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Expel The Enemy

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Prayer: The Most Effective Spiritual Warfare And Deliverance Weapon And Tactic


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  1. peter okwach said

    I am under attack of satanic demons speaking words to me all the time day and night I need them expelled. Pray for me , and email me advise.

    • Lourdes said

      The best things I’ve learned are as follows:
      1. Learn what the Holy Scriptures guides us to do. So much is written on the internet such as prayer to say to rebuke – but be careful when referring to the internet for answers. Is it taking you away from the Word of G-d to the word of man? And worse yet, is it now your g-d and the spirit of mammon that you are referring to for scriptural guidance?
      2. The Holy Scriptures notes that we should not rely on man of the flesh but the Holy Spirit for guidance. So what I write here is what I’ve learned for myself from Yeshua. They may be helpful for you – but you must not rely on my words – as I am of the flesh. Pray to our LORD G-d Almighty in the name of His Son LORD Jesus Christ – the risen Christ, Yeshua, Christo and ask for His Holy Spirit to guide you as it is written in the Holy Scriptures. It is written that G-d sends His Son, Yeshua’s Spirit to those He chooses at a time He chooses. And once His child receives the Spirit of Yeshua, then Yeshua sends His Spirit the Holy Spirit to His child at a time He chooses. So if you don’t know Christ, you must begin praying for our Adonai to send you His Son’s Spirit. Once He blesses you with Yeshua’s Spirit, then you can begin praying to Yeshua for the Holy Spirit. This is written in the Holy Scriptures. The Holy Spirit is our guide, protector, advocate, great counselor. We absolutely need His Spirit for sanctity and eternal salvation and to grow Holy.
      3. Only the Holy Spirit knows each ones heart and past life and generations. We can preach to others till the cows come home, but if G-d or Yeshua hasn’t chosen yet to bestow the Spirit unto those we preach, then we are fruitless. So as G-d notes in the Holy Scriptures (the greatest love letter)seek goodness, live righteously, and walk humbly with G-d.
      4. Before you read the bible, always pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you. Words or phrases will stand out and often these are guidance from our LORD Yeshua.
      5. Sometimes the attacks are while we sleep. Wearing earplugs helped me and listening to HOLY Scriptures on MP3 player. But pray for the answer yourself for the Holy Spirit to guide you.
      6. G-d asks us to be HOLY – what is HOLY? Read the Scriptures and try to follow all that enables us to grow HOLY. We are called to live a HOLY Life which to me means a life that is HOLY and one that always give thanks and praise to our LORD G-d Almighty Yeshua. You’ll need to take inventory of your life – home, work, family, spiritual. Even though there are things we think are OK, if it’s against LORD G-d Almighty’s laws, then it’s not OK and you may not have the full life that HE want’s for you. G-d’s love in the bible is the covenant He offers between Himself and His children. Many of the covenants are perpetual for thousands of generations. Learn about them and remember, G-d does holds true to all His promises.
      7. We are under His care and protection if we are following His commands. Sometimes His protection is not just being completely free but revealing to us what is happening so that we can take measure to gain greater freedom and protection from harm and unholiness. Listening to His Spirit is utmost important.
      8. I Listened to Holy Scriptures also in my room and MP3 player – extremely helpful to keep mind clear of demons – they hate the HOLY Scriptures.
      9. Idol worship can mean many things – things that take our heart from Yeshua to other people, places and things more than Him and His call to us.
      10. Be disciplined in your prayers – set specific times for prayer for Yeshua – LORD Jesus Christ the risen Christ – otherwise you may find yourself serving the spirits becoming one not G-d which can become a mockery.
      11. Always test the spirits that communicate to you as it is written in the Holy Scriptures. There are many spirits Holy, unholy, evil, unclean, some are part of our lives for living and are for G-ds glory. The bible has specific guidelines to test the spirits – believe in them and they work! Also, the bible guides us to tell the spirits to respond by saying to the spirits, “do not come to me, go to the LORD G-d Almighty”. They know this, say it in the name of the LORD Jesus Christ, Yeshua the risen Christ and they will abide.
      We don’t have to talk down on spirits – many are holy and good – so we don’t want to offend – the righteous and the ones that are Christo’s to oust the ungodly ones.
      12. Spiritual warfare prayers – it is written that Adonai does not want to know what the wicked ones are doing. Such as binding and casting out details and details of ungodly, evil and wicked behavior. So be careful what you bring to G-d in prayer. He love praise and thanks and does want you to turn to Him in times of trouble. But I don’t want you to suffer worse from evil spiritual attacks by reading over and over details of wicked acts, and reading up on the internet about details of what the wicked ones do to figure out what was going on with me. If we are to surrender ourselves to the work of the Holy Spirit, filling our minds with the acts of wickedness is contrary to the filling and healing of the Holy Spirit. Filling our minds as it is written in the Holy Scriptures with psalms of praise and thanks is in accordance to the Holy Scriptures.
      13. So much more – but keep reading and or listening to the greatest love letter that our most loving Heavenly Father, “Abba” has bestowed upon us, the Holy Scripture and in union with His Holy Spirit in order that our lives may grow greater in union and obedience to His laws and covenants. It doesn’t happen overnight, but keep walking on the “Holy Highway” to eternal salvation.
      So lastly – walk humbly – as the wicked counterfit holiness and be true – for it is written – that in order to best please G-d we must be in truth and serve in spirit. Please pray for the Holy Spirit of Yeshua to guide you as to the truth of these commands of our LORD and Savior Yeshua, Christo.



  2. pat burns said


  3. Val said


    First I must say I have truly enjoyed your teachings. I have some concerns that I need answered by someone with your maturity in the Spirit.

    My life has been a roller coaster of spiritual warfare. I am constantly being tugged at by demonic activity. I cast them away and they return over and over again. I know it is because of certain works I am doing that I believe is for the Lord. I have attached my work, 7 Ingredients to Divine Health.

    SO many things have been unfolding since starting and finishing this work. God keeps telling me to stay focused, sometimes its hard though. ANyway, After I finished this manuscript, I went on to research some Lucerferic Teaching in effort to recognize the enemy’s stratigies.

    I was stunned to find that this teaching has an exact doctrine only it is perfectly opposite to mine in sequence and substance. Very alarming.

    My effort through this program is to introduce or should I say, re-introduce the power of demonic oppression. I actually focus on the oppression of addiction as a demonic manifestation and teach how the power of God is the ONLY way to deliverance and when properly done and lifestyle transformed into one of Christ dicipleship, a genuine CURE manifests. Scripturally, teaching Christians that through a repentance and Kingdom mindset, not only salvation is maintained but a close and intimate relationship with God will come, having the old pass and the new created in Christ.

    It is my belief through the Holy SPirit that Christian’s who are identifying themselves as ‘ALcoholic’ or ‘Addict’ (in AA)are actually defying the Lord by not accepting the source of addiction is not a ‘disease’ but actually the physical and physiological manifestations of spiritual (demonic) oppressions.

    Ok, now giving you this very brief synopsis of the program, I want to share with you my experiences.

    I believe I was anointed at age 8. (This is in full personal disclosure, not boasting) I have defied death 4 times starting at age age 22 months old where I fell out of a camper on the freeway going 65 miles per hour. Satan (Well his demons, knwoing Satan is not omnipresent) has been tageting me at a very early age. I lived a life oppressed with addiction until I was finally delivered.

    A very beautiful angel restored me while I wept once. It was not a counterfiet. It was the exact nature of the ‘Comforter.’ The visual appearance was not detailed, meaning I could see and fingers or facial expressions, only a very very large being, silvery, glowing, transparant, pearlike, hard to explain. It said nothing to me. Only held me and rocked me during a very difficult time in my life. Then when all tears were wept, it lay me down and impressed upon me to ‘go now, you are restored.’ It has never happened since. Nor has any other angelic experience happen to me. It was enough for me to know He loves me.

    THen, I died in a car accident (drunk). After leaving my body, I was conscience in spirit and was in Hell, not Heaven. I beged God to forgive me and send me back, which He did. Hell was not fire and brimstone, it was an utterly depressing unattachment for God, and only recognizable when one dies a unsaved. Even being anointed, I was sent to Hell. Very Scary! I have since gone on to do His work. Answer my calling if you will.

    I have a long history of certain supernatural experiences that could easily take up hours of reading. I won’t do that! {wink}

    I would like to know a minister’s perspective on my recent work. It is hard finding a true Christian in the secular churches. The point is, I know this is from the work of the Holy SPirit, but I think maybe some demon influence might have crept in and I don’t know how to discern from it 100%, I need another view, someone who knows the difference. In a way I think I have been led to you for your help?

    Ok, thank you for your time and I anticipate your reply.
    In Christ Jesus,

    • James Everett said

      Let me say this to you. You are in a unique positon. I firmly dont believe that you actually “died” in that car accident. But I do believe your repentace saved youu from it. And you now have the unique opportunity to see whatiswas your lifestyle was embracing. So many of us think we are Ok. and that we can willfuly sin and get away with it. We tend to think that the blood of jesus gives us the green light to indulge ourselves in unforgivness bitterness, sinful pleasures and even hate, as long as we say were sorry. But this is not repentance. A turning away from ones sin. Yove been bless with a remarkable gift. Use to your advantage and to the furtherance of God kingdom.

    • Gary Flynn said


      Where is this manuscript posted?



  4. Val said

    I forgot…. for those willing to tackle this….my email is

  5. Val said

    please contact me at serj 72 at live dot com

  6. thomas owens said

    I too,have dealt with un-relenting attacks from satan for quite a whileAnyways,I still need a lot of prayer over the issues(stronghold of spirit of heavines/depression,anxiety),but hold fast to Gods word as he purges me to victory over this battle,as he domolishes these areas in my life he will show me more John16:13 as where the spirit is there is liberty,yes I’m struggling but Jesus is the only hope for man in his fallen nature for without him we are nothing (john15:5) continue to pray me,for I’ll be praying for you.LETS GO TO WAR FOR EACHOTHER IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS AND THE WASHING OF HIS WORD.GOD BLESS EVERYONE<AND THANK THE LORD ABOVE FOR THIS WEBSITE.

  7. David L. Williams said

    Regarding depression, you might consider something I’ve found to be a cause. As kids, we often went thru what to us was trauma when we didn’t get our way. We had no wisdom to understand the reasons back then, so that left us to salve our wounds the best we could. We made vows that someday we would have it our way…or that no one would ever rule over us someday, etc;

    Looking back on those vows now as adults, we may think of them as meaningless. But back then, they were our very life, and those vows carry power even into adulthood. They go beneath our consiousness, but are a constant pressure to accomplish the vows. We don’t even remember where that pressure comes from, it just comes and becomes tiring.

    Simply put, depression often comes from unmet expectations in life. And sometimes, due to the vows we made as kids, we don’t even know what our expectations are. It is good when the Holy Spirit can take us back in our memories to the times we made vows, so we can rebuke and dismiss them, especially when more often than not, there is vengeance in those vows… DavWms

  8. thomas owens said

    David,this is me again,I guess I have been struggling with this for as long as I could remember you mentioned earlier that sometimes we don,t even remember where those pressures come from,and to be totally honest that is the truth and I have struggle with this because I can’t seem to find the root cause.I guess I have to become even more perssistant in prayer and ask the holy spirit to show me.THank you.

  9. David L. Williams said

    Hello, Thomas. May I make a suggestion on how the Holy Spirit may help you find the root cause? I had to go thru deliverances myself. For some reason, i understood that little “co-incidents” were sent to inform me. God arranged my life so the same things that happened to me as a child, happened again to me as an adult. I acknowledged these as from God, and He sent more and more. They brot up memories from my childhood, that I had long forgotten. I relived the pain of those traumatic times, and I now saw as an adult how I had handled the situations as a child. eg; making vows, becoming defiant, etc;

    It was the seeing these long forgotten truths hidden deep within me that allowed me to rebuke the lies demons had told me about my worth, and their ways (defiance) of handling hard times, and vows I would never love anyone else, since no one loves me. My repentance of these delivered me of the demons behind them. Indeed, the Holy Spirit was sent to bring truth, and He brot truth deep inside me where lies had had their way most of my life.

    In short, watch for “co-incidents” in your present daily life and see how they can bring up memories from your painful times as a child. Be patient and enjoy the trip. …DavWms

  10. Lionel said

    Is this available as a podcast or file that can be downloaded?

  11. Job said


    Two ways.

    1. Subscribe to Derek Prince’s podcast at
    2. Download Mozilla Firefox (which is by far the best web browser anyway) at
    Then go get a plug – in called Download Helper which allows you to save streaming video and audio files embedded on websites to your hard drive.

  12. shevaberakhot said

    Sin opens a door — close it.


  13. Marcia McConnell said

    Hello, the devil tells me I will be dead in my 37th year, that is now. His attacks are varied. He presents himself to my Christian friends as they try to expel him. He makes me shake and go paralysis. He tells me all sorts of junk. He tries to confuse me. Tries to get to harm myself, tries to get me to believe all sorts of things. That Gods name for me is Gloria, that I got spirits from my blood transfusions from birth. I cannot decifer truth, or the degree of it. Jesus lets me know of the folly. But he does make a fool of me and rude things about the Lord come out of my lips. He makes me feel sick and hot. I love LORD JESUS. A scratch in the form of a cross appeared on my leg. A trick of the devil? I am ashamed I do not know. I have photos. Please help..Yours In Christ

  14. Marcia McConnell Says:

    Hello, the devil tells me I will be dead in my 37th year, that is now. His attacks are varied

    This is a lying spirit at work in you. The mire fact that he would tell you these things is proof of his deceit. He is a lair and the father of all lies. My wife went through the same thing when she was young. Before we married she told me she would be dead by 25, well guess what, she’s 47 and loves the Lord.

    Marcia McConnell Says:
    He presents himself to my Christian friends as they try to expel him.

    There are times when fasting and prayer are in order for devils to give ground. I have found that when devils won’t leave it is because of 2 things.
    1. the walk of those calling on the name of Jesus 2. Love, and this is the strongest, because prefect love for God and the things of God cast out fear.
    Also I have found that there are times when you must look to the heavens and ask God to take it away so you can serve Him. Rid yourself of all fear before doing this and let your heart be filled with love for God and His son.

    Marcia McConnell Says:

    That Gods name for me is Gloria, that I got spirits from my blood transfusions from birth.

    The name gloria means glory, but coming from a devils mouth it is meant to entrap, acting as if it has some good meaning. Do not except the name or answer to it.
    Devils have several ways to enter into a human being, but if the enemy is whispering to you, he is attempting to take your mind from you. You must know the truth of God’s word. You must know who you are in Christ and you must stand on it or you’ll soon find yourself in an padded room. This is his goal for the saints of God, to bring confusion and mistrust toward God, telling you God doesn’t hear your prayers.

    You said:

    But he does make a fool of me and rude things about the Lord come out of my lips.

    Beloved you must understand it is not you but the enemy that is doing this. Do not feel shame for what is coming on in your life, this is why Jesus died, for man and to defeat the powers of darkness.

    He makes me feel sick and hot. I love LORD JESUS. A scratch in the form of a cross appeared on my leg.

    Oh yeah! Deliverance is in order. Find your spirit filled friends and tell them what is going on with you. The lying spirit must be commanded to come out in the name of Jesus. Do not wavier about Gods power or ability. This is seen as doubt to the enemy and he will not leave. Anyone that is fearful must not be allowed around you when casting out devils, or the enemy will not leave because everyone there does not believe.

  15. vinnie said

    hallo my name is vincent from stuttgart germany. im a cristian.
    do not fall in the trap of the evil, we can t say my church is better then your church.
    or my pastor has more power then yours.. don t let others lay hands on you unless
    you know the person. instead worring about casting devils, try to live like our
    jesus lived, let your spiritual eyes discern the good and the bad.
    when from your mouth comes out words of God, and your soul lives in the darkness ,we have a problem. donate your life to God,and we ll see his glory.

    live with a passion of christ and do the things that He tels you to do.

    we don t live all in Christ. whatch your finance,give it to the poor.the treasures are full, and the people are lost. Ill pray for the people who are lost in Christ
    please jesus take care of them. bless them, wash them with your blood.. thank you my Jesus. danke, thank you. grazie. amen

  16. Robert Sykes said


    I have a problem, I am christened, I am supposed to be a christian but I turned away long ago, my life was not great, and to me god is not worth my worship, he still isn’t.

    My problem is this, I have bad anger problems, not only that dark thoughts, death and destruction, I actually want to kill, I see people, if they are in love in sickens me. Even writing this is hard…I can’t feel emotion but hatred and anger…everything I do hurts people, my only aim is to hurt, I don’t no why, but also I have this undeniable hatred towards the church, I want to burn it to the ground, I can always feel a dark presence around me, and influencing me, my dreams I see death.

    I speak the honest truth, I would not lie of such things, I need help…but it is hard.

    To even say ‘I love you’ to my family, makes me feel sick, to even show love, gives me pain…everyday I feel darker and I am losing control of myself.

    PLease give me some advice.

    Thank You

    • Gary Flynn said


      You posted this in Jan 2009, I am reading August 2010….Have you received any ‘advice’/ direction or healing during this period?


  17. David L. Williams said

    Hello, Robert. I believe you. I suggest you also read the posts on “Incubus and Succubus” on this site. While this is not the same subject, much is there that parallels what is going on with you. So it is a place to start, and to find others are having a “devil” of a time, too.

    I’m glad you are searching for truth instead of just giving up. you have value that you have no idea of, and I hope you come to see this for your own sake. You are not lost, but are on an unfamiliar path to find truth that will free you.

    Ask God to guide you, even if you feel absolute resentment toward Him as you ask. He is so merciful, He will honor that request. He will give you the truth that sets you free. Love, DavWms

  18. Robert Sykes

    Devils have hatred for the things of God. You are under their influence and in need of deliverance.
    You said, you don’t think God is worth your worship. You stated, “he still isn’t” yet within you cry out for help wishing you’d never abandoned him. You gave the enemy permission to enter you the day you turned your back on God and God doesn’t have to bring you out because you’ve already said he ain’t worth it. But its not you saying these things, its a devil. A damned spirit from hell that has your mind. In todays age it seems everyone wants to water down the Word of God but I refuse too.
    Don’t expect anything from God until you return to Him in repentance, seeking His forgiveness for leaving. And prayer He will return to you, because he does not have to. Then, and only then can you deal with the spirits behind the hatred you feel.

    • Gary Flynn said


      Do you have a site outside of this forum through which to contact? I am involved with a husband/wife lead ministry group that specializes in in-depth trauma counseling and ‘deliverance’, and they successfully teach and minister to many ‘trauma’ victims who have exhibited and manefested many types (and more) of the experiences described by the writers/posters’ on this site. Your comments/solutions, line up precisely with their Scripture based approaches to mental and emotional cleansing and healing.



  19. Sherry Lee said

    Hi Every one,
    My name is Sherry lee. I am new and would like to be part of your discussion.

    I have met David Williams on another site and was ask to come over and look around at this site to see if I wanted to be a part. As I read this thread with people talking about depression. I thought maybe I might have experienced something that will help someone.

    I used to suffer terrible depression that would come and go ever since a teenager (15) years old would be about the time it started. It stopped about 20 years ago.

    I would be going along fine, then (1) week out of ever month you could set your clock by it. A dark depression would come upon me and I would close myself off in a room (as best as I could) I had to come ont for some things.) I would be soooo sad and cry all that week. For no reason.

    Of cource it was said it was a ladies pre-cycle time, or my cycle time. Anything for doctors to try and explain what can’t be explained away. (I got so sick of them patting me on the knee and smiling the poor little woman smile.) But it was very rare that it would be anywhere close to cycle time or pre-cycle time when the depression hit.

    In my very early 30’s I was put on anti-depression. They were no help but I took them anyway. My thinking was just maybe they helped some. (when really I knew they didn’t. Just a hope.)

    One evening after taking this medication several years, I started to take the medication (I had been saved at that time about 3 years) I heard in my spirit. “Don’t take that medication anymore.” I argued some. My thoughts was, Lord, “You know how I get with taking it, once a week every month. What will happened if I stop?”

    I got no answered. So I obeyed. I didn’t come off slowly. I quit cold turkey. No side-effects. I see now I was being perpared for God’s plan. A week later I went to a rivival. The Man Of God caled me out. He said, “there was a tormenting spirit that came to you as a teenager. That is what has caused your depression all these years. The Lord say it is over. I will pray and it must leave.” (I had never met this man nor did anyone in the church know anything about me. I was a visitor.) The Man Of God prayed. I sat down. No earthquake, no falling out, or rolling on the floor, no shaking, or falling under the power as some call it. He prayed A prayer and I sat down. I felt nothing.

    When he spoke those words (a tormenting spirit came to you as a teenager) in my rememberence I remembered clearly, I could see it in my minds eye, being on my front porch all alone late one Saturday evening as a teenager. I “KNEW” that was the very time this spirit came to me. As I was standing on my front porch all alone 10:30 p.m. Saturday night (doing something that was not allowed of me to do. I was slipping and smoking a cigarette, the legal tobacco kind) only in my house it was not allowed for a 15 year old girl to do that.

    I felt (never saw) something watching me. Every hair on my head/body stood up. I got so scarred I threw the cigarette away and hurried inside. I got me a coke to drink from the kitchen and went to my bedroom and shut the door. It was summer in the deep South in 1965. We were a family of 7 children with parents that worked labor jobs. Air conditioning in our house was not something we could afford. Not even window fans.

    We lived out, away from other houses so I had my window curtians pulled back with the windows open to chatch any breeze that might blow in. I lay on my bed reading a magazine drinking my coke.

    All of a sudden I “KNEW” once again someone was watching me. I thought they were looking in the window. I was so scarred I could not move, nor speak. Finally after what seemed a long time (which I know wasn’t) I jumped off my bed and ran for my bedroom door.

    My Mother met me at the door as I flung it open. She was scarred also. She grabbed me, pulled me out of the room, grabbed the flung open door and closed it tightly. Draging a chair in front of it.

    She ran for the phone and called the police. Of cource when the police arrivied they walked around the outside of our home. Ask lots of question, then made a silly decission that it was probably my boyfriend playing pranks on me. I tried to tell them I didn’t have a boyfriend. They just though I was not admitting to it in front of my Mother.

    Later I ask my mother why she came running to my room. Her room was down the hall from mine. How did she know I was in trouble. She said I was making some of the most horrible grunting sounds she had ever hear in her life. I don’t remember making a sound or even hearing a sound. (for her to have heard them they would have needed to be kinda loud.)

    That is the evening that came back to my rememberence when the Man Of God said a tormenting spirit came to you when you were a teeanger. I “KNEW” that was when it happened!

    After he prayed that next week I had the worst week of my life with depression. In fact I began to wonder if he was a Man of Go or sent by the evil one. The torment was so bad.

    I went back to the revival on Friday night (what was suppose to be the last night.) As the song service cranked-up I “KNEW” I was suppose to stand-up and testify. I didn’t. The song service went on & on. I kept sitting. Finally the preaching started. I stood up just as the Man of God began to say turn your Bibles to…..

    When I stood up the preacher said, “Sister, finally. I have been waiting on you.” I told the Church that I just needed to say, “Greater is the He who lives in me, than he who lives in the world. The GREATER ONE lives in me!”

    I sat down, the preacher smiled and continued on with his message. “I WAS FREE!” For some reason God wanted a confession to come out of my mouth.

    Has this spirit ever returned? Yes, every few years or so it comes around, but I rebuke it in Jesus name and it is gone faster than it came. I don’t know why, but my thoughts are it is just checking to see if my house is swept clean and filled with the Holy Spirit. Checking to see if there is a entry way open to return.

    Now if I go back to those teenage days trying to figure out why I was oppressed or possessed. As the Man Of God kindly called it “a tormenting spirit came to you” There were many factors.

    (1.) I was not saved at the time.
    (2.) I was in sin smoking a cigarette against my parents rules.
    (3.) My father at the time was very ill. He was in the worst stage of a total/complete nervous/mental breakdown. (so our house was no doubt full of these evil spirits.)

    (4.) I was a loner type child. No friend to talk with about my dad’s illiness. I was probably feeling lonely, afraid and rejected because I was a Daddy’s girl.

    Another thing that is worth noting. After I became saved this tormenting spirit didn’t leave. I had been saved several years, and was already baptized in the Holy Spirit yet I was still being tormented.

    Thank-You Lord for deliverence!

    Hope that helps someone.
    Sherry Lee

    • David L. Williams said

      Hi, Sherry Lee. I am so glad you brot your testimony to this site. So many in deep spiritual problems need to know there is hope in Jesus. So many are both afraid and ashamed to admit having demonic forces come against them. Your open testimony needs to be heard abroad, so the churches can no longer deny that evil spirits are around and active.

      I had not seen your post because i had a mini-stroke in Feb., and it made me miss much for a while. I’m fine now, but have to be careful with my blood pressure. It rises when I post on serious subjects. But I intend to continue to post on this subject anyway.

      Thank you, Sherry Lee……….DavWms

    • Diane said

      I thank the Lord that you’re doing well.

  20. Craig M said

    I rejoice in God’s word. I do not think I was attacked specifically because I am weak in the mind or the body. Being a curious 19 year old I started looking up youtube videos about ghosts and poltergeists and what not. The stuff I saw could have been real, could have been fake, nevertheless it was looking at these videos that started the activities that happened to me. The very same night I looked up that stuff is when it happened. I wish I had left it alone. First I felt really sick to my stomach like I was going to throw up. After about two hours I decided to go to the bathroom. I was wondering if there might be a presence, but I decided I had better just deal with the situation and see what going on. Now I am sitting at the toilet, which the room I was sitting is just adjacent to my bedroom. Thud, thud,………. thud. It sounded like things were being thrown around in my room. After finishing, I went directly downstairs to where my Dad was sleeping. Pulled out a blow up mattress and slept……no….layed there for the rest of the night. I had briefly told my dad what had happened and he simply resolved to think more about it in the morning. Almost immediately after having come downstairs I had started to shiver uncontrollably. By this time I wasn’t afraid. I had decided by then that this demon hasn’t done anything to me yet, he can’t. From that point I was doing what other people told me I should do and I called for him to leave in the name of the father and of the son and of the holly spirit. I even, as I laid there shivering, told it that it was already defeated by God, that what ever it sought to do to me was hopeless for my faith in the lord was to strong. It continued to thud angrily upstairs. I can relate to Sherry Lee, only I could here the noises. nothing worked until I said these words, “Oh lord fill me with your grace.” The shivers left me starting from head to toe and the noises stopped. It felt like some new energy was being pumped into me. The demon returned multiple times in the night, as did the shivers, but that is what stopped the shivers. No one believes me except for one friend who too has felt these shivers in the night. He has had it more than once. This is my first time. The demon still follows me. It’s been a week and that sickness in my stomach still returns. I’m more confident now, the demon cant do what he did before, but he still comes and goes as he pleases. That concerns me. I have been acknowledging and apologizing for all of my sins. I do not feel anger towards my family or any that might have wronged me at any particular time. I was before the incident and now am in a completely intimate relationship with god. My guess, however is that I have been under attack by demons long before this incident. I think the demon remains because I no longer no which church I can trust. I look at these blogs and I do not see a unified voice in how to defeat these evils. I see men of different faiths contradicting each other saying this is how to dispel evil! Straight from the “how to fight demons” blog one says that you must have faith and repent for your sins, the other blogger condemned Luther and said you must do good deeds and be baptized! It is pure irony that I come here looking for guidance and I find that evil is even corrupting this site. WHO AM I TO BELIEVE? I can not trust ANYBODY here because in one way or another it could just be Satan’s corruption. I have been seeking god personally by reading the Bible and praying to god at home. But how can I decide upon a church and confirm that to be truth and risk everything? I am beginning to believe that satan has corrupted the thinking of every church. each possessing some of the truth but not all of it. It’s no wonder this demon remains…. I have lost my faith in mankind. I look only to god, not some minister who claims to know the truth. I write this with the hopes of finding someone with God’s wisdom to lead me in the right direction. Right now i have my faith, and repentance. that should suffice for now. Others say it does not. They make claim that my actions need to be much more specific to get into heaven. That the kingdom of heaven is for the few and not for the many. What a sad world. That was the purpose of Jesus’ death on the cross. In essence god loved the world so much that he killed himself in human form. Because we are sinners. And yet we have christians who say it is because we sin that we are going to hell? what a paradox! or others who claim that the eating of bread and wine is the only way. huh? what if we have no bread and wine available? oh well… looks like we are going to hell!! what bull roar. You know what, as I write I’m feeling better and better. I hardly know if the Demon is even here. God’s grace comes to you from the inside out. You do not receive his grace from the outside world. Maybe I’m alright after all.

    • vincent ciriello said

      hi , i thing people should appriciate the way you express yourself. to tell you the truth i myself , i try to talk to God about my life,but if you reveal your dreams, your hopes,your potentially to anyone that doesn t live in the SPIRIT OF GOD; he will accuse you on every move that you will make in your life. i don t think that all cristians live in the SPIRITof GOD: so stay away from them. then,your revelation, dream, thoughts,wont be excepted because they don t get the gift that you have,they are jelous,yes they reach the point that their hearts are like rocks from lack of envy. so stay away from them. if i were you brother i would tell God to show you his plan for your future.

      today i ll pray for you till the holy spirit touches you soul.talks to you,soften your heart. you need discerniment.


    • Marsha Barnes said

      Hello Craig,
      You came on this site in 2009, now it is 2012. I hope I am not to late for you. The Lord led me to be a spiritual warfare leader. I have worked within the power He has given me for 25 years, helping other Christians, with strongholds in their lives. When we innocenstly look at evil things, we allow evil spirits to enter. They can not express their characteristic’s out side of a body, they have to enter a person to be able to express themselves. There is a way to self deliverance of evil spirits. There is only one name in Heaven and earth that demon spirits, evil spirits, poltergist, imps, ect. will obey, and come out of people. I will make this as simple to understand as possible. You will have to get strong with this enity and command it not just ask it to go. This is the method that has never failed me or the people that work with me. Also because this enity makes you sick at your stomach, it is the spirit of enfirmity that had entered. So tell it this, “In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, you spirit of enfirmity come out and come out now, and go to walk the dry places and do not come back.” The name of Jesus is more powerful than a two edged sword, they have to go. If it tries to come back simple say, I rebuke thee in the name of Jesus. Also since you have heard Thuds in your home, that is what poltergist or imps present will do. Poltergist will throw things across the room to put fear into you. Imps will move things from where you normal keep them, just to fustrate you when you look for them, and after you can’t find them, they wait and put it back later, to make you think you are losing your mind. They pull these nasty little pranks just to fustrate you. I have even seen them looking out windows, and they are not cute. They will put things in your way so you stumble over them. So this is my next suggestion, you will need to purge your home from evil. To do this is called,,”Consecrating your home to the Lord.” The Lord has shown me how this is done, so do the following to rid your home of evil.

      First, open a window or door so you can tell them where to exit, then with regular cooking oil, (that represents the Holy Spirit), pray and ask the Holy Spirit to use this oil to anoint above all the doors and windows in your home to keep out evil of all kinds. Then go with an open Bible, ( the word of God will drive anything out, it is so strong.) through each room and say this, “In the name of Jesus Christ, I command anything that is evil from satan be driven out of my home to walk the driest of places and do not return.” Anoint the windows and doors as you go, you might ask someone you dad or whoever you know is a strong Christian to go with you to help in this process. Tell all enities to leave in the Name of Jesus and even open closets and attics if you feel it is neccessary. This will cleanse your home of evil, and keep them out. Tell them they have no right to be there, your home is dedicated to the Lord Jesus. Be sure to tell them to go out the window or door you left open and not to come back. Then when finished close it and thank God for being with you and ask Him to send He holy angels to fight spiritual warfare for you every day. We have to send these enities somewhere and tell them not to come back, they hate the dry places. The Lord sent them there also, we use His example.

      Also something else to look for that allows evil into our homes. Pictures of anykind of insects, reptiles, anything that could represent a pagan life form. All bad movies, about alien beings, or violence, witches or demonic influences.
      Sometimes we bring things into our home not knowing what they may represent just because we think it’s neat. We are not of this world once we have accepted Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior, we are citizens of Heaven joined to Him through the Holy Spirit. We do not have to live with evil and any shape or form. Do not give them opportunities to come in and oppress you. Christians can not be possesed by satan, but they can be oppressed. There is a definite difference. Deliverance minitries deal with the Christian’s that are being oppressed, Stronghold demons that are hard to get rid of. Think on this, a three strand cord is stronger than one cord. When the Lord’s people that have been called to this, they are working together to help people, and the results are better. I have a team of strong Christians that work with me.
      I hope this is not to late for you, God Bless


  21. vincent ciriello said

    hallo im brother vincent from stuttgart , germany.
    im having couple conflict with my pastor dominic, about the things that i do. im trying to tell him that im studying the bible,and i usually do a lot of researches.he told me that my researchs are not worth.and this really hurts me.
    second. lately ive wrote five songs for the church, after that ive sang them,he looks at me like nothing happened. i dont know what is that bothers him.
    at first he really paid a lot of attention to me, but know that im growing with God, he doesn t except the way im growing.
    what funny is , he wont let me read a verse from a bible.
    ive told him if this thing goes on the way it is , i have to tell him that i ´can t let my spirit of God underpressure.i feel very bad. i can t explode in Gods spirit.above all, i play guitar for the church, i think im working hard for it.
    last wednesday,we had our cult, guess , the spirit of God didn t want leave me. how can a pastor ignore such a gift from GOD:
    not talking about my visions. please , if you advise me try to speak with the spirit of God.i need to understand my pastor.
    God bless you all. love vince

    • David L. Williams said

      Vincent, you are experiencing what many who walk with God are experiencing. You are under the Holy Spirit, and that is perceived as a threat to your pastor. He most likely does not even know he is resisting the Holy Spirit as he tries to ignore you. Take seriously Jesus’ words He spoke from the cross. He asked the Father, “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

      Your pastor, like so many others, has grafted himself between you and the Vine. He desires to be the one in control, not knowing he is quenching the Spirit in others. He, like Nimrod before him is building his own “tower,” gathering people to remain under him, rather than under God.

      Remain connected to God thru the Holy Spirit, and let no man squeeze his way between you and Jesus. DavWms

      • vincent ciriello said

        hi,brother David. to tell you the truth ,i knew that i would find a son of God that speaks with HIS wisdom.
        you really have opened the eyes of my spirit. thank you,
        i will ask God in my prayers to give me patients,wisdom,and alot of love. shalom ,David.God bless you.

      • Trouble is Davis, all forgiving the pastor and praying for him aside, men like that with that Saul-spirit, can contaminate the whole atmosphere of the Holy Ghost in the church, and destroy the people they are jealous of. Remember Saul threw a javelin to smite David to the wall, when that failed, he kept up a relentless drive to try and kill him. Is it any wonder there are so many “sheep scattered on the hills.” Is it any wonder that a person leaves the church and backslides, when they may have been loyal to the pastor and church in giving financially & in prayer, only to find no one cares about them when they are in need, or that the pastor hates them because he is jealous of their spirituality or some gift God gave them?!! I have met heaps of Christians who no longer are able to trust and who no longer attach to a church, because they know that their heart and their faith could not survive another hit, after the last one. Yes there are good pastors, thank God, but one needs to be careful of anything human!

  22. vincent ciriello said

    hi its vincent from stuttgart,germany. thank you for the help.
    it s about jesus and God.the majority of believers especially cathlichs. think that jesus is the God.because in JOHN 1.1 it says that the word was .i need to see clear in this.the pastor couldn t answer me the way i wanted too.

    philipians 2.6 who, being in the form of God, thought it not robbery to be equal with God.
    in Deut.6.4
    “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD.
    please answer me as soon as possible,thank you. brother vincent.

    7 but made Himself of no reputation, and took upon Him the form of a servant, and was made in the likeness of men.
    God bless you, and the things that you do for God.

    • Me too Vincent. I believe that Jesus Christ is the Almighty God. Says so in Revelation 1:8. God took on human form (to have a sinless sacrifice to offer to Himself for us.) That human form is “the Son of God” and “soin of man.” but in His full Deity He is the Almighty God in whom all the fulness of the Godhead dwells in bodily form. (Colossians 1:9) I Timothy 3:16 & John 1:10 are two others that come to mind.

  23. vincent ciriello said

    the second question is . in the old church where i use to go,i was invited from a brother in Christ. during the baptism was very touching,we even cried,me and my wife.
    but there was a problem.
    afterwords,weve prayed for the new brothers and sisters in Jesus,suddenly the pastor,his wife, and other couple members of the church was chuwing a gum.
    in my church the apostel made us through away the gum.they ve told me that im too precise in the word of God. but in our church we had to spit it out. what do you thing about it
    ps. the old chúrch says that some of them have bad breath so they chew gums. i don t agree with it. chewing gum while the HOLY SPIRIT HAS touched your heart. your opinion thank you

  24. john t. said

    I deal with them in my head every day. Sometimes I actulley feel like going I’m loco. its been going on since i was about 12 or 11. and I’m 15. You might have some idea want I might be going through. u use my imagination at least to keep them at bay. either their getting stronger or I have gotten allot weaker. Only way I knew how to deal with it at the time. I really want to take a bullet or something sharp to my wrists at some point, but I don’t because I know a far worse end comes along. That’s what their trying to do. I they want me they or going to have to fight me every little step. Because I AIN’T GOING DOWN WITH 1 SWING. They are gonna have to suppress me kicking and screaming. I am not giving the satisfaction of an easy win. I am afraid the got mu subconscious because I got a few thought coming from back their. I asked god to protect me by making all evil dreams blank. No thoughts, no evil, just rest. I am very lucky if I get 1 dream every few months. Luckly right now I got a good chunk to leave me alone, problem is more came after me. these ones have allot stronger minds but I will get the to go. 1 more thing music of any kind as long as it is not hateful will help your strength to fight them off

  25. Pattie said


    Can someone tell me why I am getting script and emails that go back to 2008 and include one 2010? I know I must be doing something wrong but what. It cant be that I have an old version my home burned down and my old computer went with everyting else by fire, water and ashs.

    Rudy, the message was from you. Sorry I havent been able to retrieve any of these messages for the past few weeks.

    please pray for my husband and I we are under demonic attack.
    We are being cut with knifes and also have sores put upon our heads and many other discusting things. Help

    Your sister in Jesus Pattie

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Pattie, at the bottom of a reply message there is a little box that you have probably checked that says (Notify me of follow-up comments via email. So if you do not want the emails to come un check that box.) Also do not give out your email address.

  26. vincent said

    hi brother william l david.could you please answer this email, its about my life,if you remember i m the one who is ignored from the make it brief,we say all the knows come to the comb,it means the way he treated me just because im growing very fast in the grace of our LORD GOD,finally i ve told him the things that he does wrong toward ive wrote him a letter,after that,he exploded.
    he didn t look at me ,didn t call me for a prayer before we initiate the interception pray.he is so mad just for the fact that i ve told him that im an obstacle in his church.
    to tell you the truth im suffering the way he ignores me,now tueday at 18.00 hours,he the pastor and i, we have to talk with the pastor Victor,to clearfy our problem.between him and i. the problem is ,he is in no condition to face this situation,his spirit is scratch because of me. now im praying God that tueday will go well.i have the feeling that he wants me out of his church. as usually i leave my life in Jesus’s hands. i won t know what to do without Jesus.yes , im suffering a lot for this situation,but God know how to resolve this problem. please answer,i need someone who can give me a christian support. thank you brother David. vincent from STUTTGAR Germany

  27. Dennis said

    I’m requesting prayer for my house. I’ve redidicated my life to Jesus, and my friend has turned to Jesus. But it appears that she has problems with demonic attacks, she says “that they come from one room and wants to kill her.”

    • Marsha Barnes said

      I am on the other sites, expelling demons and how to fight demons. I just now look at this site and if you still need hlep wilth your friend, let me know. Is you friend saved?

      In deliverance ministries for 25 years and the Lord leds me with a gifts of discernment, understanding and wisdom to know what it is. I hope I am not to late to help.

    • Marsha Barnes said

      Dennis I am going to tell you how to deal with this:

      Go to your friends house, take some regular cooking oil,(this represents the Holy Spirit), anoint the over and under the windows, and doors to her house, leave one window open or door, to send the evil spirits out of them and shut it when you are finished. As you anoint ask the Holy Spirit to reside in the anointing oil to fight evil. You see, the evil one comes only to steal, kill and destroy. But we are more than conquers that are in the Lord Jesus Christ. Take her with you as you go, so she will know they are gone.

      Take a Bible the word of God, and open it to carry in your hands as you go though the house or apartment, (an open bible is the Word of God, it cuts with a two edged sword, as you go through, and it protects you also.)

      After you are done with the anointing, open the Bible and start through her home and say this,” In the Name of Jesus the Son of the Living God, any evil spirit, or satan, or demon, or poltergist, or imps, have to leave through the door or window which you leave open. Command them in the Name of Jesus, don’t just speak weakly, They have to know you mean business. Now sometimes they will try to push you down, so if this happens, instantly “rebuke it in the name of Jesus, do it like this, ‘I REBUKE YOU IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, GET OUT OF THIS HOME, IT BELONGS TO THE LORD JESUS CHRIST! ” Do not be afraid if something manifests, it can not hurt you, You are a child of the most High God. So if it tries to tell it ,” I Rebuke thee in the name of Jesus, we are children of Jesus you can not hurt us, leave and go walk the dry places.”
      Nothing can stand in the face of the Lord, so let them know you are protected by Jesus Christ.

      Make sure you open all the closets, and go through the garage also, sometimes open the attic if there is one and anoint the door to it and cast things out of there also.

      When you have finished, shut the window or door, then with the open bible, go throught again, and dedicate her home to the Lord Jesus Christ, go through each room again, and say this,” I am dedicating and consecrating this home to the Lord, no evil can come through the windows or doors because I have anointed them with the power of the Holy Spirit, All evil has to stay away and not come back. All evil has to go to the dry places and leave this home, because we have dedicated it to the Lord Jesus.

      Now after you have finished this make sure you go through her house with her, and throw away any evil movies, tarot cards, ojua boards, eight balls, some science fiction movies are also bad, let the Holy Spirit guide you to get anything like frogs, snakes, these can be in pictures or decorations. ANYTHING THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT TELLS YOU TO TOSS DO IT” Because evil is sometimes brought into our homes unknowingly, so anything that may be of pagan origin toss it.

      Trust the Lord to clean it up and what I have told you is from 25 years of helping people to be set free, through deliverance ministries.

      So set things up and get started asap. As soon as possible.


  28. What do you do with someone who was once a strong Christian for many years, took a tumble and backslid (she had one tragedy after another & her husband was beating her up, eventually she left him.) Her family threw her out when she was young (for being Christian.)
    Her church broke up so she left. She found herself addicted to sleeping tablets (did nightshift work,) her personality changed on them, then after she found herself deserted by all and on pills, she could not pray. Every time she tried to pray, she would scream hysterically. Her gentle nature changed entirely on the pills and she became violent and abusive, hating everyone. She hated men, Christians and everyone in general. Eventually she got off the pills after 6 years of heavy abuse, began fighting her way back to God.
    She got to a place where she was totally surrendered and lives a holy life. She was even appointed as minister for evangelism in a Pentecostal church. She loves the Lord Jesus deeply. Has repented deeply of all the hatred etc she allowed in when backslidden.
    But God showed her that she still has anger. She said the anger came with the tablets. That also concurs with what a missionary told her in a meeting (the missionary had never met her.) She feels deep shame over the anger and has repented of it, but now is aware that it has inter-woven with her personality! She is also aware it is demonic. How can she have spirits of anger cast out?? Who wil do it? No one in her church does deliverance. It is me.

    • Should say, I moved to another town eventually after several years, and it is a small country town, but no one in the church here does deliverance. I am willing to travel a few hundred miles. I do not know anyone. I am still alone, except for the Lord. I desperately want to be free of the anger. I loathe it. I tried self-deliverance, but could only get so far, I felt overwhelmed and like I need someone else to do it.

  29. Gary said

    “Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world”. 1 John 4:1

    Most don’t have the first clue as to how to do this; this is why heretical churches abound.

    Satan works by flatteries. When I hear words in the air that are attempting to flatter or exalt me, I quickly reject them saying, “Words in the air – Got to beware”.

    The Holy Spirit is NOT a chatterbox. True words of knowledge are few and far between (but always perfectly accurate). If anyone is in long-winded conversations with *someone*, I can guarantee it is NOT with God.

    I do not, in this life, accept [spiritual] compliments, even if they were from God and valid (and He knows that). I’d rather reject a true compliment than accept a false one. If I am to be exalted, He’ll do it in due time, and in a manner that I know for sure who’s doing it.


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