allowed them to stay in anyone that ask for relief of them. So say what the Lord said and say it in His Name. “In the Lord Jesus I tell you to come out of me you decieveing spirit and go walk the dry places.”

  108. My name is chena….i want to no is it bad to read about demons@watch demonic movies??

  109. Hi marshA….My name is chena…i want to b saved i want to live a clean life ive been batize twice.. I do believe@eaccept god as MY LORD@SAVER…BUT Y AM I SO OBSSESWITH DEMONIC MOVIES@READIN ABOUT THEM

  110. Thank u…ur Words inspired me REALLY…

  111. WOW THOSE WAS SOME POWERFUL WORDS…THANKS O NEEDED TO HEAR THAT… @i will read the bible..i dont have one but i look it up in the internate..thanks… Keep in touch plis… U sound like gods angels@i want u too help me can u??

  112. Thannx. U said i wasnt convinced….convinced off wat??

  113. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Chena,

    satan tries to make things look good, just to decieve you. Let me tell you who he is. He was created by God, as an angel to serve Jesus Christ. Now listen, God created all the angels to serve Him. They are created beings, get that they are just created beings.

    Now who are we? We were created in God’s image. The most power God of all, who created all, and holds it all in place.
    We were created as immortal (beings that never die) beings. When Adam was tempted by satan and failed, at that moment when God called Adam and confronted him, he lost his immoratality and became mortal. From that time on satan was cursed by God and He told satan from that time forward he would crawl on his belly like a serpent.

    We are mortal beings that God breathed the Breath of Life into, and we are in His Image. But we all were under the curse of death being changed to mortal after Adam sinned.

    Jesus was sent as a man, the bible tells us that He left His first estate in heaven and humbled Himself to be born of a human woman, Mary. Why did He leave heaven, because He had to come as a man to save mankind from an eternity in hell.

    Now why was Mary picked as the mother of Jesus. She had to be a virgin, why, because man carries the seed of sin. The seed of sin does not come from women. So Jesus was born of a virgin and born as the perfect sacrifice for you and the whole world.

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish but have everlasting life. Christ was the only perfect man to walk the earth and die for you and me, and arise from the dead to sprinkle His own blood on the mercy seat in heaven for all man for all time, if they will just believe in Him, Jesus Christ, God’s Son.

    Now I believe in the most and only God Almighty and Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit of God. They are the Trinity, all one and the most powerful.

    Now rebuke that evil spirit that is in you. Tell the deciever, that lieing spirit to go. Say is like this and command it, don’t just ask it. “In Jesus Name I command you evil lieing spirit, and spirit of deceit to come out and go walk the dry places and do not come back.”

    You do not want to serve a decieveing satan that is nothing but a created being that committed high treason in Heaven was cast out to the earth to try to bring everyone down with him.
    The bible says he comes to kill, steal and destroy.

    If you continue on the path you are going you will be ever tormented by him. Stop, do not give over to the temptation for a gross being, that just makes you think he is something. When he is finally cast down, the bible says that we will look at him and say,
    ” is that what he is, nothing but a gross creature, that tried to decieve the whole world.”

    Now get into your bible in the New Testament and read it, and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you the word of God in a real way and give you the truth. Repent and ask Jesus to forgive you and cleanse you from all unrighteousness. Don’t give over to temptation, when those thoughts come rebuke them right then and there.

    I hope this helps you understand,

  114. Hi its me chena all i do is read ABOUT THEM DATZ ALL SO IS THAT BAD??

    • Julie./Chena:

      Don’t read about them. Period. You are not strong enough in the Word to understand how to not become ensnared in the deception. If you want to live….and I mean really live…carry a New Testament at minimum, with you and read it all day long. Don’t become immersed in searching the internet for things to read because the demons are are there everywhere to trip you up and deceive you. The Bible is called the Living Word because it is actually alive. It is like a never ending tree in blossom with fresh and satisfying food everyday. So pursue something alive as apposed to something dead.


    • Marsha Barnes said


      Yes it is bad. Please just put that book in trash and do not read it. Fill up you mind with the Bible, that is more powerful and it is the truth. Start reading the New Testatment. Get a Holy Bibile and read it.
      Remember this when starting to read the New Testament.
      Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, they are what is called the Kingdom books to the Jews. That means they tell what Jesus is about, and Jesus in those books are dealing with the Jews. Now we are not to hate the Jews, but pray for them, that they will find the Lord Jesus as their Savior. There are many Jews in the world today that have found Jesus as their Savior and they will go to heaven with Jesus when He comes to get us. But the first 4 books for the New Testament were for the Jews, to show them that their Messiah had come.

      The priest of the temple had gotten so corrupt that they did not want their own Messiah when He came ( big Mistake ).

      Then starting with Acts to the end of the New Testament that is where the Apostles are starting new churches after the Lord was crucified and arose. When the Jews rejected Jesus, He went to the Gentiles, or to all the other people in the known world at that time. 40 days after the Lord asended to heaven He sent the Holy Spirit to mankind that believed. the day the Holy Spirit came was called the Day of Pentecost, Acts Chapter 2: 1-47, the day that every man in Jerusalem that day heard the Gospel of Jesus Christ from the apostles and several different people from all over heard the gosbel of
      Jesus Christ in their own language, the Medes, Parathians, Elamites, and Hebrew. It was prophesied in the Old Testament Book of Joel. Joel Chapter 2 verse 28 to 32.

      There were over 3000 men saved that day and they all wondered how they heard it in their different languages. It was a mircle. Even in the Old Testatment, many of the prophets of God told of coming of Messiah, Jesus. It even told that He would be rejected by the Jews, Read Psalms 22:14-18 this is a direct prophesy of His crucifixion. Now listen. He died for you, and you need to give Him all your adoration and love. Baptistism does not save you. You have to accept the Savior of the world Jesus Christ. Because without accepting Him, baptistism is null and void. Meaning it was worthless to do it. Their is more truth and power in the Bible than any other book known to man. The Bible is still today at the top of the best selling list. It is the most read book in the world known to man, and why? Because it is the truth and tells up how to live a godly life and not one of sin.
      If you want to read, read the bible.
      Those voices you hear in your head trying to make you read other things: are what is called the firey darts of the devil. Ephesains 6: verse 16 to 20 tell you how to fight satan. He is trying to influence you into a life of sin and defeat. Rebuke those voices and tell them in the “Name of Jesus I rebuke you and get out of my mind and go walk the dry places and do not come back.”

      In the love of Chirst Jesus,
      Marsha Barnes

  115. Last nite i started reading da bible from da begining i havent read no books about demons…i am trying hard but i dont undetrstand y is it not bad for priest@demonologist they read about them y cant i….im still living a clean life…even if i NO DAT GOD DIED@ROSE FOR US…@ I ACCEPT HIM AS MY LORD@SAVOR…I STILL CANT READ IT

    • Marsha Barnes said


      If you are not very strong Christian, please do not look at priest@demonologist, because satan will try to get your mind. Start at New Testament at the back the Bible. Read the email that I send you upon and it will give you more information.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      The Lord Jesus will talk you by Holy Spirit, if you ask Him to do it. But when you hear it, remember if it is good, it is from the Lord. But if is not good, but bad, it is from satan..
      The Lord will put you and peace and tell the right things to think. But always ask if it is from the Lord Jesus, or something else.
      ps. Because, even the satan can look that good angel. He knows the scriptures also.
      So try the spirits if they be of the Lord Jesus or not.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Chena, God Bless and Keep you. Love in Christ, Marsha

      I have to go for now, but I will check my email if you still need me…

  118. Just please i need to noy is it ok for them to read@study them???? Y

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,
      I just thought I would check in and see how you are doing. I haven’t heard from you lately, I still have some more study pages to send you and will be doing very soon. Just wanted you to know that I care about you and look forward to your reply.

  119. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Julie,
    Julie, if you are a very strong Christian, yes you may read how to deal with them, if the books are from Christian writers.
    There was a very good simple explaining book put out serveral years ago. It is called “Released to Reign” it will explain in simple terms what is going on. But if you are not a strong person, don’t read these books, because you may open the door for something to come in and attach on you.
    Do you understand now? What books are you reading and who wrote them? Just email the names and let me know Ok?
    PS it is far better just to read the new testatment on the subject. Jesus will show you what to do in the scriptures.

  120. Marsha Barnes said

    I want you to remember something, just watching movies and reading books can open the door to satan. Who do you think is arousing your curiosity to watch these kind of movies, it is satan. IT is called temptation. Fill you heart and mind with good things not dark things.

  121. linda said

    Hello Marsha, please pray for my son Adam and i,am desperate yet have given up a long time ago. Am not well enough at this moment to write it all but i will quickley list the problem,

    1, 14 years ago i was given for a period incorrect tablets.

    2. It caused extreme severe insomnia,

    3, Then because of the indsomnia, i got shingles in the brain stem and on all 3 branches of the trigeminal nerve and other main nerve in my head (other nerve too long to remember the name of it).
    4. My son from the age of 5 witnessed all trauma, he is now 20.

    5. Then thought things couldn’t get much worse, but they did, i then got 4 times eosiniphillia pneumonia and had it for 7 years. This thank God it appears to be behaving now.

    6. In 2002 i moved into a new home, and have being severley bullied and my son by five neighbours. I have not been able to stand up to them at all, and the authorities are not helpful. It has traumatized my son and i over years, and last week they smashed my door in. The age groups of the intimidaters/bullies, are 80, 65, 50. and 49. The 80 and 65 year old are the ring leaders, and the 50 year old women is viscous and worse then the ring leaders. 80 is Roy, 65 is Janice, 50 is Cheryl, and 49 is Gary with 21 year old son James.

    7. Ten years ago when i was walking and kept close to God, He clearly spoke to me and informed me the enemy is using the man underneath, which was Gary at the time being extremely manipulated by the 2 ring leaders.

    8. I didn’t maintain my walk with God and did the addictive sin God is trying to free me from and i couldn’t hear Him anymore and lost my relationship with Him.

    9. When my son was about 10 and i was walking close to God, He told me my son has a demon in Him, i then asked God how, and He told me through fear.

    10. When my son became 13/14 he smoked some cannibas and became psychotic. I nursed him at home for 3 months and brought him through it. I told him never do it again.

    11. The end of 2009 he smoked it again and made himself ill with psychosis for most of 2010.

    12. In 2011, he smoked it again for 8 weeks ,then stopped for 15 we but went psychotic and the final tipple was he drank 8 Red Bull energy drinks.

    13. During 5 months of the biopolar state he was in he wouldn’t come home for 5 months, and sleeping at peoples houses, some were Christians, and some were not but very good people. Then he ended up homeless with the homeless people on the streets. And he wouldn’t come home or talk to me.

    14. Hended up in hospital and was given antpsychotic drugs which had a terrible negative effect on him and he would never have a life on those drugs, they would ultimatly destroy him. He went through severe withdrawl sypmtoms at home and he wouldn’t have been able to do it if i hadn’t have nursed him back to health. He then promised never to touch cannibas ever again.

    15. And guess what, he is dabbling again in it !!!!!! Partly because its a way of making friends he believes. And maybe he is habitly addicted to it. He is also now smoking cigarettes.

    16. In 2010 i took him to London to a Orthomolecular psychiatrist, and who also is a traditional psychiatrist, this gentleman understands and knows the horrendous effects and damage of antpsychotic drugs. My son was tested for pyroluria, which according to Dr Abram Hoffer in Canada who sadly is no longer with us, discovered pyroluia is another form of schizophrenia and can only be corrected by 2 kind of vitamins. My son began taking the vitamins, but now he is refusing them.

    17. I am at my tether end and can’t cope anymore. Some years ago i have seen demons in my home, and when i have drawn near to God i see them.

    18. I have had lots of nervous breakdowns living where i live and with all my traumas. Please could you find a group of people around the world to pray for my son and I, to be free from everything, and that i come back in relationship with God, and for me to be able to turn from my sexual addictive thought sin which is seperating me from God. And for my son and I be granted a peaceful dwelling place to live, and for my son to be delievered, and for the sickness of post herpetic neuralgia to be healed by God, shingle damage is a terrible condition and especially in the brain.

    God bless and kindest regards


    • Marsha Barnes said

      PS. Ask if Delieverance Ministries will come to your house and cast out anything there that is not of God. You can start yourself by doing the following. Go around your home and ask the Holy Spirit to let you know what should be thrown away and look for anything in the way of frogs, snakes, pigs, fairies, many of these are used in satanic rituals. Look for evil books, CD’s, HD movies that are bad. Pictures on your wall that do not sit easy with you cast them out. Like I said anything that the Holy Spirit shows you, get rid of it. Then anoint all your doors and windows and Tell anything in the Name of Jesus that should not be there, get out! Do this with authority command them to leave and then Consecrate your house to the Lord Jesus Christ, and tell them in this house we will serve the Lord Jesus.
      You might look at your yard decorations also.


      • linda said

        Hi Marsha, ive just realized i need to edit something in my first letter to u, how do i do it? i shouldn’t have publicly put something !!!!!!!!!!!1



      • linda said


        linda said
        February 17, 2012 at 6:09 am
        Hi Marsha, ive just realized i need to edit something in my first letter to u, how do i do it? i shouldn’t have publicly put something !!!!!!!!!!!1



  122. gary said


    If you are in London Ontario, contact John and Helen Trudgeon at Wings of Prayer Ministries and they will be of great practical and spiritual and demon conquering help to you and your son. You have a tragic story….but you are not alone.


  123. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Linda,

    I will try to help.

    1st. Have you accepted the Lord Jesus as your Savior? If you have there is help, the Lord is the Great Physician, and He is just a moment away. Pray, with the most ernest prayer you have ever prayed, Ask the Lord to deliever you from the spirit of infirmity (all kinds of sickness is caused by this evil spirit). I also discern that there is an evil enity that is trying to ride on you, and buffet you, it is the spirit of lies, now I am not saying that you are lying, (it is this spirit telling you that you can not be well, that you will always be sick.) I also discern the spirit of death, this spirit tries to shorten our lives so we can not serve the Lord, it is the devil himself that comes to kill steal and destroy. So In the Name of Jesus, rebuke the spirit of apollon. Do not give over to these demons. The Lord came to set us free from the slavery of sin, and sometimes we have opened the door ourselves to his influence. So, this is where I will it get a little intense. Have you ever had anything to do with the occult or praticed witch craft, or played th ouja board, or messed with tarot cards? Also have you watch demonic tv shows or movies? Please do not be offended, I am trying to help you, not accuse you.

    2nd. Do you have a church home? You need the prayers of the people that know how to pray, and most of those are found in churches.

    3rd. What is your preferrence of religion beliefs for a church. I need to find out how you have been taught to help more.

    4th. There is help, it comes from the Deliverance Ministries. These are groups of strong Christians that have been anointed of God to call demons out of people. They work in groups and I feel you can be healed if you can find one of these groups. You need help before your son, so look in the white or yellow pages and see if you can find anything under Deliverance Ministries. Do no hesitate to call and talk to them and set up an appointment as soon as possible. I don’t know where you live so it is very important you follow this advise. Also when you call them ask who they serve, the Lord Jesus Christ or satan. This is important for in the last few years, satanist have tried to infilltrate the church and give false wittness. Be sure to ask who they serve.

    5th. Ask if they have groups of people or at least 2 or more to help with prayers and to help you should you need to be laided down or sit up and standing. These meetings can get very strong and the Lord is very strong with the ones who work in this ministry. Write down the things I told you that I have discerned and let them know. There may be more please let me know a lttle bit more. Also when you call ask if the they someone for the laying on of hands for healing, as this is a special gift given to some but not all.

    6th. You have to get cleaned up and that will be a wittness to your son. That will start him asking questions, only when he truly wants help, could you take him for delieverance meetings. Because unless a person is truly ready to recieve help the Lord, He can do no work in him. But just by the Lord healing your body and mind it would be a wittness to him. So Please seek help soon and let me know. I will be in prayer for you also.

    7th. If you can not find a deliverance minitrsy in the phone book, place a short add in your newspaper as follows.
    Need help from a Delieverance Ministry of the Lord Jesus Christ.
    your phone Number

    The Lord will find one for you. Now should this not work, please come back to me and I will try to help on this website. Also Deliverance Minstries, do not charge for their services. But they are very intense and have the power of Christ Jesus with them.

    In the Love of Christ,
    Marsha Barnes

    • linda said

      Hello Marsha,

      Thank you for your much needed reply. Yes i have accepted Jesus as my Saviour, He dropped inside my heart 19 years ago, it was like a tablet being dropping in a glass of water. But i didn’t have the understanding then exactly what He had done for us all. I just knew He was the truth and that He had died for us all and that He was Yahshua Ha Mashiach.

      It was only in these 12 years of terrible sickness i began to understand more about God and what He had done and what it was all about.

      Yes i was hooked on ouja board when i was about 13 to 15 (i am now 49). Yes i have dabbled in taro cards, but only a hand full of times, oh yeah and once a so called tarot proffesional read them to me. You know what i may still have tha tape recording of her telling somewhere in my house. But my house in such disorder i wouldn’t even know where to begin to look, and am so sick and weak i couldn’t even start the search.

      I did watch when i was younger a couple of times demonic movies, but i haven’t for many years ( forgot, i watched one ten years ago, and never watched one since, it was just horrible) and definatly could not and wouldn’t want to watch one again. . The blessing is my son has never watched demonic movies, he only enjoyes comical movies, thank you to God.

      What is the spirit of apollon???

      Yes there is LOTS AND LOTS of lies going on. Firstly my neighbours tell MASSIVE lies about my son and i, and to the point they try to have us arrested by the police. It’s just terrible as i lay here fighting for my life and at the same time try and take care of my son, and police come to my door. It is so wicked what is going on.

      The other lies are the ones of my giving up. I know God can heal me, but i have to stop giving up and stop not seeking God with all my heart. My biggest problem is disciplining myself again, by keeping in the word daily, which helps builds my faith up, And my other big discusting issue is the unclean sexual thoughts i entertain in my head. These unclean thoughts have been with me since i was about 7 years old, and i have know idea why, as i had a great childhood and wasn’t abused sexually in anyway. My parents were doing their best to bring 2 children up, although my parents divorced and my father was not the best of fathers, as he remarried and his wife became first in everything and we all became second, if that at times. Sad as we all paid that price and still are. I never could get along with his wife, as many of his friends and family. His wife doesn;t believe in God, which is upsetting as it influences my father. And at the end of the day, although i for many years i haven’t seen my father, then do, then difficult to get along with him because of his wife, he is still my father and as i got older i see he is actually a weak man, and it is important for me to share Jesus with him and my God experiences with him. Which satan has blinded him for years and blinded him also from his family, who know God.

      Actually 5 days ago my son and i went to see him in hospital and i haven’t seen him for 11 years, he was very emotional. His wife was there looking rather poker faced at me. I was thinking to myself it should be the other way round as because of her manipulation my father and sister turned away from me as a lay dying and sobbing in shigles in the brain stem 11 years ago.

      Please pray the scales to fall from my father’s eyes concerning God and things in his life that have been used to prevent him seeing. I have tried to share my God experiences with him in the past but to no avail. But now he is older and in his 70’s i believe it is time for him. Plus 9 months ago i said a short prayer to God totally unrelated to any issues concerning my family, and God gave me His forgiveness for my father !!! I t was an awsome experience.

      Yes i go to Church but i am not very involved and i need to be.
      .All i know is i believe God and Jesus his Son, i wasn’t brought up in church but always believed. I grew up with Jewish people, i lost Jesus for 20 years,and wouldn’t believe in Him as i walked under the Jewish covenenant, but then 20 years later accepted Him and received Him in my heart, as I began finding the truth out and why i experienced demons for then 7 years.

      I used to smoke canniabas from 21 to 26 and i took magic mushrooms 4 times, and acid 3 times, it was the acid that definatly opened a door to the tormenting demons that would visit me about 4 times a year in the night, until it just became stronger and stronger and then SPOKE OUT OF ME in a mans voice !! It was then i went to the Christians and received Jesus and became Baptized. I couldn’t get in that pool fast enough !!

      So there you have it, oh yes and when i lived in Israel from 19 to 22ish i became anorexia as i was very unhappy and was bullied by my british friend that i mistakenly invited over. And i experienced a HUGE deom standing on top of me, it was just horrific, i thought that night i was going to die, its feet was in my chest crushing me, my arms were pinned down, and with all my power i couldn’t move them, then a sudden release came and it disapeared. For 4 days i couldn’t breath, i waited for my Israeli friend to come back from the army camp. He then came and i told him what happened and that i was in a lot of pain in my chest, he said he would take me to the hospital in Haifa, and as i closed my door i bent over in pain and vomited lots of blood. After that they took xrays and it appeared all was ok, but i began getting better as i had vomited blood out earlier.

      2 years later i came back to the UK and told my mum, i had chest xrays here and i was told my chest is pushed in and my heart is enlarged, all i could think about is that HUGE thing on top of me crushing my chest !!!

      Yes i quite agree i do need a deliverence Ministry, and yes i definatly have to get cleaned up. My son knows God and has spent long periods of time in his bedroom studying God, but he is now so sadly in rebellion, and im letting him down by the way i am and stagnant staying still and not moving with God.

      Please pray the correct people for Deliverence around me and pray i find them local. I am glad you instructed i need help before my son as i just didn’t know who needs the help first as we are both in a complete mess. My sons father has had nothing to do with Adam for 20 years, he was forced to pay maintanence that infuriated him, sad thing was i would never have forced that order on him if he hadn’t have instructed me to go though the correct channels when i asked if he’d like anything to do with the baby. They were obviously words he didn’t mean, and i will never understand to this day why he gave this instruction, He has never spoken to my son or i since. It is very sad, and obviously he feels tremendous pain inside himself,. I always hope he will forgive for himself, and understand why it happened. He just couldn’t communicate his true feelings at the time by just simply saying he didn’t wish to pay. That would have suited me also, it didn’t make any difference to me. He will never know my heart, and sadly he just believes what he believes concerning myself, but can’t see the truth, and doesn’t know the truth. satan again blinding. I think from time to time to write to him. Last year i did begin to write to him, and i began writing in poem style, and i wrote in one part about the bridge of Salvation, and i rested from writing. 2 days later i was in a place in our beautiful countryside, and there was a very small cute little bridge for vehichles to drive over and i looked up as i was walking and driving across the bridge there was a MASSIVE TRUCK / LORRY ones that you see on the highways, and in BIG LETTERS SPELT – SALVATION – !!!!!!!!!!!!!! When i rested from writing i asked God if i really should write to my sons father, and would He please give me some sort of sign. Wow, that was quite alarming, but guess what Marsha i still doubted it was God. And my poem to my sons father is all about God and His Son Jesus, and our personal story 20 odd years ago.

      Thank you Marsha for your advice and instructions, i will do these things, if i don’t am going to die in the sicknesses. I am so poorly, and my son is very dependant on me. Please pray for my son to become much more independant and for him to find reliable work that he loves to do, there is someone he could work with but my son needs to prove himself, please pray it works out for him and the gentleman will teach him good !!

      Our lives are in such a balagan, <— this is Hebrew for mess !! I become overwhelmed with my lot, and discouraged, i have such a big problem with consistancy. I could read a a fair bit of the Bible today, and tomorrow, and the next day, and for the next week, and then the consistancy begins to diminnish as i become impatient with God. I know this is not good, and not how God works, it takes time for me to connect with Him.

      I forgot to say also, when i became sick with shingles in the brain stem and all the horrific insomnia that caused it all from medication, i went through 11 years of lies against me from the medical proffesion as they tried to cover their terrible mistakes, they left me at home to die.

      I wait for your reply,

      God Bless and Kindest Regards, linda

    • linda said

      Hi Marsha , please read my 2 short messages to Gary, especially my last message, they are not long winded, and it tells the short alarming story that has recently just happened to my son and i whilst he was having a chronic psychotic episode, i was very grateful at first to them as he stayed 2 weeks with them, (strong many many years Christians that i totaly trusted) and there was much good at first, as hospital addmission and their terrible drugs are not the answer for my son as ive gone through enough episodes with him to know he comes through his episodes 100% by the Grace of God with no trace of it. On antipsychotic drugs they don’t recover in the same way, and will 9 times out of 10 will always relapse and given more and more horrific medication. My son is never violent with theses epsodes he is infact quite the opposite, he just cuts me off very sadly.

      Myself and my very dear Christian friend are the only ones who are able to nurse my son back to 100% health. As we are dedicated, and as any loving mother would be.

      God Bless, and kindest regards, linda, i look forward to hearing from you, may i ask where u are from ?

      • Marsha Barnes said

        Hello Linda,

        Well I live in the United States of America, in a state called Oklahoma. So miles apart we are but not in heart. Linda I love the way you were totally honest letting me know your past. It confirms what the Holy Spirit had already told me. Now please contact a Deliverance Ministry soon. There are more spirits that have enter in than I original felt. You wanted to know who apollon was, well that is another word for satan. ( He has different names, satan, the devil, apollon, and Beelzebub.) Apollon is most generally used a an entering spirit to influence you, to think bad, also known to make you want to kill yourself, not good.

        Now understand this, I love you completely with the love of the Lord Jesus Christ. You are a precious princess to the Lord. The Lord does not want us to suffer, and He said by His stripes we are healed. I Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:4,5,6 and James 5:13-16. Now I want to say, that Christians should have not told your son what they did. I have always said if they could just but walk in someones elses shoes for one week they would repent. But we are not to judge, that is God’s responsibilty not ours. St Luke 6:37,38

        So many of us were duped by satan at a young age. I to played the ouja board just once. My girl friend when was about 15 told me she had a new game to play. So another friend of ours came over to her house also. It was the ouja board, and we started playing it for a while and we just thought it was something fun. Well we stopped playing for just a few minutes and went to get something to drink. It was still setting on her livingroom table by the couch, and I said, I wonder if it could just play itself? It started moving all around on its own and we almost came unglued. I told my friend that thing is possed and you need to get rid of it. She did right away and we prayed that we would be alright. But what I did not do was ask forgiveness, right then. It was later that I did ask forgiveness. We also had an 8 ball, you asked it a question and when you turned it over, an answer came up. That too, is what is called divination. My dad brought it home to us and when He really thought about it he got rid of it and told us it was bad. Then he prayed for all of us. Just look at the movies being made now, and all the evil programs that our chrildren are being influenced with. The good little witches ect. There are no good witches, they are all bad. I am not sure cell phones and ipods are good. They take more of our time, and we spend less time reading the bible. I have even felt this about the one eye object we all watch TV. Think how much time we spend just sitting there in almost a daze. Now think of this, Inter, to go in, Intertain, to keep ones attention. TV is nothing but a one eyed monster, that we give most or our time to. The Lord just gave me this about 6 months ago, have we made TV a god. We worship the thing in our livingrooms. I asked forgiveness, and that is how I found this website, and I know it was because you needed me and I could tell you of the Love of Jesus. I truly believe not all of our technology has been so good for us.

        My father was a very good Christian, and a smoker for years until he came down with lung cancer. He had a heart attack 10 years prior to this. Well they did radiation on him, but the place they had to do it was so close to his heart. The doctor told us he had about 18 months and he was right. But my dad died of heart failure not from cancer at the age of 61. Now it was while my dad was still getting around that he came to visit me at the store I managed. I asked him, “dad have you gotten prayed up yet?” He said, “prayed up, what do you mean?” So I told him to ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to him all the sins he had done in his life, the known sins and unknown sins. Because I found out early in life that we suppress sins and try to forget them. He came back by about a week later, and had a very serious look on his face and said,” Marsha, I did what you said, and boy I never knew how many things I had forgotten. I had also told him that when these things started to be revealed, do not go against yourself with self condemnation, just confess it before God and be honest. He spent what time he had left down at the coffee shop with his friends, leading some of them to Christ. One man that had been dad’s friend for years and was in the church, came forward for Savation after dad died. But he gave wittness that my father had a lot to do with leading him to the Lord.

        Because when we ask Jesus for His forgiveness, He does. The bible says that he cast out our sin as far as the east is from the west. Well think on this, when you start going east you never find west you are still going east. So as a matter of fact, he forgives us and never brings it up to us again. Jeremiah 31:34 and I Peter 5:6-11

        Now satan on the other hand, will constantly try to bring it up to you to buffett you with them. Now I want you to know this, that satan can not posess a Christian, he can only oppress them and make them think they are lost, but he can not posess them.
        Believe me when the Lord lead me into delieverance ministries, He cleaned me up and I have to stay that way to help others. But eve I am not perfect only Christ was. But what Christian have that the lost world does not have, is forgiveness of our sins.

        Now why did I tell you about this experience with my dad. I am going to tell you also, get very honest with God and pray that He forgives you for messing with occult things and objects, also ask Him to forgive you for drugs,( they are mind altering agents and we are never to give ourselves over to something other than our natural minds. ) That includes alcoholic drinks, or anything that will affect our minds. Because when we do this, it opens the door for sin and satan.
        Asking the Lord Jesus to forgive you and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what else you need to repent of.

        So as soon as possible get prayed up, and remember this. Self Condemnation (feeling very bad about what one has done to the point of grief) comes from satan. If he can make you think you are a bad person he can control your thoughts. So do not feel bad when you ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what you need to repent for. They will start coming to mind and just right then a there, ask forgiveness, confess it, and He will forgive you. One reason God loved King David so much, He, God said David was a man after His only heart. The reason for this, was when he was made aware of his sins, he fell down before God and asked forgiveness, he did not make excuses for himself. He ask forgiveness as soon as he realize he had sinned.

        So prepare yourself for Delieverance with prayer and it will go so much eaiser. But I am glad you will seek more help, I just wish I could be there for you. But I promise you, I will keep you in my prayers.

        Continue to read the Bible, New Testament is the best reading, for it was sent for the Bride of Christ, all Christians.
        Sincerely Princess,
        from Marsha

        • Marsha Barnes said

          Hi again Linda,

          I also live in what is called the Bible belt of America, more Christians that go to church. Ha!

          • linda3292 said

            Hi Marsha,

            Please pray and ask others to join in, as,my friends brother Richard has only been given weeks to live, they have offered him chemo therapy, but this is the diagnosis. He is just 50 years old. I shared my God experiences with him a few years ago,but since then haven’t been able to. He doesn’t know Jesus, please pray that i or someone else may have an apportunitee with him before he passes. He does’nt like to hear anything about God having seen such awful suffering in his family. So it was quite a blessing i shared when i did. But thats a long time ago now.and he’s hard against God. I am very upset he has been given this diagnosis, he is a lovely gentleman. Please please all pray for him.



      • Marsha Barnes said

        Hi Linda,

        How are things going with you, I have not heard from you lately. I hope things are getting better, please let me know.

        Still here to help.


  124. gary said


    Which scriptural references can best be utilized to support the removal of specific objects, doors, Windows, etc. from ones home in view of the rights and or ability of demonic forces to affect havoc on people.?



    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      Hi Gary,

      I have had many people to call me because they say that they saw dark demon on their bed. One woman called me and said that when she was sleep and start to get up to go to the bathroom, that she could get up because something was holding the sheets down and she could not get them up, then she saw a dark sharper man at her end bed. Now her husband was still in the bed, and she did not wake him. She said she was just so scare that she just lay down,. and close her eyes. She wait for 5 minutes and open her eyes and it was gone. But the next night her little girl age 6 came to her bedroom and said mom, there is a monster at my bedroom at my bed. She got up and turned on the lights and looked at the bedroom because her other daughter was in the same room. But see did not see not anything. The next night she found her little by her bed on the floor, she asked her what she was doing there, she said the monster came back and was talking to me and I got scared again.

      My daughter is her friend, and she was over at her house the next day. My husband and I were on the way home from Wal Mart and my daughter called us to come over and help her. So we went over and I ask her if she could take her girls somewhere while we where working to find out what had enter the house. She took her children over to her mothers.
      When she got back she told me what had been happening. I asked her if she had anything in the house in the way of decorations that might may look like a pagan god. She immediately went to her hutch and took a Japan women and man image for pagans out. She said she had no ideal that could cause problems. Then she went up stairs and took an Indian doll down that had a god emblem on it . Then we went through her house to see if anything else was there.
      People don’t realize that they allow evil in with some decorations, they just think they are cute, but the Lord God said, you shall not have any other gods, He said no other gods at all. Remember when the Lord was leading them out from Eygpt, he told them not the take any god images with them. Well we sometime allow enities to enter with what we have in our houses.
      Now after we went through the house, I took my bible and started through the house rebuking anything evil that might be there, and I went through each rooms, and in the Name of Jesus cast our anything that might be there. Then I started up stairs and when I got half way down the hall, something put it hands on my middle and push me back. My daughter was behind me and caught me and asked if I stumbed, but I told her no, I was pushed back. At that point I started saying. In the Name of the Almighty God, Jesus Christ whatever is up here has to go in the Name of Jesus. We had opened the front door so anything we cast out would go out. We saw a dark enity head out the door. Then we found just a couple of other thing we took out of the house. Then we went to her little girls bed room and cast out anything that might be there.
      Then after casting out everything we anointed the doors and window with just cooking oil.. The oil represents the Holy Spirit and we Consecrated her house to the Lord as we where doing this.
      They have not have anything since. Although the monster came that very night and told her little girl he had to leave and would not be back.
      Then she and her husband came to a bible study about spiritual warfare that we taught at our church. From the study we had another woman ask us to come and cast something out of her home also. We helped her too.
      satan is stepping up his warfare because he know his time is short. He is not only attacking people, but moving into houses to affect them.
      I have even seen people in my church be attacked before. Just all of a sudden anger came over them for something the preacher was saying, that he had ever right to preach that the Lord had told him which direction our church to go and teach more on Jesus Christ. There was no reason she should of ask her husband “who does he think he is saying the Lord told him something.” She was sitting right in front of me. I have heard from the Lord dirrectly three times in my life, I knew what he was talking about.
      Evil can come over Christian people if they are not keep the whole armor of God ready. Esph. 6:10-19
      Gary, I have seen many things in my life working for Delieverance Ministry. The Lord called me in a very real way and anointed me from my head to my feet to work in this ministry. I have a group of people that work with me also. I have been doing this for over 25 years.
      If you have never Consecrated your home before. Do it in the Name of Jesus and telling anything that might be evil to get out.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary again,
      I have always just Commanded them In the Name of Jesus to leave. I have a Bible in my hand as I go, through a house. Remember the Word of God is stronger than any two edged sword. The Lord will go before you. I always ask the Lord and Holy Spirit to be very strong with me as I go through houses. He had never let me down.
      Sincerely, Marsha

  125. linda said

    Hello Gary,

    Thank you for responding, but unfortunatly my son and i are in the UK.
    Am just going to read Marsha’s reply now again and respond.

    Am so shattered from sickness and the shingle damage in my brain stem, i have been in terrible pain this week as it flared up again. I literaly feel life draining from me in the shingle damage.

    As if i haven’t gone through enough, when my neighbours are like the way they are. I know satan is using them to try finish me off, as God told me (when i was close to God and walked with Him) the enemy is working through the man underneath. The enemy works through the 2 ring leaders to manipulate others to torment us. Please pray for my son and i.

    God Bless, and kindest regards,


  126. gary said


    Try typing Deliverance Ministry London England into Google Search…

    You will find Someone.

    Remember there is no time or distance in the Spirit….as soon as you pray silently, intently, and focused… God does hear….and if your heart is right, and your motives are honorable, the perfect Love of God will manifest and the demonically inspired peoples who are around you will suddenly and mysteriously start to change, move, or repent to you.

    You see , absolutely nothing on the face of the planet can withstand the Love of God….the key is to get your focus off yourself, your wants, your needs… impractical as it may sound.

    You say this prayer,

    ‘God you made me, I do not understand all of the demonic issues that have affected my life to bring me to this place. I am suffering. You see that. Christ suffered , You saw that too….so I know You alone know the remedy of people, places, positions, or props that will bring about lasting change and peace for my life. I will not mutter , mumble or complain any longer. I am by faith putting 100% trust in You as the Allknowing, Allwise, and Everlasting Father. Love, your daughter, Linda.’

    Read that outloud to yourself as many times a day as you need to get through your day….and watch what the Lord of the Universe, Jesus Christ, will do on your behalf.


    • linda said

      Hello Gary,

      ok, thank you for your reply. i really really do need believers i can trust around me. The very alarming and disturbing event that happened recently last year, was some Christians who love God and live for him totaly, took my son when he was in a psychotic episode. I agreed to this at this point, as when my son is having an episode in his psychotic beliefs, thinks i am his enemy ! And staying wth the Christian i trusted and their group sat okay with me, as long as i could monitor him through them so i know how far he’s going into psychosis. But then the most alarming and devastating events began to unfold, and i found out they were telling my very ill son i was controlling him ! This is the worst possible input that could be given to a schizophrenic, and especially about the only person his mum who is his carer and loves him more than anyone in the world. There was no truth in their beliefs as my son has very much a mind of his own and has done from an early age, i haven’t even been able to control my son in anyway or form as ive been too sick, and he has had so much freedom which has caused him to go down paths that have triggered psychosis off for him.

      They were also apparantly telling my son i had cut his phone line off, which was totaly untrue, the fact was my son was so unwell he wasn’t able to understand he hadn’t charged his cell phone up. Goodness me, there was a lot of terrible things being said to him, it was very very traumatic for me. When my son has an episode he goes into religous mania, and appears very very holy and clean, but this a manifistation of an episode, although my son knows the truth, and has walked well with God for lengthy periods in a stable condition, this type of manifestaion in psychosis can trick people, even strong many many years Christians. I was astonished.

      So yes i have to find a Deliverence Ministry i can trust, i don’t have a problem trusting people though, this is part of my problem i seem to trust everyone and then i find later i shouldn’t have done.

      Please pray for total determination to come back to me to search God again and touch Him with my faith in Him, and for me to learn to pray !!!! I don’t pray as i think they will never be answered as im so far away and i am very unclean with unclean thoughts i need delivering from once and for all. When i abstained from unclean thoughts and sought God with all my heart, i could hear Him loud and clear and began coming into relationship with Him/ But i then blew it by entertaining the unclean addiction, and it’s THAT THAT SEPERATES ME FROM HEARNING HIM !!

      God Bless and kindest regards,


      • Elder J said

        Linda I can relate to you with the unclean thoughts, I had to battle those until I got my mind under control again, It’s not 100% but I learn how to take thoughts captive and cast them down…if you dwell on them long enough they will lead to sin. Addictions are along the same lines, but to get rid of them and those unclean thoughts there are steps you will have to take. #1 you have to understand (sometimes the hard way) that you CANNOT trust yourself, the flesh cannot be trusted it is “the enemy that never leaves” #2 there are things that adult christians have to do to stay holy that children don’t have to worry about. #3 it is impossible to stand in your own strength, soul power, will power and flesh power will only last so long before addiction and deep rooted problems take over again. There are changes and steps that we all have to take in order to get free from all our strongholds and issues, and I’ve found out that the details are different for each person, meaning what one does to get free may be something totally different for another. I’m willing to help you as much as possible as are other believers on this site. May you be blessed and continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ the Son of the Living God.
        If you need help, prayer or assistance please contact me at

  127. gary said

    Thanks Marsha for this… my wife, who has been the subject recipient of various deliverance ministry sessions, and is super sensitive spiritually, say that she sees and feels entities in the home and touching her bidy at times….so I intend to look deeper at objects in the home.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary, your most very welcome. I can tell you anything thing to watch for. Chrildren are very susceptible also, so watch your children and rebuke everything that she may show. We are first guard for our chrildren. Ask the Lord to show you if anything come up…Marsha

  128. linda said

    Hi Gary, and yep i understand the key is to get my focus off myself how ever terrible it is and wants and need. I do understand it as i learnt this once in the sickness when i connected back to God.



    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Linda,

      Gary is so right. We don’t have to be completely cleaned up, we just have to be willing to seek His help, the Lord Jesus Christ. Reading the Bible is not easy for some, try this, pray before reading it, and ask the Holy Spirit to remove the scales from your eyes, and open your heart to His word. Ask the Lord for wisdom and understanding, the Lord will not give you a stone, but He will give you good gifts to help you. Sometimes just asking Him to open the scriptures up to you in a very real way works wonderfully also. Then after you have prayed open your Bible and if you have to read something twice before it opens to you, do it. He will reward you all the more, because the Bible says the just reading the word is health and healing all the way down to the marrow of our bones.Dueteronomy 4:31 & Hebrews 4:12 & 4: 14-16
      I will pray for your father also, I will pray the all the complexities that are binding him will be removed and that the Holy Spirit will go forth to minister to him.
      Also, this is real power, pray for those who decietfully use and buffett you. Pray goodness down upon them and Loose the Holy Spirit to go and convict them.
      By praying for them, if they do not repent, the Lord will heap coals of fire down on their heads. So do not hold comtempt for them pray good things for them and you will bring thousands of angels to your defense. Ask Jesus to send His Holy warfaring Angels to fight the spiritual warfare going on around you, your son, and your father. Is your mother still alive? If so pray protection for her also.

      Linda, I just said a intercessorary prayer for you. A mighty powerful prayer for you and I am trusting the Lord will answer my prayer. I prayed also for your son and father.

      God always answers prayer, it will be yes, wait , or no. But He always inhabits the prayers of His Saints. OH Lord help Linda, I know you can and will.

  129. gary said


    The fact that you are found on this site proves God hears you….

    ….and as you can see it has nothing to do with whether or not you are perfect or cleaned up…God is not so small.
    Most professing Christians have some type of sin they battle at one degree or another…it is because of the natural sin nature in man….it sticks to you like skin!. The best one can do is to get immersed in the Word, which reveals the Life of Christ…as His life fills you up by continuous application, there remains less and less room and desire for the sinful nature to rear its ugly head. As you are dealing with thus transition, demonic elements want to battle the fact they are loosing control and influence….which results in all of the external battles.

    Seek Him FIRST.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,
      Good advise for LInda, let us continue to minister to her. She is our sister in Christ and we should love her as we love ourselves. Continue to encourage and help as I will also.

      In Christ,

  130. linda3292l said

    Hello Gary,

    Thank you for your reply, and yep i understand this again, your absolutly correct,!!

    i hate my sin, it is so discusting !! I just would want to crawl under a stone infront of God !! It is embarrasing ! I just hate it. But i need to hate it enough to turn completely away from it, and yes by doing this i need His life to fill me by continual application. That is a perfect way of putting in a nutshell. I just don’t like starting at the bottom of the mountain again, as it looks so big to climb again !! And it becomes a deterant, and i dont want it to. Especially when ive been in awsome places with God.



  131. linda3292l said

    Hi Marsha,

    Wow thank you for the time you have taken to write to me. I will read this again tomorrow and absorb it more. Wow Marsha yes i often have thoughts of killing myself because of all the suffering and pain i endure, and now my son although at present he is in 100% recovery from myself dedicated nursing him back to health, but i am very annoyed with him as he knows how to maintain his health to keep him from going psychotic by taking megga doses of B6 and Zinc and Omega 3, and his other vits, AND HE IS NOT DOING IT !!! And he is smoking canniabas again !! And cigarettes !! And drinking when he can !!

    He is rebelling worse than he ever has. I am totally stunned Marsha, as this time they gave him antipsychotic drugs and he had a terrible terrible reaction (as i knew he would) and the cold turkey he went through at home horrified him, and hed only had 2 antipsychotic injections, and 4 antipsychotic drugs, AND IT TOOK 6 WEEKS COLD TURKEY TO RECOVER FROM THEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is some of the reason why people can’t get off the antipsychotics who have been on them a long time !! And also being on antipsychotics 9 times out of 10 the psychosis will always comes back on and off, and in the meantime they are becoming damaged on the antipsychotics !!

    I am so upset with my son for putting himself at risk again, he is almost killing me, and for him to do this to me all over again and again when i have suffered so much. He knows God, and he is doing it to God as well !! He is now lacking in respect for me and others too.

    He leaves me lots of washing up to do daily and never lifts a finger to help me. I think the demons are having a field day with him

    So yep, i have suicidal thoughts as through all my suffering i have little quality of life, and sadly my son gives me no joy anymore, but is just extremely hard work, and i am dropping with exhaustion.

    My son appears to have no isight of the wrong choices he is making which also includes his education, as he has come to a stand still now in that area,and he has no job !! It is very frustrating as he is very clever and Maths he is brilliant at. He is throwing it all away because he prefers to smoke cannibas and then make himself ppsychotic !! He is fortunate 7 times he has come out 100% of psychosis, and wwould not have done on antipsychotics totaly. His nurse only told him last week the fact he is fortunate he has come out of it because many dont properly. And no they d dont on the medication !!!!!!!!!!! Thing is Marsha i cant tell them hes not on antipsychotics because in the UK our psychiatric system is way behind in their beliefs of psychiatry just like the USA. Finland has it right, and so did Dr Abram Hoffer in Canada. Y ou know in Canada they can’t give antipsychotic injections against the persons will !! Finland do what i have done for my son, and it is proving extremely successful !! HURRAY HURRAY !! We just need it here and in the USA.

    Ok i will stop ranting on about my son now. But am just on tender hooks waiting for his next episode because of his irrisponsibility !! : (

    Wow Marsha that oija board playing on its own is awfuly frightening !! Yes i bet you were frozen !!!! The ouja board i had was the same copy of the one in that awful film the exorcist which i wish i had never seen in my young years !!

    Yes i will start asking God to forgive me of all the things ive knowingly done wrong and not knowingly done wrong.

    You say about alcohol, but Jesus turned the water into wine and it was the best at the end of the party !! ??????????? I thought God is ok with a bit of drink now and again ???

    I am sorry you have lost your Dad, but so glad he came to Jesus !!

    Ok Marsha i will absorb more of your reply tomorrow, i wish u lived near me !!

    God Bless,

    love from Linda

  132. linda3292l said

    And Marsha, please pray i will have hunger for the word, and i finally learn the art of consistancy with Him. And please pray for reconciiliation with my sons father as there was so much misunderstanding that needs putting right i believe. He is so hard and so cold, and believes in his head things that are not true of that time past. He has never spoken to our son or i for 20 years. And our friendship was always about God, He was never left out. I do believe God wants us to reconsile before he dies, because of Salvation. I feel a great saddness for him. He is much older than i.


  133. linda3292l said

    hi Marsha, just to say, i once had so much hunger for the word !


  134. linda3292 said

    Hello Marsha,

    I forgot to say, my mums mum took her own life and my dads dad took his own life also, and i think the same thing is after me. Both my parents found thier parents. My mum was 14 or 16,when she found her mum, and my father was 19 or 20 when he found his.

    Please can u tell me if u know how i can remove some posts i have done, it is important.



    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Linda,

      It may be a generation curse, but I am not totally convienced of that. But it would not hurt at all to pray and ask the Lord if there are any generational curse that they be lifted. Because the Lord said in the bible, that He would require each person to be responsible for themselves, and the generational curses where lifted.
      So my suggestion to you, do not dwell on it. Because when we dwell on things, and keep thinking about it, that is when we allow the evil spirits to produce sin in our lives.


      PS, I not sure how you would remove any post on this site. Don’t worry about it.

  135. linda3292 said

    Hi Marsha,

    Thank you for your prayers, and the advise you are giving me. Yes i do have a mum, please pray for her also. She is more open to God than my Father and sister.

    My Mum just does not understand about God and Jesus, and hasn’t fully accepted Jesus, please pray the scales removed. And yes the scales removed from my Father and sister. I haven’t seen them for 12 years. There is always big problems with my father because of his wife. She does not believe in God either, and this of course does not help my Father.

    And thank you for the prayers concerning my sons Father, he does believe in God and Jesus 20 years ago when i knew him, but at the time i did not believe in Jesus. But i would always write to him about HaShem the Father. You see i was under the first Covenant.

    But he did not believe how we believe. I mean he didn’t know we can all have a one to one relationship with Jesus. And he doubted me when i told him about the big bright light i saw and another time when God instantly healed me after i cried out to him in prayer. I wasn’t even asking Him to heal me. He healed me of the grief of loosing my precious Grandma.

    The bright light i saw i believe was Jesus, but i didn’t know at the time because i hid under the blankets and asked Him to go away. It was years later i realized it was Him when I accepted Jesus into my heart. All those years in the time when I saw the big bright light i was continually looking for God, and would write about HaShem to my sons Father. but would leave Yahshua out. So i do believe Yahshua was revealing Himself to me that night. The light was so BRIGHT, IT WAS BRIGHTER THAN THE SUN, but didn’t hurt my eyes at all.

    Yes i miss very much my sons Father, and so very much want to share God and Jesus with him in a way i do not believe he has ever had before, apart from with myself 20 years ago about HaShem and His wonderful healing touch, and the light. I know 20 years ago our friendship began becoming deeper because of God, and we had abstained from sexual relations. But then the sexual relation began to creep back in again, we didn;t realize we were sinning. And then my son came along and he couldn’t cope with the situation. There was a lot of misunderstanding around that time from him with decisions i made, and really do hope i can put them right in a letter to him. Please pray for this letter/poem i am writing. God is in it all the way.

    Do you have an email address Marsha that i can write to you so that some stuff im writing isn’t published?

    I am going to talk with my church about Delivernce Ministry for me. And yes i quite agree i think it has to be me delivered before my son.

    My son definatly needs deliverence !!! As i do.



  136. Marsha Barnes said

    To all who are out there in the battle against satan, I have a warriors prayer for you:

    Heavenly Father,
    Your warrior prepares for battle.
    Today I claim victory over satan by putting on the whole armor of God! Esp. 6:10-19

    I put on the Girdle of Truth !
    May I stand firm in the truth of Your Word,
    so I will not be a victim of satan’s lies.

    I put on the Breastplate of Righeousness !
    May it guard my heart from evil, so I will remaiin pure and holy,
    protected under the blood of Jesus Christ.

    I put on the Shoes of Peace !,
    May I stand firm in the Good New of the Gospel so
    Your peace will shine through me and be a light to all I encounter,

    I take the Shield of Faith !
    may I be ready for satan’s fiery darts of doubt, denial and deceit,
    so I will not be vulnerable to spiritual defeat.

    I put on the Helmet of Salvation !
    May I keep my mind focused on You,
    so satan will not have a stronghold on my thoughts.

    I take the Sword of the Spirit !
    May the two-edged sword of Your Word,
    be ready in my hands so I can expose the
    tempting words of satan.

    By Faith your warrior has put on the Whole Armor of “God”!
    I am prepared to live this day in spiritual VICTORY !

    Sincerely from you sister Warrior for Jesus Christ,
    Marsha Barnes


  137. gary said


    Excellent for printing.


    • Marsha Barnes said


      I had these made as a bible markers. I have several left and will put it in the mail to you. Then you can copy it off on card stock paper to hand out to whoever you want. I usually use the same sheet of card stock paper and copy about 2-3 off on the same paper. Then I make several copies to hand out to people. This prayer is from an anonymous writer, but it has a lasting impression for us who believe.

      In the Love of Christ,

  138. gary said

    Thanks…I had that in mind as soon as I read it.


  140. 1574 EWING AVE.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,
      Yes I will send you the Warrior’s prayer Bible marker for you to read. I will send you a couple, put one out where you can see it, read it everyday and satan will flee from you. Yes I will send you more scripture and also explanations on the Body, Soul and Spirit, it will help you realize just who you are and give you the right thoughts. So do I send this to Chena Wise at that address?


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,

      How are you doing? Did you get the card shield from mailing? I have more to sent to if you wants.



    • Elder J said

      Chena, I believe your fascination is being influenced by some dark force, if you cannot stop something it is a clear indication that some spiritual force is creating this desire inside you by manipulating your flesh. My second point is, that those that read the bible like a novel “rarely” get anything out of it, but if you read it like an instruction manual and an example of do’s and don’ts then you can get plenty out of it. The bible is the instruction manual for believers and it is “packed” full of revelation knowledge, meaning there are things in the bible that the average reader cannot perceive nor understand, it takes the Spirit of God to glean revelation knowledge and insight from God’s Word. The bible as a novel will collect dust on your shelf, the bible as your instruction manual will get thoroughly used. The question you have to ask yourself is this: Would Jesus recommend my fascination of reading about Demons? Jesus said in the Word to the disciples after they saw that His power upon them casted out devils, Jesus told them don’t rejoice about your fascination of power to cast out and command devils to come out of people but rather rejoice because your names are written in Heaven. All demons and devils will end up in the lake of fire anyway and all of heaven will see there torment forever that will be the extent of their existence after the judgement so being fascinated with them is a waste of time anyway, a better use of your time would be to study the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit and the 9 gifts the Holy Spirit imparts to Spirit filled believers. If you would like to discuss more you can contact me at:

      Elder J

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,
      Once the Lord saves you no will not go to hell. But when reading the Bible, remember, this is the book of life and death. It shows you what an all Powerful God is all about and what He wants you to know about Him. As you read, read it like He is talking to you, and when you realize you have done something wrong, right then and there ask the Lord Jesus for forgiveness. Then turn from what it was and do not do it again ! Ask the Holy Spirit to open the words of the bible, and show you what He wants you to know. Pray before you read and ask the Lord to open your eyes to what He wants you to know.
      Please read the whole book of John in the New Testament, and look at Chapters 14,15 and 16 real close.
      Marsha Barnes


    • Chena,

      If you are honestly looking for victory, and you don’t want to keep writing about the same fasinations over demonic books, repeat after me. Outloud…so the demonic realm can hear you.

      “Dear Father God,
      I am very lost and consumed by many things in the world that I am not sure of. (Even my brother confuses me).
      I need Your immediate guidance out of this darkness. Like a wandering child, I need forgiveness.
      I understand that You sent Your only Son, Jesus, into this physical world 2000 years ago to die a sacrificial death on a cross for me.
      I am not even sure that I understand fully what that means, but I accept it on Faith because You said it in Your Word, The Bible.
      As I accept it on Faith, You say that is sufficient enough for me to be absolved from any sin that I have knowingly or unknowingly committed.
      And as a result of that acceptance I now claim Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of my life, and that I am eternally saved into the Family of God.
      I ask you Father to send to me the Holy Spirit to immediately and continually guide me into a direction that would be pleasng to You.
      I ask for strong guidance toward any reading materials that You would desire me to have, and the immediate removal of, and a sudden lack of desire against anything unholy, or that which would bring me into confusion with Your Word, The Bible.
      Father, please send to me strong Christian faithful Believers to guide my path and fill in the details, and warring angels to protect my walk.
      I will not rely on myself. I will trust in You.

      Chena. This God cannot fail. This God will not fail. This God does not fail.
      Now, stand up straight and tall…read it again like your life depends on it…(because it really does).
      Get immersed in God, and He in you, and go out and save a few more like yourself…You are now conscripted into the God’s Endtime Army!. Time is short. And you will see change.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,
      I am so happy for you, know that when you accepted the Lord that at that instance the Holy Spirit come in your heart. So He will guide you in what is right and wrong.
      Michael the Arch Angel, is the warring angel for the Lord. He killed 185,000 enemies for one night for the Israel, to save them. Michael and Gabriel stand before God Almighty in Heaven at His Throne, ready to serve God, the Bible says.
      Also, Gabriel is the messenger angel that God send out. He came to Abraham and Daniel in the book of Daniel. Daniel had many angels show him things that God wanted him to know.
      But just remember one thing Chena, we are not and I repeat not, to worship any Angels. They were created to serve God and mankind.
      We do each as Christians have a guardian angel over them. The bible says to do good always, you never know when you might be intertaining a angel.

      I have had an angel come to me before, let me tell you how.
      I was working and alone at the time in the store where I worked, as the manager.
      I had been kind of down that day, and I kept a bible there to read all the time and had been reading it.

      This man about 6 foot 4 inches, large framed,snow white hair with the most beautiful blue eyes came in from no where. He had on a gray trench coat, and his hands were very large. He face was kind of shining and it had a peaceful look all around.

      Now I looked around and there was not a car anywhere outside, he walked up to the counter and for some reason I was not afraid. He asked me how I was doing, and “I said, well things could be a little bit better right now”. He smiled and said,”Well I am here just to tell you that things are going to be alright, you are doing good, and it will be alright.” Then he said, ” I have to go now to speak to some other people downtown, God bless and keep you.” A customer came in about that time and my eyes followed the customer to where he was going. I turned back and the large man was gone, and I mean it was in just seconds.
      Angels will come to you when the Lord feels you need them. I really, really think I was visited by my guardian angel that day.
      But like I say, they are not to be worshipped, but you can thank them for being around to help you and fight off the assaults from satan.
      Another thing to remember, that the message an angel always bring: They will always put you at peace first, and take away fear, then give you a message from God. At other times, they may give you a warning and at other times, show you things as they did Daniel.

      They are ministering agents of Almighty God, and serve Him. They will play a huge part during the Tribulation that is coming.
      So just thank the Lord that He is protecting you.

      Now know this, look at the book of John and read the following Chapters, 14,15 and 16. This will show you how the Lord Jesus prayed to the father to send us the Holy Spirit and it will tell you what the Holy Spirit will do for you.

      Now pray and continue to read the bible.

  143. gary said

    Thanks Marsha,

    I found that message very reassuring myself.!


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      I was wondering if you have received the charts yet. I hope so, I don’t know how long it takes mail to get from Okla. to Canada, but I did send them on Tuesday of this week. If you need help interupting them let me know. We are teaching a bible study at our church on Tuesday nights. It is a mixed age group of men and women, about 15 people. We have taught them about the body, soul and spirit of mankind. We have taught them on spiritual warfare, and the book of Romans. We are now teaching the book of Revelations, even though Christians will not go through it, it is good to know what will be happening. We can even use it as a wittnessing tool. We have taught the book of Daniel, on the Holy Spirit and others. We are here to serve the Lord anyway He wants us to serve.
      I have had so many experiences from the Lord. I was telling one in Bible study and two people all at once said, Marsha you should write a book. So maybe I will, but it is the Lord and not me. He has taught me something through each experience and I give all the Praise to Him.

      Well, I have been putting this off, but here it goes.

      When I was working as a Convience store as a manager, I was able to wittness to many people, and I really miss being exposed to people since I retired 12 years ago.

      When I was working there, and this was about 30 years ago, it was a regular summer day and most afternoon between 2:00 and 3:45 were what I called the slow time of the day. I had been reading my bible and heard the door open to see a young man standing there in front of the counter. He asked me if I believed what I was reading in that book. I said yes, every bit of it was truth and life.

      He started out like this” I don’t know who in the Hell would ever believe that. I was supposed to have been saved 2 years ago in a California revival, and it has been hell on earth for me every since. He face contorded, and he squated down and proceeded to spin around and hiss and growl at me, cursing and swearing and then quoted scripture in a mocking way.

      Now I was not sure if this was a way that he was fixing to rob me or try to hurt me. I might explain that I had no knowledge of spiritual warfare at this time.

      So I had the key to the register in my pocket, and put it in the register and thought, well the counter is long and I can lock the register and get to the back door and run next door to Hardy restraunte and call the police.

      But He got up and backed up and I had never seen a demonic face on a person before like that. I felt he was fixing to lunge at me right then.

      I locked the register and started to move to the right to the back door. But,,,,,,,,My feet would not move, it felt like they were glued to the door. I tried again, they would not move, right then,,,,,,I felt a warmeth and power come over me, and heard a voice in my head. It said,” this time we stand and fight for the Lord.” My right arm went up not on my own, and my right finger pointed right into his face, and all I remember are these few words, ” you shall not curse the name of the Lord God”, and then words came out of my mouth, that I had never uttered in my life, it was a different lanuage, not of this world.
      The man fell down and continued to hiss, then He got up and his face turn back to normal. He walk up to the register and counter and said, ” my car broke down across the street and I need to know if there is a parts store here in this town.
      Slowly, very slowly the power was leaving me. I got the phone book and found the number he needed. So he went out to the side of the store where there was a pay phone and called them.
      He came back inside and said, ” they were going to call him back at the phone in 20 minutes. Then said he was going to the book store behind where my store was, and would be back.
      Now where his car broke down was right by another store and he could have gone in there, why did he come across the street?
      When he went out, I sat down and began to pray and say Lord send someone to help me, I don’t know exactly what just happened but send my aunt Gloria, send me pastor Dinzel, or someone to help me.
      My relief employee named David came in early, I told him what happened. Now David was a postal worker and worked for me part time, he was a good sized man. He said if he comes back and starts anything I will thump his head for him. I said, no, this is not what we think this is.
      Then out of nowhere My aunt Gloria walked in,…. and I said, what are you doing here? She said, I don’t know, we were just coming home from work and I told Roy to pull in here so I could see Marsha. They rarely ever stopped there going home.
      I said I know why,,,I prayed for you to come and then I told her what happened. She said, I will stay here until he comes back and deal with him. It sounds like he has a demon in him and I will put the Lord in control of this.
      About that same time he walked in,……..My aunt said, sir are you having trouble, and he started to growl at her. She said in the name of Jesus I command that evil spirit to be quite and leave him alone. He just striaightened up right then. Then my uncle came in not knowing what was going on and looked at him. He said sir can I help you in anyway, as he was looking at my aunt and could read her face.
      So they took him from the store and took him to the parts place, then my uncle helped him fix his volkswagon, it was a broken belt.

      Then they took him to eat and paid for his dinner. While they were talking he told them that he had moved to Okla. from Calif. 2 years ago with his sister. They had started going to church and all kinds of things where happeining to them. He was on his way back to California to get his mother and bring her back to Okla. Then they asked him what kind of church was he going to here in Okla. He named the church, and my aunt recognized it as an occult church.
      So as new Christians they came to Okla. and not being discipiled by the right kind of people, they got innocently pulled into the occult. They ministered to him and sent him on his way delivered from satan’s power. He said, pray for me because when I get back I have to get my sister out of the church also. They told him what kind of church to look for when he got back.

      So this man was being tormented by satan when he came into my presence and satan knew the Lord was with me.
      But I had never dealted with anything like this before. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, that is was the Holy Spirit that came over me that day. He totaled took control and protected me from the onsault of satan. All I knew is that I could not move and power came over me I had really no control of at the time. It was God, he was taking care of me !!!!!!!!! I have felt this power since then working in deliverance ministries, but not as strong as that day. God had control of the whole ordeal or you might say situation.

      Right after I got off work, I went down to my church, I was so upset. I talked to my pastor, Dinzel Lenard, he said this to me. ” Marsha you were in the right place at the right time and God needed to use you for that man”. He told me that he was aware of spiritual deliverance, but if that was the direction the Lord was taking me to remember one thing. He drew a circle on a sheet of paper, and said, ” Stay in the circle of God people, do not stray, or satan will come at you
      very strong. Stay with your church and let the Lord lead. But stand strong for the Lord. ” I grew up ten years right then.
      My aunt called me a few days later, and that is when I went to the bible study and received the anointing of the Holy Spirit. After that my aunt took me to some deliverance ministry services. From that point the Lord lead me and then He started sending people to me for help. It has not stopped, from time to time, I am called by someone else. I have never really advertised it just grew of the Lord’s doing.

      I can tell you for sure, it was not adrenalin that day, my feet were like glued and would not move, it was God, in the form of the Holy Spirit that came over me. When God takes contol, He really takes control. He taught me just how powerful He was that day. It took me a few months to relize that, only after I had started reading and really studying the bible more on what the Holy Spirit of God can do for us.
      I have had many dreams that have come true and I know I have the gifts of discernment, wisdom and uderstanding.
      But that is how the Lord called me to that ministry. I was a real wake up call. More stories later.


  144. Marsha Barnes said

    To all out there, God is real, Yeshua is real, and the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost as some say, they are real. I have witnessed their power first hand and I know He is real.
    Pray for the Lord Jesus to save you before it is to late. Ask the Lord to come into your heart and save your soul. You will be enternally gateful that you did.
    It’s not to late and you don’t have to clean up to ask him. He does the cleaning after you ask and it is so much more easy, because He cares for you and will forgive all your sins and trespasses. He will clean you of all evil……
    Don’t be deceived by the fallen cherub angel that tries to terrorize the world, he is nothing. His day is coming, look up Revelation 20: 1-3 and 7-10. He has already been judged by Almighty God.
    Chose the right way of life and accept the Lord Jesus Christ !
    He is the way, the truth, and the life.
    You can ask Him anywhere you are, He will be waiting for you to ask, ask, ash, Him.
    In the Love of Jesus Christ,
    Marsha Barnes

  145. gary said

    That is awesome.

    I am certain He is up to something with me….although I have been introduced to deliverance ministry and under the leadership of several anointed people who are called to that area of ministry, , I am sensing I am to go slightly another route.

    Although always a good guy and a reader of the Bible,…from my 20’s, I did drift ….until my large $6M year business and home life crashed in 2004. Long Story….and I ended up in a church pew with nothing at are 44.

    Three years later, with God at the helm, most times, I am married, have beautiful daughter, and a new development business breaking ground consisting of 50 new homes and a new hotel commercial plaza….

    But how I got into this was looking for solutions to total deliver my wife who wad the product of extreme trauma as a very young child….another long story, but like many written on this site. We have made a lot of progress, but there is at least one major demond hiding in there somewhere, and I have witnessed the manifestations at times face to face.

    She is a lovely gifted woman of God , but is still not fully evicted, and , I have to admit….I know what Paul means about the Throne in his side….I should have been so blessed to only have them in my side.!


  146. gary said

    I also need spellchecker on my phone!…

    • Marsha Barnes said

      That is not my problem, I have been typing for years, I just get so intense in writing that I miss spell words. I was always good in spelling, so I just need to slow down and read check some the things I said. Ha!

  147. Marsha Barnes said

    I have some insight for you, I just checked this site, I will get back to you, I have some errands to do and have to fix lunch for us. But know this, the strong man I am discerning is the father of lies. The strong man in your wife is a strong lieing spirit.

    When in deliverance did they ever get the spirit of lies to come out. This is how it manifest, when they are asking questions, did she at any time question them back on their authority? If so that is a lieing demon that is deep seeded. Not that she is a liar at heart, but that spirit is deeply seeded and may have to be confronted soon. I don’t know you wife, the Lord just gave this to me, and also look for the spirit of fear along with the spirit of lieing.

    Gary, I am not accusing her, I have discerned this, and there may.. be one more, …… (schizophrenia), God help us,
    Dear Lord please lead Gary to seek more help for her soon. Gary when you talk to your people that have worked with her, Please to not tell her, let them know what I have discerned. It is the strong man they have not gotten yet. But remember this also, when she is set free, help her by setting up a study time for the both of you to study together, she needs your strength and help, not only for you, but for your daughter. Also in these cases if she doesn’t stay cleaned up more could come back into her.
    She will have to stay in the Word of God to be protected for a while until satan sees he has not place. Boldly command him to stop hurting her. Gary she need to know and I mean know how much you love her. Never accuse her just get her help.
    Set it up as a get together with them say for Bible study, on the Love of God.

    God Oh, God of heaven and earth, be with Gary and help him in any weakness and give him light. In Jesus name. Marsha

    But be there, but not in the same room, and by all means, don’t have your little girl there. Sometimes in delieverance spirits will come out of one and go into another. Also have them watch for the spirit that may ask what authority they have, or she may ask why they are calling this out she does not have it. This is the accusing lieing spirit that has a hold on her.
    Make them aware before they start and be watching for it.

    Dear Lord God,
    Please be with Gary’s wife, and give her peace and set her free of the strong man. Oh Lord please bind what is hurting her and loose the Holy Spirit to help her and set her free. She is your child and she should not be buffeted like this. Now Lord go forth to be with those people of deliverance and give them knowledge to cast out the strong man. God help us in out weakness to over come satan’s hold on her.
    In Your Blessed Name, Marsha

    I have more for you about Paul torn in he side, it is not what most people have been lead to believe, more revelation knowledge the Lord gave me while my husband and I were reading our bibles.
    We found another today, the Word Jeshurun. I will explain this also later.

    In His Grace,

  148. gary said


    You and I have never met. I have been at this for six years. Your observation and sensing in the Spirit is so precise, I got a chill down my spine.

    She is you are correct…preoccupied all the time about lying, everybody lies, except her. Fear. Very suspcious re anyone of religion being in authority over her, at times very defiant…
    Diagnosed D.I.D… from the childhood trauma. Says she is allowed to drink as much wine as she wants because Jesus drank it….but I told her that is a distorted lie.
    Sister Bi-polar, on the street. Father mental issues. Mother abused and alone separated for 20 years. Brother a pot smoker. Other sister casino life. Other sister out of Wed lock marriage 4 kids.. She is the only one seeking God everyday, but Satan has been brutal to her. I believe I was sent to save her, but it has been like the Battle of the Bulge in France during WII

    Our daughter, born Christmas day, was a sign I told my wife that God still loved her after all she endured…and what an incredible acknowledgement of His she has in her little spirit. She has been the bond keeping her alive.

    Thanks for pressing in….I will speak with counsellors next time about your insight.
    I believe you are precise. One counsellor several years ago told me about a Leviathan spirit like a big hook she saw.

    The demons are very powerful and taxing to me at times…and have for awhile admitted defeat……and I have been pressing.g in to clean myself up spiritually, to be moire effective as I am aware of the transfer of spirits.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      I have some scriptures for you to look up.
      John 14:12-14, John 8:31-32, I Corinthians 2:10-13, I Corinthians 12:1-13, II Timothy 1:6-10 verse 7 is special, II Timothy 3:16-17, (Matthew 17:18-19 and * Matthew 18:18-20 *) and II Timothy 2:15 which you probably know already. Now read 1 John 4: 4 and believe it with all your heart. Then read the same chapter 4:1-6 but verse 4 is the key.

      I hope you realize, only the Lord has given me the discernment of what is going on with your wife. All you had ever said was that she had gone through spiritual deliverance and was still having problems. The Lord told me as I was reading your last reply what it was and to let you know. I am not a seer I am just an instrutment of the Lord. I am nothing He is everything. I can not take the credit, He let me know what was going on.

      In His Love,

  149. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Gary,

    I told my husband what the Lord told me.
    My husband told me to let you know this. You are the spiritual head of your home, you are going to have to stand up to this and be strong for her sake. You are the strenght in the family, stand strong for the Lord. We are praying for her so just stand, stand, and continue standing up for the Lord. Be the man you know God wants you to be, take spiritual charge of the situation, as a father protects his children, so the man protects his family.


  150. gary said

    I agree. This is always His work.

  151. gary said


    I am not making a joke here, but I can identify with that event…I pray to get my wife in front of as well equipped team. The demon that controls and manipulates her is an absolute lying sack of greased pigs….. to put a G rating on its description .

    I sense a breakthru coming….Glory to God.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      I understand fully, my husband was a hard case also. But when I finally got him there, he cried like a baby. When they laid hands on him, he fell to the floor and wept, then laughed with joy, and then cried some more. This went on for 15 minutes, and the Pastor said something I have never forgot. He said, “He is being purged from his mother’s womb.” Saying from since the day he was born, the Lord was cleansing him and cleaning him up. I had prayed for years that the Lord would make my husband the spiritual leader of our home. He answered my prayer. Now he did have some things called out of him, also.

      I feel there may be one more spirit, I need to tell you about, as I was sitting in church this morning, I received one more spiritual demon, to let you know of. It is the spirit of deception, she does not recognize that she is being deceived. This is not the same as the lieing spirit. So this may be one of the strong holds also. Please make a note of these that the Lord let me know of . I don’t know your wife, but I will earnestly pray for her when you take her for the meeting. Please let me know the day, so I can do some powerful intercessory prayer for her. I can tell you this, as I have read some of the things on this site, my heart just aches for these people that are being tormented. I almost wish I could go to each one, to wittness and allow the Lord to help me show them how to be set free. It is only in the most powerful name in heaven and earth, that of Jesus Christ our Savior.

      Please Gary, let them know it is going to resist, they will have to get strong in commanding them to come out. You will need someone reading out loud the word of God, have a wet cloth ready and a trash can. Just trust me on this.
      No matter how hard or long she denies it don’t stop make sure she is completely cleaned up.

      My last session with a person lasted 6 hours. During that time I had her Husband leave the house and go over to my house. She was one of my dear friends, and the lieing demon spoke out of her and said, I don’t have to go, she wants me here. Now I was not the major worker for her, because we were close friends, so my other workers did the actual calling things to come out, I was there to offer up prayers for her. Man did we ever have to pray and command, in the Almighty God and His Son Jesus to get it to come out and commanded it could not stay. She bolted forward from her chair and we had to catch her. Then exhaled and it came out. We bound it in the name of Jesus and commanded it to leave and never come back. We all had fasted for a day, before we went to help her. When it was done, she blinked her eyes several times and said. “What happened, she never even knew what was going on. Now this was the first time I had ever wittnessed this. I feel it was the Lord’s way of protecting her. We did not tell her everything, because I felt it would be better if she didn’t know, to dwell on it.

      I am getting together the Body, Soul and Spirit study to send you, with the supporting scriptures. It also has some charts, from our previouse pastor, many years ago. It really opens people’s eyes to how the body, soul and spirit work together. I have never forgotten it, it was such an eye opener for us also.

      We just taught this to our bible study group about 6 months ago. We had some fairly new Christians in that class and they have been faithfully coming every since. Some of the older adults had never seen anything like this either, and really liked how it opened their eyes, to what makes us tick. I really sense in my spirit, it is something you could share with your wife and open her eyes as to what and why she is having these problems. I promise you it will make a difference in her. It has no doctrinal teaching only scriptures to explain it, and makes it clear what is going on.

      When I taught the Spiritual Warfare class, we gained two more powerful workers to help us. Not everyone will be led to it, only those that the Lord has called for it. But so many people found out, that it really is a battle, and one we have to fight until the Lord comes and takes us away.

      If I can be of more help, let me know. I will be praying.
      I sure hope those first charts I sent you get there soon.


  152. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Gary,
    I understand, my husband was a hard case also.

    Sincerely, Marsha

    PS. I almost forgot to tell you this. As I was sitting in church this morning, the Lord told me to let you know of one more demon, not a spirit a demon.

    “Deception” it is different from the “Lieing demon.” This one deceives her into thinking there is nothing wrong with her, and could be a strong hold demon also.

    Remember, we must first bind the strong man or men to get success.

  153. gary said

    Thanks Marsha,

    You are correct about the last spirit. I have lvocalized that to her only to get a mouthful back at me….si I soon realized the direct accuser route wasn’t going to be effective.

    Look forward to your materials, have study similar programs and really enjoy it.

    I came across a lady from Oklahoma name Glenda who seems to be very effective in deliverance ministry as well and has a 6 part teaching on line….she made a very good point that one way demons attach are at the. Womb, because demons are spirits and see your assignment from God at conception, and to those with a powerful calling from God for his purpose , will attempt to kill at birth or before….and the history of my wife proves this as she was 2-3 months premature due to violence against the mother….and tons of violence after birth.

    Also, Katie Souza from Phoenix at Expected End Ministries, has an amazing 6 part teaching dealing with her unique revelation from God about the understanding of unseating demonic kings often at the root of many persons deep spiritual and emotional wounds….so after 1-1/2 years of it laying by the cd player, my wife suddenly started going through the set in the last few days. So, I will keep pursuing the fast….at least that part Is in my control.

    I will keep you informed once I can get her to another session.

    Stay strong and focussed, glad He has anointed you with your servants spirit.


  154. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Gary,

    Please remember this: “I say to you , whatever you bind here on earth, will be bound in Heaven, and whatever we loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” “Again , I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask, it will be done for them by My Father in heaven.” ” For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them” Matthew 18: 18-20

    That is a direct quote from the Lord. The Foundational meaning was this a two or three bound cord is much stronger than a single one. Just think of that Gary, is it not true a cord made of three or more is so much stronger. There is power in numbers when we are facing the evil one.

    Gary, there may be a spirit of bondage also, that you may have to deal with. It could have come from a very young age and trying to keep her in bondage. I just hope all this helps you and God Bless you.

    Be sure that the first thing they do is to bind any hurtful spirits, and spirits of demonstrations, and loose the Holy Spirit to come and assist the workers and be with her. Also call down from Heaven the Lord Jesus’s angels of warfare to fight any spirits trying to buffet the team. Ask the Lord to be there and assist the team.

    1. Lieing spirit, hard to cast out
    2. Deceiving Spirit, different from deception, will sometimes come out with the Lieing Spirit.
    3. Spirit of deception, hard to cast out
    4. Schizophrenia, this is a hard one to cast out, be ready with wet cloth and trash container with lineing. Trust me on this it will not be not what you can imagine.
    5. Spirit of Bondage from a young age.
    6. Sometimes the spirit of lust, not just of sex but of bad habits like the wine she always wants. There are different kinds of lust.

    Start by making her as comfortable as possible. Reassure her that the Lord will set her free.
    I can not be there to help, but know I will be in prayer not only for her, but for all the workers involved.
    This could take some time, so have plenty of workers on hand that can give relief when needed, work in teams., start early afternoon, this could run into the evening easy.

    In the Love of Christ,

  155. gary said

    This is tremendous Marsha …thank you for these answers .I can identify with all in this situation.

    I am going to assemble all these notes and meet with the original team (and pastors who married us),-with whom she trusts.

    I agree I think she needs a private setting where a team can really focus.. The previous sessions were in a seminar setting and have only been partially victorious.

    Our pastors team wife told my wife that she was so tormented that she hated everyone all the time before being saved , and she had such a deliverance that when the demon came out it threw her across the room. My wife has been petrified of that ever since …holding out on her own deliverance fully.

    and I. known of another case where it took 12 hours to get 20 demons out of a woman who had been in occult

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      About your last commit, yes I have seen that also in people. I have seen the vomiting of yellow and green and red bile coming from people when demons come out. I had one person that had hick ups for 30 minutes as the demons came out, another started sneezing for about 15 minutes straight. I have seen extremely large exhales and dark images come out and that is the kind you immediately bind in the name of Jesus before they enter someone else. Expressly send them to the deep abss to not return. Also hate is very common in people, it is not one to over look. You don’t just cast them out, to tell them where to go and ask the Holy Spirit to fill the void that is left. To fill her with peace and love, and understanding, with good gifts of the Spirits of God. That is very important to ask that the Lord fills her with good gifts.

      Next to the last deliverance we helped a woman who was saved at the age of 12. But her mother was a new agers and into the occult. So she also started working in Wickin, witchcraft. The Spirits in her were resisting. So we asked it to name itself, it finally said, Hate. Well after we called it out the spirit of Beelzaubub, satan, we had to cast it also. She was another one that took 5 hours to call everything out. She was married to a sussesful man, and she had a teenage son and daughter. They had been to some island for vacation, I asked her is there was anything in her house she needed to get rid of. She said a pagan mask in her son’s room, they bought on this island. That night also, when we were at her house, frogs kept showing up the the front room. My daughter was with us, and she and another worker found it by the front door. They picked it up and threw it out the front door as hard as she could. They heard it thump when it landed. They turn around to come back in and there it set again. That time they took it out and killed it. Frogs were one of the pagan gods that the Egyptians worshipped. I have seen some very different things, but that one was one I had never seen before.

      I just finished reading the whole book of Joshua today. In the last few chapters the Lord warns them about returning to other gods.
      Have you ever thought about this. Canada, and the United States were made by people fleeing govenment control and a need to be free to worship the way we chose. We are in a way a picture of the nation of Israel coming out of Egypt.
      We too should heed Gods warning about what we allow. Now days we are the masters of a piece of property, and that is a man’s little kingdom that He resided over. But what have we allowed into this space, that may not be pleasing to a Holy God. We are not to give over to devils that come in the form of pride, self indulgentance, pagan religions.
      Joshua 23:7,8,13 & Joshua 24:3 & 13,14,15, & 19.

      When you are reading the Bible remember this, when it mentions the Angel of the Lord, it is the Lord himself that is present.

      Have you ever noticed how the nation of Israel fell from the ways of God, after Moses and Joshua died. It was because they were being tested and failed time and time again. They wanted a king to be over them, and some of them were good and some of them were evil. Why did they need a king anyway.

      So later in the old testatment God made covenant with Himself, and said He would write the law on their hearts. He could not keep them from falling from just head knowledge, even after He brought them across the Jordon into the promised land. They had never gotten over the practice of worship to pagan gods, after coming out of Eygpt. They still had a servants mentality. God wanted them to become a Holy Nation unto Him only. But thank God, He had another plan, that of sending our Lord Jesus Christ.

      But at that time the Holy Spirit had not come down to earth to dwell with Israel or men, only the preist had some contact. That only happen in our life time when Jesus prayed to the Father to send Him to us. Book of John 14,15,16 We have the Spirit of God in us when we become born again, somthing the Nation of Israel did not have. After all He had shown them. Any,nation that takes it’s eyes of the Lord God Almighty will fall. We live in perilous times again, we need Godly leaders to reclaim the Nations. Evil is in our govenment so bad now.

      Thank God, He honored His Son so much to send us the Holy Spirit of Himself. Praise God.
      Oh by the way, Jeshurun ( Is another word for the Nation Of Israel )

      Remember before you start, bind the evil hurtful spirits, and spirits of demonstrations, that will keep anything from manafesting itself to throw her around and harrass her while you ask what needs to come out.


  156. Hi Marsha, thank you for writing me, am so glad you have as ive been hoping you would. Ive been reading yours and Gary’s correspondence to each other and how God has given you discernrment of spirits.

    And also when you knew there was a spirit of death bugging me. which i know with all the sickness in our household but also, but i am so strong in terrible sickness which must be God’s strength, and also because my encounters with Him and through out my life and in sickness tells me all this sickness and suffering is not what God wants for myself or my son. So i know Marsha i have to get in the right place with God and keep soaked in His word daily !! That worked before with God, so it will work again, i can do it !!

    My Church has told me about deliverence Ministry, but i don’t want to travel far, i would like to find a deliverence Ministry in my home town, so thats my search now.

    My Church told me there is a very good one in Wales and God is doing so much work there, but it’s too far for me to go.

    I have been wanting to ask you if you maybe able to discern the spirits/demons that are tormenting my son and i ?

    I have done something that i have been unable to stop doing for years because my son is just HARD work. I get cross with him because he never listens to me, he even puts his fingers in his ears so he doesn’t have to listen to me, and now he’s 20 he just pops his ear phones in his ears, and it’s just horrible as the advice is for his own good but he never wants to hear me. So for years when he doesn’t listen, I then say to him ” you don’t listen do you, you never listen” He is also like this with other people, he just doesn’t want to listen. A gentleman from Church is trying to help my son with a bit of work, but my son is very difficult, because of the listening thing and also my son’s motivation is very very poor. Please can you pray for my son in these areas, that what ever this not listening thing is to stop, and for his motivation to increase rapidly.

    Some years ago Marsha, i was attacked in my home in the night by a deaf and dumb spirit, thats the first time i have ever been able to distinguish a demon.

    When my son was about 7 years old even a teacher discerned there was something not right with my son, but she couldn’t put her finger on it, and i couldn’t either but said i had the same problem at school and she asked me what it was, i said i didn’t know, and thought it was lack of concentration like dreaming and drifting away in my thoughts from what was being taught in the class.

    I know my son has a demon in him, because when i walked very close to God just before i drifted away from God, He told me my son Adam (10 years old at the time)has a demon in him, i then asked God how, and He said through fear. Well i knew about all the fear that Adam had gone through, with me been so ill, and the wickedness of my neighbours.

    But Marsha – After this last psychotic episode my son appears to have been left with pride, arrogance, and zero respect for me or really anyone, and he’s smoking infront of me. He is not recognising he is making a mess of his life choosing his self destructive lifestyle. And also he is addictive to facebook too its taking over his life, to the point prevents him looking for work or searching the education out that is correct for him.

    Now he thinks he doesn’t need educating and that this gentleman from Church can teach him it all, but he still needs educating in building to require the qualifications!!! I understand this gentleman doesn’t have all the qualifications in his bulding company, but he is excellent at what he does. So of course my son thinks he can follow the same way.

    Does my son Marsha have a demons of arrogance, pride, fear, bipolar and deaf in him ?? Also he has stopped taking the vitamins to prevent him from having a bipolar/schizphrenic/psychotic episode, and now he is refusing to eat any good nutritious food and just wants to eat junk, and is craving all the time for choclate and sweet stuff. He ate a whole tub of ice cream to himself last week. It’s like he has become addicted to all these things. I mean is the deaf thing a not listening spirit?

    How many demons do i have in me, i know i have fear, and i have had one talk out nof me, that was just terrible. That was when i ran to Jesus after not accepting him for 17 years. Last year or it was the year before, it tried to talk out of me again, it’s when im in a paralized sleep but aware and awake.

    I can barely tolerate my son Marsha, he is so horrible to me, he shows me no care or love by just helping himself would help me. I am very poorly and it’s just awful. If he didn’t have psychotic episodes i would ask him to leave, but i can’t do that Marsha, he would end on the streets.

    I wait for your reply, and yes i am on the hunt for a deliverence ministry but in my home town.




    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Linda,

      Well here is what the Lord told me while I was reading your notes about your son.

      Here it is the stronghold in your son it is the “Rebellious Demon” , he is rebelling against anyone he think is attacking him. And right now he thinks everyone is attacking him, and that is a Lieing Spirit, he also has a Accusing Spirit, to go along with the Lieing Spirit. Also the Spirit of Fear of not being in control of himself, and that is a Controlling Spirit. There may be more. Now at 20 they think they are grown, but you and I know that there is much more to learn. We are talking from experience, we have learned in our life time, but they don’t see it this way.
      Now this may sound strange, but I had one son that had a rebellious spirit, and I had to cast it out in the name of Jesus, but he was much younger at the time, and it came out.

      Now what I found out about him also is he lacked self confidence. So when he was 17, I sat down with him and said, “son you know everyone thinks your are a joke sometimes, and that you will never go to college or anything. But son, I think they are wrong. I think you will surprise everyone, that you will do more than anyone ever thought you could do.” Well this is how it turned out.

      He went into the 82 Airborn Military right out of high school. Just 6 months later, the Dessert Storm war started. But before that he called me when he was in basic training and said, “mom the sqaudron got in my face and I had my gun held up in place in front of my face, he said I smiled, but mom I did not. He pushed my gun and it cut my forehead just a little. I had to go to the infirmary and get it attended to. What do you think I should do?” Now this was one of the hardest things I ever had to tell my son. I said, “suck it up and forget about it, it is nothing, your are going to see more than that, so just keep your mouth shut and get on with it.” “I love you but now is not the time to whine, continue with your training.”
      You will never know how hard that was for me to say to him.

      As a baby and little child, he was always happy and smiling at me. He was such a happy little guy when he was little.

      Then dessert storm hit, and my heart sank when he called and said, mom we are being flown out to the war, and I can’t tell you when or where I will be. I waited for a month for the next call, he was getting ready to head toward Bagdad, he couldn’t tell me that then, all he said was, we are going in. Then my husband came home and said their Air Guard Unit was being deployed in two weeks. I really felt my heart sink then, he was fulltime Air Guard, he worked on C130 airplances, he was a technician specialist.

      But Praise the Lord, the war stopped and my son was within 20 miles of downtown Bagdad, and my husband did not have to go they stopped just the day before they were being sent out.

      So don’t give up on your son, encourage him, ask how his day was, and drop it. Don’t hassel him that just stirs up the rebellious demon in him. He knows he is doing wrong, but a little love goes a long way. Be encouraging to him, ask him what he learned today and say good, I’m glad you learned that today. He will start to talk to you and bring down his defenses.

      I know it is hard to watch someone we love doing the wrong things, but the old saying is true. A little sugar goes a long way.
      Always know this, what satan means to do bad, the Lord Jesus is much stronger, especially when we go to our son’s with love. Bite your tongue, don’t let that accusing spirit out on him.

      You are precious to me Linda, I know as a mother what you are going through.

      Now later my son went to college and got a degree in criminology. He became a police officer for the state and he works for the junvile authorities. His main job it to transport young criminals from one facility to another one. But he said that gave him time to talk to them about Jesus. Ha. He has been married for a long time and has 2 daughters. His wife works at an emergency room facility. They have 5 acres and a nice house. He also served in the Iraqi war, he is out now, thank the Lord.

      Sometimes we need to be hard, but not all the time.

      Think good things for your son, look for his strengths not his weaknesses, dwell on those and let the Lord lead you.

      In the Love of Christ,

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Do not be afraid to ask the church for help to get there, someone to drive you and help with tranportation. Don’t be afraid, have a talk with your minister.

      Take a friend with you to help you get home ok.

  157. Also Marsha, i can’t stop thinking negative about my son because of the way he is !! And i know sadly he must know this. Please also pray for confidence for him in the work hes doing with this gentleman from church, and that my son does get better and better in the work that is being taught to him, and patience from this gentleman from Church. This gentleman from Church says Adam lacks confidence anfd doesn’t ask him anything, and thinks hes frightened to ask him questions. I don’t know.



    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Linda,

      If you can talk to this gentleman: have him tell your son that if he has any questions please ask, that no question is dumb to ask, because that is how your learn by asking questions. Tell him that he is shy, and lacks confidence. The spirit bothering your son is self condemnation, this spirit tell us we are bad and can’t do anything right. So pray and bind this spirit in your son and ask the Holy Spirit to come and minister to him, and to give him confidence. Matthew 18: 18-20 Tell the Lord that you need his help and pray that all the evil spirits be bound in your son. I will pray also, because a two fold cord is stronger. Where ever two or more are gathered He will be with them. Loose the Holy Spirit to convict him of sin, and bring him back to the Lord. A mother’s prayers are strong for her son, and I will pray also.

      How are you doing, I have been lifting you us daily to the Lord for healing. Have you been able to find any help yet? Just remember, you are precious, precious, precious to the Lord. He will heal you, I have confidence He will. I also feel that the shingles are just a demon try to keep you from the Lord’s work. I have been saying powerful prayers for you. Keep me informed, I know the Lord will shine through, keep the Faith.

      In the Lord of Christ,

      • Linda,

        I will join with Marsha and believe for the Lords intervention in your affairs such that you will glean a new level of hope and confindence in His miraculous abilities to transcend national boundaries and touch your life.

        I want you to know that reading your story makes my issues small in comparison, but no less burdensome for me. In my case I have a wife who does exhibit similar emotional/mental (strongholds)/ outbursts as your son, albeit to several degrees less destructive.,,but inspite of it she is a praying woman, battling for her own sanity at times, as she was greatly abused as a child.

        This may be hard to do (and may be much more so to ask of a mother), but several times when I have sort of reached the end of my rope (with her manifesting condition), I will go off privately, slide my emotional-man /c’mon get over it/lets get this done/ feelings to one side, and just quietly admit to God that I can’t do much myself, and I freely release her (recovery/direction/path) to Your Sovereign Will. Without fail, the burden comes off, I go about my day, fully confident that whether there is a miracle in an hour, a discovery in a week, a deliverance in a year, or whether I have to deal with it until Christ returns….that He knows best. And I do not have to worry about the outcome. I am responsible for my relationship with Christ. Sometimes you have to hand the Yoke over. And behold…..miracle after miracle, and not near perfection, but there has always been a reprive, a turning, a restored peace, a new plan to get us through to another level.

        The reason we get all bound up in this life is because we feel we have to control the outcome of everything and everyone in our lives or it will all be over in 60 or 100 years and it was useless and all for nought…..but get this revelation: If you actually belong to God’s Family (a born again beliiever)….you are going to live your real life in Eternity. To get a perspective….you will be able to talk with say a bright lady by the name of Marsha, for example for 1 million years,..and then say excuse me I have to speak with another friend, and then come back to see Marsha a million years later…and say, “Oh Marsha. Now where did we leave off!”…..and thats just the 1st two million. Can you see why True Believer’s become so incredibly joyful and exstactic about this eternal reality? This is why it is called more precious than gold and silver and jewels.

        One of the most interesting passages in the Bible is where Jesus describes whom is real brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers are. They are those bound to you in the Faith….not always your direct bloodline. Our understanding of Scripture shows that there are in fact some who are not going into Eternity with us (Well, at least not to the same side of the street)…and I know that is a sad commentary…as for some may even be their sons and daughters. At the same time, I have a personal view (not sure if it is entirely supported Scripturally) that God, in his infinite All-knowing Wisdom, has a perfect Justice; an understanding of every single soul’s birth and experience that has ever been born on the face of the globe. Notwithstanding John 3:16, I believe that some who have seen nothing but trauma, perversion and other hideous soul and spirit distorting violence and who may have experienced an ignorance of God, will obtain a measure of Mercy at the final call. (I direct your attention to the story of the second thief on the cross with Jesus….who was probably a sinner his whole life up to the moment of humilty before Christ….and was invited to Paradise with Him…..and he didnt even plead the sinners prayer?). Everything we see here is only “in part”. The moment you are received into Eternity everything will make sense and “becomes clear”. Whatever makes you sad here will not even cross your mind in Heaven. It will be like the “Ah ha” moment.

        So, the major point is this. Release your son. Pray for him as best you can. Speak to him kindly as you can as Marsha outlined above. Keep looking up for yourself….even if you can only pray 5 minutes at a time. “The earnest (which means intense/sincere) prayer of a righteous woman/man availeth much”. Which means pursue your own standing with Christ to allow his cloak of Righteousness to cover you up….and God will see the prayers of a righteous woman pleading for her son. God is in charge of your son, not you. He will find him. Fix him. Rebuke him. Restore him. Bring him Home….or loose him. God knows where everyone is, why they are there, how they got there, and, ultimately, what they will do with The Call.

        Linda. My mother died in a terrible car wreck when I was 24. At the funeral and the will reading later on, I was handed a sheet torn from a magazine with a picture of probably 1000 joggers running over a hugh bridge in the summer sunlight. In the margin of that sheet, this is what she wrote to me: “Gary, the barriers of life are small, compared to the joys of being fully alive”. And I got this at the funeral. So, see how God works….sometimes He will even take a parent early…to get the son to answer The Call.

        Be at Peace; be encouraged. He has it under control.


  158. linda3292 said

    Hi Marsha, thank you for your time in writing me again, wow you are busy on this site everyone asking you, God is really working with you concerning this site.

    Wow Marsha, when my son is having a psychotic episode, he actually says it out to me that he feels he can’t do anything and that he is useless. Also he actually recognizes he doesn’t do anything to help me AT ALL !!

    He actually partially comes to his senses in an episode, in the fact that he knows he’s been living his life in a way God would prefer him not to, and which is not God’s way, but when he comes out of an episode completely and fully recovered this is where also another problem begins, as he goes back to his life style. As ive said before, in these episodes wether a person has had a Christian up bringing or not, or any form of religous up bringing or not, it is known in bipolar/schizophrenia/psychosis they do, and can have religious mania. But my son walked with God 2 years after his first unwell episode, and did absolutly marvelous. He learnt so much about God in those 2 years, but we didn’t have a church at that time as i was so poorly to even be abe to go out for even a few hours. And so my son didn’t have any Christian friends. He kept mostly at home, he studied and did so well at school, he became very fit at the gym, and loved watching Sid Roth and Mark Biltz, and Benny Hinn. He loved to learn about God. He went to Israel on his own to visit my friends.

    But now he is just so rebelious towards God at present. I realize and understand that when he has an episode he retracts from all his secular friends/aquaintances, and when eventually he comes out of an episode he is left alone, and wonders whats happened to all his friends. And so he becomes very lonely, and then the cycle begins again, he begins rounding/collecting them up, and going on facebook and getiting involved with cannibas with some of them, and getting the cannibas for people and himself, and asking people to join in with him, or share the cost so they can all have their so called good time.

    I am not condeming him as ive smoked cannibas in my past for 7 years, and obviously know this is one of satans tools for the young ones as it robs the young minds of so much, and causes low self esteem, strips confidence away as the cannibas prevents being able to work properly or not at all, because they are so tired from it and want to sleep late and go to bed late, and therefore prevents progress in education, or even just getting a job !! And this is what it’s doing to my son. And of course cannibas is much more dangerous for my son as it puts him in psychosis off.

    I say i am not condeming him, but i do to his face concerning the cannibas because of what it’s done. I am always trying to show him ways to move into being more productive with his life, as he is wasting valuble time in vocational education. At present he doesn’t have to pay for it, but this oppurtunity will close soon if he doesn’t take it, and if he doesn’t take it there will be nothing else offered to him.

    I hope me going on at him for years hasn’t had a negative impact on him thinking he is usless, but ive always told him how clever he is, which he is, but he just DOES NOT WANT TO APPLY HIMSELF in academic learning. Well i say ok then, but find an apprentice job, but he can’t seem to be able to apply himself in looking for a job, His play time with his pals and facebook come first, and HE IS NOW 20 !!!

    Ok Marsha, yes thank you for praying for my son Adam, as he despearatly needs it. It is so upsetting for me what he is doing, and the terrible psychotic episodes that i feel suicidal with it, and he has no idea the depth of how it is effecting me. So far satan didn’t get me to end my life in shingles in the brain stem, eyes, sinuses, and trigeminal nerve, and eosinophillia pneumonea 4 times, and severe insomnia for 12 years, and terrible neighbours. So satan is trying to use my son to put me in a depression to make me think i can’t take any more.

    Marsha i thank God through all my suffering in literal agony for years on end 24/7 as well because of severe insomnia so i never got any release of suffering as i had lost my sleep, that i didn’t fall into depression. I was very oppressed, but that is different to depression. My Christian friends have just been amazed i didn’t go into depression. But now Marsha, my neighbours are getting me down, and my son is making me sad, and i still suffer, but not as bad and have a bit more life. I can go out a bit now. I know there is no other place to go other than with God now. I feel sad because of my sons Father not speaking to us for 20 years, and it would give me happiness if he would, and hope one day he will, i am becoming more concerned with this as he is much older than i, and time is not on his side anymore. Please pray for my poem/letter to him, that if it is God’s will, that i will finaly edit it and complete it and send it to him, as i am struggling with it editing it. The whole poem/letter just flew out of me but needs organizing and chunks taking out of it as it is too long, and i can’t sit down and do it. I tend to start things and not finish the task. I do believe God confirmed to me SALVATION was the point of the poem/letter to him, beacuse as i was writing the letter, i asked God if he thinks i should send the letter/poem to him, and would He confirm it, and the next day after i had written about Salvation the bridge of communication back to God, i saw when i was outside visiting a beautiful small village called Knaresborough a big lorry written on the side of it SALVATION !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW I THOUGHT !!!
    But Marsha that was 8 to 9 months ago now !! And i am becoming less confident sending it to him once i manage to edit it. Please pray this too.

    My Father, i haven’t heard anything from him yet, after my son and i went to visit him in hospital. His wifes face was like thunder when we turned up. I hadn’t seen my Ftaher for 11 years and prior to that have had a bad relationship with him because of problems with his wife. God gave me last year a supernatural forgiveness for my Father that is why i went to visit him in hospital. I didn’t go to him for us, i went to him for God and him, and to finaly share God with him. But his wife was there at the time we arrived and i couldn’t talk much with him, he said he would be in contact with us, but so far my son and i haven’t heard anything. He was very emotional whren we turned up. But i am sure his wife will be making it difficult for him and not wanting him to see us. She does not believe in God, and neither does my Father, but my Father is 75 now, and i believ i can talk with my Father, and i believe i have to talk with him concerning God.

    satan has done so much damage in our family Marsha.

    Ok Marsha, i am still in the word daily, but i need to spend more time in it, not just 2 hours in the morning, it needs to be every opputnity i have through the day and evening, in other words Him first, and my desires to swan around on the computer playing last !!

    I am not singing to Him yet. But constantly thinking about Him, but thinking about Him doesn’t move Him, it’s doing that connects to Him.

    Ok Marsha, thank you and please keep praying for my son and i, my prayer life is poor i am ashamed to say. Please pray for my prayer life to establish, you see it’s satan again telling me ” your prays wont be heard He never answers your prayers” thats the thoughts in my head !!! It’;s satan using negativity !! he uses negativity on me all the time.

    Ok Marsha, i wait to hear from you when you have a moment you busy bee for God !!

    Blessings, love from


  159. linda3292 said

    Hi Marsha, in the 3rd paragraph in my last responce to you just now, i meant he goes back to his unhealthy not Godly life style after an episode. But as ive said, he has walked with God for 2 years and kept with Him after a 3 month psychotic episode. When my son walked with God those 2 years he was so well in health and in other aspects of his life, and learnt so much about God in a very balanced way.


    love from linda

  160. linda3292 said

    Hello Gary,

    Thank you very much for your time in writing me. I am now in tears, i think you have had this effect on me before. Wow Gary !!

    I am sorry of the horrible tragedy you experinced when you were 24, it must have been just awful, i can’t imagine.

    I undertsand exactly what you have written to me, and it’s difficult to let go and let God. The difficulty is, i can’t let go when it comes to our ignorant psychiatrists in the UK and much around the world believing in their antpsychotics drugs, it has been my experience and protection saving my son from the horror of these drugs that would ultimatly destroy and kill my son. So how do i take my hands completely off him ?? Especially in an episode as i have to sheild him away from this treatment ! If our psychiatrists listened and let the patients lead, or their close family lead who understands the cycle clearer than they ( at least in our case, as ive gone through enough episodes with my son wothout the use of antipsychotic drugs, to know he is much better off without the use of antpsychotics) but they don’t much of the time know best, and they are even not aware that they are destroying many peoples lives, when they would do far better not given antipsychotics but cared and loved for using this treatment. In Finland they have realized the damage of antipsychotics, if your interested Gary, you may like to read – Finnish Open Dialogue: High recovery rates leave many psychiatric beds empty.

    And my friends from Israel sent me this ->

    Some would say there is a place for these types of drugs, maybe there is, but it’s the length of time they use them for that does the damage.

    You know Gary, my friend John has suffered severe biploar for 35 years, and he is on all these types of medications, he is slowly dying from them all now, and you know what, not one of these antipsychcotic drugs stops him from going into psychosis, hes always in and out nof psychosis, but with now a very damaged body and brain from the antipsychotics.

    So Gary, yep i totaly understand i must keep focused on Christ and keep looking up and let Him. BUT HOW HOW, Gary, if my son goes into an episode i have to do everything i can to prevent the psychiatrists getting hold of my son. I can’t take my hands off him then can i ??????? I am worn out with it, but i am a mum and i have the instinct God gave me to fight for my sibbling when danger arrives until my very last breath. So what do i do when or if an episode occurs again ?? How can i let go ??? I can’t, it would be disasterous. I know i have to let go in other areas with my son, thats hard too only because his life is not going too well at present because of his life style and diasterous impact cannibas has on him, but the psychotic episodes i can’t let go of him. I thought he would have learnt after his horrible taster of antipsychotic drugs.(He was in a chronic bad way on the antipsychotics). But he hasn’t learnt yet, and has left me stunned. It’s because he believes he will never have another episode, he’s kidding himself whilst he is smoking cannibas !

    I hate satan and using all this cannibas to try wreck our childrens lives. In the 60’s did cannibas make people psychotic then ?? I wonder ?? And wonder if it’s making peopple like this now because of othet stuff thats being put in it !!

    Oh Gary, yes am so distressed with it all, am crying again thinking about your letter back to me. I have been reading your correspondence with Marsha and see some of the difficulties you face, and hope i can learn to pray like you and Marsha and deal with things spiritually like you both do, rather than the way i do running around like headless chicken !!!!!!!!!!

    I would love to have you and Marsha live in my town !

    Ok Gary, i wait for your reply, and yes i am in God’s word daily now, and i can feel the feeding i need now that is coming back !! I spend 2 or more hours in the morning in the word, but i need to at every oppurtunity through the day and evening to get back into the word, and not put the computer and play first, but God first and His Word FIRST !!

    Have you anymore discernment what i am meant to do if my son has another psychotic epsode, i mean in the fact that how can i take my hands off him then ?? Thing is Gary, the last episode he left home and it was just traumatic for me, and in the end, although he was out of the psychotic episode, he still hadn’t the confidence to come back home, and wthout going into it all he was 95% recovered, but it was just that last bit, and it was hospital intervention that shocked him into ringing me because thew antipsychotics had such a terrible effect on him, and he was crying out for me to help him.

    I don’t want thje psychiatrists getting hold of him, but what am saying in the paragraph above, if he leaves home again in an episode, my hands can’t even be on him, which would traumatize me !

    Ok Gary, thank you again very very much for your letter.

    Blessings, and many many of them,


  161. linda3292 said

    Hi Marsha, wow again, thank you for all your letters, i have read them all now. WOW YOUR SON HAS DONE REMARKABLE !! Oh my goodness, i don’t lknow how you coped at the time of the war , i would have gone to complete pieces !!! Thank the Lord he was 20 miles away and came back. Wow !!

    Ok Marsha, thank you for the discernment and advice concernign my precious son Adam. And yes he knows he is doing wrong. Thank you again for the adive Marsha how to deal with it, because he irritates and upsets me so much with what hes doing and we start arguing.

    And yes you are right in all you say how to deal with him. I will do this. Please pray i will learn how to pray, and pray regular. Ive never learnt it. I prayed once so deep that God swooped in 2 hours after the deep prayer of grieving tears to Him, and He supernaturaly instantly healed me ! Wow i wish i could learn to pray like that every day. But then we don’t loose our precious Grandmothers every day that we dearly loved so much. Wow it was amazing, He instantly healed me of the grief for loosing my dear Grandma, i wanted to dance at her funeral, because i knew she was in Heaven with Him ! I was so happy, after been so terribly grief striken. It was Jully 1988.

    Last year i prayed a little prayer after being in the word, and suddenly He deposited in me His forgivness for my Father, which kind of was my forgivness for my Father, but it was God’s. But it was mine, wow it’s hard to explain !!

    My prayer life is very poor, it is because it must be satan making me think ” oh theres no point in praying linda, you know He won’t answer your prayers, so don’t bother.” That goes on in my head, then i think, look at my friend Angela, shes prayed for her son for years, and look at that !! No progress !!

    I know I am wrong for thinking like this, and i know Angela’s prayers will eventually be answered.

    I hate thinking like this about prayer !!

    What is, is it an e,mail, or something like a SKYPE thing ? Please excuse my ignorance, im quite computer illiterate.

    Please read Gary’s responce to my writings, he is really good. And please read my responce to him, on how do i take my hands off my son in a psychotic epsiode, i can’t. I understand and agree with all he says. But it’s the time when my son is in a psychotic episode, under no circumstances the psychiatrists must get near my son again. I really really fear this, as i know and understand our nutty crazy system.

    Ok Marsha, thank you again, i wait to hear from you Busy bee in God.

    Blessings, love from Linda, and please tell me what this is ? –> is it a camara to talk or an eamil ?? ha ha don’t laugh at me Marsha, am laughing at myself now, my son laughs with me when it comes to computer stuff.

    Thank you so much again, for your discernment about my son,

    Can you discern anything from my sons Father, Peter. 22 years ago i had a dream he had horns on his head !! I told him and he laughed, but not in a bad way, infact he took note. I do believe satan has deceived him about myself, and i do believe my poem/;letter may convict him of the truth 20 years ago. He knows, and will remember when he reads it. But the peom/letter to him concerns His Salvation, 20 something years ago i came to him with the message of God. it’s all in the poem/letter. Wow Marsha i was on fire for God then, and was having awsome experiencing from Him, i was running aroiund telling everyone in the pub ( England is full of pubs, our culture) that God was real !!

    Marsha, could you write to my son what you have discerned with him, if God says for you to ? But in my email.

    Ok Marsha,


    love from Linda

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Linda, yes that is my email address, How I came up with this is: my husband was in the military, and we had horse’s 4 of them at one time, when the children were growing up. We both at that time had CB radio’s that were all the rage back then, Ha. Well his call sign on the radio was pony soldier, and my call sign was pony soldiers lady. Thus ps, pony soldier,dy, lady, mb, marsha barnes our cable company that we have email address online. Pony Soldiers Lady Marsha Barnes.
      I hope you get a laugh out of that one.

  162. gary said


    That is the most revealing of statements…and now ties all of your other posts together…you have fully confessed that a spirit of murder/suicide is in your lineage and now you can see why there are so many major issues that have happened and ate happening around you.

    The Spirit is bringing these to the surface so that thev cam be dealt with. This is a key to getting set free.

    Keep pursuing a Deliverance Ministry team in UK. Don’t forgo any opportunity or listen to any excuse in your mind why you cannot attend….an excuse is another form of a lie.


  163. linda3292 said

    Hi Gary,

    Thank you for you for writing me again, and guess what, i have had dismorphoblia since i was 16 i am now 48 or 49, ive learnt to live with it, but it has played havok with my life and robbed me of so much !! Dismorphobia is a bit like obbsesive compulsive behavour. Anyway going back 20 years ago, guess what the condition tried to make me think –

    it tried to make me think, oh Linda now you are pregnant how are you going to cope with a baby with dismorphobia, you know how long it takes you to get out of the house and you wont cope, and then the little baby will grow and want to play out and go out a lot,, what are you going to do –

    Then someone suggested termination because they knew i had this problem, but guess what there was going to be no satan in my mind trying to even make me contemplate that, i loved my precious baby from the dot of a seed. I was obviously concerned how was i going to cope, but 20 years on i have coped, and with all my other awful health issues.too and my sons.

    That satan,he tries to absolutly use everything !! So yes he tried to show up there didn’t he with his murdering spirit.

    And yes Gary, i am very close to my Jewish friends and share HaShem and Yahshua with them.

    When i was very close to God and walked with Him daily, i heard Him say i was Jewish. Wow i thought, well this explains why all my Jewish friends look at me and think i am Jewish, it totaly baffles them that i am not. Even my Jewish friends that i have been friends with since young, it baffles them too.

    But i fell away from God fairly abruptly around this time He told me this,, and so i wasn’t able to hear Him more on the subject and would like to have understood more and what He means that i am Jewish. Ive wondered did He mean i am Jewish because Jesus/Yahshua His Son is in my heart, and it’s Jesus that makes me/us Jewish, if you know what i mean. Or did He mean, i ask myself, do i come from a Jewish line.

    As i am now walking back to God, i am sure He will reveal this to me what He meant.

    Ok Gary, thank you for writing me, am so glad i found you and Marsha,

    Oh yep and by the way, wow i have recently been thinking before you wrote it to me, how i hopefully will be able to spend time with my sons Father in Heaven even if it doesn’t happen hear beacause he hasn’t talked to me for 20 YEARS !!! WOW !! There was a very sad misunderstanding, and i hope if and when i write my poem/letter to him he may then realize that what he believed wasn’t the truth, (satan again the deceiver) God is in the poem/letter all the way through it, and it’s about Salvation in our lives in the past present and future..

    So yeah thats what i was thinking, i can talk to my sons father as much as i like in heaven, because i have been feeling so so sad this has happened what he believed wasn’t the truth, which lead him into having nothing to do with our son for 20 years, and not talking to me either.

    And yes Gary i also am begining to believe even though some my not agree, that God is merciful and He is the only one who sees the horrors we face and will save ones that have been ignorant to Him because their horrors on earth were so awful which prevented them realizing in Him.

    I will be reading your longer letter again , so i can absorb it again. I agree and understand everything you and Marsha are saying.

    Ha ha, i am just laughing at my previous responce to your letter, you see Gary by my letter this morning to you ive even written it like a headless chicken running around, when your advice/wisdom i need to absorb, and sink into God.

    Blessings, a lot of them,


  164. linda3292 said

    Hi Marsha,

    i just read your letter out to my mum about my son, and she said what a lovely letter you wrote. My mum has being trying to tell me not to rise and argue with my son, she doesn’t understand the spirit realm totally, but believes in God more as she’s getting older. I can freely talk to her about God and Jesus, and the horrible fallen angels, if i have to about those nuisances. Please pray for my mum and dad to be saved, and my sister Karen, she is totally deceived !!

    Blessings, love from


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Linda,

      I will pray for you mom, and dad and son, and you also. I have been and will still continue to. I do not give up on the Lord, He will answer my prayers concerning you and your family. He has answered so many of mine before.
      Just this year, I was called by a woman for deliverance, I spoke with her and asked some questions, and set up a date to take the team to help her.
      But the strangest thing happen. I had a dream the night before, He showed me everything I would be dealing with when we went. The next morning I kept thinking on this dream and He started giving me the interuptation. He put me back in a place that I had worked at before, then through a series of events, revealed what we would be dealing with that very night.
      God is so good.

      Believe it Linda, He wants the best for your and your family, prayer is the most powerful tool we have.
      My mother ( a true saints if you ever saw on) is now in heaven went to be with the Lord in 1997, pancreas cancer, she was 71 years old. Three years later my sister died of ALS Lou Ghregs’ diease at the age of 54, I was 51 at the time, we were very close. My father died in 1987 from cancer but his heart failed and that is what took him, age 61.
      After my sister, my mother in law just 18 months later, and a year later my father in law. Then my aunt Nancy died, old age, and my aunt Jolene died ALS different kind than my sister had. Linda for 7 years of my life between the age of 49 to 56. I took care of all of them until they died. Now I have piece with this, because they were all Godly people. But there is a part of my life that is just missing, a part ……I could not control……. The Lord taught me grace, how to love and care for the dieing, But it got so bad for a while thought I would lose it, but I knew the Lord would pull me through. My blessed husband had to be without me all those times, and he was faithful through it all. My whole family supported me.
      I have two brother’s younger than myself. One lives in Dallas,Texas and the other one lives in Phoenix, Arzonia. But the awesome thought hit me after my sister died. That my husband and I were now the Patriarch’s of the family now. We had to be the example to all the family left. My brother’s and myself email each other and see each other on Holidays.

      Linda, Let your light so shine before men/women, that there will be no doubt in your example. Find a time to talk to your dad, maybe you could call and ask him come over by himself. Then ask the Lord to led you, to wittness to him. Then have you mum over and do the same, the end is coming in our life time, don’t wait to let them know the Love of Jesus, Tell your dad that you wish he would have a more positive influence on your son. Send the letter to your X, tell him your son needs his infuence. A strong father figure is what your son has missed.

      LInda, because we love our children so much, it is hard to let them grow up and make their own mistakes. He knows who the Lord is, and at some point he will return to the church. The Bible says, train a child up in the way you would have him go, and when he is old. he will not depart from it.
      Linda, let go and let God. Proverbs 22:6 , Proverbs 21:23 Don’t let that controlling spirit control you. Seek help soon.

      Love you much,

  165. gary said


    What a great example you are to Believers everywhere. its wonderful to see you uphold the standard that He asked of his followers.

    I have the charts you sent and it is terrific , allowing me to fill in some blanks…will send some questions later


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      Well I am getting over the flu, I came down with Tuesday. It is going around here pretty bad right now, I will be glad when the kids get spring break and away from each other to get well and not spread things. You know I was brought up that when you are sick to stay home and not spread things. My sister would pick up my homework from school so I would not get behind, we all did that for each other. But we did not go to school sick or to church or to the store. People today don’t have enough smart to stay home. But my husband drives a school bus for something to do, he retired at 55. But he like to give back to the community also. But he occasionaly brings something home and we both get sick. Ha

      I have the body soul and spirit information together, I will be mailing it soon. With some really inspirational sheets also.

      Please pray for LInda, she is really having problems today. I said a prayer for too.


  166. Will do that…I know it can be tough…the demons do not want to let go…they hate to lose.
    I agree about the flu:….my JK came home with it…Thursday.
    I received the Armor card, and clipped it to my sun visor…no excuse to not read that declaration every morning.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      I missed church today, that is something I do not do very often at all. This flu hit me in the head and chest. I still have a lot of congestion. I went through 4 boxes of kleneex, and still taking Robitussin once a day. I will get over it, I have asked the Lord to heal me, and I trust him.
      I emailed my choir dirrector and told him I would be back when I got over it.

      Linda sent me some really good pictures of Adam her son and herself. I was glad to get them.
      Please help me in praying for her.


  167. linda3292 said

    Hi Marsha & Gary, send my pics to Gary Marsha, he may like them also.

    Love to u, and Gary,

    hi Gary !!

    Ive been quiet on the sight at present, im very ill, and have been writting to Marsha.

  168. gary said

    I bless you back…we all endure waves of battles of one sort or another…..sickness, financial, relational, etc.

    I’f you are not a threat to the spiritual world, you won’t experience the same level or degrees of persecutions.

    Only by Imersing yourself in the Word does the daily prescription for the daily battle emerge.

    We pray a healing balm of protection over you and your son.


  169. linda3292 said

    Hiya Gary,

    Thank you Gary for the very very much needed prayers.

    I spent about 2 to 3 hours in the word this morning and about to go into the word now again. I never stop thinking how amazing it was when i was in realtionship with Him, and long to find my way back to Him.

    Do u like this song Gary, i heard it last night


    love from linda

  170. Sorry Linda

    Been Busy for a few days…will check in on the weekend.


  171. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Gary,

    Well I am feeling so better now. Still take medicines, and will talk for Linda, she is so nice….Marsha I have been praying for her everyday…

  172. Stay strong….the need is great for your input.


  173. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Gary,

    Rather than send the body, soul and spirit information, I will scan it and send it to you email. How does that sound?

    Sincerely, Marsha

  174. Cecilia said

    i have a question i have these things these kind ad energy that folows me around i dont know how to get rid of it its been going on for about a year now and it started happening after my dad died ive tried the wigi bored srry dont know how to spell that at first i thought it was my dad but my dad isnt a violent person i dont know if its just me but something keeps entering my dreams ive seen really bad things happen to really good people but the weird part is sometimes what happends in my dreams happend within a week after i have that dream i just feel like its my fault two people have died any adise this is really the first time ive really thought about it and it scares me ive looked every where for clues

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Cecilia,
      What is wigi? You may of open a door to something trying it. How close were you to your dad? Are you a Christian? If you are a Christian, it will help. But I need more informations so I help you. I am here to help, just what do you mean by energy following you? Is it dark energy, or is it a light of some kind. Was your dad a Christian? Is your mother still alive? Please respond back so I can start discernment what it happening. Try to anwser all the questions I have asked you first.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Cecilia,

      How are you doing now, I have been waiting for you to tell me what is going on. I can discern what it is if you give me more information. This is why I am asked you those things.

      You see, after my grandfathers passed away, at different times and I had a visit from both them, they both told me everything was going to be all right, that they were in a better place. I loved my grandfathers so much. My dad also came to me in a dream after he had been gone for 7 years. ( I was having money troubles, he came to me in a dream and he was taking me to a store.) He showed me around and ask me what I needed. I said well I would like to get this and this. He stopped me and said, get only what you need right now, just what you need.

      He came to me this way because it was a familar thing. He did take me after I first got married and bought me everything I did not get in my wedding shower, down at the hardware store in our town. But even then he got me just what I had not gotten already. I was what you call “daddy little girl” we were very close.

      When I woke up and told my husband about the dream, and I told him that we were only going to get what we really need.
      We were able to get out of debt that way. So sometimes it may just be they are wanting to give you a message.

      But remember this, if it is something evil or bad it is not from your loved ones.
      But if it is good advise, you know that the Lord sent them to help you.
      Don’t let fear control you, that is from evil, and fear is what demons use to get into your head. “Rebuke them in the name of Jesus, and tell them to go walk the dry places and not return.”!!!!

      So, I hope to hear from you soon, so I can help you further.




    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,

      I will pray for you, we have been sick too. We are going to the Doctor tomorrow, and hope we can get medicine to help us. We have been fighting it for 2 weeks, and I still have congestion in my chest. So I think it is bronchitis, so I have to get some medicines to get over it. I have some more teaching papers to send to you more, so as soon as I can go mail it I will. It is some more teaching…
      Bless you, Marsha

  177. gary said

    Hi Cecilia,

    Sorry to hear of your loss.

    As you can see by the title of this site.,..Jesus Christ is Lord. So that means He alone rules and has ultimate power and ultimate authority. Which is to say, He is King. In the days of old, all subjects were to bow before the king of the land…or usually face some less than glorious fate. Sometimes, evil kings would try to usurp power from the bonified and rightful king by making promises to the people just to get them to switch their allegiance, and as he built up his ‘ army’ would start to make war with the real king in order to deposed him.

    Well, by your pursuit of the demonically inspired and unauthorized spiritual doorways such as you have spoken , these are the tools that Satan uses to pervert and deceive you with. The absolute Truth about everything both living and dead is found in and through the real King, Jesus Christ , and Him alone. If you would bow to His leadership, read His Word, seek out His court, associate with His followers, then the amazing peace and understanding that he will deposit into your soul will be all that you need….and it doesn’t require using any gimmicks from the devil.

    Bow your head right where you stand, say: Father forgive me, please show me the Truth of what I am seeking, and show me the pathway home.

    Be Blessed with that.


  178. Hi marsha…i will pray u get better quickly.. @ im still battlin wit these bad habits of reading about demons…yes ive cut it short but not all the way…i start to read da bible to u soon…..””CHENA””

    • Chena,

      Try this: (Starts about 2 minutes into the video clip)

      If this testimony about dying and going to Hell doesnt make you shudder…then go see a well grounded Pastor right away and make sure your fascination is on Christ Jesus, and not Satan.

      Be Blessed with this!


      • Marsha Barnes said

        Hi Chena,

        I would not wait to see if the Lord would save me. Why go through something like that. That mans experience was for him, that is not what would happen to everyone going to hell. Everyone is different, the Lord will deal with us what He with what He knows what to do us.
        Why wait to ask Him to save you, that is so bad, ask now and settle it and don’t fear hell again. Just be looking for the Lord to take us to heaven in the “rapture” which could happen anytime now.

        The Lord looks at us as His Bride, and He will be coming for us soon.

        Love ya!


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,

      Yes we went to the doctor, she said that I had the flu, and it turned into a secondary infection in my lungs. It felt like something standing on my chest and hard to breathe. So she gave me anti-botic’s and I have been taking them for this week, and feeling better. The infection in my lungs was in my lining in my lungs, it was bad. So the pills are very stronger, and it is clearing now.
      Next week, I will send the teaching lesson to you, I need just a little more time to get my strenght back up.
      I saw the utube and it was good.

      All we have to do to be saved it this:

      Pray and say, Lord I believe in you, that you died for me and rose the third day. That you died for my sin’s and I am asking you to save me, Lord Jesus.

      Say it meaning it with all your heart and you will not go to hell, (that is a real place, it is mentioned several places in the Bible) and you will be saved from Satan and his demons.

      Don’t wait to ask Him to save you and then believe it in your heart and you shall be saved.

      Love to you in the Lord,

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,
      Do you have an email address, I can have and we can talk back and forth together?


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,

      I hope you feel better, I prayed for you.

      Ok, I will wait for you to send me your email.

      Love you, Marsha

  181. bryan wulf said

    hi everyone I think Im being attacked by a demon…..I have anxiety really bad at times and a fear and bad thoughts……..I know Ive already got the evil spirit beat on the bad thoughts cause Im strong enough not to act on them but Its still scary………Ive always believed that JESUS died on the cross for my sins but I lived In sin….about a month ago I got a strong felling of being ashamed of my prior ways and sins and I have repented my sins and am living as close to the lord as possible Ive been studying scripture and then I found this website I know I need to get baptized soon……..but I have found joy and comfort in JESUS…….but the harder I try and live right in accordance to the lord the more im attacked……like the demons don’t want to let me go…………..could someone help me get rid of these feelings and send these attackers back to hell where they belong

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Bryan,

      What causes your anxiety, are they the thoughts you are having? What you are experiencing when you feel fear, that is the oldest trick that satan uses to buffet Christians. When were you saved, and why did you not get baptised? Do you go to a church, and can you ask to get baptized soon? If you want to talk to me in privite, You have opened yourself up to spiritual attacks, when a Christian sins, that opens the door. When you were saved, the Lord cleaned you of all unrighteousness, but since then you opened the door for these to come back in. satan does not buffet lost people, but he will try to pull down Christian when he can. Start in the New Testatment reading to find out how Jesus expelled the demons. Then in the name of Jesus, command what ever has been coming to your mind, to get out. Reading the word of God is like a two edged sword, so yes the evil spirits are trying hold on. So first go get baptized, the Lord said,”Go unto all the world,teaching them and baptizing them, in the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” If Jesus gave that command you should follow it. Then say no to the evil that wants you to sin, it is a fight everyday of our life. Now read Esphisians 6:10-20. If you need more help let me know. There are deliverance minitries out there where people are trained of the Lord to help you.

      Sincerely in the Love of Jesus,

  182. Kelly said

    I have never written online before. I feel stuck and not sure where to begin. I’m a Christian woman who loves the Lord. I was saved and baptised in the lovely name of Jesus 12 years ago. My life has never been the same since. Thank goodness. I have always had this ability I guess you could say since I was little so see spiritual things. As I grew in the Lord, many spiritual things became clear as I saw them. Some are good and some are not. This brings me to now. The spiritual activity has been at its height lately. I see more clearly the demons, their stench, the shadows, even had a small dark apparition next to my bed that sent me screaming waking the entire house. My husband and sons are very understanding and supportive. I call upon the name of Jesus as I have in these times. Sometimes I suffer major migraines during these times of attack or fight, sometimes I become very ill with flu like symptoms. It can take me down for 3 days. The spirits do not go away anymore, they are always here, around me. I’m so tired. Physically and mentally. The dreams are even back as they were before I was saved. They are attacking on all sides of me. One morning my 20 year old son had awoke same time I did just recently. There were scratchings on his bedroom door. I could hear it and so could he. I ran to his door pleading the name of Jesus and it fled. My son came out from his room and had three long scratches from his side across his stomach. I did not get to him in time. He is scared to sleep in his room at times. I remind him that he needs to turn his life to Jesus. Just the other night I watched as a small shadow of a finger went across the back of my husbands neck as he lye in bed in front of me. I was still in disbelief that it came that close. Just as the fingery shadow disappeard against the back of his neck, my husband brushed the back of his neck with his hand as if to shoo something away. I admit my prayer life has suffered under this and I’m not as strong as I used to be. Has anyone else ever gone through this? I feel very alone, like I’m going insane.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Kelly,

      You need first to clean out your house of anything that might represent a pagan image. I will tell you a few of them,
      decorations of any kind that repesent a frog, Indian dolls with the Phoenix in beads on them, Japanise dolls, demon like
      movies, books, snakes, bugs, ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what you need to rid your home of and do it right away. Many ancient pagan religions are still in the world today. What you are experiencing is an imp or a poltergist. Now take the Bible the Word of God Almightly with it opened anywhere, take some regular cooking oil in a smail container that you can dip your finger in and anoint all your doors and windows. Open the front door, now, in FAITH, go threw your home and in the Name of Jesus, command, I said command them to leave your home, that you are consecrating it to the Lord. Tell all dark images to go in the Name of Jesus, and all imps to go in the Name of Jesus, and all poltergist to go in the name of Jesus, tell them they have no right to be there and to leave. Anointing as you go through each room in the house all doors and windows and tell them to go walk the dry places. The oil represents the Holy Spirit. Now pray and ask the Lord Jesus to send down His Holy angels to fight spiritual warfare for you and your family. You might pray for that first, before you go through the house. You are having spiritual activity, and you have to take back your home. Don’t give in to them.
      If you feel you want someone with you, get some help to go around with you and ask them to be praying for the Lord Jesus to help you fight. This is Consecrating your home to the Lord and take it seriously.

      Now after you have done this, get back to me and let me know what has happened. If you need more help, I’m here.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi again Kelly,
      The reason you are feeling sick, the spirit of infirmity is trying to attach its self to you, rebuke it in the Name of Jesus, name it and rebuke it. Your son needs help and that could be attracting this out burst of spiritual war within your home. You might talk to him about it and tell him the only one in heaven and earth that can protect him is Jesus Christ, and he needs to ask Him into his heart to save him. The spirits are attacking you to keep you from being a wittness to your son.



    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,
      God Bless you also.

      I am so happy that your prayed to Jesus. He will guide you with the Holy Spirit, just pray for the Holy Spirit to help you, and He will. He will open the Bible words and you will learn more. Also keep watching the teacher and grow in the Lord , He will Bless you so much more.

      We don’t have much time, because He is coming to take us soon, to take us to heaven. It is called the “Rapture” of the Bride of Christ (known as the church today, all that are saved), the rapture is not a word in the Bible, it is the word for how He is taking us. The Bible says it will happen in the twinkle of a eye, well that is so fast, that one moment you will be here and the next you will be gone and with the Lord. He will call us to keep us from the God wrath. We have already accepted Him, and the tribulation will be to those who have not asked Him yet. But it will be much harder then.

      The wrath of God that is coming to this earth. Not many will live through the wrath to come, and if they die not having been saved, they will go to the pit, hell. There will not be another chance after that. Only the saved during the wrath of God, are the ones that ask Jesus to save them, will be accepted, but they will still be here, and going through the wrath.

      The Bible says they will be beheaded because they believe in Christ, but even if that happens they will be ressurrected and taken to heaven, during the wrath toward the end. The problem with being saved in the time of wrath is this, the Bible says that during that time, God will bring strong delusion on their minds, that they should believe lie. 2nd Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 11, 12.

      The only thing holding back the Anti-christ now, is the Holy Spirit, and the church. But when we are taken with the Holy Spirit to heaven with Christ Jesus, then the Anti-christ will make His move to take over the world.

      That will start the 7 years of Tribulation here on the earth. This will start the Wrath of God, upon unrepented mankind, and things will happen here that know one has ever wittnessed before. Hell stones from heaven that weigh 120 pounds, that would crush any building known to man, coming from the sky, there will be sicknesses that kills 1/3 of the population here on earth.

      In the King James version of the Bible it says:

      There will be a shaking of the earth and it will turn upside down. Isaiah Chapter 24, verse 1. and verses 17-23, it says the earth will reel to and fro like a drunkard, scattering the inhabitances. There will be so much going on that 2/3rds of the world population will die. There will be locust that bite men for 5 months, and the bites will come from their tails, like scorpion bites. The rivers and oceans will turn to blood, and the Sun and Moon will not shine, the stars from the heavens will fall. It says that men’s hearts will fail them it will be so bad. Those are just some of the things that will happen, there is a lot more than that going on.

      So asking the Lord to save us now while we are still in the Grace of God, is the time to do it. Now not later. What you told me was so good to hear. That lump in your throat and your crying out to the Lord, what came over you was the Holy Spirit of God showing you that way to Jesus as your Savior. Now put down the demon stuff, and go to the Bible and read the New Testatment first. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John will tell you about the Lord and HIs words are recorded there also, most of the time in red print. If your Bible does not have red print for the words of Christ, look for one that does, so you will know for sure that it is His words. Ask the Holy Spirit to fill you and open your eyes to His word.

      Continue to watch the people on Utube and learn more also.

      I am feeling much better now and I will mail some learning material to you soon.

      Love ya,

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,

      The way you build your faith is by reading the bible. Start with the book of John and read it all the way through, then pick another in the New Testatement and read it also. Get into a good church that teaches about Father God, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This is very important to know in these times, so when you find a church ask the preacher if he believes in Father God, Jesus Christ the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and if he says yes, you have the right church to go to. Also look for a class to attend with other women, that can help you learn the word of God. Having a fellowship with them helps you gain strength also. Never think any question is to dumb to ask, if you do not understand ask, they will be help to you. I hope you take this advise.

      Marsha, your friend.

  184. Who is marsha or pligomez im confuused

  185. Sorry……paloma is Gary

    marsha is still marsha.

    keep watching Patricia King…you will lean much.


  187. your welcome…keep learning strongly.

  188. Amen, and Amen, and Amen again to that Marsha. Glad to see you are feeling better.


  189. Marsha Barnes said

    Thanks Gary,
    It is so good to be well and ready to help any and all that need it.

  190. Brian

    You ate on the right path to freedom.

    In military parlance you are breaking through enemy lines and thus the enemy is bringing up reinforcements to try to defeat your efforts….that is a sure indication you are gaining ground.

    Do every good thing you know to do with the Word as your staff….and even when you have done all….then stand firm. Satan is a Liar. Capital L!


  191. You are nor alone.

    My wife experiences many and several of your list.

    She is a dedicated believer but came out of an abusive environment and a dark upbringing. There has been much ministry, much deliverance, but we have not gotten to the root yet.

    Marsha on this site is as well versed in these areas as any others I have read and studied….so follow her guidance, I believe she can help narrow down the door open door that is allowing these forces in.

    You are not insane… are actually an elite member of Gods hand picked army….and Satan knows it.

    Bless You.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Thank you, Gary

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      I have to ask you about your wife. Was she molested from her dad, when she was very young. I remember that you said her mother left them when she was young. I am finding that in my discernment, but I have not said it, yet. If so, there is a wounded spirit that is very strong in her, and that may be the strongman. Has she told you everything? I have wanted to ask that and I just held off, until now. A wounded spirit goes along with spirit of hate, and resentment, and untrust. This will be the root of it all, if I have discerned this right.

      Waiting to hear back,


    • Marsha Barnes said


      My birthday is today….Marsha



    • Marsha Barnes said

      Thank you so much Chena, I hope to have many more, or that the Lord will just come and take us all. Ha! Marsha


    • Marsha Barnes said


      Just remember this, about Solomon that he was a Jew, and he married so more woman’s other countries. He marry them for keep peace for countries. But then he built them a temple Pagan’s house’s for them, because they wanted it. So then he fell for worshiper pagan’s. That was when he was old, he sin. But because the Lord promised him, he went to heaven. But just like him, when you read for those demons books, you are letting down the Lord, and opening up these evil things to come in. So …………………………………..

      So now get your bible and open it, and anoint all the door’s and window’s of your house with cooking oil, ( that respresents Holy Spirit ) just put your finger and put the oil, and put it over your doors and windows. and tell whatever it is in your house that may be evil, to leave, in the Name of Jesus. Say this, In the Name of Jesus all you evil things have to leave and not come back.

      Don’t be nice, command them and tell them that you love the Lord, and in the Name of Jesus get out now and go walk the dry places. Tell them they have no right to be there and get out. Don’t give a place for it to stay at all. Then do not let the spirit of fear come over you, that is an evil spirit trying to buffet you, because you are a Christian. Fear is the oldest trick that satan tries on us, if he can get you to fear, he laughs. But he is not to be feared. Say this when you go to bed. “I will not fear, because my Lord is near. ” We Praise you Jesus. At the name of Jesus they run away, they can not stay.

      Now Consecrate your home to the Lord, say this,
      “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord, and nothing can come in here to scare or buffet me in the Name of Jesus. ”

      Then get back to me and let me know how it is going.

      Love you Chena,

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Chena,

      I look some verses for you. Psalm 25:1-10 & 20-21, Psalm 22:27,,,,Psalm 27:11,12,,,,,,Psalm 28:7,,,,Psalm 34:4 & 7, and 19 to 22. I think this will help for you….


  194. Marsha,

    I and others in ministry have held that belief , as the manifestations are precisely as you have indicated.

    In one session the counsellors asked if there was anything between her and her father and she said no….she was his favorite and was always nice to her but violent and mean to her siblings and their mother.

    She is very sensitive to ant discussions or reports on tv about anything related to child abuse….in one incident a program tv movie had as subject matter a prowler openly admiring another mans kid in a park , and I watched her respond and behave as though she was trying to throw up.

    In each of these cases, in each and every discussion or counsel setting, it has been like trying to corner a cockroach for want of a better expression.

    Per your last series of discussions, I have yet to arrange an ambush of SATANS hords.

    But, your discernment is accutrate.

    We shall just continue to pray for a window of opportunity…

  195. Happy Birthday to you Marsha !

    We have all been blessed by the gift of you…even across the digital airways.
    May He keep your mind solid and sharper still for the days blotted ahead….God knows we will need many anchored truth baring generals like you to save and rescue the lost.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Thank you Gary,

      I will be praying for your wife. I hope she get better, just take it easy and pray that the Lord will open her eyes to the evil in side. But why would her father be nice to her, and not to the others? He may not have molested her, but he made her his pet, and probably put hands all over her, and she did not think it was wrong. But it will come out some day when you are not expecting it. So be in prayer and I will too, that the Holy Spirit will bring it up to her and help her to confess it. Be easy with her, and always show her that you love her.


  196. Thanks Marsha…
    I do remain calm most of the time,…these devils do however wiggle under ones skin sometimes.
    I do express that to her quite pointedly at times and she is not quite sure how to take it as she has for about the last year really believed I am holding her back from her destiny and a divorce would be although unbiblical, a preferred method of getting along.
    Although I know what is at the root…the bipolar behavior can take a toll on your own psyche, when it comes to reasoning and logic.
    Another pastor whom I know experienced in deliverance ministry told me of a situation of a former church secretary who was so irrational and nonsensical about simple mundane tasks that he reasoned that it could only be as a result of demons.. Sure enough when he sat her down to discuss her past, found she was some sort of witch courier. Thus he proceeded to cast out demons….and it took him 12 hours non stop.!
    I realized then what I was up against.
    I believe His has a way out for her, and her decision process will thereafter become more balanced.:


  197. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Gary,

    I will continue to pray and tell the Holy Spirit to convict her and, tell her to ask for help. Gary, in some of my experiences, when you start praying so strong, the evil inside them will act up and it may get worse, just before it’s gets better, so be aware and do not let satan get his way. I have seen this many times just before someone called me for deliverance. They will start having trouble and manifesting of evil in their talk, and sometimes it is hard to know when to act, so ask the Holy Spirit to let you know when it will be right time to step in at just the right moment.

    I am going to pray strong for her, so be ready in love and respond in love to anything that might manifest it’s self and absolutely handle it with love and care. When this happens, get her to look you in the eyes, and focus, and with all the love you can show, ask if she wants help, so she will not have to deal with this anymore and be set free.

    There are times I have to say that some people have chemical probelms in their brain. My husband has that problem and takes anxiety pills. He has been in deliverance, but his true problem was a chemical inbalance in his brain. He is a very devout person, but with his high IQ, he sometimes has problems of anger, when he does not understand something. It is not bad, I have just learned to live with this. But since I know after all the test they did, what it was, I can understand where he is coming from, and I don’t take it personal.

    His father was taking drugs when he was concieved and that it what contributed to it. We just don’t know how many people have been affected by drugs.

    My son in law is very smart, with two degrees in physic’s and engineering, he trained the astronaut’s how to run the sytems in the space shuttle’s for NASA. Now they live here in Okla. and he works for Tinker Field, on the B-1 bomber program, and what ever else he works on. He makes trips that he can not tell even his my daugther where he is going, but it is on programs he can not talk about. He makes a lot of money, he is so smart. But he is just as nice as can be, and he also has imbalance of chemicalsl, in his brain. So he take medication for that also. His father was a General in the military, he lived all over the place growing up.

    So we need to be careful and know for sure what it is. But one way to know this, is with strong prayer, it will produce what you might be looking for, or nothing will happen at all. So be watching as I am right now going to get down on my knees and pray the prayer I feel she needs. So be ready and don’t let satan have victory, that belongs to our Lord Jesus Christ.

    ps Be watching but do not let her know you are, until the right time, and that you will have to pray about it.

  198. Thanks….let’s go into battle.

  199. Marsha Barnes said

    To all out there that know Christ as Savior,


    Give us a watchword for the hour,
    A trilling word, a word of power;
    A battle cry, a flaming breath,
    A call to conquest or to death;
    A word to rouse the church from rest,
    To heed the Master’s high behest.
    The call is given , ye hosts arise,
    The watchword is “EVANGELIZE”!
    To fallen men, a dying race,
    Make known the gift of gospel Grace.
    The World that now in darkness lies,
    O Church of Christ, EVANGELiZE!

    In the Love of Christ Yeshua,

  200. Marsha Barnes said

    The Scarlet Thread of Redemption: Part One
    The Bible is a book fo redemption. It is that or nothing at all. It is not a book of history, or of science, or of anthropology, or cosmogenyl It is a book of salvation and delieverance for lost mankind.
    The idea in the work “redemption” is two fold: if refers to a deliverance; and it refers to the price paid for that deliverance, a ransom. We are redeemed from the penalty of sin, from the power of Satan and evil, by the price Yeshua (Jesus), paid on the cross for us: and we are redeemed to a new freedom from sin, a new relationship to God, and a new life of love by the appropriation of the atonement for our sins.
    The whole of the Bible, whether the Old Testatment or the New Testatment, looks to the mighty, redemptive atonement of Christ. His blood sacrifice is the ransom paid for our deliverance. He took our sinful nature upon Himself i order that He might satisfy the demands of the Law. His sacrifice is accepted as the payment for the debt the sinner man owes to God and His death is accepted as the full payment for man’s deliverance.
    Our Lord’s redemptive work for us is three-fold. One, it is closely associated with forgiveness since we receive forgiveness through the redemptive price of Christ’s death. Two, it involves justifuication since the deliverance establishes us in a restored position of favor before God. Three, it promises final deliverance from the power of sin at the coming of the Lord, This redemption is “The Scarlet Thread”.

    The Creation and the Fall: Part Two
    When God made the heavens and the earth, they were beautiful, perfect, and pure. In the Garden of Eden, however, through a denial of the Word of God, and through a deception of the woman, our first parents fell, Eve was “deceived”, but Adam chose to die by the side of the woman who God had created and placed in his arms. When the Lord came to visit the man and his wife in the cool of the day, He could not find them. They were afraid and hid themselves from the Lord because they were naked and ashamed. To hide their guilt , they made for themselves aprons of fig leaves, but when God looked upon the covering, He said, “This will not do”. Covering for sin (atonement for sin) can not be woven by human hands. Therefore, somewhere in the Garden of Eden, the Lord took an innocent animal, and before the eyes of Eve and Adam, God slew that innocent animal as the ground drack up its blood. This is the beginning of “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption.” Through the slaughter of an innocent victim, God took coats of skin and covered over the shame and the nakedness of the man and his wife. This is the first sacrifice, and it was offered by the hand of Almighty God. When Adam saw the gasping , spent life of the innocent creature, and when he saw the crimson stain which soiled the gournd, it was his first ecperience to know what it meant to die because of sin. So the Story of Atonemnet and Sacrifice begtins and unflods throughout theo Word of God until finally in glory we shall see great throngs of the saints who have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb, Yeshua. This is “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption.”

    Part Three: Stay tuned for more:


  201. Hi marsha,long time no heard from u…u still in my mind. Good friday is da day our jesus christ rose from da died im i rite???


  202. Good Resurrection Day to. You Marsha!

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Part Three:

      For the Seventh Day in Eden to the call of Abraham.

      In the Garden of Eden, as the Lord covered over the nakedness of man and the woman, he turned to satan and said,”The seed of this woman , whom you have deceived and through whom you have destroyed the human race, will crush you head.” For centuries the old Rabbis pored over that word of Jehovan God to satan.
      “The seed of the woman.” Seed is masculine; seed belongs to the man. A woman does not have seed. The old Rabbis pored over that word and the promise of God that the seed of the woman shall crush satan’s head. We now know that the promise is related to the long conflict and struggle between the hatred of Lucifer(satan) and the love of God in Christ Jesus(Yeshua). It speaks of Jesus at Calvary, Jesus suffered. His heel was bruised. But in that bruising, he defeated once and for all the power of that serpent, the devil (satan). He crushed his head.
      As the man Adam and his wife Eve made their frist home in an earth cursed for their sakes, in the passing of time there were born to them two sons. One was named Cain, and the other Abel. In jealousy and insane fury, the older brother slew the younger brother. But the seed of God must be preserved. The Lord, therefore gave to Eve another son named Seth. Seth was a man of faith, as Cain was a man of the world. When the children of Seth, the godly remnant, intermarried with the children of Cain, the seed of the world , the result was a fallen progeny that filled the earth with violence. Finally, God said:”It is enough. One hundred twenty years from now, I am going to destroy this world by a flood.” They had also become polluted with fallen angels, and giants were produced, of unholy seed.
      But a member of the line of Seth found grace in the sight of the Lord. His name was Noah. To preserve the righteous seed, from the unrighteous seed, God told Noah to build an ark; and into that ark of safety, salvation, and hope Noah brought his family. After the passing of the awesome judgment of the flood, the earth once again began its story of redemption through the life of this one man and his three sons.
      It was not long, however, until the ravages of sin began to waste the select family of God. Instead of carrying out the great commission of the Lord for mankind to inhabit the whole earth, the people drew together into one plain and announced their purpose to build a tower around which they were to center their civilization and their collective, communal unity. When God looked down and saw the pride of men in their hearts, He confused their speech and caused them to “babble.”
      From this “Tower of Babel,” therefore, the different component parts of the human race, being unable to understand each other, scattered in different directions and so fathered the nation of the earth that grew up from those three great family lines of Noah.
      Part Four tomorrow. Marsha

      • Marsha Barnes said

        The Scarlet Thread of Redemption continued:
        Part Four:
        From the call of Abraham through the times of the Judges of Israel.

        We begin the story of Abraham in a dark, dark day. The whole world has been plunged into abysmal idolatry, but God calls out this man to leave his place, his country, and his family to go into another country which he should afterward receive for an inheritance. In obedience, Abraham left the Mesopotamian valley and came as a pilgrim, a stranger, and a sojourner into the promised land of Cannan. There he dwelt and there God gave him two sons. But the Lord God said to Abraham that Ishmael, the child of the flesh and the son of a slave women, would not be the promised seed. When Abraham was one hundred years old and when Sarah was ninety years old, God miraclulouly placed into the arms of the parents the child and seed of promise whom they named Isaac. Isaac was the father of two sons, Esau and Jacob. The Lord, refusing Esau, chose Jacob who he renamed, after a deep conversion experience, “the Prince of God, ” even “Israel.”

        Because of a severe famine in Cannan and because of the presence of the son of Israel, Joseph, in Egypt, the entire household of Jacob went down to live in the land of the Nile river. In the passing of years, there arose a Pharaoh who knew not Joseph. The chosen family became slaves to this new ruler of Egypt, and their heavy groaning mounted up to the ears of the Lord God in heaven. The Lord, therefore, raised up a mighty prophet by the name of Moses to deliver his people from the bondage and slavery of the Egyptians. God wrought this deliverance by a marvelous miracle called the Passover. For the Lord had said, “When I see the blood on the door stoops and sides of the door, of your homes, I will pass over you and spare you and your home from the death angel, that shall kill all the first born from the Jews to the Egyptians. But to those who marked their doors of Israel, the death angel passed over. This was of salvation through the blood is once again , “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption.”

        After the Lord God delivered the chosen family out of Egypt, He brought them by the hand of Moses through the parting of the Red Sea into the Sinaitic Peninsula to the base of Mount Horeb. There for forty days and forty nights Moses was with God, and there the Lord gave instructions of holy worship, and all the other marvelous things in the Book of Leviticus that portray and prophesy the sacrifice of the Son of God. Also, the Book of the Laws of God.

        After the death of Moses, Joshua went over Jordan and completed the wars of conquest. In the first confrontation at Jericho an incident happened which gave rise to the title of the summary. The scouts sent out by Joshua to spy out Jericho were saved by the faith and the kindness of Rahab, a harlot. The men of Israel promised her life and safety, both for her and her father’s house, if she would bind a “scarlet thread” in her window. This she faithfully did, and, when Jericho was delivered into the hands of Joshua by the mighty intervention of God, Rahab and her family were spared because of the scarlet line. “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption.”

        After the conquest of Cannan, through the military prowess and genius of Joshua we have the story of the Judges. The difference between a judge and a king is this: a king gives to his son in succession his throne, but a judge is raised up according to a crisis and endowed with special gifts from God for that one period of time. The days of the Judges end with the birth of Samuel.

        Part five and six of the “Scarlet Thread of Redemption” tomorrow:


        • Marsha Barnes said

          The Scarlet Thread of Redemption:
          Part Five:
          Form the first of the prophets to the founding of the Kingdom;
          During the time of Samuel, the people began to cry for a king. It was the purpose of God in the beginning for the children of Israel to have a king (Deuteronomy 17:14-20), but it hurt the heart of the Lord that the request should come in so vain a and rebellious a way as they presented it to Samuel. But according to the word and instruction of God, Samuel anointed Saul to be king over Israel. In his beginning ministry was a mighty man and carried out the mandates of heaven, but he soon fell into gross disobedience to the will of God. The Word of the Lord, therefore, came to Samuel that he anointed a man after God’s own heart. That anointing was directed toward a lad from the shepard field, a son of Jesse by the name of David.

          Part Six tomorrow:

          • Marsha Barnes said

            The Scarlet Thread of Redemption:
            Part Six:
            David and the Kingdom of Israel and Judah:
            The first part of David’s life as king of Israel was magnificent. Then, in the very prime of his life, at the very height of his glory, he turned aside from the will of God and became soft and indulgent and lustful like other Oriental kings. This brought to David an infinite tragedy, on by which the name of God was blasphemed and has been injured ever since. Nevertheless, God forgave the sin of David and chose him to be the father of that marvelous Son, who would sit upon His throne as king forever. A type of that glorious son of David, called Solomon. Solomon also began his reign gloriously and triumphantly, but like his father, Solomon also fell into tragic decline. Upon his death, the kingdom was rent in twain.

            Thereafter, the people of God are divided into two kingdoms; that of the north is called the kingdom of Israel, and that of the south is called the kingdom of Judah. The Northen kingdom of Israel was taken away into capivity by the cruel and ruthless Assyrians in 722 B.C. The southern kingdom was carried away into Babylonian captivity, Jeremiah prophesied in Jerusalem while Daniel was, at the same time, the prophet-stateman, and Ezekiel, the holy seer, comforted and strenghtened the people of God in Mesopotamia.

            Out of the Baylonian captivity came three great establishments by which God has blessed our world. First, the Jews were never idolatrous again. Second, the synagogue was born, and from the synagogue are the same type of serices we have today. Third, of the captivity came the canon of the Holy Scriptures.
            Out of tears and suffering come our greatest blessing. The Scarlet Thread of Redeeption:

            “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption”.
            Part Seven:
            Form the Prophets to the Christ:
            Out of the agonies of the days of the kingdoms of Israel and of Judah came the depiction of the propets of a more glorious Saviour and King who God would send to His people. When we read a passage like the twenty-second Psalm or the fifty-third chapter of Isaiahm, we seem to be standing by the very cross of the Son of God. More and more as the days went by, the great spiritual leaders of Israel and of Judah began to outline and to depict the coming of a Redeemer wno would save the people from their sins and bring to them the everlasting hope and righteouness of God, in a promised Messiah. This Messianic hope became stronger and more gloriously received as the centurieis passed.

            Out of the Baylonian captivity, in 536 B.C., Cyrus the Persian gave the people, the right to return to their homeland in Judah and to build their Holy temple in Jerusalem. Thus the remnant of the captivity returned under Zerubbabel the political leader, and under Joshua the priestly leader, and under Ezra the scribe, and under Nehemiah the prime minister in the court of Shushan. This holy remnant, thus seeking to restore the worship of the true God in Jerusalem, and to recreate the political life of Judah, were encouraged by God’s messengers Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi.

            Of the three great restoration prophets, Zechariah spoke much about Israel, about the end of time, and about the conversion of the people of the Lord. The last prophet, of course, is Malachi. He delivered his message from about 450 B.C. to 425 B.C.

            The four hundred years period between the Old Testatment and the New Testatment makes the rise of the Hellenistic empire. God used the Alexander the Great to spread abroad throughout the civilized world, of one culture and one language which made possible the preaching of Christ to all men everywhere.

            In that inter-Biblical peroid also arose the might of the Roman Empire. When Augustus Caesar was the Roman emperor, and when Rome had the entire world in her hand, the great prophesy of Isaiah, and the prophesy of Micah, and the great prophesy of Nathan to David, and the great prophesy of Jacob to his son Judah, and the great promise of God Almighty to Eve in the Garden of Eden, came to pass. In the seed of the woman and through the seed of Abraham all the families of the earth are to be blessed; and our Savior is thus born into the world.
            “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption” has led us to the birth of Him who has come to redeem the human race from their fallen estate.

            Part Eight and there will be a part Nine also, coming soon.,


            • Marsha Barnes said

              The Scarlet Thread of Redemption:
              Part Eight:
              In His ministry, Jesus early began to teach His disciples that He should suffer and die. When He was transfigured, there appeared Moses and Elijah talking to Him about His death which He should accomplish in Jerusalem. When He was anointed by Mary of Bethany, He said it was for His burial. When the Greeks came to see Him from afar He said, “And I, if be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” John 12:32 And again He said, “This is my blood; drink in remembrance of me.” Before He went to the cross, He gave Himself in the garden of Gethsemane in travail of soul for our redemption, Isaiah 53:11. And when He bowed His head and died He said, ” It is finished” John 19:30. When we preach the cross, when we preach the blood, when we preach the sacrificial death of Christ, we are preaching the meaning of His coming into the world. The sacrifice of Christ consummated the great redemptive plan and purpose of God in the earth. This is the “Scarlet Thread of Redemption”.

              After the resurrection of our Lord, after the giving of the Great Commission to the apostles, and after the ascension of our Savior into heaven, the Lord poured out His Holy Spirit upon His church in Jerusalem upon the day of Pentecost. Thereafter the disciiples of Jesus and the preachers of the redemptive message of Christ began to make known throughout the earth the Good News of our hope and salvation.

              The epistles of Paul are divided into four distinct groups. The first group he wrote on his second missionary journey from Athens and Corinth. They are First and Second Thessalonians. The second group of letters were born in his third missionary journey. While he was in Ephesus, he wrote First Corinthians. Somewhere between Ephesus and Corinth, he wrote Second Corinthians in Macedonia. Then, either in Antioch or on his way to Antioch, he wrote Galatians and Romans. First and second Corinthians, Galations, and Romans, therefore, center around the city of Ephesus. The third group of epistles Paul wrote from the prison in Rome, during his first Roman imprisonment. They are Philippians, Philemon, Colossians, and Epshesians. The Fourth and last group of his epistles, which were written after his first Roman imprisonment, were First Timothy, Titus, and Second Timothy, called the pastoral epistles. In all Paul’s letters there is the constant theme of redemptive love. It is a part of, “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption”.

              Tomorrow the last part, Part Nine.

              • Marsha Barnes said

                “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption” The final chapter:
                Part Nine:

                We come now to the conclusion of the Bible. On the Isle of Patmos, a rocky little point in the sea several miles southwest from Ephesus, John is exiled to die of exposure and stravation. But even there does the Lord appear to John in an incomparable and glorious vision. The visiion is called the Revelation, that is, the unveiling. The Apocalypse, the uncovering of Jesus Christ in His glory, in His majesty, and in His kingdomm, is the reward that God gave to Jesus for saving us, Adam’s fallen children, from our sins.

                After the vision of the exalted and glorified Christ in chapter one and after the prorphetic words concerning the church age in chapters two and three, we have the rapture of John through an open door into heaven. While John, the translated Saint, is with the Saviour in heaven, there is poured out upon the earth the judgements of Almighty God called the Great Tribulation. They are depicted in the opening of the seven seals, the seven trumpets, and the seven vials. In those dark days John sees a vision Revelation, Chapter Seven, concerning the blood-washed, blood-bought, redeemed of the Lord in glory. Announcement is made to him through one of the eldres that these are they who have come out the The Great Tribulation and have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. This is “The Scarlet Thread of Redemption that began with the blood of covering in the Garden of Eden and finds it ultimate and final consummation in the blood-washed throng before the throne of God and glory.

                After the seven seals and the judgments thereof, the seven trumpets and the judgment thereof, the seven vials and the judgments thereof, and the seven personages and the judgments thereof, we come to the final great Judgment Day of Almighty God. The anti-christ who professes to be the leader of the nations of the world, is gathering the armies of the entire earth together. They are converging from the north in Russia, from the east in China, from the south in Africa, and from the west in Europe and the island of the sea. They are converging for the great day of the Lord. That is the Battle of Armageddon, the last great war the world is going to fight. At Megiddo, the armies of the earth by the millions and millions will converge to face the rendezvous with God. In the midst of this unimaginable holocaust, Christ intervenes in human history. He comes with His saints. He delivers His people, shut up in the holy city, and takes satan and binds him for a thousand years in the bottomless pit. The false prophet and the beast are thrown into the fiery flames of hell for eternity.
                Then Christ sets up His kingdom here on earth with the saints and people of the earth for a thousand years called the Millenium.

                After the binding of satan for a thousand years, which is called the glorious Milleniumm, satan is released and thereafter goes forth once again to lead men in rebellion against God. This is the final conflict which ends forever man’s refusal to accept the will of God for their lives. God wil intervene and destroy satan and all the rebellious people he gathered and they shall be consumed by fire and the flesh will melt off their bone and out of their eyeshockets.

                Then comes the final resurrection of the wicked dead and the Great White Throne Judgment, the Books are opened, and those whose names are not found written in the Lamb’s Book of Life are cast out and rewarded according acording to their deeds. Into the abyss of hell are flung satan and his angels along with those who chose satan and his way of life, plus death and the grave — all are hurled into the fiery flames of Hell for eternity.

                After the purging fo the earth of satan and his minions, and after the fudgment upon those who rejected Christ and His grace, and after the cleansing the earth of the heartache and tears of sickness, sin, death, and the grave, will com the renovation of this earth and this heaven. It is a new creation with a new heaven and a new earth, remade according to the fullness of the glory and wonder of God. In it is the new holy city, the heavenly Jerusalem, and in it is the presence of the dwelling place of God Himself. Tears, death, sorrow, pain, crying are all passed away. There are no graves on the hillsides of glory and no funeral wreaths on the doors of those mansions in the sky.

                The Book closes with the incomparable message of the hope, salvation, and redempton we have in the personal coming and presence of the Lord Christ Himself.
                The Lord Christ is our, ” Scarlet Thread of Redemption Complete”.

                I hope all read this will now know that there will be a judgment day coming, and now not later is the time to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior. Simply by asking Jesus Christ to save you and ask for the forgiveness of your sins, keep believeing and looking up for our redemption to heaven is coming soon in the rapture. Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

                Sincerely to all,

  203. Marsha Barnes said

    Bless Chena, and Gary…Love both you, with the Lord… Marsha

  204. Great work Marsha.

  205. Joshua said

    I got a question that I am still very unsure,

    Does the 7 years of tribulation only begin after the snatching away [rapture]. Some say that it is already here, others say that those 7 years were shortened but some disagreed saying that Christ ment that the tribulation period was confined to that time in the very begining.

    But the rapture should only happen after the gospel is adequetly preached to the whole world. But it is close to completion is it not.

    It does not trouble that I do not know but rather, I do not have a clear view of what it would be.

    • Marsha Barnes said


      I hope you read the reply I sent, to your other email below this one. The rapture will occur before the Tribulation, and the first 3 1/2 years will not be very pretty, several will die, 1/3 rd of the population will die. So just be ready to go when He calls us to himself in the clouds, not here on the earth. Jesus will call us up to Him and we shall ever be with the Lord. The second half will be the worst ever known to mankind. There will be no doubt that there is a God Almighty, and Lord Jesus Christ, it will be made known to the whole world. Revelation 12 say the nations of the earth will be angry with God because He is pronouncing judgement on them. Well now is the age of Grace, the Love of our Savior, and all we have to do it believe in Him ask Him to save us. So make sure you are right with Him now, and you will be spared the Wrath of God. I promise you right now all the nations now are being influenced by satan, nations in the book of Revelation are considered as “beast”.


  206. There are several discussions and opinions re this subject.

    I would say the best guess one could have is that we are certainly in the correct season…..and there is virtual nothing not in place for Christ to return….so main directive is to be ready and live your life like the five wise virgins….

    We are in a period of judgements now coming across the earth on multiple facets. We are cautioned to observe the season of His coming.

    if you observe all of the geopolitical, financial,, geological, societal, cultural, and religious upheaval taking place ….At The Same Time!….one would have to be living in an apathetic cocoon, not to realise something is up.

    once the snatching away takes place , those who remain will be allowed by God to fall under A Great Dullision…(who knows, some believe a UFO ology type of event….which is Satanic)…..and believe the lie and will fully be willing to seek a savior to fix all the uproar on the Earth. Being demonically inspire this man will rise up like a global superstar and start solving all the worlds problems starting the seven year tribulation by solving the issues betw

    een the Arabs and the Jews

  207. Unfirtunately, it will take 3 1/2 years before the world realises they have been duped….and then the real fun starts….so pray you do not miss the first flight do not want to find your ticket to heaven as a martyred saint….although millions will accept this over signing on to the Beasts system.

  208. Joshua said

    Matthew 24:21=for then shall be great tribulation,SUCH AS WAS NOT SINCE THE BEGINING OF THE WORLD TO THIS TIME, NO, NOR EVER SHALL BE.

    Begining with Matthew 24:15, Jesus speaks about special signs that will occur during the great tribulation, signs to indicate that the end of age is very near [Matthew 24:15], a specific obsevable event which tells the faithfull living during the tribulation that Christ coming to earth during the end of age will occur very shortly. This visible sign-event refers primarilly to the future desecration of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem by the anti-christ.

    The anti-christ or man of sin will set up an image of himself in the temple of God, declaring himself to be God [2 thessalonians 2:3-4 & Revalation 13:14-15]

    The ”abomination of desolation” will mark the begining of the final stage of the tribulation, which culminates in the return of Christ to earth and His judgment upon the ungodly at armagedon [Matthew 24:21, 29-30/ Daniel 9:27 & Revelation 19:11-21]
    By noting the time of this event [ ”when ye therefore shall see” Matthew 25:15], tribulation saints ( saints left for the day of tribulation)can know with a high degree of certainty when the tribulation will end and Christ will come toreign on earth. The time span between tis event and the end is given four times in the scripture as 3 and one-half years or 1260 days [Daniel 9:25-27 & Revelation 11:1-2 , 12:6, 13:5-7]
    Because of the strong expectancy on the part of the tribulation saints for Christ coming [24:33] , the faithfull must be aware that any report that Christ has returned is false [Matthew 24:23-27]. The ”coming of the son of man” after the tribulation will be observable and known to all who are in the world [Matthew 24:27-30].

    Another sign to occur during the great tribulation, and even before will be false prophets who, as ministers of satan, will do great signs and wonders [Matthew 24:24]. Jesus admonishes all believers to especially alert for these professed Christians prophets, teachers and preachers who are false, yet preform miracles, healing, signs and wonders and who appear to have great success in their ministries. At the sane time they will distort and reject the truth found in God`s Word. [1 Timothy 4:1-2].

    Elsewhere Scripture admonishes believers to continually test the spirit energizing all teachers, leaders and preachers. God allows deception accompanied with miracles in order to test believers as to their love for Him and to their loyalty to the truth of the Holy Scriptures[Deuteronomy 13:3].
    This will not be easy as Jesus states in Matthew 24:24 that during the last days religious deceit will be so widespread that it will be difficult even for the very ”elect”[commited christians] to discern truth from error.

    Those among God`s people who do not love the truth will be deceived. Some say that they will be given no further opportunity to believe the truth of the Gospel after the coming of the anti-christ. But I find it very hard to accept such fact.

    Finally the great tribulation will be a specific period of terrible suffering and tribulation for all people in the world.
    It will be world wide and the worst time of afflictionand distress ever to occur in the history of humanity. It will be a terrible suffering for the Jews[ Jeremiah 30:5-7]. The period will be dominated by the man of sin or rather known as the anti-christ.

    The faithful of Christ churches are promised deliverance and escape from the tribulation time. [rapture].During this time, among both Jews and gentiles will be those who believe in Jesus Christ and are saved. The tribulation will be a time of great suffering and persecution for all who remain faithfull to God. It will be a time of God`s wrath and judgment upon the ungodly. Some say that there should be no reduction in the 1260 days. If it were, then how would the word of God be fullfilled. I believe what it means is that if God did not confined it to that certain amount of time, the whole human race would be destroyed. The great tribulation will end when Christ comes down from heaven with glory with His bride to bring deliverance to the remaining faithfull, and judgment and destruction to the wicked.

    The rapture or also known as the snatching away will be an unexpected thing[Matthew 24:44]. I see that there is a suprise element here, that really brings joy to those who had longed for the redemption of their bodies.

    On the other hand, the 2nd coming of Christ when He comes down with final victory, has been given a specific sign that all may know. I believe God had a very good reason why He chose not to let us know about the time of the rapture. He does so, to find who is the trully faithfull [ Luke 12:42-43]. If He were to tell us the date, we would probably start being slacked and thinking ” it`s still far away, let us not be so engaged yet”.

    But there is also a proper reason for letting us know the time when He will come to earth and reign and the final date of the tribulation period. I believe He told us for the sake that we do not lose hope, thinking all is lost when the tribulation comes. But I think at the time of tribulation, it is better to be martyred in the LORD and finally rest from all the work and persecution than to continue living while running away from death.[Blessed are Those Who Die in the Lord – Revelation 14:13].

    But thinking about it, why do you have to enter the tribulaton period when you never need to. We could have a decision right now to surrender all things unto Him, all our worldly cares and pursuits and chose to walk with Him even as Enoch did and to bring oneself under the authority of The kingdom of God. Taking up our cross and follow Him. Thinking about it, it is better to suffer terribly now for His sake and clothed with glory in heaven than to face the tribulation because you were not worthy enough to be raptured.

    For unto you it is given for Christ, not only to believe in him, but also to suffer for him=Philippians 1:29. For even the apostle Paul said ”For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”=Romans 8:18. I can`t imagine fully, receiving a beautiful house because you are stoned once, but I don`t believe that is exactly what he is trying to say.

    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.=Matthew 5:11-12.

    I say these things to encourage. I confess that I myself had not been trully able to give up all things to Him continually. But we do strive towards the goal don`t we. Maybe I have to keep reminding myself ” all these terrible sufferings are but temporary, you will not die because of it, no, the end of all the pain for Christ is death, BUT A GLORY AND A CROWN THAT WILL NEVER FADE, AND IT IS ALREADY KEPT IN HEAVEN FOR YOU!!
    Trully when I began to see this, the words of Christ is so clear,”A woman giving birth to a child has pain because her time has come; but when her baby is born she FORGETS the anguish BECAUSE OF HER JOY that a child is born into the world.”=John 16:21.
    I guess I have to learn that when I am hated and betrayed by my own friends because of Christ, I must see that the pain is NOTHING compared to the reward that is yet unseen but my faith in Him makes it feel so real that it is trully trully there.

    Please inform me if there is error or different thoughts to what I say.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Joshua,
      You are right on with what you are talking about. I would tell you one thing only, all that believe in Jesus (Yeshua) even those that believe in His name shall be saved from the wrath to come. Read the book of John chapters 14, 15, 16, here is where the Lord is asking God the Father for all who believe in Him shall not be lost to Him. It is not by works, works are the results of salvation, it is by fatih, belief. The Lord asked that none, be lost from Him. I know that is hard to except, but that is what He said, that nothing could separate us from Him, to all that believe. Salvation is permanent, to all who believe. He will be the judge of all, we can not say who will or who will not be saved. Also the tribulation saints are those who are saved in and during the tribulation, yes even with strong delusion, some will be saved. We are teaching the book of Revelation right now in our church on Tuesday nights, to the young couples. My husband has read the bible every year completely through for 29 years, and he is still a teacher at our church. The Lord has used us both to teach many books in the Bible. We read the Word of God everyday and study.

      So continue to study and know that our time is close, I mean really close. The prophesy says that when you shall see all the countries around Israel, that hate them, coming together to destroy them know that the time is at hand. Look what is happening all around Israel today, more and more leaders of the middle eastern countries, are falling to the muslim brotherhood. I and my husband feel that Islam is the religiion of the anti-christ. They are based upon hate all who are not of their faith, and death to Israel. Hilter also thought that by destroying Israel he could be the Messiah, surely a false christ. That notion has resurfaced now and the muslim brother is at the center of it. Don’t believe for one second that they are peaceful, their flag has a crest moon on it, they are worshipers of the night,satan. The Arabs do not worship the God we do, so many people have not been taught history, because the political parties do not want them to be biased by other religions.

      All believer;s will be ready, and know the Lord God Almighty is still in control. He even controls the bad governments which are also referred to as “Beast”. He has control of it all to bring about His plan for mankind. He in many times in the Old Testatment used pagan Kings to punish Israel. There is nothing new under the Sun today as King Solomon put it. God still loves Israel, He is giving them one more time before the end to “Believe” in Yeshua. The wrath of God is not just for mankind, it is a time for Israel to finally believe in their Messiah, Jesus. The Bible says they shall weep when they look upon Him that they pierced.

      We had a Jewish Christian at our church and he taught us what the Passover feast to the Jews was all about. At the end of the dinner, the father sends the son to open the door and see if Elijah has come yet. You see they believe that Elijah will come and then Messiah will come 6 months after him. Well you see they missed it, because John the Baptist was the spiritual wittness, a kind of Elijah in their days, that came and told them the Kingdom of God is at hand. John was the 1st cousin to Christ and was born 6 months before Him. But they missed the meaning of it. But out of God’s love for the people of Israel, He will give them another chance. The only reason we are Christian today, is because it is a part of the plan God had when He knew the Jews would not believe in their Messiah. They were looking for the kind of Messiah that will come at the end of the Tribulation, a warring King. They could not except the humble servant King that Jesus was, healing all dieases, casting out demons etc., washing His disciples feet, He came in Love, not as a conquering King.
      You see we are the children of the grace, the love, of God, and that will end soon, and then the tribulation over the whole earth, but God will not put His bride through the Wrath to come. Yes, Christian have been killed, tortued, ect., but that is different than the “Wrath to come over the whole earth at one time”.

      There will be 3 1/2 years of beginning events, that are a wake up call to those on the earth. The anti-christ will go in and desicrate the temple that has not been built yet, at the half way point. The Jews have already made all the silver and gold vestaments for the temple worship, they have imported the Red Hefer, that they need the ashes from to do sacrifices with. They have the blue prints of the Temple to build it and can finish it in 6 months time, they have been importing marble stone from New Hampshire, and other places to build it. They are preparing for the Messiah, the one that will be the warring King, (that will come at the end of the Tribulation”.(It is the second coming of the Lord, He will ascend to earth and stand on the top of the mount of Olive, that spilts down the middle. Believe me when I say, It is all still about Israel and the defeat of satan. (the fallen cherub angel that fell from the grace of God, and let pride and sin enter in).

      God in His plan will not let us know when the exact time is, because satan will try to spoil it and make some lie up about it. Just like the Zodiac, worshiped by star gazers and satanist. The zodiac is what God called the “Mazaroth”, the book of Job 38:31-32. All the star signs tell of the birth of Jesus Christ, His Life, His death, and Resurrection and the King. The Jews knew this and also the Chaldeans at the time. But like everything of God, satan tries to polute it. That is why we need to study and learn. You could study it a life time and still not know it all, but study to show yourself approved.

      “The new agers of today plan to say that when all the people of God disappear, they were just left behind the “Quatum leap”, that knowledgeable man has today. Hidden Dangers of the Rainbow book, written 20 years ago, exposing the new agers..” by Constance Combe a lawyer, and Christian.

      The second half of the tribulation, will be like no one here on earth now could even imagine, the worst of all troubles and death here on the earth. The time will be as the Lord said it would be to John, His disciple. “The Gospel of Jesus Christ”, to John in the book of Revelation. All the church’s mentioned in the front, are church ages, dispensations of time until now. The rapture, or catching away will happen before the Tribulation, it is a separate event, He will call us to meet him in the clouds, that is up there, not down here.

      The scipture’s for the church being saved from the “Wrath” I will give them to you some of them.
      Romans 5:9
      I Thess. 1:10
      I Thess 5:9
      Isaiah 57:1 this is one that is missed many times. People just read over it and do not take it in.
      Micah 7:2
      Psalm 12:1
      I Corth. 15:50-58
      Zephamiah 2:3
      Psalm 27:5
      Isaiah 26:20,21
      Galations 3: 6-9 we are the children of Faith.


      • Good Thorough Word Marsha…Again. I agree 100%.
        Here is a question/insight:
        Regarding the new Temple (yet to be built)…would you think that the current round of sabre rattlings relating to Iran, Irag, Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Etiopia, Solmalia, Yemen, and Syria will somehow culminate into a series of precusor wars or battles that either by accident or by design, see the destruction of the current Dome of the Rock (Al-Quds)??….precipitating a deafening world wide uproar….and of course therefor paving a future path for the Anti-Christ to appear on the scene with a miraculous false peace solution between the Arabs and the Jews that would see, among other things, the rebuilding of the Temple in that location in exchange for some type of peace accord that would initially be seen as some level of ultra-brilliant political stick handling? Some period thereafter or possibly even at the Temple’s initiation ceremony (3/12 years into the deal?), his true colors are exposed and suddenly the whole world is dramatically unveiled as to whom this ‘man’ really is….at which point all hell really breaks loose!.
        Obviously, this would occur after the Rapture event, but just prior to the ‘mark of the beast’ event….which will be the period when the Jews would have their veils fully lifted, together with all of the previously unprepared/unraptured Gentile Christians ( 5 unwise virgins), and will all have to make the ultimate choice…..receive the ‘mark’ (serve/bow down to the unholy world leader/system), or face execution…{and by the accounts of Islamic jihadism, means severing of the head of all unbelievers who refuse to recant in any one but Allah}. Imagine the scenes of an entire religious war world full of Bhagdads and Kabuls occuring all at the same time for 3- 1/2 years!

        • Marsha Barnes said

          I do have some thought on this. I do believe that there will be a strike by Israel against not only Iran, but all the major players that are against them right now. I believe they will hit them all at once. Believe me when I say that Israel has the power to strike and continue to strike if necessary. The reason I believe this is because more than half the countries you mentioned are not even mentioned in Ezekiel 38, meaning they are not even going to be players in the final battle. The ones mentioned are Gog (Moscow, Russia), Tubal (Turkey), Meshech (China), Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya, then it mentions the old tribes of Gomer, Togarmah (also parts of Russia) they are from Ishmael the son sent away by Abraham. Egypt in prophesy will turn to the Lord and be not in it, Egypt will be punished though, Isaiah 19, look in Isaiah, the Lord tells him what will happen to each nation. Also look at Isaiah, 24 how the earth will be turned upside down. Iranians are actually the Persians, not Arab, but do practice the Islam religion, and Hindu, but I believe they will be hit so hard they will not be able to retaliate or will not want to, because of the US. But that comes at the end of the tribulation, Ezekeil 38.

          I have wondered for years how the dome of the rock will be destoyed, and I feel it might be by an earthquake from God, or Israel will take it out when they strike all at once, and just dare the muslims to try to come back, and take it again. I really think Palentine, or what is considered Palentine will be taken out, they have been such a pain in the side to Israel, and they have gotten weapons from Iran, so they will be taken out also. In Isaiah, Chapter 17 verse one, it says that Damascus, is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. So the center of terriotist of the world will be hit and destroyed, it is one of the oldest cities in the world today. It was a hub of Christians at one time and Ethopia was also, until the Marxist moved in.

          So to sum it up. There will be another war in our life time, that will set the stage for the building of the temple, and the sacrifices, that they have done already in the last two years, without a temple. But I truly feel after the war and just after the church is taken, the anti-christ is revealed. Also it says the temple will be built in perilous times. Let me explain: II Thessalonians, chapter 2, verse 7 & 8,. for the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only He who now letteth, until He be taken out of the way. ( the mystery of iniquity, is the anti-christ spirit that is already here in the world, then here is where I truly believe that the one letting until He is taken away, is talking of the Holy Spirit, and when He is taken so will the church be taken. Because each Christian has been indwelled by the Holy Spirit. We would certainly know who the anti-christ is and so we will be taken with the Holy Spirit in the rapture.) Then the seven years of tribulation start.
          I also believe that all the caous that will be caused by the rapture, will be the only thing that will allow the anti-christ to come to power. He will so called have all the answers to what happened to all those people and be the one with smooth words to comfort the world.

          8. Then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall comsume with the spirit of His mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of His coming. ( The second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ )
          9. Whose going is after the working of satan, with all power and signs and lying wonders.

          So a war to set the final stage, then the Holy Spirit and church is taken away before the Wrath starts, we will be in heaven given white robes and new names, and going before the Lord at the bema sit of Christ, this is for rewards not punishment. Our works will be judged as wood, hay or stuble for our rewards in heaven.
          And while that is taking place tribulation will start, then the anti-christ is revealed at the middle of the Tribulation after the temple is built.
          Then three and a half years later when all hell is here on the earth, Jesus comes in the second coming, with all his saints. clothed in white and girded with gold, with a two edged sword, ( that is the word of God, He will speak their destruction with His very words will be like a two edged sword, that cuts coming and going from both sides and the scripture says, He will speak their destruction.)
          satan is bound and thrown into the pit for a thousand years, the false preacher, and the beast will be destroyed.
          Then the setting up of His kingdom on earth for a thousand years.
          Then another war after satan is let out of the pit, and gathers an army, then God will destroy them with hail and bremstone, and burn their flesh right off their bones.
          Then all will be resurrected from the beginning of time to the present time then, and the Books will be opened. This is the judgement of all the lost unforgiven. The White Throne judgement of God, for the dead.
          Then the earth will be purged with fire, to cleanse it from all filth, and sin, that will bring a new earth and heaven comes down to earth, and God will forever be with us for eternity.

          In all my study, this is how it has been revealed to me by the Lord. When I started out searching back in my 20’s for all the prophesy concerning the end of the age and the coming of the Lord, I have not once changed my thoughts on this, and I have not found anything different. Pre-trib.

          Oh by the way, the story of the virgins, that was for the Jews, not Christians. Look who He was talking to, so many get that wrong. Christ from the beginning went to the Jews, after they rejected Him and put Him to death, before He ascended to heaven, He commisioned the apostles to go to all the world, and all people. But they had a hard time getting out of Jerusalem, until Paul was converted by Jesus and went to the gentiles. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were all about Jesus, trying to reach the Jews.

          Yes I do agree with your summary how it will come about on some points.


          • Marsha Barnes said

            My husband said, that just after the rapture takes place, there will be a earthquake that will take the Dome of the Rock down, and that will be when the Tribulation starts. The muslims think that their Muhadi went up to heaven at Dome Rock. But they also say that he just disappeared about a 1000 years ago. They say two things and don’t even know what they are talking about.

            The rock was where Abraham was supposed to have sacrificed his son, Jacob. We know the story, God stopped him from sacrificing Jacob. Proving Abraham would be faithful to Him in all things. It is also a picture of the Lord God letting His Son go to the Cross, so all the children of faith today will be saved.

            Another thing to think about, as we are given pictures of what God may be doing. Enoch was a faithful and righteous man before God, and God just took him to heaven. Then God brought the flood on the earth and only Noah and his family were found to be righteous and not polluted with fallen angels, and God saved them from destruction.

            Another picture of the rapture.

            The church is taken just before the destruction by the Tribulation. Just like Enoch was taken before the flood;… then Noah and his family were spared.

            The bible plainly talks about not only the dead in Christ will be resurrected, but those alive will be taken also when the Lord appears in the clouds to come and get us.

            ( just an insert right here, Clouds are sometime used to talk about many peoples all together. )

            Just before destruction, the Holy Spirit will be taken out with the Church also. That is why people in the Tribulation will believe the lie, they do not have the Holy Spirit here during that time. The church also is a reaconing force for the Lord, and until it is taken away, the anti-christ can not be revealed.

            Do you see the pictures that the Lord has given us, he always lets us know before hand, but it is hidden to satan.

            Remember how the Lord taught in parables, those were picture stories. It was prophesied He would talk to them in parables, so that by their eyes they would not see, and by their ears they would not hear. The whole thing is controlled by God, He knew before the foundations of the earth that the Jews would reject their Messiah, and made a plan to redeem mankind and them and open a way for the Gentiles to be saved by His Son. Praise God, He did that for us.

            Remember when Jesus told the Jews that were looking for a sign, that the only sign they would get was the sign of Jonah?
            Most people think that is just a picture of Christ being in the grave 3 days, like Jonah was in the belly of the great fish for 3 days then spit out on dry land.
            They miss one of the other points here. When Jonah finally went to Ninevah, he preached to them for forty days, and they all repented from the king to all his subjects.

            Christ, when He died was in the grave for 3 days and then resurrected, then walked on the earth for 40 more days with his disciple and was seen of over 500 people. If the Jews would have accepted Him at that time before He ascended to heaven, the Kingdom of God would have started right then and there. He ascended 40 days after His resurrection. John told them the Kingdom of God was at hand, and because of the stiffneckness they would not hear or see it. But that opened the door for all we Gentiles, that was prophesied 700 years before it happened.

            So you see there are many pictures in the Word of God, and it takes the Holy Spirit to open our eyes to them.


            • Yes….this earthquake concept would seem to have some tie-in to the death on the cross when Jesus actually died on the cross and there was a earthquake in Jerusalem and the veil in the temple was ripped in two parts!… an earthquake miraculously removing the Dome would be fitting….to allow the rebuilding of the new Temple?!

              • Marsha Barnes said

                I agree with this also. Also when the veil in the temple was ripped in two parts. That veil was 18 inches thick all hand woven in one piece. The meaning behind the veil being parted, it was a sign to man, that we had a way back to God through Jesus Christ, His Son. No longer did we need to confess sins to priest, but only to our high Priest Jesus Christ. We now have access to the Lord and by Him to our Father God. That was hinden from the world for so long, but the Holy Spirit finally broke through with some people that finally got access to the scriptures. It is so hard for younger people to realize this today, that the Bible as we know it did not exist then. God through man saved all those books to be preserved and the scripture was finally given to us all. But look how long it took. I remember when I was a little girl in church, they were always, telling us to memorize our bible verses. Because someday they might take our Bibles away from us again. In my life time they have taken the 10 Commandments off the walls of the schools, off public buildings, no morality taught to students of right and wrong. They took the Lord’s prayer out of schools. It is only allowed if student lead now. Praise God there are some good students that still exercise their rights. We kill our unwanted unborn and call it our civil right, God forbid, but He will punish the governments that allow this, and it’s people also. You can see satan at work everywhere now.

                But it was all foretold and the end of all of it is going to be sooner than later.

                Good to hear from you,

                • too Marsha.

                  Also…click on I came across this extremely informative and highly detailed site explaining from a Jewish Believers perspectice the history of the last 6000 years. I did an overlay of their information on “The Covenants” you sent.
                  There are some amazing insights into some clouded or obscure understandings of some bible words or phrases that I thought I understood. Interestingly it seems their deduction for the return of the Lord will occur per their charts and graphs…in, get this …3years!? Have a look and take some time to read the 7000 year plan age by age. Let me known anything significant that aligns with your spirit.

                  • Marsha Barnes said

                    I will Gary, thanks, and I finished the Scarlet Thread of Redemption just a few minutes ago. Marsha

                  • Marsha Barnes said

                    Hi Gary again,

                    Well I read it and printed the calendar. Amazing it talked about the dual creation of man, just as the Lord showed my husband and myself serveral years ago. I feel and know the time is close. Just as the Jews know that God will bring the end of the ages someday and create heaven here on earth. It also confirms what we now about Elijah, coming again, but it will be during the Tribulation. The Jews don’t read the book of Revelation or consider it a viable source. Maybe the saved Jews do, but not the ones that have not accepted the Lord. Gary have you ever thought about this, unsaved Jews do not have the Holy Spirit to lead them. Only the saved ones do. The Holy Spirit only indwells the saved on earth right now. There is another gathering of the people in the tribulation, I think this is the tribulation saints, those who have been killed for believeing in the Lord, and those alive that are left. It occur just before the end. Rev. 14: 14-16 the Lord reaps a harvest of souls. Then two more angels came out and trust in their sickles and threw those people into the winepress of the wrath of God. Now look at Matthew 13: 24-30 & 13: 37-49 Jesus goes into more detail about what will happen at this point.

                    The Lord just continues to show us more and more each day. So let’s keep in touch and be of help together…Thank you for showing me this site. I will show it to my husband.

                    In the Love of Christ,

    • Marsha Barnes said

      God does not do anything that He does not give us heads up about. It is all there.


  209. Thanks Marsha,

    may multiplied thousands read these recent entries and fully open their eyes to what is occurring on the Earth virtually daily as a warning.

  210. Your welcome….I thought it might be a good source…the accuracy of repetitive sales on the spiritual calendar I find particularly riveting as everything in the Jewish historical record has a correlation with the Jewish feast dates.

    The other question is ; who are the two that are slain in the street and left there for 3 days ?


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary,

      Well one of them is Elijah, Malachi 4: 4,5,6, and the other one may be Moses. But the bible says that it is for man to be born and once to die for everyone, then the judgement at the end and the second death for all the lost of the world. So Elijah and Enoch are the only ones that never died, they were taken. So some believe it will be Elijah and Enoch, both which have never died before. Also all the signs it talks about that makes you think it might be Moses are the parting of the water, etc. some of the things he did while here. But Elijah also did some of those mircles too. But plainly we do know that Elijah is coming and either Moses or Enoch as the other one.
      The Jews are looking for Elijah, but no one else.


      • Thanks…I have read that as well.

        It was curious because I came across an apparent prophetical book produced online by a man who, about two chapters into the book, claims that HE, the author, is one of the two end time witnesses!…Ah ha…then a little further on, he starts to elaborate…Jesus spoke to him and told HIM, the author, he was!…and then the real truth emeges….only the Jehovah’s WITNESSes understand the truth!

        It is so true that the deception is cunning. It is a reading of Scripture with a little twist here and a little twist there, just enough to deceive the ungrounded.

        Bless your health and family.


  211. It also confirms a concept I had been mulling. That in the physical creation …The World That Was….God created all the angels and all the souls of men. If one could use logic in this matter of spiritual existence, then Satan ,who as we know was the supreme angel , before falling….would have had perfect knowledge of Gods creating at that time, and as we know rebelled at the thought that the man creation was Gods supreme creation who would worship God…..and thus pride rose up and he was removed from the light….causing darkness.

    Each soul had./has a purpose and each soul has a place a time and a mission on the earth to be fulfilled and must be joined to a physical body to be born.

    As souls are always longing for something , it Is only when activated by the Spirit of God that their longing to go ‘home’ is brought into clear focus by the work of Jesus Christ.

    I have a video clip on my site by Kat Kerr describing her trips to Heaven in the spirit and elaborating on the souls of aborted children who are there awaiting their mothers to repent and join them ….as since there is no time in heaven as we experience it, they are still awaiting to fulfill their destinies as God had ordained from the beginning….Nothing created by God is ever wasted.

    What is further amazing is that the character and perfection of God is so faultless that he even allows Satan , his once mighty majestic angel, although fallen to complete his self chosen demonic destiny. So , it would not be incompatible that the souls of men would be given every opportunity to repent, even for some it might take 99 years.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi again,

      There are sciptures that give some details, on satan, Isaiah 14: 12-15, another one in Ezekiel 28: 13-19 are the most said about him. But give special attention to 28:19 he is nothing,…… but a tormentor for Christains. He has so much control of the governments right now it is pitifull. Yes we are all known by God for He was responsible for us all. I will go and look at your website. But it will be hard for me to listen to this.

      I lost a baby boy at 4 months in one of my pregancies. I slipped on freshly waxed floors at work and fell down very hard, it partially pulled the placienta away from the wall of my womb, but there was still a heart beat. I was put to bed for two weeks, trying to save him. Then 3 weeks later, I was setting the table for dinner the next week and started bleeding very bad and Johnnie rushed me to the hospital and called my OBGYN doctor. When he listened for the heart beat it was gone. So they gave me drugs to put me into labor, but it did not work, so they had to take him. I know his soul went to heaven and I have named him Donavan Jay Barnes, and asked the Lord to let him know his name. I went into a deep depression after this and my husband was so good to help me through it. I cried for days. I even went to ask my pastor if he would be in heaven. He said yes, but do not look for him to be a young baby, he will probably look to be about 33 as the Lord. So I have prayed and asked God to see him when I get there. I want to see Jesus first and then my son Donavan Jay to tell him that I have loved him and wanted to hold and hug him every since he left me. It still hurts, but I do still feel him in my life in a spiritual way, I know he is waiting for me too.
      You see Gary, I have been through so much in my life, that if the Lord had not been there to help me through it all, I would have lost it many times. But the Lord is good and merciful, and with every cloud, there is a rainbow somewhere also. So yes I am looking forward to going to my heavenly home and the sooner the better for us all.

      Our pastor talked about a death bed salvation just the other day. It is never to late, but it is a blessing to find the Lord sooner than later.

      Also it says he was the” like” the bright and morning star, ( the shows us he was created for the Lord Jesus) he was to serve the( “Bright and Morining Star Yeshua”).

      Sincerely in the Love of Christ,

      • Marsha,

        Your suffering has yielded you to be a light to many who are walking in darkness out in the land. Thank you for persevering.

        If you watch that video, your heart will leap, as I am sure Donavan will be the first to meet you at the Gate!…and you will be sure of your victory over the Tormentor.

        • Marsha Barnes said

          I watched the video, it mad me cry, but I know our son will be there when we get there. I just hope he has already met my dad, mother and sister, and grandparents that have gone before me. I hope he knows all my family up there right now, so he will not feel alone without me, and will be looking for me also.

          Love in Christ,

  212. ….repetitive dates….that should be!

  213. That second sentence should start…..In the spiritual creation, “the world that was”….

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Dont worry about the errors, I do them also, just laugh and most of the time I can figure it out. Ha! Marsha
      Also please hit the notify me of follow-up comments via email, box, so I can get back to you sooner. Ha

  214. Marsha Barnes said


    My husband went for a scan on his left leg Monday, and it came back that he has a blockage of 40% in one of his veins. So he made an appointment and took his doctor’s referral with him to a cardiologist today. We are waiting back for the appointment, so please be in prayer for him and place him on the prayer list at your church if you have one. His name is Johnnie Barnes.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Post update, Johnnie has an appointment on May 11th with the cardiologist, we will know more then.


  215. Will do that now.

  216. Joshua said

    Greetings to all. First, I want to thank our God who, I believe brought me out from all my worldly concerns to seeking Him instead. Recently I got driven off by my own issues and concerns so as the busyness of life to a point where I merely pray or read His word. But praise be to God that it was not up to a month and God made me see again that all my concerns and busyness does not matter as much as His kingdom.

    When I see everything in this world in an eternal view…..there are all vanity without God being first. For I learned that, what would all those worries I had in life be when I am in paradise. Everything here on this temporary world does not seem to matter anymore. Because of this realization, I learned to consider the things of God evermore important than my own things. Dont get me wrong, I am not saying that I have completly forsaken all given duties in this world but I am learning to set the Kingdom of God and His righteousness first.

    Marsha, thank you for your reply long ago especially for the verses. Concerning the religion of Islam being the religion of the anti-christ; I believe that is true….Well I myself had that thought sometime ago but unsure. I hope you don`t mind if I tell you something briefly about them, not my opinions about them but what they believe. Well there are three types of muslims as classified in this world that is :

    1. the secular muslims- they call it the good side of muslim but I disbelieve that is true. Secular muslims belive the nice part of Islam, but the reject the call to jihad [ killing non believers]. They take on the cultural trappings of the message but they are not living it out completely. these muslims may be very dedicated to their systems of thought, even though it DOES NOT REPRESENT TRUE ISLAM. The MAJORITY of muslims all over the world- both in the east and the west- fall into this category.

    2. Traditional muslims.-there are 2 types of traditional muslims.
    The first type includes people who study islam, know it and practise it, but they have a stumbling block with the concept of jihad. some consider jihad to be a spiritual battle, like the muslim Sufism movement.
    The second type includes people who know that jihad is fighting non muslims, but they do not take action because…1]they do not have the ability to do it themselves. 2]they are concerned about what would happen to their lives, family and children if they join fundamentalist groups or 3] they wnat to live a nice life on earth insead of dying.

    3. Fundamentalist muslims- these are those who perpatuate terrorism. They sometimes have long beard and head coverings. Their goalis to practise Islam as muhammed did. Though many call them radicals, they are practising true islam.

    Islam is actually a religion based on works but we know that no one can ever be saved by works alone but by God`s grace and mercy. islam is also clealy a religion without any true hope. Even if they do good deeds all their life, they are not assured a place in heaven. So jihad is like a contract between their god whom they call allah and them. They believe that if they die in jihad they will not have to await judgment but immediately sent to heaven and rewarded because that is what was written in their coran. What is their reward…..given so much energy to have sex with 72 virgins. I know it sounds wrong but I am not faking this up, that is what they believe. I am not keen to tell you how I know all this.

    Seeing all this, I feel to tell everyone something. Please do not misunderstand, I do not say this to make anyone hate them. But I want you to know that muslims are not the culprit. No! muslims are not the culprit. Islam is the culprit, it is their religion not them. Muslims are its poor victims who do not know the truth and are decieved by the lies of islam. I believe that some of those muslims are people who are destitute of knowing the truth and proper justice but had mistaken islam to be it. Another reason why many muslims do not dare to covert although they desire is simply because if they do, the sword of islam will always be upon their necks for the rest of their lives. I once prayed that the Lord will one day reveal to the whole world the truth about the lies of islam.

    A man who was once a dedicated muslim and a former professor of Al-Azhar university left islam and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal saviour and lord of his life. Immediately he lost his job, was put into prison by the secret police who tortured him almost to death, being persued of the islamic groups in Egypt, even his own family who loved him tried to kill him! This man lost everything he once had and ever lived for…his family , his job and his right to live. He is constantly on the run, his name is Mark A. Gabriel.[you can google him out]
    There are many more terrible things and lies about this religion but I have told you briefly.

    Somewhere in my heart, I long for christ to return even as I do what I am to do, to set my eyes upon Him while running the race and not on the problem of this world.

    The main reason why I am writing is actually concerning the Lord`s Day[sunday].
    Ever since the time of the new testament church this day had been cosidered a day to set aside for God as a holy rest. Even the apostles did so.=On the first day of the week we came together to break bread. Paul spoke to the people and, because he intended to leave the next day, kept on talking until midnight.Acts 20:7.

    But I consider the Lord`s day as any other normal day. I was not brought up in a way to set it aside as a day of holy rest. I want to ask, is it wrong if I dont set aside a day for the Lord? Does it displease God if I want to finish all my work on that day. It is the best day to finish all my work but it is also the best day for a spiritual rest.
    But I always had this scripture in mind,:One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind He who regards one day as special, does so to the Lord. He who eats meat, eats to the Lord, for he gives thanks to God; and he who abstains, does so to the Lord and gives thanks to God.=Romans 14:5-6

    But I do believe it is good to set aside a day for God. To rest from worldly work and desires. But is it wrong or does it displease God in anyway if I consider all day alike.
    I mean if I do pray around 30 minutes a day and read the word for an hour and continually coming before the throne of grace everyday seeking grace and mercy even as I whroship the Lord would it still be nessesary to set aside a day. I am asking this because I am a busy person by the way, and what is worse is that I am not orriented though I try.

    But if I set aside a day, what diffrence will it actually make. I mean if I pray each day although not all the time needed to do so and hear His word carefully inspite of all the worldly cares would it be needful of me to set aside that day as a holy rest. Jesus works everyday.

    Well I am sure that I may need to set aside a day if I can`t manage to pray atlest 30 minutes daily or study His word properly.
    I will not be sure how setting aside all work on the Lord`s Day will help me.
    Well if I don`t finish my work on one day then I will have more on the next.

    I hope one may have proper answer to my question. Not to forget, please pray for me that I will be more task oriented and leaarned to finish my work quickly and stop tarrying. I confess that I am a person who gets distracted easily. Is there any also that I may pray for. I believe it is right and good to pray for each other.

  217. gary said


    Great post with that in-depth knowledge about the Islamic faith…this is somedays parallels how there are different degrees that Christians approach their faith.
    There is a move of God throughout the Muslim faith and I believe their are many millions who will see the Truth in Christ before and after the catching away event. You are correct, it is not the people who are evil , it is the demonically inspired system that has invaded their lives , and not only Islam but other anti Christ adherents. I know and work around many Hindu and Islamic people, mostly secular, who are very kind and warm and giving , thoughtful, and compassionate ….perfect soil to receive the message of the Gospel. It is satanically inspired and driven fear and backlash that chains them to not becoming a follower of Christ Messiah Jesus.

    Regarding Sundays.

    Treating it as a must and a should in your mind only creates anxieties. The observance of The Lords Day is for the reflection of the resurrection. This is the very event that every true believer hopes in. When you understand it fully , you want to go because you really desire to go. God isn’t handing out points for those that physical go to church or pray on specifucally moments or time frames, however, there are spiritual and eternal rewards and even earthly benefits in store for you as you do not forsake gathering yourself together with other Believers on a regular basis .

    If you easily get distracted use a piece of paper and a pencil and make a to do list ….and keep it in one place where you add and delete from it everyday. It’s miss sethi to succeed at anything in life. Leave it on the list until done.

  218. Marsha Barnes said

    Hi Joshua,

    I have read about the muslims also, and thank you for what you said. Now know this also, they will all unite if Israel attacks them, which should or could be any day. The muslims marched on Washington, D.C. , just the other day, just because something was said about them.

    There are 8 million of them in the US, and more than that in Europe. Why do you think they all moved out into other countries to be free, maybe some did, but if their homeland is attacked they will start something all over the world. They may still have loved ones living in those countries.

    Israel was hated by many countries when they had the 6 day war with muslims. But as time went on the other countries were actually glad that they did what they did. I do not blame Israel, they have a right to protect themselves from being anniliated off the face of the earth. They are such a tiny nation, but 3 in world power. The Word of God says, ” I will bless those nations that bless you and curse those nations that do not.” So when this happens, we had better be with Israel, not with the world.

    Now on honoring the Sabbath. Yes we should honor the Sabbath, just as God Himself rested from all his work we should also. I can remember when not one business opened on Sunday when I was a young girl. Not one place opened on Sunday. Then came Walmart, Lowes, Home Depot, Movie Threaters, etc. All the greed that could not make it in 6 days, and changed our work week to 7 days. You see it is man being control by satan, that tries to change what God set in order. Yes, we should set that day for worship and rest, as the Lord told us to. Your battle with yourself is nothing other than the tormentor telling you to serve yourself.

    Tell that spirit of procrastination (laziness) to get out in the Name of Jesus. Make a list like Gary said, it will help. I had to do that at one time. I had been taking care of my mother day and night with my sister and I taking turns staying up with her, living at home with her in her final days.
    When mother went to be with the Lord, I went home after 6 months, and I did not know where to even start at, taking care of my home and family.

    Depression was trying to take control and I had to fight it. I made a list for everyday of the week and posted it on my refrigerator. Each day I went to see what I needed to do that day and did it. After a while it becomes habit again and you don’t think about it and if something does not get done today, so what, do it tomorrow for sure. But give our God Almighty time, He deserves it more than we do.

    Joshua, pray and ask the Lord to lead you in all things, and to open your eyes to His word and make them real to you. I find the bible exciting, with so much information. When you read the bible you find out man is not so smart, what God tells us in the bible was created by him long ago. Where do you think they learned about air currents and ocean waves and how the moon moves the currents of the ocean. It is all in the bible the word of God, He created it all. There is so much information there and while you read, you will learn more than you could reading thousands of other books. The word of God is actually healing to our bones and marrow.

    I am so glad you are reading and trying to “Let go and Let God”, so continue and know that Gary and myself support the efforts you are making. read Exodus 31: 13 and Ezekiel 20:12

    If you have more input, let me know, I will try to help with information and knowledge the Lord has given me. Have you heard of the “Samson Mode” in Israel?

    Sincerely in the love of Christ,

  219. Praying for a healing .

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Thanks so much.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hi Gary and to all that check this website:

      There is a book written by Thomas Horn called “Apollyon Rising 2012” it is a must read, it will open your eyes to where we are, and how satan is trying to upsurp the plan of our Holy God Almighty. But we know satan will lose. The book points out how we have been decieved by our government and just how satan is controlling them right now with the occult.
      You have to read this, and it can be found in Bible book stores or possible just in any book store under religion.

  220. goto